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The Death of Public Housing (The Law of Unintended Consequences)

(PK NOTE: This will be a three-part series, with the third entry - most likely - being posted at VDare, to celebrate the legacy of the 1996 Coca-Cola Olympic Games in Atlanta. That legacy is not what was originally intended.)

Tearing down public housing; spreading poverty through vouchers
'Public housing'. Two words that, when uttered separately, have a far different meaning then when they're combined, eliciting a predetermined response of dread if approaching near one in your car. More to the point, the mere thought of public housing conjures up visions of crime, misery, neglected children, a massive police presence, drugs, prostitution... basically a level of Dante's The Inferno that makes you understand hell is on earth.

And it's in a place called 'public housing'.

In the city of Atlanta, gradual white flight to the suburban (metro) area created a Black Hole of poverty directly in the heart of the New South's capital city. This Black Hole of poverty resided in "public housing" that one out of every 10 Atlanta residents called home.

The Atlanta Housing Authority’s Olympic Legacy Program: Public Housing Projects To Mixed Income Communities By Harvey K. Newman documents the concentration of poverty in "public housing" in Atlanta -- which no one dares points out looks oddly like the current state of 90 percent Black Detroit (p.7 in the PDF):
While many of these blacks moved to northern cities such as Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland, others left rural areas in the south for Atlanta. Sensing the change, many whites fled Atlanta, so that by 1970, a majority of the city’s residents were black. This process of white flight from the City of Atlanta and its housing projects hastened the decline in the city’s population as more than 100,000 people left Atlanta during the twenty years after 1970. From a peak of 496,973 in 1970, the city counted only 394,017 residents in 1990. At the same time, the suburban area outside the City of Atlanta added more than 1.5 million people, creating a metropolitan area of almost 3 million by 1990.

There were several important consequences of this change in the city’s population. First, the expansion of public housing left the City of Atlanta with one of the highest concentrations of public housing residents per capita of any city in the nation. While cities such as New York and Chicago had larger numbers of citizens living in public housing, Atlanta had a higher ratio of public housing residents compared to those not living in public housing. Almost one out of every ten residents of the City of Atlanta lived in public housing. The presence of other poor residents in the city gave Atlanta the second highest concentration of poverty (behind Newark, New Jersey) of any city in the US. 
Yes, during the height of Atlanta's reign as the Black Mecca of America, one out of every 10 residents of the city lived in public housing. And, as Howard Husock of City Journal wrote in The Washington Times, 98 percent of the occupants of public housing in Atlanta were Black.

It was this concentration of Black people in public housing that vexed police (Black people in public housing helped contribute to Atlanta's vice on being the most dangerous city in America for years), befuddled Crusading White Pedagogues (CWP) attempting to find the magic formula to stop the Waiting for Superman and close the racial gap in learning, and helped keep the Atlanta Black political machine moving forward.

What do we mean by that latter statement? Well, on July 14, 2001, the Atlanta Journal Constitution published a story that basically lamented the end of the Black political machine
(Black activists change vote tactics: Demographics, computers bring new political reality, Julie Hairston, AJC), which included this hilarious anecdote:
Public housing voters accounted for much of Mayor Bill Campbell's 4,191-vote margin of victory in 1997. But his second term as mayor has scattered that once-accessible constituency to the far reaches of the metro area.

Public housing edge gone

In a close race, those votes could make a winning difference as they did for Campbell in his re-election race against Marvin Arrington. But candidates will have to look for many ways to reach voters, political observers say.

Louise Watley has been a public housing leader committed to politics in the black community all of her adult life. She has been registering black voters and taking them to the polls since the 1960s.

"It used to be very easy and very simple," said Watley. "You knew who the registered voters were and you could just send a letter out" telling them who to vote for.

Angelo Fuster, a political strategist who began his career with Jackson in the 1970s, said public housing was an essential element in turning out black voters.

"It used to be that Techwood Homes was a prime place. You could go and hustle up 1,000 people just like that," he said, snapping his fingers in the air.

Since 1995, though, Watley has watched as six of the city's largest public housing projects have been redeveloped and most of their residents dispersed to places as far-flung as Stockbridge. Where thousands of voters with identical political leanings once lived within effortless reach of transport vans and a day's worth of door-to-door greetings, mixed-income communities of highly transient newcomers with no particular political loyalties now dwell.

Watley said public housing contained as many as 20,000 registered voters a decade ago. Now, only about 4,000 of those voters remain, she said.
Wait a second? What in the world happened to public housing in Atlanta? 20,000 registered voters prepared to vote on pertinent matters, if only a van can drive them to and from the polling place... down to less than 1/4 its political power!

Now, this number is in the hundreds since public housing was completely removed from Atlanta. NPR decried the breakup of concentrated Black poverty in public housing in this article(Atlanta Housing Demolition Sparks Outcry, Kathy Lohr, March 10, 2008):
The Atlanta Housing Authority has already demolished 11 complexes since 1994 and plans to get rid of another dozen in the next two years. In most cases, mixed-income housing was built on those sites, and some of the homes were set aside for low-income residents. Residents got vouchers that they could take anywhere to find rental housing. 

