Wednesday, May 19, 2010

White Watch Looks out for us All

There exists a website entitled White Watch that we frequent quite often. The goal of that website is as stated:

The purpose of this blog is an honest, no holds barred discussion about white people. I am an agnostic and have been studying white people for decades. This blog does not endorse any concept of racial superiority of any “chosen” people. Violence against any group of people based on their race, gender, religion and creed is abhorrent, and unacceptable. While some white people are gentle and enlightened souls, most unfortunately are not.

Contrary to popular imagination, the vast majority of terrorists in the world are white males. The most destructive wars in history were (and are still) waged by whites, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of millions. The most destructive weapons are made by whites. Pornography is manufactured exclusively by whites. They are slowly but surely destroying the environment. Whites are more likely to be sexual predators, child molesters, rapists, stalkers and mass murderers. Why? The problem lies in their own nihilistic belief of racial superiority and the lack of a real sustainable culture based on higher principles of tolerance and respect.

The white race must be pacified and civilized for the betterment of the planet. This will become a reality as enlightened whites shed their racist heritage and rejoin the human race as equals.

A noble goal indeed, as this pacification of the white race that White Watch is after is something we at SBPDL already believe has come to fruition.

The people behind this most revealing site locate the most perverse stories to parade as examples of uniform white depravity and we agree that the individuals highlighted and their actions warrant expulsion from polite society.

The problem with the website is simply this: there is no unifying white culture. White people do not think about themselves as a distinct race nor a distinct people. Collectivism has become the territory of Black people (and now Hispanics) in the United States and worldwide.

Most white people (Disingenuous White Liberals in particular) have already been pacified and civilized for the betterment of the planet, for they work for the amelioration of everyone but their own people.

Casting aside racial loyalties for the benefit of humanity and the good of mankind, it is the same white people that White Watch attacks who volunteer with the Peace Corps; travel to Africa to help the burgeoning population there cope with their nightmarish existence; construct Habitat for Humanity homes for Black people; and give vast sums of money to help ravaged nations like Haiti and US cities such as New Orleans cope with natural calamities further exacerbated by vast populations of Black people.

Are the vast majority of terrorists truly white people? That term ‘terrorist’ is a nebulous word and difficult to define. Considering that one man’s definition of terrorist is another man’s definition of freedom fighter, are we to assume that high rates of Black crime in the United States is merely an extension of Black Run America (BRA) to further humiliate the dwindling white majority?

Define terrorist, White Watch and we can then ascertain where you are coming from in your gross generalization of what constitutes terror and who partakes in it. By our account, it was 19 Muslims who were behind 9/11, two Black men who were behind the DC Sniper Shootings and a whole host of other Middle Eastern gentlemen behind similar attacks/plots in America.

White Watch labels the most destructive wars as being waged by white people, and we’d be hard pressed to disagree. There was a time when white people were virile and stood for something instead of the emasculated beings that stand as poor impostors for their forefathers today.

Weapons are by and large manufactured by white people, which have advanced technology in nearly every sector imaginable. The wars that we have fought have created breakthroughs in medicine and technology that allow most people to live vastly more productive and fulfilling lives.

This would never have been accomplished were it not for white minds massed together in a mad effort to invent and manufacture new methods for killing people.

Pornography is manufactured by white people who produce and distribute this particular vice. Since time immemorial prostitution and other variations of what we deem pornography has existed. Interesting, the majority of pornography features white women. Like Tiger Woods, the cultivated tastes of the more enlightened Colored people of the planet seem to desire white women in their copious viewings of porn.

To paraphrase an old friend, SBPDL might be against pornography but that doesn’t mean we don’t consume vast amounts of it.

White people seem to be the only people concerned about the environment, at least according to The New York Times:

National environmental organizations have traditionally drawn their membership from the white and affluent, and have faced criticism for focusing more on protecting resources than protecting people.

But with a black president committed to environmental issues in the White House and a need to achieve broader public support for initiatives like federal legislation to address global warming, many environmentalists say they feel pressure to diversify the movement further, both in membership and at higher levels of leadership.

“Our groups are not as diverse as we’d like, but every one of the major groups has diversity as a top priority,” said Frances Beinecke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council. “There’s great commitment to making the environmental movement representative of what the country is.”

