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Darwin's Athletes?: Why College Football Recruiting is an HBD Event

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Things will continue to get worse in this nation, until a dramatic example shakes people from their apathy. 

Their indifference. 

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Besides, it'll rattle the cages of Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs), long under the impression that opposition to their progressive dreams has been silenced.

Alabama students (the male crying) reacting to the loss to LSU in The Game of the Century. They won the rematch
New, longer post coming tonight. Just wanted to bring your attention to an article up at Alternative Right. It's a preview of a chapter from the forthcoming Opiate of America: College Football in Black and White (cover coming soon). Yesterday was National Signing Day, a holiday for pathetic white men everywhere who follow the recruiting of largely thuggish Black high school athletes (a modern-day version of the slave trade) to see which university they'll end up committing to play football for, with these same largely white alumni reaching a state of sexual euphoria if they sign with their alma mater.

One such Black player was Roger Lewis, who won't be signing with any school:
A Division I football recruit who was expected to make his college choice on Wednesday's National Signing Day festivities was instead in jail, being held on two charges of rape.

As first reported by ThisWeek Pickerington, and quickly confirmed by a number of other Ohio media outlets, Pickerington (Ohio) Central star Roger Lewis, who helped his team reach Ohio's Division I state football title game in 2011, has been charged with two first-degree felony charges of rape, both of the same female acquaintance. Like the alleged victim, Lewis is 18 and is being charged as an adult after a nearly month-long investigation by Pickerington Police.
The victim has been described only as a fellow Pickerington High student. She alleges she was raped both in December 2011 and again on Jan. 6.
On Tuesday night, Lewis was being held on $250,000 bond at Fairfield County Jail and was expected to be arraigned on Wednesday.

That's a long ways (at least metaphorically speaking) from the signing day ceremony he was expected to attend at Pickerington Central, where Lewis was expected to choose between scholarship offers from Ohio University, Marshall and Bowling Green. The wide receiver prospect also holds scholarship offers from 14 other schools, including the likes of Ohio State, West Virginia and Arizona, stacking up well against a number of other top wide receiver recruits who made their college decisions on Wednesday.
 The piece at Alternative Right is one that is a glimpse of the larger chapter. Soon, I'll post a glimpse of the chapter on college football coaches who helped paved the way for Black-Run America (BRA). Sports - especially college football and basketball - provide the primary basis for the creation of positive images of Black people, through the hero worship of these athletes.

Well, there's one reason for this, and you can read about it in (Meat) Market Failure: Recruiting, Genetics, and the White Athlete:
It’s with this thought in mind that we point out that of the top 100 Scout and Rivals high- school prospects (and those players selected to the play in the prestigious Under Armour All-American game, almost 90 percent of them are Black athletes.
Why is this?
Former Auburn University coach Pat Dye wrote in his autobiography, In the Arena—interestingly written, in part, as a response to allegations of racism from Black recruit Eric Ramsey—this about Black athletes:

Another thing I found, I already knew: we live in an age, and it will probably last forever, where the black kids in this region make the difference in football. If there are 10 college prospects in Alabama, seven are gonna be black.
Looking at the current rosters of Auburn and Alabama, Dye’s comment seems to hold true. Both schools boast overwhelmingly White student populations, but both have a disproportionate amount of Black athletes (to the general Black male populations of the school). This holds true for most major schools.
Remember that Rivals and Scout start to evaluate talent as early as the freshmen and sophomore year of high school player, providing star ratings to young men still developing and maturing. Or are they?
In Jon Entine now-classic study Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We’re Afraid to Talk About It, he spends the majority of tome talking about why Blacks are better athletes than whites. In passing he notes, curiously:

It’s hardly an irrational leap to suspect that precocious infants will end up as athletically skilled adults, however. Blacks and white do develop different body types at an early age. Numerous studies have found that by age five or six black children consistently excel in the dash, the long jump, and the high jump, all of which require a short burst. By the time boys are teenagers, blacks demonstrate a significantly faster patellar tendon reflex time—the knee jerk response—and an edge in reaction time over whites.
Put simply, Black athletes mature faster than White athletes. In Race, Evolution, and Behavior: A Life History Perspective, J. Phillippe Rushton includes a chapter on Speed of Maturation, which points out that study after study concludes Black people go through puberty well before white people, reaching full sexual maturity at astonishingly young ages. Could this be the reason former Florida State football coach made this remark regarding the paucity of White high-school talent?:

