Sunday, February 19, 2017

Blacks in 70% Black Ferguson Upset Police Department Deploy "Militarized" D.A.R.E Humvee

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Remember Ferguson, Missouri? 

The 70 percent black city was home to Barack Obama-approved black riots/black insurrection in 2014 (only becoming a majority black-city because of Section 8 vouchers destabilizing the quality of life white people had established there for decades) after Officer Darren Wilson defending himself while being attacked by Michael Brown. 

Well, Michael Brown has emerged as the true hero of the 2014 altercation and the Ferguson Police Department (and all cops in the St. Louis metro area) have become the villains in this ongoing morality play, which helps explain why an innocuous D.A.R.E Humvee has emerged as the vehicle of evil in the city[D.A.R.E. mascots name raises eyebrows in Ferguson,, 2-7-17]:
The Ferguson Police Department’s DARE vehicle got an update from a standard van to a newly decorated Humvee. 
On the side of the Humvee is the DARE mascot Daren the Lion. 
Ferguson Police Chief Delrish Moss said Daren has been the mascot for DARE since the 80's. 
Some Ferguson residents think that is an inappropriate name for a mascot in that area. 
In a post on the cities website Daren the Lion was spelled wrong, with two R’s like Officer Darren Wilson. 
"People thought immediately of Darren Wilson and that he is being lionized on the side of a militarized police vehicle in our community," said Ferguson resident Emily Davis. 
Moss said Daren the Lion was on their previous DARE vehicle and has been introduced to kids in Ferguson for decades. 
"To say that this somehow relates to Michael Brown or Darren Wilson is a stretch because this predates that incident and no one was thinking that way because we were innocently trying to appeal to children," said Moss. 
Some parents are also upset with the choice of vehicle, a Humvee. 
"These militarized vehicles were used during a military occupation of Ferguson during a stressful period of a lot of our children's lives," said Davis. 
Moss said the vehicle was donated to the department in 2011 and they wanted to use it for something fun. 
Some residents still feel like the new DARE vehicle is a slap in the face that the city and school district did not think through. 
Moss said they intended the vehicle to be used as a positive way to keep kids away from drugs and nothing else.
Daren the Lion replaced Yogi Bear as the mascot of D.A.R.E long, long ago, though for some reason people in the now 70 percent black city of Ferguson believe Darren Wilson is being 'lionized' with this honorific (with the Humvee a reminder of the need for a militarized response to the black riots/black insurrection befallen the city for much of 2014).

Let this be stated: Darren Wilson should be lionized and praised as the true hero of Ferguson, instead of being depicted as the villain.

Let this be stated: the militarization of the police is a direct response to the threat posed by Africans in America when they threaten to not only destabilize, but permanently overwhelm the civilization white people long ago established in a neighborhood, community, town, city, or county.

When we publicly celebrate Darren Wilson as the hero of Ferguson (and the man who helped expose anti-white racism in the black community and their primary allies in the mainstream media), we won't need militarized vehicles deployed in police departments: the threat to our communities will be gone.


When Daren the Lion is renamed, "Darren Wilson the Lion of Ferguson," we will know D.A.R.E is nothing more than a ceremonious relic of a horrifying past where we could not truly take the gloves off and declare a real war on drugs (executing illegal drug dealers and drug users as a means to end the allure of drug use).


Anonymous said...

How D.A.R.E. they?? Don't they know the Humvee is modeled after the Slavecatching Coaches that Whitey drove through the jungles of Africa, cultivating and stealing the Mother Continent's greatest crop?
The Bible says to beat your swords into plowshares; these po-leece Humvees need to be cut up and reformed into ice cream trucks. And don't you crackers D.A.R.E. try to hand out VANILLA ice cream to our proud young black chidren of color! We D.E.M.A.N.D. chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Anything that reminds the negro that he must be held accountable for his actions is a sign of racism and oppression. Civilization itself and civilized conduct is a sign of racism and oqpression. They are like a race of evil, violent, hyper-sexualized 10 year old. They want to be allowed whatever they want, whenever they want without consequence. When the natural results of their degenerate ways manifest themselves..."I dindu nuffin" "Aybah poda hep" See, it's not their fault. Must be the white man's doing. Alex from N. England

Anonymous said...