Crime in America is one topic that saddens SBPDL. White Watch however lives in a planet awash in the stories of the most repulsive cretins imaginable, where sadistic criminality practiced exclusively by white people is all that occurs. It is as if the film The Devil’s Rejects is the impetus for the entire website.

Again, in a country that is 66 percent white one would logically deduce that the majority of crimes committed would be by white people. However, a disproportionate amount of crime is committed by Black people. We at SBPDL tire of studies, so we’ll point you in the direction of the Thug Report (

That website strives to paint a coherent and accurate picture of crime in America; however a strange pattern of Black criminality emerges in every city in the United States that is discernible and unavoidable.

We at SBPDL could highlight this story of a Black man who killed his girlfriend’s toddler merely for pooping on the floor, but we understand this to be an extreme form of rage by one individual.

White Watch is an admirable attempt to showcase white people engaging in horrific behavior that tries in vain to illustrate the connected decadence of an entire people.

The problem is as stated: white people do not think of themselves as White people. They have already been pacified and relegated to the dustbin of history, with only one noble goal remaining until they perish entirely: uplift all of humanity before their complete demise.

It is taxes on white people collected in the United States that benefit Black people here and nations throughout the world. Historians in the future will remark that white people were so tired of existing that they worked overtime to bring about their ultimate demise by transferring wealth to the entire planet and tolerating the decimation of major cities and urban areas once ripe with culture – White culture.

The entire world's population - if allowed - would immigrate to the United States, precisely because of the nation that Pre-Obama America built. That was White culture.

We at SBPDL agree that the individuals highlighted at White Watch are deserving of swift justice, the quicker the better.

However, the mission of White Watch has been accomplished already. White people have been pacified. An entire academic field entitled “Whiteness Studies” has been erected in the hope of ending something called “white privilege”.

We are all human now, White Watch. To paraphrase the fine film The Incredibles:

Dash: But Dad always said our powers were nothing to be ashamed of, our powers made us special.
Helen: Everyone's special, Dash.
Dash: [muttering] Which is another way of saying no one is.

All that stands in the way of the goals of White Watch are a few nasty racists who frequent websites designated to the back alleys of the internet and who aren’t even allowed to gather in polite society to hold conferences.

Always remember though, White Watch, that is was a white family who saved Michael Oher from the unforgiving streets of Black Memphis and that it is white people who work feverishly to adopt non-whites into their families with a glee usually reserved for that horrendously asinine Fox TV show of the same name.

As stated, we do agree with one point at White Watch. The people profiled there deserve to be punished with extreme vengeance.


Anonymous said...

What a pathetic site. They have to resort to fabricating pictures because they can't find any genuine examples of white depravity. This shows the impact that SBPDL is having: it's obviously getting beneath people's (black) skin when it motivates them to try their hand (unsuccessfully) at "turning the tables."

By the way, the orangutan who scribbled the quoted portion above has a very broad definition of the word "terrorist." It also has a very narrow view of pornography, which wouldn't exist without a market. Pornography may or may not be manufactured exclusively by whites (I love the unsupported claims these people proffer as commonly accepted fact), but white people sure as hell are not the purveyors of booty-porn.

Lastly, 13% to 23% of serial killers are black. Since blacks are only 12% of the population, that means they are MORE likely to be serial killers than whites.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't know if this website deserved its own feature within the hallowed halls of SBPDL.

Take a look at this picture entitled "White Terrorists Occupy Palestinian Woman’s House".

Copy and paste the above link from their site and take a gander, I'll wait here......

The owners of this site are such intellectual dim-wits, they don't know the difference between a JEW and a WHITE PERSON. Jews are mixed race individuals primarily of Khazarian (Turkic) decent. They are NOT white, don't CONSIDER themselves white, and are only ever considered white when they are doing something particularly abominable. How convenient for the "Tribe", isn't it? Jews as "White Terrorists"? *ROLL EYES*

The writer of a self-proclaimed "Racial" blog should at LEAST posses the knowledge to differentiate between a racial Jew and a white person of European extraction.

"White Watch" wins the FAIL award of the week for that post.

However thanks for the link to that site, SBPDL, I really needed a laugh today and seeing a bunch of sneering racial jews labeled "White Terrorists" got more than just a chuckle out of me!

Anonymous said...

He's obviously a pathological liar if he pretends to be unbiased and against racial discrimination, but then creates a website targeted against a racial group.

