Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Google Declares War on SBPDL

We knew this day was coming. Tragically, it is finally upon us. Google has declared war on Stuff Black People Don't Like.

The company has every right to operate its business as it sees fit, but a company dedicated to truth and zero censorship engaging in a systematic removal of all search results that would lead the individual to SBPDL.com shows that we have done something correct. Obviously, we upset those who create powerful algorithms that returned unsuitable and unflattering hate facts with regards to Black people to the person searching Google for answer.

Was it one of the entries we did on Haiti? Perhaps Michael Oher? Maybe the flood in Nashville? Black people and tipping?

Maybe the impending collapse of South Africa, a nation Bloomberg Businessweek just lauded with hilariously dishonest cover story, hit a little to close to home for those who deem jokes at Black people's expense unbecoming.

None the less, we stand by what we have written about Detroit, Atlanta, Birmingham, Black people being quiet at movies and most importantly, South Africa.

The World Cup that starts in three weeks in South Africa will witness the end of many pernicious myths that govern this world. Again, this website was started as a joke.

Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, we got our inspiration from Stuff White People Like, a website dedicated to the cultivated sensibilities of Disingenuous White Liberals everywhere.

Over time, this website morphed into something else entirely and we grew a following of curious individuals interested in unconventional views unfettered of censorship. In the spirit of the open market of free ideas, we posted entries about Black people that served one purpose: to educate the world on Stuff Black People Don't Like.

Facebook censored us at one point. Now, Google prepares to lower the proverbial axe.

This is not a sad day. For almost one year, SBPDL has been online. There existed no goals when we started.

A hilarious video was viewed one evening of a Popeyes restaurant that ran out of fried chicken. An actual news report was shown that showed the hysteria created in the Black community by this unresolvable tragedy.

An idea was sparked. Show the world Stuff Black People Don't Like, with the first entry running out of fried chicken.

As this article showcases, Google has finally decided to stop allowing its powerful search engine to see desired (or undesired) results that would lead them to SBPDL.com:

Let me be blunt. Google censors political speech.

The world has known for some time that Google’s algorithm can be programmed to censor websites and keywords. Back in 2005, CNET claimed all its reporters were blacklisted for a year for posting information about your CEO Eric Schmidt — information that was publicly available through Google’s own search engine.

On a grander scale, Google also proved its willingness to censor political speech when it set up shop in China, although now your company is threatening to pull out because of cyberattacks on your infrastructure. Unsurprisingly, spying took place against human rights activists in China.
Let me be blunt now. The power of Black Run America (BRA) is immense. The Haiti earthquake is one of more tragic events in recent history precisely because it showcases the inequality of the races.

The civil reaction to the flood in Nashville that the media ignores stands in stark contrast to the New Orleans situation in 2005.

Google will soon take the final action and rid itself of the cancer known as Stuff Black People Don't Like forever soon. Black Run America can have no detractors, for someone has decided to declare war on us and to it that Google expunges our website for any search.

We do not have delusions of grandeur. This day was coming and we will not shed a tear for the downfall of SBPDL.

Plans have been in place to move the website to a new provider for a long time. SBPDL.com will still be around, but the connection to Google is reaching its omega.

Google helped us grow an audience and attract devout followers. Thank you.

With the cessation of search engine results leading to SBPDL.com when querying Google.com, however, we deduce that war has been declared.

We bow to the awesome power of BRA and Mein Obama. We kneel before Zod Obama, and definitely cast a ruefully smile in the direction of the anointed ones.

So, if we mysteriously disappear in the coming days, shed no tear for our demise.

Once, the person behind this website read a profound quote that was disregarded: "In a fight between you and the world, back the world."

The entire western world operates under the delusion of equality, while the elites who govern our society have constructed a system that promotes inequality through hiring practices, affirmative action and diversity programs.

The Man is always to blame for Black failures, yet The Man simultaneously and actively discriminates against the same people who purportedly keep down the lot of Black people through something called 'white privilege'.

SBPDL apparently took on the world, at least the world governed by Black Run America. We lost.

