Saturday, November 30, 2013

USA Today Invokes Trayvon Martin in Decrying Racial Profiling of Black NFL Players

It was a joke, right?

The newsstand contained only one copy of the USA Today, but it was only this one copy necessary to induce a quizzical look from me.
National Felon League... all because of profiling, right?

The perfect front-page headline for "Black Friday," but it still seemed a joke.

It wasn't. [Black NFL players arrested nearly 10 times as often as whites, USA Today, 11-29-13]:
A police officer in Cincinnati watched a large black man get into his car and turn on the engine after being told it was illegally parked.
The officer thought the man was trying to avoid a parking ticket and told him to stop. So the man — Matthias Askew, at the time an NFL player — stopped his Cadillac Escalade, got out and was arrested in a scuffle with several officers. Police used a stun gun on Askew four times, alleging he resisted arrest.
A judge rejected the police account and cleared Askew of all charges.
"They tased him simply because he was a big black man, not because he did anything to make them fear for their safety," Askew's former attorney, Ken Lawson, told USA TODAY Sports about the 2006 incident.
For many black players in the NFL, it's a familiar scene. Of 687 NFL player arrests since January 2000, Askew's was one of 294 that came in a traffic stop, according to a USA TODAY Sports investigation. In a league in which 66% of the players are black and 31% are white, black players were arrested nearly 10 times as often as white players (260 to 28), accounting for 88% of those NFL traffic-stop arrests.
That percentage is consistent with the overall NFL arrest numbers: Of the 687 total player arrests in the USA TODAY Sports database that spans 14 seasons, 607 involved black players — 88%, a disproportionate rate sociologists attribute to several social factors in the black population at large, including a disproportionate rate of poverty and single-parent backgrounds. Those factors also include profiling, civil rights experts and NFL players say.

"We get looked at a lot more than the average Joe Blow because of what kind of car we drive or how we look," said Washington Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss, who was not one of the arrestees. "You see a young, black kid in a nice ride, and chances are he's an athlete. Sometimes you get labeled."
It's not just an NFL issue. The national debate erupted anew this year with the Trayvon Martin case in Florida and the stop-and-frisk police policy in New York City.

The overall numbers on traffic stops continue to show differences along racial lines: A study released this year by the Justice Department showed a higher percentage of black drivers (13%) than white drivers (10%) reported their most recent contact with police came from being pulled over in a traffic stop. In a similar survey released in 2011, a greater percentage of black drivers (4.7%) than white drivers (2.4%) were arrested during a traffic stop.
A forgotten classic from 1998
The challenge with racial profiling is that whites and blacks generally perceive the issue much differently because white people have not experienced it, said Cyrus Mehri, a Washington, D.C., attorney who has studied racial stereotypes and worked on big race and gender cases.
"It's very, very painful to the African-American community, and the white community is not fully sensitized to how big of an issue this is," Mehri said. "The best thing we can do as a country is to talk about it and deal with it than to sweep it under the rug."
Police advocates argue that profiling is not the reason players get stopped and arrested. Rich Roberts, a spokesman for the International Union of Police Associations, says when police decide to pull over a motorist they often can't see the skin color of the vehicle's occupants. He also says the decision to make a stop comes down to a simple question that does not involve race: Did the driver violate traffic laws or give police a reasonable suspicion to stop the car?
"Racial profiling is bad police work," Roberts said. "Situational profiling is good police work."
The American Civil Liberties Union defines racial profiling as "law enforcement and private security practices that disproportionately target people of color for investigation and enforcement."
"It's safe to say that goes on," Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt said. "Because people are human, and it is not just policemen. You can't just say it's cops. But they make their own judgments, and some of them use their power. ... It definitely makes you leery about where you go and who is watching for you. "
Britt has been arrested or faced charges in four traffic stops since 2010 — two for license issues, one drunken-driving case and one case of eluding police. He paid fines in two of those cases, was acquitted of the DUI charge and saw one license case get dismissed. Two of those incidents were in his home state of New Jersey, where the state police were embroiled in a scandal in the 1990s that resulted in authorities agreeing to a consent decree that expressly barred racial profiling in traffic stops. The decree was dissolved in 2009.
"I don't bring ... my (expensive) cars to New Jersey anymore," Britt said.

