Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti and the Earthquake

Note: We hope all that can be done to bring stability to Haiti is considered. The horrific earthquake that ravaged the island is a tragedy beyond words, for it hit a nation that was already a tragedy beyond words.

Haiti. Just uttering this two-syllable word is enough to cause consternation among Black people and it will send disingenuous white liberals and crusading white pedagogues into a general conniption fit of rage of general hysteria.

The nation of some 9 million people is more than 90 percent Black, and the government there derives nearly 40 percent of its operating budget from foreign aid:

"By most economic measures, Haiti is the poorest country in the Americas. It had a nominal GDP of 7.018 billion USD in 2009[23] with a GDP per capita of 790 USD,[24] about $2 per person per day.

“It is an impoverished country, one of the world's poorest and least developed. Comparative social and economic indicators show Haiti falling behind other low-income developing countries (particularly in the hemisphere) since the 1980s. Haiti now ranks 149th of 182 countries in the United Nations Human Development Index (2006). About 80% of the population were estimated to be living in poverty in 2003.[25] Most Haitians live on $2 or less per day. Economic growth was negative in 2001 and 2002, and flat in 2003.

About 66% of all Haitians work in the agricultural sector, which consists mainly of small-scale subsistence farming,[26] but this activity makes up only 30% of the GDP. The country has experienced little formal job creation over the past decade, although the informal economy is growing. Mangoes and coffee are two of Haiti's most important exports.[26] It has consistently ranked among the most corrupt countries in the world on the Corruption Perceptions Index.

Foreign aid makes up approximately 30%-40% of the national government's budget. The largest donor is the United States followed by Canada, and the European Union also contributes. Venezuela and Cuba also make various contributions to Haiti's economy, especially after alliances were renewed in 2006 and 2007.”

The government officials in Haiti make the people who run the cities of Atlanta, Baltimore and Detroit look like the Swiss in comparison (however, evidence that gift cards are being stolen by the Haitian Prime Minister are difficult to confirm, unlike Baltimore’s fine ex-mayor Sheila Dixon).

The history of Haiti is one that Black people would rather white people not know about, and frankly, one Black people would rather forget as well. The nation has long been run by Black people, and as the CIA Fact Book discloses, is one of the most poorly run and corrupt nations on the planet.

Were it not for the massive infusion of cash from 1st World nations, Haiti would not exist (if the country is in such dire circumstances when half of the operating budget is supplied by white nations, what do you think would happen if that money was cut off completely. Worse, what type of return on investment are these benevolent nations getting?).

Haiti was blessed to be the home of the only successful slave revolt in human history, and the scar of this event still is evident:

“The French Revolution contributed to social upheavals in Saint-Domingue and the French and West Indies. Most important was the revolution of the slaves in Saint-Domingue, starting on the northern plains in 1791. In 1792 the French government sent three commissioners with troops to try to reestablish control. They began to build an alliance with gens de couleur, who were looking for their rights. In 1793, France and Great Britain went to war, and British troops invaded Saint-Domingue.

The execution of Louis XVI heightened tensions in the colony. To build an alliance with the gens de couleur and slaves, the French commissioners Sonthonax and Polverel abolished slavery in the colony. Six months later, the National Convention endorsed abolition and extended it to all of the French colonies.

Toussaint L'Ouverture, a former slave and leader in the slave revolt who rose in importance as a military commander because of his many skills, achieved peace in Saint-Domingue after years of war against both external invaders and internal dissension.”

The book, “The French Revolution of San Domingo” by Lothrop Stoddard discusses this slave revolt in horrific, yet in dispassionate prose. The history of Haiti is not for the faint of heart, nor does it existence of this Black-ruled island nation foreshadow a joyous world when white people are gone.

Consider: if nearly 50 percent of the operating government money comes from foreign governments (white nations) and Haiti is still in such disarray, what happens when this aid is cut-off completely? How much of the other aid is supplied by the Red Cross and other Christian charities operating out of the Western nations?