Renee Glover, CEO of the housing authority, says there are "a lot of good choices" for families to find housing.
 One of the primary considerations a white family must consider before moving into an area is the ability to safely raise a family; the quality of schools near said house for kids to be sent too; and the ability for that home to appreciate in value.

The 2010 Atlanta Housing Voucher Riot - 30,000 Blacks...
None of this is possible in a city with a large population of Black people, hence the need to for white flight. At one point, the metro Atlanta suburbs boasted schools with some of the highest standardized test scores in all the land; property values that seemed destined to only head north; and crime-free cities whose police force spent their time handing out speeding tickets.

The HOPE VI AND MIXED-FINANCE REDEVELOPMENTS: A CATALYST FOR NEIGHBORHOOD RENEWAL: ATLANTA CASE STUDY made clear the severity of the Black criminal problem that once existed in Atlanta public housing (PDF, p. 2) and served as a reminder of why white flight transpires:
Fifty years after being unveiled as the nation’s first slum-clearance public housing development, Techwood Homes and its sister development, Clark Howell Homes, were urban nightmares. In 1993, over one-third of the 1,195 barracks-style units were vacant and another third were occupied by overcrowded households. Despite $15 million worth of repairs in 1981, the units had outdated heating, sewer, and plumbing systems as well as lead-based paint. More than 1,000 emergency work orders—nearly one per unit—remained to be completed at the two developments. Crime was rampant; in 1992, there were a total of 8,670 police and security field responses—an average of one every hour for the entire year. The 913 serious crimes reported at the developments in 1992 represented an average of more than one per household.
Because of the law of the Visible Black Hand of Economics, Black people who inherited Atlanta were unable to thrive without government mandated minority contracting and affirmative action programs; levels of poverty for Black people whose lives weren't enriched by the spoils of The Atlanta Way were drenched in the muck of avarice to the tune of some of the highest poverty rates in all the land. 

Now... many of these same counties reflect the majority Black population that calls them home, while Atlanta attracts a renaissance of white people (and thus, a rebirth of tax-revenue instead of having a population largely incapable of producing wealth).

They, in turn, are prepared to enact laws that deprive the dwindling white populations stranded there (primary due to a loss of personal wealth, directly tied to the home they own: its depreciation correlated tragically with the demise of the white population and rise of the Black population) of the same ability to generate wealth that the Black political structure in Atlanta once did to whites who weren't connected to the capitalist elite --- all the while relying on the sturdy Black vote from public housing! An editorial by Mike King in the Atlanta Journal Constitution published in June of 2007 addressed the important subject of "Blacks leaders concerned about losing power":
It's rare when Atlanta politicians talk frankly, especially in public, about race and power.
So, Mayor Shirley Franklin's candid assessment last week that African-Americans are in danger of losing their Atlanta political base marks an important threshold in the evolution of one of the first American cities to be governed almost exclusively by black leaders.
It suggests that the demographic changes happening within the growing city population portend a time, very soon, when blacks will have to share much more power with whites -- not unlike the reversal of fortune the city's white politicians faced when a young Maynard Jackson was elected mayor 35 years ago.

And on a base level, it might explain, in part, the motivation behind the radio ad last year by Franklin, U.S. Rep. John Lewis and former Mayor Andrew Young, exhorting Fulton County residents to vote for black county commission candidates or risk bringing back the days when fire hoses and attack dogs were turned on black Americans demanding voting rights.
The images conjured up in the radio ad -- that the days of Jim Crow might return in Fulton County if blacks surrender power to whites -- were reckless and irresponsible.
The mayor's most recent assessment of Atlanta politics was much more subtle. But the theme was similar.
Franklin, speaking at an urban affairs symposium in Washington, noted that "there are concerns" about the loss of African-American political dominance in the city, which once had a minority population that was pushing 70 percent. Blacks still represent 58.6 percent of the city's population, but much of Atlanta's growth over the last 15 years -- when it went from less than 400,000 people to more than 470,000 -- has been fueled by whites. With nearly all the city's public housing demolished and its population dispersed around the metro area, the two races could reach a rough parity in the next five to 10 years.

Since Jackson's rise to power, political decisions in Atlanta, and to some degree in Fulton County and DeKalb County as well, have been measured by whether they benefit whites or blacks most. Everything -- how the airport is run, who is chosen police chief, school superintendent or chief executive for Grady Hospital, who gets government contracts -- has been weighed against whether blacks are getting their fair share or whites are attempting to regain control.
"African Americans of the city of Atlanta have been the most progressive on issues of inclusion of anyone," Franklin told the group. "In our metropolitan area there have been traditions of exclusion, so we are concerned that the loss of political power might undermine the progression of these social policies."
To paraphrase: When we got the power, we set the rules. If we lose power, the rules might change.
Sound familiar? If you're older than 50, you may remember white politicians saying essentially the same thing after the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965.
Franklin wasn't specific about what she means when she says the city is "progressive on issues of inclusion," but the current debate in Clayton County -- which may be the largest recipient of Atlanta's dispersed black population -- might provide some indication.
There, blacks represent 62 percent of the population, but only in recent years has the county elected black leaders, including County Commission Chairman Eldrin Bell and County Sheriff Victor Hill. The NAACP president and other black leaders in Clayton are demanding that the county implement an affirmative action plan designed to award more contracts to minority-owned businesses.
If Clayton takes that step, it will be the first metro government to do so in years. Under Jackson, Atlanta was among the first cities to enact rules requiring set-asides in major contracts for minority subcontractors. But those rules were weakened as a result of a lawsuit in the 1990s. Bill Campbell, then mayor, famously likened the plaintiffs in the lawsuit to the Ku Klux Klan.
It didn't seem to matter that the set-asides were constitutionally questionable and cost the city millions. They also played an important role in Campbell running the most corrupt administration in the city's history. Under his watch contracts were awarded not based on whether they might help a struggling business, but how they might help Bill Campbell and his cronies.
As Atlanta's white politicians learned years ago -- and its current band of black leaders may soon discover -- it's hard to give up the power to make the rules.
Five years later, DeKalb County is in economic chaos; Clayton County the foreclosure capital of America. Those white politicians who warned about the passing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the consequences therein... their voices can be heard echoing through the ruins throughout metro Atlanta.

