Saturday, February 25, 2017

"Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe…": A T-shirt promoting 'The Walking Dead' pulled because of Racism Claims

A major retailer is causing an uproar by pulling a The Walking Dead t-shirt from its stores after complaints from a customer who said the shirt was racist. 
The t-shirt references an extremely violent scene from the runaway hit about the zombie apocalypse, where the main villain, Negan (Jeffery Dean Morgan) uses the rhyme, “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe” to decide which characters to kill with his barbed-wire wrapped baseball bat. 
The Independent reports that a British man, Ian Lucraft complained to the retailer that the shirt was racist and “…relates directly to the practice of assaulting black people in America.” 
Lucraft , a Methodist Minister, notes that the counting rhyme originally goes: “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe… catch a n***er by his toe.” 
“It was fantastically offensive and I can only assume that no-one in the process of ordering it knew what they were doing or were aware of its subliminal messages,” said Lucraft. 
He adds, “It is directly threatening of a racist assault, and if I were black and were faced by a wearer I would know just where I stood.” 
The Independent reports that after Lucraft wrote to the CEO of Primark, the company decided to remove the shirt from its shelves. 
A spokesman said: “Any offence caused by its design was wholly unintentional and Primark sincerely apologises for this.” 
But many took to Twitter to decry the company’s decision, saying the shirt has nothing to do with racism at all.
In virtually every part of the western world where communism never reigned, white people have abandoned Christianity for the religion of egalitarianism, devoting their lives to rooting out any oppression or persecution of white people toward non-whites (systemic racism) and annihilating from memory any white historical figure who ever dared utter an unkind word toward those individuals who comprise the rising tide of color.

It's a cult, but one where no tithing is necessary to fund the endeavors of this church since its teachings are already entrenched dogma as the standard operating procedure in academia, television, Hollywood, the judicial system and (especially) in corporate America.



Anonymous said...

I have proof that the limerick is not racist because it ends with " if he hollers make him pay , fifty dollars every day" they couldnt have been talkin bout a black person cause a negro wont even pay 50 dollars a month to keep his water turned on.

Anonymous said...

Oh but Communism did come to the west. It was exported to these shores many moons ago by educated " refugees". They repaid us by brainwashing nearly three generations of Americans and actively working towards bringing about the slow motion implosion we are currently witnessing.

Anonymous said...

The UK is gone and has been for many years. Why has the Queen never stepped foot into Harrods since the muzzie bought it?
Female in FL

GLG said...

That shirt is no more racist than most of the CRAP so called Music these shines perform!!

If they don't like it they are free to go home and get their shineboxes and cotton sacks and get back to work!!

Michael77 said...

It's death cult. A cult that offers no redemption other than our death.

Anonymous said...

"...In virtually every part of the western world where communism never reigned, white people have abandoned Christianity for the religion of egalitarianism..."

Oh, right. "Real" Christianity is race-based. How odd that (((Jesus))) never mentions that. How odd that 99.99% of people calling themselves Christians (still the majority in the West) don't agree. How odd that in America it was white Christian fanatics who freed the negro, made him an equal citizen, and gave him the vote. But of course, they weren't "real" Christians like the ones who come to this site. How could they be? They weren't delusional.

Then again, the baldfaced LIE that egalitarianism is a religion suits Christians, since they are accustomed to lying and, just like their "elder brothers in Christ, need to feel persecuted to feel whole. Because, you see, if egalitarianism is framed as a competing religion, then calls to return to old time Christianity don't sound as ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of communism, State Rep from Idaho Curtis Bowers has made a couple movies on the truth and dangers of communism. Agenda: Grinding America Down. Y'all really need to watch this. My family survived communism and had to escape to keep their lives.

Next time your in line at Popeye's Chicken in Durham, you can watch it while waiting for buckets of dat chicken...

God Bless, and lock n load.

NC Guy

Proudyt said...

Sometimes I just have to laugh at the unbelievable amount of bullshit that comes from the left,be it American,British,German,ect. Nobody complains when blacks walk around with black is beautiful or black people rock t-shirts. I didn't hear complaining about blacks wearing Obama paraphernalia. This is never going to end until the right becomes as violent and ridiculous as the left has.

Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia:

There are many common variations, such as replacing tiger with "piggy", "tinker", "tigger", "chicken", "monkey", "baby", "spider", "teacher", "miner", a two-syllable name, etc.; and changing the verb in the third line to "screams", "wiggles", "squeals" or another verb.[4] The last two lines may be changed to "if he hollers, let him pay, fifty dollars every day.

