Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Life in 75% Black Birmingham: Black Murder Victim had been shot 10 times in previous year...

Remember Birmingham ?

Blacks in Birmingham, Alabama pushed white people out of the city until they took demographic control and where able to assume political ownership (democracy in a multiracial civilization is nothing more than a racial headcount). 

The dire consequences of the racial change in Birmingham is documented in the 'reverse colonialism' post at SBPDL, delineating the shocking depreciating in real estate once the city went from majority white to nearly 75 percent black. 
Latest murder victim in 75 percent black Birmingham, Alabama had been shot 10 times in previous year... at the murder scene, police officers had to tell black people to stop bringing their children to crime scenes....

And now, with white people slowly trickling back into the city, the black controlled city government is actually launching a task force to try and stop gentrification

Yes, really. 

What if we could show you one story representing a micro-look at the "quality of life" blacks create - in the absence of whites - illustrating precisely why Jim Crow once protected the majority white inhabitants of Birmingham pre-1964?

Just one story, really. 

A man fatally gunned down at a Birmingham gas station in broad daylight Tuesday was previously shot 10 times in a six-month period. 
Authorities on Tuesday night identified the victim as 29-year-old Antione Collier, known to many by his nickname "Twin." Court records identify him as Antoine Collier. 
A woman in her 50's, who police described as an innocent bystander, is fighting for her life at UAB Hospital after she was struck multiple times by the more than 40 bullets fired in store parking lot. 
Collier died on the sidewalk of the Exxon service station at the corner of Graymont Avenue and Arkadelphia Road just before 1:30 p.m., and his mother told just six months ago that she braced herself every time the phone rang. 
"I'm the mother who hates to answer the phone,'' Kimberly Flowers said in April. "You worry about your child." 

Collier was released from prison just over one year ago and though he said he wanted to do better, trouble still followed him, his mother previously said. He remained a target for those who wanted to harm him and his mother turned to the Birmingham Police Department to help her help her son. BPD, through its Violence Reduction Initiative, tried to give him what he needed to turn his life around. They visited him in the hospital, and he even sent a text from the hospital to one official that read, in part, "I've cried till I can't anymore cause I'm blessed. I think when my health gets better, I wanna speak to young black males about violence." 
The shooting happened at 1:26 p.m. Lt. Sean Edwards said Collier and his girlfriend were entering the store when two black males shot him. The shooters fled in an unknown vehicle.  
"Brazen. Very reckless. It's a total disregard for life,'' said Birmingham police Sgt. Bryan Shelton. "We are looking for an individual or individuals who clearly have no regard for life at all." 
"We have to really consider the thought process that violence is not the answer,'' Shelton said. "Resorting to violence doesn't solve anything. It only causes more heartache and pain. It's a difficult time for the families. It's something they'll never forget." 
Collier was shot while standing in front of his vehicle, which was parked at Good Tyme Pizza, which adjoins the Exxon. His girlfriend reportedly was with him. She was shaken, but not injured. 
The female victim, police said, had just ordered her food at the pizza restaurant. She was not affiliated with Collier. 
She had just gotten something to eat,'' said Lt. Sean Edwards. Several rounds struck her. They're working on her right now, and hopefully she'll pull through." 
"It's very critical for her right now,'' Edwards said. 
Residents who live near the busy intersection said the gunfire sounded like fireworks at first, but they then realized it was the rapid fire of bullets. More than 100 onlookers gathered at the intersection and remained there for nearly three hours while investigators marked and collected evidence, and documented the scene. 
At one point, a female police officer told anyone who had brought their children to a crime scene - and there were many - needed to take them home.
It's not too late to apologize to Bull Connor, a man whose actions to protect white civilization in Birmingham require only a cursory glance at life in currently 75% black Birmingham to not only justify them, but quickly rehabilitate his memory as one of the heroes of the 20th century.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing this resident lives well insulated from Birmingham's vibrant diversity.

Isn't about time you called David Sher out again Paul?

PS so very happy that you're back. I love your tweets as well.

Anonymous said...

Two words, Goodell? The NFL has been ruined by one word. Lots of them.

Anonymous said...

Does the mainstream media get it? If you quote articles such as this one, or even FBI statistics you are labeled racist. Our evening news consisted of 12 black heroin dealers, human trafficking of children, illegal dumping by the tons, a car jacking with gunfire, the search for a mass shooter with a conviction rate as long as your arm. Not sure what my expiration date is, but it really can’t come fast enough. This world has gone to hell.

Tarczan said...

