Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Is This Necessary in the White Community in the USA? In 10% Black Brevard County, Florida, Blacks Responsible for Almost All Violence, Unite to Try and Prove Black Lives Matter

Hundreds of blacks gather together in Brevard County, Florida, to call for an end to black on black violence. Representing just 10 percent of the 543,000 people living in the county, blacks are responsible for nearly 60 percent of the homicides in a given year.

Thus, the need for a unity event to try and convince anyone, everyone that Black Lives Matter.[Religious community unites against homicides, youth violence, Florida Today, August 28, 2018]:

Local religious groups set aside their differences Saturday and joined together in a show of unity amidst a string of homicides that have rocked Brevard's black community and left residents grasping for solutions.
We promise Black Lives Matter (never mind how often we kill one another in a county less than 10 percent black)
Hundreds of people from churches around the county gathered at the New Shiloh Christian Center in Melbourne Saturday evening in a rollicking rally that more resembled a gospel revival than the traditional town hall.
A number of demonstrations have sprung up in recent weeks in response to the violence. But, as the joyous noise filled the humid August air, attendees said this felt different.
"What we decided to do, rather than complaining about the darkness, is to shine a light," said Bishop Merton L. Clark of Truth Revealed International Ministries. Clarke, along with New Shiloh's Bishop Jacquelyn Gordon and other church leaders, helped organize the event.
"We're pulling all these people together to send out a message of unity and love, to see if we can turn some things around," he said.
While the atmosphere was exuberant, beneath were notes of distress and urgency.
There have been 23 homicides since January, about average for Brevard at this point in the year. But 11 of the victims were black, a concerning trend in the community given that blacks only make up about 10 percent of the county's population. 
"The blood is crying from the streets," Clarke said.  "Black men are killing black men. This is something that we need to change."
The murders have ripped at old wounds in a community beset by social and economic ills, Clarke said, and quickened a sense that solutions to local violence must begin in the home and the heart.
As with many of the recent demonstrations, the role of parenting was a common theme. Sheriff Wayne Ivey, who spoke at the event, emphasized that point from the dais.
"We have to allow parents to be the chief law enforcement officer in a child's life," Ivey said. "There is no greater movement than parents uniting together and teaching their children right from wrong, and that there's consequence for their actions."

Has this ever been necessary in the white community in the USA? The persistent, omnipresent nature of black violence in America is truly shocking when you take a step back and realize there is absolutely no comparison possible to any other racial group in the USA.


Anonymous said...

Blacks act black wherever they can be found. On a side note Baltimore just hit 200 murders

Anonymous said...

"What we decided to do, rather than complaining about the darkness, is to shine a light," said Bishop Merton L. Clark of Truth Revealed International Ministries.

Yes, start by 'shining a light' on black crime and general behavior.

Anonymous said...

Free will is probably the biggest gift even given to any one of us.

And these savage human-stand-ins deny that they have it at any opportunity.

They wouldn't need to if they got 'caught' actually building something or positively affecting the community in any meaningful way- but they don't. They loot and destroy with no thought of the future of those around them.


Anonymous said...

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.

-Andrew Carnegie

Non PC Infidel said...

The black community reminds me of one of the psychotic and retarded mental patients I used to work with many years ago. The patient would always vehemently insist that he wasn't crazy and retarded like all the other patients despite the very obvious fact that he was. Blacks remind me of that every time they screech "black lives matter!" Obviously, black lives don't matter to a huge percentage of them but they have to deny that fact in order to make themselves feel better- and, like the aforementioned patient, they have to make a very public announcement and spectacle of themselves as if that somehow magically negates the reality. If they were capable of being honest, they'd be screeching "black dysfunction matters!"

Come on, negroes! You're always talkin' about "keepin' it real." Here's your chance! Embrace reality and shout, 'Black Dysfunction Matters!" You can accompany that shout with another~ "we iz all fucked up!"

Anonymous said...

A number of demonstrations have sprung up in recent weeks in response to the violence. But, as the joyous noise filled the humid August air, attendees said this felt different.