Why is the D.A.R.E. program even being bothered with in Ferguson? The article stated the program has been in place since the '80's - anybody see any signs of progress yet?

Well . . . ?

I thought so.

As to whether the Ferguson D.A.R.E. vehicle is too "militarized" - no. Not nearly militarized enough.

^ THAT's what needs to deployed on the streets of Ferguson, as well as Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit and too many other areas.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Those evil YT cops should be driving a new African import! Ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

Gee, when I think of Michael Brown, I think of the "racist" FEMA director who let thousands of blacks perish during Hurricane Katrina.

Imagine the pain confused negroes must feel if they think of the wrong Michael Brown is thought of when the name is heard.

If only one black is offended, that is too many. Ferguson must scrub all reference of Michael Brown from the city.

NC Realist said...

Was this a case of insensitivity or stupidity...or BOTH..? Either way both are characteristic trademarks of the lowly common negro. The negroes in Ferguson just CANNNOT get it right. Seriously......this is what you get when you put a negro in charge of ANYTHING. NEVER EVER trust a negro EVER.

Brian in Ohio said...

They could have rolled out a bass boat with Mickey Mouse on it and the blacks would screeched about it.

Anyway, that truck is the soft skinned version. Its got canvas doors for god sake. Good for parades or towing something, but no way in hell I`d want to patrol the street in that. It offers all the ballistic protection of a T shirt.

Communities like Ferguson should be patrolled by the military, because that's what they deserve. Police departments and their "outreach" bullshit aren't cutting it.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

Why not a picture of Michael Brown with a Halo above his Nappy Head? After all he dindonuthin. Nomesayin?

Anonymous said...

Is the writer condoning executing drug dealers and drug users?

Anonymous said...

The 1971 movie “Dirty Harry” was produced along the lines of all the crime and corruption the cities where experiencing 46 years ago. The “negro fatigue” was just as thick back then, but it was still touchable.

Now look at the majority in the land of immigrants & negroes. We’re ridiculed and belittled, hamstringed by one simple word. The infamous, all powerful, life altering, career ending scarlet “R” YT avoids it (or champions it) at all cost, even with their lives & the lives of their children.

Put a black face on it, hand it over to the minorities, let the least capable, the under educated and most corruptible be in charge. It’ll work out for the best interest of all Americans. Diversity is the key stone, the mortar, the backbone of this country. It’s not even going to slow down until there’s a black face behind every uniform & badge. After all, brown is Americas new color.

I call it “Destructive Indifference” The more indifference YT sows with the black mean, the more destruction he reaps.

Anonymous said...

Check out real estate in Ferguson, that tells you all you need to know.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha....damn good post. "Ice cream trucks"

Bill in St Louis said...

I would put money on it: No napa from Fergustan knew enough to be "offended" until told to be by a profiteer masquerading as an SJW . In some way, there is money to be made, or favours aquired, by stirring this particular pot. I have seen this several times: [[well-meaning]] (i.e. snake) nosy ass white points to something, accuses said object/person of "could be construed as racist/ism" in a public forum, and profits when the offender is fired, or the item must be replaced.
As far as having a militaristic vehicle on the streets, reminding the chilluns of a stressful time..... maybe you should act in a way that such isn't necessary? Ooops, i forgot , cause and effect are not a NAPAs strong suit.

Anonymous said...

Spring is coming and the Left is preparing for Fergusons all over the U.S. These riots will also include the egregious Hispanics who are already boiling over what they regard as their "right", both moral and legal not only to stay in the U.S. but to do whatever the hell they want. They and the nogs have no concept of legal or illegal, right or wrong. Might makes right in their eyes and they believe with Trump as president their days as illegal aliens are numbered. They will react, with encouragement from the Communists in their usual violent manner. Get thee prepared,
Spring is coming and so are the goblins.

N.B. There is no such thing as an "illegal immigrant". By definition an immigrant is a person who enters another country with the approval of that nation's government i.e. legally with the intention of obtaining citizenship. Someone who enters a nation without the permission of the host country's government no matter what their intentions is simply an illegal alien. Period. It is logically impossible for one to be an "illegal immigrant", all immigrants are legal by definition. People may enter a country legally under other terms such as a tourist, student, worker etc. without ever intending to obtain citizenship. They are also legal entrants to the U.S.

