Saturday, January 25, 2014

Violence Prevention Ideas Discussed in Emergency Planning Meeting in Baltimore City Hall; 20 Years Ago, Norplant was the Solution to Future Violence Baltimore

White-on-white violence (be it homicide, robbery, assault, etc.) is never concentrated enough in a city or metropolitan area to warrant government interventions or community marches.
Twenty year ago (roughly), the solution to black teen pregnancies in Baltimore was Norplant. Today, Baltimore is awash in the violence that solution was created to prevent

More to the point, no one protects members of the white community who engage in crime, inflict damage on property, or are wanted in homicide investigations.

You see, those white people who engage in homicide are usually suffering from severe mental illness or are psychological damaged; thus, they pose no threat to the greater community at large.

Preventative measures are needed in the black community, where criminal, anti-life pathologies are so prevalent a call for a "march to end violence" is an annual event; and where police encouraging the black community to cooperate with a homicide investigation is a daily chore.

In 65 percent black Baltimore, 2014 is no different. [Violence prevention ideas aired at City Hall meeting: Bloody start to 2014 spurred emergency planning session, Baltimore Sun, 1-25-14]:
The founder of last year's 300 Men March and two Baltimore City Council members held an emergency planning meeting Friday evening at City Hall, saying the bloody start to the new year spurred them to develop a violence prevention strategy sooner than they had originally anticipated.
The city recorded 16 homicides in the first 12 days of the year. January's toll stood at 18 as of Friday night. Last year, there were 235 homicides in Baltimore, an 8 percent increase over 2012 and a four-year high.
"A murder a day wasn't something we could just sit on," said Munir Bahar, who founded the march movement last year to galvanize residents, particularly men, to combat violence. "We were kind of hoping the wintertime would calm things down a little and we would have more time for planning."
Also Friday, it emerged that a 24-year-old man killed this month was the nephew of City Council President Bernard C. "Jack" Young. Tavon Antonio Young, who was sentenced in 2009 to five years in prison for his role in a high-profile drug distribution conspiracy, was found fatally shot Jan. 17 in an alley in the Harwood neighborhood.
The funeral was Friday, and Young was unavailable for comment. His spokesman, Lester Davis, said the councilman was "spending his time supporting his sister and their extended family during this period of grief."
Last May, a 20-year-old cousin of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was fatally shot, the victim of a suspected home invasion robbery.
Friday's meeting was called by Bahar and Councilmen Brandon Scott and Nick Mosby. "We wanted to get a plan together and get people mobilized, so when spring hits we can be ready to deploy into the neighborhoods," said Scott, who represents Northeast Baltimore and is vice chairman of the council's Public Safety Committee.
A standing-room-only crowd of about 100, including community group leaders and Police Department representatives, packed a meeting room at City Hall as Bahar, a fitness trainer, delivered a high-energy presentation.
"This is the charge: How do we do more?" he said. "How do we increase our presence on the streets?"
Among the ideas he outlined were the creation of a "mobilized street force" of at least 100 people and a citywide communications network of 1,000 residents to alert their neighbors to incidents in "real time."

The 300 Men March took place July 5, cutting east across the city along North Avenue. Promoted largely through social media and word of mouth, the nearly 10-mile trek drew more than 600 people, according to participants, among them Rawlings-Blake and Baltimore police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts.

A number of smaller marches were held later in the summer, including one in which about 60 men walked through East Baltimore, speaking to people they met and handing out fliers detailing a "code of honor" for peacefully resolving conflicts.
Bahar said before the meeting that last year's higher homicide total did not make him feel those efforts had been in vain. He said he knew that lasting change takes years.
"What's disheartening is the lack of participation from the community," he said. "We can only round up 30 to 40 men to come out on the streets at night and do this anti-violence work. That's the discouraging part."
 When many of those democratically-elected to serve in the executive and legislative branch of local Baltimore government have family members being gunned down in the streets (while engaging in criminal behavior), you know the city is beyond salvation.

Any violence prevention ideas discussed that don't mention the violence has a biological source - black people - is an exercise in futility.

Strange that only one score and two years ago, America was on the verge of becoming a sane place.

And Baltimore was the city on the cutting edge of a tomorrow where "violence prevention meeting" at city hall would have been the subject of a dystopian future, instead of one free of the burden of a people fucking their way to the ruin of a entire civilization (strangely, the byproduct of this "union" being completely subsidized from cradle-to-grave by productive members of society). Even conservative hack George Will praised Baltimore for the measure they enacted, writing [Baltimore's Fledgling Norplant Program Seems Careful, Consensual - And Needed,, 3-18-1993]:
And those black activists who profess to see Norplant as a "genocidal" attack on black fertility should answer this:
What is more dangerous to the flourishing of black America, Norplant for teenagers or a growing number of black adolescents headed for a life in poverty because they were born into poverty to a single mother whose life chances were blighted by a pregnancy at age 15?
Norplant. A way to decrease pregnancy among black Baltimore teenagers.
The womb is the key to ending this pipeline... even George Will endorsed the Norplant idea in Baltimore...

