Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Holy Social Justice Warrior, Batman: The Dark Knight Now Battles Police Racism, Gentrification, and Sides with Black Lives Matter

It's strange to think of the moments from our youth that stick with us. For me, one of my earliest memories is when the parents inadvertently took my sibling and I to see the 1989 Batman. Being the tender age of five (and my siblings all younger), perhaps my parents thought the Tim Burton directed movie would pay homage  to the Adam West TV show of the 1960s.
In the DC Comic, Batman is now a crusader against gentrification, police brutality, institutionalized racism and firmly committed to the cause of Black Lives Matter

But swept up in Batman-mania as all the country was that summer, my parents took us to see the movie.

I still remember sitting in theater as my parents shifted uncomfortably in their seats as the incredible dark, sinister plot played out before our eyes and I was completely, utterly entranced.

It was a religious experience (only confirmed a few years later when at a church function, someone popped in a VHS copy Batman).

And it's all in the opening scene when The Dark Knight hunts down two white criminals on a rooftop in Gotham City, disposing of them in quick order (but not before alerting the conscious thug to tell all his friends about him).

The idea of combating evil and never tolerating those who would make a city unsafe for decent people trying to put down roots is one of the more important lessons a young child can learn (in a more sane era, westerns told these stories).

But one thing I could never understand was why Batman was set in some strange world where white people still lived in a major city? Then, watching Batman: The Animated Series, the same thing was happening: it was as if Gotham City was stuck in some 1939 version of New York City when the city was 90%+ white.

It dawned on me at young age (middle school): what type of story could you tell when Bruce Wayne was fighting crime, dysfunction and decadence in a city where white flight from black crime had left merely the infrastructure of the past intact, but the new black majority was drowning in an ungodly amount of crime the likes of which the Joker, the Riddler, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, and Scarecrow would find impossible to replicate?

What type of story could you tell when Batman was only fighting black crime, and the media quickly dubbed this masked vigilante a racist for daring to deprive black individuals/black gangs their right to prey upon the weak?

Tim Burton's two Batman films (Batman, Batman Returns) and the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy were all set in a Gotham City that appeared to be more than 80 percent white, with basically all street level crime committed by whites. In both interpretations, the murderer of Wayne's parents (the act motivating him on a journey to fight crime) is white.

But this view just doesn't make any sense, when one considers the crime rates (and the racial demographic behind the violent crime) in our "greatest" cities; which is precisely why the director of Batman: The Animated Series wanted to set the world of Gotham City in 1939.

Having Batman fight black thugs and black gangs just isn't as much fun as a having him combat a colorful - yet all white - rogues gallery of villains.

It's okay to cheer Batman on as he fights white men psychologically damaged or emotionally scared (the Joker, Two-Face), but to show him hunting black thugs would be cringe inducing and immediately trigger the modern reader/viewer to interpret the supposed hero as the racist villain.

Frank Miller, whose iconic interpretation of Batman in The Dark Knight Returns depicts him as an outright fascist character (who tells a criminal he has just crippled thinking about his "rights" is what keeps him up at night), reinvented our notion of how we view Wayne's vigilante actions.

But in today's world, such a view has changed, as now Wayne is fighting police racism and gentrification. [Batman confronts police racism in latest comic book: New issue wades into the conversations about race, poverty and gentrification roiling the US, responding to a new political consciousness among fans, The Guardian, 9-15-15]:
People die every day in Gotham City, the fictional hive of corruption where Batman patrols the rooftops. But not until Wednesday did the Dark Knight find himself investigating a black teenager in a hoodie shot dead by a frightened white police officer, let alone wondering about his own indirect role in the boy’s death.
The latest issue of DC Comics’ flagship Batman series throws itself headfirst into the agonizing conversations roiling America more than a year after Ferguson officer Darren Wilson killed 18-year old Michael Brown. The globally iconic superhero confronts racialized police brutality and its intersection with urban poverty and gentrification – problems Batman comes to realize he exacerbates in his secret identity as billionaire industrialist Bruce Wayne.
Comics critics say they are hard pressed to remember Batman ever addressing institutional racism and its socio-economic dimensions as bluntly as this in the character’s 75-year history. While police corruption has long been a feature of Gotham – even showing up on the eponymous Fox TV adaptation about to enter its second season – it it is rarely shown to disproportionately impact black people.

Yet Batman #44, a flashback story, begins with the blunt image of a dead black boy, his body left “for the crows”, as the narration reads, resonant of Michael Brown in Ferguson. He wears a hooded sweatshirt, as did Trayvon Martin before George Zimmerman killed the 17-year old. What begins as A Simple Case – the title of the issue – becomes a meditation on the meaning of a rich, white vigilante who attempts to solve intractable urban problems by beating up bad guys.  

“This issue is meant to be a thesis about what our Batman is,” lead writer Scott Snyder told the Guardian. 

“We’ve tried to be pretty relentlessly on-point about him being a symbol of inspiration in the face of tremendous fear, as opposed to a symbol of punishment, or a symbol of revenge, taking the city away from criminals. Here is where he begins to learn [the limits of] the methods that he thought would work: finding a criminal, making an example of the criminal, throwing the criminal in jail … Instead, what he has to learn is that the problems that he’s facing in today’s city are much more humbling, are much more complicated.”
Most controversially, Snyder’s story shows 15-year-old Peter Duggio shot in the stomach by Gotham police veteran Ned Howler. Duggio is shown frightened, emerging from a fight in his father’s bodega with a local gang, and before he can respond to Howler’s demand to lie down, the officer mortally wounds him.
But the story also points a finger at Batman’s unstated assumptions – those that animate the character, and those that animate the metaphor of the superhero crimefighter. The conflict over the bodega boiled over, Peter’s cousin tells Batman, “once Bruce Wayne announced he was gonna develop the neighborhood”. Suddenly, Batman must confront the hubris of his mission to save Gotham, as his focus on individual and not structural answers set into motion the events that led to Howler killing Peter.

Snyder said that during the winter he came up with the idea of addressing the intersection of police brutality and gentrification during the series’s current story arc, in which Gotham police commissioner Jim Gordon takes over as Batman. News reports from Ferguson and Staten Island, New York, where police choked Eric Garner to death, helped inspire the story: “If we were going to do an issue that dealt with potent problems that people face in cities that are reflected fictitiously in Gotham, then we want to really put our money where our mouth was and explore something that’s extremely resonant right now, and, I think, tricky, murky waters.”

For help, Snyder turned to Brian Azzarello, whose acclaimed 100 Bullets saga established him as one of comics’ best noir writers. Azzarello said he sought to sharpen the comic’s points about gentrification.
“This thing is such a ripple, the way lives are affected by gentrification. On one hand, yes, you’re cleaning up this area, you’re making it more livable for people. But you’re not saying anything about the people that live there,” said the Chicago-based Azzarello, who remembered how the 2011 redevelopment of the city’s Cabrini Green housing projects left residents “scattered all over the city, just uprooting them, and they had no choice in the matter because they had no money.
“And if you have no money, you have no voice. And we definitely raised that [in the comic],” Azzarello said.
However Fowler, the police officer who kills an unarmed teenager, doesn’t find himself on the receiving end of Batman’s famous rage. Snyder said depicting Batman punching out a fearful officer risked undermining the purpose of a comic book about social problems, while having the ultimate hero of the broader arc be the police commissioner opened up narrative space to address racialised police violence.
“Of course you want Batman to beat this officer up, and be like, ‘How could you?’ But the point of the issue is that wouldn’t solve the problem. Batman throwing the officer off a roof, or throwing the officer in jail, it wouldn’t get to the heart of the matter at all. And that’s the thing I think is ultimately infuriating,” Snyder said.
Azzarello said he preferred the story to “raise the questions and then leave it to the reader to form their own answers and opinions”.
Accordingly, Batman finds himself on one of Gotham’s rooftops, staring out at a city that no longer makes sense to him, as fictionalized versions of newspaper articles on police brutality, institutionalised racism, poverty and gentrification swirl disorientingly around him.
Social Justice Warrior (SJW) Batman...

A far cry from the Frank Miller interpretation of Batman, who was quoted as noting the reality of what a masked vigilante/superhero actually represents (as noted by Superman in the Dark Knight Returns): a criminal who takes the law into their hands:
“You were the one they used against us, Bruce. The one who played it rough. When the noise started from the parents' groups and the sub-committee called us for questioning... you were the one who laughed... that scary laugh of yours. "Sure, we're criminals", you said. "We've always been criminals". "We have to be criminals."
Back in 1989, this was the version of Batman I saw on screen, in a version of the character still haunting me to this day.

Police brutality, institutionalized racism, poverty and gentrification? What a boring rogue's gallery to fight and silly motivation for Wayne to dress up as a bat and go out into the night to fight crime.

But such is the culture in 2015: we must glorify blacks and blame any and every shortcoming individual blacks face on the evils of white racism and the lingering residue of bigotry; blacks collective inability to live up to the standards established by whites can only be considered the fault of the latter group for failing to lower the achievement bar to one the former can reach.

And the actions of a rich, white vigilante trying to solve the problems of urban America are only palatable to our SJW-dominated culture when Batman wages war on the oppressors Howard Zinn has identified as the true enemy... white people.


Michigan Jim said...

Mass hysteria has the power to be a tidal wave pulling people- even otherwise smart people- along with it. I look for reasons for how we got to where we're at today and can come to no other conclusion. People are just being swept along by the tidal wave of propaganda. But like the Tulipmania of centuries ago this too will end, and possibly very suddenly. Because as mass hysterias of the past have shown, whatever can't last, won't.

Anonymous said...

