Monday, July 16, 2012

Point of No Return

A view to a kill: Cabbagetown kidnapping ATM footage
Metro Atlanta is dying,  the cancer known as the Black Undertow spreading from the containment zone of downtown Atlanta and ensuring that Clayton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Rockdale, Newton, Cobb, and even Fayette County get an unhealthy dose of the very thing that once drove white people to flee for the suburbs to begin with.

Mike King wrote in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (Racial shifts speak volumes,And metro Atlanta will have to listen; March 9, 2006) that one of America's most affluent regions must become must another mediocre area of economic stagnation, inadequate school systems, and high-crime zones:
The popular perception of metro Atlanta as an urban core of blacks surrounded by white suburban counties grew increasingly out of date during the 1990s, and has collapsed completely in the first half of the current decade.
From 2000 to 2004, blacks, Hispanics and other racial minorities accounted for more than 80 percent of population growth in the 28-county metropolitan Atlanta area, according to a report issued this week by the Brookings Institution. Fifteen years ago, whites represented 71 percent of the region's population; today, they make up 57 percent of the 4.7 million people in metro Atlanta.
Think of the growth trend this way: Every year, the metro area adds about 100,000 people, the vast majority moving into the suburban and exurban counties surrounding the city. Four of every five of the newcomers are minorities.
In the first four years of the decade, more than 183,000 blacks have moved into metro Atlanta, by far the largest in-migration of blacks in the country. In 1990, metro Atlanta had the seventh largest black population in the country. By 2004, its black population ranked only behind metro New York and Chicago. At its rate of growth, there will be more blacks in metro Atlanta than in metro Chicago by the end of the decade, the Brookings report predicts.
As whites become the minority in places like Clayton County, the fortunes of the latter grow dark as the minority population rises. Now, all of metro Atlanta is headed in that ignominious direction, while white people - long weary of traveling long, arduous commutes to get to and from work - move into the downtown area.

But what awaits white people in downtown Atlanta is the exact same thing that now is popping up in formerly crime-free metro Atlanta white enclaves, a reminder that you can only escape the Black Undertow for so long...

SWPL whites, mugged by reality on July 4th
Fayette County is being submerged by the Black Undertow, and the culture being imported to the metro Atlanta county is exactly that which white people fled from in the first place. Reports The Citizen (Female Resident Shot in PTC Home Invasion, July 14, 2012), a white family was the victim of a home invasion by two Black males:
Peachtree City Police are searching for two men involved in a home invasion Friday night on Woodland Drive near Robinson Road in Peachtree City. One of the residents suffered an injury from a shotgun blast as she fled the house in an attempt to escape and summon help.
Peachtree City Police spokesperson Rosanna Dove said officers responded at approximately 10:24 p.m. Friday night to a possible home invasion with shots fired inside the Woodland Drive residence.
Dove said three residents were home at the time of the incident.
Dove said preliminary information pertaining to the home invasion indicates that two black males entered the residence through an unlocked door and once inside they ordered the female victim to relinquish money.
Statements indicate that the offenders carried shotguns and believed there was a sum of money inside the residence the victim had access to. The two offenders are described as African-American males, in their mid-twenties with dark complexions, both about 5’8” to 6’ tall and medium to slender in build, Dove said.
Dove also noted that two male residents were at home during the incident.
“One resident was in an adjacent bedroom and came into the living room after hearing the commotion. As he did, he was confronted by one of the offenders who pointed a shotgun at him directing him to the living room floor,” Dove said. “While this was taking place, the female victim fled from the residence but was pursued by one of the offenders. The offender fired a round from a shotgun at the victim. The victim was grazed on her head by a pellet as she continued to flee from the area.”
 This is huge, huge news. Peachtree City is one of the top cities in America (especially for relocating and starting a family because of the excellent school system, a byproduct of being more than 90 percent white) and to have the type of Black criminal activity invade the city that once was the stuff of nightmares only shown on the 6 o'clock nightly news broadcasts... well, it's a reminder of the joy of diversity.

How do you think the Atlanta Journal Constitution covered this Black home invasion of a white family? By completely ignoring the racial aspect of the story:
A Peachtree City grandmother was beaten and grazed with a shotgun pellet during a home invasion Friday night, but she fought back and escaped the attack, according to a Channel 2 Action News report.

"I was not going to be executed in my own home," Cece Coffee told Channel 2. Coffee descried the harrowing experience she said she had with two suspects armed with a shotgun.

Coffee said the men were in their 20s and wearing all black, with black bandannas covering their faces. She said they left in a dark-colored pickup truck.
 So... what did those two men look like Atlanta Journal Constitution? Who should the fine residents of Peachtree City be on the look out for?

