Sunday, September 6, 2009

#236. Michael Vick Haters

The National Football League (NFL) is as much a business as it is an entertainment organization. The NFL generates much more than $1 billion a year for its 32-franchises and the city's they play in and occupies a majority of the time that people have on their Sunday's.

Ratings for the NFL have never been higher, and the amount of money spent broadcasting games never greater:
"Currently, three American terrestrial television networks CBS ($3.73B), NBC ($3.6B) and FOX ($4.27B), as well as cable television's ESPN ($8.8B) are paying a combined total of $20.4 billion to broadcast NFL games through the 2011 season for CBS, FOX, and NBC and through 2013 for ESPN."
Black people make up 13 percent of the United States population, and yet they make up more than 65 percent of the NFL's rosters. Millions of people worship these athletes and form positive opinions based on the players they watch on Sunday.

Television has created the ultimate machine to induce positive images of people who the Nightly News Casts of most major cities would otherwise destroy:
"I asked ... prominent psychologists, partly famous for their work with hypnotism, if they could define the TV experience as hypnotic and, if so, what that meant. I described to each the concrete details of what goes on between viewer and television set: dark room, eyes still, body quiet, looking at light that is flickering different ways, sounds contained to narrow ranges and so on. Dr. Freda Morris (former professor of medical psychology at UCLA and author of several books on hypnosis) said, "It sounds like you are giving a course outline in hypnotic trance induction."

"Dr. Ernest Hilgard, who directs Stanford University's research program in hypnosis and the author of the most widely used texts in the field (said), "Sitting quietly, with no sensory inputs aside from the screen, no orientating outside the television set is itself capable of getting people to set aside ordinary reality, allowing the substitution of some other reality the set may offer. You can get so imaginatively involved that alternates temporarily fade away. A hypnotist doesn't have to be interesting. He can use an ordinary voice, and if the effect is to quiet the person, he can invite them into a situation where they can follow his words or actions and then release their imagination along the lines he suggests. Then they drift into hypnosis."

Black people love television and they love that white people watch so much of it and have fallen in love with sports, for Black people dominate both sports and crime in America, yet white people only acknowledge the former.

It is for this reason that SBPDL is proud to discuss Michael Vick and the nearly universal support he has from Black people. Vick, the recently freed from jail and recently signed quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, once was on contract for more than $100 million dollars.

He was a massively popular athlete and looked to be the genesis for merging of Black people and quarterback position once and for all.

That was before he was found guilty of being one of the heavyweights of dog fighting and sent to jail:
"Today (July 20,2009), however, Vick's freedom is official as his 23-month sentence for his part in financing and operating the Bad Newz Kennels dogfighting ring comes to an end."
Vick was always a polarizing figure, but his arrest exposed the reality of Black Unity for all to see:

"The racial divide emerged early in the case against the Atlanta Falcons quarterback, apparent at rallies filled with cheering - and overwhelmingly black - Vick supporters and at anti-Vick protests that are noticeably white.

Vick's opponents say the evidence against him is overwhelming. For many black supporters, that judgment evokes uncomfortable questions about race and guilt in America.

"White folks 'been grindin' on an ax ... and that ax ain't got sharp enough for them," said Earnest Hardy Sr., who called the case a witch hunt targeting a successful black man."

Vick was recently re-instated to play in the NFL and he and his new team - The Eagles - have seen how Black people have responded to this signing (glowing admiration):
"The Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP, the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and other local civil rights groups had planned a demonstration to support Vick.

However, the Eagles called the NAACP after hearing of the plans for the demonstration at the stadium, and asked them to cancel the rally to stop a potentially "ugly scene," J. Whyatt Mondesire, president of the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP told ESPN.", the most visited urban website in the world, had this to say about Michael Vick:
"I am tired of this shyt! White people don't want black people to have shyt! I'm saying Michael Vick lost his job, lost over a 100 million dollars and went to jail over some fuccing dogs! Damn white people what more do you want?"
Yes indeed, white people, what do you want? Black people to follow the rules and laws of America?

In Ohio States 2009 opener against Navy, Vick-esque QB Terrelle Pryor (Black player)wore his support for Vick on his face:

"Terrelle Pryor is usually compared to another tall, lanky, hotly-recruited quarterback who could outrun everyone on the field, Vince Young, but the sophomore pledged his eye-black allegiance Saturday to another scrambler of his formative years, the recently resurrected Michael Vick."
White people are aghast that Black people will support a criminal and felon like Vick, but remember, Black people defended Michael Jackson after his death.

A "Hater" is defined as:
"A person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person."
Thus, Stuff Black People Don't Like includes Michael Vick haters, as Vick is the man who was going to revolutionize the quarterback position and thus, complete the Black dominance of the NFL. However, he was thrown in jail for dog fighting, a prominent form of entertainment for Black people. Almost all Black people want Vick to play again and support him, but white people are hating against Vick:
"There is an even stronger divide along racial lines with African Americans supporting reinstatement 80-9, but whites by only a 42-39 margin."
Television is how Black people have the complete support of white people in America and sports are the medium in which white people fall in love with Black people. Michael Vick's fall from grace showed how quickly the hypnosis of television can wear off, when the reality of Black culture is shown for all to see.


Anonymous said...

i so dont care about this bitch i wish the nfl would ban him for life! go skins!

Anonymous said...

Wake up white man.

Anonymous said...