Husock, writing in the Autumn 2010 of City Journal, bragged about the wonders of Atlanta tearing down its public housing (Atlanta’s Public-Housing Revolution:Renee Glover has torn down blighted projects, required tenants to work, and transformed lives) without mentioning the crisis that is brewing: what happens to the areas where the former residents of Atlanta public housing - 99 percent o of whom were Black - use their vouchers to call home?:
Crime rates, moreover, are consistently high in and around public housing, and voucher units have been widely implicated in the spread of social problems to formerly safe areas. The problem is financial, as well: housing vouchers alone, which didn’t even exist until 1974, now cost taxpayers $18 billion, more than the $16.9 billion that we spend on welfare. And it’s a policy that disproportionately affects the African-American poor. Nearly 45 percent of public-housing tenants are black, as are 42 percent of voucher recipients.
All this makes what Renee Glover is doing in Atlanta so important. Since 1994, Glover, a child of Jim Crow–era Jacksonville, Florida, has led the Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA)—the nation’s fifth-largest public-housing system, with 50,000 tenants and voucher recipients, 99 percent of them, like her, African-American. She has drawn national recognition for the fact that during her tenure, Atlanta became the first city in the United States to tear down virtually all its projects.
But Glover’s plan is far more ambitious than demolition: she has set out to transform the dysfunctional behavior that condemns people to languish for years in public housing. Her approach is the most dramatic change in any city’s public-housing system since Franklin Roosevelt created the program in 1937.
When Glover first took charge of the AHA, just 18.5 percent of household heads in the city’s bleak projects held jobs. At a time when Atlanta overall had the nation’s highest murder rate, crime was six times higher in the projects than the city average. Lawlessness prevailed in these campus-style complexes. Drug gangs had their own apartments for conducting business, such as grisly initiation ceremonies (in one, teenagers performed oral sex on a six-year-old boy to prove that no act was too horrible to commit). Calls to 911 were so numerous, Atlanta police lieutenant Scott Kreher recalls, that reports of anything but the worst violent crime had to wait, sometimes for more than eight hours. “It was very common to start the night shift with 50 or 60 calls pending,” he says. In part, that’s because the projects came alive at night, especially during the summer. With so few residents working, most slept during the heat of the day and came out after dark. “You’d think it was midday at midnight. Everyone was out barbecuing, partying on the porches. And you were always hearing gunfire.”
All this was happening in places built to eradicate slums, whose immorality had so shocked progressives a century ago. Not surprisingly, real-estate development in the neighborhoods surrounding the projects was essentially nonexistent for decades, though the rest of the city boomed, say Atlanta development officials.
For Glover, the projects were clearly a “toxic environment” to be leveled—and she proceeded to do it. Starting with grants from the Clinton-era Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and then using private financing, she reduced the city’s 14,000 public-housing units to 2,000, most of them in complexes for the elderly. Gone were crime-ridden projects like Bowen Homes—immortalized in a rap lyric by the Shop Boyz: “My hood I love them ladies, / My hood I love them babies, / I can’t forget my niggas, / Bowen Homes we love you baby!” Glover then leased the land to private developers, who built apartment and townhouse complexes there; in return, the developers agreed to dedicate 40 percent of the new units to tenants who qualified for public housing. Two-fifths of the projects’ residents relocated to these “mixed-income” complexes. The remaining three-fifths received housing vouchers and used them to move into other private apartment buildings.
The course of history can change quickly. It just requires people being granted another option outside of the continued direction of narrow, political thought and debate.

Public housing units nationwide are being torn down, the concentration of Black crime and poverty no longer contained; your government is actively dispersing public housing residents throughout major metropolitan areas like Atlanta, Memphis, and Chicago.

It seems our government is intent on spreading The Inferno of public housing, by redistributing the poverty (Black people) to areas lacking the enrichment of diversity.

We'll explore much more in part two tomorrow.

Until then, remember: White America owes Black America nothing; especially those living who once lived in public housing or who now have "vouchers"...


Anonymous said...

Anything using the adjective Public should srtike terror into the heart of any civilized person. Put that adjective in front of education, park, beach, pool, health, transportation, etc and you have chaos, only possible exception Library.

