Saturday, July 7, 2012

Armed Response: What to Have in a Riot

PK NOTE: Guest post. Read Escalation: Police Weapon Evolution as a function of Demographics to get a feel of where this entry comes from. You never know what the future will hold, so you are encouraged to always be prepared.

Black people get excited. Sometimes they so excited that they let their emotions run a little out of control. In their excitement they burn down, rape, kill, rob and murder everything in reach. We call this a lack of impulse control, combined with an inability to comprehend the long-term consequences of those seeking instant gratification. In the case of Helicopters, they shoot what they can’t reach. So we do what Whites do, which is to get away from such rambunctious behavior by leaving the area till the black people calm down a little and then send in the National Guard.

At the 1992 experience, Koreans enjoyed a good time fending off blacks and trying to stay alive in those difficult times. Sniper fire against people, Police, News and Police Helicopters, etc. caused a great deal of angst, ever forcing the Koreans to return fire, in the spirit of good fellowship of course! They fired back from cover.

Fired from  the open:

And fired from the roofs of their Shops.

Sadly, once in a while a poor Korean was caught alone and unwilling to play with the Blacks and you know how those black folks can be when they get all excited, they just can’t let you go!

Sadly, the level and ferocity of blacks has risen to the point where anything, even a day at the Water Park or the Wisconsin State fair can be a trigger for naughty and sometimes even antisocial acts by blacks. Many such examples of this misbehavior can be seen even today. Why even at the last Presidential election Blacks were tempted to “lose it” over the election of Mein Obama!

Paul has done a remarkable job outlining the black eccentricities when blacks  live day to day, so I thought I would concentrate on the basic weapons necessary to repel these Adrenaline charged citizens should a large scale riot start so Whites and Asians might live through it all till cooler heads prevail.

I will breakdown each recommendation into three groups, Best, Better and Sufficient as well as descriptions the toys the celebrating blacks will bring to the party. They do not scope these weapons nor stock a lot of ammo in their homes, so they soon run out, but hey, there is always a nearby gun store they can drive a pickup truck into to get more!


Blacks seem to like inexpensive and reliable, so they go at once for the AK. They are so happy with the AK that it has entered their Myths and legends! They have forgotten what they learned in 1992 or Hurricane Katrina that a black toting an AK in a riot tends to attract attention, and incoming fire! Anyway, the Blacks have fallen in love with the AK-47. Even to the point of making up cute songs about this rifle!:

“Devils fear this brand new shit … I bleed them next time I see them … I pray on these devils … look what it has come to; who you gonna run to when we get to mobbing … filling his body up with lead, yah; cracker in my way; slitting, slit his throat; watch his body shake; watch his body shake; that’s how we do it in the motherfucking [San Francisco] Bay …sitting on the dock of the dirty with my AK”
“Heat — featuring Jet and Spice 1”; Paris, Unleashed, 1998, Unleashed Records, Whirling Records.

“Little devils don’t go to heaven … the AK forty … hold a fifty clip, and I’ll shoot until it’s empty … I’m killing only seven million civilians … one dead devil”
“Freedom Got an AK”; Da Lench Mob, Guerrillas in tha Mist, 1992, Eastwest Records America, Elektra, Atlantic, Time Warner, USA.

I mean with THAT kind of endorsement, I can understand the attraction!

For more technical and performance oriented Whites I recommend the following personal weapons. We won’t be singing their praises, but we will be very glad to feel their weight in our hand the next time something gets the brotha’ upset, like no ETB cards. These are accurate, reasonably powerful and with a low powered, fast acquiring scope will assist in sighting in our dusky brethren at range. You must not have them in you hand but over you shoulder unless you are close to using it as LE or National Guard might take them away from you. NEVER CONFRONT LE with a weapon in your hand.


Kel-Tech RFB/ M1A/ FN-FAL/ AR-10 in .308 with excellent scope 100 rounds ammo in magazines.

Example setup: RFB with IOR Spartan 2-12 x 36 w/ 308 bullet drop comp (My personal favorite combo)


AR-15/Galil/M-1 Garand / M1-Carbine with reasonable power scope. Semi-auto Sub-guns with good sights or scope.

Example Setup: M1 Garand with Scout Mount (Amega or Utilmak) and Leatherwood scout scope. 100 rounds in clips carried in pouches.


Any reliable Shotgun, lever rifle, bolt rifle with reliable and verified sights that you feel comfortable with and at least 100 rounds.

Example setup: Inexpensive Chilean Mauser in 308 with S&K Scout Mount and Leatherwood Scout scope or a lever action Marlin 1895 in 44 Mag with fixed four power Burris. (I recommend avoiding cheap Chinese scopes as they have a tendency to break or fog at the worse possible moment). Practice!!!

For Sidearms

In the area of personal weapons, meaning pistols, Blacks in the past stuck with the cheap and unreliable, which was a good thing for everyone as they can’t shoot worth a darn, tending to hit everyone EXCEPT the person they are trying to murder. However recently they have switched to the Glock pistol, oddly a far cry from their long favorite, the shiny chrome plated .25 automatic. However, its strong reputation for reliability has really made a big impression! Again, they are in their Songs!

“These devils make me sick; I love to fill them full of holes; kill them all in the daytime, broad motherfucking daylight; 12 o’clock, grab the Glock; why wait for night”
“Sweatin Bullets”; Brand Nubian, Everything Is Everything, 1994, Elektra Entertainment, Warner Communications, Time Warner, USA.

“It’s time to send the devil to the essence … this is a must because there ain’t no reform or trust; you got a Glock and you see a devil, bust … they’ll be calling us the trigger men, the nappy-knotty red-beard devil-assassin; Lord make a law; at midnight I’ll be bashing … field niggas [are] locked in until 2005”
“Field N#gguhz in a Huddle”; Professor Griff, Blood of the Prophet; 1998, Lethal Records, Mercury Records, PolyGram, Philips’ Electronics NV, Netherlands. PolyGram merged with Universal Music Group in 1998, the parent being The Seagram Company of Canada.

“The crackers ain’t shit; chase them out of the jungle; now raise up off the planet … we get the 12 gauge; shot to the chest … we hitting devils up … Da Lench Mob, environmental terrorist … I gripped the Glock and had to knock his head from his shoulders …”
“Environmental Terrorist”; Da Lench Mob, Planet of da Apes, 1994, Priority Records, Thorn EMI; now called The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

I mean….it must really be the cats meow in the Hood!

I would recommend getting most any sidearm in .40 S&W, .357 Magnum, 10mm, or .45 ACP calibers. Semiautos in 10mm have a flat trajectory out to 150 yards and are very accurate, so it can be used as a rifle in a pinch. The 45 ACP is a very good man stopper at close range. Two spares magazines plus one in the gun is a good amount of ammo on your person (you should have more at your destination). Second gun if possible (give it to the lady) but don’t hang about or go into a bad area just to retrieve it. A Leather Holster is very important as walking down the street with a weapon in your hand may get you targeted as a looter and get you shot by LE or your weapon taken. Oops!.

Excellent Choice

 Full size Hi Cap Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith Wesson, HK, etc in 10mm or 45 ACP. Any top of the line import in 10mm or 45 ACP like EAA Witness Match. A excellent quality .357 Magnum revolver w/ extra ammo. The longer sight-radius gives you longer shots, if necessary.

Good Choice:

1911 in 45 ACP, Good quality shorter barreled American made pistol like Ruger or American import like Sig or HK, EAA Witness in 40 S&W. Large caliber revolver as long as you can fire it well. A superb Daisho pair can be made out of a pair of lightweight combat Commanders in 45 ACP.


Snub nosed revolvers, 9mm weapons, small caliber weapons, tiny concealed carry guns. Remember ANYTHING is better than hands and prayer.

All the other supplies, water, medical supplies, food, equipment, etc that is up to you and for everyone it is different. For the man on foot, it is vest and hydration pack and backpack. For a retiree, it is complete camper with all the trimmings. Remember, you are LEAVING. Unlike Katrina, you are not stopping to assist or returning to a city that is trying to regain its footing. You are getting clear of the playful blacks. Military and LE do not want you there and you don’t want to be there. The only people who want you there, you don’t want to meet.


Laz said...

Nice post. Although, in a riot I don't think you're gonna be shooting anybody further than the bottom of the driveway. Iron sights work just fine for that but, a scope makes for an easier shot.

InB4RobertB starts talking about his baby guns.

jeanne said...

Kel-Tec, not Kel-Tech.

Paul's Biggest Fan said...

Ah, advocacy of the 10mm - no guesses on who wrote this! A set of excellent thoughts and well-reasoned insights. I fall mostly into the "sufficient" category, but I have a lot of sufficiency. I also rather enjoyed the evidence in the "songs." One wonders where blacks seem to get on the same page so quickly (like how many switched to Mercedes). "Songs" tell you much about where things will go.

Anonymous said...

How about that snazzy S&W Model 360, as featured on TV's "Breaking Bad"? May fit my work/life balance style a little better than those hand cannons you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

A black powder weapon might come in handy if you know how to make black powder. Simple and reliable.

Lucas Evans said...

Wow, this guy loves his firepower. I guess it makes sense, considering blacks are among the most physically robust humans on the planet.

I'd like a special section on weapon recommendations for female users. Most woman can't handle the hand cannons he recommends. What is a good alternative? Are there certain types of ammo that will give a .38 more stopping power? What attachments (pistol grips?) would help a petite woman control a rifle?

Unreconstructed confederate said...

I appreciate the insights that you
have. Somehow, I never accepted the
propaganda that began to be fed to me
as far back as 1955, when my fourth
grade teacher tried to program us to
support something which she called
"integration". Although I was raised
by FDR and JFK admiring parents, I
always knew that there was something
wrong with the usual view of things.
Later on, my experience with black
people convinced me that I had been
right all along.

Anonymous said...

Let me first say that I've been a loyal reader (and supporter) of this VERY perceptive, amusing, and important blog ever since it first came out in in May of 2009. I think you are an extremely intelligent and talented young man who is obviously bright enough to understand the nature of the threat that BRA imposes on White interests (unlike most of the reality TV-watching, celebrity-worshiping dipshits out there), and I admire you for your courage in saying what is on the minds of people like me, as well as your ability to do so in an educated, intelligent, thoughtful, principled, and NON hateful manner.

That said, I do not agree at ALL with your decision to post this "guest writer's" article. The individual who wrote this obviously is extremely obsessed with firearms, and, quite honestly, sounds like some FAR right, government conspiracy, Michigan militia, gun-stockpiling, neo-nazi wackjob. As I indicated before, I've enjoyed reading your blog because of the insightful, intelligent, and perspective observations you have made concerning the growing threat that BRA and its DWL enablers poses to the country I love and will fight to the death to defend. But, in my opinion, allowing people who sound like moonshine-guzzling, meth-slamming, KKK-sheet wearing, Aryan Nation-worshipping, inbred toothless gun-toting rednecks to post "guest" columns like this gives the impression that your blog is just some other moronic racist-ranting, White pride website. Do you WANT to be lumped together with the likes of Aryan Nation or the NLRs?

I know I'll probably get some hateful responses for this post. In my defense, I am not a black sympathizer, nor am I even close to being a liberal (I despise liberals, by the way). I am a person who "can see," and I'm perceptive enough to recognize the anti-White bullshit that's been going on in this country for sometime and seems to be getting worse. But, there are NOT going to be any racial riots in this country anytime soon, despite what the conspiracy mongers say, and there is NOT going to be a need to start stockpiling weapons. If you're worried about blacks, be like not EVER back down from them if confronted, and stay the fuck as far away from them as you can in all facets of your life.

Kid, in the future I hope you will use better judgement when deciding to post "guest" articles like this, especially from individuals like this.

Anonymous said...

No mention of the most excellent Heckler & Koch G3/Model 91(and clones) for the rifle class! Thats some oversight! Compared to the AR-10 & FN FAL it's cheaper and IMHO more reliable.

