Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hero of the Day: The 600 Black people involved in the Townsville Massacre of World War II

The window burns to light the way back home
A light that warms no matter where they've gone
They're off to find the hero of the day
But what if they should fall by someone's wicked way?

- Metallica 

All 600 Black Townsville Mutineers are heroes of the day in BRA: Black Captain America's
Black History Month. Another month where Crusading White Pedagogues, always desirous of an uplifting Black tale (or is that Red?) to tell, rely on the few sturdy oldie but goldies to get through the shortest month of the year.

From the depths of history has emerged a story that fits the narrative of Black-Run America (BRA) perfectly, and illustrates an example of courage under fire for all races of America to unite around. Covered up for decades, the story of racial insurrection - by the good guys, oppressed Black people - against evil bigots - evil white men, like the ones who discriminated against Omar Thronton - is the perfect story to make into a thrilling movie for release in February 2013.

Just in time for Black History Month. Unlike the Freeman Field Mutiny (instigated by future Detroit Mayor Coleman Young, the famous Tuskegee Airmen who turned his guns on his own city), this story is one that is accidentally surfacing in a time where "the Blacks" who machined gunned their white officers will probably be awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor:
An Australian historian has uncovered hidden documents which reveal that African American troops used machine guns to attack their white officers in a siege on a US base in north Queensland in 1942.
Information about the Townsville mutiny has never been released to the public.
But the story began to come to light when James Cook University's Ray Holyoak first began researching why US congressman Lyndon B Johnson visited Townsville for three days back in 1942.
What he discovered was evidence detailing one of the biggest uprisings within the US military.
"For 70 years there's been a rumour in Townsville that there was a mutiny among African-American servicemen. In the last year and a half I've found the primary documentation evidence that that did occur in 1942," Mr Holyoak told AM.

During World War II, Townsville was a crucial base for campaigns into the Pacific, including the Battle of the Coral Sea.
About 600 African-American troops were brought to the city to help build airfields.
Mr Holyoak says these troops, from the 96th Battalion, US Army Corps of Engineers, were stationed at a base on the city's western outskirts known as Kelso.
This was the site for a large-scale siege lasting eight hours, which was sparked by racial taunts and violence.
"After some serial abuse by two white US officers, there was several ringleaders and they decided to machine gun the tents of the white officers," Mr Holyoak said.
He has uncovered several documents hidden in the archives of the Queensland Police and Townsville Brigade detailing what happened that night.
According to the findings, the soldiers took to the machine guns and anti-aircraft weapons and fired into tents where their white counterparts were drinking.
More than 700 rounds were fired.
At least one person was killed and dozens severely injured, and Australian troops were called in to roadblock the rioters.
Mr Holyoak also discovered a report written by Robert Sherrod, a US journalist who was embedded with the troops.
It never made it to the press, but was handed to Lyndon B Johnson at a Townsville hotel and eventually filed away into the National Archives and Records Administration.
"I think at the time, it was certainly suppressed. Both the Australian and the US government would not have wanted the details of this coming out. The racial policies at the time really discluded [sic] people of colour," Mr Holyoak says.
Both the Australian Defence Department and the Australian War Memorial say it could take months to research the incident, and say they have no details readily available for public release.
But Townsville historian Dr Dorothy Gibson-Wilde says the findings validate 70-year-old rumours.
"Anytime it was raised, people usually sort of said, 'Oh you know, no that can't be true. Nobody's heard about that', and in fact it must have been kept pretty quiet from the rest of the town," she said.
Mr Holyoak will spend the next two years researching the sentences handed out to both the officers and the mutineers involved, and why the information has been kept secret for so long.
 Marvel Comic re-launched the origins of Captain America in 2002 with Truth: Red, White, and Blue, the re-visioned story of how a Black man, Isaiah Bradley, was the first Captain America. A key component of that story was a rumored mass-killing of Black soldiers - who were engaged in insurrection - in Mississippi, though that story is just one of many told by Black people to confirm racism, well, everywhere (didn't you know the circled "K" on the Snapple bottle means it was bottled by the KKK!!?!!).

