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St. Louis and the Racial Tipping Point: "Once a municipality passes 30% African American, it accelerates toward becoming overwhelmingly black"

So here's what we know:

  • In 1990, Ferguson was 73.8 percent white and 25.1 percent black
  • In 2000, Ferguson was 44.8 percent white and 52.4 percent black
  • In 2010 Ferguson was 29.3 percent white and 67.4 percent black [Chart: Inside Ferguson's Changing Demographics, Forbes, 8-19-2014]
More to the point, the racial transformation of Ferguson isn't unique to the city of St. Louis and its surrounding suburbs. Once restrictive covenants (freedom of association) was declared unconstitutional in 1948 by the Supreme Court, the last line of defense for maintaining the integrity of white communities was gone. 
The "Shelley House" (the Shelley in Shelley vs. Kraemer), a National Historic Landmark. (date of photograph unknown, but likely 1940-1960)

St. Louis Metromorphosis: Past Trends and Future Directions (edited by Brady Baybeck and F. Terrence Jones), published in 2004 by the Missouri Historical Society Press, offers illuminating reading into the vast history of the black undertow overwhelmingly formerly all-white communities in the St. Louis metro-area, and gives us this information on the "racial tipping point" (once a municipality passes 30 percent African American, it accelerates toward becoming overwhelmingly black)
In 1960, the St. Louis region had yet to begin dismantling much of the legal segregation affecting housing patterns. Although restrictive covenants had been declared unconstitutional in 1948, the legacy of past segregation continued, and more affirmative fair housing legislation banning private discrimination would not be passed until later in the 1960s. It is not surprising that 84 percent of the municipalities were predominantly white (i.e., less than five percent black) and only 6 percent were more than one-fifth African America, with one-third of these being two historically all-black communities: Brooklyn and Kinloch.  
From 1970 forward, however, many municipalities have experienced substantial racial transition... at least since 1980, whites are unlikely to avoid areas or flee them when the African American share exceeds 5 percent but remains under one-fifth. They do, however, become increasingly nervous as the proportion goes past one-fifth and toward one-half. Shifting to political power, both because they are on average young and because their political participation rates are lower, blacks have some but less than proportional control when their share exceeds a majority but is less than about two-thirds. African American then typically achieve political control above 65 percent and, once the community exceeds 95 percent, it is essentially as single race as the 95 percent+ white cities.  
The Shelley House in roughly 2011 (
Between 1960 and 2000, over half the cities developed at least a visible (i.e., 5 percent or higher) black population and only a minority - although a substantial one at 42 percent - remain predominantly white. For some municipalities, the transition from white to black was rapid. Each decade witnessed cities having their African American share increase 30 percentage point or more, indicating that racial tipping - a dramatic shift from white to black - has not gone out of style. Here are some example: for 1960 to 1970, Alorton (18 percent to 80 percent black) and Wellston (8 percent to 69 percent black); for 1970 to 1980, Berkeley (9 percent to 49 percent), Pagedale (23 percent to 79 percent), Pine Lawn (29 percent to 81 percent), and Washington Park (0 percent to 49 percent); for 1980 to 1990, Bel Ridge (25 percent to 61 percent) and Moline Acres (32 percent to 64 percent); for 1990 to 2000, Dellwood (9 percent to 58 percent), Jennings (48 percent to 78 percent), and Cahokia (5 percent to 38 percent). Over forty years, eighteen cities went from less than 1 percent black to more than 65 percent African American: Bel Ridge, Berkely, Cool Valley, Country Club Hills, Flordell Hills, Greendale, Hanley Hills, Hillsdale, Jennings, Moline Acres, Normandy, Northwoods, Pagedale, Pasadena Hills, Pine Lawn, Velda City, Velda Village Hills, and Washington Park.  
Is racial tipping inevitable? Once the black share began to increase, has any city been able to stabilize at some equilibrium short of two-thirds or more black? Yes, but the numbers are few. Only two have gone past 30 percent black and not passed 60 percent black within two decades: the City of St. Louis, which went from 29 percent black in 1060 to 41 percent in 1970 but now is just ten points higher (51 percent) in 2000, and University City, which leapt from 0 percent black to 43 percent between 1960 and 1980 but has stayed much the same (45 percent in 2000) since then.  
Even during the past two decades when there has been heightened awareness about the social costs of residential segregation and the negative consequences of rapid racial transition and awareness of recent examples such as University City about what policies might achieve a stable racial mix, the prevailing pattern has been: once a municipality passes 30 percent African American, it accelerates toward becoming overwhelmingly black. (p. 287 - 289)
Which brings us back to 1948, when Shelley vs. Kraemer was decided in the Supreme Court and restrictive covenants were declared unconstitutional.
Google StreetView shows us the Shelley House (a National Historic Landmark) in 2014...

Just who is the Shelley? Hilariously, the surname Shelley belongs to a black man who wanted to live in a white community in St. Louis... [Shelley House: Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement, National Park Services (]:
This modest, two-story masonry residence built in St. Louis, Missouri in 1906 is associated with an African American family's struggle for justice that had a profound effect on American society. Because the J. D. Shelley family decided to fight for the right to live in the home of their choosing, the United States Supreme Court addressed the issue of restrictive racial covenants in housing in the landmark 1948 case of Shelley v. Kraemer. 
In 1930, J. D. Shelley, his wife, and their six children migrated to St. Louis from Mississippi to escape the pervasive racial oppression of the South. For a number of years they lived with relatives and then in rental properties. In looking to buy a home, they found that many buildings in St. Louis were covered by racially restrictive covenants by which the building owners agreed not to sell to anyone other than a Caucasian. The Shelleys directly challenged this discriminatory practice by purchasing such a building at 4600 Labadie Avenue from an owner who agreed not to enforce the racial covenant. Louis D. Kraemer, owner of another property on Labadie covered by restrictive covenants, sued in the St. Louis Circuit (State) Court to enforce the restrictive covenant and prevent the Shelleys from acquiring title to the building. The trial court ruled in the Shelleys' favor in November of 1945, but when Kraemer appealed, the Missouri Supreme Court, on December 9, 1946, reversed the trial court's decision and ordered that the racial covenant be enforced. The Shelleys then appealed to the United States Supreme Court.
The house, which stood as late as 2011, next to the Shelley House, is completely gone...
On May 3, 1948, the United States Supreme Court rendered its landmark decision in Shelley v. Kraemer, holding, by a vote of 6 to 0 (with three judges not sitting), that racially restrictive covenants cannot be enforced by courts since this would constitute state action denying due process of law in violation of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Although the case did not outlaw covenants (only a state's enforcement of the practice), in Shelley v. Kraemer the Supreme Court reinforced strongly the 14th Amendment's guarantee of equal protection of the laws, which includes rights to acquire, enjoy, own, and dispose of property. The Shelley case was a heartening signal for African Americans that positive social change could be achieved through law and the courts. 
The Shelley House, a National Historic Landmark, is located at 4600 Labadie Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri. The house is a private residence and is not open to the public.
The ruin of an entire metro region (St. Louis) has occurred: not by asteroid, nuclear strike, famine, earthquake, or an invading foreign army, but by the unleashing of blacks via declaring restrictive covenants unconstitutional.