I thought how can he have such a poor view of White people, then I saw that he includes Jews as Whites and uses them as examples of how terrible they are. No wonder!

DGB said...

I have posted comments in the past to articles on Whitewatch where the criminal of focus was/is Jewish, not Gentile. Each and every time I pointed this out, my comment was removed.

Anonymous said...

"Lastly, 13% to 23% of serial killers are black. Since blacks are only 12% of the population, that means they are MORE likely to be serial killers than whites."

This is true. Add to the list of Hate Facts.

Anonymous said...

"I have posted comments in the past to articles on Whitewatch where the criminal of focus was/is Jewish, not Gentile. Each and every time I pointed this out, my comment was removed."

I've tried to post several time on Stuff White People Do, and my comments were always blocked.

I haven't been back since.

Anonymous said...

Whitewatch is simply a jew-junk disinfo site.

You might also want to take a closer look at some of those so-called "white serial killers". Most are capital Us with circles around them. Get to the core of the onion.

Wise Up!

Anonymous said...

For every WhiteWatch theres a dozen anti-black, anti-Hispanic, or anti-Semitic sites that are run by white people. Did this site touch a nerve, SBPDL?

Anonymous said...

That is a funny site! I especially like that the comments rarely stay on-topic, and are outright racist ad hominem attacks towards white people. And if the author of the site and White Watch commenters hate Caucasians so much, why do they continue to use European languages?

Anonymous said...

There is another place for "watching whitey" its called the MSM. The angry black lesbian should love this site.

Phalluster said...

La Griffe du Lion has written about the perceived predominance of white serial killers caused by a greater sample size.

"The ratio of black to white criminal offenders generally increases with the progression from passive white collar crime to pernicious violent crime. In 2003, for example, blacks were imprisoned for violent crimes at approximately 7 times the per capita rate of whites, but only 4 times the white rate for property crimes. Serial murder, by any reckoning, ranks at the top of this progression. Consequently, black serial murderers should, per capita, outnumber their white counterparts by at least a factor of seven. In actuality, the factor is closer to two. The appropriate question, then, is not why most serial killers are white men, but rather why black men are only twice as likely as white men to be serial murderers. Criminality distributions provide the answer. The mean criminality of black males is almost 1.3 SD greater than the white. But, with a black-to-white variance ratio of 0.46, white men display much greater variability. A symmetric way to view this is in terms of black homogeneity rather than white variability. Either way, at the extraordinarily high level of criminality peculiar to the serial murderer, white representation increases."

Fortunately for all the serial killer-phobes out there, Mexicans lack the genetic makeup to inspire any horror films. By 2050, serial killers will be a dying breed.

Unfortunately... well, have a look for yourself:

RecessiveCaucAlbino said...

The amount of delusional whites who enjoy ignoring facts about themselves on this site is just hilarious.

White People doing bad things = "Filthy Liberal Jew Lies!"

Non-White People doing bad things = "The absolute truth!"

And the VAST majority of the stories on White Watch site are about non-white Jews. Stop making excuses for white depravity.

Anonymous said...

Between April 1994, and June 1994, over a period of three months, Rwandan Hutus killed about 900,000 people. Not with the machinery of Auschwitz, which was open in various forms from January 1940 to January 1945, and killed about 800,000 to 1 million people (various estimates).

Oh no. Rwandan Hutus did not use poison gas, machine guns, or ovens to kill. Rather, they used almost entirely machetes and rocks. Bashing in the heads of neighbors, relatives, friends, people they lived besides for years. Not simply ignoring a mechanized killing machine. Taking part in it actively. Hacking infants to pieces with Machetes.

This was Rwanda. Let no one say Black people are not capable of the most intense genocide per capita.

Moreover, in the Congo, a thousand men are killed each day. The Congolese wars have killed, directly, more than 7 million. That is a greater toll than the entire Korean and Vietnam wars combined! Black men killing other Black men (and committing the most horrific rapes of Black women). All for control over natural resources.

These, unfortunately are the facts.