The answer is the exact racial group of assailants that targeted an area near downtown Atlanta that is seeing a renaissance of economic activity (entirely due to white gentrification and a brush back of Black urban blight). You see, Black gunmen targeted a group of white people on the porch of their Cabbagetown home during a July 4th party. Of course, the Atlanta Journal Constitution omitted this part from their coverage of the attack:
Gunmen robbed five people from their front porch in Cabbagetown Tuesday night and then kidnapped a man, Atlanta police said.

The robbery is the most recent in a series of crimes that have shocked and scared Cabbagetown residents, said Sam Gris, public safety chairman for the Cabbagetown Neighborhood Improvement Association.
"It just seems like people are getting more and more brazen," Gris said. "It's a frustrating time to be in town."
The robbery occurred at a house on Estoria Street around 11 p.m., said police spokesman Carlos Campos.
Gris sent The Atlanta Journal-Constitution an excerpt of the preliminary police report detailing the robbery.
According to the officer's report, five people were sitting on the porch when they saw three men walk by. About 10 minutes later, the men returned with handguns and ordered everyone inside the house.
Once inside, the assailants forced the victims to lie on the ground and took their phones, according to the report. The assailants remained in the home for about 30 minutes, going through rooms and collecting computers.
Then, one assailant suggested that a male victim might have money because he was dressed nicely. So, they forced him into a car waiting outside the home and made him to withdraw money from several nearby ATM's. The cash amount stolen was not disclosed.
According to the report, the assailants told the victim they would keep him until after midnight in order to withdraw more money. When the victim was unable to withdraw more money, one assailant suggested they kill him.
However, a female in the car advised them not to, and the victim was thrown out of the vehicle near Memorial and Columbia drives. A passerby noticed the victim looked disoriented and gave him a ride back to the scene of the robbery.
Gris said he received the excerpt from Valencia Hudson, public safety liaison for City Councilwoman Natalyn Archibong.
Campos said Homicide Unit investigators, who are handling the case even though no one was killed, were not available for comment. He said they were working to identify the suspects.
Gris, a former police officer, said the incident could have ended much worse. "A 30-minute home invasion and kidnapping — that's got all the making of someone being hurt and killed," he said.
In the past, Gris said, the worst crimes residents had to deal with were graffiti or car break-ins, but recently crimes have become more severe.
Campos said, "Crimes have started occurring in areas where we historically have not had problems."
The police spokesman said total arrests in Zone 6, which includes Cabbagetown, have increased by 44 percent this year. He said police have arrested individuals in 12 burglaries and seven robberies this month. He urged residents to report any suspicious activity to police.
A newscast describing the attack can be viewed here.

Southeast Atlanta was once one of the most violent places in all of America; now, many of those residents have matriculated into Clayton and Fayette County, pushed out by white gentrification and rising home values. They now seek areas with lower property value, which can readily be found in nearly all-Black Riverdale. But the problems that urban pioneers face when venturing into territory that has long been home to violent Black people, is that the violence will only go away when all Black people are removed. If not, then urban pioneers will become unwitting participants in this violence.

So what happened in the July 4th assault in Cabbagetown?
After seeing surveillance footage on Channel 2 Action News, parents drove their 15-year-old son to a police station to be arrested Thursday for his alleged involvement in the kidnapping of a man from a Cabbagetown porch, the TV station reported.

Investigators had released a crystal-clear snapshot of one of three suspects involved in the July 3 incident.
The victim was hanging out with four other friends on Estoria Street around 11 p.m. when three young men, brandishing guns, forced everyone inside the residence. After collecting their cell phones and ransacking the home for other valuables, the burglars — noting that one of the victims was well-dressed — drove him to several nearby cash machines, according to the Atlanta police incident report.
Surveillance footage captured at a Bank of America ATM showed one of the youthful suspects hovering over the captive as he withdrew money.
Atlanta Police Detective Paul Guerruci told Channel 2 that the footage is "extremely valuable to our investigation because it actually depicts the individual who committed this horrible, violent act."
The unidentified victim told police that one of the kidnappers suggested they kill him after he was unable to withdraw any more cash. Another advised against it and the thieves opted instead to throw him out of the car near Memorial and Columbia drives.
The kidnapping was just the latest in a series of brazen crimes that have unnerved the Cabbagetown community.
"It's a frustrating time to be in town," Sam Gris, public safety chairman for the Cabbagetown Neighborhood Improvement Association, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution the day after the kidnapping.
 A newscast describing this event can be viewed here.

