Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Black Writer Laments: "A sense of dread as [Indiana] Black Expo weekend approaches" the City of Indianapolis


For more than seventy years, white America has been hostage.

Leaders have known if the hammer drops, the riots start.

Thus, a population conservatives lament is forever on the liberal plantation remains free from being judged from their individual actions (they must be judged as a community). 

For black individuals are part of a collective, a community far beyond being held to any standards or expectations, outside of being able to utilize the eternal sin of white racism as the invisible barrier keeping them for attaining (or maintaing) civilization.

Yes, individual blacks can assimilate to the civilization whites have created; but, in not American city have blacks collectively been able to sustain the civilization whites created in the latter groups absence.

So whites must see their civilization assimilate to the type of civilization community environment  black people are capable of creating: a world where being "color blind" was never part of the plan, but "color brave" was always the end-goal (meaning, whites must never question any subsidy, handout, extra-legal maneuvers, or government posturing/mandates on behalf of black people).

A hostage, where more and more of your fellow citizens have fallen to some grotesque form of Stockholm Syndrome, growing to deify this racial group in a perverse theology.

You might be color blind, but they are color brave.

But the actions by police before the Indiana Black Expo, held in Indianapolis, are anything but color blind or color brave: they are a reminder that though white America is held hostage by our own fear of what holding the black community to actual standards might result in, when black people are left to their own devices overwhelming state force and police state measures are required to maintain some semblance of a first-world gathering/event.

The actions of the police are neither color blind or color brave, but color conscious.

The Indiana Black Expo is too black to fail, meaning - unlike at the almost entirely white National Rifle Association (NRA) conference held in Indianapolis - an army of police, volunteers, and resources must be allocated to monitor the black attendees from degenerating into an orgy of violence.

And if no violence occurs, courtesy of Big Brother, we call this a successful event (without noticing the irony of a police state being erected to keep the black participants from exercising their lack of impulse control...).
A cloud of darkness covers the city of Indianapolis: it's origins are not a westerly wind, but one African-in-origin

Rallies to stop the violence are hollow when the sound of gunfire and ambulances cut through the night air continuously. A mulatto reporter (columnist) for the Indianapolis Star, Erika D. Smith, knows just how hollow the attempts to stop the violence in the city are, though directly blaming black people for the ubiquitous violence might have the inadvertent problem of liberating a few white minds currently held hostage. [Smith: A sense of dread as Black Expo weekend approaches, Indy Star, 7-15-14]:
Most years when Indiana Black Expo's Summer Celebration gets under way, I feel a mix of excitement and dread. 
This year, it's all dread. 
It's not that the 10-day event — which began last week and runs through Sunday — doesn't have great stuff lined up. The organization is wisely getting back to its community-driven roots, adding sessions that focus on fashion, hair care and sports. 
But that does nothing to eliminate the sinking feeling I have about public safety. 
Things could be bad this year. 
Really bad. 
I have faith in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. It doesn't matter if the officers are overworked and understaffed, they'll be there in droves to try to keep the peace this weekend. 
I also have faith in Indiana Black Expo leaders to put on a well-run, 10-day event, just like they have summer after summer for decades. The official events are always drama free. 
But when it comes to violence, Indianapolis is a city on edge. A good number of these homicides involved young black men killing other young black men, usually over something stupid. And historically, Black Expo's Summer Celebration, contrary to its name, has been a flashpoint for more of that kind of violence. It's not the event itself. It's not even most of the attendees. 
It's a subsection of people who come Downtown to hang out and end up in trouble. 
In previous years, that's been scary enough. The most egregious case involved Shamus Patton, who opened fire on the crowded streets of Downtown, hitting several people, after Summer Celebration had ended for the evening in 2010. 
At the time, the crime was mind-boggling. How could one teenager carelessly put so many people at risk? 
This year, it's almost old hat. And that's terrifying. 
If two people in Broad Ripple don't care about an army-like police presence and are willing to open fire in a crowd of people over a minor offense, why will people on the streets outside Summer Celebration care? Why will they use restraint? Keeping the peace this weekend won't come down to IMPD. It won't come down to Indiana Black Expo either. 
We have the power to make Summer Celebration violence free. The entire community, but particularly, the black community. We have to believe that. Let's make it happen.

This is how a mulatto female writer for the Indy Star describes her feelings toward the upcoming Indiana Black Expo.

She noted an "army-like police presence" was there in 2010, when a member of the KKK Nazi Party of America Tea Party Republican Party NRA  black community opened fire on other black people. 

Restraint seems to be a attribute lacking in the community coming together at the Indiana Black Expo, a clear indicator reminder the event is truly an exposition of the individual black people who help create the so called "black community."

Has any white person ever written an article dripping with the fear Smith's is soaked in, full of "dread" for how people will act at an event catered to (God Forbid!) white people?

The violence in Indianapolis is nothing more than an expression of the "black community"; the cost of vibrancy and maintaining a color blind mindset in a nation that encourages anyone but white people to be "color brave."

Yet the reality of the precautions required to put on the Indiana Black Expo are a reminder a color conscious mentality is necessary to keep the peace.

A fragile peace, at that.

One Erika D. Smith is inherently aware could come crashing down in a moment of... color conscious clarity.

In the end, there was nothing any individual white person could do to wake up other whites to the calamity unfolding in their nation; when you're a hostage, escape is difficult when you come to love your chains.

Liberation was always going to come from the cold hand of reality slapping the face of the truly oppressed, even if the action represents a fatal blow.

For the Indiana Black Expo must go on, damn the body count and financial burden to the city.

Though reality hides behind marches, stop the violence rallies, and rhetoric from members of faith community distressed by the lack of father's in the black community or respect for life displayed by these bastard males, Darwin's Shadow casts an imposing figure upon the Malthusian Edge modern America teeters upon.

The folly for Those Who Can See is believing some leader would ever emerge to offer the key to our exoneration; we've been free this whole time, though few dare to visualize what this means.

Erika D. Smith knows, which is why she wrote:
But that does nothing to eliminate the sinking feeling I have about public safety. 

Things could be bad this year. 
Really bad. 
Downtown Indianapolis will be almost completely devoid of white people during the Indiana Black Expo, save for those unfortunate restaurant employees working for minimal tips and merchants hoping to keep their stores from being overwhelmed by a Mahogany Mob (not to mention the massive police presence of primarily white cops watching the procession of blackness pass them by...).

Smith knows it's blacks that create the cloud of violence hovering over the city, and the headlines of national papers and right-leaning websites will be filled with stories of black-in-origin violence if the Indiana Black Expo doesn't enjoy a reprieve from... the inherent heart of blackness.

Not the Klan.

Not the Tea Party.

Not the NRA.

Not even Democrats or Unions.


Blacks primarily targeting other blacks, which in turn encourages white families and business owners to move away for safer, less diverse real estate. For the type of community black people will tolerate is one no sane white person would ever endanger their family to live near.

There's a reason Detroit is a 365/24/7 exposition of Michigan blackness...


Anonymous said...

Groidpocalypse 2014. Oh well. Another black nightmare scenario that will go unnoticed by the Eloi. Focus on the genome: low iq, low impulse control, poor future time orientation. One need go no further than those facts. Explains all. Research, and spread the word. Humans will understand. Now, just name the alleles. It's in the science. Explore and discover & learn. Very simple, actually.

Anonymous said...

They never should have merged the Marion County Sheriff's Department into IMPD.

Anonymous said...

Why is the writer not celebrating the glorious achievements of his noble race? (LOL!)

D. Sterling-Trump said...

There's a reason Detroit is a 365/24/7 exposition of Michigan blackness...

Detroit: The McDonalds of U.S. culture.


Exhibitions gone wrong.


Apartments cause black slums

Schools cause black drop outs

Cars cause black drive-bys

Guns cause black youts shooting black youts.

Food causes big black diabetic fat ass buffaloes.

blah blah blah blah. Fuck'm all.

D. Sterling-Trump said...

Update on General Nigga Shamus Patton:

Shamus Patton sentenced to 8 years on forgery convictions

Shamus Patton, 21, Indianapolis, was ordered by Marion Superior Judge Grant Hawkins to serve eight years in the Indiana Department of Correction on six counts of felony forgery. He also could serve an additional nine years that were suspended from his convictions tied to the shootings

What does it say about the U.S. justice system when a nigga gets almost as much time for 6 counts of forgery as shooting up 6 people?

