Wednesday, May 18, 2016

83% Black Detroit Labeled as One of Two U.S. Cities to "Never Visit Alone." The Other? 65% Black Memphis

As of 2010, Detroit is an 83 percent black city. In fact, it's roughly seven percent white, when it was nearly 90 percent in 1950.

But the past is just that: the past.

Today, Detroit is now one of two American cities with a majority black population The Active Times has deemed to classify as a city to "Never Visit Alone." [Detroit listed as a city to "Never visit alone", Fox 2 Detroit, May 17, 2016]:
Would you categorize Detroit as being one of the most deadly cities in the country? What about the entire world?
The Active Times just named the city as the second of five you should (and we're quoting, here) "never visit alone" based on the city's crime rate.

The list was built in response to a similar list about the most incredible trips for solo travelers and it comes with this warning (emphasis ours):
If you dare to travel to these cities, make sure you are with someone else. It’s always better to have two sets of eyes looking out. This offers increased safety and protection against the unknown.
As The Active Times explores the most dangerous cities to travel alone, it listed Mexico City as being number one based on kidnapping, robberies and assaults. In fact, it went so far as stating that the "U.S. Department of State issued a warning about traveling to certain places in Mexico due to threats and safety."
Number two on the list? Detroit.
The Active Times writes "Although Detroit is trying to make a comeback; it is still considered one of the most dangerous cities. Robberies, sexual assaults, murders, break-ins and drugs are controlling the streets."
From there, they cited stats from one precinct in Detroit where homicides went from 52 in 2012, 43 in 2013, 44 in 2014, and 46 in 2015. There are 12 precincts in Detroit and homicides were all from the 9th precinct.
Then the list moved on. Also on the list are Lima, Peru, and New Delhi, India, with Memphis, Tennessee rounding out the five cities.
 83 percent black Detroit and 65 percent black Memphis, two of the world's most dangerous cities...

If nothing changes and our current anti-white paradigm persists, all of America will soon be labeled by what's left of the civilized as a landmass to never visit alone.

What would you rate as the top five worst U.S. cities to never visit alone?


Anonymous said...

Visit Detroit alone? Hell, I wouldn't visit it with the entire Green Bay Packer team. Why would I? Nothing to see, and I live 50 miles from it. Haven't been there since 2006. I can't watch the local newscasts. The optics are so disturbing and disgusting. Filth and destruction courtesy of the residents. I often wonder how long the reporters stand in the shower after covering a story from the city blacks bankrupted.

Anonymous said...

Chicago, Atlanta, Oakland ca., Philadelphia, and Newark. Have been to all except Oakland. That was before they became vibrant!

Anonymous said...

"This offers increased safety and protection against the unknown."

They are not "unknown", they are feral negroes.

"Robberies, sexual assaults, murders, break-ins and drugs are controlling the streets."

Ok, how many ways can we find to avoid saying "negroes"?

"Although Detroit is trying to make a comeback."

Turnin' its life rount. An aspiring civilization, goan be a first-world city one day as soon as they get a handle on the unknown. Truly baffling that thar unknown.

Lima, Peru = Third world
New Delhi, India = Third world
Memphis & Detroilet = Hmmmmm.....they are in excellent company.

I don't venture out at night because of the known.

Anonymous said...

"There are 12 precincts in Detroit and homicides were all from the 9th precinct."

Sounds like the 9th is the epicenter of the unknown.

Anonymous said...

But diversity is our strength and don't any of you fucking forget it.

With 83% diversity Detroilet should be one helluva strong city....perhaps they mean smelly.

"Our strong smell is our diversity"

Anonymous said...

Their reign of terror will end. This is just one more blip in the time line of man.

Anonymous said...

It gets frustrating sometimes. I used some google-fu to pull up some stats and depending on the source, there are some surprise entries on the lists, as well as some very suspicious absences. The surprises? One list mentioned Anchorage, Alaska. Another list included Jackson, Tennessee. The Orlando Metro area made an appearance as as well.

Consistent showings by Detroit, (with the bonus pack of Saginaw and Flint) Alexandria, Louisiana, St. Louis, Memphis and the Little Rock Metro area. Oakland, Camden, NJ, and the Stockton and Redding areas of Kali made some of the lists. Indy received an honorable mention.

Suspicious no-shows: Atlanta, Baltimore, NYC, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Chicago. Really? Chitcago didn't even make ONE of the lists? A town with 1,332 shootings for the YTD? (Last I checked). 1332 shootings with almost 240 stiffs so far this year? With a completely demoralized and marginalized PD, currently going through yet ANOTHER scandal involving cheating on promotional exams?

Avoid these five and stay alive:

5) Indianapolis

4) St. Louis

3) Memphis

2) New Orleans

1) Chicago

Anonymous said...

Here is the list I found- gee, what do they all have in common?

St. Louis
Kansas City

Hmmm, wonder why Portland and Seattle didn't make this list?

My bets?


Detroit is the standard bearer, but Chicago is giving them a run for their money. The Somalis in Milwaukee give it a fighting chance, but Baltimore still has the Freddy Gray show trial that Mosby completely botched. This is the last summer that Bantus are going to be able to riot, assault, and loot without fear of consequence- since Trump is already ahead/neck and neck with Clinton she is royally screwed. Thanks BLM! Couldn't have done it without you!

Anonymous said...

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Detroit Refugee said...

East & West Side neighborhoods are extremely deadly. Any gas station after dark is a No Go Zone as well. Casinos are stalking grounds for male "youths" & "teens" now, and YT suburbanites are followed home if someone sees them cashing out a decent sized winning.
To be honest I wouldn't head up to the D unless it was a must see concert. And then, it's 3-4 guys or stay home.

Anonymous said...

If you dare to travel to these cities, make sure you are with someone else. It’s always better to have two sets of eyes looking out. This offers increased safety and protection against the unknown.

Steven said...

My parents are off of the boat from Jordan. I am first generation in America and am truly grateful for that. What makes it great is that I do not look ethnic at all. I look more Italian than anything. That all means I am privy to discussions that most people wont have because I look/sound/act/ like I am white. I even work like a white guy. I own an engineering firm.

That said I was born in Detroit proper and lived in and around the city for 40 years.

It is truly hell in the USofA. As a kid I used to sit around and listen to the older generations that grew up in the "Paris of the Midwest". Detroit was world renowned. So many theaters the shopping, the homes, the opulence and then the dindu moved in.

