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Is Racism a Mental Illness?

SBPDL travels a lot. Having the opportunity to visit virtually every state in the union grants a unique perspective to the tastes and peculiarities of Black people in geographically diverse areas.

Recently while waiting for a connection in the surprisingly clean Detroit Metro Airport, an advertisement was played on the bothersome giant flat screens in the terminal that have the menacing quality of Orwell's dystopia.

That advertisement in question featured CNN's Jane-Velez Mitchell defiantly claiming "racism is a mental illness." Here is the transcripts from the show in which that quip has its origins:
But also from a psychological perspective, realize that the person exhibiting the racism is the person with the problem. The person exhibiting the racism is the person who has low self-esteem because otherwise, there would be no reason for them to try to elevate themselves in this manner over someone else. And that essentially, in my humble opinion, racism is a form of mental illness, and we have got to start really treating it as a sickness.
An avid reader of zombie literature, the writer behind SBPDL looked around and realized that we already live in a world where the zombie apocalypse has occurred. Watching individuals shift aimlessly through the airport with little drive or motivation and displaying an incurable level of fecklessness is one form of proof, but the slavish mentality that people watch television in airports and unwittingly nod their heads at such statements is further justification of the existence of the apocalypse we all now live through.

If 'racism is a mental illness' why did Newsweek devote an entire article to bemoaning the recent scientific findings that babies notice racial differences?:

In our new book, NurtureShock, we argue that many modern strategies for nurturing children are backfiring—because key twists in the science have been overlooked. Small corrections in our thinking today could alter the character of society long term, one future citizen at a time. The way white families introduce the concept of race to their children is a prime example.

For decades, it was assumed that children see race only when society points it out to them. However, child-development researchers have increasingly begun to question that presumption. They argue that children see racial differences as much as they see the difference between pink and blue—but we tell kids that "pink" means for girls and "blue" is for boys. "White" and "black" are mysteries we leave them to figure out on their own...

How do researchers test a 6-month-old? They show babies photographs of faces. Katz found that babies will stare significantly longer at photographs of faces that are a different race from their parents, indicating they find the face out of the ordinary. Race itself has no ethnic meaning per se—but children's brains are noticing skin-color differences and trying to understand their meaning.

When the kids turned 3, Katz showed them photographs of other children and asked them to choose whom they'd like to have as friends. Of the white children, 86 percent picked children of their own race. When the kids were 5 and 6, Katz gave these children a small deck of cards, with drawings of people on them. Katz told the children to sort the cards into two piles any way they wanted. Only 16 percent of the kids used gender to split the piles. But 68 percent of the kids used race to split the cards, without any prompting. In reporting her findings, Katz concluded: "I think it is fair to say that at no point in the study did the children exhibit the Rousseau type of color-blindness that many adults expect."

As has already been established here at SBPDL, only white people can be racist. Never mind the near monolithic support Black people gave Mein Obama in 2008's Presidential Election, nor the near perfect approval rating that Black people give Zod Obama today (as every other definable group bails on him, even Disingenuous White Liberals), only white people have the innate capacity to be racist.

This is a healthy reaction to the zombie apocalypse that threatens to overwhelm us all, the banding together of a distinct group to protect group interests. White people, when faced with the zombie apocalypse around them have decided to endorse Ayn Rand as their antidote and embrace the cult of the individual.

There are some who make the claim that race is a societal construct and that the pernicious manner in creating division within the "we are all one" world by stating race is a biological fact is not only erroneous, but worse - evil.

Regardless of which you take, one truth must be stated: the inhabitants of modern-day Detroit are a socially-destructive people. Worse, cities don't spring forth like Athena from the head of Zeus. They are designed and inhabited by people, built and maintained by individuals working together for the good of the collective - not just the economic benefit of the individual.

Reason magazine recently ran a cover story on how to save America's dying cities by dispensing libertarian advice on improving the quality of life in Cleveland:

Since its population hit a high point in 1950, Cleveland has lost more than half of its residents and essentially all of its economic and cultural capital. The Rapture happened here, but instead of going to the bosom of God in heaven, the elect ended up in Houston, Charlotte, Los Angeles, New York, and, most galling of all because of its proximity and broad-shouldered similarity, Chicago. There was a time, at the turn of the 20th century, when Cleveland and Chicago were real rivals, but that competition long ago devolved into a sort of lopsided Clippers vs. Lakers fiasco in which the clear winner need not even acknowledge that a competition ever existed.