Words are important, the Left has created the fictional term "illegal immigrant" to define the limits of their arguments for letting the Third World flood the U.S. The false term "illegal immigrant" is meant to put the illegal aliens on the same footing as immigrants and others who enter the U.S. legally and are therefore entitled to remain in the country, become "legalized" ex post facto and turn the country into a Central American slum. Call them what they are, illegal aliens.

Anonymous said...

No, no, NO! You have the incorrect attitude about blacks in 2017.

Never mind those pesky statistics on black unwed birthrates, HIV infection, infant mortality rates, and welfare fraud.

It's time to celebrate our chocolate-coated sisters! #BlackGirlMagic is happening now in Indianapolis. This night of music, dance, and fashion will celebrate black women. Celebrating their interpretation of being a queen. It’s going to be kind of edgy but very regal - we wuz Quaynes n sheeeit!

Anonymous said...

OT: Indianapolis: IMPD increase patrols due to "rowdy teens", shots fired, and "fights" downtown because of warm weather on Saturday night.

Paul Kersey might be right about a big "event" happening in Indianapolis that will spark the race war.

This is very interesting because downtown Indy and the Mass Ave. area are increasingly becoming a high-end "boys town" for gay white men. I can't wait to see more conflict between the gays and the ghetto blacks. Might get ugly real quick. The gays have lots of money and agency. And they hate negroes.

What's it with warm weather and negro violence anyway?? No race mentioned in the story.

I would love to see the gays demand that the national guard be deployed to crack some black skulls in downtown Indy. Then Trump can take away their food stamps and HUD rent vouchers. Trendy Mass Ave. is full of black bums begging for money and harassing people at expensive bars and bistros. I know they are getting sick of dealing with these feral blacks, and will demand that something be done about it.

Anonymous said...

How about chocolate/vanilla ice cream 🍦🍫 liberals like both 😀😁😂

Anonymous said...

Do you bill from st louis. I use to think you're the same person

Race said...


Race said...

Excellent reminder!

Anonymous said...

Paul - Please, PLEASE focus on Indianapolis. Something terrible is happening. There are black mobs attacking white people. This sounds like WAR.

RevCharles Harrison ‏@charlesharriso5 3h3 hours ago
Police break up downtown fights, arrest four Saturday night … via @WTHRcom Why r we still having this problem?

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis: Local Jewish media focuses the story on a juvenile WHITE GIRL who was arrested during the black mob violence downtown Saturday night. This is a huge media coverup!!

I can't believe this crap! This is war!

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis Republican mayor Greg Holcomb promises to CUCK WHITE MEN and provide more confiscated white wealth to East Chicago for lead in the water.....and HUD vouchers????

"In addition we have emergency funding that will be coming to the East Chicago Housing Authority, it’s a significant amount of emergency funding that HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development)has actually said ‘we will approve this as soon as we get all of this (all the details needed) and so that’s what we’re trying to get done.”

What the fuck is going on here?? WE need to find out. They are planning to take everything for the negro equality experiment.

"...due to a lack of affordable housing and the other costs of moving that are not covered by the vouchers, residents had a difficult time finding housing and many were unable to move out."

These things are going to be shipped to white suburbs.

Anonymous said...

OT but.....Who knew there was a market for this shit:

White people should start buying, destroying and erasing it. Like they did in SC with the rebel flag!

Thank God February is the shortest mumff!


Anonymous said...

Of course they're angry. How the hell do you keep blacks off drugs? We all know that's a losing proposition.

Anonymous said...

well well well...I know a subject that works in law enforcement in and around that area the Ferguson Missouri...

Went thur that entire disaster...

and now this subject about the Humvee comes up....

upon further speaking with my friend I believe sadly that the police have been castrated in the area are the Metro st. Louis...the individual has stated at what really needs to be done is for All City county and Municipal Police to walk off their jobs for a three-day period and send a message to the citizenry that they are not going to be classified as second-class Citizens anymore...but according to my friend too many officers are committed to mortgages child support credit card statements car payments that this cannot be organized and done...

is a civilian wish that the police all across America would sit out for 3 days this would let everybody know the true nature of the Beast that is being currently contained....

to those of you that fear that the civilians would be victimized and such my friend tell me the reason the protesters in Ferguson kept their protesting and destruction of property in the business district and not into the residential areas was that the civilians were armed to the teeth and that these protesters we've all been sent to the ME....