Not a soul that is above 55 has anything good to say about "Detroiters" except for the most hardcore leftists. 8 Mile is like the border between North and South Korea. Think DMZ.

Listening to the news you would think that it is all because of White Flight from the city. Never has any darkness taken any credit for the slum it is turned in to. The powers that be even tried to bring in rich and powerful black businessmen to head up the city but it never worked.

Now it has several rich white guys dumping hundreds of millions in to the city and it is now only becoming a little better.

The shiv in the back... Rents have gone up to 2nd world rates in a big city. Not even 1st world rates and of course the fag-ass/dipsters/swaggers/progressives/leftoid/welfare collecting/artist wanna be/no good musicians/low lifes are complaining about the gentrification and costs going up.

They want investment but not the investors. They want handouts but not those that would be thee giving them a hand "up".

If you are ever interested I have countless stories of ghetto hell.

Californian said...

Robberies, sexual assaults, murders, break-ins and drugs are controlling the streets."

Ah, I now see what causes "streets to go wrong:" it's those robberies, sexual assaults, murders, break-ins and drugs which control the streets and cause shots to ring out.

It is a symptom of how Americans (mostly) do not want to confront the reality of race that we end up with the assumption that crime exists as an amorphous chthonian entity as opposed to being the product of a certain demographic. And who is it that composes 83% of the Detroit demographic?

Oh yes, one must talk about that in polite company.

PB said...

"Robberies, sexual assaults, murders, break-ins and drugs are controlling the streets."

No wonder those evil streets claim so many innocent Dindus.

Anonymous said...

Well going to Detroit is cheaper than going to Africa, you can understand what the negroe primates are saying as your attacked. (What human in their right mind would want to visit a city thats nearly 100% negroe)?

Anonymous said...

Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Gary, the entire state of many others.

Anonymous said...

Even with a friend or two (or three) you shouldn't visit nigger-rich cities as they will attack a group of Humans as well. All contact with nogs must be completely avoided; you have to preserve your health, life, and sanity. Avoid the groid.

ot: Enough with this 'Hamilton' hippity-hop musical worship! F*ck those muds trying to show our White heroes as nogs and beaners! How about we do an animated movie of the MLK Jr story with him and his fellow nigs played by animated monkeys speaking Swedish? That cool and edgy enough for you?




I would wish that the murderer known as "The Lion of the Senate" Teddy Kennedy we're still alive to see this list. But then again knowing the murderer he would take pride in that list. Because of the likes of Teddy and crew this country turned into a 3rd. World Shit-Hole in less than 50 years. Not only has he caused the Latino invasion but he is also responsible for our African Horn murderers too. Gee they have a lot in common those two bye products of American liberalism. The Kennedy's and the lowly common negro have supported pro-growth of the African invasion. One with a pen and the other with the vagina.

When will the Memphis news headlines read....Elvis Presley Estate A.K.A Graceland has been completely looted of all of its valuables by the local youths/teens?


Lynn Munoz said...

Having worked there a LONG time, I would say Washington, DC, also known as "da capital."

Anonymous said...

Baltifilth should be on that list. Just don't come at all. Unless you have a death wish and simply can't do without the close proximity of feral negroes.

Anonymous said...

I drove past Memphis on the highway back in the late 1970s and was shocked at the shack ghettos I saw. And I lived in a city with a notorious high-rise ghetto and a few parts of town where whites weren't encouraged. But what we saw of Memphis we knew it was no place to stop, not for anything. And we badly wanted to stop because we'd planned to buy liquor there since the age was lower than our home state. When teens are smart enough to pass up legal liquor purchases, everybody else should be smart enough to stay away.

Now those people have had almost 40 years to breed/inbreed and the cops can't swing a baton upside their heads like they used to. I'd put them all back in those shacks, though, because that's all they're able to maintain and most are perfectly satisfied living that way. Just put a good barrier between them and us.

For Detroit, I'd march the dark occupiers out of every still salvageable area built by whites and let them create a shanty town somewhere else that is useless to white commerce - I'll leave it to sane, white Detroiters to decide where that would be. And don't forget the barrier.

Anonymous said...

Only surprised that not all 5 of the "never visit alone" cities aren't in the good ole U.S.A.
All those civil rights warriors of the 50's & 60's must be so proud.
You stabbed America in the back and now she's down on her knees.
A big F U to LBJ and the whole democrat party.


Anonymous said...

Personally experienced--

5. Charleston, SC around the old Navy base
4. Chicago, IL outside of the touristy areas
3. Anyplace in Memphis, TN. It's the only place I have ever seen billboards telling ghetto residents to not throw unwanted infants in the garbage.
2. St. Louis, MO and its surrounding wastelands (North and East St. Louis)
1. Anyplace that is directly outside of a US military base in the United States. On most US military posts I have been on I was specifically forbidden from walking off-base unless it was to use public transport to leave the immediate area.

Anonymous said...

Having to deal with negros and their ability to destroy everything is the equivalent of having to adopt a feral animal to take care of. The government will continue to RAM these savages down our throats until whites the few of us left with rational thought stand up and do something to change the course. As I type this from my office a lowly negro whistles and beats on his desk in an uncontrollable African fashion. The negro is an animal and should be treated as such. Lock and load.

Paintjob Theory said...

The bigger question is why would someone want to visit a place with majority third world population at all, alone or accompanied by a company of special forces? Absolutely nothing even remotely positive will come of any contact with any black African ever.

Up here in whiteopia our little town had a murder back in the early 90's and people still talk about it. The circumstances were some dipshit was banging a cop's wife and wound up found dead with no suspects and police investigation turned up no clues. Most of us chalk this one up to suicide.

In sharp contrast, Baltimore (which didn't even make this list) had 3 or 4 shootings yesterday and those will be off the front page when tonight's body count is tallied up tomorrow morning. Africans are not fit for civilization. They do not belong here and their constant sullen, befuddled expressions punctuated by spontaneous fits of rage is testament to this.

Where thar' be Africans thar' be Africa.

mikej said...

Every city in the world that has a large non-European population is dangerous. I try to avoid going anywhere my Texas handgun license isn't honored. By the way, the Active Times also lists Birmingham, AL, St. Louis, MO, and Oakland, CA.

Proudyt said...

This sucks ! Looks like I'm gonna have to cancel that vacation I was planning to Detroit with my beautiful blonde wife and children ! Disneyland will have to do.