"Oh, he's only guilty of several felony charges, including battery, criminal recklessness, criminal gang activity and illegal firearm possession.... and he's been a good boy in prison.... fuck it! Let him out early!"

His original eight-year sentence was cut in half for good behavior, then further reduced because he completed his GED and a substance abuse counseling program. He also received credit for 381 days served in jail before the sentencing.

Why do the courts continually let this happen? The real dread, my friends, is Judge Dread.

D-FENS said...

For all the conservatard talk of the negro being held down on the Democrat "plantation", the negro seems pretty content to stay on the plantation.


What a coincidence.

Isn't this the week of the new Planet of the Apes.?

To f'n ironic.

Indiana needs an Ape Expo....

Anonymous said...

Say Vegas was setting an over/under betting line of 15 for NGRs shot and killed during the 10 day event, I'd bet over.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago the Steak 'n Shake (midwest diner-style franchise restaurant) right in the middle of the action downtown where the black expo was taking place decided to "close for remodeling" during the event. Blacks wailed and complained of racism and took formal action with either the city or state civil rights commission for hurting their feelings. The manager and maybe some others associated with the restaurant were forced to attend diversity and sensitivty training as part of a settlement. I seem to recall that the manager who "closed for remodeling" during the expo was foreign. Middle-eastern, maybe.

It's common knowledge among businesses downtown that this is, by far, the worst week of the year. Staff don't want to work when black expo is going on. Female staff complain of minor sexual assaults (ass grabbing, leering, etc.) and don't feel safe. Retail stores have to decide how big of a scene they're going to make about the shoplifting that goes with this crowd (One business had a $100 rule. If the item(s) being shoplifted was under that amount, they wouldn't risk confronting the thief both for staff safety and the experience that the ensuing commotion frequently led to other shoppers stealing as much as they could while attention was elsewhere.). Staff with seniority always clamor for preference for this time off. Wait staff in restaurants know they'll be worked like slaves and stiffed on tips by Expo attendees.

Even police don't want to be anywhere near downtown during this time. There got to be a pattern with vacation requests corresponding to black expo time, so the former IPD began denying all requests for that week because of the resentment it caused among officers. Officers who are national guard members take advantage of well-timed military duties to getout of having to work this horrible event. Officers have shared with me that they would be shot before shooting at a black expo attendee, no matter what happens. They all know that if a white officer shoots a black male at black expo his career will be over regardless of the circumstances. Thus, every officer that can get out of working that event does so.

Thankfully, there are events elsewhere near Indy safely outside the ground zero of black expo. Whites can enjoy family fun at these other events without the dread for the safety of our families. Whites will just show up after it's over and clean up the mess downtown.


Anonymous said...

AnalogMan said...

" Yes, White society is in a bad way. Our children listen to crap, they rut like rabbits in heat, they are dumbed down to negro levels in many cases. But they are our children. They carry our DNA. The same DNA that we inherited from our ancestors. The DNA that has produced the greatest geniuses, warriors, explorers, philosophers, scientists in history, and will again if it is preserved.

Are negroes unworthy animals? I think so. But it doesn't matter whether I'm right or wrong. What matters is that we must survive. As a race, as well as individually. If not, it won't matter whether we die as Catholics or protestants or atheists, communists or fascists or anarchists or monarchists, hedonists or ascetics. We can fight over that stuff later. First, we have to win. " July 16, 2014 at 3:46 PM

I'll second that. We have to put these things aside when addressing our brothers and sisters (ok, cousins, actually) on matters of survival and of winning this war.

But there is one thing we cannot put aside. For the "we're all doomed" crowd: We are at war. If you were a soldier and a commanding officer were to hear that, do you think you would be merely sent to a PoW camp as a nutter or an enemy agent, or do you think you would be summarily executed as a traitor and/or a spy?


Referencing your earlier post. What is the title of the recent (2012?) paper you mentioned on genetic differences?

Check out the references in


APOH (“apolipoprotein H”), Chromosome 17. This gene is a major autoantigen for the production of antiphospholipid antibodies (APA) in autoimmune diseases. The APOH*3B allele* is present only in blacks and is identical to the wild type APOH in chimpanzees. (Kamboh, 2004).

"ASIP (“agouti signaling protein”), Chromosome 20. The 8818G allele is associated with darker skin color in Africans and African Americans; since the allele also is found in African apes, it is “ancestral” in Africans. (Norton, 2006,)."
Norton, H.L.,
Kittles, R.A., Parra, E., McKeigue, P., Mao, X., Cheng, K., Canfield, V.A., Bradley, D.G., McEvoy, B., & Shriver, M.D. (Dec. 20, 2006). Genetic Evidence for the Convergent Evolution of Light Skin in Europeans and East Asians. Mol. Biol. Evol., 24(3):710-722.

"The reader may have noticed that genes that code for one trait may affect other, seemingly unrelated traits (e.g., PAX6, CCR5, and PAX6) and that some alleles (“ancestral” alleles) are found in blacks and chimpanzees, but not other races (NQ02, ASIP, APOH*3B, MC1R) or, vice versa, (ASPM, MCPH1). "

*An "allele" is a specific form of a gene. The gene for eye color has allele that codes for blue and a different allele of the eye-color gene that codes for brown.

The "species" homo sapiens sapiens does not exist, by the way, unless the normal rules of evolutionary biology somehow don't apply to hominids. It's a fake category brought to you by the liberty, equality, fraternity boyz n grrls. There are at least 4, maybe 5 arguably different species of hominidae alive today, and one of the greatest genetic distances between any of them is that between Whites (Caucasoid) and Blacks (Negroid). This is explained in "Erectus Walks Amongst Us", Ch 7.

-Beyond Hatred

Anonymous said...

That editorial cartoon reminds me of 'Chocolate Rain'. Remember that?

Anonymous said...

The heat is turning up, and gibsmedats are running thin ...

It's Ghetto vs. Barrio - make some popcorn, sit back & enjoy the show!


Can somebody get me a phone number to those in the Indianapolis Convention Committee. I want to bring my family to the next White Expo and I would like the dates.

Will it be before or after the Asian Expo and the Hispanic Expo.

Just wondering and I really appreciate the diversity, vibrancy and the wonderful way Indianapolis welcomes all cultures.

I feel so warm and cozy and fluffy inside and I'm going to buy some cokes and pass them around while my friends and neighbors (some of my best friends are black) and sing "Will the Circle be Unbroken" just like I did at my Prebyterian-Lutheran-Methodist-Episcopalian-Hebrew-Islam-Hindu-Kirshna-Isis summer camp when I was 9 years old...............

I remember having my pet little bunny put into the dog house with our family pit bull (the lamb shall lie down with the lion).....didn't quite go like the Parson said it least we didn't have to fee Cujo (the pit bull) for about a week......

Sometimes being a DWL can kill a bunny, but that is such a small price to pay (I am willing to make any sacrifice for equality) for eternal brotherly love and I forgive the pit bull since the bunny DID have White fur........

Jassi said...

We hear about all the shootings because there is no easy way to downplay or minimize the effect of projectile weapons fired into a crowd.

But how many normal fights happen at these events which go unreported and probably aren't filed by the police? How many thousands of instances of waitresses getting molested by black men? How many terroristic threats against white passerby? How many hundreds of thousands of dollars of theft and gas and dash? How many demolished hotel rooms with burns in the carpet and beds from blunts?

I guarantee that 99.9% of the mayhem is covered up. Literally. The conditions are so savage and uncivilized that nobody who knew the extant of it could remain silent after knowing all that happens.


The Sequel:

Expo of the Apes..........

Anonymous said...

My money is on the Aztecs to win that one.


Why does't the Latino community make any noise about there being a Negro Expo but no Hispanic/Mayan/Inca/Aztec Expo?

It must be shear HELL for any restaurant to be open. I've been involved in restaurants since my first real job as a "bus boy" in 9th Grade.

Imagine a room full of Negroes eating. I can see in my head that scene from Birth of a Nation where the negro legislature is stuffing his bloated lips with a banana. Gross.

The best thing Whites in the area can do is SHUT DOWN. To stay open only means taking advantage of the oppressed negro. They will, naturally, be overcharged by the RACIST WHITE staff and store owners. The Whites will only cheat, rip-off and steal from the honorable black family.

I want to hear more about this event.

Anonymous said...