I personally knew a one-family that between the husband wife and two kids each one had an AR-15 with 210 rounds which is a standard Battle Pack...

they were willing to defend their house from destruction sad that the police didn't feel the same way about the community...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they are running out of items that can make the nightly propaganda broadcast. BTW icre cream trucks. I just cant stop laughing. Worddog.

Anonymous said...

OT but demonstrates once again how entrenched is the DWL-SJW 'mindset' among so many 'institutional' agencies in this country and how we are paying to support the indoctrination of the downfall of caucasian 1st world values/ quality of life in this country:

I know a guy who got manipulated into taking on the life long supporting of the child of another guy who's now paying his own cash money to send this kid to this higher ed 'institution' in NY and its apparent that he's paying tens of thousands to allow for two ultimately worthless things to come to pass: getting this kid a 'degree' in music (one needs a 4 yr degree to play a guitar???) and a 'free' law clinic to help illegal aliens circumvent our constitutional laws and naturalization processes....

SMH...this is what being too kind gets about being a doormat for abuse...where's the common sense backbone that's needed, in some many ways/people in this country, to 'see' through the manipulative BS and throw off the parasites?...

Anonymous said...

My city rewards black thugs with free ice-cream trucks in the hood, Friday night pizza parties, back to school rallies, STEM information nights, computer labs, youth conferences, school poetry slams, free winter coats, and church sleepovers.

All funded by the taxpayer. And the blacks are STILL destroying my city. Riot control is not working anymore.

Anonymous said...

I've said before if any country really wants to destroy the United States, all they have to do is hack into and disable or crash the EBT servers. Once those cards don't load on the first or 15th of the month, there will be chaos and destruction like we've never experienced in this country.
---Yes, anyone with common sense knows that the democrats have created a monster.
100? million tax receivers.
When the checks stop, non Whites will riot.
The people who post here about the good Latinos are fooled by 'hard workers.'
I am in LA. I know Latinos will riot to loot. Its disgusting that we bring them in, or that the gov brings them in.

Bird of Paradise said...

When they insist on acting like wild savages when they riot loot burn and beat whites they will have to put up with the consiquences for their wild and uncivilized behavior

Race said...

I hope the sodomites bite them,lol

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Paul - Please, PLEASE focus on Indianapolis. Something terrible is happening. There are black mobs attacking white people. This sounds like WAR.

Sounds like!?! SOUNDS LIKE!?! The war officially started 4 years ago with Butterscotch Barry's second term. There's an all out attack on the priveliged white devil, male and female. It's all our fault they can't or won't assimilate and be productive members of American society even with all the coddling. A bigger problem now is the brainwashed white kid standing right next to you who bought into the bullshit. At least the 'groes are marked like chess pieces.


Bill in St Louis said...

Nope. Different ppl, same viewpoint.

PB said...

"Hahahahaha....damn good post. "Ice cream trucks"

Search older posts. Funny because its already happened.

Pat Boyle said...

The fat black woman in the video saw the Humvee and knew its purpose. It is a negro removal machine.

I had a similar experience last year when I went to the gun store to buy a shotgun. I don't shoot ducks or geese. I don't shoot skeet. I bought a 'tactical' shotgun like those the police use. They are designed for shooting criminals which means they at optimized of shooting negroes. Alas the negro sales girl who led me through all the paperwork seemed to be well aware of this fact. She radiated racial hatred.

Everyone should probably get a shotgun of their own if only because they are so cheap. The Chinese make a knock off of a Savage shotgun and sell it for peanuts. You can buy a real tactical shotgun for pocket change. My pistol cost almost five times as much as my shotgun.

One benefit of a shotgun is seldom mentioned - they are difficult if not impossible trace from their projectiles. That's why the assassins of Murder Incorporated used shotguns. The soft lead pellets deform when they hit their target and are therefor impossible for a police technician to match to the gun that fired them.