We’ll all go broke at this rate, with ten hospital trips in the last year. Can’t the NRA offer some handgun lessons? Why do these stupid nogs have to hold the gun sideways?

Mark in NC said...

"....trouble still followed him, his mother previously said."

As we all know, Trouble tends to be an extremely racist creature.

Trayvon's mammy said...

He wuz a good keeid, he dindu nuffin!!

D is for depressing said...

"And now, with white people slowly trickling back into the city, the black controlled city government is actually launching a task force to try and stop gentrification."

White people.
Fixing things up and making things nice and safe.
Jobs that black people won't do.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I have reunited!
Ohio born

Anonymous said...

If blacks move into a white neighborhood and slowly take it over, they seem to think that's just fine and wonderful and something to be celebrated. Any resistance is considered bigotry, hatred, racism and intolerance. However, if whites start moving back in and reclaiming the neighborhood (or city!) suddenly that's horrible, unacceptable and "wrong" and resisting it is portrayed as a righteous act. With blacks, it's always a one way street with different rules for different people based on skin color and those rules always are hypocritical. It's just fine for blacks to move in and cause property values to go down and for white residents to thus lose much of their investment in their homes but don't no white people dare move into the neighborhood and cause property taxes to go up because that negatively affects black people! The economic damage to white people is irrelevant and of no importance but any economic damage to black people is absolutely unacceptable and a horrendous and intolerable act that's cause for cries of injustice and unfairness!

The two faced hypocritical position that blacks take in such matters is sickening. They always want to have everything their way and in their favor and what they consider wrong when done to them suddenly becomes right when they're doing it to others. If a mayor and city council tried to pass laws to keep blacks out of a town or city, the black howls of outrage would rattle the roof but when blacks want to do the same to stop white people from moving in, why that's just wonderful!

This same kind of hypocrisy suffuses every interaction with blacks and that hypocrisy is their method of operation and they use their skin color to justify it all. They're hateful, bigoted, racist and intolerant but it's ok- they're black therefore it's justified!

This is exactly why I won't have anything to do with any of them. I'm sick to death of their bullsh*t.

Anonymous said...

"...he was also an aspiring rapper...." How'd that get left out?

-Carolina Cicero

FlyoverCountry said...

If you really want to light up your little part of the internet, then comment that gentrification is white people moving back into historical white neighborhoods. Usually, just before the sturdy old housing stock completely falls to the ground because it hasn't been maintained since whites moved out. It's not my fault it's the truth.

The only thing I'm curious about in the article is I'd like to see a picture of the police woman who had the decency to tell people little children don't belong at a murder scene. She is an outlier in Birmingham.

Brian in Ohio said...

"trouble followed him", "was just turning his life around."

There has to be a script or talking points that all black mothers are given to read to the media when one of their kids is inevitably shot and killed.

Seriously. Have any of you ever heard a white or latino mother say those phrases? Yet we`ve heard black moms use them over and over, verbatim. So weird.

Stay alert, stay alive.


A loser, turning his life around, ends up a loser looking the other way.

Anonymous said...

"...he was also an aspiring rapper...." How'd that get left out?

Aspiring rappers often quickly become expiring rappers, thank God

D-FENS said...

Speaking of Pittsburgh: A mother smashed a brick into the face of her daughter’s teacher. Who says negroes are not involved in their chirrun’s education?

Anonymous said...

Seriously? He was shot 10 previous times in the last year? Was that 10 previous incidents or shot 10 times and one incident.

Whoever wanted him dead may have been a really lousy shot, but you have to admire the determination.

The 11th time was the charm, that's pretty impressive perseverance, something employers are always looking for. So much for all those unfounded comments that young African-American males don't have employment skill sets, this one sure as hell does.

He doesn't give up till the job's done!

Of course there is the matter of the innocent bystander, because of this I'd put him on a 90-day probationary period before I make him a full-time employee.

Of course with the new job would come health insurance and an eye exam with glasses. Which might eliminate all those wasted bullets next time he goes after one of his homies.

This Is All So Tiresome said...

Breaking News Breaking Brains 0_0 :

Accused cop killer defecates, smears feces on face in courtroom

An accused cop killer's jury selection in New Orleans came to a screeching -- and smelly -- halt Wednesday after the man began rubbing feces on his face.

Judge Karen Herman cleared the courtroom after Travis Boys, 35, returned from the bathroom and began rubbing feces -- which had been wrapped in a napkin and concealed -- on his face, head and mouth in front of a pool of potential jurors, FOX8 reported.

Boys is charged with the 2015 killing of a New Orleans police officer.

A reporter from WDSU said the incident occurred in the middle of jury selection.