Okay, I’ve heard about the flying pyramids, the hidden figures who sent men to the moon, and the amazing city of Wakanda. I have accepted the fact that certain people on the lower end of the normal IQ curve actually believe in these things. But after looking at the picture of the demonstrating groids I have concluded that there is no way in hell that that group could possibly generate a noise that would be described by any civilized society on Earth as joyous. I’m pretty sure that I saw that scene in the Planet of the Apes movie.

Mr. Rational said...

Has this ever been necessary in the white community in the USA?

White "Stop Da Bilence" rallies, 1776-2018:  0.

They are a DIFFERENT SPECIES.  Africans should not be considered citizens, or even human.

They wouldn't need to if they got 'caught' actually building something or positively affecting the community in any meaningful way- but they don't.

Because they can't.

They loot and destroy with no thought of the future of those around them.

Thinking is beyond them.

Mr. Clean said...

PK said: The persistent, omnipresent nature of black violence in America is truly shocking when you take a step back and realize there is absolutely no comparison possible to any other racial group in the USA.

It isn't just the violence. Or perhaps a better way of saying it is that the violence is but one of the symptoms of the illness.

Your statement here largely reflects what I tell people who struggle with the dissonance between what they were (and are) taught about negros, and what anyone with eyes observes about them: "Blacks are different. They just are." The sooner that is internalized, the better.

Egghead said...

The slogan on their shirts: ‘All in it to win it.’

Who is all? All blacks.
What is it? BRA

Note: It is a ‘BLACK lives matter’ rally. Blacks have been uniformly EXPLICIT that the saying ‘ALL lives matter’ is unacceptable to them. In 2016, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, officially termed employees who overwrote the word ‘black’ with the word ‘all’ to be malicious people.

‘Why ‘All Lives Matter’ Is Such a Perilous Phrase’

PsychoNaut621 said...

What we decided to do, rather than complaining about the darkness, is to shine a light," said Bishop Merton L. Clark...

WTF does that even mean!?!

"Shine a light..." on what???

Methinks this is what he's getting at:



...shining a light = pointing a finger at whitey.

'dis all be yo fault and you ain't doin' nuffin to help us....more gibs please.

Anonymous said...

'Birmingham mayor taps programs for pilot program aimed at conflict resolution'

By Melanie Posey | September 5, 2018 at 7:54 PM CDT - Updated September 5 at 7:54 PM

"BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Real life stories of tragedy used as a tool aimed at helping Birmingham teens learn the costs of violence.

It’s a method used by an Atlanta based group called Making the Transition.

“Birmingham has a lot of similarities with Atlanta, Georgia. The thought that children are being killed and hurt just by living in their own communities - no child should have to live like that,” says MTT President Keith Strickland.

Making the Transition is one of 25 community organizations tapped by the city of Birmingham to help young people find better ways to resolve conflict...

Some other programs include: Dream Girls Academy, Make It Happen Theatre Company, and the Family Guidance Center.

The city pays $10,000 to participating programs."

Another catchy slogan. More taxpayer dollars. There have been 4 homicides in Birmingham in the past 24 hours. The 'Transition' is not happening. It never will.

By WBRC Staff | September 5, 2018 at 11:12 PM CDT - Updated September 6 at 4:43 AM

"BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Birmingham police are investigating its fourth homicide in 24 hours."

Anonymous said...

I guess Green Acres isn’t the place to be...

Anonymous said...

'We’re going to keep pushing.’ Community stands behind KC grocery store after shooting'


September 04, 2018 07:22 PM

"One day after a shooting at the new Sun Fresh Market, elected officials, clergy, businessmen, activists and neighbors assembled inside to stand in solidarity and defiance.

“We’re going to keep pushing,” said John Lipari, the grocery store’s owner, speaking Tuesday less than 10 feet from the shattered, bullet-riddled entry doors. “We’re going to make this work, not only for the people around this community but the people of this city who have come and shopped at this store.”

The afternoon rally was scheduled by Jermaine Reed, the city councilman who represents the area and helped spearhead the $17 million store in the Linwood Shopping Center, 31st Street and Wabash Avenue.