An athlete is an athlete, but, dang it, there just seem to be more black athletes than white," says Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden. "We've got a [white] phenomenon on our team, a quarterback named Danny Kendra, whose vertical jump is 39½ inches—more than anybody else we've got. He bench-presses 425 pounds, and his leg press broke the school record. He runs a 4.5 40. But there ain't many like him. And my thinking is that there's a whole lot more blacks who can do that than white guys.
Why does this matter? Why mention race at all in a discussion of college football recruiting?
Mike Freeman’s Bowden: How Bobby Bowden Forged a Football Dynasty provides the answer. His chapter Law and Order establishes that the majority of the at-risk students that college-football programs recruit are these Black athletes who have matured physically faster than white athletes, though their mental acumen will forever see a gap remain (as noted by graduation rate racial disparities, despite the same amount of tutoring). Bowden built his reputation, like that of Penn State’s Joe Paterno, on the backs of academically challenged, athletically gifted Black athletes.
This presents a problem: though athletically gifted (thanks to a genetic clock that allows them to mature faster), Black athletes perform inadequately in the classroom. Many boast embarrassingly poor high-school GPAs and standardized-test scores and require special admission to be enrolled into the schools like Florida or Florida State. Though the white athletes being evaluated at Scout and Rivals haven’t reached physical maturity, they perform far better on the academic side of the ball. This is one of the primary reasons the U.S. Military Academies (Army, Navy, and Air Force) have remained so White, when most other big-time college football programs field majority Black teams: put simply, potential Black recruits don’t have the intelligence to get accepted or complete the work once enrolled at these schools.
So the question must be asked: Is there a bias at the big-time college football programs toward Black athletes, since the recruiting services have started evaluating players at ages when the early physical maturation of Blacks give them a pronounced advantage over White players? Well, yes there is.
Tom Lemming, one of the pioneers of evaluating high school football talent, told Michael Lewis in his book The Blind Side that White high-school athletes were discriminated against by college scouts and coaches because they couldn't possibly be as a fast as black athletes. He said the same thing to The Chicago Sun Times, By Taylor Bell; he said the same thing to the South Bend Tribune.
Consider that two of the top receivers in the National Football League (NFL), the Green Bay Packers Jordy Nelson and the New England Patriot’s Wes Welker, went virtually un- recruited out of high school. Welker—who was Oklahoma’s High School Player of the Year his senior season—got a scholarship to Texas Tech. Nelson had to walk-on at Kansas State. Both are White athletes.
Consider that arguably the best linebacker in the NFL, the Packer’s Clay Matthews, was a walk-on at the University of Southern California and didn’t even see the field until his senior year. In the October 2011 issue of Muscle and Fitness magazine, Matthews let slip a crucial point:

There’s this kid you know. A high school senior. Plays football hard, but he’s nothing special on the field. He’s around six feet in cleats, maybe tops out at 200 pounds after dinner, and he’s neither fast enough to be anyone’s idea of a bit-time, blue-chip prospect.
“I knew I wanted to play at USC from when I was a kid,” he [Matthews said, though he’d have to walk-on for this dream to occur] said.
“I told him to go for it,” says Charlie Wegher, who’s coached football at Agoura High for the past 18 years, “but honestly, I didn’t think he’d get a chance to play much because USC doesn’t typically have those kinds of kids.”
So Matthews wasn’t a Rivals or Scout “Five Star” athlete, a “can’t miss” prospect with an NFL-ready future stamped on him before he even played a down of college football, like the many high-school athletes who will be signing with big-time colleges and universities around the nation today. 
He was one of “those kinds of kids.” Meaning one of those often overlooked White kids from the suburbs who hasn’t physically matured yet, at least compared to the seemingly extra-ordinary Black athletes that Rivals and Scout have evaluated as the top talent of the 2012 high school crop.
Something tells me there is a market for undervalued White players that aren’t highly sought after commodities by the big-time schools only on the prowl for academically marginal Black athletes to use and abuse for football glory.
Knowing that the New England Patriots Bill Belichick has built a franchise based around undervalued White talent, the smaller college football programs, without massive budgets to spend on hyped high-school athletes, and which hope to keep up with the Michigans, Oregons, LSUs should start considering cultivating White athletic talent that has been overlooked by recruiting services in favor of the low-hanging fruit we should just call “Darwin’s Athlete’s.”
For one thing, signing undervalued White high school talent will require less of an investment in academics and an even less amount of money to pay for their unnecessary legal teams (consider the high rate of arrests for Black players at UGA, Florida, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Penn State).
Another thing, if you’re a fan or alumni of one of these schools, you can spend less time on one of the recruiting services like Rivals or Scout, which has gone “all in” on the belief in Black athletic supremacy—truly, one of the most common “social constructs” of our time.
Until a service comes along to evaluate undervalued White players, you have to wonder how many talented suburban players or fly-over country athletes (like Welker and Nelson were) aren’t being courted by big-time schools tomorrow. How many potential NFL linebackers like Matthews, who haven’t physically matured yet, are out there and devoid of a scholarship offer? All because they are one of “those kinds of kids?” Not one of Darwin’s Athletes. Just some white kid.
As Tom Lemming said, “hundreds.”
This article doesn't touch on Brigham Young, a school that has traditionally recruited white Mormon athletes and molded them into winners. The same could be said for the recent emergence of Boise State, a school that this year started an all-white receiving corps that were lightly-recruited by other schools.

