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Hilarious Article on Homicides in Richmond, Va. Lets Slip Historical Racial Reality: In 1940, Blacks Committed 11 times as Many Homicides as Whites in City

Previously on SBPDL: In 50% Black/40% White Richmond, Virginia, 95% of known 2016 homicide suspects were Black

Contrary to popular belief, the statues on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia aren't behind the crime, murder and misery found in the 50 percent black/40 percent white capital city of the state. 
The end of Jim Crow meant white people abandoned the city of Richmond and the civilization they should have inherited from their ancestors

It's just black people, hence the need for the hilarious 'Respect Richmond' marketing campaign to try and convince black people not to escalate arbitrary arguments into violence.  [Anti-gun-violence campaign 'Respect Richmond' will target specific neighborhoods on social media, online gaming, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9-27-17]:
A new marketing campaign aimed at reducing gun violence in Richmond will feature advertisements on social media, where city and state officials say many violent altercations start with taunts and jeers. 
Digital components on online platforms like social media and gaming systems like PlayStation and Xbox will target specific neighborhoods, where violence has occurred and where retaliation is most likely, while traditional advertisements like billboards, television and radio spots, and convenience store displays will reach out to the greater community.
But it's another article delineating contemporary black violence in the city of Richmond - going back back decades - only helping to illustrate why the Virginia city (and so many other southern cities) had Jim Crow policies designed to protect white people and their posterity from the misery we currently read about festering on the rotted corpses of Detroit and Baltimore. 
We call what you are about to view "required reading"... [Richmond’s long and vexing history as a murder city, CBS 6 Richmond, 9-14-17]:
The startling run of murders in Richmond during the past two weekends has the mayor and police chief making "a plea for peace." 
"We're tired of being beaten up," Chief Alfred Durham said. "We need your help."There's no question Richmond is seeing a vicious spike in homicides during the past year and a half. 
But these spikes - along with a steady drain of human life - have long been a part of living in a killing city, historic homicide reports and records show. 
In 1936, Richmond had 29 slayings in a city of 188,000. 
By 1942, there were 43. (Some old news accounts reported 44 that year.) The headlines were similar to the ones we're reading today: 
"Big increase in murders in Richmond" 
After a big dip from 1943 through 1945, it was back to 43 slayings in 1946.Headline back then in the Richmond Times- Dispatch: "Manslaughter and murder soar in city. Increase in firearms blamed by police." 
There's no question firearms were a big problem In the early 1900s, including revolvers, rifles and sawed-off shotguns. 
But homicide reports in the '30s, '40s and '50s were also thick with ice picks and knives and fatal beatings attributed to a variety of instruments, including fists. 
Back in the '30s and '40s, there were lots of domestic murders - women killing their wayward husbands and vice-versa, a good number of them getting away with it. 
"I loved him and he drove me to it," Patricia Boyer said after she blasted her cabdriver boyfriend with a .22 rifle. 
In 1936, a Mrs. Smoot allegedly said "I'll kill him before I'll let anybody else have him," before killing her long-cheating husband. 
But many of the homicides were a result of arguments, fights and robberies. They occurred in homes, alleys, outside of pubs and pool halls. 
White homicides often got more in-depth treatment in the news than the usual few paragraphs for black victims. 
But the black-on-black violent crime problem was stark and bluntly reported on 75 years ago: 
"Why were there 11 times as many homicides committed by Negroes in Richmond last year than by white persons?" asked the first line of a newspaper report in February of 1941. 
There was lots of blame going around, including light jail sentences, environment, segregation and the legacy of enslavement. 
By the early '50s, the public discussion of the subject - and the sensitivities surrounding it - had it sounding very much like the discussions of today. 
Even the locator map of murders back then looked remarkably similar to the ones of today - the same festering pockets of concentrated poverty that continue today. 
This past weekend we saw four killed in the Gilpin Court housing project, built in old Jackson Ward in 1943. 
Old murder files show some surprises, like the 1946 murder trial of white Richmond officer Edward Dooley for fatally shooting suspected gambler Walter Willis "as the Negro fled after striking the officer with a blackjack," according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch report at the time. The reported twists and turns and passions surrounding the case made it read like it happened today. 
Homicide numbers remained high but fairly steady - 20 to 40-plus - until the late 1960s. Richmond had 52 murders in 1968 and 89 in 1972, when the city's population was 243,000 after the big annexation of South Side. 
The city was all-but killed by the skyrocketing murder rates during the crack cocaine years in the late 1980s through the mid-90s. It peaked in 1994 with 161 slayings, making Richmond the second deadliest city - per capita - in the nation. 
The decline since then has been steady and amazing, dropping down to 32 in 2008, and then spiking up more recently to 61 last year, with perhaps even a larger number this year. 
This spike has city leaders asking the same questions that generations of mayors, council members and police brass have in this deadly southern city. 
What's causing it and how to stop it?
Put in historical perspective, Richmond is having another spike in homicides similar to the smaller ones in the early 1940s and the 1970s, but nothing like the 1990s. 
And the roots of the tragedies - and where they are concentrated - remain stubbornly similar based on news reports then, and now. 
Sixty and seventy years ago, city leaders were talking about hiring blacks in the police department and about "economic conditions" and "educational opportunities" to slow the steady tide of death.
Key line in the piece? This one: Even the locator map of murders back then looked remarkably similar to the ones of today - the same festering pockets of concentrated poverty that continue today.  

