Sunday, July 31, 2016

Free Speech isn't Getting Freer: Growing Number of Americans Fired, Suspended, Forced to Resign for Criticizing Black Lives Matter

A Dallas weatherman forced to resign for daring to criticize the DNC Convention, which featured the mother of a would-be black cop killer had Michael Brown been successful in his attack on Darren Wilson (remember Wendy Bell?). 

A growing list of cops, firefighters and first responders fired for daring to criticize Black Lives Matter. 

A nurse fired for posting, 'I am tired of all this bulls--t with the black people!'

And now, this. [‘All Lives Matter’ Gets Texas Student Suspended, Sent To Diversity Workshop, Daily Caller, July 31, 2016]:

A student government leader at the University of Houston was suspended for 50 days and ordered to attend a diversity seminar after she criticized the Black Lives Matter movement online. 
Shortly after the July 7 shooting in Dallas that killed five officers, Rohini Sethi went on Facebook and opined “Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like AllLivesMatter.” The statement was later deleted, but only after numerous UH students denounced it as incredibly offensive or even hateful. 
“Just for her to say, ‘forget Black Lives Matter,’ is a punch in the stomach,” student Nala Hughes told a local press outlet at the time. 
Sethi serves as the vice president of UH’s student government association (SGA), and several UH students demanded her immediate removal. 
A full removal of Sethi has significant hurdles, though. The student government constitution requires the student body president, president of the student senate and three-fourths of present student senators to approve impeachment proceedings. Sethi would then be tried by the student supreme court. (RELATED: U-Houston Faculty Told To Avoid Sensitive Topics To Keep Students From Shooting Them)
Instead of going through that arduous process, the student senate approved a measure giving SGA president Shane Smith exceptional one-time powers to punish Sethi as he saw fit. In response, Smith released a letter Friday outlining a set of five punishments for Sethi. The punishments include: 
  • A 50-day suspension from SGA starting August 1. This suspension will be unpaid (she currently receives a stipend of about $700 a month).
  • A requirement to attend three “UH cultural events” each month from September through March, excluding December.
  • An order to write a “letter of reflection” about how her harmful actions have impacted SGA and the UH student body
  • An order to put on a public presentation Sept. 28 detailing “the knowledge she has gained about cultural issues facing our society.”
If Sethi refuses or fails any of the requirements, she will be kicked out of SGA entirely. 
Smith notes in his letter that the punishment was particularly harsh because, in his view, Sethi hadn’t recognized the severity of her offense in declaring that all people’s lives matter.
From this point forward, we'll update this section with the list of people who are either fired, fined, or sent to racial consciousness rehab (diversity training) for daring to criticize Black Lives Matter or black criminality... or, in the case of Dallas Weatherman Bob Goosmann, simply pointing out a black person is a thug for trying to kill a white police officer. 


Anonymous said...

FUCK Black Lives Matter
FUCK Black Lives Matter
FUCK Black Lives Matter
FUCK Black Lives Matter
FUCK Black Lives Matter
FUCK Black Lives Matter
FUCK Black Lives Matter
FUCK Black Lives Matter
FUCK Black Lives Matyer
FUCK Black Lives Matter

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of all the bullshit with the black people. Forget black lives matter, more like all lives matter.

Mr. Rational said...

This is prime material for black-knighting.

"#AllLivesMatter" be rayciss!  Obviously ONLY #BlackLivesMatter, and nobody else!"

This must be mocked mercilessly, as they've shown no mercy to anyone daring to question the narrative even slightly.

"Some people push the envelope, some people just lick it, and some can't even find the flap!"  We have a bunch here who can't find the flap even if they use both hands.

Lulu said...

I work in a ghetto government office. As you would expect, most of my co workers are black. I am not. A while back one of them put up a blm poster in the front of her cubicle. I complained to the higher ups, saying that it needed to come down because they are a hate group and our office should be free of that bs. I was told that it would be taken care of. Several days later it was still there. I we n t back to the higher up and she said that it had gone up the chain of command and they deemed the poster a form of "black empowerment". I stood there with my mouth open, then saying, so let me get this right,th e higher ups in this state run facility promote violence towards law enforcement condoning blm protestors screaming " Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon?" I was told a resounding YES. I walked out and called my union rep. Guess what.. when I told my union rep that they needed to get involved to get this matter taken care of , he looked down his nose at me stating"well I personally agree with blm , there's nothing that will be done." Say it PK, loud and clear... America is irredeemable .

Anonymous said...

Free speech? Not so much in a third world Marxist shithole worldwide laughingstock.
The lamestream media didn't report on it but the Incirlik U.S. air force base in Turkey was surrounded and the power shut off as part of Erdogan's fake coup.
Sunday the encirclement was lifted. Erdogan is a buttbuddy of sobama and knew he could do whatever he wanted regarding the air force base.
Elections have consequences as do 50 years of groid ass kissing.

Anonymous said...

Sad this person would allow these people power over herself. The blm is a terrorist organization

Anonymous said...

When when we realize we're enslaved to these terrorists monsters?!

They say whatever They want!
Including genocide.

Hell we can't even say that the suspects to a crime are black!


Anonymous said...

They want your job, your family on the street, your pride... And now they want reparations!

Detroit Refugee said...

Punishment No. 6)
And for this one, Smith leaned over the table
as he spoke with a straight face.
" I strongly suggest that you allow yourself to become pregnant with a blacks baby".
Smith already promised the incoming black freshmen he'd cover up any reported sexual assaults that occur this semester.

Anonymous said...

Tell the little-minded fools to go to hell. Then go to a school, major in a program where you will employ the likes of them. Then rub their noses in it. That is all the little minded understand. And lawyer up, and sue.

skybill said...