The Sun Fresh held its grand opening less than three months ago and was billed by the city — and received by the community — as a symbol of revitalization along the Prospect Avenue corridor.

On Monday afternoon — Labor Day — two shooters entered the store and shot a man and a 15-year-old female employee, store workers say. Kansas City police say the man was the target and was shot multiple times. The teen girl, an innocent bystander, was shot in the leg once."...

"Change needs to come from the state capital, said the Rev. Ron Lindsay of Concord Fortress of Hope church in south Kansas City.

“We need to press Jefferson City,” he said. “We need to push them around gun violence and around issues of gun control that is wreaking havoc on our city. And not only our city, but in our country in general.”...

You can't make this stuff up. Change needs to come from the state capital? Clueless! Absolutely clueless.

Anonymous said...

It always strikes me as funny, that as soon as the population reaches 10% and the crime is predominantly black, the protests of their own behavior start.

It's like they have no cognitive function. They can't associate increasing numbers of their own kind to the increasing numbers dead on the street or in the prisons.

Occam's Razor says the simplest answer is usually correct. If these people got Occam's Electric Razor for Christmas, they still wouldn't understand and someone would likely be killed with the razor.

It would be like me protesting carbohydrates every time my weight approached 200lbs instead of taking responsibility for my own actions.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

Here we go again for the umpteenth time. Marches, candles, t shirts, teddy bears, slogans, etc.
Solidarity while the preacher is ooking and eeking to the choir.
Go back to the nest, business as usual.
My wish is white people wake up, especially the females, they are particularly stupid, young as well as old.
Female in FL

Archie bunker said...

In mpls, a Somalian police officer who is charged with murder and manslaughter of a white woman who had called police to report a sexual assault in a alley behind her home, when the cops pulled up, she went to the driver window and was shot by Mohammed Noor, a affirmative action hire who was fast tracked into the job by the mayor and city council. He shot the woman from the passenger seat, against department policy, endangering his partner as well. After protest by his defense team, his psychological records were released, they detail a indifference to human life, a absolute non hiring situation, however, in their attempt to advance somalias, which there are 100k plus in this city, he was given the job anyway. Now taxpayers are on the hook for a massive lawsuit, this city is full of africans, is proud to be a sanctuary city, and should be avoided at all costs

Anonymous said...

"The blood is crying from the streets," Clarke said.  "Black men are killing black men. This is something that we need to change."

Something we “need to change”? How about “need to stop”?

It may just be an unimportant difference in word choice...but don’t you get the feeling sometimes that the unspoken wish among many Africans in America is that blacks would stop killing each other and kill non-blacks instead?

Some people would say I’m reading too much into it (and at one time I would probably have agreed). But I remember the black girl in Milwaukee calling for her “brothas” to direct their violence towards whites (i.e. the suburbs) instead of committing it in their own neighborhood:

Note how CNN edited her remarks to make them seem conciliatory and peaceful. How many other times do you think the media has successfully concealed such calls for violence against whites?

Archie bunker said...

A followup, not only has Minnesota dealt with terrorism from their somalis, millions have been spent trying and convicting them trying to join ISIS, a widespread daycare scandal involving 100 million in taxpayer fraud by these creatures, the Mpls airport reported them sending suitcases stuffed with millions in cash back to Somalia, presumably to terrorist groups. Yes, this is the fine group of people that Governor Dayton said about, if native white Minnesotans don't like them here, they should leave the state

Californian said...

What we decided to do, rather than complaining about the darkness, is to shine a light," said Bishop Merton L. Clark...

"Shine a light" has become a buzz phrase among trendy types. The world is seen in opposing terms of dark and light. The idea is that by thinking good thoughts and being nice to people, you will change the world. So you hold a candlelight peace vigil. Or facilitate third world migrants moving into White countries. Or order the police to stand down when your city is being pillaged by angry mobs.

It's all part of the cargo cult ideological delusion which underlies BRA.

Anonymous said...

These rallies are just more Aybah Poda Hep demands from the vinegars. 'Gun bilence' is code for psychotic vinegars gettin' tribal in da hood.

