Thursday, September 6, 2018

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Black Reverend Hilariously Calls Out Black Criminality at Aretha Franklin's Funeral


"Respect" is a black preacher going to a funeral for a purported black legend and calling out the black community in America for creating all the problems for blacks commonly and habitually blamed on structural inequality, implicit bias, white supremacy and the debilitating impacting of white privilege.
[Aretha Franklin's family blasts 'black-on-black crime' eulogy,, 9-4-18]:
As Aretha Franklin's eight-hour funeral drew to a close last week, the Rev. Jasper Williams Jr. rose from his seat and picked up the microphone. 
Reverend Williams embarrassed blacks with a truthful eulogy for Aretha Franklin
Clad in a black suit, accented by a bright red tie and pocket square, the Atlanta-based pastor began eulogizing the Queen of Soul with an impassioned rendition of the popular hymn, "Father, I Stretch My Hands to thee." A large silver cross swung from his neck. 
"This is my subject as I attempt to eulogize Aretha Franklin; my subject is Aretha, the Queen of Soul," Williams said as the song's final notes faded on Friday. 
But in the roughly 40 minutes that followed inside Greater Grace Temple in Detroit, Williams would devote more time to voicing criticisms about black parenting and "black-on-black crime" than Franklin's life and legacy. His words prompted swift backlash on social media, many slamming him for being "homophobic," "misogynistic" and disrespecting other black people. 
Among those who didn't appreciate Williams's eulogy were Franklin's family members, who called his comments "offensive and distasteful," the Detroit Free Press reported. 
"Rev. Jasper Williams spent more than 50 minutes speaking and at no time did he properly eulogize her," Vaughn Franklin, the late singer's nephew, said in a statement on behalf of his family. He told the Associated Press that the eulogy "caught the entire family off guard." 
In the statement to the Detroit Free Press, Vaughn Franklin said Williams was asked to perform the eulogy because he had eulogized other family members, including the singer's father, the Rev. C.L. Franklin. But, he added that, "there were several other people that my aunt admired that would have been outstanding individuals to deliver her eulogy." 
"We feel that Rev. Jasper Williams Jr. used this platform to push his negative agenda, which as a family, we do not agree with," the statement said. 
During his eulogy, Williams drew outcry for his views on single-parent households run by black mothers and the Black Lives Matter movement. 
He described raising children in a fatherless home as "abortion after birth." 
"Seventy percent of our households are led by our precious, proud, fine black women," he said. "But as proud, beautiful and fine as our black women are, one thing a black woman cannot do. A black woman cannot raise a black boy to be a man. She can't do that." 
Franklin was a single mother of four boys. 
Kei Williams Not Related to Rev. Jasper tweeted "How do you turn Aretha Franklin's funeral into a dragging of Black women? HOW DARE YOU...." 
Rep. Chaz Beasley tweeted "No disrespect to Jasper Williams, but my single mother raised me to be a man pretty well. . . #ArethaFranklinFuneral" 
When Williams spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement, he used it to critique black-on-black violence. 
"When we kill one hundred of us, nobody says anything," he said. "Nobody does anything." 
He added: "Black-on-black crime. We're all doing time. We're locked up in our mind. There's got to be a better way. We must stop this today." 
Then, he said if he were asked today 'Do black lives matter,' he would answer, 'No, black lives do not matter." 
"Black lives will not matter. Black lives ought not matter," he said as the crowd applauded. "Black lives should not matter. Black lives must not matter. Until black people start respecting black lives and stop killing ourselves, black lives can never matter." 
Though some supported Williams's stance, his comments were met with immediate reaction at the funeral when singer Stevie Wonder reportedly shouted, "Black lives matter."
On Twitter, some described the eulogy as a "disaster" and a "disgrace."

A 'disgrace'?
No, it's called the truth. 
White people are absolved from the problems black people create for themselves. We owe blacks nothing. 
Absolutely nothing. 
Reverend Williams spoke the truth and it doesn't matter what blacks think about it, because blacks should have absolutely no impact on any policy governing white lives. 
They can't even govern their own community without blaming imaginary white ghosts for haunting every aspect of their lives. 


Anonymous said...