We remember an article entitled Is Google Making Us Stupid? that was published in The Atlantic. The answer to that question is a resounding no. For almost one year, Google offered readers who searched for facts and answers to questions about Black people the opportunity to visit a small website called SBDPL.com

We thank them. However, at some point we stepped on the wrong toe and the world as governed by the rules of BRA decided enough was enough.

The ranks of those who can see grow daily. In three weeks time, the World Cup in South Africa commences, an event that will forever end the idea of egalitarianism.

SBPDL truly believes we live in a time of unprecedented upheaval. All that remains to happen to end the current order is the economy.

Hollywood is making a film inciting racial hate against Pre-Obama America entitled Machete, because immigration reform is now the hot issue.

Guess what? Those Tea Parties are for real. Overwhelmingly white, an unabashedly limited government it will dawn on a smart individual soon on how to exploit this obvious connection.

Right now, the world stands united against truth. That is the only weapon SBPDL tried to showcase, through the website Stuff Black People Don't Like. The truth regarding crime, the collapse of American cities, interracial rape and STD rates.

It is at this time we recall the words that resonate throughout the latest Robin Hood film: "Rise and rise again until lamb becomes lion."

In a fight between you and world, it makes perfect to back the world. Common sense would dictate such a rational response. But this world we live in is not rational.

SBPDL has been declared an outlaw by Google. We can only smile, and say thank you for declaring it almost one year after we started posting.

We leave you with this video from the underrated King Arthur film of 2004. The score is provided by Hans Zimmer. To SBPDL it embodies beauty, hope and above all else courage.

It evokes perfectly what the phrase, "Rise and rise again until lamb becomes lion," means.

Google has declared war on SBPDL. That means we did something exceedingly right.

Thank you to all of the loyal readers of this site. We aren't going anywhere, it's just Google has declared war.


Steve said...

How many sites have been taken down;
Every site telling the truth about South Africa, Detroit,London,New Orleans the list goes on. Freedom of speech is just that the ability to say or write whatever you want to voice your mind. Now before any of the idiots start talking about fire in a theatre or some other nonsense we are talking about political and social speech.
When they start to take away your written word how long will it be before they take your tongue?
Desiree would call me a fool for serving the US Army for 20 years and that's her right. I may find her repugnant but Id die to keep her right to say her mind just as I would die for anyone else to speak their mind.
I salute you SBPDL, you raised a great degree of verbal intercourse on many levels.
I disagreed with you a few times mostly on the Tea Party Movement and the future but you raised thoughtful points, points that Eric Holder should see for as he said "We are a nation of cowards" when it comes to race. You sir(SBPDL) are no coward.

‘To know the truth when it is not fashionable is hard. To tell the truth when it is illegal is even harder.’


Anonymous said...

My hat is off to you, SBPDL. I love the blog and sincerely hope you continue with your endeavors. Maybe Mark Potok with the SPLC will proclaim this a "hate" sight and your readership will grow even larger.


Anonymous said...

SBPDL is a theory that I live for and in, everyday of my waking life right now. I'm stationed in the Pentagon and wade in the sea of numerous things that blacks don't like. I'm Army and most of the people in my arena are Feds which would make a great story in and of itself someday. Most of the Fed workforce is black...gots to get dem gubment jobs...and some of my own observations might fit the bill. SBPDL in the Pentagon: eating establishments that run out of foam take-out boxes, toilets with the automatic flushing sensors (dey's the eyes of satan), and my very, very favorite...stairwells that are only 24 inches wide. When this place was built in 1943, people were much thinner. Seemingly every week, some planet-sized Oprah tries to enter these stairwells and soon the air is filled with screams for help...and WD-40. Hep me, hep me oh lordy hep me gets my ass outta this stairwell. One last note, the second best SBPDL in the Pentagon is when the soda dispensers at the fast food places run out of orange soda. I've never seem so much chicken-neck yelling and screaming in my life and I could hardly contain my laughter. Keep up the good work and keep spreading the truth!

Donald said...


