Friday, September 11, 2009

#471. Rep. Joe Wilson

Criticism of Mein Obama is a sure sign of racism in the eyes of Black people and their enablers, disingenuous white liberals.

Black people expected the honeymoon for Barack Obama to last for his entire first four years in office and well into his second term, but that all ended when MARs decided to attack from the Red States.

The decision to try and push universal healthcare has emboldened MARs like never before and has put Black people, their white handlers/enablers and Mein Obama into the defense:

"He [Obama] believes in all the "universal" programs because they "disproportionately affect" people of color. And that's the best way, he feels, to right the wrongs of the past. These massive programs are Obama brand reparations..."

"Yes, Glenn, programs to help the less well-off will help non-white minorities disproportionately, because... they are disproportionately less well-off. Just like hospitals disproportionately help sick people."
Why are Black people disproportionately less well-off? This will be explored in later SBPDL, but for now, it's important to discuss how many Black people lack insurance:

"Uninsured rates for working-age African-American adults are also high, with one-third (33%)—more than 6 million adults—uninsured or experiencing a gap in coverage during the year.

"African American adults have higher rates of health problems among both lower and higher income groups. Sixty-three percent of African American adults under 200% of poverty reported they had one of four chronic diseases (hypertension, heart disease, diabetes or asthma) or a disability, compared to half of low-income whites and 39 percent of low-income Hispanic adults. Forty-five percent of African American adults over 200% of poverty report health problems, compared to 32 percent of whites and 23 percent of Hispanics in the higher income group."

Most interestingly:
"About one-third (36%) of African American adults visited an emergency room for a condition that could have been treated by a regular doctor if one had been available, compared to 19% of Hispanics and 19% of whites."
As we have discussed, Black people don't pass on seconds, which can lead to massive health problems, as does consuming McDonald's food, which - McDonald's - is now (appropriately) 365Black! If Black people were a car in a NASCAR race, the Golden M of McDonald's would proudly be all over their vehicle.

Mein Obama has been feeling the heat from MARs and none more so than that from Rep. Joe Wilson, who dared to state that the emperor has no clothes:
"During President Obama's September 9, 2009 speech to a joint session of Congress, in which he addressed health care reform, Wilson interrupted the President during a statement that the America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 would not include coverage for illegal immigrants. (The bill specifically excludes illegal immigrants from receiving affordability credits,, but does not restrict noncitizens from participating in the Health Insurance Exchange.) In a breach of decorum, Wilson interrupted by pointing and shouting, "You lie!"."
Black people, white handlers/enablers and Mein Obama were all shocked that anyone would dare point out that the Emperor and his ideas are fabrications and were even more shocked that anyone would ever confront The Obama directly to his face, in front of his peers and a national audience.

Wilson has apologized for his outburst, but Black people and Mein Obama will not accept this laying down, for no one can criticize The Obama and get away with it. Worse, no beer summit has been put on either Obama or Wilson's calendar to sooth the problems that exist with foreign beer. Instead, Wilson has become the poster child for MARs everywhere:

"With a political arms race in full force, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) has raised almost $750,000 in less than 48 hours since his shout of "You lie!" to President Obama during the Wednesday address to Congress, almost matching the Internet-fueled haul of his likely Democratic opponent."
No one, no one can criticize Mein Obama, let a lone a goofy white person from South Carolina, who dares to interrupt The Obama while he is reading from a teleprompter. This act could have knocked him from his place on the teleprompter and he could have struggled reading his speech, like that one kid in your fourth grade class always did when you popcorned him during reading aloud sessions.

Stuff Black People Don't Like includes Rep. Joe Wilson, for he has dared to point out the emperor wears no clothes and his simple statement, "You lie!", has done more to damage the suit of armor that Mein Obama's white enablers had concocted for him than not cooperating with the police could ever have done.


Anonymous said...

Regardless of how anyone feels about "black people," or the fact that the President of the United States is part black, what this Republican Representative did was rude, disrespectful and just plain old "low class."