If Rick Reilly can complain about Brigham Young being able to play white athletes (the majority of whom are two or three star players) who have completed their Mormon Mission (two years) and then play football when nature has allowed their bodies to mature, then we at SBPDL can bring up the fact that these Black athletes have nature on their side, momentarily, which creates a competitive advantage over potential white high school recruits.

Looking at and its listing of Top 25 schools recruiting classes, you begin to understand why so many "conservative" white people tolerate the destruction of their major cities and will continually move their families from one Whitopia to the next "drifter colony"-- because those major cities serve as incubators for the Black athletes who will provide them some grotesque form of sexual relief come National Signing Day.

On Saturday, will publish an article on the New England Patriots. It's going to be fun. Bill Belichick, the coach of the Patriots, once addressed Urban Meyer's Florida Gator team (story from Urban's Way: Urban Meyer, the Florida Gators, and his Plan to Win).

Meyer believed that only recruiting four and five-star recruits could provide the tools necessary to win. In his statement to the Gators team (spring 2007), that was largely addressed to the new - almost exclusively Black - recruits, Belichick said, "Some of you woke up on third base and don't even know how you there because you did not hit the triple."

That quote tells me more about Belichick then I'll ever need to know. He is aware that these Black athletes were treated as Gods in high school, and played against competition that they had largely matured ahead of, which enabled them to get the five-star ranking from Rivals and Scout.

Take a look at Belichick's team. How many of the key players on the Patriots offense were highly recruited athletes?

Now, how many of those four and five-star Black athletes ended up causing Florida severe off-field problems?:

Numbers mostly flatter Florida football coach Urban Meyer, who has produced two Southeastern Conference championships, three Bowl Championship Series appearances and a couple of national titles in his five-plus years in Gainesville.
Saturday against Kentucky, he figures to get his 100th career victory — in his 118th game, reaching the milestone faster than all but five Hall of Fame coaches, including Bud Wilkinson and Knute Rockne.
But another statistic is more bedeviling: at least 31 off-the-field arrests involving 25 of Meyer's players dating to the summer of 2005, according to a running count by the Orlando Sentinel. Many have been typical college-years brushes with the law, from alcohol possession to disorderly conduct. But a dozen involved initial charges of felonies or violent misdemeanors, and the run of incidents has shared front-page space with Florida's on-the-field accomplishments and invited pointed questions about the program's virtue.

After Florida receiver Chris Rainey was booked last week on a felony charge of aggravated stalking — for allegedly sending an ex-girlfriend a threatening text message — Orlando columnist Mike Bianchi wrote, "Sadly, this outlaw reputation is now the national image of the Florida Gators."

He added, "Tim Tebow is no longer around to clean up the mess."
 No, Tebow is not around to clean up the mess. But its not a mess Floridian's really care about, as long as the Gators win.


Anonymous said...

Check out Walls police most wanted:

Notice a theme?

Anonymous said...

Sports are the opiate of White Americans blinded to the fact their wealth, culture, dignity, heritiage, land, freedom and lives are being inexorably stolen from them. This is why I despise, detest and boycott sports. I hate sports that are dominated by non-whites. I got better things to do than watch a 300 pound black guy with at best room temperature IQ chasing a ball.

Anonymous said...

Black's have weak ankles, and very sensitive shins. Look at any Black athlete, it's obvious.

In the old days White guys were taught to hit Blacks in the ankles & shins.

If Whites were coached to do that today, there would be a lot of million dollar blacks limping around.

Anonymous said...

I watch professional tennis, and that's about it. But Paul is right, most of my co-workers and friends are obsessed with this stupid game.

DW said...

There's an incomplete sentence in this article:

So the question must be asked: Is there a bias at the big-time college football programs toward Black athletes, since the recruiting services have started evaluating players at ages when the early physical maturation of Blacks give

Thought you'd want to know.