This is my favorite news commentary site. It gives an extreme and funny/sad view of black culture, but backed up with some great sources. I have one important question for you before you are gone, and I have one last request as well. The request is that you stay long enough to cover the aftermath of the World Cup, and the question is as follows.

I had an Ann Coulter-esque view of black people before I came here. It was that a significant chunk are horrible in many ways, but the majority of black people have the potential to help turn the country onto a path of better morals and limited government instead of the degenerate welfare state that DWLs use the blacks for.

Now I am getting a clearer picture. I see that black people value gov benefits over everything. They don't care about raising a good family nearly as much as the care about a gov check that they can use to entertain and take care of themselves with. And a strong American culture is the last of their concerns. All they care about is pulling white people down to prop themselves up, and they will never stop. They get these results by complaining loudly through their typical spokespeople and by voting, which shows them giving Democrats percentages in the high nineties even BEFORE Obama was ever in the picture.

Now with all of this knowledge I am missing one final fact, which I want to question you about. What percentage of black people does my/your description apply to? What percentage do you think or can prove are more like Thomas Sowell, who know that gov benefits hurt black culture and want to join success-driven white culture and be genuinely equal with whites, not pull them down? Is there any reality in the white-like Cosby show family, or are even the successful black families still in favor of gov benefits and pulling white people down?

What is the percentage break-down?

Full disclosure: I attend a university in Toronto, Canada which is heavily populated by African blacks (very fun, but violent parties). My best friend also happens to be a very wealthy South-African black that is a great guy in all areas but race (he is extremely racist against most whites), and I sadly see what you write about even through him.

I am also planning on moving to the US, but am put off by what seem like horrible race relations and an inevitable literal culture war. Yet it appears that you still live there (at least for your degree). Do you think it is still better to live in the US while it lasts and maybe even with the aftermath a literal culture war (you thought this would originate in the western states) or do you recommend that I and others avoid and get out of the US before it degrades even further? There are still some small peaceful towns with over thirty-thousand people throughout Canada that are over 98% white.

Thank you from a loyal reader,
Donald (previously Anon)

Anonymous said...

Man, this site is just getting ready to take off for the big time! I've been turning people on to it for a couple months, and we all laugh our nards off talking about the posts. What I like most about the site is that it is based on politically incorrect truth and is not a place where angry Klansmen gather to use the n-word. This site is culturally relevant. I'll be going to sbpdl.com every day. Don't let the bastards get you down. Yahoo and Bing hate Google too and your site will fluorish even after you make the break away from the blogspot.com hosting address.

XD .45

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


I'm not going anywhere. I have purchased the rights to numerous domains, the main one being www.sbpdl.com

Google has every right to remove this site from its search engine. What was amazing was at one point 400 + people would find this site DAILY by typing in Michael Oher or Michael Oher story in a google search.

Once, "Black people tipping" brought you to this site first.

I thank Google for the time they kept this site near the top of all searches. Obviously, someone got pissed off.

Three new entries coming tomorrow, including a breakdown of the South Africa cover story on Bloomberg Businessweek and some startling developments in The Chicken Hut case.

Thanks everyone for reading.

Anonymous said...


I surprised it lasted this long. Phony hypocritical hyper sensitive ass clowns are everywhere in our society. We have our differences of opinion on many topics, but I'm on your side on this one 100%.

This site isn't breaking any laws, and I thought we had freedom of speech in this country.

No complaints THIS TIME. Keep up the good fight.

-Black guy

Desiree said...

I don't agree with censorship.

I think you *should* be able to show the virtual world how serious a fetish you have for hating black people, and I think the individuals who likewise have fetishes should be able to ejaculate onto their keyboards while they type their ass-backwards, racist rants *IN PEACE*!

Are we not a great nation who allows sexual freedom?!

So, don't you go anywhere. I will fight for your right and their right to *nut* to delicious, and sometimes homoerotic, delusions of grandeur and false superiority based soley upon the imagined inferiority of other groups.

Everyone! 'Circle up' to fight censorship!!