Of course anytime anyone points out the failure of a single parent home, out of the woodwork come an endless supply of misanthropic liberals with their “I’m just fine”, completely unaware of their psychological damage.
Look no further than the black community.
They are a matriarchal culture, and yet the males are allowed to be completely disrespectful to their bitches. Mothers>boys>bitches.

Mr. Rational said...

BLM meets BLDNM... within the coonmunity.

Clown world meets reality.  MOAR POPCORN NAO!

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins IV said...

He sounds like he is friends with the Great Pastor James "Whats Wrong With You Black Women" Manning. Much Respict Reverend!

Anonymous said...

negroes described the eulogy as a "disaster" and a "disgrace."

Well now, "they" get a taste of what we go through everytime "they" snatch the mic, or take a knee during the National Anthem.

Eat crow negro!

Archie bunker said...

We owe them nothing,yet we pay their way cradle to grave and somehow, it's not enough. A black city councillor, Ayanna Presley, defeated a ten term fellow liberal, giving her a lock on a seat in congress. She ran to represent people without a voice in politics who deserve to live in safe communities and have good schools. People closest to the pain should have the power to form policy, change is coming and the future belongs to us Pressley told wildly cheering supporters. It's the same old crap, people who ruin schools and neighborhood demand better, those who cause the problems should be in power. I live in a rural area, within 200 miles of me, Mollie Tibbets murdered by an illegal, Asians busted on farmplacefor dog and cockfighting ring, plus 4 lbs meth, blacks attack man leaving the fair and he is in a coma, illegals and other Hispanics have caused school overcrowding and swelled county Medicaid levels to numbers never seen before, this diversity has a high price and all you get is more people that are not at all like us, yet we pay for it. As someone else here said, stay armed, alert and alive and unite with fellow white conservatives, your life depends on it

Anonymous said...

If these people, and I'm not restricting comments to blacks right now, had the ability to feel shame, they would all be horrified of their own behavior! Between the travesty of the McCain funeral and this embarrassment, it lays open the depths to which the left will go to promote their agenda without regard to venue or relationships.

While this 'revrun' may be refreshingly correct in his stance, his speech is insulting to the family and completely out of context. If anyone spoke out in this manner at my mother's funeral, I would remove them from the podium personally and eject them from the premise.

Instead, the 'hits just keep on coming'... as reported about the other 'groping pastor' and the unending slew of Trump haters who took the opportunity to 'shoot their wad' in any public/private forum foolish enough to hand them a microphone.

The same is true of McCain's shrew of a daughter. Same holds true... if my sister started spouting off about politics during my father's funeral, she would have been removed as well. Instead, it seemed every guest was inspired to step into the batter's box and take a swing at the ol'President.

The left in general is a classless, rude congregation of misfits who want the world to accept them as they are because they are unable to fit into a normal society. Instead, they modify the rules to protect and 'normalize' their own proclivities. Sometimes it's their only reason to seek office.

The bad news is, I don't see a fix. The founding fathers built us a pretty good system of government but we pay almost no attention to it. Most have absolutely no idea of how any part of it works. We've sought instead to automate it, as we do with everything else. We've removed the safeties, disabled the warning lights and are happy to sit in the back seat.

Meanwhile, the jalopy careens toward the cliff, cruise control maintaining our speed, and we think we're okay because "we're still moving forward".

The average man has a better knowledge of the rules of a myriad of sports-ball games than of how their own government works.

Maybe it all does have to crash and burn. Maybe it does need to come off the rails and break into a million pieces. Maybe it all has to be rebuilt again in order to cast off the plaque that has built up over the generations. As I've said before, it won't be corrected by law or legislation. These changes require blood.

What is it they say about the blood of tyrants...?

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

A funeral is a place where people will both mourn and praise the lost life of a person...……

Leave it to Blacks to turn a funeral into a statement about racial crime where the chance of "shots rang out" may fill the air.

Californian said...

This sums up so much of BRA:

A 'disgrace'?
No, it's called the truth.

The crime. The race hustling. The dysgenic mating patterns. The cities rendered unlivable.

That's the truth about BRA. It's a disgrace.

