Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Micro Look at Failure of Reparations: Since 1999, more than $210 Million Funneled to Blacks in St. Petersburg with No Return on Investment

Just imagine this as a case study in why reparations will fail (and have already been paid) on the macro level. [$200 million later, why are St. Pete's poor black neighborhoods worse off?, Tampa Bay Times, 8-4-17]:

ST. PETERSBURG — The predominantly black, high-poverty neighborhoods south of Central Avenue have long attracted politicians courting voters with plans to turn them around. 
Answer: Because black people, despite the infusion of $210 million, still live there...
Improving the neighborhoods he dubbed Midtown was key to former Mayor Rick Baker's vision in 2001 of a "Seamless City" where persistent racial and economic inequities would melt away. Thirteen years later, newly elected Mayor Rick Kriseman promised to fight poverty across the region "South of Central" Avenue. 
Both mayors won the area by wide margins and now are vying again for its support. 
As Baker, Kriseman and four other mayoral hopefuls head for an Aug. 29 primary, the Tampa Bay Timesset out to assess the region's progress since the turn of the century, analyzing two decades worth of data on income, housing, demographics and crime. 
There wasn't much progress to be found. 
Though the city has helped steer hundreds of millions of dollars into the neighborhoods around Midtown since 1999, they remain stuck in poverty. 
Adjusted for inflation, the average household's income has gone down. 
Property values in the neighborhoods have dropped. Only 43 percent of homes in Midtown and Childs Park are owner-occupied, a rate that's steadily declined since it was 60 percent in 2002. 
Today, almost half of the region's renters spend the majority of their income keeping a roof over their heads — nearly twice as many as in 1999. 
There have been some modest gains. More people have a high school diploma or its equivalent, up from 60 percent in 1999 to about 75 percent today. 
Crime rates have dropped as well, mirroring the trend across the city, state and country. But many of St. Petersburg's most violent neighborhoods remain in Midtown. 
Other symbolic victories have vanished. Midtown's only grocery store, which opened in 2005 and was hailed by city leaders as a major quality of life improvement, closed for the second time in February. A few months earlier, the same thing happened to a soul food restaurant opened on the former site of the area's iconic nightclub.
From 1999 to 2015, St. Petersburg helped steer over $210 million in private and public investments toward trying to improve life in the Midtown area, city documents show. 
Much of spending was taxpayer money for large capital projects, like the reconstruction of Gibbs High School and Perkins Elementary, which cost $51 million and $9.4 million, respectively. 
The federal government also spent $40 million on the Pinellas Job Corps Center, which provides free professional training for low-income young people, adding to the $3.7 million the city spent in assembling the land. 
The largest investments made by the city itself were land purchases started during Baker's administration. The city spent $7.7 million buying up over 50 parcels — many of them homes — in the hopes of presenting a large tract of land to a big employer at a site it now calls Commerce Park. 
The city also spent millions to buy land for and otherwise support Tangerine Plaza, a shopping center designed to bring a grocery store into the neighborhood — one of Baker's primary goals after taking office. 
Neither of those projects panned out. The city failed for seven years to woo a large employer into Commerce Park and now plans to build multiple sites it can lease to smaller businesses. Tangerine Plaza's Sweetbay Supermarket opened in 2005, then closed in 2013 before reopening months later as a Walmart Neighborhood Market. 
Then the Walmart closed in February. There are no plans to reopen. 
When surrounded by blacks, a business can't stay in the black. The Visible Black Hand of Economics is an absolute certainty. 

Isn’t it strange that in a near-homogeneous Black community like this area of St. Petersburg where the city government has steered more than $210 million (largely of taxpayer money) since 1999, there seems to be so little social trust and social capital? Doesn’t this fly in the face of Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam’sfamous study that found diversity was the primary cause for a loss of civic engagement.
Remember the story? Putnam was so embarrassed by his study and investigation that showed the harmful effects of diversity that he suppressed the findings for a number of years.
But in all-black areas of St. Petersburg, the inverse of Putnam’s findings appear to be true. The blacker a community, the fewer people vote, the less they volunteer, the less civility and social trust and the less they work to better the community. They can't even keep a Walmart open, even when the city is subsidizing Tangerine Plaza (truly, reparations). 
There's so little social capital in this nearly all-black community in St. Petersburg, one wonders if it might be the epitome of a low-trust society as the embarrassment of more than $210 million in free money producing an empty strip mall.  
We’ve called this paradox to Putnam's study the Detroit Corollary before. The civilization black people have created in this part of St. Petersburg where $210 million was dedicated to advancing Africans to some semblance of western civilization is just further proof of the Detroit Corollary's existence. 
Even with the city subsidizing a Walmart, blacks couldn't keep it open. 


