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“I saw no minorities or women as astronauts. Could I help make a difference?": When NASA was forced to retire 'merit' as qualification for astronaut selection via Federal Government

“I’m never just talking about people being nice to each other. I’m talking about changing the system,” she told a civil rights oral history interviewer for Howard University in 1971.“We ought to have one big coalition. . . [of african americans and] . . . all our minorities [with which] we could change anything in this system.” 
- Ruth Bates Harrisdeputy assistant administrator for equal opportunity (NASA's highest ranking black female) [Societal Impact of Space Flight, p. 427]

“I saw no minorities or women as astronauts. Could I help make a difference?" 
- Ruth Bates Harris, before taking the job as deputy assistant administrator for equal opportunity for NASA, in 1972 [Harlem Princess, p. 248]

Thoughts sometimes stray away from madness of reality, allowing a momentary, fantastical glimpse into the old "what might have been" mindset. 

With the date July 8, 2014, I think back to what Americans were thinking on this date in July 8, 1969. 

Forty-five years ago. 
Nearly 45 years ago (July 16, 1969), Apollo 11 was launched: the culmination of a society, a civilization dedicated to merit  (by definition: discrimination) 

Eight days from the launch of Apollo 11.

Twelve days from the landing on the moon. 

What were their hopes and dreams of the future, especially considering my parents were roughly between the ages of eight and 14? 

Did they envision men and women living in colonies on the moon, a space port for further exploration of the heavens? 

Did they ever believe that 84 people (14 killed) would be shot over a July 4th weekend in one American city (well... calling Chicago an American city is a stretch at this point)?

Did they, in their wildest dreams, believe the United States Government would actively promote the dissolution of the majority (founding population) population via aggressively deciding to forgo its duty to protect our borders? 

Did they understand the safeguards their grandparents generation had put into law (restrictive covenants, segregation of public schools, and freedom of association protecting small businesses right to discriminate) were there to ensure stability and promote tranquility? 

It was never about racism. 

Now we know it was about protecting civilization.

But to be able to look upon the moon on July 8, 1969, knowing no man had ever set foot upon (and the wonderment of what would come after they did) is a thought I'd trade anything for at this point. 

For we live in a world where we now know what came next. 

The abandonment of space exploration for the ceaseless, never-ending promotion of blacks (and now all racial minorities and aggrieved special interests groups). 

And in the 45 years since we first went to the moon, the trillions of dollars (and untold hundreds of trillions of opportunity costs lost) spent on this 24/7/365 campaign to dismantle our civilization to the benefit of blacks has - if you open your eyes up for only a moment - produced example after example after example our ancestors knew far more than we did about race. 

Though will never know what truly went through his mind, Deke Slayton was perhaps the most important man behind the success of NASA from 1962 to 1972 (the era before diversity became the primary goal of the space agency instead of, you know, space exploration). Slayton was the voice of the Mercury astronauts, the man who selected the crews who flew the Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab missions. 

Deke! U.S. Manned Space: From Mercury to the Shuttle is the story of Donald K. "Deke" Slayton, an autobiography of man whose greatness is an embarrassment to our generation. 

In his book, Deke explains how the astronaut candidates was selected in an era before black women (with a huge racial chip on their shoulder) like Ruth Bates Harris came to lord over NASA and derail our space efforts - momentarily - for the promotion of the same people who would inherit Detroit via white flight and turn it into... Detroit. 

This is how Deke describes how astronauts were selected, and how even in 1962 the Federal Government was working to promote blacks as the primary goal of every mission: 
All the while the astronaut selection process continued. We had known going into the 1962 selection that we would need more astronauts at some point in the future, so as the nine new guys completed their initial training, we decided to pick up some more.  
Gemini was always intended to consist of ten or eleven manned flights - that was a minimum of twenty seats right there. Then you had Apollo, which in at that point called for the following:  
Four manned Apollo earth orbit missions launched with the Saturn I rocket beginning in 1965.  
Two to four manned Apollo earth orbit missions on the Saturn IB beginning in 1966. 
At least six manned earth and lunar orbit missions on the Saturn V beginning in 1967. 
All this was designed to lead up to a manned lunar landing in 1968-1969. 
The procedure and qualifications were pretty similar to the recruitment for the 1962 group, though we dropped the test pilot requirement, figuring we had just about drained the pool. Applicants with operational flying backgrounds or advanced degrees in related areas would be accepted. It was with this selection, however, that I got caught in my first, last, and only political battle over astronaut selection.  
The Kennedy Administration, particularly the President's brother, Robert, thought there should be a black astronaut. the Navy didn't have anyone remotely qualified, but in the Air Force there was a black bomber pilot, Captain Edward Dwight, who had applied for Yeager's Aerospace Research Pilot School (ARPS).  
The trouble was, his multiengine background, lack of an engineering degree, and lack of the normal test pilot school caused him to be ranked pretty far down the list of applicants. (The school normally enrolled eight at a time.) 
The pressure started with General LeMay, who was ordered by Bobby Kennedy to get Dwight enrolled at ARPS. Yeager resisted - it wasn't about racism, it was just that according to the rankings, Dwight had finished in the middle of the pack. Yeager thought it would be reverse racism to enroll Dwight ahead of pilots with better qualifications.  
They worked out a deal: Dwight would be enrolled, but so would all those pilots on the list ahead of him. That's why that year the ARPS had a class of fourteen rather than eight.  
Dwight got through the school and did okay, even though Yeager brought in a tutor for him, all of that. But okay wasn't really enough. Remember, NASA wasn't just looking at the ARPS graduates as potential astronauts: our pool included the Navy and the Marines, civilian pilots and now research scientists, not to mention other Air Force pilots and test pilots, some of whom had really proved themselves in flight test. These were guys like Michael Collins, a good applicant for the 1962 group who had been held back to get another year experience. or Dick Gordon, who was one of the Navy's best pilots.  
As I hear it, Dwight himself wasn't particularly driven to become an astronaut. 
I had already developed a point system that we used in making the final evaluations on astronaut candidates. There were three parts: academic, pilot performance, and character/motivation, ten points for each part, with thirty being the highest possible score. Some of it was cut-and-dry: you got points for a certain amount of flying and for education. Some of it, by design, was subjective and based on face-to-face interviews. Just based on the flying and technical matters, Dwight finished out of the running.  (p. 132-133)

This was what built America. 