Glad you're calling out the national sports obsession. It's just stupid.

Stephen said...

I live in the heart of Florida, and all people do is worship the Gators. It sucks.

Anonymous said...

I like football. Truly. But I don't worship it. Better a player with morals than one with none. Michael Vick and the DWLs that still support his TNB. What else is there to say. Its not a big leap from hurling a spear to chucking a football.

Thrasymachus said...


This is pretty harsh. You condemn this passion, but at the same time you understand it. I have some slight interest in pro sports, football and hockey, but I don't get college sports fandom at all. Is it just a matter of being acculturated?

Anonymous said...

UGA Alum here.

Football is great but the Georgia program recruits the biggest criminal thugs I have ever seen.

Interesting information about blacks maturing faster than whites.

Zenster said...

The wide receiver prospect also holds scholarship offers from 14 other schools, including the likes of Ohio State, West Virginia and Arizona, stacking up well against a number of other top wide receiver recruits who made their college decisions on Wednesday.

Does anyone want to bet that out of moral indignation several, if not all, of these schools withdraw their scholarship offers to alleged double rapist Roger Lewis?


Miller said...

I would like to say that Gainesville DOES actually care that their athletes are a bunch of hoodlums/thugs....but who am I kidding?

Overheard some fans at one point say: As long as they can rack up the wins, I don't give a hoot if they're gettin arrested.


Paleface 6 said...

A little off-topic, kinda: This falls under the heading of Catching A Clue Too Late:

Tony Dorsett Sues For Past Injuries

I feel sorry for guys in this kind of situation, until I remember the un-Godly amounts of money they are paid. Plan ahead, for Christ's sake! Did they think think they were going to be on the field forever?

Zenster said...

It’s with this thought in mind that we point out that of the top 100 Scout and Rivals high- school prospects (and those players selected to the play in the prestigious Under Armour All-American game, almost 90 percent of them are Black athletes.

This is obscene and the direct reflection of a concerted effort to eradicate White culture. It embodies the "win at any cost" mentality along with demonstrating a total disregard for the health and safety of those who will have these thugs plunked down in their midst.

Schools cheapen the value of their diplomas as they grovel at the feet of those who would normally not even pass a background check in order to perform janitorial duties at such institutions.

Orlando columnist Mike Bianchi wrote, "Sadly, this outlaw reputation is now the national image of the Florida Gators."

Bianchi says that like it's a bad thing. The overwhelming majority of academic and professional NBA or NFL sports teams resemble a violent criminal lineup at some inner-city police station. An "outlaw" reputation is a plus in the eyes of most professional Black athletes. Their tattooed bodies and off-field (mis)conduct all confirm this.

I look forward to the day when the NBA and NFL cannot draw enough fans to merit air time on television. How ironic would it be if the remaining, largely Black spectators at these events would get into bleacher brawls rivaling anything to be seen on the field?

Miller said...

"Does anyone want to bet that out of moral indignation several, if not all, of these schools withdraw their scholarship offers to alleged double rapist Roger Lewis?" is 'alleged'....I mean....innocent until proven guilty, right?

(please notice the river of sarcasm flowing off to your left)

Anonymous said...

If they were ALL white, I couldn't think of a reason to give a damn about them after I had graduated. But KNOWING that they are mentally retarded, violent savages, who by definition have no place in a civilized university setting?

Good God, these white fools who worship them are probably the most pathetic group on the planet.

-Sweep the leg

Anonymous said...

As for those who cannot see why PK writes so much about football, it is NOT about football. It is about the disgusting, immoral, irresponsible action of allowing retarded, violent, thugs anywhere NEAR a college or university. They go ONLY to run with or shoot a ball. They have no interest in a degree (which even if they did, they have no chance of gaining), and from time to time even demand to be paid. You know, because they do all the work, and white people profit, and such and such.

Fucking madness.

-Sweep the leg

Zenster said...

There also remains the glaring issue of financially enabling some of the most intellectually incompetent and criminally-prone individuals on this planet.

One may as well operate a Kentucky Derby stud farm using the most spavined and swaybacked stallions available. These otherwise total misfits are given an almost unlimited opportunity to sire brood after brood of illegitimate and fatherless spawn who are literally assured to become thugs and prostitutes themselves.

By deifying these completely unworthy specimens of humanity, those who perpetuate Black-Run Sports are polluting mankind with a largely predatory species that will drag down another ten for every one of them.

Anonymous said...

