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Myth Busters Time: White St. Louis Native Matt Quain, a victim of the 'mythical' Knockout Game

There is no ‘knockout game.’

Slate has spoken. [I Was a Victim of the Fake "Knockout Game" Trend,, 11-25-13]
Matt Quain: Back in 2011, the mythical black 'knockout game' struck in St. Louis

There is no ‘knockout game’ attacks, where a white individual is attacked by either a black individual or a gang of black people (many times labeled teens or youths in news stories).

Slate has spoken, twice. [Sorry, Right-Wing Media: The "Knockout Game" TrendIs a Myth,, 11-25-13]

The panic by those daring to notice black people are attacking white people is the real threat.
Think Progress has spoken. [Media Feeding Panic Over The So-Called ‘Knockout Game’ That Might Not Even Exist,, 11-25-13]
Police, completely dominated throughout their ranks by those professing loyalty to Black-Run America (BRA), understand the idea of the ‘knockout game’ is an urban myth.
Using the combined reporting of the previously cited articles, a black reporter from “the nations newspaper” assures us no such as an epidemic of ‘knockout game’ plagues the nation.
So say it three times, loud and proud (if you want to, click your heels together and throw confetti in the air too!): there is no ‘knockout game’.
There is no ‘knockout game’.
There is no… wait, what?
Of course the game exists!
Back in late 2011, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorialized on the subject, noting the attacks on white people – and Asians - by gangs of black people (“the blacks,” right Donald Trump?) was just “the spirit of the times,” comparing the game to a foreclosure on a mortgage or the lack of universal healthcare. [Editorial: The 'knockout game' and the spirit of the times, 11-1-11]:
It's hard to judge how bad a problem the so-called "knockout game"
really is. But because it has resulted in the death of 72-year-old man, left at least a half a dozen other people injured and reinforced fears about the safety of city neighborhoods, it's bad enough.

Roving bands of teenagers slugging people just for the hell of it? That takes us into "A Clockwork Orange" territory.
Then you've got the city's mayor and his police bodyguard happening upon one victim lying on a sidewalk outside a public library branch and the mayor suggesting that 13- and 14-year-old kids arrested for the crime be charged as adults.

You've got a police captain talking about a "trend of sub-human behavior [that] defies predictive analysis because the attacks happen in different places, on different days and at different times."
In the last 15 months, police said, seven such attacks have taken place in neighborhoods around Tower Grove Park and South Grand. There were incidents in 2006 and 2007 in Carr Square and Dutchtown. There may well have been other assaults not tagged as "knockout" incidents or that went unreported.
Predictably, some people who work with young people point to a lack of recreational opportunities and quality education programs. Mayor Francis Slay, who rolled up on one victim on Oct. 21 just in time to see his attackers saunter away, is enraged at the thought.
"You can provide all the recreational programs and quality educational programs every day," he said, "but ultimately each and every individual has a personal responsibility to respect each other and saying they're bored is not an excuse, it's a cop-out, and that's a problem in and of itself."
Reporter Denise Hollinshed of the Post-Dispatch talked to some kids outside of Roosevelt High School, one of whom acknowledged that he'd taken part in the "knockout king" game.
"Knockout king is a thrill," the kid told her. "It makes you want to keep doing it every day."
Sure, the kid said, he knew he could hurt somebody. But he added, "You don't know them, so why care about hurting them?"
That's a chilling statement. It reflects an almost sociopathic lack of empathy.
On the other hand, the more you think about it, it perfectly captures today's zeitgeist, the spirit of the times.

The above editorial was from November 1, 2011.  Two years later, the major news organs protecting (and charged with promoting) the concept of Black-Run America act as if the game is still in Loch Ness Monster territory. Perhaps it’s time to hire those two white guys from the Discovery Channel’s popular MythBusters program to walk those mean streets of black St. Louis, where life is valued about as much as the latest version of Nike’s Air Jordan is worth.
Remember: any community that has to “march” for peace is one that will spawn a generation of individuals who have no problem attacking white individuals [Black marchers protest St. Louis crime, violence, USA Today, 6-1-2008]:
Black ministers, businessmen and community leaders have been working since February on a plan dubbed "Call to Oneness" to reduce crime and violence and resurrect struggling neighborhoods in St. Louis.
They have called it nothing short of a "state of emergency" that demands immediate attention.
"It's really awesome to see the black community come together for a peaceful purpose," said Shannon Malone, 27, of suburban University City as she held her toddler. "There's an urgency to stop all these homicides."
As the march neared Tandy Park, where organizers challenged the crowd to be accountable to one another, 56-year-old retired carpenter James Bailey said the solution is simple.
"We need to show young people we have to learn to love one another," he said. "We need more community activities. We need to take back our society as men. And we need to pray a little more for one another. There's only one race, the human race."
Funny: those black participants in the march against violence from 2006 were merely protesting their own community, for St. Louis’ crime and violence problem is an exclusively black problem. What is life like in a homogeneous black community in St. Louis, where many of these “knockout game” participants have their roots [In Places Like North St. Louis, Gunfire Still Rules the Night, New York Times, 11-19-2013]:
The unmistakable pop of a gunshot ricocheted through the park in the humid air, and Montez Wayne could only hope that the bullet did not have his name on it. He sprang from his seat beneath a sprawling bald cypress, ready to make his move.
Was today the day?
He had seen it play out too many times before: the blast of gunfire, the blood, the body. In Mr. Wayne’s neighborhood and others on the North Side of St. Louis, drugs, poverty and struggle go hand in hand with gun violence. He barely knows his father. His mother died when he was 14, around the time he started selling drugs. His list of dead friends grows each year.
Mr. Wayne lives in a poor, mostly black community, where, as in similar neighborhoods across America, residents are fed up with persistent gun violence. Victims die one by one, or in clusters. In Chicago, 23 people were shot in a matter of hours in September, 13 of them in a park in a gang-related attack. Three died.
Some communities have begun their own initiatives. The 21st Ward was the first to install street surveillance cameras, spending $600,000 out of the ward’s capital improvement budget on 25 of them. A 46-inch flat-screen television in a community center shows footage from every camera, but no one currently monitors them full time. Shortly after they went up two years ago, one camera caught a drive-by shooting. The police caught the assailants a short time later, said Antonio French, the ward’s alderman.
Guns don't kill people, dangerous minorities do in St. Louis (map courtesy of the New York Times)

