Thursday, July 14, 2016

Blacks Challenged to go "30 Days of No Killing" in 65% Black Memphis... Less Than 24 Hours Later, a Comical Black on Black Murder Occurs

The challenge was set.

Go 30 days without killing.

Black people in Memphis could do it, right?

Go 30 days without a black person killing another black person in 65 percent black Memphis, right? [Day 1 in '30 days no killing' decree,, July 11, 2016]:
While speaking with protesters Sunday night, Memphis Police Department Interim Director Mike Rallings called for a 30-day moratorium on killing.
"If y'all want to show me something, show me 30 days," Rallings said.
"Black Lives Matter" protesters shut down the Interstate 40 bridge for several hours. Nobody was arrested or injured during the protest.
Rallings went to the I-40 bridge protest in person where he and other officers joined arm-in-arm with protesters to march off the bridge. 
"We ain't pepper prayed nobody; we ain't deployed gas. That's the way it should be. I just wanted--come off the bridge, let's come to a place where we can talk, where we can have a dialog," Rallings said.
"I think we have to show restraint. We can easily resort to violence, so I'm asking our city to be less violent. We have to set the example," Rallings said. "I'm going to ask everyone, if you know someone, I want you to talk to those individuals and ask for 30 days of no killing. Senseless killing."
So far in 2016, Memphis has seen 120 homicides--it's a number that gives the city one of the highest per capita homicide rates in America.
Protesters agreed with the interim police director.
"When you feel like you need to pull the trigger, think, 'I'm messing my community up,'" one protester said. "When you feel like you need to stab him, think I'm messing my community."
"We're tired of the system killing us, so if we can show them how were not going to kill ourselves, there is no other excuse," Gregory Thompson said.
Thompson, who has been protesting in front of FedExForum since Friday, felt hopeful Sunday night and hopes Memphis can live up to its end of the deal.
"I hope we go 60. I hope we go 90. I hope it goes as long as it can," he said.
 Could they go 60 days? Could they go 90 days? Could they go a week? Two days?

Could black people in 65 percent black Memphis go one day without killing one another?

No. ['30 day no killing' decree fails in less than 24 hours,, July 12, 2016]:
A decree issued by Interim Police Director Michael Rallings to go 30 days without killing failed when a man was shot and killed Tuesday afternoon.
The shooting happened near the intersection of East Raines Road and Airways Boulevard. The victim was first reported as being in extremely critical condition, but doctor's later announced that he did not survive his injuries.
Monday afternoon, Interim Police Director Michael Rallings asked protesters to help him by agreeing to a 30 day moratorium on killing. That moratorium did not last 24 hours.
Memphis Police Department continues to investigate the shooting.
Officers have not determined why the man was shot, but they do think a group of people are to blame. Witnesses told officers a woman and three or four men were seen driving away from the shooting in a small white car.
Everett Burke said his brother-in-law, Brandon Byers, was the man shot and killed.
"I heard a lot of screaming outside. I woke up and I went outside to see what was going on," Burke said. "You see somebody taking their last breath--it is awful. You are right there close to them."
Burke said Byers and his sister have three small children who were inside the apartment when three men and a woman kicked in the door to the apartment.
"They actually had hands on my niece," Burke said. "She was on the way to the restroom and one of them covered her mouth with their hand."
Burke said the suspects took a TV and his nephew's video game system.
The children were unharmed, but Burke said he wants to know why the suspects didn't listen when Rallings asked the Black Lives Matter movement to stop the killing for 30 days.
Burke said he is nervous and anxious and just wants the violence to stop.
"All these people using guns and killing people. l mean, you're not doing God's work and you're not doing anything positive out here."
Couldn't make it a full 24 hours without a black person killing another black person in 65 percent black Memphis, even when challenged by a friendly black law enforcement officer (who mingled happily with black terrorists who shut-down I-40, which blocked an ambulance carrying a sick white child to a hospital)...

Our job is only to survive the madness upon us, then turn our backs on the black people demanding help in the aftermath of the misery they've bred (and we've monetarily supported with our taxes). KFVS12 News & Weather Cape Girardeau, Carbondale, Poplar Bluff FOX Carolina 21


Anonymous said...

Thirty days is far too long...Try for one. Just one. Then ask for two...Maybe they get the hint. Maybe. Of course, I have my doubts.

Proudyt said...

"We're tired of the system killing us "? Are you fucking kidding me ? Sometimes I have to stop watching the news,reading the news and yes even stay away from this wonderful site (no offense PK). The absolute hypocrisy of the blacks and the left wing media get my blood pressure way up and seeing as how I have stents in me probably not a good idea. 30 days ? How bout we see how many they can kill in that amount of time.

Anonymous said...

"When you feel like you need to pull the trigger, think, 'I'm messing my community up,'" one protester said. "When you feel like you need to stab him, think I'm messing my community."


I can only shake my head in dismay...disgust.

"When you feel like you need to...?" My God...what kind of primates are we dealing with?

I curse the politicians and the powers that be that carefully orchestrated this monstrous takeover of the USA by these pygmy brained abominations called blacks. As we all know, it has been in the making for the past 60 years.

All I can say prepared. The day of reckoning will happen sooner or later.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Mr. Rational said...

Go to Google Translate. Type in black man and ask for Welsh translation.

Laughing SO hard right now!


I second that hearty laugh.

Philadelphia Mike

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Those of us who remember the ´70´s and all the negro fun we had to endure that decade know that we are in for a real treat in the future, especially if Madame Hillary has her coronation this coming January. Yes, if Hillary gets elected, she will double down on every single act Obama has passed, or flirted with getting passed. The only good thing about a President HR Clinton would be that she would certainly launch WW 3, in which case we would most definitely see an end to this madness. One way or another, this sh*t must f*cking end!

But back to the article. Don´t you just love how this negro AA police lieutenant or whatever the hell he is thinks it is a good idea to plead with and lick the b*ll sacks of negro gangland members, begging them to TRY to behave??? WHAT????? In an American city? (sorry, I forgot we are rapidly descending into the African mean).

This evening my husband told me, after I made a remark about TNB, that some of our ¨friends¨ regard my views on the common negro as ¨unflattering¨. To which I say, F*CK YOU! If you cannot see the writing on the wall, I have no use in saying ANYTHING to you at all.

Understand one thing: These people are not now and will never be your (true) friends. Join like minded, realist, prepared, friends. It is your only hope. The hour is nigh.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Even if they claimed the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan coded communications excuse of "hours would seem like days," they STILL couldn't hack it.

We don't want rush to judgement and ascribe motives that may not be apparent at this stage of the investigation. We can be sure the shooting occurred in close proximity to a prayer breakfast, Tupperware gangbang, protest march, dance off or rap video in progress.

Stay safe during the "Day of Rage."
See you on the other side. Lock and load!

Unknown said...

No matter how low one sets the bar....

White Trash Hillbilly said...

I'll be really happy when someones foot slips off the brake at one of the BLM interstate shutdown protests.

Paintjob Theory said...

"When you feel like you need to pull the trigger, think, 'I'm messing my community up,'" one protester said. "When you feel like you need to stab him, think I'm messing my community."