As Chicago was becoming the hog butcher for the world and tool maker and stacker of wheat, Cleveland peaked as the seventh-largest city in America, with nearly 1 million residents, before beginning a long, slow, steady decline underscored by race riots, the Cuyahoga River bursting into flames, and a 1978 default on its municipal bonds. This year Cleveland earned the dubious honor of being named “the most miserable city” in the U.S. by Forbes.
Strange that the decline of Cleveland eerily parallels the declining percentage of the white population and the dramatic rise of the Black population.

An interesting piece from The New York Times published in 1996 points to the disturbing trend of white flight and the Black people who realize that this migration of white folks is merely a precursor to financial and societal destabilization:

In 1980, Matteson was 84 percent white. Ten years later, the figure was 53 percent. Today, this village of about 11,000 residents, settled by German immigrants, is 47 percent white and 48 percent black.

Now, the interracial village board is aggressively trying to woo whites to town with a carefully aimed "affirmative marketing" campaign. Some here say the plan is a necessary step toward maintaining property values and diversity as the hopes of "I Have A Dream" are fading across the country. Brotherhood, they say, sometimes needs a push.

As we learned when discussing Whitopia's, those white people who dare decide to congregate in the same geographic area do so because of the school's, never admitting that the reason the school's are so good is due to the obviously distressing homogeneity of the students.

Harvard educator Robert Putnam showed in his meticulous studies that diversity leads to a chronic breakdown in trust and civility within a town:

IT HAS BECOME increasingly popular to speak of racial and ethnic diversity as a civic strength. From multicultural festivals to pronouncements from political leaders, the message is the same: our differences make us stronger.

But a massive new study, based on detailed interviews of nearly 30,000 people across America, has concluded just the opposite. Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam -- famous for "Bowling Alone," his 2000 book on declining civic engagement -- has found that the greater the diversity in a community, the fewer people vote and the less they volunteer, the less they give to charity and work on community projects. In the most diverse communities, neighbors trust one another about half as much as they do in the most homogenous settings. The study, the largest ever on civic engagement in America, found that virtually all measures of civic health are lower in more diverse settings.

Forbes ran a story in 2007 about the top cities for volunteering, where Putnam's ideas quoted above brought to light a harsh reality that helps elaborate on the picture presented in the New Orleans vs. Nashville debate: cities with a lot of Black people seem to be places of extreme mistrust:

So does some heightened sense of civic good grow deep in the heartland? Maybe. But there are pragmatic reasons as well. According to the study, four major factors tend to encourage high volunteer rates: attachment of a community (such as high levels of home ownership), low commute times to and from work, high education levels among the population and the presence of nonprofit organizations in a community.

"These factors tend to build social capital and to directly or indirectly encourage volunteering," says the report "Volunteering in America: 2007 City Trends and Rankings."

The coming collapse of Birmingham, Alabama and the complete collapse of Clayton County in Georgia aren't attributable to the factors delineated by Reason magazine when they lament the passing of Cleveland. No, the direct cause of each of these places is simply the tragic loss of the white populations that built and sustained them until the societal indicators of impending chaos as described by Putnam where entered into the equation.

Reason is wrong about Cleveland and that city's jaw-dropping fall, but as devout followers of Ayn Rand they believe that collectivism is racism. They too are part of the zombie apocalypse, but they cling to hopes of an undefinable rebirth of individualism that will to thwart what ails society.

As Rand Paul has shown, this will not come. Like some tin-foil hat wearing nut, these people will retreat to their cabins in the wilderness and hope the storm of collective insanity rushes past them, never comprehending that that storm passed long ago.

The zombie apocalypse has happened and for those who can see this once believed to be a prospect of horror and science fiction, is but an eventuality that comes as no surprise.

Major cities throughout the United States are designated no-go areas and off limits for those who long ago fled the metropolises that their ancestors once lived in without fear. Save for the few sporting events that families who participated in the great Dunkirk of white flight might attend, major cities in America continue to languish in squalor and criminality.

Racism is not to blame. The current inhabitants of these major cities are to blame. However, since we live in a world where the zombie apocalypse occurred bloodlessly, racism will be designated a mental illness soon.

It is those who can see that pose the only threat to the mind-numbing falsity of egalitarianism, which blinds Libertarian and Disingenuous White Liberal, Crusading White Pedagogue and proponents of Black Run America alike.

It is not human flesh that the zombies lust for, but the continuation of egalitarianism at any cost that sustains them. Even if it means the insolvency of Cleveland and Birmingham in the process.