Unknown said...

Imagine that. I've seen this happen in Columbus, Ga. Many years ago, businesses kept closing because of theft. Of course the real reason was racisism. Isn't it always.

Ironsides said...

It must be that white pribbilege keeping them down.

Bird of Paradise said...

The ones to who need to the real reparations are the merchants and buisnesses w ho lost merchendise to mobs of looters.rioters and mob and rob goons no reparations for slavery which has been banned by the U.S. Constitution since before the civil and if they were realy inrersted in ending slavery world wide i suggest they demand the UN stop supporters nations where slavery is still carried out and forced meggare and honor killing are still used today

Anonymous said...

That whole area of St. Pete (southside, basically) is a dangerous craphole, has been for a long, long time. While the rest of the city is being filled with new condos, restaurants, shopping centers, etc., the southside remains the southside. And no matter how much $$$ Omali Yeshitela and the new (((mayor))) manage to shake down with their white guilt trip, the southside will not change.

Unknown said...

The Black Hole of Genetic Failure is the Mother of All Money Pits. While Europeans were exploring the world, these disease vectors never invented a wheel, learned to farm, domesticate any other animals or even make fire. They look like apes to me. Evolution seems fraudulent and this ugly perpetually angry anthropoid is all the evidence you'll ever require. Tiny brain, no ability to learn from mistakes, constantly hostile and violent, with no redeeming value. They have no better nature. You could get more by tossing dust to the wind. This is not an investment. Its not even a tax writeoff. Having no intrinsic value there is never any depreciation or appreciation. Like a woman, its NEVER ENOUGH. In the future they might look closer at the bleached bones of this extinct anthropoid. Instaed of the double helix of man, I expect they will find a circle. A sick social cycle? Psychobabble. More like a hamster wheel. A squeaky wheel that turns around and round and goes nowhere no matter how much feed or oil you put to it.
The saddest words of Mice and Men. What Might Have Been. It could have been Mars, but after 22 Trillion US Dollars all we got was a hate filled abusive unwanted guest that constantly complains and demands more or it will leave but cannot ever seem to have sense to go...

Mr. Rational said...

The civilization black people have created...

Once again I must phone in a correction.  Black people have expelled civilization from that area.  They have replaced a civilized society with a savage one.  That is why the forms of civilization have fallen apart there; the reigning society does not respect civilization and cannot maintain it.

They have to go.  They don't have to go back, but they can't stay here.

Unknown said...

Did you notice the renovated 51 million dollar high school was named "Gibbs"?! Whitey Gibbs and Gibbs and Gibbs...and they destroy. Hahaha

Unknown said...

how is it possible their worst off with investment in their communitites? also if apparently crime is down in this community, how did the property value drop?

Unknown said...

how did the property value drop when the crime rate is down? i thought those were connected

Anonymous said...

And now you know why after living in St. negroesburg for 50 years, I moved out to the countryside in another county.

Anonymous said...

This story could very well be written about the inner-ring suburbs of Detroit like Warren, Redford, and Harper Woods. Sadly, nothing about this is shocking. Knee grows fucking everything up as usual. Rinse repeat.

Anonymous said...

My ancestors came over on boats for food and work.
I don't owe the black undertow a goddamn thing.
The grandparents didn't hear about the white privilege and worked at the railroad, auto making factory, original department store, teacher until retirement.
When they arrived there was no welfare state and they weren't interested in one.
Most people figure out by the early 20s that the world doesn't owe them shit.
There is one race that thinks otherwise because of something they didn't live through over 150 years ago.
All races have been slaves but only one never got over it.

Anonymous said...

Wow a grocery store opening is a big deal?
There are five groceries within about five miles locally.
That first world civilization standard must be the white privilege.
Chinamart doesn't need any help and the stadium size parking lot is always busy.
When I read Gibbs High School I immediately thought of Gibsmedat High School.
Ahahah! What an ebil wayciss thoughtcrime to think that. (not)

Anonymous said...

I thought Tampa Bay/St. Pete aka Grampa Bay didn't have any urban blight?
Grammaw lived a few blocks from the Buccaneers stadium in one of those deed restricted neighborhoods.
She never remarried so she wouldn't lose grampaw's railroad pension from where he worked there for almost 40 years. It was considered an essential job during WWII.
Wouldn't ya know it the only poverty stricken area would be inhabited by Mondays.
Also is it really poverty if Uncle Sugar sends you a taxpayer funded EBT card?

