Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Didn't Majority-Black Gary, Indiana Already Try This? Majority-Black Detroit Elects a White Mayor

A paltry 20 percent voter turnout gave the Motor City its first white mayor since the halcyon days of Coleman Young. Though Mayor-Elect Mike Duggan will have virtually no power – the 83 percent black city is still ruled by a black man, state-appointed Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr – he does re-integrate the executive branch of Detroit’s highest elected office. [Detroit elects first white mayor in years - and reasons go well beyond race, Detroit Free Press, 11-6-13]:
Mayor-elect of an 83 percent black city...
For the first time in 40 years, predominantly black Detroit elected a white person as mayor. 
Community leaders, political observers and voters provided a number of theories on how that happened. But among them was a theme: The election was about much more than skin color, even in a region where race has been a foremost issue for decades. 
They said Mike Duggan beat Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon in the city whose population is 82% African American because of a more organized, better-financed campaign. Others sensed desperation among voters — a thirst for change in a broken city that led to a measuring of the whole candidate against the other. 
“Voters tend to vote more out of pragmatism than symbolism,” said Kenneth Cooper, a Boston political journalist who has researched how black mayors are elected in cities of varying minority populations. “What will work best for the city? 
Who will work best for the city? There’s no guarantee that a black majority will elect a black candidate. Black voters do not reflexively vote for black candidates. It’s not automatic.” 

Frustrations in the city 
The Rev. Wendell Anthony, president of the Detroit Branch NAACP and a Napoleon supporter, said he feels residents have been beaten down with negativity over the city’s bankruptcy petition, an emergency manager appointed by the governor to call most of the shots at city hall, and public fallout from the failed Kwame Kilpatrick administration. 
“It has made many people feel as though we, meaning the African-American population of this community, cannot lead, cannot do this,” he said. “I think people are frustrated with the way the city is. They are frustrated with the lack of services. They are frustrated with what they have been reading and hearing. ... They’re affected by it; they are responding to it.”

Actually, black voters do vote reflexively for black candidates.  A monolithic black vote in mayoral elections is one of the reasons the city of Atlanta still has a black mayor (the Black Leadership Forum memo), and was the primary reason Ray Nagin won re-election in 2006. Recall the infamous “Chocolate City,” which helped earn Nagin more than 80 percent of the black vote; appeals to racial loyalty are encouraged, welcomed in the black community, with individual blacks knowing collective black political power equates to dominance of public jobs and access to city-contracts.

Why Detroit still needs an organization to advance the interests of colored people is never explained, for the city’s condition in 2013 is a stunning experiment in what happens when individual black people collectively become responsible for a municipalities present and future.

Memo to Rev. Wendell Anthony: black people cannot lead; black people cannot do this. Individual black people are leaving Detroit, looking for white suburbs to move to where elected white individuals (strangely, never working to enrich and improve collective white interests) help administer and govern cities where services are successfully executed for taxpayers.

When Coleman Young took over as the mayor of Detroit, he sought to only enrich the lives of his black constituents; promoting black individuals to positions of power in the city government; and even used city funds to build the largest black museum in the nation (screwing over the ‘white-centric’ Detroit Institute of Arts in the process).

A city that was 86 percent white in the 1950s became the largest black metropolis in America after a mere 20 years of black political control (white people still living in Detroit, correctly, fled for the suburbs).

What’s funny is that another city - which was founded, matured, and properly governed by a white population, only to be supplanted when the black population grew to a demographically-united political entity – also tried to elect a white mayor to reverse its darkening fortunes.

Gary, Indiana.
Before the 'Great Migration' of blacks, Gary was the "City of the Century"; elected in 1995, Scott King couldn't save the city from its majority population (85 percent black)

And the black community was enraged at the idea of a white mayor [Gary, Ind., Confronts Idea Of A White Mayor It Was One Of The First Cities To Elect A Black Mayor. The Role Of Race Is Being Debated.,, 11-4-1995]:
This grim, gray steel town at the base of Lake Michigan made history in the racial firmament of the 1960s: It became one of the first major American cities to elect a black mayor. 
On Tuesday, Gary, whose population is more than 85 percent African American, may make history again. This time, the leading candidate in this heavily Democratic town, former prosecutor Scott King, is white. 
And several black officials are doing everything they can to make sure King doesn't become the first white mayor here in 27 years. 
In a letter that has raised the ire of both blacks and whites here and has become the latest chapter in the continuing national debate over race in politics, the outgoing mayor, Democrat Thomas V. Barnes, has urged his supporters to jump parties and vote for independent black candidate Marion Williams because King is white. 
"You know the story: African Americans who managed major American cities such as Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles during the mass business and population abandonment of the '70s and '80s have now been replaced, one by one," Barnes wrote. 
"While African Americans have always been the first to acknowledge and reward the positive role and involvement of all people, regrettably in this instance, Mr. Williams' main challenger, who is a Caucasian, has no record of contribution to Gary." 
Barnes' letter was followed by an endorsement of Williams this week by the Calumet Township assessor, Booker Blumenberg Jr., who in a statement said: ''Race does matter . . . the history of the state of Indiana is a history of excluding African Americans from (public) office." 
In his office yesterday, Barnes said that race was an important consideration in the election. He said he backed Williams because he was the best qualified and because he was black; he dismissed King as unqualified and said the election had important symbolism in Indiana. 
"If you don't have an African American mayor in Gary, you wouldn't have one (anywhere else) . . . in this state," he said. 
Whether race should be a factor at all was being debated here all week. 
"His skin can be red, it can be blue. It doesn't matter as long as he can do the job," said Clifford Handspur, a retired welder who was stuffing envelopes at King's campaign headquarters yesterday. 
But former City Councilman Vernon Smith said he was concerned that King was ahead: "It sends a message to our young people that we can't lead our city."
Smith, the former city councilman here, said he senses that frustration among many African Americans in Gary. 
"I think some people felt if we changed to a different ethnic group, services would improve," he said.

Memo to City Councilman Vernon Smith: the message is correct; black people can’t lead ‘your’ city or any city, because no city in America was ever founded, built, and maintained by black people.

A ‘white’ savior in Scott King was elected, but Gary (boasting the same population that drove away the white middle-class) never stopped failing.