If Batman was fighting Black crime in Black neighgorhoods, we'd all be posting what we implore of White cops: "Stop policing their neighborhoods! They're not worth it! Have a donut and be safe."
What would SJW Batman do, when he found out Catwoman was actually a post-op tranny? He'd have to let her go, because cis. Hell, every yoof thug out there would be catch-and-release, because they grew up without White Privelege. Instead of prison, the Gotham pipeline would end with Master Bruce mentoring them all at his mansion, and Alfred getting fired for the racist microaggression of locking up the silver.
But foremost it would be impossible for him to fight Black crime, because the other billionaires would have him killed. They're spending good coin to whip up Black riots and violence, and he just can't be allowed to shrink their Space to Destroy.

Truth Corps said...

"And the actions of a rich, white vigilante trying to solve the problems of urban America are only palatable to our SJW-dominated culture when Batman wages war on the oppressors Howard Zinn has identified as the true enemy... white people".

...white people that are waiting for... Superman. All the while each & every race realist that exists has that "super" DNA. It allows us to see through the SWJ bullshit, the monkeyshines, the never.ending.violence. Yet we wait. We wait for some foreign Superman to fix it all.

We are all Superman now.

Boycotting Hollywood said...

Mainstream media and education have reached a stage of anti-white racism and anti-white agitprop in which they, and especially the real anti-white racists behind them, are at least equivalent to Stormfront in stridency and provoking violence. These "people" are waging a war against whites that results in very real violence and very real murder. They are the scum of the earth and are not at all human.

Anonymous said...

Violent anti-white race-war agitprop by the hippie generation and their mentor group/puppetmasters.

Anonymous said...

"But one thing I could never understand was why Batman was set in some strange world where white people still lived in a major city?"

PK knows that Hollywood is sick. The producers, money men, directors, head gaffer and right on down to the guy who runs the food service. We know that. What you fail to understand is that white America is sicker. They buy these products. They no longer have any standards of behavior. They have been rendered as meek cows, who in this case just want entertainment. Regardless of the destructive narrative around the entertainment, they just want to stare at a screen and forget the lives for one and half hours for the movie or six or eight hours in front of the TV.

These people are not the men who fought world wars and the women who supported that. They are gone. They are dead. This is what you have to work with if you believe there is some hope of radically changing the direction of this country and the white people, who for the immediate present still constitute a majority of bodies, if not the majority of energy and resolve.

Apologies to most who read these comments, but I no longer have any faith in my countrymen. You people know what's happening.

Anonymous said...

And in the next issue Batman and Robin get married and some evil villain refuses to make a penis shaped wedding cake for the Dynamic Duo.

AnonymousX said...

Howard Zinn was one of a number of faux lefties who literally did it for the money. Consider con men like filmmaker Michael Moore, a dozen different Hollywood types with PR grabbing "transgressive" tweets designed to snatch a headline, or the well-paid "progressives" who populate MSNBC. In Zinn's case, "A Peoples' History" sold millions during his lifetime and continues to enrich his heirs.

Focus on the late Zinn, just for a moment. In life, he earned far more in royalties and honoraria than Boston University could have ever paid him. "A Peoples' History" has zero--as in nada, zilch, bupkis--cred with serious historians, even left-leaning ones. So ask yourselves--since few Negroes buy the book (or any book), how did "A Peoples' History" succeed beyond Zinn's wildest dreams?

The answer? Look in the mirror. Zinn understood his mediocrity as an academic but there was one thing he excelled at--he sensed the self-hatred among whites that had been gathering energy during most of his lifetime but really took off after the late 1960s. His tome was published in 1980--about the same time that PC entered the lexicon and the Democratic party began its real electoral strategy of dividing the white vote by ruses such as feminism, gay rights, environmentalists, etc. Zinn fit the paradigm to perfection. Every white you could guilt into buying into some invented construct of cross-generational guilt--I owe you because my great-great-great did something unkind--was one more vote for the left.

"A Peoples' History" did not achieve its sales figures through retail--it was bought (and continues to be bought) in gross by school boards and colleges.

jetsgiants said...

Howard Zinn = I wish his plane was shot down and he died a painfull death


When I was growing up in the 1950's my dream was to be a comic book cartoonist. I turned 18 in 1960 and hitchhiked from Arizona to New York to follow that dream. What happened was I got strung out on hitchhiking. After about the 6th trip across country I met a hot little rich girl who talked me into becoming a beatnik. In between a dozen or so more trips across country I started a sideline to make money. I bought and sold old comic books to collectors. One of my customers liked my artwork and offered me a well paying job at his ad agency on Madison Avenue. I turned it down. Little miss rich chick was upset because I walked away from MY ONE AND ONLY CHANCE IN LIFE of being rich and famous. She split and took the kid with her.

I settled in NY and sold comics out of my pad on the Lower East Side. A few years later I opened one of the first comic book stores in the city. At that time nearly all my friends were comic cartoonist, writers, musicians, bikers, hippies, drug addicts and drunks. It was a good life with lots of adventures that still cause me sleepless nights.

Black guys did not collect comics in the 60's. They were all white guys. I met a couple black collectors in the 70's which is when the PC bullshit started. Soon they had black super heroes. I set up tables at the comic conventions and Star Trek shows. It was a sea of white faces. Somewhere these comic publishers were under the impression that blacks read comics. The black super hero comics were poor sellers.

Comics became PC. Some super heroes had now become GAY. Big fucking deal. The Time-Warner Corporation ended up owning both Marvel and D. C. National Comics (which at that point owned Mad Magazine). More media mergers took place and they combined with Turner Enterprise (CNN, MGM, United Artist, New World Pictures, etc.) That whole media group was bought by AOL (America On Line). One of my best accounts was Time-Life Books and Music. AOL came in on Friday and fired everybody and announced on Monday they bought out the whole company. As these media mergers were taken place I was in the middle of it all. A company in England now prints almost all school textbooks used in America. One account after another turned to shit because all the old timers on staff were fired. They were replaced by Gays and Lesbians. Advance bought out other accounts I had. Every few months I got notices in the mail letting me know that so and so just bought out so and so. Now everything is owned by six media giants. That is why the VICTIM NARRATIVE has finally reached the roof tops of Gotham. We all know the program. White people MUST BE MADE TO FEEL GUILTY for other people's failures. Remember....everyone is oppressed and suffering and it is ALL OUR FAULT. I'll bet the next issue of Batman will be dealing with that evil capitalist bigot Donald Trump who wants to rule America with an iron fist.

BTW....Nearly all my friends that worked in the comic book business got SCREWED by the publishers.

Anonymous said...

A rich white guy fighting against gentrification...

What is he going to do, beat up all of the young white hipsters and white investors so that they can keep black slums black?

It is so interesting how gentrification (improving an area by moving in much needed capital, both social and financial) is looked at as a bad thing. Safer streets, more economic opportunity, less urban blight, people caring and investing in their immediate surroundings... wow, what a horrible thing.

Totally ignore the fact that these present "black" neighborhoods were built and formerly occupied by white people until the undertow came in and chased everyone else out with their disgusting levels of filth, crime, and neglect. Once again, they want white money and energy but don't want the whites that come along with it.

Maybe Batman can be shown stopping a drug deal and then let the death-peddler go, saying, "I know it isn't your fault. Institutional racism is the cause. Now get out of here!"

It is funny how blacks complain about having 2D characters in media, but then don't realize that when characters aren't allowed to have any negative traits they come across as fake and incredibly boring. Why is it so taboo to show blacks in a negative/criminal light? It reinforces sterotypes? Why are there such strong sterotypes of blacks being a highly criminal and violent race? We have an educational system (both primary and higher) that champions blacks as victims of injustice that can do no wrong, so why would showing a black person in a bad light have any effect on the years of indoctrination that these institutions have been pushing?

Is it because we all know that this is a smoke screen and that blacks, particularly in large numbers, cannot be trusted to follow the law or to act in a moral manner?

Why does the sterotype remain, why is it so easy for those both young and old to link blacks to these horrible traits and behaviors? Is it because these sterotypes are often true, as just about everybody has learned from personal experience?

Why are stats on black criminality uniform anywhere you go around the globe? Wouldn't that be pretty hard to fake and doctor up without anyone catching on?

Yet they continue to spend countless sums of our money pissing on our collective legs and telling us that it is only raining.

Anonymous said...

A computer program that excels at identifying animals identified blacks as gorillas. Interesting considering that genetics has shown that blacks are part non human hominid, many have thought homo erectus. Maybe the completely unprejudiced computer sees the truth and we humans don't. They are not human and do not belong among humans and need to be returned to their natural habitat. That is the only humane thing to do for all involved. It is neither humane to try to make them fit in a human society nor to force their presence upon humans. Forcing humans to associate with them in any way is a form of rape, it is a violent assault. Humans need to take charge of the situation. It would also be quite sensible to send the DWLs to manage them and see to their welfare in Liberia or any other of their natural environs. The DWLs belong with them in their natural habitat.

Anonymous said...

Two new ideas for super-villains, who of course, will be white males:

The Gentrifier: Wherever this man walks, jobs and clean streets pop up behind him and litter disappears. He gives handfuls of money to nefarious white criminals with orders to set up non-black businesses. When he walks past properties, graffiti and gang signs (that were painstakingly placed) disappear and vibrancy dissipates. He calls police on drug dealers and people urinating in public. He laughs hysterically while poor poor black individuals march out of town like a modern 'Trail of Tears'.

Of course he is part of a super-villain duo, with his counterpart being:

White Flight: Blessed with incredible powers of persuasion, he is able to convince white people of mixed neighborhoods that there are safer and cleaner pastures elsewhere where they will not be robbed, assaulted, and where they will actually be appreciated and shown reciprocation. He is able to change shape at whim, choosing often to look like a hooded 300 pound thug stealing phones and shoes from the weak, framing the black man in worst of ways. Even his vehicle will morph into a hooptie, spewing out racist rap music at full volume while residents are trying to sleep. He will murder and rape many people in a single night, only to leave empty bottles of Hennessy and empty packs of Newports at every crime scene.

