Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Best SBPDL comment ever

We here at Stuff Black People Don't Like encourage debate and yet, and for this reason we have allowed for people to post anonymous comments under each post.

Each comment is edited to ensure that it passes our strict guidelines set forth by the wonderful example of Serena Williams at the US Open in 2009, but sometimes we do allow a comment to slip through that might have warranted being deleted.

Take this comment for example, in regards to the Labor Day 2009 post:

"chinny said...

you are a mean spirited bitter racist, i think what upsets you is not so much obama's policies but the fact that he is black and he's your president and you are simply finding that too difficult to deal with, well tough! theres nothing you can do about it so if you dont like it move to iceland!!!!!!

as for your nasty snide covert racist comments they are worth absolutely nothing, go somewhere else and peddle your xenophobic rantings.

if you had to put up with even 1/4 of what blacks in the US have to deal with on a daily basis you would have committed suicide, which come to think of it might not be a bad thing."
The person who made this comment is unable to process two things: Hate Facts and more importantly, falls into a main SBPDL... Jokes at Their Expense.

By our friendly commentator, one would image that Black people have it horribly in this country, which we know is a lie. Perhaps in Pre-Obama America the world was tougher, but Black people have long been the beneficiaries of the Federal Government and tax dollars.

Interestingly, if Blacks have it so bad, one would surmise logically, that they have a high suicide rate. Black people do have a high homicide and murder rate of Black on Black people, but the suicide rate is something different:

"African Americans are far less likely to kill themselves than whites.

Less than one in 10,000 black men commit suicide, about half the rate of white men.

Whereas white men are at highest risk in old age, black men have the highest rates in their early 20s.

Experts have difficulty explaining the difference. Some researchers suggest ties to church and social supports may be "protective factors" for blacks.

The Rev. Robert Moore Jr., pastor of Glenville Seventh-day Adventist Church in Cleveland, said suicide is taboo in the black community.

"For black folks, that's not an option for us," Moore said. He added that blacks also tend to be resilient in the wake of hard times.

"We always think things are going to get better. We're always looking for a brighter day and we think it's right around the corner, if we just keep pressing on."
Interestingly, it is elderly white males who have the highest rates of suicide in the country, which leads credence to SBPDL's theory that white people long for a return to Pre-Obama America and realize the daunting nature of that task:

"...He was also one of a group associated with a substantially higher risk of suicide than any other—older white males. While suicide is the 11th leading cause of death in the United States, with 11 suicide deaths per 100,000 Americans, white men over the age of 65 commit suicide at almost triple that overall rate.3 These men are also eight times more likely to kill themselves than are women of the same age group, and have almost twice the rate of all other groups of male contemporaries."

SBPDL was started to educate the world about Black people. It is becoming a cultural phenomenon now, as our hits our up and our influence is growing.

We can only thank Black people for the continued shining examples they provide of Stuff Black People Don't Like on a daily basis.

Two posts will be coming today and yes, the first podcast is nearing completion. We also will be unveiling a YouTube channel soon, so be prepared for the SBPDL blitz.

Until then, enjoy the website. We have over 100 unique posts that add to the growing tapestry of SBPDL. Comment all you like, but remember that we do edit.


Anonymous said...

Stuff Black People Don't Like also includes blaming anyone BUT white people for their blight.

Anonymous said...

A "blight" is a crop disease; White people aren't crops so we don't have any of those. (no, it wasn't a typo - "b" and "p" are too far away from each other for that lazy excuse.)

As far as our PLIGHT is concerned, we are White people; you know, the ones who build First World civilizations and touch foot on the Moon while black people play the "Blame Game" with the world as to why they really haven't amounted to much... "we wuz SLAVES fo' foh - hunduht yeuhs".

So go dunk a basketball or have a block party or protest march; something within your aptitude to actually achieve. Leave running a nation conceptualized by White people to... well, White people!

Anonymous said...


Blight - Something that impairs growth, withers hopes and ambitions, or impedes progress and prosperity.

BLIGHT is indeed what I meant.

Oh, and Saturn is the proper spelling. ;)

Anonymous said...


I think you need to reread the blight comment, it was referring to the blight of blacks. Well, when you get back from the moon and all...

STP said...