George Orwell may have written 1984 to describe the horrors of a total surveillance society, but Big Brother technology is needed to document the horrific life black individuals create in their communities. 
Only such a community as this could birth the Knockout Game. [Knockout King: Kids call it a game. Academics call it a bogus trend. Cops call it murder.,, 6-9-2011]:
City officials have begun to recognize the problem. St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce acknowledges the existence of Knockout King, based on admissions by five defendants. Most of those defendants were charged with misdemeanor assaults, Joyce says. One incident transpired in Tower Grove Park, another in Carondelet. A third involved a kid riding a skateboard who attacked a woman in the Central West End. "He just blindsided her," says Joyce. "She was seriously injured."
The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, too, knows of the violent ritual. "The 'knockout game' is played by a group of kids who, as outrageous as it sounds, go around with the goal of knocking people out, for apparently no reason," says Chief Daniel Isom. The department came to that determination about a year ago, says Isom, who adds that he doesn't consider the violent activity to be widespread. "Based on our intelligence, we believe it's an isolated group of maybe five to nine kids," he says.
Local teens say it's far more popular than that.
"I'd say maybe ten to fifteen percent of kids play Knockout King," says Aaron Davis, who's eighteen and lives in south city, adding that he never took part. "It's not a whole school, but it's a nice percentage."
Some former participants maintain Davis' estimate is too low.
"Everybody plays," says eighteen-year-old Brandon Demond, a former participant who provided only his first and middle names for publication.
"It's a game for groups of teens to see who can hit a person the hardest," explains Brandon, who's standing with a group of friends on Grand Boulevard as a police officer listens nearby. "It's a bunch of stupid-ass little dudes in a group, like we are now. See this dude walkin' up behind me?" — Brandon gestures to a longhaired man walking toward him on the sidewalk — "we could just knock him out right now."

Much of the city's violent crime is associated with rougher pockets of north city; for example, 111 of the 144 homicides in the city last year — roughly 77 percent — occurred north of Delmar Boulevard. But Knockout King goes on more frequently in south city, as well as in other neighborhoods that see heavy foot traffic, such as downtown and the Delmar Loop.
But, Think Progress, the New York Times, and the USA Today are correct in claiming the Knockout Game is just a figment of the imagination of neo-racists. It’s a myth, plain and simple.
 Right? [Teen claims to have knocked out more than 300 people in 'game', CBS St. Louis, 12-1-11]
Just ask Matt Quain. His face bares the scars and the invisible memory of the veracity of a Knockout Game the New York Times dares not print.
A white man, working a blue-collar job (the kind of job those lovely, law-abiding brown illegal immigrants will liberate Americans from ever working again!!), set upon by a group of black people… just another day in St. Louis. Just the “spirit of the times.” [Knockout King: One of 2011′s Saddest Stories, CBS St. Louis, 12-25-2011]:
Matthew Quain still struggles to piece together what happened after a trip to the grocery store nearly turned deadly. He remembers a group of loitering young people, a dimly lit street then nothing. The next thing he knew he was waking up with blood pouring out of his head.
The 51-year-old pizza kitchen worker’s surreal experience happened just before midnight earlier this year, when he became another victim of what is generally known as “Knockout King” or simply “Knock Out,” a so-called game of unprovoked violence that targets random victims.
The rules of the game are as simple as they are brutal. A group usually young men or even boys as young as 12, and teenage girls in some cases chooses a lead attacker, then seeks out a victim. Unlike typical gang violence or other street crime, the goal is not revenge, nor is it robbery. The victim is chosen at random, often a person unlikely to put up a fight. Many of the victims have been elderly. Most were alone.
The attacker charges at the victim and begins punching. If the victimgoes down, the group usually scatters. If not, others join in, punching and kicking the person, often until he or she is unconscious or at least badly hurt. Sometimes the attacks are captured on cellphone video that is posted on websites.
“These individuals have absolutely no respect for human life,” St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay said.
Slay knows firsthand. He was on his way home from a theater around 11:30 p.m. on Oct. 21 when he saw perhaps a dozen young people casually crossing a street. He looked to the curb and saw Quain sprawled on the pavement.
Slay told his driver to pull over. They found Quain unconscious, blood pouring from his head and mouth.
Quain was hospitalized for two days with a broken jaw, a cracked skull and nasal cavity injuries. He still has headaches and memory problems but was finally able to return to work earlier this month.
Hundreds gathered in November for a fundraiser at the restaurant where he works, Joanie’s Pizza, but he still doesn’t know how he’ll pay the medical bills.

There exists no network supporting, promoting, protecting, and lobbying for the interests of white people, particularly those loathsome members of the white working-class. Matthew Quain had no bullhorn to speak into and demand financial and legal retribution for his plight, while Slate, Think Progress, the New York Times, and the USA Today exist to promote the downtrodden nature of black America and the vicious white racists who keep this racial group from fulfilling their potential.
When the world found in North St. Louis does represent the full potential of the black race (without the redistribution of white tax-dollars).
How about some more on the ‘mythical’ face of the Knockout Game, Matthew Quain?[Knockout game' case shocked St. Louis, then fell apart, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 3-4-2012]:
The police captain couldn't believe it. He had the Knockout King in his office.
It was September 2011, and police were struggling to get a handle on a series of vicious knockout assaults in south St. Louis. Groups of teens were cold-cocking older pedestrians at random. One was dead, several injured. Residents were alarmed, police baffled. It didn't make sense, such a cruel and cowardly crime.
Now, sitting in Capt. Jerry Leyshock's office was an important key to the mystery: the Knockout King. That was the teen's nickname, said the four other young men also swept up that night by police after yet another assault. They sat inside South Patrol headquarters. And the ringleader, they said, happened to be right over there.
Leyshock took stock of the young man in his office. The kid looked 17 or 18. He was stocky, his hair cut in short dreadlocks. He wore a hooded sweatshirt. The captain, who coached youth boxing, thought he recognized the teen as a boxer from the Cherokee Recreation Center. The teen, for now, revealed little. Then he mentioned he was 16, a juvenile. Too young to talk with police alone. The interview was over.
In a moment, the teens would be released. But first, Leyshock, in his white dress shirt and black tie, gold badge on his chest, leaned in close.
"I think it's a safe bet we're going to pay you a visit whenever a knockout case comes up," the captain said.
The meeting with the Knockout King would turn out to be a crucial break in a crime that hadn't occurred yet — a case of cavalier brutality that would shock a city, especially after the accused attackers were set free.
On Oct. 21, Matt Quain, 52, a dishwasher, was severely beaten in a knockout assault on South Grand Boulevard. The mayor helped rescue him. Seven middle schoolers, some as young as 12, were arrested. Then, at a juvenile court hearing in January, the main witness, a 13-year-old classmate of the defendants, failed to show up. The case was tossed out.
The kids celebrated. Others howled.
"People all over the city of St. Louis are outraged over this," Mayor Francis Slay said.
The case seemed to captivate the city with a series of difficult questions: Why was this happening? How would it stop? Was witness intimidation a factor?
The story of how police cracked the case, only to see it fall apart, shows the unusual challenges posed by knockout assaults, as well as the communitywide frustrations. The crimes were rare, but terrorizing. These were not muggings. Something else was at play here. It was a matter of finding out what, even if the answers were unsettling.