Gentrification might be changing the face of Atlanta, just as Black migration to the metro Atlanta is changing the face of formerly white suburbs. But one face isn't changing, and that's the near monolithic face of crime.

It's Black as its always been in Atlanta.

Back in 2007, Yahoo! News published an article asking if Atlanta's gentrification was causing a new crime wave. The answer is a resounding no; it's just Black people committing the crime that white people won't, but now, white people live closer to it instead of watching it from the safety of their suburban home.

So, something must be done to stop it:
Many of Atlanta's historic areas look a bit different than they did about 5-10 years ago. In keeping with numerous other cities in the United States, some of Atlanta's poorest neighborhoods are being completely overhauled into upscale communities. These "new" areas boast trendy boutiques, popular franchises like Starbuck's and Target and other pricey amenities. But there has long been controversy over the effect that gentrification has on these urban communities. City officials and lawmakers claim that cleaning up certain areas of Atlanta will help to reduce the amount of crime. In many cases, this is certainly true. But the proliferation of upscale businesses and residents in many of Atlanta's popular sections is causing concern that a new wave of crime may become more prevalent.
 John Henderson, who once worked as a bartender at The Standard in Grant Park, was one of those white urban pioneers who was gunned down by Black people. His death in 2009 galvanized the Stuff White People Like (SWPL) whites in the gentrifying areas that once were breeding grounds for the Black Undertow, but his memory is no longer invoked today.  

Metro Atlanta is the Black Hole of America, a region where a Mad-Max mentality exists among a growing percentage of the Black underclass; a siege mentality exists among a growing percentage of the dwindling white population.

Not just in Cabbagetown, but even in Peachtree City.

So white flight is no longer an option; and gentrification isn't a viable option either.

Now... we just might getting to the point of no return for Black-Run America (BRA). 

Video of the Cabbagetown kidnapping is here.

Video of Peachtree City home invasion here

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CBS Atlanta 46


Whiskey said...

It is illegal (just ask George Zimmerman) to defend yourself against murderous attack by a Black guy. It is. In all parts of the world, just look at that iconic photo in the Daily Mail of the scrawny White guy being forced to strip by the hulking and smirking Black thug, to whom nothing ever happened for it.

My guess is the response will be to "shoot and scoot" when accosted. Whenever and wherever possible. I predict a brisk trade in illegal guns, ammo, etc. and the general wearing of hoodies, sunglasses, and low positioned ball caps. To both ape predators and evade detection if shoot and scoot becomes a reality.

Refugee Racket Webteam said...

The intense hatred black people have for white people is intense. Black people hate what white people represent and they can never be. Walls and fences will go up in these white enclaves just to keep the vandalism and thievery away from their homes. Blacks are stupid. Don't they know there are cameras at ATMs? Do they even think that far ahead, or is it just spontaneous crime?

Anonymous said...

To people who live or have lived in Atlanta, can you give your opinion on this.

Anonymous said...

Q: What is the first thing Barack Hussein Obama is going to do after his re-election?

A: Anything he wants! Who's going to stop him, right?

Weak-ass white punk bitches!!!

Jay Santos said...

Sam Gris, public safety chairman for the Cabbagetown Neighborhood Improvement Association said
"It just seems like people are getting more and more brazen,"

Sam Gris needs to pick up his balls and make it clear that negroes are becoming even more hyper-violent. No one can speak the truth. It's nationwide insanity.

Brute said...

Adopt the "Triple S" policy: Shoot, Shovel, Shut up.

There is NO advantage to following the law WRT defending yourself vs savages, so why do it? Because you're a fucking naive principled idiot? Wake the fuck up new guy, none of that shit matters when you're getting assraped in prison by Pookie.

Black violence has overwhelmed the resources of most LE agencies, so use that intelligence and don't fight tht system like an idiot, just let another dead darkie turn into a number, unremembered even by the sow that whelped him. Co-opt, subvert, obscure, survive.

Zenster said...

The simultaneous dependency and disregard that Black people have for technology speaks volumes about their dismally marginal intelligence. They are barely smart enough to work cell phones for the sake of organizing a flash mob but just can't remember to stay the f%&k out of camera range while escorting a victim to drain their ATM account. Hell, just as often these predatory lummoxes take the incriminating video evidence themselves as they glory in their chimpy behavior.

As others here at SBPDL have so often noted, there is some sorely needed reckoning with media outlets that refuse to accurately describe dangerous criminals who remain at large. Being shackled and locked in a soundproof room with grieving family members along with an extensive array of blunt and sharp objects is barely a start regarding what should befall these journalistic traitors.