Go ahead... read it again. 

Black violence was disproportionately a problem for Richmond in the 1940s, 1950s and so forth, and it continues to be a problem; indeed, the black community is the source of almost every homicide and nonfatal shooting in the city. 

Richmond was 70 percent white in 1950. Today, the city is roughly 40 percent white, but just as then, almost all violent crime is committed by blacks. 

It is a safe bet to make that if the city of Richmond, Virginia had no black population, you could count the number of homicides on one hand in a given year. 

As it is, one hand isn't sufficient for a week. 


Anonymous said...

With blacks , one hand is never enough. Virginia is a beautiful state. That being said, it is changing dramatically. Huge demographic shifts are occurring, especially in northern Virginia. Sanctuary cities being proposed by one gubernatorial candidate may cause his defeat in a week. It seems as though this gubernatorial election is favoring the candidate that is vocal about law and order. Order being the operative word. Something that the whole country has been lacking for 20 years or so.

It's All So Tiresome said...

It's so weird that they DID notice the problem all the way back in the 40s and yet the groids was not only allowed loose, within America as well as on the rest of the world (look up Cave of the Negroes, WWII Japan) but actively encouraged to grow with the feed and breed program and their criminals being protected. Madness! I don't understand the Mad Love that white governments have for negroids.

Relevant LOLs:

There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.... After all we have been through. Just to think we can't walk down our own streets, how humiliating. - Jesse Jackson Remarks at a meeting of Operation PUSH in Chicago (27 November 1993).

Rosa Parks robbed and beaten in her own home by a black buck:
- "The crime generated outrage because when the intruder Joseph Skipper entered, he recognized his victim. “Hey, aren’t you Rosa Parks?” Skipper asked. The civil rights legend answered “yes,” but it didn’t help."
- Black radical thugs beat this thug for beating Rosa Parks, but I doubt they could summon in their black hearts any outrage for the routine rape and murder of old WHITE women, cause old white people be raycist! AND their white grandchildren too: Precious Chigbue, 24, took 1 year old white child from Lynn Laundromat, said he wanted to slit her throat:

Copper thieves vandalize the apartment where Rosa Parks lived during the Montgomery bus boycotts (August 2014)

Sheri Marshall, 36, a mother-of-13 from Maryland, ejects one of her welfare cheques onto the road, then abandons the car when it broke down, the car and the rest of her mealtickets, because she has no future-time-orientation
- "She continued on her way but ran out of gas in Takoma Park. Instead of trying to get help, the mother and her nine remaining children, ranging in age from one to 11 years old, hunkered down in the crowded 1997 Dodge Caravan for two nights while temperatures dipped into the 20s, according to the station WJLA.
After two days of living in the vehicle, the children woke up to discover their mother was gone, having taken off in the night."
- "Marshall was eventually found covered in urine, walking in traffic in an apparent drug-induced stupor, according to investigators.
Tests later confirmed that the woman had high levels of illegal narcotics in her bloodstream."