Just look at how quickly communities have collapsed to the emergence of the black undertow (the racial tipping point is 30 percent, then the community goes black fast)...

But what of the Shelley House, a National Historic Landmark, in 2014?

Oh, it's a fitting tribute to the Civil Rights movement.

You can consult Google StreetView for a taste of racial realities only a God who doesn't play dice would see fit to ensure exists via the Visible Black Hand of Economics.

As late as 2011, a house (which had been there since the 1920s) was located to the left of the National Historic Landmark "Shelley House," but it has since been razed..

So here's what we know:

  • Ferguson went from 99 percent white in 1970 to 27 percent white today
  • Not just Ferguson, but scores of St. Louis metro-communities went from almost entirely white to majority black, with the ability for the white residents to practice freedom of association (restrictive covenants) declared unconstitutional
  • The National Historic Landmark "Shelley House" is a silent witness to the black undertow effect, a reminder the Visible Black Hand of Economics is far more devastating long term weapon than any weapon currently in the United States Military arsenal 

Remember: God might not play dice, but he has a great sense of humor... just look at the state of the Shelley House in 2014.




The bottom line here is "Who the hell want's black people for neighbors"?

Obviously Not Whites.

And it will be this way till the end of time!


Anonymous said...

That house should be demolished under the ADA. It's got "Reserved" parking for the handicapped, but no wheelchair ramp. I'm shocked and dismayed that the black owners have let that house go to shambles like that. Even an able-bodied person could break their neck, trying to climb those upheaved steps.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Nice writeup/visual timeline of the Shelley House! Congrats!

Do you know about the ngram viewer? Might serve as a base for some posts:

Your writing is really hitting stride!

countenance said...

University City is about half black and about half left wing white/Jewish. Olive might as well be a Berlin Wall between the two.

Anonymous said...

If you really want a look at what block busting and the United States government "model cities program" did to a community look at Highland Park Michigan. What happened to that city from 1960 to 1970 is possibly the most devastating reversal that has occurred in the u.s.. Once the home of beautiful houses and some of the best schools in the country it was reduced to an urban war zone. Please take a look at this city. This is what we have to look forward to in so many places in America. Very sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

But SBPDL and PK why no donations for the dilapidated shack?

Love the front "porch". There's a term...ends with "rigged".
Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I clicked around on google street view to check out the great neighborhood which is being maintained by the designers of the Egyptian(really just African) pyramids. Man, they really lost their touch! Check out 4441 Greer Ave and the upstanding gentlemen hopping into their auto. Seems they have a plastic bag on the fence problem as well as some issues with the next yard being used for trash. I'm sure they're getting right to it..... just after they design a spaceship.

Lots of graffiti on the walls, lots of men just hanging out on the porch, lots of trash everywhere. And for being the great architects that they're (self)purported to be, they've really not put a lot of time and thought into updating any of the components of their homes or neighborhoods. It's almost as if they don't care and are one step from just sitting there in a pile of dirt with flies on their head, waiting for food to magically fall into their mouth and homes to maintain themselves with nothing but the blessings of the gods.

I noticed the shadows were long and stretching east to west. Google and the good old vibrant, diversifying, Mandela-loving "middle easterners" who run the show over there wouldn't have happened to have taken precautionary steps with their drivers, and had them visit the Mecca of freedom early in the morning before the majority of the locals woke up from their hangovers, would they?

No, must be a coincidence because we're all the same.

Anonymous said...

Question for Paul Kersey,

From 2000 to 2010 Chicago lost (awkward phrasing given the reality of the Black Undertow) 200,000 African-American residents. Since 2010 the trend seems to be gaining speed as more and more Mexicans, Central Americans and Asians pour into Chicago pushing up rents and displacing Blacks.

How many of Chicago's blacks are moving to the St Louis area?? I believe Indianapolis alone in the last decade picked up 5000 blacks from the Chicago area with criminal records.

The South Chicago Lakefront real estate from Roosevelt Road (12th Street) on the North, South to 79th Street and all the area east of the Dan Ryan is potentially under valued by billions of dollars. Don't think that mayor Rahm Emanuel and Obama's Chicago backers don't know this and are not scheming night and day to remove the Black underclass from this zone.

Chicago's real estate moguls (mostly DWL & TWMNBN) will get stinking rich and St. Louis, Springfield, Peoria, Racine, Milwaukee, Indianapolis are going to be made to suffer.

Anonymous said...

Well, I suppose this answers the question we've been kicking around.

It's 30%.

But, in reality, it's really just 1. As someone commented on here before, "A single drop of diahrrea ruins a whole gallon of ice cream." Because as we all know, even the IKAGOs have cousins and friends and in-laws who come to visit. And see how nice the white neighborhoods are. And then they move in. Then the slide starts. It eventually hits 30% and then accelerates quickly to becoming deepest, darkest africa.

And, Jassi: Great comments. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

lol, They b Pyramid builders only. Anythang less archatexturrrrally magnificent isn't worth their doing it.

Now you want'cha a nice Pyramid you know where to go, right to the Ghetto.

Otherwise no be bothering the Geniuses of Apedom with the mundane

Oh & they will build ya a rocket ship too, almost forgot. Cause dont'cha know they was flying around them Pyramids they designed 1000s 'n 1000s of years ago.

They b b'n the "Golden" Horde, they sh*t gold & that's another reason they don't need to work like you foolish YTz....busting yer ass fer l'il a nuttin'.

You wanna live good, you wanna live right, ya gotta learn to live like the Golden Horde

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

OK, so knowing the SLPC monitors this site and will pass along to the NSA...who gives a flying f*#k.

Earlier commenters have started to ask the questions and that is a first step:

How do we address this situation from here? Who can lead a movement? Perhaps it starts with everyone contributing $$ to Office Wilson's Go Fund Me account. Whatever, there has to be to be a reverse MLK to spark the fire out there but how that happens is hard to say. Many of us have kids, bills, enormous obligations.

The question remains...what is next?

Anonymous said...

Fascinating stuff - even though I've live in the STL metro my entire life, I still learn new things. The stubborn whites holding out in the south side of St. Louis and a few other neighborhoods is the only thing that kept St. Louis from going full Detroit at 82% black. But the school districts in both the City and U-City have gone full Detroit.

PK, I'm wondering now where you rank the St. Louis metro vis-a-vis others destroyed by the undertow?

Anonymous said...