A plan to try and save the future of Baltimore, by waging a war against destructive decisions. 

A way to make Baltimore safer for not just white people, but all people in a manner of a generation by terminating pregnancies among a demographic completely unprepared to care for the black children they'd unleash upon the world. [Norplant Is Getting Few Takers At School, New York Times, 6-3-1994]:
Providing Norplant to Paquin's students was seen as an example of the struggle being waged by officials in Baltimore and other cities to reduce the rising number of out-of-wedlock births, a phenomenon that is held responsible for many of today's social ills, including poverty, welfare dependency and high crime rates.
But so far, officials say only 36 of 700 students at Paquin have turned to Norplant in the nearly 15 months it has been available.
Earlier this year, health officials here extended the Norplant option to 2 more of the 21 high schools in the city. But Bernice Rosenthal, director of school-based clinics for the health department, said only two students have had the device inserted by staff members in those clinics.
Shunned by School Boards
Officials of Advocates for Youth, a Washington-based group that promotes sex education and birth control for adolescents, say school boards around the country have shied away from offering the contraceptive in school-based health clinics. About 1 percent of 105 such clinics that responded to a survey provide Norplant in their clinics, the organization said.
Baltimore health officials say many young women have shunned Norplant because of misinformation about its side effects and because of accusations by some blacks that making Norplant available in predominantly black schools like Paquin was "genocide."
"I know anecdotally from patients that it's still being talked about on the street," said Dr. Peter Beilenson, Baltimore's Commissioner of Health. "There are rumors about Norplant that are just not true."
Just who was spreading these rumors Norplant wasn't safe?

Not George Will.

He approved of the idea (the Republican Party had not been completely hijacked by the civilization-destroying Pro-Life movement yet).


It was the Nation of Islam, who'd rather black people (primarily males) have the right to play predator to the entire Baltimore community once they grew up, instead of never have been born in the first place.  [150 protesters object to Norplant in schools Nation of Islam members call it 'genocide' BALTIMORE CITY, Baltimore Sun, 10-1-1993]:
Carrying placards reading "Stop Norplant genocide" and "No Norplant experiments on our teens," more than 150 people jammed the Baltimore school board meeting last night to protest the city's plan to let schools offer the contraceptive.
The protesters, most of them members of the Nation of Islam, the black Muslim group led by the controversial Louis Farrakhan, called on the board to forbid school clinics to offer Norplant.
They denounced the contraceptive as "social engineering" designed to reduce the black population. They claimed it has not been adequately tested and said it encourages teen-age sex instead of abstinence.
"I would urge you to not use our girls as guinea pigs in this social experiment," said Debra H. Freeman, a spokeswoman representing Mr. Farrakhan's organization.
The protest came a month after Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke decided to let five high schools decide for themselves whether to offer Norplant to teen-agers in school clinics. Mayor Schmoke was out of town last night and could not be reached for comment.
An attempt to end the "cycle of dependency" and reliance on long-term welfare was what this Norplant program in Baltimore was attempting to do. After all, a 1994 article noted, "In Baltimore, the city dedicates an entire school, with grades six through 12, to helping pregnant girls keep their lives on track."

It was - if we are to believe the "poverty creates violence" canard - a way to stop future criminals from ever being born in the first place (consider it the "Kill Jamal Conner" plan from a black-theme Terminator movie).

But poverty doesn't create violence; black people create violence, which turns an entire area into one brimming with poverty.

That's Baltimore in 2014.

It's why the black community marches against violence (all black in origin) on a yearly basis.

It's why the black community demands answers to the violence (all black in origin) at City Hall meetings on a yearly basis.

It's why businesses flee Baltimore and those remaining behind barricade their employees in plexiglass.

America was on the verge of sanity in 1992.

Instead, America went the route of Ralph Reed.

Salvation isn't coming, though.

Just a whole bunch of Jamal Conner's are coming, courtesy of HUD, to your neighborhood -- an effort to spread black pathologies as official state policy to those white communities in need of vibrancy.

In need of a little Baltimore...

The United States had a shot at salvation in 1992.

Today, we are on the verge of Bill de Blasio having a prominent position in the office of whichever Democrat wins the 2016 election. Perhaps Andrew Cuomo too.


Son of Delbert said...

Why is it that to operate a motor vehicle in any state a person must go through a drivers safety course, take a test, and be issued a license? While any simpleminded jackass with operating plumbing can father children? Any brood sow able to spread her legs can pop out a litter of bastards? That the baby daddies don't feed.

Leaving me the bill.

I dont trust these fucking savages to raise their pets. They should be sterilized prior to puberty.

They need licenses to breed. Eugenics? Fuck yes.


Southron said...

"What's disheartening is the lack of participation from the community," he said. "We can only round up 30 to 40 men to come out on the streets at night and do this anti-violence work. That's the discouraging part."