Anonymous said...

In examining the "Reverund" who MC'd Aretha Franklin's funeral,
you spot the negro hierarchy of needs:

Muh Dik - Looks at muh - Gibs muh dat

The "bishop" displayed all 3...

"Muh dik" by brazenly molesting a white girl in front of thousands of witness's

"Looks at muh" by wearing a bright red shirt proclaiming his self appointed status (BTW they are ALL bishops now!)

'Gibs muh dat" in running a successful, legal scam weekly that fleeces his parishioners

Mr. Rational said...

You can't make this stuff up. Change needs to come from the state capital? Clueless! Absolutely clueless.

"Uppity."  That was a warning sign in the old South.  The "uppity" n-word was trouble waiting to happen.  If he'd been properly socialized (conditioned to defer, to suppress the state of excitement that leads to violence) he was safe, but the "uppity" one had lost the limits and was like raw nitroglycerine.

They saw this as "keeping us down".  Well, yes.  Absent the mental capacity to appreciate the dangers of hair-trigger tempers, strong conditioning to keep that emotional turmoil suppressed was the only thing holding violence in check.  But "civil rights" law makes no allowance for limited capacity, unleashing the violence upon culpable and innocent alike.

Until change comes in the form of stop and frisk, checkpoints, pass laws, paddles in the schools, police batons, bullwhips, attack dogs and water cannon, it won't get any better.  The stupid cannot appreciate WHY they cannot have what the smart have, why they cannot be allowed to do what the smart do.  They have to be firmly socialized to understand that it is not for them, despite being unable to understand.  Otherwise it is lost to all.

It's like they have no cognitive function.

That is exactly the problem.

Anonymous said...

But, but, "pulling all these people together to send out a message of unity and love, to see if they can turn some things around" is just what it says. It is a "looks at muh" event for black "pastors" to con the sheep from their hair-weave money.

Mr. Rational said...

his psychological records were released, they detail a indifference to human life

The mayor and police chief should be charged as accessories before the fact.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's honestly how they felt, and what's more important that that? ;)

Feelings, nothing more than feelings...

Anonymous said...

"BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Real life stories of tragedy used as a tool aimed at helping Birmingham teens learn the costs of violence."

These people don't need to learn the "cost" of violence they need to stop "spending" so freely!

Anonymous said...

"Another catchy slogan. More taxpayer dollars. There have been 4 homicides in Birmingham in the past 24 hours. The 'Transition' is not happening. It never will."

Egad! The transition is that of "non-African mean" to "African mean".)! It is surely happening as is well documented on this site! ;)

Anonymous said...

Green Acres is always better than Black Haters.

Anonymous said...

Thats ok PK. Dont bother to post my other comment. But post this one The biggest and most volatile enemy in this country as of today is the liberal. Second is the mainstream media. Done.

Anonymous said...

I'd posted this awhile back. Scary they earn millions for accomplishing undone work for kids that don't exist. And they took ass loads of cash on their vacations back to da Muddaland.

And when's the last time you visited the ancestral homeland on the taxpayers dime, YT?

Anonymous said...

You can only shine a light if you stay woke. - Wisdom From an African Village

Anonymous said...

Blissfully Ignorant.
In the black community there is an alternate reality. From the outside it manifests as a primitive, tribal culture, of immediate gratification vs delayed gratification. If pshcyo-analysis as a Science were to honestly examine, they would find that the Black culture, the behavior of the breed, is relatively consistent, similar to the natural tendencies of all other breeds within a species.
Where we can say this with cats, dogs, horses, cows, any multitude of domesticated and wild animals, we never apply these characteristics to Humans.
We call anyone who dares mention or suggest such a hypothesis to be a racist, strip them of academic credentials, endanger careers, and threaten their safety.
But, let’s be clear-it is a WELL established fact that in many small towns across the US and Canada a person can leave their car unlocked and the keys in the ignition. In ANY of these towns is there a statistical average number of blacks (12-13%)? Is there even HALF that?
Blacks are human, no disagreement. But they, as a whole, have collectely, largely, and repeatedly demonstrated that they are incapable of living among whites in a civilized manner.
Now, you may have a buddy, or your wife has a friend, and they are decent, but you never know what resentment they hold back. Much like you never know about the Communist or Socialist living next door.
If the end goal of blacks is to steal and destroy from the white man, then we give it up Russian style. Destroy EVERYTHING first.
In 2018 we have blacks crapping too close to their drinking water supply. Over 2,300 years ago white people built a complex system of fresh water and sewage water transfer into Rome. White people learned Engineering thousands of years before blacks had their area of the continent blessed by white technology.
One need to look no further than compare Alexandria and SubSaharan Africa. Same continent, vast difference in development.