Tigger and monkey, I wonder if the first one is misspelled?

Anonymous said...

I read about this ludicrous bullshit. However, the minister was partially correct that deep in the recesses of many minds the words "catch a n*gger by his toe" was silently thought instead of "tiger." many places white people used the word "n*gger", but in mixed company the more polite term was tiger.

Use common sense: how are you going to make a tiger pay 50 dollars every day if you catch its toe?

I am a BIG Walking Dead fan and when Negan said those words, I thought "n*gger."

Among friends of SPBDL I would admit this, but in other company, I would deny I ever thought such a thing.

It is sad that a story line can't be written without crying babies whining about blacks. I remember the outcry when Tyreese and another second string negro got zombie attacked. Many people were going to stop watching because too many blacks and not enough whites died (I KID YOU NOT)!

I am not for affirmative action. There are two...maybe three blacks that I would say REALLY contribute to TWD. I always thought Michone did a good job, but Father Gabriel is coming around, and I get a kick out of King Ezekiel. Chances are that Father Gabriel and the King are going to meet their Waterloo soon! The comic books have Ezekiel dying, but I would hate to see that. I get a kick out of all the white people calling him your highness like he is royalty. He has a 300 pound Samoan named Jerry to back him up...along with a tiger.

Come on's a fucking show! However...and I am being honest with you now...I did think in my mind "catch a n*gger by his toe" when Negan said that line.

In Massachusetts the word "tiger" is probably used, but in Oklahoma and Mississippi they do use the word n*gger. HOWEVER...the man had no right to be angry because he cannot prove that people thought the word "n*gger", but many such as myself did INDEED think that word.

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals are too darn whiny these days too many looking for anything they consiter would offend these little snowflakes while fighting to keep on the walls of museums art pictures shows cops as pigs just like the notorious National Endoumwnt for the Arts(NEA)was infamous for art displays showing a picture of Christ in a jar of Urine or a virgin Mary done in elephant manure

Joshua Sinistar said...

The Walking Dead started out as a heroic story with White survivalists fighting off zombies. Then it got browned out with divershitty. Who are the walking dead now? It might be that dumb token gang you've seen on every low rated fractured fairy tale of TV suck your whole life. I'm not even sure why zombies are bothering them. I thought they were looking for brains? In real life, you only see these token dog and phony shows at media and government get togethers. Divershitty is our strength. Its just not a stable society or viable Civilization.

Nunnya said...

I have been contemplating for a while now, about all the Google-on-White violence happening around the country, and trying to put into words what I was thinking.

I am sure I will forget to post a lot of what has been on my mind, and probably not get across at least half of what I would like, and even then, it might be all messed up. Here goes:

When I see all the reports of Google-on-White attacks happening, in this country specifically, I, like any sane White, gets angry. Not just at the worthless air thieving Google(s), but also at the courts, and the Regressive Libtard Enablers that allow them to roam outside of the Zoo they all belong in, and make excuses for their behavior.

When one stops to examine the individual instances that happen, the vast majority of the time, they happen inside or very near a large Google infested city controlled by DemonRats. (There are exemptions, but exemptions PROVE the rule).

Taking into account the total White population, total Google population, and the crime rates, it is undeniable that Google-on-White crime is exponentially higher than the reverse. It is also evident that the vast majority of the victims of these crimes are overwhelmingly SJWs and their unfortunate offspring. Most of the smart Whites are either already gone, or protect themselves well enough to not become one of these statistics.

While 2/3s of Americas' population reside within 100 air miles of a border of the USA, (land or sea from outside our country) the productive members of our society live on the outskirts or father inland, from a major city. (Yes, unfortunately some still live in the Infected Zone...). These people are majority White, skilled in self reliance, and armed to the teeth. These people rarely are victims of any major crime, and as time goes on, are ever less likely to become a victim, as they learn that there is nowhere really safe from Googles any longer.

Basically, the "whites" that are victims to these vicious Google attacks, are for the most part, not really worth the emotional angst or effort. They are far more likely than not, to be SWJs etc. and too stupid to gtfo, when all evidence screamed at them to do so.