I'm not the least bit surprised there's no participation from the "community". This is how it works in the minds of blacks. They do whatever they want, whenever they want, and expect whites to pay the bill for it. Period.

As for birth control for blacks, how are they going to get a welfare check if they can't have babies? That idea will go right out the window.

The only way you are going to get black women to voluntarily use birth control is if you agree to give them the welfare and SNAP anyway, without having babies. And using birth control that is implanted lessens their ability to screw up its effectiveness.

I guess in the long run it would be cheaper to pay black women not to have babies. It would definitely save us the trouble of having to clean up the destruction and suffering their bastard kids will cause and cost us over their lifetime of crime.

I'd rather just give them their own land, and let them shoot, stab, steal, and rape each other to their heart's content. There's no need to let them occupy our major cities and push whites out into the suburbs for safety.

Could you imagine a white family moving to Baltimore, Detroit, Gary, or Camden, and letting their child go to public schools? How about walking down a sidewalk there without being murdered? Or how about driving through one of these cities, and not being afraid if you will be killed because you decided to get gas at the wrong place? Yeah, it could happen in a nation without blacks.

Anonymous said...

Is this old news? According to Wikipedia

Production of Norplant was discontinued globally in 2008.[9] Norplant II (Norplant-2, Jadelle), also developed by the Population Council... Jadelle has not been marketed in the United States;[10]

Melanie said...

It doesn't matter, to blacks, nor their white enablers who see them and their dysfunction as tools to use for their own purposes. As long as black females can get paid to breed, the bigger the litter, the mo' money. If some get killed before reaching adulthood, well, as they grow older, they become more a liability than a gubmint check anyway. Blacks can't see the big picture, and even if they could, their lack of long-term forward thinking would interfere with any birth control agenda anyway. As it is, they get paid both ways-both to breed another check, and getting paid when the check gets cancelled. The black "leaders" get to make use of black violence as a whip on whites, because their white enablers have a use for them doing so.

The only way this could stop is if they got paid not to breed, and they can actually count just high enough to figure out that it would need to be a pretty big check to make up for all the "entitlements" they would lose before their offspring either reached adulthood and hopped on the gravy train for themselves, turned to crime to augment the family income, or gets offed which is at no cost to the breeder.

Their white handlers lose the use of black violence as a weapon (in more ways than one) against whites.

So, there's no percentage in their utilising birth control, and certainly none for their enablers. Who's paying the bill, in every way, after all? The white taxpayers and victims.

Melanie said...

Southron, I'd like to just give them their own country too. But I know, and I suspect that the smartest among them also know, that they won't make it without whites. They have numerous examples in front of them proving that, though they can't admit it. The few times they are cornered into acknowledging it, they have all the usual excuses ready to hand, the ones about whites "owe" them.

The few smart or connected ones, are in on the game. Their white enablers have their own uses for them, and that suits both parties just fine.

What parasite ever willingly leaves its host, until it kills it? Then, if it can't find another host (good luck using that guilt trip on the mestizos and the Asians, nigs), they die too.

Fear of a black world? Don't make me laugh. There will never be a black world. Your (blacks) ride lasts just as long as whites exist in numbers large enough to host you parasites. Then it will be an Asian/mestizo world, probably with a hierarchy something like this-Asians on top, mestizos as the drones, and blacks on the bottom. Enjoy, you "worked" for it.

Mr. Rational said...

They should be sterilized prior to puberty.

Truer words were never written.  Stopping the cycle of breeding eliminates the cycle of violence by starving it of perpetrators.

In general, illiterates and those with diagnosed mental disorders (pretty much anything requiring an IEP in school, esp. "conduct disorder") should be prevented from breeding.

Jay Santos said...

Once upon a time, I believe support for the black underclass was a result of a sincere desire to help negroes. It was white altruism bubbling through the brains of little old church ladies, excessively "educated" academics, newspaper editors and teary-eyed politicians. It was soft-headed, misplaced sympathy for the plight of the poor devils. They wanted to help.

Not so today, the motivations have changed. Those working tirelessly to spread negroes throughout our society, all the while ignoring the violent dysfunction and social decay they spread, want the destruction. They're paid by the destruction, their power increases and their assets increase. In many cases, their "payment" is a psychopathic satisfaction in seeing Mayberry turned into Mogadishu. It's a cold war, with its roots in the U.S.-Soviet cold war. The obsessive importation of the third world is just a slight variation on the theme.

I recently saw the film Dreams from my Real Father (available to stream on Amazon). In it the authors layout their evidence that Obama was born of the black communist party member, writer, pornographer and poet, Frank Marshall Davis. I'm convinced. It's one hell of a demonstration of just how insidious Marxism and all its attendant themes of class struggle and racism, have been to this nation. We'll get a nice view of where all that early white altruism got us when Obama delivers his State of the Union with his emphasis on income inequality. Pay up YT.

One Pissed Off Irishman said...