Brian in Ohio said...

It could have been 200 billion and the result would be the same.

Where there are Africans, there is Africa.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Paintjob Theory said...

"newly elected Mayor Rick (((Kriseman))) promised to fight poverty"

Always so eager to take your money to feed their pets. Circles and communism go together like shit and stink.

"Today, almost half of the region's renters spend the majority of their income keeping a roof over their heads "

Half of nothing is still nothing. You can safely bet that TAXPAYERS are footing the bill for the lion's share of ghetto "rent" and the slum lords are all kin to mayor (((Kriseman))).

"More people have a high school diploma or its equivalent"

Translation: Standards have been lowered in the schools to accommodate black Africans' congenital retardation.

"Crime rates have dropped as well"

Translation: Police have stopped bothering to enforce laws on black Africans so long as they keep their monkeyshines confined to their own nesting areas.

"...reconstruction of Gibbs High School"

Ironically enough I'm sure the gibs just flowed to minority contractors and political cronies.

"The federal government also spent $40 million on the Pinellas Job Corps Center"

Which still couldn't manage to teach these banjo lips to speak proper English or wear clothing like a human. Likely it too just acted as make-work for surly negroes and political hacks in "administrative" rolls.

And despite all this failure, mayor Sheckleman's strategy will be to double down on confiscating wealth from whites and showering his pets with free shit. This is a microcasm of the world they're trying to create for us. We will never solve the problem of the misbehaving monkeys until we can discuss the organ grinder playing the tune to which they dance.

Bill in St Louis said...

" Putnam was so embarrassed by his (snip) they volunteer, the less civility and social trust and the less they work to better the community."

I haven't read this study yet, but it seems that maybe PK is using it improperly: if "diversity" is a social trust/neighborhood killer, and the neighborhood in question isn't diverse but merely black, (not diverse, not mixed) then shouldn't there be an incredible ammount of social capital to work with? If the area was , oh, WHITE, then Im sure wal mart could keep a grocery store open. If it was Asian, I bet they could get a factory of some type. But it isn't, it is black, so why so many problems..... oh right.
I long for the day when literacy and civics tests determine voting rights, and politicians must pander to those who have the jobs that pay them as opposed to the parasites who suck the tax dollars up while providing "diversity".

Anonymous said...

That's nothing compared to the 6 BILLION that Obama pissed away on black "youth" with no results WHATSOEVER. Liberals have been proving that blacks aren't fit for first world society- unfortunately they have been using the rest of our money to do so.

Anonymous said...

Time and time again, this idea that funding negro improvement is tried, and time and time again, it FAILS. The Kansas City School experiment immediately comes to mind. BILLIONS allocated to alleviate negro disfunction ...

... hopeless.

The Engineer

Anonymous said...

Now, "takes dat" $210M and multiply that times how many cities, states, jurisdictions, and add
the crooked politicians involved times what, 4 or generations?

Men, "womens and chittlins' " have been pampered from the womb to the tomb and nothing!

All this, "dat" and "mo" and "dey" still couldn't get in Hillary!

With attorneys, and blacks, one might add politicians who toss all of this money into the sewer!

Every time I read stuff here, it's like a "blacklist" of cities not to visit!

0007 said...

I live there. grew up there. The local paper has been a quasi-commie rag since its inception in the '30's. One side only of any story and always pushing for the .gov to solve any problems. One of their big plans was a stadium/team financed by taxpayers (mostly white, of course - my prop taxes doubled the year it was built - that was suppose serve as a starting point for the latest renovation of that part of town. It didn't hurt that the land was mostly owned by city-government connected slum-lords - real ones - and the city paid them a premium to tear down barracks-style buildings left from WWII. The next big project was tearing out the heart of the downtown to make it more something or other. Big fail there also. At least three grocery stores have tried and failed even close toward the downtown - but south of Central Avenue - which was always the Negro area. On and on and on...

LA "Lower Alabama" said...

I had a friend that was a girl that did habitat for humanities back in 2002. She was in Tampa and was on a college bus doing some work with a group from Alabama and the entire school bus was shot at. She was on the bus when it happened and hit the floor. Who the hell shoots out a school bus doing habitat for humanity work? This was barely reported in the local Tampa news. Now back them I didn't think much of it not being reported. I just looked it up and can't find a trace of it online anywhere so I guess it never happened and I am just some Nazi white supremacists making it up.