Reason for stop
To civil rights activists, another question should be asked first: Did the officer have reasonable suspicion to make the stop? If he didn't, they point out, there should be no questioning of the motorist and no search of the car without probable cause.
Mehri, the attorney, says racial profiling and guilt are not mutually exclusive — both can happen in the same incident and in the same pool of arrests.
Mehri says he thinks two factors are affecting the traffic-stop arrest rate for black NFL players. First, he says, an officer might see a situation he thinks is out of place — a young black man in an expensive car. Secondly, Mehri says some white officers might harbor prejudice against young black athletes. "There's no doubt in my mind these NFL players are being subjected to some level of discrimination," he said.
The USA TODAY Sports investigation found other differences in how authorities handled black players vs. white players during traffic stops:
About 6% of traffic-stop arrests for black players resulted only from charges related to their driver's license, such as driving with a suspended license. The records showed no white players arrested on such license charges.
Black players were pulled over at least 13 times for playing music too loud or having window tint that was too dark. By contrast, USA TODAY Sports found no examples of white players stopped for those offenses during the period studied.
Critics rejected the law enforcement claim that window tint prevents officers from knowing the race of a car's occupants.
"To heck with the window tint, all they (officers) have to do is put a license plate in a computer and they know exactly who it is," said Harry Edwards, a sociologist and consultant to the San Francisco 49ers.
Rarely were white players arrested on charges that resulted from a search of the vehicle. Twenty-three of their 28 traffic-stop arrests, 82%, were because of suspected intoxicated driving. For black players, 56% of traffic-stop arrests were because of suspected drunken or reckless driving. Another 26% were arrested or cited mainly because of alleged gun or drug possession, often discovered in a car search.
 Why do laws, devised by evil white men, even apply to black people? Especially black NFL players?

We live in a age where the criminal is the individual (or group) the media, academia, and the ruling elite automatically align - and sympathize - with, believing some malicious, shadowy white supremacist organization is still calling the shots from some hidden bunker.

Such is not the case.

Alas, without sports, it's hard to imagine where positive images of black males would manifest, outside of television programming and movies. Thus, it's no curiosity why the USA Today did not reach out to Jeff Benedict, who (with Don Yaeger) wrote Pros and Cons: The Criminals Who Play in the NFL.  Published in 1998, the best chapter of Benedict's work is titled, The Elephant in the Room.

It's this chapter that Brent Schrotenboer (who wrote the cover story on the NFL black players arrest rates for USA Today) should have consulted:
The Race Card. 
As Johnnie Cochran so dramatically proved, it can trump DNA evidence, outpoint any statistics, or be used to bluff any jury. It is the card that can make businesses, politicians, researchers, and even journalists fold when it is pulled. So daunting are the race card's consequences that the mere threat of its use can make important subjects seemingly disappear from our collective radar screens. 
Why, then, should it be a surprise when the NFL, faced with mounting criticism of its players' off-the-field conduct, reaches for the bottom of the deck and plays the race card? (p. 165)

To examine this issue from a statistical standpoint, it is first necessary to look at the racial composition of the NFL. Over the past three season (from 1996 to 1998) the percentage of the players in the league who are black has ranged between 67 percent and 71 percent. Of the 509 players whose criminal histories were researched by the authors, 79 percent of them were black, 18 percent were white, 2 percent were of other races, and 1 percent of the players were unidentifiable in terms of racial composition due to the incompleteness of the public record. 
The research revealed that of the 109 players who were found to have a serious criminal history, 96 (or 88 percent ) were black, 8 percent (7 percent) were white, 2 (nearly 2 percent) were of other races, 3 were unknown. The tendency here is to want to focus exclusively on the glaring discrepancy between the percentage of black players who had a record and white players who had a record. Without considering other factors, this produces very misleading conclusions. 

For example, while blacks represented 88 percent of the players who had been arrested, they also compromised 72 percent of the survey population. The authors turned their findings over to Professor Blumstein and asked him to compare arrest rates for black players in the NFL to black males in the general population. Based solely on racial comparisons (in other words, no account was taken here for income, education obtained, background, and so forth), Blumstein determined that blacks in the NFL are arrested at rates lower than black males in general population.

More important, since 38 of the 509 players in the survey were black and only ninety-six of the black players were charged with a serious crime, that indicated that the vast majority of black players were found not to have a criminal record. Put another way, the majority of the law-abiding citizens in the league are black, a point of paramount importance that seldom if ever gets emphasized. 

The bottom line here is that there is no basis for framing the issue surrounding criminals in the NFL as a race issue. It is a crime issue. NFL players who are committing crimes are not being singled out because they are black, but rather simply because they are criminals. If the NFL were truly concerned about cutting down negative racial stereotyping in this area, it would simply rid itself of criminal players. This would not only cut down on the misleading images that get promoted through the media, but it would largely do away with the league's public relations problems associated with criminal conduct. (p. 168 - 169)
But remember: anything that disproportionately harms black people (though almost all of the harm is because of individual choices by black people that aggregate to showcase an undeniable dysfunction among this racial group) is an obvious result of this shadowy, malicious white supremacist group, calling shots from some destination located in parts unknown.