When Europeans (Nazis, Leopold of Belgium in Africa) and Asians (Japanese during WWII -- more were slaughtered in Manila when Japan was defeated than in Warsaw during the Ghetto and later uprising combined! and with more gruesome details) slip the social bounds, which is not often, their technology allows terrible brutality. Though it must be noted that MOST Japanese atrocities were unlike German ones -- done by regular troops, often against orders by commanding officers, for no purpose against other Asian populations, and done hand-to-hand. In other words, ordinary Japanese men, the ancestors of today's Hentai obsessed, "herbivore" men, bayoneted babies in Nanking and Manila. Against orders it might be added. Instead of German troops and civilians looking the other way and pretending not to know about SS Death Camps.

Regardless, the very infrequent Western/Asian derangement is only bad because of technology. However the non-Western and non-Asian record is appalling. Mongols killed more than a million in Baghdad, stacking skulls outside the city, then the center of civilization in the world. Canals and rivers ran black with ink from books thrown in them, and then red from the people beheaded. The Ottoman Sultan's forces killed most of the Byzantine population during the conquest of Constantinople, about 300,000 or so.

Look at a race, find an atrocity. Aztec ancestors of today's Mexico slaughtered more than 40,000 about 50 years before Cortez arrived. In one DAY!

No race is uniquely good or evil, without atrocity and victim hood in its past. A third of German speakers were slaughtered in the Thirty Years War. The best way to prevent atrocities is arming one's own people, thoroughly, and establishing limits to action. Thus far and no further.

Desiree said...

"The angry black lesbian should love this site."

LOL! Are you talking about me? I'm glad you find me so important that you'd mention me while I'm not around.

Anyway, White Watch is a good site and, yes, I have been there on numerous occasions, although I do not comment.

What I don't understand is why SBPDL felt the need to post about it. I mean, it has only had a half million hits; not nearly as much as this most holy of holiest sites! Those good DWLs from the SPLC labeled them a hate site. Who'd a thunk it?

But I guess any threat--be it big or small--to the white race's power(?) needs to be stamped out?

By the way, if you bothered to ignore typos and other grammatical errors of *some* of the commenters, you'd find many of them are quite intelligent. They've mentioned things I'd never considered.

So, White Watch is needed for the simple fact it highlights the perverted shit Whitey doesn't want you to know about. And don't go on and on about 'individuals'; if you have the nerve to lump all PoC into one boat at the occurence of some random act of violence done by a *single* member of our races, then you should be man enough to take it in return.

With that logic established (because this site clearly is not in the business of looking beyond their own created stereotypes about others), I should say: all whites are dog-raping, horse-fucking, child-molesting sodomites.

See...that was silly, right?

By the way, Jews are white. Get over it; their your people. Last time I checked, Jesus wasn't from Germany or Eastern Europe. True Jews are of Arab origin. I will say, however, these most hated white Jews are a billion times more brilliant than any white Gentile. They have the best congame going: *privileged* whites being able to bitch and moan about race-based discrimination against their 'people', never ever losing their sacred cow status even when they are outwardly racist against PoC in the mode of white Gentiles!

What did I tell you? Brilliant!!

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I think White Watch is a hilarious website. The scum highlighted there is hardly worth defending. If you read the post carefully, I make it pretty clear about what needs to be done to child molesters and those who do evil to others.

If you want to see the real face of crime in America, look no further than or

White Watch scrambles to find stories of heinous men or women of the white persuasion performing macabre acts. They deserve severe punishment.

So do all criminals.

To the anonymous who asked if the website White Watch struck a nerve... absolutely not.

We live in a society that is actively regressing to the mean. Few people dare oppose it nor stand for what is right and just.

The main reason I decided to talk about White Watch is simply due to the number of emails I have gotten from people pointing to that website as proof positive of white depravity.

I thought those who read this website might be interested in forming their own opinion on the website.

Desiree said...

"no unifying white culture"

Damn, that sure does get me. LMFAO!!!!

I love the way Whitey uses that ridiculous argument (not realizing *everyone* outside of America and the PoC within the States view whites in the collective! generally speaking, of course...but I guess it doesn't matter since whitey makes the rules; he gets to be 'clear'!) when one white misbehaves but then wants to make himself 'collective' when one white person does something altruistic!!

LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Does the comedic charade of hypocrisy ever end with you people?!

Isn't mentioning the story of Michael Oher and the good deeds of his white parents (repeatedly, OMG) an example of WHITE PEOPLE THINKING IN THE COLLECTIVE?!

God. You must be so blind!