Anonymous said...

Detroit is a safari park. Drive through with windows up.

ot. Paul, I would love to hear from you about your overall thoughts on how we emerge from this living nightmare that is watching the Black Undertow gradually destroy us and our country. Have you considered a post or book that is your manifesto? I would love to hear from you specific actions and steps that you think should be taken to help us survive.

Curious, will you say repatriation is the answer? Segregation?

You have thought long and hard about this problem for awhile now. What is your overall statement and suggested solution plan? Thanks.

From a longtime reader and commenter

Anonymous said...

Tragic article!

Our kids have been completely brainwashed by libs and nigs.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that Johannesburg, South Africa didn't make the list but I'm not surprised that Detroit and Memphis did. With the demographics and crime rates, both cities might as well be in South Africa. As is, I recall both cities have (or had) signs posted outside the city limits by the police saying for visitors to enter at their own risk as protection couldn't be guaranteed. Even so, it's no surprise- even small black neighborhoods tend to be the most dangerous place in any city or town much less an entire city that's predominantly black.

As far as blacks go, as someone once said, they're color coded for a reason. Like with snakes, no sense in trying to determine if one is a harmless black snake or a venomous cottonmouth. Best to keep your distance as, unlike snakes, blacks can transform from harmless to "venomous" in a split second.

Anonymous said...

St Louis/ East St Louis should have made the list.

Anonymous said...

My list of 5 US cities to never visit alone:

New Orleans

Of those 5, only two are worth the effort to save, IMHO. New Orleans, because of its history of jazz culture, and Detroit, where industry COULD make a raucous comeback, would be shining beacons of hope if black crime could be curtailed.

Anonymous said...

America could well be named the most dangerous country in the world if the pres continues resettling the population of Africa to the US.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Detroit! Always a joke. Nogs have destroyed it!!

And love this breaking news! Blacks have enslaved Whites for ages now. Its called Pimps and Hoes. Its going on right now. Worse than slavery hundreds of years ago. Make it a death penalty crime.

Butterscotch said...

Detroit is honestly my favorite American city. Do you know why? Detroit symbolizes the great lie gone wrong. Or right.

Detroit was once hailed as the example of American Might. Can do spirit, Churning out tanks and guns to defeat Germany and Japan in the world war, Booming through the 1950's.. Then it all went wrong. Gee, what could have gone wrong? The snibbel rights movement came. Blacks came. Detroit has gone consistently down hill since the 1960's.. Just like our country. Is there anything now, that isn't a joke?

Our national security is a joke.
Our military is a joke.
Our cities are crumbling, crime filled cesspits.

Everyone thinks we're a joke. Everybody. It's not just the russians and the chinese or whomever else laughing at how foolish, weak, and PC we've become.

We're done. Burnt Black, by Blacks.. I once bought into the lie of invincible America. We can rebound from anything, I thought. I truly thought we were the best.

The past ten years have been a tapestry of truth unfolding for me. I've become depressed and bitter over it, but I hold out hope for the future. The things we could achieve when we shed the dead weight and those who pinned it on us.

Things have to get a lot worse, before they can get better. This is only the beginning.

Anonymous said...

America could be named the most dangerous country in the world . . .

Don't you worry . . . The Social Justice League is on the case. They intend to import as many refugees from the Turd World as it takes to fundamentally transform America. C'mon, say it loud and say it proud:

"It's all part of the plan."

Anonymous said...

"Understand what the negroe primates are saying as you're attacked"? Watch any Live Leak video of ghetto brawls and tell me if you can make out more then 3 human words. Chinese rice farmers that have never seen a tv have a better grasp on the english language then most dindus who have lived in America for generations.

Sick n' Tired said...

The answer is yes, there are plenty of whites that have to many kids, are on welfare, don't care about maintaining their yards/lawns, and can't manage a dollar.

Anonymous said...

Houston boy, 11, brutally stabbed to death in random attack on his way home from school

Read more:

Anonymous said...

The local morning radio show , Dave and Chuck the Freak, brought up this list yesterday and they all talked about how unfair and wrong it was for Detroit to be on this list. Mind you, NONE of the people on the show live in Detroit. I've lived there, I saw drugs, assaults, prostitution, stolen property, illegal utility hook ups, even a couple guys that disappeared. None of these were ever reported to the police. Any crime stats they show are a drop in the bucket compared to what goes on daily in that shit hole.

Mutant Swarm said...

"Robberies, sexual assaults, murders, break-ins and drugs are controlling the streets."

Sorry, Chrysler, but this is one reason that I will never buy your product. Because your cars aren't the only thing "Imported From Detroit™."

Anonymous said...

Wakanda is more fantastical than Asgard, because we have no real proof there does not exist an extra-dimensional realm populated by godlike beings but we've got plenty of proof there's nothing like a technologically advanced civilization like Wakanda anywhere in Africa.

Anonymous said...

New Orleans

I put New Orleans first because it is a tourist city where you do a lot of walking.

I think if you actually chose to visit Detroit then you would be in cab most of the time, driving around looking at abandoned buildings.

Chicago isn't that bad as long as you stay out of the Congo. Just enjoy your pizza and try to ignore the fact that modern society is collapsing into chaos a few miles away.

Anonymous said...

Anyplace in Memphis, TN. It's the only place I have ever seen billboards telling ghetto residents to not throw unwanted infants in the garbage.

Memphis is also where the police put up a billboard that warned tourists about not being able to protect them.

It is also the city that kicked out First 48 for showing what happens there.

There is no reason to visit unless you like Jazz or Elvis. Nashville is a lot more interesting and you don't have to worry about getting mugged.

Anonymous said...

Our kids have been completely brainwashed by libs and nigs.


Well the comments are at least encouraging.

Unfortunately the schools are filled with teachers that either:
1. Actually believe the Marxist garbage they were taught in college and actually believe the inequality of results they constantly witness are caused by the environment.
2. Are skeptical of Marxism but resent society for not paying them 90k a year, or resent rational Whites that were correct about race as proven by the inequality of results they constantly witness.

Teachers that accept the reality of race and do not blame Whites for the "education gap" are rare.

Liberal racial realist and former teacher Robert Lindsay claimed that most teachers are well aware of race and it makes them resentful because it goes against everything they were told. It mocks their education classes and all the beliefs they acquired.