>>Jassi said:
""""""""I guarantee that 99.9% of the mayhem is covered up. Literally. The conditions are so savage and uncivilized that nobody who knew the extant of it could remain silent after knowing all that happens.""""""""""""""

What part of the MSN can they go to report their tales of woe and misery inflicted on them by the groids?

Answer: Nowhere. MSN can't be trusted and even if they did believe the stories, they'd shoot the messenger and accuse them of having ulterior motives (racist! racist!).

Have to make your voice heard. Put the story on youtube or start your own website with video and show what's happened and occurred during Indy's Black Expo wk.

Anonymous said...

Just had to share my evening experience. Long line of people at the dry cleaners right before closing. Urban youth girl yelling at slight Asian woman working at the counter claiming the dry cleaner ruined her "$100" tank top. Then her boyfriend starts screaming at the Asian lady. She offers to refund their dry cleaning charge. No good. She offers to call the woman back at a slow period so they have more time to talk. No good. She asks if she can process the six of us in line real quick and then continue the discussion with them. No good. Customer intervenes and claims the cashier's English isn't good so please leave her alone. No good.

I'd finally had enough since I needed to do some work projects tonight and couldn't wait around. So I had the audacity to blurt out, "give me a fucking break, are we all going to wait here for 30 minutes?"

Then the boyfriend lectured me for ten minutes about disrespecting his ho, how rough his life was in the 1980s, how I said that solely because they were urban youth (actually, it's not true because I said a similar thing to a non-urban youth arguing about vegetable prices at the grocery store once, the difference being he had a high enough IQ to take the hint and stop wasting my time), how his granddaddy had cancer, got upset because other customers threatened to call the police, etc.

On the bright side, this got him out of the poor little Asian lady's face. The sad part of the story is that the cashier gave them $100 for the $5 shirt so they would just leave.

In other news, an urban youth woman physically assaulted a man last week for asking her if she was in line at the grocery store. She must not have liked his attitude.

They don't progress emotionally or intellectually past the child stage. It makes them angry when they see we don't have patience for or interest in them.


If Ms. Sambo, the black writer, has a sense of dread, in thinking of her own "community", then maybe, just maybe, she can understand how we WHITE PEOPLE feel.

She can think and feel like her brathas and sistahs. We Whites have a hard time thinking like them since we can't "think retarded" very well.

Maybe Ms. Uppity Sambo can understand why we Whites want to get away from her "community". But no, in her hominid gut she realizes she needs us Whites around to create a job for her worthless dribble.

Negroes can't produce a viable newspaper but needs the White Man to create a useless "job" for uppity negresses like her.

bernicegreenbaum said...

The negro will take what he wants. It doesn't matter whether there are signs in the surrounding stores near the expo that say, "Shoplifters Will Be Prosecuted". They will simply take what they want. They do this in flash mobs. About 100 of them will enter a boutique all at the same time. They will start looking like they're browsing through merchandise, and then three or four at a time will start heading out the door with some stuff. Then the mass exodus begins and they all head for the door wid dare stuff. It's a communal "Gibsmedat" partee.

Bull Conner said...

Need another reason to cancel Cable, take the TV off the wall & sell it on Craigslist?

ABC's new comedy "Black*ish".

White culture is being eradicated before our very eyes and I can't convince one person I know to turn off the idiot box.

I finally know how the hardcore segregationist (Carleton Putnam, Bull Conner etc.) felt in the late Sixties.

We owe these folks an apology:

Bull Conner

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that a single business would not board up their doors and windows as though a hurricane was coming. Why would you stay open, or be present during this!? Screw that. i would close up shop, board everything up, and be far away until this was over. That's what insurance is for. Stay clear and stay alive, and let the insurance company cover whatever losses you suffer from the blacks during this entire event.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that when I do a search on the demographics of all the districts surrounding my area that MOST(90%+)show 0% negro.
I can't imagine living in or near a city suffering from a severe negro infestation. Life would not be worth living if I had to put up with all the typical negro behavior (TNB) on a daily basis.
However, I do understand the negro perspective as per shops and restaurants closing down when there's a black event taking place.
You honky mo'fo's ain't gots no right to close down and stop us from stealing and sheeit! You iz ruinin' our fun!

PB said...

I'm on the other side of the world and if you get no media coverage of how this event really plays out, I haven't a hope of seeing anything, so PK, please include a report after the last barricades have been cleared.

Anonymous said...

A friend used to manage a hotel in downtown Indy. He says every year at this time the hotel rooms are stripped clean. I mean EVERYTHING that can be looted. Of course they wish they could just close for the expo madness but that would be "racist". Steak and Shake actually did close one year and got all kinds of hell for it. The year previously black mobs would come in, eat and just leave. As a group, every single one of them.
I was actually downtown during the NRA convention, I timed my visit on a night that I knew would mean relative safety. It was awesome.

eah said...

AG Holder went on the record recently and more or less reiterated his 'nation of cowards' nonsense about public discourse on race (he's just as despicably intellectually dishonest as Obama, if not worse). Seeing the reporting on local violence coming out of Indianapolis, you have to admit he's right, although not in the way he thinks.

And of course Americans who don't read this blog know nothing about the appalling violence by blacks that plagues that city -- national media pretty much ignores it.

Anonymous said...

The liberal plantation? It is undergoing a major upgrade and new subjects since the darkie voting bloc is maxed out.
The globalists intend a worlwide serf plantation and the erasing of all national borders.
The *preshus* chilrens from south of the border are getting treatment the darkies only dreamed of, a $50 million contract to renovate a hotel for the poor downtrodden youths:

E. Newton said...

As endlessly entertaining and terrifying as black "culture" is, the literal end-game for your country is unfolding on the southern border right now.

Sure you've got your maids and laborers in the mix, but in total, it is at its heart a Requincista movement. It's growing like a malignancy. This country is well on its way to being something you never dreamed of and no negroes, other than the present administration, are going to be a part of what is next.

Anonymous said...

[7/16/2014 8:16:36 PM] My Turkish Fiancée(TF): what are u watching
[7/16/2014 8:16:53 PM] me: nothing bebe i was reading my favorite blog
[7/16/2014 8:17:22 PM] TF: neeeeeeee?
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[7/16/2014 8:17:35 PM] me:
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[7/16/2014 8:17:39 PM] TF: u have a fav blog?!?!
[7/16/2014 8:17:45 PM] me: evet :D
[7/16/2014 8:18:16 PM] TF: dont hate blacks so much
[7/16/2014 8:18:40 PM] me: canim u havent lived w/ them ok lol
[7/16/2014 8:19:10 PM] TF: i can imagineeeeeeee
[7/16/2014 8:19:23 PM] me: read that blog educate urself :P
[7/16/2014 8:19:26 PM] TF: but there must be 1 good outof 10
[7/16/2014 8:19:34 PM] me: lollllll
[7/16/2014 8:20:02 PM] me: actually ur exactly right.....
[7/16/2014 8:20:22 PM] me:

She will understand more once I import her here to ATL.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
The heat is turning up, and gibsmedats are running thin ...

It's Ghetto vs. Barrio - make some popcorn, sit back & enjoy the show!

Evidence that the gibs are running thin? You are living in a dream world. The feds will print money endlessly. What money you hold will be worth less and less. The gibs are not running thin and they never will. All you YTs that are waiting for the day when the EBT card stops are living in a dream. It's not stopping and the feds will take every dime you have before they get close to even reducing the gibs.

Anonymous said...

Note from Traverse City, MI:

It's after the Cherry Festival.  I took care of some business on the South and West business corridors, then went downtown to hang out and look around for an hour or so.  I parked south of the river.  Walking north on Cass street there was a loud groid on his sail foam a little before Firefly restaurant.  I went past him, hands in pockets, not looking at him.  He said something like "Thank you very much for your help", and appeared to end his call.  A few seconds later he loudly said "Sir, SIR!  SIR!"  After a few repetitions I turned to see if he meant me.  He was looking directly at me.  I turned my head back and kept walking.  Fortunately, he made no move to follow me.

My hand was on my gun the whole time.

I probably could have pulled it out of my pocket far enough for him to see what it was, but that might have been close enough to "brandishing" to get me in trouble.  As it is, I let him know that I had no interest whatsoever in talking to him or hearing whatever he had to say.