Let's make a deal: every individual represents HIMSELF, not his race. So, with that in mind, O Intelligent One, please do me a HUGE FAVOR: whenever you hear a white person using the altruism of another white as a way to 'big up' his entire race, SLAP THE MOTHERFUCKING SHIT OUT OF HIM. And if that happens to be *you*, just put yourself into a coma, pal.

Because, really? No one's good deed belongs to another; the same goes for someone else's sins. (Isn't that in the Bible somewhere? If you're Christian, go ahead and look it up, genius!)

CWN said...

It comes down to this. Minorities can bitch and moan about whites all day long. But without whites, there is no civilization. There is nothing. English? gone. America? gone. Modern science and medicine? gone. law and order? gone. Handouts to poor minority countries? gone. Welfare? gone. Just about any serious human advancement you can think of is gone.

Now what have minorities brought us? Crime? ebonics? gansta rap? filled prisons? illegal immigration? destroyed neighborhoods? race baiting charlatons? Just a bunch of fucking bullshit.

If you do not like whitey. Leave whitey's country, stop speaking whitey's language, stop using whiteys money, don't use whitey's inventions, and don't use whitey's medicine.


I am also tired of liberals complaining about Israel mistreating the islamic palestinians. One jew nation in all of the middle east fighting to survive. Never given a minutes peace from the islamic nutjobs. God given land which does not belong to the muslims. The muslims could easily absorb the palestinians if they wanted to. The palestinians are not even a real people. They have invaded jewish land and have no rights to it.

Anonymous said...

"The amount of delusional whites who enjoy ignoring facts about themselves on this site is just hilarious."

Yes, most whites ignore the fact that they are responsible for the black murder rate, the black illegitimacy rate, the black dropout rate, and the black unemployment rate.

It's whitey's fault.

Anonymous said...

"But I guess any threat--be it big or small--to the white race's power(?) needs to be stamped out?"

In winning the presidency, Obama received 43% of the white vote, which makes your statement idiotic.

Anonymous said...

"Damn, that sure does get me. LMFAO!!!!"

Desiree, please define exactly what this "unifying white culture" is. If you are incapable of defining it, please be honest enough to say so.

SBPDL: This is another example of Desiree's trolling. She makes no counter-argument, she can't string together two sentences without the repeated and mindless use of "LOLOL" or "whitey", her overuse of gratuitous profanity is infantile, and she doesn't even seem to understand the basic premise of your post. Consider her sentence:
"Isn't mentioning the story of Michael Oher and the good deeds of his white parents (repeatedly, OMG) an example of WHITE PEOPLE THINKING IN THE COLLECTIVE?!"

Good Lord. The pure stupidity of that statement boggles the mind.

As I mentioned before, I welcome intelligent dissenting opinions, but Desiree's ramblings are pointless and annoying. Please consider banning her.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty hypocritical for this site's author to criticize Whitewatch since they basically do the same thing as this website does: grossly misrepresent an entire race of people by perpetuating tired stereotypes and cherry picking a few ugly facts and statistics. To this site's credit the use of satire and the author's verbal flair make it a better read. At the end of the day though this site and Whitewatch are just opposite sides of the same ugly coin.

DGB said...

“You are not Whites — either symbolically or literally — as anyone knows who goes to Israel.”

— Professor Leonard Fein at speech at 27th biennial congress of the Jewish Board of Deputies in Johannesburg, SA May 15, 1972.

Anonymous said...

Hey Desiree,

Look at the figures by race, you know it's not white people killing "PoC"








Pick any city you want but reality isn't optional sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

"grossly misrepresent an entire race of people by perpetuating tired stereotypes and cherry picking a few ugly facts and statistics."

LOL@ "grossly misrepresent"

70% of black children are born out-of-wedlock. Is this a "stereotype"?

33% of black males between 18 and 29 are incarcerated, on probation, or on parole. Is this a "stereotype"?

More than 50% of all US murders are committed by black males. Is this a "stereotype"?

Blacks perform poorest in school, have the highest rate of behavioral problems, and highest dropout rate. Is this a "stereotype"?

Blacks are about 13% of the US population, yet they receive 43% of all abortions. Is this a "stereotype"?

50% of all new AIDS cases are in the black community. Black women represent 72% of all women with AIDS. Is this a "stereotype"?