The NFL should lose its non-profit status immediately.


Anonymous said...

Always using the race card when brraking the law.

Anonymous said...

It is like this in Every major City Blacks Commit more crimes and get arrested more than whites Blacks are not as Civilized as Whites Plain and simple they approach life's problems in a more Barbaric way than whites do Plain and Simple

Anonymous said...

NFL = Negro Felons League.

Doktor_Kuhn said...

This morning I drove past a bunch of neighbors panhandling to raise money for a peewee football team to go to the "nationals." I gave them nothing more than a rude scowl. The brats on the team are most likely bastard sprogs of Section 8 riffraff being bused in from gentrified downtown. I've found that what used to be football is now feetzbrawl, and unworthy of my leisure time.

Anonymous said...

Could it be as simple as that blacks are more criminally inclined?

Refugee Racket Webteam said...

The whining, sick of it. Do journalists have to get a lobotomy before they get their degree? It's poverty! No it's not. Blacks have much higher pattern of reckless behavior. It's in the genes and they (the politicians, the police, the journalists) can cover it up all they want, I am not buying.

Anonymous said...

"The NFL should lose its non-profit status immediately."
Minor niggling point here, but this is wrong. The NFL is only an organization formed to represent the collective interests of all 32 teams. Any money they make is distributed to each team, in whatever proportion they have earned. Think of it like a "S" Corporation, which doesn't pay taxes, but passes the profits/losses to individual shareholders.
What the NFL should lose, is special legal exemptions from Anti-Trust, for one. They should also lose white male viewership, and are working in that direction every day. September is "Mexican Appreciation Month", October is "Breast Cancer Month", and the rest is general niggerdry, with players out-ooking each other, and chest-thumping and poo-throwing after scoring a "big play" for the pack. They really cannot drop dead fast enough.

countenance said...

I tweeted Brent Schrotenboer and asked him: Of the 80 non-black arrests, how many were white? He said it was 64.

I did the math from there, and the disparity, while it is a disparity, (for the obvious reasons), it's not as severe as 10 times. 607 black arrests and 64 white arrests in a league that's 66% black and 31% white, means that a black player is 4.45 times more likely than a white to be arrested.

Compared to the tens and twenties and more multiples that blacks are more likely to do some crime than whites, that we've read about in Jared Taylor's "The Color of Crime" over the years, that doesn't seem so bad.

Anonymous said...

Anytime anyone starts to talk about 'racism' around me gets questioned as to why nigs commit 90+% of all violent crime in any US city. While being called a liar, I mention the shameful fact that nigs rape over 100 White women everyday in the US, while White men are accused of raping between 0 and 20 nig women PER YEAR.
It is not wrong to conclude that if there were no nigs , there would be 90% less crime, and almost no rapes. Simple math.
Niggers are a vain, stupid, dangerous group that are a major liability in any modern society. They are used as weapons against anything decent,productive,or good.
Their bad behavior and non-productive ways must stop being incentivised and rewarded. Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of the nonsense regarding the poor pitiful way brown/black people say they are treated, you are profiled immediately because you are such a viscous race. I am sick of hearing about the drug using travyon Martin, as we are profiled by blankies as crackers, why not call a spade a spade!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

>>"This morning I drove past a bunch of neighbors panhandling to raise money for a peewee football team to go to the "nationals." I gave them nothing more than a rude scowl. The brats on the team are most likely bastard sprogs of Section 8 riffraff being bused in from gentrified downtown. I've found that what used to be football is now feetzbrawl, and unworthy of my leisure time."

Interesting you say that. Oftentimes on local news fights break out within urban communities at jr. high and high school fields shortly after or before the jr. high/high school football game is even played. Its also often the parent(s) who fight among themselves to the point where the cops have to come and break it up.

Why in anyone's rational mind would fighting break out in the stands of a jr. high school or high school football game? What exactly are the parent(s) fighting over and about?

Southron said...

When I see the mainstream press try to search and find some sort of racial angle in the most ridiculous of circumstances, I have to laugh.

They never fail to go dig up the old civil rights movement's corpse, and dry hump it for one more thrill. It's like a man that was a star athlete in high school, and has accomplished little since then reliving the glory days over and over again.

I remember a few years back, there was a story about a school that was having a segregated prom. Oh no! The NAACP swung into action. The press was in fits. How could this be! We won't stand for this! It turned out the "prom" was a private party that some of the students were having. They were all friends, and all white. It wasn't happening at the school, it was done off campus, at the students' own expense.