Well, the funeral can be counted as a positive in one way: no shots rang out nor did any streets go wrong. I suppose that's a step forward.

europeasant said...

"Family and friends gathered Thursday night to celebrate the life of Delmonte Johnson, a 19-year-old activist fighting for gun control, just days after he was shot and killed on the South Side(of ChiCongo)"

Here is what the "Africans in America" are saying after one of their own gets shot by one of their own;

“We are dealing with systemic oppression, we are dealing with poverty, we are dealing with violence. It comes out of inequality that [Mayor] Rahm Emanuel’s administration helped perpetuate, that Gov.[Bruce] Rauner helped perpetuate, and we have to name those things,” Ademola said. “If the South and West sides of Chicago continue to get neglected and abused like this we’re going to, unfortunately, continue to see this vicious cycle happen.”

Nothing will change, it will get worse as their population increases from an already large 40 million. The bad part is that there will soon be 2 billion waiting in Africa for some of that good life.

Anonymous said...

'Teenager Charged With 83-year-old Woman's Rape, Killing'

Friday, September 7, 2018
Lowell Melser, WBAL-TV 11

"A 14-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with an assault, sexual assault and killing of an 83-year-old woman.

Tyrone Harvin, 14, has been charged as an adult with first-degree murder, first-degree rape and various sex offense and assault charges.

Harvin is charged in connection with the assault and killing of 83-year-old Dorothy Mae Neal a week ago. Police said Neal died as a result of homicide by blunt force trauma.

"She was assaulted inside of her home in the 2300 block of Winchester Street in west Baltimore and she died the next day," Baltimore police media relations Chief T.J. Smith said. "She was basically beaten to death."

Smith said investigators found physical evidence that linked Harvin to the crime."

What is it with blacks and the elderly? Are they hardwired for raping and killing the frail and defenceless? There will be no outrage. There will be no marches. There will be a brief blip on the media radar about the death of 83-year-old Dorothy Mae Neal beaten to death by 14 year-old Tyrone Harvin and then not another word will be said. BLM my ass!!

Anonymous said...

Here is what the "Africans in America" are saying after one of their own gets shot by one of their own;

“We are dealing with systemic oppression, we are dealing with poverty, we are dealing with violence.

Note this statement is made after six decades of civil rights, war on poverty and DWL groveling before BRA. And let us not forget the mayor of Chicago has been one of the biggest sh*tlibs in the Homeland.

None of this has had any impact on the downward spiral of black America.

For example: how is Delmonte Johnson "oppressed?" Was he denied his rights under the Constitution at any point in his life? (If anything, by being an advocate of gun control, he wants to deny other people their rights.) Was he denied entry into any school or job by virtue of the "color of this skin?" Were there government contracts in Chicago open only to Whites but not blacks?

The real "oppression" here is that blacks do not fit into White civilization. Thus, young Delmonte felt "oppressed." Had he grown up in Haiti or Congo or Somalia, he would have been free to enjoy the paradise created by his own people.

Complete geographical separation from Whites is the only answer.

Non PC Infidel said...

"We're dealing with systemic oppression, we are dealing with poverty, we are dealing with violence...… comes out of inequality......if the South and West sides of Chicago continue to get neglected and abused like this we're going to, unfortunately, continue to see this vicious cycle happen."

Systemic oppression: We haven't built anything for ourselves like other communities do. That results in poverty and violence but we can't blame ourselves. So, it's all whitey's fault because whitey hasn't provided us with factories and jobs, stores, entertainment venues, good schools, nice neighborhoods and everything else we want or need sans any effort or investment on our part. Ya'll just oppressin' us by keepin' all dat good stuff fo' yo'selves and not gibbin' us none of it! Oh lawdy Jeebus! We iz bein' abused and neglected! Why ain't you spendin' all yo' money, time, effort and energy on us so we can live like you do? You selfish!

That's blacks in a nutshell- demanding equal outcomes at someone else's expense while blaming others for the conditions they create in their own communities.