Tell me, friends, is this a mental ping-pong match you have with yourself on a daily basis? "I wants to kill dat muffugga Shitavious but it be bad for my community".

For whites, Asians, and even a fair number of Amerinds getting through the day without
committing murder isn't a great internal conflict or act of great self restraint. Only with black Africans is this seen as a great challenge.

This is a fine illustration of the source of the negroes' frustration and rage at our civilization which expects and demands non-murderous behavior each and every hour of the day.

I'm sure this is whitey's fault (it was a WHITE car), and they're still just like us but with a different paintjob.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but France took it's 3rd major terrorist attack with dozens killed.

How is that mole-face of a European Union representative adulterer still leading France?

And it seemed CNN and others thought the title: "Nice Terrorist Attack" was oh so cheeky.

You see the town in South East France is actually named Nice. Ha ha. You get it? At least 80 people killed not even counting the injured (which both include children). Now that is a repulsive headline.

"Terrorist attack in Nice, France kills 80"

...would be much more appropriate, don't you think?

And this is just oh so going to RUIN the media sympathy for BLM tomorrow when they all strive to find their inner ch*mp.

Trump needs to say what needs to be said and then DO what needs to be done. To stop the bullies and the terrorists you fight back until they back down like the opportunistic scum that they are. We have our own home-grown versions, they have their newly imported ones.

And lots and lots of unaccompanied young Muslim males to compete for the altruistic white females who don't even know what hit them until it's too late. They think our women are sluts. Either way, to force yourself on a woman or to even grope her when she is a stranger is just so at odds with the purported values of our societies and makes me want to join a brain-trust to finally get those invading dark age parasites out and off of its host- white people.

Some white people will always forfeit and throw in the towel and make concessions at the end of a sword to placate invaders, but it doesn't mean the rest of us do.

Even if large swaths of Europe fall, has the white not figured out a way to live in luxury and relative harmony anywhere in the world? And think of the technology that we have available today that our founders didn't.

I'm not saying undertakings of such magnitude would be either quick or easy, just that we have some incredible white minds and intellects out there that you don't think about because you don't see it everyday.

But they are out there, in the millions at this point. As Paul says, your (only) job is to survive. Unless you want to pitch in and help get the ball rolling in any way you can, you can just wait it out. Change is inevitable, and it doesn't always have to be changing the standards of who is allowed to go to the bathroom with your daughters.

You don't need to finish the grand plan, but if you wanna throw your 2 cents it might be part of the proverbial straw, as they say.

Obama put some dark dick into Europe and has scheduled some for us as well.

When Donald talks about inevitable attacks in the U.S. he isn't trying to fear monger as much as he's just being honest and straight with us. Hillary will not win, it's not her time and you and I know it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh, PK. I needed a humorous piece.

On the other hand, what did they expect? There's a lot of people in a city, and all it took was one asshole to kill. Did they really think that they'd manage to get every single thug onboard with the plan?

Back to the first thought, "Burke said he wants to know why the suspects didn't listen when Rallings asked the Black Lives Matter movement to stop the killing for 30 days." Ha ha.

Silly negro, black lives don't matter, and they'll prove it every day.


Mr. Rational said...

How soon before the necklacings begin in Memphrica?

They don't belong here.  This is what they are, let them live there among their own.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the negro shine strikes again. Who would have thought?

They are such peaceful beings, always willing to lend a helping hand.

I think repatriation to Africa is the only viable solution at this point. Send them home in gutted out oil tankers back to the shores of Apefreaka.

We don't need them here, and we haven't for over a century. It is time for a clean break, time for us and the negro to cut all ties and move on. This relationship is unhealthy; the fair thing to do is let the negro be independent for a change.

Anonymous said...

Shot Tuesday afternoon and his brother in law "woke up" to find this happening. Gee, he MUST work a night shift right?

Anonymous said...

30 Days!?! Maybe they should take a page from AA or some other 12 step program and give "One Day At A Time" a try!


Anonymous said...

The steaming brown pile known as Memphis is Gary, Indiana south.
Make sure you are gassed up when heading south on I-65 and do not stop in Memphis.
The High Plains and Mountain West are still good to go especially Kansas, Colorado (rural) and Utah.

High Plains Drifter

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

Natural born killers, what else needs to be said?

Yeah, it's comical alright that these "folks" can't go not even one day without one of them offing another. It's just what they do. To expect anything different from a species such as this is the pure definition of insanity. We see this shit day in and day out. Today, tomorrow, next week, next year, it'll all be the same, probably much worse in actuality.

Black people are America's biggest liability. We're bankrupt from trying to elevate this failed species. To expect otherwise out of such a failed species is a dream that will NEVER come true. It can't. Nature at work. You can't alter nature. You can't alter genetics. And you surely can't change it by throwing money at it. Nothing will ever change these dredges on society.

As long as we continue to live with these cancer ridden parasites in our country we will never be great again. It's simply impossible. To think otherwise you are insane in the membrane. If you think that these folks can ever assimilate into our civilization then you are just as much a part of the problem as they are... Your both one of the same. You are my enemy. Your handlers are our biggest enemies.

America IS irredeemable!

Our country doesn't need any more proof to come to this conclusion, but we're guaranteed to witness more of it whether we want to or not. It's absolutely disgusting to watch this country be eaten alive by the most useless species on the face of the Earth. My only dream in life that I wish I could see come true before I die will never happen, but if it ever could I'd make sure I was right there to help it happen if it could. I despise this species more than anything else on the face of the Earth. Phuck each and every one of you black monsters in MY country. You folks don't belong here. Never have, never will !!!! Rant over for today.......UGH !!!

PS. All of you please be safe today, Friday, 07-15-16, if you, like myself, have the misfortune of living in a city where you are surrounded by these dredges in our society. Today is the day that the n!ggers and their handlers are calling for a "day of rage" protests all over this country. Be safe out there! I wouldn't want to hear about any of you, or myself, being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Keep your distance from any and all of these domestic terrorist worthless monsters we're surrounded by. I got my six packed and loaded, do you ?

Unknown said...

Maybe if it was made into a reality show with prizes awarded they might make it 30 days without killing anyone. But that's a BIG MAYBE.

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

Anonymous said...
OT: Saw this on another blog.

You Must Do This!!!!!

Go to Google Translate. Type in black man and ask for Welsh translation.

You will not be disappointed!!!!!!
Hilarious! !!!!

July 13, 2016 at 11:01 PM

LMFFFFFFFFFFFFFAO !!! Thank you for the awesome laugh! I almost couldn't stop it was that fkin funny. In this day and age we live in today I most definitely needed that.
Thank you anon for that. Comedy gold! Absolutely hysterically hilarious !!!

For anybody on this site who didn't check this out yet, please do, it's most definitely worth checking out, especially if you need a good laugh for the day, I guarantee it!

Seems like someone knew about the dindu's wayyyyyyyy before we ever coined it !!

Anonymous said...

Nelson Muntz, again: "Ha Ha!"

D-FENS said...

The 30 day moratorium only applied to senseless violence. I'm sure there was a sensible reason for this particular shooting, so I think they are still in good shape for meeting their goal.

Perhaps more prayer vigils and a few federal grants will help attain the goal.

Anonymous said...

