Saturday, August 12, 2017

Blacks rioting don't constitute a threat to the State; indeed, toleration of blacks rioting is a symptom of anti-white State


Californian said...

Short, to the point, and totally correct...

Swift nature in which #Charlottesville rally was shut down is reminder the state could have stopped black riots just as quickly, but didn't.
— Paul Kersey (@sbpdl) August 12, 2017

...and at this point, I have nothing to add.

PB said...

Wow. yes.

Anonymous said...

Sounds about par for the course in state ran by Clinton Foundation operative Terry McAuliffe.
Responses like this might even wake up cucked up sportsball jock sniffers and white guilt genetic misfires.
They might figure out that BRA is all about their displacement and destruction as they go about their gibsmedat taxes milk cow role.
Leave the infiltrated fifth column group rallies to the left.
This will also probably hurt Trump no matter how many times he denounces it but Trump was selected for his order out of chaos value of look what happens when a white populist is (s)elected.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant observation. Yes, obviously they could have, just afraid to do ANYTHING that might make them look "racisss".


Need to find our balls, men, and shut these uppity nogs down. Bring them to heel, as Hillary put it. ;)

Anonymous said...

In a nutshell perfectly stated post.

Mr. Clean said...

PK said: Swift nature in which #Charlottesville rally was shut down is reminder the state could have stopped black riots just as quickly, but didn't.

Apples and oranges. My guess is that the "rayciss" protesters were fighting the other side, not the police or society. At some point, the rally participants likely honored the police demands to shut it down. Contrast that with the usual mass chimpout.

Unknown said...

I said basically the same thing yesterday but wasn't posted. The national guard was standing by, ready to assist.

Anonymous said...

and it's "White Nationalists" ---- not "Separatists" in a few gleanings this morning.

They had a permit. BLM never did, BLM could shut down malls, block freeways, riot, but that was to be expected!

"The great society" indeed!

Now I'll go to my Catholic Church and get more guilt tripping!

Brian in Ohio said...

Nailed it.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Fed Up in Middle America said...

Absolutely, 100% correct Mr. Kersey! Well said.

Unknown said...

Convert to Scientific Materialism instead.

Unknown said...

How do you do that, with Kaisch as your governor?

Anonymous said...

I saw this coming a mile away.

The plan was long ago in place:

When White people get angry, organized, and start protesting, the Soros-funded professional rent-a-mobs "antifa", show up in mass, wreak havoc, assault people, smash things, and the police do NOTHING. Then after the White people start fighting BACK, the cops swoop in and start arresting the White people, and the FAKE NEWS media reports this all as though the White people (who had a permit and won a court case and were acting peacefully) are demonized as the villains and ALL damage or injuries or deaths get blamed on the White people.

This is how ANY attempt by Whites to act in unison or organize is to be squashed.

The last election scared the CRAP out of the establishment. They will make DAMN sure that the White vote is never unified again, and that the masses equate White unity with White supremacy and terrorism.

It's ridiculously stupid but most of the country is really dumb, so it might work.


Unknown said...

But the ACLU are now suing because of Stand Down police order by mayor or even governor. MAYOR will be pressured to resign. This will cost them many shekels.

Anonymous said...

The female who got mowed down was a fat, ugly coalburner. There is a picture of her on a gurney while medics were working on that large piece of blubber.
Don't be misled by her fb picture. The SJW got what she deserved.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

This event should result in a mass awakening on both sides. Whites that voice their concerns will be ostracized even more so by this crooked globalist government. We are now enemy #1 in this governments cross hairs. The thought police and pc popo will go after those who don't believe in diversity. Beware of your neighbors, with just a phone call your life and livelihoods can now be destroyed.
Ohio born
This will be my last post!

Anonymous said...

vice mayor, the doctor.

Antifa had no permit, 'conservatives' were mistreated by popo and city.

Anonymous said...

P.K., I and others were thinking the exact same thing. Baltimore thugs TRASH and LOOT while throwing plenty of concrete, bottles of piss, and flaming objects at police while the police were made to stand down and take it.

White people get together to protest the removal of a huge figure in our nation's history, and the national guard is called in.

You are right on the money, P.K. Each and every one of the recent black riots could have been put down extremely fast, but more black privilege at work.

What people of all colors hate more than anything is HYPOCRISY. Keep shining a spotlight on this double standard and the alt-right will continue to grow.

Ex New Yorker said...