The very sad truth is black people exist solely at the whim of white people. If one day we all decided to stop all aid; financial, medical, industrial etc.. blacks across the globe would die off. they bite the hand that feeds them more than any other species on earth.

Anonymous said...

Here's a brief listing of the races/ethnicities which prefer to associate with their own kind and which cherish the history and traditions of their own race/culture above others: black, white, asian, jew, arab, hispanic, andalusian, awa, inuit, cocopah, hutu, tutsi, and arapaho.

Here's a complete listing of every single race/ethnicity on the planet for whom group pride and preference is considered evil and immoral:


Anonymous said...

Why would black guys need to kill themselves?

They have the other blacks to do it for them.

Can't kill yourself in old age if you already got shot.

Anonymous said...

I for one agree that if I had to put up with even 1/4 of the black people blacks in the US have to deal with on a daily basis, I'd commit suicide.

chinny said...

i really pity you, despite the leg up that you've been given all through your life - you continue to look for scape goats to blame for your failings, think about it , everything you have has been given to you not on the basis of merit but simply because of the colour of your skin, for your information you are a beneficiary of years of undeserved white privilege which has nothing to do with actual ability and everythign to do with being WHITE. no wonder you hate Obama he is everything you wish you could be but NEVER WILL BE. Despite the undeserved leg up which in your deluded state you have mistaken for actual ability you are still insecure.

you can sneer all you like about black people, we are obviously so important to you that you actually have to dedicate an ENTIRE BLOG to us, how sad. i can assure you that very few black people sit around wasting their time EVEN CARING what pathetic, racists like you think, the world is changing whether you like it or not, if you are finding the US too difficult a place to live in because your president is a black man, why dont you step into a time machine and go back in time to Nazi Germany i have a feeling you would make a great SS officer.

Anonymous said...


No need to pity. As you can see, old white men commit suicide at a rate for exceeding Black people.

Yes, this blog is devoted to SBDPL. We want the world to know about real Black people and how Black people really act.

The world is changing. Mein Obama is forcing white people to realize their plight. Thanks for that!

Come on though... a Nazi jab? No points for creativity Chinny. No points.

Anonymous said...

i really pity the loss of capitalization. but it's made up for, i suppose, by lots of OTHER WORDS BEING RANDOMLY CAPITALIZED.

chinny said...

the problem with people like satyrn and i use the word "people" very loosely is that at every turn they reveal to the world why the US has one of the worst educational systems in the world.

how can you take someone who "reasons" in such a retarded manner seriously, here we have an individual who would find an episode of sesame street intellectually challenging and yet he thinks he's an authority on world history, i mean how do you even begin to reconcile the following statement: "As far as our PLIGHT is concerned, we are White people; you know, the ones who build First World civilizations and touch foot on the Moon while black people play the "Blame Game" with the world as to why they really haven't amounted to much... "we wuz SLAVES fo' foh - hunduht yeuhs".

Satyrn im sorry to have to break it to you but white people were slaves as well!!!!!! yes during the middle ages - vikings regularly sold you guys to buyers in the middle east, btw slavery carried on in eastern europe right up to the 16th century and was actually replaced with serfdom - most slavic (eastern european) peoples are actually descendants of slaves, slave actually comes from the word slav. but im sure all of this is going way over your head..............

Your mentor hitler obviously sold you a lie with all that pseudo scientific nonsense about the ubermensch which you loyally bought into, but those of us who live in the real world know the truth.

i would have advised you go and read about ancient egypt and the many acheivements of africans during that period but i know it will be futile as your ability to concentrate for more than 2 mins on anything remotely academic or intellectual is impossible.

if anything, people like you and the blogger are victims of a mass campaign of brainwashing, i understand you feel threatened and you need to beleive the lie that you are invincible.

well you know what, you are being taken for a ride by the same people who you hero worship - your white elite, they couldnt give two shits about uneducated half wits like you, all they do is manipulate you with mass brainwashing campaigns and divide and rule tactics.

read edward bernays "propaganda" and find out how you have been manipulated and deceived into your current state of mindless ignorance and stupidity.

t_c_ said...

"why dont you step into a time machine and go back in time"

LOL - yes it assumed correctly a White man would build such a machine

Anonymous said...