I mentioned previously that the American project has been to construct a "city on a hill", a utopia where race doesn't matter, since people will relate to one another with perfect justice, just as souls supposedly do in the Christian heaven. (Remember, race is a property of the body, not the soul, and all souls are regarded as of equal worth by God.) The first mention of the American aspiration to be as a city on a hill was made by the Puritan John Winthrop in a sermon in 1630. Many Presidents have referred to this ongoing project, among them JFK, Reagan, and Obama. Reagan said:

I have quoted John Winthrop's words more than once on the campaign trail this year—for I believe that Americans in 1980 are every bit as committed to that vision of a shining "city on a hill," as were those long ago settlers....

These visitors to that city on the Potomac do not come as white or black, red or yellow; they are not Jews or Christians; conservatives or liberals; or Democrats or Republicans. They are Americans awed by what has gone before, proud of what for them is still…a shining city on a hill.

Once it's understood that this kind of race denial is what America has always been about, a lot of history that is otherwise obscure becomes intelligible. The slow-burning race war that is currently underway has been smoldering for centuries, detectable in the speeches and writings of abolitionists, and flaring up to spectacular brilliance during the American Civil War; afterwards dying back a bit, but only a bit, with the false peace of Appomattox. Reconstruction and the Civil War Amendments were a continuation of the war to raise up the black man to parity with whites, pursued this time by political means instead of military. The war smoldered along through segregation, but flared up again during the Civil Rights era of the 1960s. It's heating up again now. In fact, we could say with accuracy that the Civil War never really ended, and that it really began in 1630, not 1861; just as the struggle to emancipate the black man and establish his full equality continues to this day; and the same as when the Civil War was raging, many whites are still taking up the black man's cause. These heirs to the Yankee struggle appear to be winning, the successors to the South still in retreat.

Implementing this Christian vision of human equality is, in its barest essence, a war against reality, because in reality, as we here in this forum know, race matters very much. What is, though, isn't nearly as important to the Christian as what he thinks ought to be. He's willing to give anything, all of his riches, even his life, to achieve his egalitarian objective and build that city on a hill; because, as in Jesus' rhetorical question, "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet lose his soul?" In the same place Jesus also says that a man must lose his life to save it. Taking this at face value is what whites are doing in committing racial suicide, isn't it? They are losing their collective life to be born again. They willingly die as whites in order to become Americans.

But America is irredeemable because the city on a hill is unconstructable, an impossible dream. You can try to bury race but, unlike Jesus, it won't stay dead. Burning the city on a hill, turning utopia into a smoking ruin: that's the natural talent of the negro. Burn, baby! Burn!

Brian in Ohio said...

"We ain`t pepper sprayed nobody, we ain`t deployed gas."

Well there`s your problem right there. They need to learn to NOT block traffic. You just told them that was a viable method, so they`ll do it again.

You don't give your dog a treat after he shits in the house....But that's what your doing.

Stay alert, stay alive.

NY Girl said...

I bet my dog 100 biscuits he couldn't go 30 days without licking his junk.

I got the same result.

NY Girl said...

"black terrorists who shut-down I-40, which blocked an ambulance carrying a sick child to a hospital)..."

Sick WHITE child, FYI.

Steve Smith said...

They have to set more realistic goals... Start off with 30 minutes.

Anonymous said...

They are doing society a favor by killing their kind, it needs to be encouraged. They are nothing but trouble.

MrGJG said...

Everybody knows the credo of the afflicted is "one day at a time". He was setting them up for failure. Baby steps.

Unknown said...

Paul-- you vacillate between prescriptions for salvation and prophecies of doom. I'd stick with the latter if I were you. Even if Trump is elected, the spigot of free stuff won't just magically be turned off. Until that happens, we will have no chance of ridding ourselves of this menace. And even if that happens, the multi-generational problem of a bankrupt work ethic will persist, making crime the easiest and most lucrative choice. Very few voters out there on either side of the aisle would have the stones to do what's really needed: complete legalization of all drugs.

This would take away essentially all of the money, and the hope of money, from the ones who make this country irredeemable. But it won't happen.

-CR said...

Whenever the Dindus and their sycophants call for a "dialogue" with YT, what they really mean is "sit there and listen while not opposing any of the tripe we spew, then accept our flawed logic and personal anecdotes as unvarnished facts". It's one-sided, and any deviation from THEIR formula (such as voicing disagreement or offering an alternative viewpoint) results in vigorous pronouncements that "y'all need to just shut up and listen" or "y'all bees rayciss no matter whut". Then the so-called "dialogue" is ended by THEM, while they strut away and loudly proclaim a debate victory.

This one-sided "dialogue" is well-practiced among themselves, as this article shows. Once the Dindu has decided to commit some malfeasance, or more likely (given his non-future-planning nature) simply had an opportunity and took it, there is no talking him out of it. It doesn't matter if he's lecturing YT on the trials and tribulations of being a Dindu, or whether he's actively victimizing one of his own. It is one-sided.

History has demonstrated this consistently, showing no words have ever reliably changed (or likely will change) the Dindu's base nature or convince him to act other than his inborn instincts command. If they cannot convince each other, then what hope does anyone else have?

Only physical means that prevent the Dindu from acting out his impulses and disinclinations towards civilized behavior are effective. Thick walls, stout locks, separation through distance and geographical barriers, the occasional virus or other biological agent, and the use of force are ultimately what are effective against the Dindu menace. Nothing else works - certainly not words.


Anonymous said...

I know the problem. The interim chief qualified his no killing statement with no "senseless" killing. There's always a sensible reason for ghetto killings (sensible to the hood anyway). In this killing the robbers needed a TV and video game so they could entertain themselves and they had to kill to get it because YT done did then wrong or something. Good shooting though.

Shark said...

I guess it's okay to obstruct traffic, since it's just inconveniencing the people traveling to perform productive labor - - unlike the important work of "protesting" against the killing of felons, violent druggies and other miscreants by police officers...

NY Girl said...

Somewhat O/T, but a "French Tunisian" killed 84 people in France.

I consider Muslims to be nothing more than sand n!@@ers, not much better than the regular kind, except they have their demon spawn within wedlock.

As sad as these events are, even LIVs have to look around and say Hillary-style multiculturalism doesn't work. That chocolate Frog asshole probably flipped 2 states to the Trump "win" column.

Anonymous said...

Almost one day in a row! That is indeed progress. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Enough with his Islamic snake poem, Trump needs to read the text of Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech and explain its background. Show that Enoch was a prophet, and that it is Trump who must now be our leader to take action.

Southron said...

Let's start with something more realistic, like 30 milliseconds with no killings.

I was buying some new doors recently at a large home improvement store. There was an old black man there buying security doors for his home. He was seated, and appeared extremely frail. I overheard his conversation with the clerk about why he was buying the security doors.

He had been mentoring a "troubled youth" that returned his favor by bursting into his home one night with several more "troubled youths", and they shot him 4 times and robbed him. He barely survived, and had just gotten out of the hospital after a lengthy stay.

Deluded whites need to understand something. If they'll treat each other like that, what chance do you have of appeasing them? They don't care how much MLK you can quote, or how many marches you have been in. They'll kill you to take what you have, or just for fun. No amount of midnight basketball, outreach, or other programs will change that. Period.