Get the hell out of the cities. The large cities and heavy populated areas around them are all run by left wing whack jobs. The leftist radicals are getting more and more violent and nobody is doing anything to stop them. The people are crazy. They spend a large part of their lives stuck in traffic jams. They get mugged in the parking lots of malls. Their children are being beaten up in school. Religious freaks are moving in and applying for lifetime welfare. There are now cities in this country where you cannot display the American flag in your front yard because it is a sign of oppression. Criminals from foreign countries have special rights. Heroin is the new popular drug.

People are being attacked in the streets because of who they voted for. Criminals are now victims. The streets are unsafe and nobody goes out at night. Rioters are allowed to set cities on fire.

The cities are death traps. Get out while you can. The day may come when there will be restrictions on travel and you will become trapped inside these hell holes.

Anonymous said...

This is a case of blacks and leftists rioting.

The corporate media terrorists, formerly known as corporate media wh*res or presstitutes, are already lying through their terrorist teeth about it.

Apparently, the leftists and usual suspects were mobbing cars and attacking people. One person in a car exercised his right to self-defense and self-preservation and was arrested and libeled by the corporate media terrorists.

The corporate media terrorists are trying to paint this episode as one a case of a terrorist with a vehicle attacking a crowd. They are lying filth. It was apparently the other way around.

This is not a case of a terrorist with a car. The corporate media terrorists are loath to admit that those attacks are all carried out by their pet fifth column terrorists the Muslims.

The leftist antifa terrorist pets of the corporate media terrorists committed the violence and there is at least one case of a black terrorist using a homemade flame thrower to attack the demonstrators.

The cuck cop traitors and other government officials completely sided with the leftist terrorist anti-white mob and this is nothing to celebrate.

This is anarcho-tyranny.

Apparently Thomas Chittum was wrong on one aspect of his predictions in his book Civil War II. Chittum predicted that white cops would have the decency and normal healthy instincts to protect their own people and resist the anarcho-tyranny.

Alas, the cuck cops have taken the path of the coward and the traitor, in this case and some others.

The governor was shamelessly biased and put his office to use in support of the terrorists, thus the governor is a terrorist and a traitor as well as a criminal.

Huge parts of, if not the majority, of various levels of government in our country are now illegitimate and criminal and do not have the consent of the governed. This is anarcho-tyranny and many government officials are criminal traitor terrorists. has articles and blogs up about this already. Take a look if you have the stomach for it.

Anonymous said...

Turncoat Trump denounced the patriots and therefore support the leftist terrorists and the corrupt police and governor in their crimes, malfeasance, and misfeasance.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder when the terrorists are going to wise up about the fact that Lincoln was a realist. Maybe they'll want to remove his statues. Probably not, though, they take all of their cues from the corporate media terrorists.

I do like a few things about Lincoln. For example, Lincoln wished to send all blacks back to Africa where they belong, a noble enterprise. We would be so much better off without them. Life without blacks would seem like heaven on earth. If only Mr. Lincoln had succeeded in his endeavor.

Anonymous said...

Before the protest even took place, I'd read comments predicting that antifa and the left would show up and create violence and that the MSM would then blame everything on the right and screech about white supremacy, racism etc. It was also predicted that the police would basically stand down and not keep the antifa/leftists away from the protesters thus ensuring that violent attacks would take place and people would have to defend themselves. The predictions were dead center on target.

Anonymous said...

Direct video message to You from a negroid yesterday.

A challenge, YT.


Anonymous said...

We were reminded of two lessons yesterday.

First, there is an undeniable double standard employed by the media in this country when it comes to race. Blacks are presumed to be innocent victims of an oppressive white society no matter how anti-social their behavior may be. Whites, on the other hand, are presumed guilty of racial crimes, past and present, no matter what the objective facts may show. Not only that, but whites have no legitimate right to defend themselves, their culture, or their heritage - all of which have been deemed evil by the delusion liberal media.

Second, we were reminded that choices have consequences, some of which may be hazardous to one's health. The young woman who died made several deliberate choices that made her death more likely. She chose to be an anti=-white SJW, and in doing so she set herself in opposition to a large segment of the population who oppose this radical agenda.She wasn't at that intersection in Charlottesville by accident. She chose to be there in her role as a SJW for the express purpose of confronting and obstructing another group of people who were legally protesting what they viewed as an attack on their heritage. And in doing so, she assumed a certain level of risk to her personal safety. When you deliberately put yourself in the middle of a very charged situation and throw gasoline on the fire, you shouldn't be surprised when you get burned. If you're going to be an anti-white SJW, you run the risk that the other side won't roll over and play dead while you commit cultural genocide involving their ancestors.