@ Zenster

Great point. If it were not for "financially enabling" these retards, how many would have offed each other long before prowling college campuses? How many innocent white boys and girls on these campuses would not had their lives destroyed? Etc...

Allowing this horrifically mentally and civilly disabled species to share a place with our sons and daughters should be punishable by law.

-Sweep the leg

So CAL Snowman said...

Living in So CAL for most of my life, I have been inundated with UCLA/USC football. The programs used to be very competitive for almost as long as I can remember and then Pete Carroll showed up (to recruit blue chip THUGS). The biggest difference between UCLA and every other Pac-12 school (except Stanford) is that UCLA has the SECOND HIGHEST ATHLETIC ACADEMIC STANDARDS (behind Stanford). Due to their unusually high Athletic Academic Standards (for afleets anyway) UCLA has trouble recruiting the "Top Talent" and has been mired in mediocrity for YEARS. Folks out here blame the COACH, THE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR, Basically everything but the fact that the school's academic standards are too high for most of these BRAIN DEAD AFLEETS!


Interestingly enough, Stanford has the HIGHEST academic standards and has recently had a run of Tremendous success. WHY? Because Coach John Harbaugh understood that you can win with Intelligent White Athletes. UCLA continues to look for the BLACK Athletes that can BARELY qualify under the HIGH STANDARDS (for Afleets anyway) and then wonder why they continually get blown away year after year. Oregon State, USC, U of Oregon, ASU, Arizona St. all make a mockery of the "Student Athlete" ideal and recruit players at the lowest possible academic levels allowable.


W74 said...

It's simple: Blacks start hitting puberty around age eleven and are already in their prime between 17-21.

Whites don't hit puberty until 13-15 and don't reach their prime years until 21-25.

So OF COURSE High School and College athletes are at a comparative disadvantage in terms of size, speed and strength to their African counterparts. When it comes time for selection quality White players are often overlooked at all levels of play.

Where Whites make up for it is in SKILL and TEAMWORK which count for more in team sports in general. As blacks' prime years become more and more distant for them White players are just coming into their own, where their skills, knowledge and aptitude for teamwork are constantly improving.

So CAL Snowman said...

Zenster said: "How ironic would it be if the remaining, largely Black spectators at these events would get into bleacher brawls rivaling anything to be seen on the field?"

Like this: NinersVsRaiders

<a href=">Shootings&Fights</a>

Not 100% Black but the message is pretty clear.

So CAL Snowman said...

Here's that last link properly formatted, apologies ;)


biffgrimes said...

Brilliant article.Back in the day during the telecast of a college football game there would be a profile of one of the players playing in the game ,almost always white ,praising his academic achievements.It was titled "student athlete of the game.Nowadays most of the negroes on the gridiron cannot read at the 8th grade level.As for the superiority of black football players, here in Illinois ,white suburban teams dominate black teams in state playoffs.There is a definite bias against white players at the college and pro levels.If Dick Butkus,Larry Csonka,or Fred Biletnikoff played today their white skin would have prevented them from playing in todays NFL.Thats the reason I will be rooting for the Patriots in the Super Bowl,the team that dares to play whites at running back and receiver

Anonymous said...

White players are hugely discriminated against by the scumbag anti-White recruiting services.
There are plenty of White Running Backs who lead their state in rushing yardage and TDs, yet these criminal anti-White recruiting services never mention them.

For example, in 2011 White RB Joseph Sadler broke the Texas High School scoring record, yet the criminal anti-White recruiting services didnt rate him at all, and he didnt receive a single Division 1 scholarship offer. You can bet that if he was a negro, D 1 colleges would be fighting to sign him, he would be overwhelmed with D 1 offers.

The physical maturation explanation is just BS, thousands of talented White high school players are simply ignored, or their skills are hugely downplayed by the criminal anti-White recruting services, while talentless negroes are overhyped to the max.
The hugely overhyped negroes, the supposedly best of the best of this year's class, led by an overhyped negro QB, LOST to international nobodies. And not only they lost, they were destroyed. ...trailed by as much as 35-16 early in the fourth quarter before staging a rally that fell short. yeah right. They "staged a rally", or best said they just made the score a little respectable in garbage time, when the winner was never in doubt.

MuayTyson said...

Blacks develop earlier? Next you will tell me that blacks respond to medications and medical treatment differently. It's all a LIE! We all know race is a social construct.

R Neville said...

4 sheboons attack white waitress in Red Lobster. This was in the St. Louis Metro Area (in Illinois). Fairview Heights was a drift colony and retail area (As a teen I was a regular at the mall called St. Clair Square) for SW Illinois for 30 years. The plague has crept up the bluff from E St. Louis.