Through attrition (black crime, which was – is still – the ultimate catalyst for white flight), black people took over Detroit and Gary; such an act was the kiss-of-death for both cities.

Hilariously, the type of community (especially the type of ‘business’ community) black people collectively create was on display in a 1988 story from the Chicago Tribune, which showed Gary’s “thriving” downtown included only a Wendy’s and a Wal-Green’s [`Gary!` Rides The Tiger Of Steel Into The Future, 4-17-1988]:
This month 15,000 copies of a glamorous brochure entitled simply``Gary!`` will be mailed to companies across the nation and around the world. 
That these brochures describe Gary, Ind., may come as a surprise to those who have even an inkling of Gary`s distinctly unglamorous reputation. 

``We`re a city with a future, make no mistake,`` begins the brochure, part of an ambitious campaign by the city to lure new business. 
``. . . A city of rich diversity, from the natural beauty of the Lake Michigan shoreline to the downtown business district and the massive industrial complexes,`` proclaims a second brochure, to be mailed to those who express interest. 
The reality of downtown Gary fits uneasily with these claims. Its streets, eerily deserted and scattered with debris, paint a grim picture of urban blight. Its houses and stores are shuttered, abandoned and burned. The brochures boast just one photograph of the ``business district,`` carefully angled to show both the Wendy`s fast-food restaurant and Walgreens-Gary`s only famous-name retailers. 
But Gary is confident that its worst days are over and the best are yet to come. ``You have to look at Gary with the correct idea-that Gary is an easel on which is to be painted one of the great success stories of the 20th Century,`` explained Don Sullivan, spokesman for the Gary Business Development Commission.
Sure, Gary was once an easel; the fortunes of the city seemed limitless when they were drawn by white people; but once the city's fortunes were turned over to black political power, it became a dysfunctional Etch-A-Sketch.

Gary was one of the great success stories of the 20th Century, until the “Great Migration” of blacks from the south overwhelmed the community and culture white people had cultivated there, enriching the city with a culture far different than that which birthed Gary’s success.

It was the harbinger of Gary’s death; just as the “Great Migration” of blacks to Detroit overwhelmed the community and culture white people had cultivated, culminating in the city being dubbed, ‘The Paris of the West’ and the ‘Arsenal of Democracy’.

Without white people, Detroit and Gary in 2013 (though they still exist physically on a map, with skyscrapers and an infrastructure – erected by white people – still standing) have settled into the type of world individual black people collectively create.

Good luck to Mike Duggan, mayor-elect of a city that long ago ceased to be a city, and instead became a great experiment seeking to answer the question “Does race matter?”

No one is actually interested in understanding how the scientific method has provided ample conclusions in the ruins of Detroit and Gary in answering the query “Does Race Matter?” Meaning, the implications of black-rule in cities across America (and subsequent white abandonment of them) will never, ever be seriously debated.

It’s not ‘Escape from Detroit’; it’s ‘Escape from America’.

Demography is destiny. 


Anonymous said...

a white messiah?? that's unpossible!

Jay Santos said...

``We`re a city with a future, make no mistake,`` begins the brochure, part of an ambitious campaign by the city to lure new business.
``. . . A city of rich diversity…"

And they mailed this to companies around the world. What deluded moron creating this brochure, would think that a foreign company, an organization composed of thinking adults, would move operations to Gary, in order to take advantage of diversity?

What we are living through right now, multiculturalism, feminism and negro-worship is a rabid form of mass societal mental illness. I wouldn't be surprised if we learn, as bacteria were found to be the cause of stomach ulcers, that there's some slow virus behind all of this. That would be good news.

10mm AUTO said...

"Sure, Gary was once an easel; the fortunes of the city seemed limitless when they were drawn by white people; but once the city's fortunes were turned over to black political power, it became a dysfunctional Etch-A-Sketch."

As Jacky Gleason said, "Bang! Zoom!"

There is nothing more terrible than the sight of negros drifting like Zombies from one broken down doorway to another. Their physical needs are met by the White Man and his magic JuJu ETB thing which delivers food, medical care, but the rest of White Society is incomprehensible. No wonder they try to break into prison.

How are negro schools with the razor wire, the metal detectors, the police officers, the endless parade of "school psychologists" any different than Prison? How is prison any different than a Zoo?

As to the person who constantly denigrating the idea of a White Homeland, look. Whites can do anything. We were able to build an entire Country for American Negros (Liberia) with a Constitution that said "Only blacks". It also appears that we handed them two great Cities, which they have driven into the ground, but no matter. It should be a simple matter to take a small piece of the World and form a Constitution that says "Only Whites."

White Homeland!

ricpic said...

Pure speculation on my part: Duggan was elected in the hope that a white mayor of Detroit might be listened to more sympathetically when he made his pitch to pick Michigan's threadbare pockets. Clearly none of this was thought through by the average black. He who thinks through nothing. My guess is that "the talented tenth" got the word out to the revs to instruct their 75 IQers to suck it up and vote honky.

Anonymous said...


'A city of rich diversity, '..spell that DIE VERSITY.

Unknown said...

Hell finally froze over!

Anonymous said...

The great, white DOPE!

Mr. Rational said...

Three alternative explanations:

1.  The Blacks look at their failure and chose a White man for their salvation, like the Africans who wish for a return of colonialism.
2.  The Blacks picked a White man to take the blame during this period of rule by emergency manager.  (I doubt they're that clever.)
3.  The Blacks got discouraged and just stayed home on election day, letting the Whites and Mexicans decide.

Californian said...

What deluded moron creating this brochure, would think that a foreign company, an organization composed of thinking adults, would move operations to Gary, in order to take advantage of diversity?]

You have to wonder how this sort of brochure would go over in Beijing or Tokyo or the Singapore Stock Exchange.

It does show the permeation of liberal ideology into the American psyche. Things which give DWLs stars in their eyes will be seen by the saner part of the world as the lunatics running the asylum.

R.E. Prindle said...

Yah! They'll wait till he's inaugurated before the declare bankruptcy. Then they'll be able to say Detroit went bankrupt under a Caucasian mayor.