The entire story was a fabrication just to give the civil rights crusaders another chance to mount up and ride against racism again.

So now, the civil rights movement has gone down it's checklist of problems, and were' down to #1,253,457 - the plight of black NFL players being arrested and ticketed too much. Wow.

I guess next week, we'll be on #1,253,458 - blacks use coupons at a disproportionately less rate than whites! Racism is afoot! It's a conspiracy by whites to keep the black man from saving 25 cents on toothpaste!

On an aside, I would forgive Lincoln for the War of Northern Aggression if he had shipped the blacks back to Africa.

Unknown said...

It's getting way over played that stupid blacks use the race card for every single thing....very simple negroes......If you can't do the time, don't do the time. Oh wait, it's not that simple, because that's all they do......

Anonymous said...

Ok, a general question for PK or whomever is able to provide a sensible answer.

Let's play other side advocate for a moment. Critics may contend the USA Today article on black NFL players' arrests in this manner. Suppose they state:

'Yeah, you guys might have a point about there being a correlation between NFL and high crime rates. BUT, you can't say that about the NBA. The NBA is generally crime free and, in comparison to the NFL, seems to have a lower percentage of social problems. The NBA is nearly 80% black and yet doesn't seem to have the same level of off-field problems that plague the NFL.'

In other words, the critics will claim that the NFL is a magnet for criminals because it's a violent game and thus tends to attract the worst bad apples of the race whereas the NBA, a sport that's not inherently as violent, is relatively crime free and thus could be held up as a role model for well behaved blacks in general.

How would PK or anyone here respond to that? Is the NBA relatively less violent off field and does it tend to have players with fewer problems (e.g. lower rates of out of wedlock, prison time, etc)?

Anyone? Is the NBA on the whole less violent less criminal and less out of wedlock than the NFL??

Anonymous said...

Facts be racist - everyone knows that.

I know where Doktor_Kuhn is coming from. I won't give to my school's clothing drive because all the clothes go to blacks flooding our district on Section 8. I won't give money or food to almost any charity because I always find out they're mostly giving it to blacks. I now target my charity to deserving whites when I run across them. Recently I was in a small town that was trying to raise money to help with burial expenses for a white teen so I gave money to that. Let black NFL millionaires help poor blacks - it's none of my business.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh the race card again. It is used more than tara reid at a frat party.
Maybe the usa today reporter who wrote this vile bullshit should go and play the knock out game. Lock n load gentlemen.

Tacoma trooper

Tommy Vercetti said...

Matthias Askew obviously didn't follow Chris Rock's advice on "How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police".

Anonymous said...


Blogger Doktor_Kuhn said...

Dr, where are you?

Anonymous said...

These articles never ask why WHY the po' sweet innocent little black angels get into all these "scuffles" with police in the first place. I've been pulled over by the police on more than a few occasions, and I've never gotten into a fistfight with them. Why does this happen with nig-nogs so often?

Anyone have any ideas? Cuz I'm baffled here ...

Anonymous said...

Look at the respective rates of bankruptcy between black and white NFL millionaires. That will show that no amount of welfare can ever keep blacks living a rational life.


Hey Greatwhites,
As usual the blacks cry foul at every given chance. instead of being thankful that they are so well off,(NFL blacks) they don't even thank this country for the chance. a chance they would surely wouldn't get in their Real Home Country!(african't) that's for sure. Are blacks now born with the constantly crying about fairness gene?
Hey black guy with a lot of legal cash how about this? start telling your family and friends to stop KILLING, RAPING, SUCKER PUNCHING, HOME INVADING, and ROBBING anything that moves. the numbers don't lie(unlike the typical) While you go down that road tell them about the importance of having a JOB. the importance of getting MARRIED! the importance of maybe smiling every once in a while.

But I'm sure you don't want to go down that road because first off it's "Whitey's Road" and you might not like what the black race has become! Dysfunctional at the very least! FUCK YOU black people cry us a river! oh the humanity that your race doesn't even practice!


Anonymous said...

Liberals are incredible. They refuse to see what's in front of them. They've got one foot nailed to the floor, yet have no idea why they're walking around and around in circles.

Anonymous said...

Know negroes..
Know crime..

No negroes
No crime..

Anonymous said...

=Fireforce- Here.

The "It's the poverty" excuse for rampant black criminality that leftist love to throw around can be be destroyed by pointing out two simple facts:

Even when you isolate the percentage of the White population living below the poverty line, the big disparity in respective crime rates remains. Sure, it narrows a bit, as one would expect. (poverty does effect the ocurance of crime to some extent, after all) But more damningly, the big racial disparity in crimes rates continues even in non-economicly motivated crimes such as sexual assault.