This story of the Townsville massacre is real, and in BRA, it is considered an act of valor, a heroic reminder that bigotry, racism, and intolerance can only be confronted and gunned down with the pull of trigger.

Just ask Omar Thornton.

Expect more on this story soon at VDare. But just like the Tuskegee Airmen who were lauded with a Presidential Gold Medal when the story of "never losing a bomber" blew up in their face, the tale of the Townsville Mutiny will soon be researched and packaged as a heroic victory over both German Nazism abroad and the American-version at home.

Omar Thornton was only carrying on in the proud tradition of the Townsville mutineers.

For BRA to endure, the narrative needs new heroes. How many movies and documentaries can be found in the story of what happened in the land down under back in 1942, that for some reason, has been covered up until an inquisitive PhD decided to investigate in 2010?

Or could this story provide insight into the insidious origins of BRA, a totalitarian ideology whose acceptance would never have occurred were the news of a huge San Domingo (read about the Haitian Revolution) Rebellion told to Americans during World War II?


Anonymous said...

According to testimony given in the U.S. Senate July 17, 1945, when the colonial Free French troops under the command of Eisenhower - most of them Africans - were stationed in the German city of Stuttgart, they herded German women into the subway, and raped about two thousand of them. In Stuttgart alone, troops under Eisenhower's command raped more women in one week than the German troops raped in France for the entire four years. It is a fact that of all the major belligerents in World War II, rape and looting by German troops was the lowest. The fact is that the level of rape by the German army in the occupied territories was even lower than the level of rape by the American troops stationed on home soil!

MuayTyson said...

Trust me besides a few Conservative sites or maybe really only a few HBD sites this story will be buried.

If it is not buried it will be spun that the White servicemen were racist and deserved it.

Where is the equality honestly like the last thread. Two girls ranting on Youtube make national news a bunch of black thugs beating an Autistic kid barely a bleed on the radar.

I'm sick to my stomach and seriously thinking of denouncing my citizenship and seeing what country would take me as a refugee. The White males and Whites in general are targeted for extinction in the United States.

Anonymous said...

Whites = Always racist, always guilty.

Blacks = Innocent victims, always justified.

This is the lie that must be upheld and kept in people's minds at any cost. It excuses any and all actions, no matter how vile, of the millions of ghettobeasts that roam our streets.

Unless and until regular people wake up and start questioning this lie, nothing much will change. (Well, except for the worse.)

Jay Santos said...

The mindless savagery of the negroes is breathtaking. I want to curse the souls of the men who brought them to this country. But then how could they have fully known the horror they were unleashing on their countrymen?

Dan said...


LBJ eh? Maybe we have a proper conspiracy here. He of the Great Society, Civil Rights Act, Vietnam escalation. Suppose for a moment Kennedy was resisting BRA? The JFK assassination theorists could make quite meal of it.

Keeping on topic. This story is dynamite. Black soldiers are unruly, untrustworthy and undisciplined. And here they are assassinating officers. Blacks also fragged most of the Vietnam frag victims too. Look into the Frag stats and you will see they killed up to 800 white officers in Nam.

Dan said...

Please do some research about blacks fragging whites in Nam. It's what the black troops like to do it seems. No wonder segregation was in place. Also see Native Regiments killing white officers in the Mau Mau days.

Ivan Shatov said...

Yet another little known fact recently uncovered by the BBC (2009): negro soldiers went on a raping and wilding orgy across France during WWII. Of the 29 soldiers executed for rape, 25 (EIGHTY SIX PERCENT!!!) were, yep, you guessed it, Negroes. One of the rapists and murderers was the father of Emmett Till.

It would seem that the lies and distortions about Negroes and Muslims (NO! I am not a neocon) are literally never ending. What else are we being lied to about? Surely Keynes was a genius?! Lincoln a hero?! The list is endless.

AnalogMan said...

Move over, Tuskegee Airmen, here come the Montford Point Marines!

They set out to make a difference, and ended up making history.