And EXCUSE ME but the Kel-Tec RFB (WTF) has absolutely NO TRACK RECORD WHATSOEVER! But it sure does look cool, oh and try finding parts in a pinch. Good thing it uses the FN FAL magazine, cause they are so easy to find. (sarc/)

Really, skip the RFB and just get an M-14 clone, or a CETME (G3/91 clone) and let somebody else beta test the Kel-Tec!

Anonymous said...

I live in a small southern city. The only downside (except for the large population of underclass blacks downtown) is the lack of an Asian supermarket (my wife happens to be Chinese). Every couple of weeks we drive down to Atlanta to shop at some of the large Asian markets. These places never cease to amaze me; they put conventional American supermarket chains to shame. They are huge, well stocked, clean, and carry an INCREDIBLE assortment or fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, and meats. The only things lacking are prepared foods and large banners proclaiming "We Accept EBT". On any given weekend these stores are packed with Asian (and a few white) families accompanied by grandma and well-manner, polite children. The only downside is that the blacks seem to have discovered these places; there are increasing numbers of Negro landmonsters slouching through the aisles, complete with a compliment of noisy, ill-behaved niglets. There never seem to be any Negro men around, though.

A few miles inward (Atlanta bound) from these thriving Asian communities are the increasingly derelict inner suburbs of Atlanta. By the architecture, you can tell these were thriving white communities before the inhabitants read the graffiti on the walls and moved out. Whatever commerce, such as it is, is related to criminality (bail bonds, pawn shops), gluttony (fast food joints) or sloth ("supermarkets" almost exclusively stocked with pre-made pork products). The juxtaposition of these communities is a living, breathing demonstration of the triumph of genetics and culture over good intentions.

As finished our shopping today, I thought that it must be tough to be an intelligent, honest black person. They must realize that there really is no place in a modern, advanced society for blacks. Most modern technology is magic to them. The Negroids bragging about their crimes on twitter via their IPhones have no idea how a simple eletrical circuit works, let alone a microprocessor. It is as alien to them as the boomsticks were to their ancestors. Without the constant intercession of whites, their "societies" degenerate a la Haiti, Zimbabwe or Detroit. On a previous thread, a poster wondered how the blacks would fair in a world dominated by Chinese, Indian, Arabs or Russians; basically anyone beside guilt stricked western whites. Well, we are starting to find out. There have been numerous articles written about Chinese "investment" in Africa. The pattern is something like this: Chinese firms find a mineral deposit in some African hole and pay the Chieftan for the right permits. They move in and completely bypass the locals (all the engineers, technicians and laborers are Chinese and live in Chinese dormitories). When the mine is played out, they leave. At this point, the locals are probably wishing for some old style British colonialism; the Brits, at least, left roads, hospitals and the rudiments of parliamentary government. The Chinese leave behind contaminated water and a scarred landscape.

In much of the world, the blacks have chased out the whites. Be careful what you wish for...

Anonymous said...

53GR says:
Good idea for an article. Unfortunately, you executed it poorly. First, you had no serious discussion of what you want the equipment (shoulder weapon and sidearm) to do. Discounting the AK was a rather silly thing to do, as it is an excellent short-to-medium range weapon. The cartridge (7.62x39mm) is relatively inexpensive with good barrier penetration. If you have an AK, then good for you. Put a red dot on it (see below).
The .308 cartridge is a powerful and accurate one, but has significantly more recoil than an intermediate round (such as the 5.56x45mm or 5.45x39mm). The .308 is not a magic bullet. The RFB is a very interesting concept, but isn’t yet tested. I love my FAL, but it’s not my go-to carbine because I don’t need that kind of range and punch in a riot situation.
That brings me to the AR-15. If you’re going for a 16 inch barreled AR, get a mid-length, which will get you a longer sight radius and softer recoil impulse. Get a red dot. I’d recommend a Primary Arms red dot with an American Defense Manufacturing mount. The mount is almost as expensive as the sight, but it’s worth it. You probably don’t need an Aimpoint or an EOTech or an ACOG. You’re not going to be sniping rioters at 600 yards.
As for a sidearm, don’t discount the 9x19mm. It’s about shot placement. A good SIG Sauer P226/HK USP/Glock 17/XD9/CZ 75 with spare magazines is an excellent choice.
Remember, the gun is only as good as the shooter can make it. If you have an Aimpoint, and ACOG, a Valdatta scope and a suppressor, that’s fine… but if you can’t hit the broad side of a barn, then it’s not going to be much use.
If you’re bugging out, then go quickly. Also a good reason to have a lighter carbine. Remember that your wife will be able to (with practice) put out a higher volume of accurate fire out of an AR-15 than from a .308 rifle such as a FN-FAL.
If you’re going to make a stand like the Koreans, then remember to bring all your buddies with guns and to have some decent fortification.

Playing Roots Backwards said...

I have probably pissed away more money on plinking ammo during the last 50 years than the rest of you put together and I can honestly tell you one thing: a bullet comes out each and every time you pull the trigger on a wheel gun. I cannot make that statement about any of the semi-autos that I've owned.
I've got a couple of AR15's that I like a lot, one has a fluted match barrel on it and the other has a mil spec barrel on it with a 1 in 7 twist. Neither would be my first choice for an evasion and survival weapon.

I had a bolt action .50, but it occurred to me one day that it was probably the most impractical weapon ever built.

The guns that will be with me if I ever have to flee ahead of the dark horde will be my J-frame .357 with a six inch barrel, my J-frame .357 with a 2.5 inch barrel and my .357 lever-action carbine.

The carbine requires a bit of care when jacking in 125 grain semi-jacketed hollow points, but it shoots straight and hits hard. The wheel guns function flawlessly and I can carry 500 rounds of .357 in a backpack along with other survival gear. Yeah, I know that speed-loaders are more cumbersome than magazines, but that is easily offset by the fact that it will never jam. Not ever.

I love shotguns loaded with number 4 buckshot, but I'm not willing to carry a ton of ammo.

Figure out what's good for you and learn to get the most out of it.

Celebrate homogeneity said...

Above, a commenter mentioned guns for the ladies. I have the problem in that my fingers can't grip the slide hard enough to pull it back on many semi-autos of substantial caliber. What is there in a semi-auto that might be useful for me?

PRB is of course right, and maybe I should instead be looking at revolvers.

Anonymous said...

If any thing to is to blame on the American loss of liberty and freedom it is the American Negro. If White people were killing black people at the same rate as Blacks are killing whites there would be Martial Law declared in this Country. But what we have is basicaly martial law declared on law abiding White Folks just trying to protect themselves from unlaw abiding Negros and the only answer we get from the elite liberal white people is more gun control. Are they that stupid to believe that criminals will obey gun laws? or do they just want law abiding White folks helpless, Well I have to say they just want law abiding White folk helpless!!

Anonymous said...

53GR says:
To Celebrate homogeneity, if you are talking about a semi-auto handgun, you may want to look at revolvers. You may also want to look at a smaller frame pistol. Narrower frames are easier to grab and draw to the rear. Make sure the frame has striations. They also make it easier to grip.
Go ahead and celebrate homogeneity, but don't forget that the Asians are on our side.

Anonymous said...

Celebrate homogenity, look at finding an H&K P7. It is a "squeeze cock" pistol (Google it) and came in an 8 round version called the M8, and a 13 round version called the M13 which is very hard to find. Both of these pistols haven't been made in years but still pop up at gun shows.

Zenster said...

“Freedom Got an AK”; Da Lench Mob, Guerrillas in tha Mist, 1992, Eastwest Records America, Elektra, Atlantic, Time Warner, USA. [emphasis added]

As usual, poor editorial skills allowed a homophone to slip through.

Another centerpunch by 10 mm AUTO!

One quick question. I'd heard that a lot of the "reliability" problems (i,e, jamming) with earlier .45 models was due to them being left for long periods of time with a clip loaded to full capacity. Supposedly, this tended to compact the magazine's internal spring which led to unreliable feeding of ammunition.

The recommendation for avoiding this was to partially load the in-gun clip as that would not stress the feed spring so much.

Is this still the case or have they been able to over come the problem with better quality spring steel and feed mechanisms?

It certainly is a serious tradeoff to lose bullet count in favor of reliable operation. Also, there remains the issue of fully loaded spare clips suffering from the same compression "memory" after a while.

I know, I know … nothing that regular range time can't cure.

Mutant Swarm said...

A few of my favorite quotes:

"A hit with a .22 is more effective than a miss with a .44 Magnum."

"Your handgun should only be used to fight your way back to your rifle, which you shouldn't have dropped in the first place."

"It is interesting to hear certain kinds of people insist that the citizen cannot fight the government. This would have been news to the men of Lexington and Concord, as well as the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan. The citizen most certainly can fight the government, and usually wins when he tries. Organized national armies are useful primarily for fighting against other organized national armies. When they try to fight against the people, they find themselves at a very serious disadvantage. If you will just look around at the state of the world today, you will see that the guerillero has the upper hand. Irregulars usually defeat regulars, providing they have the will. Such fighting is horrible to contemplate, but will continue to dominate brute strength."

And my favorite...

"Pick up a rifle, and change instantly from a subject to a citizen."

The first two, I'm not certain of the source, but the last two are from Col. Jeff Cooper.

And by the way, thanks a WHOLE LOT for mentioning that Kel-Tec RFB! (He said, with a smile on his face.) Now I want one, and they cost almost $2,000 bucks and are illegal in Kalifornia!

Anonymous said...

If you have EVER fired an HK-91 at the range (yes, I own one) you will know the recoil is fearsome! You need to retrofit the rifle with an HK-21 MG recoil buffer that people say makes it a different rifle. The HK-91 "Tropical Forearm" sucks for people with small hands, so I recommend a slim forearm. UTG makes all sorts of forearm/ accessories.

My go to 7.62x51 is an FN-FAL Para, with the Valmet M-78 for winter battle. I would TRUST the HK-91 and Valmet to go BANG in -25 degree weather in the midwest. But remember, your battery operated sight WILL NOT work for long when it's COLD. The US military has a remote battery cable to connect to NV equipment, with the battery inside your coat.

As military commentators have previously pointed out, the firepower of every armed group on the battlefield is pretty much the same. What has made the difference for US forces is the use of optical sights. Learn from them.

For non-blacks angry about only the AK-47 being in song, fear NOT you AR fans!

Simply google "My Little Armalite" for how the Irish Republican Army SINGS the praises of The Black Rifle!

Whatever you buy, it's ABSOLUTELY important that you learn to shoot your semi-automatic rifle effectively.

Enroll yourself in the Project Appleseed rifleman training program. (Revolutionary War Veterans Association)

"I have the problem in that my fingers can't grip the slide hard enough to pull it back on many semi-autos of substantial caliber. What is there in a semi-auto that might be useful for me?"

A relative with a Filipino wife has the same problem. He has come to the conclusion that you should buy a full size Glock. Someone makes accessories for it that allow easier cocking. I recall one is a plate with ears on each side of the slide that replaces the rear plate. Another design uses a ring instead of ears so that a woman can put her finger in it to pull back the slide. Happy shopping.

Anonymous said...

In the Close Combat of a Riot Scenario, you can't beat a Shotgun filled with Deer Rounds. Da niggas be shootin badly and aimlessly, so you need to take them down Quick and Nasty.
No need to bug out if you're in a nice dead-end street that is good for ambushing unsuspecting looters and loitering lowlifes.
Expect them to go on a burning spree, so you might want to prime your hose and stock up on a fire extinguisher for chemical fires.
LE boobies will probably be wandering around aimlessly or simply bug out. Don't be afraid to shoot any that try to disarm you, as you can always expect that the evidence will not be there from all the carnage that you put 'em down.

Anonymous said...

I recommend a 9mm or .380 auto for the ladies. For the guys, I recommend a .45 ACP

For concealed carry, a .380 is the biggest I will carry. Anything else is a bit too bulky and heavy, especially in the south.

Mr. B. said...

