Saturday, January 18, 2014

Black Indianapolis Leader Praises Black-on-Black Homicide in the City as Removing "Knuckleheads" from "Gene Pool"

Oh, you can create your non-profit agencies to try and fight crime; hope those in charge of this tax-shelter can mediate peace between warring criminal (gang) factions and make the city streets safe once again for the law abiding. 

In Indianapolis, where the violence is almost exclusively courtesy of the black community, the 10 Point Coalition was founded in 1997 (imported from Boston, where a similar organization was created to address black violence) with the hopes of making the city as safe as it once was when the black population was less than 10 percent. 

Almost 20 years since the organizations inception, black violence is still a hallmark of life in Indianapolis. 

Reverend Charles Harrison, titular head of the 10 Point Coalition, has high hopes he and his army of volunteers can help calm down situations involving black people (before they become incidents of Spontaneous Blackness) in 2014 and work to make it less bloody than 2013.
Abdul-Hakim Shabazz: did he endorse black-on-black homicide as removing violent thugs from the community of Indianapolis? Yes.

Funny: a black personality in Indianapolis, Abdul-Hakim Shabazz, points out that the high rates of black-on-black crime in the city (particularly black-on-black homicides) represents a self-correcting problem. 

Like a backyard pool in need of chlorine to make it safe to swim in, large parts of the city of Indianapolis are uninhabitable due to the black population residing there; if, as Shabazz writes, these people kill one another (with the aggressor going to jail) is this such a bad thing?[Killers, victims often have something in common — crime record, The Star Press, 1-2-14]:

I’ve examined data behind the city’s 2013 homicide numbers in hopes we could have a conversation about a difficult topic — young black men killing each other.
By early December, the city had recorded 109 homicides. Among the victims, 79 percent — 86 individuals — had a criminal record. Those 86 people, according to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, accounted for nearly 287 felony arrests.
Forty-two percent of the victims had a previous gun or weapons charge, 60 percent had a previous drug arrest, and 74 percent had committed a crime such as robbery or assault against a person.
Before anyone accuses me of blaming the victim, the suspects charged in those murders weren’t very nice people, either. Of the 80 suspects IMPD was able to identify, 81 percent of them had 166 felony arrests, 38 percent had a previous gun charge, 58 percent had a drug arrest in their record, and 75 percent had committed a crime against another person.
But most disturbing in this trend is the fact that 70 percent of the murder victims were black men, whose average age was 28. The average age of the suspects was 24. It would be one thing if we were talking about teenagers with no clue who acted irrationally, but you would think someone age 24 to 28 would know better. But when 80 percent of the victims and suspects have prior criminal records, with a total of more than 450 felony arrests, no one should be surprised when bad things happen.
My father used to say that if you are not hanging out at 2 a.m. with people whom you have no business associating with and doing things you have no business doing, your odds of being a crime victim are greatly reduced. That adage is true when it comes to most homicides in this city as well.
I’ve had extensive conversations with my friends at the Ten Point Coalition who spend their evenings doing outreach to reduce the violence. Crime rates actually have dropped in some of the city’s most dangerous ZIP codes, and there are a couple of dynamics at play. First, just as in the above-ground economy, times are tough in the underground economy. However, collection agencies in the underground economy usually involve bullets and gunfire. In addition, drug dealers have become a target for people who are hard up for cash.
That helps explain why the number of aggravated assaults has dropped but the number of murders has increased. Individuals are shooting each other up close and personal as the result of an argument or an illegal commercial transaction that has gone south.
So what is the answer? We’ve heard the usual calls for more police, more jobs, more education. But I’m not sure how successful those efforts will be, especially when dealing with grown people who are known felons. It’s one thing to intervene with children and teens, but when the average perpetrator is 27 years old, intervention may not be our best hope in dealing with the problem.
An Indianapolis tax-shelter (a non-profit) promising black people will work to stop black violence in the city
Unfortunately, the problem may help sort itself out. I know this is not a pleasant thing to say, but we may have better luck in 2014 because there will be fewer of these knuckleheads around to take each other out of the gene pool because they already did it to themselves last year.
Unfortunately, the gene pool in America is already clouded with communities that protect black criminals, working overtime to engage (and protect) a 'no-snitching' culture; thus, the fate of Indianapolis may already be sealed. 

