Wednesday, January 20, 2010

#478. The Fuss Over Ghetto Prom Dresses

To live dangerously, it has been said, is the secret for harvesting from existence the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment.

Have a collective people ever lived more dangerously than Black people? Happiness studies have been conducted that show 6 of the 10 states with the happiest population coincidentally happen to be in the geographic area that contains 54 percent of the nations Black population – the Southeast (Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee and South Carolina) – and it is in this study that proof of Nietzsche instruction for a happy life is validated.

You see, happiness also mandates that you live a full life full of “positive psychology”, one that deemphasizes people’s weakness and instead highlights only strengths and positives:

“The happiest people surround themselves with family and friends, don't care about keeping up with the Joneses next door, lose themselves in daily activities and, most important, forgive easily.”

With Hate Facts in mind, Black people have secured for themselves the ultimate win-win psychology, “positive psychology”, which validates the entire concept of “get rich or die trying” attitude which runs pervasive throughout the dangerously living Black community (hate facts merely point out inconvenient weaknesses, while accentuating the positives – such as athletic ability – deflects the shocking shortfall in Nobel Prizes).

Living dangerously is also incorporated into the absolute breathtakingly audacious outfits that young Black women create for their big night at the High School Prom.

Everyone has memories of the prom from school: ranging from the bad tuxedo your best friend wore; to the moment your eyes got their first glimpse of your date looking resplendent in a dress that graced her womanly form as if it had been tailored by the Gods; the insane amounts of alcohol smuggled into the limo and consumed without fear of the consequences, and, lest we forget, the promise of losing that which you could never get back.

Nevertheless, Black people – for reasons that can’t be explained away by socioeconomics nor for lack of availability of fabric – create outfits for prom that baffle the puritanical sensibilities of white people everywhere. Remembering that Black people don’t like jokes at their own expense, it is quickly established that Black people are merely living dangerously by daring to point a middle-finger at the virtuous dress codes of normalcy established by the white power structure for prom night.

For, Black people find no shame in appearing in public adorned with outfits that appear to be created from the combined fertile imaginations of Helen Keller and Ray Charles.

Thus, living dangerously in the face of white enforced Prom decency in accoutrements is the only plausible explanation for the gowns worn by Black women and the suits by Black men to their proms.

Some Black people live so dangerously that they dare not cooperate with the police and easily will risk arrest for the chance to be seen in their prom dress:

“Marche Taylor's custom-made prom dress left her spending her prom night in a Houston area jail. The school stopped Taylor from entering her prom at the lobby when they deemed her skimpy prom dress as a violation of the school's dress code, according to

Taylor tried to argue her way into the prom. It was this argument that lead to the police being called. Taylor was then lead away in handcuffs to spend the rest of her prom night in jail. She stated that the school only gave her two choices go home or go to jail. She chose jail.”

“Pretty in Pink” is the film that best defines the importance of prom (one could argue American Pie as well), but these movies are devoid of any Black people, and with good reason. The risqué outfits that outlandishly decorate the never passing on seconds bodies of Black people would be seen as incredibly racist by viewers of these films, if Black people were cast. Ignorant of the reality of Black prom dresses the general public would be, and thus, these fine films – had they included Black people in prom dress – would be racist.

Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes the fuss over ghetto prom dresses, for Black people are incredibly happy in their homemade prom outfits and only through living dangerously by having one continuous wardrobe malfunction at their prom can this occur.

Interestingly, the film "Pretty in Pink" denouement revolves around a white girl from the "wrong side of the tracks" making her own prom dress. See for yourself the results, accompanied with the powerful love ballad "If You Leave" from OMD.

Best video on Ghetto Prom Dress can be found here.


Porter said...

I have to give you credit for drudging up these videos. The ones I watch I find to be morbidly fascinating.

The grotesquerie of black "fashion" makes me wonder if they are brilliant dadaists or still evolving up to baboons.

Anonymous said...

omg...them photos are classic!

Steve said...

They say everything is ammter of taste and many people have different tastes. My sense of fashion is about zero but when you look at those pics and vids clearly blacks have a totally divergent mental thought process of what looks good. Reminds me of birds flaring bright feathers and shaking the tail in order to attract a mate.

