Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The State of the Shelley House at 4600 Labadie Ave in St. Louis... a Powerful Reminder the 'Racists' Were Right All Along

You might remember the house at 4600 Labadie Avenue in St. Louis

It's pretty famous. 

At just under 1,800 square feet, this home is a civil rights icon. 
Courtesy of Google Earth, the infamous Shelley home (which helped defeat freedom of association) is in a now 100 percent black community that resembles a war zone. Look at all the burnt-out properties surrounding this civil rights icon, part of the National Register of Historic Places...

The value of this infamous home has nearly doubled in four years, while homes around it are going for $1,000, $2,000, $2,500 (just next door), $2,000, and a home just down the street sold for a whopping $500...

It's listed on the National Register of Historic Places, which might be the primary reason this home is valued at 661.31% more than homes in the same community...
Property Overview - 4600 Labadie Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63115 is a multi family home built in 1906. The median sales price for the Greater Ville area is $64,237. The $114,196 estimated value is 661.31% greater than the median listing price of $15,000 for the Greater Ville area. 
Give up on what house this is

Oddly enough, it has an appraised value of $13,400 (2016)... though Zillow claims the value of the home is $82,000. 

Guess it yet?

Here's a pictorial you might like to jog your memory...

Here's another hint. [North St. Louis house changed civil rights history,, 2-13-17]:
In the 1940’s, J.D. Shelley wanted the American dream in St. Louis. 
“He wanted a nice place for his family to live while he was here,” said Jeffrey Copeland, Professor and Head of the Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Northern Iowa. “There were nine of them in the family.” 
In 1945, Shelley bought a house at 4600 Labadie Avenue in north St. Louis. What Shelley, an African American, didn’t know was there was a 1911 covenant barring blacks from owning the property. To block the home sale to the Shelley family, Louis Kraemer sued. According to author and filmmaker Copeland, Shelley’s legal fight to buy a home for his family changed the course of civil rights in the United States, via the U.S. Supreme Court. 
Courtesy of Zillow, we see the property value near the Shelley house in North St. Louis... a hilarious reminder of the consequences of desegregation: black people depreciating home values (the free market reacting to social dysfunction, crime and negative social capital created by blacks)
“Shelley v. Kraemer was actually one of the more milestone rulings in the history of this country,” said Copeland. 
Prior to 1948, blacks in St. Louis and throughout the U.S. could rent property, but racial covenants often prevented African Americans from buying real estate.“As of 1945 through 1948 when these events took place, people could be denied where they lived because of their race, color, creed, national origin,” said Copeland. 
“In this particular case, the covenant was specifically designed to keep African Americans out of the community.” 
Although it took multiple court cases, the Shelleys prevailed. 
“Mr. and Mrs. Shelley eventually do win in court. They win in St. Louis Civil Court.  
They lose at the Missouri Supreme Court, then they win at the United States Supreme Court,” said Copeland. “And when they win, people are overjoyed. This is a major victory. This literally changed the face and color of America.” 
The winning attorney in Shelley v. Kraemer was the NAACP’s Thurgood Marshall, who went onto become the first African American Supreme Court justice. 
Copeland said he is fascinated by Shelley v. Kraemer. He produced a documentary and wrote a book about the case. “Olivia’s Story” looks at Shelley v. Kraemer through the eyes of Sumner High School teacher Olivia Merriweather Perkins, who joined a group of people assisting the Shelley family with their legal battles. 
“People of different races, different religions, different national origins all got together and said ‘Look, enough is enough. This is an inequality that we cannot let stand,’” said Copeland. “They put themselves on the line without regard for their own personal safety. They decided they were going to stand up and say ‘This is going to change and we’re going to do it.’” 
Copeland said Shelley v. Kraemer inspired civil rights activists for decades to come.“Once Shelley v. Kraemer was on the books, then people started looking at other injustices as well and they weren’t as afraid to get up and say ‘We see what they did in St. Louis. Now you know what? It’s our turn.’” said Copeland. 
Copeland debuts his documentary on Shelley v. Kraemer Saturday, February 18 at 7 p.m. at the Missouri History Museum.

It turns out the first black couple to move onto Labadie Avenue, J.D. and Ethel Shelley, purchased the long-celebrated (it's a National Historical Landmark after all...) "Shelley House" for $5,700 in 1945.

The neighborhood was 100 percent white until this transaction, which of course was illegal due to the restrictive covenant placed on the property.  

But that was 69 years ago.

Located in zip code 63115, 4600 Labadie Avenue is in an area that is now nearly 100 percent black.   

It wasn't but 69 years ago two atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end World World II; but the end of World War II saw the birthing of a new nation...

Today, the "Shelley House" has an appraised value of $13,400.
Consulting an inflation calculator (God Bless the Internet), we learn that a house valued at $5,700 in 1945 would be worth $76,899 in 2017 dollars; and yet the Labadie Avenue property at 4600 is appraised by the city of St. Louis for $13,400 in 2016. 

We call this the Visible Black Hand of Economics and the precise reason why restrictive covenants existed: to protect white people, their posterity and their civilization from the consequences of blacks. 

As we move further into the future and the consequences of the great American experiment to prove race really is a social construct fails magnificently, the horrific reality becomes clear: the racists were right all along.


Anonymous said...

I live in a predominantly white town. However, when the old woman next door passed away recently, her family rented the home to a single black woman with three teenagers. I guess I'm the lucky one. I said hello to her when they moved in and asked her how she chose my block since there are many rentals in the town. She replied, "This is such a clean and quiet street." Well, not for long. It was only in a matter of a few weeks that the cars blaring rap music started to pull up at 2AM. I would get up in the morning and find fast food wrappers, containers, bottles of beer on the street in front of my house and lawn. Her own garbage cans were over flowing with garbage and soon I noticed rodents around my garbage which was sealed and well kept. I guess no one told this woman that there was no magic pixie dust in the air that kept the street 'clean and quiet'. In a matter of weeks, my quality of life deteriorated. Fortunately,the blacks were evicted for non payment of rent. So one complains about stereotyping, convey my tale of race realism. There are millions just like mine.

Anonymous said...

It's literally like a cancer when it comes to the real estate market. Well in all other aspects too I guess. But the best way to bust up a block is move in a black family or two. It never fails anywhere you go, yet no one really wants to talk about it. Realtors aren't allowed to even mention anything. Funny that they used all types of codewords when trying to describe a neighborhood. Pathetic.

