Monday, July 30, 2018

Seven Injured and Three Dead in Mass Shooting by Black Shooter in 60% Black New Orleans in Front of Popular Chicken & Watermelon Eatery

Previously on SBPDL: From January 1 - June 30, 2017 in 60% Black New Orleans, Blacks Represented 96% of Homicide Suspects and 90% of Nonfatal Shooting Suspects

How many stereotypes can you find in this story out of Confederate statue-less New Orleans, a 60 percent black city gloriously liberated of its white supremacist past? [Sources: New Orleans gang associate the apparent target in deadly 10-victim shooting, The Advocate, July 30, 2018]:
The target of a shooting rampage Saturday night that left three people dead and seven others injured outside a strip mall on South Claiborne Avenue was fleeing his attackers across Louisiana Avenue and into a large group of people before he fell in front of the Chicken & Watermelon eatery, according to the owner of the business.
How many stereotypes can one picture confirm? 
“He ran into a crowd of people,” said Skipper Nicholas, who said he reviewed video footage of the shooting Saturday night. “I think he probably thought, ‘If I run by the people, they won’t shoot me.’ He just got everybody shot.” 
That victim was Jeremiah Lee, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the case.Multiple sources in law enforcement added that Lee, about 30, was believed to be an associate of the notorious 3NG street gang from Central City. 
On Sunday, the New Orleans Police Department confirmed investigators have obtained evidence suggesting the shooting was gang related. 
A second man killed Saturday night was named Kurshaw “Twin” Jackson, 38, who lived in the neighborhood, according to Dorothy Bailey, who identified herself as Jackson’s aunt and returned to the shooting scene Sunday morning. 
Law enforcement sources said Lee appears to have been the target of the two shooters. The two wore hooded sweatshirts and fired repeatedly into the crowd before fleeing on foot toward Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. 
The NOPD has not released any victims’ names or identified any suspects. 
Chief Michael Harrison has said the killers stood over one victim in particular after the opening volley of gunshots outside the strip mall at the intersection of Louisiana and South Claiborne Avenues. Nicholas, the owner of the chicken shop, said that victim was the person others identified as Lee.
The national/corporate media has been curiously silent on this mass shooting in 60 percent black New Orleans, involving a black shooter and black victims.

How many stereotypes did this story published in a local newspaper confirm?


Anonymous said...

". . . fleeing on foot toward Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard." You just can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

The headlines just keep writing themselves. One thing I can say about the orcs is that they are consistent in their dysfunction. Oooga Booga, indeed!!!

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins III said...

Chicken and Watermelon? Check.
MLK Blvd. Check
Fleeing on foot? Check
Hooded sweatshirt? Check
"Gang Related"? Check
Race and description of perpetrator witheld? Check.

Well, Paul. Id say we've hit the highlights. The only thing we are missing is the Call To Action and other assorted cargo cult rituals in hopes of providing the Gibs to Stop Da Bilences.

Anonymous said...

This would not have happened if this was a barber shop. That is what the problem is with New Orleans.

Not enough barber shops.

Or something...

Truth-hammer said...

Uh, where's the problem?

PB said...

". . . fleeing on foot toward Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard." You just can't make this stuff up.

My first thought when I saw Chicken & Watermelon.

Anonymous said...

Their website lists Whites Only Pie and Oprah Punch as items on their menu.

Anonymous said...

Chicken, watermelon and lead.

Now that's a well-balanced ghetto diet!

nokangaroos said...

Hilarious :)

But I see their quandary: Should we now hide among those whose lives matter (tm) or those whose don´t?
IOW, should we follow the easy path or the moral one?

Three guesses. Come to think about it, I wouldn´t care for a Starbuck´s either ;b

Anonymous said...

African tribal violence in The Big Easy...who'd have thunk it. Strange, how negroes needlessly shoot innocent bystanders.

Anonymous said...

African tribal violence in The Big Easy...who'd have thunk it. Strange, how negroes needlessly shoot innocent bystanders.

Anonymous said...

The "Dindu Nuffins" stories weren't satire after all.

Brian in Ohio said...

We`re reaching levels of stereotype that shouldn't be possible.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Gatz said...

Can’t wait for this to get no press.

Paintjob Theory said...

"The two wore hooded sweatshirts and fired repeatedly into the crowd before fleeing on foot toward Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard."