It is also vital to point out the unimaginably macabre rate of crime that transpires in Haiti, especially Port-au-Prince. The city has long been a venue where evangelicals from America go to proselytize and do the Lord’s work, yet “God seems to sit out” most of their trips:

“Kidnapping trends in Haiti during 2008 varied greatly during the calendar year, and the frequency of kidnapping decreased significantly during the last quarter, after Haiti was wracked by four sequential hurricanes and tropical storms. The recent decentralization of the kidnapping gangs had both positive and complicating effects. While total instances of kidnappings dropped substantially over the last two years, the patterns became less predictable and areas of victimization became more widespread, creating a new set of challenges for police and security elements. The sharp decrease that occurred towards the end of 2008 is encouraging; however it is too early to tell if this is a long-term trend.

The U.S. Consulate reports that 26 Americans were kidnapped in 2008 (as opposed to 29 Americans in 2007 and over 60 in 2006) with a total number of reported kidnappings in Haiti to be 309 (as opposed to 293 in 2007 and approximately 540 in2006). As stated above, due to substantial under-reporting, the actual number of kidnappings cannot be precisely defined, but is likely to be somewhat higher than actually reported. In 2008, three hundred and twenty-two kidnapping arrests were made.”

Black run cities in the United States (Washington DC, Birmingham, Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore, Memphis and Newark) all display a consistent pattern that the Haitian government curiously practices as well: corruption, followed by massive amounts of crime and generally providing unlivable circumstances.

Black people know this and watch with horror at the destruction unfolding in Port-au-Prince (We at SBPDL extend our heartfelt condolences to all those affected in this monumental tragedy and wish Godspeed to those brave souls venturing to help in recovery process), as a 7.0 earthquake has ravaged and razed Haiti’s capital city:

“Bloodstained bodies are piled high in the streets of the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince today amid fears that thousands have died in a catastrophic earthquake.

Rescuers have been forced to dig through rubble with their bare hands to free trapped survivors as the Red Cross said up to three million people may have been affected…

In November 2008, following the collapse of a school in Petionville, the mayor of Port-au-Prince estimated about 60% of the buildings were shoddily built and unsafe in normal circumstances.”

As one important report detailed, “Why Foreign Aid to Haiti Failed”, any all efforts to rebuild Port-au-Prince will fail again (not to mention the entire nation needs to constantly be rebuilt every decade):
“From 1990 to 2003, Haiti received more than $4 billion in aid—not including remittances from Haitian expatriates who contribute $1 billion annually—from bilateral and multilateral sources. In 2005 to 2006, this will rise another $1.3 billion. U.S.contributions from 1990 to 2005 totaled about $1.5 billion."

President Obama has pledged “Full Support” in mitigating this crisis, as humanitarian aid is once again pouring in to a nation in need.

The world is a dangerous place, and compounded with demographic realities that the Western nations face, the 21st century will witness the end of aid to all Third World countries, for lack of money and the submersion of the 1st World into the 3rd world through massive immigration will make aid virtually impossible and a causality of diversity.

Black people watch with horror at the images unfolding in Port-au-Prince (and the images that have always come from the island of Haiti), for the reality of Haiti is the fate of the world. Just visit any major city in the United States.

What is the common denominator between those who govern major US cities and Haiti? The answer to this query is Stuff Black People Don’t Like.

Again, our thoughts and wishes of a speedy recovery and salvation for those trapped in the rubble of Port-au-Prince are sent.We hope they can recover as quickly as the tsunami victims of 2004 in Asia. History shows that won't happen.

Amazing video on the only growth industry in Haiti: Kidnapping.

A disturbing video of Haiti as a failed state can be found here.


Anonymous said...