I'm not advocating any kind of assassination squad but consider a scenario like this. It's like the Rodney King riots and you are on top of your house with a gun. You could have a rifle or a shotgun. If you shoot someone who is trying to burn down your house with a rifle - you may stop him but the police and more importantly some civil liberties lawyer will be able to identify you from the markings on the bullets. If you used a shotgun instead your pellets can not be traced so your identity is safe.

There will still be conflict after the shooting stops. The federal government and its lawyers may pursue those who fired their pistols and rifles. If you kill some black kid with a Molotov Cocktail and he turns out to be only twelve - you will get to explain yourself in a black court room to a black jury. Not a pleasant prospect. With a shotgun you can't be identified by the fired projectiles. You remain anonymous.


Anonymous said...

That girl in that Indy story has "wigger" written all over her. Her mother is looking for "programs" to help her "at-risk" daughter resist going down by the canal and fighting another wigger over the attentions of a buck. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

But... they never invented the wheel.

Anonymous said...

Published February 16, 2017
· Associated Press
WASHINGTON – Members of the Congressional Black Caucus expressed bafflement and dismay Thursday after President Donald Trump asked a black reporter to set up a meeting with them.
Rep. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina said there is "an element of disrespect" in Trump's comment to journalist April Ryan, asking her whether she was friends with CBC members and could convene a get-together.
"He's not going to ask any other reporter to do that for any other group, so why did he do that to her? I think that was pretty instructive to me," said Clyburn, a veteran lawmaker and member of the House Democratic leadership. (How does Clyburn, or anyone else, possibly know who Trump would or would not ask??)
When asked whether Trump was implying that all black people know each other, Clyburn said, "I don't know what his implications were but that's my interpretation." (She admits in the link below that "I KNOW SOME OF THEM").

By ERRIN HAINES WHACK The Associated Press

Many blacks are expressing anger over an exchange between President Donald Trump and a veteran black journalist, with many considering it to be the latest indication of Trump's inability to relate to them.

Already skeptical of Trump, many blacks said they were exasperated by the fact that, during his news conference on Thursday, the new president asked April Ryan, longtime White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, to help broker a meeting for him with black lawmakers.

The exchange set off a firestorm on social media as many black people balked at Trump's suggestion of an assumed relationship between Ryan and caucus members because they are of the same race.

Susan Rice, U.N. ambassador under President Barack Obama's administration, tweeted an article about the exchange and called Trump's remarks "notably offensive."

"I'm also really pleased he didn't ask her to sweep and mop in the room where the press conference was being held," Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., a former Congressional Black Caucus chairman, quipped during an MSNBC interview on Friday.

Although Trump has said his policies will benefit blacks and predicted during his campaign that he would win the black vote, his support from black voters in November was about 8 percent.

Just before his Jan. 20 inauguration, Trump tangled on Twitter with civil-rights icon and Democratic Rep. John Lewis of Georgia. Civil-rights groups, and several blacks in Congress, were particularly opposed to Trump's nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions, whom they view as holding racist views, as attorney general. Sessions was confirmed.

Within days of taking office, Trump threatened on Twitter to "send in the feds" to deal with gun violence in Chicago -- a nod to his "law and order" stance to fixing the country's "inner cities" that chafed some blacks during the campaign.
Is this crap EVER going to end??
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

I guess you all have heard of Trump asking a black reporter to set up a meeting with the Black Caucus in response to her question of whether he was going to meet with the Black Caucus. He asked her if she could set it up for him. The reporter herself, and black leaders, went to nutsville, calling it "rayciss" and that Trump was assuming that all blacks know each other. The reporter admitted while talking to Trump that "I DO know some of them". I have noticed, They are packing the conferences with black "leaders", etc., all demanding Trump "meet" or "fund" or do SOMETHING for "their" group. He has been in office about a month, and no telling how many "special" requests he has gotten from black groups. I hope he comes down on special interest groups, which are racist themselves by very definition.
Also, someone commented a few posts ago about a tv show that features mostly (only??) whites. I would like to recommend a show that comes on Monday nights- Scorpion.
A group of geniuses - all WHITE- gather together to solve problems and crime.
Scorpion is said to be the last line of defense against complex, high-tech threats around the globe. Drawing on a diverse set of skills and experience, the team tackles a variety of problems, many of which are extremely complex. While they are frequently called into service by the Department of Homeland Security, they also accept work from private individuals and organizations.
There are few, if ANY, blacks in this show, and very little rap or hip hop, if any, blaring in the background. Can't recommend it enough.
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