The promotion of those without merit, but with melanin. 

This is what has helped bring America to her knees. 

One of the three men part of Apollo 11, Michael Collins, wrote in his Carrying the Fire: An Astronaut's Journey this about Deke's system for evaluating potential candidates: 
Deke proposed a system which had been used in previous selections, and with minor modifications we agreed. it was a thirty-point system divided equally into three parts: academics, pilot performance, character and motivation. "Academics" was really a misnomer, as an examination of its components will reveal: IQ score - one point; academic degrees, honors, and other credentials - four points; results of NASA-administred aptitude tests- three points; and results of a technical interview - two points. Pilot performance broke down into: examination of flying records (total time, type of airplane, etc.) - three points; flying rating by test pilot school or other supervisors - one point; and results of technical interview - six points. Character and motivation was not subdivided, but the entire ten-point package was examined in the interview, and the victim's personality was an important part of it. Hence, of the thirty points, eighteen could be awarded during the all-important interview. 

This was how we went to the moon. 

It was no hoax, anymore than building a railroad from one coast to the other or laying a wire to transmit cables from the North American continent to Europe was a hoax. 
45 years after the moon landing: the culmination of Ruth Bates Harris dream of a coalition of minority subverting the system and remaking it as their own. An image from 83 percent black Detroit

A much different civilization went to the moon, just as much different civilization helped turn the Arsenal of Democracy into a living, breathing experiment in racial realities in 2014. 

Ruth Bates Harris autobiography Harlem Princess triumphantly concludes with a depiction of Congressional Hearings into the overwhelming whiteness of NASA from 1962 -1972. 

It is this world we still live in:
During the summer of 1972, concern about the lack of women and minorities in the astronaut program was particularly strong. At the National Urban League convention during the first week of August, the absence of black, Chicano, and women astronauts was a topic of conversation. It was during this period that Representative Charles B. Rangel (D., New York) called upon the US Civil Rights Commission to conduct an investigation of NASA to determine why it had no black, Spanish, or women astronauts. Rangel said: Something is seriously wrong when not a single member of the 42-man astronaut corps is female, Black or Hispanic. During its 14-year history, NASA has had only one Black nominee to be an astronaut. [H was Major Robert H. Lawrence with the AF MOL Program, who was killed in an F-104 aircraft accident before he had the opportunity to join NASA.] John Buggs, the newly appointed Staff Director of the US Civil Rights Commission, responded to Rangel by declaring that “an investigation of NASA would fall in line with the responsibility of the commission.” As a result, Jeffrey M. Miller, Director, Office of Federal Civil Rights Evaluation, told NASA in a letter written August 12, 1972:

The commission recently received a letter from Congressman Rangel which asserted that all of the astronauts in NASA’s space program are white males. In view of the important part that this program plays on our lives and the great psychological impact that media coverage of our manned space efforts has on millions or (sic) people around the world, this figure if true is most distressing. 
Miller asked for specific and detailed information on astronauts, to include race, ethnicity, and sex for past and present astronauts, a description of the manner in which they were selected and an explanation of minority and female underutilization, if such was the case: and NASA’s detailed plans for increasing the participation of minorities and women in the group selected for space missions. On Friday, January 11, 1975, Senator William Proxmire (D., Wisconsin), chairman of the Space Science and Veterans Committee, opened hearings to investigate operations of the NASA Equal Opportunity Office. Senator Proxmire stated that “Nothing has exemplified NASA’s achievement more than our astronaut program, and he properly recognized the fine character and achievement of the young astronauts. It has been not only the Agency’s showpiece but indeed the country’s showpiece.” His concern, however, was that “the astronaut corps had no black or females currently in training as astronauts,” Willis Shapley, NASA Associate Deputy Administrator, responded to Senator Proxmire in his testimony: 
… Mr. Chairman… I think the space program of that period may be criticized for not having taken aggressive enough measures to insure that there were qualified women and blacks and other minorities… I should mention that the requirements and the preparation specifically… for the Shuttle program definitely include the provision for females astronauts.  (p. 264-265 Harlem Princess)
When you look back on the past 45 years, the criticism of the white men who successfully administered and participated in the Apollo project - starting in 1973 by Ruth Bates Harris, whose goal was "“We ought to have one big coalition. . . [of african americans and] . . . all our minorities [with which] we could change anything in this system.” - should have served as a warning to any right thinking person something was seriously rotten in the states of America. 

Thoughts sometimes stray away from madness of reality, allowing a momentary, fantastical glimpse into the old "what might have been" mindset. 

With the date July 8, 2014, I think back to what Americans were thinking on this date in July 8, 1969. 

Forty-five years ago. 

Eight days from the launch of Apollo 11.

Twelve days from the landing on the moon. 

Today, our government actively floods this "nation" with a people who can only look upon the moon and use its light as a guide to invade and flood our borders. 

Our destiny is not Detroit. 

It's not Baltimore. 

It's not Newark or the incredible savagery found in the black parts of Chicago, where 84 people were shot over one July 4th weekend...

We must survive what's coming, to remind those who come after us of what they inherit and what they must safeguard for the future.

For the current state of the country... is not it.

