Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend Fundraiser: SBPDL Ready to Declare War on AFFH/Section 8 Vouchers (But We Need Your Help!)

There is so much to be writing about right now, but the Spring 2016 fundraiser is vastly important. Look at it this way: if for every day of the year, just one person donated $25, you are talking about nearly $10/k raised from this endeavor. More importantly, that's (at the minimum) 365 copies of 'Whitey on the Moon' out there to help make an impression!

I want to knock out a book on Obama's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH)/Section 8 Vouchers, and note the racial angle as the central thrust of the work, which could be out by mid-July.

If you enjoy SBPDL, please consider making a donation via PayPal in the right-hand corner of the site. For $25 or more, you'll get a signed copy of the recently release 'Whitey on the Moon': Race, Politics, and the death of the U.S. Space Program, 1958 - 1972. (You can get it for eBook here). You can make a tax deductible donation to VDare via the Paul Kersey Fund by going here and clicking "Make Contribution to an Author" then clicking "Paul Kersey" (when you do this, be sure to email me the receipt so I can get you a copy out ASAP!).

Most importantly, you can buy a copy (or two, three or four) of  'Whitey on the Moon': Race, Politics, and the death of the U.S. Space Program, 1958 - 1972 and leave a review. 

There's so much to be writing about right now, which is why I hate to take a few days off to try and do a Spring 2016 capital raise, but Memorial Day Weekend seems like a good time to do it.

If you enjoy SBPDL, consider doing one of the following: 

1. Making a donation to the PayPal account or the VDare Fund
2. Purchasing a book via the links in the right-hand column and then leaving a review at (paperback or eBook)
3. Continue reading... we're about to turn things up a few notches substantially
Thanks again!

Paul Kersey (for those reading this far, the goal for this fundraiser is $4,500)


Brian in Ohio said...

Funds inbound, sir. You earned it.

Have a safe weekend everyone.

And as always, stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Paul, this hilarious NOG stampede to procure 750 section 8 vouchers in Portsmouth, VA is right on topic. Unbelievably, the chimps were even up before 8am! Looking forward to the new book.

Anonymous said...

Done. Sent PayPal donation

Earl Turner said...

War on AFFH and Section 8? Paul, I think the world of you but I have to disagree. I don't want to fight against it. AFFH is the best thing that could happen to racial realists. Think about it for a minute. The elites have used negroes as a biological weapon against us peasants for decades. It's high time the winds shifted and blew their creation into their "safe spaces".

And those whites who have not yet been exposed? They need a dose or two to open up their eyes and send them over to our side. Look at what the antics of Black Lives Matter have accomplished. Do you not see how spreading Section 8 out across formerly majority white areas will do the same thing on an even larger scale?

Now yes I do realize how I'm asking for our Folk to be put at risk, and yes I realize that some will be robbed, harmed, and even killed. They are a necessary sacrifice for our cause if we are to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Philadelphia Mike said...

I can see both sides to this argument.

On one hand, we want safe areas for our loved ones to leave in peace which are off limits to the negroes. Moreover, we want to retain our sense of liberty...our perception of some remaining rights whereby the government should be powerless to enforce us who will live among us. Finally, because our young girls and women are so easily seduced these days (that's a whole other story in and of itself), our European girls will assuredly be producing more negro children than ever before.

But on the other hand, our people have been asleep in the back seat of the car, allowing the government to drive us off the cliff and into near extinction. With this new HUD housing rule, our people will be jolted out of their sleep...there will be more people entering gun training classes....more gun permits issued...and more realists born.

This is a real tough one.

Looking at it this way, like a risk/benefit analysis, I think that I have to toss my hat in with PK. There are already enough negroes to inflict their own self harm both bodily and in image. We don't need them in our beloved safe havens to accomplish what the internet is already doing.

I would not invite them into my why would I allow them into my neighborhood?

A reader here once posted "God color coded us for a reason". Let's not anger the gods.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

Here is a prediction for one of our favorite cities, the summer that is . : Go to ,:

They also discuss last Memorial weekend which was "Dodge City".

