Sunday, August 6, 2017

Beats Not Bullets and Books Over Bullets: Actual Programs Designed to Convince Blacks to Stop Killing Each Other

Beats Not Bullets.

Books Over Bullets.

Both of these are actual programs designed to convince black people not to kill one another in cities in the United States of America. 

One is Baltimore. 

The other is Columbus, Georgia. 

This is not a joke. [Beats Not Bullets program teaches students music production, ins-and-outs of music industry, Baltimore Sun, 8-5-17]:
Sade Alvarez-Gibson, 15, raps into a studio microphone in a makeshift booth made of blankets, while Oladele Kiambu, 17, records: 
“Keeping my mind focused / I’m controlling my reality / My grind’s an everyday thing / It’s something that I do casually,” she raps. 
Just feet away, Kamal Muhammad — wearing headphones and a face full of determination — sits in front of a computer monitor, rhythmically tapping on a keyboard, eliciting sounds of a synth and a drum kick. 
“This is my first time making a beat,” the 12-year-old said proudly. 
All three are hoping to break into the music business, and the music program Beats Not Bullets is a step in that direction. 
Held at the Creative Alliance, the six-week summer internship program hosts around 10 students from the city and Baltimore County, teaching them the fundamentals of beat-making, music production and the ins and outs of the music business. 
Damond Blue, the East Baltimore singer-songwriter and rapper who founded the program last year, said Beats Not Bullets gives children the chance to embark on a successful music career and to have a voice in their city.
And what's Books Over Bullets? A program designed to convince blacks to pick up a book instead of picking up a gun and shooting other blacks (almost all violent crime in Columbus is committed by blacks). [Books Over Bullets program aims to curb community violence, Columbus Ledger-Enqurier, 8-4-17]:

In an effort to curb violence in the community, the West Central Chapter of the Police Benevolent Association will join a local educator in a program to hand out Books Over Bullets. 
The PBA will join Randalette Williams , a local educator and philantropist, to distribute donated books and other reading materials. The materials will be presented at 10 a.m. Saturday, during a brief ceremony at the Columbus State University Police Department at the intersection of East Lindsey and College Drive. 
Donated materials will be presented to local barbershops and beauty salons to promote reading, especially for youth. 

You just have to laugh, right?

American Exceptionalism? No... further proof in its current iteration, America is irredeemable.


Anonymous said...

"you've just got to laugh, right?" I just had to laugh when the storied cease-fire was broken with two dead. Yes, I picked 4 hours in the pool, and they made it to like 38 hours or so. That isn't that unusual, really, if one studies statistics. The mean is, I think, 19 hours, which means that the variance is also 19. It's not all that unlikely that they went twice the mean; that is, the PR nonsense may have had zero effect.

Anonymous said...


Get a load of this ‘performing art’ video in which a Black man enters the Scottish National Portrait Galley and unloads his venomous hate on all the portraits of White men.

He takes off his clothes and punches at the portraits as visible expressions of what he wants to do to the White man for any and all perceived wrongs against him. He describes Whites as “a long line of inbred spawn, soon to die out themselves.”

One wonders whether a ‘performing art’ directed at Blacks by Whites would receive the same level of respect and taxpayer funding? I think you know the answer to that.

The ‘artist’ is filled with envy because neither he nor his people have produced greatness for the world. They cannot even do it for themselves. Prior to the arrival of the White man on the Dark Continent, Blacks were living in the Stone Age. They neither invented the wheel, farmed their lands, erected buildings, built sturdy ocean vessels, nor devised codified languages. The best they could ever do was to erect mud huts. Even today, very little has changed among negroes in Africa, and whatever positive changes they have experienced is attributable solely to the industriousness and ingenuity of Whites.

The shadow boxing fool in the video poses the question to Whites: “What’s so special about you?” In his arrogance and blindness, he cannot see the obvious. He doesn’t realize that his very possessions, including the blessings and freedoms that come

Anonymous said...

killer looks cuban or PR---
Lee Rodarte, 28,
The hunt for the killer of a Florida woman missing since Wednesday ended when police announced early Sunday morning that a co-worker had confessed to killing her.

Savannah Gold, a 21-year-old who worked at a branch of the Bonefish Grill chain in Jacksonville, Florida, went missing mid afternoon on Wednesday.