Anonymous said...

Negroes, negroes everywhere .... Either they're laden with problems and need to be "saved" by us, or they're completely wise and competent and are charged to save US. Either way, we can't just have a normal relationship with these creatures; someone's always got to be saved.

What is up with that?



It's everywhere. Around any corner , down any street, and in every business. The outright love affair of " the lowly common negro" and as others here have mentioned before it only ends when the ebt cards end. Hey fellow realist's have any of you got a crystal ball so you can tell us when that just might happen? Oh the humanity when Bruce Wayne chases the wrong bad-guy's for kicks. Is there any outlet that is safe from BRA? What's next? Is NASA going to spray paint the moon. That damned White globe hanging over our heads.


dondiego said...

Unbelievable. Using the ultra-cool right-wing vigilante poor-little-rich-kid who uses his talents for good, to, question raycizm??

Any of you people buy comics? Stop. Got a teevee? Kill it. Newspaper subscription? Ended.

This disgusts me. [By this late stage of the game]If you aren't part of the solution you're apart of the problem. -Blacks in your country, just like the muzzies in Europe, are winning because they use violence to get what they want.

If you're still concerned about being "nice", and what beings who hate you think of you then at least withdraw your financial support.

ANZUS mate's 0.02c AUD worth~

R_Moreland said...

If you are a police officer, you can consider this Batman as a direct attack against you and your fellow officers. It's a shoddy attempt to stir up blacks into making even more attacks on you.

But you know the reality, that blacks commit violent crime all out of proportion to their numbers. That most inter-racial crime is committed by blacks. And that a city with a large number of blacks is going to see a large number of gangbangers, drivebys, and flashmobs...and these days, more assassination of cops.

The people who are producing this graphic novel are doing the propaganda work for those radical and criminal elements who want to destroy the police. You can consider those elements to be part of that criminal underworld against which the true Batman fought.

Anonymous said...

Corporations have spent billions upon billions to understand customer desires and behaviors, and yet still they attempt to force blacks on us. Instead of changing formerly white superheroes to black, why don't they, I don't know, make up some f@cking black superheroes? They know their primary audience doesn't like it, yet they keep inserting blacks in as if no one minds or no one notices. Then when sales drop they claim that people haven't gotten over their racism yet, and that the consumer is just confused, racist, and wrong for not continuing to buy their black-faced crap.

I wonder how they justify pissing/turning off large segments of their audience to push this "black in every commercial/movie" b.s. I used to just be annoyed at commercials, now with seeing a noble smart well-dressed negro in every single one I actually feel my blood-pressure rising and can't keep myself from b@tching out loud.

And I abandoned t.v. a decade ago, so now it is just the intrusive internet ads that I have to deal with. And ads in stores. A black in EVERY SINGLE ad. No matter how ridiculous or unnatural it looks, they will always be there sticking out like a sore thumb. I really wish more people would stop buying certain brands on principle after seeing one of these intellect-insulting ads. The amount of black actors paid to pose as doctors and other advanced professionals must be monumental. Just because you show me "good" blacks in advertising doesn't negate all my real world experiences and encounters with them.

The black "best friend/sidekick" is what I am most sick of, always played by flat characters that are over the top in how nice and squeaky-clean they are. It's as if every white woman is made to have a best black friend to show that they are culturally advanced and not racist. Because we all know that black people just love to hang around white people and serve their needs/listen to their problems free of charge. I really wish more people could speak out about this obnoxious phenomenon in pubic without having the pc multi-cult thrown down on them like a giant hammer.

Diversity causes less social cohesion and a lowered level of trust among people in communities, but by all means, keep pushing this poison on us and telling us it's the best thing since sliced bread.

Anonymous said...

I think that most of the villains in comic books/t.v. are white because realistically, what kind of adversary is a black thug? Besides the indecipherable ghetto-speak and bleeping out every other word due to expletives, what kind of interesting and diabolical schemes would a black person think up? Without strong future/time orientation, how does one plan a massive heist or fraud upon the population? The villains that people want to see are people who can blend in, who can utilize their wits and not just brute force to put one over on people. All street thugs are good for in such media is to be quick fodder for the heroes to do away with. And of course, we can't have blacks looking bad in media, for we might tie them with real-life experiences and actually connect the dots. All they can do in the meantime is to attempt to scare and dissuade us from doing so, and it is a failing stop-gap measure at best. With the internet TNB cannot be avoided anymore. Once you get a hunch and start looking for answers you will find them, and they all state the same thing. They are not like us.

Valkyrie said...

Great now the have to turn Batman into a pussie!I suppose next he will have a black sidekick to replace Robin.They ignore the fact that being a rich Whiteman enables him to fight crime more efficiently.But then of course that's not what we are supposed to notice we are told that his gentrification of the neighbourhood is hurting people.What Bullshit!I will never buy another batman comic again.And I have been buying them since about 1964!

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but apparently heart attacks have now been accused of being racist:


I wonder if like all other outcomes, it has something to do with the errant assumption that we are exactly the same?

And blacks are more prone to diabetes as well... more racist diseases and ailments must be the cause of that as well.

It is funny how they can never stand by the data collected. There ALWAYS has to be some non-scientifically based explanation for why blacks and whites don't fare the same.

An example from the article:

“They more often live in low socioeconomic segments of our community that often have less access to health care resources and less access to stores with good nutrition,” Cigarroa said by email. “In addition, these segments of our community are often not ideally configured for promoting physical activity with parks, sidewalks, bike lanes, etc.”

Because we all know that blacks are all natural health-nuts, but they are forced to eat garbage because their immediate environment. Isn't this basically the same thing as saying that blacks are too stupid and lazy to seek out better options?

And then there was also the tub of lard in Ferguson who had 100% access to sidewalks that decided to walk down the middle of the street anyway.

Neanderthal Girl said...

"opened up narrative space"

This SJW phrase ...

If I hear this one more time I'm going to light my hair on fire.

GrimmTale said...

Everyone wants to be a Mr/Ms Smarty-Pants.
People are so worried about not being "hip", about not being smart. If you are not PC - which is considered knowledgeable, and hip all rolled into one, you're a dumbass. And of course, all of these smart people are really just afraid of being called racist, homophobic, antisemitic, a womanizer, not caring about the planet (global warming believer), most of all, they are afraid of being called STUPID!

These PC malcontents trip-over themselves to show just how much they love blacks, and lately, "The Gays" (specifically hollywood-elites where every woman movie-star has a 'pocket-gay' as either a fashion consultant, interior designer, or their very best friend). In today's world, it's very very important to appear smart. And in today's world, the way you do that is latch-onto every FAD that comes around and brow-beat anyone else who doesn't agree with it...thus launching yourself into smartness by how stupid you believe you've made everyone else look.

Then, of course, the other "FAD" of the decade is the BlackLivesMatter bullcrap. This is the motherload of smartness. Latch-onto that movement's lies, and browbeat everyone you know into submission, well, pffft ... you're destined for Sainthood!

I think REAL smarty-pants-ness will win-out in the end, but it's got a long way to go before that end.

Mutant Swarm said...

Three thoughts:

1. Anyone here know of an industrial rock group called Ministry? They wrote a song called Jesus Built My Hot Rod. I'm going to see if I can get ahold of them for a new version called Batman Drives A Prius.

2. Regarding Batman: Once he goes black, I'll never go back.

3. Why are adults still reading comic books in the first place? They're meant for kids.

Anonymous said...

This new Batman comic is gonna be huge. Comic book geex are just dying to be lectured to about social justice.

Next: Superman beats up Donald Trump!

Anonymous said...

"what kind of adversary is a black thug?"

How about "Muggaman"? Working hard by night to feed his fambly (and his habit), by day an aspiring raper struggling to turn his life around!

Anonymous said...

I can’t tell you what’s worse. 1) The fact that the subjects in the c-book in the first place. 2) The white trash that’s soaking it up.

It baffles my brain. I’m sick to my stomach with poor blacks being the victim of the world. Why don’t they just come out and say it once and for all. “White people!, stop everything you’re doing immediately, turn to the first negro you see, kneel down and give them your life!” “They are the victims of the ages, their suffering is a direct consequence of YOU!” “They are the chosen people, beg forgiveness and accept them as your master."

Show them real social justice warroir, never buy another comic book. I hate negroes, I owe them nothing!

Anonymous said...

"Instead, what he has to learn is that the problems that he’s facing in today’s city are much more humbling, are much more complicated.”

Blacks commit vast amounts of crime and the "civl rights" movement and white guilt has escalated and mutated so badly that it is now considered racism to enforce ANY kind of Law or Rules on blacks, it is even racism to defend yourself if your attacker is black.

That isn't complicated.

chattanooga gal said...

off topic, but in n Carolina, a police chief just had to retire because he called black lives matter a terrorist group on his facebook page, as well as saying several other very true things about the culpability of Obama and the media in recent cop killings.

Anonymous said...

That's a good point about black super-villains being unbelievable. Samuel L. Jackson played some lispy black billionaire bad guy in a movie recently (I did not support the film at all, a guy at work was watching it on a pirate website), and the whole thing came off as astronomically contrived. No, not everyone out there sees it as clearly as we do, but the intense pleading for us to "buy in" was apparent. There was nothing redeemable about the entire affair.

George Zimmerman was patrolling his neighborhood just like a self-styled vigilante, and look what he got for his troubles. All so often, society is "against crime", until they see the inevitable conclusions of what "fighting crime" looks like. You think eliminating low-level drug charges is going to even out the disparities in the criminal justice system? Allowing incarceration only for dangerous criminals will further exacerbate the divide!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen or read a comic book in.........God I don't know how long. Comic books, as far as I know, are still for children. This is just a continuation of they're just like us bullshit.
When anyone says the problems of crime and black people in large cities is complicated, or the waters are muddy, they just look stupid. We all KNOW what the problem is.