They complain about gun violence today, tomorrow they will complain about mass hunger. As that hunger turns into starvation they'll turn cannibal, and any one with white skin will be considered gourmet. The YKW want a slow burn-collapse, I don't see it. 2016 Obama goes full African dictator, and the great white purge begins. That's my prediction anyway.

-One Pissed Off Irishman

Anonymous said...

Our cities are ruined. historical architecture lost forever. the cost in lives ended and ruined. the financial cost. niggers are a curse and a huge liability.

countenance said...

Two of the most hare brained ideas that blacks come up with to fight the crime they cause are:

1. Calling for moratoria
2. Calling for truces

The catch is that either idea is spoken of as lasting only for a definite and short period of time.

If a person who calls for a "day long" or "week long" moratorium on (black) crime actually thought it would work, why not call for a month? A year? Forever?

If a person who called for a truce in the "gang wars," notwithstanding the fact that gang violence is the sine qua non of the illicit drug trade in Bell Curve City, thought that their calling for a truce would actually result in a truce for x number of days, why not call for a permanent truce?

The fact of the matter is that moratoria and truces are all smoke blowing -- People who call for them don't have the power to make them happen. They're just popping off for good media and PR.

Anonymous said...

>>Southron said:

""Could you imagine a white family moving to Baltimore, Detroit, Gary, or Camden, and letting their child go to public schools? How about walking down a sidewalk there without being murdered? Or how about driving through one of these cities, and not being afraid if you will be killed because you decided to get gas at the wrong place? Yeah, it could happen in a nation without black.""

No, no one can imagine any sane white family doing so. Even the Jews who pride themselves on how liberal, tolerant, and high minded they are. They aren't moving back en masse to the cities either.

Funny thing about the Jews. They CLAIM that they've done all this an that to help blacks but you dont ever see them live near them, go to school with them, or attend worship services with them.

What do Jews know about blacks that the rest of whites should figure out??

Gnome Sane said...

There weren't any anti-violence marches in these hoods when they were white. Are they going to march through any non-black hoods? No? Well, dat jess be rayciss, yo.
They need to march 'em all into the deep blue.
I'm in Bham and it looks as though they are trying to scare 'em outta here with welfare reforms. Souring the milk just a bit.
Oh, you guys always put Bham and ATL in your bad cities lists....let's not shortchange New Orleans, the absolute shithole of the

Whiskey said...

Southron -- Bill Gates (and his harpy wife who is really behind the Gates Foundation) makes a big deal of his investments in Africa to "save the children" and his commitment to offer scholarships only to non-Whites. And Microsoft is I assure you a White/Asian place only. The only Black guy in the place is a janitor at night.

As far as Black population growth as a winning political strategy goes, it is winning until it is losing.

Note Blacks (and Muslims and Blacks in Europe) are concentrated in cities. Utterly dependent on welfare transfers from Whites or Government hiring preferences in the suburban middle class which is a minority of Blacks. [Most Blacks are urban core poor.]

This means anything that affects money and/or infrastructure leaves Blacks utterly helpless. Imagine say a natural disaster, a New Madrid Earthquake in today's times, that shatters St. Louis, Chicago, Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, Louisville, and possibly even Cincinnati. Now imagine that there is no food, water, EBT cards, or anything for over say, three months because there are no roads, no bridges, no power lines, no oil pipelines, no railroads, nothing functioning in the earthquake area.

Most of the Black population will be feral and simply die in place. After they loot what remains and so on, they will be passive and helpless like Katrina and no one will help them.

Eric Prince of Blackwater was interviewed in the WSJ. He stated (as someone who sacrificed in his view for the State Dept. and CIA and was thrown to the wolves to satisfy politics) that there was no benefit to being an American. That the government does not help you.

Black people mistake political alliances for real help. In any disaster or crisis they are as disposable as we are but with fewer resources. They will not fare well in any natural disaster, collapse of the currency (or debt -- Yellen must choose one or the other clearly) or funding crisis as the government really is running out of money -- the point where it can only run two aircraft carrier battle groups at the same time. And has withdrawn carriers and even destroyers from the Persian Gulf because they are too vulnerable to Iran.

Things stay the same. Until they shatter. We are close to the shattering time.

Major1 said...