Even though the mayor of St. Louis witnessed the aftermath of this attack, the game is still a myth, a figment of white xenophobes deepest, darkest dreams [St. Louis Mayor Witnesses Aftermath of “Knockout Kings” Attack, CBS St. Louis, 10-25-2011]

Luckily, this mythical story ends with – as only fiction can provide – a happy ending. One of those mythical Knockout Game participants in the attack on Mr. Quain, Demetrius Murphy, was gunned down in an attempted burglary. [Teen Killed In Attempted Burglary Was Suspect In Knockout Game, Fox 2 St. Louis, 2-18-2013]:
The teenager shot and killed by a homeowner while allegedly breaking into the man’s house had been in the news before.  In fact, FOX2 has learned, he was once charged in the case that made the phrase “knockout game” common in St. Louis.
Demetrius Murphy, 15, died Friday morning after he and another teen, Michael Bryant, allegedly tried to break into a man’s home on Tennessee.  Police say the homeowner emerged with a gun.  Bryant ran, but they say Murphy confronted him and was shot and killed.
When it happened, the ears of Matt Quain perked up.  It was back in 2011 that Quain and a friend were walking along Grand, returning from a “beer run” to Schnucks, when they say a group of teens jumped them.   Quain was beaten badly, suffering neck injuries and a broken jaw.  He was discovered bleeding in the street by Mayor Francis Slay and his security guard.
Murphy, just thirteen at the time, was the one identified by Quain as his attacker.  Sources tell Fox 2 that Murphy was headed to trial in the “knockout game” case, but a young witness suddenly refused to testify, forcing the charges to be dropped.
Quain sees what happened to Murphy as part of a circle of violence that needs to be stopped.
“Ya know, I’m not happy that somebody died,” he said Monday.  “I just wish there was more that people could do to put an end to it.  Whatever it takes, more cops, whatever.
There is no ‘knockout game.’

Slate has spoken.

Think Progress has spoken.
The New York Times has spoken.
The USA Today has spoken.
Matthew Quain? He has no voice, no organization or lobbying group to document his story for the masses. So the ‘knockout game’ will continue to be a myth, peddled by creepy, unwashed racists, living in their parent’s basements.


Anonymous said...

Remember the Chris Lane murder? Lane was the Australian baseball player living in Oklahoma who was shot (in the back) and killed by three Black teens who told police they were "bored".

One of the "teens", James Edwards, published a Tweet before the murder saying "I knocced out 5 woods since Zimmerman court!" [sic]. "Woods" is short for Peckerwoods, a racial term for Whites in the Southern US. Edwards wrote "knocced" instead of "knocked" because Crip-affiliated gang-members refuse to write out the letters "ck" (often used to mean Crip Killer, by Bloods). Nonetheless, it is clear that Edwards was a participant in the Knockout Game as well. Eventually he moved up from punching Whites in the back of head to shooting a White man in the back, "for fun."

Slate and the rest of the state-run media will wave their hand in Jedi Mind Trick-fashion and say "These aren't the Groids you're looking for. There is no Knockout Game. It's a myth." Too bad for them we have World Star Hip Hop, YouTube, ubiquitous camera phones, and some semblance of a free media on the internet.

Anonymous said...

News from CO, interrelated with the management of BRA.


Anonymous said...

The Left will go to no ends to protect their Pets from any scrutiny or responsibility. Whites must take their murders, rapes, and beatings with a smile. Objecting is racist.

Anonymous said...

PK, you missed one.

The Huffington Post is also telling the public not to believe "the hype" around the Knockout Game.

Yet the author, Davey D (Oakland resident, "social justice activist", and adjunct professor ...), inadvertently concedes that Black racial violence exists and has existed for some time.

For those who don't know, the Knockout Game was called "wylding" or "rat packing" when I was coming up in New York. In Oakland it was called "mobbing." In other parts of the country it was called "clocking," "chin checking," and just plain old "jumping." Under those names the image of vicious, out of control black teens were attached to them, but such activities should not be separated from those suburban teens who would head to the gay parts of town and jump folks in what we would commonly call "gay bashing."

Of course, Davey D has never heard of the word "proportionality". He does not care to utilize statistics to compare the frequency with which Blacks perpetrate assault with the frequency with which Whites perpetrate "gay bashing" attacks. He relies on the ignorance of the common reader, who will assume that "gay bashing" attacks are just as ubiquitous (they are not). He ignores the fact that a great percentage of anti-LGBT attacks in the US are actually perpetrated by the same Black teens who perpetrate the Knockout attacks. We've already had admissions from Blacks that individuals who appear "weak", especially effeminate gay men, are frequent targets of Knockout attacks.

That should not be separated from those who would see and attack Sikhs wearing turbans or Muslim women wearing hijab.

Davey, are you referring to the recent case where a mob of Black beats in Harlem viciously beat a Sikh professor from Columbia University while calling him "Osama"? (Yes, that is an SPLC link. The SPLC article goes to great lengths to exonerate the Black youth who perpetrated the attack. Most of the mainstream media refused to even mention that it was Black teens who jumped him and shattered his jaw.)

In some parts of the country, attacks on Mexican migrants would occur with folks referring to them as "Walking ATM Machines" because it was believed they carried cash were unlikely to report crimes to the police.

In Los Angeles, many/most of these attacks have been and are perpetrated by Blacks. The notion that there are White males going around victimizing Mexican day-laborers is borderline ludicrous.

In San Francisco, Asian migrants are routinely attacks for exactly the same reasons. The liberal media has completely buried all of the stories out of Philadelphia, wherein Black teens bully, assault, and victimize Asian students on a regular basis with absolute impunity.