There's a trick in here somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Prest-o, change-o, the mayor is white! Now if only the voters could magically turn themselves white, the city might have a chance to recover. I wish the best of luck to Mr. Duggan, but he'll probably just be the token white failure, unable to reassemble Humpty Dumpty (aka Dizzy Humps). "See! Ain' on'y black mayors be fukkin up! Whites is incontinent too!")

Anonymous said...

The arsenal of democracy has a whole new meaning now.

Darayvus said...

One important difference between Gary '95 and Detroit '13: blacks in Gary '95 were told to vote against the white guy. This time the anti-white sentiment was a lot more muted.

Sure the NAACP this time say they were supporting Napoleon. But it doesn't sound like they had their heart in it. I think that they'd got an earful from the older blacks (who have it worst from the gangbangers).

Anyway, the original post is basically right - but it might not be right for the right reason.

I think the Detroiters actually did, mostly, vote for a white guy - but only for the same reason those guys in New Guinea built those huge bamboo aeroports. They want the cargo to come back.

Anonymous said...

What has been going unstated is that the new mayor of Detroit is a DWL registered Democrat.

When the groids vote in a Republican, then I'll take notice.

Discard said...

I was about to add a fourth possible explanation to Mr Rational's three, but Zimri beat me to it. They want the White Man to use his juju to make it better.

Anonymous said...

And Blacks in New York voted in a White guy too, Bill DeBlasio. Doesn't change anything. Both of these guys are beyond-deluded negro-worshippers who blame "the Tea Party" and raycisssm for Black failure. They both have one goal in mind: more government handouts. A Negro like Frank Melton, who can at least be honest and admit to some racial realities regarding crime and violence, is arguably better than White buffoons like Duggan.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Greetings bland, vanilla, absence-of-color, non-vibrant, undeserving recipients of white privilege. This is off topic, but not off point, and I wanted to pass it along while it was fresh in my mind.

For those that don’t have access to The Blaze TV, they have launched a hard-news investigation show called For the Record, which is hosted by Laurie Dhue. It’s extremely well done, and addresses topics that no one else on television dares. The threat of Muslim terrorism has been a recurring theme, with a parade of analysts that you have never heard of before and won’t really see anywhere else (they aren’t necessarily “pretty” enough for the MSM), but immediately realize are superior to the parade of talking heads on Fox that have very shallow knowledge on these subjects. Anyone remember Mansoor Ijaz?

Anyway, the subject tonight was the (re-)recruitment of Somali youffs, primarily from Minneapolis-St. Paul, by Al Shabaab, to return to da muddaland, initially to fight against the Ethiopian invasion of the early 2000s, but then shifting to terrorist activities following their affiliation with Al Quada.

It was said that approx. 100K Somalis currently live in the Twin Cities, most of where were “resettled” by the State Dept. as “refugees” in the ongoing dysgenic program overseen by the fedrah gumbint (aybah poda hep). Interestingly, the majority of them are housed in a single complex of high-rise public housing units. After a little research, I believe it’s called Riverside Plaza. I know we have SBPDL-ers in the Twin Cities, so please correct me if I’m wrong.

Of course, the show didn’t get into what that place is actually like, and it was only a side reference. Thus, I wondered if any SBPDL locals could share any further insight regarding the conditions there, crime, no-go zone, etc. You know – some Jay in DC-style RealSpeak™.

In a parallel theme, last night while making my 30-mile, return-leg, daily pilgrimage to avoid the groid, Michael Barry was ripping on NAPAs. Fine. However, he also said that so many AFRICAN groids come here and do so much better than natives AAs, and leap-frog them in the social structure, the magic of capitalism™, etc. Thus, I was also curious about any hard information behind that claim.

Finally, back to the TV show, all of the subjects were interwoven as narratives were created across the different interviews. One minute, you’re looking at Laurie Dhue (the opposite of unpleasant), and then a white DWL lawyer, and then a Somali. It was just visually jarring to be exposed to such extremes of humanoid form.

One minute, you’re looking a human form that you can relate to, and the next, you’re shocked by what was literally an alien-type form of a negroid humanoid sub-species. They might as well have been juxtaposing a racing thoroughbred and a mule. They both share some common DNA from 50K years ago.

The alternate reality that liberalism has created literally makes me believe the claim that it’s a mental disorder. You look at their bizarre skulls and cranial formation and inhuman-like facial formation, experience the involuntary repulsion, but aren’t supposed to draw any conclusions. Yet it’s staring right at you. They stayed in Africa with the flies and dung huts, and the ones with the drive to satisfy their curiosity and hunger for new experiences left them there, frozen in time. That’s why the European explorers wrote what they did when they returned to the continent tens of thousands of years later and encountered them. They described what they saw and experienced, and it was so shocking and revolting that they were characterized as sub-humanoid. No PC lines to stay between.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...


But we all know that’s not true, and that race is merely a social construct, and that nurture always wins out over nature. Every negro is Michael Oher if you will just dedicate yourself to them. Surrender! The world is so horrified of being deemed a racist that they resort to impossibly complex explanations to create an incomprehensible reality to explain the situation as every possible thing except what our own eyes can see and immediately identify.

Gwinnett Gladiator

Anonymous said...

Remember the Black and Dominican biker gang that terrorized that Asian family on the West Side Highway in NYC?

This is further insight into the Black biker culture:

These biker gangs are in Baltimore.

PK has written about the Black Biker Weekend in South Carolina in the past. This trend is going nationwide.

Anonymous said...

Colin Flaherty has a new piece at PJ Media. It was linked to by RealClearPolitics.

The 500 person riot in New Haven that he mentions, was at a party called "An All Black Affair":

The 200 person riot on VSU's campus, where one student was stabbed is here:

Mr. Clean said...

You can't polish a turd. Let the locusts strip the field completely, abandon it, and then maybe almighty YT can start to get something done there.

Anonymous said...

On Tuesday — by unanimous vote — Broward School Board members signed off on a far-reaching collaborative agreement that seeks to remake how student discipline is handled. Students will no longer be arrested for non-violent misdemeanor offenses that occur on school grounds — instead, they will receive counseling and mentoring services under a new program known as PROMISE. The acronym stands for Preventing Recidivism through Opportunities, Mentoring, Interventions, Support and Education.