I'm ready to cede a portion of the USA to blacks. Lets have a census to accurately find out what percentage of our population is black or black hybrid. Sweeten the pot and add ten to that number. If blacks are 15% of the population, they get 25% of the US. A couple of rules...they get to draw one line to carve out their slice. It can be anywhere they want, doesn't have to take into account state boundary lines, and can be any shape they want. But their piece has to be contiguous (not several islands) and the remaining 75% parcel must also be contiguous, meaning the blacks can't design their parcel to cut one white segment off from another. Once the blacks set their boundaries, a wall goes up around that parcel...80 ft. Fifty feet above ground, thirty underground so desperate blacks can't tunnel. Anything within that 25% parcel belongs to the blacks...the cars, homes, factories, hospitals, malls, etc. If their parcel includes Massachusetts then Harvard belongs to the blacks. If their parcel includes California then Hollywood and Beverly Hills belong to the blacks. If they want Texas it's theirs. One more rule though...every black (I mean EVERY black, yes including Ben Carson and Kobe Bryant and Morgan Freeman) goes into the black nation. Absolutely no exceptions. And once the wall goes up, no one is ever allowed to pass from the black nation to the white nation. Any one can go from white to black as long as they accept they will never return. In the white nation, the perimeters of this wall and our coastlines are obsessively, meticulously and constantly guarded, and anyone attempting to violate those boundaries will be met with instant, extreme violence. No warning shots...just a burst from a mini-gun. Can you imagine the utopia we would live in? It wouldn't be perfect. I'd be advocating for very strict laws for criminal activity but at least when some skinny wild eyed toothless meth freak boosted a car he couldn't cry racism. And imagine the other side of the wall. Literally, a black hole. A hole of bottomless degradation, violence and poverty. Even the goldfish would have AIDS. And how long before the power goes out and the food disappears? I imagine groups of intelligent black men who wanted to survive and protect their families would form posses of vigilantes who would deal out some very harsh summary justice to the countless worthless feral blacks who couldn't contribute anything other than mayhem. Meanwhile, on our side, women are walking the streets, our taxes go toward preserving and improving our civilization, our kids learn about George Washington and Thomas Edison instead of Louis Farrakhan and Malcolm X, and we could go back to working on MLK day. A boy can dream.

Gnome Sane said...

My closest, dearest, most trustworthy, faithful friend in the world is a black female.............Lab/Chow mix.

Anonymous said...

"White-on-white violence (be it homicide, robbery, assault, etc.) is never concentrated enough in a city or metropolitan area to warrant government interventions or community marches"

I had to stop reading after that sentence. Ahbody know dat YT dun be doin it too, and dat raycist media be covrin fo' dem.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....In the area I live it is still 99 per cent white and I am still amazed at how STUPID these people really are. They don't have a clue about what is happening in their own country and they don't even care. They talk about some show they watched last night on TV. They are big tele-screen viewers and look at shows only a retard would watch. Only in America would you have a show about FAT PEOPLE LOSING WEIGHT.

I look in their faces and I feel like I am in the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". Their glazed over eyes and blank faces. The POD PEOPLE are alive and well. I go to Walmart for cat food and I am shocked at what I see. I can remember when people didn't look like this. Every now and then I will see someone with the spark of life in their eyes, but it is rare. Even the young people look like they are from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. I am living around dead people who believe they are alive. PROZAC zombies paying money to get another flu shot. Fuck 'em. I don't care any more what happens to them.

I was in cafe last week and saw four zombies sitting in a booth and they were all texting someone on their cell phones. They never even talked to each other, ate their food and left. I was in shock. It blows my mind what I see around me. It is unreal.

Just read Jim Traficant's latest column about "Apathy in America". I think it goes beyond apathy. To me it seems more like brain damage on a national level. The MAU MAU and the POD PEOPLE are taking over. THANK YOU for letting me rant. I am getting hungry so I have to go to the corner for a SHIT BURGER and a DIET COKE.

Gnome Sane said...

" Major1 said...

I'm ready to cede a portion of the USA to blacks."

This goes against their "Divide and Conquer" strategy. Walling off the current ghettos by the Nat. Guard is an option. Blacks are currently surrounded by whites in most cities as the whites have moved outside perimeters. Strategically speaking, they are trapped. Mongol hordes would encircle their prey, advance, and kill everything inside the circle. Food for thought.

City resident said...

The Million Man March was supposed to solve all of this. What happened? A march by a lousy 300 certainly can't do anything. Marches, Norplant, Midnight Basketball, Head Start, gun control, what else is left that hasn't been tried yet?

So CAL Snowman said...

Hey everyone, I'm at Dodger stadium for the Kings v Ducks hockey game and it's an ocean of White faces. I've never seen this many White people at Dodger stadium in my life.

Mr. Clean said...

So CAL Snowman said...Hey everyone, I'm at Dodger stadium for the Kings v Ducks hockey game and it's an ocean of White faces. I've never seen this many White people at Dodger stadium in my life.

Most MLB games look overwhelming white to me. This appeared to be the case even as I was watched Detroit in the last few postseasons. I haven't been down to Philly in a few years, but the only negros in the stands that I recall were some of the vendors.

Polar Bear said...

How long before the powers-that-be in BRA demand that hockey be diversified?

All those cheering whites assembled in one stadium? Why, it's the Nuremberg rallies all over again.

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic but just this evening, on the news here in Nashville, Tennessee, for people on "public assistance " (welfare), if they will start taking an interest in their children, going to pta meetings, helping their children with homework, showing report cards with passing grades, basically start doing what they should be doing as a parent anyway, they can get an extra $50 a month of YT's tax dollars.
On a separate news program several months ago, it was stated that some people on welfare are collecting as much money as a working man earning $15 an hour.
This government no longer represents the American working people. When an able bodied man, or woman, can just sit on their ass and collect more money than a lot of working people I know, it's time for change. When those that receive the tax dollars start killing, raping and assaulting the tax payers, change is needed and not Obama's kind of change.
Things will be changing real soon. Too many new gun owners for it not to change.

