Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Atlanta NAACP Declares War on Stone Mountain and White America, Demanding Carving of Confederate Leaders Destroyed Al-Qaeda Style

Previously on SBDPL: They're Coming for Stone Mountain: Atlanta's NAACP Chapter Sets Sights on Jefferson, Jackson and Lee

If we lose, we lose everything. 

The demographic change in Georgia means the ascendant non-white coalition - fueled by an intense anti-white ideology - will take a perverse pleasure in eradicating Lee, Jackson, and Davis from Stone Mountain. 
They are coming for one of the most visible symbols of white heritage left in the world, a monument erected to the memory of our people

If we lose, the destruction of monuments to our people, heritage and history, will be but a prelude to our racial demise. [Atlanta NAACP plans large July 4 protest at Stone Mountain, AJC.com, 7-3-18]:
The Atlanta chapter of the NAACP wants the carvings of Confederate leaders gone from the side of Stone Mountain. 
On July 4, the group is planning a large protest, beginning at 7 a.m. The group will meet at a rally point in Stone Mountain Village visitor’s center and then march about two miles to the top of the mountain. 
“Join us to protest America's bigotry at the world's largest shrine to white supremacy. Express your disapproval of racism, sexism, religious intolerance and discrimination based on national origin,” reads a notice about the rally on the chapter’s website. 
The north face of Stone Mountain depicts three Confederate figures — Confederacy President Jefferson Davis and generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Work on the carving began in 1923, according to the park’s website. It is 400 feet above ground and the entire carved surface covers about three acres. It is larger than Mount Rushmore. 
Stone Mountain has again become a focal point as conversations about removing Confederate monuments across the country have escalated. In 2017, Baltimore removed its statue of Lee, New Orleans removed four Confederate statues and several other cities around the country followed. 
Around that time, in August, Stacey Abrams — now the Democratic nominee for governor of Georgia — called for the removal of the Stone Mountain carvings in a series of tweets, saying, “Confederate monuments belong in museums where we can study and reflect on that terrible history, not in places of honor across our state… The visible image of Stone Mountain's edifice remains a blight on our state and should be removed.” 
On Tuesday, commenting on a tweet about the NAACP’s rally, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle — who is now in a runoff race for the Republican nomination for governor — said, “When I’m governor, I’ll fight to preserve Stone Mountain as the monument and cultural attraction it was intended to be. I’ll work on behalf of all Georgians, but I will also stand up to the extremists who think we have to sandblast the past to move into the future.”
They come for it all.

First your history, your heritage, and in the process severing whatever pride you had in your ancestors. Then, racial amalgamation is inevitable.

It won't just stop with Confederate monuments.

It won't just stop with American monuments.

It won't just stop with European monuments.

It won't stop until there are no more European people threatening the future by merely breathing.


Anonymous said...

I’ve shared this before, but it should be repeated: I lived in Atlanta. Well, metro, for 27 months.
I never experienced so much anti-social, anti-white racism, prior to living there.
The cops don’t care, the people accept it as a way of life, and the blacks treat it like their own tax funded ghetto lottery.
Carry a gun there ALWAYS.
I did, even on the job. My black co-workers were pawning their garbage off on me, the black managers did nothing to stop it.
Run of the mill black people in Gwinnett place mall would cut you off, act rudely, one even started to push my kid, until it became clear this whitey wasn’t from the ATL, or down with their (supposed) struggle.
Don’t even try to shop or eat in Lawrenceville or Snellville. Gone. East Cobb is still (mostly) white. But the closeted cuck-white that likes their wives to take the BBC while they watch. The kind that raises little liberal boys who want to take guns away and force no income blacks into high income areas. The kid who raise coal-burner daughters that become desperate 30 somethings, wanting a good guy to settle down and have a family with, but those darn racist white guys don’t want to pay for their little half-breed brat.
The blacks want and will take all you have. The place is violently brutal, primal in fact, and the whites are blind to it. Turning away the black man’s wrath as some sort of fair turn, to treat whitey like trash.
Ya know what? Tear down the carvings. Jack up the taxes or confiscate the white lands. What will Georgia do when the white man leaves? There aren’t enough blacks in the US with IQs north of 115 to handle Atlanta. So, SoyBois will have to stick around to help the blacks survive. But, but what about the ‘boons? They’ll have to breed less and work more.
Yeah, I lived there and got the F out.
Atlanta, and Georgia to a lesser extent, is an insufferable dump and most of the folks would cry to their momma’s if they had to live out west.