There were two more groids talking in Ebonics on the south side of Front street between Park and Cass.  They made no move to interact.  I'm not sure what I would have done if they had.  Ducking into a store only works against the insufficiently bold.

I need to go back tomorrow for a few things I couldn't pick up today.  I will post a report.

D. Sterling-Trump said...

Police ID suspect in hit-and-run of cyclist

Authorities arrested Lewis' girlfriend, Shanelle Woodard, on Wednesday. She's charged with tampering with evidence.

One thing you can always count on: the nigs are gonna lie, cheat, steal, blame, evade, conspire, tamper, or do whatever it takes to cover up their criminal African behavior.

Anonymous said...


' the bright side, this got him out of the poor little Asian lady's face. The sad part of the story is that the cashier gave them $100 for the $5 shirt so they would just leave.'
what about 'small claims court'?

Anonymous said...

buck notes:

Religious doctrines as such do much more to obstruct science than advance it. Science and technology arose from the genetic uniqueness of the white race, not belief in any particular kind of religious hocus pocus.

The religions of PC politics, AA, Atheism and Zionism are killing the free world.

Anonymous said...

Detroit: The McDonalds of U.S. culture.

It is even worse than Big Mac land.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Just went into the "big city" to re-up on supplies. Saw two black adult males and one 12 year old black kid. The kid was by a car in a gas station. The car had Alabama plates so I guess he was just passing through. Three blacks out of about 10,000 people ain't bad.

Drove through 60 miles of fields filled with rolls of bailed hay. Stopped at Walmart for cat food and kitty litter. Saw a lot of fat white people inside, but there was no one getting shot or killed. No muggings in the parking lot.

This morning the lady from Phoenix told me again how nice and quiet it is at night with no sirens and police helicopters flying over her house. My feeling is that if the "fit hits the shan" the town I'm in will be the first or last to go. Time will tell. I don't live in fear.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said

Referencing your earlier post. What is the title of the recent (2012?) paper you mentioned on genetic differences?

I wish I could remember, then I could find it again. Those references from Erectus are great, thanks, but the one I'm looking for is more recent. It concluded that Africans had a previously unknown hominid ancestor, about 50000 years ago. I suspect that estimate may have been influenced by the "out of Africa" hypothesis, since there is no evidence of that ancestry in human populations that supposedly left Africa before that time.

Anonymous said...

Paul has this article linked at the beginning of the quote from the sense of dread article. I clicked on it mostly curious how long this disaster runs, since I'll be out there in about a week.

"Black Expo Seeks Wider Audience"

The whole article is laughable. It seems attendance is 86% black and 72% female and they can't understand why. Attendance is also dropping off some, and they can't get vendors to come to it, dropping off by nearly 60% in 20 years.

To be fair, as someone who vends small to medium sized, non-black events, that's also in part because the internet has taken over and people just don't buy at these events like they used to. If they want it they buy it online somewhere, and I struggle to sell anything that costs more than about $20. Now if on top of that I had to contend with shoplifting, scamming, and possibly being robbed, assaulted, or both, I'd stay the hell home too.

"I do think simply by having the name Black Expo, some people who aren't black simply won't take the time to learn more," said Toni Harrison, spokeswoman for the Texas Black Expo.

What more do I need to learn?

I also found it kind of ironic, they want YT to come spend his money at their event and worship their culture, but how many articles have we seen against gentrification or any of the things that might make their neighborhoods a better place?

You can't ever satisfy these people, get near them they complain, stay away, they complain. It's just like how around the start of May, articles came out saying not liking ethnic food is racist, but then having a fiesta day and serving tacos and Mexican food... was also racist.

You'd think sooner or later everyone would get tired of the double standards and say to hell with both blacks and DWLs.



You could insert/cut and paste that comment in any local newspaper in anytown U.S.A. When their is either an all black event like black bike week, black beach week, or rap gathering.(will never say concert, you need to play instrument for that)

And that is the 800pound gorilla(pun) in the room that we as whites cannot say without fear of BRA retribution. But that's what makes this blog-site SBPDL so great. I guess you could say we're the 800pound gorilla hunters. Safari anyone?


Anonymous said...

Get your popcorn folks! This is going to be one hell of a show.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Centurion,

Spot on as usual. Well said.

I'm willing to bet she's labeled as a "sell-out". Of course, that would presume that the people she's trying to reach can read.

Mutant Swarm said...

D. Sterling-Trump said...

There's a reason Detroit is a 365/24/7 exposition of Michigan blackness...

Detroit: The McDonalds of U.S. culture.

July 16, 2014 at 4:56 PM


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to film the event like a documentary. From every angle, the rooftops, even walking through the crowd. Though they risk life and limb, it would be a complete perspective of this wonderful and vibrant cultural gathering in celebration. Shown for posterity, for the masses to reflect on.

since you won't catch me in anywhere in that state during this wonderful event. I'd like to see it for myself, from the safty of my state and home. What a show that would be.

Anonymous said...

What is the title of the recent (2012?) paper you mentioned on genetic differences?

AnalogMan said....

I wish I could remember, then I could find it again. Those references from Erectus are great, thanks, but the one I'm looking for is more recent. It concluded that Africans had a previously unknown hominid ancestor, about 50000 years ago. I suspect that estimate may have been influenced by the "out of Africa" hypothesis, since there is no evidence of that ancestry in human populations that supposedly left Africa before that time. July 17, 2014 at 2:26 AM

The unknown hominid of 50kya might be homo erectus! Its DNA has not been sequenced from fossils, afaik. Erectus was the hominid pioneer that left Africa and that was many hundreds of thousands of years ago. So to that extent, 'Out of Africa' might be true. The Erectus that remained behind obviously interbred* with the local chimps and gorillas, and also with the occasional proto-Caucasoids that wandered south. Erectus might have remained in its older form up until very recently, since there aren't many evolutionary pressures in sub-Saharan Africa. The main differences between h. erectus and h. sapiens are in the skull shape and brain size, less so in the body frame. So h. sapiens is basically h. erectus with the brain upgrade needed to survive in colder climates.

The Erectus that went to Eurasia and beyond evolved in place to become today's "races" of homo sapiens, with some cross-continent intermingling down through the millennia. The "races of Man", which are really different species, may be older than homo sapiens. So there was a Mongoloid Erectus (Peking Man) and a Caucasoid Erectus (Ergaster, Heidelberg) and of course an African Erectus (see World Star Hip Hop for examples).

*There is a myth that a species is defined by its inability to interbreed and produce viable offspring with other species. It isn't true- there are numerous examples of different species, even with different chromosome counts, producing viable offspring.

-Beyond Hatred

Anonymous said...

Uh oh. The white folks are getting all uppity in Indianapolis, forming Crime Watch groups:

Anonymous said...

Indiana Convention Center Switchboard


Anonymous said...

The apes of Indy sure must have alot to "Expo" if it takes 10 days to "Expo" their afriqicainatude.

Heck, we see blackness "Expo'd" each & everyday for the genetically criminal, dope fiendish, slutty, bastard generating, destructive culture that it is.

Blacks are a parasitic species, separate & distinct from "Homo Sapiens", that suck the life out of any host they attach themselves to.

We can expect 1,000s of examples of vicious racial violence & racial thuggism in Indy during this event, none, if any, of which will be reported in the MSM/CMM which assiduously "aids & abets & agitates" for african crime & culture - to the detriment of the entire planet.

Africans are a plague on our species planet wide.

Hopefully, the good folks of indy will just flat out avoid the groid. Mudsharks will be trolling for pecker & dope as per usual but no reason for typical YT to take a chance on being killed or maimed or exposing their l'il YT kids to physical destruction while hordes of teeming, drug-infused chimps destroy beautiful down-town Indy.

2014 would be the perfect year to take down the Circle city Mall downtown. 2014 would be the perfect year for rampaging parasites to vandalize all the beautiful & historical war memorials that run north of the Circle up to the main library.

And, oh, that Scottish Rite temple on Meridian just north of the Circle? That stunning architectural achievement must be a total insult to african's who can barely build a cardboard shanty & who never even could invent the wheel on their own, that SR temple should be stormed & destroyed in the name of "Social Justice"

Who was it saying "No Justice, No Peace" ???? YT, it's your turn to steal that slogan now if you dare.

Until all the tactics of Alinskism are turned back against them by YT, the savage, brutal african monsters will keep winning...