Hi Paul,
I have heard all that tripe!!! I too am tired of it!! It invokes only one comment...take it for what it is worth from this ..."Armed Infidel!!!!!!"
The comment is from "Hershel." The comment is called "Hershel's Dictum!!!" It goes like this here.........
"There aren't too many human interactions that can't be fixed with a .45ACP 230 Grain 'FAT BOY!!'"
All this S#!t is just 211*f ...only one degree from boiling......those BLM pukes are in for it when they get a dose of "COLD ANGER!!!" Go over to Andrew's Blog...You know who I mean and read up!!!
Audentes, Fortuna Juvat,

Anonymous said...

(Smith notes that the punishment was particularly harsh because, in his view, Sethi hadn’t recognized the severity of her offense in declaring that all people’s lives matter.)

What he really means is, she doesn’t recognize the “sin of being white” and needs to understand the severity of “that’ offense.

Anonymous said...

Conversely, those on the other side of the issue are free to say whatever comes to their minds. I was sitting in a meeting recently and one of the females in attendance was discussing her upcoming trip across the country. She openly stated, without any reservation and as matter-of-of-fact as could be, that she was scared to travel because if she were to be stopped by the police they might hurt or kill her.

There was a very brief and collective moment of being taken back a bit, but because this was a black employee nothing was said and no rebuttal was offered. Yes, I am just as guilty as everyone else in the room for not commenting on how racist and uninformed her police comment was, but I have a family to take care of and uttering the truth or providing factually insight is more than enough to get me sent to the house in the country that I live in.

White Trash Hillbilly said...


Anonymous said...

Thank God for this site, that is all.

chattanooga gal said...

this is what upsets me the most. I have always felt that freedom of speech is what defines this country, and that has just gone down the toilet. I think that is what a lot of people mean when they say we " want to take our country back
However, I did notice that when Trump refused to stop using the term " anchor baby" the powers that be did back down and now I even hear them using it. Maybe we should stop going meekly to diversity training when told to and start fighting back tooth and nail.

Proudyt said...

Now they are criticizing the miss teen America pageant for having 5 blonde finalists and eventually a blonde winner. Don't they have a miss black america pageant ? The hypocrisy never ends with them. I truly believe there is an awakening slowly but surely happening. This has got to stop NOW.

Anonymous said...

Do black lives matter? I dunno, but their names sure do!

Late Sunday night, police said they were looking for Antwon Lamar Fair, 32, in connection with the shootings.

Family members say the shots rang out after Takeeya “KeKe” Fulton, a 39-year-old mother of six, got into an argument with the father of three of her children. Both Fulton and her daughter, Nuckeria “Keria” Harris, 19, were shot and died at the home. Two of Fulton’s sons were also shot and airlifted...

With names like that, shots are bound to ring out. Black live don't matter, hell their children's names don't matter!

Anonymous said...

Years ago, I said to my dispatcher (on a public radio frequency) "I can't handle any more diversity." We all had our 4th diversity session in the year. My dispatcher was black. He laughed.

Fact was/is, this crap is basically, to me, run by professors, liberal whites, bleeding hearts who would never ever live near a black or hail diversity, as they call it.

Diversity only goes one way. We're all "equal", but some are more equal than others.

Anonymous said...

Currently, in all facets of my life, I and all I know have free speech, and utilize it frequently on this topic. But listen; although I've mostly been a realist my entire life, long ago there were times when I was far more tolerant and softer in my outlook and approach. Even though back then there were literally several IKAGO's, it never went very far. If it wasn't an outright failure, it would quickly become apparent that we were galactically different, and really had virtually nothing in common, and those few were the BEST cases. So here's my advice. Shun them. At every single opportunity, shun them. If you're not already crossing the street when you see them, leaving stores and restaurants when they enter, frequenting establishments where they're not, not frequenting establishments where they are, and most of all, not associating with people who associate with them,- START. At all times. Our government and all of tentacles thereof may make inroads toward our free speech, forced inclusion,- whatever. But they will NEVER force a scenario as seen in 'Remember The Titans' where you will FORCED to say hello to your 'new friend'. Vote with your feet, and your actions. Shun them. Watch no shows or movies starring them (unless it's the usual role of judge, principal, friend, you know,- never a STARRING role), listen to their music, anything. If you have a friend or acquaintance who habitually associates with them, SHUN THEM. It will speak much louder and influence far more people, if instead of speaking out and complaining you OPENLY shun them at EVERY opportunity. I've been doing it for a LONG time, and I've never felt better or been happier.

Anonymous said...

I think you must begin with WENDY BELL.

Anonymous said...

Would like to see that plastered in every storefront window so it's in their face like their vile bowel movement, of black lives don't mean shit!

Anonymous said...

I work in negro infested state office as well. I can't wait to get the hell out. Being a white male you have not a icecube chance in hell of getting anywhere. The spending on AA, civil rights and DBE's is past the point of ridiculous, it should be criminal. I suggest instead hiring subhuman "bidness" owners to perform shitty work just throughout the cash in ghetto hoods. The results will be the same. Tired of being the white passenger on this black Titanic!!!!

Anonymous said...

The crime channel is showing a story about a 15 year old black girl shot and killed in Chimpcongo.
It states that drug dealing gangbangers hit her in a crossfire.
How wayciss to state this! Black on black crime is a myth.

Here a BLM organizer says black on black crime is a myth:

Anonymous said...

Nobody has pointed out that the "racist" involved in this story is named Rohini Sethi. She or her parents were almost certainly born in India. Her skin may very well be darker than those that complained about her comment. And they are forcing her, an dark-skinned immigrant or child of immigrants from a third world country, to undergo diversity re-education?