Now while it is undeniable that economic position does indeed play some part in the crime rate, the big motivation is character...or better yet lack of same.

D-FENS said...

Race Card - DO pass GO and DO collect $2 Million Dollars.

D-FENS said...

For people that are supposed to be so alpha male, negroes do a lot of whining and seem to be easily hurt by "offensive" words.

Big Nick Digger said...

The "scandal" of the New Jersey State Police has been debunked.

The state police busted disproportionately more blacks than whites for speeding. The Negro Establishment said it was "racial profiling". The state police said it was speeding.

A Rutgers professor set up a radar speed camera and took many photos of speeders. He then got a group of people to look at the pictures (with no other info) and identify the drivers by race.

It turns out that blacks speed disproportionately more than whites. But of course this research was done AFTER the liberal judge ruled that the state police were racists, so liberal reporters still call it a police "scandal".

They control the narrative.

They require your degradation.

They mandate your genocide.

Anonymous said...

If a minority group gets less it's racism. If a minority group gets more it's equality. The problem is the majority, as it's called, is getting far less, and can't complain because the minority automatically replies with "racist". I find more blacks to be far more racist than whites. Granted, every case has it's exceptions. I say, no perks for anyone. Give us all the same and abuse us all the same. Even though, you can never please everyone. I want my white's only scholarships to match all the other race specific scholarships. I want my race based government aid. I want true equality, not just over compensation for the undeserving.

Mr. Rational said...

Typos in post:

Brent Schrotenboer (who wrote the USA Today [])

Piece?  Article?  Screed?  Whine?

NFL players who a re committing crimes

Extra space.

Mutant Swarm said...

"To heck with the window tint, all they (officers) have to do is put a license plate in a computer and they know exactly who it is," said Harry Edwards, a sociologist and consultant to the San Francisco 49ers."

Just because a car is registered to an individual, doesn't mean that individual is driving it. Or did you fail your logic class, Mr. Edwards?

The 49ers have a ruthlessly efficient PR machine. When one of their players gets arrested, you almost never hear about it (unless you live next door to the cop who made the arrest, or an announcer from out of town slips up and mentions it on-air).

Anonymous said...

I had to burst out laughing when reading the excuses made by those who support the negroes on the Negro Felon League.
Even in my town, which has a major college football team, many of the negroes on the team have been arrested. I wonder if a negro pulling a gun in a bar or mugging someone, or engaging in a carjacking is responsible?
NAH! Dey done be racially profiled. Dat ole profilin' caused dat gun to jump into dey hands, dat woman to git robbed and sheeit and dat car to force itself on dose po', sweet, innocent black angels!
More and more, the MSM reminds me of a psychotic, over-bearing and delusional mother who can't face the fact that her precious child is a monster and not the angel she mistakenly believes it to be. Even when confronted with facts, they just bristle with anger and furiously defend the "child" while attacking those who notice it's horrible conduct.
We just hate "children" and are jealous. Mmmm hmmm! Dat's right!

Constructive Feedback said...

Just think, Paul Kersey, IF you were to step up your game and become more effective at purging Black players from the SEC - then half of the White folks in Alabama would not be sad today - because the BLACK GUY from Auburn University caught the missed field goal attempt from the White player and then ran 106 yards down field, STEALING the game out of the hands of the 'University of Alabama'.

Indeed sir, 60 years ago that Black man would have never made it out of the stadium alive, making so many kind White folks cry as such.

Anonymous said...

Why any white person would waste their time watching this crap is beyond me. I absolutely hate any sports on tv because its nothing more than a chimpfest. Even NASCAR is trying their level best to get into the act. During Thanksgiving the tv was tuned to some stupid football game...the cowboys and someone else I believe and these people set on the edge of their seats watching that garbage till the end. Disgusting. I've heard a lot about negro fatigue but these people seem ready to worship their black idols every chance they get.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Aaron Hernandez didn't have such an obviously Hispanic last name, would he have been labeled another racist "white Hispanic" murderer by the media (he did execute at least one black man)?

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous November 30, 2013 at 9:04 PM said...I won't give money or food to almost any charity because I always find out they're mostly giving it to blacks. I now target my charity to deserving whites when I run across them.

Let black NFL millionaires help poor blacks - it's none of my business.

Agreed on both of these points. I already am forced to "help" the negros through the tax system. And that is just a waste.