WG said...

Don't worry, White Southerners. I'm sure you'll be welcomed as refugees in places like California that you love to trash.

Anonymous said...

I live in Atlanta and just had a male Negro call me "bald headed cracker". I was concealed carrying at the time so at least I could defend myself if he rushed me and tried to cut me.

There is a lot of ghetto Negro territory in Atlanta unfortunately. Atlanta has a lot to offer and is great as long as you stay away from the black areas. Frankly I think the trendy kids in this area will become race realists too as crime increases.

Intown Atlanta has some great opportunities to keep up with the trend of turning more white as the Negroes get displaced to black distopian suburbs. When young trendy whites are attacked they have a way to organize using social media and pulling people together quickly such as ATAC (Atlantans Together Against Crime) that gets the black power structure scared of scaring away business and white people by exposing the dangers the Negro male is against white people.

Ray Scissom said...

Useless. Black people are thoroughly useless. If they all disappeared today, there wouldn't be a single negative to our society. I hope that all of the niggers typing away on their chicken grease covered keyboards who are having a laugh can step back and think about that. If white people disappeared, you'd be completely fucked. Every single thing that makes your life better would cease to exist. No food. No electricity. No Internet. No TV. You useless apes aren't smart enough, skilled enough or capable of running any of it. If you and every black person you know ceased to exist, our lives would be better in every way. Just think about that. Your very existence lowers the value of everything around you. The fact that you are alive is a detriment to the entire world. You contribute nothing of value anywhere on the planet.

This is what I think of every time I'm tasked with hiring, firing, making business deals, and spending all of the money my white usefulness brings. When you need something in life, there's a good chance someone like me will be there to deny it. I get the last laugh knowing that in my every day life, with minimal effort, I destroy black hope and dreams. There's a lot of people just like me, and we're growing and converting others every day thanks to videos and stories about you. Thank you from the bottom of my cold, white heart for making my job easier by being just as useless and ape-like as I would portray you.

"I'm sorry, Dashawn. We decided to hire someone with more experience."

"I just wanted to let you know, Mr Washington, that we've decided to go another way with the project."

"No honey, I won't eat at that restaurant because the owners are black, and we don't give our money to their kind."

"No, son. We're not going to Anferny's birthday party, and we're not inviting him you yours, either. Because Daddy said so."

Anonymous said...

I agree with Whiskey that the vilification and persecution of George Zimmerman is a social engineering ploy. American urban areas are becoming the 'Wild West' of the 21st century. The (Black) outlaws have safe haven enclaves (ghettos) from which to launch raids on the (White) law abiding citizens. White people are beginning to realize that the sheriff can't protect them and therefore must provide their own protection.

To the politically correct, self defense is vigilantism and must be discouraged by whatever means
necessary. I think that is amply demonstrated by the fact that if the Zimmerman incident had been Black on Black or Black on White it wouldn't have rated more than a few lines on page four of the daily fish-wrapper let alone top billing on national TV.

Anonymous said...

Almost all white people will not fight back.

Part of this is conditioning from the MSM and the pc educational systems, and there are those "hate" crimes laws which frighten whites against fighting back.

I think you are wrong pinning this problem on black criminals instead of their enables.

Just think of how the MSM can stir the entire black population up with a single story, the story of Zimmerman which turns out to be a lie. Zimmerman being white is only a lie black people could believe. My point is someone else spun that strategic lie.

I won't go on, you can easily trace the breadcrumbs back to the feet of those really responsible for much of this mess in seconds.

Holding your ground in any city or town is no longer an option(not a long term option for sure) for people when doing so equals probable suicide and will get worse and worse as days pass(not years, not decades-DAYS).

Segregation as it was in the past is an alternative but a bad one as the blacks will continue to suck off the work of whites through theft of their tax dollars for welfare, affirmative action employment, and all the other ways they continue to leech of us.

The real solution, and the real way this is going to end, is a break-up of the USA into racial states, and probably through civil war.

The managers of this operation are no longer content on letting this plan of their slowly kill off whites, they are stepping their game up. Also, the monsters they have created have taken on a life of their own.

As more and more whites either wake up to this reality or are beaten into consciousness of this reality the more and more the drumbeats of separation will be heard.

If you doubt my words, let's just look at my(current) state of California. It's not just blacks who are being stirred up but the brown hordes too.

Maybe some people think that living in an area flooded with blacks is worse than one flooded with brown savages but life in the new barrio isn't much better.

So CAL Snowman said...