The current state of the United States of America is the fruition of Ruth Bates Harris dream of a coalition of minorities rising together to dismantle what whites built, and remake as their own (though they'll never take credit for the blight and ruin in their cities, instead blaming the lack of whites for the collapse of civility and civilization).

We call this "system" Detroit.

Men like Deke Slayton and Michael Collins took for granted that merit was the most valuable way to judge character and competence; in our day, we are forced to push merit aside and judge exclusively by the color of ones skin, as long as we remember: 1. black is good; 2. white is bad.

The former mindset went to the moon; the latter mindset enabled the creation of 2014 Detroit.

The collective, individuals efforts of hundreds of thousands of white people enabled man to land on the moon; the collective, individual efforts of hundreds of thousands of black people enabled Detroit to crumble in its own footprint.



Anonymous said...

Awww...the precious rainbow utopia where every diseased ridden third world freak is welcome.
A third world population means a first world super duper power doesn't it comrade?
All our enemies will disarm so they can get in on the neo-feudal rainbow globalist plantation.
Uhh...hmm yes we can.

Anonymous said...

Time to fire up some muslim outreach:


D-FENS said...

I wonder if space exploration was slowed down until the forces behind BRA could tighten their grip on us. To make sure there was no escape.

If you follow conspiracy theory, particularly the Anglo-American variety, Cecil Rhodes once dreamed of reclaiming all Britains lost colonies, including America. He also stated that he would annex the planets if he could.

Anonymous said...

Comradette Shiela Jackson-Lee took lollipops to the poor downtrodden "children" on the border in a precious vibrant rainbow display of outreach:


Anonymous said...

We have to remember it was also whites who helped bring about the affirmative action that has destroyed our once great country. Unfortunately for us, our race is filled with too many traitors.

behind blue eyes said...

Didn't NASA send monkeys into space? That kinda counts right?

Anonymous said...

Oh what could have been. Clear back into the 60's, a black woman stands up in Congress and bitches about blacks not getting an equal shot at jobs. Well duh! There were no equal qualified blacks. Women still took care of children and the home.
And blacks, African Americans, have still not assimilated and become Americans. They're not Americans but they want everything Americans have, but without having to work for it.
Screw'em. Our new national symbol is a skunk. Half black, half white and everything it does stinks!

Anonymous said...

My years in the Marine Corps make this seem even more far out there...

In five years I saw one "Dark Green" Marine that shot Expert Rifleman. ONE! They do not exist in Recon or ANGLICO because they cannot swim, nor can they think outside the box. They can only do repetitive tasks. They completely lack the ability to innovate, no matter how many Westly Snipes movies they watch.

So expecting to find one rising to the level of astronaut? Rots o ruck G.I.

paul marchand said...

Mr Kersey: appreciate the honest assessments.

Anonymous said...

Off topic somewhat but oh well. John Swoveland Jr. was a White toddler who was shot to death a few months ago while playing in his front yard in South Bend, IN. Seems 8 or so Negroes were up the street and engaging in their typical tribal combat when one pulled out a gun and fired an errant shot, hitting John in the chest. He died in his mother's arms. There is a petition underway to rename a local park after him and I am providing the link here:


It doesn't rise to the importance of Trayvon's venerated hoodie that the Smithsonian wants, but hopefully many here will sign the petition and the renaming of the park will come to fruition. Who knows, had young John Swoveland Jr. been allowed to grow up he may have been the first person to set foot on Mars.

Unknown said...

In the 1950's,Action Comics every month would tell the tales of Tommy Tomorrow,an outer space policeman who traveled the galaxy.Such a world was believed by most of us.However,we didn't realize that the national goal was soon to be the reducing of all to the lowest common denominator,BRA,the dream of the Democratic party for everyone except their children.

Anonymous said...

I remember watching 2001: A Space Odyssey way back when, and thinking that is what the future would be like. The biggest mistake in that movie was showing the people of the future as actually being intelligent. It was a time before Jerry Springer, Oprah Winfrey, and the Maury Show.

One day people will form colonies on other planets, for the same reason American colonists left Europe: liberty, freedom, and the ability to live life as they want. Out of these colonies new, successful nations will form, and they will not be run by affirmative-action, black-woman equal opportunity commissioners.

Anonymous said...

We must survive what's coming, to remind those who come after us of what they inherit and what they must safeguard for the future.

Sounds like the plan but did you know the domestic terrorists who launched obama's career in their living room almost twenty years ago said 25 million would have to die in the bolshevik take over of the US.

From the testimony of Weather Underground infiltrator and FBI agent Larry Grathwohl:

I asked, “well what is going to happen to those people we can’t reeducate, that are diehard capitalists?” and the reply was that they’d have to be eliminated.

And when I pursued this further, they estimated they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these reeducation centers.

And when I say “eliminate,” I mean “kill.”

Twenty-five million people.

I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people, most of which have graduate degrees, from Columbia and other well-known educational centers, and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people.

And they were dead serious.

Weather Underground terrorists William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn launched the political career of Barack Hussein Obama in their Chicago living room in the mid 1990s.

D. Sterling-Trump said...

"During its 14-year history, NASA has had only one Black nominee to be an astronaut. [He was Major Robert H. Lawrence with the AF MOL Program, who was killed in an F-104 aircraft accident before he had the opportunity to join NASA.]"

Well good riddance....natural selection worked yet again.

Anonymous said...

Give it up, Paul. The space program doesn't concern us anymore. They have all the skill and know-how they need to commence star travel. What's left of NASA is just window dressing. They could appoint an African witch doctor as its head and it wouldn't make any difference.

No more crying about what could have been. Let's focus on survival.

Anonymous said...

Muslims in outer space ... Hmmm.

Is Tang halal?

bernicegreenbaum said...

NASA was once filled with the cream of the crop. They have been Affirmative Actioned into less than mediocre. The Russians laugh at us when we ask if we can ride with them to outer space. They'll probably charge us extra to bring our pet negroes.