Broward in the past has been criticized for arresting students for minor infractions that aren’t even criminal in nature, such as throwing spitballs.


The community partners include the Broward State Attorney’s office, Broward Sheriff Scott Israel and the local and state chapters of the NAACP. Under Broward’s previous policies, black students were being disproportionately suspended, expelled and arrested.

F*ck you, Miami Herald. You know Black male students aren't being suspended and expelled for "throwing spitballs". Stop trying to make it sound like we're talking about Beaver Cleaver goofing off.

We're talking about Black male students who are routinely disciplined for having illegal firearms, narcotics, belonging to criminal gangs, and assaulting fellow students. The "throwing spitballs" comment is in line with media reports that refer to Black male teenagers with multiple violent felonies on their record as "knuckleheads".

Liberals, your policies have turned urban school districts into nightmarish hell holes. I don't care in the slightest if you're well intentioned. Hope you get whats yours.

My advice to any parent with a child stuck in an urban district adopting these policies (Black male students will now have to commit FIVE misdemeanors on school premises before they can be suspended) is to lawyer up and prepare to litigate the hell out of these districts.

Bogolyubski said...

Just curious how things worked out for the denizens of NE Indiana's Ebony Coast after they elected the white-knight DWL Scott. Admittedly Gary was already a complete tar-pit from decades' worth of "growth" from the visible black hand of economics when he took office, but that was nearly two decades ago. It's been one shiftless groid after another in the mayor's seat ever since. Like Africa or any other toxic waste dump, it has this unchanging quality about it.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Bogo called it. The choices were in these "elections" were who gives out more free stuff or who is more of a touchy freely Libtard shit Sandwich seller vs some one who was less like that.

The lesser guy lost cuz he promised less free stuff.

We won't be seeing a Renaissance any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Liberalism is fundamentally based on the "blank slate" theory of human nature and universalist theories of human equality. It's not surprising that many Westerners gravitate towards these ideas. They reflect the Christian religion to some degree, although liberals won't admit that. They're mostly the product of people of European-descent, who projected their own societies and the human behavior they saw around them over the whole of the globe.

Of course, these ideas don't stand up to empirical analysis in the slightest. Social ethology, sociobiology, genetics, sociological analyses of race and crime, and post-colonial history all throw big wrenches into the gears of the liberal, universalist ideology.

Empiricism itself is anathema to many liberals, as evidence by the reaction to "hate facts" that point out government-corroborated statistical correlations between Blacks and crime, Blacks and social dysfunction, etc. It's astonishing how much liberalism represents a faith-based system rooted in magical thought. Look at Tim Wise. He posits invisible structures of "White privilege" that supposedly permeate society but can never be articulated in a material way. We're told "racism" invisibly permeates all of society society (despite visible attempts at combatting it) and it hurts Blacks in indirect, abstract ways that we can't combat through public policy, only through repentance and guilt.

Eventually liberals will have to confront the failure that was the Civil Rights movement. Even if you take the perspective of someone who sincerely and deeply cares about the Black community, the only empirically-valid conclusion is that it was an enormous failure. Look at high school graduation rates. Employment/unemployment. Crime statistics. Literacy rates. Child illegitimacy rates. The proliferation of gangs. Look at the ruinous state of so many Black-governed cities.

What was achieved? And I don't mean for the "Talented Tenth" that has managed to integrate itself into boardrooms and universities through diversity policies. I'm talking about the unwashed (literally) masses of Blacks across America's urban areas.

Oh, I forgot. White people and "racism" held them back. Pushed them down again. Snatched prosperity and peace away from them. Even while those same terribly racist Whites let tens of millions of Asians, Latinos, and other foreign ethnic groups into the country post-1965. And those ethnic groups must have surpassed Blacks on the social totem pole through crass racism too, right?

Howard Beale

Anonymous said...

Now that the great american city is a burnt out shell, crawling with murder, rape, prostitution, and drugs, lets get a White guy in there.. when he can't regulate the black behavior, he'll take the fall for detroit's destruction.

Whiskey said...

What will be interesting to see is how quickly New York City under De Blasio collapses.

I'd say, very quickly. That picture in the Daily Mail of Bloomberg meeting with his sucessor says it all. Bloomberg angry, arms folded, De Blasio triumphant.

I love Steve Sailer, but here he's wrong. The elites WANT to eat diversity up. Heck has a story from Norway about how Whites deserve to be attacked. By two Whites, a couple, who were attacked in their own home in Oslo. And say they deserve it. For being White.

My guess, is Broadway dies first in NYC. Tourists won't come when Times Square and the surrounding areas are a squalid mess of gangsters, whores, and drug dealing. And shootings. Followed by Publishing, which is already shaky and moving out to LA. Publishing runs on young White women wanting status while they party it up with Alphas in the big city before reluctantly settling for some beta male they despise. They too don't like getting shot or stabbed. Then the news departments will move out; ESPN is located btw in Bristol CT. Hedge funds already moved out, all that's left is the big Ibanks which are a shadow of orgs like Pimco or Blackrock.

whisker child said...

The only reason they put the white mayor in there at this point, is so that when Detroit fails, they can BLAME IT ON A WHITE MAN!!

Anonymous said...

While African Americans have always been the first to acknowledge and reward the positive role and involvement of all people

Negro, please. You can't acknowledge any good in any other race, because then you'd have to admit how pathetic your own race is.

"See! Ain' on'y black mayors be fukkin up! Whites is incontinent too!") Exactly. Blame YT and then screech for YT to come save you. This cycle of dysfunction has been going on since the first slaver bastard brought these hominids over. We really need to ship these buggers back to the banana trees.



how about this just seen a Vermont school just banned dancing from school dances?! I kid you not and I wonder why this happened? were the whites kids acting a little to black? but then I thought it out they wouldn't shun their black pets in Vermont. maybe they were to white and the baby mulatto rate didn't go up in numbers?