OT - I think YIH mentioned this but if you have not seen this speech by Obama, PLEASE STOP NOW AND WATCH THIS, it is only 2 Minutes and it will HORRIFY YOU. This guy could not be a bigger Communist if he tried. IF you think 4 MORE YEARS of this clown is somehow a good thing PLEASE watch this NOW!

If You've Got A Business - You Didn't Build That, Someone Else Made It Happen

Anonymous said...

Toronto gets Detroited.

Anonymous said...

Weak-ass white punk bitches!!

When he bankrupts the nation, the police will stop showing up for work.

Who is going to protect black people from the Latinos? Eric Holder's People® have been exterminated from Southern California. When EBT stops working all your children are going to starve.

Dumb-ass black punk bitches!!!

Anonymous said...

(N.GA)-- Well, at least there are 5 more true believers in the way things really are. No doubt in their minds now. I hope they are not the forgiving type and preach peace and love. I'm going to give the parents of the youth a thumbs up for doing the right thing. To take back your neighborhood you do need to start with your own house. A couple of hundred thousand just like them would be a great start. Wait a minute, was there a reward?!

Anonymous said...

Last year I probably visited Atlanta a dozen times on business trips. How any white person would even consider moving into an area with that many Africans is beyond belief.

One of my least favorite places in the country. In fact, I dread going down there.

To see a crime-free, clean, modern city that literally looks brand new, try Sioux Falls South Dakota.

Anonymous said...

(N.GA)--@ Whiskey , There is still time if the circumstances are right. Like nice public place, plenty of witnesses, (Your Own Kind) and of course a video. A comment on the last article brought us this, “ Customer shoots suspects during internet cafe robbery” Type in said topic and you'll see. Happened Friday down in Florida.

robins111 said...

On a side note, Canada has decided to join the select, by engaging in tribal warfare. The City of Toronto had its second gang related mass shooting in 6 weeks. Last evening, 2 were killed and 19 injured by gunfire, including a 2 year old. Incidentally, getting a handgun in Canada is very difficult legally. Never guess what neighborhood..

robins111 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

A few things...I grew up in Alpharetta, which was at the time a distant frontier of Metro Atlanta. There were exactly three black kids in my High School. Two were there because of a mainstreaming program for mentally disabled students. As I have seen the decades roll by, I have witnessed the initial gentrification boom (mid 80's - mid 90's) and I took part in it personally. I lived in both Grant Park and Cabbagetown during the early 90's. I remember sitting out on my own front porch...on several occasions, and having black people walk from the street to my front door to "ask" for something. It was at that point in time that my formerly Liberal attitudes began to make a seismic shift. I realized that the first freedom in life, the right to bear arms, was vitally important in an environment like this. Eventually, the undertow became too great and my room-mates and I had to flee the area. It was just too hairy. So much for gentrification...and I think that many in-town residents are coming to the same conclusion.

The influx of blacks and hispanics that the article mentioned was a very real and very observable phenomenon. When I finally bought a house it was in the area I grew up in...Alpharetta. This was early 2001. From that point onward, I noticed, slowly at first, that whenever I would walk my dog, that I was starting to see more and more black faces driving around. At first I wrote it off as some kind of weird anomaly. For instance, if you grew up here you know that pockets of blacks can exist almost anywhere and there was usually some kind of historical demographic trend that was to blame. However, this was no isolated pocket. This was a full scale change in the very fabric of suburban Atlanta, and I was in the middle of it. For the next three years I watched as more and more and more black poured in from all directions, all over the formerly white corridor of Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Roswell and Alpharetta. 'How on Earth is the happening?' I thought to myself on several occasions. Are they trucking them in from somewhere? Apparently they were...
This city was once a really nice place. Sure we had a large black population, but they mostly kept to themselves and there were clear boundaries. The police were unfettered in their attempts to beat back the wave and largely successful before affirmative action and lawsuits gutted any protection we once had. As the minority population has exploded, there is no where to go. It has seeped into every crevice of life around here, leading most people like myself to opt to staying at home most days, rather than venture out to a restaurant or mall which you know will be infested with dark masses and offensive negro behavior. I hope one day to reach a place (if it exists anymore) where life can be somewhat normal. But I can't help but keep thinking about an excellent essay that someone posted here a few weeks back that in essence outlined the communist/progressive tactic of fomenting discord in society by breaking down natural barriers between populations. It has happened here in Atlanta and I have witnessed it first hand.

Anonymous said...