A Black female undergraduate journalist from Florida A&M sums up the strong points of the mental illness of racism by writing:
Racism is an issue that many people try to avoid, although it is something that still exists today. Can racism be tied to something deeper than a difference in skin tone, perhaps, a mental illness?

The issue was first raised 40 years ago by a group of black psychiatrists who asked the American Psychiatric Association to classify forms of extreme bigotry and prejudice as a mental disorder.

The APA rejected their request on the grounds that racism is a “cultural and social problem and cannot be attributed to any disorder.”

The APA also said that labeling racism as a mental illness will not do anything to rid society of the problem and doing so will carry too many political implications.This has remained the general consensus.

Recently, some psychiatrists argue that the notion deserves a second look. “To continue perceiving extreme racism as normative and not pathologic is to lend it legitimacy. Clearly, anyone who scapegoats a whole group of people and seeks to eliminate them to resolve his or her internal conflicts meets criteria for a delusional disorder, a major psychiatric illness,” said Alvin F. Poussaint, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard University.

Not recognizing racism as a mental illness seems to legitimize it. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV, a mental disorder is defined as a behavioral or psychological syndrome or pattern that occurs in an individual and that is associated with present distress or with a significantly increased risk of suffering death, pain, disability, or an important loss of freedom.

Black's who engage in monolithic support of Mein Obama are excused from the mental illness of racism. Only white people can be racist, thus only white people can be mentally ill.

The zombies won. Watching CNN's advertisement featuring Mitchell's declaration of retardation for those who profess racism was dumbfounding. The cable channel who brought us 'Black in America' has all but declared war on white people without realizing that the Newsweek cover story about the proclivities of babies to respond positively to members of their own race speaks to the biological reality of race in ways no boring study on IQ and racial differences in LSAT or SAT studies could.

Racism isn't a mental illness. The rejection of what guides the various races to self-segregate is unhealthy and the true mental illness, but when you factor in that the world has undergone the zombie apocalypse already then it all makes sense.

White people recoil in fear at the mere mention of the word racist. It is this cowardice that is unhealthy.

Regardless, Cleveland will continue to lose residents and no amount of individualism and Libertarian magic from Reason can change that fact.

Stuff Black People Don't Like can only laugh at the question of racism being a mental illness, as this illness - as defined by CNN - is only found among white people.

Boarding the airplane to leave Detroit and upon taking off, the writer behind SBPDL could look out the window and view the crumbling ruins of that city from an ascending point of view. Acres upon acres stretched out in ominous sadness, a massive monument to the tragedy of racism being viewed as a mental illness.

Sipping on a Coke and eating poorly salted peanuts, it became crystal clear that we live in a world governed with the same rigged and enforced tyranny as the one depicted in the remake of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


Anonymous said...

Black people destroy everything they touch.

Anonymous said...

""When a town gets below 50 percent white, it makes it very difficult for the town to maintain services," Adams said."

Here's a pic of the guy who said that:

Anonymous said...

Great entry SBPDL.
The truth of the matter is this: Liberalism is a mental illness.

One of the biggest fallacies perpetually being trumpeted is that diversity of cultures is a strength. Nothing could be further from the truth. Homogeneity is the foundation of strength.

Former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm gave an incredible speech 5 years ago about America committing suicide by multiculturalism. It is one of the most powerful short speeches you will ever read, and, keep in mind that he said this in 2005, nearly four years before America would be plagued by Mein 0bama the Destroyer. Most of Lamm's observations and dire predictions have already come to fruition. Also, I could not believe that any democrat could have possibly spoken those words since democrats generally thrive on disharmony among the races and revel in class warfare. Lamm's speech dovetails nicely with SBPDL's essay. Here's the link:

XD .45

CWN said...

So "racism" is a mental illness in liberal la la land. But homosexuality, which is a real abnormal sexual lifestyle, is no longer a mental illness. Yeah, makes sense to me.

You go to rehab if you call someone a fag. You should also go if you call someone a nigger. You need to have someone who is programmed in PC to guide you through your mistakes. Someone who can wash the backwoods out of you, the redneck redness out of you, the middle America out of you.

Ofcourse when the term "racism" is used, it really means whiteness. Whiteness is the real mental illness. Jane Velez really wanted to say that, as most minorities do. Being Proud and white is a mental illness. Being proud and whatever else is normal tho.

“Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and I believe continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards,” Eric Holder

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Racism is a mental illness. And its time it is recognized as such. Towards that end I offer this definition for inclusion in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Social Identity Disorder

Social Identity Disorder is a mood disorder on the Bipolar Spectrum characterized by a chronic form of depersonalization where an individual becomes “stuck” in a group level of self-identification, in which self and others are seen in terms of separate and incompatible group identities.

The disorder is often accompanied by feelings of revulsion, fear, and/or aggressive behavior toward people perceived as “alien” or “less-than human,” usually these are people in other racial, ethnic, cultural and socio-economic groups.


Symptoms frequently include a Dythymic Phase marked by major depression, hopelessness and self-destructive thinking and an Aggressive Phase often characterized by an irrational fear of others, often people who are perceived as exhibiting “alien” phenotypes, such as different skin color, hair type or facial structure.

If left untreated, this disorder may progress towards delusional thinking, anger, paranoia, attempts to repress or otherwise harm members of the “competing” group(s) and in extreme cases, can result in fits of homicidal rage and murder.

Dysthymic phase

Difficulty making decisions; problems concentrating; poor memory recall; guilt; self-criticism; low self-esteem; pessimism; self-destructive thinking; continuously feeling sad; apathy; hopelessness; helplessness; irritability.

Aggressive phase

Euphoria, Inflated self-esteem; Poor judgment; Rapid speech; Racing thoughts; Aggressive or hostile behavior; Being inconsiderate of others; Agitation; Anxiety, Increased physical activity; Self-destructive or risky behavior; Delusions, Paranoia, Anger, Aggression, Rage.



Social influences and parenting styles significantly impact the disorder. One is much more likely to have the disorder if someone in the immediate family has it.


Acute stress including job loss, relationship failure, identity change, natural disaster, learned helplessness and hopelessness, extreme feelings, negative thinking patterns may trigger the disorder.

Porter said...

It was quite common in the Soviet Union for dissidents to be declared "insane." Once classified as such, they could be kept out of trouble, and consciousness, through sedation in a prison asylum.

Such was the left then, such is the left now. When the people clash with a dystopian idea, it is the people, not the idea, which must be replaced.

At some point in the future a democrat, one even more unctuous than the norm, will propose making "racism" illegal. And which of our principled solons will stand in opposition? Yes, those are crickets you hear chirping.

Once racism (that is to say white racism) is made illegal then publishing this site will be a criminal offense. My best advice then for the proprietor upon being apprehended would be to claim that he is a foreign national living in the country illegally--then instead of prison he'd simply be given in-state tuition at a major university. Claiming to be a homosexual part Comanche with a Khat addiction also wouldn't hurt his case.

Hirsch said...

We're told in America that we're all born as blank slates, and that prejudice has to be foisted on us. I found the opposite to be true in my personal life. I was raised by liberal parents, spoon-fed fare like "Glory" and the "Great Santini." The only exposure I had to blacks in the suburbs was of the magical negro variety. I didn't have much interaction with urban blacks until high-school, and then in the military.

It was culture shock, and I gave them the benefit of the doubt, until I realized that violence could only be met by violence.

Trying to explain the behavior of young black males to either of my older, liberal parents would be a little like trying to explain to an older Jew the situation in the West Bank.

All my parents know of blacks is that they had dogs unleashed on them, and that were discriminated against and lynched. To try to explain to them that the victim had become the aggressor would sort of be like trying to explain to a holocaust survivor that Jews were slaughtering innocent people.

I don't blame them for not being able to process what I tried to tell them, and after awhile I gave up. It's better to let them live with their illusions.

And I suppose it's better to let America live with its illusions as well. Keep running the "Black in America" specials on CNN, keep talking about how hard black men have it, while below the radar they act like beasts.

Silent Running said...

That child is wiser than every registered Democrat (and most registered Republicans) in this country.

Oh, and the creature calling herself "Mitchell" is known to me. That's the same one who went after Larry Whitten, the hotel owner who asked his Hispanic employees to Anglicize their names.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Silent. I would be proud to claim that little girl as my own.

Of course, I would never exploit my child for five minutes of faux fame on TV but I would still be proud to claim that child as my own.

Porter said...

I feel terrible for that sweet little girl being used as a hate prop by the despicable cowards at CNN. Her silly mother weeps openly at her daughter's innocent honesty. This because the girl displays what is an instinctual, universal, and eternal preference for her own tribe. Only whites are expected to lie to themselves and deny this.