Mutant Swarm said...

One hour, then two, then three, etc.

Baby steps.

Anonymous said...

Remember this joke?

Q. "The moron lost his contact lens in the bathroom. Why did he look for it in the kitchen?"

A. "The light was better."

That could be the official joke of the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

For negroes in Memphis looking to find answers to the tide of murdered Black men, the light was better at a police protest on the I40 Bridge.

"I'm just tired of the senseless killings of black people. That fact that I have two sons, that hits me close to home," said Porshia Scruggs, who came from West Memphis with her sons Isaiah, 7, and Isaac, 6.

She brought her niglets to stand on a bridge to protest the killings by police in Louisiana and Minnesota of two black men, while a few miles away, 120 negroes have been gunned down by other negroes since the new year started.

Q. "Why did the moron stand on a bridge...?

Joshrandall said...

Did the negroes build that pyramid?

Anonymous said...

The Great Kiyate offensive kicks off at the Repuke Convention in Cleveland next week. Look for murderous mass chimp-outs nation-wide with 1000s of YTz 'n AZNz dead/seriously wounded as millions of sub-saharans roll out to intimidate & suppress the YT vote for Trump

Alinsky Acolyte B HUSSEIN Obola may also use this as an excuse for martial law & "postponement" (lol, permanent postponement probably) of elections.

The anti-white murder wave is not nearly at it's crest yet. We are all at way more risk from sub-saharan-african-Terror than we are from islamic-Terror

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

The idea that gangbangers and drug dealers are going to respond to an emotional appeal is ludicrous.

Consider this: If you were asked to stop driving your car for a month in order to cut the pollution level in your town in a symbolic gesture to help kids breathe better, would you?

Likely not, because it would be inconvenient and also useless.

Same with Black killers in Memphis. They don't wake up and say: "Ima go shoot me sum niggahs!"

Shootings happen in the normal course of conducting drug business. The rest occur because of disrespect or revenge.

Does any sane person believe that a illiterate who believes that settling a beef over an insult with a gun us going to respond to an emotional appeal?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Thirty days is far too long...Try for one. Just one. Then ask for two...Maybe they get the hint. Maybe. Of course, I have my doubts."

July 14, 2016 at 8:35 PM

Speaking for my family and myself we'd all have to say that we 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th your doubts.

I originally read it wrong, I thought they said 30 hours, but even if that was a misprint, the dindu tribe would still fail to surprise us with positive results.

You can always bet on the dindu's to represent. This is just one of many atrocities that we, as a realist society, have come to accept from the dindu tribe as an obvious given.

Plaga Negra said...

"Officers have not determined why the man was shot, but they do think a group of people are to blame."

Oh my cod they're about to do it! Even the media has had enough of the pandering bullshit!

"Witnesses told officers a woman and three or four men were seen driving away from the shooting in a small white car."

Don't know why I had my hopes up. Carry on with the circle-jerk you stupid monkeys.

Today is the dindu "day of rage." Stay safe everyone.

Anonymous said...

Another example of blacks being a huge joke. Imagine if they did make it to 30 days, were they going to celebrate this mediocracy?

Someone on here mentioned that there's nothing the government can do to get blacks to stop killing each other and I agree. It simply relies upon them and all they have to do is make the conscious decision to not kill each other.

You see that you lurking orcs? You have no self control and your stupid activism attempting to address non-substantive issues makes you one big joke. You're distracted to think that racism and police are the biggest issues that face you by your cultural Marxist pet keepers to the point that you don't even realize that you are the ones contributing to their own demise.

Continue with the self destruction, you will not be missed.

Anonymous said...

Heres my take on this..Go to you tube and play the song "ha ha ha" by the punk band, flipper. Say what you will but the song fits with narrative perfectly. :)


I can help. I have found the real reason for this "tragedy". From the story:

".........woman and three or four men were seen driving away from the shooting in a small white car."

There you have. A small "WHITE CAR"...White.....

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

"When you feel like you need to stab him, think I'm messing my community."

White people learn this lesson (not so explicitly) at about age two. WTF are we supposed to do with a 17-year-old Trayvon?

Of I KNOW: let's move him to a better zip code with taxpayer money! THEN he'll learn to behave! < / s>

Unknown said...

Ammo...check. Beans...check. Tomato in various forms (for Vitamin C)...check. Extra medical prescriptions...check. The list goes on. I'm as ready as I'm ever going to be. Bring it on!

Pat Boyle said...

I don't have any law enforcement experience but I do have a little incarceration experience. After I got my bachelor's degree in psychology I worked for a while as a 'Youth Guidance Counselor'. That's a fancy name for prison guard for kids. Some of the kids were little guys but most of them were teenagers. We called these the good little kids and the bad big kids. The good little kids were locked up usually because their mothers were prostitutes who were also locked up. We just warehoused these kids until their mother's got out again. It didn't seem fair - the kids did nothing - but what choice did we have?

Almost all of the good little kids were white and most of the bad big kids were black.

I played a trick on the bad kids - I said nothing and I didn't react to anything they said. After a while they treated me as if I weren't there. I got to hear their private conversations. It was illuminating.

Most of these bad black teens expected to be in San Quentin in a few years. They fully accepted that they were going to spend most of their lives behind bars. They accepted their fate. They spoke of the kids in Youth Guidance as 'graduating ' to state prison in a few years. They saw themselves as a 'class' - in this case the class of 1961.

White people are foolish. Blacks are different. No matter what they say they don't think of themselves as salvageable. They expect to die young and/or to be locked up for most of their lives. They do not believe that some new job program will pull them out of poverty and put them on the road to middle class prosperity. They can 'talk the talk' when they need too but in their bones they know that they are doomed.

So when I read that another black initiative for peace crumbles in hours, I'm not surprised. If you have never experienced black criminals face to face you can still get a tastes of the phenomenon on that TV show '24 Hours'. Almost all the black criminals confess under very light questioning, most of the murderers when asked for a motive had none. They are mystified by why they shot that other black guy. They seem to have gone on 'automatic pilot' and killed in that state.

All these stories about the failure of blacks to institute some sort of cease fire show that blacks are not acting rationally. They are acting out some program that they don't really control.

Blacks are profoundly different from white folks. It will be a while yet before white people accept that fact.


Ex New Yorker said...

I just saw the black guy in the cowboy hat telling people what to do if you get stopped by the cop. It is pure bullshit. If a cop sees you reach for your license while coming up to the car he is going into high alert. You don't move until he gets to the car window.

This is what I do. When I see the cop get out of his car I stick BOTH HANDS OUT THE WINDOW where he can see them. When he ask for my license is when I reach for my wallet. I move REAL SLOW and keep my other hand on the steering wheel. I then keep both hands on the steering wheel and in plain sight.

I have never been shot, beaten up or arrested because I never call the cop a "muthafukkin pig".

After many years doing street time your brain thinks differently that most people.

Anonymous said...

Is that one of the pyramid spaceships that the 'gros built back when dey wuz all Egypshunz and sheeit?

Anonymous said...

To quote the late, great George Carlin:

"If I could reach, I'd never leave the house."