This just illustrates how Asians are branded as "whites" in academia because they are on the same level in the intelligence department, while "diversity" is a euphemism for "low IQ peoples".

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals totaly reject the Founding Fathers,the U.S, Constitution and all what it means becuase LIBERALS are just SOCCIALISTS under a new name and carrying flowers with a hidden knife

Anonymous said...

Re: BLM at office. You have to document everything. Take pictures of everything. Email everything and print copies. If you voice concern over a hostile work environment and no action is taken, it does not look good for the fools that represent you or your employer. Imagine how quick the tables would turn if you hung a confederate flag? Do not go along, just to get along. If they try to force you out of work or make things unnecessarily uncomfortable, its a hostile work environment.

Anonymous said...

This whole political correctness, is so out of hand. What would happen, if everyone of us posted our name and address, on this web site? Would we be hauled into 'hate speech court'? White people fired for something that they said. Not threatening speech. Fired for an opinion. Never thought I'd see the day when putting a presidential campaign sign on your lawn could get you killed, but that day has indeed arrived. Starting to feel like the 2016 version of Custers last stand.

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

I'm tired of all the bullshit with the black people. Forget black lives matter, more like all lives matter.

While I agree with the first half of your sediments, I totally disagree with the 2nd half of it.

In my world and what I'm dealing with on my plate, the only lives that matter to me are the lives of all WHITE law abiding tax paying citizens of this nation. The rest are just as useless to me as they are to the rest of our once civilized society.

FUCK THE REST OF THEM. If they don't contribute anything positive to society then what use are they to people such as myself? What use are they to you? Unless you like seeing the quality of you and your families' lives disappear right before your very own eyes, the rest of these folks don't deserve to live in a 1st world civilization that only us law abiding tax paying citizens are capable of creating...

I owe these bastards NOTHING !!! I don't like them. I have no use for them. And I surely don't appreciate living under a tyranny gub'ment that is hellbent on forcefully placing these worthless folks in my city that contribute absolutely nothing positive towards it!

Until I sell my house for pennies on the dollar compared to what I paid for it I'm stuck living next to these types of worthless folks that contribute nothing positive towards society, and frankly, just the opposite. I got a boot lip neighbor that doesn't work, lives in a "suction ape" nigger nest, and uses each and every resource she can possibly use in her favor. Then the ape has the audacity to say that she has the right to vote. Why is that? No need to explain to the majority here, right? She had a comment and a pic that she posted to facebook stating that she voted today, about 6 months ago. What did she vote for? You already know. She voted for a levy that she doesn't pay a single cent into. She's given the right to vote to say how much of my hard working tax dollars go, not her's. I'm sick and tired of these useless dredges in society being able to dictate how much other people must pay in taxes. It's absolutely fucking disgusting!! And it's just one of the many of reasons why these "folks" get absolutely no pity or sympathy from me. I simply hate their mere existence, not to mention their fugly faces that of course leave much to be desired. A desire that we will never expect to exist out of this downtrodden worthless race of hominids. FUCK EM! I owe them NOTHING !!

If I had just one wish, my wish would be to NEVER have to look at another worthless boot lip for the rest of my life, the rest of my children's lives and the rest of all of our lives and children's lives for all of us great whites right here, in this forum, SBPDL !!!

Just my two Lincoln's worth.... for now anyways... you know my rant will carry on...

Anonymous said...

It isn't my responsibility to care about the plight of the negro, they aren't anywhere near being on my radar. I'm 57 now and from where I sit I see the negro bleating loudly for attention because he realizes he is being left behind. Technology is advancing at an astonishing rate and the ineducable negro has no place at the table despite all of YT's efforts. They are remnants of a bygone age like the musket or Model T, we don't use them anymore because they have been superseded. Forcing diversity is akin to forcing everyone to drive a Model T, it simply doesn't make sense to move backwards.

Are blacks being told they must like and accept whiteness in these diversity sessions? Nope.

To hell with what the lowly negroes "demand", they aren't worthy of our time.

Anonymous said...

As I read this nonsense...

...with a few clicks of the mouse, I order 30 more boxes of ammo.

~Powder Hound

Anonymous said...

Skybill said:

those BLM pukes are in for it when they get a dose of "COLD ANGER!!!" Go over to Andrew's Blog...You know who I mean and read up!!!

PK might know, but I don't! C'mon, skybill, spill it! Inquiring minds want to know!

Anonymous said...

Chattanooga gal said:

I have always felt that freedom of speech is what defines this country, and that has just gone down the toilet.

I used to have an au pair (like a live-in nanny for those unfamiliar with the term) from Australia, and she pointed out years ago that although we're the only country with "freedom of speech" enshrined in our founding documents, we're considered the most extreme, PC, anti-speech country in the world. She says both Australians and folks in the Netherlands (where she's lived) thought we were ridiculous.

Granted, this was BEFORE Mutti Merkel flooded Europe with Third World savages, so perhaps the Europeans are too busy dodging bullets, bombs, and runaway trucks to criticize the "ridiculous Americans" anymore.

Anonymous said...

First they Federalize the police
Then they take our guns
Next stop , reeducation or death camps

Anonymous said...

ProudYT said,

Now they are criticizing the miss teen America pageant for having 5 blonde finalists and eventually a blonde winner. Don't they have a miss black america pageant ?

Perhaps you didn't catch the last Miss USA Pageant. It was disgusting. Two nogs were in the Top 5, and a nog eventually won, even though at least two other beautiful women had far superior answers. The nog winner was a sergeant in the Army and got a rigged softball question about women in the military (which of course she proudly supported), while Miss Hawaii, who should have won, was asked who she was going to vote for in the upcoming election!