Police announced at a press conference Sunday that the prime suspect, Gold’s co-worker, had confessed to killing her and dumping her body.

Trending: Chicago to Sue Trump Administration Over Sanctuary City Funding Threats

Lee Rodarte, 28, was a manager at the grill. “Suspect Rodarte admitted to being in the Bonefish Grill parking lot with her, killing her, and disposing of her body,” the local sheriff’s office tweeted.

“Suspect Rodarte led [the police] to the remains that were located late Saturday night,” it continued. Police believe remains they have found are Gold’s, but need to await an autopsy to confirm this.

Anonymous said...

There is one group in America that you are completely forbidden to criticize, and that is, of course, white people.

To help dismantle this rancid system of white privilege and supremacy, a helpful group known as the Anti-Defamation League of B’Nai Brith assists media giants in ferreting out and then smashing “hate” with the unrelenting zeal of steel-toed clog-dancers squashing cockroaches.

A couple weeks ago the ADL published a hate list which insinuated that even Taki’s writer Gavin McInnes—who takes great pains to say nice things about Jews—is an anti-Semite.

Now the well-financed and tightly organized rabbinical hate group has crow barred its way into setting ideological policy for YouTube, the third most highly trafficked website in the USA that is visited by a staggering two-thirds of all Americans monthly.

YouTube is partnering with such obviously unbiased organizations as the ADL, the No Hate Speech Movement, and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue to neuter any videos that contain “controversial or religious content:”

(()))) salutes Google for fighting hate.

Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki's Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don't get paid for their work. Email to buy additional rights.

Julie said...

Sade Alvarez-Gibson, 15, raps into a studio microphone in a makeshift booth made of blankets, while Oladele Kiambu, 17, records:
“Keeping my mind focused / I’m controlling my reality / My grind’s an everyday thing / It’s something that I do casually,” she raps.

I am so thankful that PK is highlighting this wonderful, promising program. African-american teens these days have a really tough situation. Most non-African-americans are suspicious of them and jump to the conclusion that they could be "bad" kids. But if you get to know these young people and take the time to really speak with them in their own language, you will find they are the gentlest teens around. I've seen this myself when volunteering at my Episcopal-Unitarian church-synagoge. We had a weekly program where we would host inner-city African-american-teens in arts and crafts Saturdays.

When the teens first arrived there would be some tension and often times, because of cultural mis-understandings, some of our volunteers were hurt. I remember in particular a little, petite 64-year-old volunteer named Barbara. She had not yet received much training and I guess because of that she was asking the teens not to dance on the desks in the craft center. The children really went after her, knocking her down and jumping on her. One of the teens got hold of some caustic substance used in the crafts work and sprayed it in her eyes, while others used matches to set her on fire. None of this was intentional. It was just a misunderstanding and most likely resulted from the exuberance of the kids.

We had another situation that was again caused by a careless white volunteer who just didn't make the effort needed to understand the kids. Often African-american teens can speak in a style that is unique to their southern dialects. We all need to understand that language has nuances. Anyway, these kids use the term "muthafugga" a lot. It's a term of friendship in the African-American community. They will shout, "yo, my muthafugga nigga" and this is meant as a friendly hello and how are you. We have had many older white volunteers that thought it appropriate to respond with "yo, nigga, what up". That's when the beat down begins. We've lost probably three to four volunteers to long hospital stays because of this simple misunderstanding. The injuries have ranged from multiple stab wounds, broken eye sockets, ears torn off, fingers broken, punctured lungs, dislocated spines, skull fractures and brain bleeding, vaginal contusions, first degree burns, loss of eye sight and hearing, paralysis, brain damage, herpes, HIV, horrible skin rashes, loss of memory, shattered pelvis, severe blood loss, infections and poisoning with bleach. All of it was avoidable, if the volunteer simply showed the teens some respect.

What is my greater point here? The African-american community can often seem very complicated to white people. We need to be sensitive to their unique cultural standards and we need to concentrate and pay attention to these kids, especially the teens. I think that PK's blog is probably the best place to learn how to better help African-americans. How to understand them and treat them with respect. He does so much to dispel the misconceptions and bigotry that often clouds our understanding of these kids.

Always be kind to African-americans, whether teens or older people. Don't leap to conclusions about their intentions. If you treat them with kindness, it will be returned 100-fold.