The real reason I wanted to post an off-topic was the Anon @7;49p.m. nov. 6th was commenting on the bill deblasio guy who bye the way went to mother Russia in 1982 and was married to his coon wife in cuba will bring back the total NGR experience in N.Y.C.! this commie red bastard will have real white blood on his NGR loving hands. there will be a stop to the stop and frisk law. cause even though it is saving young & old coons alike not to mention all the other races this fuck-face mayor elect doesn't think there is no place for such obvious racism in n.y.c.! don't bother to save white lives cause they are the reason young spooks kill each other you know.

Already now they are talking about this NGR lover is going to be a front-runner in the next presidential election along with the pig Clinton. well it seems the left is saying this country is ready for a interracial couple in the white house. can you believe this nonsense? ok, we go from the first 1/2black pres. to the first white man married to a black woman pres. oh boy point me to a voting booth right away! NOT!!!! if we don't change this we are doomed.


Anonymous said...

Since they've sucked their chicken bone dry, it's time to call in YT to bring more chicken. And YT better not get all uppity and expect the vibrant die-versity to earn chicken or any other stupid white ideas.

White Mayor is either a fall guy for black dysfunction or he's in there to loot the white stuff (museum, etc.) that the blacks haven't gotten to.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Fortunately, the fine youffs kept their beating and rape within their own race as best I can tell.

"The victim's and suspects' Facebook pages depict a clique of teens enamored of "thug life," posing with wads of cash and extended middle fingers. The girls assert their young sexuality through a preponderance of bathroom selfies featuring puckers, abs, cleavage and kissing couples."

Subhumans. All that has changed is the backdrop - from african mud huts to modern western civilization. ?.


Anonymous said...

if the new mayor wants better black behavior he'll need to reintroduce that "peculiar institution" or at least Jim Crow, or some new institution somewhere between slavery & Jim Crow.

Anonymous said...

DeBlasio's do the "smackdown" dance on stage:

h/t Countenance Blog

Anonymous said...

Wait just a minute, Temple University. Don't go getting all huffy just because a black guy beat and robbed an 81-year old white professor.

Anonymous said...

Gwinnett Gladiator,

My rambling reply is that I once lived blocks from the Riverside Plaza you mentioned which is commonly referred to as 'the crack stacks.'

To be honest, I think Somalis are sort of decent. Of course they are not going to assimilate and they never should have been brought to the US en masse in the first place, but I would take those 100k Somalis over 10k US bred west african jungle people any day.They probably seem a lot worse in Europe where they never had straight up voodoo niggas inflicting damage and mayhem on their lives for a century.

East Africa actually has some history of semi-complex civilization and it shows when you compare west and east african people. Islam probably helped as well in taming the Somalis.

To your question about Somali areas being no-go zones. Not really when you consider how messed up AA areas are. The area with the crack stacks is on the edge of the university campus. Tons of liberal whites and post-hippies roam at all hours of the night completely inebriated with little instance of serious violence. Old Somalis hang out at night. Women are pretty much ok. It's not that bad relatively speaking and especially after seeing shit holes like Philthadelphia.I wouldn't really want to live there again but I'd feel ok if I had to.

The Somali malls are also relatively safe, and I've gone there to get their tea.One good thing about Islam is that it doesn't allow them to charge too much. They charge $1 for tea that others charge $4 for.

Side note, you can actually practice your Italian with really old Somali men if you were looking to learn Italian.They can be heard speaking Italian at the malls but the younger generation isn't learning it. Italy even imported a lot of Somalis to work different jobs,often in the banking sector as there seem to be lot of highly intelligent Somalis(with the obvious corresponding retarded half of the bell curve), back in the 70's and 80's.

Their first objective in the US is to either get into college or get a job.AA's won't even drive a fucking cab. Ever think of that? They say they can't get jobs because they're black yet EVERY CAB DRIVER IN MPLS IS BLACK SOMALI. Why didn't the local voodoos drive taxi? Pure laziness.

I do think some are planning terror attacks though and the GOV knows and is hiding it. I also think they should start a slow and steady deportation project that removes all the Somalis,and others, who aren't married to a local or working a position which requires them and that nobody else can do.

Again,and simply put, if I were forced to choose I would choose 100k Somalis over 10k local savage blacks. Even the Somalis hate black Americans. For the content of their collective character.

Anonymous said...

It really does appear to be some form of mental illness. However, there's a group pushing it constantly from every institution they own

Anonymous said...

10mm, im the guy that says a white homeland only. You see I grew up in Detroit. Back in the early 70s my parents left the crap city for the burbs.
At that time I started selling insurance in Detroit and learned real quick where this shit hole was heading.
Started at business in the burbs in 78. By 1987 I sold out, knowing full well that the undertow would someday be moving to the burbs after the city was toast.
In 1988 I started a new business in northern mi. As I perdicted as the city went down, blacks started moving to the burbs.
I have friends that are pissed off. Blacks moving in helped with section8 housing.
Many friends are locked and loaded. The tension is real and getting worst by tne day.
Because where blacks go, so goes crime. How much longer can this go on. The answer in the long run is a white only homeland.

Anonymous said...

@jassi - i have noticed this - even in San Diego I have had very nice & seemingly bright somali cab drivers! yet, ultimately they will regress to the mean, & will have cousins that become thugs, etc. but i agree, anything beats "african-americans" as they exist under BRA.

Anonymous said...

On Norway, yes many of them are mentally ill. They have Barbara schecter or specter or shyster or wtfever up there in Sweden telling them they will not survive if they don't become multicultural. Meanwhile, Shysters country forcibly sterlizes and/or deports the same people!
Breivik was right to attack and kill the type of people who run and publish these leftist newspapers. They want us all to die to absolve THEIR phony guilt and prove their moral.superiority. Passover Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

They're simply not that clever

Mutant Swarm said...

And the last thing Pandora let out of the box was Hope:

"Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society. The scientists, who are members of the Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center (SCNARC) at Rensselaer, used computational and analytical methods to discover the tipping point where a minority belief becomes the majority opinion. The finding has implications for the study and influence of societal interactions ranging from the spread of innovations to the movement of political ideals..."

When Thomas Sowell quotes this website, I'd say that we're closing in on that 10%.

Vicio Malo said...