In a profile of Rev. Harrison, the resident black columnist at the Indy Star writes why white residents of Indianapolis (especially those in safe, clean, and productive white suburbs) must be concerned about the wave after wave of black criminality submerging the city in a Detroit-esque deluge of blackness. [Erika D. Smith: Crime-fighting pastor patrols Indy's mean streets, Indy Star, 10-15-2013]:
“Don’t use violence to solve your problems,” he said. “That’s our message.”
More often than not, that message is well received.
But some don’t listen. They’re the ones Ten Point can’t save. The ones with no positive role models and families that have been ripped apart by all the ills of generational poverty. They are the young men and, increasingly, teenagers who are the most dangerous. And they’re the ones Harrison is seeing more and more often.
“They have no regard for human life,” he said. “They have no hope. They don’t care about themselves. They don’t care about going to jail and they don’t care about dying. That’s the mentality we deal with out here.”
The heavy price for white people? The civilization their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents work to create...
They also are the ones who elude the police crackdown in the urban core by moving to other parts of the city to commit crimes. Home invasions. Assaults. Rape.
Crime isn’t a problem you can confine to the urban core of Indianapolis. It’s a citywide problem and, at some point, it might be a suburban problem. And it is very much the same problem with the same root causes that have ripped apart so many urban neighborhoods.
“Really our problem is your problem, too. And you’re beginning to see that,” he said. 
“And if you don’t see it, it’s not going to get better. It’s going to get worse.”
  What would happen if white people did notice the black monopoly on criminality, and instead of just moving away from areas of concentrated blackness, actually attempted to implement laws that would greatly reduce this populations ability to reproduce (since it's blackness itself that is responsible for the violence, which in turn creates a world where poverty is quickly used as an excuse to explain away the collapse in civility)?

It's really that simple: white people noticing the detrimental effects subsidizing the black population has and in turn, working to pass laws that ensure no money will be funneled to aid and abet this racial group (for just one dollar going to improve the black community is one dollar less going to improve the white community), is the monumental first step into understanding white people have rights too.

And that right is to have a civilization worthy of passing down to their progeny, instead of constantly running away from problems created solely by the black community.


City resident said...

Unfortunately, for every knucklehead that bites the dust there's another being born at that very moment. They're in the pipeline now and will emerge in about sixteen or so years from now. There'll never be a shortage. Contrary to what most people's knee-jerk reactions happen to be, the homicide rate of the right kind of people is not too high, it's actually too low.

Glaivester said...

Project Prevention *cough cough*.

No, no eugenics here, just making sure drug addicts don't reproduce.

What? Racially disparate impact? What a racist thing to say! Are you saying that blacks are more likely to be drug addicts and therefore to get fixed by this program? I don't know what you are talking about, sir.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly a new thought, but do we ever comment that by the time this subject comes up with TV talking heads, the subject is "gun control". We usually see some Black "spokesperson" telling us that guns are the problem. So the solution is to remove guns from society. The real problem is that Redstaters need guns to protect themselves from Bluestaters and their pet minorities.

Son of Delbert said...

Blacks kill blacks. They are better at it than basketball!


Anonymous said...

You asked; "What would happen if white people did notice the black monopoly on criminality, and instead of just moving away from areas of concentrated blackness, actually attempted to implement laws ..." and the answer is apartheid.

Anonymous said...

Almost all blacks in Indianapolis loathe Abdul. He used to have a morning radio show and the callers were hilarious. Abdul is an attorney and would make utter fools of people calling him "Uncle Tom", etc

Anonymous said...

Black talk radio programs -- blacks hosts with black callers on black-oriented radio stations -- are usually hilarious! They are so f**king stupid!
This jigga is on to something, except that retroactively-aborting a 'booga in his twenties doesn't exactly take him out of the gene pool.

Anonymous said...

A shot of Depo Provera should be mandatory to pick up yo welfare check!

Anonymous said...

This last 2 years has been a nightmare for our 3 rental homes in the distressed areas of Indy...vandalism, destruction, break-ins have become a way of life in areas that were fairly safe only 6 years ago...the problem is getting worse instead of better is seems to me.

Anonymous said...

And that solution works so well.

Anonymous said...