Well, welcome, to the Planet of the Apes (POTA)

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

Lots of YTs in Indianapolis take their summer vacation during the vibrant cultural diversity enrichment known as black expo.
At some point it will cost more to erect a police state than the money made by hosting black expo but that won't matter.
Uncle Sammie's favorites must have their way because...waycism!

Anonymous said...

You have to register to view this, but this may have the details on the unknown 50,000 year old ancestor to Africans:

Anonymous said...

Nation Wide OVERPASS Protests July 17-18 coming to an OverPass near you.

This is a chance for everybody to let them know how you feel.

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this article. My son and his family (white)were headed down to Indy this weekend for an overnight stay, sight seeing and a visit to the children's museum. Last night I forwarded the article to him and he called me after doing further research and decided to cancel their trip.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually read or listen to Comrade Alexi Jonestein but this caught my eye at the news aggregator page:

Anonymous said...

Example 1) if I as a white male went to the negro expo, there would be a very good chance of being beaten and the good old knock out game.

Example 2) a negro can and offen do attend white funtions. Nothing happends, they are treated with respect.

Point being, stay the hell away from the African..

Gwoobus Harmon said...

There is an annual event that occurs in New Orleans at the same time, "Tales of the Cocktail" - a week of seminars and events featuring bartenders and revelers, celebrating all things mixed drink oriented.

The first day of the event (yesterday) the crowd "flash-mobbed" ....

what a difference a skin tone can make, huh?


6:04 AM Anonymous:

Your suggestion to film and do a documentary about this Indiana Ape Expo is brilliant.

This is something that could be filmed by skilled amateurs and put on YouTube. Could Mr. Kersey do this? I would imagine it would be like writing one of his books.

Now that I ponder this, could SBPDL built a "sister-site" like YouTube where such videos could be posted for the benefit of the White community? I understand the negro has a "Hip Hop" video where they show their favorite antics.

We need a White propaganda machine.

Oh, in filming the Expo, maybe we can find some africans who are disgusted and would work with us to film it. You know, their race-traitors who will help us as our race traitors help them, the DWLs.

One can film black filled restaurants, interview the staff, then film stores and hotels, etc.


There were at least 2 "out of Africa" migrations.

One, perhaps 300,000 years ago from which the Neanderthals developed and then about 100,000 years ago which gave rise to us, the Cro-Magnon-Home Erectus-Modern Man dudes, like us.

But, as research goes on, there is more and more evidence of other strange hominids and there even exists today some debate about the Australian aborigines and those short little people (skeletons) they found on the island of Java, I believe.

The point being there was more than one migration out of Africa and there is much more to learn. What we have been taught, or what is considered common knowledge is not anywhere accurate.

There is a political vested interest to relate everything back to Africa and we here all know why.


I've never been to Indianapolis so I am unaware of it's size, but here is my idea:

Host the NRA convention (White Men) at the same time the city hosts the Negro Expo.

What a comparison. One would see that the White part of the town, (the area near it's convention setting), would have a different social milieu than the Proud, Vibrant, Flavorful African-American event.


All of this is getting more and more obvious. The pathology is getting bigger and bigger. How much longer before we can't sweep the huge pile of (ape) shit under the rug? At some point something must snap.

Olsen Rainer said...

"The organization is wisely getting back to its community-driven roots, adding sessions that focus on fashion, hair care and sports. "

The only things the black community cares about: Fashion, hair care, and sports.

The black community only cares about frivolous things. They do not care about the family (%70+ blacks are born bastards out of wedlock)
blacks do not care about education (%70 detroit school dropout rate)

They do not care about peace or living in safe communities (%50+ of all murders are committed by blacks which are only %13 of the population, even less that %13 because males commit the majority of crime and only account for less than %50 of the black population)

All the big cities are turning into Detroit. As someone who grew up in the suburbs north of detroit I know all to well the love blacks have for violence.

Bogolyubski said...

Centurion inquires.....
Why does't the Latino community make any noise about there being a Negro Expo but no Hispanic/Mayan/Inca/Aztec Expo?

I've got a better question for you. Why didn't the invading Latinos turn on Obama in the wake of the persecution of George Zimmerman - one of their own people (despite the Ministry of Truth's lying repetition of him as being as "white hispanic")? You will note that La Raza (the Race), LULAC and all the other official hispanic groups all mouthed support for St. Trayvon of Skittles instead. Come 2012, all those "traditional, family values Catholics" (according to Repuke clown-farts) voted 3 to 1 for the Shitcongo Jeezus. But we have democracy here in the Banana Empire, right?

josh said...

The girl said she expected the Black expo committee to do a great job orzaganizin' da event. Is she high?? I wonder,aside from the gruesome money being thrown away by YT for security etc,how much of our hard earned money will go down the drain in kickbacks,waste,fraud and stealing of various sorts?

Anonymous said...

All that will do is drive some of the asswipes into White communities.The biggest 'losers' of this battle will be those with the most to lose-White people,as usual.I also would bet on the aztecs/mayans over nogs in any battle or competition.
Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

I'm the original commenter from here about how Steak 'n Shake closed down.

Several commenters have mentioned that if they owned a businessdowntown they would close or board up the door and leave. No you wouldn't.

The management and employees of Steak 'n Shake were brutalized in Indy media for being such shocking, horrifying racists that they'd rather lose everybody's business than serve african-american diners. These people LOVE drama. They LOVE to be victims. 1000s of blacks who had never eaten at that restaurant and had no plans of ever eating there howled with outrage and self-righteous indignation about how offended they were!!!

It's the same response as the trayvon martin "outrage". And the Donald Sterling "outrage". They just sit in their own filth and wait for something to be outraged and racially offended about. It's all they've got. Thy've accomplished nothing. They've built nothing. Being a victim of racism is all those people have.

And one wouldn't think that it would be legal for a civil rights commission to investigate, fine, order racial sensitivity training, etc. to a private business, we are.

It's like everything else. The racially offended industry just waits for someone to attack as a bigot. Saying you'd board up your business during black expo is like saying you'd volunteer to be put through all the crap that Geo. Zimmerman went through. There's no escaping these people. If you stay away from them you're a racist and if you stay among them they will hurt or kill you and they'll still call you a racist anyway.

This country is screwed.


Anonymous said...

To the poster with relatives planning a trip to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis...

Send this to him before he spends any money with these globalist, civilization-killing, redistributionist, anti-white poverty pimps.

The Children's Museum funds its "quality of life" program with millions in taxpayer redistributed dollars in HUD, foundation, and FEDGOV grants to "uplift" the surrounding negro populations and their no-go zone ghettos in Indianapolis, at the expense of hardworking whites. Every dollar you spend helps a single baby momma find a better "quality of life."

"As the convening organization for the Mid-North neighborhood, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis partnered with LISC and other stakeholders in the area to strengthen the capacity of the neighborhood to accomplish comprehensive community development."

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis 1950s: "Flight happened so crime went up."

This is the promotional video for the Children's Museum of Indianapolis "Mid-North Quality of Life Program"

Blame Whitey.

Don't give these racist f*ckers another dollar of your money.

D. Sterling-Trump said...

From 2 years ago:

Black Expo 'inescapably tied' to race violence

“Why did we find an AK-47 in the back of someone’s car,” asked Frank Straub, director of public safety, about the 2010 rampage.

Organizers for the Black Expo said their group was “isolated” from anything that had gone wrong.

“Before the [2010] Expo, a lot of people in Indianapolis were complaining about the police presence, saying it was too much and it was racist,” said Jake Finnegan, an Indianapolis resident. “But then we saw what happened and they shut up.”

Anonymous said...

Black Expo? More like WorldStarHipHop Expo.


Rebel, I don't know if Steak n Shake (Steak-n-Shake Down) is a franchise, but here is my suggestion to anybody in the restaurant business in IndiAPEolis.....

The night/day before the BIG EVENT, find an, oh my god, a pipe burst and water is like, everywhere....or maybe a nice convenient gas leak to the ovens/stoves............there are a lot of gas lines, etc......

Oh, no (Mr. Bill...) the dishwasher just shorted out!!!!!!!

These things are legit. You have a great defense since the health departments in every major city will not let you open/serve if you can't run things correct.

To me, the best idea is to "short" out your hot water system. In fact, be in the process of replacing your hot water system (take it out the day before, take it home for storage, have tools all over the place.....there is NO way you can open without hot water.