Anonymous said...

As a Notherner with roots going back to the early 17th century in America I am offended that those coons think they have the right to even comment on white monuments. the Confederate monuments including Stone Mountain are part of our heritage. PK, you are right again.

There are lots of monuments to Union soldiers where I live because of the grievous losses people in the north endured also. No doubt if the Confederate monuments get destroyed the Union monuments won't be far behind along with plaques, busts, statues and carvings depicting Pasteur, Newton, Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Washington, Lincoln and all the rest.

They all hate us because we're white and they aren't, all the non-whites that is. They want us dead, six feet under.

Anonymous said...

They're going to bite off more than they can chew. They're stupid and arrogant and this will be their undoing.

-Lee Lepanto

Anonymous said...

Stone Mountain will come down, just like all the other statues and monuments, and nobody will do a damn thing about it except bitch on the internet. When are we finally going to admit defeat? They've got us.

And if you don't think the Sistine Chapel and all those fancy cathedrals in Europe are going to be demolished to make way for mosques and cheap apartments in 10 or 15 years, you're dreaming.

Anonymous said...

"And so it begins..."

Anonymous said...

If we don't do anything as a race to stop them, then we deserve whatever they dish out. Right now they are running all over us because most of us fear being labeled a racist. There are bad ramifications from being labeled a racist. You could lose your job, or you might be imprisoned.

I would not be for this work of art to be destroyed to satisfy the bloodlust of some deranged negroes, but I don't have much say anymore because I am white and it seems my people hate themselves.

We can only hope more whites come to their senses before it is too late for everyone. We need to fight these negroes, and the idea of making America more diverse.

Anonymous said...

Heading to Stone Mountain now for my daily exercise. I will report back on the protest.

nokangaroos said...

It´s not like the Taliban were terribly original - the Moghul conquerors already used the Bahmyan Buddhas for artillery practice. Which BTW had no redeeming grace whatsoever besides being big-ass. The Buddhas, that is;b

- As for Stone Mountain, futurologists rate it as one of the most potentially enduring works of mankind but it has always struck me as more or less vandalism (with due apologies to the Vandals;), the quintessentially American urge to deface a beautiful outcropping with what amounts to a giant KILROY WAS HERE.(Take, for comparison, Naqsh-i-Rustam to see what I mean)
Besides, what are they going to "replace" it with, an even bigger hole? A portrait of the Obongo? Let´s be honest here - what would WE do with all the Mr. Michael King statues and/or holocaust memorials?
When you look at the timeline, the two distinct peaks of Confederate monument construction had nothing to do with the War of Northern Aggression, only with Sibbyl Rites. If they are proxies anyway why get a knot in our knickers?

- But I see the point of Them not stopping anywhere ... for a fundamental (and depressing) synopsis see dieoff.org .
The reason we are losing is (((they))) and their poodles follow their respective biological imperatives and we don´t :(

Jim Hansen said...

This is our future ... https://youtu.be/a_bDc7FfItk (Lauren Southern's video on the White South African murders - very well done). Not kidding about it being our future short of a civil war or leaving the country.

Anonymous said...

"Join us to protest America's bigotry at the world's largest shrine to white supremacy"

White Supremacy = the material conditions that obtain where Europeans or European settler populations congregate. Nothing more. Nothing less.

rex freeway said...

This may be the one monument that sparks our second civil war. Negroes and White Liberals must learn the word "no". I've noticed a tension building in my town ever since Obama was first elected. He gave the green light to shame Whites. And gave Liberals and Negroes an undeserved
sense of confidence to take down American history. Urban crime is thru the roof. Look for the 4th of July to set records in shootings and violent assault

Now Trump is President. And the above mentioned groups are foaming at the mouth mad because Trump has told them no. So they double down in protests, crime and unreasonable demands. In the belief that what ever they demand, they get. When they are told "no" to the removal of art on Stone Mountain they they will push America into a war that will end their reign of terror. I can feel it.