Anonymous said...

In 1990 or 1991, then- State Representative David Duke introduced a bill into the Louisiana House of Representatives that would require Norplant for welfare mommies. A nutty white clergy named Stovall whined before the House committee that Duke's proposal amounted to "genocide." Duke warned repeatedly of the "rising welfare underclass." The bill was jerked around behind-the-scenes and never went to the House floor for a full on-the-record vote. Lives are today lost because of the dirty politics that let the bill die. Innocent blood spilled by underclass niglets that would have been prevented by Norplant.

Chuck Hammer said...

Jay Santos
I recently saw the film Dreams from my Real Father (available to stream on Amazon). In it the authors layout their evidence that Obama was born of the black communist party member, writer, pornographer and poet, Frank Marshall Davis. I'm convinced.

I thought they made a good case for Frank Marshall Davis as Obama's father, but then there's this: Obama's Jewish half brother (click for picture). Same father as Obama, different long-faced white mother and the resemblance is uncanny.

The Supreme Court of the United States has affirmed that the term “natural born citizen” means only “those born in the country of parents who are citizens thereof”. How in God's name did a man with a Kenyan father make it to the White House?

Anonymous said...

We do not want word to go out that that we want to exterminate the Negro population.

--Margaret Sanger, darling of the left.

Anonymous said...

Forget Norplant or any other type of contraceptive device. The most effective deterrent to teenage pregnancy is stopping the welfare check. You have it, you raise it. Simple, like real life used to be before the government used the rabbit like breeding habits of illiterate whores to pump out a swelling ocean of low information voters! Raised on the federal teat they easily accept whatever is doled out from cheese to phones to food stamps to rent. Hell yes I'll vote for whoever keeps the keg from running dry. All this shit about a job and responsibilities is cutting into my PS3 gaming and drug dealing. Make ya wanna bust a cap, ya kno"?

Anonymous said...

Southron, they already have their own lands called projects and section eights.There they engage in the nightly ritual of manhood by shooting at whoever they perceive as "disrespectin". Like the whores following the soldiers of Rome, the blacks must attach themselves leech like to white communities to slowly drain the life into their destruction. Once all is wasted, they follow the whites to the next feeding grounds.Prison's should be reserved solely for those blacks who harm non-blacks. The others are simply showing their pride and heritage as savages within their own communities by murdering their own.

Bogolyubski said...

Every day is Ground Hog Day in BRA - except it's even worse than the movie. They don't even make a half-assed attempt to do anything (or even say anything) different. It's literally the S.O.S. (All YT's fault, turribul, turribul legacy, ever-more gibs required) repeated endlessly - at deafening volume. How tremendously appropriate that the official month for Black Hisstory practically starts with the real Ground Hog Day. It's more perfect that we can even imagine, I expect.

So what will it be this year fellow YTs? Will Pope Phillip LXXXVI of Punxsutawney see his shadow - the ever-lengthening light-absorbing shadow emitted from BRA, ever-growing like a deadly malignant tumor over what was once known as Christendom? Or will some of us stop borrowing manufactured money to buy ever-bigger and more maggot-enriched shit-sandwiches from our overlords the Banksteins, quit quaffing the gallons of Rev. Jimbo's latest vintage of Magic-Negro Grape Drank, and put down the Crystal Methodist crack-pipe of PC?

Anonymous said...

If the black community was serious about black on black violence they would do it. Swift uncompromising justice. When we did it was called a lynching.

Anonymous said...

Violence prevention in the 'hood? Simple: Drug the shit out of them.

I'm not talking about crack, either; I mean MANDATORY doses of mood-stabilizing drugs for all feral ghetto groids. Tranquilizers for the violent ones, and weekly estrogen shots for all bucks aged 13-49.

It's the most humane way to deal with the black problem.

Mutant Swarm said...

So CAL Snowman said...

Hey everyone, I'm at Dodger stadium for the Kings v Ducks hockey game and it's an ocean of White faces. I've never seen this many White people at Dodger stadium in my life.

January 25, 2014 at 5:52 PM

Pics or it didn't happen :-)

Seriously, maybe we SHOULD start documenting the fact that White people once lived here. In 50 years, nobody will believe it.

Anonymous said...

I have a question about the black people who organize and plan to stop violence in bmor. Are they seriously trying to do something? Putting black people out at night to try and stop crime sounds like a bad idea. They risk the few "tame" negros in possible shootings and the rest just join in on the murders. Are they in denial? Are they as blind as the DWL? Or is this just posturing to get more EBT and the like? They have to know their own people. How can some mild exercise (300 man march) stop a 73 IQ buck from killing Da'Shontrell for turning his back on him? This honestly confuses me. Enlighten me please you guys.

Also "even the goldfish have AIDS" had me chuckling for 15 minutes. Good one!