TNB Retro Special: Somebody needs to pay for alllll my children
- !!! Since that video, felon factory Angel Adams has increased her mealtickets from 15 to 16!
-- "Police had arrived at the Tampa house to question Angel Adams' son (pictured here but not named for legal reasons) about a rock throwing incident"

PB said...

"Festering pockets of concentrated poverty". I think he means "Bad postcodes".

Tarczan said...

Murders went from 161 in 1994 to 32 in 2008? Had to be due to medical advances in trauma care. I would like to see total shootings in those years.

Anonymous said...

"Contrary to popular belief, the statues on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia aren't behind the crime......"


BTW, there's a story out about why are troops are in Niger for the purpose of national security. Really? It also stated that our folks are working alongside France, the former Colonial Power. Interesting. Seems to me the indigents were not interested in civilization so why are we back.

If we are at all interested in restoring civilization, let's start with ........DETROIT!

Anonymous said...

I have family in Richmond. I haven't visited them in decades for obvious reasons.

I'll never understand why they stayed.

D-FENS said...

Niger has some of the worlds largest uranium deposits. Remember how Saddam Hussein was supposedly trying to buy uranium from Niger for his nuclear program was one of the reasons for the Iraq war? We wouldn’t want a nation hostile to Israel such as Iran to be able to access this uranium and threaten our best buddy in the middle east. Or Libya if it suddenly rediscovers its anti-Israel policy. Maybe we are just trying to fuck things up in Niger even more than they are in order to drive more “refugees” into Europe.

Could also be another way of depriving Putin of foreign earnings by keeping the price of uranium depressed much as we are doing with oil and, particularly, natural gas.

Could be some, all or none of these reasons. But you can be sure it will not help Joe Citizen although he will be expected to pay for it and offer a son to the military to enforce it.


Want to guess the RACE of the animals?

I forgot who, but a lady here once said, that with the "Knee-Grow" (my pun to the NFL) around we can not have nice things.

(Can't even have a fun game of football.)

FlyoverCountry said...

Historical stats like these are why blacks always had their own special area of town where most whites weren't allowed. A few sturdy cops chose to make a living by keeping "black culture" confined to their special area but they seldom talked much about what they saw in that part of town.

With gated communities and places like The Village, Florida I don't know why we can't go back to this arrangement. It's tiring, and dangerous, to live in a community where you don't understand the culture. Ask all the old, dead white people who bought in the right area but then it went wrong. Oh, wait, they're dead so you can't ask them.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before, but they have always behaved the same way - it was just easier to hide when there was no internet for them to post videos of themselves acting like morons all day long. Even if it made the paper, it stayed local news.

Today, I can go on Facebook, sign up to follow news sources in a dozen cities, and see every crime they wish they could hide. The irony is because so many of them are owned by the same corporations, a good percentage of the same stories get run within a few days in the other cities from where a crime happened. A couple of the Carolina stations have regular complainers commenting every time a story is from out of the area.

The dindus really get mad though when you point out that yet another B has decided a BL didn't M. To the point that one moron who must have been sued ran my last name in the Indianapolis civil court database and came up with someone with a similar name who was sued and thinks it's me, keeps posting it on there. I live like 1000 miles from Indianapolis. But the mentality is all the same from all of them, never ending denial and excuses.

Guamanian Pie said...

My late teen grandson lived in Richmond with his girlfriend (one of his first apartments). I was a nervous wreck until they moved out.