Greatwhites we must unite,

there have been some on the left that are saying things like if you don't draw attention to this knockout game(crime)it will pass. now they are flatly denying this crime at all. boy a couple of days can make the boogey man disappear right? wrong asshole leftist's this is happening and it's not the internet's fault or some right wing talk show host. no asshole's this fucking trend lie's at your feet. right under your big nose.

by all accounts this has become a major problem because of the leftist college teachers teaching their weed pipe dreams about white privilege(absolute lies) and how whitey has done everything bad to blacks under the sun. then those rank and file young commie red teachers get a job teaching kids in the union schools and they spread more and more of the white man is bad myth to younger kids.

so and N.Y. slimes your the real reason along with the teachers and school administrators in this once safe country for spreading so much fucking hate against all & anything white in our country. oh yea don't forget blame directed towards the race hustlers with there marches and their hate in the Baptist churches. like o'tool's buddy rev. wrights church of the holy negro. remember this line Hillary Clinton has never been called a NGR!(can't stand that bitch but you catch my drift)

this lie's with you leftist's! right in front of your fucking house that's where it starts daily. off to work leftist's go and poison more young people's minds! BITCHES!!


Anonymous said...

Has one of these thugs been charged with a hate crime? Bets? Anyone wish to bet?

Anonymous said...

A more apt name for this trend is the "black attack" game.

Let's try it here:

"Hey, did you hear about what happened to Joe the other day? He was walking back from the train station and he got black-attacked by a bunch of niggers before he could get to his car. Poor guy. He had to be treated for a concussion."

Anonymous said...

Back when i was just a young guy, circa '91-92, there was a series of attacks identical to the ko game in Minneapolis. One white (school teacher possbly)was killed in downtown from one of these random attacks.

The perps were smart enough to carry a camcorder for documentation which was used in court.

Anyone out there with good search skills could find it.

There was another high profile case around the late 90s where some youths did the same but with additional urination on the victims for style.

How quickly these myths are forgotten.

Anonymous said...


Some of the yid hunters will be charged with hate crimes.

YT don't matter.

Anonymous said...

More myths of Minneapolis. Non blacks being punched in the face without being robbed. School says its not a big deal.

What was a big deal was that a doll was found with a rope around its neck. That was reason for an all-district conference.

How quickly we forget these myths. Not even a year.

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. The left doesn't believe the crime statistics, or rather they pretend not to believe them.

The sadistic punks carrying out these attacks know that short of killing someone, they will either get a light sentence for simple assault, or may not be charged at all.

countenance said...

As you can read in one of the articles that PK posts here, Knockout Martin Luther King nationally was born in the recreation center a short walk from where I grew up, the recreation center whose pool I used often.

Robert B said...

Nordic, of course, is right. So remember that the next time one of those reds starts shooting their mouth off. Are you going to be a coward and stand there and let them get away with it?

Or, are you going to "Speak Truth To Power"? Are you going to go peacefully into the night ? Or are you going to demand justice and speak those words--"No justice, no peace!"?

You have to make up your minds, time is running out. You can choose to live on your knees--for a while longer, or die on your feet, so to speak. There is no middle ground anymore. We either start marching in our streets and demand justice when this shite happens, or we go quietly into the night.

countenance said...

The conventional wisdom in the Matt Quain case is that the 13-year old black girl that was a friend of the defendants, the one that was supposed to show up to their juvie court trial to testify that didn't, was that she was intimidated into not showing up.

Reading between the lines of both what's publicly available and gossip I'm able to procure from grapevines I'm plugged into, it was more like this: She didn't want to show up, because she didn't want her friends being punished for beating up a white man. In as much as juvenile criminal conviction disposition is really punishment.

Anonymous said...

Notice the terms the interviewed participants use to describe the "game". "Knockout King"

It sounds like the game is influenced in some way by the types of video games that these "teens" play in their free time when they're not out on a gangbanging or drive by or attempted grand theft.

Who can "win" the knockout game becomes the knockout "king"

It sounds as if some have been influenced by the types of games that they play on PS3, Xbox, etc.

One idea: The cops should do an informal research and check to see which top 10 video games are most popular among blacks, particularly in those cities that are reporting the heaviest numbers of knock out victims, and go back at least 10yrs.

Might prove interesting to see if their tactics are indirectly (or perhaps directly) caused by what kind of games they are playing.

Example: "grand theft auto" is a hugely popular game series among young adults. Wonder if any strategies arise from these games, how to apply what GTA teaches them in the real world (urban communities) of which they live?

Anonymous said...

The perps were smart enough to carry a camcorder for documentation which was used in court.

I was stationed in Washington DC from 1990 to 1993 during my navy enlistment. DC was quite a black-heavy town back in those days.

I seem to recall seeing a story on a local news channel back then about a bunch of black males that were going around on foot in the streets to record themselves with a camcorder sucker punching strangers. I think there were four of them in total. None of the victims were black, of course. I would guess that the year was about 1992 or so.

"Dayum, he knock dat man out wid one punch! Knock dat man out wid one punch! He go down wid jus' one blow!"

The above quote was my recollection of what was being screeched out loudly by this one mouthy black male on the videotape that the news station played for us TV viewers in DC back then. The victim appeared to be some frail Indian guy. The tape showed this Indian guy getting slugged across the face by one of these black males, then him recoiling from the impact, and then him lying face up on the sidewalk. I forget if this Indian guy was also then urinated on by these blacks, but I think he might have been a cab driver who had just driven the blacks somewhere in town.

By the time this story was being played on the news, this whole group of blacks had already been arrested for their monkeyshines. Their camcorder tape was used as evidence against them at their trial. I think that they were all at least convicted too, but I have no idea what the sentences were. Knowing how liberal the DC judges were back then, none of them probably got much of any punishment.

FSR said...

As if it wasn't already proven a million times, this clenches it.

"Progressivism" is a combination of a mental illness and a faith-based quasi-religion based on wishful utopian thinking and the blatant denial of easily-verifiable facts.

Anonymous said...

KnockOut Game is now so passe....the
new trend just arrived in TN TODAY...15 yr old student set fire to pretty white teacher in the Classroom in front of the whole class. thats some rite of passage to BigManHood alrighty...

Link here:

Of course, am just guessing that we got ourselves a motorized NAPA bussed in from da'Hood since none of the articles (2 links inside this one) point out specifically that the yute was a YT which they sure as hell would have if he was YT.

Photos of teacher but none of Perp.

Comments in abc6 link (knoxville TV)
hint that pavement apery is afoot here along with several DWL commenters mentioning that commenting on race is racist unless the kid was a tidy YT.

We shall see but sure smells like NAPA monkey shines & hijinx.

So so long KnockOutGame which we all know was just an urban myth & Hello
to the FlameGame !!! or mebbe da b b'n TorchDaPolarBear

Happy Turkey Day, ya'll Polar Bears. Don't let the flames git ya'll :)

hypie out....