Another problem is that rational Whites are discouraged from teaching early on. I sat in on a freshmen ed course in a public hall and you would not believe the crap they were pushing. It was more like sitting in on a weird cult lecture. It was entirely anti-rational and all about feeling the conclusions. I wouldn't be able to take a week of it. A friend of mine went through the program but he wasn't the same afterwards. He didn't believe in PC but it still had an effect on him. It was like he felt that he had to adopt the culture of feelings on some level to fit in and get a job.

Anonymous said...

I live on the east coast of central FL, 1.9% nig, and yes, the cops pull you over DWB.

Anonymous said...

For the life of me, why did they stop with Robert?

Anonymous said...

One thing I'd like to see started in Destroit is a TV show based on the "Bait Car" premise, only this would be titled "Bait Guy". Instead of having an actual White guy walk down the weekly street of choice, it would be a lifelike hologram. Imagine, a hologram of a White guy in the deadly 9th precinct at 10pm, appearing to walk down the street. Hidden cameras show the local savages running out and slashing at the hologram, retreating, and other savages from across the street run over to try their luck. This ghostly apparition that cannot be harmed might make them think it's White man's juju at work. Shots are fired, knives are swung, chunks of concrete are thrown, all by Destroit's finest denizens. The sight of a White man brings out their genetically encoded tribal urge to kill, and it's captured live on TV. A full hour every week, going from neighborhood to neighborhood, showing the African in its true murderous form.

Anonymous said...

Be careful in Anaheim. Take the freeway to and from. Better yet, stay at the Disneyland Hotel. Anaheim is a Mexican ghetto. It's just as bad as any black city.

Anonymous said...

OT: The Koch brothers are using their millions of dollars to run former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson to run under the Libertarian Party.

The Koch brothers want to take votes away from Trump so Clinton will win the White House.

Anonymous said...

Of those 5, only two are worth the effort to save, IMHO. New Orleans, because of its history of jazz culture, and Detroit, where industry COULD make a raucous comeback, would be shining beacons of hope if black crime could be curtailed.

Detroit will make a comeback one way or another.

Worst case is that the system collapses on itself and the government can no longer write welfare checks with YT dollars. Africans will leave because they hate the cold and Uncle Sam will not be giving them fuel subsidies.

Detroit is in a strategic trading position and as such should be retaken from the destructive grasps of deluded egalitarians. Whether or not the skyscrapers will be saved really doesn't matter. There is less demand for skyscrapers now that so much office work is digital. Practically every city has excess office space. The whole city could burn as long as Whites could start over with a fort made out of logs and without meandering egalitarians. Whites started with a fort and built what was once called the Paris of the West. Let the egalitarians destroy what is left of Detroit. When this age of stupidity is over Whites will have further improved their building techniques and from the ashes will build a testament against the great lie that everyone is equal.

Anonymous said...

If the danger is from the "unknown" why would a second set of eyes help? When skreets rise up, shots ring out, unlit areas become deadly how, pray tell would a second set of eyes even know what to look for?

Californian said...

I would love to hear from you about your overall thoughts on how we emerge from this living nightmare that is watching the Black Undertow gradually destroy us and our country.

First and foremost, there needs to be a revolution in White racial consciousness. White people must see themselves as, well, white and having common racial interests. From that, all else will follow.

We might look at the White Man's Revolution which occurred first in the American South in the wake of segregation, then spread to the rest of the country. White people regained control of their own country. We did it before, we can do it again.

Curious, will you say repatriation is the answer? Segregation?

There are several solutions. Bear in mind that in the past, White people have been willing to take the most extreme measures to carve out and defend their living spaces. You had the deportation of American Indians to reservations, and the conquest of what was then northern Mexico. After World War II, the US, UK and USSR moved millions of Europeans from their homelands to enforce new political borders. And in the late 19th century, small European armies conquered most of Africa.

We did it before, we can do it again.

Some ideas:

End the dysgenic policies of the last 50 years. This means no more welfare state subsidizing the breeding of a large, low IQ dysfunctional underclass. Instead, the state would incentivize the growth of strong middle class (and presumably white) families.

Align with White peoples worldwide. Form alliances with besieged Whites from Johannesburg through Rotherham to Detroit. Any attack on one White is an attack on all Whites.

Teach racial realism in the schools.

Dismantle all black "studies" programs and other state-corporate subsidized centers for anti-white agitation.

Set up colonies to where black criminals will be deported for life upon committing transgressions. This will remove a sizable chunk of the demographic (and the most dangerous). Might also deport the stereotypical black welfare queen along with the criminals. And while we are at it, all DWLs can be invited to join their African brethren on the far frontiers be duly enriched.

End all assistance to black Africa and Caribbean. No more food aid, no more medical aid, no more NGOs digging wells, no more peacekeeping missions, and especially no more preaching the gospel of "equality" to the heathen. The black African population has been exploding thanks to the Western world subsidizing its breeding habits. The result has been the surplus "migrates" (i.e., invades) Europe and North America. Let Africans sink or swim on their own merits. Without White assistance, the black population will crash dive to sustainable levels.

If we want to get really extreme, partition the country. Perhaps work a deal between the USA and Canada to create a new Whites-Only country. Blacks get their own separate homeland with a nice border wall and minefield surrounding it.

Bill in St Louis said...

Why? A feel good/groid appeasment exercise that will only be bought (comic) by liberal whites, (since the obvious target market can't read) and seen in theaters for one weekend only, pulled after the "vibrant diversity" (code for "shots ringing out from movie theaters gone wrong" ).

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Wherever you have a large congregation of negroes, you are going to have violence. Consider that the unemployment rate for black men is somewhere between 30 and 50 percent. Just about every Fortune 500 company would love to hire a negro college graduate to fill the racial quota, but there just are not a whole bunch of negro males who have completed college. Fewer still can pass themselves off as anything other than the illiterates they are, even with a college diploma.

The many hours of the negro males unfilled days leave plenty of time for getting into mischief. Real and imagined slights are enough to make a negro ¨busta cap´n you a**, mudduh fuquah¨. Meanwhile, Shaneequa and LaQueefah busy they selves (sic) with trading they food stamp for drugs, alcohol, and weed. And that is after they spend a good deal of time popping out new niglets to populate their Section 8 spread. So it really shouldn´t be any wonder that the skreets be violent, gnome sane? The amazing thing is, places like Detroit are not even more violent and dysfunctional.