Anonymous said...

Somebody said last week or the week before something about Chinese historians looking back at this period in history. Stories like this make me so incredibly sad. I catch my breath today when I speak to young white children. An exchange that should have finished with: "maybe you'll be an astronaut!" usually just finds me trailing me off as I gaze upon this innocent, a small, new person in possession of the highest quality genetic and mental gifts ever bestowed upon any group which can be dignified with the title of "human" (not blacks, nor many of these Hispanics, like the Guatemalans).

My thoughts quickly drift to praying that this child survives the next two decades, finds the chance to educate itself in the STEM fields (especially), has zero to minimal contact with the sub-primates- and especially does not produce mulatto/ quadroon hybrids with them- and that somehow the child is raised in one of the impossibly rare environments in the USSA of today whereby a white child still grows up proud of itself, proud of the accomplishments of its race (essentially all developments of all global civilization), and weary of the dark-skinned apes who walk upright & claim to be humans.

My heart wishes this. My head tells me that these children will be either exterminated outright, or slowly through assimilation with the sub-primates of De-toilet & Chimp-congo & the mud-people of Guatemala.

My head also tells me the Chinese field marshals will laugh, & some of the more enlightened will perhaps even shed a tear, when they realize what we not only allowed to be done to ourselves, and our rich genetic and mental potential, but that we actively aided and abetted those who would destroy us. My only solace at these times is to imagine these same field marshals literally burning everyone in sight, sparing no sub-primate nor mud-person on this continent from the destiny they so clearly should inherit.

I digress too much. I thank you all for your time.
General J.D. Ripper

Jay Santos said...

All of the damage, disastrous damage, that is being done to this country is ultimately meant to "uplift" negroes and now the third-world immigrants. Of course, it's also intended to fatten the rich.

Who is hurt by all this, the economic dislocation, the cultural dissolution, crime, violence, growth of the government and associated taxes and social control? It's the middle class. It's the largest demographic in this country and the weakest politically.

The upper class, maybe that's now defined as some 5 million or more in assets, they are untouched. Their children's schools are not being destroyed. Their neighborhoods are safe. Their jobs are safe.

The middle class and the working class, that would be people who actually work, they are being absolutely crushed. Absolutely destroyed.

The non-working class, the illegal immigrant class, they're all doing pretty well. Government benefits have not dropped in any way at all. They are protected by the feds in thousands of ways.

How is it possible that the largest segment of this nation is so powerless? Maybe they are powerless because they have no clue what is happening to them. But then the question is, how can the largest segment of this nation be so completely unaware of the destruction in store for them?

D. Sterling-Trump said...

Congresswoman suggests redirecting Central American aid to Detroit

The American Govt's endless welfare just ain't enough for the disparaged black community; now they want to steal the aid intended for other countries.

Anonymous said...

Texas here.

Please don't say "from 1962 - 1972 "

Say "from 1962 to 1972 "



Also, no spaces on either side of the dash. Further, what you want with dates is an "en dash," not a hyphen, which you have, or an "em dash."

Just great work, sir. Hate to see it sullied by stuff like this. It's a chink in your armor.

You really are a light. No offense. Just trying to help.

Bogolyubski said...

They just can't face reality. Which is pretty funny, when you consider the loudest shrieking for equality comes from DWLs - who describe themselves as "brights".

Californian said...

We call this "system" Detroit.

Great line, PK!

Anonymous said...

In five years I saw one "Dark Green" Marine that shot Expert Rifleman. ONE! They do not exist in Recon or ANGLICO because they cannot swim, nor can they think outside the box. They can only do repetitive tasks.


Can you provide more details?


Anonymous said...

Past year I have a friend who has been going to these "people" neighborhoods in Chicago west and south side to do social justice work. The work he does is offer once a week these "people" abortions to be paid in full. He prefer twins but can't all be diamonds. 52 future prison inmates or baby factories never to burden society. Maybe he is right and that is a solution to help these "people".

Anonymous said...

The rot has set in and I fear it will be fatal. Here in 2014, we see what a population of approximately 40 million negroes can do to numerous cities~ turning them all into 3rd world shitholes of crime, poverty, ignorance and dysfunction.
Now, imagine the future yet to be when 40 million worthless negroes become 80 million worthless negroes all screaming for their gibsmedat.
This country has no future except to be dragged down into the abyss of third world existence courtesy of low IQ negroes and their primitive "cultcha."
What we are facing, ladies and gentlemen, is the horror of entire regions of this nation becoming 80%+ black and descending into decrepitude just as cities infested with 80%+ negroes do. Those regions will be little more than carbon copies of Liberia or Haiti except it will be on American shores. All potential for a bright future will be flushed down the toilet of black dysfunction.
Yes, dream of what could have been and what might have been but awaken to the nightmare of reality.
Turning the tide at this point would require a civil war and an upheaval of severest form and, for most, that is something they can't fathom ever allowing. And so, things will continue the long, slow slide into oblivion. It's the desire of the majority to be comfortable now, to be blissfully unaware and unconcerned that is going to be their undoing. As long as the destruction is taking place "over there" instead of in their neighborhoods and towns, they won't be too upset. Sure, they'll play the conversational parlor game of "ain't it awful" but won't do anything until it's too late and it has already arrived on their doorstep. Then, it will indeed be too late. Individual communities may well fight back but there is no unified front.
America dies not in glorious battle but from the slow rot of apathy and the desire to avoid uncomfortable truths. America dies as it lies down and allows itself to be kicked to death without a whimper of protest or even a token effort at resistance.
Blogs like this (and others) are a refuge but I fear they're little more than the last gasps of a dying Republic.

PB said...