Speaking of, how funny was that Popeye's Chicken article from Durham, NC?? All through the middle of the day, cars lined around for them to get some fried chicken. I sent that to everyone I know. Wonder if some of the commenters here are from Durham....or even one of the ones I sent that too.... Don't live there now but was born in Durham.

God Bless and stay safe, and of course lock n load.

NC Guy

Anonymous said...

It could be . . .

It might be . . .

Over the right field fence! Holy cow, PK got all of that one!

Sigh . . .

Unfortunately, this story will be repeated again and again, world without end, unless the Trump administration decides to go after HUD's idea of AFFH. The basic idea behind AFFH is that any area that isn't "diverse" enough will be subject to HUD mandates. There is no legal standard, formula or definition that HUD can objectively point to in terms of what it considers to be an "acceptable" amount of diversity - which means the definition is at the whim of whichever judge ends up hearing the case.

So what standard might apply? A lot of Big Empty out there in the Mountain West part of the country, with a historically Caucasian supermajority. If the state average is 8% black, does this mean that EVERY single apartment complex, subdivision, village, township or city must be 8% black? Or would HUD mandate the national population of 13%?

What if no black Americans want to move to Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana or Wyoming? That's where the refugee racket comes in, and this is a big part of why Team Trump needs to double down on the immigration moratorium - not just from the 7 countries on the list, but from just about everywhere.

Imagine how much worse things would've been if the Wicked Witch of Arkansas had won . . .

Anonymous said...

That Zillow map makes me wonder about the $35,000 homeowners in that neighgorhood. Are they millionaires, or just n-word-rich? Do they have security cameras and watchtowers and moats around their castles, to keep the zombies at bay?

Anonymous said...

Note that the makeup of the Supreme Court that handed down the Shelly v. Kraemer decision was almost entirely white, the lone exception being Felix Frankfurter, who was nominated for the Supreme Court by Roosevelt, a white man, and confirmed in a voice vote by the white men of the Senate. Note also that one of the justices (Hugo Black) at one time had even been a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Conspiracy theorists and other lachrymose preachers of the "whites are helpless puppets of (((others)))" sermon are invited to explain in detail how this ridiculous decision is the fault of somebody besides white people themselves.

Mance Rayder said...

It's like you said on the Red Ice Radio podcast, PK, "The only freedom I care about is the freedom of association." Perhaps if your budget allows it, put that on a shirt. I would buy one in a heartbeat!!

Anonymous said...

Every once in a while a story like this comes around that perfectly encapsulates a major societal trend. One house at an historical inflection point. Definitely worthy of a documentary telling the full story.

Californian said...

There is a deeper constitutional issue here insofar as it involves property rights.

If you own property, can you be compelled to sell it to someone against your will? The pre-Shelley interpretation was that a sale was a transaction between consenting parties. If the state can step in and say, "You must sell a property" then the transaction is no longer consensual. The fact that the court declared against housing covenants effectively ended individual liberty insofar as property rights were concerned and, in turn, unraveled many other rights. The government can now compel people to do any number of things against their will, and to enforce this creates massive state bureaucracies with all sorts of regulations.

We can also ask, why would the Shelleys want to force the owners of a house to sell to them? To use a loose analogy, supposing the Shelleys wanted to buy your lawnmower. You do not want to sell it to them. So they run to the government who then declares you must sell it to them. No matter that you might want to use the lawnmower yourself, or that it was a family heirloom, or whatever. You have to turn it over. One might ask the Shelleys why they are so contemptuous of the rights of the seller.

At this point, the Shelleys might argue that the reason they were initially denied purchase of the house was because of discrimination due to their race. But this is an arbitrary distinction. You either have a right to your property or you do not. Whatever motive for selling is your own business, not the state's. And further, if you chose to not put the house on the market, would the Shelleys then have a right to demand that you sell it anyway?

And it's not just the owner of the property who is affected. The impact of selling a house to blacks affects an entire community giving their propensity towards criminal activity, education failure and general inability to maintain infrastructure. By selling that house, many more White people took a real loss in terms of property values. Of course, all this was understood by Whites back then, which is why there were restrictive covenants. These covenants were in place not because of the color of the purchaser's skin, but the content of their collective character.

Here we are, seven decades later, and we can see the results of Shelley vs Kraemer in disintegrating cities and crime waves across the land.

Anonymous said...

More negro savagery, this time from South Africa:

Brian in Ohio said...

So one black family was all it took to completely destroy an entire neighborhood. ONE.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

There is a joke that covers this subject: A black guy and a white guy live next door to each other. The black guy says,"I am better than you" to the white guy. The white guy says, "I have a Cadillac", the black guy says "I have a Cadillac". The white guy says, "I have a stereo" the black guy says "I have a stereo [big screen TV, fancy furniture etc]. Finally the black guy says, "You know why I am better than you? I don't have blacks living next door to me"

Anonymous said...

"So one black family was all it took to completely destroy an entire neighborhood. ONE. "

Neighborhood? They destroyed the entire nation.

Director said...

(((Frankfurter))) you mean.

The irony is that Israel was recognized at that time by Truman.

Anonymous said...

The neighbors next door decided to take a year long round the world vacation. They turned their house over to a management company to rent it out for the year. It was rented to a black woman, her 18 year old daughter and an 8 year old autistic son. It was the year from hell. We were told she was an executive from a large membership store chain. The "monkey shines" that I witnessed in that year are numerous. I found the eight year old boy in my garage, standing in my kitchen, walking the street naked. The special needs school bus would pull into the driveway in the morning, honking the horn, no one would come out. The kid missed more school than he attended. Turned out that the woman did not work. The money that she collects for the special needs child paid the $3,000 per month rent. Her 18 year old was the caretaker of the eight year old so she also got paid by the state. Music blared from the house, two pit bull puppies were purchased and then chained to a backyard tree, where they barked constantly. The sump pump broke, and she never notified the management company. Forty thousand dollars worth of damages from just that incident. The list is sooooo long. If she would have been a purchaser I would have moved. The havoc in just one year was way more than enough.

Anonymous said...

I wish that Paul would research the history of Highland Park, Michigan. This city of three square miles, just might be the poster child of blockbusting in America. It started during the late 1950's. the "city of trees" was turned into "the city of neglect ". What happened to a city in ten short years is a phenomenon. One of the best school systems in the country was destroyed. A beautiful library was ruined. A hospital was shuttered. Shopping area, of upscale stores, out of business. Poverty, blight, and lawlessness rule the day. Blacks and their apologists laugh, and mock the 'leave it to beaver 50's', but it did exist, and it was nice.