If you are a clear-thinking, mature, intelligent person you will quickly see that ALL the problems we have with Negroids are based on their behaviors, and their behaviors are heavily influenced by their genetics. Therefore, throw all the money and programs at them and expect to fix the problem, but know that it is a waste of time unless you are re-engineering the allele frequencies of their genomes and aligning them more like Caucasians or East Asians.

Like trying to teach a zebra how to do dressage. Genetics.

Gotta face the facts, folks. Either live in this constant state of simmering race war, or do something drastic. Separation (physically and financially) is truly the only answer. Everything else is a cop out.


Chicago police have a blog that many write on. It is called Second City Cop (SCC). It is a great place to read what the commentors really thing. I would imagine many of them read what we write here, but can't be honest about it.

"FOR SURVIVAL IT IS VITAL TO STAY IDLE" and "STAY FETAL" are two slogans I picked up from SCC.

My question: Is there a blog that Indianapolis cops write on where we can read how they feel? I can find the police scanner channel, but I prefer to read what the poor cops have to say about the BULLSHIT they take from their own idiot "leaders".


Anonymous said...

"... the militarization of the police is a direct response to the threat posed by Africans in America ..."

Not really. Just like surveillance, the militarization of police is taking place everywhere, even in white areas. It's a result of technological "progress", coupled with an attempt to minimize risk to police. Anywhere overwhelming force is used, the risk to police is reduced. Since whites love their police more than their freedom, they can't object.

"When we publicly celebrate Darren Wilson as the hero of Ferguson ..."

After the revolution? Revolution is illegal. You can't worship law enforcement and expect change.

"... declare a real war on drugs (executing illegal drug dealers and drug users as a means to end the allure of drug use)."

LOL. Why didn't the Woman's Christian Temperance Union think of this? Maybe Prohibition would have worked if they had.

The country's first serious anti-alcohol movement grew out of a fervor for reform that swept the nation in the 1830s and 1840s. Many abolitionists fighting to rid the country of slavery came to see drink as an equally great evil to be eradicated – if America were ever to be fully cleansed of sin. The temperance movement, rooted in America's Protestant churches, first urged moderation, then encouraged drinkers to help each other to resist temptation, and ultimately demanded that local, state, and national governments prohibit alcohol outright.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

" Anonymous said...

Is the writer condoning executing drug dealers and drug users?

February 20, 2017 at 3:59 AM"

It did bring the Opium Trade and use in China to a screeching halt! Nomesayin?

Sick n' Tired said...

"...due to a lack of affordable housing and the other costs of moving that are not covered by the vouchers, residents had a difficult time finding housing and many were unable to move out."

That's funny, when I couldn't afford to move into a better place, or the costs to move my crap, I was stuck where I was until I could save up and afford it. Must be nice to not have to pay for the shithole you're living in/destroying, then someone comes along and pays for you to move into a better place, somewhere people saved and sacrificed in order to live in a good neighborhood.

oldnorthstate said...

Real cops say that the DARE acronym means Deputies Avoiding Real Employment. It really is a stupid program as it targets 5th graders who are much too young to have peer pressure concerning drugs.

Oops, forgot we are talking about blacks. A black 5th grader could be 16 or so.

Truth-hammer said...

How f*cking stupid have police become in the last two generations? The DARE program is just that-- another nonsensical PC program created to make it appear that the police were being "proactive" and "doing something" to combat drugs. Someone please tell these a**holes that the drugs were never the problem. The problem was always the black and brown untermensch who produced and distributed the drugs. It was the millions of sub-human, low I.Q. apes and savages we let flood into the USA the last 50 years. The stupid YT kids who started smoking marijuana enmasse in the 60's were typical suburban dumbasses trying to be cool. They did not grow the thousands of acres of marijuana plants, coca trees, and poppy plants, make the thousands/millions of tons of end product, and then smuggle the crap, and sell/distribute it into America. It has always been the colored sub-humans who were the problem as it is today. Get rid of these a**holes, and the police can go back to getting cats out of trees. That would take care of the drug problem (not to mention 90% of all crime). It would also allow evil YT to reclaim white America, and hopefully become a completely awake and race-realist/aware people.