Archie bunker said...

And brought measles back with their unvaccinated children to spread about the state costing more millions, the answer to your question, I've never been to Germany on taxpayer money and after paying taxes, can't afford to go anywhere but work

Brian in Ohio said...

"Local religious groups set aside their differences Saturday.."

Could have easily done it on a Monday. Not like many of them would've missed work.

"Black men are killing black men. This is something that we need to change."

No. No it isn't.

Has this ever been necessary in the white community in the USA?

No, because the overwhelming majority of whites are putting in 40-50hrs a week to keep the lights on and the kids fed. And that don't leave to much time for monkeyshines.

Where as your average white kid gets a part time job at 16-17yo, your average black "teen" is already an experienced drug dealer or car thief with a multi page list of priors.

The problem with the black community is the black community. And I don't want one more dime of my tax dollars wasted on trying to make them into something they`re not.

God damnit this is getting old.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Ask David Sher, the King of the Cucks in Birmingham. PK has written about him before.
See “The Comeback Town” blog

Anonymous said...

Im sure many of you have read this... More hidden figures... 12 great African "inventions" that changed the world...
Seems to me they had it all in Africa...Yet its still a shithole...what went wrong..??

Pat Boyle said...

Why do all these black people form quasi-religious demonstrations and shout "Black Lives Matter"? Why all these marching rituals?

It is despair, word magic and antithesis assertion.

Almost all blacks are in despair. A hundred years ago the common attitude was that Negroes were the descendants of a more primitive race and less should be expected of them. Then the public attitude changed based on Boasian anthropology and Marxist ideology. We entered into the modern Race Denial period.

Blacks heard that they were equals and they soon developed hope in the sixties that they would be as rich, prosperous and civilized as the white society around them. But of course all that was a vain hope. Education failed, government programs failed, mass marches failed. It became clear that the mere presence of any substantial number of blacks was enough to destroy a city.

Blacks realized that they were not able to compete with the two other continental races (Caucasians and Asians) and began to despair.

Defeated peoples in despair resort to magic. When the Plains Indians were crushed by white settlers and the US Cavalry they adopted The Ghost Dance. When cancer victims lose all hope they turn to prayer.

Finally there is Antithesis Assertion. Black women are lonely. They complain that there are not enough good black men around. Women want husbands who are good bread winners and will be good fathers. But such qualities are rare in the black community. There is also the fact that all men, even black men, tend to find black women unattractive compared to the women of other races. So in an effort to deny that they are ugly, we got the counter assertion "Black is Beautiful".

Blacks have no history. There are no records of events in central Africa before the Portuguese and the Arabs arrived. No written languages - no history. Oral History is like what Jack Warner said of Oral Contracts - not worth the paper it's written on.

So blacks created "Black History". With government help they invented accounts of black inventors and scholars doing great things. More recently we have had of the Wakanda Myth. There is virtually no native building or road constructions in sub-Saharan Africa so they assert its antithesis - a hidden super advanced post-industrial nation with sky scrapers and mono rails.

Similarly when it became clear that blacks are of no use to anyone, we get an assertion of the antithesis - Black Lives Matter. This too is a form of word magic.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to point out...the Van Dyke trial has begun in Chicongo so prepare yourself for the inevitable riots/protests regardless of the outcome no matter where you live.

Whether they're happy or sad. something's gotta burn.