Blacks have the lowest marriage rate and highest divorce rate. Is this a "stereotype"?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


I just wrote a really long response to the questions regarding censoring Desiree and the comparisons to White Watch being hypocritical only to delete it by accident.

The point on Desiree:

Every post is reviewed by me and henceforth a certain standard of decorum must be maintained. Stay on topic and contribute to the discussion. No racial epithets (unless it is a well-used expletive, which I find can enhance points and add comedic value) will be tolerated any longer.

I delete a lot of "God, I hate niggers" comments and see nothing positive from these types of declarations. Chris Rock may hate them too, but this does little to further any discussion here.

White Watch and SBPDL are incredibly different animals. Here at SBPDL, all I do is find stories that can be qualified and quantified with evidence, whether empirical or anecdotal.

Nothing is done in a mean-spirited manner. However at White Watch the individual who writes the stories is obviously insane with rage against white people, searching endlessly for news bites and crimes that can explain white depravity.

Anyone who lives in a major or medium-sized city takes for granted the enormity of the Black crime problem. If you think I'm joking, look at the websites for ABC, NBC or CBS affiliates for cities like Buffalo, Denver, Topeka, St. Louis, Chicago, Augusta (Georgia), Dallas, Shreveport, Memphis, Durham, Cleveland or any city with a Black population.

This is not hyperbole nor am I trying to defame Black people with this remark: it is truth. is a website I find invaluable. It wasn't started as an attempt to highlight Black criminality, but a compendium of crime stories showcasing the depravity of America.

However, it inadvertently has become a website that highlights Black criminality BECAUSE THAT IS WHO IS COMMITTING CRIMES.

White Watch is a website that searches endlessly to find stories of white people behaving in sick fashion. They deserve to be punished severely, no less than the Black criminals that are discussed in local news stories and here.

Look, I have an ever-growing list of entries I would love to write, but it expands daily because of the tragic number of crimes that occur that bring to light points I want to make.

Before Google declared war on this site, I found the route people took to get to SBPDL quite fascinating.

People would type into the Google search engine terms that were absolutely on par with what was written here.

40-50 people a day would type in some form of "Black people" and "tipping" and find this site that way.

40-50 people would type in some form of "Black people" and "loud at movies" and find this site.

These were people from all over the world, not just America. Patterns like this aren't a mere illusion nor do they denote pervasive racism on the part of the inquirer, merely they confirm what people expect to be true.

I encourage you to read many of the entries here. Many are penned with a certain hyperbole and in a tongue-in-cheek methodology.

We have only one goal: educate everyone about Black people. Where else would you learn about Flash Mobs and the Tulsa Chicken Hut saga?

White Watch? The Main Stream Media?

Actually, I'd say those two words are synonymous. That is why SBDPL has to exist.

DGB said...

Any vacation plans ladies and gentlemen?
May I suggest a place completely devoid of White racism.

Desiree said...

Anonymous who wants me banned:

""Isn't mentioning the story of Michael Oher and the good deeds of his white parents (repeatedly, OMG) an example of WHITE PEOPLE THINKING IN THE COLLECTIVE?!"
Good Lord. The pure stupidity of that statement boggles the mind."

If this was not clear to you the first time, I will explain it again.

When white PEOPLE mention an example of a SINGLE white person's altruism (in this case, the Tuohys taking in Michael Oher) as being COMPLETELY representative of their whole race's behavior, it becomes hypocrisy when the same collectivism is abandoned when a single white person acts perversely.

I mean, I don't know if I can spell it out for you any clearer, any better.

Look at SBPDL's post on Jerry Joseph. At the end, he stated, with regards to the Tuohys, that 'contrary to popular belief, white people are not evil and racist'.

Do you not see the hypocrisy in that statement? To be collective when something is good, but when the opposite occurs (say, rampant white pedophilia and other crimes mentioned on Whitewatch), you say 'there is no unifying white culture'.

Do you get it? I mean, damn, son; are you slow?

If I didn't know what 'unifying white culture' was, I would most certainly admit it. Throughout being on this site, if I have accidently misstated something, I concede to the error when it is brought up.