PB said...

Because there aren't enough foul-mouthed rap "stars" being thrown in our faces by the (((industry))) already.

Zabo said...

The negro and their aspiring rappers. lol.

Alex from N. England said...

Unrealistic expectations.

That's the problem. If it were hammered into their thick ape skulls from birth, that the average black should prepare himself/herself for a life of janitorial service or basic food preparation (personally, I wouldn't let a jig within 6 feet of my food) or similar low skill employment opportunities, then maybe blacks wouldn't be so embittered at their ridiculous fail rates.

The Kangz and Qwaenz need to reevaluate their expectations from life, given their low average IQs etc.

Brian in Ohio said...

If the black community needs more of anything, its bullets. They are the one thing that's made a real impact.

Hollow points for Homies, anyone?

Stay alert, stay alive.

Bill in St Louis said...

" “Keeping my mind focused / I’m controlling my reality / My grind’s an everyday thing / It’s something that I do casually,”

Gonna gets dat purple drank, sell dis ass fo make that bank. Chiles gets shot on streets gone wrong, peace lasted less time than the chorus of dis song.
4 baby daddy one be my cousin, 1 not sure of, keeds i gots a dozen. When treyvon calls on my sail foam, i gives up dat ass fo some more YT gibs, den he leaves us all alone.
Julies say its da white mans fault dat all our hoods be shit, but they all knows she lying, cause dey dindu it,
Northwest Homeland, Rex Monkey*, seems like they think in step,
We gonna have a bar be cue cause err boda poda hep!

Can I have my record deal now? (* because Alvarez-Gibsme probably cant spell Chimpologist)

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Sade Alvarez-Gibson, 15, raps into a studio microphone in a makeshift booth made of blankets, while Oladele Kiambu, 17, records:
“Keeping my mind focused / I’m controlling my reality / My grind’s an everyday thing / It’s something that I do casually,” she raps.

Tomorrow, she'll be rapping about guns, 'hos, and slinging drugs. Do our blacks really need a program to teach them how to chant rhythmically to the accompaniment of jungle drumming? Africans have been doing that for millennia, since moment they discovered stretching an animal skin over a termite hollowed log.

I smell a government anti violence grant, the most recent scam used to extract tax dollars from whitey, and shower them on the talented tenth.

D-FENS said...

A story about negroes trying to fix themselves without a "pastor" or "reverend"?

D-FENS said...

If you can put out of your mind how much we waste on the social experiment we call the US military and how much negroes cost us, the following short video is HILLARIOUS!

The ebonics is intense but are they really saying "battle buddy"? The only thing more gay is "butt buddy"!

Negroes are a grenade that has been dropped among us.

Anonymous said...

"Boats Not Bullets"

as in, Boats back to Africa.

Only true solution.

Only one.

Anonymous said...

Books Not Bullets? Lol. The books had better be printed with huge letters and have lots of pictures like a first grade primer. "See Daquan steal. See the police chase Daquan. Run, Daquan, Run! See Daquan on da ground! Scream, Daquan, Scream!" From the book, "Daquan Gets Tased."

Anonymous said...

Two words that never go well together: "Programs" and "community". When you see them together, it's just one more negro scam designed to steal YTs money.

Paintjob Theory said...

Considering how often "aspiring rappers" wind up as murder victims or the stars of various crime stories, I'm quite confident that teaching them to grab their genitals and grunt about extramarital sex or committing crime over a jungle drum beat won't help matters. The old adage "music tames the savage beast" clearly was popularized by folks that had never seen a sub-Saharan African.

As to giving them books to read, that's about as hearty of a laugh as yesterday's story of their failed attempt to go a whole two days without murder.

Remember folks, no initiative is too stupid and obviously destined to fail. Come up with your own crazy scheme to civilize black Africans and jump on this giant private and federal grant money gravy train.

mikej said...

The wife of Keith Lamont Scott, shot by a black police officer in Charlotte, NC, claimed that Scott had a book rather than a gun. That's about as close as anyone will ever get to "Books over Bullets."


AH, in further reading of this story, it appears I made the mistake of thinking the man, age 29, going to work at 4 am was white. Sorry, he has a mexican name, but, I will give him credit for going to work. Is he illegally here, though? I hope they check him out. Tampa is full of illegals.