Don M said...

"Anonymous said...

The Left will go to no ends to protect their Pets from any scrutiny or responsibility. Whites must take their murders, rapes, and beatings with a smile. Objecting is racist."

Close, but not quite correct. With the attacks in Crown Heights, the media has been placed in the unenviable position of publicizing two diametrically opposed accounts of events.

On one hand, the media reports to their co-ethnics like Dov Hikind, "Yes, the Knockout Game is real. We will help the police arrest these schvoogies and insist they are charged with hate crimes."

On the other hand, they have to report to the goyim, "The Knockout Game is not real. If you notice black crime, you are a RAYCISS."

Its just not tenable...

Acknowledge it, it draws attention.

Deny it, it draws attention.

Ignore it, PK and Colin Flaherty bring it to popular attention anyway.

We're watching the elites lose control of the narrative and it is glorious!

Anonymous said...

-Reverend Bacon here.

This is a very nice expose. In lamenting all the things that BRA has replaced (e.g. safety), does anyone else remember investigative journalism? There aren't many left who still practice that fine tradition; did it simply die on January 20, 2009? Or was it dead long ago?

I see Paul has done an incredible background piece on this mythical trend, using only his limited resources. Imagine if one had the resources of the Grey Lady (the NYT) at one's disposal.

It's quite depressing, actually. Without the likes of Paul Kersey and some others who actually remember how to do this job, every media outlet would simply be a press release mill for the leftist propaganda machine.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

In reflecting on the true spirit of the season this Thanksgiving eve, with the turkey nearly thawed, and with the inspiring wisdom recently imparted by Dr. Epstein (distinguished NIGHR fellow), my conclusion is obvious: black people are the sole source of my thankfulness. As they should be yours. The vibrancy and diverse cultural enrichment that we all enjoy each day via their sacred presence, dare I say even taking for GRANTED at times, is truly a blessing on our collective white privilege. To be beaten, raped, robbed, tortured, or (especially) killed by a wise, noble, sacred negro should be each of our highest hopes this Thanksgiving.

With those warmest of holiday sentiments, please enjoy the following update from the ATHell:

Headline: [White] Store manager sets up sting to bust [negro] identity theft suspect

Synopsis: Negro from far south metro tries to buy furniture set over telephone with fraudulent credit card in identify theft ring. Negro charged with felony credit card fraud.

Headline: Proposed racketeering indictment served to [Negro] Clayton Police Chief

Synopsis: TNB from Police Chief of 90+% black Clayton County, along with wife and brother, served with proposed indictment for racketeering.

“One alleged instance involved Eagle Eye Consulting, a firm tied to [Clayton County Police Chief] Greg Porter. It alleged Eagle Eye invoice number 82 reported Eagle Eye had performed 21 hours of surveillance when it actually only did three hours…The lawyers said the Porter brothers, partly because they carry a badge, are entitled to speak to the grand jury if they wish and it's up to the grand jury to approve the indictment or not…They said Greg Porter's wife, Sabrina Porter, is named because she did bookkeeping for her husband. Attorneys said none of the Porters did anything wrong [dey din’ do NUFFINS!].”

On topic – it seems as if the negro atrocity deniers can’t reconcile the concept that anyone that is capable of exercising such a degree of independent judgment as to seek news outside of the LMSM, might also consider more than one such source when claims so obviously contradict other sources. Then again, in the diseased mind of a liberal, multiple sources would go something like this: MSNBC, HuffPo, Salon, Thinkprogress, etc. There! Claims confirmed!

It’s as if they can somehow prove that the “knockout game” does not exist, then neither does black on white crime. This has merely been a sensationalized account of “random” violence, perpetrated by the racist white media. “White” when it’s convenient for them, of course… Plus, that one girl didn’t even get knocked out, so of COURSE she wasn’t a victim of the knockout game!

Off topic – although I was too busy working to meet the needs of BRA via productivity slavery and confiscatory tax policy, I wanted to applaud PK for the brilliant VDare article on the Atlanta Braves. Easily one of his best to date.

Finally, I seem to remember a discussion not that long ago about an SBPDL effort involving something both public and unpleasant for the viewing of Detroit commuters. I, for one, would very much enjoy helping the former Paris of the West be thankful for their own black population.

Gwinnett Gladiator

True Story said...

I've been doing a lot of commenting on black on non-black crime lately, and what the delirious and disingenuous liberals and blacks come back with is "YT commits crime, too."

Seriously. THAT is their argument. I'm not even sure how to defend against that juvenile idiocy, because my mind can't quite go there.

So, White people commit crimes, therefore they deserve to be randomly attacked by groups of black punks.

Then we notice the MSM, law enforcement and government officials saying this violent black on non-black crime really doesn't exist. It can't be both ways. Either the attacks don't exist, period (a myth), or they exist, but it's okay because YT commits crimes, too.

I'm not sure how mentally ill and deranged you need to be to qualify as a DWL, but it's got to be in the batshit crazy range.

We must be shaking up the social engineering tree and it's going to be interesting to find what's going to fall out. Good job, all.

Anonymous said...

So all of a sudden in November 2013, the MSM is running stories telling us the knock out game does not exist. Maybe that is a positive given that they have not mentioned it over the past few years.

Maybe this is the 2nd phase that Ghandi spoke about.

1) First they ignore you - Check, no national coverage for years.

2) Then they ridicule you - Check, now they are telling us that it is a figment of our imagination.

3) Then they fight you - Well, we will wait and see.

4) Then you win - One can only hope!

Mr. Rational said...

A more apt name for this trend is the "black attack" game.

It needs a catchier name.  How about "blattack"?  As in, "Joe was blattacked out of nowhere as he walked home from work."

Marchers chanting "No justice, no peace!" is a great idea.  Defend that Wafer guy whose property was trespassed on by that drunk, probably belligerent, Detroit girl whose media-fabricated story of "seeking help" has absolutely no factual backing since there are no witnesses.

Anonymous said...

Here's a mass shooting. 7 people killed in an insane flurry of violence on a 3-block stretch in Oakland.

Mainstream media doesn't give a rat's ass. Black males killing Black males. If seven White suburbanites had been killed in a mall, the mainstream media would be running stories about gun violence 24/7 and the Democrats would have made another move to push more gun control in Congress. You're not supposed to notice the 7-person massacres in Democrat-run Oakland though. Might starting asking unapproved, unsanctioned questions about race and society.

Bogolyubski said...

Anon notes:
The Left will go to no ends to protect their Pets from any scrutiny or responsibility. Whites must take their murders, rapes, and beatings with a smile. Objecting is racist.