Anonymous said...

While it's all well and good to look at the symbolism in comic books, meanwhile the negroes are running the streets, terrorizing us, and breeding out of control. The orc that will rape your (now) infant daughter in 15 years was born yesterday in St Louis.

This has to stop.

We need to live in REALITY! DO something!

When I grew up in NYC there was a citizen group called the Guardian Angels. We need a modern White version of that. They go into niggerhoods that border Human areas and patrol. Protect the Human encampments from the invading Morlocks. Do it legally, and call the police to actually grab the criminal n*gs, but be out there in force watching & filming these things. Corral them into their areas and let them self-destruct. Time to dust off the idea of citizen militias. We have been invaded.

Anonymous said...

I think the modern version of Batman would be the Bane character in the last Nolan film, only he would be terrorizing and eventually destroying a movie version of today's mostly black cities like Baltimore or New York, not some fabled white city of the 1930's. Police wouldn't be fighting or really trying to stop him in any real way, mainly because they have been sold out by the black government and hated for doing their job by the black population that views thugs and drug dealers as heros and martyrs. Into this, our hero terrorizes the city for the abomination that it has become. He bombs the black expo, he sets ablaze the Michael Brown Memorial, he lures Black Lives Matter protesters to riot in the street then detonates explosives planted in the sewer beneath them. He sabotages any roads or highways to prevent shipments to supply stores, thus worsening the food desert. Then he just sits back and lets the black people eat each other.

Anonymous said...

This is just another example of "borrowed profundity". Right now, the level of intellectual discourse in this nation is so low that any musings at all about "issues" like BLM reads as an "important confrontation" with "socio-political" dynamics.

Never mind that the only thing you need to do to be considered "daring", "controversial", "brave", or "probing" is to parrot the PC mantra.

e.g. that pos Colbert wearing a BLM bracelet. How brave of him! F-cking bullshit!

I remember buying comics when I was a kid back in the 1960's. I was a big D.C. fan, and loved Superman, Batman, Flash, et al. I remember how Marvel came along with "social problems" and "troubled characters", and everyone thought D.C. was really old-fashioned then. Comics occasionally "took on" issues like the Vietnam War or the Hippie movement in the late '60's to look more "relevant". I don't think anyone cared too much. They were borrowing "controversy" and "immediacy", just like the Batman writers discussed in PK's article.

Now, if they really wanted to be daring and court controversy, have Bruce Wayne realize his social charities are perpetuating ignorant breeding of new generations of charity cases while as Batman he is forced to stop a BLM march that turns violent. That's a comic book I might buy, and I haven't purchased one since 1968.

Pat Boyle said...

Sorry but I have nothing worthwhile to contribute about comic books. I used to read them religiously until I was about twenty and I still watch the comic book movies, but somewhere along the line my 'inner child' seems to have died.

This last week I have been researching a comment by 'Philadelphia Mike' contesting my statements about the Out of Africa (OOA) hypothesis. I was trying to summarize what I believed to be the current consensus position by anthropologists. I'm not an anthropologist myself so I wasn't trying to offer some position based on my own research. It's hard enough simply to understand what the various schools of thought are. I don't know enough to develop an independent position.

But Philadelphia Mike listed some references and I started looking into them. I am a long way from finishing, but so far I think, he is right and I was wrong. The Non-Out of Africa theory seems very solid. I think it's very likely that the consensus is wrong. The principal researcher is Anatole Klyosov - a brilliant guy.

His review of OOA is devastating. It seems that in 1987 with the idea of 'Mitochondrial Eve' the popular press got seduced by the notion that the first modern humans were Africans. This was politically popular, but the actual evidence was almost non-existent.

I'm reminded of the idea that circulated a few decades ago about the origin of iron. Someone found an iron making site around a camp fire in black Africa. They concluded that iron making originated therefore in Africa. I also remember some interpretation of some scratches on a stick found in black Africa as evidence that some branch of mathematics (calculus?) was first discovered in Africa.

What these anecdotes show is that there are a lot of white liberals who will attribute all sorts of accomplishments to black Africans - no matter how implausible. The whole OOA theory is beginning to look like another example of this phenomenon.

Thanks Philadelphia Mike.


Anonymous said...

Why is Snyder talking about gentrification? Ferguson was invaded by Blacks and is not being gentrified.

Who even buys comic books? It seems like a retro thing when there are PS4s and iPads around.

The story holds not just Batman but the book’s “white readers accountable for their complicity in the real-world situations that the comic analogises”.

Do SJWs not realize this is a fictional character?

Pat Boyle said...

I'm also reading a big (700 page) history of white colonialism in Africa ('The Fate of Africa'). I'm at 'Mau Mau' now. Maybe the 'Black Lives Matter' activists might want to meditate on that history. In the central four years of the conflict 32 whites were killed. At least 80,000 blacks died and probably many more.


Anonymous said...

"... suppose next he will have a black sidekick to replace Robin."

Meet Batman's new partner ... Robbin'.

Anonymous said...

I was 14 when that movie came out, I saw it 3 times in the theater and I do remember noticing that ALL of the street thugs were white. Living in Chicongo I knew this was clearly inaccurate.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"what kind of adversary is a black thug?"

How about "Muggaman"? Working hard by night to feed his fambly (and his habit), by day an aspiring raper (emphasis added) struggling to turn his life around!

September 16, 2015 at 5:24 AM

Shouldn't that be "rapper?" Oh well, I guess the sentence works either way, doesn't it?

berek halfhand said...

Anon above

"...by day an aspiring raper struggling to turn his life around!"

Aspiring raper? Was that deliberate?

Anonymous said...

Re Pat Boyle
That was then, when the European colonial system was stiil intact. Check out the stats for South Africa for a glimpse at what life under blackie is like. I recall talking to a white SA female in a college cafeteria. A black women walked past with a bit of Africana in her style. I heard " ugh " openly spoken. First time in a long time I've heard that. " I hate those people" was said soon after. You can guess the content of my questions ( naive ) and her response ( very world-weary ).

Anonymous said...

Next issue: Batman battles gender identity disorder

Anonymous said...

From the Washington Post:


Summary: Blacks can't figure out farming and they need whites to help them.

Anonymous said...

"A Peoples' History" did not achieve its sales figures through retail--it was bought (and continues to be bought) in gross by school boards and colleges.

Both Zinn and Diamond have created egalitarian fantasies for Whites that don't want to face the reality of genetics. Peoples' History reads like an anti-White rant from an 8th grader. It's not as popular as Guns, Germs and Wishful thinking but is still required reading for many college classes. Zinn at least admitted his bias but Diamond is actually revered as an objective Academic even though he refuses to debate his book in public.

Both books are a sad testament to how much liberals do not want to face the reality of race. According to Diamond even the Aboriginals and San Bushmen would have skyscrapers and nuclear power if they had been dealt a better geographic hand. The Bushmen have the smallest brains in the world but according to Diamond that is irrelevant and they would be building computers if they had been placed in the right environment.

I honestly doubt Diamond believes even half of what he wrote. What he understands is the liberal mindset and how desperate it is for racial explanations that remove genetics from the equation.

The great irony is that liberals demand that evolution be taught in classrooms but won't even consider the obvious (to the realist minority) that Aboriginals and Bushmen are a more primitive version of man. They desperately want to believe there is NOTHING to race but skin color and that the Diamond/Zinn fantasies are correct.

Anonymous said...

"Most controversially, Snyder’s story shows 15-year-old Peter Duggio shot in the stomach by Gotham police veteran Ned Howler. Duggio is shown frightened, emerging from a fight in his father’s bodega with a local gang, and before he can respond to Howler’s demand to lie down, the officer mortally wounds him."

Look at this nonsense.

So.....let me get this right: a GANG MEMBER (a negro named PETER, lol) is IN A SHOOTOUT (obviously with an illegal firearm since the negro thug is 15) with other GANG MEMBERS and when the Police respond the GANG MEMBER WITH AN ILLEGAL GUN HE USED TO SHOOT AT OTHER GANG MEMBERS refuses to comply with a Lawful Order so the Officer shoots the THUG before the THUG can shoot anyone else..........and we are to conclude that the POLICE OFFICER is the Bad Guy here!?

If my 15 yr old child was shot by the cops right after he was SHOOTING AT PEOPLE WITH A STOLEN GUN it would never even occur to me to blame the cop for killing him. But then again I am not a 60 IQ moron with a victim complex.

This ridiculous bullshit has got to stop.

I'm actually kind of shocked that this Batman storyline portrays the negro as a criminal engaged in multiple Felonies before the cops shoot him. I would assume these backwards liberal retards would have the cop be some inbred, neo-Nazi bloodthirsty racist murderer and the negro would be an innovent child skipping along with some skittles on his way to donate his to a children's hospital.

Thank God for this blog. It seriously gives me hope to see so many others who can see the plain Truth, that I am not in aome sick Twilight Zone. I have tried other sites like Chimpmania but every anti-negro forum is heavily moderated by politically correct authoritarians who ONLY allow criticism of negroes. ANY mention of how jewish media and entertainment industry billionaires are responsible for pushing niggotry and BLACK RUN AMERICA quickly gets deleted and they immediately warn you that you will be BANNED for "bashing religion".

It's a shame. There are good people there as Members, but I just can't tolerate the severe and constant moderation of my points. Like someone somewhere once said "complaining about blacks without addressing the root cause of our Black Problem is like complaining about the water all over your floor while refusing to notice the hole in the roof."

Who would have thought anti-negro forums where literally every post has the word "nigger" in it, are some of the most politically correct forums on the internet.

Keep up the good fight, Mr. Kersey. I truly believe that your work is effective, I have directed all of my friends and family here and they all enjoy it. I will be buying all of your books for my children to read as well as just leaving copies in conspicous public places.