Mes2yeuxbleus said...

June 3rd is my next payday, so will be sending off a donation @ that time. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I only support AFFH and Section 8 for two big reasons.

1. I want my urban ghetto hood to get safer and fill up with White gentrifiers. Without blacks, Whites can move in, take back our cities, and create affordable, historic, livable, family-friendly, walkable, usable, safe cultural areas, biz, and neighborhoods.

2. I want the stupid fat-assed GOP Whites in the suburbs to get a NICE HEALTHY DOSE of the vibrant diversity and school voucher enrichment they've been voting for while running from the problems they create.

My city, Indianapolis, is shipping the ghetto nogs north on a new public transit expansion. The billboards in the inner-city show a happy, smiling black woman advertising "better access to jobs and resources!!" on the new public transit lines.

I think that Whites are not feeling enough pain. Please reconsider.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 5:07am. Hilarious, these people think that money grows on whiteys money tree. I think I saw ONE white face in that sea of darkness. I say we all apply for housing when they start taking online applications. Should make already spinning heads, spin a little harder. How much is a voucher worth anyway? I liked the one who said she was out there to improve her life. Yeah, improve your life at the expense of tax payers. Nice.

Anonymous said...

To earl turner @6:35 am. Keep you affirmative action neighbors in your neighborhood. I don't want any around me. Prove a point in your neck of the woods. They won't ever be put into the areas you are seeking to integrate. Low income housing in Beverly Hills or Bellaire? Doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Turner, I see the logic in your above argument, but please know that the elite and the politicians and the powers that be will NEVER allow AFFH in their neighborhoods. EVER. And most of the upper middle class will be exempt, as well. They choose middle or lower middle classes to target on purpose, as they know they will be the least likely to complain and the most likely to feel white guilt and do nothing. I don't know what the answer is, but PK is moving forward and taking action and I applaud his courage and boldness- let's rally around him- this may be the first rally of the upcoming upheaval.
L in Atl hell

Brian in Ohio said...

Earl Turner said...

War on AFFH and Section 8? Paul, I think the world of you but I have to disagree. I don't want to fight against it. AFFH is the best thing that could happen to racial realists.

I have to agree. Nothing will bring a DWL`s careful crafted fantasy world crashing down that a good hard dose of reality. And I`m all for them getting it. AFFH will create legions of race realists.

But we need facts. And that's where Mr. Kersey comes in. Information is ammunition.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

yahoo news,

State Rep: Declaration of Independence Is Racist

A bill mandating that schoolchildren in Louisiana be taught the Declaration of Independence is being opposed by a state lawmaker. Louisiana State Rep. Barbara Norton (D) said, "For the Declaration of Independence, only Caucasians [were] free. And for you to bring a bill to request that our children will recite the Declaration, I think it's a little bit unfair." On "Fox and Friends Weekend," Deneen Borelli slammed Norton's "outrageous" argument, explaining the founding documents of the United States of America are the blueprint for our great country. "For her to be attacking the Declaration of Independence, that is attacking liberty, that is attacking freedom," Borelli said. She added that the
Fox News Insider

Awakened white said...

Be safe fellow SBPDLs, have a happy weekend. Safe from all that 'gun violence' and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Money to PK!! Yes please!

And people think orcs are OK when they do sports for the White man...

Anonymous said...

i have it in my queens neighborhood already. totally sucks

Anonymous said...

Only 4 replies so far?

There are so many wonderful people on this site, but I am a little disappointed on this one. Why no interest on this topic? I urge you, if you are able, please give to SBPDL. Paul truly is doing the lord's work here... well, that is if I believed in the god of the bible... which I don't. I wish there was a god though, I really do. Damn I really do. I think you guys get what I mean here lol.

Anyway, Paul you've got some money coming from me later this month. Thanks for all your efforts. Stay safe brother.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul---Love your work.

There are a lot of Cemeteries that have been vandalized this Memorial Day---Decoration Day Weekend.