Therefore, I no longer care when I read about these Google-on-White crimes. Zero F**s Given. ZFG. It will still piss me off, when the victim is a beautiful White female that has been denied her right to birth White children for Americas' future, but I will do my best to let it pass, realizing that even the innocent offspring of SJWs as victims, makes it that much harder for the rest of America, and maybe the world, to ignore the insanity of allowing IQ70 Chimps to roam free in a civilized society, and provide them with everything they need to breed and kill at will.

Whites outside the Kill Zones of the major cities are ready and more importantly, willing and able to deal with any societal collapse. Those still on the inside are at best, able to get out when the time comes, though not very likely imho, no matter how many tours as a Navy SEAL or Ranger they have under their belts. The cities will simply overwhelm every White inside them.

So to sum up a very long winded post:
ZFG to all the cucks living in the Kill Zones of Google Infested cities.
Whites on the outside of those zones are ready and able to eliminate any Googles that venture outside those Zones.
Whites still inside those Zones that are not cucks, GTFO NOW as even Rambo and Chuck Norris together will become Google Food when SHTF.
i will continue to read this blog as I have for years for the great articles and the best comments on the internet.

Thank you PK for allowing my comment.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the #Oscarsmustbeblack is tomorrow, I can't wait for all the pot shots at Trump. It was so interesting how all these liberal elites were dead set in support behind not so evil W. Bush (with Michael Moore having to almost go into hiding after criticizing him during a speech) but are now nearly 100% against a sitting president.

Due to the racial aspects this time I am paying attention. I'm predicting La La Land will win and Emma Stone will apologize or somehow patronize blacks and insult Trump. It might be interesting to watch just to see how scared white actors are of winning. Even our white elites can't escape the black influx on their lives and have to prostrate themselves during their own white-style "looks at muh" awards shows.

La La Land will win due to it's actual popularity but blacks will "win big" in several categories. Liberal social elites will feel that they have dodged a black bullet and having paid their black extortion tax can now merrily go back to business as usual. They will be wrong.

It's television and is thus useless as well as saturated with commercials featuring the usual suspects I know, just something to think about as liberals struggle to make themselves relevant again.

Unknown said...

He's an idiot because the rhyme is as follows: "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, Catch a tiger by the toe. If he hollers, let him go, Eeny, meeny, miny, moe."

Anonymous said...

The modern Christian church is worthless, broken, and has been hi-jacked, to not do the work of Christ, but to do the work of the globalist. It's very apparent, is it not? The "church " as it is now, needs to be abandoned. Start your own worship group where you can get the word of God, if that's what you choose. But the back if the modern "church" needs to be broken. The well has been poisoned, stop drinking from it. I stopped attending years ago, due to noticing these trends.
Mr Turner

Detoilet Cheeseman said...

A jocular use of a form of the rhyme by a Southwest Airlines flight attendant, encouraging passengers to sit down so the plane could take off, led to a 2003 lawsuit charging the airline with intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Two versions of the rhyme were attested in court; both "Eeny meeny miny mo, Please sit down it's time to go" and "Pick a seat, it's time to go". The passengers in question were African American and stated that they were humiliated due to what they called the "racist history" of the rhyme. A jury returned a verdict in favor of Southwest and the plaintiffs' appeal was denied.

"Sawyer v. Southwest Airlines". 2005-08-12. Retrieved 2011-11-15.

Ya win some, ya lose some.

I hope I get sick of winning, as promised.

MAGA and nog free, or is that redundant.

Detoilet Cheeseman said...

Sorry, meant to include this in previous comment.

In 1993, a high school teacher in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, provoked a student walkout when she asked her students about their poor test scores, "What did you do? Just go eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a nigger by the toe?" The school's district superintendent recommended the teacher "lose three days of pay, undergo racial sensitivity training, and have placed in her personnel file" along with a disciplinary pay cut.

Sink, Lisa (1993-01-19). "Longer suspension for teacher urged". Milwaukee Sentinel.

Detoilet Cheeseman said...

Perhaps our valued friend, Patrick Boyle, will weigh in on this article, his thoughts always being looked foward to by me.

To encapsulate the concept, he said, "We learn from this analysis that in our admittedly simplified model, equality can be improved either by proper engineering of a static market topology, which seems impracticable, or by dynamic emergent reshaping of the market via sufficient individual initiative to act upon frustration."

But a successful society, with reduced frustration and improved equality, does not continue for long. "Equality is short lived, we find, as the disappearance of frustration that follows equality removes the fundamental drive toward equality. Perhaps a key element in preventing the cyclical return of inequality would be memory, which is absent from our framework. But then, is it present in a real society?"