H. West said...

Wow...what an article! Every word of it completely accurate. I received the infamous 'robo-call' from the Black troika (watch John Lewis sometime...his lips cannot physically get out of the way of the rest of his mouth when trying to speak) "Dey want to turn-ba the clock back-ba...don't-ba let-ba dem-ba" Up until a couple of weeks before the election the White candidate was leading by a healthy margin. So I guess it worked.

The City of Atlanta is deteriorating any readers of the blog who live here can attest. The roads are in such sorry shape it's like running an obstacle course every day to avoid bottoming out your car. We have the highest water rates, some of the worst pollution, and an ever, creeping, black population that seems to infiltrate every last decent restaurant, club, public attraction, museum, etc... The worst thing is that this perpetual nightmare is now inescapable due to the housing crash.

I own several rental properties and when they become vacant, I get the predictable calls 'Do ya'll take Section 8 vouchers?' What the AHA did was to spread the misery around to the formerly lily-white suburbs. I have a theory about critical mass in apartment complexes. It seems that when a certain percentage of residents are black, the whole complex will collapse under its own weight like a neutron star and then become a genuine 'black hole' I think this is simply because of the fact that the only people who can stand to live next to black people is...other black people. So you have the white residents fleeing and black in-fill following behind. I have now noticed that my beloved supermarket has had a very recent influx of ghetto denizens and is fast becoming a no-go zone. This is the story of Atlanta...wherever one might find oneself, you can bank on the fact that it is in the process of waxing Negro-fication and will soon reach critical mass. I think the answer is to flee the region entirely whenever possible because in another 20 years nothing will be able to escape...not even light.

Anonymous said...

The whole metro Atlanta area is turning non white the schools in Gwinnett county dekalb county rockdale county clayton county fulton county and cobb county are all majoity non white best move to carlotte dallas are raleigh

Anonymous said...

It's always a trick: using the friendly word "Public" in place of "GOVERNMENT" so we don't notice they're really government schools, government housing, government radio, etc! -- pamjoomby

Anonymous said...

Is the billboard campaign ongoing?

Now that UMD has pulled support from the Unfair campaign, how about an update?


Anonymous said...

The ultimate solution will come the day the federal government makes it illegal for White people to move away from a majority black city or county.

It will happen. Bet on it.

Anonymous said...

To H. West,
You mentioned you own several rental properties. I have a question for you...are property owners REQUIRED to accept Section 8 (i.e., blacks) tenannts? It seems to me that, if I were in a position in which a Section 8 wanted to rent one of my properties, I would run a credit check on the applicant (which I think you are legally allowed to do in most states). Section 8 applicants are guaranteed to have a shitty credit history, and I would think an owner could reject a Section 8 on that basis.

Just wondering how the laws work with this. I just cannot imagine being forced to rent my property to people I do not wish to rent it to.

Anonymous said...

Blacks destroy everything they touch, every time. It never changes. Apparently, only about 1%of the population knows this, though. Or cares.

It's hopeless. Admit it. Soon, we won't even have these websites to bitch on. Let's all just shoot ourselves; it'd be more dignified than the walking death that awaits us in Rainbow America.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous July 9, 2012 4:27 PM

"Anything using the adjective Public should srtike terror into the heart of any civilized person. Put that adjective in front of education, park, beach, pool, health, transportation, etc and you have chaos, only possible exception Library."

Sadly,the library is no exception.In any medium-sized city or larger,blacks have overrun the public libraries,as shelters,as gang rendevouz points,sitting for hours at the free computers,looking at porn or terrorizing their baby-mommas on Facebook...

MuayTyson said...

If the government is expected to provide why are the recipients not expected to do anything?

Prisons would be safer if ALL prisoners were required to work. Less time to rape and assault each other would seem like a good thing. If I were sentenced to prison falsely or other wise I would rather work to kill the mind numbing boredom.

Public housing could work if there were rules that could be instituted. A simple rotating schedule for maintenance and grounds keeping could be enacted. If you choose not to work well then I guess you will have to choose to live else where.

I know these ideas are not new and the ACLU would never allow them but we could dream.

Anonymous said...

off topic:
from Takimag:

great short piece,eh?

Without a dandelion petal’s worth of irony among them, News One for Black America and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People condemned the blasphemous idea of an event designed exclusively for whites. On the other side of Alabama, the preposterously well-funded Southern Poverty Law Center, helmed disproportionately by members of a group who deem themselves “God’s chosen people,” have condemned the Christian Identity movement as a hate group for daring to deem themselves “God’s chosen people.”
Other critics used this isolated event, which even provoked considerable local criticism, to issue blanket condemnations of whites, Christianity, Republicans, and, of course, “the South,” although the South has always been America’s blackest region

Anonymous said...

Robert Occulus-

history repeats itself. If you want to know what's going to happen, look at what the bolsheviks did after the 1917 revolution in Russia. That holds all the answers.

Anonymous said...

Stop being such a puss, Kersey. The city of Atlanta has gone from about 70% black to only 50% black. The projects are coming down and a lot of the bad blacks are moving out to Clayton county. In ten more years, the city of Atlanta will be majority white and we will have a white mayor again. Atlanta is a text book case of how white people can take back their cities. Sorry for all the people in the nearby suburbs who are gettig overrun by the minority hordes. But Atlanta should be considered a victory in the making - the first major victory over an entrenched urban negro government. - not the lost cause cause you make it out to be.

