Thursday, September 3, 2015

Double, double toil and trouble...

PK Note: Nearing the end of research on an article five years in the making. It's the story I've long believed would make THE MOVIE to explain to our grandchildren of the insanity of Black-Run America. Look for it soon... 

Nothing quite defines the "Chocolate City" as well as this story.[Man seeking help after Algiers robbery is robbed again, and then shot,, 9-3-15]:
A 21-year-old man who tried to seek help after being robbed last month in Algiers was robbed a second time and then shot, New Orleans police said. Authorities are now searching for a 52-year-old man who they believe could have "critical information" that helps police catch those responsible.
Police identified Albert Lamartz as a "person of interest" in the July 20 armed robberies and shooting, which took place in the 5600 block of Tullis Drive. Police said Lamartz is not a suspect in the case.
Around 9 p.m. that July 20, the 21-year-old was inside his car and speaking with another man, whom police said robbed the 21-year-old of his cash.
The victim jumped out of his car and tried to tell bystanders in the area that he had just been robbed. But instead of helping him, police said a gunmen robbed him and then shot him.
The 21-year-old was taken in stable condition to an area hospital.
Without a black population, would New Orleans need 1/10th the size of its current police force? 


Agnes said...

Two or three generations from now our descendants will HATE us. They will despise those who came before them and willingly surrendered palatial cities, fertile farmland, and the entire inheritance of European civilization to the primitive violent negroes.

Ten generations from now, children will one day secretly read forbidden books about lands from long ago where people lived in peace and prosperity. Lands called America. And Europe. And they will look at the pictures as though they are imaginary fairy tales, complete impossibilities that never could have existed.

Our white leaders worldwide have betrayed us.

My beloved Europe is falling.

And to those who've betrayed us I bestow a Hungarian curse.

May your prosperity dwindle and dissipate like the vapor of breath on a day bitter and cold.

May your health mercilessly decline and leave you helpless, cold and hungry.

May those you love cruelly betray you, humiliate you and leave you powerless to avenge.

May you despair; with hope never to return.

And may you live long enough to suffer immensely through all of these tribulations. Hating each breathing moment. Wishing and praying for the moment of your own death.


Anonymous said...

Are blacks even aware of what they do? Does anyone think blacks know what their horrid behavior costs this country? All of the welfare. Food cards, rent subsidies, phone, heating allowance, medical care, special education teachers, and the list goes on. Police investigating, court costs, lawyer fees, jail and prison housing. Detroit even had hundreds of unclaimed dead people that churches stepped forward to provide a burial. Relatives wouldn't claim the bodies because they didn't want to pay funeral costs. Besides all of the mooching there is the destruction factor. City after city fouled by the black tide. Just the litter cleanup costs must run into the millions nationwide. Any answers????

Anonymous said...

Negroes kill, they assault, they rape, they steal, they lie. Overwhelming, what they don't do is to work, learn, nor obey any laws or cultural norms. They bring nothing to our society but chaos, pain and dysfunction.

With that said, lets elect Dr. Ben Carson as the next black President.

Anonymous said...

Living in New Orleans must be like living with sharks. If they just even think you are in a weak state they will attack unmercifully.

Kevin said...

A few days back I read the confessions of a couple of commenters. Although my story is not nearly as intriguing or detoured as theirs, I would like to confess here, to all of you. I owe it to you.

I first came to SBPDL not as a friend but as a foe.

At about the time that the Black Lives Matters movement began, one of my professors suggested that we enter this (SBPDL) site to see the heart and soul of pure hatred. To witness first-hand the bigotry which is pervasive in the white man. The professor himself was mixed race but he held himself apart from white culture. He mocked it and criticized it. He held himself above the consuming hatred so prevalent among his bad half, as he would describe the white race. He had stumbled upon this site and was sure that it would be an educational experience for his students.

Like many others of my age group and genre, I had heavily consumed the drink of the purple Kool-aid. And like the god Bacchus holding his chalice of blood red wine to the sky, I imbibed it greedily. My cup had runneth over, so to speak.

I remember the first time I entered this site. And I thought, OMG what cretins. What hateful small minded people. I viewed the blog host and each and every one of you as neo Nazi marionettes whose strings were pulled by some nameless force that has consumed the hearts of the European white man since his first appearance upon this planet.

And I never commented. Instead, I always read, each day seeing new horrors, new atrocities committed by blacks. Yes, the comments were ruthless, the articles were anti-black. But as the weeks went on, I began to understand why this hatred towards blacks existed.

I had lived in a carefully shelter world all my life. A world sheltered from the harsh reality of the truth. My indoctrination had been carefully orchestrated; a process formulated and perfected over decades to regulate the thoughts of young white Americans such as myself.

But my professor had naively underestimated the power of truth. Instead of regarding all of you with a haughty critical eye, I began to admire each of you. Learning, absorbing, hungering for your stories, thirsting for your analysis of the dilemma which besieges this nation; which besieges the world.

As the weeks progressed, towards the end of the semester, we were given an assignment of doing a paper on the white nationalist movement on the Internet. And there were so many other web sites as well to use as resources for this paper. Sites by far more radical, so to speak. There were sites which communicated their message through youtube.

The theme for my paper was something along the lines of anonymity on the Internet and the power of the first amendment in cyberspace.

I'm certain that my professor didn't even read my paper. I got a B+. Had he actually read it, I probably would have received a “D” because I didn’t regurgitate the nonsense that he had spewed forth in class. I defended the right of all people to express their views on the Internet without fear of intimidation or governmental harassment so long as it their posts were not imminently inciting.

So, I came here as a carefully programmed law student, ready to judge, and am now one of you. A race realist.

Thank you.

The truth shall set us free.


Kevin said...

Please excuse any "typos" in my previous comment.



Tired old man in Florida said...

Thank you, PK.

Thank you, Donald Trump.

Thank you to all the commenters here on SBPDL.

Race realism is becoming the new cool.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, he was just robbed! How on God's green earth could he be robbed again? Like others posting on the link, I suspect it was a drug deal gone wrong!

Dreadfully sorry old boy, might I suggest calling 1-800-axe- Gary. That highly trustworthy Rose recommends it.

Anonymous said...

Gruesome but fair, a brave young white 11 year old defends himself, his younger sister, and his families home from two teen invaders.

Shot one in the head, the other one fled.

Oh and the blame is already shifted on everyone but the teens, as in:

"Why were they home alone?"

"Why did an 11 year old have access to a gun?"

People like Paul and Jared Taylor exist just to answer these questions.

Anonymous said...

I went to NO many years ago. Neat city; a lot of old-timey architecture you don't see very often. Restaurants, bars, clubs, historical stuff, bands playing in the street, etc. A cool place, all in all.

It just has one ... little ... problem ...

hondo said...

What can you say that hasn't been said except - that is one very funny story.

Anonymous said...

Wait, what? PK, are you doing film now? An expansion of the PK/SBPDL brand? Go for the gold, dude. -Deschutes



OFF TOPIC but as usual on point!

I was listening to the news on the talk shows on the radio. They were saying that China and Russia are currently on the Bering sea. I was thinking about if those two attacked the USA and if this country had to recall the draft system we are screwed. Just how many of these negroes would adhere to this country's demands? With all this B.S. Going down in the country right now. And who would America turn to for assistance? With all those illegal invaders currently ocuppied in tradional White Europe right now.

So not only do we have a dirty lazy negro problem in America , but now Europe has one as well. Something tells me that we may be on the cusp of the White race disappearing in large numbers if WWIII breaks out soon. Just think about That horror story for a minute.

Just trying to think ahead and it doesn't look good right now GREATWHITES !

have a beutiful negro free Labor Day weekend and enjoy your family and friends that mean so much to you and I right now. Cause our America is slowly dying and that pisses me off like no other.