Keep a rifle handy.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

Since speaking to their tribes in bastardized English has proven to be a complete failure perhaps they could communicate the message in a native language like grunts and clicks..After all they did create language...should it not be mastered by now..And why aren't we all speaking in clicks and grunts..It didnt catch on.. like their evolution and IQ's

D-FENS said...

I don’t know how many “pastors” were at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. One inappropriately touched slut singer Ariana Grande. Another called on negroes to straighten up their act, particularly with the illegitimacy rate and negroes killing negroes.

Guess which one recieved far more criticism, even with all the feminist/me too hysteria?

With negroes, even Nixon can’t go to China.

drew458 said...

"grasping for a solution"

Oh right, like that's so hard to figure out:
1) don't do drugs or allow drugs in your neighborhood
2) be an American who happens to be black, not a black who happens to be an American.
3) Push your schools, churches, and parents to teach children to control their impulses and that violence is never the first answer.

mikej said...

I must admit a mild disappointment that PK did not report any gunfire at the "show of unity." The comments, however, more than compensated for it.

Detroit Refugee said...

Damn these people are the same nationwide. 10,12,13% of any town USA yet over 50% of the problems.

Glad I was safely removed and out of the way on Merrit Island. I know this area well, sad to see it's gone to shit.

Exador said...

This reminds me of the repeated calls for "Midnight Basketball" as a solution to crime. Name me another group that requires the community to build diversion centers to prevent them from destroying their own community.
Where are the midnight Majong games to keep the asians from killing and robbing?

Pat Boyle said...

I would like to remind the readership that the controversy over IQ is soon to end. For decades the Racial Denialists have refused to accept the validity of the various forms of standardized testing for intelligence. They have fought a rear guard action against the accumulating evidence. The reason, of course, is the one standard deviation lower IQ of Negroes.

Even today after a hundred years and thousands of research studies, many people refuse to accept established concept of intelligence. Many in the popular press write that IQ is controversial - it isn't. You almost never here a commentator on cable news explain some event involving blacks as having been caused or influenced by lower black IQ. And the courts in cases like Griggs Power have accepted fallacious arguments against IQ testing.

But that is soon to change. Instead of the term IQ. the new term will be PGS. This means Polygenic Score. We accept the validity of paper and pencil testing because it predicts real world consequences like college graduation rates. Now we can predict college graduation rates by the calculation of how many favorable SNPs they have in their genome.

Intelligence is polygenic. That means it isn't caused by just one SNP (Single Nuciotde Polymorphism) currently they measure 1271 SNPs which have an influence on intelligence. More will probably be discovered. In each of these SNPs there is a configuration that increases intelligence and one which doesn't. Each one has a tiny effect but if you have a whole lot of the right ones - you're smarter.

Recently researchers took the results of more than a million white European descended people. About a third of these were from 23andme customers. I sent in my mouth swab to them years ago. It cost $100 then. So maybe my DNA results are part of the study.
If you count how many favorable SNPs you have you get a PGS (polygenic score). The PGS can be used to predict intellectual achievement. As it happens it correlates about .65 with college attainment measures. This is roughly about the predictive power of an IQ score.

So instead of arguing that blacks have lower IQ scores we will soon be able to argue that blacks have lower a PGS. This study hasn't been done yet apparently because only whites genomes were available in sufficient numbers. But it's coming and soon school performance and job market performance will be predictable before birth.

In don't think the Southern Poverty Law Center and the NAACP are ready for this.


Annie Oakley said...

Pat, that's one of the best commentaries I've read about blacks in a long time. I couldn't have said it any better.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I'm surprised a gunfight didn't break out at the rally. You know anytime more than two of them gather in one place and there is alcohol or drugs involved there's going to be a shooting. And there are always alcohol or drugs involved.

Anonymous said...

its just like the blacks to go on the street and wails and whine about 'how deyz is killin' each other" but they never do anything real or concrete to solve the problem. its just a big performance to pull yt is to make it go away. The more I know of blacks the more i consider them to be a lost race of people.

Anonymous said...