Keep it simple – have a bug out bag of some type in your car. Your car is never very far away from you, so your second tier weapons should be in the car. First level, of course, should be your sidearm, which is always with you.
For the ladies – I would recommend a Glock 19 as a carry gun, with at least one extra magazine. The car should have a Kel-tec P2000 pistol caliber carbine with a few thirty round Glock magazines, in the B.O.B. bag. See for an example of the gun and accessories. In essence, the carbine takes the same magazines as the pistol, makes a nine millimeter as powerful as a 357 magnum (out to 100 meters) and makes it much easier to hit with than a pistol. It can be hidden under the front seat of your car – in a zippered case – with ammo – waiting for the day you need it. You will not need to shoot over 100 meters in the city or suburbs. The ammo is cheap to practice with, and the carbine is very light. Along with this – I would seriously consider three or four hundred dollars’ worth of class 2A or 3 concealable soft body armor. Almost everyone that might shoot at you would do so with a pistol or shotgun – at least at first.
If you carry a pistol every day ( as I do ) you might consider carrying a backup that uses the same magazines as your primary sidearm. Not so much because your primary sidearm might malfunction (really rare nowadays – with factory ammo and range practice to get rid of “limp wristing” and other bad habits), but so that you can arm another person (your wife) and thereby double your firepower and your chances. I carry a Colt 1911A1, three 8 round magazines, and a Star PD as the backup (it takes the Colt magazines). I have used these for over thirty years and I am very comfortable with them, but my son has been well served by the Glock, so really – whatever is reliable and fits YOUR hand.

Lex32 said...

If you haven't already, join your local gun or rifle range. Get to know the "older crowd". These are the guys with years of experience, they money to buy the gear that WORKS and are 9 times out of 10 more that willing to help a newcomer to shooting.

Body armor has come a long way since the 80s. It's affordable. It works. Get some.

I own a Kel-Tec Sub2000 in 9mm. It will reliably feed JHP +P ammo & will fit in a laptop case folded up. Uses factory Glock mags and I prefder the 33rd ones. Extremely accurate to 100yds.

In my rural neighborhood in Mississippi there will be no riots by feral blacks. They seem to know that a hnadful of us are just waiting for the shooting to start. 600-1000yd shots are something that we do consistently in competition.

Molotov cocktails are an excellent crowd disperser.

Be ready. They are coming.

Semper Fi in Mississippi

.45jack said...

Loved the snarkiness of the article! But like some other posters I do not agree with all the recommendations.

Gotta add dittos to the argument that although the .308W is an excellent caliber it is 1) probably not necessary in most riot situations and 2) the Kel-Tec RFB is not yet a proven weapon.

While I have other disagreements with some of the other technical weapon craft suggestions made here I have already posted them in previous posts so I won't make them again now.

But what I do want to address here now is an answer to Lucas Evans who said...

"...I'd like a special section on weapon recommendations for female users. Most woman can't handle the hand cannons he recommends. What is a good alternative? Are there certain types of ammo that will give a .38 more stopping power? What attachments (pistol grips?) would help a petite woman control a rifle?"

My answer would be: Put your Big Girl Panties on ladies! This is not a Lifetime original movie you are preparing for.

Get your minds right ladies (and many of you men too!). When - and not if! - the savages amongst us go on another chimp-out (as they surely will when the Zimmerman verdict is correctly made) you must have the determination to defend you and yours. The most powerful gun in the hands of a simpering wimp is worse than worthless.

What should we learn from the Koreans during the great rodney king chimp-out?

Although the Koreans did not have any fancy weapons with the high-speed tech attachments recommended here (granted many such whiz-bangs were not available at that time), what they did have was more important: they had the GUTS to fight back!

They united and made a stand! And, man, was it beautiful! Would that Whites would do the same...

July 7, 2012 4:34 PM

Anonymous said...

Here's a tip... Grip the slide firmly, but don't pull it back, instead push the frame of the pistol forward. Much easier!

Lrsd05 said...

Boston's Gun Bible is a good read and has an amazing amount of good info. Go to some Appleseed shoots and learn the basics, then practice.

Anonymous said...

"But, in my opinion, allowing people who sound like moonshine-guzzling, meth-slamming, KKK-sheet wearing, Aryan Nation-worshipping, inbred toothless gun-toting rednecks to post "guest" columns like this gives the impression that your blog is just some other moronic racist-ranting, White pride website. Do you WANT to be lumped together with the likes of Aryan Nation or the NLRs? "

Reminds me of the people who write Popular Mechanics magazine regularly after they have a gun article asking them to STOP writing gun articles. Their answer has ALWAYS been a resounding "NO!"

Dude, we are interested in these gun-related SURVIVAL articles because us urban dwellers eventually may have to shoot a Black thug. Yes, we HAVE lived through the MLK riots of 1968. Yes, in my childhood, I saw a white clerk in a liquor store a few feet from my parent's business be brought out to an ambulance with several bleeding bullet holes. Yes, he DIED. Thank God the Negro chose a liquor store instead of our business. Yes, I have seen cops shooting at fleeing Blacks across the street from the same business.

Only a FOOL whistles in the dark thinking that will keep them safe. Stay disarmed. Just don't tell US we don't need guns. Remember Charlton Heston telling about how his leftists gun controller friends asking if they could borrow guns during the LA riots.

Laz said...

"I have the problem in that my fingers can't grip the slide hard enough to pull it back on many semi-autos of substantial caliber. What is there in a semi-auto that might be useful for me?"

Try a Ruger LC9 (9mm) or any .380. Stay away from Taurus as they have very flimsy thumb safeties. Or try a double-action revolver. Keep in mind the lighter the gun the more the recoil. An air-weight or titanium .38 will kick like a mule while a heavier one will be much easier to handle.

@ Playing Roots Backwards: I like the way you think- same caliber for every gun.

Anonymous said...

The tension is rising. Those who can see are coming out. Can you feel it? I had a buddy from Chicago solilict me on advise for armament. If its going to blow and not by our choice...may as well have some fun my comrades in arms. Of course there will be other complications that will need to be considered of a more serious nature.

10mm AUTO said...

Thank you all for your comments.

I agree that the German 91/93 family of weapons is superb, and soft shooting due to its roller locking action. As I commented, everyone must make their own choices and be GOOD at evasion. The "1992 Affair" started in less than 30 mins and snowballed out of control before the sun went down. By the next day they were going house to house and crashing into stores with Pickup trucks to seize the contents. Can you imagine what people in office buildings in the area felt when it was time to go home? Don't have too! Several videos show regular white people getting out after work and being set upon by negro gangs. (See: ) This is why I was so appalled at the censorship of the black riots at the Wisconsin State Fair (which I mention) as well as the 200 other beatings and savagery that happened over 2011 (see the book: "White Girl Bleeds A Lot") and the stuff that is happening this year. You could literally walk out of work or out of a restaurant and into this kind of situation.

As to poster who dislikes my "obsession" with weapons. I am a pistol expert with several published firearm articles to my credit and I am working on a book on handgun tactics. I have a degree in Philosophy from the University of Washington and am simply sharing my expertise. I am also very proud of my race and wish it well going into the future. I would be interested in you feelings of the RAP produced by blacks and sold to little blacks that obsess and delight on the slaughter, murder and torture of Whites.

Hey Zenster! The 45 ACP spring problem largely went away with the advent of top quality magazines. Wilson, Chip McCormick, etc are the way to go. Modern metallurgy and 100 years of studying the design has solved huge number of the drawbacks of the 1911 or other semiautomatic's.

To the lady that asked about rifles, a woman can generally shoot most rifles that a man can, with practice. If you are a tiny woman, then the AR-15 is a good choice, or the 30 Carbine. Both are battle tested, reliable and rugged. A good lever gun in 45 Colt is a soft shooting pussycat, yet will hit like a steam-hammer.

Lastly, I have not discounted the AK, it is a fine weapon. I simply think there is enough good weapons out there that you should find one that, if taken, WILL NOT ARM THE ENEMY. Manual of Arms, effective range, etc is different for every weapon and I would hate to go out thinking that I had given over a weapon that would go on to kill more of my people.

Anonymous said...

Former Marine Officer here: Lucas Evans said that black are some of the most robust humans on the planet...I would argue that this theory is severely overrated. First: if you ever see the indigenous blacks in Africa, many are physically smaller than the average American white. This is because 18th and 19th century American slave owners bred only the biggest and strongest blacks and let the others die off. Since this went on for a couple of centuries, the result is the Africans we are burdened with today. Second: Since the end of the Civil war til today, the vast majority of blacks have subsisted on welfare and suffer from generational slothfulness. This has caused the physical ability gap to narrow and your starting to see evidence of this. Third: the strongest humans on the planet are white. Just watch any worlds strongest man contest, they are all of northern european heritage.

Anonymous said...

I can't say I agree with 10mm auto pistol for a shtf scenario. Different strokes etc..

From my little experience, go with what works best for you, that makes you want to shoot a lot to practice, that you hit the target consistently with. Find a place to get basic training and a range you can rent guns to try them out.

Also, anyone remember a youtube etc. video that I think I saw on here in the comments of a black guy whining about how "brothas spray and pray, and that there are white women on youtube with ar15s hitting the target every time"? Anyone have a link to it? I can't find it again.

RobertB said...

whats with you laz, got a small pee pee? Everyone here knows I recommend a 12 gage with 00 buckshot. Like to see any pistol out do that. Weren't you one of those people advocating bird shot? That's what #4 or #5 is, you know, bird shot.

But I'll go one best of all. A Federal Fire Arms License and a Thompson sub machine gun. My father in law has one--a lot of fun to let rip. And then of course there's what used to be called a "hog leg"--a .410 pistol.

But you know, laz, they're a little hard to conceal. Not that you'll ever have to worry about it.

RobertB said...

You left out the M4. Very nice tactical rifle.

And, while Molotov Cocktails are good, they are not feasible for running around with. What's better is a water proof fuse and a modified 00 buck shot shell.

For home defense in a riot, you can make a home made cannon and use cannister. Home made cannons are legal in Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

"AK-47 is the tool (rat tat tat)

Don't make me act a motherfu*%in' fool"

-Ice Cube (NWA), "Straight Outta Compton", 1988

RobertB said...

"Anonymous Playing Roots Backwards said...

I have probably pissed away more money on plinking ammo during the last 50 years than the rest of you put together "

I doubt it. I used to go to pigeon shoots that required a case of shotgun shells per shooter--amongst other things. Had a big farm in the family for generations--thats what kids do on a farm when the chores are done, shoot.

But, I agree with you on the semi-auto versus revolver for reliability. The other problem with any semi-auto is it's loss of power in cold weather, not that most people here have to worry about that. But gunpowder decreases in power the colder it gets and slide actions on semi-autos get stiff and can jam. Even a high brass 12 gage will slow and jam when it gets below 25F. Besides, neagros don't go outside when it gets that cold, do they?

Silent Running said...

The individual who wrote this obviously is extremely obsessed with firearms, and, quite honestly, sounds like some FAR right, government conspiracy, Michigan militia, gun-stockpiling, neo-nazi wackjob


But, in my opinion, allowing people who sound like moonshine-guzzling, meth-slamming, KKK-sheet wearing, Aryan Nation-worshipping, inbred toothless gun-toting rednecks to post "guest" columns like this gives the impression that your blog is just some other moronic racist-ranting, White pride website.

You forgot flaccid, sister-marrying, secretly envious of blacks, and dwelling in either a trailer park or Momma's basement. But other than that I'd say you covered all the anti-racist bases.

nor am I even close to being a liberal

Bullshit. If you have a problem with an armed citizenry, a liberal is exactly what you are.

In fact, you're such a pathetic fucking liberal that you've joyfully gulped down Massa's propaganda when it comes to militias. It's not militias butchering wives and sons, and it's not the militia beating, raping, and murdering citizens just because it can.

If you're worried about blacks, be like not EVER back down from them if confronted, and stay the fuck as far away from them as you can in all facets of your life.

Yeah, because when the SHTF, blacks will be the only threat, right? Oh, that's right! Thinking maybe the S might HTF is for tinfoil-wearing, Coast to Coast-listening nutjobs! And rednecks! And if you run into a flash mob, just Stand Up To Them! That's been working well so far, right?