To GG...In 1987 I moved to Maysville, GA. I commuted 85 miles one way to avoid the groid. I was able to cut that to 55 miles when I changed jobs to Spaghetti Junction destination. I lived in Duluth before heading to the hills. I enjoy your updates on the region. I remember when Lawrenceville was "in the country" and Lilburn. I also remember when Jonesboro was a country town. The pace of changing times amazes me. I left Georgia in 2000. Gwinnett Place Mall was already heading down hill. Still south of the Mason / Dixon land...but in the land of the libtards...VM

Vicio Malo said...

I use to work with a black guy from the Dominican Republic...I would always start our conversations with, "You black guys are all the same". It would piss him off and he'd say I am not black! I'd say "OH that's right you are a Republican"...he was a lot smarter than the pavement apes of America...VM

Anonymous said...

Ha! Mockery of the the Wondamassmessiah, effing priceless.


10mm AUTO said...

GG said: "Again,and simply put, if I were forced to choose I would choose 100k Somalis over 10k local savage blacks. Even the Somalis hate black Americans. For the content of their collective character.

November 7, 2013 at 7:28 AM"

I don't know about Somo's GG. The attacks in Wisconsin at the Wisconsin State Fair were Somo's.

Here is the reality of the situation:

100K Somalis can be expelled, 30 million negros can not, however in 40 years those 100,000 Somalis will grow to millions as well.

Californian said...

Anon said...Eventually liberals will have to confront the failure that was the Civil Rights movement. Even if you take the perspective of someone who sincerely and deeply cares about the Black community, the only empirically-valid conclusion is that it was an enormous failure. Look at high school graduation rates. Employment/unemployment. Crime statistics. Literacy rates. Child illegitimacy rates. The proliferation of gangs. Look at the ruinous state of so many Black-governed cities.

I'd like to add something, but the above sums it up nicely.

Whether or not liberals will realize that the Civil Rights movement failed is up for grabs...they are simply too deluded.

The critical thing is getting non-liberals to understand the Civil Rights movement failed and get them to take action.

-JSF- in Minneapolis said...

That area is a toilet. Before they started shipping in the third world diversity, the area was a decent area adjacent to the U of M, now?.......I think you get the idea. Minneapolis residents JUST voted a Somali to city counsel. Start the clock for the end of everything good.

Bogolyubski said...

There's an insightful article on "De Blasio" over at Alt-Right by Matt Forney. NYC is an interesting case where the usual sinkhole pattern of groid dysfunction sucking a city down to Detroilet level was interrupted by the DWL elite, who erected Benito Ghouliani and Brother Bloomberg, Sq. to manage in a quasi-fascist style, allowing all the hipsters mentioned in Forney's piece to gentrify considerable sections of the city, especially Manhattan. It will be interesting to see how quickly "De Blasio" wrecks the place, or if the ruling squids keep him on a leash. If the city is Detroileted the hipsters, easily the most thoroughly gaslighted whites of all time, will very likely react much like Whiskey's description of those in Oslo - who are eligible for the Amy Biehl Darwin Award. (As I understand it, many whites have moved out of Oslo for some mysterious obscure reason.)

Baron Munchausen said...


Building my article about Austin, looking for comments about this and any similar programs across the nation.

Austin has a cancer. A 7.7% cancer that is responsible for the vast majority of crime in this city, with only the Central American Aboriginals challenging them for this dubious distinction.
All one has to do is pick up the latest edition of "Busted" (don't know if they have this in other cities...) and you can see the sons and daughters of the president smiling back with the crimes they were charged with. Quite simply, as it has been shown on this blog post after post; if one was to remove them from our society you would remove virtually all violent and property crime.

Back to the subject matter, my thesis is that Austin Community College (ACC) will be the leading cause of the destruction of the once great city that I romanticized as a teenager and fell in love with as an Adult over a decade ago. They will do this partly through actions as this and the seemingly need for them to break their necks to bend over backwards for every non-white they can. You can look at the website and not see a single white face, even though the vast majority of students are white there.

Plus they will be trying to raise our property taxes AGAIN.

My question to you all is the community colleges in your area doing the same thing as ACC? Have similar programs been enacted and what was the result (yeah i know, it will be predictable but I need to show that these are not isolated incidents)and does anyone else who happens to live in Austin as I do have any other "Rabbit Holes" that I can look down.

- The Baron M.

Anonymous said...

No mention of race here.

Robert B said...

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Jassi is simply wrong about Somalis here in Minnesota. It makes me wonder how long she has actually lived here and how much contact with them she has had.

So, here we go. Somalis are nearly universally disliked by everyone. Only 17% of them actually work, the rest are either completely illiterate in their own language or are just not smart enough to do anything but collect welfare. I have three female friends I have known for longer than I care to remember. They work/worked for Ramsey, Hennipen and Washington counties--the three counties in the "Metro" area that Somalis have congregated in. They dislike them intensely after having had to have contact with them via social/welfare services. Obviously, these women are quite liberal or they would not have their jobs. Social services attempts to disperse them because everyone admits that they are trouble (criminality) anywhere they congregate in numbers. None the less, they lie and cheat so they can congregate in specific areas--The West Bank of the University Of Minnesota (where Riverside is and Augsburg college) through North East Minneapolis into Columbia Heights. This is how Ellison, the Mooselimb congressman, got elected.

They form gangs as early as junior High School and viscously attack anyone they can. They are responsible for an estimated 2500-2800 muggings per year in Minneapolis--Mostly around the U and downtown. roughly half of them are illegals and entered through Canada on "visitor visas" claiming to see relatives. They also engage in armed robberies and gang rapes of white girls at the U--all of this according to the Minneapolis Star and Tribune some years back. My son, now out of college, had four friends mugged by Somalis his freshman year. My son was mugged by Somalis for his iPhone a few years back while in Dinkytown in broad daylight. Dinkytown is a little "downtown" area on the U of Minnesota campus. Three of them attacked him in a crosswalk. They were on a spree and committed three more muggings that same afternoon. They aren't real bright and did not consider the GPS built into the phone and so the cops picked them up that evening.

As many as twenty will attack a student in a HS or junior High lavatory to exact revenge for being "dissed". No school districts want them. They are responsible for the largest food stamp fraud in American history--some 35 million dollars just out of Minneapolis. They got caught because Homeland Security wanted to know where the millions being funneled back to Somalia for Al Shabab were coming from. Convenience stores and the like were laundering the money--the recipients of the food stamps were willingly "donating" the money.