The common denominator in these cities is never mentioned, of course. Only that these once thriving metropolises were once teeming with white businesses which have now been decimated and ruined. Anything being offered for free is like an outdoor light drawing moths. To avoid the groid, you have to steer clear of any city that offers liberal welfare benefits.

The city of Detroit is teeming with negroes, despite the cold winters. A negro will put up with just about anything if he is secure in the knowledge he won´t have to pay for his own upkeep. Therefore, the solution is fairly simple and does not require too great an effort on the part of whites. Stop feeding them and they will soon vanish. We will hopefully get Trump into the oval office, at which point the ¨gibs¨ will be severely and permanently cut back or eliminated. Already in my area men under the age of 50 have to at least work part time or be enrolled in ¨skoo¨ in order to collect food stamps. It should be interesting to see if we save any money from this since this is the first year this has been implemented.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping this study shows some innocence rather than poor training run amuck. Granted, I graduated high school in the late 80's, so I had an earful, eyeful and life-full of BS about racial equality. I had the great fortune of being bussed to an elementary school in which the only other whites were on the bus I was shipped in on! It really was like being let loose in a zoo where it was obvious who the apes/animals were. As far as the differences in the races? YOU ARE reading this site, need I say more! ;)

These kids will learn, or be paid handsomely the wages of ignorance, be it birth or death!

rex freeway said...

A buddy of mine stopped in Memphis last week. He was alone but did his business, ate and got out before sundown. He commented that the Negroes there speak a nearly unintelligible ghetto speak. Even convenience store employees spoke english so terrible he had problems understanding them. Like me, he knows the way of the feral Negro and got out early. And didnt stop for 100 miles before he found a place to sleep. He told me Elvis would be broken at the way things have become.

Anonymous said...

Not all the young people are brainwashed. My wife is a teacher and she tells me there is rising awareness of the BLM, Ferguson, Baltimore riots. Kids from sixth grade on up are very concerned about Blacks and consider them dangerous. A huge number of young people in their 20s and 30s are die-hard socialists who are negrophiles, but the younger kids are much more race realist in their attitudes. My wife's class of 5th graders spoke freely about how Blacks attack people and burn things down. They didn't have hardly any PC sentiments; just told things like they were.

There is hope.

Anonymous said...

JAFRICA,MISSISSIPPI. Also known as Jackson. One murder per day average.

Anonymous said...

Woooo-hooo! GO-GO CHICAGO!!!

Over at, the Chicago shot clock is picking up steam!

Yesterday the clock was showing a shooting every 2 hours and 30 minutes, with a homiecide happening every 14 hours and 20 minutes. Clock now shows a shooting every 2:29 and a room temperature every 14:01. I'm thinking we might see the shot clock break the 2:00 mark over the Memorial Day weekend, and maybe the murder meter will peg out around 13:40, maybe even 13:30. Who needs Fantasy Leagues for pro sports when we can join the Fantasy Homiecide League?

Anonymous said...

I remember a great t-shirt back in the day. It was a picture of Mad Max(Road Warrior) with his sawed off shotgun which read....


See it with a friend.

I lived right across the Passaic River from that shi*hole, so it had special meaning.


Anonymous said...

i saw the other day.. either Veranda or Southern Living Mag running an article on 'hot southern cities'.. i think memphis was bandied about.... as a 'destination' .. eyeroll.... i think if someone were to visit on that mag's advice, and was injured.. they should sue.


Anonymous said...

Hell, I can name you five without leaving my own state!

1. Newark
2. Passaic
3. Camden
4. Trenton
5. Atlantic City


Pat Boyle said...

Let me just take a moment to mention that contrary to conventional wisdom Oakland California is a majority white city. Or more accurately Oakland has a white plurality. I haven't seen a black person for weeks. But I don't go down the hill to the black area very often.

There are black people in Oakland - I see them on the TV News. Most of the blacks are below 400 feet. Then there is a band of Hispanics and the whites are on top - just as it should be. Oops, am I being politically incorrect again?


Bird of Paradise said...

Open borders and diversity leads to genocide and mass murder of whites

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"If you dare to travel to these cities, make sure you are with someone else. It’s always better to have two sets of eyes looking out. This offers increased safety and protection against the unknown".

"The unknown": so this is the new code for shitskins? What's left in Groidtroit *to* visit? Yeah, there's a casino, but other -- nicer -- places also have casinos.

If you're gonna visit Groidtroit, it would be helpful to be on a first name basis with a SEAL team.

Pat Boyle said...

I'm not too worried about this new black super hero - The Black Panther. I think the whole Marvel comic book phenomenon may collapse under it's own weight soon. It's happened before.

In 1959 or so every movie was a Western. John Wayne was the biggest box office star most years and Warner Brothers was taking over television with it's hour long oaters. Those Warner Brothers show like "Sugarfoot" and "Cheyanne" were on in prime time every night of the week. One of them - "Maverick" was pretty good.

And then suddenly without warning all the Westerns just stopped. None of the major studios made Western feature length films anymore. We have had only about five good cowboy movies in the past half century.

I suspect that the Marvel franchises will soon collapse along with The Black Panther. Most of the super hero franchises don't last. For example Spiderman was good for the first two film but bombed with the third. They made a new Spiderman but he only lasted two movies too. Batman has been good for three movies several times. Superman too. Ironman only lasted for two full movies before he turned sour and couldn't carry a whole film alone.

Before my time in the golden days of Hollywood there were dozens of Hope and Crosby films, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire musicals, or Abbot and Costello films. Hollywood has always had continuing series. But the new Marvel series don't seem to last very long.

I liked Ant-man but I doubt if there will ever be another Thor or Green Lantern film. The idea for The Black Panther is clearly only being floated because of race. But the black version of "The Fantastic Four" was a box office disaster. Animated super hero movies are expensive. There is a little reliable black only branch of Hollywood that turns out films for the black audience but most of these films are inexpensive and star a small cadre of black actors who are usually only seen in black films. The Black Panther would have to compete in the general film market sector where it would need a big white and foreign audience. There was another black super hero movie that failed to find a white audience- Spawn. Most of the big blockbusters need to earn a lot of money abroad. But black themed movies seldom do well in Europe or Asia. If it gets made at all, I expect it to disappoint if not bomb.


Anonymous said...

"But don't come alone!" (is it implied that the experience is better shared?)

That's where America is at right now.

We can talk about everything but THE CAUSE of the problem, but we can never solve it just as you can't solve the game Clue if some of the cards are always missing.