I have a hunch that as many of them are in the Southern US and Liberal States like CA that it is a combination of black lives don't matter and communists. These pigs hate Confederate Soldiers and American Soldiers and are attacking our honored dead just like they attack White people in this country.

Well, here is a story of one jungle bunny that got caught after driving over 160 crosses in Kentucky....get this web page copied as it is the only one I found that showed a picture of the asshole who did it=----yea a blackie.

"Police say a car driven by 27-year-old Anthony Burrus, of Henderson, drove through the display of crosses in Central Park around 6 a.m.

Officers say Burris denied causing the damage, but said he was driving a 1979 Ford Thunderbird on Saturday morning. He told officers he left the car at McDonald's on South Green Street because it stopped running.

When officers found the car, it had pieces of a cross and ground stake embedded in the tires."

There have been a lot of these cases this weekend....and I know that the communist news media is covering up the blackness....please see what you can find out and document for all the White Americans to See.

Truth Corps said...

Surely there is a millionaire realist reading here. How great would it be to have OUR OWN TOWN. Indulge me for a moment if you will, The town is purchased and legally protected from outside influence. Then it's simply a matter of inviting White residents to populate the 80 residences and work jobs in the town. Imagine, the crime rate would be virtually ZERO. Medical costs/insurance would be miniscule with no parasites to drive up the cost. The school would be a place for learning instead of a violent cesspool of apes. We would we a shining beacon for the rest of the Nation to follow.

West Virginia Town for sale

Someone, step up & do this. I'd cash in my pension/401K tomorrow and move there in a heartbeat & provide my career skills for FREE to be able to purchase a home there.

Anonymous said...

So she wants to sue those responsible but she also doesn't want to give the police any information because that be snitchin and white people shit and raycess.

Until she gives evidence she should be denied medical care. Let it get gangrene and then see if she'll talk. That goes for all the other ones in the same situation.

Earl Turner said...

14 year old negro charged with breaking into 35 cars.

Anonymous said...

I too, have to agree with this statement. White America has become too complacent with the Orc phenomena, it's time they witness the full destructive capabilities of the DWL's favourite pet, for us to survive as a strong and race realist nation. It will also weed out the cucks and SJW class who are virtually defenceless. Those who are prepped and armed will survive, and those who aren't, well, I can't say they weren't warned. Have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your focus on AFFH- I hope it becomes a major election issue because it is rotten to the core and even liberals hate what it will do to their former Whitopias. Of all the issues BRA is shoving down our throats, AFFH is the one that pisses me off like no other.

In other news:

The Chicago police department is using a unique algorithm in its battle against armed violence, to figure out who is most likely to be involved in a shooting, either as a victim or perpetrator.

The computer program takes into account various factors such as criminal records, gang affiliations, gunshot wounds already suffered, or the number of past arrests.

Its evaluations are used to create a database called the "Strategic Subject List," which is supposed to help police battle the bloodshed in the city brought on by retaliatory gang violence.

But the exact nature of the criteria used by the predictive algorithm is secret and controversial. The program's principal designer Miles Wernick of the Illinois Institute of Technology, did not respond when contacted by AFP.

Critics say the secretive system violates freedoms by stigmatizing people as having an "alleged propensity for violence."

I would say it would be easier just to assess the number of black people living within a square mile and raise the violence rate up or down, accordingly. Maybe that is how they started the algorithm.

It is not news that blacks, when compared to any other demographic, have a propensity for violence.

Anonymous said...

My prediction: Eventually, the gov't will use census data to force to to accept "needy families" or refugees into your home based on the number of unused bedrooms-you will get a notice: "Based on our information, this home has two occupants, and four bedrooms. new occupants of the three unused bedrooms will be arriving shortly"

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

My prediction: Eventually, the gov't will use census data to force to to accept "needy families" or refugees into your home based on the number of unused bedrooms-you will get a notice: "Based on our information, this home has two occupants, and four bedrooms. new occupants of the three unused bedrooms will be arriving shortly"

May 29, 2016 at 7:16 PM

And many of the new occupants/squatters will assume room temperature shortly thereafter.