Erie PA

Anonymous said...

environment does very little. the only real solutions are biological - such as norplant. -- panjoomby

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Greetings vile, hateful racists. This past week, many of you have exhibited truly abhorrent behavior in the chastisement of the latest enlightened, magical negro – Addison Sarter. Do none of you ever stop to think what struggles he has personally endured? His ancestors were quite possibly SLAVES! Can you imagine how that has personally affected him since the practice ended in 1865 when hundreds of thousands of white people shed blood to achieve that result? Turrrible! And then there was Jim Crow, in the South, where he has never lived, 70+ years before he was born! The horror! And then the sacred march on Selma and dogs and fire hoses – still 50 years ago and decades before he was born. Nothing has been done for the poor downtrodden negros of Amurika. No Obama sail fonz, EBT, subsidized or free public housing, Section 8 vouchers, minority hiring quotas, minority college admissions, Michael Scott King holiday, black history month, minorities-only government contracts, Bill Gates skalasheeips, midnight bakkaball, Head Start, free daycare, earned-income tax credit, forced school integration and bussing, hate crime laws, First Black President™, minority mentorship programs, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, public-private partnerships with minority organizations, minority outreach programs, on-demand race-hustling representation, the Tuskeegee Airman, and Manhattan Project Director and NASA founder, George Washington Carver. To think that that man used a peanut to create the most powerful weapon the world has ever known is truly the crowning achievement of all mankind.

Although I agree with Californian that it is important to respond to and refute the insane, liberal “declarations” spewed forth by the likes of Addison, in an internet forum, where no parameters exist in which to force engagement in a debate on the actual facts asserted, the exercise quickly becomes futile. The same with CF, were the focus is immediately shifted to the US monetary system and coming economic collapse as being worse than any problems cause by blacks. For me, when the discussion fails to be a discussion, and devolves into the ridiculous assertions such as blacks having built the majority of the physical infrastructure of the country, further blathering should be ignored. If he was capable of refuting the critical questions posed to him, he long since would have. Instead, he is hopelessly outmatched here, and engages in the predictable excuse-making he has displayed. The pinnacle for me was when he insinuated the Duke lacrosse players, who supposedly attended the same prep school he did, were actually guilty when, in fact (1) the prosecution dismissed all charges; (2) prosecutor Mike Nifong was investigated, and ultimately both fired and disbarred for his abusive conduct; and (3) accuser Crystal Mangum was exposed as a liar, loser, and has since been convicted of murder. Like most negros, Addison cannot deal in facts, but I digress…

So blacks in Baltimore, along with their so-called “community leaders” will issue a call for [insert generic shit-sandwich, race-hustling phrase of the month here]. BTW, who exactly are the “community leaders” in YOUR community? Your HOA board members? No – they’re actually elected. Your city council members? Board of County Commissioners? Guess not- they’re all elected, too. I don’t even know the first names of all of my neighbors, but I find it so intriguing that all black “communities” where the (thankfully) black-on-black atrocities occur have such “leaders” to step forward during a call for [insert same stuff that has been tried and failed for decades in black-run cities across the country here]. They are never elected or appointed. White people wouldn’t put up with that b/s for two seconds if some moron stepped forward and claimed to represent others solely on the basis of race. In fact, for a white person to even do so would be rayciss in BRA.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...


@Yankee in N. Fulton: I have no problem getting together to discuss BRA and the joys of dieversity. It’s just a question of how we get in touch. I don’t know this for sure, but I gather that PK doesn’t want to get involved with passing along email addresses and such, and I don’t blame him. One option that occurred to me (and perhaps this could benefit others who would like to meet SBPDLers in their areas) would be to post an ad on Craigslist, provide that link to PK, and perhaps he could forward it on? I’m trying to keep him from having to be involved in putting folks in contact directly, but enabling those of us that want to meet the ability to do so without being outed as evil racists. I wish Blogger had some communication options to send PMs and such. Does anyone else have any other suggestions? FWIW, I still love the idea of an SBPDL gathering, or an SBPDL contingent at the AmRen conference.

OT: <a href=">Parents of slain Auburn student to file claim against university</a>

Lauren Burk’s parents are suing Auburn University for failing to protect their daughter by maintaining a university police department. Auburn disbanded their campus PD as a cost-saving measure, and put campus patrol in the hands of the Auburn PD. Now I’ve been on a LOT of college campus, including Auburn just a couple years ago. University campuses have unique policing issues, young, immature students with brains whose risks centers have not fully developed, and extremely high population densities. The idea that a campus of that size, with that many (mostly white) students couldn’t afford its own PD is utterly absurd. Not that I think it necessarily would have changed anything, but who knows. Further, in spite of the conviction and death penalty sentence of the negro killer, the article STILL calls the incident a “botched robbery attempt.”

The article further states: “According to police, Lockhart kidnapped Burk from a parking lot outside an Auburn dorm in a botched robbery attempt™. Investigators said he forced her to strip, then drove around considering what to do with her. Deciding she needed to escape, police said Burk jumped from the moving car, but as she did, Lockhart shot her through the chest. She died in the street minutes later.”