World_War_Me said...

"Robbin" !!! ROTFL!!!!

Anonymous said...

I visited Chicago as a kid and seeing the seeing the destruction had a profound effect on me.

The Africanization of an area has to be seen in person. Not just the destruction but the overall vibe they have in large groups. They have a chaotic and disorganized vibe that is very unnerving. Do Whites just get used to the feeling that random violence could occur at any moment?

The other odd thing about Africans is the loitering. For whatever reason Black males will just stand around a street in the middle of the day and stare at the cars that go by. When I was in Florida there was a park that was packed with Black males just standing about a foot apart. They were all standing there like zombies in a zoo exhibit. There must have been at least 50 of them all standing there in this small park by a highway. It was one of the oddest things I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I don't even like most of the people for whose rights and very existence I advocate. They're going to get what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

I saw Ministry on their "A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste" tour, and my ears were ringing for five days.

Anonymous said...

In my recent experiences, most comics fans--still predominantly male and white--are fully onboard the multicultural bandwagon, pathetic anti-racist pro-feminist cuckolds who applaud every time another white male character is turned black, female, or Muslim. There's no reason to think they won't continue to devour this crap. At least most of them are and always be virgins who will never reproduce.

Anonymous said...

re: RexHymens and Chimpmania:

Not to bash on a fellow race-realism site....BUT....I hung out at Chimpmania for a while a few months ago...the thing I like about SBPDL is that we get to engage in some intelligent debates here. Over at CM, it is really all about using the "n word" and getting away with it. The site does a good job of exposing crimes perpetrated by Negroes though.

If you want to see what local news stations try to hide, CM is a good clearing house. But don't go there expecting deep conversations about DNA. It's a very "populist" place with less of an intellectual side than we have here.


Excuse me: That should be BATPERSON.

Anonymous said...

They cried about how racist the housing projects were in Chicago. Now they cry about not having them. All while living rent free. Some types are never satisfied.

Anonymous said...

… Instead, what he has to learn is that the problems that he’s facing in today’s city are much more humbling, are much more complicated.”

What a load of crap. I am not "humbled" by the "problems" in the cities. The "problems" are not "complicated". The "problems" are and always have been negroes. That doesn't humble me (or anyone with half a brain). It infuriates and enrages me.

NJ Woman

P.S. I hope to see a PC updating of Little Lotta as an obese negress trapped in a food desert with no smart fashion choices for "women of size" - other than the bow in her weave, of course.

unknown google profile said...

Well said. I was wondering about the writers mental capacity myself, since walking out of a gang fight in a city/inner city environment and not obeying the police command to get down automatically makes one a target, but you addressed it better than I would have.

Anonymous said...

The comic book writers don't respect their audience. During the heyday 25 years ago, I took my son to a signing at a comic book store and a female writer was sitting there reading a book. This with a line of 200 fans waiting for various autographs. And even back then, there were the themes of the abused and oppressed sneaking into the stories. Superman stopping the abusive, drunken father and that kind of thing.

AnonymousX said...

"Both Zinn and Diamond have created egalitarian fantasies for Whites...."

Anonymous, they didn't create the fantasy they merely updated and repackaged it into marketable form, rode a wave that they didn't create, and made good money. Just like so many other court jesters, into which you can deposit the likes of everyone from Barack Obama to most self-styled truth seekers down to the public school level.

Of course, the origins of anything are debatable; my favorite is World War II and its immediate aftermath: Nazi, and later, Communist depredations were so extreme that Western publics began to define themselves in opposition to anything that looked like racialism. (After WWI and II, the Europeans were, and remain to this very hour, exhausted culturally. They're done, although I'm hoping that at some future point there will be an acceleration of white migration into the U.S. from what is rapidly morphing into Eurabia.)

During the Cold War, a favorite leftist meme was that the U.S. would lose unless it began to show more racial tolerance. After all, we couldn't practice racial discrimination at the same time we were attempting to woo a variety of brown- and yellow-skinned Third Worlders to the cause. Thus the left had figured out a way to kill Jim Crow in the name of national security! To do that, they also needed a New Model Negro to reassure whites that the race wasn't the violence-prone, syphilitic shufflers of days gone by. And Voila! Sidney Poitier, MLK and the rest of their comfortable ilk show up. Obama is only the most recent iteration of this.

Remember this: before Zinn and Diamond had lifted a pen, Illinois Governor Otto Kerner led the commission that told the rest of us that it was YT's fault. Zinn and Diamond only provided the footnotes.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who saw Straight Outta Compton?

I don't buy into the "Jews are the puppetmasters of the world" theories. They know what sells, and for a people so strongly affiliated with communist/Marxist/socialist thinking, they're great capitalists. The blacks want gangsta rap, we'll sell them gangsta rap even if it's morally objectionable.

Anyway, Straight Outta Compton was very anti-Semitic. The villians in the movie are the LAPD and the JEWISH manager who JEWS them out of all their money because he's a JEW and that's what the JEWS do.

It was also really sexist and promoted a gang lifestyle, but you'll never see these things criticized in the MSM because blacks are above reproach.

I could write a whole critique of the horrible values of the movie, but everyone would call me a racist, and being a racist is worse than whipping a toddler on the balls with a switch.

Anonymous said...


Off topic, but apparently heart attacks have now been accused of being racist:

If you are a hammer, everything looks like....????
The SJw will continue to twist the truth,

food deserts


There is a well armed and extremely violent military force that is slowly and surely setting up bases in America. This has been going on for years. They are well entrenched and well funded. They are financed and supported by a large percent of the population. They are known as the FSA (Free Shit Army). This group is different than most military forces as they do not use any type of recruiting. To be a member of the FSA you have to be BORN INTO THE ARMY. Trillions of dollars has been spent on breeding programs (AKA...Welfare) and the FSA gets bigger and stronger by the day. The newly born members are secretly trained in how to get all the FREE SHIT THEY CAN WITHOUT HAVING A JOB. This is know as equality and social justice.

Someone somewhere had the idea of fighting poverty by paying poor people to give birth to more poor people. By increasing the number of poor people this would help create more government agencies so that more people COULD ALL JOIN HANDS IN HELPING THE POOR (AKA...Free Shit). The additional hired help were known as SOCIAL WORKERS whose job was to give away even more free shit.

The better organized members of the FSA become Community Leaders, Senators, Congressmen, and Mayors. Those at the top spend all of their time working the system so they can GET AS MUCH FREE SHIT AS POSSIBLE. This has worked so well that these LEADERS will hire 10 to 12 friends and family members just to answer their phone (AKA...No show jobs). To keep the free shit flowing those at the top spend money with business operators (AKA...drug dealer and hookers) at the lower ends of the money pyramid. The FSA has set up their own military bases and control entire urban areas (AKA...Large Cities) with the sole purpose of getting ANY FUCKING THING THEY CAN FOR FREE. Youth groups are employed (AKA...street gangs) to maintain the flow of free shit at the street level (AKA...crime) so the COMMUNITY LEADERS can apply for more FREE SHIT from the working class and government so they will have more money to help fight crime and poverty. By getting more free shit they can stand united in the fight against street violence.

The largest numbers in the FSA are from Africa and Mexico. Soon the FSA will be taking in millions of new members from the Middle East. This may cause problems since all these people HATE EACH OTHER. The only unity they share is their mutual hate for white people who are the ones giving them all that FREE SHIT.

Anonymous said...

"Am I the only one who saw Straight Outta Compton?"

I would much rather dig my own eyeballs out with a red hot teaspoon.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Too much bullshit. Was looking at tents today. I was comparison shopping. I went to Cabelas, Academy and of course Wal-Mart.
I dont recall which store I was in, but on one tent box, there was a picture of the tent, set up in a meadow with snow covered mountain peaks in the background.
Sticking out the flap was a dumb negro head with a "feed me" look on his face.
When hurricane Katrina hit, negro sows were "horrified" at the thought of having to live in a fema trailer.
Hmmmm.......maybe next time the feds should send tents. Am I reading this wrong? Negroes prefer tents?!


joshrandall said...

This Scott Snyder POS is a real SJW comrade.He teaches at Sarah Lawrence,he is a grad of Columbia.I wonder if Batman resides in the Bat Crib?

awakened white said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Am I the only one who saw Straight Outta Compton?"

I would much rather dig my own eyeballs out with a red hot teaspoon.

I rather watch paint dry.

D-FENS said...

I wonder if Zinn and Diamond had ever met each other. American Sociological Association? Church?

Californian said...

This affair is one more example of how BRA corrupts every institution it touches. Everything and everyone must bow down before the cult of the poor widdle victimized African! Even comic books (ahem, "graphic novels").

Of course, it would be unthinkable for graphic novels to portray the reality of black crime in America, or black barbarism in Africa. How about a Batman who rescues victims of flashmobs or farm-attacks? Can't do that, it's all YT's fault!

It reflects BRA's bizarro world (to use another DC meme). The world in which blacks who wreck civil order are not to be held accountable, but a mysterious force called "institutional racism" is the villain (I wonder if Institutional Racism wears a cape?). In the bizarro world, "shots ring out" without human agency, and "streets go wrong" to ambush the unwary "teen." And let's not forget that Gotham's major industry shall now be "aspiring rap" since that's the occupation of most of its black denizens.

As for the cops? Looks like they've become the villains these days, in Gotham, Baltimore, Ferguson and increasingly across the Homeland.

BRA = Batman Rescues Africans

Anonymous said...

To Ex New Yorker

You commented a while ago that you were familiar with New Mexico and the strange things going on there and went on to say that you didn't want to comment about it.

I don't want to press you into anything, I'm just curious if you could simply acknowledge anything in regard to Dulce. No details, just a simple yes or no would suffice.

Thanks in advance

Californian said...