Race said...

A rifle and not a shot gun would be the correct weapon of choice for the scenario you described. There would likely be too much distance for effective shot gun shooting to defend you house from rooftop against orc rampages. That is why the Koreans correctly used AR 15's. Mini 14s would be an excellent choice as well.

Left Coast White Guy said...

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and common sense in this matter.

Brian in Ohio said...

Truth-hammer said...
How f*cking stupid have police become in the last two generations? The DARE program is just that-- another nonsensical PC program created to make it appear that the police were being "proactive" and "doing something" to combat drugs. Someone please tell these a**holes that the drugs were never the problem. The problem was always the black and brown untermensch who produced and distributed the drugs.

They knew that more than anyone. And they knew it was completely futile. But it was a way to get Federal dollars for their dept. It was a scam that used blacks and drugs as the boogeyman, and the cops got tax dollars to say they were doing something about it.

The answer to all your questions in life is money.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Brian in Ohio said...

Oops, forgot we are talking about blacks. A black 5th grader could be 16 or so.

And be well established in the drug trade...

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...


The right side of the page at

has a number of police related links, but only a couple of links for active blogs.

THEE Rant (formerly NYPD Rant)
and Blue Sheepdog (Florida)

I've read a few familiar sounding posters on the boards at SCC, including a Paul Kersey . . . hmmmmm . . . the thot plickens.

Proudyt said...

In the movie dirty Harry he shoots a few black robbers and mind fucks one of the wounded ones. Anyone who has seen the movie is familiar with that scene. Think Hollywood would make something like that today ?

Anonymous said...

Brian in Ohio February 20, 2017 at 5:28 PM said:

The answer to all your questions in life is money.


Unless you are an SJW, cultural Marxist or some other millstone 'round the neck of society.

For them, the answer to all their questions in life is OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY.

Anonymous said...

I prefer "invaders", you shoot invaders.

NJ Woman said...

I can see how a BLACK militaryish vehicle could be offensive to our colored brethren. Perhaps a turquoise Dodge Dart or a grape Plymouth Valiant would be more palatable. These vehicles are much less confrontational, equally secure and might provide a calming influence on their easily agitated jungle natures.

P.S. I was delighted to see rap music lyrics as an ACTUAL category on Jeopardy's college championship playoff game tonight. ABC's cultural diversity warms my heart. Later in the evening I was able to further appreciate our cultural diversity when I watched a true crime show on the filthy negro Jesse Matthew who raped, beat and murdered several beautiful young white girls in VA, one of whom attended my alma mater. That piece of garbage is in prison, alive - not beaten to death with a mace. Makes me sick. Diversity is our strength!

Anonymous said...

It is inevitable that Whites who are being demonized,
violently attacked and murdered by feral Back thugs backed by George Soros, will soon go head to head natiomwide

rexfreeway said...

It's always about them. The spotlight must shine on them 24/7/365 or they feel cheated,that know one cares about their being held down by Whitey. Trumps election win helped some after the disaster that was Obama. But they are more embolden than ever. They are going to have to learn the word 'no', and accept it. It's time to sink or swim.

Brian in Ohio said...

Race said...
A rifle and not a shot gun would be the correct weapon of choice for the scenario you described. There would likely be too much distance for effective shot gun shooting to defend you house from rooftop against orc rampages.

But if a shot gun is all you have, deer slugs can greatly increase your effective range and are surprisingly accurate, even from a smooth(non rifled) barrel. And with a rifled barrel, hitting a milk jug at 100 yds is no problem, assuming you do your part.

From bird shot to slugs, and everything in between, the shotgun is by far the most versatile weapon you can own. Its a lot more than just point blank stopping power.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Ohio born said...

My 7 year old grand daughter has a better grip on reality than these sows!