Bird of Paradise said...

As they say GIVE THEM A INCH AND THEY'll' TAKE A MILE the trouble is they want and demand too much its time to put a stop to diversity and end this idiotic idea of diversity

The Umpire said...

Hmmmm, University of Northern Iowa. Where's that located? Hmmmmm, let's see: Cedar Falls, Iowa. Hmmmm, what d' y' suppose are the demographics in Cedar Falls? HMMMMM, let's see, 2010 census: 93.4% white, 2.1% black. Pff, surprise, surprise.

HMMMMM, why have the SJWs in Cedar Falls been so slow to integrate their neck of the woods? Hmmmmm, if Cedar Falls started to become infested with "teenagers" and "young people," at what point would the SJWs in Cedar Falls start looking for "better schools"?

Here's a question for PRO-FES-SOR Copeland: Why didn't the liberal whites in this part of St. Louis stick around? White America was more liberal in the past, and urban areas are more liberal than rural areas: so why did the white liberals head for the hills? Now who's being hypocritical?

Anonymous said...

Here is a list of normal but common black behaviors I have witnessed. Anyone who has lived around urban blacks can relate to this list:
-generate a LOT of trash and have no idea how to manage it. They often dump trash bags full of rotten food in the garage to rot, or toss them in the basement. Out of sight, out of mind.
- go outside with a hot skillet to dump bacon grease in the front yard.
- black buck boyfriend always moves in a few days later.
-crank the heat up to 90 degrees inside the house and open the windows in the winter because it's "free" and they can walk around in their underwear.
-shred vinyl blinds, put bed sheets in the windows instead.
-kitchen grease fires and huge wall-sized TV sets.
-parties and cookouts and invite DOZENS of random people over. They always smoke pot, park in the yard, and play loud ghetto music. Kids running everywhere until late at night.
-keep strange hours. They are often sleeping all day and up all night.
-turn on every light in the house when the sun goes down.
-have guns in the house and in their cars.
-warm up their loud shitty cars for 30 minutes in the winter.
-park their inoperable cars in the back yard on the lawn until someone calls the city to have it removed.
- operate cash businesses out of HUD rentals. Selling $12 carryout BBQ meals in styrofoam containers, unlicensed daycares, pit-bull breeding operations, dog fighting, kitchen hair braiding parlors, Sunday liquor sales, hosting birthday parties, unlicensed nursing home, prostitution, car detailing, or drug dealing, etc. This is how they supplement their welfare payments.
-wash and buff their cars in the front yard with the bumping rap music blasting. It shakes your windows and you can't escape from it.
-baby daddy will sit in his car for hours in front of the house. This is where he goes for privacy. Sometimes he has visitors who come to sit in the car with him. STRANGE, I KNOW but they do it.
-no understanding of private property. They trespass often, steal your things, and believe that everything belongs to the government. Their kids will hop you fence, play street ball, or use the basketball hoop in your drive way or your kids' toys without asking.
-women put their indoor rugs out in the rain, then hang them on the front porch or on a bush to dry for weeks afterwards. Don't ask me why.


Anonymous said...

One day you will suddenly see new kids' bikes, new rental furniture deliveries, a new car, and lots of strange activity because they got a huge welfare/tax refund check somewhere or an insurance settlement and spent it all at once. Then you will see the truck come back to respossess everything.
Blacks beat their kids regularly (which is normal don't call 911) and black men beat black women regularly. They deserve it. It's part of their culture. Totally normal.
Black visitors do not ring the doorbell or knock. They honk the car horn, throw rocks at the windows, or whistle and shout for someone to come outside.
They are always yelling in domestic incidents, or on they sail foams in the yard or while they pace the sidewalk in front of your house. They yell at bill collectors too. I am sure you have seen this in public.
They get a new puppy, and when it shits on the floor, they tie it to the front porch railing with a leather belt, where it is ignored and left to bark constantly. (Blacks don't walk or pet their dogs like we do.)
Blacks have white government handlers and social workers, and counselors, who must "check in" with them regularly during the week to make sure no one is dead or starving.
Blacks get the heat/electric/water shut off regularly.
(Black behaviors continued...)

Black rentals get a constant flow of traffic and visitors. They also let random people "stay" with them and pay rent. Often it is a relative who just got out of jail, or the kids of some woman who is in jail. Then there is a huge fight and everyone leaves.

You will see a lot of activity all at once, then they toilet will flush and it will be quiet of a while. DON'T EVER GET TOO COMFORTABLE.

Blacks call other blacks to illegally connect the cable TV. Usually you will see a random black guy in street clothes on a ladder at the electric pole in the middle of the day.

They put a sofa and BBQ pit on the front porch.

The women always smoke pot and cigarettes while pregnant. VERY common.

One day, all the blacks in the rental will disappear, and someone will show up to haul away the garbage, filthy carpet, and broken furniture. You will have an unsightly pile of trash on the curb for a month. They usually only stay for 6 months until the bill collectors, CPS, and baby daddies find them.

Race said...

...and a nation!

Oil 'n Water said...

The video depicts a warm and inspiring story of defeating intolerance and righting injustice, and to the casual (and uninformed) viewer who goes away feeling smugly self-righteous, symbolizes only the beginning of a long and difficult struggle.
Curtain lowers and the audience walks into the daylight of reality, to see a much different scene than the displayed theatrics.
The neighborhood and surrounding area - had they been shown in the video - would most likely strike the uninitiated as counter to what the video would suggest. No views of a thriving, orderly and law abiding once-white, now black community, nor referencing of examples of positive impact the concentration of blacks in this area has produced.
Instead, the feel good stories are only papered-over fantasies of what liberals wanted to see, hoped to see, rather than what actually took place, not only in St. Louis, but across our country.
The "long and difficult struggle for black rights" has become a bloated industry of propaganda which must rely on white oppression, censure, and suppression to exist.
Time to turn off the projector and look at reality.

Anonymous said...

The property sale was not forced upon the seller. Kraemer lived ten blocks away from Ground Zero, and sued because he knew he was well within the blast radius.

Anonymous said...

It's always Black Hiskry Mumf at SBPDL.

mikej said...

Brian in Ohio said...

"So one black family was all it took to completely destroy an entire neighborhood."

Make that an entire nation.

It just amplifies what Abraham Lincoln said in Charleston, IL, on September 18, 1858. To paraphrase, either we rule blacks or they rule us. Can't imagine why anyone thought that their ruling us would be a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Those blacks selling door-to-door magazine subscriptions are casing white neighborhoods for burglary.