Shut-up and pay yo' taxes, Y.T. Rayciss! Dis be but a down-payment for the reparations which are due. (That's still on the back-burner, BTW. Reparations have been bandied about by BRA nomenklatura since the reign of Bush the elder. Pigford (voted for by the Tea-Party Patriotards' darling Allen West) was probably a test-run.

Pro-Civ said...

THis is the answer: We succeed from the Blacks on a community by community by basis.

This is the answer America needs desperately. Witness the creation of St. George:

Secession on a local by local basis will solve Americas problem with its Negro population -
Cut them off! It's the only way.

Chuck Hammer said...

So so long KnockOutGame which we all know was just an urban myth & Hello
to the FlameGame !!! or mebbe da b b'n TorchDaPolarBear

Nah, dat wud be CrispyCracka, nome sane?

Jay Santos said...

Fine article PK. A happy Thanksgiving to you and your readers. Here is some knock out news, also known as, negro racially motivated violence, from East New York.

Community leaders in East New York blame lack of jobs for ‘knockout’ game violence

BROOKLYN - Community leaders in East New York say that jobs are the answer to ending the so-called "knockout" game…. Councilman Charles Barron and other local activists spoke publicly ….Barron says the root of the problem is that young people need jobs to help keep them out of trouble…Barron also suggested additional funding to community patrol groups who can act as lookouts and help put an end to the violence.

There is no knock out game, but in case there is, what is needed is more "goot jawbs". You have heard this one before. Alternatively, we need to give stacks of cash to "community patrol groups" and they will stop the mythical knock out game. A "community patrol group" could be another name for a neighborhood watch, you know, like Zimmerman.

Anyway, there is no discussion possible with these things. Negroes in political office, whether Monticello, NY or Jackson, MS, are precisely a modern incarnation of the cargo cults of New Guinea. They dress in their Sunday best, sit at a large mahogany table and believe if they repeat the phrases they have heard the white man use, that prosperity, peace and order will result.

Anonymous said...

Packs of dangerous 'teens' running around raping and robbing, speaking their own indecipherable lingo ... it sounds like an idea for a movie.

'A Clockwork Watermelon.'

Anonymous said...

The Jude-Eye Mind Trick: "There is no knockout game ... there's no such thing as black violence ... blacks are no more dangerous than whites ... now log on to Hulu and go to sleeeeeep ...."

Discard said...

Don M: It's not just that the elites are losing control of the narrative. There are different subsets of the elite, as filled with enmity for each other as cats and rats. They all know the truth about the Negro, and that the truth will come out sooner or later, but none of them wants to be the one left holding the bag. Playing Knockout King on New York Jews gives one set an excuse to get on the right side of history and wash their hands of the Negro, and another set says "That's racist (and we'll be damned if you're going to walk away and leave the tar baby on our hands)". Jared Taylor wrote about this years ago in an article titled "The Race for the Lifeboats".

Cassie said...

A lot of white people act like they are the abused spouse in their relationship with blacks. They put up with the violence and all the other shite, but always make excuses for their abuser. It's sort of hard to feel sorry for them.

Anonymous said...

So what is the exact nature of the genetic difference between whites, asians, and blacks? That is what I want to know.

Dissident said...

Don M...What you're referring to is this:

The media tries to induce this in us daily.

Doublethink:"To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party was the guardian of democracy, to forget, whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again, and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself – that was the ultimate subtlety; consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed. Even to understand the word 'doublethink' involved the use of doublethink."

Anonymous said...

So all of a sudden in November 2013, the MSM is running stories telling us the knock out game does not exist. Maybe that is a positive given that they have not mentioned it over the past few years.

I would say that the knock out game/black attacks started becoming a trend not long after Obama first got elected president. I think the MSM media hype over Obama, along with all the anti-white agitprop from the cultural Marxists, gave many of these low-IQ blacks here in BRA the notion that they can do just whatever the hell they want to non-black people. I think one of the early large-scale black attacks happened in 2009 at one of those state fairs or some other place, like an amusement park, in a midwestern state. Maybe it was in Iowa? Or Ohio? "This is a black world!" was what the mob of blacks were screaming as they beat and kicked members of an innocent white family.

Of course, this July 2009 black attack story was not covered nationally, but it was only about a year or two later when some white teenager used the intercom system of a Walmart store in New Jersey as a prank to tell all the blacks to leave the store. That story got international coverage by the MSM outlets. The prosecutor's office held a press conference. The prosecutor also set up a task force with dozens of detectives. A few days later, another press conference was held to announce the arrests of the three white teenagers who participated in the "hate speech" Walmart store prank. This county in South Jersey was the same one where a white college student was beaten to death in 2007 by a bunch of blacks as he was walking with his friends one night near the campus. This unsolved murder is now in the "cold case" file. No press conferences or task forces have been set up by the prosecutor.

Edit: Okay, I found a link to a local news story about what I was trying to reconstruct above. ("This is a black world!") This story happened back in July of 2009, in Akron, Ohio, just six months after Obama was given control of our executive branch.

Akron police investigate (black) teen mob attack on (white) family

Anonymous said...

Councilman Charles Barron and other local activists spoke publicly ….Barron says the root of the problem is that young people need jobs to help keep them out of trouble…Barron also suggested additional funding to community patrol groups who can act as lookouts and help put an end to the violence.

Ah, Charles Barron, that noble negro politician/former Black Panther/current Marxist in Noo Yawk City. He publicly said he wanted to slap the closest white person at a rally for so-called slavery reparations.

‘I want to slap the closest white person’

Mutant Swarm said...

Apparently, denial is not just a river in Egypt.

These leftist idiots will never believe. Not even if they are the victims of an attack themselves. They will just say that it was another "random" attack by bored "teens."

Well, here's a clue for ya, pal: Once is random, twice is a coincidence, three times is enemy action.

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here.

To True Story.

"YT commits crime, too."

When you hear that one, here is the answer:

Exactly. Whites who commit heinous murders are usually druggies, psychos, or careeer criminals. Blacks who do so are often garden variety people, sometimes without a prior record. I have seen mind-boggling examples.

A recent one is Philip Chism's rape-murder of his teacher.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for counties to secede from their states?

Not being sovereign, as the states are
allegedly sovereign, probably not.

But if a county seceded from a state
it seems that would also secede it from the USA since the USA consolidated the sovereignity of the states.

If counties could secede from States
the implication would be enormous.