Anonymous said...

As an aside- I used to hate black columnists who would regularly bash white people- these writers were a large part of my awakening. And like most blacks, they don't know when to shut up or pull back and will keep on needling and insulting even when the tide has obviously turned. And liberals don't dare tell a black person to pipe down or anything at all- they just grin and bear it and hope that blacks don't attack them personally. Take this article-

Reading the comments made me cringe- some of these whites are on an incredibly short leash and I can see why many of you would say that some whites are without help. I'm wondering what the comments would be like if he just flat out said that the white race was an evil force on the planet that needed to be eradicated.

Pull out all the stops people, these whites you are dealing with have no balls and you might as well just go straight jungle on everybody. What are whites going to do? Shoot you? You'll get a memorial and your family will have enough money to move into any white neighborhood they want and live like kangs.

Maybe black aggression, abrasiveness, and bullying can be positive forces in nature- it can help a lot of whites finally find their balls.

Anonymous said...

All violence, injuries, deaths are the fault of White-hating mayor Singer and self-hating-White governor McAuliffe. Both of these bolshevik-comrades, with full backing of the national marxist-media and cucked politicians, are responsible for turning a peaceful first-amendment-protected rally by European-Americans into a communist violence feast by violently shutting down a lawful, peaceful, demonstration with police, military, and hordes of violent, degenerate proletariat useful-idiots and their pets - "People Of Color".
Virginia is now a marxist people's republic "utopia"; its state and national flags should be pulled down and replaced with their true flag - the globalists', degenerates' (((communist hammer and sickle))).
On a good note, this event will awaken and activate European-Americans by the tens of millions to and against the marxist menace that has nearly destroyed the USA for the past 100 years (don't forget, 100 years ago, in 1917, the marxist-bolsheviks took control of Russia and proceeded to slaughter White Europeans in that once great nation, followed by the destruction and mass murders in many more White East-European nations until 1989; the bolshevik-marxists now want to repeat this in the USA and Western Europe).

Anonymous said...

The news is in full swing with stories talking about "violent" white nationalists. Here is a part from a CNN piece where the media is attempting to redefine what people actually want:

The term white nationalism originated as a euphemism for white supremacy, the belief that white people are superior to all other races and should therefore dominate society, according to Oren Segal, director of the Anti-Defamation League Center on Extremism.
People who hold these beliefs sometimes go by other names, including Alt-Right, Identarians and race realists. However, this is simply a rebranding -- "a new name for this old hatred," Segal said.


You know how people say that you should pick your battles? This is one such battle. People need to be doing the rounds wherever there are available comment sections- the establishment is running scared. The media is choosing to make this a major issue and the facts our on our side. The focus will be on the idiot driver, but in reality none of this would have happened if protesters were simply given their right to freedom of assembly.

DO NOT let them frame this however they choose- it's not like this came out of the blue, it was whites standing up for their rights and being punished for doing so. Anybody, regardless of skin color, can see this double standard.

Anonymous said...

If anything, yesterday in VA should remove all doubt that white people(particularly Conservative Christians) are under attack by the deep state, Marxist goons, BLM and the (((msm))). Civil War is inevitable.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

The message being delivered is that antifa and blm can have their voices heard, but white males must remain silent and be ushered into the back of the bus. These idiots have no idea that the very system they rail against has allowed them the luxury of having their EBT cards electronically recharged each month, free rent, free healthcare, and whatever the government doesn't provide, charities pick up the slack (Fill the bus, etc). Need some walking around money? Well, a five dollar bj here and there, a dime bag of whatever Shitavious brings home, it all good, holmes!

I was at the supermarket this morning and the negroes in front of me whipped out an EBT card to the tune of one hundred large without batting an eyelash. Entitled and emboldened, they held up the line while the sowpottimus went back for some more goodies while the able bodied and young negro male waited patiently for her to come back with more loot. There is absolutely no shame for them using the EBT card. They see it as a right and something to hold them over until the next democrat gets into office and the discussions begin around reparations/ acquisition, asset (that would be your SS, pensions, IRAs, and savings be "reallocated" to the ever and long suffering negro.

Being a white male in America today is akin to being a Nazi concentration camp soldier hauled into Nuremberg in 1945. You are guilty until proven otherwise. And don't hold your breath waiting for someone to argue your innocence. It's not PC, dig?