While this article's primary point of demonstrating the irrational unity of Black people in matters of controversy, it is clear that there is even less logic behind an indefinite suspension of Vick. Hence protesters who insist on influencing the League to remove Vick permanently would be defering almost entirely to their emotions -- an action which actually aligns with the spirit of the aforementioned irrational Black Unity. The issue at hand has never been if Vick's legal punishment was fair, but whether his professional career should be adversely affected. The answer is clearly that the league is the ultimate arbiter of Vick's football fate. If anything, this situation exposes the NFL to be the sports entertatinment business we all suspected it to be, and not the role model mill that helicopter parents think it is.

Sorry, but you can't blame the blacks for this one. Hey, a 99.9% hit rate is still pretty good right?

Anonymous said...

Vick's punishment should be a water filled pit full of hungry alligators. Pathetic, degenerate white people worshipping stone age bipeds..disgusting!

Anonymous said...

The above poster hit the nail on the head!!. It is utterly repelent that so many of my fellow whites worship these thugs of the "Negroe Fellon League". Our ancestors must be spinning in their graves. Wake up white man!! it is a GAME-ENTERTAINMENT! & that is all! (it is of NO merit!). Go hiking, read a book, get of yer lazy butts & DO or learn something for Christ's sake!.

Anonymous said...

What Michael Vick did was despicable and he did his time.
But, I would not allow this man to ever live down the horrible things he did to those poor dogs.
Time for some responsibility and real remorse, Michael.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Vick if anything. And I know some people may think, sorry, what about the dogs? My answer is.. I dont have that connection with Dogs or other animals. We eat animals, what makes one animal life higher on the hierarchy. What makes me sick is the double standards that exist in this country. He made a mistake but everything taken into consideration, he was stripped of what he had earned over some dayum dogs? Come on..they have cable network shows on White men killing deer and other foul???????? Bottom line..this is about Whites setting the tone that Ni&&a you aint sh**. Let's be real here.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked to find out that black people have a tolerant view of animal torture and are supportive of those who practice it. It just goes to prove that we white people are largely ignorant haters. This country would be far better off if animal torture and sports involving sadistic practices were the norm in every neighborhood. It is so cheerful and inspirational. Thank you, black people!

Anonymous said...

I have read the comments of so many sports fans who can not distinguish between a deliberate act of sadism and a drunk driving accident. In most cases these people see Donte Stallworth as more culpable than Michael Vick because Stallworth's behavior resulted in the death of a human being. The notion of intention does not enter into their reasoning. If these people are unable to distinguish between an accident and a deliberate act how can they be held responsible?

I think that Michael Vick is one of these people. It is clear that he is sorry to have jeapordized his career and he is sorry to have gone to prison and he is sorry that his friends and supporters have been disappointed.
He regrets the various outcomes of his behavior but he doesn't really know what he's done wrong. And neither do many of his fans.

But generally, I would like to think, we can hold people accountable for their behavior.

For example, Michael Vick repeatedly lied to fans, football officials, judges, and anyone else who would listen. Only when confronted with irrefutable and damning evidence did he admit to his crimes. And yet, in interviews with Michael Vick, CBS News 60 Minutes unequivocally takes him at his word. How can this be?

Michael Vick beat, drowned, electrocuted and otherwise savagely tortured and killed many defenseless animals. CBS News 60 Minutes is well aware of the facts. But in their interviews with him, CBS worked with Michael Vick to obscure the facts of his participation in and the savage nature of his crimes. Why is this?

I think it is of very little use to ask Michael Vick about his ethics or his reasoning or his motives. But, why would an organization like CBS News 60 Minutes so eagerly partner with him and his handlers in their efforts to restore his reputation?

Anonymous said...

Well, Anonymous, if you don't care that a person can torture and kill a sentient being like a dog, it may interest you to know that the FBI and law enforcement have linked animal cruelty to child abuse, domestic violence, serial killings, and school yard killings. It is an indicator that someone is f-ed in the head. Just one classic example:
And I don't need to give you a link to Jeffrey Dahmer's profile, do I? Or Ted Bundy? Or David Berkowitz?
A study done by North Eastern University and the Massachusetts SPCA found that people who abuse animals are five times more likely to abuse humans than people who do not. Albert Schweitzer said it best when he wrote that "Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living creature as worthless is in danger of arriving also at the idea of worthless human lives".

Anonymous said...

Heres an idea for a new reality show they would love. you take some of these sadists, put them in a cage with a rabidly trained pitbull,or better yet,a german shepherd,and may the best dog win. we could call it DOG vs. DOG, yeah boy

Anonymous said...

The shrill bombast of the NAACP, and the groveling and scraping of appeasers in the media and government to their every whim and baseless pronouncement, has effectively eliminated any rational discussion of racial issues… Their demand to define and focus government force to enforce their racial gangsterism in all realms of human interaction abrogates the very foundation of human action — the natural rights of freedom of association, and the acquisition, use and disposal of property

Anonymous said...

I think we pretty much laugh at the same things. That's good.


Anonymous said...

white people are insane. period!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Vick likes dog fighting
Whites like human cage-fighting
Some people like Cock-fighting


Anonymous said...

I am white, and have friends of all racial backgrounds, including black. With NO exceptions, we are united in our disgust with Michael Vick. He could have chosen to be a positive role model for young black men. Instead, he crawled into a hole and left decency and respect behind. He chose his own path and sadly, there are people who continue to think that what he did to those dogs was ok. Well, it's not, and I don't care what you do for a living or what colour your skin is.

Vick could have white skin, red hair and wear a kilt and his crimes (and lies) would be just as despicable.