"Comradette Shiela Jackson-Lee took lollipops to the poor downtrodden "children" on the border in a precious vibrant rainbow display of outreach:"

Wonder how many poorly diagnosed diabetics were among the Vibrancy. Some I hope.

Anonymous said...

Great article over at Ole Remus and the Woodpile Report.
Suggested reading. Have a great day all.

Anonymous said...

Anon totally right. ayers & dorhn did indeed sit around fantasizing & justifying revolutionary necessity of killing 25 - 30 million people who couldn't be successfully "re-educated". No doubt 99.9% of the uneducables would be YT with some fascist racist Asians tossed into the pot.

The image of 25 or so Ivy League grads sitting around figuring out the logistics & propaganda for such an operation with Bongo, Monkey President of Planet of the Apes, seated at the head of the conference table is spot on....but oh-so collegial & professorial that table is...

We now have the merger of the demoncrat Partei with the apparatus of the State & mass murder on a genocidal scale can be the only result

Sad thing is that the political bosses will be very very proud of themselves for killing 10% of the YT population.

There only regret will be that they couldn't come up with a good theoretical reason to kill all YT people, excepting themselves & a million of so really hot juicy white babes (for sport'n purposes only)

National socialist is our only hope for life itself

Anon, thanks for bringing those facts out as most are totally oblivious to the reality of the enemy we face each & every day

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

Black on white crime blog:


Stay up to date.

panjoomby said...

they thought putting them in white schools would magically make them "smarter" -- that's adorable!

The American Notice said...

Blacks have gun, will unravel.

Anonymous said...

What would happen if....on some liberal talk show, a speaker spoke nothing but the truth about race today: why Detroit is the way it is, why the media purposefully obscures black on white crime and sensationalizes white on black crime?

Anonymous said...

Fasted way to stop progress in any field of human endeavour is to load it up with sub-saharan african's....who by the way aren't even human which is why they foul up any human endeavour.

/H hypie out H\

10mm AUTO said...

This is the Legacy of denying that race exists with religious fervor. When Whites actually looked at eugenics as a means of stopping birth defects and inheritable diseases, the Marxists freaked. We must be all the same, you see.

Whites were already the explorers of the planet, with their conquests measured at both poles, every desert, jungle, mountain and island, even to the deeps of the ocean and the sky itself. By beginning to improve themselves, even to the point of eliminating genetic diseases and increasing intelligence; no other race could compete, or even enter the competition. Especially the highly defective TWMNBN (There is a reason that the only TWMNBN Olympian I can think of is Mark Spitz).

The lack of genetic diseases merely eases a burden which Man has carried forever and can be accomplished without coercion from the State. Medical tests can provide lists of men and women who are compatible to each other. Within a few generations (2 or 3) traits such as several types of congenital heart defects will be completely eliminated. It will not mean that ALL births are perfect, but it means that for the first time since the Spartans we can actually birth children without some of the costly heartbreak humans have carried so long. We eliminated lead and mercury in our environment for this exact reason, now we were planning to extend it to damage to to the next generation.

This could not be allowed. Whites must be eliminated.

We all know that in any sane society, this mammy crying for inclusion in the space program should have been lashed off her pedestal and given a mop.

In any sane society, those on welfare longer than 180 days would be required to get mandatory birth Control injections.

In a sane society, the State's energies would be to the sealing of the border rather than the elimination of it for the protection of the indigenous population.

Anonymous said...

Poor old Ray Nagin (of Katrina and Chocolate City fame) has been sentenced to ten years in prison for bribery, corruption and money laundering.
Imagine that. A corrupt black mayor. Who would have ever thought!

10mm AUTO said...

panjoomby said...

they thought putting them in white schools would magically make them "smarter" -- that's adorable!

July 9, 2014 at 7:14 AM"

Yes, so that twice held back 19 year old fully mature Jammal Obstrican Washington AKA "Big J" can sit right next to Heather Abigail Adams, 16 in class and can come over to your house to "study". After he is done with her, he dumps her in the recycle bin and puts her bicycle on E-bay and the video of her rape on WSHH.

Anonymous said...

As per usual, 10 mm auto is onto something important

You can discover actual truth by standing red leftists political shillobeths on their head.

From the self-righteous "Race is a social construct" stood on it's head 2 things at once:

1) "Equality is a social construct" cuz there ain't no such thing as equality in any aspect of life

2) "Race is reality" and the reality is that sub-saharan africans aren't even a race they're a totally different species, not human, very distant cousins as are the great african apes.

Don't have to have x-ray vision to see that sub-saharan's resemble other of the great african apes more closely than they resemble humans.

From "Race is reality" we learn that "Species is reality", just ask anybody who's had a run-in with a great white shark

So when they shout their clever (in their minds) l'il slogans, stand'em on end, parse & deconstruct them to find the truth which is always the exact opposite of the slogan.

Letting sub-saharans roam the streets of any civil society any time any where is as dangerous to humans as opening the chimp cages at the zoo & letting them roam loose chimping out

but that's just my humble opinion I reckon

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

(((Puke)))----> Check out this black racist blogger who calls herself "Xena" (LOL) and who is part of the "blacks are constantly being oppressed/discriminated against/shunned, etc. gang of fools". I've perused her blog and it's mainly a "Justice for Trayvon and all the other innocent little sweet black boys" pile of crap. This woman, "Xena", is clearly pretending that she's all about "peace and diversity" but scratch lightly upon the surface of her hippy-dippy, let's all hold hands-crap, and it's nothing but a "blacks are superior, blacks are not criminals (just oppressed don't ya know?!!) and all statistics on black crime are "incorrect" rant by an extremely self-righteous, ARROGANT black women who has a chip on her uppity shoulder the size of west Africa!! Sadly, she appears to have a few idiotic white liberal apologists who comment on her "articles". They are all too eager to FLOG themselves just because they are part of the evil
white army out to ruin the perfect, crime-and-violence-and-drug free black utopian communities! GAWD she's awful!! I tried to post on her blog, had a benign question about her so-called "pure and innocent little boy" Trayvon (who I call "Saint Skittles") and received a nasty response that I was just another "white demon" (LMAO) and that she was going to report my IP addy as a "cyber-terrorist" (LMMFAO!). This "Xena" is just plain awful. Her blog is
blackbutterfly7 at wordpress dot com.
A big fan of SBPDL!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent work PK. IMO one of Barry's (aka obamma)lasting legacies i.e. what he will be remembered for is dismantling the NASA program. Although this immigration fubar may trump the NASA fubar.