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Interesting to watch how the cops yesterday in Charlottesville stood down while the white people who had secured a permit to peaceably assemble were violently attacked by blm and antifa. For those of you who routinely stand up for law enforcement and somehow believe they will be on our side when TSHTF, I hope you appreciate this reality pill you've been offered. The cops want 1) their pensions, 2) their retirement, 3) their job security. Your concerns mean NOTHING to them. Understand that they will follow whatever orders they are given, up to and including your eventual internment at the various camps our (((rulers))) have in mind for us. As I stated yesterday, fear not the stupid, languid negro. Instead, turn your attention toward the henchmen who follow the orders of those who wish us destroyed.

PB said...

"DO NOT let them frame this however they choose"

Charlottville search in Google Australia yesterday used the words White Supremacist in every single headline banner.

Anonymous said...

Non American here, I can't believe what I'm reading here, I did an apprentiship in a Russian shipyard in the late 70s, things were somewhat controlled and fucked up but this is way worse. The USA I once admired is worse than a communist country now.

Brian in Ohio said...

Once again, vehicle ramming attack proves effective.

Stay...Away...From crowds... And away from the cities if at all possible.

Nothing good happens in them.

This will only continue, and escalate. Get armed.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

The media is going full bore bemoaning the white girl killed by the driver in an blatant attempt to convert white trump voters.

The fact is, even if she wasn't violent herself, she willingly chose to go into a war zone. Many of the people gathered there on both sides were there for a fight. And the governor was going to let them fight as long as his side was winning. Does the guy flip out and drive his car into people if the event was policed better and the antifa and blm thugs weren't allowed to proceed with their hostilities?

At any rate, anyone who went into this mess had to understand it was a powder keg. But of course we are going to be treated to the Narrative that the dead girl is representative of the "good liberal resistance" and the psychotic nazi sympathizer is representative of all the "evil racist trump supporters".

Mr. Rational said...

Instead, turn your attention toward the henchmen who follow the orders of those who wish us destroyed.

It's my position that those Nazi cops who assaulted and pepper-sprayed peaceful people gathering to protect their culture and its monuments should be explicitly labelled Nazis, doxxed and never allowed to be safe anywhere ever again.  They and their families should be considered beyond the pale, with no place inside this country.

It's my opinion that there's enough high-resolution imagery of their faces that the autistes of the chans can ID a bunch of them.  Extraction of their addresses and the rest follows quickly.

If Darren Wilson is still out of a job, every one of these SOBs should be also.  After a few become examples, police will stop acting as Gestapo.  They will call in sick instead.  Once the Deep State loses its enforcers, it collapses.

The media is going full bore bemoaning the white girl killed by the driver in an blatant attempt to convert white trump voters.

The driver, Jerome Vangheluwe, is a left-wing Never-Trumper.  Is he a BernieBro, like the Portland stabber and baseball-game shooter?  Seems likely, and I'd bet that guy who shot his Republican neighbor in the head the other day is too.  We need to harp on that, to shame all Sanderbots into at least shutting up.

Mr. Rational said...

And now I must enter a correction (I'm still catching up).  Apparently the driver is NOT Jerome VanGheluwe, at least per something on Facebook that was picked up by the chans.

I'm too far behind.

Anonymous said...

Never really thought of myself as a Nazi. Well, I'm a Nazi now. We're all "Nazis" now. I reckon I'm going to embrace it.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

I blame the mayor and the governor for all the violence. They allowed it to happen by standing down. They are two big piles of liberal shit in my opinion. The police should have helped those peaceful demonstrators being attacked by the antifa and BLM.

Anonymous said...

The Anti-Facist Movement is extremely Facist themselvs, and frankly, they frighten me more than the Nazis and the KKK, and I'm not white.

Over ten years ago, I got into a fight on livejournal with another liberal. We already had Completely Irreverent History between us, I forgot how it started, if it was disagreement over the seal hunt or whatever, so she had a personal motive in mind when she accused me of being Racist.

I was pointing out how problematic it is that a lot of Chinese-Canadians only read and watch the Chinese news, that there were a lot of Chinese-Canadians who doesn't watch or read the English news at all before they vote, essentially giving Ming Pao, THE Chinese newspaper, a lot of unchallenged power over the results of elections in Chinese-majority ridings - at the time of this argument, Ming Pao has yet to be brought up by a businessman with heavy Mainland ties, but I already note it's Problematic.