Michael Dean Miller said...


I sang that ditty as:

"eenie meenie, miney moe, catch a rabbit by his toe"
"If he hollers let him go, my mommy says to choose YOU " which point we lost every game of kickball cuz I was lousy at it.


MrGJG said...

I'm waiting for them to change the characters name from "Negan" because it starts with a N and has a G as it's third letter. Certainly no more obscure then tree's evoking hangings given as the reasons blacks don't go camping.

Brian in Ohio said...

Honestly, when I first glanced at the headline, I figured Eeny, Meeny, Miny and Moe were the names of the negro perpetrators of the latest outrage. lol

Again, its the boy who cried wolf. Although I`m sure blacks DO see everything whites do as racist, by claiming racism where there was none, they only hurt their own credibility. This is a perfect example of something that those on the fence about paint job theory would see as stupid and trite. A non issue.

So let them scream "racism!" from the rooftops. All the better for the cause of race realism.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

PK must be asleep still! I know for a fact that "some" people did think the word "n*gger" in their minds. The article stated:

But many took to Twitter to decry the company’s decision, saying the shirt has nothing to do with racism at all.

I wholeheartedly agree with this but I know that many probably thought the word n*gger in their heads. In my mind, I said: eeny, meeny, miny, moe...catch a n*gger by his toe, if he hollers make him pay, 50 dollars every day.

The white snowflake cannot prove that it was racist because he cannot get into people's minds, but as for me I did think the word "n*gger." I've lived in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Oklahoma, and we said "n*gger." What does a fucking tiger have to do with anything?

Mutant Swarm said...

Why are you still watching television?

Anonymous said...

I stop watching walking dead when the Latinos got on

Anonymous said...

You heard about Demi Lovato being attack because she 1% black

Race said...

"That shirt is no more racist than most of the CRAP so called Music these shines perform!!"

Right? Does this hypocrite write letters and make phone calls to any business that has any remote connection to rapmusic, such as a store carrying their cd's?

Race said...

Right, where are all the cries and wails over black pride, brown pride, black history month, black students union,la Raza, etc.? Hypocrites all.

Anonymous said...

How odd that 99.99% of people calling themselves Christians (still the majority in the West) don't agree.

Stop making up statistics. Trump wouldn't have been able to win without Christians. Meanwhile secular SoCal and NYC were heavy Clinton supporters. I say this as someone who hasn't been to church since I was a teenager.

How odd that in America it was white Christian fanatics who freed the negro, made him an equal citizen, and gave him the vote.

It was politicians that gave them the vote, followed by secular egalitarian judges that punished the South for not submitting to liberal egalitarian ideology.

In fact the US was more Christian before integration and the acceptance of liberal theories.

And do explain Sweden if you think this is a Christian problem. They are heavily secular and you can go to jail there for simply talking about race outside the accepted egalitarian context.

We need to be smart about this and blaming Christianity doesn't make sense. That doesn't mean secularism is to blame either. The problem is liberalism which has corrupted Western society and that includes both Christian and secular institutions.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

I believe that many rap "songs" (rhythmic chanting accompanied by jungle drumming) often use the word in question. I'm glad to hear that Primark is immediately discontinuing all tee shirts that feature the ugly mugs of all rappers who use that word. Use that word today, by the way, not in the 19th century.

Anonymous said...

Basically, the "whites" that are victims to these vicious Google attacks, are for the most part, not really worth the emotional angst or effort. They are far more likely than not, to be SWJs etc. and too stupid to gtfo, when all evidence screamed at them to do so.

This is correct. Occasionally there are workers or tourists passing through but for the most part the victims made a conscious decision to reject living in a White area for whatever reason. A lot of the women that are killed are drug addicts and prostitutes that sleep with Blacks.

Whites that live near Blacks all know someone that has been mugged or worse.

I use the under 25 rule. If they are recently moved from college then I will give them a break. The colleges are indoctrination centers and it can take a few years for them to sort it out.

But over 25 gets zero pity from me. I have a very hard time believing that Whites that have lived next to Blacks for years still believe in paint theory. They either embraced the lie or decided to stay for work or whatever reason and risk the consequences.

Liberalism wouldn't exist if all Whites had to spend 3 months in a Black area. Only a small percentage of liberals will cling to the lie after experiencing that reality. Liberalism is propped up by Whites in the burbs and White cities like Portland/Seattle that build their view of Blacks from TV.