Thanks to whomever found this stereotype bonanza. I needed a laugh today. The only thing missing is the mothers of a few of these coons saying what a good boy and aspiring athlete/rapper/etc. they are and a demand for handouts from some shyster black "revrum".

Echo4November said...

Also, bars on the windows.

Bill in St Louis said...

Im not seeing anything for the mass media to cover (((up))) here... NHI.

Anonymous said...

"shot rang out in a robbery attempt gone bad"..........the suspect was an aspiring rapper who was turning his life around and looking forward to attending college in the fall.

As Cosby used to say on TV ads....

....There is always room for stereotype j-e-l-l-o........

Robin Naybors said...

Blacks are so predictable; I bet I could make up a story involving every stereotype, imagine this:

A couple of “teens” are outside a restaurant; let’s call the restaurant something like, “Chicken and Watermelon”, hahahahaa….

Now, let’s say the “teens” are wearing hoodies, oh this is great….
The “teens” start shooting up the patrons outside of “Chicken and Watermelon” gangster style, with the sideways grip, so even though they fire a crap-ton of rounds, they only hit 10 of their peeps. Oh this is poetry….

Now, the “teens” start bookn when the powleece arrive, but not in any random direction, they run toward, um…..MARTIN LUTHER KANG BLVD…….HAHAHHAHA!

In this story that I just made up there will be no national news coverage, and during the local news coverage of the aftermath, you can hear the ghetto cows screaming like chimpanzees in the background, I mean, they will sound EXACTLY like the monkey cages at the zoo! Oh this is literary gold….

What do you mean, this actually happened……


Unknown said...


Mr. Rational said...

With such blatant stereotyping, it's only a matter of time before there's a protest in front of that place for being racist.  Oh, wait....

Anonymous said...

It is true that no one cares if a bunch of black people get shot. We expect this murderous, subhuman behavior from them.

In the long run, it saves us money on baby formula, HUD rent, schools, and prisons.

Archie bunker said...

You covered all bases with that, perfect analysis

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the Trayvon Martin incident. How you might ask? Well, I'll tell you.

Media is so concerned about what images they present and which narratives that they craft, that they omit or change small details of a story if those details confirm a stereotype.

In all of the reporting of this incident, reporters keep using the terms "parking lot of a local restaurant" - "a popular area eatery" - etc.... when in most crime reporting they have no problem naming the specific business. These media organs simply don't want there to exist video of one of their reporters using the terms "Chicken and Watermelon" together while relaying the antics of violent blacks.

... So how does this remind me of Trayvon?

Well, you see, we were told over and over about how he had gone to the store to get "Skittles and iced tea" --- but lo and behold, when the 7-11 surveillance video emerged, and more importantly the crime scene photos emerged, he indeed had a drink produced by the company Arizona, but it wasn't an "iced tea."

The hi-def police photos had crisp and clear images of "Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail"

Watermelon drink introduced at trial

Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, now does it?

The most amazing part was during the Zimmerman trial when these photos were introduced and the police officer who took the photos was testifying - both legal teams and the police officer continued to refer to the Watermelon drink as "iced tea."

It was so Orwellian to see them holding up a clear bag with a giant Watermelon drink can ---- and use the term "iced tea" or as they would pass around the crisp photos of that brightly colored and clearly lettered enormous red can sitting in the amazingly green grass --- and again call it "iced tea."

They kept saying it over and over, as if repetition of the false term would make the stereotype of blacks and watermelon disappear, unaware of their omission, they are in fact confirming it.

- Jonathan Brisby

Anonymous said...

Chicken and watermelon? Too easy.

So where is Anne Hathaway now? After her spouting off about how blacks "live every day of their lives in fear" on the weekend, perhaps she should visit this Chicken and Watermelon place to set the record straight? I'm sure it must be whitey's fault somehow.

Pat Boyle said...

This story evokes powerful emotions in me. Not about blacks shooting up other blacks. That's far too commonplace to be very interesting. But because I have strong feelings about chicken and watermelon.

I love watermelon but can't eat for health reasons. And I buy a lot of chicken. I feed it to my dog.


Anonymous said...

Partially true but I satisfying still. The cost of repairing the wounded will likely go into the millions and guess who gets the bill?