OT: I live in a nice small town in the deep south with a fairly low density of negroes. Hadn't gone window shopping in a long time so went wandering around for a couple of hours running errands and picking up thank-you notes for wedding gifts. Within 15 minutes I saw a panel truck with a picture of that whipped negro with his back scars (1800s, but they're still getting lots of mileage out of it). I went into my phone store where I recently bought a new Android to get instructions on some operating features and there was a typical, sullen negro customer in there. He was lippy with the clerk and I got a real stink eye. Looks like I won't be wandering around my neighborhood much any more unless there's a definite reason for it and will be more alert and aware.

Anybody notice more and more happenings like this where they live?

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add something since you mentioned the Cave of the Negroes in Japan (thank you, by the way). Something I just stumbled onto. I was browsing the web and somehow wound up reading about capital punishment in the US military, and specifically about executions performed by the US Army in the 1940s and 50s in the European theater during WW2 and the occupation following. During this period the US Army executed HUNDREDS of its soldiers in Europe, for rape, murder, or both, usually by hanging. The overwhelming majority- some 80% if memory serves me- were Negroes (who were only around 10% of the military at the time). The site I was looking at contained little summaries of the crimes each one was executed for, most include the usual elements of subhuman brutality and cruelty typical of Negroes. Most of the victims—but not all—were random white female European civilians, many of them VERY YOUNG girls—a 7 yr old kidnapped, gangraped, and killed by a group of negro servicemen, this is just one of many similar cases. Another thing—then, as now, Negroes often commit heinous crimes in groups of two or more. These crimes were committed ALL OVER EUROPE wherever the US military, and by extention US army groids, were stationed: England, N. Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, etc. Among these black servicemen was Louis Till—the father of the now infamous civil rights ‘martyr’ Emmett Till—Louis Till, w/ another black soldier, raped and murdered an Italian woman and was executed by hanging by the US Army in Italy in 1945.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure all the other crime stats from 1940 to the present (such as for rape, robbery, muggings, assault and battery, shoplifting etc) would show blacks vastly over-represented too. It's pretty much a safe bet. As is, even with all the "help" they've been given for the past 50-60 years that was supposed to "raise them up" and change their behavior~ well, it's changed nothing on that score and never will. It's all been a lost cause from the outset. DNA matters! Even putting them up in section 8 homes in white areas as is done these days and paying most of their bills for them just results in those areas seeing significant spikes in crime rates. Oops! There goes the poverty excuse down the drain along with the "lack of opportunity from living in a bad area with bad schools" excuse.

The problem is that we have so many well meaning fools that have become psychologically entrapped in the process of trying to "make things better" vis a vis the negro that they can't see it's all doomed to failure no matter what they do and they haven't the God given sense to know when it's time to just walk away. In essence, they're like idiot children who believe there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and every time one appears, off they go chasing delusions and thinking, "this time we'll find it!"

Fifty years from now when we're all dead and gone, there'll be another blog like SBPDL where people like us are discussing all the same issues and seeing all the same problems from blacks except the problems will all probably be a hundred times worse. Unless something drastic changes, this same conversation (about the negro problem) which has been on-going for generations past and present will continue far into the future.

Mr. Rational said...

Fifty years from now when we're all dead and gone, there'll be another blog like SBPDL where people like us are discussing all the same issues and seeing all the same problems from blacks except the problems will all probably be a hundred times worse.

I doubt it.  Fifty years from now either the problem will have been solved through separation or worse (probably with rivers of blood) and the matter will be taught in history books, or Whites will be an oppressed minority and blogs like this will be a felony-level offense.

D is for depressing said...

Well, there you have it folks.

"A black man is charged in racist graffiti incidents that shook Mich. campus, drew national attention"

The lengths that blacks will go to perpetrate the "we'z be opresssed" narrative is pathetic. Another day, another hate crime hoax.

Anonymous said...