Why not slither back under your rock now, kid? The other side will be nice and cool.

Silent Running said...

NEVER CONFRONT LE with a weapon in your hand.

Unless they're shooting at you.

However recently they have switched to the Glock pistol, oddly a far cry from their long favorite, the shiny chrome plated .25 automatic.

Glock is a Swahili firm, right? ;)

Kel-Tech RFB/ M1A/ FN-FAL/ AR-10 in .308 with excellent scope 100 rounds ammo in magazines.

Only if you're fighting the 300 Meter War. If you're fighting the 3 Meter War, a battle rifle is a bit overkill (not to mention overpenetrating into the neighbor's breakfast nook).

I'd like a special section on weapon recommendations for female users. Most woman can't handle the hand cannons he recommends. What is a good alternative?

XD Subcompact. They also come in the smaller 9x19, which I carry as a CCW weapon. If you're at home and can't get to your 20-gauge, the Taurus PT92 is a full-size pistol with very little recoil (and much less expensive than its mother the Beretta).


I won't bother you with my opinion on gun choices. I will add the longest police sniper shot in the us on record is supposedly 150 or 200 yards. Any long rifle will do that, and keep in mind that's no longer 'defensive' distance.

Shotguns are wayyy overrated by guys that never shot one. They have limited_ range, a slooow followup shot, limited magazine capacity, heavy, heavy bulky ammo, sloooow to reload, and a very high liklihood you'll get a jam under pressure. Yes, even you.

Pistols are a must. I like cheap ammo, concealable size, and lots of practice. .357 is an awesome round, I wish I could afford it. Pistols are the practical urban choice. Get one. Any one is better than none, and .22 will work for the majority of situations.

The cost of all 3 guns used to assasinate both kennedys and shoot reagan(crippling 3 others) was under $150 combined . You don't need a. 44 to defend yourself. Really.

Anonymous said...

Can I suggest the short chamber Boxer Henry .45. A real man stopper in volley fire.

Here it is in action.

Oh don't forget the cold steel. They don't like it up them!

Silent Running said...

Go ahead and celebrate homogeneity, but don't forget that the Asians are on our side.

And when your halfbreeds are trying to date our daughters? Are they, or you, on our side then?

The recommendation for avoiding this was to partially load the in-gun clip as that would not stress the feed spring so much.

Indeed, this has been the conventional wisdom going back to Vietnam, at least. I read all the LRRP books as a kid and a lot of guys loaded 19 in a 20. I'm not sure if the problem persists, but I load this way just to reduce wear and tear. Magazine problems are very unpleasant.

Anonymous said...

The guerrilla in a defensive war is wise to prefer the ammunition of his enemy.

The real trick is removing everything you care about from your fighting equation. Bifurcated priorities are your undoing.

ie: before you go waging your war, send your family to the safe zone.

Celebrate Homogeneity said...

53GR said "Go ahead and celebrate homogeneity, but don't forget that the Asians are on our side."

I understand that; believe me. My screen name is a response to how the word diversity is used. It almost always is code for "you'll cater to Negroes or else!".

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of stocking up on sandbags and stacking them against an interior wall in case of an emergency. Opinions?

Ileyne said...

OOPS, posted this comment on previous article. PK, will you not post it there? Should you happen to, I'll just delete it. Sorry.

Great contribution, and much appreciated. Thank you!
Things have come to a sorry pass. The scales fell from these DWL eyes some years ago when arriving home one night, interrupted four black men in the process of cleaning out my very white neighborhood Berkeley house. Fleeing, these thugs left behind an acrid, feral, sweaty odor and their filthy "robber's work gloves."
But, discuss it we must. Too many whites now live in dread of your aptly described, black 'enthusiasm.'
May I ask a few tech questions?
Would you discuss the dreaded recoil issue, that of hand gun self-defense models, shoulder weapons, etc? This is important for small women, and as a lightweight, a factor in my own weapon selection.
At a recent gun show, fell in love with a mint condition Beretta Model 92 SB Parabellum semi automatic pistol. Upon shooting range try-out the first time, its recoil nearly took my thumb off. [Wasn't limp-wristing; I know how to shoot]. Obviously was not wearing gloves, which should have been. Challenge with heavier ammo, recoil was even worse. as expected.
I understand this model may have some jamming issues as well. What do you know of this?
Historically, it has been an effective Euro, Middle Eastern LE sidearm.

MuayTyson said...

To the anon who was upset about the guest post.

As the government should be scared of the people the people must be armed and ready to exert their Constitutional Rights.

We are losing our CRs at an alarming rate.

No one wants blood shed and no one wants chaos but it has been brought to us and I fear may only get worse.

There is a media that is at the will of a corrupt government that will support the party line and distort or fail to report important news.

The savages are at the gates and people must be prepared. Currently the low level race war has been escalating and will only get worse if nothing is done.

I hope no one here advocates violence but you must be prepared for violence.

There is a great Chinese proverb that goes something like this;" The man who can not fight who calls himself a pacifist is the same as the impotent man that calls himself celibate."

Stonelifter said...

.308 is hard to run in CQB unless you now what your doing and if you don't do it for a living, you probably don't know how to run one well enough

over the last 29 years I've seen weapons at work come and go but we're still running Glocks in 9mm, M4's/5.56 carbines have replaced pistol caliber carbines and shotguns; Remington 700's in .308 and M1A's are still the go to sniper rifles for almost all occasions

Not all folks can afford those weapons, and an AK is a good option esp if your on a budget, but I always suggest folks look at what professionals use and why when making their own purchases.

Each selection has its trade offs, which are beyond the scope of this blog to get into details with, but look what SWAT, SF, PMC's etc run. Not what manufactures say they run,( total marketing scam) but what you actually see them carry and use

Midwestern said...

Check out Jeff Quinn at

He also has a YouTube channel, shotguns for home defense:

Conceal Carry options for women:

Also like:!__firearms102

New Shooters:

Hickok45 YouTube channel gun reviews:

R Neville said...

This topic is a purely subjective issue. That said, I will give my 2 cents. Weapons choice is based upon budget, preference, intended use, and ability. We have a limited budget, and although I would love an AR series rifle, that is currently not an option.
I believe in getting commonly used calibers, so we don't have to ditch our weapons once our bullets run out. Our situation dictates that we can either stand and fight out of our fortress-like old brick home, or fight our way out to the country where we have many family and friends(although I fully intend this not to happen, as I constantly monitor the news and want to evacuate before SHTF).
I am an infantry vet, hunted my whole life, and am quiet proficient with shotties and rifles. I am not a great pistol shot. My wife is an inexperienced marksman, but has a good eye. She does not care for large calibers.
So for our weapons I have the following:
1. Remington 870 shottie. Red-dot sights. Buck and ball, slug, and 00 buck rounds. 2 bandoliers for quick carry. Blacks are usually frightened by shotties (I also worked corrections, and my black co-workers were all scared of them).
2. An SKS. plenty of rounds and 4 magazines. This is my longer-range weapon. I want to be able to punch through a car door on the street, and this weapon can do just that.
3. A Ruger 10/22 with 3 magazines. My wifes' tack driver. She is comfortable with it and can shoot plenty of rounds into someone to stop them. Ammo is uber cheap.
4. 2 9mm concealable pistols. LC9 for the wife and a Kel-Tec P11 for me. Pistols are really for close-up work(IMHO), so I am not going to shell out a lot of dough for Glocks and Sig-Sauers. These are our last firearm defense. Unless one is a pistol expert, you aren't going to be very effective with them past 20 yards anyway.
I would love to get 2 Kelt-Tec sub2000s for our car bug out bags, but they are getting too pricey.

W74 said...

To the Anon who posted about Supermarkets:

Blacks are the embodiment of the Seven Deadly Sins. Whether or not you're religious this is strikingly evident and trying to avoid these sins can actually improve your life.

Blacks and their embodyment of Sin:

1. Pride. There's nothing wrong with pride in one's community (out language just doesn't have a separate word for this) but having pride such as that you consider yourself to be a supreme being akin to God is where the sin lies. Pride in your family, community, children, neighborhood, country, those things are not "pride" in the individualistic sense and like I said our language simply has no distinct word for this. Blacks worship themselves and so are prideful whereas we WNs tend to be "prideful" only in our communities and the society we've built.

2. Gluttony. The prevalence of FF and Chicken shops wherever blacks live is testament to this. They are obese and the only ones who take care of their bodies are the ones who desire more lust. It's not just about food either. Their attitude always pushes them to cry "MORE MORE MORE, We want MORE" instead of relizing that some of the best things in life are simple and come in small doses.

3. Lust. The prevalence of AIDS in Africa, Haiti and anywhere in the Western world where the black happens to dwell is testament to this. They are sexually ravanous beings and rape statistics will prove this as well. Most blacks in Africa proper do not consider rape to be a violation of a woman's personal rights. This brings us to our next point: Greed.

4. Greed, like rape for the "fun" of it as blacks do is another common problem for them. This can be shown by their wearing of ridiculously showy (and ugly) bling, driving overpriced vehicles any sensible person would balk at, putting rims on those vehicles, and the fact that the average black woman spends upwards of $5,000/year at salons and nail parlors in a lackluster attempt to appear attractive (and also look more like beautiful White women).

5. Sloth, blacks are lazy. It is why they are disproportionately represented in handout programs and why you can see them sitting on their porch stoops and apartment balconies during working hours. Most play Xbox or Playstation all day whenever they're not sleeping, F-ing, or stealing. Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Drug use are the order of the day. In my apartment complex most will not walk to the dumpster to dispose of their trash, rather leaving it for the maintanance staff to "take care of" and they would rather park in the fire lane (EVERY SINGLE TIME) at the grocery store (for which the country has FINALLY started writing $120 tickets) instead of walking the 50 feet from the center of the parking lot. Most will park in a handicap space and put up a fake tag just to save themselves 10 feet of walking. Obesity, like Gluttony is a testament to their sloth.

6. Wrath. Oft discussed in our circle. Blacks (in their self Pride) will take offense to almost anything, perceived or real, important or benign, and will react to these slights in disproportional, sometimes catastrophic ways. The riots we discuss here are group manifestations of their Wrath, as are Flashmobs. Individual manifestations of this behavior are more commonly referred to as Chimpouts.

7. Envy. And they envy us for what they know to be true, that we, our families, and our communities are better. They all think that we "have money" but even the poorest White is more dignified than the wealthiest black afweete, or rapper thug, or any other regular thug on the street. We cannot stress this point enough, they envy us and would rather starve as long as it meant the chance to bring us down to their level.

Anonymous said...

Much of this is wishful thinking. First, as others have pointed out, it is Kel Tec, and not Kel Tech. But a caveat, there have been quality problems with this manufacturer, and they are often hard to come by due to distributorship vagaries.

Second, the idea of a specific handgun caliber as a “manstopper” is nonsense. It is all about bullet placement with a handgun. Handguns do not have “stopping power” like a high powered rifle—unless you are talking about a caliber so powerful (454 Casull, etc) that few can actually use it effectively. If you can use one, though, then you are good for humans, and large bears, too.

The table below shows that there is no "magic" handgun bullet.

Law Enforcement Officers Killed in the Line of Duty with Firearms 1993-2002

Source: U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation: Officers Killed and Assaulted, 2002

.22 caliber 28
.25 caliber 18
.32 caliber 9
.357 magnum 30
.38 caliber 65
.380 caliber 43
.40 caliber 34
.41 magnum 1
.44 magnum 11
.45 caliber 36
.455 caliber 1
.50 caliber 1
9 millimeter 136
10 millimeter 2
Size not reported 25

I advise everyone to move to a place where this scenario is unlikely. If it is not possible, be very judicious about shooting anyone--only if your life is in immediate danger. And I mean immediate. Sacrifice your property before you take a life.

I adivse this because in any municipality where blacks are likely to riot, the public prosecutor is likely to be very liberal, and you will probably find yourself on the defending end of a murder charge. Be prepared.

make it rain TRUTH said...