As for the reverend calling out the black community for all their dysfunctions at Franklin's funeral service, he was just pissing in the wind and should have known he would just get splattered and that it wouldn't make one damn bit of difference or change anything. The same thing happens to any black who calls out and "disrespects" da black community by telling the truth. Sure, it was an inappropriate venue to do so but the reaction would be the same no matter when and where the comments were made. He committed the unpardonable sin of publicly making the black community look bad while holding them accountable and responsible for their own circumstances, behavior and condition. He violated Negro Rule Number One: Blame Whitey, play the victim and wail for gibsmedats! IF he had done that at the funeral instead and said that Franklin succeeded and achieved wonders despite all the attempts at whitey keepin' her down and doin' her wrong, the negroes in attendance would have been jumping up and down, leaping into the air and shrieking their lungs out in approval.

This has just been another episode of "When keepin' it real goes wrong." Lol.

Pat Boyle said...

The observed matriarchal society of blacks may be related to their different evolutionary pattern. My account here consistent with current accepted anthropological thinking.

About forty thousand years ago humanity split. It was not the first split. It was probably one of the last. Some AMH (Anatomically Modern Humans) walked north and entered Europe. This is right in the middle of the Quaternary glaciation which ran from 110,000 years ago to 15,000 years ago.

The humans who walked north went into a much colder environment than that in which they had recently evolved. Some went west into the European subcontinent and interbred with the Neanderthals - large brained archaic hominins. These became Caucasians. Another group want east into central Asia and Siberia and interbred with the Denisovans and became the modern Asians.

The branch that did not go out of Africa probably interbred with Homo Naledi - a small brain very early hominin species that persisted in Africa until quite recently.

The two branches that went north became the two continental races: Caucasians and Asians. The one that stayed in warmer Africa became the third continental race - Bantus and Bantu like Africans.

The whites and Asians apparently got smarter because life was more difficult in the cold hostile northern ice age climate. It took all the energy, and effort of united families to survive in the north. But in Africa conditions were milder. There was less pressure to develop greater brain power and they didn't need the support of both parents. Women could raise the children alone. They only need the males as sperm donors.

We can see a pattern like this in recent times in the circumpolar peoples. Out there on the ice there were no Eskimo women raising kids as single mothers. Life was too close to the edge. You needed a united family. But in Africa men are only loosely attached to their progeny. The women raise the kids and tend the crops. Patriarchy and united families seems to be a social pattern that came from evolution under difficult conditions. So today we have Asians and Caucasians who are intelligent and responsible fathers. White the southerly Africans are matriarchal and significantly less intelligent.


Anonymous said...

Another low or no time romp through the dindu restorative adjudication program.


Anonymous said...

"What is it with blacks and the elderly? Are they hardwired for raping and killing the frail and defenceless?"

Yes. It's commonly referred to around here as "muk dik", one of the three main innate impulses of blacks (along with "looks at me" and "gibs me dat").

Anonymous said...

Urethra’s life was an interesting one. There are several points to glean from it, notably the immorality/amorality of blacks in general; the sexual and other shenanigans of black clergy-who, as a whole, make pedo Catholic priests look like amateurs, and the self-inflicted chaos and dysfunction of black families, which has been their main obstacle to getting anywhere in life—and which was a hot mess long before LBJ and the Great Society, as in Aretha’s case.

Her dad, famed preacher C.L Franklin, had his father desert the family when he was four. He grew up and was briefly married-there was no record of a divorce-they just split up.
He then married a woman, who already had a son from another relationship. They had four kids including Urethra.

During that time, Daddy-a 25 year old married minister, fathered a child with one of his parishoners, who happened to be 12 years old at the time.

Aretha’s mother eventually got fed up with the rev’s many infidelities, and deserted him and their 4 kids, taking her son and moving out of state.

Aretha had a child herself at age 12, meaning that she came close to being impregnated at 11. She had a second kid-from a different sperm donor, at 14. At 15 she dropped out of school. At 19 she married a man who allegedly made his living as a pimp.
Good thing she could “sing”.

Black people wonder why they don’t have any family wealth after all this time. The above behavior is why not.

Anonymous said...

To Pat Boyle,

Per your comments:

The great railroad tycoon James J. Hill once said "I've got no use for a man who's never gotten snowed upon".

Egghead said...

The American Family Association (AFA) recently started Urban Family Talk which includes radio stations that are explicitly stated to target a black urban audience. See the link below that claims that ‘ethnicity’ - defined as allegiance to skin color - is the enemy of spirituality (i.e., Christianity).