She called me racist without realising I was Chinese, and had to somewhat back down afterwards, but already I realise how problematic this is - what if I wasn't Chinese? Does that mean I can't say anything about Chinese problems? If we are suppose to share a society, how will we run things if only A group can deal with A group? (Back then, I still believed in civic nationalism) This was the early Y2K, and it was already alarming that "racist" in Canada was becoming as deadly a word as "anti-revolutionary" in China or "witch" in Salem.

Anonymous said...

I just saw Pres Trump speech on the situation in Virginia he mention that were the same color and salute the same flag I'm like WTF is going on. He just lose my vote in 2020 election

Miss Lee in Commie California said...

The media spin and politicians comments on Charlottesville make me want to throw up. Everyone is practically peeing themselves to kiss black ass by condemning "white supremacy." Not one fucking word about the Antifa and BLM terrorists. Assaulting white people is just A-ok. The leftist rag Washington Post headline screaming "He was a Nazi Sympathizer!" today. Because everyone knows that being a racist is worse than being a serial killer. I am continually astounded by the white liberal hate for their own race. I am more worried about them than the negro. If the left wants a civil war, they got it. Thank you PK for being the voice of truth and common sense. I can definitely see.

awakened white said...

buying more ammo.

Anonymous said...

This is another anti-white leftist narrative likely to face narrative collapse which will be unacknowledged by the leftist anti-whites no matter how many facts prove them wrong and which are unlikely to be acknowledged by the anti-white leftists no matter thoroughly their narrative is proven wrong in court.

Anti-white racist and terrorist Terry McAuliffe has already declared the entire "alternative right" to be terrorists even though there is no such organization. A much better case could be made that the entire democrat party, the entire corporate media complex, and all Neocucks, formerly known as Neocons are anti-white racist terrorists.

Certainly all who give cover to the anti-white racist terrorist organizations Black Live Matter and ANTIFA are guilty of giving material and other support to terrorist organizations.

The left and the Neocons (who are also of the left) are criminals and terrorist and strident anti-white racists. These groups are actively working toward the displacement and genocide of whites.

The handywork of these groups in South Africa is plain to see. Even the UN has recognized that the South African whites are in imminent danger of complete genocide. Genocide Watch has recognized the terrible threat of genocide to whites there:

This was brought about by heavy-handed sanctions by virtue signalling white leftists throughout the world. Liberals are murderers of whites, they are complicit in their murders. They are complicit in the acts of terror that they have made possible.

Attacks on whites are now commonplace in Europe. Take Germany for example, Muslims rape and beat whites with impunity, even when they are doing so in mobs and gangs. Any white Christian person in Germany who resists rapes or other assaults is arrested, prosecuted , and imprisoned. You are not allowed to defend yourself against rape or other assault by a Muslim in Germany.

This is all made possible by narcissitic virtue-signalling cuck liberal terrorists. Such a terrorist enabler of racist crime and terrorism against whites is criminal terrorist traitor governor Terry McAulliffe.

Anonymous said...

Some other points to consider are

1) you have a right to defend yourself with deadly force when you reasonably fear that your life is in danger (for example from a violent leftist mob which is surrounding cars and physically attacking their occupants), and

2)it is not clear that Fields crashed directly into any pedestrians, there are reports that he crashed into a car that had already been forcibly stopped and surrounded by the violent leftists.

The corporate media terrorists and the anti-white cuck terrorists are claiming that their make believe fantasy scenario is a fact, Wikipedia is posting accusations as if they were proven facts, for example.

The heavy handed leftist crimes and coverups will not end well...for them.

One finds it hard to imagine any other end to this short of civil war and it will be a race based civil war humans vs. cucks and their pets.

Death would be preferable to what the anti-whites are putting in place for whites.

Anonymous said...

Check this out:

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely correct. When the dust settles, and the federal investigations commence, it should be clear to any white with a IQ above room temperature, that there's an all out attack on white people, regardless of their political leanings. Even these Cucks who try and shutdown free speech, will eventually be targeted, once the bloodlust for revenge kicks in high gear.

10mm AUTO said...

The interview of Richard Spencer after the rally is telling. Richard is calm and explains his position perfectly. Even the reporters are impressed. At the very end, a ugly fat jewess turns to the reporters and says, "Don't you feel ashamed to give this evil man a platform?"