And if we give in then it's all over for us.
White liberals and Negroes ruin everything. God damn them all.

Antidote said...

Watch out! Next stop Mount Rushmore.

Brian in Ohio said...

Diversity means chasing down the last white person.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...


The implication here is that almost all the advances in modern medicine to this point have been made by white men, and this fact needs to be hidden from view. The hospital would be overflowing with artwork depicting the brilliant black pioneers in medicine...if there were any.

Of course, these efforts to erase history aren't being spearheaded by black doctors or black students at Harvard. Who is depicted in the paintings on the walls is the least of the worries for a black student who knows full well they scored 15 points lower than their classmates on the MCAT.

Anonymous said...

Planning their protest at 7 am? Well that got me laughing right there. They’ll be lucky if any of the brothas or sistas make it by noon. Last night was a big party night here in the free zone.
And the wipipos that HAVE been protesting had best have some cold refreshments. When and if the black folks show up will be the best time for the photo op.
BTW isn’t Stone Mountain located on PRIVATE PROPERTY?
Good luck with destroying that one, half-wits.
Mallory M.

D-FENS said...

What are the negroes going to do when they run out of Confederate monuments, particularly as their social pathologies continue to worsen?

Anonymous said...

Reporting back from Stone Mountain. After reading Paul's post early this morning, I drove from my home in Monroe Ga. to the park for my morning execise. First a little back ground. I was was raised in the Stone Mountain area back in the 60s and 70s it was a great place to grow up. I was a Plant Manager/General Manager of a large manufacturing plant 1.5 miles from the park and I am now retired. The area is largely black now and a complete S-Hole.
I arrived at the welcome center in the little city of Stone Mountain at 6:45 for the start of the march, but no the brothers have not arrived for the 7:00 start. so, I when into the park and parked near the path of the trail up the mountain. There was channel 2 news truck there but no marchers. The area was full of blacks and white liberals walking up and down the mountain, which is typical on any weekend day, no sign of an organized march. I did see some marked and umarked police cars park all around the area, I assume they were waiting for the chimpout. I stayed until 8:15 and drove back to the welcome center and saw the channel 2 truck parked next to a SCLC bus, but I didnt see any activty around it. I drove back into the park once more to look for the marchers but did not see anythig that looked organized at all. I am sure the channel 2 news reporter will find some afriican to complain about the racist carvings.
Happy 4th-MAGA

Unknown said...

"What are the negroes going to do when they run out of Confederate monuments? Then they'll come for us. At some point, we have to make a stand. Stone Mountain is as good a place as any.

Negro Antidote said...

When they run out of monuments and statues, they're coming for YT flesh and bone. Wake up White Men.

Non PC Infidel said...

This has nothing to do with offensive images of racists of the past- that's just an excuse negroes use to justify removing anything that is white and that they don't like. It's no different than their wanting to change the names of buildings, streets, schools and parks (that they had nothing to do with creating) to negrocentric names so they can feel they're living in a black world. There should be no reminders that they're living in a white country with a white history to interfere with their "we builted dis country" black mythology. They simply want to erase history and replace it with their fairytales so they can feel good about themselves and teach those fairytales to their children. White monuments interfere with that and are a visual reminder of the truth and must be taken down or destroyed.

Even now, there are black schools where da chirruns are taught all the ridiculous afrocentric myths as if they were actual history including the tired and worn out myth that they're the original Egyptians and were "kangs" and "kweens." And that's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the rubbish they "teach." I recall the story of one negro "teacher" who was going around to picaninny schools and teaching the ninnies that Hannibal was black. When confronted with his bullshit, he admitted it was all lies but excused it by saying that it was to give the ninnies something to feel proud of. Fake history for a failed race that has nothing it can point to in the way of actual accomplishments. In that regard, I've even seen a video of a sub-Saharan mud hut dweller who moved to and infested Sweden screeching in the street during a negro protest there that Sweden owes blacks because "dey created dis country! Dey created dis culture!"

Simply put, wherever negroes go they'll try to pull this nonsense and teach it to their brats while attempting to erase the truth. Any negro who knows the truth simply becomes (ala Dr. Zaius in the original Planet of the Apes film) the "guardian of the great and terrible secret."