Defending oneself and loved ones in a riot setting is not about dick-swinging. These articles should be aimed at helping the novice type people. Gun "pros" already know and are capable of handling bigger guns. N00bs not so much.

RIFLE: ANY long gun will do for range. You aren't going to be taking 400 yard shots. You don't have that much sightline in most urban settings. Spend as much as you can on a quality scope.

HANDGUN: You do not need a cannon here. A big gun you can't control will scare the living hell out of you, and you won't be worth a fk with it.

A 9mm or 38 cal is fine. Accuracy matters far more than power. Putting multiple shots at center mass will get the job done. Period.

SHOTGUN: A simple Mossberg 500 or equivalent in 12 gauge is fine. #1 buckshot preferred, #00 if unable to get #1.

Number 1 thing for n00bs to know is that shotguns aren't just "point n click" easy. You still must be accurate with it.

While it has serious stopping power, even if you miss the target you could take most of the meat off an arm/leg, that doesn't mean it's useful to not hit your target. And shotguns have drawbacks as mentioned in another poster's comments about slow to load, heavy ammo to carry, slow to get followup shots (on target, due to recoil).

Whatever n00bs do, make certain you get practice. If you join a club, it is also handy because you will be able to try out many different guns (from teh club itself, or from other patrons) to narrow down which ones YOU feel comfortable handling/shooting. Then you can buy those selections, and practice practice practice.

When you are handy and proficient with the firearms of your choice, then it's time to handle the HARD part; the mental preparation for defending yourself and loved ones against humans in a mayhem circumstance. Got to have your mind right, or the best firepower in the world can't help you.

W74 said...

"Indeed, this has been the conventional wisdom going back to Vietnam, at least. I read all the LRRP books as a kid and a lot of guys loaded 19 in a 20. I'm not sure if the problem persists, but I load this way just to reduce wear and tear. Magazine problems are very unpleasant."

Silent Running,

Most will load 29 in a 30. I never had a problem with it and just put in 30. More myth and/or superstition nowadays than having any practicality, but if you feel strongly enough about it then one less PROBABLY will not kill you. Just have a few extra rounds to load up when you get a chance.

NEVER, however, store ammo in magazines for long periods of time (that's where most spring problems come from, it is a mechanical device after all). It's alright to have a couple magazines in "go" mode, but make sure you swap them out, check the springs, and rotate.

Anonymous said...

To Silent Running,

I never said I was against an armed citizenry, you ignorant cock sucker. My point (since you're too fucking stupid to make the inference) is that I would prefer that this blog not evolve into some quasi-militia, anti-government, neo-nazi, Aryan Nation type sounding board.

If you're worried about black violence, either buy a fucking .38 or stay home and start stockpiling canned foods. End of story.

Paul's Biggest Fan said...

Well this thread strayed into that of a survivalist blog quickly, didn't it? Many have contributed their thoughts on how their's is bigger/better/both over someone else's gun.

I notice, however, that some of the "Stuff Black People Don't Like" is thinking for themselves about their weapons or their manner of use. They follow like sheep on the gun they must have. I have personally seen blacks rent a Glock 22 at the range and get mad when they were told, "Yes, it fires a 40 Smith and Wesson" thinking they had been handed a Smith and Wesson! On the range, they couldn't load, couldn't hold, and couldn't hit.

Whether you agree or disagree with 10mm AUTO here, if you thought for yourself on what you use for defense, you did some stuff black people don't like.

10mm AUTO said...

Several Women have asked about a specific single recommendation for a long-arm. Here it is:

.30 M1 Carbine.

1. Ammo is inexpensive. True it is more expensive than .22 ammo, but the 30 Carbine has more power but can be handled by the lightest of females. FMJ ammo is everywhere.

2. Recoil is very light, yet weapon is powerful and accurate enough for Urban setting.

3. Extremely reliable and rugged. Adopted for the US Army (to replace the .45 Pistol). Easy strip and clean.

4. 15 and 30 round magazines and pouches easily available.

5. Much less blast than .223 or .308 so teaching and learning is easier, yet weapon will punch through car doors if need to take out gang bangers.

6. Wood stock so it looks less like an "assault weapon".

7. Rugged sights and can be scoped (either scout style or standard)

8. Will take a bayonet! (Just Joking!)

9. Extremely lightweight so carry in either bag or on sling is not a problem.

10. It is made by several manufactures here in the USA so selection is easy, folding stocks are available, even custom guns can be built up (see: with prices ranging from $500 to $1500.

Mostly I am recommending this for its reliability and reasonable power. A 12 ga shotgun is too much for a 120 lbs female and a .22 (despite its long term lethality) does not have the stopping power. The M1 Carbine is a good mix for a very light women. If I had any random lady with me, big or short, light or heavy, expert shot or brand new to shooting, I would feel perfectly fine if she was armed with a M1 Carbine.

10mm AUTO said...

"If you're worried about black violence, either buy a fucking .38 or stay home and start stockpiling canned foods. End of story.

July 8, 2012 7:53 AM"

Wow, you can always tell when they "lose it".

Hey Anon, How about we start building the political will to acknowledge black failings and black violence and Remove them from our society? To stop importing them and to drive them and their ways from us so Whites can stand as their own proud culture?

Blacks speak openly about White genocide and whites either ignore it or patronizingly laugh and say "It will never happen" while they slip into a minority in their own country. A lot of people said this type of thing would never happen and when it does happen, whine that someone should have seen it coming. We have seen Rhodesia fall...gone. We have seen South Africa fall, We have seen the Congo revert back to the night, we have seen Haiti slaughter its Whites and then stretch out its hand to Whites over and over for food, Medicine, Supplies, funds for rebuilding while its citizens rape Aid workers and UN volunteers. We have seen the genocide of Rwanda and see the same patterns here in the music and beliefs of Ice-T, Da Lench Mob, Louis Farrakhan, Dr. Cone. and on and on.

We saw the riots and the destruction they caused and the reaction of our "leaders" where they showered negros with ETB, AA, Lowered the standards of the schools, forced negros into police and firefighter positions who were unqualified, filled neighborhoods with section 8 and even worse, began to fill our cities with muslim Somali negros who will never assimilate, all to appease the violent negros.

You see, WE CAN SEE.

But more important, Paul Kersey outlines the cost and impact on our Culture and our society of merely the black presence. The vision is appalling, but more important such insights lead others to SEE.

Simon Jester said...

Also, anyone remember a youtube etc. video that I think I saw on here in the comments of a black guy whining about how "brothas spray and pray, and that there are white women on youtube with ar15s hitting the target every time"? Anyone have a link to it? I can't find it again.

Number 1 thing for n00bs to know is that shotguns aren't just "point n click" easy. You still must be accurate with it.

Yes, this video is very instructive for new shotgun owners:

As you can see, the shotgun fires a pattern of shot which can give some compensation for poor aiming, but it still has to be aimed. You can't just point in the general direstion of your target and let fly.

Anonymous said...

I have been prepared for this eventuality for over 20 years. I have a Ruger Mini-14, Chinese made .308, Mossberg 12 gauge pump, Winchester 30-30 with scope, 25 caliber rifles and pistols for the wife (and at the time, kids), and a Walther PPK .380. However, I have not kept up with the laws and have not bought any new ammo in about 10 years. My questions are:

1. Are gunsmiths required to document any work they do on weapons to the State or Federal Gov?
2. Can you buy ammo anymore without providing personnel info or showing a driver's license?

The reason I ask is because the war on your freedom and the 2nd Amendment has been continuing non-stop for over 50 years. The POS BO is going to sign the UN small arms treaty soon. I purposely bought every gun I have anonymously to prevent them from being confiscated when the SHTF. If I can no longer buy ammo, or extra clips, or accessories anonymously, Homeland Security, the ATF or some traitorous LE type pig will be knocking on my door. This is another reason I have resisted concealed carry license. Once you have asked the government for permission to do something, they can take it away even faster than they give it.

In fact, I am posting Anonymously because I am trying to pretend this blog is not monitored and my IP address won't be traced. Which of course, it will.

Oh, and to the Anonymous douche bag that doesn’t like being lumped together with toothless Aryan Nations types: Fuck you. You are a worthless fool. Those toothless “lowlifes” will make better allies than a fool like you. They are at least intellectually honest enough to call a spade a spade and see things as they really are. Samuel Adams had your number when he said:

“Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say 'what should be the reward of such sacrifices?' Bid us and our posterity bow the knee, supplicate the friendship and plough, and sow, and reap, to glut the avarice of the men who have let loose on us the dogs of war to riot in our blood and hunt us from the face of the earth? If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!”

How’s that for a hateful response. “Ooooh, he’s a hater. Let’s kill him!”

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. I'm a bit late to this discussion but you have to consider what happens AFTER you shoot a (presumably black) thug. This applies especially if it is not a riot scenario.

I tell people that you can't shoot somebody trying to break into a garage or other building on your property. You only have the legal right if they are coming into your house or, if they physically attack you when you come outside. DO NOT "shoot him and drag the body into your house." The cops will see through it in 10 minutes.

A few years ago in Knox County, Tennessee, a man shot and killed a druggie type who was prowling around a shed where his tools were stored.

The homeowner was tried for murder. The jury acquitted him but he likely spent his life savings in lawyer fees.

I'm sure everybody has noticed what happened to George Zimmerman when he shot a black wannabe thug in self-defense.

Anonymous said...

Timely article. Ovomit's dead economy has sky-rocketed reliance on government aid, and in turn, blurred moral truths that stealing is wrong.

Anonymous said...

I am also enthusiastic reader and supporter of this site and couldn't agree more with the comment above. Mr Kersey and the cause will be well served by following the advice contained thereinn.

Kylie said...

Celebrate homogeneity said, "Above, a commenter mentioned guns for the ladies. I have the problem in that my fingers can't grip the slide hard enough to pull it back on many semi-autos of substantial caliber."

Sounds like you aren't using the correct technique.

Here's an excellent guide:

How to rack a slide

I'm an older woman with small, slightly arthritic hands and I have no problem at all using the slingshot method shown in this guide.

Hope this helps.

Mr. Rational said...

OT:  Does anyone know what happened to OneSTDV?

Anonymous said...

Paul, what I see in California is Alarming!
More and more North Africans [muslims in veils]
More Indians / Pakis
More Asians...yikes...

Anonymous said...

"Paul Kersey," who is probably a group of several people, is the first real Tyler Durden.

RobertB said...

I really do think you guys are missing out on some the best riot/home defense weapons out there.

these guys get it right--note the field artillery.

I mean, if you are going to get into riot control and the break down of society thing, then you have to have artillery.

RobertB said...

"Shotguns are wayyy overrated by guys that never shot one. They have limited_ range, a slooow followup shot, limited magazine capacity, heavy, heavy bulky ammo, sloooow to reload, and a very high liklihood you'll get a jam under pressure. Yes, even you. "

I don't know, man, every platoon in Viet Nam had a guy with a Savage 12G pump shotgun. I do not know what is slow about it--each round puts out as much lead is a full clip and you can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. A personal, high speed miniature cannon firing cannister shot, what could be better? One round of 00 buck centered on the victim will likely cut him in two. Any woman can easily handle a 20G using the same ammo-just a few less pellets.

BTW, the guy with the Savage in Nam was the first one into a "hootch"--his job was to spray the place down.

RobertB said...


I have said it before on here many times, the only gun worth owning for defense is one YOU can effectively use in a tight situation. Caliber does not matter as much as a sense of calm and purpose, ability to draw the weapon, aim it and fire w/o jerking the trigger and not blinking or closing your eyes. All of this requires a sense of deliberate purpose arrived at long before you come to that moment.

LE statistics will teach you the following; when confronted by an attacker, 95% of the people out there, armed our not, will do one of the following--the most likely in descending order:

Freeze--the brain panics and the person simply freezes.