D. Sterling-Trump said...

Anyone remember Major Matt Mason?

Paul, the vibrantification of NASA was actually foretold in 1966 by this great American action figure:

Mason's crew (The "Men in Space")

In response to behind blue eyes said...

"Didn't NASA send monkeys into space? That kinda counts right?"

They did indeed, blue eyes, starting in 1983.

Anonymous said...


PK, take note...college football is *not* the opiate of America.

Blacks are.

Blacks are like a flowering plant, or a nut, or a piece of fruit. Or, like an opium poppy.

They provide some other organism something in exchange for helping them reproduce. In fact, they are exactly like an opium poppy, which houses the seeds of the plant plus some nice narcotic effect for whatever animal eats the flower and carries the seeds off in its gut.

Blacks offer Crystal Methodists their high. The opiate strategy is a *very* successful one. Plants that offer no benefit in the form of sugar or some other digestible foodstuff tend to have much more trouble reproducing. Thus, this bonus trait has achieved dominance.

Blacks give the whites who help them reproduce a little endorphin rush, just as an opium poppy might offer an antelope a little buzz. Keeps them coming back for more and makes this plant evolutionarily successful.

This is a nation with a significant number of addicts. Perhaps they could get their thrill from some other source, but that source, whatever it used to be, is gone now, or else the high from Crystal Methodism has superseded it somehow. But they are clearly hooked. And addiction propensity is genetic and hereditable.

james wilson said...

Sheila Jackson Lee famously axed why it was that "we" could send men to Mars and yet not cure poverty in America. Neil Armstrong made a wrong turn in her dreams.

But Sheila had accidentally hit upon something. It would be more difficult by far to civilize Detroit than it is to colonize Mars. Things are not going to improve until a peculiar class of white people admit their limitations.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link regarding esteemed party member Comrade Kommissar Ray Nagra err Nagin:


Bogolyubski said...

Jay Santos (one of our more astute contributors) asks:

How is it possible that the largest segment of this nation is so powerless? Maybe they are powerless because they have no clue what is happening to them. But then the question is, how can the largest segment of this nation be so completely unaware of the destruction in store for them?

In a word: religion. The old bolsheviks used to ridicule religion as "the opiate of the masses". They didn't notice the "opiate" part of the statement - at first. Marcuse and the Frankfurt Schul did though. From the early part of the 20th century onward, these Bolsheviks fought a campaign on two fronts in tandem: a) discredit and destroy the old religion which served as the mortar holding together the bricks of the old civilization (which they wanted destroyed); b) work on building a suitable replacement - for an opiate gives tremendous power to those who dispense it over the addicts.

The old religion was undermined and destroyed by liberal theology (this means a very specific thing and is only loosely connected with political liberalism); the infiltration of religious institutions with sodomites (Catholic church in particular with this, as the liberal theology was much more difficult); the infiltration of all institutions of society with a new priesthood being churned out by elite universities (the first institutions to fall) and the mass-media promotion of feminism and sexual liberation. Despite the protests of some old-believers here who attempt to defend it, that which is known as Christianity today is completely occupied by Frankfurt-Schul Cultural Marxists. Their god is the negro, the body and blood of their eucharists are the shit-sandwiches and grape-drank of egalitarian utopianism.

The power of the new religion is evident before our eyes: white females offering automaton-like forgiveness to negro savages who brutally slaughter husbands and children, whites in South Africa voting 9 to 1 to support a regime who openly discusses their extermination, repeated exposures of the lies, contradictions and sheer insanity of the new religion ignored - with laughable notions such as feminism, open borders, BRA and the like completely impervious to all attacks.

These insane ideologies are impervious to logical attack because they're dogmas of a religion. One which the majority of the folks Jay mentioned - middle class whites - firmly believe in, having been thoroughly marinated in it since pre-school, with 24 x 7 x 365 reinforcement from the Ministry of Truth and all institutions - up to and including the Vatican itself. For those less interested in moralism and such, there are always endless games of niggaball and programs like Prancing with the Groids on the teevee, where the same message is faithfully delivered - though in a (slightly) more subtle, less preachy manner. There are also generous supplies of physical opiates, too - ranging from booze to cannabis to coke to heroin, with prices fixed via the "War on Drugs".

Robert in Arabia said...

http://28sherman.blogspot.com.es/2014/03/illinois-2010-election-oddity-gangs.html Understanding Chicago. How can you solve the Chicago murder problem that the police blame on the Gangster Disciples when they are the political muscle?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Arabia @ 11:48 Internet high five! The blog is choice. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately NASA has become the bureaucratic equivalent of the DMV or united States Postal Service. Where many black employees in them have that vacant and uncomprehending stare that is so typical, and whereby NASA has been transformed to this mean of intelligence. Gone is the hope to reach other planets or even return to the moon because NASA has neither the money or enough talented individuals to maintain the necessary impetus to achieve this end. look to private enterprise now that is not bound by some regulations to have diversity. or perhaps the Chinese will send us a postcard from their moonbase. Its a small consolation.

Don M said...

Many of us are aware of the high concentration of Eskimos in the Frankfurt Schul and world-wide communist movements of the 19th and 20th century.