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that we can not go one day without killing each other, despite the pleas from city officials! Did anyone catch the news reporter Brix's error, he said there were three men and women in a white car! C'mon and he's a reporter!

We need a lot of help in the black cities across the US. Just maybe Trump will set the tone to find a solution to our problem. We have less grey matter than other humans and our genetics are different. We are different from all the humans on the earth, different hair, different voices, and different bone structure. You could say we are a different species!

If PK will allow me I would like to message my fellow Francophones about the news about the shooting in Nice France. Pardon me, my message will be written in French.

Maintenant, il est 84 morts et 52 blesses! Tiennent à exprimer à tous les habitants de la ville de Nice leur émotion et leur solidarité face à l'horreur indicible qui vient de les frapper. Let us all pray for the victims and families!

Willie from Naperville

Long Island Guido said...

OK. Can we initiate ways to link up with each with the current and coming storm? In order for us to "Survive"..we need to get together in MASS!


To really have our own "secret code", let us use the Welsh translation of "Black Man" rather than our own home grown slang term.

It is priceless. It has not only a double entendre' but perhaps triple.

I don't want to spoil the fun, but AFTER this post is moved on, I shall only use the WHITE WELSH spelling.

Bud said...

I believe stealing the TV and video game set was the real intent. The murder was just a coverup.

Hick'ry Stick said...

Thirty days - impossible.
He was asking negroes not to be negroes. Just doesn't work that way.

Completely O.T., but what happened to the FBI revolt that was supposed to take place if an HRC indictment was not recommended?

Anonymous said...

Here are your so-called consevative blacks on Twitter:

Diamond and Silk® ‏@DiamondandSilk Jul 11
.@Bakari_Sellers , The POTUS has been in office for almost 8 years & Chicago is still in Poverty. He turned a blind eye to black communities
848 retweets 1,590 likes

Diamond and Silk® ‏@DiamondandSilk Jul 11
.@Bakari_Sellers in case you forgot, Bill and Crooked Hill are the reason for broken families in the Black Community...They're the Problem

Diamond and Silk® ‏@DiamondandSilk Jul 11
.@Bakari_Sellers, Bill Clinton signed a Crime Bill into law that had thousands of black men locked up where they couldn't raise their sons.

They ALL blame whitey for black failure and dysfunction. And no one corrected them.

Anonymous said...

ALL Words Matter:
The negros have almost succeeded in taking away yet another of the White Man's Words. "THUG"! I say it doesn't matter, let 'em have it. Let your mind wander back to Ye Olde Wilde West, where hoss thief hangin's, shoot-outs, etc., were often the rule of the day in small prarie towns. They had a perfectly good word for thuggery then, and it's a great word to start smearing all over the Dindus now, like poop on a chimp's cage....


Start using it on comment boards, and let's see what the DWL's & SJW's make of THAT!

....P-town Correspondent - Portsmouth, VA

Anonymous said...

Vibrant diversity is still enriching Detoilet east aka Baltiless:

Pat Boyle said...


I'm responding to the terrorist attack in Nice. It's off topic but related. The solution to Islamic terrorism is similar to the solution for black violence.

Already we have seen a progression of techniques for dealing with the Islamic terrorist problem. At first the Obama administration simply denied that there was any such thing. Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood killed 13 of his fellow soldiers while scheming Islamic slogans. Obama ignored and dismissed the Islamic content.

Next we had the Boston marathon bombing. The authorities tried to treat this as if it were a simple criminal occurrence like robbery of a convenience store. Our criminal justice facilities have prove insufficient to deal with these sort of threats as the Orlando massacre proved.

Now we have the Nice massacre. The French had just revamped their intelligence service to deal with these kind of atrocities. Apparently the intelligence service is no more effective than the police response has been.

May I suggest that it is time to employ other methods? There is a lot of loose talk about warfare but few think that through. If we or France is at war with Muslims why don't we simply employ war methods? The driver of the vehicle that killed more that 80 people was from Tunisia. Why don't we bomb Tunisia?

We should first destroy Tunisia's ability to resist. That means the military establishments first - then the civilian population centers. The driver is already dead but he probably has relatives and friends still in Tunisia.

We need to raise the price of terrorism so high that the friends of the terrorists turn them in so as to avoid the consequences.

We will probably never reach that point as long as the lily livered Obama is in the White House. But the American electorate already suspects that Trump will take more decisive measures.

I grew up in the fifties as a schoolboy who learned to 'duck and cover'. Our official policy was not to try to avoid nuclear attack but to be prepared to inflict a massive retaliation on any aggressor. Time to remember.


Anonymous said...

@ NY Girl,

In France a truck is easier to get than a library book or computer.
Truck control must be enacted now!

Plaga Negra said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Mr. Rational said...

Go to Google Translate. Type in black man and ask for Welsh translation.

Laughing SO hard right now!



You can't make this shit up.

Anonymous said...

High Plains Drifter said:

"The High Plains and Mountain West are still good to go especially Kansas, Colorado (rural) and Utah.

That's why we got out of the Deep South and came here. We'd love it if you'd all come join us...we're dindu-free!

~Powder Monkey

Anonymous said...

"When you feel like you need to pull the trigger, think, 'I'm messing my community up,'" one protester said. "When you feel like you need to stab him, think I'm messing my community."...

"When you feel like you need to...?" My God...what kind of primates are we dealing with?

The kind with:
* Lack of impulse control
* Low median IQ
* Dismal future time orientation

Once again, the reality of race is demonstrated.

They are not like us.

Anonymous said...

What we have my fellow Realist is "black jihad" in America.

Anonymous said...

That there Memphis Pyramid in the background of the photo...

...while Interim Director Mike Rallings is calling for a 30-day moratorium on killing, why not also call for Africans-in-America to make that pyramid fly? After all, didn't Africans-in-Africa invent pyramids and make them fly back when they were kings?

I'd wager that blacks have a better chance of making a pyramid fly than they do of going 30 days without committing a homicide in Memphis.

Sick n' Tired said...

The shooter didn't get the no killing memo because he was busy being released from jail on the day of the speech. So it's not his fault.

Anonymous said...

The black clown who asserted the system is killing blacks is, obviously, unfamiliar with the fact that 97% of black homicides is caused by other blacks.

Until BLM stops spouting nonsense and starts speaking the truth, it's time to tell every last one of its members and supporters, including Obozo, to STFU.

Deadeye Dick said...

Google translate----> black man-----> welsh===Hilarious side busting!!!

Anonymous said...

Aren't Hollywood film makers required to give notice when blocking roadways while making "Planet Of The Apes" sequels?

SensibleSouth said...

"If they cannot convince each other, what hope does anyone else have?"

I've read many a good post on this site, and I think CR said it best, when it comes to attempting a "dialogue" with blacks and liberals. I grew up in NYC, and spent my childhood without going an entire week that a black didn't give me a bad time of it. My mom was a hopeless liberal, and suggested appeasement. My dad taught me how to fight, but how does one person take on a gang, which is how they always approached.

As an adult, I was passed over for promotion twice, in favor of a less qualified black, who ended up being fired (one for stealing, the other for incomptetence).
When one of these promotions was then offered to me, I politely declined. I worked over thirty years, put my retirement papers in secretly, was there on Friday, and gone the following Monday. I hear the place fell apart for a few months. Good.