Most restaurant staff will support this especially if you have a partner or other management person who really doesn't want to serve the people of color. Then, if something gets to the media, you and the other person(s) can back each other up about what a f'n mess the exploded water heater was and that you couldn't get a part.....

Please, White folks. We MUST FIGHT back.

On another related topic. Some of you seem to live near or in this city. Can't some of you young people take a chance and go there and video this event and post it for our entertainment?


Last night I was watching NETFLIX where they had a bio on Henry Ford.

I am familiar with his writings, his Dearborn Independent and the books he published, therefore, I couldn't wait till they got to that topic.

Sure enough, they attempted to make him look like a nasty old hateful person, but never once did they state what he wrote about, nor what he found in his research on Banking and Money.

Never once did they refute anything. Never once did they claim his data, research or findings about International Bankers was wrong....only that he was a horrible person for discovering the data and bringing it up.

He used his own money to search for the truth about our money.

Ford warned us.

Anonymous said...



Californian remarked last month about Deadrot's water issues and the spread of disease due to lack of hygiene. IF ebola gets a foothold in Deadrot, I'm sure it will spread like wildfire.

"Once a female patient has recovered, she’s no longer infectious, while men can still spread the virus through sex up to seven weeks after recovering, according to the WHO."

--NB with IPMS

Californian said...

This topic is a target rich environment.

Someone needs to film the event like a documentary. From every angle, the rooftops, even walking through the crowd. Though they risk life and limb, it would be a complete perspective of this wonderful and vibrant cultural gathering in celebration. Shown for posterity, for the masses to reflect on.

Excellent idea.

Video the streets.
Video what goes on inside the event.
Video restaurants and what they have to put up with.
And to really make the point, insert video of the NRA show as a comparison.

Downtown Indianapolis will be almost completely devoid of white people during the Indiana Black Expo

Perhaps DWL can display their anti-racist credentials by bringing their families to the Expo so they can revel in the vibrancy of the diversity?

Even better, they can take over the running of restaurants and other businesses to show us how to deal with the tide.

I finally know how the hardcore segregationist (Carleton Putnam, Bull Conner etc.) felt in the late Sixties.

Yes. This is one reason why there was segregation. There is an entire "other side" to the story which does not make it through the Ministry of Truth.

CENTURION said... Exhibitions gone wrong.

Sums it up nicely.

Anonymous said...

I've never been to Indianapolis so I am unaware of it's size, but here is my idea:

Host the NRA convention (White Men) at the same time the city hosts the Negro Expo.

This is sooooooo racist. The NRA would exercise its white privilege by not committing any crimes, thereby making beautiful blacks attending their own Expo look bad. And all those "white" people might tip waitresses just to show off the wealth they unjustly took with them when they abandoned blacks in the inner cities.

A NRA expo would give white gunowners an excuse to kill aspiring rappers who were committing robberies gone wrong. And all those white gunowners might violate the right of beautiful black youth to protest via flash mobs.

This shows how much further we have to go in America before we have the kind of beautiful racial equality they enjoy in beautiful black majority South Africa since Nelson Mandela was president.

As for me, I will be enjoying the Beautiful Black Expo by watching it on the giant plasma TV screen in my university's multicultural fair trade coffee house.

--I.M. Klewless, MFA
--Cultural Relativism And Peace Studies

Anonymous said...

"""""""""" "Indianapolis 1950s: "Flight happened so crime went up." """"""""""""

Wait a second. As late as 1990, Indy's white population was around 85%. So if it was around that even 20yrs ago, it certainly was even higher from 1950-1990.

That doesn't make sense.

Even if "white flight" occured in Indy beginning in 1950s the only people remaining would've been other whites.

Indianapolis is kind of late to the party, so to speak, in acquiring a large groid population. It was a prominently mostly white city for a long long time, deep in the the 20th century.

1960-1980's it was like over 90% white.

The REAL question, then, is what the hell happened to Indy over the last 20yrs? What the hell caused tons and tons of groids to suddenly start moving in?

The problems are recent, not like Detoilet which the same shit's been going on for over four and a half decades.

Right now, this is on YOU, INDY. Can't blame the 60's white flight for this current mess. This is all within 20yrs.

What is happening to your city?

Californian said...

One more point about filming the Black Expo--edit in video of the NRA convention for the contrast between security requirements, orderliness of the participants, etc. And hold some interviews with local business owners (faces blocked out) commenting on the differences in dealing with black crowds versus whites.

CENTURION said... We need a White propaganda machine.


Californian said...

I've got a better question for you. Why didn't the invading Latinos turn on Obama in the wake of the persecution of George Zimmerman - one of their own people (despite the Ministry of Truth's lying repetition of him as being as "white hispanic")?

Because "getting YT" trumps all. They threw one of their own to the wolves as part of a larger agitprop campaign to bring down white people. They stood in solidarity with the larger alliance working to seize power for non-whites. If this meant supporting a bogus narrative (about "white hispanics") then so be it.

There may also have been an element of fear here. Given the mass hysteria generated by the Ministry of Truth (media) and Ministry of Love (Holder's DoJ), hispanic organizations didn't want to make themselves a target for the lynch mob.

We can learn something here, by the way, about the value of solidarity.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:26AM I think this is what you area looking for...

"DNA hints at African cousin to humans

Gene profiles suggest people interbred with a now-extinct species on the continent not that long ago...

Expeditions to Africa may have brought back evidence of a hitherto unknown branch in the human family tree. But this time the evidence wasn’t unearthed by digging in the dirt. It was found in the DNA of hunter-gatherer people living in Cameroon and Tanzania.

Buried in the genetic blueprints of 15 people, researchers found the genetic signature of a sister species that branched off the human family tree at about the same time that Neandertals did. This lineage probably remained isolated from the one that produced modern humans for a long time, but its DNA jumped into the Homo sapiens gene pool through interbreeding with modern humans during the same era that other modern humans and Neandertals were mixing in the Middle East, researchers report in the August 3 Cell."

Neanderthal Girl

Anonymous said...

Mostly off-topic, but a demonstration of one reason NOBODY wants to work in a restaurant when black expo takes over downtown:

A friend used to work as a server at Outback steakhouse on W. 38th st. in Indy. This is the closest one to the Indianapolis Colts complex. This is probably during the late 90s, so 15+ years ago. At that time, W. 38th street was on it's way to ghetto status, but still hanging in there on the white suburban foundation on which it was built. This Outback is now gone, along with every reputable (i.e. non buy-here-pay-here car lot, generic chinese restaurant, obamaphone store, check cashing joint, bulletproof liquor store, etc.) business through that corridor.

At that time, Outback Steakhouse was an official sponsor of either the NFL or the Indianapolis Colts. Maybe both. The players all had an Outback credit card issued by the team. They could go to Outback steakhouse and eat anytime they wanted and put it on the card. Their whole party. It was part of the sponsorship. So Colts players - especially black players - were in that Outback ALL THE TIME with their family and friends.

Her first day working there, my friend was excited to see a Colts player that she knew come into the restaurant. All the servers, though, were pleading with the hostess to not seat them in their section. My friend was clueless as to why. Since she was the new girl, the hostess seated them in her section. My friend found out WHY none of the servers wanted anything to do with them.

First, black customers apparently get off ordering white people around like slaves. Oprah Winfrey has admitted as much. She sees it as her chance to be a royal bitch to white people as payback for her ancestors. The black players act like a god and soak up the adulation of their party and expect the same from their server. Any black women in the group are resentful and hateful to white female servers, apparently jealous that their man really wants that white woman. Any white women in the party are afraid that the white female server is going to try to move in on her black sugar daddy. Unaccompanied black men are bug-eyed, grabby and lecherous at white female servers. Black men are also notoriously difficult to please with their meals and will repeatedly send back food and request special things just to make the server work and keep paying attention to their table. For instance, she shared taht black men want their steaks cut up for them. They always wanted her to do it at the table, but she refused and would always send it back to the kitchen and request the cooks to cut it up. They also ask for things they don't even want or need. Asking for more bread, for example, when there are already 3 or 4 baskets of bread on the table. They may or may not touch it. But they get off on ordering the server to bring more.