Proudyt said...

Amen. I'd love to see Meryl Streep and George Clooney move to Gary Indiana for the summer.

Anonymous said...

Hey want something to cover, then read this:

I about laughed my ass off!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the first couple of seasons of that show, and I enjoyed the characters of Rick and his wife and son. I stopped watching after season three, I think it was when they were in the prison, because they caved to social justice warriors and the show went from featuring a cast of mostly White characters to lots and lots of blacks. Then the social justice warriors started screaming because the black characters were getting killed, so first the show was racist because there weren't enough blacks then the show was racist because the black characters were getting killed just like all of the other characters. I have since discovered that Rick went on to have a very physical romance with one of the black characters and I am ever so glad that I stopped watching before that Point. Very said it was one of the best shows in television history and they completely ruined it.

Anonymous said...

I notice now alot of commercials use Hip Hop music 🎶🎼🎧 in them

Anonymous said...

I tried to post something on this very topic but did so too late to get posted on an earlier SBPDL story of the overwhelming, insidious indoctrination being promoted in mainstream education & here today comes up the very same topic again, so Im putting this up to help facilitate the need for our growing awareness of how the achievements of caucasians are being allowed to be co-opted incessantly & turned against us by all variety of muds who are ALL deeply envious of us & what we've built for ourselves (I am 100% convinced of this from my own experience of growing up among a plethora of all varieties of muds in NYC public schools - which as a kid I used to think very cool, and so being at that time a socially engineered affirmative action type, I got plenty of eye/ear witness exposure to the many, often highly manipulative ways that muds-asians,latins,africans - are seeking to supplant whites in this country) Like taking our own educational methodologies, that stem only from European doctrines/philosophies, & contorting them to support their own BS / SJW agenda to brainwash the most vulnerable- our kids via making it 'fun & creative" I've a teacher friend who received info on an upcoming NAEA convention & while she's interested in it, is against how much of the 'sessions' are nothing but political fodder meant to degrade whites. She refuses to 'pay' for attending an 'educational' conference that seeks to undermine the very foundations/groups that built this country. Take a look at the link below,poke around some of whats posted, especially the pdf breakdown of the 'sessions' speakers/topics" - eye-opening crap that many of our tax dollars are being applied to support:

Take back ownership of your kids people - do not let the gov't that exists at this time indoctrinate them - homeschool them as much as you can - we have gotten so lazy to allow too many who are not of our kind to take over the fundamental jobs of what our ancestors did for themselves - like educating our own kids (Trump hasn't had enough time to get rid of the toxins in our education thanks to DOE & may not ever be able to until his admin can effectively get rid of the toxic AA policies).

Anonymous said...

For those who may not watch the Walking Dead, it is politically correct to the max. I do not agree with all the race mixing such as between Rick and Michone, but it is a reflection of the world we live in today. I never really felt a lot of chemistry between Glen and Maggie (Korean man with white woman), but in a zombie apocalypse there may not be a lot of choice.

Maggie is a white woman that any white man would drop to their knees to have. How she chose Glen is beyond me, but at least Glen was amiable and intelligent (not black). Glen was added most likely to include some Asians in the show.

Some of the blacks were not good actors and were written off the show. Take Chad Coleman (Tyreese): he was on a subway and went ballistic shortly after TWD and frightened other riders. This is typical groid behavior.

Even with all its PC bullshit, TWD is one of the best shows on television. I also like Westworld from HBO, but have to put up with some PC bullshit. The blacks are all shown as intelligent and act like pros on that show. The women are not hard to look at even though most are not completely white (they are generally white enough). The lead actress is a big bosomed blond bombshell.

Guess what...the scientists are black! Who would have guessed...and the stupid violent ones are the white males! Like I said: TV is PC to the max!

Pat Boyle said...

I see that Ellison was not selected to head the Democratic party. Ellison was supposed to be the favorite, so this is something of a reversal. Normally the head of a party that is not in power is a non-entity. But this time - if I'm right - it's very meaningful.