ALWAYS call the police. White guilt can get you killed.

Paintjob Theory said...

"‘We see what they did in St. Louis. Now you know what? It’s our turn.’”

It's a good thing blacks are too unevolved to understand irony.

"If you own property, can you be compelled to sell it to someone against your will?"

If you truly own property, why does the state take it away from you if you do not pay taxes? It's odd that other "rights" such as the vote or attending a church cannot be taxed, but property ownership can. Just more creeping Marxism.

"... invited to explain in detail how this ridiculous decision is the fault of somebody besides white people themselves."

I'll take you up on that invitation, Hiram. Why not check how many of the justices belong to a certain "fraternal" secret society who's motto is "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"? I KNOW that you know to which group I refer.

When it comes to nation wrecking and progress towards the "Great Work" (world communism) you will almost invariably find the players belong to one or both of the groups. Interestingly enough virtually all black "leaders" have been members of the Price Hall lodge.

Or if you're so set on blaming white Christians for all the world's woes, why not truck on off to The Root or Huffpo. Your attempts to distract and divide are as transparent as your critical theory.

Californian said...

There is another issue here: liberals frequently refer to housing discrimination as an "injustice" or a "wrong of the past" which must be rectified by massive social engineering today. Hence, Section 8 housing and a host of other programs.

But discrimination in housing was perfectly legal up until Shelly. It was approved by the majority of voters, upheld by the courts (until 1948), and supported by general custom under freedom of association and property rights. So there was no "wrong" or "injustice" involved.

What liberals are doing is applying standards of today to practices of the past. Effectively, this is a form of ex post facto lawmaking (see US Constitution Article 1, Section 9). It's as if the government were to declare that Prohibition was a "wrong of the past" and then provide subsidies to people who want to drink alcohol.

This does create an interesting precedent. Since we might agree that affirmative action and the rest of the race rackets are the wrongs of today, when White people retake their country perhaps that would justify massive intervention on their part to restore America's cities to the state they were in prior to the Civil Rights movement.

Something to think about in the coming struggle...

Californian said...

The property sale was not forced upon the seller. Kraemer lived ten blocks away from Ground Zero, and sued because he knew he was well within the blast radius.

OK, thanks.

My more general point was that much of civil rights law does require people to do things against their will.

Anonymous said...

A black student group at the university of Michigan has demanded an all black area and setting where they can ply their social justice agenda away from the prying eyes of whitey. Hey darkees, I'll go ya one better. How about black only dorm rooms? Black only water fountains? Black only cafeterias? Maybe we can even put all the blacks in one area of Ann Arbor! Like a previous poster said "give them an inch". Affirmative action idiots ruining one institution at a time!

Anonymous said...

The video depicts a warm and inspiring story of defeating intolerance and righting injustice, and to the casual (and uninformed) viewer who goes away feeling smugly self-righteous, symbolizes only the beginning of a long and difficult struggle.

Might be interesting to do a video showing a film of the Shelley house neighborhood in 1947 (say, from old home cameras), and then another of the same neighborhood in 2017. Don't provide any narration, just show the comparison in quality of civilization. Then ask people, "what happened?"

War? Plague? Biological weapons?

Where there are Africans, there will be Africa.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said. . . February 22, 2017 at 8:45 PM

"Conspiracy theorists and other lachrymose preachers of the "whites are helpless puppets of (((others)))" sermon are invited to explain in detail how this ridiculous decision is the fault of somebody besides white people themselves."

Whites who have been well informed for years about the current deliberate planned worldwide White genocide that is taking place will not be deterred by your "conspiracy theorists" nonsense which is the normal anguage of the liberal/Cultural Marxists responsible for the current mass immigration/miscegenation nation-wrecking. Their counterparts were around and active in that era just as they are now.

And this army of infiltrators are known as crypto-Jews, the nation-wrecking destroyers of our White nations. Forget the guys with the dangling side-locks, crypto-Jews don't look like them. They, in fact, look like former UK PM David Cameron & the Great Destroyer herself, Angela Merkel and the huge covert army of crypto-Jew infiltrators that are destroying our White nations and our White people. They look like us, due to generations of covert selective out-breeding by these nation-wreckers and it is well past time that White patriots realised the danger that these crypto-Jew infiltrators pose to our White nations and our White people. - racerealistuk.

Anonymous said...

So a black family of NINE sues and wins the right to move into a 1500 sq ft house. Must've been REAL COZY inside.

Anonymous said...

Several local businesses in Indianapolis are joining up with the ACLU for a fundraiser to support immigration efforts and block President Trump's efforts.

I just stumbled across a list with about 24 local businesses, a few in which I have spent a good amount of my money, which are donating a large percentage of their proceeds to the Jewish-Supremacists at the ACLU, or supporting non profits that support the care and feeding of illegal immigrants.

Many of these businesses are run as nonprofit coffee shops in Fountain Square, a blighted area targeted for "urban renewal" with the help of federal grant dollars.

I don't think this is legal, but I sure as hell am going to find out. You may want to check your city too, since the ACLU is national and this appears to be a national campaign.

Anonymous said...

Pfft ...... blacks wanting to buy a lawnmower? ..... Bwaaahaaahaa!

Good one bro!

Anonymous said...

Neighborhood? They destroyed the entire nation.

--MLK and Angela Davis?
Rosa Parks and Obamas mammy?

I read the tale here, of the black and her 2 sprogs, getting 4k? 5k a fokking month.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @7:29 and 7:30 am. Hilarious and true! Sure there is more, but you nailed it perfectly. You must have had the terrible misfortune to have lived with them. I have too! I know of what you speak. As a kid I remember the numbers man coming through the neighborhoods to pick up 'number sheets'. Culture of destruction and mayhem.

Anonymous said...

It's one of the reasons refugees are being shipped to towns in Idaho, Montana, and the like.

Anonymous said...

Yes, those homes belong to the stable black families in the area, usually an older married couple where the father was in the armed forces and has some type of city job with decent benefits, or the wife works in some govt office. I work with a few like that, usually they are from the islands (not Haiti), enjoy gardening, and keep their properties neat and tidy. They always have a big fence and recently installed camera systems since they are cheap enough these days. They know what the deal is, and hate seeing their kids adopting the American black culture of sagging pants, fast money, and poor school/job performance.

Anonymous said...

"If you truly own property, why does the state take it away from you if you do not pay taxes?"