Finally, black men are world-renowned for leaving small tips or no tip at all. Believe it or not, the tip would just go on the bill that they paid for with the Outback card. It wasn't even their money. Some of these men had multi-million dollar contracts and were still eating for free on the team's food sponsor credit card and would leave a $2 or $3 tip on a bill of $150-$300 for their party. This after being humiliated and ran ragged by these ungrateful jerks and their friends. And it wasn't a few isolated players. It was a common ordeal with any black player. The flip side was when white players came in. They would routinely leave huge tips in cash out of their own pocket or add a giant tip on the card.

My friend hated that job solely because of having to deal with black NFL players. Not one server wanted to deal with their crap.



Would it not be "fun" to run a restaurant during this "expo"?

Jack up all your prices.

Change your entire menu to stuff negores don't like, like Chinese food. And serve it with chop-sticks.

Remove 1/2 your tables so you can be legit when you tell them there is a 90 minute wait.

Say the coolers in the bar went all drinks are room temp.

Beer truck didn't show up. The beer distributor are having a problem with their Mexican drivers.....

Start off with slow lousy service. Tell them the kitchen is behind and the Mexican dishwashers didn't show.

Call a temp agency and tell them you wish to help minorities and want to reach out. Could they send minority servers since you want to give back to the community. Imagine how the black patrons would feel if all the wait staff is black. HA HA

Use plastic dishes and cutlery. So, if they steal it, it is plastic. Tell them the dishwasher broke and the White Racist Health Department redneck inspector said you must either shut down or use disposable knives/forks/spoons. (actually, this is a brilliant idea !!!!)

A franchise can not do this. A mom and pop place can and should. The problem with a franchise is the "suits" back at the HQ for the chain don't have to suffer the influx of the people of color. They are insulated from the hell.

To me, shutting down during Planet of the Apes Expo Week would be an excellent time to have a meaningful dialogue on race. The wait staff and managers can explain WHY they must. Oh, well. I am dreaming. The last thing most want in this country is a meaningful discussion about race. It would end this nation sooner than it is going to end.

Anonymous said...

"First, black customers apparently get off ordering white people around like slaves. Oprah Winfrey has admitted as much. She sees it as her chance to be a royal bitch to white people as payback for her ancestors."

That's the same thing the little commieRATbastard in the White Hut does. He knows it infuriates YT (i.e.,taxpayers) to have him and the first Ho piss away billions of dollars on their lavish vacations and his endless golf games. It's his "in-yo'-face-cracka!" move and all the NGRs beez likin' it YO!

Anonymous said...

Once confronted you dial 911. Lived in Chicago all my life. If they confront you, ignore, call 911.

Anonymous said...

Off topic: Hundreds of protests against illegal immigrants and Obama's plans for them are scheduled for this weekend on Saturday.
I'll be at the one in my town.
Hopefully, most of you will find out if there's one in your city and join it.
A show of numbers is required to really send a message to the groid in the white house and the other traitorous politicians.
Don't just sit on your butt watching tv.


More ideas on Serving the Public during Expo Week:

Hire off-duty cops but ask them to wear their uniforms, if that is legal, or give FREE meal coupons to police. Negroes will avoid a restaurant if they see 3 or 4 cops sitting at various tables.

Drive out of the city limits and find some big hairy rednecks. Give them free food vouchers and tell them they are welcome. I doubt if negroes would want to enter a place full of good-ol-boys.

Change all your music to Country or Classical. If you are a casual place, crank up Johnny Cash and if you are a slightly upscale place, put on the Vivaldi or Chopin. Nothing will keep the negro away faster than real music. Make sure the music is LOUD outside on your share of the side-walk.

Let your entire staff off and tell all customers that you have to go self-serve and all meals are "to go". So sorry, but the Health Department said your staff had not had their vaccinations. Negroes will have no idea what you are talking about.

If you are going under and will be shutting your place anytime soon, now would be a great time to put up a sign outside saying....WHITE ONLY....then run like hell. Damn that would be a blast......

Anonymous said...

Devastating stat's prove that even when "they" have the right stat's, they reach ridiculous conclusions.

Bogolyubski said...

Centurion (on Henry Ford)
Never once did they refute anything. Never once did they claim his data, research or findings about International Bankers was wrong....only that he was a horrible person for discovering the data and bringing it up.

He used his own money to search for the truth about our money.

Ford warned us.

He did. So did many others, including Thomas Jefferson (bet many YT here were unaware that he was a "conspiracy theorist" as well). We've been warned so many times it's almost absurd - by folks who really knew the score. It makes little difference. Franz Boas and Margaret Mead have both been exposed as frauds - liars who dressed up their lies as "science". Speaking of shit-sandwiches, how about feminism? If you listen to feminists at face value, one would get the impression that they are gravely concerned about rape. If they were actually concerned about forcible rape, they'd be agitating for life terms or even death for rapists - the largest cohort of whom are (naturally) negroes following the call of their muh-dik diety.

But the sisterhood isn't terribly interested in actual rape or in lowering the incidence thereof. Of considerably greater concern to them is "date rape" or "marital rape", or "rape thoughts", which can be fought only by destroying a non-existent "Patriarchy" (code word for YT). Mothers Steinem, Friedan, Dworkin, Sonntag - an endless host of Eskimo names, just like all the Eskimo names associated with the fictional-reserve banking racket referred to as "free enterprise" by morons such as Rush Limbaugh. Funny how that works. Most YT pay no heed to the warnings because they much prefer the smooth sounds of the sales pitch which apparently works on them much in the same way Colt-45 Malt Liquor does (every time) for the object of Muh-dik: See that SHIT? It's really GOLD! The hucksters aren't known as Neo-Con men without reason.


Back in my college years, I worked for a really nice restaurant on a really nice island off the coast of Florida named Captiva island.

When conventions were in town and when the managers knew there would be larger groups and such, they didn't make a stink about tips, etc.

They raised the prices on those nights. They learned that people got really upset if the tip was automatically added, etc. These were people spending $550 a night for their rooms, spending $9 per drink, etc, but would bitch about tips.

So, they had two (or more) sets of menus. On the nights known for low tips, the staff used the higher priced menus and the additional pricing went towards the wait staff.

Voila. No problem.

This can be done at the Proud black Expo. Come out with the NEW MENU for the occasion. Change the names of the dishes to it would be hard to compare....then the extra money goes to the staff....but I am assuming the Proud black people would pay for anything rather than steal foolish of me.

Anonymous said...

They call diversity "progress." Tell them about Detroit- diversity is REgress.

Poverty causes blacks.
Poor schools cause blacks.
Crime causes blacks.
Low property values cause blacks.
Blighted neighborhoods cause blacks.

The correlations are unmistakeable; according to Ron Unz, as high as .9. But it simply "cannot be" that blacks cause anything, because we are all equal (well if this is true and race is a social "construct" then why the fuck do we need diversity again?). Therefore all these things that are almost always found with blacks and that blacks are found with, must be causing blacks somehow.

Fight Crystal Methodism everywhere you see it. If someone feeds a stray dog, condemn them. If someone yields the right of way (holding up 100 cars behind them in the process), condemn them. Anytime ANYONE does ANYTHING for the "rush" they get from ersatz "compassion," condemn the act and shame them.

Anonymous said...

Imagine how the black patrons would feel if all the wait staff is black. HA HA

How would blacks feel? would they even care?

Anonymous said...

"Once confronted you dial 911. Lived in Chicago all my life. If they confront you, ignore, call 911."

Because when seconds count the police are minutes away or in this case about an hour.

Centurion, I like your way of thinking. Great ideas!
Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

Continuing Centurion's suggestions:

Hire black temps to run a vendor kiosk selling chitterlins, hog maw and ox tail. All you can eat for $1. Cook the pig intestines outside continuously. It'll stink up the area for blocks around.

Profit is not the motive just the stench. No matter, it'll have the negro stench regardless of the pig intestines.
Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

Anonymous "Off topic: Hundreds of protests against illegal immigrants and Obama's plans for them are scheduled for this weekend on Saturday"

I posted a link to all the hundreds of "OverPasses" across the POTA where protests are set to occur, along with the times (most are for a 2 - 3 hr window).

Unfortunately my post evidently didn't make the "cut". For those interested in getting out to shout, the list can be found at
"Mindweapons in Ragnarok" website

I'm going to my nearest overpass in dunwoody GA.

Turn out guys, this is a chance to take an action with low risk of death or, probably won't get any TV or new coverage though even if a million vehicles are clogging up OverPasses all over POTA aka USSA, formerly know as USA

/H Hypie out H\

Brian Peters said...