Kersey, I like your articles, but I don't go for the nihilistic view. This country is a white country. We took this country once and we can take it again. Stop the bitchin and moaning and let's make any part of this country that we want safe for white people.

Anonymous said...

Section 8 is a horrible idea and has horrific effects on once stable neighborhoods.
Read the article "Section 8- Wrecking Ball for your Neighborhood" at
If this crap keeps up, one day the government will demand to know if you have a spare room in your house and will then force you to allow a groid to move in and require you to feed it breakfast, lunch and dinner.

H. West said...

@Anonymous 7:34

As it stands right now, property owners are not required to accept Section 8 vouchers. If Mein Obama wins a second term, look for that to change for 'renting property to people that we don't want to' that was thrown out with the advent of equal housing laws. If they can prove that you are somehow "discriminating" against a potential tenant then they will nail you to the wall. Again, I fully expect the Imperial Federal Government to force Section 8 tenants on us in the near future. A credit check is the last protective barrier that property owners have, but I'm sure you as well as everyone else here has seen the movement by these social justice advocates to declare a good credit rating as "raciss".

F. Hew said...

Renters are required to rent without "discrimination" to all federally protected categories (race, gender, color, etc) and section 8.

Finding a reason not to rent to apes who will destroy your property isn't too hard, when my folks got older and decided to rent the family home out- I managed the business: basically if I didn't like the potential tenant and I couldn't find a suitable one I'd "check" the property for potential dangers and "find" a "potential risk" that would basically keep the property un-inhabited for a while- which was coincidentally just how long it took to find a civilized tenant.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

In NJ, thanks to the Democrats and Mr. "I'm a gay American" Gov. McGreevey, Section 8 is now mandatory.

You can get in serious trouble if as a landlord, you refuse to accept Section 8 vouchers.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the level of entitlement from the lazy black welfare queen in the video. The one carrying the baby with her expensive braided weave and new digs in the suburbs.

She just 'loves' her new place, soooo much nicer than those terrible projects. Her welfare queen friends probably have loud parties and a constant flow of feral black males eating and sleeping over.

While the black woman breeds uncontrollably and pays $10 per month for the three bedroom with the fairy net, bunk beds, stainless steel appliances and art nouveau bathroom fixtures, she had no clue how society works, how money works, how sacrifice and delayed gratification work, what is required of the white people who have to work endlessly to not only pay their $2,000/month mortgage, but also pay HER bills and feed her illegitimate spawn.

I bet a group of CWP white people sponsored her, local companies provided her furniture and toys at no charge and moved her in for free. This is why black people think that they are our little darlings. Great that she does not have a food bill so that she can get her hair and nails done and buy pretty pink skirts.

Blacks volunteer for slavery. They need less pride and more shame.

W74 said...

“It was very common to start the night shift with 50 or 60 calls pending,” he says. In part, that’s because the projects came alive at night, especially during the summer. With so few residents working, most slept during the heat of the day and came out after dark. “You’d think it was midday at midnight. Everyone was out barbecuing, partying on the porches. And you were always hearing gunfire.”

I loved this comment. It took a police officer to notice? Anyone can notice this anywhere blacks live whether it be in your apartment complex or a nice suburban neighborhood.


I too lament the dispersion of "my tax dollar provided housing" into our beautiful neighborhoods. I have a snippet from Craigslist which I'll e-mail Paul and see if he puts it up in his next post. It's basically a woman (black, presumably) stating that she had just received "her" (really our) voucher and was looking for a single family home in the suburbs Maryland. She "couldn't wait" to get out of the city of Philadelphia that her people had made a hell hole.

And no, no one HAS to accept section 8 vouchers. Everyone I've ever talked to who is a landlord faces a dilemma: either A. rent at the market rate to a decent tennant or B. rent to a sec8 and make an additional 20%-40% of the money, but who'll also be more likely to destroy your property. Some will take the money, others will take the safety. If they do destroy your property, or abuse the system by calling the landlord for minor problems daily to where it becomes a hasstle regarding time and effort you might actually lose money even with the additional voucher premium. Many think it's just not worth it (more and more I'm sure) because, well, it's not. If they destroy your property they're also likely to skip out (blacks are notorious for never paying their last month's rent) there is little recourse for the damages as the Kangaroo Korts are not going to find blacks responsible for their own actions.

What happens though is that because of the fact the government is willing to pay more than the market rate to house scumbags in the suburbs rents for everyone go up across the board. Wouldn't it be better to just let free-market economics take home and just have a low market rate for everyone? Nope, the government must destabilize this tried and true system.

Anonymous said...

Detroit Woman Dead After Hugging Off-Duty Cop, Discharging Gun

Anonymous said...

I have lived next door to these voucher blacks. They are always loud-mouthed women with terrible kids.

They all "entertain" violent black males.

They get their new place, decorate, put Scooby-Doo sheets up in the windows and the fun begins. The kids get new bikes and trampolines, RTO delivery, satellite dish TV, a new pit-bull puppy that they forget to feed and allow to bark all night, pot smoking on the porch, basketball goal in the streets, boyfriends and parties, new visitors every day, miscellaneous people staying over..then it all starts to crack and fall apart. It is the black way.

