Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Pittsburgh Is 64.8 Percent White And 26 Percent Black… Between 2010 - 2016, 87 Percent Of Known Homicide Suspects Were Nonwhite

Not much more to say. Pittsburgh Is 64.8 percent white and 26 percent black.

Between 2010 - 2016, 87 percent of known homicide suspects were nonwhite (84 percent black, 3 percent Hispanic or Asian).

This data was compiled by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services.
In a 65 percent white city, 87 percent of homicides between 2010 - 2016 had a nonwhite perpetrator (84 percent were black)



A popular financial adviser, Marc Faber, has just stated the difference between WHITES and AFRICANS. He expressed the truth.

He is now ruined.


Anonymous said...

Ditto for Kansas city, MO. Welcome back, your blog was missed!

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh is a great city. Fun place to visit, and I’m going to assume it has been a great place to live for many people through the years. The last time I was in Pittsburgh the first six stories on the evening newscast were made up of blacks committing crimes. If it weren’t for the blacks, they probably could have gone straight to sports and weather. Always entertaining in a sick sort of way.

Gwoobus Harmon said...


One of the most insightful little online films imaginable!

Empire of Dust


It is about a Chinese mining and development company operating in the Congo and attempting to use indigenous labor. All subtitled, but worth every second to watch.

The Chinese have not been conditioned under polite Western, liberal, civil norms, so hold no punches in announcing what the problems in Africa are - the people - the black people. They literally deal with delays in every project due to the laziness, dishonesty, theft, and incompetence at every turn.

The central theme is that the Chinese man overseeing the project can't understand why the Belgians left infrastructure and it was never maintained over 80 years. He feels like the Africans should have learned from the contact with Whites who were there teaching them how to build and develop their own economies.

It is eerily similar to the condition of American cities that have been abandoned by Whites and left to be run by blacks (Detroit, Baltimore, Memphis, New Orleans, Newark, etc...)

It is like there is a Mandarin Paul Kersey making films, lol!!

Anonymous said...

100 percent of all murder suspects in 49 percent black St. Louis in 2017 happen to be black according to local police statistics.

D is for depressing said...

64% white? God, a heaven compared to Detroit. Preferably it would be 0%

FlyoverCountry said...

Statistics like Pittsburgh's, and every other city, show that without a certain demographic, we could shrink our police force to nearly Mayberry levels. And they could shed their combat armor, put on a tidy shirt and pants, and be a community asset that helped lower property crimes and other quality-of-life issues.

Instead, we have a military in all but name only prowling our streets. Of course, they are never where a murder or gang problem is happening. They know those areas well enough to stay away until they get a call that the shooting's all over and the wailing has begun.

I'm tired of funding black cultural dysfunction, tired of figuring out a way to move away from it to a place that won't be overrun in a few years. I'm fatigued.

Do check out the story about the 325-pounder that sat on and killed a 9-year-old if you missed the link (my comment was the last one on the previous story). Guns are just the noisier part of the problem. The rot runs through and through.

juvenal said...

But on a more positive note, at least your seeing more mainstream personalities starting to speak out. Wonder why they're all starting to.come out of the woodwork all of the sudden.

juvenal said...

Except when the " natives are restless", are friends from the Middle Kingdom don't bother with trying to placate the vibrants. Recall the shooting incident at a mine in Ghana a few years ago.

D-FENS said...

“Statistics like Pittsburgh's, and every other city, show that without a certain demographic, we could shrink our police force to nearly Mayberry levels.”

Were there ever any negroes in Mayberry? I don’t remember any, but then I didn’t watch it often. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a token since Andy Griffith was a lefty.

Anonymous said...

A popular financial adviser, Marc Faber, has just stated the difference between WHITES and AFRICANS. He expressed the truth.

He is now ruined.

He of course will be hated now but I'm sure he knew that making those comments would cost him his position.

The guy is wealthy and probably had enough. I read somewhere that he is (was) on an African investment board. He probably traveled to Africa to investigate companies and saw the differences first hand. Reminds me of Albert Schweitzer.

Anonymous said...

Its always the same demographic killing and causing problems. The story will never change as these people are incapable of improvement.

Anonymous said...

A prominent Detroit family just built a new arena in downtown Detroit. It will be the home of the red wings and pistons. The contractor had an agreement with the city that 40% of the construction workforce would be citizens of Detroit. Well, that was pretty much impossible.. Detroit didn’t have a qualified citizenry to do the type of work required. Fines galore started rolling in. Not sure what the final tally was, but it was in the millions. Fines will be used to train citizens for future projects. Yeah, good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:18PM 10/18

Sounds like they were set up just so millions in fines could be siphoned off. They should have put in a clause that said, "IF 40% qualified staff can be found." They left themselves no way out and at the mercy of the city. If fines are to be used to train citizens for future projects, I'd estimate only 10% or less of the funds will be so used- the rest will be on used on new cars, vacations, bling, weaves and nail shop visits for city officials and dey relatives. In a negro kleptocracy, nothing less can be expected.
In any case, who in their right mind would build anything in Destroit considering the demographics?!? Absolute madness!

Anonymous said...

Even in my mid sized city with only a 10% groid population, the crime map shows red dots at each crime location and the black areas look like they have a severe case of the measles. No one is surprised or shocked by this as the nature of the groid is well known. I'm just surprised that crime maps haven't been declared racist since it shows blacks up for what they are and that's a big politically incorrect no-no for the libtard crowd and blacks themselves.

Detroit Refugee said...

I met Mr. and Mrs. Ilitch @ The Joe, an Iron Maiden show in '84. Fuckin crazy!! He's got a son looks just like him. Met that guy @ the drawbridge bar , by Marathon refinery. The whole family must be disgusted with what the blacks have done to the city. Be interesting to know the dollar amount they've lost to the undertow throughout the past five decades.

Anonymous said...

What's more is that Bill "Bikelane" Peduto marched with violent protesters after Trumps victory, was enraged when the police did their jobs in dispensing the crowd and forced the police chief (who wore full uniform during a DNC event) to start an outreach program in the black community.
Pittsburgh isn't all bad though, it IS highly, highly segregated. Some of the Millenial areas are mixed but, as Jared Taylor wrote in White Identity, once those kids grow up and have kids they will move out and self segregate again.

Anonymous said...

I worked in corporate America most of my life and witnessed the double standard that exists in this environment. We called the black managers "suits". They were promoted far beyond their educational and intellectual level. They sat in their offices doing practically nothing all dressed up in their suits. Their direct reports did all the work. These tokens were EEOC hires fill a requirement, so that the company could continue to have government contracts. Everyone knew the truth but never said a word at work as you would be terminated immediately. After retiring, I taught at several high schools as a substitute teacher and notices the same trend.

Anonymous said...

The irony is the statistics on the high level of black crime will be used as another excuse for destroying the Second Amendment, our constitutional right to protect oneself from these very criminals.