To make matters worse, one of the two hosts, "Terrence J", made a comment about the nog being a beautiful "sista". The whole pageant was one big black worship program. So now we can't even enjoy the national pageants anymore, I guess. Perhaps I should just toss my TV out the window, for all the use it's getting these days.

~Powder Hound

ruckus said...

The question I ask myself is, why are all these people WORKING FOR companies who clearly favor diversity over their employees?? These people are MAKING MONEY FOR people who have a vested interest in destroying our culture! I know, well paying jobs are not always easy to come by. But at what cost to our heritage, our people?
I agree with the poster who said to vote with your feet and shun them. If your company "champions diversity" or some other bs, get outta there! Hone your skills. Be damn good at your job. Be indispensible to your employer. Then, find yourself a good job that cares for you and your family instead of "equal opportunity interests". THOSE JOBS ARE OUT THERE! I am master certified in my field and it took a few tries to find the right shop for me. I work with all white people in an envioronment where there is no political correctness and we can basically say whatever we want. Its not uptight professional atmosphere, but guys talking shop talk, ya know? My white employer is smart enough not to hire any black people and since the business is relatively small, theres no pressure on him to do so. We work with high-end vehicles and peoples lives are on the line. A low IQ nog would be a liability and could actually kill people (on accident for once). Ive found many realists who own small business in skilled trade work. They want to hire good, hard working employees, not useless hoodrats. The services they provide benefit mainly white people. The pay wont be as good as your current middle-management corporate job, but the benfits of working in a friendly and free environment are life changing! Dont put yourself in a career position that could hurt your professional and personal life over an honest facebook post or a few jokes that are not pc approved. Vote with your feet, take your expertise and use it to benefit white people and their interests ONLY. If these corporations want to worship the negro, let them. Get out while you still can. Go where you are wanted and your opinions are shared.

Live (or work) by the negro, die by the negro...


Every single Race Realist here will understand the profound meaning of:


In, fact, as our enemy tribe realized 200 years ago, it is the ONLY thing that matters and why the last 200 years has been devoted to get the White Women to mate with monkeys.

Anonymous said...

To LuLuBelle2000,

In most cases, union rep = Democrat = kiss BLM's ass. If you are in a union, they force you to support radical causes that you may not agree with. It is unfortunate, but true.

Anonymous said...

Anon August 1, 6:25 A.M.: I concur wholeheartedly and do the same. I had a friend who was always playing the "I know a good one" card and objecting to my rejection of blacks in general. He said he'd bring one of his black friends over so I could meet them. I told him, "You do so and I won't answer the door and you'll never be welcome here again." He was so offended that he never returned. I consider it to be no loss whatsoever.

In that regard, I also tell any company that I'm hiring to do house repairs or any other work that if they send over a crew of illegal alien squat monsters, I'll throw them off the property and go with another company that will send white Americans out to do the job I'm paying for. My house, my property, my money, my rules- not theirs whether they like it or not. If they're going to hire and support illegal alien squat monsters, they're not doing it on my dime and will lose business. If they object, I simply walk out.

Another friend (knowing I was single and lonely after the death of a loved one several years ago) tried to help me out by introducing me to someone he knew. We met at a restaurant and things seemed fine. A few days later, he called saying, "Man, I'm sorry! I just found out they're screwing some black guy they work with! If I'd known that, I'd have never introduced you to them!" The slut called and was wanting to see me again. I told them no and exactly why. They tried to say it made no difference and they really wanted to see me. I said, "Ok, I'm going to the zoo tomorrow afternoon and I'll see you there after you get through screwing the chimps" and hung up.

Yeah, it's all harsh but you have to be harsh to drive home the message that it won't be tolerated nor accepted. Stand your ground, don't back down and never apologize.

Anonymous said...

Sethi's parents may have been right-thinking Indian-Americans who previously voted lockstep with other minorities for Democrats. Wonder how they feel now that their daughter is forced to endure public humiliation and prostrate herself on the altar of Black Worship? Will they still be voting for the people who created and endorse the Diversity Re-education Camp their daughter has been sent off to because she didn't applaud cop killers?

Anonymous said...

It has been said many, Many, MANY times,
on this and on other sites:




You can throw it out the window, or crunch it under the tires of some monster truck or give it a lead blessing according to the rites of the First United Church of St. Elvis, but you need to:




Pissed Off said...

I am seriously thinking about making and wearing a t shirt that says white lives matter, to illustrate the double standard when people see me and are inevitably "triggered."

Do you think I will just be hassled or will I be killed or what?

To the person talking about a BLM poster in her workplace-- what would happen if you put up a white lives matter poster on your cubicle?

Anonymous said...

I'm the poster who said 'SHUN THEM. Thanks for the replies. Am currently watching HGTV House Hunters. Every time I'm watching the channel, when a black couple or mixed couple comes on I either change the channel and wait for it to go by, rewind the previous show with the white couple, or select one of the episodes on demand without blacks. Facebook,- I never acknowledge the existence of anything black unless it's to post examples of the tidal wave of black crime. 100% non-black, 100% of the time. I feel GREAT. I've had a really great life. Feels great to be me.

Anonymous said...

OT....There is some good info on KHIZA KHAN at the Gateway Pundit site and also American Thinker. This guy is just another cutout propped up by the DNC.

Oil 'n Water said...