A great majority (66%) of Joe Wilson's constituents in his heavily republican Georgia district have indicated that they do not approve of Rep. Wilson's outburst.

The disrespect Representative Wilson showed to the President, therefore, is not representative of the way his constituents wish to have their congressman act in his representation of them. I'm sure you'll find, should you wish to report all the facts, that the great majority of the donations to which you refer came from outside his district and, most likely, from "birthers" and "tenthers" nationwide.

Everything in this country, in spite of the spin the writer of this blog may attempt to put on it, is not a matter of racism, not is every action taken by or toward President Obama the cause of a great rift,or potential thereof, among the citizenry.

In fact, most issues are not really based on racism, on the part of blacks or whites, but are efforts of the corporatists to divide and conquer the people of the country by making us believe that all the races are racist toward others.

Sadly, the writer of this blog contributes to that, whether intentionally or not.

Anonymous said...

you lie!

Anonymous said...

1st anon,

let me tell you this:no amount of political correcntess and forced multi-culturlism will change human nature.human nature is not multi-cultural.every race has the right to push its interests.unfortunately some people scream racism whenever whites try to push theirs.

what do you mean by "making US believe"?
do you seriously think there is an "US"?
there isn' will always be us and them,no amount of multi culti propaganda will change this very human trait.

Anonymous said...

"no amount of multi culti propaganda will change this very human trait"

I agree wholeheartedly. As an ethnic White I have every right to a proud existence. We need to wake up from the sheep mentality that has been our curse for far to long. If not now, when? Bravo Mr. Wilson.

Anonymous said...

My existence as a White man and my pride in our accomplishments is not racist. Those that wish to trample me and take my property are the racists. Where are the reparations for the 100+ white women that are raped by 'them' every single day in America. In no way whatsoever do 'they' deserve any special treatment. I would be happy to exist in a county that gives all equal treatment without preference. That does not exist today and until it does and 'they' accept their place in society there will be no peaceful coexistence. 'They' could always go to Zimbabwe, all the "Evil blue eyed devils" have been killed or chased out there.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we all just get along?
Says the bleeding heart liberal that has never been a victim of racist violence, since they live in a gated community in Malibu.

t_c_ said...

"are efforts of the corporatists to divide and conquer the people of the country"

so corporations are the evil boogey man hiding in my closet...that is why I lock my doors at night? Gotcha.

Anonymous said...

People will never get it. In my opinion that is what's wrong with our country. Think about it. If politicians did not use race, they wouldn't have a leg to stand on. It's the politicians all over the USA that keep the anger going and if you are going to buy into it, you only have yourself to blame for your unhappiness. And now we have all kinds of blacks in the entertainment world paying the race card. It's sickening. And who is condoning this behavior? Obama!!!!
If any of the presidents from our past focused on skin color as much as Obama has they would have had to step down. So why do people put up with this? Stop playing the victim! The only victims are the little people who work their rear ends off to support the stupid bills passed by our own crooked government. I am glad Joe Wilson spoke up. He told the truth and Obama was lying. We really need people to speak up right now.

Anonymous said...

anon 2 above

white accomplishments are the subject of their envy.thats why white accomplishments are always credited to "mankind" never to whites,while black achievments (as few as they are) are only credited to blacks.

take south africa for example...
whites seperated themselves from blacks and built a successful the blacks scream oppression "down with apartheid".is it really oppression?or is it the envy that whites have created something and blacks have not?
racism does not mean to be hostile towards other races.that is chauvinism.racism only means that you dont want to have anything to do with others.if i was a rich man in the 18th century in NA,i wouldn't have bought any slaves,because i don't want them anywhere near me.and i guess most whites back then thought the same.

this "oppression" means only that blacky wants to have the same as whitey,which he can't achieve on his own and which he doesn't is funny ,that as much as they hate us ,they can't live without us.

"wah wah wah whitey will not share his goods with us ,he's racist,down with apartheid"

well,go and create your own or go back hunting zebras.