Anonymous said...

I worked with a former ucla football player. Didnt hate whitey, but lazy. Smoked enormous aounts of weed and wore$300 shirts , but not a dime for his bastard kids.

He never saw them, and multiple mothers, plus no fidelity to his longtime girlfriend.

not criminal though afaik

Edwood said...


Article from CNN showing that whites are easier on blacks so that they won't be perceived as "racist"

Lily White said...

"4 sheboons attack white waitress in Red Lobster."

I'm guessing they thought they were at McDonald's.

Anonymous said...

OH Please ..'News' on the web:


Cassanova McKinzy spurned Clemson because he missed the Chick-fil-A

What's really important to a college football athlete when...........

Craig James said...

I find the physical maturation argument faulty. Even if it were true, it wouldn't equal much difference in playing success in a team sport like football. As can be clearly seen; Welker, Nelson, Woodhead, and Toby Gerhart were dominant athletes in high school; yet they were rated below black athletes who didn't perform as well. Using the physical maturation argument is an attempt to find a good reason for the bias against white athletes when no good reason exists. Compare Mark Ingram and Toby Gerhart. By all objective measures Gerhart performed better than Ingram both on the field and in the Combine tests. Gerhart is also mentally more mature, and was a pro baseball prospect as well. Yet Gerhart was drafted second round and got a rookie contract less than half of Ingram's.

Zenster said...

Baldowl: I can see

Very nice.

I agree, Baldowl. KISS (Keep It Simple Simon)

As Albert Einstein said:

A scientific theory should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.

So it is with memes. They must be easy to absorb and self explanatory but not oversimplified to the point of being patronizing or showing blatant condescension.

With accusations of racism now being used to propel every imaginable anti-White agenda, removing race and refocusing on color is a brilliant strategy. For reasons known only to Liberal idiots, race is no longer a visual construct, yet, color is. If any proof of this is needed, consider how the Left so vigorously advances the equivalency of Islamophobia ― as if any appropriate fear of Islam could be an irrational "phobia" ― with "racism" despite how Islam is not a race.

Black America is so highly reliant upon ― if not outright addicted to ― and emphatic about their skin color that making it a simple issue of being able to see the role which color (i.e., actual race), plays in a group's collective societal contributions and actual content of character is a superb strategy.

It is a jewel beyond price that hysterical Liberals have worked so hard to dilute the calumny which was once attached to charges of racism. By doing so, they've made the issue of color more pertinent.

While this may seem counterintuitive, the fact remains that by attaching the label of "racist" to those who oppose Islam, which is not a race, intentionally or not Liberals have detached the smear of racism from skin color; no matter how much Blacks insist upon it. This is a "teachable moment" in how to set Liberal pet minorities upon their own necks.

Now, more than at any other point in history, is the time to capitalize upon that in spades (so to speak). To hell with race, let's go back to simple color and see what is to be shown by various people of color.

The results are so undeniable and simultaneously compelling that few, save the most indoctrinated, will be willing to take up the banner of racism.

W74 said...

Blacks develop earlier? Next you will tell me that blacks respond to medications and medical treatment differently. It's all a LIE! We all know race is a social construct.

Lol MuayTyson. Perfect sarcasm. Love it!

Yes, they do. I'd also like to add to my first post that Whites are only at a physical disadvantage at the same AGE. Give it a few years and it evens out, and then blacks start to lose their advantage the same way they lose their cognitive similarities after age 8.

Physically, for example, with 17 year old high school seniors and even young White college students: they simply haven't had the time to gain the bulk muscle mass that blacks gain early on, and they certainly haven't had time (what with all the studying and all) to go to the gym and fine tune those muscles.

More remains to be seen but an excellent four hour long video on black and White differences can be found here:

Occidental BTW is another fantastic blogger who focuses on academic (how little their is) research regarding race differences. When the research isn't explicitly racial he ties the loose ends together. When it's blatantly biased, he points it out.

Now, I noticed you mentioned medicine and I'm not a huge fan of medicine and the pharmaceutical industry (they treat it as if it were candy to be purchaced at Wal-Mart...oh...what, you can get that there too...??) but one of the best things to come out in recent years is that different races ARE affected differently and that medicine should be tailored to the individual, but knowing the genetic makeup of someone should be able to HELP make medical decisions for everyone.

And Craig,
We'll see my man. You can disagree but the video I posted makes a pretty good case for now. I don't think you can take a handful of individuals and generalize across the entirety of team sports. It goes much deeper than that. Besides, you're talking about individuals who've already passed several rounds of selection by the recruitment gods. That alone means that they're not true representatives of the whole sample population.