During the Cold War, a favorite leftist meme was that the U.S. would lose unless it began to show more racial tolerance. After all, we couldn't practice racial discrimination at the same time we were attempting to woo a variety of brown- and yellow-skinned Third Worlders to the cause. ... Remember this: before Zinn and Diamond had lifted a pen, Illinois Governor Otto Kerner led the commission that told the rest of us that it was YT's fault. Zinn and Diamond only provided the footnotes.

Your point is well taken.

Both World War II and the Cold War created exigencies which made segregation a political liability. But that begs the question of whether or not the USA should have gotten involved in those conflicts from the get-go, or if we did, to look at the tactics. The idea of winning over newly independent third world countries during the Cold War was a driving force in US foreign policy at that time. But did it make any sense? To do so, we had to throw the British, French and Portuguese (white) empires under the bus, as well as eventually come down on South Africa.

For example, in November 1956 the Eisenhower administration opposed the British-French military seizure of the Suez Canal. As a result Britain and France withdrew from Egypt. But did that gain the US any respect in the Third World? I don't think so, given the massive wave of anti-Americanism which followed in Asia and Africa. US foreign policy undermined Western (white) unity, opening the floodgates of third world militancy which now takes the form of the latest wave of invasions into Europe. Let's also note that MLK, after being given everything he demanded, stabbed LBJ in the back by opposing the Vietnam War.

A more logical policy would have been to have supported a Western (white) world order, abroad and at home. A united white world order could have taken on any number of foes. But liberal ideology drove the show, and we are paying for it today, from Baltimore to Calais.

By the way, it is worth reading the Kerner Commission report because it does show which way things were headed way back in the 1960s. I have a well thumbed copy on the bookshelf.

Anonymous said...

The re-education of the goy is never finished. If you want to know more about the animating force behind the injection of this b.s., try reading "Superman is Jewish? How Comic Book Heroes Came to Serve Truth, Justice, and the Jewish-American Way". Have a bottle of Pepto handy while you read.


SC Native said...

Excellent comment, I've wondered about the facial recognition "fiasco" too. Leave it to AI to see what the average leftist can't.

I wonder if the new kind of negro discovered in SA is where this genetic material hails from for one simple reason. I don't know if anybody else caught it if they read the article on homo nadeli (sp?) but the bones were light, ie not heavy like a rock (fossil) and have not been dated. The official line is there was no debris in the cave to date. That's possible but unlikely since this cave had to have a closer entrance to the location where the remains were found. It's just too difficult to reach the area from the current location.

When I saw the reconstruction I thought it looked very familiar. I bet I'm not the only one....

Anonymous said...

For those who don't believe in genetics, is there a SINGLE full-blooded Australian Aborigine that has done anything impressive in the realm of cognitive functioning?! Like become an architect, or medical researcher or computer designer, etc etc?


I read they are even dumber than Sub Saharan orcs so that's dumb!!

Jus wondering...

Anonymous said...

Or choice is pretty obvious, and stark:

We either abandon our infested areas and let the DWLs be devoured by their pets, or we kick both orcs and libtards out of the country.

What's it gonna be?


For Anonymous at 4:12...ABOUT DULCE.

All I know about Dulce is what is already in the printed material, a lot of which is dis-information. UFO's are a subject I would suggest people stay away from. It is not for the meek. That level of weirdness is something most people are not able to handle.

Anonymous said...

Even the new Superman comics show him standing/defending black protesters from racist police.

Anonymous said...

Batman is needed in New Rochelle outside New York City to protect their daycare centers. Shootout occurred in front of one yesterday in the heart of DWL land. No word on the skin color of the shooters so we must assume they are orcs, or Chicanos. Probably black orcs, knowing that area.

Amazing, watch the press hide these shooters photos even though they are in custody.

Big media is a PR agency for n*ggers!


Anonymous said...

EX NEW YORKER's comments about the FSA is the best and most truthful thing I have read on this site in a long time! Outstanding! 4.0

AnalogMan said...

Anon said

And I abandoned t.v. a decade ago, so now it is just the intrusive internet ads that I have to deal with.

No, you don't have to put up with them. There are browser add-ons that will fix that for you. check out AdBlock Plus or uBlock. Probably others.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker:

My thought was obvious attempt to link this site with tin foil hat, conspiracy crowd. Stay on point, avoid the bait.

Euro American said...

OT: whoaoaoaoa...stayed at a hotel, child turned on television. What an incredible assault of brainwashing.
Commercials show a beautiful soccer team of white children, one innerly smiles and then, bang, they hit you with a black team...
The crunching of pleasing white images followed with those of blacks, the relentless goofy whites being straightened out by superior blacks,
The white socializing always portrayed as including at least half blacks.

Finally relief: Nikolodean showed "Full House" and the History Channel had the history of Disney. Gawd to feast one's eyes on all those white imagineers, all the white construction leaders...we just jumped back and forth between those two channels.

An intelligent hotel franchise somewhere would make staying at a hotel less onerous. If I owned a hotel, I would find a way to offer commercial free programming. Why charge customers $150 per night and force BRA brainwashing on them, too?

Philadelphia Mike said...

To Pat Boyle,

Thanks for hearing me out about the Out of Africa theory and researching it yourself.

I've learned that assuming nothing and questioning everything will eventually lead me to a correct answer.

Philadelphia Mike

Philadelphia Mike said...

To Pat Boyle,

Here is another good research article refuting the Out of Africa (OOA) hypothesis. I don't think that I listed this article before.


And I'm glad you've downgraded OOA to a hypothesis rather than a theory. It doesn't even have enough merit or evidence to meet the scrutiny of theory status.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

They tore down all the projects along the Lakefront and now the Gold Coast lives up to its name

And they sent the subhumans to the inner and outer ring suburbs and now it's the Democratic Republic of Chicongo

Anonymous said...

A more logical policy would have been to have supported a Western (white) world order, abroad and at home. A united white world order could have taken on any number of foes. But liberal ideology drove the show, and we are paying for it today, from Baltimore to Calais.

It wasn't just liberals. Conservatives have also supported all sorts of NWO policies. The first Gulf war was all about oil protection and was led by Republicans.

Most GOP Evangelical Christians believe in paint theory and think we can turn Ethiopia or Iraq into Norway.

Paint theory is really the main problem. Once you introduce the likelihood of racial genetics affecting culture both liberalism and conservative internationalism appear naive. It becomes harder to argue that White soldiers should be dropped into a third world hellhole "for democracy" if odds are the locals will screw up it anyways.

The end of paint theory would mean the end of liberalism and conservative internationalism.

Anonymous said...

Why do liberals have to ruin everything?

Mr. Rational said...

The world in which blacks who wreck civil order are not to be held accountable, but a mysterious force called "institutional racism" is the villain

These clichés are tailor-made for sound-bites and viral cartoons lampooning them.  Does the Dark Enlightenment/Alternative Right have anyone who can draw?  All it would take to make these phrases useless is to make them a cue for laughter, and it would take the social engineers years to push new ones into the memosphere.  Having their moral authority so destroyed might be a blow they could not recover from.

The end of paint theory would mean the end of liberalism and conservative internationalism.

The end of paint-job theory would begin a new era of colonialism, such as China is doing in Africa.  Only instead of trying to civilize the savages, we would simply pay them off in trinkets in return for not breeding, then take the land and its resources when they were gone.

Mr. Rational said...

Meet Batman's new partner ... Robbin'.

He lived on the streets where he learned to steal
Even swiped the hubs off the Batmobile
Batman thought he deserved a chance
But try to be a man wearin' short green pants
Rotten Robin, Rotten Robin,
Oh Rotten Robin you're a cotton-pickin' pain in the side

His parents got killed by the local mob,
For getting caught up in a little job.
Batman thought he should show some class,
But Jason's first law was "Watch Your Ass."

Rotten Robin, Rotten Robin,
Oh, Rotten Robin, you're a poster child for infanticide.

Commissioner Gordon said "The kid's a punk,"
Alfred found hot TVs in the Batmobile's trunk.
When he put in a stereo with a hundred-watt amp,
They wondered if they had the Jason from that camp.

He followed the Joker one dark day,
And got caught -- funny how it works that way.
So here ends the story of a damn rude teen,
Wrapped around a barrel of nitroglycer-een.

Rotten Robin, Rotten Robin,
Oh, Rotten Robin, you'll be soaked up with a blotter tonight.

("Rotten Robin" by Tom Smith)

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen, your new comic book superheroes:

Batmang, Supermang, Spidermang ...

C Lee said...

i'm sure most you on this site hate me. i'm a gay white male, though i hate that word "gay", and i have nothing to do with so-called gay-culture. i am board with some of the sentiments on this blog. the pandering of liberals and excuses made for the outright violence and even murder that is perpetrated by blacks makes me SICK!

C Lee said...

*meant I am board..

Infierior Infidels said...

O/T of this story, but as relative as it can get at the same time.

Hey PK, this might be a story you'd be interested in.

Here in good ole' Cleavewood, Ohio, yet another 3 year old child is innocently killed
in a "drive-by gone wrong". This now marks 2 children dead in as many weeks, the
other being a 5 year old child in another "drive-by gone wrong". The news stated
that the child and the female he was with were both at "the wrong place at the
wrong time" meme yet once again.

Harry Boomer, a news anchor for Faux news was on live TV yesterday stating not
only what the problem was, but that no other group in America is killing people
as much as his group of people. He asked these "thugs and gang members" what's
up with that. Well he called out part of it, but never got to the root of the
problem, which we all know what it is here...

Just add the following ingredients:

Black women.
Welfare state.
Breed sprogs out of wedlock.

Rinse and repeat! As many times as possible to get as many bennies
loaded on the first of the month on that ebt card. More sprogs, more funds
to fight the same poverty that they fund to make possible to begin with.