Fumble while drawing the weapon, end up on the ground with the attacker on top and likely get shot with their own gun, stabbed with their own knife, etc.

get the gun out and either hesitate to fire, blink or close eyes while firing or jerk the trigger--or a combination of all of the above with the result that they either miss, or don't fire and end up having the thug take the gun.

People can tell you whatever they want, but until you have been in a life threatening situation, you do not know how you will fare. Even guys in the military hesitate their first time into battle. Most honest vets will tell you they were severally affected by the first incident of taking a life. Many vomit. My brother had a friend who got off the plane in Saigon in 1969. His whole troop was the focus of a VC bayonet charge meant to take them by surprise. My brother's friend dropped his pack, pointed the gun, from his hip, and emptied the whole M-16 clip into the one guy. That was common then and is the reason why they no longer have full auto rifles for the average foot soldier. People in general have a tendency to empty the gun on the first attacker. Not good if there are more than one. You will not have time to reload before the next guy is on you. How did John, our 19 year old hero above turn out? He puked for three days and went on to win some serious medals. I have known a few other vets from that time period who did multiple tours in Nam and all faired roughly the same when dealing with their first killing.

And they were trained to kill. Think about it. I am trying to tell you, and anyone else who cares to listen, that 95% of the people out there will not do what they think they will do when push comes to shove. You must develop the mindset of an urban warrior and you must do this with intent and long before the moment comes. I would suggest taking some kind of martial arts class to prepare the brain for the actual fight. I mean that sincerely. Only a real fighter will react calmly in a violent situation. Everyone else--the other 95%, are going to panic and freeze up. George Zimmerman is a case in point. He did not react until he was flat on his back and being pummeled. Had he been more aware and had he not (most likely) suffered a freeze up initially, he would have not allowed Martin to close distance and move within striking distance. He would have drawn his weapon or reached for it while warning Martin to keep his distance. Few people are going to rush you once that gun is drawn and pointing at them. I am not telling you that you will not have the pulse of immediate adrenaline flow into the system, the difference is, is how your brain handles it--calm and collected, or tensed to the point of freeze up? When properly trained, the brain and body will relish the flow of adrenaline, using it for what nature intended--a boost of power to the body and the incredible increase in speed of thought to the brain.

Whiskey said...

As far as guns go, both History Channel and Discovery Channel have regular shows about gunshops/gunsmiths. Mythbusters based in San Francisco regularly cover gun myths, the guys and gal love shooting guns. Why? Because its fun!

Putting a bullet on a paper target or steel plate is fun. Even and especially ultra-liberal people like it. Because its fun. No one wants to shoot another human being (and no, they really don't, intelligent people know its ugly and depressing). They would if they had to however, rather than being a victim.

But guns are not right wing. Just look at any two Mythbusters shows in a row, chances are at least one will have gun myth. And watch the glee with which the folks on the show fire the weapons. They love it.

Whiskey said...

As someone living in SoCal, I can comment on what the reality is here (but not elsewhere) on the decision to flee or stand and fight. Fleeing is preferable, but people may not want to see their house burned down, or looted, or may have frail individuals not suited for a retreat. Practically, retreat may be cut off in many areas. Then there is the question of where to retreat, the beaches, Southern Orange County, are largely White as is Big Bear. But to get there one may have to pass through heavily Black/Hispanic areas.

Reginald Denny is an object lesson of a lone White guy unarmed (there is no concealed carry for California save celebrities like Robert Blake and Sean Penn), during "a rebellion" (as Blacks called it). Easy prey. Retreat can obviously bring about that situation.

The Mountains of Big Bear (Wrightwood is too easy access along Highway 2 from LA) are a good retreat place. But the High Desert is filled with Section 8 housing, as LA County has been stuffing it with Ghetto types.

THERE, you can expect little help from neighbors, housing patterns are checkerboard White/non-White, fairly distant, little cover, in that situation you might choose to stand and fight and a longer reach, easy to work bolt-action rifle such as a surplus Mauser, Springfield, or even a Remington or Ruger or Winchester in .308/30-06 will get the job done. In High desert, low cover, long sightline situations it is probably useful and more so than the AK/M16 pattern rifles.

The standard bolt-action rifle does not require expensive magazines, operates fairly reliably, has power and reach, and while recoil is tough, men of small stature in the 19th and mid Twentieth Century operated them efficiently to deadly effect. They don't cost a lot to acquire, either.

Ammo will expensive, it is probably best to either stockpile or make your own, with rifles like the excellent SMLE .303 British (a genuine pleasure to shoot) the latter is likely the best option economically. Obviously target practice that is fun is wise. Since you are more likely to acquire that skill.

As far as revolvers go, well they can jam too, just watch "Nutnfancy" on Youtube running both a Ruger GP 100 (outstanding revolver) and a S&W 686 Plus in his trench drills designed to simulate WWI trench fighting. Jams happen and are much harder to fix than a semi-auto. Reloading is slower. I personally like revolvers better, but I can see their downside. I've never had speed-loaders at the range not dump rounds in my pockets; IMHO the slower still speed strips are the way to go. For ... reloaders the advantage is revolvers do not spit brass out. They don't go out of battery at contact distance, and short barreled ones are hard for an assailant to grab onto. These are not trivial concerns.

I am personally of the opinion that there are no good options in the case of another 1992 riot; only less bad ones. Better to be alive and in jail than end up like say, Reginald Denny or worse, dead.

But even better is to move if one can, to a place devoid as much as possible of underclass Blacks and underclass Hispanics [if your neighbors are Will Smith and Salma Hayek you have it made, obviously, their security teams will discourage rioters even if they are not home which is often the case.] For a lot of people they can't move to Boise or Jackson Hole or Malibu, you can do worse than a Mossberg or other reliable pump shotgun, a bolt action rifle with scope, and set of revolvers in .357 (one can always load them with .38 special, quite accurate in longer-barreled .357 revolvers).

Playing Roots Backwards said...

For those of you who seem to be confused about shotgun ammo, there is a world of difference between number 4 buckshot and number 4 birdshot.

Check this out:

I used to take all types of ammo to my friend's car graveyard for testing. Of all the shotgun rounds, the number 4 buck impressed me the most, so I was not surprised when "Fire Power" magazine declared it to be the most effective round for home defense.

Give it the car door test at 25 feet and see what you think. There is a reason it outsells double ought almost two to one.

Celebrate Homogeneity said...

To Kylie: Thanks, ma'am.

Anonymous said...

53GR says:
Sorry, 10mm, but the idea that an AK will magically arm a rioter if taken while an AR-15 or FN-FAL will not is ridiculous. We're talking about amalgamations of wood, steel aluminum and plastic, not living beings or totems.

Kylie said...

"To Kylie: Thanks, ma'am"

You're welcome--hope it helped.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous July 8, 2012 7:53 AM,

Your concern trolling needs work. It's terribly transparent.

Anonymous said...

To all of you jumping on anon 7:53am. BRA is 100% a problem of politics. People have to be educated in order to BE ABLE TO SEE. This can only be accomplished by a tactful presentations of the factual realities of the African's place in the U.S. Some yahoo going on about what gun is best to kill niggers with is just the kind of thing that turns off people who may be otherwise receptive to the education P.K. is trying to present. Jerking each other off about guns and fantisizing about a race war may be fun, but it just isn't helpful.

Celebrate Homogeneity said...

To all of you who provided responses to my questions I thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Young black male responding.

Supper crappy music quoted. LoL trash.

Anyway the whole world switched from Cadillacs to German luxury autos in the 90s and 2000s if not earlier in the mid to late 80s.

If you are a person with means (legal or illegal) why would u spend your money on crap?

While I earn my money legit and chose to own both German and japanese cars

Anonymous said...

A full size 1911 has less recoil than many 9mm and most 40cal polymer guns.

My wife personally loves my xd 45 tactical. It has a 5" barrel and has similar weight to my TRP (springfield 1911) she is small 5'2" and 120lbs.

Playing Roots Backwards said...

The story Robert B told about the guy emptying an entire M-16 clip into one man is not an uncommon story.

Many years after the Viet Nam war ended the folks at The Office Of General Accounting reported that 100,000 rounds were expended for every confirmed kill. Obviously, most of those rounds went whizzing off through the jungle every time some kid got the shit scared out of him.

Anyone who has shot for a max on the bench press or squat, and anyone who has ever laced up and climbed in the ring with another trained fighter knows the value of visualizing your exact moves a thousand times before you ever get to the moment of truth. Shooting another man is no different.

Don't be discouraged by the practical little fuckboys who have advised you that you might get in trouble. Screw those sissies. On the day we're all talking about here, the only way you can get into trouble is by not shooting.

Be prepared to go forth and spread carnage, but hope that some unlikely miracle happens that will make it unnecessary.

SwampThizzle said...

The cocksucking moolie trolls reading this piece and the comments must be shitting and pissing themselves in fear. They know everybody's fed up and they know what's coming to them.

Anonymous said...

The biggest trends for white women fashion are butt injections or underware with pads or support to create an ass.

Lip injections.

Tanning (spray, booth, real sun)

Rich blackmen

Love of the big black cock (don't hate shits real)

Clothing styles

Hair extensions and nails influenced by black fashion.

The fact that most black music is purchased by white people women especially

And white women by far go out of their way for attractive successful black men.

Anonymous said...

Some of my recommendations for newbies to firearms:

Get training!!! Learn how to safely operate your firearm. Memorize, and internalize the rules of safe firearm handling!! Make these four rules second nature:

1. All guns are always loaded.

1. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy or kill.

1. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target and you're ready to fire.

1. Identify your target, and what is behind it.

(Yes, all those rules are number 1.)

Tattoo those rules to the back of your eyelids with glow-in-the-dark ink if you have to!

There's no sense in putting down $400 to $2000 or even more on a gun, and then blowing your foot off! Once that bullet leaves the barrel it has your name written on it.

Get someone who knows what they are doing, and have them show you how to operate your firearm. Get training in how to load and unload your weapon, clear a jam, how to hold the firearm correctly, how to adjust the sights, how to assemble or disassemble it, the works.

My ammo opinion: You get what you pay for. Cheap ammo that costs 5 cents a round will not perform the same as ammo that costs $1.00 a round. You'll see an incredible difference when you practice: Cheaper ammo jams up, and leaves behind dark residue, while more expensive ammo will fire cleanly, and hit what you're aiming at.

If one is just looking for a rifle for home defense, and is never thinking of participating in any rifle match, then I would recommend a Ruger Mini-14. There's been a lot of talk about how it isn't accurate, but those issues have been fixed in later models.

Mini-14s are also cheaper than AR-15s, and don't have the "black rifle" stigma attached to them for the most part -- which is both good and bad, in that they look less "scary".

This is just my opinion, but if it's an emergency, then I'm not going to give a damn if I hit right square on the SOB's center of Mass, taking out his heart, or a few inches to the left or right, or up or down. I'm not going to be thinking straight at that moment, and trying to go for match-level accuracy in a home invasion situation is unrealistic.

I don't care if my bullet(s) enter a lung, or destroy a rib, or blow away his solar plexus, or hit an artery in his neck causing him to bleed out, or shatter a vertebrae paralyzing him for life, I honest and truly don't give a damn.

Get as many bullets into the bad guy(s) in rapid succession as quickly as possible. Everything else is secondary,

I hit him, that's what counts, I'm going to keep on firing until he's down, and the threat is neutralized.

Mr. Rational said...

I hit him, that's what counts, I'm going to keep on firing until he's down, and the threat is neutralized.

That is something to keep in mind.

Something else to keep in mind is that if you DON'T call the police, and you DO dump the body a few blocks away, the chances of you being Zimmermaned (if there is enough unrest to give you plausible deniability that anything happened at your place) are pretty small.

RobertB said...

"Mr. Rational said...

OT: Does anyone know what happened to OneSTDV?"

He was nikrited. Either that or the guys from Stormfront got him, or both. I left awhile ago, got sick of the "blame in on the joos" shit.

It just goes to show, that at some point you have to have a plan and put it into action. It does no good to sit around and whine and wait for the end.