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing- if, according to the demographics, an area is say 56% negro and the government really wanted "diversity & inclusion," they'd demand those areas be broken up and the negro population of said area reduced to 13% which is their alleged percentage of the population. However, they won't target those areas- only areas that are "too white." They're only targeting white areas to be broken up/infested and even in that effort are only seeking to move the most parasitical of negroes into them under the guise of "helping them."

Do we see them targeting Asian dominant areas or Hispanic dominant areas for negroes to be moved into? The answer is NO, of course not since those groups would react in an extremely negative fashion to such an idea and scream they had a right to their ethnic neighborhoods just as negroes scream they have a right to their own neighborhoods when faced with gentrification of areas they inhabit.

Whites should demand equal rights and demand that negroes also be moved into Asian and Hispanic dominant neighborhoods-not just white neighborhoods. That would create an uproar and stiff resistance to the idea of AFFH in those communities. And if the government accepts the idea that other ethnicities have a right to their own ethnic neighborhoods, then depriving whites of the same rights creates an unfair, discriminatory and disparate impact on whites. There could be no legal or moral justification for such and trying to help negroes is not a sufficient excuse or reason to target only whites for "vibrancy." After all, there are reasonably well off Hispanic and Asian areas too so why should they be deprived of vibrancy?

I think the game plan should be to highlight and expose the hypocrisy of the government as per AFFH and make them explain why only white areas are being targeted and not all areas. Just because there are more whites and thus more white communities, that shouldn't exempt other communities from being "blessed."

As is, negroes avoid living in Asian and Hispanic areas for the simple reason that they're met with hostility, total rejection and non acceptance thus becoming essentially shunned. That's what whites need to do too. Make white areas so uncomfortable for negroes that they avoid white areas just as they do Asian and Hispanic areas. There's no law that just because someone lives in your neighborhood that you have to be friendly and "inclusive" or even associate with them.

Sick n' Tired said...

Even hospitals aren't safe from violent dindus.

Anonymous said...

You guys saying AFFH will show rich people what we all know are wrong.

AFFH is going to target middle class White areas, NOT rich neighborhods. The small percentage of wealthy Whites will still live in mansions in gated communities with private security. What AFFH will do is bring ghetto negroes into middle class areas. No gates, no private security.

My answer is to move 67 miles away. I found a small Indiana town that is 97% White, has no apartments, only houses, no public transportation, reminds me of when I grew up in Fox Lake Il in the 80's. It may well be that AFFH will build negroe housing there but I doubt it, considering the area is so rural that you just can't live there without a car. If it DOES become AFFH'd we'll just have to move again, but from the research we've been doing it seems like my family's best bet. My wife and I will be adding an hour to our daily commutes, but we want our kids in White schools and growing up in a White neighborhood. Every city has become a hge ghetto, and since Section 8, now the surrounding suburbs are unlivable. We just have to mive even further away. It's very sad. I'm glad I only have another 20 years or so, I won't want to be around to see what this country looks like 50 years from now. .

Anonymous said...

"Surely there is a millionaire realist reading here. How great would it be to have OUR OWN TOWN. Indulge me for a moment if you will, The town is purchased and legally protected..."

ANYWHERE in america where Whites gather to form safe functional society, (((liberals))) will soon mandate that non-Whites, specifically negroes, will be moved in and provided for. It is UNACCEPTABLE to (((them))) that White Christians be allowed to live among ourselves exclusively anywhere. Your dream town would be labled a racist cult and the Feds would move in PRONTO.

Anonymous said...