Coleman Young junior was just on a Detroit radio show. Still touting the idea of blacks returning to the “MOTHERLAND “. Meaning the city of Detroit. There would be dancing in the suburban streets if this were to occur. Cars with mattresses tied to the roof all heading back south of eight mile. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Anonymous said...

There was a horrible hate crime in my city yesterday. One of those salt of the earth black churches was vandalized with a misshapen swastika, KKK, and (to quote the news story) "a racial slur that begins with the letter n." There was also a small fire set inside the church. Sounds just like white racists, right? The local news sure seemed to think so.

Well, I was SHOCKED to learn that this hate crime was committed by a crack smoking black employee of the church (who, hilariously, paid for the ready rock with his food stamps and some pocket change stolen from the church's vending machine...gotta get those hot cheetos and grape soda before the service begins).

Anonymous said...

The governor of Texas just ordered 150 Texas Rangers to San Antonio to "stop da bilence on the east side." Guess what fans? Who lives there? Paul should do a story. We don't have drive bys. We have walk up and blast 'em over there. After 10 PM the zombies are out in force east of the Alamodome.

Anonymous said...

We, the voiceless American, have to raise our voice in an effort to stop all third world immigration:
Our fight didn't end on election night. On the contrary, it's only beginning. The wall will be built and the turd world invasion will stop when more people say enough. Being a keyboard warrior won't cut it; you have to become a resistence fighter:
The reason for this invasion is simple: most Americans remain silent, don't vote, and spend a disproportionate amount of time engaged doing nothing, like watching NFL football. Contact your US Rep and 2 Senators; get to the polls to vote against the traitorous demRATS; return fundraising letters saying you will not give until the border is sealed and our unique Anglo heritage saved; prepare your meals and do your own gardening; go to NUMBERSUSA to send faxes to our alleged leaders; and join real immigration reform groups such as FAIR. Our enemies are at war with us, and we have to fight back. If you say or do nothing, you are part of the problem....

D is for depressing said...

"Coleman Young junior was just on a Detroit radio show. Still touting the idea of blacks returning to the “MOTHERLAND “. Meaning the city of Detroit. There would be dancing in the suburban streets if this were to occur. Cars with mattresses tied to the roof all heading back south of eight mile. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?"

Yes, we can sweetheart. I can just imagine it now. The crime in the suburbs plummets. The police are hard pressed to find anything to do. Insurance rates plummet for those living north of 8 Mile, west of Telegraph. Schools discard the dumbed down curriculum. The houses and neighborhoods that blacks vacate are purchased by working-class Whites who then take pride in their property. The suburbs regain their competitiveness. People remove the bars on the doors installed by the dindus. People once again feel secure leaving their front doors unlocked.

Overnight, the suburbs just seem to improve. No more weave shops, chicken places, bail bond places, pot selling places. No more ugly, yellow painted buildings. No more yoofs walking down the middle of the street. Flight to the outer suburbs stops. Sprawl stops as there is no longer a need to move away. Southfield once again becomes a heaven for the White middle-class. Warren/Redford/Harper Woods/Eastpointe/Roseville becomes a place of affordable housing for the White working class.

Yes, sweetheart we can only dream.

Julie said...

Who speaks for the African-amricans killed so relentlessly since the 1940's? Only PK and his lonely blog. Without this blog we would never know that so many African-americans have been killed over the years by a society that has such hatred for nothing but the color of their skin.

I have followed the case of this Jessica Chambers. This was a young white woman who was killed in Mississippi. Jessica was no racist. Her friends were mostly African-americans and she loved their dancing and joking around. She appreciated their love of life, their spontaneity and their freedom. Jessica never saw their skin color, never. She accepted and loved all her African-american friends. The police are trying to blame an innocent African-american teen by the name of Quinton Tellis for Jessica's death. There was an established relationship between the teen and Jessica Chambers. However, based on the character of Quinton Tellis, this horrible crime is just not something he was capable of. Many racists will argue that Jessica Chambers was set on fire. She was burned to death. And they will further argue that this is a very common attack by African-americans. No way Quinton Tellis burned this young woman alive.