Also, here is another interesting, typical, quote, from the article:

"U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist, D-St. Petersburg, has pledged federal funding for activities that would engage Pinellas youth who are turning to crime."

YEP, We White families will have to pay more.

Federal Funding for "what? And will SOMEBODY please make me a list of those activities that will "prevent" these useless negroes from turning to crime? Why doesn't somebody ask WHY they "turn to crime" when they don't seem to have any activities?

Why can't these proud negro members of the community come up with activities themselves? We White people did/do. Who taught us?

Oh, these are the same people you will find destroying Busch Gardens in Tamps. Don't go there. It is 80+ mexican and africans. Pay the price and go to Disney or Universal (both in Orlando) while they are 80+ WHite. The $100+ a day keeps the negroes away, for now.

If you go to Busch Gardens, leave and get in your car during daylight. You don't want to take any chances when it gets dark. The entire area surrounding Busch Gardens is "dark".

Anonymous said...

Exceptionalism? Bwahaha! That ended when Hussein Hopenchange lowered the lowest common denominator even lower.
The happening will occur when the Uniparty takes out Trump by any means necessary.
At that point the approximately 60 million people who voted for him will realize that the bullet box is the only thing left.
Not some Rambozo the Clown ruff n' tuff creampuff barstool rambling and it is probably inevitable at this point.
How do you define inferior?
The greatest day of your life is when a half black with a muslime sounding name is (s)elected president.

Anonymous said...

O/T alert,

When passing through the teevee shrine room yesterday on the way to the Sunday putt putt around at Six Flags over stripmall acres at vinyl siding estates there was a commercial on for an upcoming film called Detroit.
The ad blared Rolling Stone calls it a "hardcore masterpiece" and I knew then it had to be a steaming pile of SJW FAIL.
Sure enough after searching webbernett tubes it is just that.
Amerikwa isn't divided enough for the Uniparty and its Ministry of Propaganda Marxist media maggots so a film about "racial injustice and civil rights" had to be cooked up to bring the open flame that much closer to the powder keg.
You just can't have exceptionalism and equality über alles at the same time and it won't end well for the Kwan.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we all know how much negroes like books.

Pat Boyle said...

This program is of course a failure waiting to happen. Think about it. Under Trump unemployment has declined. Most of those guys who got jobs are white simply because a white employee or possibly an Asian will not cause you trouble. In general in rhe free job market employers are only going to hire blacks when there aren't any whites or Asians available.

What kind of jobs did these guys get? Mostly they got mid level jobs that require skill and good work habits. Most of these jobs can be filled by normal men who are normally skilled. There are millions of such men.

But the program is that this black job program in rap music is only for rare people - people who are exceptionally talented or exceptionally lucky. There are probably more positions available playing in the NBA than there are a rap music star.

Actually I don't know much about rap. I do know some about opera. When I was a young singer I read an inter view with a famous bass - Ara Berberian. He wasn't a star but he got work. He said that there were exactly six operatic basses that worked full time in America. I counted them up and there were more than six guys better than me. That was forty years ago I think America can't support that many basses today.

Remember the Three Tenors - Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras? Big stars. What about the forth best tenor, what happened to him? He had to leave the country and sing in Europe. There simply are not a whole lot of jobs in music.

A jobs program in black music gets headlines and excites the black kids but it is a ludicrous career for all but a few.

Anonymous said...

This is just another money pit of an attempt to fleece more money from YT, brought to you by the very same people who are responsible for the historic "charactor manual" all the negro power organizations seem to base all their grievences and demands. The Infamous "We Charge Genocide."

(I didn't even know this): It's a paper accusing the United States government of genocide based on the UN Genocide Convention.This paper was written by the Civil Rights Congress (CRC) and presented to the United Nations at meetings in Paris in December 1951.


When you have some time, read it. It's not long. It's the BLM amd NBP holy bible. Everything they claim and accuse YT of doing "they" are guilty of doing against their own people right now, today, 2017

Anonymous said...

The reason African-Americans don't read books is because African-American Keith Lamont Scott was stopped by white police when he was peacefully on his way to pay his child support payments, which he always paid on time and in full. When the illiterate white officer saw that Scott was holding a book, he shot the man and the book out of jealousy. This is what caused African-Americans to fear books.