Property taxes originated in colonial times, before Marx was even a gleam in his father's eye. When the Puritans founded the colonies, one of the first things they did was set up compulsory public schools funded by taxes. Tocqueville in Democracy in America relates that there were heavy fines for any who refused to participate.

"I'll take you up on that invitation, Hiram. Why not check how many of the justices belong to a certain "fraternal" secret society who's motto is "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"? I KNOW that you know to which group I refer."

I'm not your research assistant, clown. I asked YOU for the details. But of course, you can't provide any, because your conspiracy is just a paranoid delusion.

In any case, whatever "secret society" you are talking about, they are still white men, and were put on the Court by white politicians freely elected by white people. I don't see any (((others))) handy for you to blame. Try again.

Sick n' Tired said...

It's appropriate this took place in St Louis which is pretty much dead center of the country. This case was the rock thrown into a pond, and the verdict was the rings expanding outwards, which in this case was the ruination of countless neighborhoods, suburbs, and cities.

Sick n' Tired said...

You could kick every rich, old money white person out of their mansions on Palm Beach Island, and give them to black families (who just need a chance), and it would be completely destroyed within 2 years.

Anonymous said...

I just got home from a trial that I was involved in where 11 of the 12 jurors were white, and 1 was mixed. I did not get a fair trail. I can't give specifics, of course, but will post more tomorrow.
L in Atl hell

Sick n' Tired said...

Spot on observations, I have witnessed at least 80% of what you wrote, and I don't live around any of them.
I am currently working in a black neighborhood that recently got a lot of federal & state money to build up the coon-munity and attract businesses. I witness their hijinx everyday. Today at lunch I went to a local grocery store where I saw a guy get out of his car and throw his beer bottle on the ground, then got to wait an extra 5 mins in line because the sow in front of me buying Enfamil, and baby food, knew she was eligible for 4 more cans of Enfamil, her phone said so (which was the latest iPhone), even though her EBT card would only allow her to purchase 1."Ya machine broke, I know I got 4 cans of milk left" she told the cashier before going to get in line at customer service to straighten the matter out. Of course her nails and hair were done, with fake eyelashes, yet all of you reading this and myself are paying to support her irresponsibility, and many more like her.
This is why I advocate bartering, giving discounts for people who pay cash, and try to contribute as little as possible to the government thru taxes. The highways are shit, schools are shit, common use infrastructure is failing, but mama sow and her niglets are being fed & housed.

Antidote said...

A lot more than restrictive covenants ended Shelley vs Kraemer. It was the beginning of the end for White free association in the US. People were compelled to sell property; barbers were compelled to cut hair; even cemeteries were compelled to accept dead bodies.
Now here we are in the 21st century, three and a half generations removed from the Labadie bomb blast; anyone who owns a pizza parlour, a flower shop or a bakery should be able to say to anyone (and for any reason or no reason), "I don't want to do business with you----I don't want your money." But they can't if the order is placed by homosexuals on their way to a wedding reception. The homosexuals can even compel these businesses to provide goods and services contrary to their esthetic and religious sensibilities: phallus cakes, pinyatas filled with condoms, a lesbian couple figurine atop the cake.
You can also add tranny bathroom rights in schools and public places to the list of atrocious insults flowing from Labadie.

Anonymous said...

So what you're saying is that it is now worth just about 17.5% of what is was? Amazing! Unbelievable! I'm stunned, shocked and actually cannot believe it!

And that's what happened to the (now) best house in 'da hood! To celebrate vibrant diversity, I suggest the local denizens of the neighborhood take the time to ponder that the average decline was closer to an actual 100% depreciation!

Anonymous said...

"It's literally like a cancer when it comes to the real estate market."

I disagree. Although my dad died from cancer, at least aggressively treating cancer is seen as good and noble.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully your globetrotting neighbors have learned the true nature of the Harlem Globetrotters.

Brush Fire said...

Well, Zimbabwe is a mess today. Europeans europeanized Zimbabwe, and it became reasonably prosperous. Then, Africans took over and africanized it, and it is now just another hellhole.

So, the problem is blacks. If a black nation kicks out whites, it goes down. If white nations bring in blacks, it begins to go down.

Europeans europeanize, Africans africanize.

Do you want your nation to be Europeanized or Africanized?

If you want europeanization, make sure Europeanizers are dominant.
If you want africanization, make sure Africanizers take over.

Europeans should be called Europeanizers


Africans should be called Africanizers.

Anonymous said...

I am curious, where did Mr. Shelley get the money for the house purchase? Assuming he put %10 down what bank in 1947 was willing to write a mortgage for the balance of the purchase price? This was a time when credit applications routinely required the marital status, gender and race of the applicant as part of the application process and very few negroes would have been considered good credit risks.

Follow the money is the easiest way to find out the entire truth about something and the truth about who put Mr. Shelley up to this would be very interesting. Who financed the lawsuit, the purchase, who ensured good propaganda for Mr. Shelley?

To ask is to answer.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

There is a negro neighborhood I drive past on my way home from work. One house, a clapboard bungalo, probably not more than seven hundred square feet, has a dirt front yard with lawn chairs, folding chairs, etc., set up in a wide circle. Invariably I will see a group of negroes camped out there around 9 pm each evening with teens in the street playing bakka ball. The chairs are left out, rain, snow, sleet, shine (no pun intended) and never put away.

I can only imagine the level of noise that emanates from this place, a neighborhood where negroes routinely wander into traffic on the way to the convenience store about three blocks away. There is a huge public housing complex less than a half mile away. One good thing about the South is that the negroes tend to be on one part of town and whites on the other. With AFFH on the horizon, the (((tribe))) is working overtime to change this.

Not too long ago, I was issued a mandatory (!!!) questionaire requesting my ethnicity. While I own my home free and clear, I can only imagine the pending diversity they have planned for my historic white neighborhood. Luckily, I have an (urban) zip code and I indicated on the form I was of mixed racial heritage. (who is to say I don't have any negro blood in my ancestry?)

PK is right. The beginning of the end was this 1948 statute, which effectively ended the right of free association. The (((usual suspects))) were behind it and are going full throttle toward importing Muslims to destroy what is left of white, Christian, America. The civil war has been declared and is only being fought on one side.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

As a long time property owner who has had numerous renters from different homes I have owned in the past, renting out property is always iffy at best. Even after checking rental histories, backgrounds, income verification, you can sometimes end up with a bad renter who will destroy your property. The difference is, with whites, it can be a 50/50 chance. With blacks, more like 90/10. There are occasions where blacks won't destroy your property and pay their rent (semi) on time. But the odds are greatly reduced....and no, I have never rented to negroes. I would not want to be a landlord in today's climate.