I live in Rockdale County. We moved here 20 years ago after our house in Dekalb County was broken into and it was obvious that it happened because we are white. We were one of the last two white families in that neighborhood at the time, and had been raised (brainwashed) to think that "all people are the same" and that we shouldn't leave our home just because lots of blacks were moving into the area. That incident, along with the constant harassment of our children in school and around the neighborhood, finally woke us up. We moved to Rockdale because it had great schools and was safe (i.e. almost all white).

None of that is true now. After turning Dekalb County into a third world kleptocracy, the undertow set its sights on Rockdale. I wouldn't send my children to the schools here today. Property values have tanked, and it's not all due to the housing meltdown. The local government is being dominated by blacks and is increasingly corrupt. Section 8 housing is decimating neighborhoods that were once safe and pleasant places for middle class people to live.

We have now reinforced the doors and windows on our home, installed a security system and have purchased and learned how to use guns. I shop mostly out of the area unless I have to make a brief stop for something and it's broad daylight. I don't like living like this, but we can't afford to flee again. At least our kids are grown and gone.

I think it's time we stopped letting our places be ruined by blacks. I don't know how to get more white people to wake up and stand together, but it has to happen soon.

Anonymous said...

"Weak-ass white punk bitches!!!"

Low negro IQ is remarkably predictable.

Anonymous said...

Metro atlanta is going downhill quickly the suburbs are majorty non white and the inner city is stil very black despite gentrification whites make up only 12% the atlanta city schools up from 8% in 1980 and atlanta'S population droped from 423000 in 1980 to 420000 in 2010.

Anonymous said...

When looking at the ATM surveillance photo, it tends to verify recent DNA research (which never made it into mainstream news as the European 1% to 4% neanderthal admixture did) that sub-Saharan africans possess an 15% to 20% introgressive hybridization with late Pleistocene hominids or proto-humans. Again, look at the Fox 5 ATM video. That congoloid is homo erectus. Aside from this epiphany, one would suppose the victims learned a lesson contrary to the diversity lie in which they've marinated all of their young lives. Hope they chat it up and share with others next time they're in Starbucks as I'd wager the front porch is now off limits.

Anonymous said...

Toronto, formerly "safest city in the world", is getting a taste of divershity.

Anonymous said...

There were exactly three black kids in my High School. Two were there because of a mainstreaming program for mentally disabled students"

A few weeks ago, I was watching a documentary on special needs or mentally disabled learning. What struck me is the black kids in the classes seemed like normal or average black kids. Nothing about their behavior or speech seemed out of the ordinary.

~AV~ said...

Flash mob of 300+ teens storms Florida WALMART...

Anonymous said...

Is Forsyth County still a safe haven?

Constructive Feedback said...

Now Mr Kersey are you playing "Selective News Coverage" with your friends?

I was thinking of you when the story about the Dekalb County Police Officer being arrested in Clayton County for having stolen property on her premises came on.

Just to set things up for you all "Kind White Folks".
I do admit that when I heard Dekalb and Clayton I thought that it was a BLACK police officer.


1) A White female police Detective for Dekalb County (A Black Run County)
2) Got arrested for receiving stolen property in Clayton County GA (another Black Run County)
3) The white female is also a lesbian
4) (Get this one folks) A White District Attorney of Clayton County was indicting a White lesbian police officer, in front of a BLACK JUDGE from Clayton County!!!!
5) The unemployed White male son of the lesbian lover stole boats and ATVs from WHITE PEOPLE who live around Lake Jackson. The DA said that the police detective was covering for the son of her lesbian lover and failed to turn him and his friends into the police authorities. Therefor she is as guilty as a Black man who was standing at a murder scene and who stole the Air Jordans off of the lifeless body.
6) She was detained by the Sheriff Of Clayton County - a Black man

Mr Kersey, others - this is a strange world that we live in today. Isn't it?

WHO does that Black judge think she is, rendering judgment upon this fine White Southern Woman?
Had the old rules of the South been in place this White woman would have been married to an upstanding White man and none of this would have happened.

In fact that judge would have been working as their housekeeper.

What an OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fayette White Guy said...

Thanks for the great news, Paul. I was actually just in Atlanta, hence my break from the site for a few days. I guess Thomas Wolfe was right, you can never go home again. Or at least it doesn't feel like home after the Black Undertow moves in.

YIH said...

@So Cal Snowman:
Nope, that wasn't me. But I've seen and read about that video. Surprised? Not in the least, ''if it wasn't fo' us, you be nuffin! NUFFIN!'' *yawn*.
Meanwhile in Jacksonville FL, Blacks are being black again, this time at Wally World. The comments are mostly 'Those who can see' with a few TNB government employees ooking ''dat be raciss, fo seeing which yo own eyes wha be happenin' dere!''