"As the first African Americans to serve in the Marine Corps, Montford Point Marines changed the face of the United States Marine Corps forever.

"Aspiring to the same title as any other recruits, they were tested with more stringent standards than any Marine who came before. Through it all, they demonstrated uncommon courage and immense pride."

Yeah, right.

And while we are fed this crap, Pat Buchanan has been fired from MSNBC because his views “should [not] be part of the national dialogue, much less part of the dialogue on MSNBC.”

This is war.

Anonymous said...

Mutiny by black units occurred also within the US during WWII. Very little can be found about the black mutinies using the web search engines, at least not with the ones I have available. Also during the Korean War black units that still had not been integrated under President Truman's edict to integrate bugged out at just the sound of enemy fire. Again it's very had to find anything about this on the net, but it's a fact that whole black units abandoned their positions, and equipment and ran from the area during the Korean War.

Steve said...

In Response to Dan about blacks fragging officers in Vietnam, just look at what happened in the early days of the Iraq war. A black (Nation of Islam) soldier tossed several grenades into a Tactical Operations Center killing several officers.

The negro animal is not to be trusted only segregated from the civilized world.

Anonymous said...


Brownsville Affair

Lily White said...

Is it just me, or does "Black History Month" seem longer and longer every year?

DW said...

These reports of military chimp-outs are new to me, but not surprising.

The common denominator in TNB is lack of self-control. In any situation.

If military training can't whip some self-discipline into them, nothing can.

Anonymous said...

ot, but maybe Paul you could write a story about the cult behind To Kill A Mockingbird, and how it inspired all the subsequent crap like John Grisham's a Time to Kill

Anonymous said...

Wasnt a black unit the butt of jokes for throwing down weapons ala selling used french rifles cheap, only dropped once?

Is anybody surprised by their mutiny? they're not like us

Anonymous said...

I worked with a man who served in Korea and he told a story that I remember to this day because it was so disgusting. His first day in Korea a black soldier slit the throat of a white soldier over something amounting to jealousy over a local Korea girl and her preference for the white soldier. He said he was a young nice looking kid, with blond hair. He said he could still see the image of it happening, at that point about 35 years prior.

I was shocked but apparently this stuff was qutie common.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second. When did Captain America go black? And now Spiderman is mulatto?

Why would a corporation (Marvel Comics) recreate characters for people who largely CAN'T READ?

So you lose your white audience in exchange for an illiterate colored one?

DW said...

Anonymous said:

Why would a corporation (Marvel Comics) recreate characters for people who largely CAN'T READ?

So you lose your white audience in exchange for an illiterate colored one?

Corporate comics, just like most movies and TV have been DWL propaganda for a long time.

Why? That's the big question.

Ivan Shatov said:

(NO! I am not a neocon)

True! Acknowledging that there are other problems in the world besides Black ones doesn't make you a Neocon. It just means you're more aware than the average person.

Consider this:

(From PK's article )"I think at the time, it was certainly suppressed. Both the Australian and the US government would not have wanted the details of this coming out. The racial policies at the time really discluded [sic] people of colour," Mr Holyoak says.

I think the most important point in this article isn't that Blacks did something terrible. It's that the US and Australian governments *choose to cover it up*.

Anonymous said...

The fact is that the level of rape by the German army in the occupied territories was even lower than the level of rape by the American troops stationed on home soil!

They weren't blessed with a 12%

Anonymous said...

It isn't captain America - it's captain affirmative action

AmericanGoy said...

""After some serial abuse by two white US officers, there was several ringleaders and they decided to machine gun the tents of the white officers," Mr Holyoak said.

According to the findings, the soldiers took to the machine guns and anti-aircraft weapons and fired into tents where their white counterparts were drinking.
More than 700 rounds were fired."



"the soldiers took to the machine guns and anti-aircraft weapons and fired into tents where their white counterparts were drinking.
More than 700 rounds were fired."

Just... wow.

These scum.

I wonder how much more there is to dig up of our "heroic black troops" history?

Warlord1958 said...