This is more info about why one should avoid the Southwest. I lived in New Mexico after my retreat from New York. I arrived during the CATTLE MUTILATIONS that were taking place there and in Colorado. Of course the Feds said these body parts were being removed by chipmunks or some other animal. Other weird shit was going on and the area was filled with RELIGIOUS CULTS waiting for the flying saucers to take them to the planet Mongo. Those freaks that committed suicide in California came from NM. That was only one UFO cult. There are many more. The cults were everywhere including the Shites. I called them NEW AGE SPIRITUAL YUPPIES FROM HELL. All of them were deranged and needed a guru to tell them how to live. Most of the women I meet had all been married to FAMOUS INDIAN CHIEFS in their past lives. When I told them I had been General Custer in my past life they would get upset. They had no sense of humor.

The invasion from Mexico had started while I was living there. Small towns North of the Southern border were being swamped. Sixty miles from the border towns started popping up made from tents and cardboard. Ranchers on the border had their fences cut and torn down by smugglers and rustlers. Mexican cattle was mixing with American herds and bringing in all kinds of disease. As I recall some cattle had to be shot because of contamination. Like in Arizona, ranchers were being robbed and shot. Then came the meth labs. Big time shoot outs with the narcs and cops. That was when the cops started using heavy automatic weapons. With pistols they were out gunned. In some of the border towns the cops were the ones dealing drugs.

A friend in Florida was going to move to Silver City. I begged her not to go. Two years later she moved back. There are towns in New Mexico where the locals hate Gringos and people are forced to leave after years of trouble.

New Mexico is filled with government spooks with wrap around sunglasses. Massive military all the way from Los Alamos down to Alamogordo and White Sands. Underground bases. Secret military and weapons testing. There is so much weird government shit going on it is like a science fiction movie and it is nothing I will talk about. That is were I had my RUDE AWAKENING and started on my long strange quest to find out WHAT THE FUCK IS REALLY HAPPENING.

I have not been there in years. My last two friends both shot themselves so I have no idea what is now going on. I've read about the gangs on the internet. Somebody said they have not seen any blacks. This is true. It is all the other shit going on in the Southwest that is just as bad.

All of Southern California has now become Mexico. My daughter still lives there and what she has told me is not good. It gets worse by the day. Colorado is being invaded also. Lot of blacks around Denver. My friends sister lives in one of those mountain towns and they have been invaded. It is still not bad up here. One of the old timers always said "The weather sucks, but it keeps the riff raff out."

Anonymous said...

PK: You received a nice nod from Fran Poretto at the Liberty's Torch website.
She see's what is here, what is coming, and pulls no punches.

Anonymous said...

The black neighbors in St. Louis are sticking up for the 16 year old Dindus who repeatedly attempted to break in/burglarize a home with an 11 year old boy and his 4 year old sister inside.

Never mind the fact that an 11 year old would not have anything to talk or argue about with a pair of 16 year olds on his front porch. See how blind racial solidarity will turn a grown black woman against white children:

Sgt. Brian Schellman said it was third time that the 16-year-old had attempted to break into that house that day. Neither sibling was hurt in the incident.

Some neighbors, however, questioned the account.

One woman told CNN affiliate KMOV said the two boys were on the front porch of the home when the 11-year-old took out a gun and fired.

"They were just arguing loud, you know, back and forth," she said.

The woman told the affiliate the 16-year-old didn't enter the house.

"He was always was just sitting right there on the porch," she said. "He never did once go inside the house."

"He was always was just"

And this is an adult talking. Apparently this white kid must have lured them over in a game to entrap them so he could shoot them. Yeah, that is probably what happened.

I would be proud if my kid defended his sister like this one did.

Anonymous said...

OT but here is a great story for everyone here.Too the moon baby.

Anonymous said...

The Chocolate City is more like the Fecal Matter-Colored City; total cesspool.

OT: No other candidate pisses off, or frightens, the negroes and libs more than Trump... he DEFINITELY has my vote. I'll hold my nose, but he has it.

Anonymous said...

Jews have been persecuted, death camps etc, yet turned a piece of desert into a First World Country. No excuse for negroes with that example.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine if one day all whites woke up and acted purely from a logical standpoint, you know like the Vulcans in Star Trek. How long would the "black" problem exist? I say after a month there would be no problem, and a whole lot of people in Law Enforcement would be looking for new jobs.

Philadelphia Mike said...

How strange that much of South America (Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay) will be comparatively White European nations and the USA will be New Africa.

Growing up, we always considered South America the less fortunate continent as it didn't have the strong European identity like we did here in the USA. But as the decades moved forward, countries such as Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay now consider themselves European and not Hispanic.

And we have moved backwards...or blackwards.

I remember there were numerous Italian families in Philadelphia that had relatives from Argentina who emigrated to the USA. They left Argentina to rejoin their families here in the USA.

And now...yes, you've guessed it right...some of them are actually considering returning to Argentina!

I've never been there but I've done my research. It's a nation of Spanish, German, Italian, Irish, and English immigrants. The native indigenous population is not particularly large. And Uruguay has a population of blond haired blue eyed Europeans. If google people of Argentina or people of Uruguay and click onto images, you'll be surprised to see the faces Europe appear.

Boy have we been betrayed.

But there have been betrayals of all kinds throughout the history of our people. And we have ALWAYS risen up to the occasion and prevailed.

This time will be no different.

Philadelphia Mike...the 4th generation French, Italian, Swiss, Sicilian guy.

Anonymous said...

Capital punishment needs a revival in this nation.

Anonymous said...

I understand that cannibalism is still quite prevalent in sub Saharan Africa. I read an article where a few "restaurants" had to be shut down because they were clandestinely serving human meat trafficked for culinary purposes.

Also, the Ebola epidemic difficult to contain as the Africans were eating infected people.

Maybe as their numbers swell, they will eat more of each other.

Anonymous said...

"Around 9 p.m. that July 20, the 21-year-old was inside his car and speaking with another man, whom police said robbed the 21-year-old of his cash."

For those of us who know the area, this can only mean one thing: dude was trying to buy drugs, and guy he thought was a dealer turned out to be a thief instead.

Anonymous said...

You would think that a 52 year old negro male would have mellowed out a bit and not be quite so dangerous as the young feral negroes.

But no, even with age, they remain vile and treacherous.

In many municipalities there are strict liability statutes which prohibit the domestication of dangerous wild species. Keeping such animals in your home or in a residential area results in stiff fines.

Maybe it's time to pass such legislation to protect the general population from the feral negroes.

George the Greek

Philadelphia Mike said...

Regarding the black population.

Two heads are NOT better than one.

An IQ of 85 times forty million still doesn't equal an IQ of 130.


I've got to get back to working.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 8:35 asked for answers.

Yes, there are many.

But we have grown too comfortable to take the necessary action.

Massive White protests nationwide would be a start.

But do you really so our people doing that?

A nationwide White workers' strike would be another. It could go on for a week or two and cripple the nation...actually, cripple to world.

These would be non violent approaches to achieve our goals. And very easy to do.

But will they ever happen?

I doubt it.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

A liberal would argue that blacks are net contributors. When in fact they are parasitic creatures. When I see a fatblack or a black gang bangers (there seems to be only 2 types) I actually feel ill looking at it.

Wrstern Europe and the US have been eaten from within.

Anonymous said...

Every race simply hates black people. As Reverend Manning put it.... negroes make great slaves. Most races and cultures would fight to the death to avoid slavery.Negroes loved it because they are inherently lazy with little or no aspiration. Tiny IQs also contribute to their slave suitability. In plantations they were fed and housed. They could fuck each other and farm animals too whenever they wanted. They could sing and dance..... happy as pigs in shit. Everything done for them. Hollywoods portrayal of slavery is BS. The biggest slavers were Arabs and blacks.

Anonymous said...

To Agnes with the Hungarian curse.

Were you born in Hungary?

Anonymous said...

To Kevin, the law student.

Welcome aboard. Many here started out as DWL's.

But I'm not sure if any other than yourself initially came here as a DWL to observe us as though we were exhibits in a freak show.

And what seemed so freaky is actually the Truth.

Anonymous said...

Oh, they may be aware, maybe, they just don't care. Parasites won't leave its "host" until it's dead.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the site Kevin. I have personally wondered how anyone could witness TNB over and over again and not become a race realist, if not a total racist.
By the time you entered college, had you some how never witnessed TNB? Anyhow, continue thinking for yourself. Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.