Links, from what I can find on the story thus far:


Also in other news in a urban cesspool suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.


A brutal beating inside a Maple Heights High School classroom remains under investigation.

Cell phone video captured the moments when a group of girls walked into the classroom and viciously beat 16-year-old Diamond on Monday, September 14.

Diamond's mother Sherece says the girls had been bullying her daughter since the start of the school year over her hair color.



Anonymous said...

C Lee said...

i'm sure most you on this site hate me. i'm a gay white male, though i hate that word "gay", and i have nothing to do with so-called gay-culture. i am board with some of the sentiments on this blog. the pandering of liberals and excuses made for the outright violence and even murder that is perpetrated by blacks makes me SICK!

September 17, 2015 at 8:40 AM

Sorry dude, you are no different. You are doing exactly what MSM and the Marxists
want you to do. The same with the lowly negro. You should live with them.
You have no place in my world with people such as myself. I guess the only
good outcome I can gather from a person such as yourself is that luckily,
with your mind state, that you won't breed. Thank goodness for that.
Now only if we could get your same counterparts to follow, to not have
them breed anymore useless sprogs (niglets). You are GAY. I'm sure the
elitists love you for that. Hell, they're the ones that made it possible
for you to come out the closet like you have. You're diseased, just like them !!!

Don't hate people that you have so much in common with !! It makes you a hypocrite !

Pat Boyle said...

On the issue of Neanderthals, there are as yet still many confusing issues. For example, it is now accepted that the Neanderthals had light skin and fair hair. The History Channel and such organizations have shown us dramatic recreations of Neanderthals meeting modern humans - AMHs (Anatomically Modern Humans) for the first time. Usually these AMHs are played by regular white actors. If you really believed in OOA then these AMHs should be negroid. But so far no documentary film makers have been willing to show that.

The question I have is why would the AMHs who lived in the heart of warm Africa be bothered with invading Europe which was in the depths of The Wurm/Riss ice maxima? Th principle Milankovich cycle seems to have been 100,000 years of ice and about 10,000 years of interglacial. The Milankovich theory has a lot of problems but no one doubts the climate pattern.

So why when central Africa is just about the only hospitable place on earth would people strike out into the hostile north? We have had these warm and cold cycles for about three million years and that includes the period when Homo Erectus moved out of Africa. Presumably early man went out during the warm phases. But the last one with AMHs took place in a cold phase.

I don't know, but I think we don't know the whole story yet.


Anonymous said...

C Lee said ”i'm sure most you on this site hate me. i'm a gay white male, though i hate that word "gay", and i have nothing to do with so-called gay-culture. . . “

Okay. Why did you feel that it was necessary to share that information with the rest of us? I have not read any comments suggesting that gay people are particularly fond of blacks so I'm just trying to understand the purpose of announcing a personal lifestyle that you believe many of us hate.

Inferior Infidels said...

Once again I'd like to take a moment to send a special thank you, first off to
PK, for offering all of us race realists a place to gather on and speak the
truth, as so many of you contributors do oh so well, in which is where my
other thank you comes in, to all of you "awakened" contributors! I can't
even put into words how intelligent and well versed so many of you are.

This IS my new daily newspaper. Actually it's been my new newspaper going
on 2 years now. I don't remember how I came across this site, but that's
besides the point, I'm just glad I did. I knew that I wasn't the only one
who felt the way many of you do here. I'm right along with ALL of you !!

Ex New Yorker, your comment today that you posted about the FSA is worth more
than the eyes can see. This posting in itself is so true it's absolutely
disgusting to even think that this is going on, on our own soil, right in
our own backyards. It's in mine. Too bad the stupid DWL's are so ignorant
to the facts that soon enough it'll be in their own backyards, too.
This is when I'll love to hear em squeal, where nobody is going to run to
save them, just as nobody is running to save us from the same folks they've
been brainwashed to idolize. I'll simply let karma take place in which they
will totally deserve in return. Thank you for the well put comment.
My thoughts exactly, I just couldn't put them into words as you so eloquently did!

I've been calling these FSA monsters "terrorists" for years now.

I've been awakened from my sleep. I see exactly what you fellow realists comment
on, on a daily basis where I live. The sad part of it all is, that no matter
where I move, that this psychological mind state will always exist as long as
I have to share the same soil I live on with these monsters. I truly wish I
could yearn for the day that our people react to the race war that has been
perpetrated against us. When I say react, I believe you all know what I mean
here, even though with the amount of stupid DWL's we're surrounded by, that
this will probably be something that never comes to fruition, as much as I'd
like it to. I think it's the very same reason why we have people like Dylann
Roof that know that they are solo in their actions in this vast land we live on.
He knew he was alone. I know that other than sincere realists that we have
here, which are far and few between, that I am far and few between where I

With that being said, just as in a commenter mentioned yesterday, I side with
them that I have lost all faith in a majority of my countrymen in this country,
with most of you being the mere exception to the rule. I wake up daily with the
feeling that we've already lost this war, that we're merely living out the after
death of it all. It's a sense of hopelessness that I don't seem like I'm going
to be able to overcome. Where it goes from here remains to be seen, but I think
we have a good idea of where it's going. It isn't good. My life might be cut
short in the process. If so, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I'm going
to be perfectly ok with it.

Until that day arrives, I thank each and every one of you yet once again for
the super intelligent contributions you all make to this site on a daily basis.
Your comments are truly the unadulterated truth, one that I knew already
existed somewhere out here. I'm glad that I was able to find it just to know
that I'm not alone in what I see. It's everywhere I look. It's everywhere I see.
It's everywhere that I don't want to be. They are nothing like us, never have
been, never will be. I'll call you all the family members I never had and wish
to God that I did. If race realists were an Olympic event, you'd all receive
platinum medals for your priceless contributions to this site, PK included !!

Anonymous said...

The FSA concept is indeed spot on! It actually extends all the way to big government itself - it's what all democracies can eventually become if the cancer of government growth/intrusion is allowed to metastasize (and what every negro "government" has always been and always will be).

Frédéric Bastiat called government "the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else." Free sh!t for the have-nots, cannots and will-nots is obviously a big part of that fiction. It's a classic broken window fallacy - in appeasing a small group of demanding have-nots, the population as a whole suffers, first in minor ways and eventually in ways which stymie production and technological progress and ways which foster monetary inflation and subsequent price inflation. This all works its way back to those demanding have-nots, who end up no better off than before. Meanwhile, everybody else is worse off ... except perhaps those in government or big banks, who often enjoy a windfall when new money is printed, as they are the first recipients of the new money and get to buy at current prices before inflation hits (this is an example of the "Cantillon effect").

Anonymous said...

Da Pastors in Cleavewood, Ohio are uniting to "end da violence of deez mean skreets"!

Local Faux 19 Negro news is airing da black negro pastors weighing in on da violence
on the streets. No mention of race of who's causing such violence, but we all know
deez mean skreetz be negro colored, too, so it's all relative.

I simply LOL at this circus freak show!

I remember back the day a radio talk show had a part called "Numb-nuts in the news"
which is relative to it's new name on tv "negroes in the news". Then they go on
to show some other negroes about some movie/play BS just to shed some light on
the oh' so positive things that negroes are capable of. Yeah right!

Simply fucking pathetic !!

Absolutely the lowest life form on the planet, hands down.

Anonymous said...

There was a non-canonical novel written by John Shirley called Dead White where the villains were...I kid you not...white supremacists. Not the Joker. Not the Penguin. Not the Riddler. White supremacists!

Anonymous said...

C Lee

Welcome aboard.

Not everyone here has negative sentiments about who or what you are.

We are all united in our stand against the black plague.

Don't pay any attention to the very few name callers.

They already chased away a very lovely young lady from here whose name I won't even mention lest they go into a rage.

Anonymous said...

@ C Lee: Thank you for being truthful. Thank you for being a race realist. I am glad to hear that you do not have anything to do with gay culture.

I do not hate gay people. What I hate, and many others along with me, is how gays, and blacks and muslims, go about getting their way. These groups do not want cooperation, give and take, or understanding the other side or opposition.
They use bully tactics, illegal means, law suits, destruction, and deception to accomplish their agendas. They get their way at the cost and expense of the majority. They have bullied and brainwashed the government at all levels to back them.

Anonymous said...

@September 17, 2015 at 11:33 AM

There was no out of Africa migration of 100k years ago. What you're seeing, assuming it's even correct, are Caucasians moving a bit north or south depending on the weather.During the last Ice Age about 12k years ago many Europeans over time moved into the empty southern areas of the mid east and Egypt although there may have been some micro climates in Europe where people were able to survive(Spain and France near the ocean and where those cave paintings are found, still cold but somewhat liveable). And btw, prior to that by many thousands of years the Cro-Magnon and the Neanderthal in Europe/Asia were likely the same species and we're going to have to consolidate some of these classifications especially after the skulls and bones found in Georgia in the same location of about 70k years old and where there were variations in skulls. If these had been found in different locations around the world they would be classified as different species of Homo.Let's also remember that we developed these classifications and they likely need some tweaking.eg. domestic dogs had their own species but not long ago they were reclassified as a sub species of wolf(because there wasn't enough of a difference to put them in their own species).
btw, Homo erectus have only ever been found in west Africa while Homo sapiens sapiens in the East.Caucasians were probably the original men and moved around a lot. I have no idea what was happening a million years ago but we know what the modern world beginning 10k years ago was like. 1 million people spread around Europe, Asia and N Africa and all Caucasian. The Far East had a handful of people and all the way over on the west coast of Africa there were a handful of people so it's unlikely that negroes migrated north and then turned white due to the sunlight.That tiny group became 1 billion today due to their population explosion that is still ongoing.Same in the Far East.

AnalogMan said...

Mr. Rational said...

Rotten Robin, Rotten Robin,

I love it! What a blast from the (distant) past.