Negroes wanting to remove the carvings on Stone Mountain is simply in service to their desire to erase the truth and replace it with negrocentric horse manure. When their population numbers are small, it's easy to be amused by their shucking and jiving and all their babbling and clownishness but when they become demographically dominant in any area, they can and do become pestilential and destructive in every way imaginable. Truth is always their first victim as they feast on myths and lies like a vampire bat feasts on blood. In the social climate of today and with their numbers, they're going into a feeding frenzy and, true to their nature, destruction will surely follow.

Anonymous said...

Blacks honor their anti-cop criminals by naming tax paid buildings after black criminals. Blacks don't like Whites and as the Africans in America destroy White memorials they will destroy Whites also a la Haiti. As the Africans brought Africa to Haiti so will they bring Africa to America. Whites must stand up for ourselves as there is no one else who will. Trump has also got to take part in defending Whites and White memorials.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree that we should remove all traces of our shameful history of slavery. And right after all the blacks leave and return to Africa, then I would be open to removing all public art honoring the Confederacy. Then we can all celebrate a country finally purged of all traces of slavery.

100 BRAVO said...

RE: Non PC Infidel

Which is the very reason I enjoy living in a Well Armed Caucasian Conservative Christian agricultural corner of FL where the bridges over the rivers and the road through the swamp could be defended by the local Scout Troop. With numerous tree farms, the holes are already dug.

Gators gotta eat. So do worms.

Pat Boyle said...

Few black people understand the significance of the American Civil War. Few whites either.

From our retrospect on history it is easy now to see that it was good that slavery was abolished. The world was beginning to enter the Industrial Revolution which would soon make chattel field slavery obsolete. The Rust cotton spindle would make teams of slaves picking cotton a losing proposition. Alas the spindle was going to not be invented until the early twentieth century. The pot was already boiling over in the middle of the nineteenth century. It would have been much better if we could have abolished slavery peaceably without the dreadful Civil War. Most other nations dropped slavery with little conflict. America, which treated it's slaves better than other nations - was doomed to a terrible war largely because we were so humane about slavery.

The real danger wasn't that black people would be field slaves, field slavery was doomed. Free men or partially free men were more productive on mid-latitude crops. Soon machines would be more productive yet. The problem was that the large industrialized cotton plantations were developing an economic system that might spread to the western states and the emerging factories in the north. This was a burning political issue at the time. Irish and other immigrants feared that the factories in which they worked as free men under miserable conditions might develop into enterprises with enslaved workers - white slaves. Factory workers hated slaves. They hated the competition which held down their wages and they hated that they might be forced into a similar condition.

Enslaving industrial workers wouldn't have made sense anywhere else except in America. I'm glad the people rejected it even if a took nearly a half million casualties.

The media and the movies get all this wrong. The small farms that had slaves often mistreated them. They misused them sexually and they beat them. But that was not the real problem. The real problem was the large organized cotton plantations. The slaves ate better than most whites. They had individual houses with united families. They got religious instruction and there were medical facilities. Huge plantations had only a handful of armed guards. The cotton was grown under an industrial gang system.

Rice was never grown in such organized and humane systems and sugar in the Caribbean and Brazil was a grown under brutal and cruel conditions everywhere. Only certain crops were conducive to highly organize quasi-military administrations. It seemed likely that the grain crops of the Midwest plains might adopt the cotton plantation model and slavery would become the predominant economic model in mid America. This was a flash point issue. There was no large movement to free the scattered slaves on the family farms in the deep south.

To the extent that white northern workers cared about slavery they wanted first not to become slaves themselves and they wanted to not have to compete against them economically. There were some abolitionists who held their opinions on moral or religious bases, but for most, it was an economic issue.

Slavery was about eight thousand years old when they fired on Fort Sumter.


Anonymous said...

PAT, the North feared a Tariff free Confederacy more than industrial factory labor. The South was tired of paying for imported European manufactured products so as to make Lincoln's backers richer. (Lincoln was a Rail Road lawyer, which is like a Personal Injury Lawyer today....sleaze).

With a FREE Confederacy, products could be "smuggled" into the North and the North had to go to war to stop that. Slavery, as Lincoln himself said over and over, was NOT the reason for the war. It was only the excuse the North used when they were losing the war and wanted England and France to help them.Luckily, that idea came to an end when Russia claimed they would then come in on the side of the South and prepared their navy for action.