Anonymous said...

Best comment ever. If negroes were given israel in 1947 it would be full of shallow graves and there would be no building, no infrastructure, no roads. Just sand.

The Arabs would've taken a few negroes as slaves. They like big cocks

Anonymous said...

Interesting point.... do you think the police actually like black society?? I think they love it because without blacks the police would be slashed by 70%. The virus companies (norton, avg, kadpersky) really love hackers. Street cleaners love people who litter.

Blacks give employment to cops, lawyers, federal employees, prison guards, bounty hunters, pawn shops etc..

Anonymous said...


' Are blacks even aware of what they do?
Does anyone think blacks know what their horrid behavior costs this country?

The big costs are the dead. Especially young Whites that would have had White children.
Big costs -- murder and violent crimes.
Economic costs second. However one could argue that the 'vile half ton negress who was rescued by crane' x millions of others on the dole= less White children [and over worked men who die of heart attacks]. get it?


A at 7:49 above.

Cops love their jobs. IF there were no municipalities hiring them, they would move onto to Military Police, Forest Service, FBI, etc. etc.

There are many job opportunities for those who like that kind of work. What cops do not like is getting shot in the back of the head by a N+^^#R while pumping gas.

I have many cop "friends". THEY ARE LIVID AND THEY WILL GET REVENGE. I'm lovin' it.

There is a huge difference in mouthing off to a cop, calling him names (most of them laugh at you when they get back in the car) and killing one, especially as a coward. Think you are man enough to take on a cop? Then, go ahead, get in a real gun fight and see how long you last. But don't do the negro thing and shoot him in the back and then strut around with your ass hanging out thinking you are a man.

D-FENS said...

"A liberal would argue that blacks are net contributors. When in fact they are parasitic creatures."

I estimate that each one costs us at least $5000 just in direct public expenses, net of what they may pay in taxes.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Welcome aboard Kevin!

I too found this blog accidentally as a "fence sitter" during the Trayvon Martin fiasco. I was researching the event and stumbled across an article from the website. Initially I was horrified at the name of the blog and frankness of the blog's author, but could not turn away at how succinctly he cut straight to the heart of the matter. But the thing that kept me returning daily was the commenters. I am pretty well convinced that this website has managed to assemble some of the most intelligent people in the nation. The arguments you see put forth every day are basically unassailable. I lurked for over a year before I began to comment myself.

On topic :

Many of you know that I am a New Orleanian, and lived in Algiers for many years. This street, Tullis Drive, is among the worst in the city. I used to have to drive down it to and from work. It is lined with apartment complexes and quads. There have been numerous shootings, robberies, and murders of cab drivers along this stretch. I will never forget in 2004 driving past a dead body and massive crime scene that looked nearly identical to Michael Brown's Canfield drive. There had been a number of cab driver stick ups where some jackoff would use the same name with the dispatchers. He would have them pick him up at a gas station at the end of Tullis and drop him off at a gas station at the other end. He would repeat this back and forth on the same day, with the same company! Well his luck finally ran out, and after a shootout with police, he was dead.

The gas station where this robbery happened - same spot.

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

To Kevin the law student,

Thanks for sharing and welcome! Your experience reminded me a bit of my own. My first exposure to race realism was visiting American Renaissance. I felt like I was betraying my DWL indoctrination as I read a few articles. I was at first revolted by the blatant racism of some of the commenters. I, too, was a purple Kool-Aid addict. Like you, the more I read, the more aware I became. It at first infuriated me that the truth of negro behavior had been shielded from my eyes because I've always considered myself to be fairly intelligent.

Anyone who's ever read or listened to Jared Taylor (or PK for that matter) has a clear idea of what the race realist movement entails. It's not about subjugating the black race. It's about honoring the European traditions and people who built this continent. No, we are not perfect. We have plenty of faults, but we have this habit of creating a thriving civilization that encourages healthy communities. The unadulterated truth is that negroes do not have that ability. No amount of marching, lowering of admission standards, or increasing "gibs" will fundamentally change the negro or limit the detritus of what he is doing to Western civilization. In short, the negro must be contained (through mandatory birth control) as well as controlled (through aggressive laws and lengthy prison sentences). Anything less will ensure that we become Haiti inside of a few decades.

Anonymous said...

It just tickles me to think of blacks celebrating "Labor" Day. As if. Snort.

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

To ex-New Yorker,

Your comments about the American Southwest/Arizona chilled me to the bone. Southern California has been a lost cause, probably since before Haight Ashbury in '67. Southern California hipsters just can't seem to get enough of the Mexican/Negro element. What are the lyrics to that song, "Nowhere to Run to, Nowhere to hide"?

Anonymous said...

Slavery is still rampant in the negro nations of the world.

Much of sub Saharan Africa relies upon slave labor. In Haiti, slavery is the not at all unusual.

With the advent of artificial intelligence, robots will replace workers in the White and Asian nations. But the negro nations? Nope. A slave is much cheaper than a robot. And more expendable. And they breed at no cost. And on top of all of those perks, when the negro slave owner finds the negro slave no longer useful they probably just eat them!

How about that for resource efficiency!

Ah...Mother Africa.

Such a hopeless, helpless species.

I really do believe that the indigenous bonobo population of the Congo has a more civilized population that its human neighbors.

All eyes are resting upon Europe right now.

Don't let us down, brothers of my blood line.

Anonymous said...

Ironically enough, I've been told that in a recent TV adaptation of the New Testament (produced by YKW no doubt), the "Good Samaritan" is portrayed by a negro.... The only thing I use TV for is playing video games and the occasional old movie.

We all know of the proverbial charity, goodwill, and helpful nature of the black African.

Anonymous said...

Blacks have never needed any excuse to rob, assault, rape, and murder Whites. Thuggery, murder, killing, raping, destroying are all the nature of blacks, It is just what they do. Look at the criminal in the Red Shed. He is at the pinnacle of power, money, fame, and look at him. He is just another half black criminal. His entire life is a hoax. He doesn't even have a birth certificate. His whole life is kept secret, but what we do know about him is he is criminal. Blacks can't help being what they are it's written in their DNA. Be careful of them.

Anonymous said...

Kevin said ”. . . “So, I came here as a carefully programmed law student, ready to judge, and am now one of you. A race realist.

Thank you.

The truth shall set us free.”

For what it is worth, there is nothing inconsistent with being a race realist and the practice of law. You should read confessions of a public defender if you haven't already ( Non-AA lawyers tend to have the ability to recognize facts, and the facts regarding blacks are in the open for all to see who are willing.

With a high degree of confidence I will say that you are probably not the only person on this blog with a background in law, and I'll further say that it is likely that most of the people making comments on this blog are brighter than your professor. Only an AA professor would refer intelligent students to a fact based blog that specializes in presenting facts adverse to the professor's propaganda based on fantasy. He would be a failure outside of an AA environment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your perspective, Kevin. I always wondered how many people that were sent to monitor this site end up becoming fans of it in the process. P.K. and co's arguments hold up; BRA's arguments don't.

Statistics vs. a twisted narrative

Not difficult to see which side will win out in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I am from STL area and seen it on my KMOV app, I kind of thought it would be a all black scenario and after reading your post it makes sence now, I bet the neighbor lady who said the keed was outside when he was shot was herself a black, making the story up to get the poor white boy, even after police said there is evidence the shooting occurred inside. They will lie through their gums to get their brand of "just-us"!!!


Anonymous said...

They are not like us. They want it all. Truly hateful cretins.

chattanooga gal said...

"Are blacks even aware of what they do? Does anyone think blacks know what their horrid behavior costs this country"
you know, I don't think they do. I think they all believe that all whites have a secret money tree that magically replenishes itself over and over. That it is, therefore, no hardship for us to keep paying for them in a myriad of ways. As a matter of fact, I think they believe we are all stingy to not give them even more of the magic money.

Anonymous said...

Ironically enough, I've been told that in a recent TV adaptation of the New Testament (produced by YKW no doubt), the "Good Samaritan" is portrayed by a negro....


Christianity has betrayed us.

It's time to start fresh and leave 20th century Christianity behind.