Anonymous said...

" . . . Conspiracy theorists and other lachrymose preachers of the "whites are helpless puppets of (((others)))" sermon are invited to explain in detail how this ridiculous decision is the fault of somebody besides white people themselves.

February 22, 2017 at 8:45 PM"

From Wikipedia , a reliably left wing establishment source:

"The Solicitor General's brief[edit]

The Solicitor General's brief filed on behalf of the United States government was written by four Jewish lawyers: Philip Elman, Oscar H. Davis, Hilbert P. Zarky, and Stanley M. Silverberg. However, the Solicitor General’s office chose to omit their names from the brief. Deputy Solicitor General Arnold Raum (who was also Jewish) stated that it was "bad enough that [Solicitor General Philip] Perlman’s name has to be there, to have one Jew’s name on it, but you have also put four more Jewish names on. That makes it look as if a bunch of Jewish lawyers in the Department of Justice put this out."[4]

Luke 11:46 “And he said, “Woe to you lawyers also! For you load people with burdens hard to bear, and you yourselves do not touch the burdens with one of your fingers.”

Anonymous said...

Cheap lettuce is not cheap.
Female in FL

Proudyt said...

I used to live in an apartment complex with assigned parking. Quite often I would come home from work to find a car parked in my spot. 100% of the time it was a black person. Mind you there were signs all over the property to let visitors know where to park. How do I know it was always a black person you may ask ? I would park my 16 yr old POS behind their car with a note telling them to come to apt 2c if they wanted me to move. Never had a problem twice with the same person.

Anonymous said...

Another commenter asked does anybody else go to newnation. I do and most of you should; it's a companion site. It's a human rights website that catalogs negro atrocities; it's too important ignore as you will find stuff that is suppressed by the now scrutinized MSM. Newnation is also good for the time when we take our case to international bodies to plead for justice against America's black criminal cancer. A cancer that was allowed to metastasize by design. Another site you may find interesting is Ambrose Kane's blog. Patriots, educate yourselves. America's criminal elite wants to keep you ignorant and uneducated. Being knowledgeable will set us free from BRA.

Anonymous said...

What word starts with N and ends with R that you never want to call a black person?


The Umpire said...

PRO-FES-SOR Jeffrey Copeland: "As of 1945 through 1948, [...] people could be denied where they live because of the race, color, [...]."

Really? Man, thank goodness those days are over! Wow, what a wonderful era we live in: a time when anyone--including open-minded, cosmopolitan, adventurous white people--can live anywhere (e.g., anywhere in St. Louis, East St. Louis, Detroit, Selma, Gary, etc.) that their whimsical heart desires.

"Prior to 1948, blacks in St. Louis--and the U.S.--could rent property, but often couldn't buy a home because of racial covenants that prevented African Americans from buying in certain neighborhoods."

Because of hypocritical, turf-defending, gentrification-fearing, litter-loving, potentially violent black thugs and hyper-hypocritical SJWs (e.g., Professor Jeffrey Copeland), whites often couldn't buy a home in certain neighborhoods prior to....uh, prior to....uh, what year did that end?

Here we go again--it's only p.c. and acceptable when a neighborhood changes from white to black. Ah, but when whites "threaten" black turf (i.e., threaten to fix it up "too much"), the media and the press gives us these sob stories about grandma So & So being priced out of the 'hood she's lived in for 70 stoic, glorious years; and even though her house is a total, ghastly dump; it's the only home she's ever known; and the mere thought of moving brings makes her cry; and [BLAH BLAH BLAH].

Man, you just know PRO-FES-SOR Copeland absolutely loooooooves working in his ivory tower (i.e., U. of N. Iowa) and living in splendid isolation (i.e., Cedar Falls, about 2.1% black). Okay, so this begs a hypothetical question: If the government were to start smothering Cedar Falls with Somalis, at what point would J.C. hypocritically crack and get on out of "Dodge"? If Cedar Falls became 82.1% black? 50.1% black? 30.1% black? 10.1% black? 3.1% black? 2.101% black? Hmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Raleigh area and saw that story on WRAL about Popeyes lmao. They can deny the stereotype all they want, we know.

Anonymous said...

Ok, an article this depressing calls for a laugh.


his research shows that for African Americans increased their risk of everything from hypertension, to diabetes as a result of excessive striving for a often out of reach idea of success. One of the more interesting other findings is that white Americans are largely immune to striving having this negative effect on their health.

Dr. Brody and colleagues published a study in the journal Pediatrics that said that among black adolescents from disadvantaged backgrounds, “unrelenting determination to succeed” predicted an elevated risk of developing diabetes.

The focus on black adolescents is significant. In much of this research, white Americans appeared somehow to be immune to the negative health effects that accompany relentless striving. As Dr. Brody put it when telling me about the Pittsburgh study, “We found this for black persons from disadvantaged backgrounds, but not white persons.

Dr. Brody’s summary of the classical tenets of resilient strivers sounds like something from a motivational poster: “They cultivate persistence, set goals and work diligently toward them, navigate setbacks, focus on the long term, and resist temptations that might knock them off course.”

So there you have it- blacks are literally killing themselves in America from striving so hard to be the best that they can be. They are working themselves to death.

If what I have seen all my life is black people striving and working hard then I would hate to see what they consider slacking and loafing.

Anonymous said...

This is off topic but something I think is important. I just read that they're warning people on social media (facebook, twitter etc.) where ICE is so they can avoid being deported. Why don't we flood them with fake reports to make them think that ICE is everywhere and confuse them. If you live in a large "migrant rich" city get on social media, say you have a "inside source" and start posting, here's some examples - ICE is going to set up a checkpoint on main street by Home Depot, ICE is preparing to raid ("x" business with lots of "immigrants") sometime within the month (scare them away for awhile - lol), ICE will be in unmarked cars recording people going in to the "Rosa Parks" ER and recording license plate numbers, ICE is monitoring welfare offices and will have access to your information, ICE took six "immigrant" employees out of "a Burger King" (be vague) and will be checking restaurants all over the city thru-out the year. "Fake news" works both ways folks - we all need to do our part to help our president "MAGA" - GO TRUMP!

Truth Corps said...

It's amazing what the passage of 50 years will do to a culture. I'm glad I have your books and other authors and my own journals to pass along to my kids and grandkids. 1964 Most people were sane and supported segregation. By 2014 we were under a second negro run Presidency and the murder and rape totals of white victims of black violence must have eclipsed half a million. Maybe by 2064 we'll either be enslaved by them or find our balls again.