Anonymous said...

Haha. Evergreen, quite being jealous of the white ppl. You can't help who you are, you can only make the best of it.

Anonymous said...

Constructive Feedback needs to go to sites like and and read all the posts (with links to newpaper and other media articles) that highlight the vast number of black crimes being committed nationwide. All the rapes, black racist motivated murders, home invasions, torture deaths etc.
For every crime committed by a white person or brown person, there are literally hundreds and thousands of examples of black depravity and criminality.
As such, no one is interested in hearing his bleating about one crime. His mentality is childish and on the order of a ten year old screaming, "It ain't just us! Other people do it too!"
Spare us your drivel.

rjp said...

Beautiful Ray Scissom

Anonymous said...

What does TMB mean?

Anonymous said...

To the person who asked if they think ahead, the answer is no. They are hunter-gatherers. Evolved around abundant food and a decent climate that only required the mental make up to decide what to do in the moment.

I talked with a man from Norway, a Christian man who has been through the world and is now older. He spoke of Africans and their habits with makIng and maintaining fires. He told me that once they built the fire they would enjoy it buy always let it burn out. Then wonder around and collect more wood and build a new one. It never occurred to them that they could stockpile wood and keep it going. Even when told they never adopted the habit. They are hunter-gatherers. They have no ability to plan anything beyond a few hours.

HaroldC said...

Two things.

One whites moving into Atlanta and similar cities are comparable to pioneers and settlers. They're attempting to bring civilization into wild barbarism. But they have it even worse than the settlers of old. The legal system opposes them.

Two any investors/developers who can create exclusive white enclaves is going to make a killing financially.

Sheila said...

Wonderful comment, Ray Scissom. If only more Whites would follow your lead, BRA would be merely one more government program. Yes, they have the guns and the legal force to compel you to pretend to believe their lies. In private life, however - with hiring and firing, where one shops and who one associates with, there is still a limited amount of discretion. Too many Whites have had this bred out of them. A few have learned the hard way what all Whites once knew.

For everyone here - practice what Ray Scissom preaches. Everyday, do what little you can do, even if it's so subtle most others don't notice, to limit blacks' opportunities and self esteem and predations. Everyday, go out of your way to praise a White mother with multiple children, to let a White driver pull out in front of you in traffic, to help a White in any way you can. Even if you do nothing negative, merely by refusing to extend such daily courtesies (known as acting White) to the blacks and browns and Asians and hijabbed among us means making an impact. Multiply times thousands. You don't need a billboard to do something constructive on your own.

Robert the Biker said...

Over here in England, when there is no description of the criminal on the news, we just go 'MONA's' and move on.

Thats Men Of No Appearance, because Niggers are so predictable.

Zenster said...

Sheila: Everyday, go out of your way to praise a White mother with multiple children, to let a White driver pull out in front of you in traffic, to help a White in any way you can.

I've been doing this for several months now and it is really gratifying to see smiling White faces light up in relief at being treated in a courteous and fair manner. Also, as others here at SBPDL have observed before, I really notice elderly White couples holding hands on their walks and go out of my way to compliment them on what is obviously an enduring love for each other.

In the process, I now also notice more keenly how Whites rarely litter or cause other minor but ultimately destructive things to happen.

Finally, my situational awareness now shoots straight up to 11 whenever a Black of almost any size or age is within less than arm's reach of my person.

Bogolyubski said...

Harold C writes: One whites moving into Atlanta and similar cities are comparable to pioneers and settlers. They're attempting to bring civilization into wild barbarism. But they have it even worse than the settlers of old. The legal system opposes them.

Two any investors/developers who can create exclusive white enclaves is going to make a killing financially.

1. The so-called "pioneer" whites you mention almost universally support and endorse BRA. They voted for BRA in droves in 2008 and will likely again endorse D'Won on d'downlow this fall. Most of them would be fully supportive of the regime using jackboots to arrest and detain PK and most here in "re-education" camps for our rayciss! comments. Yes, a few now and again start to see when smacked on the head with the 2 x 4 of reality, but most are so devoted to their faux-religion of anti-racism that they are blind unto death.

2. Many investors and developers will never do what you recommend regardless of how much money it would make, as they too are fanatical believers in the state religion of equality über alles. They prefer instead to profit from the "creative desctruction" opportunities afforded by Section 8, which has the full backing of the BRA regime, vampire-squid oligarchs, etc. Whites have no legal freedom of association. The regime would immediately bring the full force of the rigged financial and legal system against anyone who attempted to establish such enclaves that were open to non-elite whites.