Negroes in large numbers = massive destruction of civil societies.

Money can't solve this problem because no matter how much you print and hand it out you can never change their DNA. Those who have realized the futility of getting angry over their basic nature have undoubtedly saved themselves years of anguish. That is why all that you can do is avoid the groid, particularly large numbers of them. They are like the Tar Baby that Brer Rabbit got so excited and angry about- the more you try and deal with them the worse off your possible outcomes are and the more they can agitate and bring you down to their miserable level.

You avoid the annoying and routine evisceration of the English language, being put on CPT (colored people's time), and of course the violence and rampant theft that goes hand in hand with "culture". Freedom without responsibility on full display, wrecking what is left of our society one metropolis at a time. Whitey can't solve blackie, blackie is irredeemable.

PB said...

"Although Detroit is trying to make a comeback."

Detroit is an aspiring rapper? Wants to go to Community College? Hopes to be a basketball playa?

Anonymous said...

"The idea for The Black Panther is clearly only being floated because of race. But the black version of "The Fantastic Four" was a box office disaster."

Agreed. The very fact that the "hero" is named black panther says all you need to know. They couldn't invent a positive negroe "hero" he HAD to be rooted in anger and vengeance and "blackness".

This movie will bomb even worse than the Fantasic Three And A Negroe. You just can't make a blockbuster hit that only 12-13% of the population will pay to see. Look at Black Annie. BOMBED.

But then again, shoehorning negroes into positions like this isn't about making money, it's about advancing the agenda. They know damn well this movie is going to lose money. They don't care.

We are living in the dark days of White genocide, and these media efforts are just the psy-ops aspect of their plan. The millions they will lose on this "superhero movie" is just the cost of the propaganda they are employing, and we all know (((they))) have plenty more to invest in our genocide.

My kids won't see it, and we LOVE superhero movies in my family. Every weekend we watch superhero movies and I make sure they ALL feature strong, White heroes. My kids are only 3 and 2 but my wife and I are already teaching them race realism and steering them away from obvious anti-White propaganda like disney and other garbage. Sending them to White private schools is going to put us steep in debt, but we'll do it. We owe it to them. We may even homeschool them if need be.

Rex Hymens

Anonymous said...

When I was a young Marine about 40 years ago, I went to tech school at the big Navy base in Millington, just north of Memphis. There were a few places "off-limits" even then-also they informed and discouraged us from going certain places-namely the hood. The ferals had attacked some Marines and sailors and did some damage-they also tried to attack Marines and sailors and got damaged. The powers that be didn't want either scenario.

In later years it got worse, so I heard, and at least a couple servicemen were killed there. There used to be a nice (white) mall my buddies and me would hit in the winter to see movies and look for girls-later turned dark, became a shithole and closed.

I didn't go back after I graduated, other than driving through maybe. Then in the 1990s, I was in Nashville. Enjoyed it-had a nice girlfriend. Once that work assignment ended, I was sent to Little Rock (That's as big of a nigbo-infested shithole as Memphis, maybe worse).

Memphis is pretty much right in between Nashville and Little Rock, mileagewise. One holiday weekend, I headed out on Friday after work to go to N'ville and see my girl. Stopped in Memphis to eat some good ribs at the famous Rendezvous (Excellent BBQ-started by Greeks) That's right near the famous Peabody Hotel. big $.

Anyway, I was walking back to my car when I noticed a mammoth coon in a suit leading the way for a white middle-aged couple, dressed nice. He was their bodyguard. They didn't look famous. Jesus, it was like the 3rd world. Maybe the hotel has security for their rich guests. Surreal.

Steve Smith said...

Atlanta. It should be on everyone's list to avoid.

Anonymous said...

@ Sick n' Tired: How many of those whites have the prerequisite halfrican kid (s) in tow?.......

-JSF- in Minneapolis

Anonymous said...

Jeopardy is in DC this week, contestants are "power players" from the area. This is Jeopardy For Dummies. The spooks didn't fail to embarrass themselves, particularly Michael Steele, ex head of the RNC. He got three answers and one was the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Anonymous said...

The Zimmerman gun sold for around 135,000 US$

Well done Liberals. By lying and trying to turn a cut and dried self defense shooting into some monstrous phony civil rights case, you just turned The Zim Zam Man into a rich guy!

Well done, idiots!! Hahahaha!!!

Get out there and find another Human legally defending himself from an orc... try your sh*t again (you too Obongo), and make another Human rich.

I like this dynamic! Getting rich by offing savage criminal orcs! Go libtards!!!!

Mr. Rational said...

Oops, am I being politically incorrect again?

I should HOPE so, Pat!  If you weren't I'd be taking your temperature.

Anonymous said...

Loving this!! I'm using the term "dindu" more and more in my conversations with liberal friends and family. Trick is to just drop it in like it ain't no thang. Wait for them to then process it and stop you and ask what you said. Make them question you further like you have no idea what you've said wrong. When they finally pinpoint the word "dindu", and corner you on it, simply say it's like African American or black, a new term the hipsters are using that had a nice ring to it. All the cool kids today use it.

Let them try and argue with you on that!!

And then also simply explain it means "Dindu Nuffin", as in 'Didn't do anything'; the typical african american teen's response to a crime in which they've been caught red-handed.

Drives. Libs. NUTS!! So effing funny. I do it on Facebook a lot too.

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree to disagree , born and raised in Detroit burbs. 55 years old ,saw the riots in 67 watched everybody clear out. Lived a whitopian lifestyle. Own a business on 8 mile the so called dmz for 20 years. The nogs have gotten so stupid over the last 10 years I just shake my head. Bought rental properties after the crash when it was a "good investment " trying to sell now because of negro fatigue. Guarantee if you walk or get gas at one of the outer ring neighborhoods their will be blood. That being said ,we go down every weekend for dinner some of the best restaurants imaginable have opened in the last 3-4 years . All white ,young couples Middle Agers ,the only nogs are bussing tables. There is a 5 sq mile area downtown that you would never believe is Detroit . Money is flowing ,condos and lofts like you could not imagine . Big contributor Dan Gilbert billionaire,mike ilitch multi millionaire . I would never imagined in my lifetime that I would see it. This downtown area is probably close to what it was in the 40's and 50's . It literally took whitey 50 years to reclaim the turf,sad. Just make sure to put Detroit on your bucket list, just remember to lock your doors on the way in and out, you will have a good time .