Just a celebrated magic negro


AnalogMan said...

Removing knuckleheads from the gene pool at age 24 is too late. You have to do it before they breed.

Anonymous said...

Funny: a black personality in Indianapolis, Abdul-Hakim Shabazz, points out that the high rates of black-on-black crime in the city (particularly black-on-black homicides) represents a self-correcting problem

Indeed. I support this guy.

So CAL Snowman said...

OT : Thought you guys might be interested to see Hollywood at work protecting the carefully crafted legacy of Michael Scott King.

Oliver Stone Drops Out Of Martin Luther King Biopic

Oliver Stone was set to write and direct the biopic, but it seems that his script hit on some *ahem* unfortunate truths about the dear leader.

Tweets from Oliver Stone:

"the script dealt with issues of adultery, conflicts within the movement, and King's transformation into a higher, more radical being."

"I’m told the estate & the ‘respectable’ black community that guard King’s reputation won't approve it. They suffocate the man & the truth."

The TRUTH is the number one enemy of BRA, therefore it must be suppressed at any and all costs. To expose the truth is to be labeled a heretic, for BRA is nothing but a religious cult supported by a foundation of lies disseminated from talking heads on glowing screens. It's the new religion for the 21st century where scripture is 100% digital, no literacy required.

"“Because today we live in a society in which spurious realities are manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, by religious groups, political groups... So I ask, in my writing, What is real? Because unceasingly we are bombarded with pseudo-realities manufactured by very sophisticated people using very sophisticated electronic mechanisms. I do not distrust their motives; I distrust their power. They have a lot of it. And it is an astonishing power: that of creating whole universes, universes of the mind. I ought to know. I do the same thing.”

-Philip K. Dick

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. This is one reason why black on black murders don't get national coverage.

It's odd in a way, but black on black crimes with a truly innocent victim don't happen everyday, especially in an urban area. This story is an illustration.

bubo said...

Good news of the day: the mentally ill teenage "artist" whose shitty drawings and jumble of spurious statistics drawing attention to the terrible problem of white privilege has thrown in the towel after having her absurd beliefs called out by interweb racists. The mentally disturbed 19 year old girl supposedly has been getting threats and has been bullied into having yet another mental breakdown. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Paul Kersey,

Given that your article is one of the few that has a black man recognizing the primacy of the AA gene pool and crime:

It would be very much worth your time to include some of the insights of the late criminologist James Q Wilson on the connections between heredity and crime. Late in his life Wilson became acutely aware as to the limitations of his own behaviorist driven crime fighting policy recommendations like his famous "Broken Windows Theory".

It would be interesting for you to write a series of articles contrasting the ultimately eugenic breeding habits of the Italian, Jewish and Irish mafias and the dysgenic/dystopic mating habits of the black and Hispanic underclasses.

For example "Butch" O'Hare, the WWII Congressional Medal of Honor winner and legendary naval aviator for whom Chicago's airport was renamed was also the son of the notorious Irish/Capone mob lawyer and racketeer who was ultimately gunned down on the orders of Frank Nitti. The point being that the Italian/Irish/Jewish mafias largely breed themselves out of existence as much as law enforcement defeated them.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

First and foremost we non-liberal whites should recognize that negros killing negros via male violence or female abortions is good for we whites.

Moreover, the negro intuits his need to parasitize whitey for both whitey's genes and culture. Here the negro 13% solution works best. It is the optimum parasitic percentage that allows for the continuance of a healthy host, we whites, and a healthy parasite, the negros.

Negros understanding, as do we whites, their own, negro higher reproductive rate, their numbers must be, constantly pruned or the negro 13% solution is in jeopardy.

In order to accomplish both the short term and long term policy of parasitizing whitey, white cultures wealth for the living negro today, white genes for the improved negro of tomorrow, the 13% solution must be maintained.

Further, it is in the negros nature, from his gene pools constituency, to his physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum, to the negros, lower culture of the primitive savage, to engage in a tribal warfare as a young man participant of said, negro, lower culture of the primitive savage.

We whites would do well to understand this negro phenomenon and further our own problem of our fellow whites who do not mature or transcend their insanity.

These people are known as white liberals. White liberals, among other realities, pursue their superiority without pursuing their maturity and thus ultimately become the immature and insane, in charge and giving the orders.