"Breaking: Officials say Boys rubbed feces on his face and in his mouth in the middle of jury selection," Travers Mackel tweeted.

Herman ordered a new competency hearing for Boys on Thursday.

During a September hearing, Boys had been previously deemed competent to stand trial, reported.

Boys faces live in prison if convicted of murdering 22-year NOPD veteran officer Daryle Holloway.

Anonymous said...

1st SBPDL - Glad to see your back... or at least accessible again.

I am sure facts, like this, hurts the Social-Globalist Democrat agenda of controlling major Metro centers and area resources.

But the truth has a nasty way of coming to the surface, no matter how hard the Left tries to clamp down on it.

chattanooga gal said...

"Accused cop killer defecates, smears feces on face in courtroom"
common ploy. I know someone who works in mental health and practically all the black criminals try to get off on mental illness. and, since most of the workers in government mental health centers are black, they have plenty of workers helping with it, coaching them on what to pretend. you'd be surprised how many of them use " borderline intelligence" as an excuse, since most blacks hover around 85 i.q.


OH NO !!!

It appears we may not come from African Apes, but rather European Apes, etc. !!!

PB said...

"....trouble still followed him, his mother previously said."

Mean streets, shots ringing out.....blahblah

Anonymous said...

"you'd be surprised how many of them use "borderline intelligence" as an excuse since most blacks hover around 85 I.Q."

Not really. Teachers and school administrators are quite familiar with this ploy as black women try hard to get their offspring labelled as intellectually challenged so they can get an extra government check. More gibsmedats!

Anonymous said...

This situation brings to mind a fundamental fact about liberals.

“Liberals,” leftists, communists and quasi-communists cannot admit the truth for they are fundamentally dishonest. They are dishonest with themselves and with everyone else.

One of the specific things that they are hiding or will not honestly declare in most cases, is the fact that leftists (anti-white, especially anti-white male to the core) will not admit that they are mainly angry that a white male (WASP as they like to say) is President of the United States again. The liberals somehow got it in their heads that there would never again be a white “WASP” president and they thought that this would be a big improvement over the status quo because they hate white males as well as conservatives.

Another example of their dishonesty is the issue of tyranny and civil rights. They dishonestly frame their arguments as in favor of rights when in reality it is the opposite, they deprive others of their rights as often as they can. For example, so-called “Hate Crime Laws” and rules about language use in educational institutions. This is a matter of depriving others of their rights, not protecting rights.

Unfortunately, conservatives let them define acceptable discourse, conservatives acquiesce.

So-called “liberalism” as it exists in the West (the only place where it exists in the form of large numbers of an ethnic group fighting to disempower and destroy their own people, against the will of those among their people who have some common sense) is fundamenally tyrannical by nature.

Liberalism and progressivism are tyranny and need to be resisted wholeheartedly.

Leftist anti-white tyranny needs to be crushed.

Anonymous said...

you'd be surprised how many of them use " borderline intelligence" as an excuse, since most blacks hover around 85 i.q.

Liberals have been using this excuse since the 60s to save Black criminals from the death penalty.

Liberals also believe that iq tests are meaningless and should be ignored.

Anonymous said...

FlyoverCountry: "The only thing I'm curious about in the article is I'd like to see a picture of the police woman who had the decency to tell people little children don't belong at a murder scene. She is an outlier in Birmingham."
PK posted it - the pic with the Exxon sign. Officer Outlier is in the foreground. Be grateful it's low-res.

Robert Mosher said...

Shot 10 times,
well like mom said,"If at first you don't succeed try try again."

It's All So Tiresome said...

Dear Mr.Kersey

Take a look at this:

Some SJW snowflake rudely dismiss a friend's achievement as 'white privilege', and when that friend reminds them that they came from a FOSTER HOME and studied hard without ever dating or partying, doubled down instead of apologizing.

What gladdens my heart is that this time, SJW got a public put down - maybe the tide is turning at last and sanity is returning.

Wealth is a greater privilege than race or gender, and even then, there are wealthy people who are born crippled, has divorce parents, abusive parents, isolation - calling out the privilege of people who aren't even using it against you just just rude and destructive. It's resentment disguised as enlightenment.

MMinWA said...

Welcome back.

As for this poor young lad, everyone deserves 10 chances, but 11? That's just too many.

bart simpsonson said...

At the simplest level Africa is where africans is...........

Ominous Cowherd said...

Victims of Black crime are mostly Blacks. Jim Crow and Judge Lynch protected Blacks more than Whites. Bring back Jim Crow because Black Lives Matter!