The issue is whether the Democratic Party decides to be the Black Party or not. Blacks have tremendous advantages in electoral politics. Many political pundits claim that Hillary would certainly have won if instead of the little known white politician she chose to be her Vice Presidential running mate she had chosen some black person like Cory Booker. Tim Kaine - the democrat white Veep candidate - had a long resume but brought in very few new votes to the ticket - and he proved to be a poor debater against Mike Pence. But being white he was always going to get about half the voters anyway. But black candidates often pull as more that 90% of the black vote. Obama won because essentially every black person voted for him. As I remember he got 97% of the black vote.

No other group ethnic, racial or religious votes in such a lockstep manner. Put a black man on the ticket and you have a good chance at getting all the available black votes.

So why didn't the Democrats run a black Veep candidate? And why didn't the Democrat party elders let Ellison win? The answer seems to be they realize that once the Democrats are seen to be the party of negroes and only by running a negro can they win a election - then they will have lost control the party forever. The Democrats like their black bloc voting but they are not ready to cede power to blacks. So Ellison a black man who is also a Muslim won't be allowed to lead the Democrats just yet.

When the Democrats rely so heavily on the black vote it naturally begins to push the Republicans into becoming a white man's party. So in the next elections maybe the issue will be on the Hispanic vote as we move towards racial bloc voting.

Like so many other features of civilization maybe elections too won't survive the black presence.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious comment on WaPo that I had to share:
I think if we banned the Assault Black, we would reduce violent crime by 80 percent in America. That would be an excellent first start.

Pat Boyle said...

The black political groups have had a few successes. The greatest one is branding the "N-Word" as an insult worse than any other. I myself dare not use this term lest this comment be saved in some government data base and be used to damn me some time in the future as a fanatic beyond the pale. Another verboten term is 'White Privilege".

Oddly enough White Privilege is a real phenomenon. Almost all normal whites benefit from White Privilege. Why is that?

White Privilege is another way of saying that we trust white people. Many normal human interactions only proceed when they are informal. If you had to sign a contract every time you had a simple transaction, society would grind to a halt. You trust your relatives and you trust your long time friends. The issue is do you trust acquaintances?

Since white people are usually trustworthy they are usually granted the privilege of being trusted. But almost no one trusts blacks - certainly not blacks themselves. So there are few black run banks or credit institutions. Who would give their money to a black man?

Blacks suffer from their untrustworthiness. If you can't be trusted then all sorts of everyday economic transactions become very difficult. One small example. If you are a landlord with white tenants you can have them mail in the rent. But almost all ghetto landlords collect the rent in person and usually while armed. For a host of daily transactions blacks have to endure a more difficult set of processes because they can not be trusted. They resent that, and complain that comparable whites get the breaks - and it's true. Whites do have it better because everyone assumes that whites will behave better.

That's the reality of White Privilege. No one trusts blacks and that makes it difficult for blacks everywhere.


Fled The Undertow said...

so they couldnt have been talkin bout a black person cause a negro wont even pay 50 dollars a month to keep his water turned on.

Lol!!!! Good one, my friend. You win Comment of the Day, imo.

Anonymous said...

Take back ownership of your kids people - do not let the gov't that exists at this time indoctrinate them - homeschool them as much as you can - we have gotten so lazy to allow too many who are not of our kind to take over the fundamental jobs of what our ancestors did for themselves - like educating our own kids

The indoctrination is ineffective if parents warn their children about it and tell them the harsh truths about race.

But in many cases public schools should be avoided entirely since in multi-kult areas they are basically daycare centers that promote the Grand White Conspiracy theory of Whites being responsible for all Black problems. Not a safe place for White students when they are sitting next to angry Blacks.

The schools also promote a guilt-based environmentalism. My stepkid was shocked when I took him to a river that was dumping into the sea. He was led to believe there is a water shortage everywhere and that we needed to save every last drop.

D-FENS said...

I have so had it with "ministers", "pastors", "reverends", "clergy" etc.

Pay no arrention to cults no matter what their size.

Anonymous said...

So it's racist because it can make people THINK of a racist slur?


We're actually at the point of having thoughtcrimes.

Fled The Undertow said...

the man had no right to be angry because he cannot prove that people thought the word "n*gger", but many such as myself did INDEED think that word.

I had the distinct displeasure of being raised by a mentally-ill mother with Borderline Personality Disorder. On other RR sites I've commented on how similar liberalism and negro thinking are to people with BPD: Particularly their tendency toward magical thinking as well as their hyper-vigilant way of constantly looking for "veiled insults".

My crazy-ass mother used to ruminate over every word I ever said, or every greeting card I ever gave her, looking for hidden meanings in the text (how the fuk can you read between the lines of, "Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Hope yours is a great one!" ???)