When someone whines that we have to help the "poor" - meaning the negros - I just say "Let the blacks help the blacks."

Jim said...

Two of my favorite quotes in the article:

1. "Black players are pulled over because they have heavily tinted windows". Think about that one.

2. "All the police have to do is to run a check on the tag number to ensure the vehicle is not owned by a black NFL player". Do this mean cops have to memorize the names of all black players. Once the cop determines a NFL player owns the vehicle, how is the officer to determine the player is actually in the vehicle? Does this mean cops have to check to determine if all big black men they are about to pull over are NFL players?

How do these idiots even get coverage in the media and WTF am I wasting my time even commenting on this sh!t. Because it's fun, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

On an aside, I would forgive Lincoln for the War of Northern Aggression if he had shipped the blacks back to Africa.

Is there any truth to the story that just before his assassination, Abraham Lincoln was working on a deal with the British to have all the newly-freed black slaves shipped down to what is now known as Belize? At the time, this country was known as British Honduras. It was a colony of the British Empire back then. If only, if only.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
>>"I wonder if Aaron Hernandez didn't have such an obviously Hispanic last name, would he have been labeled another racist "white Hispanic" murderer by the media (he did execute at least one black man)?"

Excellent observation but in this case, probably not. Since Aaron Hernandez had a black posse and a black fiance, and engaged in black-centtric kinds of crime (drugs, double homicide, etc) its more than likely that within the community, he's considered an honorary black. And the profile happens to match the community (e.g. Hernandez has a baby momma, charged with a double homicide and drugs may be involved). Thus, he's one of their own. In fact, you don't hear the community all up in arms about Aaron's taking out a black guy. Wonder why?

This is similar to Richie Incognito, who is also considered more black than Jonathan Martin. Note here the irony. In the community, a black such as Martin, Harvard educated, well spoken, has a two parent family, is NOT considered authentically black and must be avoided if not abused outright.

In both examples, the black community at large holds that Incognito and Hernandez are more authentically black. Yup, paragons of virtue the both of them.

Anonymous said...

These articles never ask why WHY the po' sweet innocent little black angels get into all these "scuffles" with police in the first place. I've been pulled over by the police on more than a few occasions, and I've never gotten into a fistfight with them. Why does this happen with nig-nogs so often?

Anyone have any ideas? Cuz I'm baffled here ...

It's because a lot of these low-IQ creatures simply "chimp out" when "da po-lease be dis-respeckin' a brotha" - in other words, when the police are just trying to do their jobs in a professional manner. This sometimes means the cops have to detain a suspect, handcuff a suspect, frisk a suspect, question a suspect, and so on.

I am a white guy in his 40's who has had many traffic stops by the police. I have have had a few pedestrian stop police encounters too. I have been arrested several times in my life as well. Never once have I ever had the urge to drive off, run away, take a swing at a cop, reach for a cop's gun, etc., not even back when I was 15 years old, which is when I think I had my first encounter with a cop who was acting in the line of his sworn duty. Unlike a lot of these idiotic negroids that we later hear about in the media, I never had a chip on my shoulder or a race card in my pocket when I had to deal with a police officer, and not all of the ones I have had to deal with were white, either.

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. To Anonymous 9:03:

NBA players have a higher crime rate than NFL players. This is according to Jeff Benedict, one of the authors of "Pros and Cons," per a book he wrote on NBA criminality several years ago

Anonymous said...

"Tazed because he was black . . . " Sure councelor, that's what those of us charged with keeping order and enforcing the law do in this fading republic where the very notion of personal responsibility is up for debate. If that incident involved a large aggressive and angry man trying to throw his weight around to avoid a parking ticket was a white, all us evil racist white coppers would immediately stand down and offer to buy him lunch. I for one would shout to my cameraden "Say fellows, let us withdraw. For this man is white and gets a pass!!" Fer fucks sake!

I gotta admit. I am used to the behavior of the coloreds. They are going to act like feral fucking savages. It's their nature. I don't get mad. I deal.

Not so the other half of the equation. The fucking media, and the lawyers, and the 'system' itself. That's what torques me up. And watching any black dominated professional sports is irritating at best.

I must admit, if things get really bad and the blacks riot like they do, I would be sorely tempted to fire on the fucking media. They are a more righteous target than a big stupid silverback ape who is good at playing football and drives an Escalade.

Rather than waste hours every Sunday watching football, read a book. Watch a meaningful movie. Go for a walk, spend time with people you love. Work out, go to a shooting range. Read SBPDL! We have options. I am very proud of the fact that I have no fucking clue who is even playing pro football today. Also don't have a clue who won the last few super bowls.