Anyway, I am happy to be in the company of the rest of you SBDL posters, submitting some of the most articulate and amusing writings I have read so far.

This is my first post, after lurking for almost a year.

mikej said...

@Anonymous 4:22A.M.: Letting them kill one another would be a great idea if they're weren't such rotten shots. In Chicago over the July 4 weekend, 66 blacks were shot by other blacks, but only 4 died. Guess who's picking up the medical bills for the other 62? If you want something done right, then you need white boys to do it.

@Reverend Bacon: I'm not sure that legalizing drugs would do the trick. Rodney King should have overdosed within a week of his $3.8 million settlement, but it took 20 years. According to the CDC, only 4,323 blacks died of drug overdoses in 2014. You'll need another solution.

@Southron: Well said.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Phoenix, Shooty McBeaner:

Anonymous said...

Numerous blacks killed in Nice, France attack.
Any word from BLM? (crickets)

Stuart D Gathman said...

Black society was healthy for the first half of the 20th century, despite persecution from many quarters. Harlem was booming with arts and business. The Civil Rights Act prohibited government enforced racism (despite misgivings as to constitutionality). Everything was looking up.

But then, they themselves succumbed to the temptation of institutionalized racism - aka "Affirmative Action" - not realizing they had just accepted a large sign on their backs saying "I am inferior". This was followed up by subsidies for broken families - aka "Welfare" - which has steadily eroded black society until intact families are a tiny minority of their population. Now, most blacks (and whites) are demanding the same things their immigrant forefathers enjoyed - free food, free housing, free healthcare, free clothing, guaranteed employment, and gun control (back then it was called "slavery"). These things are now regarded as "rights" - not "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness".

The architect of this brilliant re-enslavement, Lyndon B. Johnson, exulted, "I'll have them n*****s voting Democrat for the next 200 years."

Anonymous said...

The Whites and other non black races who support blm are useful idiots. Cretin DeRay McKesson and that female ho ( can't remember her name, something like Naaaaaa) who works with him have said Whites are to be used until blm is successful. Then bye bye useful idiots. Classic communists.

Every excrement communist thug group that is going to Cleveland to riot and bash Trump is funded by Satan George Soros. Many of those commie scum groups were started by Soros. The Cleveland police were told to leave the rioters alone.
You can bet money and win that anyone who tries to protect themselves against the bile commies will be arrested.

Trump supporters, Pro Lifers and other conservative groups were denied permits by the City of Cleveland. All communist fascist regressive groups got permits.

I am losing hope for people to wake up to what is really happening and why.

FearpornRefugee said...

This site could apply to stuff brown people don't like, too. I recently became interested in finding a good cigar to smoke. After diligent research on the subject, I set out to conduct business with the only local shop I knew of with a walk-in humidor. The shop is run by a dark skinned fellow who is either Indian or some other type of habidab (pronounced hobby dobb). The store is a small affair located in a shopping center mixed with a large grocery and other smaller specialty shops. The customer base of this shopping center is a diverse mix of professional whites, nogs, rednecks, and mexicans/latino(a)s/wtfe pc term for them is this month. Last week I went in to purchase a Maduro something or other cigar for about six bucks and a cigar cutter. Today I went back to try another flavor, and after finding a pack of five at a price I could justify to myself, I poked my head outside the humidor to ask Mr. Habidab if I could open them up for a quick sniff. Now before you reach a premature conclusion, hear me out. The cigars were packed inside a ziploc bag which was longer than the stogies, and folded over on one end, fastend with a piece of scotch tape. All one had to do was carefully peel the tape back to unfold the flap, and gently unzip the bag for a whiff. If I didn't buy them, I could've put them back in the condition which they were before the examination. I also had engaged this fucker in a nice conversation the previous week about cigars, cars, and commuting for work; we had a pleasant rapport. When I walked in today, I spoke to him and said that I was back for another round and a different flavor. When I asked for permission to smell the cigars, he quickly and shortly replied in the best seven-eleven accented English, "no! you cannot open the bag!". I politely placed the motherfuckers back into the place from which they were picked up, thanked him and bid him a nice day.

My wife and children were patiently waiting for me in the parking lot, and knowing me well enough, asked what went wrong as I got back inside the car. I explained and set out to find another store to do business with. As luck would have it, my wife saw another shop that I had no idea existed on the opposite side of the interstate. We drove around and over to it, and when I walked inside I first observed a promising environ. As I walked inside the small shop, I saw a bar with stools along the left wall and a white fellow in his late 40's having some fried chicken from a take-out joint (must've been having his lunch break there with his wife who was in charge of the place), a few teenaged girls sitting in the leather lounge chairs along the right wall, and a white woman in her late 40's standing at the end of the bar to greet me. I felt right at home. (this is a moderate sized southern city just so ya'll know) I spoke to everyone, they all spoke back. The woman asked if I needed help finding anything among the humidors lining the perimeter walls, to which I replied kinda sort of, maybe. There was a much larger selection in this store than in the terrorist's place! I smiled and said that I was not a cigar smoker yet, and that I vaguely knew what I wanted to try out. Then I immediately thought to ask "who owns this place?", thinking that maybe it was someone I knew. She answered with a name I did not recognize, but sounded very much like they were born here at least. I then had the bright idea to ask "are they black or white?" to which she replied black. I said thank you very much, and marched my happy ass right back out the front door.

It seems whites are doomed in the south. Too many religious sympathizers or too many IKAGO's. I am packing up my family (after a good plan is in place) and heading out west sucka's, because I wanna be a cowwwwwwwwwwboy baby.... Yes, they are all bad and I hope they die from cancer. Soon.

Be well all. Buy guns and do business with white folks only. Just make sure they own the damned business and aren't just the help.


Anonymous said...

Stuck in Mississippi says....

I mean, what more can one add? They can't read, write, think independently, use a restroom correctly, chew with their mouths closed, stay in the correct lane when driving, all simple stuff to us....and you want them to go without shooting? Really?

Californian said...

Note the unreality:

There's Black Lives Matter (sic) which claims that the system is killing Africans-in-America. Then there's a Memphis top cop here telling blacks to stop killing each other. You have more Africans-in-America being dropped each 3-day weekend by other Africans-in-America than are gunned down by police every year.

From a rational standpoint, this makes no sense. But we are not dealing with rationality, are we? It's BRA. You have to consider that from inside the skulls of those Africans-in-America running amok in the streets, the black-on-black killings are somehow translated into cops gunning down unarmed teens who have their hands in the air. They refuse to recognize the reality.

And why not? Exactly when has rationality been a factor among black Africans? Where has it ever been reported in any significant amount? In Haiti? Liberia? Congo? Detroit?

True, when there is some discipline imparted by YT (colonialism, segregation, apartheid), blacks might go through the motions of civil behavior for fear of the consequences. But YT has pulled back and ceded the streets. And add in the dysgenic policies of the last five decades in America which have bred an increasingly low-IQ demographic, open to mass delusion.

It's a tribal uprising, folks, make no mistake about it. And expect more delusion in the coming chaos.

Stay alert.

Stay armed.

Proudyt said...