Anonymous said...

White privilege

All around America, all-White football high-school teams dominate all-negro high-school teams, yet negroes get 80% or more of Division 1 scholarship. Thats UnFair, is it not. So much White privilege, somebody please do something for the poor discriminated negroes.

Perfect example of White Privilege is White RB Joseph Sadler, who in 2011 broke the Texas High School scoring record thanks to his White Privilege. Luckily the recruiting services were really Fair and didn't rate him at all, while Division 1 colleges (the top recruiting football programs at college level) were even more Fair, and didn't give him a single scholarship to prove himself in the top programs. On second thought, the treatment of Sadler by recruiting services and Div 1 colleges looks really UnFair, but what do I know.

Hey Paul, how about you do a piece about the enormous White Privilege enjoyed by thousands of talented White players high school football players who dominate their negro counterparts, and yet are completely ignored by the recruiting services and Division 1 colleges.

Lily White said...

Off topic, but this was simply so shocking, stunning, and utterly amazing, I brought it to the table anyway. Seems the 3 thugs in Philadelphia that attacked the white cab driver and his white passenger while yelling racial slurs (Prepare to be astonished, folks. Are you sitting down?) will NOT be charged with a hate crime, because there was "no evidence that that the assault had been motivated by the race of the victims."

Artist said...

The newspaper here in Delaware featured an article about our local recruits on Signing Day. It was an article about bunch of black guys and a couple of white girls.

In Delaware, this past high school football season signified a very important transformation. The spread offense has finally rooted itself and blossomed. It took awhile but finally there are more then a couple teams using it successfully. Scoring records in playoff games were shattered. Those of us who like the run game and line play are left with an empty feeling.

Still, as is true in most of HS FB, integrated teams with racial balance prevailed. But the scouts and colleges have plucked the black "blue chips" away, leaving all the white kids who blocked and tackled home. But that's okay, as these non-recruits will now have to leave the semi-permanent adolescence of college football dreams behind in order to make something of themselves. Meanwhile those with dreams of glory wander around for years wasting themselves.

The desire to give blacks kids scholarships has gone so far that I know of a kid who never started a HS game getting a free ride to college. All of these "recruiting services" are a way around the traditional method of scouts watching HS games.

Discard said...

Artist: I couldn't agree more with your third paragraph. Young White men ought be learning useful skills and how to be husbands and fathers, not seeking sports stardom.
Sports have their place, as play, as an outlet for controlled aggression, as a venue for teaching virtue, and as an occasional amusement for spectators. To elevate them beyond that is pathetic, like the way that so many women gush over celebrities. Sports fanaticism is Oprah for men.

10mm AUTO said...

"It's simple: Blacks start hitting puberty around age eleven and are already in their prime between 17-21.

Whites don't hit puberty until 13-15 and don't reach their prime years until 21-25."

I agree completely. In Homers "Iliad", Telemachus at age 21 asks Odysseus when will he be strong enough to bend his fathers Great Ox bow. Odysseus answers, "In a few years, when you reach your full strength.", implying that Telemachus will fully develop by age 25. Whites and Asians develop more slowly, even in the age of good nutrition and Advanced medicine, which is why many people have advocated that there be a break in school around age 12 to 14 as well as Whites and Asians taking a year off if they wish between HS and University to get some life experience.

Artist said...


I absolutely agree with your remarks. I loved football and spent a lot of time in it. Coached HS and youth ball from 1996 to 2002, then "retired" from coaching to watch my son and my other boys play high school from 2002-2005. Our HS team was a dynasty with heavily recruited players (several BCS program and the NFL) and as such it gave me the opportunity to observe some things up close. Too many times and for too many years I saw young guys get sucked up into this college thing. Only a tiny fraction have the ability to go past high school. Yet so many take a detour into trying. It becomes self-destructive. My son had the sense to walk away from the game and now 6 years out he has a great job and a bright future. Many of his teammates are on the corner now. I watched families of limited means throw all their eggs into the college sports basket only to rack up debt and fail to get a degree. It's very sad and oh so avoidable. But the Kool Aid tasted good for awhile.

Our HS coach is a great coach and was masterful at teaching all those positive things you speak of. I was able to use sports with my son and daughter to re-inforce life lessons. It was a struggle at times but it worked in the long run.