BTW - nothing new on the gorgeous TN
teacher torching so it appears that
media suppression mode is in full operation. Due to africanicity of perp?

commenters at Knoxville rag site are
demonstrating an almost Soviet citizen knack of now being able to read the news:

1) Stand what is reported on it's head to glimpse the truth
2) What is not reported is generally
way more important than what is reported
3) Read between the lines

As an old Russkie friend of mine said
about Pravda & Izvestia from his childhood: There is no Truth in News
and there is no News in Truth.

That is the state of our propaganda mills today.

At some point it will slip out that
the TN Torcher is indeed a NAPA bussed into the school so YT could benefit from diversity

Don't burn your Turkey...
Hypie Out....

Independent Accountant said...

Jay Santos:
I grew up in Brooklyn, about two miles from East New York. I likened Negroes' behavior to that of cargo cultists in about 1961. Really.
Welcome aboard.

Independent Accountant said...

I am old. I refer you to an article which appeared in Time, 21 April 1958, yes, 55 years ago. It begins, "They are afraid to say so in public, but many of the North's big-city mayors groan in private that their biggest and most worrisome problem is the crime rate among Negroes". Imagine, that appeared in Time's article titled, "The Negro Crime Rate: A Failure In Integration". We passed the civil rights laws and war on poverty in the 1960s, to what result? We got Section 8 housing vouchers, etc. Now what?
This is old news. Time published it. Would it publish anything similar today?

Anonymous said...

Example: "grand theft auto" is a hugely popular game series among young adults. Wonder if any strategies arise from these games, how to apply what GTA teaches them in the real world (urban communities) of which they live?

Young negroids have been playing and taking inspiration from the "Grand Theft Auto" game series for years now. The fifth installment of the game came out last month, I think.

Check this out:


Anonymous said...

All religions coverup for their most slavish adherents.
The Catholic Church protected their pedaphiles and the theocracy of America's defacto state religion of Cultural Marxism engages in a continuous campaign of positive distortion for blacks.

The reactionary oppressive anti-science Catholic Church of the Middle Ages and today's idiot religion of Cultural Marxism are spiritual brothers.
I'm happy to be a heretic and spiritual brother to Bruno, Galileo, Kepler and other realists through the ages.

Pat Boyle said...

Jay Santos and an anonymous have cited: Councilman Charles Barron and other local activists spoke publicly ….Barron says the root of the problem is that young people need jobs to help keep them out of trouble.

This is inadvertent humor.

Trust me. No one ever hired anyone to keep them out of trouble.

The very idea of hiring a potential problem employee so as to help keep him out of trouble is a real gut buster.

Real employers know that teens are not very valuable employees under the best of circumstances. They make minimum wage and are often not even worth that. Most teens are terrible employees - I certainly was. However my screw ups were always well intentioned. If there had been even a hint that I was some kind of troublemaker or felon in training, no one would ever have hired me, and rightly so.

Trayvon Martin is a case in point. He needed a good steady job. But he already had a record of school failure, drug use and street violence. He was a surly, violent thief. Who in their right mind was going to hire him?

Jobs are competitive. Lots of young blacks on the path to crime and prison need a job but they won't get one. A black child of ten is probably already doomed to life long unemployment unless he is an exception. He must do well in school and he must stay out of trouble. Then maybe someone will take a chance on him.

Black unemployment is approximately twice that of whites. Teen unemployment is twice that of adults. And that's in America - the nation that offers the best opportunities for blacks. Haiti does not have a problem with illegal immigrants flooding their shores for work.

Blacks just aren't worth much economically and it's getting worse. In the last half century or so IQ has become important in the job market. This is new. Machines can now be devised to replace almost any routine factory assembly job. That's been true for centuries but today it's quick and cheap.

There are companies that will automate any routine assembly job for you for under a $100K and have it installed in maybe two months. Your stockholders will insist you do this because your competitors are likewise eliminating all their routine assembly jobs.

This is roughly what destroyed Detroit. Blacks used to have high paying jobs with expensive health plans and pensions in Detroit 'Big Three' plants. But robots are now cheap and ubiquitous - and don't call in sick or join the union. Most of the jobs that blacks can do are long gone. Alas the blacks themselves remain to further corrode what's left of the city.

Jobs nowadays change more than they used to. Employers want employees who can adapt to new conditions as the markets change. That means they want much smarter workers than formerly.

The competition for brains is not just in heavy industry. Hardly any enlisted man in the Air Force today lacks a college degree. It used to be that the officers alone had diplomas. Today it is also the sergeants. There are not as many blacks in today's Air Force as there were in WWII.

So as brains become more and more a requirement for employment, we can expect black unemployment to continue to rise. There is no solution in sight. Blacks are moving relentlessly toward permanent unemployment and some kind of permanent welfare dependency.

I'll bet you haven't heard that analysis on TV lately. The mass media can't even bring themselves to report black 'flash mob' and 'knock out game' trends. Forty years ago they refused to report on the San Francisco Bay Area 'Zebra Killings'. Black Muslims roamed California shooting random whites. There were well over a hundred such killings many believe and it was almost totally covered up.

The news media is not a good source for news. But it is occasionally a source of humor like the idea of hiring black kids to keep them out of trouble.


Anonymous said...

It's not only about education. It's about basic work skills. We only need to look at timeliness and absenteeism. Many simply don't understand these concepts. Try to counsel them about tardiness and you get back "dat be raycis" which is rapidly becoming a standard response. Even simple interpersonal skills are sadly lacking and it's getting worse.

Bogolyubski said...

I realize that most here have few illusions about the Ministry of Truth (aka Mainstream News Media), but now and again a story pops up which rather pointedly demonstrates the essential nature of the lying asshats who inhabit its offices from executive producer to cub reporter. Now and again, a reminder is useful for the newbies and lurkers who might just be starting to wake up.

Crystal Magnum was the groid stripper who falsely accused whites of the Duke Lacrosse team of rape about a decade ago. Fortunately for the white boys, they were all from fairly well-to-do backgrounds and were able to fend off the lies in court (less of a possibility now that Zero's judicial appointees have been steamrolled through). Notice the contrast in MSM coverage of the rape case vs, Magnum's recent murder conviction.

PB said...

In Australia we have the problem of African stowaways and various Polynesian congenital thugs attacking Indians and Asians on public transport for their phones and ipads. The media carefully avoid any mention of the perps' actual races but instead carry on about "random racist attacks" against the victim. Indians in India now think its all Whites doing the attacking.

Anonymous said...

I grew up watching Tom & Jerry smash each other with frying pans and drop pianos on each others heads. I watched movies like Robocop and Aliens. I played violent games and still do. I have a steady job with no criminal history. There is no excuse for chimp outs. Dont look to blame a violent game for this. This is down to their nature pure and simple.