What I don't really understand is why they do not seem particularly interested in space flight and exploration?

Since 1945, arguably the dawn of the rocket age (yes I know the V2 program predates the end of the war) no fewer than 44 Eskimos have been awarded Nobel prizes in Physics. They've won practically every year. Eskimo talent undeniably contributed to our space program as well as the USSR's.

By most accounts, Eskimos average 1 standard deviation in IQ above us euro-YTs.

Are these brilliant, science-minded men really completely and totally outnumbered by their psychopathic, control-freak kinsmen? Are they content to sink into a new dark age precipitated by radical egalitarianism?

I do not ask to be cynical or snide, I really do not understand the phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

"perhaps the Chinese will send us a postcard from their moonbase"

Social industry & achievement is inversely proportional to the nation's african bio-mass percentage.

The future does indeed belong to China, Russia, Japan, Korea.

The future most definitely doesn't belong to USSA, Mexico, any Caribbean state, most any central or south american state & lol, none of Africa. Too much african bio-mass, plain & simple.

Prehaps NASA can be like the national gallery to display postcards for other societies moon-bases in future.

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

I live in what has recently become a majority non-white area. (You won't believe this--but that wasn't the case when I moved in some 20 years ago.) Further, I work a job in which the hours are different than the traditional 9-5; as such, I am consistently out and about buying groceries, going to the pharmacy, etc. during what most productive citizens call their work day. What I see is a harbinger of 2050 and beyond, and it is nothing short of horrifying. Literally 95% of the people I see during these work hours are non-whites, and even still, the majority of white population are comprised of the elderly.

In other words, 1-2 out of every 100 people I see not working during normal business hours are whites of a working age.

Shiftless minorities abound, walking at a snail's pace and with a vapid, unmindful expression. Often they are grossly overweight, dressed well beyond their apparent means (f not in the insert-a-religious-garb-here), and talking on the latest iPhone model in their native tongue, presumably to a shiftless minority friend.

Should they have managed to stumble into a grocery store, their carts are filled with junk food and paid for by any combination of EBT/WIC/SNAP/TANF. (To wit, there are signs in Spanish with the WIC office information on them, encouraging these people who don't even speak our language to take our money.)

If they are waiting in line at the pharmacy to pick up their non-generic heart medication (again, due to the morbid obesity), they are invariably arguing over the price and/or quantity of the prescription in garbled English, holding up the line for everyone else, in spite of the fact that they are "paying" for it with Medicaid.

They may end up at the local library, using the free (to them) Internet for hours on end without consideration for taxpayers who may wish to actually utilize the library for its intended purpose.

Oftentimes, they congregate at a local park or similarly publicly-funded recreation area or shopping center to shout over each other, blast horrific ethnic music, drink alcohol and leave their empties everywhere, and/or otherwise disturb the peace.

These people don't have a fucking care in the world. Why should they? While this country's historical majority wakes up at 7 in the morning, drives an hour each way to work, then goes home to lather, rinse and repeat, these people have literally every imaginable expense provided to them.

I will be moving out within 6 weeks once my lease expires. Eventually that will no longer be an option.

Anonymous said...

Prehaps NASA can be like the national gallery to display postcards for other societies moon-bases in future.

Good idea!

rex freeway said...

Close NASA and take it oversea's where Diversity hasn't ruined everything. Make it a private Company. And watch what happens inside a decade. We will reach and inhabit Mars. There will be new technology and medicines that will prove beneficial to the ones who destroyed NASA. Will they be thankful and or acknowledge that we were right and they were wrong? Never. Not as long as liberal thought runs our country.

Anonymous said...

White kids in the late 60's looked forward to a future like "The Jetsons." We were shocked to learn, in 1972, that Apollo 17 was the last flight to the moon.

The hatred of bearded academics toward our astronauts was because the latter were military fly boys "of low intelligence." Inteleckshuals weren't the only people against the space program. As I remember, almost all the evangelicals in my part of south Missouri were "agin it" as well.

Anonymous said...

American Ghetoseum of NY just gave away prized summer internships to teenage nogs who are dumber than dog turds who don't have any interest in natural science, history etc. they are only fluent in Ebonics and profanities. NO white,
Hispanic and Asian kids.
OT Queen Mooch'elle of the tribe Black Panthers with disrupt traffic and bus service in NYC tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase someone who posted a few days ago:

Aw Lawdy Jeebus!
Innocent Ray-Ray done been sent away. Whitey always layin' a trap!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hypie,

I second your acknowledgement of Mr. Auto. I would also say that you've provided many astute comments of your own.

However, I must take issue with your reference to Apes.

The Great Apes are dignified creatures that live in family units with a male leader; they maintain order (such as they know it) enforce rules and set proper examples for accepted social behavior. Left in their native habitat, they're peaceful and mind their own business.

Maligning their character by comparing them to Shitavious & Company is uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

I believe she was the one who said the US had had a constitution for over 400 years....

Anonymous said...

"Now all we need is the compact nuclear generator to supply heat and power during the lunar night, on Mars and beyond. That will probably be private enterprise too."