A historical case of TNB. Mass chimp out turns into giant bongo party. Too bad the Aussies didn't gun them all down. 'Groids are truly a curse upon the earth.
Try as I might, I cannot find the flight report online from the 15th air force bomber pilot who described the "Red(YELLOW)Tails" bugging out at the appearance of ME262's coming in. Perhaps they wiped it off the net in advance of the movie?

Dan said...


This is why white soldiers had such a low opinion of the unruly blacks. They might turn on you if they don't run first. For the most part blacks today are REMF. There are virtually no black fighter pilots for example. SF are almost all white. Good soldiers are a self selecting lot. There's some quality Blacks but they are generally unreliable.

Now we know they crippled entire units in Vietnam, Korea and Australia. Thank god America kept up segregation in ww2. Or America might have lost.

Integration must have resulted in many many
assassinations of officers.

Anonymous said...

700 rounds and only one dead?

Blacks can't aim, just spray and pray. True in 1942, true today.

Isn't it interesting how in action movies the good guys have near-perfect aim whereas the bad guys just fire off thousands of rounds without hitting anything? Art imitating life.

Anonymous said...

Once we were called out in the middle of the night and put on alert. We thought that we might actually go and shoot it out with the Soviets, so we talked about what to do with the Blacks, who were useless and belligerent. It was generally agreed that we'd shoot them.
Dumb kids talking shit, but that's how we really felt.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I didn't have to be in a foxhole with one of these darkies. I don't trust them with a knife or entrenching tool, let alone an automatic rifle. If someone cannot be trusted in battle by his commrades, he has a way of turning up mysteriously dead from enemy fire. Veterans of wars from WW-II onwards have told me about how individuals who were deemed untrustworth were slain by commrades using enemy weapons to make it look like they were killed by hostile fire. It happened then, and it is happening today. When you cannot even trust your own commrades let alone superior officers, you have no damn reason to be fighting in that war to begin with.

John said...

Another factor is that black soldiers were killed and injured at higher rates than white in Nam.

Higher rates of accidents with weapons.

They could not aim properly.

They break cover to run.

Competent whites might dispose of them.

Deliberate self inflicted wounds.

Driving accidents. (simples)

Lower combat effectiveness driving up enemy survival in vicinity long enough to shoot back.

Less weapon proficiency including abanding weaponry in sight of enemy.

This is why blacks got killed in Nam in disproportionate numbers.

For example in WW1 German officers lead from the bunker and did not expose themselves to enemy fire if they could avoid it. British officers would lead from the front and continually expose themselves to fire. BRAVE but STUPID stuff. German NCOs were the combat leadership. Germans were 3-4 x as effective as British troops because of this. Germans always had enough officers around to muster an Organized attack, defence or counter attack.

In the case of Nam blacks were busy intimidating and killing white comrades and officers to get out of combat duty. The only answer would be to court marshal them out of the army.

Discard said...

Anon at 7:05 AM: As Allied forces approached Paris, author and celebrity Ernest Hemmingway turned up as a war correspondent. Allowed to accompany an infantry platoon as they entered a French town, Hemmingway prattled loudly on and on, alerting any Germans to the patrol's approach. Some of the men wanted to kill him, as would simply not shut up, so the lieutenant cut the mission short, thereby sparing the future Nobel Laureate. Don't fuck with men who are risking their lives.

Discard said...

John: Initially, Blacks did do a disproportionate share of the dying in Viet Nam because they were relegated to the infantry by their low IQ, but by 1969, they were being held out of combat to placate critics of the war. In the end, their total casualty rate was equal to their share of the population. The practice of keeping Black infantrymen in the rear in order to manipulate casualty statistics was a real sore point for White grunts.

Anonymous said...