Erie PA

Anonymous said...

In Australia we have the problem of African stowaways and various Polynesian congenital thugs attacking Indians and Asians on public transport for their phones and ipads. The media carefully avoid any mention of the perps' actual races but instead carry on about "random racist attacks" against the victim. Indians in India now think its all Whites doing the attacking.

I have an aunt and uncle who just got back from a month-long trip to Australia and New Zealand. They said that their tour guide told them them that Australia has the highest standard of living in the world. Being a majority-white country surely must be part of the reason for that.

Bogolyubski said...

This is roughly what destroyed Detroit. Blacks used to have high paying jobs with expensive health plans and pensions in Detroit 'Big Three' plants. But robots are now cheap and ubiquitous - and don't call in sick or join the union. Most of the jobs that blacks can do are long gone. Alas the blacks themselves remain to further corrode what's left of the city.

Obsolete farming equipment that breeds and feeds - a weapon in other words.

Anonymous said...

"Robots don't call in sick or join the union ..."

...or leave the business on lunch breaks and don't come back; or come into work stoned; or demand re-SPECK just for being machines; or steal from work and then claim machine-ism and kill a bunch of people when they get caught (Hey Omar Thornton! How's Hell treatin ya?).

Anonymous said...

@ Pat/Albertosaurus -

So you mean that movie Red Tails just a load of crap? Black guys DIDN'T defeat the Luftwaffe?

I suppose 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' wasn't real either, huh?

PB said...

"They said that their tour guide told them them that Australia has the highest standard of living in the world."

Not having a land border helps, but they've started the cultural dilution project on us too. You can only ship them in by sea in small-ish lots though, and even that seems to have largely stalled for the moment. they're trying but its still good overall. They haven't wrecked us yet.

Anonymous said...

@ PB:

Didn't Australia just elect a new PM who pledged to keep the boat people stowaways from being allowed to remain in Australia?

See, that's the last thing Australia would need the way I see it. A bunch of low-IQ, unemployable third world invaders being allowed by the Australian government to live in Australia for the rest of their lives so that they can suck off the government teat, all for "humanitarian" reasons.

Anonymous said...

How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?

You want 1984, you have it. It's all a hallucination by everyone. Your eyes are lying...slate otoh is telling the truth. Read up on who told The Big Lie. It's not who you think it was. Look at the ownership and editors of these publications.
You're in MiniLove, room 101

PB said...

"A bunch of low-IQ, unemployable third world invader..."

For that is exactly what they are. All studies have shown them to be welfare addicts, baby machines and career criminals with few exceptions.

Anonymous said...

Except a black without priors is a rarity.

Whites commit crimes, sure...cite the few in NYC or dc for them. Pick stats that discriminate between real whites and hispanics

Anonymous said...

st. louis post dispatch,

please don't compare the (fictional) characters from "a clockwork orange" to real, ghetto retards.


Anonymous said...

The authorities dont understand why this is happening becauses they think blacks are humans, which is not the case.

Anonymous said...

An attorney friend of mine told me that within our lifetime we will see the virtual end of the fourth amendment and the curtailing of the first. He said it would happen because of street violence and fear of reactive hate crimes ( read KKK ). The guy was a Minneapolis liberal, but only a skin deep liberal, since he was in it for the money (the law that is). The real problems standing in our way are the social worker-teacher types who make their living running the dysfunctional school systems, and who lie for a living.
Ultimately we will see the problem for what it is, which is a genetics issue. Violent anti-social behavior is hardwired war behavior; it is the chimp in us taking over. Africans haven't evolved to the point where this behavior is controlled, for the most part. Their environment did not offer them the challenges needed to evolve away from primitivism. I
grant you many African Americans are not ghetto thugs, but that is usually because of outbreeding, simply put.

Anonymous said...

Re my immediately preceding comment...a great way to untangle things mentally, if that s your problem, is to read "Erectus walks amongst us" although I assume most on this blog have read it. If you haven't I recommend it. It is rather distressing to read since the implication, that black people will never succeed at the job of being Homo Sapiens Sapiens leaves you wondering how long HSS will live alongside them without turning 180 degrees into a full-time Nietzchean society. I think we are part way there, and my only worry is that the Other might grab the power before us.

Anonymous said...

Re my immediately preceding comment...a great way to untangle things mentally, if that s your problem, is to read "Erectus walks amongst us" although I assume most on this blog have read it. If you haven't I recommend it. It is rather distressing to read since the implication, that black people will never succeed at the job of being Homo Sapiens Sapiens leaves you wondering how long HSS will live alongside them without turning 180 degrees into a full-time Nietzchean society. I think we are part way there, and my only worry is that the Other might grab the power before us.

SwampThizzle said...

People are finally waking up and noticing this low-level guerrilla war on non-blacks, as Thomas Sowell ominously predicted they would. The elites are scared shitless. And it is glorious. Here is a fairly amusing Clarence Page op-ed that seeks to discredit reality: (link doesn't require any sign-in, so no busting my balls over the website's name)

Especially since yesterday's "Black Friday" stories were mostly about black misbehavior.

SwampThizzle said...

I have come up with a perfect description for black Americans: weaponized sub-humanity. Designed to be used against one's enemies.

Anonymous said...

Our St. Louis "Youffs" are Apple Picking.

Anonymous said...

Yep, and keep on supporting Americas sacred cows with our tax dollars!

Anonymous said...

No whites don't matter unless they dare to defend themselves, their families or their homes from uncivilized Lesser evolved savages that has hopes and dreams of being potus someday!

Anonymous said...

That's often how its treated,the vile self loathing liberal enablers would rather pound nitro glycerin up their own back sides than admit that their primates have mental issues! Its disgusting!

white ghost said...

Hey Erie, I live a few miles south of you in an all white community. Your niggers are starting to get out of control. Better keep an eye open at all times

white ghost said...

I was a victim of an attack by 7 niggers back in 1970 in Delray Bch, fl. while a high school student. I carry now and won't be a victim again

Anonymous said...

My eldest Son and his buddies played gta often and I admit that I've even played it myself and gee nobody we know of was ever moved to violence by it or any other game or tv program. That these things influence violent behaviour is but another liberal excuse for the inexcusable violent behaviour of blacks! And this has everything to do with black genetics! No they're not like us or anyone else on the planet! They're primitives! And that's that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you and that's a very good definition for it, well done.

Anonymous said...

Oh, its not too difficult for the two faced dwl with the forked tongues!

Anonymous said...