You don't need to belong to a congregation of any sort to show your love and allegiance to God (that is if you believe in God).

I haven't given a dime to the Catholic church in years.

And as far as charities go, we are ALL contributing to charity through forced taxation. The lazy are fed, the worthless are housed, the ungrateful are handed a free education (but through their own fault never truly become educated).

As far as television goes, is there a way to get good phone service and internet service without having to get a bundled service with television? If so, I'm ready.

Philadelphia Mike said...

A good Samaritan in Africa was someone who didn't eat his neighbor.

Anonymous said...


I love, love, love your curse.

Is it a gypsy curse?

Rosalie from Brooklyn

Anonymous said...

How do think the Supreme Court will decide on discrimination against Whites (affirmative action)?

Law student Kevin, any thoughts on this?

What about you, Pat Boyle. What do you think?

We should all take to the streets and protest if this abomination against justice is not finally dismantled and put to rest.

Anonymous said...

We're up to our third confession now, here on SBDL.

First Philly Mike, then Vera, and now Kevin.

Anyone else with an interesting past to tell us about?

Philly Mike, did you finally fall in love with the Irish/Italian girl because of your mother's remonstrance?

Or did it just happen on its own.

Vera, by any chance was (or is) your husband a DWL? Did he also date outside of our race before marrying you?

Kevin, are you married? I have a lovely daughter.

Euro American said...

Welcome Kevin,
How great you got a good grade from your obnoxious AA professor.

A race realist website like this can save students a lot of time, really.

It is much easier to spit out the "correct" answers the professor/College board wants to hear so you can make an A (with a modicum of studying) than being indoctrinated while your brain tries to fight against reality.

I always like to go to CNN first and look over the morning brainwashing before coming to this site. Keeps everything fresh.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

"Welcome to the site Kevin. I have personally wondered how anyone could witness TNB over and over again and not become a race realist, if not a total racist.
By the time you entered college, had you some how never witnessed TNB?..."

How to Make a DWL:

First of all, it isn't hard when you have the media and educational system and the Government all on the same page. Along with the Church, these establishments just happen to be the authority structures, the creators of the "reality map" for most people. They are the ones with the cultural prestige, and they all tell you to like black people.

Recipe for a DWL:

1. Have you been to college? A college education is the single best guarantor that a person will be a DWL.

2.Do you watch TV/Movies? Do you even know anyone without a television? Not many of us out there. If you have a TV, you have a machine for making DWL's right inside your home. From the egregious (Jon Stewart, Quentin Tarantino) to the more innocuous (Fox News and Ben Carson)the media pushes blacks 24/7. If you've ever looked at Samuel L. Jackson and thought "damn, that is one cool dude", you should be able to testify to the effectiveness of media in converting Whites into DWLs.

3. Did you go to a public school in the last 30 or so years? If you have, you've been exposed to pro-black propaganda.

4. Are you a sports fan? If you are, then you most likely have followed the ups and downs of black men (and occasionally women) as if they actually mattered to you. You may have cheered for black men on a given field on a given day. Do you have a favorite football team? If you do, you have favorite black men in your life.

5. Do you have a job? If you do, you most likely work in a stringent environment of "equal opportunity" and the dangerous potential pitfall of committing a thought crime, or saying a verboten word. Is it easier to just go along with the black co-workers, even befriending them? Maybe there's a IKAGO co-worker in your life. Would you accept a ride with him, or offer him one if he said he needed it?

6. Do you go to church? Have you ever been much of a church attendee? If so, you have drunk deeply of spiritual egalitarianism; perhaps you've even contributed to a "missionary fund" to help the poor blacks in Africa? Or maybe your church sponsors free meals for the homeless? Would your church welcome a black family into the congregation? Most if not all churches are pro-black and pro-charity for blacks.

7. Do you get your news from a large news source like PBS, CNN, or FOX? If you are exposed to the news from any large establishment source then you will be shielded from uncomfortable truths about TNB, and exposed to massive anti-White apologetics for black dysfunction.

In conclusion, if you are regularly exposed to any/all of the above, you might very well develop into a bona fide DWL. Would it be any wonder? Not at all; the wonder is thinking your way through all the fog to race-realism. Ponder not how so many Whites become DWLs, rather, be thankful you have the insight and courage not to be one.

Anonymous said...

What is tnb?

Anonymous said...

This 19 year old was starting community college the next day and his sister says he was trying to get his life on the right path. Sound familiar?

Medic Bear said...

Are blacks even aware of what they do?

Already answered but I'll add my 2 cents: no. They don't care as most of them can't. They don't have the empathy, intelligence and higher capacity TO care. The IKAGOs may make noise they care but how many of us have seen IKAGOs go from "civil" to "feral" in a nanosecond when the opportunity arises? I'd say most of us.

They are evil, uncivilized, subhuman parasites. Period. They will do the worst possible thing in each and every situation, if for no gain, just for the hell of it.

I've posted before about the ER - Blacks teal crap of NO VALUE just because they can! Pens, little disposable flashlights, paperclips, rubber bands - let alone equipment like stethoscopes and diagnostic sets (the otoscope/opthalmoscope wall units). Why? because they're future-sense deficient, no impulse control animals, that's why!

The US - and the world - would be so much better off without them.

Kevin - like you, many medical students and residents start off as what most of us would consider "indoctrinated mini-SJWs" but most of them quickly become race realists - if not outright anti-Black - after a short time in the clinical world. The more urban the site, the faster. This past weekend, in 1 shift, I saw countless examples of TNB and outright fraud and waste of taxpayer money - Blacks in with STDs, having been shot or stabbed or hit with a pipe by another Black, cocaine-induced heart attacks and chest pain, crack-induced asthma attacks - the list goes on and on. As someone pointed out, if Blacks either disappeared (please, God!) or somehow became "responsible (Um. That one's in the realm of fantasy!) not only would the police & the rest of the criminal justice system be out of work, so would most of the emergency medicine world!

Know Blacks, No Peace, Safety or Civilization.
No Blacks...well, you know.


kikz said...

1/10th is probably the entirety of the force...that actually does its job properly.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Philadelphia Mike said, "Regarding the black population, two heads are NOT better than one. An IQ of 85 times forty million still doesn't equal an IQ of 130. Two heads are NOT better than one."

You know, this may or may not have been a "flip" statement on the part of Philadelphia Mike, but after having read and reread it about ten times it quite literally bowled me over. It is in fact a stunningly prescient observation, both in terms of its enormous implications with respect to myriad black cultural pathologies and also fundamental intellectual deficiencies genetically inherent in the black race.

This is to say, what his statement REALLY means is when this massive social and cultural deviation is reduced to basic natural law that in point of actual fact a very small group of white people with IQs of 130 or more will always find a way to outsmart and dominate an infinitely larger group of violent, ill-tutored and ignorant Nigrahs.

The plain fact of the matter is that all the social history we know of down through the millennia (that is, where it hasn't been reconstructed by white Bolsheviks) demonstrates this repeatedly. Moreover, it's abundantly clear even today that 99% of blacks are naturally violent, brutish, childlike street urchins who basically never mature beyond 10 years old.

IOW, if you had a group of 900 million blacks and 50 million Caucasians suddenly dropped on a totally uninhabited continent right this very minute, within 100 years the Caucasians would have total control of every single means of production, all technology, all farming and the entire financial system as it all ultimately evolved. This is a literal fact, and both past history and today's social and political upheavals prove the point. The only reason we are EVEN having these problems is because the ruling classes around the world are using the blacks as a transparent political weapon to destroy any meaningful opposition from Caucasians smart enough to know what's going on. Their rule in America for the last 60 years has been totally illegitimate - and for far longer in western Europe.

Pat Boyle said...

Some anonymous asked me about the Affirmative Action case now before the Supreme Court.

A white girl, Abigail Fisher, is suing the University of Texas. Some people think the Court may throw out all racial preferences. Maybe.

The real issue is solved as soon as we institute a system of national tests.

The current system is corrupt and stupid. The Chinese had a system of national tests around the year 600 in the Sui dynasty. In the West we relied on personal connections and social class status until quite recently. Blacks as well has Jews, Chinese and others were excluded from consideration. Jews and Chinese today do better than the white majority economically but blacks do much worse. So it can't be simple racial preferences that account for social inequalities.