I would have answered the jewess by saying to the reporters, "This is what Whites have to expect in the future. When a minority says that White people have no right to organize and express themselves or advocate for their own rights and that they should be denied a voice, then Whites are supposed to hang their heads in shame and just shut up."

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the current condition of Baked Alaska? Last I heard he had not recovered his sight after being splashed in the eyes with some caustic solution. I think this guy has a good case against the Charlottesville police and city government.

Hey, Paul, how about a profile of C-ville's racist Assistant Mayor?

Anonymous said...

Wes Bellamy's doctorate is in education administration. Doctorates in education administration are a dime a dozen, and because he's black, you can be sure Bellamy's abilities are non-existent.

Could you have asked for a better caricature than this dindu? I think not.

Anonymous said...

The citizens of the former USSR were more fortunate than us Americans. Their oppression was upfront and in-your-face. In the US we're ceaselessly told how free we are as we're being bled to death by a de facto tyranny and petty overpaid bureaucrats.

Anonymous said...

A strong majority of people in this country oppose the removal of these monuments, this is tyranny plain and simple:

BTW Trump made a speech today in which after explaining that one needs to learn what the facts are before making statements opposing something, he condemned Fields!

Apparently he is ignorant of the court testimony of experts and Supreme Court findings that one may use deadly force in defense in certain situations, including with a vehicle.

I will not vote for a second Donald/Ivanka/Kushner/Neocuck/Israel administration.

Mr. Rational said...

Trump made a speech today in which after explaining that one needs to learn what the facts are before making statements opposing something, he condemned Fields!

Don't judge too hastily.  The Trumpster plays political aikido, getting his opponents off-balance and then throwing them.  When he has the enemedia agreeing with him, THEN the throw happens.

The throw in this case may be in the form of a civil-rights investigation of the Charlottesville and Virginia state governments.  There is obvious conspiracy, false-flag actors ignored by the police, the whole nine yards.  There's hundreds of hours of video.  This is gold for Sessions to start taking down the Sorofascists and his pet Dimocrap pols like McAuliffe.

Anonymous said...

A few points:

1. It is not reasonable nor honest to call the demonstrators nazis and KKK.

2. Governor McAllife is a murderer, a terrorist, and an anti-white racist. The governor and the mayor are directly responsible for the deaths that occurred there as are the so-called officers of the law on the scene and of course the anti-white racist terrorists known as Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA as well as other anti-white racist terrorists.

3. When you are attacked by a violent mob who endanger your life you are legally entitled to use deadly force in your defense.

4. The Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and independent terrorists were the violent attackers not the other way around. The lies of the press and leftists, and the other leftists, the neocon scum filth are committing criminal and terrorist acts by lying and defaming their opponents and mischaracterizing the events to such an extent that they are actually accessories after the fact (not to mention the criminal, narcissistic, virtue signalling McAullife defied a juges order and in doing so directly set events in motion that caused the death of three people and the assault of others making McAuliffe a murderer and a traitor). McAuliffe is subhuman filth, vermin.

5. To reiterate, McAuliffe broke the law and in so doing he caused three people do die.

Here is criminal terrorist McAuliffe, the murderer and traitor strutting and preening along with his virtue signalling terrorist cronies and congratulating himself for quashing the First Amendment Rights of citizens of the United States and denying citizens the right to travel, to freedom of movement. McAulliffe is a communist traitor and is nothing but vermin. So are his strutting and preening peacocks of henchmen and criminal thugs standing with him.

Anonymous said...

This is an illegitimate government that does not have the consent of the governed. Educated people know what this means.

Preening peacock hypocrite terrorists:

On top of his his more severe crimes and failings, McAuliffe himself is a hater and a bigot (anti-white, anti-American).
How the hell did a state like Virginia end up with a criminal traitor communist anti-white racist like that ba stard from
a family of pure trash? McAuliffe and his family are trash, vermin.

Since McAuliffe is so fond of immigrants and our displacement I'll switch to Spanish for him so that he will feel more
comfortable and doesn't have to listen to racist English:

La cucarracha que le dio McAuliffe a luz era la gran ramera de la rameria. La familia de McAuliffe es nada mas basura de
lo peor, nada mas pura mierda.

One longs for the day when McAuliffe and his ilk are made completely irrelevant.

McAuliffe's and the larger government are illegitimate and do not have the consent of the governed.

Anonymous said...

Say it again and again and again...

The media is not your friend.

Did anyone think this was going to end differently?

Jim in Jersey