You are wrong in stating that the low intelligence of Africans will doom the world to come; and also that the 1st world will descend into the third world. The Han people are as effective in governance and industry as we are, and they will be the overlords of Africa by the middle of the century. No armed force can stop them, and they have a world to gain. Every piece of land in Africa they want they will have.It is lebensraum all over again, only, of course, this time the invaders are not facing Russians. The ethnocentric morality they live by will also reemerge, possibly, as a contender to liberalism in our part of the world.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it is China´s world now.

JW said...

"nor does it existence of this Black-ruled island nation foreshadow a joyous world when white people are gone."

When the White people are gone, the East Asians will simply take over and they will have no problem at all killing millions or even billions to Blacks to steal their land.

Whites have to wake up before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Don't count India out as a competitor to China. The Indians are the real economic powerhouse of Asia... and they have been in Africa much longer than the Chinese...


An excerpt from the Stoddard book you mentioned here:

"The keynote to the history of the French Revolution in San Domingo is a great tragedy, — the tragedy of the annihilation of the white population. The period opens in 1789 with a resident white population of nearly 40,000 souls, at the very pinnacle of material prosperity and possessed of a complex social organization, jealously guarding its supremacy and race identity in face of a large caste of half-breeds whose only bond of interest with their white superiors was a common exploitation of some half-million negro slaves. The period closes sixteen years later with the complete annihilation of the last remnants of the white population, the subordination of the mulatto caste to the negroes, and the destruction of the island’s economic prosperity." -

Anonymous said...

Anon - yes, Indians have been in Africa and exploiting Africans for a very long time now; in 1972 all Indians were even expelled from Uganda for being economic exploiters -

Anonymous said...

Just one more comment from the first poster:
It has been estimated that, give the population of China and its mean IQ at circa 105, there are as many gifted and talented people in China as there are people in the USA.
Sort of takes your breath away.

Anonymous said...

Is the picture in the photo next to the start before or after the earthquake?
Watch the US will be taking in the entire population of Haiti!

Anonymous said...

God is faithful and just.

Anonymous said...

So, I guess the "myth" of White Messiahs isn't really a "myth" at all, but the truth.

Anonymous said...

Guess who's coming to dinner!

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

To anon who asked about the photographic and the date it was taken:

The answer is simple... well before the earthquake.

We can all rest easy, for 9 million Haitian's will be brought to the United States. Imagine the movie "District 9" on steroids here in a sparsely populated state, like Wyoming?

A perfect place for Haitians!

Did you ever wonder what the main road in Port-au-Prince was called?

It's named for John Brown, the man who wanted to lead a slave revolt in the United States. Haitians hate - with a capital H - white people.

Black people everywhere identify with Haitians. The eternal struggle for salvation from white rule is etched in every Black face you see emerge from the rubble from Port-au-Prince.

It's a shame that Haiti doesn't resemble the paradise of Pandora in "Avatar".

Phalluster said...

Did you hear about the new Haitian boy band? It's called "New Blocks on the Kids".

Anonymous said...

anon 11:02
So, I guess the "myth" of White Messiahs isn't really a "myth" at all, but the truth.

Exactly, Looking at the faces of all the people going there to help I do not see one black face. I have not heard of one African country sending aid. Then the US is sending more money aid, after we sent 1.9 billion last year when Haiti was an every day disaster. After this I would have to really be impressed after hearing Avatar is racist or any other issue on the white race's need to redeem itself. Did you see on the report of the black church from New Jersey that was there during the quake. They were all shown at the airport fleeing, no sticking around to help that's whitie's job. I also didn't hear about the aid we were sending Britain for the floods in the north of England.

Anonymous said...

If we throw more money and rebuild their country for them, maybe then they will like us. But then we evil white men have a lot of quilt to burn off.

Anonymous said...