In addition to hiring black people for the Urban Family Talk stations, AFA has recently been hiring black male and black female spokespeople to speak and preach to its predominantly white Protestant Christian listeners.

There is one black male preacher who literally screams his sermons at the top of his lungs in a raspy voice - and click - off goes the radio. As a listener, I feel NO sense of holiness or peace emanating from his sermons. I only hear his never-ending shouting!

Recently, for the first time, I heard an older white male Christian pastor and AFA higher-up say, ‘You know, the Church is one of the most segregated places in society, and white people have not been good at worshipping side by side with blacks. And, we [white people] need to change that.’

Interestingly, the AFA is also an outspoken unabashed supporter of apartheid Israel. I heard another older white American male AFA regular spokesman say, ‘We owe our allegiance to Israel.’ I was aghast. What about Jesus? What about Christians? What about the USA? I called and complained!

Anonymous said...

The enduring legacy of Aretha Franklin...teaching black people that "respect" isn't spelled with a "k"!Brian in Ohio is my idol.

Anonymous said...

I do agree about the venue being inappropriate. It’s in the same vein as Obama’s repugnant remarks at the funeral of the five murdered Dallas police officers a few years ago. Although Obama was just perpetuating the myth of black victimization (the biggest lie of our generation) whereas this preacher was actually telling the truth, albeit at an inappropriate time and place.

I wish people on all sides had the decency to conduct themselves appropriately for the given occasion. But that’s a pipe dream, so I’m just going to enjoy watching the groids point and sputter about Reverend Troof-Bomb’s sermon. They certainly ooked and eeked with pleasure while their president shit all over the memory of dead cops. Turnabout is fair play...

Anonymous said...

This poor boy is only 14 years old, but his frustration with structural racism, struggles with microaggressions and years stuck within the slavering jaws of the school-to-prison-pipeline brought him to this sadly expected end; and I blame the craven power of the white supremacist, imperialist, patriarchal occupying forces which you seem to have bought into, you filthy racist!

Hillary 2020!

Libby Cannaught-Noatis

Anonymous said...

RULE #1: Blacks can never, ever under any circumstances be held responsible for their own actions.

He broke that rule.

Anonymous said...

"The branch that did not go out of Africa probably interbred with Homo Naledi - a small brain very early hominin species that persisted in Africa until quite recently."

This obviously isn't right, Pat. If it were so they'd be happy to work, and do it literally for peanuts! ;)

Whitewalker said...

I remember a Detroit-area radio show from a few years ago. The guys were talking about something Aretha Franklin had done, and various building and home-improvement contractors started calling in. She and her clan were well known for stiffing contractors by not paying for work done.

Anonymous said...

Pat, thanks for your thought-provoking and as always informed analysis. As you've said many times it's settled science regarding differences in IQ among various race(s). I'm wondering about a warmer environment hindering brain growth and or IQ over time. Wouldn't a population that didn't have to spend so much of its resources just for survival ie cold weather, have more time to develop written language and perhaps advance its own civilization? Curious what you think of my point of view?

Another Guy in Florida

Anonymous said...

If Franklin had 4 children, then they did not suffer from being poor. The reverend was directing his message to the blacks who don't have fathers, and are also dysfunctional families. If Franklin's family would drive outside their gated house for a bit, they could see the devastation the reverend was talking about. If the black community truly cared for their people, then they would recognize that the problem lies within their own community.

Anonymous said...

I love the comment/phrase one wrote here:

I'm going to steal it, and we should all add it to our "conversation" about race.

"NIKE is the new N Word"

I am going to refer to our darker Citizens as "Nikies".

Anonymous said...

"That's blacks in a nutshell- demanding equal outcomes at someone else's expense while blaming others for the conditions they create in their own communities.

This is known in ebonic word salad as Aybah Poda Hep

Brian in Ohio said...

The funeral went on for 8 HOURS and no shots rang out? That must be some kind of record!

Hell, not even a twerking contest broke out! Good for them.

Maybe there`s some hop.... aaaand the Reverend is groping Ariana Grande. Ok, there we go. There`s the black folk I know.