As a PoC, 'unifying white culture' is the facade, first and foremost, of superiority. With this superiority comes privilege. With privilege comes a certain set of behaviors it seems all whites engage in, and I'm not talking about 'all white folks LOOOVE mayonaise!'. I'm talking about insidious, implicit behaviors that make a PoC 'less than' in our society. Seriously, a cursory glance at the site 'Stuff White People Do' will fill you in on the insensitive, self-righteous, uppity, elitist, hateful behavior white people engage in.

But you are being a hypocrite! Here you are absorbing a site about so-called black culture written by a white man who *clearly* gets his info on black people from white outlets (LOL!) and then you will, in the same breath, declare my notion of 'unifying white culture' as bunk!

Jesus, what flagrant absurdity!

If you aren't going to use a bit of comprehension skills to understand a simple statement I have written (which is quite common with regards to *me*), please don't waste my fucking time.

Desiree said...


Whitewatch provides interesting coverage of crimes and behaviors that are uniquely white. The crimes on thugreport are not racially exclusive, regardless if 'statistics say' blacks are more likely to steal a car. The stuff on that site has been shown among every race; to deny that fact is just ridiculous! But one can seriously go a lifetime (or most of a lifetime) without hearing a story of a black man having sex with a dolphin and writing a memoir about it. Or a black woman having videos of pedophilia and herself engaged in beastiality.

I'm just saying. Whites invented pedophilia and zoophilia and most every sexual perversion that appears in the DSM-IV. The perverts on Whitewatch may not represent whites as a whole (I'm a little more nuanced than you think, would do yourself a favor in giving blacks/PoC the benefit of the doubt as well), but it highlights behaviors many of us only see being done by whites. Thus we consider those behaviors unique on the long, long list of white depravity.

Whitewatch does not equal the mainstream media. That is just moronic privilege talking. The media shows blacks stealing and killing and yet you can cry foul when they want to talk about white pedophilia? Hello? We live in a white dominated society, of course your race will be featured.

I'm sick of the damned 'race and crime' thing. The only people who believe crimes have some sort racial quota are racists. Crime is caused by poverty, sociopathy, poor upbringing, just a host of indicators that are not confined to racial groups. People are the same; we are just different colors, and those colors have relegated individuals into patricular and distinct cultures within a given milieu. 'Race' has nothing to do with it!

You and your ignorant assed readers would do well by 'getting' that. But the fear of white genetic annihilation births such paranoia...

I hope you don't ban me but it is your site; do as you wish, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

"When white PEOPLE mention an example of a SINGLE white person's altruism (in this case, the Tuohys taking in Michael Oher) as being COMPLETELY representative of their whole race's behavior, it becomes hypocrisy when the same collectivism is abandoned when a single white person acts perversely."

Please cite where SBPDL asserted that the Tuohy's are "completely representative" of their entire race. If you are incapable of doing so, please be honest enough to admit it.

Anonymous said...

"The only people who believe crimes have some sort racial quota are racists."

Predictable race-card play.

BOJ and FBI crime stats over the past 50 years show that blacks commit a significant disproportion of violent crime. Crime statistics in other countries are consistent with these findings.

"Crime is caused by poverty"
The greatest single cause of poverty is out-of-wedlock childbirth, which explains not only high black poverty rates, but also high black crime rates.

You can run, but you can't hide from the facts.

CWN said...


You mouth off about things of which you know nothing about. Do you even take a second to think about some of the things thatyou write about?

"I'm just saying. Whites invented pedophilia and zoophilia and most every sexual perversion that appears in the DSM-IV."

According to who? How do you know this? Where can I see this information for myself? What year was pedophilia and zoophilia invented by the white man? Did the black man invent crime? You moan about a white man having sex with a dolphin, but who cares? Black men are out raping white women. Are those dolphin humping white guys raping black women?

"When white PEOPLE mention an example of a SINGLE white person's altruism (in this case, the Tuohys taking in Michael Oher) as being COMPLETELY representative of their whole race's behavior, it becomes hypocrisy when the same collectivism is abandoned when a single white person acts perversely."

The point of the story, is that whites will do that sort of thing for blacks. But you don't have any rich blacks taking in poor whites and getting them into school. Whites will show more care for blacks than vice versa. There is no white Michael Oher walking around.

People like you are a problem to your own race. You refuse to see the truth and deal with it. You hold back your fellow darks and do nothing to change their ways. Their crime ridden, jive ass ways.

Billy Chav said...