We have a group whose liabilities far outweigh positive contributions to this country, who continually demand that whites swallow the lie that blacks "matter."
In an excellent previous post, Pat Boyle pointed out why black lives largely do not matter.
But here are some reasons why black lives do matter:
They matter as being the most parasitic drain on resources ever.
They matter as the number one source of crime.
They matter as destroyers of once-great cities.
They matter as alarm sounders so as to stifle freedom of speech and to punish honest hard working whites, outraged at what they see happening.
The interminable programs at "re-education" reminding one of Communist indoctrination, use the process of repeating lies to keep the population sufficiently brainwashed…until the entire phony system finally collapses on itself…and it will.
I can only say, I'm glad I'm retired so I don't have to put up with the bullshit anymore for the sake of job security, and I feel for those who still have to take this complete nonsense.
A country is gravely ill when its citizens must live in fear of stating the truth.

Anonymous said...

This is way way too Opportune as a major SHOW TRIAL ala Red Guards to NOT haul her skanky white?hindu? carcass before the university's Supreme Court of Show Trials.

She needs to "self-confess" her h8 crimes yet still be found GUILTY OF HEINOUS H8 by the Supremes, expelled from UT, have all her earned college credits Erased & be officially Non-Recommended as a H8r to any school she has the unmitigated nerve & gall to apply too post UT expulsion

She should also be whipped in UT's main college quadrangle with attendance mandatorily Required off all other students to watch the strippin' 'n whippin' of this h8ful racist biatch

Her hair should be shaved off & donated to an african female student as a free weave & so she can show off that "human bitchs HIAR" around campus.

Furthermore, if UT can stipend the racist bastards 'n bitches $700 a month to be in student go't, UT should have stipend all african females with free Weaves (2 or 3 a semester) so's they can run around with actual, genuine, human hair on thar heads: the 'weave' hair donations could be harvested easily from the racist, monstrous actual human females (white 'n asian) running around campus spewing bile & hate towards our heros at BLM

Victory to The Africans !!! Mighty Conquerors of the Actual Humans !!!! Bow Low, Vile Unworthy Racists to Your Mighty African Masters !!!!

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

This! ^5

Anonymous said...

“whiteness” is evidence of “racism.” They’re force feeding the American consciousness two principles:

1)Political speech and positions vocalized primarily by white people is basically invalid.
2)Opinions emanating from non-liberal white people is motivated by racism.

Even those wanting closed borders and an end to illegals entering the country and blithely living off taxpayer largess are accused of “white racism.” We know, the underlying reason has to do with protecting themselves from crime, rape, murder, property damage and the closing of schools, hospitals and other essential services due to local and state bankruptcy born of the expenses of subsidizing illegals.

Because we know, we’re muzzled with the threat of the scarlet R.

They want to make sure freedom of speech or assembly is conditioned on its racial diversity, its “un-whiteness.” And, they’re doing a pretty good job of it.

Anonymous said...

Ok, at first I thought one of your readers had made this whole story up. Then after reading it I could feel my blood pressure begin to rise. You know how they speak about "choosing your battles"? This is one such case. Student governments have no power and often just result in popularity contests. No real consequence either way. Something so incredibly wrong about all this and they are hoping to get away with it. I'm spreading news of this injustice and the bullies who are trying to get away with it as a lesson for the rest of us who might speak up.

The truly over the top and vindictive part, imo:

An order to write a “letter of reflection” about how her harmful actions have impacted SGA and the UH student body
An order to put on a public presentation Sept. 28 detailing “the knowledge she has gained about cultural issues facing our society.”

So not only a punishment, but a public flogging and stoning for good measure, hey why not?

Here is her offense, in all its glory:

“Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like AllLivesMatter.”

Yep. That's it. Not F#CK black lives matter. Calling for inclusiveness of everyone, not just a big whiny spotlight on black people.

She gets the stockade for this, even though it was deleted.

It must be even easier to strong arm and bully individual students and people than entire school administrations. This person that they are targeting isn't even white, but must be made an example of.

Thank you for sharing this Paul. Mind officially blown.


A @ 9:51:

I do the same thing you do, but being "well known", I just play a game at it. When I call ANY business and I hear a non-White voice, I hang up, or B.S. my way out of the phone call.

When I drive, I glance at all construction sites, lawn-care workers, etc and if I see an All-White crew (rare) I jot down the Name and #.

By the way, all Mexican crews are 100% Mexican. You will see NO negro workers with them. They hate the negro. I see negro workers only with White crews. Mexican is all Mexican. Oh, and you will never see and all negro crew. Somebody has to have a brain to over-see the job and that is always a White man.

For the last year I have been shopping for 2 replacement cars for my wife and I, both are old (12 years and 13 years) and having kids makes me want to have a bit more reliability. Anyway, anytime I walk onto any dealer lot, and a Silver-Back approaches and wants to be my sales-person, I waste my time, fake being polite, (while in my head I want this ape shipped in a box back to sunny Africa), leave, and never go back. This has caused me to venture up and down the freeway to other cities as I find what I want and a WHITE SALESPERSON.

Rather than these car sales-person coming up to me, they should all sit in a nice room and let me walk in and say: "Hey, you.....let's go look at cars. There is no way I will buy a car, and pay any commission to the people who hate me. Those days are gone.

Tolerance, understanding, equality has done nothing but kill my people. Only racism will save it.

Anonymous said...

I watched a movie the other day that is hauntingly similar too the situation we have in the world today. It was one of the sequels to the Planet of the apes. I forget the title but it was the one where the apes have conquered humanity and humans are relegated to teaching the retarded apes how to read and write. Humans must spend their lives serving apes and it is a capital offense for a human to say no to an ape. Amazing how science fiction becomes reality.

Michigan Mike

Anonymous said...

What started out years ago as inclusiveness of others has dangerously degenerated into an exclusion of speech and validity if exercised by the white community.