There is no time to waste!!

Lime Lite said...

Hey SBPDL - I'll be posting your story on my blog as a tribute and I'll keep visiting. You've had some really good articles - keep up the good work!


Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Let me make this clear... some searches still show up on Google.

"SBPDL" and "Stuff Black People Don't Like" still bring you here, but before, this site was getting incredible traffic for virtually EVERY search query when the term "Black people" was entered on Google.

I was amazed by it, and knew it would end soon. It had gone on for almost an entire year.

Oh well.

Anonymous said...


How many visitors has the site had? Just wondering, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone,

Let's keep new people coming into this site by posting a link to it wherever and whenever we can.

If your in college, go put up signs on all the announcement boards (when no one is around so you don't get shot/raped).

This site is entertaining and enlightening and more people need to know about it.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Roughly 500,000 since I started tracking hits in mid-June of 2009, with more than 1,200,000 million page views.

Steve said...

Good God Desiree what a filthy post. Your depraved. What are vying for the next role in the Precious sequel?

Anonymous said...

"What are vying for the next role in the Precious sequel? " hahahahah.That is if she can get her butt unstuck from the 24 inch stairwell in the pentagon...Opps..there I go all over my keyboard!

Right behind you SBPDL.

CWN said...

Remember now, Desiree is not all there. She has taken up for michael jackson and O.J.

She does seem to have severly disturbing fantasies of white men doing odd things. Lusting for her white teacher might have done something to her. Also, the claim about the white teacher who was "about" to molest her, might be a cry for help, or a cry of lustful rage.

When it comes down to it, she is angry that she is not white, and must lash out at the whiteness of which she so desperately craves.

Porter said...

You should give strong consideration to no longer posting Desiree's ruminations.

A zoo can be a wonderful source of reflection and commentary--particularly as a novelty to visit. But you wouldn't want to live in one. Unfortunately nearly every comment thread is now devolving into a sex show at the monkey exhibit.

While the endless discussion of Desiree's mating habits have held your audience in rapt attention, the critical discourse of and about Stuff Black People Don't Like has fallen by the wayside. As the sole national provider of this key data resource, you must not allow this to continue.

Silent Running said...

CWN and Porter's comments almost made me spew coffee onto the keyboard. What I honestly don't understand is why anyone responds in a serious manner to Desiree's pathos-riddled ejaculations. It should be understood by all that the poor creature is utterly divorced from reality. If that is understood, she can serve as a sort of SBPDL mascot. She certainly embodies the degree to which blacks will lie to themselves.

Otherwise, keep up the great work SBPDL. I'll follow you wherever you might go. You've become a genuine artifact in the Western resistance movement.

Anonymous said...

"You should give strong consideration to no longer posting Desiree's ruminations."

I agree.

Desiree is a troll, nothing more. Her purpose is to disrupt, and to diminish the overall quality of the forum.

I oppose censorship, and I believe dissenting opinions should always be welcome (like Black Guy), but she makes no effort to discuss the topic, she just spews profanity and tiresome cookie-cutter "blame-whitey" rhetoric.

Please consider banning her.

Desiree said...

Okay, am I the only one who finds it unbearably ironic that a post on SBPDL being 'censored' contains several requests to BAN me, to SILENCE me?


First of all, whenever I attempt to contribute a comment about a post (and I always stay on topic), it turns into me 'throwing feces' and other tired, ridiculous insults of the 'ape/chimp' strain. There is absolutely no consideration to what I've ever written. It seems as if other posters cannot get past the fact they DISAGREE with what I say, so they merely cast it off as if I were typing in another language and label me a 'troll'.

That is no way to debate.

I never ever lusted over my white teacher like some pathetic Twilight fan does to Robert Pattinson. All of that was reciprocated! Why would I lie? The only reason you think it is a lie is because you cannot imagine a 'sane' white man ever having interest in a black woman. We'll you'd be damned wrong! Remember, I live in Las Vegas; this city is very liberal-minded and diverse. I cannot go out without seeing interracial couples and their mixed children. My teacher had a black fiancee and his baby mama was filipino. He sang in an R&B group; he sang to me when I was interviewing him for a paper I'd been writing. All of this is truth.