I've got a question. If it is really irreconcilable - if it is really a cultural war between Black American culture and White American culture - then, *shouldn't* they fight it, as hard as possible, to try and win? If that includes indoctrination of white liberal America to fight against its own best interests, isn't THAT also a legitimate, and relatively brilliant tactic? If White American culture is losing that battle because of liberal white politics, isn't that our OWN damn fault? Basically, if the tide is turning against white interests - it is because there is some sort of ideological failing in marketing white interests as something worth protecting. I'm not arguing against the politics of this blog - but if things are as dire as they sound after reading the posts here - then the voice of reason needs to find a new pitch, because it is *losing* the battle for minds and for hearts. If the best that can be brought to the table does not change minds, then it deserves to lose. That doesn't matter if you're talking liberal or conservative, black or white, or any other ideologically opposed perspective you might want to use as an example. Maybe things just have to get WAY worse before you start catching anyone's attention (in which case, things must not be THAT bad at present). No one ever seems to want to address this truth. Might be a point worth digging deeper on, in future blogs.

Don said...

@Dan, 6:50pm, 2/17

I can vouch for the lack of black fighter pilots. I worked as an aircraft technician at Luke AFB, Arizona from 1981 til 2000. The largest fighter training base in the world. In those 19 years I meet or seen probably thousands of prospective pilots. Part of my job was to debrief pilots about technical problems for troubleshooting purposes.. In all those years I never meet ONE black pilot, not one!.

There are two ways at looking at reality. The way Hollywood sees it & the way it REALLY is!.... In Hollywood, every third or fourth fighter jock, brain surgeon or ingenious inventor is black. Reality is insanely, radically, absurdly DIFFERENT?!.

Anonymous said...

Many cases of the rape of French womenfolk were confirmed by Allied military investigations. On it September 1944, shortly after the Allied armies had crossed the Marne, a forty-three-year-old dressmaker called Maria Guerre lodged a deposition at local headquarters describing how she had been brutally raped in front of her husband and family by three GIs:

Yesterday, the 10th instant, towards 8:00 p.m. in the evening, my ten-year-old son, Gui, came home, bringing with him three American negro soldiers. After drinking a bottle of champagne these soldiers would not leave the house. At a given moment, during which my husband and children were restrained by one of these soldiers, the two others flung themselves on me and took off my knickers and raped me. An infirmity of my left leg caused one of them to have difficulty in achieving this object, so he struck me all over, wherever he could. These soldiers raped me, one after the other, and repeated this three times in succession... During this whole incident, which took place in the bed in my kitchen, I saw my husband, who was guarded by a soldier who held a dagger above him.

American military authorities immediately took steps to locate the men responsible and prosecute them under the 93rd Article of War. A week later, at an identity parade of the 3263th Quartermaster Service Company, the woman's husband picked out a private he identified as one of the three assailants. The unfortunate (sic) GI shot himself thirty minutes later, but his accomplices were never brought to trial.

SHAEF headquarters imposed censorship on French newspapers reporting a rash of rapes and assaults on small girls. (pp. 142-143)

Anonymous said...

Correspondence of the Military Intelligence Division Relating to "Negro Subversion", 1917-1941 » 251-300 » 279 - Memo for DMI. Re: Negro in the army. » Page 172

3. Since the arrival of the 92nd Division in France individuals of the Division have committed the crime of murder, rape and assault with intent to commit rape. These are revolting crimes which no society can tolerate. They have been committed, not once, but many: times and their frequency constitutes a menace to the good name of the Division and to its permanency as a fighting unit. The Inspector General of the American [words unclear on OCR] on a recent visit to the 92nd Division, used substantially the following language to the Division Commander in war hearing:

If you cannot prevent your men from committing rape and assaults with intent to commit rape upon the persons of helpless French women I will either send the Division back to the United States or break it up and assign the fragments to duty An the rear as labor units."

Californian said...

Initially, Blacks did do a disproportionate share of the dying in Viet Nam because they were relegated to the infantry by their low IQ,

At the start of the Vietnam War, there were many blacks in enlisted ranks owing to the Pentagon's non-discrimination policies. Many blacks joined the military because it was one place where they could get ahead and, in those days, people were judged on merit. After a couple of years of combat in Vietnam and with military service becoming unpopular, fewer blacks enlisted. But the initial high number of blacks in the armed forces distorted the stats on casualties somewhat.