Anonymous said...

One colored lady and her 7 children from Eritrea takes a third of a small village's budget in Switzerland, and the locals have to raise the taxes to pay for them. Europe is learning what dindus do to a budget. Like cities in Florida, dindus don't bring anything but a gibs me dat attitude.

Anonymous said...

As I was looking for the story about the woman bankrupting a village with her dindu children, I found this about a Swiss village which doesn't want dindus or muslims to disrupt their way of life. They are wealthy enough to kick back some versus poor villages which are FORCED to take these mud people with their crime and disease in. Imagine a town that understands what muslims and blacks do to a town.


I would love to see any connection between the city and those who sold land TO the City. What price did the City pay for these worthless parcels?

As we all know, commercial Real Estate in a negro neighborhood has NO value. What did the City Pay? What a clever way, for a clever real-estate investor, to make a ton of money. Buy up worthless land, support a fool Mayor, and then sell the inflated land to the City. I would not be surprised if the City was proud and intentionally bought the land for a high price so as to NOT insult, and make obvious, the destruction of land value in a negro area. They probably had it appraised using City wide values for vacant commercial property.

It is mentioned that an "all negro" area has low voter turn out, then why do Politicians care for their vote? They really don't. They are Social Preening to get the stupid WHITE vote from the rest of the city. Everybody, except the stupid Whites know there is no hope for a negro hood, but the brainwashed Whites to make them feel superior and so holy.

Why doesn't the CITY open a restaurant and grocery store? Let them really waste money, subsidize shop-lifting and employee theft.....if a Wal-Mart can't make it, then that should tell them all something.

Did they every ASK the 2 failed grocery stores why they left? Why not ask them? What a great thesis for any goofy Sociology/Psychology/African Studies student......

Do any of you think Lidl or Aldi (2 massive German grocery chains expanding into America) will be so stupid as to give it a try? Don't the "better than thou" Europeans think the negro is the best thing since nude beaches?

Why doesn't some proud, uppity, "Negro Lives Matter" person or group open a grocery store and show them racist Whites how to do it? Where is the NAACP/NAPCA money? Oprah money? Micheal Jordan negro money? Why is it WHITE MEN have to do all this.

Who taught White Men how to open grocery stores?

You can see this area from I-275 and really from driving Highway 19. I DO NOT recommend you drive 19 at night, but you'll see the hood. All negro. All dump. All dangerous.

LA "Lower Alabama" said...

On a side note I just looked into Tampa more after my wives credit card was stolen and 900$ was charged in Tampa. There was a 40$ gas charge, two 250ish charges at Sams club, and a 300$ charge at a dance shop for dance gear, "stocking up the kids for dance class?"... I googled the gas station and it was nog infested. I just decided to google the area and will never be going to Bush Gardens there ever. The place is overun with 1990 cookie cutter housing. I would say the entire area is about 40% black looking at the housing from St Pete to Tampa. It used to be mostly all white NE retirees, like 60-70% back in the 90's. That city is going to be really rough when those homes start to fall apart in about another 10 years. Tampa will end up looking more like Homestead in Miami and its such a shame because the Gulf Coast is so pretty down there. Thank god for the Redneck Rivera where I live. Currently being invaded with SJW yankees fleeing their inner city messes they have created.

Anonymous said...

Nogs are like cats... they'll pretend to like you as long as you're feeding them.

END welfare!!!

Show their REAL natures!!

310 said...

after 22 Trillion US Dollars all we got was a hate filled abusive unwanted guest that constantly complains and demands more or it will leave but cannot ever seem to have sense to go...

The money printed [inflated] under Obama went to his funders, Wall Street and off shore.
The inflation has hit Stocks [thats where the banksters put it]

The Tsunami has not hit the grocery stores etc, yet....but it will.
hyper inflation, soon?

Anonymous said...

They get complacent and by nature, are too lazy to pick up the phone and report a crime, let alone go commit one. Their needs are met through welfare, section 8, and ebt. Everything else they can acquire through ebt fraud. Why get off the sofa?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time and time again, this idea that funding negro improvement is tried, and time and time again, it FAILS. The Kansas City School experiment immediately comes to mind. BILLIONS allocated to alleviate negro disfunction ...

... hopeless.

The Engineer

August 14, 2017 at 4:33 AM
You can take the negro out of the ghetto but not the ghetto from the negro.

Paintjob Theory said...