Haiti typify the European stupidity in 'thinking ahead'. Millions of black slaves shipped from Africa- without even a record book- just to milk a land that they occupied in the new world.The entire Americas-pending Canada- is just a heap of dysfunctional identity-less entities riddled with social and economical ailments, a product of the insatiable appetite for gold, silver, sugar, rubber, etc so to that they can sit on their asses, fatten their ''empires'' and their inbred monarchs. That's why the Chinese will win in the end.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:14
I am sure if the ancestors of evil racist white slave owner (never heard of the jewish, African and Arab slave traders eh) knew it would come to this - they would have picked their own damn cotton. Asians are now coming to Africa - in about 5years (they're bright people) They'll understand what we went through. Affirmative action, diversity - multi culturalism for CHina!

Funny SBPDL I thought the picture was of Detroit

Anonymous said...

social and economical ailments, a product of the insatiable appetite for gold, silver, sugar, rubber, etc so to that they can sit on their asses, fatten their ''empires'' and their inbred monarchs

So unlike any other country in the world. Just supstitute monarch with president, dictator for life, premier, etc - you get the picture

Anonymous said...

In my geology class last semester, the professor said that if an area was prone to repeated natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquake, it should not be rebuilt. Rather it should be converted into parks, golf courses or other similar uses. Thus the best solution for Haiti is that it should be abandoned and its population spread out among the world's nations. The land should then be set aside as an international tourist area with a minimal native population to serve the visitors.

Porter said...

On the day after the earthquake I picked up a newspaper to read the headline: Haiti in chaos.

Having not yet heard about the quake my first reaction was "Wow, you don't say!"

Let's see Haiti's brick-dumb blacks are in chaos. What else might this paper reveal...

In weather: Forecast for Space next week: Cold

Sports: Quintrelle Jefferson outduels Me' boon boon Jackson in ACC basketball.

Politics: Democrat accuses opponent of "racism"

Anonymous said...

All in all, Indians aren't much smarter than blacks. Thousands of years of miscegenation has taken its toll on India.

Anonymous said...

All in all, Indians aren't much smarter than blacks. Thousands of years of miscegenation have taken their toll on India.

Anonymous said...

Comment should read:

All in all, Indians aren't much smarter than blacks. Thousands of years of miscegenation have taken their toll on India.

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying watching all of these phony white people pretend they care about black people. They're the same "liberal " hypocrites that would send money to Haiti, but would freak out if one middle class black family moved into "their" neighborhoods. Please knock it off. This is one NEGRO that doesn't believe you for one minute.

-The only honest black man in America

Anonymous said...

Delete above comment and replace with:

All in all, Indians aren't much smarter than blacks. Thousands of years of miscegenation have taken their toll on India.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't send a dime to Haiti. A corrupt country that has been a shithole for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Well according to "I.Q. & the wealth of nations" India's mean i.q. is 89!. That is about 1 SD (standard deviation) below the white average (100-107). In a nation that has more than a billion souls & the U.S. allows with it's H1 visa's to attract the best & brightest, it is no wonder that so many Indians have excelled in the west!. Alas, we are talking about only the top 5% or so of it's brightest minds. China with a MUCH higher average i.q. means that it has a higher percentage of it's population in the 115-120+ range (i.q.'s needed for higher cognitive positions). China though may be ham-strung by it's draconian demographic situation. It's population will peak around 2019-2024 then see a radical "die-off"!. It's one child policy & a birth rate well below replacement level in the coming years do not bode well for their long term success.

Anonymous said...

To "The only honest black man in America"

You're absolutely right. Us phony white people should stop pretending that we care about black people. We can then withdraw the vast majority of the 40% of our foreign aid that Haiti's "government" derives its budget from. I'm sure that would really make you happy and stop complaining, right?!

I met a black a long time ago that said that no matter what we (whites) do, we will always be in the wrong. Does that fit with your worldview, "Honest Black Man?"

Anonymous said...

I do wonder why my Tax dollars are stolen from me and shipped to the cesspool of Haiti. Shouldn't complain, as they are stolen and shipped to the cesspool of Detroit and Chicago, as well.

B. Herder said...

Couldn't we put Haiti to some good use? Say, like, a nuclear testing grounds?

Anonymous said...