AnalogMan said...

Californian said...

We can also ask, why would the Shelleys want to force the owners of a house to sell to them?

Is that what happened? Was Kraemer the owner of the house? I haven't seen that stated anywhere. My understanding is that the owner of the house sold willingly to Shelley, but that Kraemer sued to enforce the restrictive covenant as a party to the covenant. Why did he sue Shelley (who was not a party to the covenant) instead of the owner?

I believe the court did not rule that the restrictive covenant was illegal, but merely that it could not be enforced through the courts. This is presumably on the principle that I learned of in my single Mercantile Law course, back in South Africa in the sixties, that contracts that are contrary to public policy or law can not be enforced; e.g. gambling debts, contracts of prostitution. This doesn't mean that gambling debts, for example, don't exist. They just have to be collected in a ... different way. Some of which may even be legal (see "set-off").

This is where Kraemer and the rest of the residents of that street made their mistake. Instead of appealing to the courts, they should have had a quiet word of prayer with the seller, and persuaded him to withdraw his house from the market. But who could have foreseen the outcome? Back in the 1940s, Americans probably still believed they had property rights.

(Just checked - my understanding of the case is correct. Restrictive covenants are not illegal, or unconstitutional; but the state will not enforce them. Parties have to make their own arrangements for enforcement.)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Follow the money is the easiest way to find out the entire truth about something ..."

You must be a Marxist. That's what Karl Marx thought too.

Californian said...

Is that what happened? Was Kraemer the owner of the house?

I was making a more general point that blacks want to force themselves upon White communities which do not want them.

You make good points re laws involving restrictive covenant contracts.

Anonymous said...

"Can't imagine why anyone thought that their ruling us would be a good idea."

It's the Christian idea of divine justice.

So the last will be first, and the first will be last.
-Matthew 20:16

Paintjob Theory said...

"In any case, whatever "secret society" you are talking about, they are still white men,"

Wait a minute, I thought you didn't know which secret society, and now you know they're all white men?


Well another commenter showed you where YKW was involved in this one, and a quick google search will show that no less than 7 of the supreme court justices at the time were Freemasons.

You show me any anti-white anti-Christian, globalist, communist event or movement and I'll show you the YKW and/or Freemasons. We can lump all other secret societies in the same basket since they are identical at the core and at the top. B'Nai B'Rith (founders of ADL/$PLC), Trilateral Commission, CFR, Bilderberg Group, Russel Trust/Scull and Bones, Scroll and Key, Rhoades Scholars, RIIA, Club of Rome, Bohemian club, Knights of Malta, Jesuits, etc. etc.

These groups have a very clear track record of nation wrecking and subversion. Every revolution against the "old order" royalty as well as the fracturing and later subversion of the Catholic church was orchestrated by them as was every modern communist movement. Hitler wrote about this and one of the first policies under the Enabling Act was to purge those lodges. Italy and Japan also had draconian laws against such treasonous organizations, and the USA even had an anti-Mason party briefly. Just like their spiritual kinsmen from whom their "secrets" they share, they sit in a lake of blood they have spilled and cry "why do they persecute me?"

Not sure if this will make it past the goalie here since this is the third rail that has got me banned from CCC, Treehouse, and half a dozen other "conservative" forums. Show me a truly open forum and I could post evidence for weeks. I typically leave vague hints; those who care to research will find the same patterns, and those who take oaths to "Always Conceal" know exactly what I'm talking about and attack me relentlessly.

Anonymous said...

"From Wikipedia , a reliably left wing establishment source:"

Your point apparently is that if some Jews wrote a brief for Shelley, then the white Supreme Court Justices were necessarily compelled to decide in Shelley's favor. I don't buy it. I believe they could have decided the case any way they wanted to. In fact, they weren't even obligated to take the case at all. But then, I'm not a conspiracy nut, and I believe that white people have a will of their own. How does it feel to be a helpless puppet of (((others)))?

Anonymous said...

Shelley WASN'T the first black family in the neighborhood. From the Supreme Court opinion in Shelley's favor:

The first of these cases comes to this Court on certiorari to the Supreme Court of Missouri. On February 16, 1911, thirty out of a total of thirty-nine owners of property fronting both sides of Labadie Avenue between Taylor Avenue and Cora Avenue in the city of St. Louis, signed an agreement, which was subsequently recorded, providing in part:

". . . the said property is hereby restricted to the use and occupancy for the term of Fifty (50) years from this date, so that it shall be a condition all the time and whether recited and referred to as [sic] not in subsequent conveyances and shall attach to the land as a condition precedent to the sale of the same, that hereafter no part of said property or any

Page 334 U. S. 5

portion thereof shall be, for said term of Fifty-years, occupied by any person not of the Caucasian race, it being intended hereby to restrict the use of said property for said period of time against the occupancy as owners or tenants of any portion of said property for resident or other purpose by people of the Negro or Mongolian Race."

The entire district described in the agreement included fifty-seven parcels of land. The thirty owners who signed the agreement held title to forty-seven parcels, including the particular parcel involved in this case. At the time the agreement was signed, five of the parcels in the district were owned by Negroes. One of those had been occupied by Negro families since 1882, nearly thirty years before the restrictive agreement was executed. The trial court found that owners of seven out of nine homes on the south side of Labadie Avenue, within the restricted district and "in the immediate vicinity" of the premises in question, had failed to sign the restrictive agreement in 1911. At the time this action was brought, four of the premises were occupied by Negroes, and had been so occupied for periods ranging from twenty-three to sixty-three years. A fifth parcel had been occupied by Negroes until a year before this suit was instituted.

More at:

Anonymous said...

"I am curious, where did Mr. Shelley get the money for the house purchase? Assuming he put %10 down what bank in 1947 was willing to write a mortgage for the balance of the purchase price? "

Shelley seems to have paid cash or equivalent, as he immediately got the deed. From the Supreme Court opinion:

On August 11, 1945, pursuant to a contract of sale, petitioners Shelley, who are Negroes, for valuable consideration received from one Fitzgerald a warranty deed to the parcel in question. [Footnote 1] The trial court found that petitioners had no actual knowledge of the restrictive agreement at the time of the purchase.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Why don't we flood them with fake reports to make them think that ICE is everywhere and confuse them.

Good plan. Unless, of course, one of your tips turns out to be true.

Detroit Refugee said...