Obsessive identification with minority-group views has led to, among elite liberals, a complete indifference and callousness to the feelings and yearnings of the majority white population.

Truthfully, this has always been the goal of liberal multiculturalism. Its intention was never to simply open up our society but to close down those representing the historic ethos and values of America: the white middle class.

Anonymous said...

This is BS. These people ought to sue!

FlowerBell said...

My family's white life doesn't add up to two plugged nickels to black people.
Why should their lives mean anything to me when they are actively trying to destroy mine?

escapefromobamastan said...

Refuse their demands and leave that cultural marxist government indoctrination center ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Y'all just don't get it, Black Li(v)es Matter is a protected organization! It's supported by one of the strongest person in the world, George Soros! It doesn't matter who criticizes BLM, they will be attack! Rohini Sethi was just giving her opinion and now she's being punish for it. This election cycle is very important, we must choose the right people to the congress and the president.

Willie from Naperville

Anonymous said...

"The question I ask myself is, why are all these people WORKING FOR companies who clearly favor diversity over their employees?? These people are MAKING MONEY FOR people who have a vested interest in destroying our culture!"

I am paid well at a high tech company that is hiring blacks, trans, gays, retards (I am not kidding), and foreignors as fast as they can.

I could quit. I could find another job...but they keep sending me a large paycheck every two weeks. I already know everything about my current job and company. There is always a steep learning curve at a new place. It is the shareholders who are getting ripped off and should run away, not me. The (((CEO))) of our company found out the corporation has deep pockets and is busy emptying them with useless hiring.

Anonymous said...

"Andrews" site is Andrew Anglin's the Daily Stormer.
The libs had (((Jon Stewart's Daily Show))) for comedy; we have DS. It is nice to laugh.

Anonymous said...

This story makes my blood boil. I know many folks are finally starting to wake up to the sorry state of affairs and nog overreach. I can feel it, sense it. Race relations are getting ready to explode. Don't they realize that once whites are finally poked and pushed too far, a crushing force will be unleashed? It's obvious that BLM and liberal douchebag types will keep pushing us, further and further until...BOOM...tipping point and no reversing the punishing retaliation by whites. They really must be insane.

Anonymous said...

To 7:41 am. Two big thumbs up! You hit the nail on the head. Spot on. Personally, I couldn't agree more!

Anonymous said...

The BLM agenda is to destroy whites. to get us out of jobs, apartments. to take what ever they can from us.

Any job, any free lance project where the majority of employees are black is a nightmare. I will no longer do it. The blacks will do what they can to trip up any white. I have been set up so many times I could write a book on it.

I recently on a lunch break from freelance work and saw two Caribbean black women babysitting or pretending to babysit. They sat together talking (complaining about he USA) and only get up because the kids came over to me to talk. Of course they would want to be by someone of their race. One of the woman yelled at them to get away from me. Good move, I was a threat to their easy job. I observed the children. They were very rough with each other and began throwing rocks indiscriminately. One of the savages had a white girl in a stroller, she must have been four or five. Really too old to be in a stroller and would not let the girl out of the stroller because she was supposedly misbehaving. That made me livid.

I finally called out, who's watching these children? Of course the kids are going to get into trouble because the black women were not interacting with them. Finally one of the Caribbeans got up and told them to stop. But she really wanted to chat with her friend and torture the poor white child.

For the life of me I do not understand why white parents would let their child be the presence of blacks alone. Let alone hire them to be in their homes and care for the children. The parents don't know how emotionally abusive the Caribbean blacks are to white children.

Anonymous said...

I grew up with them.
I moved away from them.
No association with them.
Happy! Problems solved#😄

Anonymous said...

A week long clean up, of another Detroit neighborhood by white people from the suburbs. It's amazing to see, grass being mowed, litter being picked up, streets swept, flowers planted, abandoned houses being boarded up, of course, they were abandoned by blacks. I'm waiting for the optics of this endeavor, so I can count ( on one hand) the black Detroiters that pitched in. Sip that grape koolaid while you watch whitey clean up your mess. At least when you change a babies diaper, or clean the spit up, you know that it doesn't go on forever. In the case of cleaning up cities, after they've been decimated by blacks, I'm afraid that's a never ending undertaking. Carry on whitey.

Anonymous said...

I agree.
If you're counter productive then you don't matter.
If you are sincerely disabled.
Don't be detrimental to productive citizens.

If you commit crimes you should lose any help.

Give it to productive citizens so they can have health care and food in the home...period 😡

Anonymous said...

I remember a few years ago in Colorado a guy had a lawn service company. On his truck/trucks he wrote "We speak English" and all the libs had a shit fit.

Anonymous said...

"Free Speech"...... if the worst happens in November, and the Harridan takes power, you can bet there will be a concerted effort to shut down Racial Realist sites like this one. The "mainstream' internet is controlled by the Tribe, and they squash any opposing viewpoints already. Sites like this one will be a flickering candle in the gathering darkness, and they will actively work to extinguish it.

AnnG said...

Why did the chicken cross the road? To show BLM how it's done.

BLM can go to Hell.

Illisheet said...

Pass me the bucket, I'm gonna hurl

Platinum EBT Cardholder said...

Fellow gubmint drones,

Take it from me, do not engage. Instead, find out the barest competency level acceptable and begin. In order to salve your wounded work ethic, volunteer for the cause. You will have plenty of energy, as the acceptable level of performance is extremely low, thanks to our melanin enriched brethren.

Bread is needed for YT babies bellies, do not jeopardize this in a battle you may eventually win, but will have little impact overall. Wait for the right time to make a move, say Jan. 2017 if we are fortunate. Now you are only shooting yourself in the foot with complaints against the full faith and credit of da gubmint.