Before that, African-Americans were literary geniuses, routinely winning Pulitzer prizes. As a matter of fact, as far back as Ancient Egypt, African-Americans had written all of the Shakespeare plays we love today. It is a little known fact that Shakespeare traveled to Egypt in 1580 and stole and the manuscripts for the plays he was credited to write and changed them to be racist, especially Othello and the Merchant of Venice.

Because African-Americans were robbed of their literary prowess by a gun, they have taken up the gun as a way of revenge. Only when every illiterate white racist is removed from the streets will African-Americans start to take up books again. Now you know the whole truth.

Anonymous said...

OY VEY progress has been halted in the suburbs of Indianapolis due to public transit expansion concerns. The lefty scumbags are finally getting a dose of their own diversity medication.

OT: Paul, you've said that public transit could be great, except for the black population.

Well, Carmel, IN (Hamilton County) has outright rejected the Orange Line diversity bus from @IndyGo/@IndyConnect, but the communists won't take no for an answer.

The new IKEA store is fixing to open in Fishers, IN, but they don't have enough low-outcome welfare people and housing for all of the low skill jobs.

This issue is heating up BIG TIME. @Indy Go is now seizing land in Imminent Domain for its #RedLine transit expansion, which takes ghetto welfare turds from the deepest darkest black African hoods up to the swanky, upscale Broad Ripple Village (62nd St. and College Ave.)


Anonymous said...

I was thinking this morning that black mechanics/builders are relatively rare. As I thought about it, it made a lot of sense. Those jobs take actual skills that one must first be trained in. Most blacks would rather live off the government/deal drugs on the side than train to do a job, and they probably couldn't comprehend the job as it is.

The blacks who actually do want to work fall into two main categories. The largest one includes those with low IQs, and their job pool consists of government jobs/managerial (busy) work. The second group are those few who have average IQ ("genius-level blacks") and want to work. Since blacks from this group are in such high demand, they leapfrog having to consider menial or low-paying jobs and are immediately eligible for elite jobs. Why be a firefighter or salesman when affirmative action will ensure that you get admitted to top colleges and professional schools? Why be a plumber when you can be a doctor?

The job market for ordinary blacks (by "ordinary", I mean non-athletes/rap stars/entertainers) goes from 0 to 60. If they show a modicum of intelligence, they not only don't have to settle for paper-pushing busy work, they have instant access to a whole host of high-paying elite jobs. Not only do they have access to these elite jobs, the elite institutions actively recruit them. Hence, you see very few blacks working middle-class jobs that don't involve government work.

Anonymous said...

A barber shop just moved in by the quik mart.
Maybe LaTrellevon will be there rapping to the beat?
Rap is the ultimate form of musical expression where artists take years to master their instruments.
Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, they all have nothing on speaking over an electronic drum beat usually made by a drum machine.
These indispensable cultural icons known as (c)rappers are part of what makes BRA so exceptional.
The whole world knows BRA is the ultimate gold standard of first world super duper power and they respect it immensely as they ride on their bullet trains listening to rap.

Anonymous said...

Julie, playing What's My Line here. Are you in the medical field?
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

This may be too much to ask, but has anyone ever done a cost-effectiveness study to see if any of these programs actually work? Seems like there are any number of taxpayer supported programs to stop "violence" but none of them produce tangible results -- other than funding the salaries of otherwise unemployable blacks and soft studies programs.

Anonymous said...

Detroit Refugee said...

You got that right. She'll rap about all the things that lead them to this point. With any luck , these "rappers" will join the 2 lost to a hail of bullets on 94 recently.

Detroit Refugee said...

Man I wish they would stick with janitorial work and/or the food service industry. As it is, I've got a couple dozen under me (newly hired TPT's). These aspiring rappers, athletes, & exotic dancers are helping prep an iconic American muscle car for Paint Dept.
They all have higher ambitions though. Just waiting on that contract.

Anonymous said...

books over bullets, as long as its a thick book, yes, it could conceivably stop a slug

Detroit Refugee said...

Sadly, we lost a male & female rappers in Detroit recently. On I-94 a car full of rappers, pulled alongside another car full of rappers. Shots rang out, and in a hail of gunfire, two rising stars were taken from us.