Erika Smith cannot face the facts and state the truth in the paper. She never plainly states what the problem is when everyone knows.
50,000 humans can have an NRA convention with no arrests. I laugh at anyone who thinks the Groid Expo can go a day without a violent crime. I am betting 3+ dead and dozens of violent crimes with a fraction of the NRA convention size. You won't catch me within ten miles of the shitfest. Hold the expo in Apefrica where it belongs.

panjoomby said...

can't we all just get along?
uh, NO, we can't.
it's hard enough for people of the same race (or even same family!) to get along. Duh!

Pat Boyle said...

Here are some common sense proposals that should help.

1. Make the 2nd Amendment racially sensitive. That means that blacks would not normally be allowed to own a gun.

2. Have national aptitude tests at age 16.

3. Impose curfews on blacks at the discretion of the governor.

Yes I know that all three of these simple measures would be opposed. That's why they need your support.

Blacks shoot each other and anyone in the line of fire at astounding rates. This was not what George Mason had in mind.

The Chinese have had national achievement tests since at least the Song Dynasty. We need to catch up.

If an event like this one has had a history of violence, have the state governor order the black people off the streets at 10.

I'll be posting more moderate and sensible solutions in the weeks to come. Please don't bother telling me what the liberals will say - I can well imagine.

The alternative is to go hide in Idaho.

Pat Boyle

Anonymous said...

"The alternative is to go hide in Idaho."

Funny you should mention that. I told a friend last night about liquidating everything and moving to Idaho. I bet I would not suffer negro fatigue up there.

I would not be hiding just surviving. The section 8 is rampant down here. I think it's criminal but most people already know that.
Scot Irish

AnalogMan said...


There is a political vested interest to relate everything back to Africa and we here all know why.

A few years ago, somebody got the bright idea that human language originated in Africa. The Babuntu got on the bandwagon and held a "Cradle of Language Conference" in South Africa, near the Sterkfontein Caves, a rich source of early human and pre-human fossils. This area advertises itself to the tourists as "The Cradle of Humankind", a world heritage site.

Anyway, SA had at the time a Minister of Education, a negress with a posh Oxford accent, who was interviewed on TV. Asked about the significance of the conference, she said ... but I don't even need to tell you. You already know. Yes, we gave the world language, so the world owes us, and should give us money.

I don't believe those Out of Africa fairy tales. You must all be aware of this passage from Thomas W Dixon's novel, The Clansman (basis of the film Birth of a Nation), sometimes erroneously attributed to Darwin:

Since the dawn of history the negro has owned the continent of Africa--rich beyond the dream of poet's fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light. His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud. With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail! He lived as his fathers lived--stole his food, worked his wife, sold his children, ate his brother, content to drink, sing, dance, and sport as the ape!

I don't believe that these "people" ever possessed the genetic potential to leave Africa on their own. They are today all that they have ever been. They could never leave Africa, except as cargo.

Compare them - compare any other race, your mongols who crossed from Asia to America on the Bering land bridge - compare them to the Solutreans, Europeans who crossed the Atlantic on ice during the last ice age. There is no comparison. No, we are a separate species.

AnalogMan said...

Neanderthal Girl, thank you! That's the study I was looking for. Not quite as I remembered it, but then I was recalling the media report, and they never get anything right.

Beyond Hatred, there you go.

I agree that we are not the same species as the Babuntu. You make an important point about that canard about different species not being able to breed with each other. The rule is, if they can NOT produce viable offspring, they are NOT the same species, which is entirely different from saying that if they CAN breed, they ARE the same species.

In fact, all canids (dogs, wolves, foxes, jackals, coyotes, dingoes, African wild dogs etc) can interbreed. All different species. There are many other examples.

An interesting case in point is the Pan family, which consists of only two species, chimpanzees and bonobos. The bobobo was only recognised as a separate species in the 1920s. It looks like a slightly smaller chimpanzee, but they evolved in different territories, separated by the Congo river. Today, though they could almost certainly interbreed, they are distinguished mostly by their behaviour. Sort of like us and the negroes. Chimps are much more violent, less social. Hence the term, "chimp-out".

It is also accepted nowadays that our human ancestors interbred with Neanderthals, who are also now recognised as having been a different species. A different human species. There is precedent.

AnalogMan said...

Oh, sorry BH, meant to link that study:

Anonymous said...

buck. re:

I don't believe that these "people" ever possessed the genetic potential to leave Africa on their own. They are today all that they have ever been. They could never leave Africa, except as cargo........................

Nonsense, lowest IQs on the planet are Aborigines. They are africans.
DNA shows where in africa they came from.

Anonymous said...

Look, say what you will about indy and black expo, you are entitled to you're point of view.

Trust me when I say I know the history, because I fucking live here.

In you're wildest dreams you would never believe what IMPD and Metro go thru to make this event "safe"!

I used to think it was a worthless cause due to the shit propaganda spewed by this racist bitch from Indy who wants to spew her crap,
But reality is not a good read for the the fucking rag known as the star.

Touchy feelings are one thing, a swat team is another.

A big foam middle finger to the Star, fuck you!


SwampThizzle said...

Some good laffs for you guys, courtesy of the liberal retardosphere:

AnalogMan said...

Buck says

Nonsense, lowest IQs on the planet are Aborigines. They are africans.

You're about half right. Aborigines are almost as dumb as you can get, with an average IQ (off the top of my head) of about 60, though I believe African pygmies average even less, at 56. Those figures are not guaranteed, I can't be bothered to look them up, you can do that if you're interested.

But Australian Aborigines are not African. In fact, according to this genetic distance map, which I found in a quick search and unfortunately can't give you its provenance, they are the absolute furthest race of all from Africans. If you have information to the contrary, please post links.

Aborigines never had a seaworthy boat. They never so much as piled one rock on another. By the time Captain Cook found them, they still hadn't figured out the link between sex and pregnancy. There are only two ways they could have got to Australia: Continental drift, or as cargo.

Some interesting facts about aborigines at The Irish Savant.

Anonymous said...

What a future for this place (not a country since that has borders)--
half the cities resembling Harare or Johannesburg and the other half Caracas, Nuevo Laredo or Tegucigalpa!

Anonymous said...

Johannesburg going to be like those cities in Peru people walking around looking on in amazement. These must have been built by amazing giants as they say in Detroit

Anonymous said...

12-14-14 She (young turk muses privately) Why this man insist on living around blacks? He tell me he live in rich American city..ATL is cesspool,Turkish slums even better...I get greencard and divorce his desperate ass..
He 12-14-14 (Thinking to self)
Wow what a weird chick..Now she is talking about bringing her brother and his family here! Well at least she likes ATL..

Mr. Rational said...

Aborigines never had a seaworthy boat... There are only two ways they could have got to Australia: Continental drift, or as cargo.

Sea levels were much lower at the peak of the ice age.  What is now shallow water was dry land at the time.  They walked.

The Limey said...

America, I`m afraid to say this, but you`re fucked. It appears that Marvel have how announced that the next Captain America will be.....Yep, you`ve guessed it, BLACK. The BRA destruction of what was once the greatest nation, well after the UK, on earth, continues at it`s unabated pace. Not that we`re far behind you, and possibly in front, but with us, it`s the scourge of Islamification.

Anonymous said...

Black Expo: Friday

The Chick Fil-A on 86th st. was full of out-of-town blacks today. They are not just downtown.

Shopping and restaurants in Castleton Mall/Fashion Mall area are packed too. Saw a few thug hoopies at Castleton Sq. today.

Be careful anywhere in the city this weekend.


Planet of the Ape Expo?

Tonight is Friday. Here comes the week-end.

Keep us informed since the Occupied Mainstreet Media will only give us the Party line.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any video of that? I'd want to find out some additional information.

Dez said...

I can relate! I worked at waffle house when I was much younger. It wasn't a bad job, I was single and childless so I made plenty of money to be able to provide for myself. Anyways, Saturday night, third shift around 3 am was known as "club rush" black people would come in from leaving the club and pack out the store. They were drunk, obnoxious, rude and for an hour, we were lucky if we got a tip from over 30-40 customers with $20 was the worst night if the week!! Also I had a black man leave a nice tip in the table one time and the woman he was with walked back to the table to try to take my tip while telling anyone who'd listen "they weren't leaving that 'white Bitch' no tip" I informed her that if she touched my money, it was theft and the man she was with literally had to drag her away by the arm...