Funniest thing is that of the forty or so stories I scrolled down, exactly ZERO featured white-on-black violence. Most of them seemed to be about whites caught with child porn, which seems to be a point of focus for this kind of negro, as if the ghetto weren't full of Daphonsos banging their baby momma's little sisters. Pretty lame but totally predictable.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


And there you have the whole reason why I highlighted White Watch with a post.

Anonymous said...

"According to who? How do you know this? Where can I see this information for myself? What year was pedophilia and zoophilia invented by the white man? Did the black man invent crime? You moan about a white man having sex with a dolphin, but who cares? Black men are out raping white women. Are those dolphin humping white guys raping black women?"

This is why I have repeatedly described Desiree as a troll, she just fabricates racist nonsense without any connection to reality, yet ignores actual provable facts concerning black crime and other black anti-social behavior.

Anonymous said...

Pedophilia seems to be ok back in da muddaland...

Anonymous said...

"Anyway, White Watch is a good site and, yes, I have been there on numerous occasions, although I do not comment."
Unless it's about dixx.


Well, I wouldn’t necessarily say it was a *huge* myth. The size of the black man’s penis is well-documented and just because you disbelieve the so-called myth doesn’t nullify it.

I’m glad you have a ’7.5 inch wang’. How many black penises have you seen, the mind begs to wonder? Even if you’ve seen some it doesn’t change the fact that, on average, black males have larger penises. Anomalies (meaning small[er] dicks on black guys, for example) happen among all races!

Don’t you find it a tad bit hypocritical to say something is a myth and then boast about how big your dick is? Yeah, that’s hypocritical.

All men talk about their penises too much. And white men (per my own personal experience) are *very* self-conscious and touchy about the size of their man parts. Just saying…

Comment by Desiree | May 8, 2010

Oh, and, by the way, you sound like a complete and utter hater. Did you know Haterade causes diabetes and has over 5000 calories a sip? LOL! Just put it down!

Comment by Desiree | May 9, 2010


Good Lord, you have to be the stupidest person on the internet. You call me a 10-year-old for saying ‘Haterade’ and, yet, you can’t spell to save your life?


You could be quite the comedian, TWP. You should get your own standup show at The Laugh Factory.

By the way, the fact that you have to even mention the size of your penis probably means it isn’t very big. But don’t listen to me, TWP; what do I know? I’m just a girl who has to deal with penises. *rolls eyes*

But seriously though, black men have larger penises than most everyone else. The fact that you are going on and on about the size and so-called ‘myth’ of black men’s schlongs shows you are incredibly insecure.

Don’t worry, TWP, if you have a small weiner there is a woman who’ll pity you enough to let you have sex with her…

Please work on your spelling and grammar; just because it’s the web, doesn’t mean you have the right to be that dumb.


Anonymous said...

What the writer of "White Watch" and Desiree, along with those of their ilk do not comprehend is that using the actions of a handful of disgusting low life cretins who society vehemently marginalizes to try to demonstrate the behavior of the entire white race and as "proof" that whites are just as perverse and criminally prone, if not more than blacks, is ridiculous. They do not understand the difference between this site and "White Watch" is that the criminal and leeching behavior by blacks profiled on this site do not constitute a small and marginalized portion of blacks, but are rather epidemics destroying not only the lives and communities of black folks, but white folks and other races as well.

Take, for example, the beating death of a black student by other black students at a school in Chicago about a year ago that was caught of video. When any white person dared bring up the epidemic of pure, unadulterated violence plaguing the black community, blacks and DWI came back and said "well look at Columbine." What they refuse to acknowledge is that white kids murdering their schoolmates at school is exceedingly rare. I can count the number of incidents on my fingers of white students murdering their schoolmates in the past 10 years. During the 2008 - 2009 school year in the Chicago Public School district alone, 36 kids were murdered at school. I believe 35 of the incidents were black on black.

But what is frustrating about this all is that holding a reasonable debate with "White Watch" or Desiree, or most black people, for that matter, is a fruitless endeavor. Just read "The Bell Curve" to understand why this is.

Carlos said...

"If you do not like whitey. Leave whitey's country, stop speaking whitey's language, stop using whiteys money, don't use whitey's inventions, and don't use whitey's medicine."

Impossible to be clearer, and those who don't agree are delusing himself. blacks are specially a burden all over the world. A problem. Deny it!