B. Herder said...

Funny thing is, I think old habits die hard.
I have a couple of buddies, whom we're all huge blues fans. So from time to time we frequent clubs (In the Spokane area) where some great local bands play.
Our last venture was to a place called 'Bluz at the Bend' Not fancy-dancy, but certainly not a dive. Just your 'average' kinda' place full of your 'average' kinda' people.
Now keep in mind, that for whatever reason, Spokane seems to have a severe shortage of black people, so whatever club you may venture into reflects that.
Well, the club was pretty full that night and there were two (I think) black guys in there. One was dressed 'average' (As in jeans, Nikes, and your usual WSU or Gonzaga sweatshirt)
The other one however, must have thought it was 'prom night' 30 years later.
Guy had on a black TUX WITH TAILS, white gloves, a pearl handle cane, a cartoonishly oversized bow tie ... And ... A freekin TOP HAT.
He looked like that little guy in the Monopoly game, only black.
He was quite the trend-setter, no doubt. But aside from the great music going on, it certainly a source of entertainment for one and all (Especially since he was trying to hit on one fat white chick after another)
In fact, he's STILL a source of entertainment as we always get a chuckle at the mere mention of 'Monopoly Man'...

Thank you 'Monopoly Man'! You're awesome! ;^)

Anonymous said...

Black people need to understand the difference between laughing at and laughing with. The young lady in the video obviously didn't understand that concept. We are our worst enemy.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Hm... I love how everyone is classifying all black people together. I can drudge up bad prom dresses from white people that are just as revealing. Perhaps the problem is not black fashion but the fashion of those living with out the privilege of a good education. There are groups from any race that wear outfits such as the ones in the video because they have not had anyone tell them that it is wrong and the believe it to be right. Instead of classifying this as the choices of one race, we should instead try to educate men and women about respecting themselves and dressing appropiately.

Anonymous said...

I'm a black female and the fashions I saw are just freaking ridiculous. I have a year old daughter and I would never let her leave the house looking like that. Parents where are you when these kids are getting dressed or picking out these outfits?

Anonymous said...

I would like for everybody to stop and look at lady gaga and then answer me why do u think it is a black thing for people to come out wearing ridiculous shit!

Anonymous said...

..... No words.....

Anonymous said...

Americans are generally extremely judgmental and they have a puritanical outlook of what constitutes as "sensible" fashion. Anything that would be considered "revealing" in 1692, would be considered "slutty" nowadays. This country teaches women to hate their bodies and hide themselves (atleast on a subconscious level). I commend people who show bravery and go against the norm to dress in whatever they please, without worrying about the negative racist and sexist backlash against them.

Anonymous said...

ok where are the parents and what kind of could bring their kids up to think that showing their ass the way you get attention mom dad why would you want your child to look like whore. When she should look like a queen

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A prom, like a wedding, is every girl’s dream. But unfortunately a lot of young ladies today are not taught the importance of wearing appropriate attire to special events.
Every parent bears the responsibility of teaching a child that there are repercussions for the life choices they make. Where was the guidance when the decision was made to purchase the bolt of fabric? But in their minds the primary goal was to save money and split the cost. In general, there is a tendency among young people to do things to be "unique" or make a statement because of their desire to be different. Obviously their peers most probably encouraged the "unique" outfit and then laughed and talked about them because they look ridiculous (“Girl, I wouldn't be caught dead in that.”) I promise you that in years to come all of them will look back at this photo and secretly regret this choice.
At least the two young ladies in the photo are not overly exposed which is a nice change. So many young ladies think that formal wear is an invitation to expose every part of their body, which really shows a lack of self-confidence. Usually what they want is attention and end up getting the wrong kind of attention. They don't understand that you can be "unique" but tasteful, respectful and exude confidence if properly dressed. Remember, life is about choices and it is those choices that can make for happiness or regrets later on.
More vibrant colors for the two young ladies would have been nice and a little make-up -- but when your money is short, this is the end result. They did the best they could.

Sheila said...

Words fail me. Your black "anonymous" commenters commend the girls (I cannot, in good conscience, use the term ladies) for their "bravery" and doing "the best they could" due to lack of funds. Every year I read of numerous charitable organizations giving free prom dresses to "disadvantaged" girls - I guarantee these bizarre outfits entailed a greater outlay of funds.

Just as blacks speak or write to impress, rather than express, so too do they dress for display rather than decorum.

To the commenter who used "Lady Gaga" as an example of a White person - uh, no - she's not a lady, and her standards and behavior are ghetto, not White.

AChineseInCanada said...

// She stated that the school only gave her two choices go home or go to jail. She chose jail.”//

JAIL, How I Met Your Father(s)!

We women are given the opportunity (and the pressure) to dress like a hooker or a harem girl on Halloween, New Year's Eve, and Hen Party. For those who wants to dress and act slutty outside of special occasions there is even The Nightclub. I don't understand why some girls, especially these soon-to-be-mothers-but-never-the-bride, will squander the chance to dress up like a PRINCESS at the prom. Other than her wedding, the prom is the only opportunity a woman has to wear a big floor length dress without looking childish (Disney) or old-fashion.