I believe in nullification. I believe that if enough people in a state demand it, their politicians will do it. Nullification has legal precedence going back to the Antebellum South and it's refusal to implement laws passed by the NE states. Thus, a person must make a choice, stay where you are in do nothing, or get up, like your ancestors, and move. It's a lot easier to effect change in a state where most everyone already mostly agrees with you than it is in a place like California or New York.

The smart people move ahead of the sheep, whether it be stocks, bonds, real estate or place of residence. Now is the time to sell a home and go. The economy is going to tank even harder either next year or 2014.

Get revenge, sell your house to a liberal and go!

Anonymous said...

"I was thinking of stocking up on sandbags and stacking them against an interior wall in case of an emergency. Opinions?

According to TM 31-210 "Improvised Munitions Handbook", p. 160, 4 inches of dry sand will stop a 5.56mm ball, 5 inches will stop 7.62mm and 14 inches will stop .50 rounds at a distance of 10 feet.

RobertB said...

Heh, my daughter got a 99 on her gun safety course when she was 12 years old. I think that's funny. Liberals kind of stare in awe when they find out she shoots and hunts.

Anonymous said...

"I will add the longest police sniper shot in the us on record is supposedly 150 or 200 yards. Any long rifle will do that, and keep in mind that's no longer 'defensive' distance. "

A "RIOT" is in fact a mini-war. Are you saying just because you are 150-200 yards from an invading force of "youths" that you are NOT engaged in proper militia activity if you shoot them??? It sure seems like proper community defense to me! Heck I seem to recall Charles Whitman being engaged by the unorganized militia armed with hunting rifles (and at least one M-1 carbine wielded by a University student) shooting at him on top of the 300 foot Texas tower in 1966.

Mr. B. said...

Robert B has some good points to think about. The purpose of training is to minimize the freeze in a dangerous situation. Good training will try and replicate the real world as much as is possible. There are a few things you can do on your own though. To prepare as much as you can for that moment, you might want to check out “Meditations on Violence” and “Facing Violence” both authored by Sgt. Rory Miller. ”On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society” by Col. Dave Grossman speaks to how soldiers have to go through a process to gain permission from themselves and from higher authority (society, their fellow soldiers, those that direct them to do what they do) to kill, and the process of cleaning the soul afterwards. The process in not simple, and was screwed up for the Vietnam vets. The Miller books are better at giving you an idea of what you will be dealing with both externally and internally (emotionally and physically) when that special moment arrives. Those two Miller books are the best I have read so far.
Have you ever killed an animal? Have you had to put down your own dog? Do you hunt? How did you feel in High School dissecting a frog? I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you haven’t killed a tree squirrel or rabbit – what makes you think you can pull the trigger on a human being? There is a freeze or hesitation the first time you kill something and you will be very emotional and pumped full of chemicals and hormones that will affect your behavior for hour’s afterword. That’s why you respectfully refuse to answer any questions by law enforcement immediately after an event. They know the score – at least the guys who have been there. If you have never killed – get someone to take you small game hunting, or bird hunting – something. You will feel blood guilt – and maybe be sorrowful over killing something so beautiful - but it will help you later when you have to pull the trigger on something not so beautiful.

Stonelifter said...

The second longest shot of my career was 912 yards and in an urban setting.

I love firearms, I've been a shooter and hunter since I was about 8 and have used a rifle to earn my pay for 29 years ( this coming Oct). Most folks, even long term gun owners and cops etc, don't know shit about firearms. They merely spin the same old firearm urban legends that don't hold up in the real world

Last time I looked, gunsmiths do more work on revolvers then modern semi auto pistols. My experience jives with that. I've shot many thousands of round out Glocks with no issues. The last three guns I sent off for repair were revolvers (out of battery all three of them). Reliability on modern and moderately priced firearms with decent ammo is a non issue for the most part. I shoot about 100k rounds a year and don't recall much in the way of issues. Most failures are self induced for training purposes. I shoot cheap ammo for training and have the occasional issue with it, but failures with quality ammo are to rare to count.

People don't get shot and fall down like in the movies, unless you shut the central nervous system. Which is very hard to do when the heat is on. Bullets remove a very small amount of flesh bone etc. They die form bleeding out which is why a couple of very large holes or many smaller holes work equally well. Statistically speaking there isn't much difference between 9mm and .45 results in the real world. I tend to favor fewer but larger holes but the reality is, both work as well as the other

AnalogMan said...

Silent Running said "...I'd say you covered all the anti-racist bases."

And then, just to prove you wrong, he came back at 7:53 with the one missing element: the potty mouth. Yes, I think now we have a liberal full house.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Maybe this post in all its seriousness will finally get some fools to take what is coming seriously.

The police will not help in crisis situations as evidenced by Katrina, the LA riots, and elsewhere.

Brute said...

Some things I'd like to elaborate on:

You load one fewer in a magzine than full capacity IOT make magazine changes faster. Seating a fully loaded mag is fighting vs spring pressure and often "fumbly." Also the bolt stripping the top round of the mag in a fully loaded magazine has more work to do overcoming friction and can cause a stoppage.

Modern coiled springs last nearly forever in a constant state, it's cycles that kill them. Storing loaded mags is NOT a problem. So all those dipshits on guard duty that stripped out rounds and counted them every fucking shift change, yes, you were stupid. If you were in the US mil, you know what I'm talking about. The US mil heirarchy is more afraid of our own troops than of the enemy. Loathesome pussies and cowards, many of them.

For women, grip size is more important than recoil or most other features. A narrow grip is better and more managable, so a smaller sized single stack magazine weapon is probably better suited to you. The Beretta or other double stack 9mm is not; it's like holding a box of Wheaties. The .mil came up with some truly marvelous lies to justify adopting that brick. There's DWL's in the .mil too, and they don't just lie to themselves about blacks, they rationalize all manner of stupidity.

If you have rheumatoid arthritis or other severe grip issue, Beretta does make several small hanguns which load directly into the barrel(Tomcat, Bobcat, etc), thus skipping the need to rack the slide. They are smaller calibers, but better than nothing.

Another option is to rack the slide using the edge of an object while holding the gun in a normal fashion. Door frames, edges of walls, etc work; it is also trained to use the heel of your boot in a kneeling position. This also works for operating the gun one handed, after you've been wounded(which happens to hands often) or the hand is occupised. There are ways, if you've got the mindset.

Mindset is critical; this is a fight to the death. You don't quit, ever! After you're dead, it might be acceptable to quit, but I will probably think ill of you even then.

Other general comments:
No real need for a 7.62x51 auto rifle, if you've got one, fine, but 5.56 or 7.62x39 works also, is lighter and more managable. In fact, any rifle is fine. Spend the money on optics, for 90% plus of work, an Aimpoint reddot (Comp M2/3/4 version IME) does wonders. IT MUST BE ZEROED PROPERLY. Care and maintainance of weapons is what typically seperates 1st world troops from the savages. This is typically why they like the near idiot proof AK. Do not think this foolproof; while killing the savages in the mud of the Iraqi winter, our M16's kept working(because they were maintained and operated by professionals) while the savages had stoppages.

In a riot situation where I had to smoke some savage, I'd adopt a admit nothing, deny everything, make counter accusations policy. You were never there, you have no idea what they're talking about, you want a lawyer, make them prove everything.

Mr. Rational said...

In a riot situation where I had to smoke some savage, I'd adopt a admit nothing, deny everything, make counter accusations policy. You were never there, you have no idea what they're talking about, you want a lawyer, make them prove everything.

A White version of "dint do nuffins, po-leece raciss"?  I guess it works for them, it'll work for us.

Kylie said...

"Have you ever killed an animal? Have you had to put down your own dog? Do you hunt?"

No. I have authorized and been present at the euthanasia of several animals but I've never shot one.

"I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you haven’t killed a tree squirrel or rabbit – what makes you think you can pull the trigger on a human being?"

Apples and oranges. No animal has ever posed the degree or type of threat to my safety and even my life that some humans I've encountered have. In my view, any person who posed such a threat to me has forfeited his--or her--humanity. My only concern in such a situation is to neutralize the threat to myself.

I don't go looking for trouble but I know that a zero option situation is exactly that--a situation in which I have no options, in which one and only one course of action is open to me.

Not all life is equally valuable--or sacred. The person who won't kill under any circumstances is as dangerous to civilization as the person who will kill for passion or profit or no reason at all.

Anonymous said...

Morgue ballistics results:

sara said...

The freeze can happen anytime your body identifies a situation as potentially life threatening. The points made about it in other comments bear very close and careful consideration by everyone regardless of what weapons they have. Many people are unaware of it until “the day” to their detriment.
I urge women to look into and research what this is and ways to manage it. I believe women have a natural “intuition” that will signal danger to us way before anything is readily apparent in other ways. To my daughters I call it “the little voice”. If that goes off strong enough there is a possibility of freezing right there and then.

Going to public schools with high Black populations I experienced this once. The first time I ever got into a fight. You can freeze physically and you can freeze mentally or both. Please do not become overly reliant on weapons for your safety. Your brain is a weapon and it can work against you if you don’t prepare properly.

The freeze is my greatest fear when it comes to the safety of those I hold dear. Not that they will be unarmed or unskilled in defending themselves. It is that they won’t be able to manage the freeze if it happens. Because no matter what I do and what training I get for them I just don’t know and neither do they. Then there’s all of the indoctrination against physical retaliation we receive throughout our lives. It adds a layer that is hard to overcome all at once and on “the day”. Be careful, folks. It’s not just I’m going to get a gun and it’s all good.

Marc B said...


"Kel-Tech RFB/ M1A/ FN-FAL/ AR-10 in .308 with excellent scope 100 rounds ammo in magazines".

The .308 is an excellent battle rifle, and is far more accurate and versatile than an AK47. I recommend the PTR-91 models in both the 16" barrel (carry) and 18" (sniper) variants. They are compatable with most parts from the original HK-91. The only thing that woulfd make these guns better is magazines with above 20 rounds...

The Springfield Armory .45 ACP is a great series of guns. I wouldn't use 9mm caliber for anything more than a back-up CC gun, but the street thugs sure love that caliber in the Glock, hence the large numbers of attempted murders in any large urban area where bullets get sprayed.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Silent is a bud of mine so I take offence.This smuck is probably one of the new marginally I can see types. Silent can more than hold is own I'm sure but we got your back anyway.

Anonymous said...

The fact that most black music is purchased by white people women especially

This is unsupported assertion is factually different from the much more relevant fact that black people are the largest listening patrons of black music, top-40 music aside. It's just that black people 'pay' for it less often and top-40 music, black or not, is largely determined independent of preferences for music performed by a specific race. I love your reductionism, though, as it underscores your genetic inability to think critically.

And white women by far go out of their way for attractive successful black men.

Lucky for us that the term 'successful black man' is mostly a contradiction-of-terms, unless affirmative action is taken into consideration. Black people can think that their affirmative action positions are 'success', but the rest of the world thinks and knows differently. There is nothing like the experience of witnessing black people in middle class jobs that cannot construct a sentence in grammatically correct English. It's a mix of funny/scary when they are in law enforcement positions.

Last, black people can have the women that supposedly go 'far out of their way' for secretly-still-ghetto successful black men. What I know is that these women generally exist at the lowest tiers of the class hierarchy. High quality, smart, educated women generally don't pursue black men of any ilk. I know this from experience.

Anonymous said...

Why do you STATE the are not going to be any race riots in the U.S.? Are you privy to information the rest of the world isn't? History shows me otherwise. I don't remeber the 60's well, just romper room and captain kangaroo, but I've seen file footage of 60's riots and cities burning. And i do remember L.A. during civil rights leader Rodney King riots. What do you base your statement on?

Anonymous said...

I would just like to point out the general tenor of all these comments, as well as our tone in general is that of retreat. Run from the scary mighty negroid. I agree with the commenter who said he could feel tension rising, it is. What I'd like to see is the Caucasians of the United States remember we are about 80%+ of the population and the lesson taught from the most insignificant schoolyard fight to the greatest war is the way to win is be on the offensive. We need to remind blacks they need to fear us. We need to make blacks worry what we will do if they won't live by white societies rules of behavior, not be planning how to best cower. The tension you feel is white anger increasing and I pray I live to see it boil over.