There should be a shooting over the memorial t-shirt money any minute now.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Their “culture” is backwards, and it has been since before they were enslaved.
The hierarchy of black culture:
Mothers-women who have children. In this group mothers with sons are over mothers with only the daughters. The number of sons increases status. A mother of a black male is the Alpha.
Men-this breaks down into multiple sub sets.
a) Fathers of many sons, who are famous, have money, or have done time.
b) Fathers who stay with their brood.
c) male black youfs 13-25.
e) black men over 25 without kids.
f) black men in white man jobs.
g) kids under 12.
Bitches-childless females.
Females are simply breeding stock until they squirt out a kid. Part of the reason so many black girls get pregnant is status.

Non PC Infidel said...

Speaking of shots ringing out, my town just recently closed the 59th business declared to be a public nuisance after another in a long line of shootings. You guessed it- a black nightclub in da black community known for having shootings, fights, drug dealing and other "festivities" taking place both inside and outside da club. Rival gangs were showing up wearing their "colors" and getting into arguments which naturally they had to settle with attempts to murder one another.

Remember now- black lives matter and dat's da troof. If anyone believes that, I've got some broken pieces of safety glass-oops!- I mean DIAMONDS to sell for half price. They're all shiny and sparkly too!

Anonymous said...

I just noticed an article that said Nike's online sales have increased 31% after the Colin Crapperneck ad campaign. I can't help but feel that we are doomed. Nike knew exactly what they were doing when they released that ad. They knew their target demographic, and they knew plenty of idiots with disposable cash would line up to virtue signal.

Anonymous said...

I wrote tovthe secretary of the army and told him to cancel West Point's contract with Nike. All the crap they sell in their store and online is all Nike.

Told them I couldn't believe the Army was supporting an un-American company such as Nike.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

"Negative agenda," aka the truth.

Detroit Refugee said...

Oh yes, Whitewalker.
You're talking about Drew n Mike on the WRIF. I heard that one, the callers were brutal. Truth is racist btw. She lived in absolute filth (house of skank), burned contractors and limo drivers constantly.

Anonymous said...

Good idea:

I wrote to the secretary of the army and told him to cancel West Point's contract with Nike. All the crap they sell in their store and online is all Nike.

Told them I couldn't believe the Army was supporting an un-American company such as Nike.

Anonymous said...

". . . The real "oppression" here is that blacks do not fit into White civilization. . . . "

They and their Hispanic friends from south of the Rio Grande (ask Mollie Tibbetts) don't fit into ANY civilization, they are the epitome of anti-civilization.

Janie In Detroit said...

Detroit Refugee...I sure do miss Drew and Mike! Remember the Harris Polls? The dumb Africans answering the phone fell for it every Damn time, lol!

My step daughter got stiffed by urethra (another posters brilliant nick), the queen came in with her party of three and ran my baby nearly to ground! For four fucking hours she waited on the queen and her court, stepping and fetching...the bill came to $1586.00, and no fucking tip! In the meantime, a couple of the twats with her were running a separate bar bill...400 dollars worth! The bartender ate the whole damn check.

These kids working their summer away, the summer they turned 21, the summer they reached their majority, hoping they could finally make some decent coin. I told them both to get used to it...if you want to make any kind of money...get away from the afracian...

Anonymous said...

And another tragic victim of the “school-to-prison pipeline“. How sad. I’m sure he would’ve cured cancer someday if centuries of white privilege and oppression hadn’t forced him to go wrong. 😏

Anonymous said...

Do you know the difference between a black reverend and a sex offender?

The sex offender has a sign on his door.

WTH said...

Todays comment of the day....

3rd place: Pat with his usual insightful comments

"...Africans are matriarchal and significantly less intelligent."


2nd place: Anon September 7, 2018 at 6:29 PM gets the edge over Pat with this humorous post

"The enduring legacy of Aretha Franklin...teaching black people that "respect" isn't spelled with a "k"

1st place: Jim in Jersey with his potentially prophetic post

"As I've said before, it won't be corrected by law or legislation. These changes require blood."

Thanks everyone.

Philbery said...

OUCH! Yes The Truth Hurts...