Gee, I wonder what the saintly, righteous, and dishonorably-discharged from the military Courtney Lockhart was “considering” doing with Lauren. If you analyze the circumstances in reality, Lauren likely assessed her options as (1) get raped by a filthy NAPA and then killed; or (2) make a run for it and try to avoid the rape and possibly get away, and risk being killed if the negro can manage to hold the gun straight. She did the courageous thing, but paid with her life. All because she was pursuing an education.

“[Jim] Burk [Lauren’s father] is particularly upset that Auburn paid millions to change head football coaches but hasn't spent money to recreate its police department.”

WTF could a stupid groid POSSIBLY think that a lone college student could have in their purse that would justify the potential consequences he could face. $100? $1000? $10,000? $1 million? Wait – don’t answer that! Lack of future-time orientation… More likely this was a planned event where the predatory negro stalked a yet to be identified target of opportunity (just like Amber Long and her mom), with the primary objective of muh-dikking her, and then robbing her of whatever she had of value after he shot her in the head and got his pants pulled back up.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...


Two young white women, with massive investments by their white parents, future mothers of high-quality white offspring and net contributors to civilization, slaughtered like sheep by the sub-humans among us. Everyone knows exactly what it is and what it’s all about, but instead of stating it aloud, instead craft an impossibly complex, alternate reality to describe what is no more than a simple predator-prey relationship.

Take comfort in your concealed carry choice, and avoid the groid!

Gwinnett Gladiator

Anonymous said...

I suggest we give the nigs Florida,or better yet one of the several island attols the US owns in the middle of nowhere.If we gave them Florida,we'd only have to build 1 long wall,the ocean would take care of most of the containment,and few nigs swim.Let the nigs deal with all the boat people/refugees that arrive in Florida daily.I am sure a wall could be built,paid for,staffed,and maintained by volunteer Whites,I would be first in line to help. Fellow blog poster Major 1 has a great construction plan for the wall.In the meantime,nigs must be culled from the military and police forces.When they quit or retire they should be replaced with Whites.I really think nigs would go for 'our own place/country' plan and we could solve several problems at once.The policy would be simple.Whites will not concern themselves with anything that goes on in their new homeland-BUT-any attempt at exporting their problems to the US will be met with heavy artillery fire.Thanks for reading. Richard Cranium

Chuck Hammer said...

Gwinnett Gladiator
Gee, I wonder what the saintly, righteous, and dishonorably-discharged from the military Courtney Lockhart was “considering” doing with Lauren.

I have drummed into my daughter's head that you do NOT let yourself be taken. Better to be shot down and die in the street than place yourself under the control of some sadistic semi-retarded excuse for a human being.

I have also given her The Talk. She reflexively called me a racist but she also absorbed what I said.

Anonymous said...

Lauren Burk’s parents are suing Auburn University for failing to protect their daughter by maintaining a university police department.

Something I've seen on many campuses is feminists "organizing" against rape-and-sexual-assault. They dragoon young men into things like slut walks and white ribbon campaigns to "raise consciousness" about rape. Universities declare they will take rape accusations "seriously."

So where were all these feminists when this incident happened?

Why weren't male feminists protecting Miss Burk? I am sure the gangbangers would be impressed by their prancing along in a slut walk.

Of course, to take rape (or any other violent crime) seriously means looking at who perpetrates most of it. And that would mean putting the spotlight on blacks. Can't be done because "racism" trumps "sexism" any day of the week in liberal ideology. So universities are more than willing to throw women under the bus. Especially if they are white.

Anonymous said...

Richard Cranium: "I really think nigs would go for 'our own place/country' plan and we could solve several problems at once."
Maybe 1% of them -- the bow-tied bean-pie sellers -- would go for that. The rest of them are most happy to eat your cake, while you eat your shit sammich. The rest of them won't go until life with Whitey becomes so unbearable, so dreadful, and so hazardous that Microsoft and TomTom publish apps to warn them which neighborhoods to stay away from.
I also have a Dream.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree with you.I am certain assholes like jackson and sharpton would be chomping at the bit to have their own place and a nig only homeland.All the other nigs would follow,and voila! 'Don't come back now,ya hear?' Nigs are very vain and stupid.I say they would go for a new africa.We all know it would be a disaster,and would be funny as hell to watch their weak games versus reality-without White support. I appreciate your opinion though,thank you. Richard Cranium

Yankee in N. Fulton said...

@G.G. email at SBPDLyankee at gmail
(reg. under VDARE)
I run with a group that alternates between Alpharetta and Suwanee on Saturdays-- maybe that works for you and the future Mrs. GG. ;-)

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

We do not want word to go out that that we want to exterminate the Negro population.

--Margaret Sanger, darling of the left.

I wouldn't read too much into that. I wouldn't want word to go out that I'm a child molester. This is not a confession.