9 hrs., the freeway was closed. 9 hrs of inconvenience for taxpayers and those with jobs, business's to run, etc.

Anonymous said...

OT: But enough googling let us know his name is Congolese. Why is he even in this country? Do we need more immigrants like him?

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Police say a rather low speed chase ended with a man arrested for DWI.

The incident happened Friday night when an APD officer on Central near Eubank saw a car going just 20 mph in a 40 mph zone.

When the officer went to pull the guy over, identified as Shabani Byaombe, he wouldn’t stop.

Byaombe eventually stopped on Pennsylvania, then tried to casually walk away.

In a criminal complaint, the officer mentions what appeared to be a language barrier.

Byaombe is accused of fighting with the officer during the arrest.

He was charged with aggravated DWI and he has not yet seen a judge.


Seems more and more people are waking up to the Globalist Warming hoax. Al Gored's latest film BOMBS !!!

Anonymous said...

The injuries have ranged from multiple stab wounds, broken eye sockets, ears torn off, fingers broken, punctured lungs, dislocated spines, skull fractures and brain bleeding, vaginal contusions, first degree burns, loss of eye sight and hearing, paralysis, brain damage, herpes, HIV, horrible skin rashes, loss of memory, shattered pelvis, severe blood loss, infections and poisoning with bleach.

Those are very serious injuries. It sounds like these "volunteers" are being attacked by wild animals. I don't care how much you want to help black children, there is no excuse for that kind of violence. How can a church allow this kind of mayhem in a program for kids?

Anonymous said...

Just what is needed, another load of 'Plain Brown Rappers', carrying a book and a box crayons.

Sam said...

This may be off topic, but still fits here--Western Voices World News posted this article today, 8-7-17, along with the question "And by the way, this happened back in July (7-23) and we're just now hearing about it?" We were probably NEVER supposed to hear about it. "House With Confederate Flag Stormed in AL, Two (White) Males Beaten and Killed (Video)"

Anonymous said...

Having been forced to listen to more than my share of rap "music" at work I still am confused as to what makes one of these "artists" better than the others.

Since being a rapper takes no musical skill (no singing or mastery of an instrument required) it is completely focused on the rhythm- every single song has a heavy beat that you can dance to. And unlike traditional music where a catchy song only has room for so many words (hence it must use symbolism, and people fill in the rest for themselves), I've noticed that every single one of these rap songs contains paragraph after paragraph of slurred Ebonics and other made-up words where they are just talking to fill up space after they're done talking about their guns, bitches, and getting high. And every single one follows the same tired pattern- introduce a word at the end of a phrase and then rhyme additional "words" with the original, making each successive wording more tortured and meaningless than the last. As far as I can tell that is COMPLETELY what they form a "song" around- talking to a beat and driving a "rhyme" into the ground. You can hear the extent of their practice and effort when you hear their robotic voices rolling on computerized training wheels so they don't have to have ANY skill or talent whatsoever.

It reminds me of how blacks repeat phrases over and over when they get mad, or how they just love to bounce and bounce that basketball or how they can't even worship God without doing some kind of looksatmuh dance. As someone here aptly stated, they turned Christianity into the boogie woogie.

And here is some really shocking news- you can get apps for this kind of useless "music" and just record yourself talking in an intelligible monotone to a beat. But then again, what is an effort to improve blacks without whitey paying something for it.

PB said...


Absolutely. Saboteur365 too.

Anonymous said...

You ever notice the "intellectuals" of the black community come up with programs to encourage youth to aspire to find work in fields that are virtually un attainable.

Pro athlete
Recording artist
Music industry
Etc. Etc.

These people just cant figure out that those jobs are 1 in 100,000 and thyat you do no favors to your children by sending them out chasing rainbows.

Wait.... It takes no effort to get a child to dream .... just fill his head full of nonsense and your done.

Teaching and preparing a child for reality , competition, setting realistic achievable goals in careers that can be readily attainable , that requires effort and investment of real time and energy...

something that most of the black community refuses to acknowledge or come to terms with.

Detroit Refugee said...

While in line @ my YT gas station today, saw this headline on the front page of Mondays Detroit free Press," thousands to recieve FREE medical treatment downtown".

Now you know I didn't buy that rag. Why give these fucks one more dollar than I have to.