If we whites wish to remain a viable autonomy, we must separate out and away from the parasitizing hoard of both the negro and the white liberal who has yoked our race to their white liberal concept of, "The white man's burden".

The white man's burden, as an oppression of white liberal tyranny, is driving our white gene pool/race/culture and posterity into extinction.

It is either the white liberals way, the way of the immature and insane or nature's way.

I know which I prefer, how about you?

I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Mahogany Mobs...Brazilian style.

"The political protest was called in support of the so-called "rolezinhos," mall gatherings of hundreds of low-income teens that have at times degenerated into disturbances and store looting.

The angry demonstrators unfurled a banner proclaiming "In the World Cup country, racist malls deny entry to black and poor people."

Anonymous said...

Blacks, believe it or not, are actually getting farther away from the rest of humanity. In America, we are used to seeing them EVERYWHERE, all the time. In reality, though, their true nature keeps showing more and more (thanks Internet!), and people can see what happens when they show up. Parties turn into nightmares ... companies turn into failures ... Rhodesia turns into Zimbabwe ...

Keep avoiding the groid. Eventually, the tide will turn; on that day, mankind can breathe a sigh of relief.

Anonymous said...

Of course sterilizing the black underclass is the solution, but Nazis. So we have no choice but to keep funding the black population explosion.

Anonymous said...

LOL, "Shabazz". Have you ever wondered why there are so many jigs who name themselves Shabazz? It's because in Nation of Islam theology, Shabazz was the genius scientist who created the black race. It's basically a way for groids to say, "Looka hurr - ah beez WISE and' shit!"

Groids have no sense of irony, of course; it'd be like if whites decided to start naming themselves "Einstein" to show how smart they are.

Gnome Sane said...

Blaming poverty is always the "go to" excuse for the primitives. I'm pretty sure there are poor people of all races in the U.S., how do the crime rates compare?

I agree with black-on-black murders 100% and feel they should be encouraged with rib sandwich incentives or the promise of white women. Primitives are of such low intellect that they don't see how breeding with white females is diluting their "proud" race.

Don't you just love that any movie with the words "pride" or "proud" in the title usually has something to do with primitives. Rather ironic since they lack any pride or self-respect whatsoever.



Spontaneous blackness will be the death of the BRA!!!
Just a matter of time! but will there be enough time left at that point for our America? that's what scares me. it isn't the feral black race. it's the destruction they will leave behind.

Also another lib-rat judge declared the Pennsylvania voter I.D. law unconstitutional cause the minorities won't be able to get access to I.D.'s. as usual the same old tired left wing excuses were given. I'm so tired of this shit. that judge probably got voted in that same way with voter fraud. he won by a very small margin. go figure the inmates are running the asylum.


Anonymous said...

wow OK so This black man,basically a well known as far as where he is,can comes right out and says this and white people already knew this.And the south already knew this.I already knew this.BUT if any white ,anywhere said something like this that would be it.The libs and Holder would be going apeshit.Best example was the gentleman from BUFFALO I think it was,some town from up there who said something along the lines of it's black peoples fault,when they move in everything turns to shit.BLACKS are the problem,they bring the neighborhood down.AND then the media and libs everywhere and blacks went apeshit and started saying how ignorant and racist and prejudice and supremacist he was for saying the truth that nobody wanted to hear...BUT this black man says exactly what is going on and says let them kill each one says a goddamn thing...LMFAO!!Hell this site and scores of other excellent sites like this one point this out day after day and all these sites are labeled as right wing extremist nutbag sites...and are threatened with being taken down or blocked.Are being threatened with penealties for posting racist posts....LMFAO! WHAT FUCKIN WORLD DO WE LIVE IN.

Southron said...

While I can see Mr. Shabazz's point that it seems to be a self-correcting problem, blacks shooting each other causes collateral damage.

First off, I, as a taxpayer, will be responsible for the hospital bill for the "victim", including any rehabilitation costs or disability checks. I'll also have to pay for the shooter's trial, and their stay in prison, where they will learn to be more violent and depraved.

Second, if a gun was used, another gun crime statistic will be generated. Politicians will use it to show how dangerous guns are, and that they should be confiscated. They never separate out the black/white gun statistics. If they did, it would confirm what we already know. Blacks and guns don't mix.