Artur said...

There is no wikipedia entry for "Townsville Mutiny"



Anonymous said...

The USA didn't start losing wars until after official desegregation in 1948: Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, and the current stalemates in Iraq and Afghanistan. Serbia was a complete waste, Grenada was a cluster fuck, Libya a dirty joke, and the wars on poverty and drugs are dismal failures -- except for expanding the power of the police state. And now the Little Satan wants us to get defeated in Iran.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Crackas go around the world, fuck and rape everything that moves, introduces pretty much all modern diseases, create whole societies where people not only cannot read but can barely speak the language thanks to their "magnanimous" education models, bankrupt societies, create division on monumental scales, steal land, introduce the most barbaric form of slavery known to man, try to carry out the genocide of a group of people in front of the world's eyes, lie and then rewrite history to make themselves look benevolent on all fronts, and have the nerve to be offended when a story comes up about them where it seems that they are wronged and the "liberal" media wants to bury it for whatever reason. Your whole melanin-lacking group is a bunch of goddamn pussies. The funniest goddamn pussies I've ever seen in my life. I used to get mad at these sites with you pussies but now I just laugh knowing that you are group of whiny-assed, narcissistic crybaby bitches. Carry on, pussies.

Anonymous said...

Scroll down to "A History Of U.S. Armed Forces Rebellions:
1. Bloods, Con't"
(about 3/4 of the way down the page)

Troops of color were locked up and imprisoned in the stockades at disproportionate rates. In a 1971 study by the Justice Department given to the House Armed Services Committee, Blacks represented 30% of the Army prison populations and 53% of the Air Force prison populations.

Revealing the positive correlation between dissidence and military repression, the Army's prison population tripled during the war, and the Army's 1969 MacCormick Commission revealed that all its stockades were rife with prisoners "who are violently and vociferously opposed to the war in Vietnam, have no use for the Army," and are "determined dissidents."

But the combination of Black resistance, overcrowded and dilapidated facilities, and poor training of staff guards exacerbated the situation; it was a tinderbox waiting to explode. In August of 1968, major prison rebellions rocked Da Nang and Long Binh, led by Black troops.

According to Vietnam GI, 150 prisoners staged a demonstration on August 16, 1968 and took "virtual control of the brig," protesting overcrowded cells, cold food, standing at attention for excessive periods, and "the insulting 'lick-ass-or-else' attitude of the guards."

After four days, eight marines were shot for participating in the rebellion in an attempt to quell future dissidence.

A similar but bloodier uprising occurred at Long Binh Jail. According to David Cortright, overcrowded cells, no plumbing, and inexperienced guards caused a riot of over a hundred prisoners to erupt on August 30.

From the clash, sixty-five soldiers were injured, including twenty-three hospitalizations, and one white private killed.

In response, over two hundred black soldiers refused to work and a small group barricaded a part of the prison for over a month, reinventing the space as a free "liberated African state" which prided itself with "African dress and customs."

These two stockade rebellions are only examples of many similar uprisings that occurred in the military prisons stateside. These rebellions may be linked to the civilian movement to free political prisoners, the Attica Correctional Facility rebellion on September 13, 1971 and the international movement to "Free Angela Davis," in the early seventies being the most famous.
At Lewis' base camp, two race riots occurred, and as tensions rose, a white southerner took aim at blacks by sharp shooting or "sniping" as a scare tactic. "When we started ripping white dudes off it stopped. You know, some Brother would walk right up to a white dude and cut their throat on the way. Just walk past him and keep on going...Then they stopped cause they knew we weren't playing," Lewis asserts.

His words reveal the severe deterioration of the U.S. war machine's fighting capacity. Not only did Vietnam become a war within, but located inside this intra-army battle, another struggle emerged that pitted blacks against whites in bloodshed and racial strife.

Charles Darwin said...

“Since the dawn of history the negro has owned the continent of Africa - rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light. His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud. With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail.”

— Charles Darwin

Anonymous said...

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