Fortunately, some very sharp African-americans lawyers did a great presentation that proved Quinton Tellis was innocent. Quinton Tellis might have murdered a young Asian woman in New Orleans several months later. But there is no way he burned this Jessica Chambers alive because she rejected his requests for "some love".

Thankfully, PK provides a forum where we can question these witch hunts against innocent African-american teens. This terrible injustice against Quinton Tellis is eerily reminiscent of the awful lynching of Emmitt Till. Emmitt was an innocent African-american teen murdered in Richmond by white supremacists in the 1940's.

Anonymous said...

Buh-buh-but Alex Jones sez blacks used to have a LOWER crime rate than whites!

Could he be ... lying?

Anonymous said...

This is not surprising since black crime has always been around; yet, this is an eye-opener in the 11 times more murders than!

Unknown said...

Thank you for giving us a voice of sanity in a insane world, God bless you PK...

Bud said...

Welcome back. I think this was a USG shutdown. Just too well coordinated. I think commenters that have not come back don't realize what you went through. But they will come back.

I have this Halloween thing down. Bought a big bag of candy at Costco.

In the first hour in my neighborhood I gave to the kids that live here two pieces of chocolate candy.

In the second hour the teens and youth got one York mint or an Almond Joy.

Bud said...

Forgot to post this.

For those that want to gentrify these neighborhoods, think about going to trial in one of these areas for defending your life. Think about the jury.

Anonymous said...

1. There was a terrorist incident 10 miles away in lower Manhattan. The perp was an invader from one of the "Stan" countries. Why was this sub-human cockroach allowed to come here? Enough already; stop all third world immigration NOW. Go to numbersusa to send faxes and emails to your congressional reps.

2. Praise the lord you are back!! We will not be silenced. Spread word on all available means to increase readership. The time a lot of you allocated for Th NFL should be spent on this endeavor.

Anonymous said...

Bud-you should have handed out watermelon candy......

Anonymous said...

Bud said ”Welcome back. I think this was a USG shutdown. Just too well coordinated. I think commenters that have not come back don't realize what you went through. But they will come back.”

I would fall into that category of individuals who don’t realize what PK went through, but from this side of the website that lack of knowledge would seem to be mostly due to PK’s lack of effort. The last post that I saw on the old SBPDL site indicated that something would be different, but it would be temporary, and it was being done as a precautionary measure. Then the site disappeared. PK made appearances through Twitter and interviews but I never heard what happened. Analogman converted the SBPDL Glossary to a makeshift blog that PK could have used as a means of communication, but he didn’t.

The Daily Stormer got kicked off of the Internet and directly attacked by some of the largest tech companies in the world, yet Andrew Anglin made sure that everyone knew what he was doing. He obviously had the resources to re-start on several different domains as he continued to get kicked off as well as run his website as a hidden service making it far less subject to censorship. Even if PK doesn’t have the resources to fight the system as Anglin has done, it is difficult to understand why he didn’t spread the word through existing channels available to him. My impression is that PK probably burned out but has had a change of heart and is taking another run at it. If the real story is something else, PK would probably find that we would be an interested audience.

I don’t plan to argue with those who will undoubtedly be offended by my comment, and I’m not suggesting that PK’s work isn’t valuable or that I could do as good a job as PK has done. His work is valuable and appreciated and I have previously contributed monetarily to his website, but I was disappointed with the way that the shut-down unfolded.


Italy wanted, and now has, the American Disease......

Mr. Rational said...

For those that want to gentrify these neighborhoods, think about going to trial in one of these areas for defending your life. Think about the jury.

You don't have to, we have the case of Theodore Wafer as an example.

Blacks are unfit to serve as jurors, and produce bad government as voters.  We were right not to consider them citizens.

D-FENS said...

“Why was this sub-human cockroach allowed to come here? ”

Our masters must be done with us and are now implementing a controlled demolition to reduce any threat from an awakened and very pissed population.