Agreed. To bad Black Lives Matter wasn't "protesting"in Nice on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

I mentioned previously that the American project has been to construct a "city on a hill", a utopia where race doesn't matter, since people will relate to one another with perfect justice, just as souls supposedly do in the Christian heaven. (Remember, race is a property of the body, not the soul, and all souls are regarded as of equal worth by God.) The first mention of the American aspiration to be as a city on a hill was made by the Puritan John Winthrop in a sermon in 1630.

I have to disagree with you, if what you're saying is that our Founding Fathers have always desired a multi-ethnic America. Although abolitionists did think slavery was an injustice, most of them never intended to live on equal status with the negro in America.

Most of the early Fathers, like Jefferson and Adams, believed the only solution to the negro problem was to eventually expel them from the land, just as they had rounded up the "Indians" and kicked out the Mexicans, French, and Spanish. They intended this land to be for the posterity of primarily English settlers.

James Madison agreed. "To be consistent with existing and probably unalterable prejudices in the U.S. freed blacks ought to be permanently removed beyond the region occupied by or allotted to a White population.”[9] He proposed that the federal government buy up the entire slave population and transport it overseas. After two terms in office, he served as chief executive of the American Colonization Society, which was established to repatriate Blacks. (Jared Taylor)

The popular position of recolonizing freed slaves continued even after the Civil War: "I am not, and have never been, in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with whites; and I will say further, in addition to this, that there is a physical difference between the black and white races, which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality." ~Abraham Lincoln, 1858

But during Reconstruction, an evil movement was afoot between opportunistic politicians and their liberal supporters in the mainstream media who whipped up the sympathies of people like the Quakers and other misguided religious groups to derail the colonization efforts. In fact, many people would never have supported the abolition of slavery had they any idea that the end-game was to give the negroes full rights and freedoms as citizens. That's why the book Negroes in Negroland was put together: because the editor who collected all the various writings had seen that America was being taken over by power-hungry, vote-seeking liberals and their mistaken ideas of "equality for the negro", and he desperately wanted the average voter to see how Africans behave in their own land. Ultimately, evil triumphed, the colonization effort never really got off the ground, and we're stuck with this current mess.

This egalitarian doctrine disguising as Christianity is a relatively recent phenomenon. None of the Founders actually believed this.

~Powder Hound

Anonymous said...

"Burke said he wants to know why the suspects didn't listen when Rallings asked the Black Lives Matter movement to stop the killing for 30 days."

Silly negro, tricks are for kids.

The Mick

countenance said...

These moratoriums are stupid anyway. If one has the power to make black people stop killing each other for x number of days, why not make it indefinite? Furthermore, if one has the power to make black people stop killing each other for a definite period just by asking for it, does this mean you're an accessory in every murder that happened because you didn't call for a moratorium?

Flapdoodle. It's all face time and PR.

Anonymous said...

Attention blacks; what exactly is it that you want white people to do??? After 50 years of propping you up we are tired and frustrated. Nothing we have done has really worked. We tried to educate you, feed you, give you housing, provide day care for your children even though you don't work. We have given you health care for free while we pay through the nose for our own. Would you be happy if we come over every morning and fix your breakfast? How about clean your house? Yard work? God knows you don't do it. What would it take to make you happy? To make you behave? Maybe this is just a question with no good answer. Sometimes things just are.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add a couple of traitors to their own white race to the list.
Watch this video of Tavis Smiley interviewing former Police Chief Norm Stamper. Especially the first 15 minutes. Mr. Stamper was a cop for 34 years- in San Diego, for one, and a Chief in Seattle, where he probably did not deal with many minorities. Mr. Smiley asks (sorry, axes him) if there is a problem with black men complying with the police when stopped. Mr. Stamper dances all around the question and never remotely approaches an answer. I wanted to throw up- had to force myself to watch, but we NEED TO KNOW about people such as this.
Also, this 68 year old white man helping protest in Atlanta, holding a sign that says "white silence equals violence" - (only in the sense that if whites don't speak up about crime and reverse racism, whites will continue to be attacked)- What in the HELL is he doing marching right after shoulder surgery, where he could be jostled?? Was he seeking a ghetto lottery also??
Traitors all. Along with that boy with the privilege poem- his Mommy was so proud.
Wait till he is in the REAL WORLD.
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

Excellent, sir. Thank you.

NY Girl said...

OMG, thank God I did it before anyone else was in the office!!!

NJ Woman said...

I think the police chief meant to say 30 "minutes". That might have had a prayer. But no. (Heavy sigh.) "The system", AKA a bunch of jigaboos, snuffed our another brother. (Thanks and a hat tip!) And done stole a TV and video game for good measure. Nice touch.

To Formerly Miss Greenbaum - Oh dear. Is telling the truth unseemly? Are we being unladylike? Will our names be removed from the social register? I'd like to kick your friends around the block and then put them on a train to Newark. I hope that doesn't put me in an "unflattering" light.

Anonymous said...

OK, sorry, here is the ONLY answer...

If you want to have a peaceful, prosperous, USA, you need to literally REMOVE the humanoids who are preventing that.

Ship all blacks and mulattoes back to Africa. Or Haiti and save same gas.

ALL Mexicans back to Mexico.

Secure the borders and just start enjoying your country. No other way. Face it...

There is literally NO OTHER ANSWER>>>!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like the Muslims know how to steal the headlines from the Black Lives Matter groups.

Anonymous said...

Black Lives Matter? The latest and greatest stats from suggest otherwise.

July to Date
Shot & Killed: 22
Shot & Wounded: 161
Total Shot: 183
Total Homicides: 25

Week in Progress (7/10 – 7/16)
Total shootings: 48
Shot & Wounded: 41
Shot & Killed: 7
Total Homicides: 8

July to Date
Total shootings: 183
Shot & Wounded: 161
Shot & Killed: 22
Total homicides: 25

Year to Date
Total Shot: 2154
Shot & Wounded: 1834
Shot & Killed: 320
Total Homicides: 356

Police shootings occuring in Chicago
Year to date: 10
Shot & Wounded: 6
Shot & Killed: 4

By these numbers, total police shootings account for .004% of the shootings, .003% of the woundings, and .0125% of all gunfire deaths.
So which group is the problem again?

Anonymous said...

Obama's white side must have gotten control for a second again- he help a "town hall" on race and it was not well received by BLM. Some highlights:

But to some viewers, the discussion seemed to focus too much on what black people can do to avoid being targeted by law enforcement, and not enough on the need to shift police culture and hold officers accountable for excessive force.

Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter who attended the town hall, told The Huffington Post the event was a “shit show.”

“It was honestly one of the worst experiences you could’ve put families through,” she said. “It was all about apologizing about the cops, it was just a mess. They closed it off with a little black boy wanting to be a cop. It felt like a love fest for cops. The entire show was about respectability politics.”

And people have the audacity to wonder why B(L)M is so hated, if you haven't yet just reread the above.

Anonymous said...

"I axe that you watch dis":

Obama's Town Hall on Race

Anonymous said...

I totally wasn't expecting that! Thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

A small correction, since I made a boo-boo in the math.