Mr. Kersey, this set of comments is the most intelligent I have read yet. Short on gratuitous comments, but comments long on insight from experience. This set of your reportage (excuse the high-falutin' term, but you provided meaningful history and insight, as opposed to what passes today for the 5 W's) combined with worthwhile comments (those based on experience, which an ever-increasing number of white Americans share) demonstrates conditions (things that aren't the way they should be), causes of those conditions, and their effects on the way things should have been.

Detroit Refugee said...

PS-- I can vouch for Highland Park.

Race said...

ROTFL, thanks for answering Hiram. I don't think he thought anyone would.

Race said...

"they are still white men,", umm, no. I'm not sorry to be the one to inform you that (((They))) successfully sued to the Supreme Court that they see not "white" though spreading that way. That although they look like us, they have a completely different Asiatic origin. Also, it it's support common for them to conceal their alien origin by taking a (((crypto))) name of Anglo Saxon origin so (((their))) motives won't be questioned.

Race said...

Everybody should know this, but our people have largely become deaf, dumb, and blind.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

"...If what I have seen all my life is black people striving and working hard then I would hate to see what they consider slacking and loafing."

February 23, 2017 at 6:48 PM


This reminds me of a line from a Tom Clancy book: "Inshallah means the same thing as mañana, but without the urgency."

Anonymous said...

If "magazine salespeople" are in your area call the police! Often, this activity calls for a permit to conduct door-to-door sales.

Fled The Undertow said...

So a black family of NINE sues and wins the right to move into a 1500 sq ft house. Must've been REAL COZY inside.

AHAHAHA! I'm glad I'm not the only one who caught that.

Nine negroes shoved like sardines into 1500 square feet of home, and I'm sure they strutted around like a bunch of moronic peacocks for months at their "victory ober da white man an the trrrble trrrble legacy of da slabery".


Fled The Undertow said...

To L in Atl hell:

I'm so sorry to hear that. As an Atl escapee, I think of you often. Please reconsider your moving plans and come out West. Our door is open to you and yours.

Fled The Undertow said...

To Formerly Miss G:

My best friend moved out here to join me in the Great White Mountain West last year, and she chose to rent her GA home to an elderly white Catholic couple.

She really needs to sell the home, however, so when the lease was up, she wouldn't renew it for another year (they knew this going in, but I guess hoped my friend would change her mind). Because they were pissed about having to move again, they trashed the house. It'll take weeks and lots of cash to repair.

From the description of the wreckage, I assumed blacks had done it. Sometimes the most inocuous-looking whites can be a huge disappointment.

Anonymous said...

It's the same old song all across the country. Watched a few episodes of 'the Super' on Netflix, where this landlord frequents his houses/apartments, and it's as you described. Whenever these animals get evicted, the inevitable race card comes out. It's really true that they're unable to adapt to Western Civilization.

Anonymous said...

Hope you were packing when they knocked at your door? These clowns kill for a lot less.

Anonymous said...

his research shows that for African Americans increased their risk of everything from hypertension, to diabetes as a result of excessive striving for a often out of reach idea of success. One of the more interesting other findings is that white Americans are largely immune to striving having this negative effect on their health.

And to think up until this study it was believed by the medical community that the African American Type 2 diabetes epidemic was caused by diet.

It's actually caused by White people!

When you see obese Black people standing in line at Church's Chicken remember that their obesity was caused by trying too hard.

Anonymous said...

In any case, whatever "secret society" you are talking about, they are still white men, and were put on the Court by white politicians freely elected by white people. I don't see any (((others))) handy for you to blame.

The University embracement of anti-rationalism and anti-White explanations for social problems was largely caused by the Frankfurt school which is well documented as a secular Jewish and Marxist plan to dismantle Western institutions. Now in all fairness this group was against all Western religions including Judaism so I don't think it is fair to depict all Jewry as part of a conspiracy.

There is also the problem of Sweden which never took in large groups of Jews and yet today is on path to become an anti-White 1948 style state where even discussing the benefits of nationalism will get you in trouble. So I think our situation is more complicated than a Jewish conspiracy. I also can't help but notice that the Nordic cities in the US (Seattle, Portland, Twin cities) are also bastions of White guilt and loathing. Now there is the theory that Nords are more vulnerable to Marxist propaganda due to an over-abundance of empathy genes that evolved for surviving cold winters. That could be true but where does it put us?

The only way forward is to debunk egalitarian and Marxist propaganda while not obsessing over where it comes from. Yes at one time it was heavily written by bergs and steins but today there are plenty of Saxons and Nords that write and promote this destructive garbage.

Anonymous said...

People don't want to rent to vibrants because...???

Anonymous said...

I often wonder which is worse: the destruction that negroes create or the White guilt that has paralyzed and retarded us into allowing the negroes to run amok.

Without White guilt America could end ALL non-White immigration, wall off mexico and FIERCELY enforce immigration law, mandate that negroe felons and welfare cases be surgically sterilized, ban islam and deport all muslims, and we could have a White majority population permanently and get our negroe population down to around 3-4%.

But that would be mean, and make us feel TERRIBLE so we will just go extinct and hand our country over to hordes of non-Whites.

It's sickening.

Anonymous said...

So true. I moved into my house and within a week the nigglets from 3 houses away starting bouncing their round ball and playing on the hoop that the old owners left without asking. yes, they had their own basketball hoop at their houser but mine was nicer. My kids were young 5 and 2 and so we weren't going to use it any time soon and the nogs didn't get my subtle hints to not play on shit that isn't theirs. I didn't want to deal with any chimpouts so after a month I just gave it to them. My daughter got an invitation to the nogs bday party a few weeks after that. I guess they wanted more gibs. Why can't we have nice things? Black people.

On a plus note they haven't came by my house in two years.

Anonymous said...

Exactly two blocks west of that house at the corner of Labadie and Newstead is one of your typical ghetto corner markets. All sorts of the usual ghetto activity you would expect goes on around that Market and north to Natural Bridge. Drugs, people drinking all day, prostitution. That really is the hood.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Professor Copeland lives among negroes?

LOL! Of course he doesn't!

If he did, he'd have written a completely different book about the Shelley house.


Anonymous said...

I get your point. I do believe I've seen far worse examples of this phenomenon. When I looked at it on Google maps satellite, it didn't appear to be into too bad shape given how old this neighborhood is. Greater Detroit in the greater Baltimore are far better examples

Unknown said...

You have not seen any black working hard. They don't. That is why they are more likely to be on welfare.

Unknown said...

Your daughter needs to stay a way from black people. Black men want white women and they hate white people. They can't stand Israel who are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today.