I'm already working on a movie plot that Hollywood will absolutely drool over. Morgan Freeman stars as Dr. Enrico Teller PhD, recently fired from NASA after making his White colleagues look hopelessly inept. After attending a twerking contest, Teller goes home and has an epiphany: Make my own nuclear propulsion system! Gyrating asses creating so much energy was the catalyst for Teller's discovery. He rents a warehouse in Destroit, much to the chagrin of racist cops and business owners who then plot to destroy him. He hires disadvantaged youths from the neighborhood, including the kids from the local rocketry club who were denied a 1st place trophy at a recent competition because of an evil White judge. These dejected kids (led by Jaden and Willow Smith) yearn for spaceflight and at first don't trust Teller because they know all too well how racist NASA is, and Teller might be an Uncle Tom. It's only after Teller puts the move on both Jaden and Willow are the kids convinced he's for real. Two hours worth of montage footage with Teller at a chalkboard (remember those?) with confused cherubic faces that eventually joyfully understand the mathematical computations, multiple prototypes that never seem to "turn on" when the power switch is thrown until Willow is shown reconfiguring it using an old, discarded formula that Teller developed 35 years ago, slow motion joy of the group as they collectively realize they have created the perfect engine, calling it the Nuclear Integrated Gamma-Gamma Emitting Reactor. They lock up for the evening, elated in their discovery and head home to get ready as it's Devil's Night. The evil White cop, whose brother once tried to join NASA but was rejected by Teller for not having a high school diploma, was watching them depart. He called his fellow cops who were all Tea Party members and had just returned from a rally. Pumped with anti-black rhetoric from the rally they all tore into the warehouse and mercilessly smashed the device. The next day, Teller surveys the damage unleashed by heartless, jealous racists. He simmers, head in hands, about to cry but then gets his composure back. He goes home, dusts off his old black beret, digs out his Remington 870 shotgun he took off of a cop he killed back in '68, and heads out looking for justice. He confronts the evil White cop, defaults to ebonics and screams "Yo muthafucka. Trah an' mess wit me nah!" Just as he racks the shotgun, it hangs up for a second after decades of non-use or a cleaning. The cop, wearing his mirrored aviator glasses gives Teller a nicotine stained smile and draws his Glock. Just as the cop draws down on him, Teller manages to jack a round into the chamber and levels the shotgun at the cop. They fire at the same time with the cop flying through the air, mortally wounded. Teller takes a 9mm to the chest. "Damn. . . muthafucka got mah ass. . . but ah dun blasted dat cracka gud. . ." He dies surrounded by blonde girls who cry with pride at his bravery, and the camera cuts to Jaden and Willow who are scowling in anger. "Dayum" Willow says. "Uh huh. Nigga cain' catch no breaks no matta what he be do fo Whitey" Jaden replies. Fade out, roll credits, Oscars all around.

SKIP said...

Can you provide more details?"

Allow me to suggest you enlist and WATCH them.

Anonymous said...

It'll set records for sales at the theater!

I hope the DVD includes an alternate ending where the cop gets off the first shot!

Anonymous said...

Genetic inferiority, a smaller brain, and under developed frontal lobes are enough to exclude negroes from any space program.

White Realist said...

PK said: "It was no hoax, anymore than building a railroad from one coast to the other or laying a wire to transmit cables from the North American continent to Europe was a hoax. "


As if this even compares to going on a 234,000-miles journey through the RADIOACTIVE unknown on a single tank of gas in an unshielded spaceship to not only land safely, but then blast off from the surface of the RADIOACTIVE Moon without the assistance of any ground grew and ascending 69 miles to dock with another ship in lunar orbit, utilizing yet more untested technology, and then fly back another 234,000-mile journey back home without any malfunctions on the first try ALL in 1969 ?????????

Please. If we could have landed on the moon in 1969 and return 5 more times so easily (when we only had 64k computers controlling trajectory and propulsion), we would have lunar bases there by now. Other nations who don't have a black problem like Russia and China would have been there, especially the Soviets who were ahead of us in the 1960's and set all the first achievements (Sputnik, Vostok 1, Venera 1, Voskhod 1, Luna 9, Cosmos 186 and 188, Soyuz 4 and 5, etc, etc,) until we somehow leapfrogged them by going directly to the Moon.

Men from any space programs would be going back today regardless of blacks if any of it had been true. Not that difficult to understand, unless you believe everything you're told by the US government.

We were lied to then just like we are being lie to today.

Thank you for publishing my comment and I would encourage anyone here to forget about nostalgic childhood memories and do some basic research on their own on this particular topic which was one of the greatest propaganda scam ever pulled on its native population.

And no, you cannot prove a negative and the Soviets were not in control of our media and intelligence to effectively deny this charade.

source 101:

NASA's Vision for Space Exploration calls for a return to the Moon as preparation for even longer journeys to Mars and beyond. But there's a potential showstopper: radiation.


Anonymous said...

White Realist, you are truly a douchebag for denying the monumental achievements of your fellow Whites. We went to the moon, landed there, and safely returned. Six times. Get over it and stop posting that conspiratorial drivel.

Mr. Rational said...

Please. If we could have landed on the moon in 1969 and return 5 more times so easily (when we only had 64k computers controlling trajectory and propulsion), we would have lunar bases there by now.

We could easily have had lunar bases there by now.  But Congress decided that that Black uplift was more important, so that's where the money went.  (That, and the Space Shuttle that got Proxmired—look that up if the verb isn't familiar to you.)

As our pre-Cibil Rites ancestors knew, and we know today, Black uplift requires major changes in Black genetics.  These are not forthcoming, and we must recognize that the past $2 Trillion or so spent upon it has been utterly wasted.  By contrast, bases on the Moon would have been quickly achieved for far less.

Other nations who don't have a black problem like Russia and China would have been there, especially the Soviets who were ahead of us in the 1960's

The Soviets didn't want to appear to be second in anything, so they buried the history of their N-1 booster along with its master engineer, Sergei Korolev (who died under the ministrations of a senior but incompetent surgeon).  China has a space program that gets no press in the USA.  Did you know that China had launched 3 men into space, docked them with an orbiting laboratory where they worked for much of the 15 day mission, and landed them in Inner Mongolia?  Neither did I, until I looked.

We were lied to then just like we are being lie to today.

Rocketry isn't difficult.  Landing a LEM-type craft can probably be done with mechanical computers.  But lying to yourself to avoid uncomfortable truths—far too easy.