Anonymous said...

Every single newly arrived immigrant should be located in Detroit. Lots of abandoned houses, and buildings. Have the immigrants and refugees refurbish these ghettoized properties. Keep their property clean and tidy. Have them start small businesses in the city. If after five years they are productive and a speak English give them citizenship. Better than the "citizens" that destroyed it. Actually it was immigrants in the early 1900's that made it great. Only the blacks were responsible for the destruction. I saw it firsthand so don't challenge me on this. You'll lose!!!

Anonymous said...

If nothing changes and our current anti-white paradigm persists, all of America will soon be labeled by what's left of the civilized as a landmass to never visit alone.

And all of Britain, Germany, France, etc., as well. Who in the hell will want to visit Paris or London in a few years?

Brian in Ohio said...

I can see Detroit becoming a destination for thrill seekers and adrenalin junkies.

When the base jumping, parkour, rock climbing and skydiving have lost their edge, they can go on a walking tour, or for the really brave, camp in the D overnight!

It would make swimming with Great White Sharks seem sane by comparison....

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Jim @1:11pm. I'll take your five and raise you five. 1. Detroit 2. Flint. 3. Saginaw 4. Pontiac. 5. Muskegon. Jersey ain't got nothin on Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Maybe these little pre schoolers think they will grow up to become black because of Obama. Obama was also white as a child. White mom, raised by white grandparents. White private school. Now he's black. Just sayin, could be confusing to a munchkin.

joshrandall said...

But the rents are so reasonable!

Anonymous said...

To Jim at 1:11pm - Sadly, I must add the following to your NJ formerly lovely, but now negro-infested violent hellholes list

East Orange
New Brunswick
The Plainfields

NJ Woman

P.S. The irony of the Google doodle today was almost too much for me to bear. "Black Separatism" (snort!) has worked like a charm in all the cities discussed today. Take the downtrodden negroes out from under the yoke of white oppression and they rise to their full potential.

Anonymous said...

I live outside Detroit. At work, I used to listen to the old guys tell about life in Detroit during the '30s and '40s. Even during the Great Depression, it really was a beautiful place filled with all sorts of amenities for the residents. Every neighborhood had a corner store, and a kid could take the streetcar by himself to go watch a Tigers ballgame. The city was filled with the finest museums and libraries in the world, and the city was filled with men who had the skills and know-how to make ANYTHING-there were factories, machine shops, and engineering companies all over the city. All this was handed over to the negro, free of charge. They were given one of the finest cities in the world, and look what they did with it.

I've been hearing this "Detroit is turning the corner" bullshit for all the years I've lived around here, usually spouted by some negro politician. The implicit message is "Hey, YT-just send us a few hundred million dollars, and the city will be just like it was back in the day." Of course, the money vanishes like a pebble thrown into the ocean, with the same result-nothing.

Pat Boyle said...

Rex Hymens has his head on straight.


Anonymous said...

Rolling Stone had a weepy article [last year?] on Camden. Naturally RS was unwilling or too dumb to connect the dots from their 'philosophy' and WHY Camden is that way.

Moreno Valley??? due to latrinos?

AND--I have wondered this before, why Chicago? Is it that the blacks are packed in one area? less than a million blacks----
usband present, and 40.4% were non-families. The median income for a household in the city was $38,625 in 2000, and the median income for a family was $46,748. Males had a median income of $35,907 versus $30,536 for females. Below the poverty line were 19.6% of the population and 16.6% of the families.

The racial makeup of the city in 2010 was 32% black (including Hispanics), 45.3% white, 5% Asian (including Hispanics), and 3% from two or more races (including Hispanics). The ethnic makeup of the population is 28% Hispanic (of any race) and 72% belong to non Hispanic background(of any race).[3] In 2000, 21.7% of the population was foreign born; of this, 56.3% came from Latin America, 23.1% from Europe, 18.0% from Asia and 2.6% from other parts of the world.[4] The 2007 community survey for the U.S. Census showed little variation.[5] Chicago has the fift

Anonymous said...

here my dear
NYC has 2.5? x as many groids as Chicongo

SKIP said...

". i think memphis was bandied about...."

I was briefly working with the Tn. National guard in Iraq and they referred to Memphis as MEMPHRICA and/or MOGADISHU ON THE MISSISSIPPI.

Anonymous said...

Well....this is a no brainer.

If a city is black, you had better turn back.

Anonymous said...

Detroit is an aspiring rapper? Wants to go to Community College? Hopes to be a basketball playa?

Shots rang out and Detroit was taken by the streets.

Anonymous said...

Like me, he knows the way of the feral Negro and got out early. And didnt stop for 100 miles before he found a place to sleep. He told me Elvis would be broken at the way things have become.

I doubt that. Elvis pitied them and like liberals didn't want to spend his own money on them.

Read the lyrics for "In the Ghetto".

Race said...

"The bigger question is why would someone want to visit a place with majority third world population at all, alone or accompanied by a company of special forces? "...

Sounds like a cleaning job. I always feel so refreshed of mind after cleaning.

Awakened white said...

Surprise bodymore, md isn't on that list. Since I live near it. Even Dover de is crap, Btw Pat, Infinity war will probably be the only good one, have to wait a few years though.

Anonymous said...

Let me just take a moment to mention that contrary to conventional wisdom Oakland California is a majority white city. Or more accurately Oakland has a white plurality. I haven't seen a black person for weeks. But I don't go down the hill to the black area very often.

Oakland isn't as bad as it used to be.

But it's still no place to raise a family. I do find it amusing that blacks and libs have complained about Whites moving in when the area was White before WWII.

I honestly don't see why any White person would live in California. They constantly chip away at gun rights and the taxes are outrageous. It's a great place to visit but I'm not going to hand over an additional 10% of my income to a deluded liberal government.

Anonymous said...