30% might be someone else's tipping point, but if you hit 10% and climbing I'd get the hell out of dodge.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As only 16% of the population, how do they seem to be everywhere?
Is it because as a white hoods these places held 10k residents while as black hoods they only hold 5k? Because there are so many empty and burnt out lots.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Good evening, racists. I haven't had time to comment because I have been busy exceeding expectations for a new employer. You know – white people stuff. Fortunately, since my predecessor was vibrant and diverse, if I just barely pick my foot up off the ground, I can surpass the bar that was left.

The articles and commentary of late have been superb, as usual. It literally seems to me that the people that participate at SBPDL are the only people on earth that have any ability to discern reality from the artificial environment created by our overlords.

With regard to Ferguson, having been to St. Louis earlier this year on business, after which I shared my observations of that utter hellhole, I certainly wasn't surprised to see what transpired. It was really just a normal day there. All that matters is that (1) the cop was white; and (2) the SIMBA was "unarmed." And in spite of the significant unwrapping of the clever packaging during the course of this week, with the full stench of the shit sandwich inside now becoming apparent, even the Conservative, Inc. media outlets STILL refer to the incident as the "shooting of an unarmed teen by a white police officer."

Unarmed. Well, maybe only because he wasn't able to take possession of the officer's gun. And clearly the fact that the officer suffered the very minor orbital blowout fracture supports the premise that the youff was unarmed. Darren Wilson would have died in that street were it not for his ability to focus every ounce of strength, training, determination and adrenaline despite the shock, danger and unthinkable pain to bring that gentle, post-felony scholar to the pavement in a pool of his primitive blood and undersized brain matter.

Wilson will likely never work as a cop again. The danger and b/s he put up with, for probably less than half of what I earn basically playing with computers all day, and this is his reward. I heard one person say that it took them 5 full years to recover from an orbital blowout fracture, including pain, swelling, multiple surgeries, difficulty with eyesight, etc. As if that isn't enough, the entire weight of the corrupt liberal machine wants him given the death penalty.

He could BE a DWL nog-lover for all we know. I seriously doubt it, but we don’t KNOW that. However, to expand on Bogolyubski's points over the last few days in this regard, does anyone think that any liberal or diversity bootlicking credibility could save him? Hell, no. And that needs to be a lesson to all of us, both in dealing with the lawless law enforcement, or thinking that an IKAGO would ever have your back in the face of a black mob frenzy.

Nogs aren't capable of independent thinking. It's a primitive tribal mentality. The same reason that they copy each other in da muddahland with their bone piercings and other ignorant behaviors is observed today in their POS 1986 Chevy Caprice with 28" wheels that cost 12x the fair market value of the car, which has leaking cylinder heads. Average IQ explains it all – the only difference is the backdrop against which the behaviors are observed. A stinking, fly-covered mud hut on one continent, and a Section 8 war-zone on another.

The events in Ferguson have convinced me beyond all doubt that there is no hope for a political solution or that whites will "finally wake up." For the record, I WANT it to happen, but since we focus on reality here, I'm not going to grasp at straws without evidence. We all assumed that Da Won couldn't possibly be re-elected due to his disastrous first term performance, yet the nog-loving DWLs lined up and made it happen in the biggest way. I agree with PK that no second coming of Reagan is in the wings to restore us to "morning in America."

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

There have also been several brilliant comments here about the fallacies of libertarianism. As I've said before, I'm a frequent observer of Glenn Beck. Others here observe other such personalities. The bottom line is that libertarians and conservatards alike simply cannot bring themselves to acknowledge the reality of differences in race. Because of this, the whole house of cards falls. Glenn will get SO close to what sounds like it's about to be a race realist position at times, but then falls on his sword about the courage and wisdom of Michael Scott King. Then you bring up the sexual debauchery, and although that would be relevant for him and fair game for anyone else, Dr. Dream gets a complete pass. But I AM judging him by the content of his character, am I not?!

I have family that has actually evolved toward the stance of "we're all the same." It's unbelievable, and it may well get one that's a hopelessly naïve, feminized 19 year old male mugged or beaten or killed. Of course, they are Crystal Methodists, so I guess that's to be expected at the alter of diversity. So while I'm working on my technique with my new Daniel Defense AR, they can continue pretending they aren't marked for extinction by their own government. I have more direct responsibilities to be worried about.

Finally, nearing the end of my second year in our rental home, after abandoning my first home to the undertow (referenced here in my maiden post on SBPDL: – kind of prophetic how I was alluding to weaponized diversity via Affirmatively Further Fair Housing before the program was officially announced!), I have a little morsel of shit sandwich of my own to share. As I'm heading into work this morning in my metal coffin, I see a sign about a public rezoning meeting. And then I saw those "special" words that brought warmth to my heart: "multi-family housing."

I'm with Sheila, but maybe a step further. I'm damn near ready to declare hatred for any white person that isn't a race realist. The area I'm in is teetering on the edge of the undertow's progression across I-85, to the west. And what does the all-white city council do? Why, allow a new "luxury" apartment complex to be built for "economic development." In reality, it's certain economic destruction, but more tax revenue. Only the short term matters. I mean, the one just across the street, which is fully Agenda 21-compliant, has resulted in increased crime and diverse individuals that can't afford cars walking along a busy, 4-lane highway. The Wal-Mart is sinking to new depths, such that there is virtually no circumstance where I will go there, and certainly not allow my wife to, and never, ever unarmed.

I don't even know what I'm talking about at this point. I'm just pissed and worn down and surrounded by white people that literally have no clue that they are being lined up at the slaughterhouse. I try to look at it like PK says – the only responsibility I have is to survive, so that's what I'm going to do. Thanks to PK and all the brilliant commenters for providing a small watering hole of truth in the vast desert of egalitarian lies.

Gwinnett Gladiator

Anonymous said...


'Who the hell want's black people for neighbors"?'

wake up. Blacks that get money run from the hood to evil YT.

Johnny See said...

Jassi, the body language (since you can't see the faces) just scrams "Yo, what that be? I wanna steal it/ break it/ fuck it/ but what the fuck it be?" as they watch the high tech google camera car go by.

The only fucking pyramid building they will ever do is to be part of the pyramid scheme called BRA.

Somebody call a crapduster.

Anonymous said...

I love SBPDL, this blog is well written and factual. If only the leaders of this nation had some integrity and moral fiber, then we really could have that talk that Eric Holder says we're too cowardly to have. While I'm sure Holder means 'whites are too cowardly to admit dey be keepin de black man down', he is the true coward. He will never admit what he knows, which is that while blacks can be assimilated into Western society if they REALLY wanted to (just like himself and Obama, Condoleeza Rice,etc.) the vast majority of blacks just find the personal commitment of studying in school, staying out of trouble, avoiding teenage pregnancies, obeying the law, taking responsibility for their own lives, as a totally alien concept. Holder has admitted that encounters with cops in his past have stuck in his craw-but having become the AG of the USA surely the tsunami of crimes committed by blacks on a daily basis must have opened his eyes...he knows why the cops were all over him in his youth, because so many blacks commit crimes its really hard for any cop to see a black youth and wonder what he's done but not yet gotten caught for.