Anonymous said...

@julie welcomed back it's a pleasure to read your great comments


Here is the latest about the teen Germantown Rec. Center. At the 30 sec point, you can see what the media calls "Teens" as in the 1950-60 Beach Teen movies? Yeah, right.

Sickening. They have the numbers now to destroy any part of any city.

They need to re-name that part of the town to Negrotown or Coontown. It is an insult to have the word "German" there. Except for the fact that soon Germany will look like this slum.

D-FENS said...

Slaves were also not taught to read which actually altered their DNA and that of their descendents, resulting in an aversion to all things biblio. A very similar effect happened among Holocaust survivors which caused their descendents to feel the same trauma as if they themselves had been through the Holocaust. This is why, hundreds of years from now, we will still be reading sbout Holocaust survivors. Well, actually, most of us. Descendents of slaves will not be reading about Holocaust survivors for the reason given above

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to seeing Baltimore establish the first booming local economy based solely on rap recording labels. I'm sure there are plenty of big Wall Street investment firms and west coast venture capitalists just chomping at the bit to get in on this sure fire path to endless wealth.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but a good read. Maxine Waters wants to form an all black party. Got to read the comments in this, it's an eye opener into what other whites are seeing these days.

karpenter said...

'in a program to hand out Books'
Aren't books already available for free at Libraries?
Meanwhile, Whites gladly pay their own money to have books.

I once was flying a kite. It was up further than I felt like reeling it in at the time.
So I handed the string to a group of passing kids. I felt good about myself...
The kid held the string for a few minutes, let it go, and they just walked off.
That's what happens when you 'Hand Out' things.
Especially to a group of Black kids.

Anonymous said...

I love the resumption of the amren podcasts. A pleasure to listen to Paul. Jared was great as usual. Except when he gushed over Stephen Miller, a jew I guess, being a great asset to the white man. Then right back to the poem by Emma Lazarus, a jew of course, that befouls the Statue of Liberty. He should have mentioned HER lineage also. I guess you guys missed the irony.

Anonymous said...

...b-b-but where wuz de "church leaders" n cheeit???

Anonymous said...

Well...not even the Stone Age. I think stick age might be more appropriate, very primitive indeed.

Anonymous said...

Rapping is not music. Rapping is 'clanging', a mental condition akin to schizophrenia.

From Wikipedia:

"clanging refers to a mode of speech characterized by association of words based upon sound rather than concepts. For example, this may include compulsive rhyming or alliteration without apparent logical connection between words"

Anonymous said...

Blacks used to be forbidden to learn how to read, yet many ended up doing so. Now blacks have all the freedom in the world to pick up a free book at the library or program after program of free books for blacks- and getting them to learn to read, read, or want to read is like pulling teef. Maybe the secret is reverse psychology- tell them that racist whites want them to remain dumb and illiterate and that it will piss us off to no end if they pick up a book.

Anonymous said...

I bet all 8 volumes of The Dark Tower series actually COULD stop a bullet.

Speaking of The Dark Tower . . .

The movie version opened this past weekend, racking up about $20 million or so in a weak field of competition - but the reviews are scathing. 18% on the meter over at gave a 1 1/2 star review. Peter Tavers at Rolling Stone gave it 1/4 of a star.

People are staying away in droves, and it looks like this patient is terminal. With a $60 million budget, plus marketing costs, Sony is looking at another expensive flop, lukewarm on the heels of last years Ghostbusters disaster. Golly gee, Beav, don't you just love happy endings?

Ray Caruso said...

I'd donate money to a program called "Bullets da bomb".

Julie said...

Anonymous said...
Julie, playing What's My Line here. Are you in the medical field?
Female in FL

Dear sister, I don't have any medical background. But I do have the thing all of use women share, a sensitive and caring nature and an intense desire to help African-americans across the world, from Zimbabwe to Barbados to Baltimore. Women understand the suffering that all African-americans endure and unlike our men-folk (except for PK himself), we know that kindness and compassion will bring us together as one human family.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the "Fathers for my children" program?

Anonymous said...

And what fools would want to donate MORE money for MO BIKES?

Steve Smith said...

I was in a local convenience store yesterday and saw these on the shelf:

Now you can gobble junk food like your favorite rap star.

...when will it end...

Truth-hammer said...