The whole college football recruiting thing is a big racket. One thing not discussed here at SBPDL is the Division III racket. There are no real scholarships in DIII. Yet these programs recruit heavily and play on the dreams of the kids and their parents. There is limited money to help and many times these are expensive schools. Therefore families go into debt to chase the dream. Meanwhile consider how much tuition these schools are raking in via populating a team. And many of these schools are very female heavy. They can gain gender balance by having a football team. There are even liberal arts schools starting teams for this purpose. My son was a DIII level player (at least in this modern age) and I had coaches representing $50,000 per year schools calling. Our team had about 15-20 kids recruited by DIII schools.

Don't get me going on the race stuff... I was blind when i started but gradually I came to see. It slaps me in the face all the time.

Funny thing about football; it purports to use science to evaluate players, but when a white equals a black as measured by science, then all of a sudden words like "burst" are thrown around so the results of the stop watch can be discounted. When I was a kid blacks were said to have an "extra bone" or "extra muscle" that explained their prowess. You were called a racist for saying that. Now we're back to a modernized version of that old saying and it's gone mainstream.

B. Herder said...

@ Anonymous February 2, 2012 2:17 PM

My oldest son graduated from Washington State U last May. Wanna hear how BAD it is?
At the beginning of the ceremony, they had the speeches of course...
Then they graduated the students getting their Ph.D.'s ..
Then they graduated the students getting their Masters ..
Then they graduated the students (My son) getting their Bachelors..

But before that, they trotted up about a dozen students who were 'outstanding' .. As in, having two majors and getting two degrees in four years, or students who made the Dean's List every semester, that sort of thing.

So here's this negro (Keep in mind the WSU student body is only 2-3% negro) who they trotted up and made a BIG fuss about.
He was a member of The Football Team (And I can only assume that he was not NFL draft-worthy so figured he might as well graduate) and get this... His major was...
GEN ED! WTF?? GEN ED??!! Are they serious?? They made a big deal out of a negro getting a Gen Ed degree???

THAT ..... Is how bad it's getting.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about football; it purports to use science to evaluate players, but when a white equals a black as measured by science, then all of a sudden words like "burst" are thrown around so the results of the stop watch can be discounted. When I was a kid blacks were said to have an "extra bone" or "extra muscle" that explained their prowess. You were called a racist for saying that. Now we're back to a modernized version of that old saying and it's gone mainstream.

On a scouting trip Billy Beane and a few others being scouted was asked to run 180 feet.

Billy Beane won.

The scouts asked them to run again as they could not believe that a white guy had beaten some black guys.

He won again.

Scouts probably went off to have their mal functioning eyes tested rather than revamp their assumptions whereas Billy Beane went on to learn why the statistics used by scouts who do not understand statistics are not as good as they could be.

Anonymous said...

'All around America, all-White football high-school teams dominate all-negro high-school teams, yet negroes get 80% or more of Division 1 scholarship. Thats UnFair, is it not. So much White privilege, somebody please do something for the poor discriminated negroes. '
Santa Monica College...'07
Black coach and not ALL black team...
in a non black area.
you figure..could racism be happening?
At SM High the blacks from a black area rioted at a game.
I guess they lost so they rioted.

The Fighting Whitey said...

Who knew they had negroes in New Zealand?:

Theft of Frozen Fetus Sparks Wild Gang Brawl in New Zealand

NEW PLYMOUTH, New Zealand - The theft of a frozen fetus from a young couple's home sparked a wild gang brawl in New Zealand, police sources told Friday's Taranaki Daily News.

The miscarried 12-week-old fetus was stolen last year from a freezer, where it was being kept ahead of a burial ceremony, at the property in New Plymouth on the country's North Island.

The burglars also stole meat being stored there.

Police sources told the Daily News two women were arguing this week over who was to blame in the theft when gang members drinking nearby joined in, sparking a fight which involved up to 30 people.

A woman and three men, who were described as associates of New Zealand's notorious Black Power gang, appeared in court Thursday on charges relating to the fight.

One man was remanded for a week, while two were sentenced to community service after pleading guilty to obstructing police and disorderly behavior.

The woman was convicted of disorderly behavior, but was freed without penalty because she has five children to care for.

And they sound just like our negroes! It's a small world after all.

Anonymous said...

Fighting whitey...
In down under lands TV news is called:
Black Crime Hour.
the natives are pure african DNA...
but left Afreeka 40000 to 100000 years ago.
Check it out....
google....african-aboriginal DNA.

Anonymous said...

The comment "Pittsburgh is a white city" is laughable!

Travel through the Hill, East Liberty, Mifflin, Homewood,Homestead, Wilkinsburgh (lord help us), and even Penn Hills etc...

And try to defend that statement!