Again, SBPDL thanks you for commenting and reading this blog but there is little to none brainwashing here.

Facts from reputable sites are culled here and presented in a fashion you might not be used too... read every link. They confirm what is written.

Good points about the slave history lesson though... but the Hitler stuff is getting old and the false line about Egypt and Black people is almost to funny to consider.

You have given us a new SBPDL - the truth of Ancient Egypt. Black people had nothing to do with that civilization except providing workers and slaves for the ruling class. Ancient Egypt was not a Black civilization... sorry to burst your Afro-Centric bubble.

Bernay's book is interesting. I have read it and keep it next to my computer at home.

Anyways, the historical record of Black people and civilizations throughout the world is so astounding and plentiful that I finished the two paragraph footnote in the time I also read this response.

chinny said...

listen pal the day i start being bothered by the rantings of an ignorant racist like you is the day ill be finished. You are under the misapprehension that your views actually MATTER TO ANYONE. dont you get it - you are an insignificant NOBODY.

you are a malleable tool in the hands of an elitist cabal who are manipulating what you in your fantasy world beleive is the truth. if i were trying to consolidate myself in power like your ruling classes have done and continue to do - what would be the first thing i would do - i would undertake a devastating and unrelenting campaign of mass brainwashing in order to acheive mass control, this is why americans are some of the most ignorant people in the world. over the years you have been deceived and lied to by your govts and instead of facing up to the real villain here you turn on the supposed bogey man the black man. why risk your life opposing the corrupt oligarchs when you can take the easy way out and pick on an easier target -the black man.

in your ignorant state you cant tell the difference between revisionist garbage and the truth, the truth is that your real enemies are your elitist masters, you say you have bernays book by your computer, why not go a step further by actually OPENING it and reading a few pages. bernays and members of the ruling classes HATED sheep like you they looked on you with nothing but contempt and believed that you needed to be contained and led by the nose, infact he actually refers to people like you as cattle- so much for your great white civilization - i mean these guys didnt even see you guys as being on the same side. this is why all conversation with you is futile.

you are incensed whenever you look around and see a lot of black people who are DOING SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU. the world is no longer the comforting place that it was during the Jim Crow era and that pisses the hell out of you so much that the only way you can cope is to set up this pathetic blog where you peddle your toxic, racist garbage, as i said earlier people like you are of no significance to black people, you are so filled with anger that at some point you will implode.

are you on a mission to incite some sort of race war with your xenophobic crap? be warned this isnt 1930's america, you will have a lot more to contend with and i can guarantee you that when things get tough, gutless cowards like you will be running for the hills.

Anonymous said...

"gutless cowards like you will be running for the hills"

Nobody is running for the hills... Unless you count Capitol Hill. Oh, and chinny, you seem to be the one that's about to implode.

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that chinny would mention the Vikings. Yes, Nordic man ruled many people... All those who challenged him failed. As a Nordic myself I doubt he has the grasp on history that I do. Not even Shaka Zulu would have stood a chance against these ancient Nordic men that left their seed in Iceland, Greenland and North/South America.

Anonymous said...

Chinny said... "listen pal the day i start being bothered by the rantings of an ignorant racist like you is the day ill be finished."

Apparently you ARE bothered by his "rantings" otherwise you wouldn't have posted your own rant in reply.

Chinny also said... "You are under the misapprehension that your views actually MATTER TO ANYONE."

Again, apparently they DO MATTER to you, otherwise you wouldn't continually post replies to the blogs.

Chinny futher said... "dont you get it - you are an insignificant NOBODY."

Again, apparently what he says is significant to you, as your comments attest.

A wise man once said, "Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself." Perhaps you should heed this advice, especially in light of the fact that no one is forcing you to read this blog.

Anonymous said...

Last anonymous
Throughout 6,000 years of recorded history, the Black African has invented nothing. Not a written language, weaved cloth, a calendar, a plow, a road, a bridge, a railway, a ship, a system of measurement, or even the wheel. (Note: This is in reference to the pure‑blooded African .) He is not known to have ever cultivated a single crop or domesticated a single animal for his own use (although many powerful and docile beasts abounded around him.) His only known means of transporting goods was on the top of his hard burry head. For shelter he never progressed beyond the common mud hut, the construction of which a beaver or muskrat is capable.