Pat Boyle said...

I'm trying to read "Better Angels of our Nature" by Steven Pinker. I read a lot but I don't read very fast. Pinker's book is 800 pages. But everyone says it is definitive. If you don't know, the basic thesis of the book is that mankind is getting nicer. In the past people were brutal and cruel and today much of that is no longer true.

I'm only a little way into it but it appears to be a serious and scholarly book. Last year I read a 600 page history of modern African nations. But I have to admit I can't remember a lot of details. There was an African president who caught his political opponents and fed them to his crocodiles. But there were so many African rulers who fed their opponents to crocodiles that I get them mixed up. I can keep better track of those who ate their opponents themselves - there were rather were fewer of those. Bokassa and Amin still stick in my mind. They installed special kitchens for that purpose.

This raises the issue of what to do with this Uzbeki who ran down all the people in Manhattan. Nothing I hear on the news seems remotely adequate. The problem seems to be that we as Americans are indeed peaceable and civilized whereas a whole lot of our enemies are not. This seems to put us at an enduring strategic disadvantage. We play softball - they play hardball.

It wasn't always so. Quite recently the Japanese were remarkably brutal towards American prisoners in WWII. Remember even the Nazi were shocked at the atrocities committed by the Japanese at Nanking. We had what Pinker calls the "Impulse to Civilization" but we still managed to fire bomb Tokyo and nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

But could we do so again today? Or does the blood of American patriots no longer flow so warmly?

Why does no one suggest bombing Uzbekistan? Were we to incinerate a lot of Uzbekis perhaps future prospective jihadists might be given pause? We are told by the Democrats that this sort of response would be self defeating. Maybe so, but I'm willing to try something new. Retaliate for one American life with a 100,000 Uzbekis. We don't seem to be able to make them love us. Perhaps they could be made to fear us?


Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle said perhaps they could be made to fear us. Pat, we have become too politically correct for anyone to fear us. Diversity before security.

Mr. Rational said...

Why does no one suggest bombing Uzbekistan? Were we to incinerate a lot of Uzbekis perhaps future prospective jihadists might be given pause?

Sending all our Uzbeks back would hurt them more deeply.

Retaliate for one American life with a 100,000 Uzbekis.

That's what you do when the attack is planned on Uzbek soil.  Which, if all the Uzbeks were sent back, it would have to be.

Perhaps they could be made to fear us?

Oderint, dum metuant.

PB said...

"His work is valuable and appreciated and I have previously contributed monetarily to his website, but I was disappointed with the way that the shut-down unfolded."

I suspect it was all one of those things you have to play by ear as it unfolds. It was certainly on the cards that Writers and Bloggers that tried to push through could've found themselves professionally and financially ruined, and in a courtroom losing everything. I wouldn't be too harsh on PK as he couldn't know (as none of us could) how this crackdown was going to play out. In the end he put his head down and rode it out as best he could I think. And here he is....

Personally, I think the clampdown was planned with Charlotteville always intended as the trigger, and this was a test run for a much bigger effort later. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

PB said ”Personally, I think the clampdown was planned with Charlotteville always intended as the trigger, and this was a test run for a much bigger effort later. Time will tell.”

I don’t think there is any doubt that a clampdown has been and is still being planned. If the information at the following link is not fake news, we can assume that Twitter was looking for an excuse to shut down SBPDL and many others long before Charlottevillle. This isn’t secret knowledge. We need to quit relying on the notion that the 1st Amendment has magical properties that will protect our free speech. The suppression of free speech has been getting more intense for a long time, and any right wing professional relying on free speech is probably negligent for not having a secondary plan for spreading the truth and maintaining contact with other like minded individuals. We should expect it to happen again.

Anonymous said...

To whoever was passing out Halloween candy, and grudgingly only gave one piece to the non-White kids infesting our land, and two pieces to the blessed White American children we must nurture:

I laughed out loud when I read that you did this, because I DID IT TOO! God bless you!