Profiling? YOU BET. Maybe if, oh I dunno, blacks stopped committing so much crime they wouldn't be viewed so negatively, but its been that way for hundreds of years and it isn't gonna stop anytime soon, if ever. Not in this country, not in Europe, not in the UK, not in Africa...not anywhere.

The only thing that can save blacks from themselves, in this country anyway, is for them to realize how the liberals & commies have manipulated and used them as pawns, to utterly reject the ghetto/thug mentality, and to learn what it truly means to take personal responsibility for their own lives. Let's see if Eric Holder is too much of a coward to really address the crux of the matter-after all, he himself is still on the Democratic Plantation. Show us, Eric, how brave you really are and lead 'your people' to the promised land.

Anonymous said...

Add these two names to the ever growing list.

Denton Ward & Lauren Crisp.

Anonymous said...

We not only allow our displacement, we CELEBRATE it! The "Historic Shelley House" ... the "Historic Woolworth Lunch Counter" ... "The Tomb of Medgar Evers"! Et cetera.

We need to have our asses kicked; it's the only way we'll wake up.

Anonymous said...

Folks, do you understand the irony?

The pyramids of Giza were built sheathed in (soft) marble/ Tura limestone. (Limestone becomes marble by tremendous heat and pressure -- a thousand meters below the surface. If the process is less severe the result is an intermediate 'soft' marble. This is the marble that the ancients were able to process in bulk. 'Modern' marbles were too much for them. [The most exotic marbles come from Italy. The Egyptians didn't have any access to them, of course.]


"It is thought that the pyramid was first breached by [African] tomb robbers during the First Intermediate Period and the limestone cladding was "harvested" [politically correct, no?] during the eighteenth dynasty..."

And, of course, the apex was made of either an exotic stone or, more likely, planished gold. This art form is seen with King Tut and the Arc of the Covenant... and the infamous bull idol at Sinai.


So, whereas Blacks point to the Egyptian pyramids as evidencing an ancient high culture for Black Africans -- then these self-same Black Africans must have despoiled their own creations.

The existing pyramids are absolute ghetto dumps compared to the original construction.

In sum: the Egyptian necropolis was ghetto'ized millennia ago.

Be sure to bring it up whenever a deluded Black cultural claimist spouts off.


It goes without saying that the Egyptians exerted themselves repressing their southern (Sudanese) Black 'neighbors.'

King Tut, himself, was a teenage warrior king. His tomb makes it quite explicit: he attained universal (Pharaonic) acclaim by utterly destroying (Black) heathens attempting to move north out of the Sudanese (super) swamp.

It was here that King Tut was struck down by the most severe form of malaria. It's what killed him. Across all the centuries, the malarial DNA is STILL embedded in King Tut's mummy.

It's now known that -- not withstanding his short reign -- King Tut was considered by his peers to a 'Napoleon' of his era. He never lost a battle -- and was campaigning nearly all the time.

When he wasn't in the field, he was raising more troops.

Egyptian super-success (militarily) stopped when King Tut died. Indeed, he was the end of the line. Chronic inbreeding did in every Pharaonic line.


So the written (Egyptian) record is crystal clear: they hated Black Africans with a vengeance.

Further, as even now, the break-point was the Sudd. It has no bottom.


And in related news: the Sudd feeds fresh water, centuries old, to essentially all of Libya and Western Egypt. You just have to drill through the cap rock to reach it. This massive aquifer is a thousand meters thick in some places.

Since it's fed by the Nile -- the Sudd is a crack in the Earth's crust that goes down -- literally -- miles -- the African continent is splitting apart -- there is really no chance that Libya or Egypt can ever run out of subterranean water.

Looking back at WWII in the desert -- 'tis to laugh.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a project on the projected dollar value of urban real estate ruined by Black's over the decades.

The real estate of urban centers like Tokyo or Seoul force continued construction of satellite cities and suburbs around them until once far flung towns that were a days journey by ox and cart are now 45 minutes by light rail. People are paying arms an legs for studio apartments a family of three cant live comfortably in...

We dont have that problem of cities real estate increasing exponentially so much. We just rotate in a ghetto and shift values back to zero.

Just the raw numbers on Detroit alone would make a man less cynical than I misty eyed,I am sure.

- kulturkampf

Unknown said...

30% no way. That is too high. I'd say anything over 5% is when things start getting rough..

Anonymous said...

A question to further develop our awareness:

In what way are the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases similar?

Consider the following:
1) Black kills black, even a black child, even atrociously: No problem.
2) Black kills white, even multiple whites, even atrociously: No problem.
3) Criminal white kills black (drug deal gone bad, etc): No problem.
4) White exercising authority, even seeming authority (Zimmerman), even seeming white (Zimmerman again): Federal case.

Anonymous said...

OT but interesting:

I'm not sure if this a good thing or bad thing. Many of us would agree that we need to remove our children from public schools because of the governmental brainwashing of their young minds. And it would be nice to be able to redirect the tax money that would have been spent to “educate” a child in a public school to pay the tuition for a private school. However, in NC this has been found to be an unconstitutional expenditure of taxpayer money.

This is good in the sense that it might keep the government from pursuing a “section ape” type program to shove blacks into previously healthy private schools. An obvious downside is that it will make it more difficult for parents to pay the tuition for private schools. Taxpayers will be stuck with funding public schools as well as paying tuition for private schools.

The judge seems to be focused on private religious schools and schools that do not conform to governmental regulations. This leaves open the possibility for schools certified by the government as voucher suitable in exchange for toeing the party line. It looks to me like we need a private school system that can operate without vouchers to provide affordable education to children actually pursuing an education. We need to break the dependency on government funding to get free of government coercion.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”. . . How do we address this situation from here? Who can lead a movement? Perhaps it starts with everyone contributing $$ to Office Wilson's Go Fund Me account. Whatever, there has to be to be a reverse MLK to spark the fire out there but how that happens is hard to say. Many of us have kids, bills, enormous obligations. “

Right on target. I believe that contributing to Wilson's fund is a great first step. Not only will this help out a persecuted white person, but the visible running tally of support both in numbers of contributors and in $$ makes it clear that many people are upset. We should probably do the same thing for any legitimate cause involving a persecuted white, but don't waste time on causes that are not reasonably clear cut cases of governmental & PC abuse.

I plan to write my lawmakers a letter of outrage over the behavior of my peeps Holder and demand some legislative changes that will impose some accountability on the DOJ. I'll point out the recent examples of unethical behavior by DOJ attorneys including but not limited to Holder's present bizarre involvement in the Ferguson incident. I'll demand that laws be passed requiring the government to pay attorney fees and damages for malicious prosecutions. If all of us and our friends and families would continuously do these things, we could probably spark that reverse MLK fire.

