Tuesday, May 26, 2009

#66. Sudden Frights

Over the years, action/horror/science-fiction/drama and conceivably every other genre of Hollywood film has done the unthinkable: portray Black people in perilous situations. It is a well known fact that Black people in real life are afraid of absolutely nothing and this is reinforced by not only rap music and lyrics, sports and our president, but by a casual viewing of your nightly news - regardless of the city.

Black people do not fear going to jail for arbitrary crimes and this has led to the idea of Black invincibility and the feeling that the law doesn't apply to them ( see Michael Vick, Jamal Anderson, Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson, Marion Berry, etc. ) Black people are actually superheroes. Watch ESPN’s popular show, Sports Center, and you will understand the obsequious nature of all races to the Godlike entities that are LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and every Black athlete.

However, Black people are actually highly sensitive to being frightened and when confronted with unsuspected fervor, they resort to only one tactic.

As these videos showcase, Black people live by only one rule: if you frighten me, you will be sorry. Once again, Stuff Black People Don't Like educates internet viewers on the many things that Black people vehemently dislike.


Anonymous said...

"when confronted with unsuspected fervor, they resort to only one tactic"

The best tactic. Eliminate the threat. What does this say for all that bullshit about slow reaction times, huh? LOL, hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Lol at anonymous above. Here's a general rule of thumb for you, if something is the tactic of choice for black people, then it's not the best tactic.