If you said "the negro shooter's insurance company" you'd be wrong (and funny!). Negros don't have insurance even though every insurance commercial on TV seems to think they only sell to blacks. And they seem to camp a lot too.

Thanks for the laugh. Needed it today.

Jim in Jersey

Archie bunker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I would out-and-out get fired from my job today for racism if I truthfully recounted this story of a couple of blacks wearing hoodies shooting up a chicken and watermelon restaurant and escaping down MLK Boulevard. We've gotten to the point that reality is more outlandish than any stereotypical story one could craft about blacks.

Anonymous said...

"Jeremiah Lee gunned down at Chicken and Watermelon restaurant on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard"

"New college physics textbook written by Dr. Jeremiah Lee gets published"

It's sad that it's so blindingly obvious which one of these two headlines above is satire.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if a bunch of Mexicans got killed with lawn equipment outside a burrito joint.

Anonymous said...

It was so Orwellian to see them holding up a clear bag with a giant Watermelon drink can ---- and use the term "iced tea" or as they would pass around the crisp photos of that brightly colored and clearly lettered enormous red can sitting in the amazingly green grass --- and again call it "iced tea."

When Eric Blair wrote 1984 under the pseudonym "George Orwell" --- he envisioned a society forcing people to claim "2+2=5"

The reality is a society that forces people to claim "watermelon juice = iced tea"

Unknown said...

It's gotten so politically correct in this country that reporters can't accurately report the facts of this incident for fear of being fired, especially if they're a Person of Light. I can just hear the exchange with their boss if they did:
Boss: Did you have to say Chicken and Watermelon Eatery? MLK boulevard?
Reporter: Well, those WERE the facts!
Boss: You're fired.

Brian in Ohio said...

The mental gymnastics by the media to try and hide what everyone already knows is the real problem.

They should be giving the addresses, and warning people to stay away.

Trump is right. They are the enemy of the people.

Stay alert, stay alive.

D-FENS said...

New Hampshire is 94% White. That is apparently a big problem.

Janie In Detroit said...

Talk about stereotypes, check this shit out!
This makes the case for sterilization as a condition for parole. 😂

Sam said...

Another one to add to the list--in the picture of the restaurant you can see litter on the sidewalk, right next to a trash can. It must be such an effort for those of da community to toss their trash in a trash can. Maybe dat be actin' White.

Anonymous said...


New Orleans

"Shooting Rampage"

Saturday Night

Strip Mall

Chicken & Watermellon


3 Dead -vs- 7 injured (bad shooting)

Bars on Windows

"No Loitering" sign

Trash on Sidewalk

Huge 33 gal Trash Can

Police car reflected in window

Code Violations: At least 3 exterior exposed extension cords to Lighted Sign

No Rain Gutters

"Victim" ran TOWARDS a crowd

"Multiple Sources" knew him yet he was NOT in jail

Shooting was/is Gang Related

Kurshaw "Twin" JACKSON

Hooded Sweatshirt (in the month of JULY, Summer)

Fleeing on foot

MLK, Blvd, Jr.

No...identification of any suspects

No mention of Race

Odd that "teen" or "youth" not used since they were only 30 and 34

"Chicken Shop"

Now, from the Video News Report:

Hispanic Info Babe

Jazz Club

10 "Victims"

"Neutral Ground"

HYSTERICAL Wailing in the background

"Just What Happened???"

Marc B said...

We drove by that chicken shack a few months ago and were overwhelmed by how screwed up that area is. It looks always like a war zone in between battles.

Awakened white said...

New Hampshire is 94% White. That is apparently a big problem.
I'm really getting peed at these libtards, organ grinders, and various Orcs. Can't Whites even have a playground much less? Don't hear Wakanda is too black. Japan is too yellow. No, it only applies to the White race.

Egghead said...

New white superintendent of BRA Richmond Public Schools uncovers major long-term cheating scandal at national and state ‘award-winning’ elementary school.

The former principal is still currently employed by the school system despite her obvious fraud against the taxpayers. The school system refuses to say if the teachers are still employed.

Fifth graders were asked to re-test, but only four students of the 62 total took the re-test. Please note that this would be less than the vaunted talented tenth - and this was touted for years as the best elementary school in Richmond city. I think that the talented tenth generally either attend private city schools as scholarship students or live in the white suburbs.

FSR said...

"the Chicken & Watermelon eatery"

Sometimes, the jokes just write themselves.