But liberals ignore the evidence and conclude erroneously that blacks have suffered from not having been to the best schools. They therefore have given them an education subsidy. You as a black kid might not be smart enough to get into Harvard so we will subsidize your SAT scores. The liberals also note that blacks have had very little contribution to world civilization. So again they give them a subsidy. They create 'Black History'. They create out nothing a glorious history of accomplishment by blacks.

But these subsidies devalue the substance. (a form of Gresham's Law). The first couple blacks who get a degree get a reputation as a scholar. But after awhile everyone discounts any academic accomplishment earned by a black. Just as most people are very skeptical of the supposed accomplishments and events of 'Black History'.

This whole problem would disappear if we simply had a standardized test for the High School diploma and for the Liberal Arts BA. If you went to a poor school or a great school it wouldn't matter. We do something like this already in many professions. Getting a Law School diploma doesn't mean you can practice law. You have to take the Bar Exam. The same is true for accountants. It is becoming true in the information sciences. A certificate from Microsoft, Novell or Cisco is beginning to be more meaningful than just a degree.

If you apply to a major orchestra to be in their violin section they don't just accept your diploma from a conservatory. You have to play your instrument for a panel of experts from behind a screen. The issues of race just don't come up with adequate test procedures.

Traditionally college admission officers were found to choose people like themselves rather than the best applicants. That abuse was remedied by standardized tests like the SAT and the ACT. But the race mad liberals noted that under fair conditions blacks weren't getting admitted. Hence we got Affirmative Action. The only reason they could imagine that a black person might not do well was some sort of discrimination.

We should just avoid all that. Let's let any school teach whatever it wants, to whomever it wishes. But students who know they must confront a national achievement test will seek out schools with serious curricula.


Anonymous said...

Good for you Kevin. It's hard to see the truth of reality from a sheltered prospective. Especially when everyone is mind f"ing you. Schools, universities, hollywood, government, the MSM, they are all in on it, wether if they know it or not. They continue to perpetually force feed propaganda from the day you enter kindergarten. They invented the PC game to keep the "" haters"" and truth from speaking and teaching others. They expect threw through brain washing and propaganda that your emotional brain will take over the logical brain. They take advantage of your good honest spirit. You want to talk about institutional lies and racism ? Most of these professors and teachers are brain wash victims who don't know $hit about TNB behavior. They never lived it. They never had to deal with it day in and day out. They have no clue about how blacks really are. They bought into the whole Hollywood narrative hook line and sinker. And they expect you to aswell otherwise they will destroy you with racist claims and the like. It's scary how far this institutional racism, against whites goes. It's goes deep. And most whites will never really know BECAUSE they live in different worlds. But talk to any white kid who grew up in any prodominately black hood , and he will tell you the horrors he had to deal with day in and day out. The racism they get away with is flabbergasting. But flip the script, blacks have hardly never have a problem in white areas. They are safe and sound and call walk around anywhere at which ever tI'm he or she chooses. But the opposite is true for whites living in black areas. They must follow the same sun down laws that blacks did in the deep south under Jim Crow. Whites in black hoods are literally living under Jim Crow presently in 2015, tip toeing around and watching everything just trying to stay alive. I know this became a rant, but I'm glad your eyes opening.

Let me end this long rant with this....

It has nothing to do with skin color. That lie is so freaking obnoxious and foolish. It has everything to do with behavior.

Please excuse the type-O's . I'm at work and on the phone. Got pay those taxes to keep shaniqua and Shaquille fat , happy , and lazy.

John G said...


Thanks for the inspiring post. I remember well my college days and the goofy professors who each had one weird agenda or the other. It used to infuriate me that people who were obviously very intelligent could be so ignorant as a result of the sheltered academic bubble they live in. Your professor probably feels more threatened by a rational site like SBPDL or VDare because he can't easily dismiss them as he could some backwoods yokel ranting about Jews on a hate site made back in the 90's and mailing out pamphlets from his PO Box. And by watching videos of black on white violence like Colin Flaherty's YouTube page, it will open your eyes to what happens on a daily basis to white people who foolishly venture out of their sheltered whitopia's without being aware of the dangers that await them in the ghetto.

When in college, I would comfort myself with the phrase, "Mind Over Matter" concerning professors with radical agendas. And by that I mean...

"I don't mind because they don't matter!"

Feel free to "regurgitate" their stupidity back to them and get the best grades you possibly can, resting easy in the knowledge that in the long run their agendas will wind up in the dust bin of history. You are under no obligation to help them see the truth or to protect other students from it. You have likely accomplished more with your one post here than you ever will mouthing off in a classroom or term paper, so don't let your frustration sabotage you.

Best Wishes,

John G


I just visited 2 sites that had what appeared to be very interesting Videos. One about Dick Cheney being interviewed and another about an anchor named Tomlin Ahern. BOTH WERE DELETED. I could not get to either of them, and no matter where or what I did, could not find them.

I am getting more paranoid (Thankfully I am naturally paranoid). I have a strong feeling "they" are making their move. Look at the immigration invasion of Europe. Things are falling apart rapidly.

As I have said for years, when the Racial Earth Quake happens it will be SUDDEN even though the forces leading up to it started in earnest in 1815. IT's coming. I don't think we will see an election in 2016.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for your new article PK! I worked in movie biz so can maybe give you some advice on its journey to the big screen.

And look at these migrants in Europe from Syria! Why the F%CK doesn't another Arab country like Egypt take these people! Why always Whites on the hook!?


ANDY: Think about what you just wrote.

YOU have to arm and fortify your home like a friggin' fort. Why? If everybody within 50 miles was White, would you have to do so? There is only 1 reason.

Let me answer my own question. When I was a little boy, and lived in Miami, FL., we NEVER had to worry about it. Never. There's the answer.

Today, if you have White Skin like me, you don't live in Miami.

It has nothing to do with poverty. We had many poor Whites in my youth. Nothing to do with mean streets. The streets were very friendly and my brother and I rode out bikes all over the place. We used to ride our bikes up to America's FIRST Burger King. The streets never attacked us. Ever.

In addition, we were never hit by a bullet or "shots fired". We were never assaulted by bad zip-codes.....they didn't even exits!

Oh, Andy, I hope you bought a pistol-grip Shotgun. Then you can hold a pistol in the other hand or flashlight, etc. Welcome to the White Club.

tradcon said...

As usual, great article and great comments. One correction, the massive and ubiquitous institutional racism now operative against whites by blacks and DWLs throughout modern America should be referred to as "Jim Snow" laws in contrast to the "Jim Crow" laws of the now ancient past of the Deep South.

Anonymous said...

TNB means Typical N*gger Behavior.

Spread the term as wide as you can; very useful in today's world.

Anonymous said...

If Blacks with an IQ of above 85 would stop identifying with the negro underclass they'd be a lot better off. Negroes living a middle-class life-style should just take their Affirmative Action gibs, and state, federal and local government jobs, and SAT bonus points for their nappy-headed kids and STFU.

Alas, they are too stupid or too proud to realize that the denizens of Baltimore & Fergusen aren't salvagable, or worth salvaging even if it were possible.

Imagine if an underclass of White, violent, low IQ mouth breathers, comprising perhaps 6% of the population, we're responsible for 7500 of the 15,000 murders in the US every year and also a large swath of all other violent crime.

Would White people give damn if a few of them got killed scuffling with police?

Actually, if they were concentrated in large areas, we'd insist that they be quarantined, a state of emergency declared, and the National Guard called in to restore and maintain order.

Would the few that ended up dead be declared heroes and deified? No, and that's one of the many, many differences between them and us.

Anonymous said...


tradcon said...