Porter, you made me spill coffee all over my key board. Your comment was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

It would be great if some enterprising individual undertook this task;
Create a website that presents a quiz. There will be two pictures shown per page of the “Haitian paradise”, and the contestant will be asked “Before or after the quake?” Race realism, no mater how uncomfortable it is, must be understood by European Americans.

Anonymous said...

As to the fretting about the multicultural problems China will have to suffer through if they start to "manage" Africa: forget about it. China will not be importing Africans to their country. Exceptional people, yes. But the masses? No.
Will they be deterred by any other armed force? No.
They will take what land they want. The "draconian demographics" mentioned above, along with a growing arable land shortage are the reasons China wants, and the world needs China to want, Africa. Chinese industriousness can develop the land, for the good of the world. Leaving it to the native Africans means simply more of the same, forever.
I think time has run out on the idea that it is great to allow Africans several more decades to get their house in order. I don't see any opposition to a Sinification of Africa, not even from the left. After all, the standard neo-colonial line is that the world is all connected now.

Anonymous said...

anon 1/15/10 2:32,

It would fit my "world view" just fine. Especially since I have zero connection to Haiti. I would love it if the U.S. would withdraw 100% of the foreign aid it sends to any nation on the planet. I'm happy to see you have a black "friend". I hope you take him or her someplace nice for "Black history month".

-The only honest black man in America

Anonymous said...

That which is falling should be pushed...that which is crawling should be crushed--Mr.B. Rice of 'Non' ;)

dave said...

I really hope this isn't a white supremacists blog website you got here.

Some of the comments here are agreeable about the state of my human group (I have abandoned using 'race') and I myself am a Black Londonder of Nigerian parentage.

The chilling stuff some of you predicted about China and the east-Asians is agreeable.

but I too, on the news of Haiti am sick of this same "poor black hopeless people" image. I am not white but just a young black guy with a bit of conservatism in meh... No hatred to any race on this planet but realness must be acknowledged.

Anonymous said...

well u show made a blog that say stuff white people don't like. well we white people are also corrupt if you did your research right a look at past government who were white in other countries you can see that they had more corruption, places in the Caribbean such as Barbados Jamaica and other African countries they government were wicked and did nothing to help develop their country but take away the riches from the land and keep it to themselves, when these nations rebelled they did it not only for self-governed but from freedom to be human begin. so far some countries are doing well with black leaders,so they are great, counties in aftica , what you say about blacks states govern by black leaders is rubbish.. their is corruption in government whether you are black or white, and IL, is the most corrupt states all politicians who govern that states are white.. please check your facts.. yes Haiti is poor, they lack good government leadership. but for you to say that they should still be under the french role is rubbish. it likes telling someone that they can live unless they are permit to, or tell you that u can't write this blog because your boss or your mama says so. your blog as a message but u need to adjust certain this.. you might be racist with some of the words u used and the sentence you write (even if u are black and u right this..) this time for both black and white and other ethic groups to stop this nonsense of race. china is not going to be the head of the world nor will white people run the world.. white race is getting smaller and other races are reproducing faster than white. people come on, individauls are getting smarter as time goes by they not going to let the white race control them no more nor will they make the race factor prevent them from reaching their goals. race should be a factors when u all die.. no individual race will rule the hell or heaven i thought we all worship the same god.. open up your eyes they world does not belongs to an individual race it for mankind and animals too. Live,laugh and love because tomorrow u might wake up in darkness and then u realize that all the bad things you have said and done doesn't reflects who u really are but by then is too late.

Anonymous said...

Reading the comments here is as tragic as what is happening in Haiti. The animals need to take over and make us the sub-species. It's survival of the fittest and I wonder how many of the people would survive longer than a day. It is always the week and afraid that make the most noise and I wouldn't be surprised if some of these people saying such jackass statements are those from the lower rungs of their culture.