Anonymous said...

I have to smirk a little bit at the realization of how difficult this incident would be to the mainstream media people reporting on it. Just seeing Tom Brokaw saying "at the Chicken & Watermelon Eatery" and "wearing hoodies" and "seen running towards Martin Luther King Boulevard" without some black people complaining about his "racist reporting?"

FSR said...

From a St. Louis hipster libtard rag, I'm surprised they reported it at all:

CBC vs. Trinity Football Scrimmage Led to Shooting in South City, Police Say
Posted By Doyle Murphy on Thu, Jul 26, 2018

St. Louis police have arrested a teenage gunman who was allegedly called in as muscle to settle a score between rival Catholic high school football players.

Darren Antonio Times, 19, of the city's Gate District, was charged on Wednesday with eight felonies in the June 27 shooting.

The trouble began during a seven-on-seven scrimmage at St. Mary's High School in south city's Dutchtown neighborhood, where kids from at least two other schools had come to play against each other, according to court records.

more at link above

Non PC Infidel said...

Imagine if a white person opened a restaurant called "Chicken & Watermelon" in or near a black area. How long would it be before the screams of racist stereotyping erupted along with protesters standing in front of the store saying the black community felt disrespected? No doubt there'd be calls for the restaurant to give black customers free chicken as compensation. That plus demanding the restaurant change its name or get out of the area.

In any case, I'm surprised the restaurant is even there. Even the Kentucky Fried Chicken that was on the main street just off of MLK Blvd in my town closed down and moved a few miles away from the diversity. So did Taco Bell and Burger King as did several other businesses. However, those are major chains- I guess the restaurant in this story is just another hole in the wall dive typical of black areas.

Detroit Refugee said...

I'll have to show this to my IKAGO's @ work. They constantly insist only YT men do this.

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous Non PC Infidel said...

I guess the restaurant in this story is just another hole in the wall dive typical of black areas.

The kind of place that doesn't sweat failing a Health Dept. inspection... or three.

Stay alert, stay alive.

OverSeer said...

I just don't care anymore. As long as they're black, zero phucks given.

Anonymous said...

There is "Yellow Fevwr", an Asian restaurant in a While Foods in California. But if YT did anything like this, our business would be ruined.

BTW, libtards do catch some hell in appeasing blacks in neighborhoods being gentrified when they invoke the names of blacks who weren't celebrated criminals. Some places have been threatened.

Why don't blacks ever gentrify their own neighborhoods?

Mr. Rational said...

Did you catch that?  Rival Catholic high schools!  Probably on scholarships, too.  Those supposedly ARE the good ones, aren't they?  Just as stupid, short-sighted and violent as the rest.

Blacks are irredeemable, and the Catholic schools are totally pozzed.

As long as they're black, zero phucks given.

If they won't even snitch, we can't afford to care.

Anonymous said...

Why don't blacks ever gentrify their own neighborhoods?

How do you gentrify a neighborhood with a race that could only replace grass, urine, dung and mud huts.....


grass, urine, dung and mud huts?

Anonymous said...

FSR, I checked out that story. For some reason, the white people from St. Louis appear to be ghetto lovers.
Female in FL

D-FENS said...

There is one unmistakeable conclusion to draw from this tragic event. They must have overlooked a couple of Confederate statues during the purge.

Unknown said...

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins III: you missed ghetto marksmanship.

Anonymous said...

How long before we hear, “ He was toinin’ hez life aroun’ and he tooks care of his chillun. As someone stated I don’t see a problem. Lots of humor but no problem

Unknown said...

Completely off topic but this is the contact info for the Pinellas county sheriff's office. The one that is continue to harass the poor man who was accosted by a much younger black man for talking to the black man's wife, because they were illegally parked in a handicap spot. When the orc came out of the store he immediately pushed the older white man to the ground at which time the white man stood his ground and shot the attacker dead. Now the naacp is screaming murder, when all the man did was refuse to be a victim. Please show him your support and let the sheriff know we do not intend to become victims either as we stand strong with stand your ground laws across this nation.

Sick n Tired said...

"Teens" in Filthadelphia are at it again.

D-FENS said...

“Blacks are irredeemable, and the Catholic schools are totally pozzed.”