I am aware of the bad dream my ten year old had last night. She's okay, just a bad dream. And my wife got her tulip bulbs in the ground today, it's just warm enough to plant.

Priorities. Fuck pro football. Fuck the corporate marketing tie ins. Fuck the fans. Fuck $150.00 made in china officially licensed NFL jerseys. Fuck the disgusting propaganda media that tells me to be 'ashamed' of my history and culture. Fuck them all.

And while I'm ranting, just an aside. I would not even want these wretched fucking savages as slaves. Could you imagine how fucking hard it would be to get work out of them? I'd need to hire mean Irishmen with drinking problems to whip them. More trouble than its worth. I have no interest in Antique Farm Equipment. I would just buy a tractor.

Or hire a Mexican.

God bless,

Son of Delbert.

Anonymous said...

Southron, absolutely fucking epic. You nailed it. All the media does is dig for a racial angle and 'dry hump' the mummified corpse. I intend to use that one and claim it as my own. You fucking rock!

Son of Delbert

Anonymous said...

Negro buffoons in the government.

Founding Fathers would have never let this happen.

"I bagged my Massa"

Anonymous said...

Constructive Feedbag has a good point. A negro has run down a field and caught a ball filled with air and we should all be hysterically grateful for this major "stop the presses" accomplishment. After all, if the negro hadn't been there, God only know what the earth shattering consequences would have been. Life as we know it could have come to an end!
Every Doctor and every Scientist (and anyone else who has ever accomplished anything of note) is simply dying of jealousy and envy or turning over in their graves at this very moment.
Excuse me but I don't have time for Feedbag's negro drivel.

Anonymous said...

Go to and scroll down to the story entitled "hopefully true."
Apparently, three pavement apes were following a man and getting ready to play the Knockout game so he ducked down an alley and waited for them with his weapon drawn. Two shot in the foot and the third pavement ape got pistol whipped senseless.

Anonymous said...

constructive feedbag: even in the few short turrible turrible years here for SOME negroes, their lifespan & health was much better than in their "country" of origin.
kudos to son of delbert & southron for "They never fail to dig up the old civil rights movement's corpse & dry hump it for 1 more thrill." exactly what constructive feedbag did - how turrible it was for the negroes. they must've all been killed. oh wait - they're still around.

Constructive Feedback said...

HEY JIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[quote]1. "Black players are pulled over because they have heavily tinted windows". Think about that one.

I did think about it.

Tinted windows are a key health and safety device for wealthy Black males riding in expensive cars.

It prevents police officers who are clandestine VDare members from seeing the "White Female Groupie" that he has in the passenger seat.

Dear ole dad sent her to college with the hopes that she would "MARRY UPWARD IN CLASS".

He forgot to sufficiently emphasize to her that a WEALTHY NINJA can never overcome the threat of his GENETICS to the agenda of SBPDL/VDare.

Until Mr Kersey, Cali and "Anonymous" successfully convince the young, independent thinking White women that they should limit themselves to cheering for the place kicker and the 30% of the team that is not Black - this "PROBLEM" is going to exist.....that is until the SEC governance committee agrees to take up Paul Kersey's recommendation that all Negroes be purged from the conference, thus limiting their chances to enter the NFL, receiving the money spent by "Kind White Folks" who purchase:

* Coca Cola
* AT&T
* Nike
* Gatorade
* ScottTrade

from having these corporate ad spending go directly into the pockets of a Negro playing on the field.

Decisions, decisions, Mr Kersey.

Anonymous said...

Gee, it's been awhile since my ancestor's were worker-bee slaves & pleasure slaves of the Roman's.

Mebbe, datz Y dis YT don't remember the turble turble slabe life legacy
real good like my africanite sub-human
favorites do.

C dey b reelz smartz, dey rememburrr real real good

Anonymous said...

. Let black NFL millionaires help poor blacks - it's none of my business.

Do black african millionaires do any charity work?

Lionel said...

Regarding giving money to charities - give to medical charities.

Unknown said...

"All y'all crackas beez raycestt an shitt"

Says every black person ever.

Anonymous said...

Lionel: "Regarding giving money to charities - give to medical charities."
Don't give blindly. Find a particular person you want to help, and donate directly into their assistance fund. Otherwise, you might be financing an organ transplant for a future Trayvonicus.

Anonymous said...

Is USA today insane?

Blacks break the traffic laws as frequently as every other gd law- the traffic cameras, red light and speed, bust them more often than whites!

Anonymous said...

Crime causes poverty, not the converse

Anonymous said...

Most nig homicides are over arguments...not gang stuff. Petty arguments.