The Confederate States wanted the obnoxious self righteous Yankees to leave them alone and allow product importation without Federal (Northern) Coastal Forts (as in Sumter).

Wars are not fought for the "workers" benefits or for "religious beliefs". Those are the idiotic excuses fed the stupid people so they will send their 16 year old sons to be butchered...for GOD, for GLORY, for COUNTRY..... for all that total BullshitCrap.

Wars are fought for money. Only money. Even that Hispanic Queen of Andalusia said to Columbus, "Above all else, get GOLD".

World War One was fought for the armament industy (DuPont), and the over-production of the bloated US Steel that Morgan (family originally worked for the Rothschilds). Morgan had to have a blue ocean Navy, and the destruction of these ships, to keep his US Steel from bancruptcy. And since the Rockefeller Family were the largest stock holders of US Steel, they sure as hell needed a good, honest War. (Carnegie was the largest BOND holder at $450 million for his sale to Morgan)

World War 2? For Krupp, for Standard Oil (provided the coal-to-gas technology for the Nazi Wermacht), for Ford (who built Stalin's trucks), etc.

Read Antony Sutton's books: (I am using this link since I was so impressed with it's length. I think it is a record !!!)


Unknown said...

While i enjoy your website and share many of your views, i must point out a contradiction mr kersey. You recently went on red ice radio and lambasted the charlottesville rally stating that nobody should be protesting against the removal of confederate monuments because they can be rebuilt. That the important thing was the survival of our people. Yet in this article you insinuate that those removals are the beginning of our genocide. So, should we fight against the removals or not mr kersey?

Anonymous said...

I would bet that 85% of Americans have never heard of Stone Mountain. They don't know what it is or where it is.

NAACP will bring in all the welfare breeders they can round up including three bus loads of professional "rent-a-crowd" protestors with their stupid signs. The media will cover the event like it was the second coming. It will be the big "news story" for a week. The millionaire movie stars and the rest of the liberals can find another cause to make them foam at the mouth.

Thousands of "useful idiots" will be marching in the streets in their war against oppression and suffering

Meanwhile you won't see one national story about all the white people who were beaten up for bringing their family to watch a fireworks display. "Beat whitey night" is not a news story. Black suffering is.

Antidote said...

@ Pat: The introduction of White slavery was never on the table. Some of the Colonies tried British/Irish slaves in the 17th century and it was a disastrous mistake because they couldn't take the heat and died of either sunstroke or disease.
In NYC and perhaps in Boston the upper classes feared the growing political and economic power of the Irish and actively sought to replace them with Negroes. One can't blame the Irish as they WERE in direct economic competition.
How bad was it? I have an Ancestrydotcom account; I have read the WPA slave accounts. There was undoubtedly maltreatment and rape but I honestly believe these were exceptions. Ask, how much of the sex was consensual (if I give you this handbasket and parasol, will you give me____?) Ask, who would harm or kill something worth $5 a pound (in 1860 gold dollars?)
We also have the evidence of Robert E. Lee's slaves, one of whom he allegedly whipped. When he returned home he told the slaves, "You're all free now, you can go" and they refused to leave! Mary Chesnut's diary also says her slaves agreed to stay under similar conditions to chattel slavery.

Anonymous said...

Since when does property ownership or rights matter to blacks? Two tried to steal my car off a car trailer, while I was at a QT on the way out of that groid run nightmare.
Good thing most of them aren’t good with simple machines, let alone complex ones. When they finally get the holes drilled and charges placed, they will bury themselves in rubble.

Anonymous said...

Channel 2.
Worst coverage in town. Always spinning a local groid death as a tragedy or a good boy.
At least fox would show videos of the groids and their TNB.
My all time favorite was the gun store robbery.

Anonymous said...

If they don’t like the way whitey does them, wait until the Chinese start to really exploit them.
The Chinese don’t give a F and would just as soon kill one and replace it.

Anonymous said...

Beat whitey night was a thing at the Iowa State fair until a few folks had enough and carried anyway.
One must get trained and obtain a permit, then carry EVERYWHERE. there is more than enough justification in any city to go armed for defensive purposes.

Anonymous said...