Apparently, catholic schools must frequently recruit negroes for their basketball and football teams. For a while, whenever I saw a story about a college or professional negro affaleet in trouble, I would look up their bios. Almost always from the ghetto, parents have different names, raised by mom or grandma. Often, they went to catholic schools sometimes out of state. Negroes are usually baptists or methodists.

Anonymous said...

The quips this evening are hilarious. Jontavious...priceless. Thanks for the humor.

Anonymous said...

The quips this evening are hilarious. Jontavious...priceless. Thanks for the humor.

Anonymous said...

Gold medal to you...that's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Any YT dumb enough to go here probably should get the "Whites Only Pie"! Serve them right to ingest ingredients I wouldn't care to speculate on.

Anonymous said...

"Just as stupid, short-sighted and violent as the rest."

They can't be as stupid, short-sighted and violent as the rest! These are FOOTBALL PLAYERS! These boys have something to look forward to next week unlike many negroes in their situation. ;)

Dat B. Rayciss said...

The screeching of da mommas was quite entertaining.

Anonymous said...

And to add to the stereotypical nature of this event- There was a rally/meeting whatever held across town at the same time and its theme was stopping the violence. I guess Jontarius and Shitavious didn’t get the memo

Anonymous said...

30 years ago they were pulling this.
When I was in high-school we were out chasing girls and being 16, a car load of black dudes followed us to my buddy’s house. We get out, they start taking smack, one flashes a pistol, waves it around like an orangutan. My buddy’s dad walks out of the house with an AR (no body had them back then) and steadly walks towards them, shooting the radiator in the car. The one with the pistol pisses himself, the others run. He holds the guy at gun point until the cops get there and arrest him.
Best part-we knew his dad had been to Vietnam, but he never talked about it, didn’t wear a hat, have a decal, or anything. The officer who first responded told the kid he was lucky only the radiator was shot. We found out later his dad did a bunch of tunnel clearing. Fearless, determined, and pretty good hand to hand fighter.
I laugh to this day when we talk about that old man in his tighty whities advancing on the thugs, drilling the sh!t out of that car.

Anonymous said...

My dog hated blacks. He would go nuts. One guy in the ATL said “man yo dog be racist!” It didn’t help that he was 110lbs and one of them scary breeds.
Racist? Nope, just a greater level of enlightenment.
Same dog let my daughter paint his muzzle with yogurt.
Viscous, unreasonable, violent animals. Stay the F away from my dog.

AnalogMan said...

No, you can't confirm any stereotypes with this story. Didn't they tell you? Stereotypes are by definition false. All you can do with facts like these is feed the false stereotypes, and that's... would you believe "racist"?

Unknown said...

Exactly Bill, NHI story. Friendly fire 🔥. If a YT was injured, they deserved it just for being in the proximity of them.

Unknown said...

Sounds like The Real Wakanda to me, eh! 😂💀💀‼️

Unknown said...

Since when did weeds become grass? 😂😂 Humorously funny all the way though, and even more sadly, the harsh but utter inconvenient truth!

Anonymous said...

Show them this...

Black mass shooters:
-Colin Ferguson - Long Island, New York, 1993. Six dead, 19

-Omar S. Thornton - Hartford, Connecticut, 2010. Eight dead.

-Maurice Clemmons - Parkland, Washington, 2009. Four dead.

-Nathan Dunlap - Aurora, Colorado, 1993. Four dead.

-Christopher Dorner - Los Angeles, California, 2013. Four dead.

-Aaron Alexis - Washington, DC, 2013. Twelve dead, three injured.

-James Edward Pough - Jacksonville, Florida, 1990. Nine dead, four

-Mark Essex - New Orleans, Louisiana, 1973. Nine dead, 13 wounded.

- Charles "Cookie" Thornton - Kirkwood, Missouri, 2008. 5 dead.

- Reginald and Jonathan Carr, Wichita, KS, 2000. 5 dead.

- David A. Burke, Cayucos, CA, 1987. 42 dead (murdered flight crew and deliberately crashed plane)

And for good measure...

Asian mass shooters:
-Gang Lu, 1991, 5 victims
-Chai Vang, 2004, 6 killed
-Seung-Hui Cho, 2007, 32 killed

Ohio born said...

Pointing out stereotypical behavior be racist!

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Got a good laugh from that one!

Unknown said...

It’s gotten plenty of press. I heard about this the night it happened