Yes, they drive cabs, but they also harass the customer into paying them cash. This is so they can cheat their employers and the taxpayers. Thus, their income is under reported and they qualify for all government benefits. Because their employers lose money on them, the government pays the cab companies to hire them. They made national news for harassing airport customers over alcohol as well as passengers with dogs--including seeing eye dogs, by refusing to haul them. Minnesotans stood up to them and demanded they either knock it off or be fired. They also work as cashiers (they refuse to do manual labor) and caused an uproar there--by refusing to check out customers at Target Stores who were buying pork products. Again, Minnesotans demanded they either be fired or moved elsewhere--they were trying to get pork banned from stores they work at!

Robert B said...

Somalis, part two-

They openly practice polygamy and the state lets them get away with it. Usual is two to three wives. They also routinely travel back to Somalia--so much so, that they had to prohibit any more than two trips per year!!! So much for "refugee" status. They import a drug called "Khat" which they are highly addicted to. They were using Northwest Airlines to smuggle it in as they are hired as baggage handlers--this they were willing to do as it benefited their drug trade. They have also been caught poisoning people's dogs--as they do not like them. I have had run ins with them over my dogs--I don't back down. I got my fellow like minded Americans to help run them out of my upscale neighborhood--they were congregating at a Starbucks.

They are a filthy people and carry/spread bed bugs where ever they go. Landlords in Minneapolis have gone to court when they cannot rid their buildings of them and the city fines them--they plead that no matter what they do, the Somalis bring them back in.

Minnesota was 92% white not so long ago. Steve Sailor refers to it as the highest IQ population in America--hence the once more than two dozen Fort
They don't like American blacks. Turns out, they don't like any West African blacks (neither do the Ethiopians who live here), in fact, they hate them most of all. Turns out, Somalis have West African blacks as slaves. Notice I say "have" not "had". They call them "Bantus". Seems everyone but stupid white people dislike West Africans. If you can believe it, they consider them dumb and lazy! How lazy must they be? Your government has decided to bring "freed" Bantus to America. They have roughly a 60 IQ. There is nothing funnier than watching a Somali verbally attack what they call Bantus--American blacks. They even call them "N**gers" and look to whites for support. There is nothing more fun than being at a public meeting full of DWLs and a few Ethiopians or Somalis and then bring up West Africans--especially if one or two of the female DWLs is sporting a WA niglet. Listening to the East Africans wax on how stupid WA are and how superior they are to them is hysterical.une 500 companies founded and based here. These companies were/are household names across the nation. In 1980, 85% of Minnesotans were born here of parents who had parents born here. Nearly 45% of Minnesotans were of German decent. Contrary to popular belief, the Swedes were a small minority located mostly up north in the lumber country--they married a lot of indians. Indians were the main minority here in my youth. Blacks were less than 5% of the population.

Even so, real Minnesotans pray for "our old fashioned Winters" to return. We all believe that the third worlders will leave as those very frigid temps will drive them out. We'll see, the weather is changing now--back to what it was in the 70's and 80's. It snowed here a few days ago and it stuck. The temps at night are already in the 20's and daytime highs in the 30's. Somalis freak out when it drops below 20F and flood the emergency rooms. Everyone, even medical personnel and "first responders" hates them. 5- 60 months of winter on it's way. God Bless mother nature.

Pat Boyle said...

Whiskey predicts that De Blasio will bring back chaos to New York City.

Sorry Whiskey you won't be winning any awards for "Most Courageous Prediction" for that one.

On these kind of blogs there is an ongoing debate as to what causes American cities to crumble. Here most commenters think that the primary causal factor is simply the presence of a large black sub-population. But on most mainstream Republican websites they prefer to blame it all on liberal governance.

New York presents evidence that both are right. New York has less crime than you would otherwise expect based solely on its black population. It is an exception. It is - in this one area - less liberal than Detroit, New Orleans or Chicago.

A lot of people would like to attribute New York's lower than average violent crime rate to anything other than Giuliani's 'stop and frisk' rules. It seems likely that De Blasio will reverse those rules and make the streets safe again for thugs.


That will complete the demonstration that blacks can be controlled but only with special rules to govern their behavior. When New York sinks to the level of other American cities that are under siege from blacks - the lesson will be clear.

I make my little movies to drive home the point that blacks are biologically different from whites and that their social history has not been particularly disadvantageous. I have to get cracking.

The US Constitution (the document not the frigate) was written with a certain segment of humanity in mind. The Founders espoused Freedom of Religion but there were no Muslims in Philadelphia. They assumed that 'All men are created equal' but they never thought that anyone would include black Africans amongst their idea of men. They didn't even include white women.

The New York experiment, which seems to be closing with the election of De Blasio, demonstrates that blacks can live amongst us if they are subject to slightly different laws. This is a hopeful sign.

I suggest that blacks not be allowed to have firearms, be subject to curfews, not have any privacy rights, and be considered adults for crime definitions at age 13. I suggest furthermore that they be considered to have completed school at grade 10.

This is just a preliminary list of adjustments that we should make to various Constitutional concepts to better fit the black population. Its crazy to allow a population that is born to violence to go armed. Gun control makes excellent good sense if you mean disarming all blacks.

George Mason and the framers of the 2nd Amendment saw a militia and an armed citizenry as a bulwark against black violence. They would be astonished to learn how today their work is being used to justify the arming of black gangs in Chicago.

The bigger set of adjustments are not in the area of public safety but in the economic realm. I am less optimistic about those.


Robert B said...

For those of you who think it must be mental illness, I have been advocating for this for years. You can go check Lawrence Auster's site for posts by me on this topic going back as far as 2003.

It is not a new idea, I had Profs offer it as far back as 1980--that there was something wrong with boomers. In more recent times, I had begun to consider the affect of wide spread drug usage--mostly LSD, Mescaline and mushrooms. People I know who delved into it, seemed forever changed in their thinking and willing to believe almost anything proffered by Leftists. They seemed to have no soul. The older boomers who were in college in the 60's when it was legal seemed to be the most heavily affected. I referred to them as "casualties of the drug wars". Recently I stumbled across this. It is excellent reading. It fits too.