Anonymous said...

Rich blacks frequently shield assets in others names...this guy is an idiot

Anonymous said...

A very important thing to remember is that the media and its corporate masters are money whores. If we stopped going to anything that subsidizes negroes, believe me, they would cease to be on commercials, movies, music, television, except in the smallest niche markets. Don't feed the groid, and things will change.

Regarding the Constructive Criticism Negro, really? Do we have to be subjected to what a negro "thinks" even here? We are subjected to their ridiculous "biggest victim in the world (tm)" whining on every kind of media platform. Please let this be a respite from entitled negro ego-maniacal, lookame antics.

Thanks, from the bottom of my negro-fatigued heart.

Brute said...

Many of the marquee players have "minders" attached to them to keep them out of significant trouble. Keep that in mind when you consider how many of these savages still get their sullen mugs in the press for wanton savagery.

Anonymous said...

If you are black and have never broken the law in your life and obey societies rules to the letter, gain top tier education and professional employment you better buy a Toyota corolla at best. Anything over 30,000 dollars in cost means you will get pulled over and searched by police at least once a year. Note: many of these players only received license violations, not a moving violation. How do you charge a license violation without charging the initial moving violation prior to the traffic stop? As a professional black man I get a lot of shit from cops and I am constantly pulled over in my corvette, however in my daily car , a 95 corolla , never am I pulled over. As for behavior during the stop , I am patient but it is a pain in the ass getting searched all the fucking time because the cop " smells weed" . I am 38 years old on my way to defend a biotech patent from infringement , as lead chair, and you think I have time for your " I smell weed bullshit ! You don't smell shit, my license is valid, so is my insurance , my tags are current and I have shit to do. Think there is no bias against blacks by cops, I hope you get a dark permanent tan that never goes away and a late model Mercedes so you can get to know your local LEOs.

Bogolyubski said...

A very important thing to remember is that the media and its corporate masters are money whores. If we stopped going to anything that subsidizes negroes, believe me, they would cease to be on commercials, movies, music, television, except in the smallest niche markets. Don't feed the groid, and things will change.

Yes, it is indeed an important thing to remember. Why do you think some of us here continually advocate getting rid of the TV, taking kids out of government schools, stop borrowing money you don't have to pay for shit-sandwiches, etc.?

If enough white folks took these simple steps, considerable damage could be done to BRA. The first step in real change is to stop doing what you've been doing for years on end.

True Story said...

Think there is no bias against blacks by cops, I hope you get a dark permanent tan that never goes away and a late model Mercedes so you can get to know your local LEOs.

I can see how that would be irritating. Or having security follow you around in a store. Or having some old lady clutch her purse tight when you walk by, or hear a car door lock.

On the other hand, I'd rather be "irritated" by those events than beaten, raped, murdered, robbed, discriminated in the workplace, forced to live near Section 8 criminals, watch my children get attacked by your "kids" in our tax supported schools, and so on. And then to be told no matter blacks do to you, it's okay, because you are White and can't be discriminated against.

You know, I'm pretty sure that you've got the better end of that deal...

Anonymous said...

If you do nothing else in 2014 give yourself the gift of freedom. Free yourself from the idiotic NFL, Sports in general & Television altogether.

You quality of life will dramatically improve. You'll see the lemmings around you in a different light.

Aspire to higher things, you're White after all.

paul marchand said...

every time I look at available stats on murder, the black rate per capita is about 15 times than of whites. So, maybe the arrest rate for blacks here is UNDER-represented.

paul marchand said...

being that blacks per capita commit murder about 15 times the rate of whites, maybe there are TOO FEW black NFL players arrested. Maybe they are Underrepresented in this regard.

Discard said...

Anonymous Black patent lawyer who drives a Mercedes and get pulled over a lot: If you're as smart as all that, then you surely know that it's your racial brethren and the grossly disproportionate share of crime they commit that are the root cause of your problem. The cops are only behaving rationally, given the crime statistics.
Maybe you should have a number sticker printed, saying THE BLACK MAN DRIVING THIS MERCEDES IS THE OWNER. Your friends will get a kick out of it, and the cops can direct their efforts elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

It's past time to boycott the NFL

tsnamm said...

The MSM keeps on pushing this nonsense because people believe it. These black NFL players never did anything, the jealous white police officers are just picking on them because they're black. Sure they are...and this idea that they see " young black men in a nice ride"'s a little inside information for you, open your eyes the next time you're in some shitty squib neighborhood, and you'll see more Benz's and BMW's in any of these ghettoes than in downtown Munich. All paid for by your tax dollars. What a load of shit.