Being it the 4th of July, I have now thought to myself that if all those colonists from 1776 got a glimpse of what the country would look like 242 years later they would not even bother giving up their lives for a new nation and would thought to themselves that they would better off under the British Monarchy.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the plantation at Stone Mountain will fare. Surely, the militants will want that torn down, repurposed, etc al.

I worked in Georgia for several years and visited the park very often as it is one of the nicest parks in the US, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

" . . . It was only the excuse the North used when they were losing the war and wanted England and France to help them.Luckily, that idea came to an end when Russia claimed they would then come in on the side of the South and prepared their navy for action. . . "

Actually Great Britain and France favored the Confederacy and damn near intervened on their behalf until the decisive Union victories at Vicksburg and Gettysburg in 1863 and one other strategic event, the intervention of Imperial Russia under Tsar Alexander II. For his own reasons as well as sympathy for the Union cause Tsar Alexander II docked Russian warships in NY and San Francisco harbor in 1863. This protected NYC and New England, the economic engine of the Union from potential British attack and Confederate raiders.

The Imperial Russian fleets docked in NYC and San Francisco were very much appreciated by the Union at the time and dissuaded Great Britain and France from intervening in the Civil War on the side of the Confederacy. This part of history has been mostly forgotten as history has been read backwards in light of 20th century alliances.

One take away is that the current regime in Washington and NYC is lying about Russia and getting away with it because people don't know their history. Russia was a critical ally of the U.S. when this country didn't have any other powerful allies.

Look it up.

Anonymous said...

The main SBPDL link isn't front and center anymore on Google search. You must be getting too much attention.

Anyway, it looks like an African ruined a Polish science experiment and stuck them with a huge phone bill:


kerdasi amaq said...

You have to look beyond the negro for this attack on Southern Heritage. This is logical consequence of the Kennedy's pandering to black voters to buy political office. White libtards have disestablished themselves and delegitimised their social authority by demonising America's history. The compact which re-established the nation after the unpleasantness has been nullified. The South shall have to rise again.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again .Teen in San Antonio assaulted by a "guess who" for wearing MAGA hat and of course the teen was white.


Unknown said...

This is yet another attempt by a black organization to stir up the base to justify their existence. If they REALLY wanted to do something meaningful, they would concern themselves with trying to decrease black violence and shootings. Of course, this would mean they'd have to admit that this will be very hard to accomplish since blacks in general, and black Americans in particular, are inherently savages. I keep waiting for David Carroll to make this the subject of one of his YouTube talks. Maybe he did and I've just missed it.

Anonymous said...

The FAKE Emmancipation Proclamation (which freed nobody) was dreamed up by Lincoln's staff in an attempt to get England/France on the Union side. It was a "Gee, look, we are against Slavery so will you help us? We are losing and have got ourselves into a jam and I wrote this Executive Order (Unconstitutional, and did not free ANY of the Slaves in the 4 Slave States that sided with the North) hoping to appear moral and sheeeeit".

England and France didn't buy it and the Russians, arch-enemies of E/F, were preparing to get involved.....

"The border slave states of Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, and Missouri remained with the Union, although they all contributed volunteers to the Confederacy. Fifty counties of western Virginia were loyal to the Union government, and in 1863 this area was constituted the separate state of West Virginia.:

Augustus said...

Destruction of monuments? Have they ran out of books to burn?


Hey, fellow Racists: A lot is happening and it is getting HOTTER and hotter in this failed nation called America (and every place else).

Now the negro is upset that White people play jazz. Really? Well I'm tired of the negro, in total. So enjoy:


Marc B said...

Now that far too many Confederate monuments have gone down with relative ease, it was a matter of time before they came for Stone Mountain. Leftists and NAM's relent only after Whites have been ground down into compliance with each of their infinite list of demands.

"Run of the mill black people in Gwinnett place mall would cut you off, act rudely, one even started to push my kid, until it became clear this whitey wasn’t from the ATL, or down with their (supposed) struggle".

The same phenomenon occurs regularly in Memphis. Wherever blacks feel suitable strength in numbers, they act rude and dismissive to Whites. Since the vast majority many whites are overly polite (either out of guilt or as acceptance of being mistreated as the norm), rude blacks are shocked and unprepared for the correct reaction when they do run across a White who will not tolerate it.