Rind of the Ancient Meloner said...

Somewhat off-topic, Asian temptress Michelle Malkin has a story about the Jihadi serial killer no one is talking about. You already know what demographic the killer belongs to.

Anonymous said...

As I said a few months back,a teaspoon of dogshit will ruin a gallon of vanilla icecream.1 nog is too many.There has to be some push-back from Whites when nogs start moving into good neighborhoods.We roll out the red carpet for invading nogs and get what we deserve.They must be run out before they get a foothold.1 nog moving to a White neighborhood is the beginning of the end of civility,sanitation,peace,and tranquility.
Richard Cranium

Sheila said...

"I'm just pissed and worn down and surrounded by white people that literally have no clue that they are being lined up at the slaughterhouse. I try to look at it like PK says – the only responsibility I have is to survive, so that's what I'm going to do."

Gwinnett Gladiator - You and I share that worn-down feeling, as well. I'm just so damned tired of the same lies, the same blindness, the same determination to ignore reality. My husband plans to go shooting this weekend, and the vast majority of those he invited are "too busy" - they're playing fantasy football, or driving their racially-egalitarian children back to their overpriced colleges, or watching their kids while their wives do their own thing, and so forth. Like you, I deeply WANT to believe that Whites will someday stand up, will somehow regain their belief in themselves and determine to conserve a future for their progeny, but I just don't see it.

My spouse rightly criticizes me for being too hard on people - he says I hold them to impossible standards. Of course, I don't hold people to standards that I don't try to follow myself - and when they repeatedly fail or disappoint me, I simply cut them off. It would be nice to have some casual friends to hang out with, but I literally know of no one in real-life here that I can speak honestly to. I'm not going to play footsie with the blind, race-denying DWL mothers at Christian schools any longer (you know, the ones who insist they're pulling their kids from the increasingly diverse Christian school because it doesn't have a large enough extra-curricular sports program, not because they're worried about new "student" Jayvon eyeing their daughter). I'm not going to chat about the latest movie (which I haven't seen) or the latest book they read which Oprah recommended (I've never watched the obese negress and I read - all the time - what I choose).

My husband and I discuss reality all the time, but we each yearn for others to share downtime with. Others, however, who are aware of what we are aware of, who read some of the same blogs and won't flinch at race-realism and who also worry openly about their children's futures. Instead, I'm adrift in a multicultural sewer, with blind, deaf, and dumb DWLs scattered about.

I'm not some teen living in my parents' basement - I'm going to be 56 in a few months. I've worked all sorts of jobs, from minimum wage to professional diplomat. I've traveled the world. I've shared all sorts of experiences with all sorts of men and women. And yet, I cannot now think of even one person I can speak honestly with except for my own husband. Sad? Depressing? Enraging? All of the above. Like you, I'm just trying to survive. I'm not trying to "convert" others or open the eyes of the willfully blind - best of luck to those who still have the zeal and believe what they're doing makes a difference, but I don't see it. I'm trying to ensure my family's survival. I acknowledge no other responsibilities any longer.


What's the tipping point?

Well, what is the tipping point for Syphilis?

What is the tipping point for AIDS? Or Ebola.

How about ONE. Yep, ONE black person is all you need since now you can't tell who is legally there, a visitor, or the spear point (pun intended) of an invasion.

This is the reason for africans being put into Sweden, Norway and all White homelands. They are called "refugees". So, now, when you see a few on the streets, you feel they are part of the refugee colony rather than the illegals being sent to your homeland of Sweden without your knowledge nor consent. They are being smuggled in by you know who......

Now, over time, this "refugee" population seems to grow and in 10 years you are now swamped with africans, most being illegal that came in under shelter of the refugees. But your defenses were taken away.

See how they do it? If we had laws in all White nations that ONLY WHITES may be there, then any single one negro walking down the street has NO BUSINESS being there and is immediately arrested and deported immediately.

This is why we can't have ANY non-Whites. None. We can have one trading port where about 1/4 sq.mile can be for dealing with the world, but absolutely no non-White can enter the nation itself. This is what Japan did to protect themselves from the stinking traders. They had trading ports and that is what we must do if we are to survive and not be exterminated.

Anonymous said...

In reading articles about Ferguson, Missouri, it's obvious the multicult Crystal Methodist crowd is at it again.
The poor groids would be more civilized if only they were integrated into all the white communities and made to feel welcome and their children could attend those fancy white schools. Everything is all the fault of evil white racists who are "balkanizing" St. Louis, keeping the groids down and causing the groids to feel rage as a result.
Oh! Those poor groids!
I'm really at the point where I don't care anymore and would give a multicult retard a blistering cussing out if I heard them spewing such rubbish in person. It wouldn't change anything just as having a "calm discussion" with them wouldn't either. Supplying them with statistics and all the relevant info proving them wrong/delusional would have no effect whatsoever except provoking them to scream "racist!"
Sometimes, the urge simply to punch one of these retards in the face and knock them on their stupid ass is almost overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

(I was going to say "off topic", but I guess this is always on topic. SMH)

1. Out of control black violence? Check.

2. Big meeting to "Stop the Violence!"? Check.

3. Room full of negroes? Check.

4. Local TV station present? Check.

5. Matching t-shirts? Check.

6. Local police officials in attendance? Check.

7. Black minister(s) present addressing the gathering? Check.

8. At least two dozen morbidly obese and/or freakishly colored (purple, red, platinum blond, etc.) hair negresses nodding their heads? Check.

9. Taking place in a church basement or Community Center? Check.

10. Absolutely nothing actually being done about the savage violence in their (our old) neighborhood? Check.

It's the same story over and over and over. They're like animals. It's a cargo cult. They see other races of people put on clothes and have meetings and solve problems. But they can't seem to ever get past the put on clothes and make noise with your mouth at a meeting step of the process. They don't appear to actually have any idea whatsoever about what to do next. It's just big talk, lots of noise and matching t-shirts. As though this mysterious violence ghost that bedevils them day and night will hear their chants and quit haunting them. It might be the most primitive ritual that we see in America. It must be tens of thousands of years old. And I don't know where they ever got the idea that their nonsensical machinations will work, because it's the exact same (down to the tiniest minutiae) rain dance that happens in formerly white neighborhoods all across America all the time. And it never works.

It's like the free water mentality in Detroit. Or the africans sitting in the desert starving. Or the affirmative action jobs or college slots. They just think it's a big, magical mystery that other races have somehow figured out, and they just need to chant harder and have more meetings and wear clothes and jabber more nonsense and their problem will go away. I'm incredulous at their inability to grasp even the simplest concept of cause and effect.


Anonymous said...

Hello everyone. I unfortunately am a black male. At this point I wish I could officially denounce my race. I am sick and tired of the way the black community acts with the viloence, out of wedlock births, drugs, laziness and lack of respect for anything.