Personal story - I am 31 years old and I have a 2 year old daughter. I never knew about blacks, like really, truly understood, until about a month ago. I used to slightly admonish my dad, "God loves all the people, even the black ones" whenever he would say something negative about blacks. I apologized last week. I cannot believe that I was so deluded for so long. I think that kids today are either trapped in a public school with blacks or are seeing the ratchet/ghetto fights on live link and world star hip hop and can see for themselves what blacks are really like. I was always in a 95% white school and Internet videos weren't a thing, so I had no experience with blacks (except the few black classmates with two strict married non-criminal parents). It boggles my mind that I had no idea. So I agree there is hope. Kids today aren't a sheltered/naive as I was, nor are they likely to believe any opinion about something that contradicts what they have seen with their own eyes and that's very good news. You don't have to listen to a white supremacist or join a white nationalist group. All you have to do is watch a few videos and read the comments and boom, they are racially aware.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

You know what? I just realised I'm one of the luckiest sobs on earth. Know why? I'm a white male. Obama has said that if you are a success it's not because of your hard work. It's because of luck. Same as saying if you have a successful business, you didn't build that business. He also said isis is not islamic too, and we can see how that's playing out. Islamic terrorism in the US is " workplace violence". But I digress.

Let's consider that premise, examine it more closely. Now if we are lucky, what can we say for black America? They aren't failures because of lack of ability, it must be bad luck. Very, very bad luck. They must be a Nexus for bad luck. Even being around them can bring misfortune, like breaking a mirror, or spilling salt, or, God forbid, having a black cat walk in front of you. That being said, consider the great luck of Obama. He has had such incredible good luck, it's been able to overcome a lackluster education, a seriously unworthy curriculum vitae, and make him President. And, very, very wealthy. Makes you almost believe luck is real, doesn't it? He must have one hell of a lucky rabbits foot.

Meanwhile, back in the ghetto, we left and took all our good luck juju with us. That must be why they're always robbing us, and breaking into our homes. They're always after our lucky charms. I guess these cities are just downright unlucky. Don't go there, 'cause, luck. Bad luck.

Bill in St Louis said...

I live way outside of St Louis, but have to work there. I am running into more and more people though, who 10 years ago wouldn't have said "Ni**er" who are now realists. I also run into more and more people who when they mention black dysfunction of any type, don't bother anymore to look around and see who is paying attention. It gives me hope.
Of course, I also run into quite a few traitors who claim that every single thing wrong with the black community is somehow YTs fault, usually from the legacy of slavery or the newer buzzword/excuse, "institutionalized racism" (IR). Apparently this is when black people aren't hired because their failure to meet standards is IR, since the schools didn't get enough money because IR, because they need to teach to the AA standards of oral storytelling instead of reading because IR, and on and on.
These are the ones who need to be culled when SHTF.

Anonymous said...

I guess underage prostitutes don't matter either -

Anonymous said...

Atlanta and its suburbs have pockets that are very safe and very white. Most folks don't realize that there is sort of a pizza slice of whiteness extending out into the northern arc. My zip code in this northern suburb city is 4% black. Julian Castro hates us.

There is a visible division where Atlanta blackens. Cross too far over that line and a white person will find themselves among the most feral orcs imaginable. The living conditions are appalling, the worst I've seen outside New Orleans.

I suppose most people don't pay attention to the differences that spell out the completely alien character of these urban orcs. It must be just a lack of exposure. I moved here as a die-hard social liberal. Then I began to pay attention.

I carry when traveling through downtown now. When the EBT's run dry, I expect we will have between four and ten days before the Camp of the Saints begins to play out here. I sense that people here will be ready. I won't be running off - where would we go?

Anonymous said...

I REFUSED to watch, or allow my children to see, the newest version of Annie because of that reason. Why they've got to need with a formula that's worked for years just to put a black actor in the role is absolutely ridiculous to me. The best part is, my daughters are socially aware enough that they didn't want to see it and when one of them watched it at a sleep over, she recognized it as the nonsense it was.

Anonymous said...

I agree! I was born and raised in the area and I remember my mother taking us shopping in underground, now I wouldn't go there with a body guard if someone paid me...

Anonymous said...

As a former resident and Employee of City of Detroit I tell every one to stay the F*ck out of Detroit. Oh downtown is great, but you have traverse 10-25 miles of Freeway to get there, going through a waste land that was once populated with white middle class. Black Majority Rule was downfall. along with Henry Ford hiring Nogs. Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Philly, well you get where I am going. 12% of population, acting like they are half and equal. The lowest trailer trash white scum is better than any uppity negro. When I have to go into Detroit I am armed with a Glock 21 with a couple mags, and when I exit vehicle I chamber a round so those opportunist monkeys see it and know I am armed and ready to shoot. I used to wonder why my Grandmother called them boogies and spades, coons and monkeys. Read "Negros in Negroland", the whole disgusting thing and tell me if these men had been listened to, what kind of country would we have today? And what is with the TV shows lately? Always a black man with a white woman. I am sick of it. They will vote for massa Hillary for sure to keep those bennys coming. I once told a co worker, when we lost Presidents Day for MLK Day that they should be honoring LBJ because he created their modern day living, single mothers with 5-7 kids with father "unknown" to get those welfare checks along with Obama phone, EBT card and using ER as a walk in clinic. Are we fed up yet? I post Anonymous because they would kill me.

Harry Gawz said...

"Never visit alone". What does that mean, bring your wife with you? Hire a squad of private security guards? I got it: Just stay the F away from that third world sh:t hole.

Happily Retired said...

Detroit, Ookland, Memphis, Atlanta, Chicago.

Smaller cities: Baltimore, New Orleans, Birmingham, Louisville, Gary-Hammond.

I also would never go to Richmond, CA, vast parts of L.A., and vast parts of Philly. I'd be extra careful in Dallas, NYC, Miami, St. Louis and Little Rock.

Anonymous said...

That's why Drew and retard Mike got the boot. The one good thing those two dillholes did was have the balls to call spades spades. Now, coward Whites blather their drivel. Strictly Skrewdriver and Landser for me.
Allen Park White Man

World_War_Me said...

Anonymous May 19, 2016 at 6:03 AM said...
"Having to deal with negros and their ability to destroy everything is the equivalent of having to adopt a feral animal to take care of. The negro is an animal and should be treated as such."

Is it really necessary to insult animals, even feral ones, by such a comparison?

Anonymous said...

East St. Louis is 99% Black and is more than twice as deadly as the city of St. Louis. St. louis usually rates as one of the top five most violent cities in America.

Anonymous said...

Can we make Lagos the most dangerous city by sending the inhabitants of Detroit there?

Anonymous said...

San Francisco. I grew up here. If you know how to carry yourself you have nothing to worry about. If you don't you are courting serious trouble. It is entirely dependent on you.

john leslie said...

This is awesome.

Bird of Paradise said...

Detroit used to be Motor City for all the auto manifactering now its just a getto run by hoods