Anonymous said...

White slaves also found it easier to take off and blend into a community by not committing acts of reckless passion and criminality, but by working hard and being grateful.

As far as the slaves not leaving their flormer places of servitude? They were closer to the natural way of things than we are. Back then, gibs on the ground were pretty thin, so most of them realized that they actually did have it pretty good. I dare say this is the high point of Africans-in-America as they have not been as free, hopeful or law-abiding since that time.

Anonymous said...

They do not own, read, have or like books- non-american.

Anonymous said...

@anon 7:59 am

Just looked at your link. On the site there are references to several other stories of interest.

In one, two stupid "teens" do a drive-by and shoot up the wrong house. Caught afterwards by police they are facing up to 60 years for their fun.

In another, "teens" did a drive-by and deliberately shot an 11 year old. The article said many children have been shot and killed in drive-bys.

Detroit Refugee said...

My late father would be bitterly angry with the blacks taking down Confederate Monuments & Statues the past couple yrs. Think I've mentioned it here before, he was a Civil War re-enactor for 30 yrs or more.

Hey you know he got to kill Morgan Freeman in Glory. He played a Rebel & Yankee in that one. Travelled w/ 2 uniforms & rifles to most locations.

Detroit Refugee said...

The best guitarist I've ever known & played w/ hung out w/, does Jazz now for yrs. Gigs at a well known spot in Detroit @ all black audiences. I'll have to mention this. He's a social worker, but his beliefs even shocked me back in '89. Jon packs n carries hush hush..!!!

Anonymous said...

I didnt understand the link----

The main SBPDL link isn't front and center anymore on Google search. You must be getting too much attention.

Anyway, it looks like an African ruined a Polish science experiment and stuck them with a huge phone bill:


Anonymous said...

Ayers Rock in Australia will be the real rock as ente unfold. European people's there will fight it out with the desperation of the cornered and Ayers Rock will be their monument. Carvings won't be needed

Unknown said...

Check out the latest in Cleveland! Drive by shooting ends in a 9 year old girl being shot in the head, dead, while sitting in her mama's car while mama ran inside an establishment to pick up her son. Daughter pronounced dead at the scene. 6 suspooks, 3 "young" adults and 3 juveniles in custody. 3 adults already indicted, appeared in court yesterday. 5 million bond on each and all needed lawyers appointed to them cause they ain't got no monies. But they surely got money to afford guns and ammo and cars to drive around the ghetto shooting shit all up! All fkn natural born losers, each and every last one of them!!

Steve Smith said...

"The same phenomenon occurs regularly in Memphis. Wherever blacks feel suitable strength in numbers, they act rude and dismissive to Whites. Since the vast majority many whites are overly polite (either out of guilt or as acceptance of being mistreated as the norm), rude blacks are shocked and unprepared for the correct reaction when they do run across a White who will not tolerate it..."

I live in Metro Atlanta and have always found this to be true. As soon as someone calls them on their BS, they become very meek. I've gone so far as to call them out when they have tried to confront me and they always back down. Of course, I'm usually carrying. Hey; I'm not stupid.

They've gotten too used to steamrolling everyone. Time to start calling them out and acting appropriately, if necessary.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the outstanding "On the scene" report! Readers on this site are the best.

Pat Boyle said...

A couple commenters have suggested that I might be wrong about my appreciation of the anti-bellum black slave issue. Could be. I am by no means an expert on the Civil War and its causes. I know a great deal about the Second Punic War and I've read many books on the Battle of Gettysburg but not the whole Civil War or its politics. Lately I've been reading a lot about the Second World War.

I haven't for example read anything by Anthony Sutton. But I will. Thanks for the tip Mr. Anonymous. In general I don't much care for historians with the One Big Theory. I've read two books by Yergin which 'prove' WWII was caused by and won by oil. I'm not likely to believe in Sutton's thesis that the Civil War was all the fault of various robber barons.

Similarly I don't think race, slavery and such matters were the only cause for the Civil War. But we know northern racial passions ran high from the treatment of blacks in the New York draft riots (as may be seen in the 'Gangs of New York' movie). Whites in the north were more likely to fear black slavery than they were to empathize with their plight, especially if they were working men.