But these blacks can not keep a household going. Not even with a voucher.

Soon, the grass gets high, trash piles up, the repo man comes to take back the rentals, cars and bikes, the police arrive, a shooting or two, inoperable vehicles on the lawn, the domestic violence and yelling starts, child abuse, utilities shut off, desperate for money, prostitution and drug dealing, stolen goods, CPS and social worker visits, black women screaming and fighting on the lawn, and then, they load up the black trash bags and disappear into the night, leaving the house full of rotting garbage and clogged toilets.

White landlord or property management company comes weeks later to clean it out and do the same dumb thing again. Neighbors suffer.

What is wrong with white people?????

Midwestern said...

My cousin bought 4 foreclosed 3-bedroom newer homes in the white suburbs and rented them to section-8 black women and their children. He said it is "guaranteed direct deposit" income from the government. They were $20,000 each.

When he told me this, I laughed in his face. Hysterically. He thought my comments were racist. He is a Christian CWP, takes mission trips to Africa on occasion. He wants to help black woman experience the "American Dream" or some nonsense, and line his own pockets in the meantime. I said, "Just wait. You will see."

About 6 months after our first conversation, he told me that the menfolk started moving in to the rentals to soup off the gravy train, and neighbors were calling the police on his tenants and their domestic disturbances. He was befuddled that the one of the tenant's boyfriends came by his McMansion home one day and harassed his stay-at-home wife about something.

His stupidity put his wife and daughter at risk.

Turns out, the welfare women all moved out without paying the last month's rent, and destroyed the interiors. After he cleans and repairs the houses again, he will rent to non-voucher tenants only.

I am still laughing at his stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Let's start changing our language to expose this scam.

Say "government" welfare housing instead of "public housing" or "Section-8".

Change "needy" or "low-income" to "dependents" or "welfare class" or "volunteer slaves".

Just say "welfare" or "food stamsp" instead of "EBT", "SNAP", "AFDC" "entitlements", or "benefits".

Say "white tax payer funded" instead of "HUD" funded or "government" funded.

Say "black woman and three illegitimate kids" instead of "family".

Say "taxpayer dollars" instead of "funding".

Say "welfare recipient" instead of "tenant" or "client".

I want to bring back the stigma in a huge way.

Anonymous said...

A surprising number of "youths" arrested for flash mobbing in Chicago turn out to have suburban addresses. This is a result of Section 8 relocating hereditary welfare recipients out of the city. This of course only ruins other neighborhoods. These folks don't go away, merely someplace else.
Wish I could get rewarded for doing nothing, like getting some great house or apartment instead of having to pay through the nose for everything. I guess I made a mistake trying to work for a living.

~AV~ said...

@ July 10, 2012 6:12 AM "Anonymous"

said: Say "black woman and three illegitimate kids" instead of "family".

No, no, no....the stigma is...

Black woman and her bastards...

Anonymous said...

I am a landord. The way around Section 8 is to simply not advertise your property for rent. If someone asks you if you have a property for rent, say "no".

What you do then is to spread the word about your property informally through networks of trustworthy people. For example, I only rent my property to people I personally know from our parish church.

Don't fight the war on the enemy's terms. Use your brain and flank his forces. By using word of mouth and your own social network (church, country club, etc.) you can weed out the riff-raff and keep your properties rented out.

Lucas Evans said...

I'm going to change my name to Jamal Washington. Then I'll claim to be an albino Afican-American. Then its easy street for the rest of my life.

Anonymous said...

The library is no exception -- in the South, blacks and Hispanics like to go there in the summer for the free air conditioning. The kids are nice and safe in one great big room where they can run and play, and mama can use the computer and chat with the other mamas.

The librarians no longer make any effort to control the noise UNLESS the noise is being made by whites.

Libraries are MUCH noisier than they were in the 70s when I was a teenager. Now, even the librarians are loud.

Anonymous said...

f the old housing projects have to come down, offer free housing in farm camps with the ability to pocket an hourly wage. If they choose to opt out of that, give them nothing.

Anonymous said...

In regards to avoiding section 8 - my landlord buddy said he uses credit scores to screen out chimpy negro's.

Anonymous said...

Lol. I remember reading a story about a guy who stayed home from work one day and was standing in his kitchen. Suddenly, he heard a groid out by HIS backyard pool screech, "You done got my weave wet!" Looking out, he saw several section 8 groids in his pool. They'd broken the lock on the gate and "dun gone swimmin'! He called the police and had them arrested for trespassing and destruction of private property.
He be raciss and sheeit! Water belong to ever'body!

Anonymous said...

I like that farm work idea. They could make soap to sell out of tallow, or candles. or vegetables. Or chop firewood to sell. Lots and lots of work for idle hands.

I think that welfare housing should be remote, racially integrated, same-sex, rural, difficult, and temporary with lots of work and required counseling. The women should have work in their own one-room daycare centers while the others labor and then take turns. They should cook their own meals made with their own home-grown food in community kitchens. They should build their own modest housing.

Women should be required to breastfeed and take birth control shots if they have an accident. They must attend schooling, which could be provided by volunteer DWLs and CWPs.