This latest article really underlines the point that there really is nowhere to escape the undertow.

Zenster said...

Sheila: Everyday, do what little you can do, even if it's so subtle most others don't notice, to limit blacks' opportunities and self esteem and predations.

Since it is nearly impossible for Whites to avoid the opportunity costs of Affirmative Action, SBA Minority Grants and such, it's time for us to start creating opportunity costs for minorities until we begin to regain some of the footing that we once had.

Anonymous said...

Hey!! That kid looks like Obummer's kid!

Anonymous said...

@ Zenster

"Equal Opportunity Cost" perhaps?

bubo said...

I guess "constructive feedback" was trying for the ever popular black refrain : their be white criminals, too. No shit. Of course I would imagine the reader's comments on the episode didn't contain a multitude of "they's more to the story" and "she ain't did nuffins" that the average black apologist uses.

Oh and by the way, most white female cops are lesbians. Just so you know. Black female cops are usually quota hires that last almost no time on the street and then claim some sort of disability and scam the system until they retire.

bubo said...

I know that during a robbery you aren't thinking clearly, but the buck is standing in such a way that a swift elbow would send him to the deck real fast. Then it would be a scramble for the gun. If I'm being kidnapped and possibly killed, I wouldn't hesitate I hope.

MauyTyson said...

Times are desperate but not desperate enough. They tell us crime is down and maybe so in many place but in the places blacks reside I am sure the numbers of interracial crime is up.

There is now over two generation of black spawn who do not know the fear of White retaliation. With Bammy in the WH there is even less fear.

Now more than ever we need a White European Society to defend our rights and protect our interests.

I am curious to how these Whites who have been assaulted really feel now? Would they be as courageous as the White man from Buffalo? Or would they still snivel and cower like the White woman from Philly?

Anonymous said...

Wow. No forehead (= minimal frontal lobes), eyebrow ridges, etc. Pure Homo Africanus.

Zenster said...

Anonymous (7/17 9:25 AM): What does TMB mean?

Typical Migger Behavior

I hope that this answers your question.


Anonymous said...

Destructive Silverback, you mention one white person. Are you truly blind to the horrors your ilk inflict on people across the country, day after day?

Tech9 said...

Ray - beautiful comment. I had to re-read it several times to let it sink in.

Sheila - I do the very same thing you do.

We're up in the woods where it's mostly white up north. It's lovely. I did see an idiotic white girl with her half-breed black child in tow.

My husband and I gave her a dirty look. The next time we walked by she looked down. I think she was ashamed of her offspring and so was her grandmother.

We need to shame these white girls who bed down with groids. These groid offspring mate with other groids in the future or become ghetto bastards or welfare Shaniquas.

If I see a white woman with children, I make it a point to compliment her lovely children. Usually momma just grins from ear to ear, it's a lovely sight.

Paul - there is a blogger (ex Chicago cop) who has discussed the ongoing saga of yuppie whites being targeted for harm by groids.

He recommends carry a gun anyway, F Chicago laws, if a groid tries to hurt you and you need to defend yourself, shoot and leave.

If the cops happen to catch you, remember the five words "I have nothing to say" and only talk until you see an attorney.

Anonymous said...

The SBPDL community is making a difference.

Big Bear said...

Anonymous said...

Weak-ass white punk bitches!!

When he bankrupts the nation, the police will stop showing up for work.

I think it is more likely the police will be co-opted in to citizen's militias, and be given carte blanche by local authorities to use any means necessary to stop the chaos.

The federal government will be ineffective, as usual. More so as its collapse will be the cause of unrest on a grand scale.

Police and military will team up with like-minded (ie, law abiding) citizenry. Draconian measures will be taken. It will be an ugly time until the fires burn out.

Ray Scissom said...

It's funny. I know PK probably has his hands full moderating, but this site has probably the most intelligent group of commenters and the most engaging discussion of any site I frequent.

Not a single day goes by that I don't stop by at least 3-4 times to read and participate. Even as I've watched the readership and traffic grow, the quality has only improved. Well done, PK. Well done SBPDL readers and commenters.

Just more proof that in a properly segregated environment, white people can build and grow amazing things and thrive as a community. Even online. I look forward to the days when enough people can see and the anti-BRA movement grows large enough that we can be open about our involvement and not have to worry about being persecuted for our beliefs. There's at least a dozen people who comment here that I'd enjoy drinking a few beers with and continuing the conversation sometime.

candy said...

Cut food stamps and section 8 let those animals starve. Go Donald trump. Let's get em