In follow-up to Pat Boyle's discussion of the affirmative action case out of Texas pending before the U.S. Supreme Court (the SCOTUS), known as the Fischer case, it is important for all white people to understand the history of affirmative action in this country and how we got to where we are presently in this regard. It all started in a 1978 decision by the SCOTUS known as the Bakke decision, in which the court ruled 5-4 that the medical school at UC-Davis had unconstitutionally violated Mr. Bakke's equal protection rights by having a two-track admission program, one for whites, like Mr. Bakke, and a second, much easier one (much lower test scores and grades) for blacks and other minorities. Thus, Bakke was on its face a defeat for affirmative action, but unfortunately the fifth vote by Justice Lewis Powell was a concurring opinion that said affirmative action could pass constitutional muster (i.e., it involved a compelling state interest of overcoming past racial discrimination and must be narrowly tailored to remedy the perceived wrong) if it wasn't so blatant as a two-track system, i.e., if they hid it better by making it more convoluted. Of course, the libtoids throughout academia and many other institutions seized on that language and began implementing anti-white affirmative action throughout society.

In 2003, the SCOTUS issued two affirmative action decisions involving, respectively, the University of Michigan's undergraduate school(known as the Gratz decision) and law school (known as the Grutter decision), upholding the more "nuanced" affirmative action program of the law school and striking down the blatantly obvious and heavily anti-white program of the undergraduate school. The Grutter decision is potentially important, because the majority opinion, written by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, cautioned that affirmative action programs should have some termination point, as they clearly involve invidious discrimination on the basis of race, and suggested that in another 25 years such program would not likely withstand constitutional scrutiny.

Finally, when former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder testified before congress a while back he was asked if he thought it was time for affirmative action programs to end as suggested in Grutter, and his response was that the question was not whether affirmative action programs should end, but rather the question was whether such programs had even begun.

This is the crazy legal world whites in this country live in today.

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle said ”. . . If you apply to a major orchestra to be in their violin section they don't just accept your diploma from a conservatory. You have to play your instrument for a panel of experts from behind a screen. The issues of race just don't come up with adequate test procedures. . . “

As usual Pat makes several excellent points. But presently the issue of race always comes up any time outcomes between blacks and other races differ as a result of tests. There is no objective and unbiased test that can be conceived by man that will produce equal outcomes between unequal races. Our choices appear to be either continue subsidizing black test scores and pretend that blacks perform equally to individuals with equal but unsubsidized test scores, or we can accept the fact that very few blacks are capable of performing at the level of most non-blacks. It will take some work to get blacks and dwls used to the idea that it is perfectly reasonable to expect the black 13% of our population to hold 1% or less of the jobs requiring intellect.

Vera said...

I wasn't going to comment again after telling you my life story because, well, to tell you the truth, some of the comments directed towards me were downright cruel and hurtful. But I do appreciate the kind and encouraging ones. Anonymity makes it easier to hurt others and what was said to me here is probably what some people on the outside are thinking but refrain from saying so to me.

Although I had often attributed my previous actions as being the result of youth and utter foolishness, I've learned to accept the actions of my youth and the subsequent consequences. And I’ve also made peace with myself that youth only played a minor role. Ultimately I was the one who made these decisions. No one forced my hand into doing so. I chose to do what should not have been done.

Now to answer the question that so many of you have been asking me about my husband. He is a war veteran, 14 years older than me, who lost a leg during active duty. Unable to handle having a "handicapped" husband, his first wife left him within weeks of returning home. Fortunately for him, they had no children together.

I was working as a physical therapy aid when I first met him. He was still going through considerable rehabilitation. Being considerably older than myself, I didn't give his attention to me a second thought. Besides that, at that point in my life I was so done with men because of the abysmally horrible experiences I had with my former black boyfriends.

He would come for therapy routinely. I was not the therapist. I was the physical therapy aid. I always attended to him professionally, never flirting nor encouraging his flirtatious advances. I just figured that his mannerisms towards me were his only outlet in interacting with the opposite sex.

As time went on, I saw him as a person and not as a patient. He was kind, earnest, ambitious, very good looking and had no interest in wallowing in his misfortune. He had made it clear to me that had no intentions of living on a disability check for the rest of his life. He had begun weight lifting and worked diligently in developing his physique. With his leg prosthesis and persistent therapy, eventually it was difficult to even detect that he had lost a limb.

He enrolled in a vocational school. He had dreams of starting his life all over again, pursuing a new career, and wanted me to be part of it. He was just the man for me. I, too, wanted to start my life all over again.

I withheld nothing from him about my past. And he held nothing against me.

I can only justify my past as a terribly twisted path which led me towards the happiness of having this wonderful husband who has given me not only a second chance at life but 3 beautiful children as well. They are still young and know nothing of my past. My mother never discussed her old boyfriends with us and I see no reason to ever discuss mine with them. But should the topic ever arise because someone else takes it upon themselves to discuss these matters, I will most certainly be honest with them.

Be that as it may, I’m quite sure that some of you out there will still scorn me with hurtful comments. But I’ve been through so much in my life and so has my husband. You’re words, although they may initially sting, ultimately have no long lasting effect upon me.

I move on, forward, not alone, but with the man of my dreams and the children of my heart.

And Grams was there, for the wedding.


Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


When I first read your story a few posts back, I teared up and actually cried. It was powerful (though I wasn't quite sure you being honest until the final paragraph when you mentioned visiting your grandmother -- that was one of the more powerful images I've ever conjured into my mind of the reconciliation you had with her).

Please stick around.

Live your life for you and your children, and you'll never owe an apology to anyone.

Anonymous said...

New Orleans has been drowning because of the black undertow for a loooong time now; wasn't just

The holiday weekend is here! Place your bets for the negro mayhem commencing in 3...2...1...

Guess total shot & total killed for each major negropolis. Baltimore may beat Chicago!!!

Wow! So exciting! Better than major league sports!! Go negroes!!!! blam blam blam!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Vera said ”I wasn't going to comment again after telling you my life story because, well, to tell you the truth, some of the comments directed towards me were downright cruel and hurtful. But I do appreciate the kind and encouraging ones. Anonymity makes it easier to hurt others and what was said to me here is probably what some people on the outside are thinking but refrain from saying so to me. . . “

My comments to your story were not hurtful or cruel, and I hope that you continue to participate in the dialogue at SBPDL. I wish that I could look back on my life and honestly say that the worst thing that I have done was something like you described in your story.



The reaction of some of us (I included) contained our disgust for the behaviour you did, NOT YOU. There is a huge difference.

We, as White Men, realize that the war for the White Woman is key to this. Our enemies began over 100 years ago to turn White Women against White Men for the purpose of the extermination of our race. For that reason we take certain things harshly.

Many have asked, for reasons of education and understanding, what led you down that path? We all need to know so as to help us fight the fight.

Thank you for your honesty and NOBODY disrespect YOU. Just behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Centurion: "Oh, Andy, I hope you bought a pistol-grip Shotgun. Then you can hold a pistol in the other hand or flashlight, etc."
Ehhh, that sounds a little complicated, even for experienced firearm-owners, and Andy's a first-timer. Mount a flashlight onto the shotgun, with a light switch near the trigger. Besides, only a Terminator can shoot a 12ga with only a pistol grip. It's a two-hand weapon.

Anonymous said...

I guess your "professor" didn't count on this website's message resonating with his students life experiences.

Anonymous said...

I've read that blacks can't succeed because of the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, White Privelege, White Supremacy and Institutional Racism. Until Whites denounce their Privelige and dismantle it's institutions, they will never be successful against such a stacked deck.

However many African immigrants, didn't get the memo. Other than Somalis, imported and usually blacker Negroes than the homegrown variety out-perform our own. Of course, the same can be said of almost every other immigrant, regardless of nationality, ability to speak English or skin color.

MrNatural said...

Biggest laugh of the day award goes to (drumroll)...Ex New Yorker (applause)

"Most of the women I meet had all been married to FAMOUS INDIAN CHIEFS in their past lives. When I told them I had been General Custer in my past life they would get upset. They had no sense of humor."


While I certainly dont agree with your behavior, I am most impressed with your candor. I want to echo Centurion, in that your experience is vital to our collective understanding of the attraction of white girls to negro men. This is genuinely critical information.

Please dont allow a few off-hand remarks to silence you. We need your input and insight to help educate other young girls away from these mistakes. Your experience is gold in that respect.