They could either start a small business to pay back the tax-payer, or try their luck at being a street bum. But no more handouts. No more.

Anonymous said...

But ain't it de gubment's job to give de people housing???????

Anonymous said...

Take note that in some states it is illegal to discriminate against "source of income". In other words, landlords cannot refuse Section 8 tenants.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"I have lived next door to these voucher blacks. They are always loud-mouthed women with terrible kids. [...]"

My God, are you sure you and I are not married? The exact same things are all going on next door as I write this.


LBD said...

I actually work in Section Ape. The way landlords can get around "equal housing" laws is to advertise exclusively in ethnic media publications. I have never seen our Vietnamese or Chinese landlords prosecuted, even though they never rent to anyone except Asians.

If I had rental property now, I would only put ads in non-English language newspapers. Polish, Russian, Spanish, Asian. You can be much more candid and get renters who are hard working, responsible, and know the score.

I have seen units that were brand new and six months later look like a tornado had been through, only a tornado doesn't leave the destruction these people do, and tornados leave after a short while.

YIH said...

Kind of interested to get Paul's take on this from Auster:
''VFR does not normally make comparisons between the rampaging behavior of certain members of a certain racial group and that of a certain species of great apes, and neither does The Big Lie on Parade. But the truth is the truth. Listen to the sounds made by a car full of blacks after one of them slaps a young white man working at a McDonald’s drive thru window. What do they sound like to you?''

Anonymous said...

[Note that at one time this was called the 'Jewel' of the NYC Public Housing System.]
For the few elderly people struggling to hold onto their independence in their remaining years, this story is all too familiar.
The 'public' in public housing means black/hispanic. There once were many such older whites who thought they could live out their remaining years in the neighborhoods they lived in their entire lives.
The savages that have turned these projects into places of terror and seige regard old, defenseless, weak people like this with the same compassion that an animal on the serengeti would.

Anonymous said...

hah I unfortunately lived near a black and you guys nailed it. repod car, smoking dope'no shame in the game' prostitute baby momma violent boyfriends and noisy, crack smoking believed and neglected female child running around at midnight. This was a decent place they destroyed.

hardscrabble farmer said...

25 years ago I ran a small construction company in the Southeast. One of the first contracts I got into was a HUD CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) racket. At the time I was full on blind to race realities but after completing a dozen or more of these contracts I was as wide awake as you can get.

Basically the FEDGOV gives an Extreme Makeover to black folks one block at a time. Bringing electrical and plumbing up to code, new roof, new paint job, flooring, appliances, etc. You know, the kind of stuff my lower income grandparents saved up for and paid out of pocket.

Three eye openers- the final check was always made out jointly to the homeowner and the contractor (allegedly to prevent the contractor from skipping out on an incomplete job- impossible to do since the HUD inspectors had to give the okay before the check was cut). The truth was that the homeowners used the co pay as a means of extorting additional services from the contractor above and beyond the scope of work in the contract. Evidently word had gotten around that the contractors- already having paid for everything out of pocket were desperate enough for the check by the end that they'd often cave and provide freebies just to get the check they'd already earned.

Second- I never saw a single one of these people ever work. Not ever. They were always home, under foot, sitting on their asses watching us work as if it were some form of high theater.

The maintenance after completion was always absent. Homes I had left looking like jewels in a sea of bilge water were slowly sinking back into their previous state within a year.

The turnover in contractors willing to do these hell gigs was frightening and I came to understand that this was simply a symptom of a disease with no cure.

Whites build things and create order, Blacks preside over the descent into chaos.

It's just the way Nature made us and it isn't ever going to change, not ever.

Jay Santos said...

hardscrabble farmer said...

Whites build things and create order, Blacks preside over the descent into chaos.

It's a poetic summation of the full nightmare we find ourselves living.

Mr. Clean said...

Just off the top of my head..

1) Housing reference check (ie, previous landlords).
2) Credit check.
3) Criminal history check.

And so on. I'll wager that more than a few section 8 recipients have issues other than low income.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...
In NJ, ... Section 8 is now mandatory.You can get in serious trouble if as a landlord, you refuse to accept Section 8 vouchers.

Anonymous said...

Here in the shihole of Detroit ,as a landlord we look for section 8 tenants. Why? Because the stupid fuckin state pays 850/mo for a 3 bedroom shithole you wouldn't le your dog sleep in. Guaranteed check monthly. If you get a fuckin regular nigger you fight for the rent every fuckin month! You can buy these nigger nests for five grand fix them up,get the taxes reduced by the state , and have em paid for in a year at the taxpayers expense. The problem is the city is so fucked up the state is moving all the niggers into the suburbs, the cities housing stock is burned down. I truly feel for the suburbanites who now have to deal with this vermin

Anonymous said...

Mencken said:

"My God, are you sure you and I are not married? The exact same things are all going on next door as I write this."

LOL. We probably have the exact same story to tell.

I forgot to mention the plastic-milk-crate-sitting-sessions (while holding fly swatters) in the front lawn...and the scalp greasing and corn row braiding sessions on the front stoop...and the constant flood of visitors and huge gaggles of kids running around, most of whom never return for a second visit.

How do they know so many people for cryin' out loud??