Good luck

PB said...

"While I agree with the first half of your sediments, I totally disagree with the 2nd half of it."

Auto-spellcheck is not our friend.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice the black worship in new Honda commercials? Saw it by accident in a waiting room. Killed my T.V. 2 years ago, was shocked at the false negro / mud race family scenarios depicted!

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Enough is are awesome and I agree with you 1000%.

Centurian said...

"Tolerance, understanding, equality has done nothing but kill my people. Only racism will save it." Brilliant comment. Im stealing it.

Love this site...God bless you PK

Anonymous said...

"I am paid well at a high tech company that is hiring blacks, trans, gays, retards (I am not kidding), and foreignors as fast as they can."

Get your resume updated. There will be a layoff in the near future as the company begins to shrink. The last one on the cut list will be a negro female. You are already at the top of the list. Your job will be subbed-out to a smaller company, probably consisting of ex-employees. Been there, done that.

Anonymous said...

"What he really means is, she doesn’t recognize the “sin of being white” and needs to understand the severity of “that’ offense. "

Yeah, but she's not white! Something is very out of whack when dot head Indians like this girl and Dinesh DeSouza are in the front lines defending white causes. Whites constantly do this, shoving forward the rare non-whites who seem to agree with them. Praise and defend such exceptions all you like, but be aware you're also, at the same time, promoting America as a racial melting pot, America the proposition nation; or in other words, your own genocide.

Hick'ry Stick said...

"The General Aptitude Test Battery, also known as the GATB, is a professional career aptitude test which measures nine different aptitudes and can be used to help assess the likelihood that you will be successful in specific careers or training programs. An aptitude is something that you have the potential to be good at; it refers to your innate ability to do well at tasks that require a specific type of skill. Aptitude is not dependent on previous learning."

This definition was excised from an internet web-site. The underscoring is mine (sorry, the underlining didn't transfer from my Word document).
The GATB was routinely administered at the facility at which I worked - I did not administer it personally.
Whenever a negro was given the test, a name always came up that was unfamiliar to me, and one day I asked what this person had to do with the process. I was informed that whenever blacks were tested, the results were sent off to her office for "adjustment."
Yep. You know in which direction they were doctored. Guess the enablers figured they'd somehow fool an employer.
Just brought it up as another example of the advantages these cretins have been given…yet still fail. And still bitch about disadvantage and systemic racism, even with a game largely rigged for them.
Rule one: never, ever admit it's a black problem.

cecilhenry said...

There is no free speech with 'diversity'

Twitter, facebook censors all non SJW approve opinions.

Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about diversity.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

A country is gravely ill when its citizens must live in fear of stating the truth.

Amen, Oil & Water (great handle!)

Anonymous said...

Western Illinois University drops women's studies and African studies:

Proudyt said...

I've had a t-shirt made by a friend with just the letters YT on the front. I get a lot of different looks from the black folks but fuck-em. I've got rights too , right ?

Anonymous said...

Gibsmedat Cracka:

Anonymous said...

Just read how Queen Hillary had a rally at an Omaha high school that turned into a flop. I heard her next stop will be a bowling alley in Peoria.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Question of the day for you to ponder: Is ¨ugly negress¨ redundant?

Anonymous said...

I remember a few years ago in Colorado a guy had a lawn service company. On his truck/trucks he wrote "We speak English" and all the libs had a shit fit.

I recall years ago when the owner of Geno's Steaks in South Philly put up a sign mandating that all orders be taken in English. The media went crazy! But he never backed down. Geno's was just a block away from my family's row house.

The owner's dying wish was that the "English Only" sign would remain. Italian men of that generation, like my dad and uncles, were the best.

~Powder Hound

Anonymous said...

Im tired of black lives period. Im tired of being taxed to support their EBT welfare lifestyle. If the negroes dont want police to shoot them then dont commit crimes, and obey the Law Enforcement Officers instructions.

Anonymous said...

Didn't read the "black on black crime is a myth" story, but I can guess what it said.

Whenever these assholes appear on cable news panels they say: "Most blacks are killed by blacks, and most whites are killed by whites, so B on B murder is no more prevalent than W on W murder, so therefore B On B murder is a myth."

The white news people nod agreement, and rarely does one have the guts to say: "True, but still bullshit, because 13 percent of population - 40 million blacks - are doing half the murders each year, while the other half are being done by 310 million Hispanics, Asians, and whites, are doing the other half."

That's like saying there are only 100 dogs in a study group, 13 Pitt bulls, and 100 Labrador Retrievers.

The 13 Pitts were responsible for 50% of all dog bites, while the 87 Labradors were responsible for the other 50%.

Negro scientific conclusion:

Since each group of dogs is doing half the biting, both breeds are equally dangerous.

Personally, I think talking about B & B crime is a waste of time.

A better argument is to say that young black men of murdering age are perhaps 3% of the population, and are responsible for half the killings in the US.

Most of the rest are committed by "white" Hispanics, which means white Europeans ain't killin' hardly nobody at all.

The argument that poverty and bad schools account for this is again, bullshit.

The per-student expenditure per student in inner-city schools of the major cities is $13,000 to $16000 per year, greater to or equal to what most schools everywhere else get.

There's always a new reason for these sobering stats: Shitty teachers because the good ones won't go to the ghetto. Black parents who don't read to their kids because they are tired from slave-wage jobs, hungry kids who can't get enough nourishment from EBT and free meals at school.

It's the same old crap. You know that more whites (including Hispanics) are on welfare, right? Wow! You mean 87 percent of the 310 million non-blacks use more welfare than 40 million blacks, who use 38 percent of the available funds? That's, well, to quote a famous movie moron, "inconceivable!"