We all make mistakes and you have atoned for yours. I hope youll stick around...we need you!

Anonymous said...

To: Anonymous at 5:00 AM
You got the part about the "death camps" wrong.
A much smaller number than The Official Jive claims died from starvation and Typhus etc. because the righteously confined IN WORK AND DETENTION CAMPS Commie and Commie Symp threats to The State and The People didn't get food and medicine because Germany's logistical infrastructure was ALL BLOWN TO HELL, along with it's cities, by Allied bombing.
Doubt that ?
Check the Red Cross summaries of What's What...or not.
The Hoax is OVER !

10mm AUTO said...

"With the advent of artificial intelligence, robots will replace workers in the White and Asian nations. But the negro nations? Nope. A slave is much cheaper than a robot. And more expendable. And they breed at no cost""

Thus the extreme Irony as negro Will Smith in "I, Robot" says "Robots building other Robots...Now that's just Stupid."

It may go down in History as one of the most bitterly ironical lines of any movie.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

10mm AUTO said...


Good Show! I wish others the strength of spirit you have shown. Bless you and your little ones!

Protect them from Lies and they will grow strong.

10mm AUTO

Anonymous said...

10mm: Thanks for the laugh. I can picture a Tocqueville-type walking past an Old South stable and saying, "Frobots making other Frobots. That's just ignint."

Anonymous said...

I strongly suspect that B.O. is indeed a muslim.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

PK: You received a nice nod from Fran Poretto at the Liberty's Torch website.
She see's what is here, what is coming, and pulls no punches.

Francis W Porretto is a man.

I didn't see mention of PK. Which article was that?

AnalogMan said...

Kevin, thank you. That was beautiful. I cried! 😊

Anonymous said...

Blacks celebrating labor day is rather funny, heck not even while birthing do they labor, hehehe

Anonymous said...

That crap is hillarius! I've seen latinos laughing at the way blacks are portryed on those programs lol everybody knows the truth about blacks.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

What is tnb?

Already answered, but for the newbies here, we have a glossary.

Anonymous said...

Many blacks will admit that its in their dna, I've personally heard some admit it and they're proud of their criminality its rediculous for anybody to expect them to be other than what they are!
That's like expecting a kangaroo to fly a jet, absurd.

Anonymous said...

We've. Been thinking a long similar lines, I'm a Christian however I've a problem with organized religion they're not unlike organized crime in some ways especially the Catholics!

AnalogMan said...


Hats off to you, girl, you've got guts.

I was the first to pile on you on the other thread. I stand by what I said. Please bear with me.

I, also, have done things, either by commission or omission, of which I am deeply ashamed, and which I wish I had never done (or neglected to do).

Ultimately, I believe that we all pay for our sins, at least to some extent, regardless of the Christians' belief in a get out of jail free card. The things we have done are a part of us, forever (however long that may last), and will have consequences. I'm glad that you have found acceptance. Me, I can not forgive myself. Maybe that's why I'm so judgmental.

Mr. Rational said...

What is tnb?

BTW, Vera, given all the brainwashing and massive feelbads the PTB throw at anyone who says anything "rayciss", I cannot hold your history against you.  You learned.  There was a time that I did not judge at all (not even the coalburner sister of a GF who now has 2 mulatto children) because I felt that it was a personal, if bad, decision.

But the events of the last 7 years have left no excuses.  For anyone.

Anonymous said...

My Obama loving family is finally seeing the light. I really do hope former soldiers, cops will defend. I , we do not support Hollywood anymore. The lies to separate our country and divide us sicken me. AA'S that I do know hate the Kenyan poser. As for the rest of them if we survive the next 17 months all the way up to the inauguration to the second. The next day January 21 will be the worst day for black employment. In the words of Trump. You're fired. Done.

Anonymous said...

Middle class Blacks hate hoods Blacks. Period. The rest have no idea what they are doing. Sjw whites too. Not a one I bet knows how disability is about to run out (nyt article) ebt not far after that. Vigilance is the price of freedom - Thomas Jefferson.

Anonymous said...


When the black "community" sees a black criminal, they see fit to continue seeing that black criminal as a member of their community who dindu nuffin.

When white people see a white, black, yellow, red...any color criminal you could dream of, they see a criminal either fit for rehabilitation after a time-out from civilization, or not.

But whites are racist and only identify people by color, right?

Jake said...

I guess that I'll add my "confession"/introduction here in the open, instead of as a comment reply.

At first, I came here through a Google search, wondering if blacks being so incredibly rude and cheap towards those who serve them was a thing. I stayed to read on, having always valued an open mind as a "liberal" trait. (It really isn't, but that's an entirely separate topic.)

I always felt uneasy passing near the ghetto as a teenager, but I never really thought much about it. You don't really see minorities in a small town 10 miles from the nearest city.

Now I spend a fair amount of my work days in an admittedly-tame ghetto, and I see the dysfunction. Kids playing in the street with parents watching but not having the sense to tell the chillins to get out of the road. Mangled houses. Trash everywhere. Soulless or predatory stares. Riding their (stolen?) bikes in the middle of the street all the time. For God's sake, they can't even change a porch light. (Really.)

Considering all of that dysfunction, even without the multiplier of being in a black-governed city such as Baltimore, I fully believe the disgusting behavior in less civilized locales that has been mentioned and shared here, by the admin and commentors alike, and am disgusted that journalism hasn't enough integrity to depict reality.

After reading (lurking) for couple of weeks, I put two-and-two together: the ghettos I've been near, and now spend an unfortunate amount of time in are not far removed from being the remnants of atomic test sites, so I got to thinking...

What do those places have in common?

While I don't like the answer - blacks as a whole are (self) destructive - I'm coming to terms with it.

When one of you says that DWLs are a product of propaganda, let me add this: you have to experience the mental disease that is TNB first-hand to understand and identify it for what it is. It really is hard to believe until you live it or see it in live, Ocular-HD action.

Then you have to struggle with the "possibility" that you were lied to about this wonderful, magical multiculturalism. I think most people would rather run back to their gated communities, than face such a chasm between learned fiction and unlearned fact.

But the scientific method does not (yet) tell us to discard observations we may consider unsavory, so here I am to read and learn more about what I have observed.

NY Girl said...

JJ: Actually, it's pretty easy. If you dare even bring up, say, a Trayvon or Mike Brown, the response will be twofold:
1. It's not ALL Blacks, and
2. Whatever they did, they didn't deserve to die for it.

Sometimes they'll follow up with, "Well, are ALL whites Jeffery Dahmer? No? Well then, how can you judge a whole race by the actions of a few?"

The disapproving looks you get make it almost impossible to follow up with "Because whites aren't making excuses or holding marches for Jeffery Dahmer, idiot!"

NY Girl said...

AnonymousSeptember 4, 2015 at 7:43 AM
Best comment ever. If negroes were given israel in 1947 it would be full of shallow graves and there would be no building, no infrastructure, no roads. Just sand.

The Arabs would've taken a few negroes as slaves. They like big cocks."

On the "plus" side (besides having a Mideast litterbox to which we can dispose of our human bloodsucking cockroaches), there would be no Palestinian conflict because after the Nogs got done with it, the Palis wouldn't want it either!

Anonymous said...

Vera said ”. . . He is a war veteran, 14 years older than me, who lost a leg during active duty. . .

I have read that enlisted blacks tend to land non-combat roles in the military. Because you have worked with injured veterans you might know first hand whether or not this is true. Do you work with a proportionate number of blacks injured in combat or do non-blacks seem to be overrepresented among the seriously injured? Please don't feel pressured to reveal information linked to you if there is any possibility of creating problems for you. Several other individuals on this blog have provided us with very interesting first hand experiences with blacks.

Race said...

Christianity didn't betray you

Anonymous said...