In other news, Trump declared us racists all evil and repugnant. You KNEW he was the "least racist guy you'll ever meet" when you voted for him.

Different monkey, same organ grinder and definitely the same tune.

Anonymous said...

I lived in downtown St. Petersburg and it is indeed a dangerous dump/hellhole. The homeless live in Williams Park and attack the white-collar workers downtown, especially at lunchtime. Tropicana Field's roof constantly needs repair from all the bullet holes as the groids shoot at it from Central Ave. The crime & drug-dealing is non-stop downtown because it is surrounded by section 8 housing, group homes and halfway houses. Thank God it rains often because the stench of urine on the streets is so powerful when it doesn't rain. I could not wait to move out and did as soon as I could. There is no way you could raise a family in that city even if you sent your kids to private schools. Far too dangerous because of the groids.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but I didn't want this one to fly under the radar:

Democrat Stacey Evans’ speech to a conference of progressive activists descended into chaos on Saturday, as protesters interrupted her repeatedly and she struggled to make herself heard over chants of “support black women.”

Evans, a Smyrna state legislator who is white, expected a tough audience at the Netroots Nation event, where her rival Stacey Abrams was treated like royalty. But she said she at least expected to be able to make it through her remarks.

That didn’t happen.

Should be required reading for all white female SJWs as to where they stand on the victim hierarchy.

Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard when I saw that as well. How appropriate.

Anonymous said...

14th amendment, artical 4, last half of the paragraph:

But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

When are the leaders going to get the memo?

Anonymous said...

I hear a CRA scam going on there just like in many cities in SFLA! Pompano Beach being one of them.
Fed up!

Anonymous said...

No matter how much money is given to negroes, it is money flushed down the toilet. They are worthless when it comes to being beneficial to a community. They are too stupid to understand how to invest. They need immediate gratification, and that goes for many whites as well, but negroes are particularly bad. They just can look past the end of their apelike noses.

Detroit Refugee said...

Warren, Redford, and Harper Woods. I stay away from them all, including Lincoln Park, Ecorse, River Rouge, and Melvindale.
The enemy makes daily scouting missions into all these formerly decent cities.

Anonymous said...

All we need to know about blacks is, "If they could they would have done it by now." Blacks are a hopeless and dead end race.

Anonymous said...

Just spent 5 days with my ultra liberal, never lived around blacks, cousins. They live in one of the 'tonier' Washington D.C. suburbs. Boy, do I have a headache. I'm sure that a lot of you can relate to the teeth clenching, jaw dropping and eye rolling experience I had. My takeaway? White people are bad and everyone that is non white is good. Pass the aspirin.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine was in the Gibbs high school arts program when they started it in the 1980's. The people in the Magnet program had nothing to do with the regular students at Gibbs. they never stayed one minute longer than they had to and got on the busses and were gone as soon as humanly possible. The guys would always hit on the white girls as often as they could. The only reason they put that magnet school there was to show the blacks they were part of it but the kids never mixed.

Anonymous said...

Whatever day gibs da black man day needs mo. Day needs lots of shit from da white folks. Until black folk have mo shit than white folk everything is rayccis and shit.

SKIP said...

"When are the leaders going to get the memo?"

Gonna have to go with NEVER here. Looks like even President Trump has turned against White people, he didn't have to say a fuckin thing one war or another, but yielded to POC and useful idiots crying.

I. McCuck said...

If we would only return to the Constitution and the biblical principles that made this country a shining city on the hill open to all. Then African-Americans would escape the democrat plantation run by the real racists.

Anonymous said...

No matter how much money is spent on negroes over the decades, there'll never be any success in turning them into civilized and non-dysfunctional members of a first world country. You might as well invest the money into growing pineapples in Death Valley. The results will be the same- complete and utter failure. It makes me question the sanity of those who keep trying and failing and I'm really to the point where I think they need to be declared insane/mentally incompetent and locked up.

Tarczan said...

Somewhat OT, but the Cleveland Plain Dealer is running a series of stories this week about the "concrete ceiling ", their latest attempt to explain negritude. The stories claim that the poor negroe chilluns cannot fathom success because of the stark concrete environment they live in. It is on topic to this piece because there is no end to the money spent and excuses given for what is an unsolvable issue, black failure.

Anonymous said...

Off topic of article on topic of the War On Whites:

Denver Channel 9 News today ran a piece on Civil War and Confederate monuments in Colorado(!).

They listed the places that had any kind of Civil War monument and then they explained which ones had monuments to Confederate Soldiers.