Nor am I lying about an attempted molestation! Why would I say something like that if it weren't true? Have I ever hid beneath 'Anonymous'? Have I? Because I stand behind everything I've said and it is all truthful. That teacher was a pedophile, a Caucasian pedophile. Your disbelief is not a concern of mind; my point of bringing it up was that I had firsthand knowledge of the majority of pedophiles being white men. But you don't need my anecdote; just watch TV!

I am not 'insane'. Nor do I desire to be white. Please! Even with crippling racial stratification in this country and a global hatred of black women, I still love my color.

And it is true. No one would ever waste their time 'hating' if it did not bring about pleasure. And what is the simplest form of pleasure? Sexual pleasure in the brain and genitals!

So, keep ejaculating and hiding your sticky hands. SBPDL has the right to delete me but that would be hypocritical, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

"Okay, am I the only one who finds it unbearably ironic that a post on SBPDL being 'censored' contains several requests to BAN me, to SILENCE me?"

There is no irony, you are a troll. Your posts are devoid of intelligence, you are obsessed with being molested by a white guy, your victim mentality is pathological, and you don't seem to understand that an unfunny comment is STILL unfunny even when you type "LOL" at the end. You are fundamentally incapable of making a succinct point, and most of your posts are unrelated to the topic at hand.

You also don't seem to understand that personal anecdotes can NOT be proven, and are therefore inappropriate in this type of forum.
Repeating the phrase "all of this is true" does not make you credible, it makes you look silly.

BTW, no one has the power to "silence" you, seeing as you have your own blog, but such exaggeration is consistent with your victim mindset.

If this forum had a "filter" function, I'd have filtered you long ago.

I would prefer that you simply behave as an adult and express intelligent, rational dissent, but since that is highly unlikely, I'm in favor of banning you.

Desiree said...


Wow. Wow!

That was all to the point, wasn't it? Well, I think you'd be quite happy to learn that one of my comments--a particularly *good* one, I think--was not published. It was under the Jerry Joseph story post. Anonymous: 1, Desiree: zippo.

Joking aside, I find it strange how you can say I fail to ever stay on topic when the truth is I am *always* derailed. I have made points on this site that I find rational and succinct but some just want to say I'm being an annoying little monkey (after that I give up and just play the sarcasm game). I don't think that is fair. Your idea of a point being made is subjective, no? I am of the opinion most of you guys never formulate 'intelligent, rational' points based on *reality*, that reality being actually having a non-hegemonic interaction with a black person. Because, truthfully, we blacks are suspicious and uncomfortable around whites who act superior.

But then again, that is my opinion.

I am of the belief you and others in favor of the Desiree ban don't like what I say because it is mutinous when compared to all the other 'blah' everyone co-signs on.

Black Guy can go onto being the resident safe black commenter to which you all patronize and pet. I don't really care.

I'm sorry you don't feel like my black radicalisms are rational and intelligent. I mean, I'm not surprised. Should I be?

Okay, I won't mention personal anecdotes but I think it is cruel to assume I am lying and to call me insane, not to mention that I desire whiteness or white men or whatever.

That is just silly...by the way, you sound familiar, Anonymous. Did you read those MJ transcripts I sent you? LOL...

Anonymous said...

"I am of the belief you and others in favor of the Desiree ban don't like what I say because it is mutinous when compared to all the other 'blah' everyone co-signs on."

Desiree, it does not benefit me to lie to you, and I took the time to write a thorough explanation of why I'm in favor of banning you. Please re-read it.

Anonymous said...

It is not the articles posted by SBPDL that pissed off Google and Facebook. It is the comments people leave that has transformed this site into something that no organization is going to willingly support.

**Please read all above comments (excluding Steve's post) if you need an example of what I am talking about

~Exotic says:

To SBPDL: While I do not agree with everything you say, Steve is right; It is damn well your right to say it.