And the predictable scramble and flurry of activity which occurs at the end of the month when all the money runs out and the EBT card is empty and the hair weave gets raggedy...WOW!

Midwestern said...

Hardscrabble Farmer said:

"Basically the FEDGOV gives an Extreme Makeover to black folks one block at a time.."

Indianapolis is doing this right now, thanks to our pandering mayor. These welfare hustlers knocked on my door offering a $10,000 grant, no questions asked, for blown insulation, winterizing, roofing, gutters, fire safety, and electrical improvements.

They are also planning an extreme makeover for the Meadows ghetto, which is completely bombed out and full of crime and black on black murder. $150 mil. total and that figure is growing. I am furious!!

"The new Avondale Meadows is going to be much more than housing units. It is going to be a community enriched in changing lives. The revitalization project includes cradle-to-college educational opportunities, mixed income housing, youth and development programs, new employment opportunities as well as health and wellness programs."

Health and wellness programs????? Funny how white people don't need any of these welfare programs in order to build communities. It just happens naturally for us.

hardscrabble farmer said...

I forgot to mention the mummified cat I found behind the refrigerator in one home. In the kitchen. A dead cat.

How did they endure the stink when it died? how lazy do you have to be to just put up with it rather than find the source of the smell and get rid of it?

I recall pulling up linoleum and finding piles of dead roaches, God knows what kind of rotted foodstuffs left in long failed freezers that nonetheless sat unattended in their dwellings, etc.

How do you reconcile our version of society with theirs? What must go through their minds when they see us laboring to improve their squats knowing what they plan on doing with the finished product the minute we drive off?

Discard said...

Hardscrabble Farmer said "What must go through their minds when they see us laboring to improve their squats knowing what they plan on doing with the finished product the minute we drive off?"

I am reminded of a joke about the difference between cats and dogs. If you take a dog in, pet him and feed him and let him sleep indoors, he thinks "That human must be God! If you take a cat in, pet him and feed him and let him sleep indoors, he thinks "I must be God!"
Negroes must be cats.

Ray Scissom said...

We should build them mud huts. In Africa.

There's nothing more dangerous or destructive to a white community than black people moving in through programs that afford them to live near prosperity while actually living in poverty. Take away the low standard of living that poverty guarantees by giving the spoils of prosperity away for free and you instantly create a class of people who have no motivation to become prosperous. Creating faux-middle class people by paying them to be middle-class doesn't teach the work ethic or behavior that would normally cause someone to become middle-class in the first place. Doing so, while heaping the responsibility of maintaining middle-class norms and paying for the experiment on the backs of the people who actually worked to get there is unsustainable on multiple levels. Sooner or later, people have to accept the fact that dressing black people up as productive members of society makes them no more productive than dressing your kids up as superheroes gives them other worldly powers, and it's equally stupid to believe the former or latter. They are not like us. We owe them nothing. We can only make things better without them here to hamstring our efforts. Anyone who disagrees is no more valuable to us and just as dangerous as they are, with or without good intentions. The world and life are not fair, everyone is not created equal, and we can't guarantee prosperity to people more willing to grab on to opportunists and drown them under their weight than to grab the huge opportunity floating all around them.

Mr. Rational said...

What must go through their minds when they see us laboring to improve their squats knowing what they plan on doing with the finished product the minute we drive off?

What makes you think they pay any attention?  Consider this:  if they gave it any more thought than to the cows that make the milk their kids drink and the vines which grow the watermelons they love so much (in other words, none whatsoever), do you think they would do what they do and live how they live?

A complete absence of thought and understanding fits the evidence perfectly.

Zenster said...

Despite $15 million worth of repairs in 1981, the units had outdated heating, sewer, and plumbing systems as well as lead-based paint. More than 1,000 emergency work orders—nearly one per unit—remained to be completed at the two developments.

Anyone want to guess what race the maintenance crews were?

hardscrabble farmer: Second- I never saw a single one of these people ever work. Not ever. They were always home, under foot, sitting on their asses watching us work as if it were some form of high theater.

Let's think for a moment about what defines "high theater":

● Skillful performance of one's craft

● An ability to suspend disbelief (be it through illusion or physical manifestation)

● Sustained and repeatable levels of quality

● Devices that outstrip the merely superficial or cosmetic

While all of the above might well define "high theater", it also defines masters of their craft.

Imagine what, for people whose collective legacy never rose above mud huts and pointed sticks, the deft and capable ministrations of a professional journeyman contractor must seem like.

Your term "high theater" barely begins to describe the sufficiently advanced technology that Arthur Clarke deemed "indistinguishable from magic". Even though slothful Blacks will just as soon condense all such achievement down to "White man's juju", we all know what it took to bring civilization to this peak and everyone else who wants to pull it down can suck hind tit.

Unknown said...

I don't know why I' m posting a comment on this very ignorant and ridiculous website but I guess I'll humor myself. I was wondering if any of you all had the balls to actually say this filth to the face of a black man...I guess I'm hearing crickets now. I agree some of your observations of projects are true but the problems are alot deeper and go back hundreds of years. I myself own a very nice town home and live in a very affluent area in Virginia. I did this all on my own without any government assistance. Also my occupation is that of Network Security Specialist. It saddeneds me that we have people that think like this in 2013.