They are purposely promoting leftist terrorism. When this is all over the corporate media terrorists need to be tried and punished severely for their crimes.

Anonymous said...

To Detroit refugee @1:05p.m. Not just confined to those suburbs either. Just drive around southeast Michigan and look at their dumping and litter all over the freeways. Clothes strewn all over store floors, loud and obnoxious verbiage in theaters and restaurants. The list is endless. Sad to watch them destroy the entire city of Detroit, and then feel like they're entitled to ruin the suburbs as well. The really strange part of all this? Most whites don't say a word, and when I do, startled looks of confusion. Idiots!

Kek's SS Guard said...

Same thing in Newark, Camden, and Trenton, NJ.

Anonymous said... South Africa time for YT in America

8mm I wish all of you the best, keep prepping.

Anonymous said...

Within their "concrete environment," they have no books, but big-screen TVs and the latest video game systems.

Anonymous said...

That money would have been better spent on free vasectomies for the men, IUDs for the females and one-way tickets back to the Congo.

Anonymous said...

Do. Not. Fire. Bannon.

To do so is a betrayal.

Keep the craziness flying, but stop short of sending our best hope to the sidelines.


Fire him and u have problems,


Anonymous said...

The only people who owe reparations to blacks are other blacks:
The first victim of necklacing, according to the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, was a young girl, Maki Skosana, on 20 July 1985.[10]

Moloko said her sister was burned to death with a tire around her neck while attending the funeral of one of the youths. Her body had been scorched by fire and some broken pieces of glass had been inserted into her vagina, Moloko told the committee. Moloko added that a big rock had been thrown on her face after she had been killed.[11]

It sure as heck wasn't white people who did something like this to a black girl, a girl who was attending the funeral of a friend! Oh, the current narrative was that she WASN'T a police informant, implying that if she was, burning her alive and sexually violating her with glass would have been justified. Black devils aren't a different race, they are a different species!

Anonymous said...

South St Pete is a complete shithole, and as PK noted the reasons are obvious.

It's the classic food desert as the last grocery store left because you cannot turn a profit when all your customers are Africans. Simple economics, raise the price of something you get less of it. Have mostly Africans as customers and half your inventory can't sell because it's gets stolen.

It gets even better, back in 2011 when a local nog killed two St Petersburg Police Officers, Goliath Davis "director of community enrichment" and former police chief, failed to attend the funerals of the police officers. But he did attend the funeral of the killer who died in the shootout with police.

I know what you're thinking I must be making this up, no government official  would actually do something so stupid. Oh wait I forgot, Obama officials attended the funeral of the gentle giant in Ferguson, here's the link.

Anonymous said...

In other news, Trump declared us racists all evil and repugnant. You KNEW he was the "least racist guy you'll ever meet" when you voted for him.

I think a lot of us voted against Clinton.

Trump at least does not want to give them more money. Clinton wanted to make college "free" aka tax YT to pay for Afro studies and other BS degrees.

Clinton is the worst type of politician. A Wall St globalist that wants to overrun Whites with third worlders. She falls into the race-is-real so let's get rid of White people camp.

Clinton also would have kept INS as a toothless organization.

She is a nasty and vile politician. Read about how she treated staffers as first lady.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

In Chicago, where more than 2,000 people have been shot this year, scientists are looking at physical features of neighborhoods for solutions. “We started to look at where we have heavy crime, and whether there was a correlation with tree canopy, and often, there is,” says Scott. “Communities that have higher tree population have lower crime. Areas where trees are prevalent, people tend to be outside, mingling, enjoying their community.”

Keep in mind, despite her lack of understanding about the difference between correlation and causality, your grandchildren are borrowing money from China to pay for Ms. Scottt's salary and benefits.

With this in mind, the murder rate of blacks was far lower in Jim Crow cities than in the out of control urban jungles of today. You plant your trees, I'll enforce segregation. We'll meet up in a year, and compare the results.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Wal-mart is withdrawing from Black areas.

They closed DC and Chicago stores. Their mini store experiment (for Blacks) was also shuttered.

Most people (including Whites) don't understand how much Wal-mart depends on the honor system.

There are cameras but it's not like the stores can afford to watch every shopper.

0007 said...

Centurian - The local rag pretty much has managed to "black-hole" anything detrimental from the past to its agenda. It now controls the newspapers in both St. Pete and Tampa as well as one of the local tv stations.
Try looking up St. Petersburg "Green Benches". Also St. Petersburg city-owned gas-plant.