To anon at 10:21 am grunts and clicks LMAO thanks for the was worth it.

cloudofhaze said...

Pat, I’m black. I’ve always wondered how blacks feel comfortable and wearing shirts that seem 180 degrees counter to reality.

PvtCharlieSlate said...

... more gibs PLEASE?
More likely “ ... more gibs muddafuggah!”.

Anonymous said...

Ive always wondered how blacks feel comfortable wearing hoodies when its 90 degrees counter to unreality.

LakeSuperior said...

Actions speak louder than words. If blacks wanted to do something about the violence problem, they would do something about the 70%+ rate of illegitimacy, or build their own business to provide jobs for themselves...but they don't.

For you see, it's not really about protesting. It's about being worked up over something.

Anonymous said...

'This study hasn't been done yet apparently because only whites genomes were available in sufficient numbers.' Given the increasing number of cold cases solved via Familial DNA I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that significant numbers of black folks aren't going to sign up for DNA testing now, or ever.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

You can't fix something thats not broken. Blacks can't be fixed, because they are already at their peak of ability. Sadly, it is what it is. A lot of us here had hopes they would fit into civilised society, but year after year, decade after decade, and billions of dollars, and thousands of innocent lives lost to this unrealistic ideal later, things just get worse and worse. This is Martin Luther King's dream come true, we judge you by the content of your character, and you are woefully lacking all attributes that make good citizens.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap PK. I live less than a mile from this church.

MrGJG said...

More Money and Midnight Basketball is what they need.
It won’t change anything but we have our traditions.

Mr. Rational said...

Blacks are human, no disagreement.

Disagreement.  They are hominins, true.  But being as genetically distant from Europeans as N. American gray wolves are from coyotes, they are NOT of the species Homo sapiens sapiens.  They are something like Homo erectus, IOW not close enough to be part of any sapiens society.

The genetic distance and clannishness of other sapiens subtypes may rule out any successful societies incorporating inside-Hajnal line Europeans with any others.

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins IV said...

In other news, the City Council has set aside funds for new runways to be built on the outskirts of town.

"The Ladies' Auxillary and Children's Choir of Our Christly House of Lively Worship is having a BBQ and Car Wash to raise money for some plaster and paper maché. Our hope is to build some giant model airplanes to go with the new runways the city is building", said Maxaline Washington of the Ladies'Auxillary. There will be a candle light vigil after the BBQ/Car Wash to shed light on the growing violence problem in the community, in hopes that people can turn their lives around so peace and prosperity can hopefully return to once peaceful and prosperous community.

I sense a pattern here, but I can't quite put my finger on what that might be.

Anonymous said...

That was greatly amusing...and instructive. The “get yo shit together” pastor got much more grief because he committed an unforgivable sin in the black community: he failed to blame YT and suggested that blacks are responsible for themselves. 😱

The boob-grabbing “rev’rund” committed a much less egregious crime in the community’s eyes...and lets be honest: many blacks don’t consider what he did a crime at all.

Anonymous said...

It's beyond retarded and comical at the same time.

All the money, all these years, all the education including all the "free" programs, and they still can not rise above "protesting"

Zabo said...

@Non pc infidel, I’ve always said that the reason for The White Privilege is because of black dysfunction! Good call fellow YT.

Zabo said...

Hey be honky’s, uza poda help!

swimologist said...

You can't "teach" impulse control to a savage. All you can do is punish them severely. That's the only teaching they understand

Mr. Rational said...

All you can do is punish them severely. That's the only teaching they understand

Too true, too true.

One of the fatal errors in our "civil rights" laws, both legislation and case law, is that it considers all but a few people to be otherwise equal.  This includes impulsive tendencies and learning ability.  If it were lawful and accepted to use immediate corporal punishment to keep the stupid and impulsive from acting out, we could tolerate having them around.  Methods like shock collars would probably work, but we can no longer do that (at least legally).

Perhaps there's an end-run around this, classifying those of proven low IQ and low impulse control as "trainable" by e.g. operant conditioning techniques but not educable.  The problem is that this would immediately run afoul of "disparate impact".