Anonymous said...

anon below t_c_

people like YOU will never get it.multi-culturalism doesn't work and never is not the race card nor the politicians that use it.when have you ever seeing someone using the race card in favor of whites?when???the race card is an anti-white tool.just like the code word "diversity".

as to blacks using it in entertainment....well they do the healthiest thing there is:they promote their race!!!sad that some whites like YOU think that we are all one and it's the politicians fault that we can't get along.

oh yeah,i bet those thousands and thousands of white women would not be raped if the politicians stop using the race card.
black crime rates would drop to 0% if they didnt do it.

races are rivals ,no matter how much socialist brain-washing you have received.sadly whites are so self hating and afraid to be called "racist",that they dont dare to even think about being proud.

Anonymous said...

I'm not brainwashed. I just know it's always a lot better to accept people for what they are.
I know there are differences in the races but why should we all have to punish each other for being born different? Nobody can help their skin color. If we all see each other as equals, it would prevent a lot of stress in this world.
Hating each other solves nothing. As long as the politicians allow racial programs to exist, things will continue to get worse.
The UK doesn't have problems with racial barriers like we do.
And fyi, I am American Indian and a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Congressman Wilson told the truth. Obama is a lier, he "Lied".
Why else would the majority of Demogrants not want the 'Heller Amendment' in the Health Care Reform Bill?
Because, it would have STOPPED DEAD all the illegal alien LOOPHOLES so they can very easily get all the Free/Gratis Health care they want!
Now finally the Dem's and Obama are feeling the HEAT of our Patriots that stormed across America to Washington DC, and are considering adding an Amendment into the Health Care bill that would require an ID check or one of the Heller Amendments suggestions like E-Verify that scares the Bejeezus outta' Pelosi!
You can find out about the progress via NUMBERS USA, whether or not we will get any kind of Illegal Alien loophold PLUG put in that INSANE Health Care Genocide for Whites Bill.

Anonymous said...

"I'm not brainwashed"

I am White and I appreciate the Native American. Perhaps the Native American is the greatest testament against diversity. Both of our races have been tainted by this inherently wrong ideology. We should propagate our own cultures and preserve them. Most certainly we should never view the black man as our equal. I believe we can get along to a certain extent but, assimilation is not the answer.

Anonymous said...

hey "American Indian and a Republican" guy,

What would your father say if you brought home a negro woman and announced your intention to take her as your wife? Yeah, I don't care what your mother thinks... I want to know what your FATHER thinks.

Anonymous said...

Mr.native guy

UK doesn't have problems with racial barriers?
seriously man you should read some blogs about europe.there, it's not so much the blacks but MUSLIMS.all over western europe the same problems with them, i know it because i live in germany.

gang rape of european girls/women from the age of 13(!!!) to 50
muslim thugs roaming the streets,robbing innocent infidels.

they hate everything european.i'm not a german,so i know a lot of immigrants,and trust me,all the muslims i knew hate germans.and i knew plenty of them.a guy from sweden told me that in his neighbourhood ,he knows almost no girl that hasn't been raped or sexually assaulted by muslims.

and when you dare to speak out guess what comes!
you guessed right:"RACIST" "ISLAMOPHOBE" "NAZI"

trust me ,britain is as much a politically correct police state as USA.
europe has been grabbed by the claws of "diversity" least you americans have guns.western europeans have been pacified and pussyfied to hell.all a bunch of metro sexual sissies who are so afraid of fighting,that they'll rather glorify the death of their own race.

funny how eastern europeans fled to the west.very soon westerners will flee to eastern europe.

Anonymous said...

how come no one has dared state that the actual liar was Wilson himself. wilson is the liar, when he opened his piehole with the words 'you lie,' he was in fact lying but no one wants to address his lying.

Sioux said...

Because Wilson did not lie and the White House admitted that they lied.
Will Wilson receive an apology?
Probably not.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above Sioux, Wilson already stated his argument and it seemed to make since. Trust me, I thought it wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

Actually Middle Eastern were the center of the world before religious fundamentalist ruined it.

Anonymous said...

during the days of slavery many black women were raped daily by their white massas rape of white women was virtually unheard of apparently this fact has been forgotten.