Anonymous said...

Asian-Americans - which includes "South Asians" like Ms. Sethi - voted 73% for Obama in 2012.

It gives one pause. Houston, where I live, is one of the most "diverse" cities in America.

The local news always - and I mean always - leads with negroes knocking off a business owned by Asians of some stripe, either of the "south" or "east" variety.

These stories often end with a negro robber either having his ass whupped with a baseball bat or shot to death by a tan shop keeper.

These - and only these - aren't terrorists. They are Americans, like the Italian immigrants, German immigrants, Polish and Ukrainian immigrants who came before them. They know the score, because they are in the trenches with these animals each day.

So who ARE these "Asians" Who voted 73% for Obama?

My guess is that they are the second generation kids who are engineers, lawyers and "enlightened" hipsters who are better than their "racist" parents.

Young people of "privelege" of any race are the biggest supporters of negro politicians.

Full Disclosure: I'm a half-Jew of a non-religious Jewish mom from Philadelphia and a redneck Georgia cracker - Philly had (in my 1960s youth) the most "race-realist" Jewish working-class population on earth.

They voted enmass for racist dago police chief Frank Rizzo for mayor on the "it's the niggers" platform in the early 1970s. Rizzo was right, as Philly history has shown.

Pardon the rant and the history lesson. My point is that "people are watching" the shaming of Ms. Sethi and others.

Few of us of any race have the courage to speak out, but many have the inclination to vote in private.

Even Hillary knows that Negro worship is over. Did she pick a negro as her running mate? Or a Latino? NO. In her zeal to win, she picked a Christian southern white cuckold who would be somewhat palatable to the still- white majority.

Anonymous said...

I work in the trades and you are 100% correct on your observation, Mexicans/Cubans/South Americans don't like blacks and consider them all lazy.

Sick n' Tired said...

Her letter should read "Fuck you, Fuck this university, I am tranferring schools and taking my parents tuition money with me. Fuck you all again"

Anonymous said...

i was forced to take "cultural diversity" credits in college before I could receive my degree. I took "Middle East Culture" in summer school and it was an indoctrination camp with several "fake students" already versed in Middle east culture (they were arabs) who tried to convert students. This was UIC in the mid 1990's.

Sick n' Tired said...

I work in a similar environment, different trade. All of us are realists and have no worries speaking our mind about any topics, telling off color jokes, or cursing. I have a lot of friends with corporate/office jobs that have to walk around on eggshells and watch what they say so nobody is offended, attend after work social events that aren't fun but will help "bond with their coworkers" and earn promotions. Hearing about what they have to put up with on a daily basis would make me jump out a window. The best part is that I earn more then most of them, without having to have my spirit crushed everyday.

Johnny said...

“It’s not enough to tell people to just not be violent..." I am to the point where I can hardly do more than chuckle about this stuff. Hey, I have an idea. If it is "not enough to tell people to just not be violent," then how about this, how about law enforcement? Nah Crazy idea.;^)

Anonymous said...

At the DNC, Caine said that we are supposed to "serve one another". When is the last time a black has done ANYTHING for me, except try to take away my rights?? Another speaker, think it was Bern but not sure, said Americans are known to be "decent and generous". Exactly which demographic is he referring to here?? Any one of you out there ever been the recipient of "generosity" from black people?? These people are out of touch with reality.
And to any of your friends who say, IKAGO, maybe have them read this....
Recently read a BLM post whose demands include "community policing"- (Jonqarius ma or TT (Aunt) gets to decide if he actually committed a crime or not- or his cousin or Uncle decides if police are even called-what could be wrong with that??)
And also calls for "expanded voting" to include felons- which is akin to admitting that a high percentage of felons are black, thereby allowing them more votes.
This crap is mind blowing....
L in Atl hell

Fred Liszt said...

I take comfort in the fact that, eventually, these assholes are sure to push their black supremacy movement too far, and the backlash will be delicious. My hope is that it will be the end of PC, which is nothing but an ideology which prevents us from being honest with one another.

That lack of ability to be honest is at the heart of race relations problems today.

Fed up Firefighter said...

I'm still here.

Everyone in the trenches is a race realist.

Anonymous said...

College campuses must be Stalinesque "orientation" centers these days. Drink the kool-aid, recite it back, and falter from the narrative ever so slightly, and you will face severe, long term punishment. It's chilling.

Anonymous said...

I think you missed a few

Anonymous said...

No. The only way any of this will be resolved is through war.

The longer we wait, the worse the war will be.

Medic Bear said...

The Fed is no better than state or local, as I bet you all can guess.

Last Fall, around election day, a diverse person in my building - thankfully NOT in my food chain - started wearing a "Yes, We Did" Obama sweat shirt. I mentioned, quietly, to someone in our legal office that a Hatch Act reminder might be in order. Lo and behold, a week later, all supervisors received an email from the ethics office that since he was not running for office, that was not considered a political statement and not a violation of the Hatch Act. Hmm...'wonder what would happen if I wore something similar?

I work with some of the most inept and pathetic Blacks on the planet, I fear, and all are being paid with our tax dollars. Just like most of TSA, we seem to excel in employing those who otherwise would be unemployable. A Fed agency, facing the public, with people who can't right or speak intelligible & correct English. Everyone knows it and just about everyone openly celebrates it. Go figure.

Thank God I am coming-up on retirement. I wouldn't last 5 more years of this bullshit.

Bird of Paradise said...

We need someone who will stand up to these PC idiots and sue them i a court of law for violating Free Speech MAKE THEM EAT CROW