Anonymous said...

Whiskey: That picture in the Daily Mail of Bloomberg meeting with his sucessor says it all. Bloomberg angry, arms folded, De Blasio triumphant.
That pic looks like it came during a commercial break, where they were not required to interact. I doubt there is much difference between Bloombergsteen and Debasio.

Anonymous said...

if I were forced to choose I would choose 100k Somalis over 10k local savage blacks.
Great choice, Jassi. You think they'll retain their wise and holy muslim fair-trade tea cab-driving work ethic forever? They'll turn into regular niggers in a matter of years, and in one generation you'll have 200k regular niggers instead of 20k.

Mr. Rational said...

100K Somalis can be expelled, 30 million negros can not

If we made the illiterates and criminals get sterilized, there would be 100k faster than you can say "Shelley vs. Kraemer".

Anonymous said...

When blacks start electing Whites all hope is gone.

Anonymous said...

Robert B: Your analysis on Somalis in the Twin Cities is spot on, save only the fact that you did not mention how much they stink. Lord, they smell. Of course, anyone who's ridden a cab, drunk, in the Twin Cities has always enjoyed the ride with the zany, witty Somali cab driver. IKAGO, is all it is. The men walk aroud like they are all African princes. I use to hate going into the discount retailers like Walmart and Target and seeing those buck tooth Somalis cashiers in their hijab (or whatever it's called). To house, feed, hospitalize, and imprison them all, you cannot begin to imagine just how much of a burden they really are on social welfare programs. It is surreal to be walking around a place with so many white people in such prosperity, and to see such third world riff raff living it up. They should be back in the Mog, chewing Khat, pooping in the ditches, pirating, and living in stone/dirt hovels.

Robert B said...

Somalis Part Three-

Sorry, that got jumbled up there. The first paragraph of part two should have read as follows:

Minnesota was 92% white not so long ago. Steve Sailor refers to it as the highest IQ population in America--hence the once more than two dozen Fortune 500 companies founded and based here. These companies were/are household names across the nation. In 1980, 85% of Minnesotans were born here of parents who had parents born here. Nearly 45% of Minnesotans were of German decent. Contrary to popular belief, the Swedes were a small minority located mostly up north in the lumber country--they married a lot of indians. Indians were the main minority here in my youth. Blacks were less than 5% of the population in 2000.

Robert B said...

Anon @ 1:01 PM--

You are absolutely right. The "Midway" area of St. Paul is now known as "The Mog" by the locals. They not only stink, they can't drive worth a crap and they just walk out into traffic.

As to the guy up above and others. We do not have to kick them out or sterilize them. All we have to do is stop feeding them. Some will work for a real living, others will riot and die. Most will simply cease to exist. There won't be any UN to force us to do anything because America is the enforcement arm of the UN. No one else will care. America won't be able to do anything about it because its money will be worthless.

When people can't feed their own, they sure as hell are not going to be feeding those who are parasites. The sooner our currency collapses, the better.

Those of you thinking about moving, find a job up here in the Great White North and move. It might be liberal, but it is just barely so--mostly because of all the NY'rs and Chicagoans who have moved here in the last 15 years. More conservatives can push it back. Minnesota and the dakotas will survive because we have energy and vast food production facilities. And, Unlike the West, we have billions and billions of gallons of potable water. Only one place in the world has as much as we do and it's in Russia.

Anonymous said...

Anon Nov 7 @ 1:01 PM: A friend of mine opened a temporary agency and had an African come in to apply for work. The African stank worse than a skunk and was told that he could not be sent out on any assignments smelling to high heaven. The African was offended and protested vehemently that it was unfair and that the stench of his body was nothing to be concerned about- that his people considered such smells to be acceptable as they were completely natural. He refused to accept that such was not the case in America and no employer would accept him showing up to work stinking like a cesspit. He obstinately refused to remedy the reek and was never sent out to any job site.

Anonymous said...

They're also concentrated in a St Paul hi rise called Skyline Towers and are the majority occupants of at least two apartment complexes. Also know locally is that about 300 youths have been cycled through training camps in somalia and returned here. Affliated with that story is a weapons siezure on the mexican border of RPG 7's and fully automatic AK 47's bound for here. And finally there's a farm South and west of the city thats been converted to a training camp.
All this courtesy of a homeland security type who refuses to sit on the information any longer

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Your quote actually came from Jassi's post - not mine!


AnalogMan said...

Anon Nov 7 @ 2:05 PM: A friend of mine opened a temporary agency and had an African come in to apply for work. The African stank worse than a skunk and was... never sent out to any job site.

You mean, he hired the filthy animal? Incredible. What's wrong with White people?

Anonymous said...


What are these "little movies" that you speak of? Titles? I'd like to see some of them.

Anonymous said...

Ha,Ha. Coming to Gary is like coming to Berlin,1945.What a joke.

Anonymous said...

This Nation is doomed.Unlimited immigration will continue and Marxist policies will continue.Tyranny and brute force will ultimately be used.A morally bankrupt Nation will soon die. Men that turn themselves into beasts will be treated as beasts. Sad to watch it happen.

Anonymous said...

Ha,Ha. Coming to Gary is like coming to Berlin,1945.

Not quite. The Germans got themselves organized, clearing rubble and rebuilding. Think Gary will ever be rebuilt under the current racial demographic?

AnalogMan said...

Anon @ 3:11 AM

Search for Pat Boyle - Disturbing Ideas on Youtube. Here's an example.

AnalogMan said...

Anon @ 8:30 -

The Germans got themselves organized, clearing rubble and rebuilding.

I remember reading, many years ago, an account by somebody who visited Berlin right after the war. It has stuck with me ever since. He described gangs of men working to clear the rubble.

The thing that blew him away was, the men were singing as they worked.

Anonymous said...

It might be too soon then Detroit might pull a Compton but who knows from what I read this aritcle from
the Detroit News about the first Latina councilwoman in Detroit.

benjie said...

my grandma was born in gary in 1929. it was a nice city then. i feel bad for her that her birth city is known as 1 of the worst cities in the u.s.a.