Lastly, blacks don't have very good aim. They'll shoot 10 times and miss the intended target. They will, however hit everybody else in the area, which might include a white person. There is a reason why a gun has sights on the top. It wasn't meant to be held sideways.

I certainly don't cry when I hear that a feral black blew another one's head off. I just know that in the end, it will be blamed on me, via the legacy of slavery, and I'll be forced to pay the tab for their dysfunction.

Jassi said...

"Knucklehead" in my world means the type of guy who is maybe less intelligent, does beer bongs and is boisterous.

The types of guys who kill, rape, and commit other acts of violence are usually referred to with much stronger terminology.

If blacks consider murderers and rapists to be knuckleheads, then what do they consider normal? Is a common thief or a street brawler called a saint? Is any man who knows his keeids looked upon as God himself?

Anonymous said...

Reply to Southron said...

Good point - Improvements in gunshot trauma medicine have played a big role in keeping homicide rates down. But at the same time the costs of providing first rate combat battlefield emergency level treatment followed by up to decades of follow up care is bankrupting urban hospitals. I bet almost no major metropolis has seen the construction of a new private hospital in its city center in the last 20 years. For profits Hospitals are fleeing to the far suburbs. KERSEY SHOULD DO AN ARTICLE on this phenomena.

Anonymous said...

This. ======> "If blacks consider murderers and rapists to be knuckleheads, then what do they consider normal? "

What is considered normal behavior to blacks (violence, illegitimacy, fraud, welfare dependency, loud cursing, overt sexuality, public lewdness, disruptive behavior, hostility, overt racism, child abuse, acid-throwing, rape, obesity, lying, theft, thuggery, trashiness...) is far from normal to whites.

We can't live together.

Anonymous said...

You are most correct in your assumption. I lived in a major city in the US where the non-profit, religious owners of an inner city, private hospital, accelerated its destruction by taking federal monies. They then tried to force its medical staff to work for free in the process, claiming it was their "Christian" duty to do so. Their first sin was to destroy their OB/GYN service by changing it from a stricly private service to a Medicaid/indigent service. That group of doctors left quickly. They next expanded their emergeny department with plans for it to become a Level 1 trauma center. Of course the religious owners demanded that the entire medical staff "contribute" their labors for no compensation. The doctors left and the facility was sold off as it became unprofitable.

Anonymous said...

I once watched a video that dealt with race relations and the setting was a class for U.S. military personnel. The speaker was a guy who looked 100% white but whose parents were black. As soon as he said anything negative or critical of blacks, the blacks in the class started jumping up and down and screaming racism. The speaker would then take out a photo of his parents and all the blacks would instantly shut up as they were shocked into silence.
Blacks do not judge what is being said by the content and whether it's accurate, factual and/or true- they judge it by the color of the speaker.
Even with crime stats or any other stats(which negatively impact the image of the black community), they react in a purely racist and tribal manner and denounce the stats as the result of racist policies and a host of other excuses and defenses. If a black person speaks the unpleasant truth, he's instantly denounced as a traitor, an Uncle Tom or a "house nigga."
The "tribe" must be defended at all costs and that is the only motivation.
Even in common inter-racial arguments/disagreements/confrontations, you will notice that blacks defend black regardless of whether he/she is wrong. I've seen white kids get into arguments with a black kid and suddenly find himself surrounded by a hostile mob of blacks all with a "get whitey" attitude. I've been there myself and experienced that first hand back when I was in Jr. High School in 1970. Nothing has changed nor will it. That same black tribal mentality extends into the courts of law and results in the phenomenon of jury nullification.
Can there be peaceful co-existence? One only has to look at cities that have been taken over by blacks to see the answer and the answer is clearly no.
Want to have a dialogue on race? Even the offer itself is false and is a manipulative attempt to further the black racist tribal agenda, to gain more concessions, more "programs," more gibsmedat. It's nothing more than pageantry~ a display. And that display, that pageantry is, as Shakespeare put it, "little more than war in masquerade."

Gnome Sane said...

One female with five baby daddy's.
One male with five baby mommas.
The math suggests that there is some serious inbreeding going on, it's unavoidable under this scenario. There is no way they can keep track of their genetic trail. Compound this over decades or even centuries and you'll always produce sub-standard intellects.