I am sick of being ridiculed for being conservative and not following the same old black rethoric. I am sick of getting harassed for not listeting to rap, liking tyler perry or BET.

I am sick of getting shit for defending law enforcement and not supporting the "black community" no matter what the facts or situation is!

I am just SICK AND FED UP!!!

I respect this site because it writes about facts and truths. Most black people dont like facts or the truth. I dont expect anyone to like me here but I wanted to write this anyway.

Anonymous said...

You nailed it Rebel!

Anonymous said...

I have family that has actually evolved toward the stance of "we're all the same." It's unbelievable

I consider this one of the bigger problems.

Forget the libs since it is a religion for them. The real problem is with mainstream whites that have been duped into believing that race doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes, the urge simply to punch one of these retards in the face and knock them on their stupid ass is almost overwhelming."

I'd rather leave that to a mob of black kids. Inevitably, the DWL will wander obliviously past a pack of blacks and the blacks will make them pay for their cluelessness.

Plus, it is still a crime to assault people if you're white in this country. If you're black, you can go and assault cops and still be considered an innocent victim.

Anonymous said...


The bottom line here is "Who the hell want's black people for neighbors"?

Obviously Not Whites.

Also apparently, not nogs either. The nogs are so bad they don't want to live near other nogs either.

I can't blame them, they all suck.

non-DWL from NE

10mm AUTO said...

Rebel is right on, leaving out only the intense White hatred. As one black has written, "If you woke up every morning screaming "I hate Niggers!" over and over again, it would be only a small amount of hate compared to what the black man feels." Let that roll over in your minds a bit. Now read this:

We keep trying to Reason with them, asking them to do the honorable thing, and it keeps bouncing off because "Honor" holds no meaning to them, other than perhaps loyalty to the tribe or gang.

Their is a story going around about 4 Soviet Diplomats that were captured by the Jihadies back in the early 1980's. The Soviets opened negotiations to get their people back, but after a few weeks one of them turned up dead with a bullet in the back of the head. At that point the Soviets turned the matter over to the KGB. The KGB tracked down a relative of the Jihadi leader and castrated him and sent the parts to the Jihadi leader saying that after they had castrated him, they buried him in pig guts. The other three were released immediately and the Jahadi Leader APOLOGIZED!

Then their is the case of Vlad the Impaler, who upon learning that their was a Muslim army that was going to march through his land drove large steel hooks through the bodies of the reconnaissance company that had already entered his land (some 2000 in all) and hung them from the trees and invited the leader of the Army to a picnic in the midst of the groaning, suffering men. So appalled were the leaders that they never went through the land for 300 years and stories of Vlad became the base material for the Dracula stories (Vlad was of the house "Dracu" or Dragon).

Want peace from the negro? Shoot two males from the family of the attacker for every White man that is killed. Kill 3 males for every White woman. Kill 5 males for every White little girl raped and murdered and left in a hole to die. Roman Law of Decimation.

Whites will never be safe till the negro FEARS to touch a White. This is the lesson of the Movie "Death Wish to the lessons of History. If you are a weakling race, you are taken down. It does not matter how enlightened you are or how compassionate, you are selected for genocide by those around you. Right now negros regard targeting Whites as a sport and amusement and the possibility of winning the Ghetto Lottery, while their "leaders" blame us for every one of their failings, stoking the hate. We can fight for our right to live; 'Or fall into Darkness, with all that is left of your Kin.'

Bogolyubski said...

How do we address this situation from here? Who can lead a movement? Perhaps it starts with everyone contributing $$ to Office Wilson's Go Fund Me account. Whatever, there has to be to be a reverse MLK to spark the fire out there but how that happens is hard to say. Many of us have kids, bills, enormous obligations.

The question remains...what is next?

Yes, please contribute to Wilson. That's something even the clueless and dimly aware can do. It also might help one man being railroaded by BRA. Beyond this, stop buying into BRA. Get rid of your TV, do not purchase anything from enemies or businesses owned by them. Part of our problem is that we have not yet learned to identify enemies effectively. All institutions over a certain size - business, law, media, finance, academia, military and police - are under enemy control. Organized Christianity is part the enemy.

Enemies should never be supported in any way. Don't even spit on them if they're in flames. They should be undermined at every opportunity, never aided, unless such 'aid' can be used as a weapon to further their destruction. Ultimately, if our numbers grow sufficiently, stop paying the beast altogether - a massive tax strike. Just like Ann Barnhardt, times millions. Tens of millions stopping payments to the Banana Empire will precipitate its collapse, which is what is needed more than anything. The BRA regime is a far greater and deadlier threat to our existence than ISIS, China, or any other country. It is not reformable and it cannot be voted out of office.

Anonymous said...

The Shelley house in St.Louis looks like a fascinating place to visit, I can't wait to go there on vacation. I wonder, Hmmmmm, has it become a nog bed & breakfast by now for the throngs of DWLs who want to visit that "landmark" ? Since there isn't a line of cars waiting to park there I assume parking is about a mile away and it's necessary to take a tour bus to the house, too many people visiting all the time.

OT but interesting. Scott Brown is running for Senate in NH against a typical Democrat. ALL the commercials that I have seen pound home one and only one theme, anti-immigration. Admittedly I don't watch much TV but it's interesting that he is pounding home that his opponent is pro illegal alien (there are no illegal immigrants, zero, it's a logical impossibility) day after day. By no means am I claiming that he is sincere or wouldn't stab the country in the back if elected, he is a Republican after all but in an area perceived as all DWL there is much more opposition to the left wing establishment recently than even a few years ago. The college professor crowd and professional DWLs still proclaim the party line but their numbers have fallen dramatically. Keep your eye on this race in November.

That said I understand voting cannot fix the mess ths country is in, if this coountry can even be fixed at all which is doubtful at best.

To quote a famous scholar on this site: "Where there's White there's hope."

no-DWL from NE,
Thank you for paying attention.

Bogolyubski said...

blackrobe decrees vouchers unconstitutional.

I'm not sure if this a good thing or bad thing. Many of us would agree that we need to remove our children from public schools because of the governmental brainwashing of their young minds. And it would be nice to be able to redirect the tax money that would have been spent to “educate” a child in a public school to pay the tuition for a private school. However, in NC this has been found to be an unconstitutional expenditure of taxpayer money.

It's actually a good thing. It's an example of a DWL blackrobe's knee-jerk self-hatred working for YT in the intermediate term. The voucher scheme - so beloved of moronic "Christians" - would have been rapidly weaponized against some of the few remaining private schools that don't preach the Crystal Methodist gospel. Most private schuls are under enemy control anyway - especially the "Christian" ones (Galatians 3:28 being the new gospel which trumps 2000 years of previous teaching, even with "traditionalist" Catholics and Orthodox churches in the Banana Empire).