Anyway, if she wasn't able to find anything incriminating in my words or actions, she'd decide she could read my mind and was convinced I was "thinking bad thoughts" about her. I kid you not. It's a miracle I can even function as an adult.

Anyway, your comment again made me aware of the similarities between mental illness and your typical negro/SJW. This country is inching closer every day to the Orwellian scenario of "thought crime" convictions (which, when I read 1984 in high school, reminded me even back then of daily life with a borderline parent. I wonder if Orwell just had a brilliant imagination, or if one of his close relatives had a personality disorder?).

D-FEB said...

Ellison also made some unfavorable statements about the Chosen and our greatest ally in the middle east. I wanted Ellison to win just for the incompetence a PoC can bring. His Islamic rants would have been entertaining but might have driven some (((rats))) to the GOP which would not be helpful.

Fled The Undertow said...

He's an idiot because the rhyme is as follows: "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, Catch a tiger by the toe. If he hollers, let him go, Eeny, meeny, miny, moe."

That's how I learned it, too. I never heard the alternate version until I moved from the Atlantic Seaboard down to the black belt of Atlanta in middle school.

From there, the gradual racial awakening began.

Fled The Undertow said...

To Mr Turner,

If you're familiar with Bible end-times eschatology, you'll recall that many churches in the "latter days" (right before the Rapture) are supposed to fall away from righteous teaching. I believe it's part of the great end times Apostasy that will affect believers and non-believers alike.

You were wise to identify the trend in your church and detach from them. We did the same. It's better to study on your own, with friends or family, or even a solid online group than to listen to the nonsense coming out of today's mainstream evangelical churches. We used to attend Andy Stanley's mega church until he apparently went off his meds.

For centuries, it was common Biblical knowledge that blacks were inferior to whites. The reason for the discrepancy may have been debatable, but the basic premise was not. Miscegination was likewise a sin. It's no accident that egalitarianism began seeping into Christian doctrine in the last 100 years.

Anonymous said...

If Neegan had said that on the show during that episode, we wouldn't be watching the next 1/2 of the season the outcry and backlash would have ended it. I enjoy TWD, and like the fact there aren't too many blacks on it, because it makes it realistic. In an end of the world scenario like that, most of them wouldn't survive the initial few weeks. Michonne is obviously a talented tenth, Father Gabriel survived because he was a selfish coward and locked himself in his church with all the food and supplies (like most revrunds would do), Morgan cost people their lives with his refusal to kill, and Ezekiel is playing up a "I'm a boss/badass" character, even though he was just a guy who worked at a zoo and took community theater, he has no skills other than acting tough. The show subliminally did a good job of capturing black culture in a nutshell.

Malcolm Xcrement said...

I am totally fatigued by the perpetually offended freaks in America.... Those of us who know the following need to defend the Nation... Know what God given gender you are, know which restroom to use, Know black dysfunction when you see it, Know there is no White privilege only White achievement,Know the legal difference between Immigrant and Illegal Alien, Know that Diversity being strength is a fallacy,Know (((Those))) that finance and push these destructive agendas must be called out and their monopolies on Finance, Govt., Media and Education destroyed. The Country and Constitution are crying to the Heavens for such Patriots to answer the call.

Sick n' Tired said...

The main thing is to not watch it. Go for a walk, read a book, cook some food, do push ups, call a friend, clean your house, anything but watch the Oscars. Let the ratings show that we the people are sick of the Hollywood pandering and bullshit.

fedupinmd said...

"Mutant Swarm said...

Why are you still watching television?

February 26, 2017 at 7:00 AM"


Fled The Undertow said...

Liberalism wouldn't exist if all Whites had to spend 3 months in a Black area. Only a small percentage of liberals will cling to the lie after experiencing that reality.

I know a young friend (around 30) who just got her PhD in psychology. She's married with two young children and chooses to live in an urban area because 1) she thinks it's hip and cool, and 2) she's desperately clinging to the notion that "healthy fear of negroes" = "racism". She also smokes weed a lot.

What her staunch liberal worldview is really about, imo, is her utter hatred of Christianity. In her mind, right wing values line up too much with Truth, which she must reject utterly or else face a kind of spiritual introspection that terrifies her. She embraces anything trendy, amoral, and degenerate, because she's repelled by Truth.

Darkness cannot tolerate the Light.