AnalogMan said...

Pat Boyle said...

On the issue of Neanderthals, there are as yet still many confusing issues. For example, it is now accepted that the Neanderthals had light skin and fair hair.

This is confusing. I read that at least some of them had red hair, based on DNA sequencing of a few specimens; but that the mutation responsible for the red hair was not the same one that causes red hair in homo sapiens. So, we didn't inherit red hair from Neanderthals.

At the same time, I have read that humans in Europe were dark-skinned until about 10,000 years ago. So we didn't inherit fair skin from Neanderthals, either. Or, at least, it didn't become dominant until 20 millenia after the Neanderthals died out. Hard to credit.

As you say, we may never know, but I have hopes that genetic science will advance in future to answer a lot of these questions. And that society will recover from its present insanity to where the answers will not be taboo.

AnalogMan said...

C Lee said i'm sure most you on this site hate me.

Speaking for myself, and, I'm sure, others here, I don't hate you. My attitude would be the same if you had a disfiguring skin disease: I'm sorry you're suffering from your affliction; I'm sure you didn't ask for it, and you'd be happier without it. But I wish you'd be discreet, and keep it covered.

We don't want to hear about it, OK?

The ones I hate are the ones who parade it in the streets, or travel across three states to find a Christian baker who won't bake them a "wedding" cake, so they can sue him into bankruptcy.

You're not the only homosexual here, and I don't expect you'll have problems. Welcome to the conversation.

Anonymous said...

@ Pat Boyle

OOA THEORY does not require nor does it state that humans are descended from Negroids. One suspects that such a huge supposition is made by most DWLs who seem to love the OOA theory so much and that this is what appeals so much to them. It is more likely that if humanity is descended from a living race of man they are descended from either Capoids or Australoids. Apparently, some of the genetic findings support this theory. However, I am not a geneticist myself. Another poster above mentioned a Russian geneticist who does not adhere to the OOA theory. There is also an article by a non-geneticist, non-anthropologist who seems to be an Aboriginophile who claims that there have been many findings by geneticists refuting the OOA genitics claims of the 80s and he also claims that some genetic studies by geneticists indicate an Australian genesis of humanity. I have not yet tried to verify his claims about the geneticists' studies. He also claims that the OOA scientists themselves have said that not only was it never indicated by their initial research that there was a 100% surety that humanity was from Africa, their later findings made it seem far less likely and the work of other geneticists also made it far less likely. I will start by reading the geneticist mentioned above. He wrote a paper refuting the OOA theory. Again, it seems that nobody ever claimed that OOA meant that all of humanity sprang from the Negroid race. Furthermore, the earliear dated finding of an apparently Negroid skeleton is not very early, as I understand it.

Euro American said...

To the gay guy...no hatred here.
I am glad girls today realize the funny, smart boy who loves musical theatre and gossip is a friend and not a boyfriend. The end of unwitting beardhood.

Agnes, you are the best!

Also, enjoying the DNA talk. Yes...why does the Discovery Channel always show dark, wiry haired Neanderthals and "modern humans" looking like white catwalk models? Did they just come from Africa or not?

Pat Boyle said...

An anonymous wrote:
OOA THEORY does not require nor does it state that humans are descended from Negroids.

In fact the idea that all people descended from black Africans recently is a major tenet of OOA theory. Of course OOA is not a clear cut well defined formal theory. It is 'bushy'. There are lots of strains of but the underlying theme that gives it its power in the popular media is the image of negroes as the ancestors of us all.

It is more likely that if humanity is descended from a living race of man they are descended from either Capoids or Australoids.

This is a very non-mainstream idea. There is a problem for mainstream anthropologists in explaining how man got across the Wallace Line to Australia at all. I recently speculated on Cochran's blog that it might have been something like the Boxing Day tsunami. It seems much too early for deliberate boat building. But if the Australian Aborigines got to Australia (and they obviously did) it seems very improbable that they spread back to the mainland to recolonize the Earth.

Another poster above mentioned a Russian geneticist who does not adhere to the OOA theory.

Philadelphia Mike suggested the 2014 paper by Anatoli Kylosov. Again thanks but I had come across that paper from his references he gave me earlier. Kylosov is more than just a geneticist. He seems to be a an inventor of products and creator or plastics. Smart guy.

In any case OOA dates from 1987. The Human Genome Project was complete in 2002. The OOA speculations were made before anyone knew much about haplotypes, SNPs or much else. Kylosov uses modern tools and pretty much demolishes OOA.


Anonymous said...

I often feel like a German in 1933, terrified and disgusted by the increasingly deranged society I see around me, yet powerless to stop the insanity.

Anonymous said...

"I spent 11 years in a military career defending the American people. Then I realized that half of the people I was defending were pieces of shit."

Quote I saw on Reddit somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I see the author ignored all the exercise they get from home invasions, gun fights and running from the police.

Anonymous said...

Ministry of Truth got him. Any public servant who states the truth or otherwise dissents from the mandatory established narrative under his own name will be disappeared.

Anonymous said...

The problem and its solutions are very simple. They were eminently accessible to our forebears who lived in age with much less technology and education than we have. Black-White relations only seem to be complex because of the massive amount of time, energy, and rhetoric the alpha Elois pour into dancing around the issue, all to obscure the fact that the emperor has no clothes.

Anonymous said...

The Guardian Angels are coming back in NY and other cities. Curtis Sliwa is 63 now, and still going strong. He has noted that violent crime rates are regressing back to the numbers of the 70s and 80s. He has no use for BLM and blames them for much of the current environment of lawlessness.

Anonymous said...

I would willingly pay several hundred dollars to attend a screening of that film. And I don't think I'm alone.

Anonymous said...

I think comic books are mainly purchased by SJWs and 20-something bearded hipsters nowadays.

Anonymous said...

You guys are KILLING ME here

Anonymous said...

While there is still a good deal of controversy surrounding the topic, most experts are in general agreement that being a rapist does not necessarily preclude a successful career in the American rap music industry.

Anonymous said...

First he needs to overcome his household chemical hypersensitivity syndrome with the help of a panick attack support Chihuahua.

Anonymous said...

All farms taken over by blacks in SA go bankrupt and are abandoned in an average time span of seven years. I'm sure things are the same in Zimbabwe.

Anonymous said...

Back in the day when we had actual families and real communities, those problems were handled within the social network. Now we expect magical omnipotent deus ex machina entities like Superman or the federal government to swoop down into our lives and save us.

Anonymous said...

I would rather insert a feisty rabid ferret into my nether regions while repeatedly shoving my face into a giant pile of broken glass as David Hasselhoff sang "Hooked on a Feelin'" to me at ear-shattering volumes.

Anonymous said...

He was created by a couple of Jewish kids, after all.

Anonymous said...

Ghostery is excellent. I just jumped on the ad-block bandwagon a month ago. I wish I'd done it sooner. Within the last year, the ads have mutated from being mildly irritating to obsessively demanding your attention and severely affecting your ability to read the desired material. It's completely out of control. Without ad-blocking, I would have stopped reading most of my favorite sites completely.

Anonymous said...

Why do wolves howl at the moon? Why do birds eat worms?

It's what they do.

Anonymous said...

Chill out, relax, and be yourself. Everyone is sick of blacks. Even blacks are sick of blacks.

Anonymous said...

Personally I don't give a damn what people do in their own bedrooms. Just don't keep shoving it into my face, and then having a temper tantrum if I push back. I'm not required to accept your values any more than you are mine.

Anonymous said...

@ Pat Boyle

I was very surprised to see this:







Here is an article by a former schoolteacher but he does quote some genetics work by geneticists which I have not read and confirmed yet. Granted he is a layman and an Australophile. If his summaries are correct, the genetics work and conclusions are important and pertinent to our discussion:


Incidentally, here is a very interesting take on human variation:


RE: Theories of Australian and Capoid origins:

Australoids were for many years called “Archaic Caucassoids” because of their similarities to Homo Erectus, Neanderthal, and even Caucassoids on the phenotypic level. It was believed for many years that they were essentially a remnant population of ancestral Caucassoids. The Ainu of Japan were also placed in this classification along with others.

Many gentic charts or relationships have shown Capoids as somewhat closer to Negroid than Caucassians but far different and more along ancestral lines to both. It was noted by physical anthropologist experts on human variation, when such was allowed, that Capoids demonstrated phenotypic traits associated with, especially, Mongoloids and Negroids. Carlton S. Coon stated in The Origin of Races that the geographical position of Capoids and Negroids in Africa were reversed in Paleolithic times and that, furthermore, ancestral Capoid populations were not dwarfed as now but were full sized, quite tall and large. Recent genetic studies surprised the not so well informed geneticists because they found evidence of very early genes from Caucasoids among the Capoids of South Africa. I can’t find the link now. Carlton S. Coon found Khoisan phenotypic traits among some North African berbers and other Maghrebi and Near Eastern populations. Of course, the belief in the ancestral nature of the Khoisan people was based on they sharing of some phenotypic traits with Mongoloids and Negroids nor on this other relationship which simply illustrates relevant geographical locations. The article on the Australian origin of humans does make an interesting point about two different lines that had already separated in very early times (Capoids and Negroids on the one hand and Mongoloids and Cucasoids on the other?). Interestingly, a somewhat old Encyclopedia article that I read mentioned that on the biochemical level Caucasoids and Mongoloids were similar to each other and different from Negroids.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Also, anyone who could give a serious character the name "Ned Howler" is obviously a highly troubled individual, who should be examined in a psychiatric environment to ensure he is not a danger to himself or others.

Anonymous said...

They chillin', Bro!

Anonymous said...

I've heard there's two or three wealthy, elite Aboriginal families in Australia. They must have done something to get that loot. Although I suspect it was probably something like discovering diamonds under the bat guano in their cave.