Latest and greatest from

Stupidity Tally as of 5:00p: 5 killed, 57 wounded

2015 weekend tally: 8 killed, 24 wounded
2014 weekend tally: 9 killed, 27 wounded

Friday 5/27
12:50p 4000 S Archer, Brighton Park, M/52
1:35p 5700 S Calumet, Washington Park, M/16
2:00p 300 S Hamlin, Garfield Park, M/20
2:15p 4600 N Racine, Uptown, M/27
2:35p 6700 S Loomis, Englewood, M/26
2:35p 6700 S Loomis, Englewood, M/39
9:25p 1000 S Racine, Near West Side, M/18
11:00p 3700 W 75th, Ashburn, M/25

Friday stats: 8 shot, 2 KIA, batting average .250

Saturday 5/28
1:10a 9900 S Paxton, South Deering, M/50
1:10a 9900 S Paxton, South Deering, F/53
1:30a 2400 N Lake Shore, Lincoln Park, F/15
(Deceased, known gang member boyfriend survived)
1:30a 2400 N Lake Shore, Lincoln Park, M/28
1:45a 3300 W Walnut, Garfield Park, M/23
1:45a 3300 W Walnut, Garfield Park, M/26
1:45a 3300 W Walnut, Garfield Park, M/27
2:35a 1200 S Independence, North Lawndale, M/17
2:55a 4300 N Kimball, Irving Park, M/21
3:15a 4600 S Honroe, New City, M/25
4:00a 4600 W Jackson, Austin, M/26
4:35a 4300 W West End, Garfield Park, M/24
5:15a 6300 W Montrose, Portage Park, M/23
3:45p 3900 W Erie, Humboldt Park, M/46
3:45p 3900 W Erie, Humboldt Park, M/46
4:20p 1400 W 99th, Washington Heights, M/24
5:20p 200 W Root, Fuller Park, M/27 (story)
7:45p 8300 S Dante, Avalon Park, M/19
8:05p 3900 W Lexington, Garfield Park, F/?
8:40p 1600 W 48th, New City, M/22
8:40p 1600 W 48th, New City, M/32
9:00p 5100 W Chicago, Austin, M/23
10:15p 1500 S Ridgeway, North Lawndale, M/17
10:15p 6800 S Damen, Englewood, F/48
10:15p 6800 S Damen, Englewood, M/17
10:15p 6800 S Damen, Englewood, M/23
11:55p 800 S Independence, Garfield Park, M/28
11:55p 800 S Independence, Garfield Park, M/29

Saturday stats: 28 shot, 2 KIA, batting .071

Sunday 5/29
12:35a I90/94 & 35th St, Armour Square, F/20
12:35a I90/94 & 35th St, Armour Square, F/23
1:05a 700 N Kedzie, Humboldt Park, M/21
1:05a 700 N Kedzie, Humboldt Park, M/22
1:40a Flee Robbery, Get Killed Anyway (pedestrian struck by vehicle on Lake Shore Drive, details still forthcoming)
2:00a 900 N Cambridge, Near North Side, M/27
3:45a 9700 S Vincennes, Washington Heights, M/23
4:40a 3900 W Wilcox, Garfield Park, F/26
4:45a 5000 W West End, Austin, M/27
5:15a 300 W 108th, Roseland, M/17
12:00p 8700 S Ashland, Auburn Gresham, M/20
12:35p 11500 S Peoria, West Pullman, M/24
4:05p 1200 W 85th, Auburn Gresham, M/23
5:55p 11500 S Wentworth, West Pullman, M/29
10:45p 3800 S Lake Park, Oakland, M/25
11:00p 2100 S Harding, North Lawndale, M/35
11:00p 2100 S Harding, North Lawndale, M/58
11:30p 5900 S Princeton, Englewood, M/21

Sunday: Pedestrian fatality on Lake Shore Drive is the only known death related to violent street crime. 18 shot, 0 KIA, batting 0.00

Memorial Day
12:30a 956 N Massasoit, Austin, M/35
1:00a 400 E 74th, Grand Crossing, M/28
1:30a 1300 N Pulaski, Humboldt Park, M/18
1:30a 1300 N Pulaski, Humboldt Park, M/18
6:15a 6400 S King, Grand Crossing, M/19
10:35a 4800 W Monroe, Austin, M/17
10:45a 3800 W Gladys, Garfield Park, M/21
10:45a 3800 W Gladys, Garfield Park, M/28

Monday so far: 8 shot, 0 KIA, batting 0.00