Vox Day (one of the very few Christians I have any respect for) stated it most succinctly: Home School of Die.

Anonymous said...

Passing laws or lobbying for them will not work. How can you think for one second that you can beg and plead to your oppressors to help you? When there ultimate goal ia that you do not exist anymore. Get real.

Anonymous said...

How can one even react when this site and others rufuse to allow comment calling the enemy by name? Instead of these goofy three letter hidden codes. Its ridiculous

Bogolyubski said...


Your posts are always welcome here. You've been great when I've seen you over at Vox's place too. 10MM Auto is correct. We really do need a country - a homeland - a place where we can have some down time.

I sometimes wonder about the possibility of this if enough of the remnant quietly relocated to Alaska as things degenerated to a sufficient point in the Banana Empire that a secession movement - backed up by an alliance with a fully nuke equipped country that Tina Fey could see from her kitchen window - could achieve the goal. As I stated in my previous post, we first must be able to identify the enemy. Vox's whole affair with the SFWA witch-hunt (he was banned for rayciss) has been very interesting to watch in this respect. His own response has been even more interesting - and is looks to be very promising. The pinkshirts need to be marked, no matter how "reasonable", "Christian", or "conservative" they describe themselves to be.

Crystal Methodism is an enormously toxic mixture of religion and contagious disease. We need means of filtering out and isolating those infected with it. They operate ceaselessly - being paid by the folks connected to those who get to add zeros to their accounts (few seem to comprehend the tremendous power of that particular weapon) - to troll here and at Vox's place.

Anonymous said...

Avoid the groid. I realize it is impossible in the fading bankster banana republik world laughingstock BRA to avoid them 100%, especially on the 1st and 15th at the local Sack N Save but do all you can to stay groid free.

Anonymous said...

Always good to hear from You sir. Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Why do white people leave?

loud rap music at 2am
domestic fights, violence, gunfire
screaming, filthy, unsupervised children
shitty rent-to-own cars all over the street
they don't work, loiter all day
they can't get their 1,000lbs of weekly trash out on time
loud 2am phone conversations while pacing sidewalk
trash dumping
animal abuse and neglect
sheets and towels as curtains
black trespassing and theft
no respect for private property
they are territorial like animals
greasy bacon smell 24/7
huge parties, visiting relatives, 24/7
fireworks from May-August
hair-greasing sessions on the front porch
electric/cable/water shutoffs every other month
sleep until noon, party all night
rats, roaches, mice, fleas

and plenty more. We can't live together.

Anonymous said...

It goes without saying that we're seeing this primitive african cargo cult on the biggest stage in world history right now. With the exact same results africans always get. Disaster.

Obama has no more idea about economics, international relations, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation or anything else having to do with leading a nation than any of those idiots at the Stop the Violence meetings have about what to do about violence in their (formerly our) neighborhoods. They all just want to stand up and be important, be on TV, look good doing it (obama in an expensive suit, neighborhood negroes in matching t-shirts) and wait for the results that other races get when they have a meeting. Or are in charge of something. Or get to be the boss. But, in reality, they have no idea how any of it works. As a result, everything just devolves into hopelessness. And they have no idea why their talking isn't producing the results they want. So they immediately start looking for someone to blame. Racism is the low-hanging fruit. There's always the white bogeyman to explain their failure.

Obama's simply displaying this ordinary black dysfunction on a global stage. But, if you look at it in terms of everything else they do, it becomes very easy to understand. And the results of everything he touches is predictable.

Think about black "leadership" anywhere in America. Or anywhere in the world, for that matter. As long as they are personally revered by other blacks and well-dressed, black leaders counldn't care less if their citizens are poverty-stricken, if the place they're supposed to govern is strewn with trash, if crime is rampant. As long as they're HNIC, they don't care if it all burns. They'll just be HNIC of the burn pile. That was Coleman Young in Detroit. That was [your local negro "leader"] in [anyplace on Earth]. And that is exactly the relationship of obama to America.

He can dress in the most expensive suits and use the biggest words his handlers can write for him. But he is what he is. And chaos follows them. The congo, jamaica, detroit, America. It's all the same when they take over. Because they have no idea about cause and effect. And thinking is hard. And being HNIC is the most important plum of the job. So after that, nothing really matters.


Anonymous said...

If every White enployed person quit paying taxes tomorrow and did not pay for a year nothing would change a bit for the nog.The government just prints more money.Easier yet,they add a few zeros to the right column on the bottom of the ledger,shuffle a few numbers around,and presto ! The government may close all national parks,but they will never shut down food stamps,section ape,afdc,etc.They will not cut foreign aid to our enemies.About the only thing that will happen is that the services that Whites use will be cut.Starving the beast would work in a sane world that had transparent,honest accounting,tax collections,spending,and so forth.The shell-game going on now cannot be starved .Voting or writing to a politician is pointless.


I enjoy reducing a concept down to the simplest explanation as possible. I've spent 44 years of my life reducing "happiness" down to an actual mathematical equation. It involves the same concepts of the equilibrium equations for a soluble molecule in a saturated solution. Think of NaCl in a saturated solution. As you change pressure and temperature ("life" over time) Na+ and Cl- go into and out of solution and maintains equilibrium (happiness) depending on these states of the solution, which are external factors (life, again).

...........(CENTURION, what the fuck does this have to do with us being racists pigs?)...........

Patience, I'm getting there.

It dawned on me that the DWL and negroes may have a valid reason for blaming us Whites for everything "wrong" with the negro pet. It may be more simple than we all think since WE think in complex concepts but the negro pet, and their owners, the DWL, think and feel in simple concepts. So here is the theory:

IF Whites did not exist, there would be nothing to shame the negro or for the negro to be compared to. Our existence makes them look bad so if our existence ended, the problem would not exist for them nor the DWL.

They don't regard us as a standard to admire. We make them look bad. BUT, if you regard the negro as the standard of existence, then our presence IS the problem. Eliminate the White Race and you eliminate the cause, in their minds.

Makes sense in a way. Unwed mothers, unknown fathers.....compared to hard work, planning, love.....well, these are all mostly White traits and if there were no Whites, then nobody would be the wiser.

It wasn't until the White man colonized Africa that there were obvious problems. Until the White man showed up the negro lived as he had for 100,000+ years and felt no reason to change (equilibrium). How do we know this? The negro did not change for 100,000+ years after the "white" sub-species left Africa.

We have upset their equilibrium (happiness) and for them to get back to it (reduce the pressure and temperature of White life-style) they need to get rid of us (the external factor). The DWL game wardens are just trying to help their pets get back to their natural state (equilibrium) which had no Whites about.

So, yes, we Whites are the problem. Thank you, class, and there will be a test on this Friday.

Anonymous said...


"In 2010 Ferguson was 29.3 percent white and 67.4 percent black"

I predict

In 2020 Ferguson will be 15% white
and 85% black.

Anonymous said...