Also, the mother's groveling apologia makes me want to fire her head out of a cannon. She says "I just think it's because she's not exposed." Oh how wrong you are. Absolutely nothing will induce whites to embrace and appreciate their own people more than prolonged exposure to blacks.

Babies Be Racist said...

Ah Detroit - where the weak are killed and eaten. Racism, at one time, had another name. It was called common sense. These liberals, never living in the diverse neighborhoods, are some of the most racist people I have ever met. I didn't see anything in the report on black on white racism or is that even possible in the land of Liberaltardia. I live in Detroit and experienced the racist terrorist riots of 1967. Detroit is a "city" with plentry of ample parking but no buildings or reasons to park, with urban wastelands that look like burned out Berlin in 45. Did you have to get from the airport to downtown Detroit? Another example of afro engineering.

But my new profile name will be:
Babies be racist.

Anonymous said...

Of course racism is a mental illness; anything that goes against the status quo is a mental illness. Wanting to feel safe in your own neighborhood, or earn a living wage: these things are all insane. Having penises shoved in your anus, and rapping about killing people, are perfectly healthy lifestyles.

Anonymous said...

If racism is a mental illness, then 95% of blacks should be committed. Blacks are so full of hatred it’s coming out of their ears.

Anonymous said...

anon of may 28 435pm nailed it. That's why it hasn't been declared an official illness yet. It'd start more conflicts, nasty ones too. So for now the folks who turn people's brain's to jelly with pc think are spoon feeding everyone slowly. A spoonful of sugar helps the "medicine" go down.
I sorta think the girl was coached on what to say though. Notice she didn't click on the lightest colored drawing which looks more like her in tone.

Babies be Racist said...

What about black on white racism - is that even possible? What about the nation association for the advancement of colored people - is that racist? BET and the lack of white people is that racist? The need to have black people represented in positions of power on every TV program, news station, political party and movie - is that racist? A comedian that advocates rape and violence against white people is that racist?

Anonymous said...

the one thing blacks have that whites don't have, there is not one black that would throw their own under the bus the way DWL would do! Tell a hillbilly joke, trailer trash joke or white man in general joke and a white liberal would be the first to tell you some more. They would also throw their own children under the bus if it could illustrate how enlighten they are. Talk about lynching a middle age white male and every white dyke in the country will help you tie the noose.

Anonymous said...

Did they give the doll test to any black children to see their response as to which was "mean" or "ugly?" That would be interesting to see.

BTW, it is not only the city of Cleveland that has been decimated - most of the east side and suburbs are shot also.

Anonymous said...

When I traveled to Spain last year , I thought I was in another Planet , the store clerks were white familiar faces , the taxi cab driver and the policeman , the token booth lady in the train station , the security guard at the hotel ,the newspaper stand salesman , etc ,then , after my experience on this scary "Twilight Zone" World I thought , -Thanks God I live in a "diverse" and "multicultural" America !...

Anonymous said...

So what is racism, anyway? For whites (and only for whites), it is anything that deviates from the following principles: Race is an utterly insignificant matter. It means nothing, explains nothing, and stands for nothing. The races are not only equal, they are interchangeable. Therefore, it makes no difference if the neighborhood turns Mexican or the nation turns non-white or your children marry Haitians. For whites, race is not a valid criterion for any purpose, and any decision they make on the basis of race is immoral. For whites to take notice of race at all is “racism.”

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is this little girl will probably grow up and love black men. Ha ha On a serious note, hopefully she will grow and undergo a re-socialization that shows her that hate and ignorance is not healthy. The "mean" person can be black, white, blue or pale. The "smart" person comes in different colors.

Anonymous said...

The majority of whites are sick in the head. Racism is definitely a mental illness.

healthysouls said...

The original European immigrants that were indentured servants often formed alliances with the African slaves - who were also de facto indentured servants.

When indentured servants black and white were released from servitude the ruling elite became scared about this natural alliance; and their fears came true when Nathaniel Bacon (a white man) was able to unite the two groups for a quasi uprising in Virginia 1676.

In the aftermath the ruling elite created the social construct called the White Privilege Class and made slavery a life-long status for Africans.

Today the we still have non-wealthy whites and minorities fighting over crumbs while the ruling elite controls the wealth.

It is a very sad commentary on how powerful and effective propaganda can be.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon. at May 6, 2011 2:34 AM

" Racism is definitely a mental illness. "

You can tell this to the growing number of BLACK RACISTS who go on "killing whites" just for being whites.
Racism is certainly "not exclusive to whites", and your dishonesty is certainly astounding when faced with reality.