Anonymous said...

"LOL, "Shabazz". Have you ever wondered why there are so many jigs who name themselves Shabazz? It's because in Nation of Islam theology, Shabazz was the genius scientist who created the black race."
There are many interesting parallels in the history of world religions. The Hebrew Jehovah is like the Greek Zeus or Muslim Allah. The Hebrew Noah is not unlike the Akkadian Atrahasis or Babylonian Utnapishtim. Jesus Christ even has cousin-deities in the Egyptian Horus and Roman Mithras.
So it is not surprising the Nation of Islam has a mythical figure named Shabazz, known to the rest of the world as Satan.

pat said...

In Emeryville near downtown Oakland there is a really good food court. It's in a kind of upscale mall next to a very large bookstore. Across the parking lot is big movie theater.

The food court is huge and sprawling. It has a wide variety of different cuisines - Korean, Indian, Italian, etc. Inexpensive and sort of authentic.

In all it is a great place to catch a quick meal before catching a flic.

One night while eating there with my wife two black teenagers wandered through. A chill descended. In a very large room filled with all kinds of Europeans, Indians, and Orientals people froze up. There were no Africans at that particular food court. As soon as these two Africans showed up we all realized how delicate was our 'diversity'. The whole enterprise only prospered because there were no blacks.

About ten miles south in Oakland proper there is another big mall but this one is frequented by blacks. There is no diversity there. Everyone is black. Most of the stores are closed and shuttered. It is a dangerous slum in ultra modern building.

The problem with this 'black leader's' proposal is that he fails to recognize that the mere presence of a handful of black teens is enough to blight a mall or even an entire neighborhood.

Really, don't you think that having black teens shooting one another, won't just drive everybody else out? Blacks are toxic to civilization. Having them armed in the streets is hardly a solution.

I like diversity. When I worked at night in San Francisco, we used to walk over to Chinatown at first light for Dim Sum - Chinese breakfast we called it. I loved the Italian part of North Beach and Japan town too. I used to drive out to the Russian neighborhood also. I'd eat Mexican in the Mission District. Good memories.

But blacks everywhere were a negative presence. Where there were blacks, there was blight. It wasn't just the street shootings. It was that they were black.

By any meaningful definition black people are inferior. I didn't always think that but I observed and I learned.


Anonymous said...

The poor downtrodden victim of the legacy of the evil slavery who shot up Indiana Black Expo back in 2010 (?) was recently released. He lives in the apartment complex across from the one where the soldier was killed in a craigslist deal gone bad. The rest of the area is white but there are several taxpayer funded apartment complexes that are chock full of vibrant diversity. You know what you do when shabazz comes on the radio? Turn it off.

Anonymous said...

Streets named after MLK "struggle":

Woman eats soiled diapers:

Anonymous said...

These "people" all supported by your tax dollars, provided to them by the most greedy administration on the face of the earth!
Seems like there would be something we could do.

countenance said...

He is wrong, by the way, when he thinks that black crime is removing knuckleheads from the gene pool.

Black crime is almost entirely man on man. The black women, meanwhile, remain in order to procreate a new crop of knuckleheads.

Anonymous said...

Abdul Hakim Shabazz is no Muslim. He often hosts the evening show on our conservative talk radio station 93.1. He believes that single mom's are heroes. Often says, "If you want something done right, get a single mom to do it."

He is definitely a cornball brother, and I don't think he lives anywhere near authentic black people. He mingles more with white conservatives. Not sure about the race of his wife, but he sounds white on the radio.

He seems to lean libertarian, and is a former comedian and actor.

Here is a piece from his website about the black Democrats going after him for his recent comments about blacks killing blacks in Indy:

Anonymous said...

Per an earlier comment:
" Anonymous said...

A shot of Depo Provera should be mandatory to pick up yo welfare check!

January 18, 2014 at 7:52 PM "

= = = = = =

That *IS* a good idea. Another idea: Anybody who's been on welfare/ EBT/ WIC (whatever you call the program) for over three months LOSES THE RIGHT TO VOTE in any elections held that year. We don't need societal parasites voting for pandering-scum politicians who are all-too-happy to play Robin Hood with taxpayer money.