Hey PK. Did I do something wrong? If it was "HNIC", I prsumed that was okay since that was how Coleman Young referred to himself.

Sorry if I stepped over any lines. -Rebel

Anonymous said...

'It wasn't until the White man colonized Africa that there were obvious problems. Until the White man showed up the negro lived as he had for 100,000+ years and felt no reason to change (equilibrium). How do we know this? The negro did not change for 100,000+ years after the "white" sub-species left Africa.'

Yes, if not for inputs from [advanced] civilizations [White and Yellow] Africa would be moving ahead at snails pace.

People, do you know how much $ and charity Whites have put into Africa.

D-FENS said...

Re: Vouchers - Vouchers will never come without strings attached, like highway funds. They are a Trojan horse that will destroy private education by driving up the price (like colleges) and force private schools to accept undesirables.

Annie Oakley said...


My husband is the only one I can talk to. I do have another dear friend but she is 3 day drive away from me.

I refuse to go to church around here. The next time some kwan asks me to attend their church I'm going to flat out ask if they give money to groids or other orcs from Mehico.

A local Mexican restaurant here received a paltry 75 rating on the health department rating. It's only a matter of time before they're shut down. No one is going into their restaurant either.

Another fast food place we used to like on occasions has hired 2 more groids. We're done with that place. When we dine out it will be to a ma and pa place that hires only their white families OR white help.

I have family near the riots. I haven't called them yet. My aunt is a deluded white woman. If she makes one excuse for the Cigar Bandit there will be a screaming match on the phone and I'm not ready for that.

Good news here: Went to a local event and met some whites in the area who are local businessman and women. They're fully aware of the Ferguson issue and know exactly why it's happening.

There is a Private Closed Facebook group that is sort of a craiglist group. They buy sell, list garage sales and have job openings, real estate listings and other items. They have strict rules. You have to prove you live in the area to get invited in. No anonymous people and it's all white. The moderator of the site meets you in person, so you have to be local.

There are ways of beating them at their own game. I believe whites are winning and blacks will be on their own.

Any decent black should give up on 99% of their race and move to either a different country or carve out sort of a Black Galt's Gulch for decent black folks.

Anonymous said...

This occurs in expensive neighborhoods as well in regards to asians (though the tipping point is a lot higher). Check out articles written in the last few years about places like Cupertino, San Gabriel Valley, San Marino (really high end area).

Anonymous said...

Would be nice but it will never be reality. No one has any balls anymore.

Shefali said...

This is an interesting site.

I make a distinction between individuals and groups. Also, there are differences within groups. For example, I have mostly white friends. A few of them are self-described "rednecks".

They tell me straight up that they hate "niggers" just like they hate "white trash", but one of them was recently married and he had a black man as part of his wedding party. So even in the rural South (where I currently live) a "redneck" cop distinguishes an individual from the group. He can be friends with a black man but he hates "niggers".

I have known blacks who are exceptional people, but I will avoid a "black" area. Racially, as a group, blacks are more dangerous. This is just a fact.

If the US became segregated I'd have no problems living in an Asian neighborhood. The crime rates would be low.

I remember when I lived in NYC, none of my friends had a problem going into Chinatown or Little Italy or the Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn or the Indian neighborhoods in Queens. But everyone avoided the black neighborhoods. There was no reason to go, either, because there were no cool shops or restaurants, etc. Just lots of unemployed men on the corner.

Shefali said...

Re. race and IQ:

Worldwide, higher IQ populations are declining relative to lower IQ populations.

Whites used to make up about 20% of the world's population. Now they only make about 9%. What makes this even worse - the high IQ whites tend to have less children than the lower IQ whites.

The Chinese, who are high IQ, have had a one child policy for a while so their numbers will be declining. In India (where my parents are from) the upper castes are high IQ and the lower castes are low IQ - but the higher castes have less children.

My ancestors are Brahmins and the Brahmin average IQ is about 115-120. My maternal grandparents had 4 kids, paternal grandparents had 5, yet my parents only had 2 children, same with aunts and uncles, etc. In my generation - average is less than 2 kids because many decided not to have children or only have 1. I am sure the same story is repeated among high IQ populations throughout the world.

Once upon a time, high IQ people had more children. The Black Death in Europe killed far more poor (and therefore probably lower IQ) people than rich (and probably high IQ).

One theory for the Renaissance - which was an incredible flower of European creativity and intellect - was that the Black Death gave birth to the Renaissance by tilting the IQ upwards and also forcing the rich to pay more for labor, allowing the remaining population to be better fed due to less competition for resources, etc.

This is just a theory, but it seems to make some sense.

Nowadays, though, poor, low IQ groups are subsidized by richer, high IQ groups and actually numerically are increasing at greater rates.

Is this a good thing? I have some grave doubts, myself. One small thing that could be done that might actually make sense - make depo Provera shots a requirement of getting welfare. But that would be very un-PC.

Another thing that is a cause for concern - once upon a time, poorer groups tried to elevate themselves by imitating richer groups. Now, rich people try to imitate the "culture" of the most dysfunctional, low IQ groups. Thus "nurture" added to nature makes things even worse.

Anonymous said...

Bah, too many doomsday comments today.

You guys seem to forget that the truth is not on their side.

It's not even close.

The MSM has resorted to lionizing a street thug.

That's what they have to work with.

With trillions spent on Wic, head start, ebt, public education....the best they have to work with is a thug who strong armed a clerk for some cigars.

That's the black guy they are putting on TV in 2014. A street thug. Now cue the soundbytes from the mulattos.

It's just downright pathetic. Decades of effort and they have to spin a street thug story.

Anonymous said...

Shefali said ”. . . Whites used to make up about 20% of the world's population. Now they only make about 9%. What makes this even worse - the high IQ whites tend to have less children than the lower IQ whites. . . “

This confirms my suspicions that the world is becoming dumber.

Anonymous said...

Blacks - the Ebola of neighborhoods.

White Cornerback said...

30%? NO way. I would be out of there at 10-15% TOPS if it were a town or suburb! Because that 10%-15% skyrockets to 40% in NO time. Once they get wind of an area blacks are in that still has whites, they always pour in fast and whites pour out fast.

Whites play the circle jerk game. Blacks come in, whites leave. Then blacks follow and then whites either go further out or do a U turn and head back to the original place. But as the white population keeps going down, there are only so many turns left whitey. Only a massive change in immigration policy back to 300 thousand legal immigrants a year, an end to the massive racial discrimination against white immigrants in terms of coming here and sealing the border shut can have some positive affect. Run whitey run. You can only run so much!

I hope Rand Paul does not think this is "scary" talk. Imagine that white fool thinking he can talk to 1,000 black and brown people and feeling he can win them over? All that BS is done away with when a democrat steps up and says : You have been discriminated against and you need more gov't help.. Rand paul? You are DONE. Take your libertarian BULL back to a white place.