Police activity accounts for .4% of the shootings, .3% of the woundings, and 1.25% of the killings. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

"I have to disagree with you, if what you're saying is that our Founding Fathers have always desired a multi-ethnic America."

It's immaterial whether this was sought actively as a goal or simply allowed to occur. The result is not made either more or less deadly thereby.

The early colonials imported the negro to these shores, and didn't have the heart to deport them all or otherwise dispose of them. In fact, they bred with them and made them Christians, like themselves, thus the slaves became their "brothers in Christ", and subject to the rules that Christianity sets up for how Christians should treat one another. How can it be surprising then that their children and grandchildren shed their blood for them, and even made them citizens and gave them the vote? You quote Lincoln, but he changed his mind on this and publicly stated he favored making them citizens and extending them the vote. As for the indigenous peoples, the pioneers didn't wipe them out, which they certainly could have done, nor did they expel the Mexicans, as you stete. They were allowed to become citizens when the territories in which they resided became states. As a matter of fact, even the supposedly racist 1924 Immigration Act, which set quotas by country for immigration from Europe, allowed for UNLIMITED immigration from Mexico and Latin America.

The bottom line is this: A multi-racial America could have easily been avoided if the Founding Fathers, or any of their successor generations, had so desired, but they had other priorities, and those priorities were shaped by their Christian morality. A whites-only America could still even be done today, but the whites of today are even more weak-willed and disorganized in that regard than the ones of yesteryear.

Anonymous said...

Brian in Ohio said...
You don't give your dog a treat after he shits in the house....But that's what your doing.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Good one Brian! I just finished up training my German Shepherd and I laughed my ass off!!! So true!


Inquisitor said...

Negro lies don't matter

Bill in St Louis said...

Blacks Challenged to go "30 Days of No Killing" in 65% Black Memphis... Less Than 24 Hours Later, a Comical Black on Black Murder Occurs


You could have just stopped at the headline, PK.

Bill in St Louis said...

Anonymous said...
The Whites and other non black races who support blm are useful idiots. Cretin DeRay McKesson and that female ho ( can't remember her name, something like Naaaaaa) who works with him have said Whites are to be used until blm is successful. Then bye bye useful idiots. Classic communists.
July 15, 2016 at 12:14 PM

In that case, they will be using whites forever. When have blacks ever succeeded at AHYTHING?

Anonymous said...

The boy with the white privileges poem goes to a school with a $23,000 yearly tuition. Doubt if he's been exposed to much black behavior in his privileged school. Everyone should have to be exposed to at least one year of TNB. Then you're free to talk about privileges.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that!

Proudyt said...

Welcome aboard.

Anonymous said...

Once it's understood that this kind of race denial is what America has always been about

America has not always been about race denial. Americans were never allowed to vote on any of the major racial decisions. Brown vs Board would not have passed by vote. Lincoln was able to recruit volunteers but the war was not popular with the public, especially after it was clearly going to be longer than Lincoln claimed. Racial realism was part of American culture up until then end of WWII. California was considered a world leader in eugenics until eugenics fell out of favor after the war for obvious reasons.

What happened was that in the 60s conservatives decided to kick out racial realists and let liberals control the narrative on race. I think in their minds they were afraid of racial divisions leading to Communism. This was of course a mistake since they let the liberals run wild with government programs on the basis that equality should exist.

Even worse is that at some point conservatives started believing liberal lies about race. They decided that equality should in fact exist but it's actually (government/unions/Democrats) that are preventing equality. This message resonated with Christians but it was never pushed forward by them. It came from intellectually dishonest free market advocates that wanted to bust unions and government monopolies. Amoral Randian globalists are a much bigger problem than Christian fundamentalists. They are the pied pipers that have played the tune of "blame government" for what are really racial conflicts resulting from genetic differences.

PB said...

Meanwhile in Phoenix, Shooty McBeaner:

Shooty El Beano?

PB said...

Anonymous Joshrandall said...

Did the negroes build that pyramid?

July 15, 2016 at 7:54 AM

Yep, and landed it right there.

Anonymous said...

Simple, fat, government pension.

Anonymous said...

By day, an assistant parking attendant in a lot off of I-40, by night he dons his Mighty Hoody of Social Justice and becomes...Dindu Nuffinz!

Yes, Dindu Nuffinz, strange visitor from another 'hood who, from his perch high atop the Memphis Pyramid, spots an anti-violence rally. Quickly going into action over streets gone wrong, within 24 hours shots ring out!

But will this shooting lead to a backlash against the peace loving Memphis black community? Will the evil mastermind Dis-Pirate-Impact imprison more teens simply for feeling a trigger? Fear not, for the cry goes up from a hundred thousand Memphisidian throats...Dindu Nuffinz!

Faster than a speeding moratorium! More powerful than an interstate highway! Able to leap the bounds of sanity! It's Dindu Nuffinz!

(Cue heroic rap music, roll end credits for Memphis)

Unknown said...

Dyn du

Sick n' Tired said...

A dindu exhange program that lets nogs from the worst inner city schools trade places with their prep school counterparts. Because isn't that what they need, a chance to go to a good school and they'll all become astronauts?

Sick n' Tired said...

The main thing is that the people who immigrated here and were absorbed as the territories expanded actually worked to build America. They didn't come here and shit out some anchor babies, then start collecting welfare like today. If you didn't work you didn't eat. George Washington didn't import a useless family from Sudan who have nothing to contribut, give them a house, SSI, medicare, and an EBT card like the family from the article a week or so ago. Southern plantaion owners didn't go to the slave auction and say "That one looks nice and lazy, I'd like to feed, house, and pay him to sit around and smoke weed all day, maybe I'll buy a couple of those mammy sows to keep him company as well". When the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, finished clearing the land and building their homes, they didn't look around and say "You know whats missing from our community...diversity, lets import some Muslims. I'm sure they will happily assimilate into our community, and be tolerant of our beliefs."

Anonymous said...

How do you know it was blacks that committed that murder? Ha, I almost said that with a straight face.

Anonymous said...

That illusive "system" killing blacks again lol!!! You have to admit, its a nice change from the usual skreets/waycism/poverty/heat/gun bilence/white privilege nonsense they love to blame? God, what a hopeless race.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why my home town had no murders for 10+ years. Drugs were available, everyone owned guns, got drunk, some were on food stamps and govt housing, occasionally got into fights over disputes, but our sheriff never had to ask us to try and stop stabbing & killing each other for a month. There must be some factor I'm missing.

Mr. Rational said...

They are doing society a favor by killing their kind

They're killing superfluous sperm donors, not the breeders... and patching up the survivors is costing White America a fortune.

Only physical means that prevent the Dindu from acting out his impulses and disinclinations towards civilized behavior are effective.

Strong conditioning was employed in the past and appeared to work, but I suspect you'd have to begin very early and it would be called "child abuse" today.

Imagine if proper social distance had been enforced between Philip Chism and Colleen Ritzer.  Would he have even considered doing what he did?  Would his mother?

The driver of the vehicle that killed more that 80 people was from Tunisia. Why don't we bomb Tunisia?

Because Tunisians-in-Tunisia are not the problem.  Kill the perp's family if you can find them, but France needs to get rid of the Tunisians-in-France (and the Algerians, Ivoirians, and all the rest).

ruckus said...