Anonymous said...

'Lucky for us that the term 'successful black man' is mostly a contradiction-of-terms, unless affirmative action is taken into consideration. Black people can think that their affirmative action positions are 'success', but the rest of the world thinks and knows differently'
Last time I checked, most black men were unemployed...

also I see ...on yahoo news..the school ad with the black athletes, and on posters the Polish Vodka ad with the inter racial couple.

found it...
Donovan Ford, 2016 US Olympic hopeful and DeVry University..
now devrys a UNIVERSITY

and the yahoo ad with the black hippie gal [for small biz yet!!]


Mr. B. said...

Thank you for responding – you are the person to whom I was addressing that post. Sara got what I was trying to say, and I guess I should back up a bit and make clear what we are talking about when we say “freeze”. It is a physiological phenomenon that short circuits your ability to react to a threat. The two books by Sgt. Rory Miller go into detail about this, and explain a few ways in which a person can overcome this tendency. Related to this “freeze” is a similar problem caused by a moral upbringing in western society that causes a hesitation or freeze when a person is required to kill another person. You might say Christian values get in the way. Think Sgt. York. But there is more to it than pacifism. The Army has been making studies since the Civil War trying to understand why it is that many soldiers do not fire their weapons in combat. Civil War muskets retrieved from the battle field were found to have multiple loads in the barrels – they would have blown up if actually fired. What would explain the phenomenon? It turns out that the owner of said musket would be in his platoon facing an enemy group around twenty-five yards away – both groups firing at the other. Lots of gun smoke, noise, ciaos, confusion – the soldier would solder the musket, aim, bring it down to pour powder into the barrel – wad then Minnie ball – rod the ball – bring it to solder again, multiple times without pulling the trigger. Others would busy themselves taking wounded back to aid stations, or bringing up ammunition or water. More than half of the troopers were not firing on the enemy. Some of this was sub-conscious, some deliberate. This, by the way, is why Crane’s “Red Badge of Courage” was hailed as the real deal by vets after the war (even though Crane never saw combat) as it documents such things in the story. (cont)

Mr. B. said...

(Cont. – Kylie, et al) So, the quest began to see how to get more men to fire their weapons. If you read the “On Killing” book mentioned in a previous post, you will find out what the Army found. Even with approval from their Officers, NCO’s, and fellow soldiers – getting a man to pull the trigger on another human being is problematic. They had to change training from shooting at bulls-eye targets to pop-up silhouettes. That made it more realistic, and indeed, did up the ratio in Vietnam of those willing to shoot at the enemy. Video games have been a real help – the Army runs one in which your skill levels are factored into your enlistment package when you join up (this is reported to me by my son, who is a high scorer). Killing is not easy – and training to get over that momentary freeze is meant to overcome that moment so that you will survive. The killing squads of German Police Battalions in Poland during the Second World War are another example. These men had to be given large amounts of liquor to do the executions they were ordered to do. Even then- it usually fell to three or four individuals in the squad who would end up doing the job. Attempts to rotate people at the grave sites usually broke down after a few days with a couple of individuals doing the killing and the rest occupied with moving people from one place to another, or record keeping, ammo runs, whatever excuse not to pull the trigger. The men doing the actual killing ended up very coarse and uncaring – descending into very dark places. We are conditioned all our lives to be pacifistic. The entertainment industry provides the outlet for most peoples violent tendencies – albeit in a Walter Mitty kind of way. Football and Hollywood machine guns. The folks we are concerned about are training themselves in real violence not pretend, and they have an advantage on you. They travel in groups who approve their behavior – indeed they are rewarded by their other gang members for being violent. Many more black people have actually pulled the trigger – with support of other enablers surrounding them. You have not had that support or experience, I would guess. Killing an animal can be a training exercise of sorts. Can you pull the trigger on a living thing. It might interest you to note that one of the flags that social workers look for in children is if they torture or kill animals. This usually is a stepping stone to violent behavior. Shedding blood is a hard thing for good people to do. You might think you can do it – but you might be fooling yourself. Even hunters, who have experience with killing animals, are not entirely comfortable with it (if they are honest). You have an excuse if you eat it, and make room for others in the ecology, and….etc. That’s why I suggested it. You will find it surprisingly hard to pull the trigger. You have to try this out – it has nothing to do with your thinking brain – your respect for life will shut you down – even with a sub-human animal attacking. Please research this – I can tell you are good people.

Mary said...

Silent Running? I think I love you :)

Kylie said...

"Shedding blood is a hard thing for good people to do. You might think you can do it – but you might be fooling yourself. Even hunters, who have experience with killing animals, are not entirely comfortable with it (if they are honest). You have an excuse if you eat it, and make room for others in the ecology, and….etc. That’s why I suggested it. You will find it surprisingly hard to pull the trigger. You have to try this out – it has nothing to do with your thinking brain – your respect for life will shut you down – even with a sub-human animal attacking. Please research this – I can tell you are good people."

Thank you so much for your detailed comments. I really appreciate the concern you expressed.

I have done some reading on this. I read about how soldiers in combat need to "decompress" (that's my word for it, I think the writer used another word) every night to help them deal with the consequences of the lethal actions they have to take.

I am an animal lover and yes, would find it very hard to kill an animal.

I am not people person at all. Without going into detail here, I have been in violent situations (both domestic and public, with people known to me and with strangers) and my reactions during them lead me to think I could pull a trigger if I had to.

But I will reread your comments and do some more reading about this topic online.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me. You've given me a lot to think about.

Mr. Rational said...

Mr. B, I may be one of the few in these threads to have aimed a live weapon at a (crazy) human being with my finger on the trigger.  The crazy (White) man took the hint and reversed course, removing his threat and any need for me to shoot.

I was ready.  My sights were on his chest.  If he hadn't turned around, I'd have gone to jail... but he'd have been hospitalized at best.

If I were training a wife, child or Significant Other, I could find better targets than bullseyes or even silhouettes.  The mug shots of murderers on Black Racism and Hatred would be perfect training material, wouldn't they?

Anonymous said...

One last comment; when Reagan invaded Grenada in the 1980s, our soldiers were armed with M-16s. The enemy ostensibly was armed with AK-47s and AKMs. But one statement I definitely recall reading was that there was ONE weapon the American soldiers feared, the FN-FAL which the enemy was employing as a sniper rifle. Range, accuracy and power 7.62 NATO FN-FAL vs. "Good Enough for Gov't Work" 5.56 M-16 is something to consider. A 7.62x51 will shoot through both sides of a car, if a rioter in so inclined to hide behind. It has EXCELLENT anti-barrier capabilities.

Discard said...

The slide of 9mm Walther P38 is the easiest to pull that I'm aware of, by far. Excepting a .22, of course. It has a pair of small return springs instead of one large spring, which may somehow make the difference.

Brute said...


Making a FAL into a "sniper rifle" is a fool's errand. Only recently have there been acceptable optics mounts created for the FAL, and they still don't turn that into a "sniper rifle." Please, if you don't know what you're talking about, just don't post. I carried a real sniper rifle for a significant portion of my adult life; until recently(and arguably) the only acceptable sniper rifle was a bolt action heavy barreled rifle, normally weighing north of 12lbs.

The stuff about Grenada is bunk. The .mil was paranoid about the SVD in Grenada, purportedly used by Cubans, but that's a POS too. The .mil has a tendency to make the enemy 3m tall, I suspect for reasons of budget inflation justification.

Now, don't get me wrong, the FAL is a great service rifle, I wish we had adopted it over the M14, which is actually a rather poor combat rifle, but that's neither here nor there.

The same things in a car that'll stop 5.56 will stop 7.62x51. BTDT. There's some old Iraqi dude quite pissed about the oil pump( cast iron forging) in his pickup that had a hole blown through it by 5.56. 7.62 ball does the same thing. Yes, it's a little better because it has 3x the mass of 5.56 ball, but it ain't 50cal API.

Kylie said...

Mr. B, I submitted a long reply to your comment yesterday but see it hasn't (yet) been posted.

I've had trouble before on this website getting my comments posted. At one point, I even thought I'd been banned. But no, apparently, it's just a glitch in the blog program.

Anyway, I didn't want you to think I hadn't bothered to reply to you when you were kind enough to submit such a detailed comment.

Hope this comment of mine shows up!

Brute said...

BTW, the oil pump is a casting, not a forging. Momentary bit of stupid on my part.

Mr. B. said...

Kylie – I am happy to see that you will look into the “freeze” issue, as it is probably the biggest reason people will lose in a fight. By the time you respond, it is already too late. Read a few pages from Sgt. Miller’s books on violence using Amazon’s website. They allow you to look inside the book so you can evaluate the book before you buy. I would recommend doing so.
I guess I get long winded sometimes, as I am a teacher. I teach American and World History, Government, Life Science, and Technology classes for a small private school. You can see that the instructors wear lots of different hats. I have been studying breakdown issues since the seventies when the majority opinion was that we were going to die in a nuclear war, starve to death because the population was overtaking the food supply, or die in the coming Ice age (irony alert).
To those of you who might be reading this, I would like to direct your attention, perhaps your focus, on a larger issue than weapons. Please remember that we as human beings that are at root social beings. There are very few lone rangers that will do better than brute survival under the various disasters that might happen. Your chances improve if you are part of a community. Don’t abandon your neighbors, especially if they have kids. (cont)

Mr. B. said...

(cont – Kylie, et al) I took an oath back in the day – to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. I was never released from that oath, and I must see it through to the end – whatever that end might be. I carry a firearm not only for myself, but for others citizens as well. I will not allow a gang rape as long as I am living and can do something about it. I cannot allow my neighbor to suffer a brutal encounter with lawlessness if I can help it. It is my duty as a citizen to do this – and I am sure many of you feel the same way. So – we have a little time. . . Ask your neighbor is you can teach his teen age girls to shoot. Stock up on food and medicines that will be hard to find and that will be useful for your little community. Don’t give up on old people, as they usually are fonts of knowledge on many useful subjects. At any rate, get involved with those people around you and see what you can do to support your community before you abandon it for somewhere else. It really is your duty as well.
If you do have to run here are some tips – don’t forget railroad right of ways. The Freeway might be packed – but train tracks probably will not see much traffic. Join a sailing club. You get a key to the door that gives access to the slips where the club boats are docked. Bring food and supplies and sail up the coast. This is much better than dodging hoards of people on land. Did you consider flying lessons and a small plane? Bicycles are under rated – the Vietnamese moved huge loads of war materials into South Vietnam using bicycles. They are silent as well. Lastly – rent a couple of storage units on different routes out of town – say fifty miles from center of the city. Store food, weapons, and transportation in those units. These will be your resupply caches in case you are stripped of your initial gear. You must have storage units that are on different routes as your primary route might be blocked. This also allows you a much lighter bug out bag system as you only carry what allows you to move fast.
See? I told you I was long winded. . . .Sorry!

Nikcrit said...

RobertB says,
"He was nikrited. Either that or the guys from Stormfront got him, or both. I left awhile ago, got sick of the "blame in on the joos" shit."

Uhh, no! I'd been commenting there for more than a year, as commenters there, unlike here, could handle a voice from outside their echo chamber.
And do you seriously believe anti-Jewish sentiment is worse here than at OneSTDV? (LOL!)
All of which is even more hilarious when you consider the fact that I was chased off from this blog by your self-inspired censor, Sheila. (I got to admit, I love the fact that all these manly gun-totin' Goyim are being outwitted and pussywhipped by a WN yenta! That is hilarious!)

nikcrit said...

P.S. to RobertB,

If you PK regulars ever decide to go public and have a get-together; this post makes it absolutely clear that the most logical and appropriate place for such a gathering would be a shooting range!
You pro-whiters may never know each others names, but you do have common cause and obsession! lol!

Anonymous said...

To Nitwit

And your "Obsession" is posting on blogs where your presence is utterly futile.