"As far as television goes, is there a way to get good phone service and internet service without having to get a bundled service with television? If so, I'm ready"

Interestingly enough I'm grandfathered into a Verizon "unlimited" data plan and through the magic of "wifi tethering" I just use my phone for a wifi hotspot. Up here in the sticks bandwidth is a bit slow (even with a signal booster/amplifier) but when I visit family in Florida it's about 24 mbps which is quite good. Even at my "slow" bitrate I can pirate a movie in about an hour and change and most of the time it's fast enough to stream youtube type video. Also seems adequate for online game play though I rarely do that. Basically 120$ a month after taxes for unlimited text, data, and phone minutes. Not sure if it's competitive with a big cable provider but I can use this anywhere I go... often when I travel the 4G wifi through my phone is better than the wifi at hotels (and I stay in decent hotels like Sheraton and four points).

Not sure if any cell services offer legit unlimited data but with the 4G technology you can certainly get your money's worth these days. I suspect sooner or later someone will offer unlimited data again or cheaper packages if you're paying ala carte.

That's what I do. Not sure what's available in your area but I know that the cable companies are all owned by our enemies and pump out endless streams of anti white, anti Christian, and anti family propaganda. Hell, I'm even driving an hour and a half to the nearest office store to buy paper and ink and such so that I don't give another dime to NigMart. I'm done giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that most middleclass blacks are related to the black undertow. They are their cousins, nephews, nieces, brothers, sisters and often their own children or grandchildren.

Annie Oakley said...

I've been voraciously reading all of the posts here lately. The comments are so good I had nothing to add.

Ex New Yorker - what a gripping story about New Mexico. I too have seen some scary shit and so has my husband. It's just not worth telling anyone I know personally as they'd either call me a kook or give me the tin foil hat.

Vera, I was teary eyed when I read your story. The fact that you are now happily married with three children is a wonderful thing to read about. God bless you.

Hello to all other regular commenters, Centurion, 10mm auto, Bobyloski (sp?), Bernice Greenbaum (thank god you're getting out of there!), Philadelphia Mike, and many others I can't remember right now. I share your posts with my husband and other friends. They're awesome.

PK congrats on the little one.

Ladies and gentleman. You must be getting ready. Get the dental work you need done, now. If your eyes need checked, get new glasses now. There are plenty of discount places you can get them. You can't prep and survive if you're in pain. Make sure your cars have strong batteries, good tires and tuned up. Make sure you top off your tank when you're one-half empty. Leave nothing to chance.

Dry fire and practice with your weapons. Go to a public or private range. Practice, practice, practice. Other good defense items are cross bows, sling shots and a plain old rock.

Have a bug out bag ready. Make sure you're equipped with a good first aid kit, toilet paper, towels, hand sanitizer etc.

Dig a well before you're thirsty.

riptapart said...

No they are not aware. Some of the talented 3% might, while the others are willfully ignorant for their own esteem. As we talk at work, Blacks are of a completely different mindset. It is so easy to forget that. Their understanding of cause and effect is completely foreign to the mind of a white person. They are incapable of individualism in the manner that whites are. Everything to them is outside influence from some large, magical entity. They cannot conceive of the how and why of whites having prosperity through hard work and delayed gratification. They just think whites have so much more because that is just how it is. That our lives are better through generations of working, saving, delayed gratification, and education is beyond their capabilities of reasoning. They have no concept of history or time. To them, 20 years could just as well be 100, or 1000. History is beyond their grasp. Many wouldn't be able to imagine or understand the progression of mankind or technology.

I have to stop. Thinking about this makes me nauseous to think how other whites have sold us out. Maybe Blacks, as a collective group, are the more well adapted, superior race in regard to evolution. They are Black first and foremost. We whites have more traitors who sell out their own people under the guise of compassion for our "equals" who are just down on their luck.

Anonymous said...

kevin said "I had lived in a carefully shelter world all my life. A world sheltered from the harsh reality of the truth. My indoctrination had been carefully orchestrated; a process formulated and perfected over decades to regulate the thoughts of young white Americans such as myself."

Well naturally someone who's worst experience has been a nose bleed cannot understand the view of someone who has been in many wars. Glad to see you have learned,blacks are not hated because of their skin, but their criminality, laziness,and violence.

behind blue eyes said...

Excellant comment. You made very good examples and analogies. This needs to be repeated and shared. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

This story appears have happened for no cause whatsoever.

AnalogMan said...

riptapart said...

Blacks are of a completely different mindset. It is so easy to forget that.
... Maybe Blacks, as a collective group, are the more well adapted, superior race in regard to evolution.

Adapted to what? Certainly not to civilization.

I had a conversation once with a man who worked in some corporation, accountants or lawyers, that was big into affirmative action, and hired some of the cleanest, most educated and well-spoken negroes. He told me of a confession by one of these stars. This was in South Africa, just after the fall of civilization, but before the damage became as blatant as it now is.

He said they are well aware of the difference between the races. When they are at work, or elsewhere in the White world, they assume a white persona. This puts a severe psychological strain on them. When they're at home, they revert to their natural behaviour. But everywhere, they are never sure which persona is driving their thoughts at any time.

The African mind is superstitious. In moments of stress, they think in terms of tokoloshe (a little ankle-biter demon who loves mischief) and spells. So, when stressful situations arise at work, they're never sure who's driving - their education, or their culture? Which, of course, makes for more stress...

Must be hell. Far better for them just to be stupid and mind the cattle.

Anonymous said...

Overflow at the Detroit morgue is a chronic problem that's been going on for years. Every so often they become completely overwhelmed, and outside parties of various kinds have to step in and clear out all the bodies for them.

A couple of years ago they ran out of the paper they print death certificates on, and couldn't afford to buy more for several weeks. They simply stopped issuing death certificates until they scraped up enough money to buy the paper.

There was an interesting news story out of Texas. A white man whose father's body was in the custody of a black undertaker wasn't able to come up with the complete sum needed for the burial quickly enough. So the undertaker drove over to his house after a few days and dumped his father's dead body out on the front porch.

Anonymous said...

It helps that all we really do here is tell the truth in a relatively unvarnished manner. We're honest. The truth does still appeal to people, no matter how TBTB try to silence and censor. It's much easier to tell the truth than have to endlessly invent new lies and excuses.

Anonymous said...

Forget the draft, the armed forces we have right now are probably shit after seven years of Barry's purges and social engineering. And now they're going to ruin our special forces outfits too by dumping women and unqualified minorities into them.

Anonymous said...

Scary to think that NM has become too hard-core even for blacks. My very first memories of being harassed by blacks were born in NM. We lived in an apartment building next to one of Lyndon Johnson's brand new public housing units.

By day the black kids would come through our complex begging for money and snacks, and going through the dumpsters. Some of the older ones thought it was fun to chase us littler kids around and tease us. At night, the black kids would sweep through our property like an avenging army, which I guess they thought they were, stealing or destroying all that could be stolen or destroyed. We white kids had to bring in all our toys, trikes and other stuff every night, or we'd never see them again.

The public housing block was solidly built and only a year or two old, but the blacks had already damaged or ruined much of the building.

Another thing the older black kids would do is stand out in the open and proudly urinate up into the air, without covering themselves in any way.

I don't remember having a single positive experience with any of the blacks. It was all bad, all the time.

Anonymous said...

Somalis are weird. They're the only black people who are clumsy and slow. Most of them can't dance, can't fight, can't play sports for shit. They get by physically with the same sneaky, outnumbering shit that other blacks do, but one-on-one against anyone who has half an idea of what he's doing, they're absolutely hopeless. They're so bad it's inadvertently hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Never thought the day would come I'd envy Uruguay. They must be doing something right that we aren't.

Anonymous said...

There is also a form of magic they practice, "muti" or something, that requires human flesh. It's prevalent all over SA.

Anonymous said...

Or a smart (by black standards) dealer. Why not take it all, instead of making a few bucks selling?

Incidentally, never, ever, under any circumstances, buy drugs from blacks. If they don't rob you outright, they'll sell you bunk. At best it'll be the shittiest product on the street. I bet Ex-New Yorker can back me up on this.

Anonymous said...

Aren't the old, cantankerous Cape Buffalo the most dangerous? Maybe a few strands of that DNA somehow transferred over to blacks. The only black guy I ever traded blows with was in his 50s, set in his ways and thought he knew it all.

Anonymous said...

Why did an 11 year old have access to a gun? Because Blacks commit home invasions and rape and murder children, that's why.