You should be the first to be eaten.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1-17-10 6:08PM, The weak and afraid make the most noise? That's just alot of BS. Anyone can complain about something especially if it's unjust. And should.
My thinking: If PC ness didn't have such a grip on the minds of people today, many would see this as an oppotunity to conquer areas like Haiti for it's land.
In the case of the Chinese, they would certainly take over Africa but one thing keeps them at bay.
That's right: White People. Then they could breed as much as they want and have no need for one child policies. Indeed, China(the culture and its people, not merely the state)seeks to take over the whole planet.

Anonymous said...

My step-father was stationed in rural China during WWII, and he remembered the place as backward, filthy, and impoverished. I doubt that the true average IQ throughout ALL of China is anywhere near 105. I suspect that the IQ average is selective, not representative. In Japan, a much more advanced country with a high standard of living, the average IQ is 105; which is probably accurate. For purposes of national prestige and propaganda, the Chinese government very likely inflates the average IQ by using only the tests results from urban areas where the test subjects are from the upper strata of Chinese society.

India, on the other hand, has clearly designated castes. The caste system has kept Indian society stable for thousands of years, so reporting a lower average IQ allows the Indian government to make allowance for lower castes. More Indians have won the Nobel prize for Physics than any other nationality outside Europe. So at the upper echelons of Indian society, the intelligensia is very capable indeed. The Indians will win the economic competition with China because the lower-caste Indians will always provide a cheap labor source. Eventually, labor costs in China will rise due to the improved standard of living for all Chinese.

Ray said...

Lynn's IQ scores for Indians are not very reliable (some of these scores are from way back in the 60s done in the most backward provinces of India so there is no accounting for the Flynn effect) & anyone who thinks India is destined to be third world is living in a fools paradise.

I make these observations on my interactions with Indians and a study of world history.

India has produced one of the great civilizations of the East along with China. In fact you find Indian influence through out South East Asia from the spread of their epics like Mahabharata to Hindu temples (the largest Hindu temple complex for example is Angkor Wat in Cambodia). Even the North East Asian high IQ countries have been more influenced by India culturally than the other way around through Buddhism.

The guy who mentioned something about "miscegenation" obviously doesn't know what he is talking about. Caste being based on race is an outdated theory, in fact the most developed part of India is the dark skinned South which has been discussed by Steve Sailer. Srinivasa Ramanujan one of the most naturally gifted mathematicians (who inspired the movie Good Will Hunting) was a dark skinned South Indian as were CV Raman & Subramanya Chandrasekhar who won nobels in Physics. India also produced one of the most revolutionary ideas in mathematics, the concept of zero and the rest of the so called Hindu-Arabic numerals (the Arabs just transmitted them to Europe).

In the UK where immigration was much less selective many more so called backward caste Indians entered and have done quiet well for themselves. In fact they have been outscoring white kids in GCSE's though they score below the Chinese who are the top scorers. In comparison Pakistanis & Bangladeshis who are from the same ethnic stock but almost all Muslim tend to be at the bottom of society along with Blacks.

In Singapore where Indians are descendants of dark skinned South Indian indentured labourers, they perform midway between the Malays and the Chinese but more closer towards the Chinese than the Malays. They in fact outscore Chinese slightly in English according to Singapore gov't stats.

These facts along with the daily reality that India is also booming fast (though not as fast as China) make me conclude that the causes of Indian poverty along with Russia's and Argentina's lie not in low IQ but in decades of socialism that was only abandoned in the 90s (hence the rapid growth today).

Anonymous said...

-It is obvious that this "things black people don't like is written by a white person from a white person's point of view"

Anonymous said...

"honest" black person:

"I'm happy to see you have a black "friend". I hope you take him or her someplace nice for "Black history month".

It is profound ignorance such as this that continues to set your kind back further and further. One cannot fight stupidity with stupidity. said...

Sub-Saharan Africa existed in grass-hut poverty for several millennia even though it had access to the advanced cultures of Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc.

Think of Haiti as America's sub-Saharan Africa.