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Black Lives Matter Leader Muhiyidin d'Baha [Who Took Down Confederate Flag on National TV] Murdered by Fellow Black Person In New Orleans

Previously on SBPDL: Poetic Justice: Black Lives Matter Supporter Shuri Henry Gunned Down by Fellow Blacks in Newark on Thanksgiving

The Confederate Flag no longer flies in Charleston or Columbia, South Carolina.

Monuments to Confederate generals no longer stand in New Orleans, Louisiana.
In 2017, Black Lives Matter leader Muhiyidin d'baha attacked a white person holding a Confederate flag. In 2018, he was gunned down by a fellow black person in New Orleans.

Don't worry, though: black people gunning down other other black people continues unabated. Even for those black people with bonafide Black Lives Matter credentials. [Black Lives Matter activist who took down Confederate flag on TV fatally shot in New Orleans, NBC News, 2-7-18]:

A Black Lives Matter activist who made headlines after video of him wrestling a Confederate flag out the hands of a protester in Charleston, South Carolina, went viral, was shot and killed in New Orleans on Tuesday. 
A spokesperson with the New Orleans police department confirmed the death of 32-year-old Muhiyidin Moye, who went by Muhiyidin d'Baha, to NBC News in an email Wednesday. Police said d'Baha was shot in the thigh early Tuesday morning and transported to a nearby hospital where he died from his injuries. 
It is unclear the details surrounding his death, but according to a police report, police dispatch received a call that a black male was laying on the ground and asking for help. When an officer arrived on the scene, a black male was found bleeding and a bicycle covered in blood not far from his body. Police also found a trail of blood leading away from the scene, a hat and fragments of a bullet in a grassy area. The report also says the officer was wearing a body camera and it was activated. A suspect has not been named, but the report also shows a black male is wanted for aggravated battery. 
WCBD, an NBC-affliate, reports d'Baha was in New Orleans for work with his social justice organization. D'Baha's niece, Camille, created a GoFundMe page to raise money to get the activist home andfor his memorial service. As of Wednesday afternoon, over $22,000 had been raised. 
"We don't have many details, but will update as soon as we do," she said on the page. "This is all so unexpected." 
On Tuesday night, friends and family along with local civil rights activists gathered at a prayer vigil in front of North Charleston City Hall. Chanting 'Black Lives Matter' and sharing memories of d'Baha, members of the community discussed his legacy and plans to keep his name alive. 
“When you have somebody who is that close and dedicates himself to uplifting the community and actually being a part of the community, he’s a valuable piece of the puzzle,” activist Johnathan Thrower told WCBD. “The intellectualism, the fire, the desire, the motivation, the way he rallied people in the city was just second to none.” 
D'Baha made national headlines in February 2017 when he was filmed on live TV hurling himself over a police line and wrestling a Confederate flag out of the hands of a white protester outside a rally in Charleston. 
Although he was quickly arrested, video of the dramatic leap quickly went viral online. D'Baha later told The Washington Post that he felt compelled to act after he noticed black community "elders" react to the Confederate flag. 
"And I looked at our elders and I saw, like, fear in their eyes," he said. "We're not going to pass this on another generation. Not another generation of people are going to be intimidated by this flag." 
D'Baha was a prominent and vocal fixture in Charleston's Black Lives Matter movement, often organizing rallies or demanding accountability from the city's leaders during public meetings. 
In a 2015 interview with the New Yorker, d'Baha reflected bitterly on the black community's reaction to the Charleston Church massacre and calls for prayers and forgiveness for Dylann Roof. 
"That was accommodating white feelings and white superiority," d'Baha told the New Yorker. "It was 'Yes, Massa, can I have another?"
City of New Orleans data on homicides and nonfatal shootings showcase how black people are behind almost all acts of violent crime in The Big Easy.

No matter how Black Lives Matter leaders believe white supremacy, implicit bias, systemic inequality,  Confederate flags, Confederate Statues, or Confederate Monuments present the greatest threat to black bodies, it will always be black people who present the greatest threat to black lives in America.

And remember: #WakandaIsntReal.


Westminster Dragoon said...


Anonymous said...

These morons fear the Confederate flag, but it isn't the flag that's killing them. They should fear their own people instead.

D-FENS said...

I’m going to have a beer to celebrate his ... uh... life.

Anonymous said...

This never would have happened in the glorious (fictional) utopia known as Wakanda.

Anonymous said...

The Outer Limits is on with a young Eddie Albert protecting a hot blonde in the desert from evil tumbleweeds which is about as real as Wakanda.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to name my firstborn kid Wakanda Uganda Obama.

I'm going back to my ROOTS!

Anonymous said...

* He'd still be alive if he had run into Robert E. Lee instead of the young man/yoof/teen (What are they being called now?) who murdered him.

* Camille is figuring out how much of that 22K she can pocket.

* It's a shame that he didn't get a chance to see Black Panther and the glorious civilization that his people would've created.

Anonymous said...

Saw the Black Panther trailer at the theater tonight. Needless to say, I was underwhelmed. Putting aside all the political aspects of the whole thing ("We Wuz Kangz' ... 'Africa could be paradise if whitey hadn't stole our technology' ...) I was struck by how stale and hackneyed the whole thing looked. All cartoonish CGI, just like all these comic book movies being shoveled out by Hollywood. Flipping cars and phony explosions, the same bullshit ... except with more black people! Will the consumerist cattle ever get tired of eating the same regurgitated vomit?

Anonymous said...

The lack of impulse control that hurled his turd-like body over the police line to forcefully take the flag in Charleston is probably the same impulsivity that led to his early death.

lol! He refused to "accommodate white feelings" but in all likelihood being an inconsiderate, low empathy baboon he probably refused to accommodate black feelings too.


Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

"When you have somebody who is that close and dedicates himself to uplifting the community and actually being a part of the community, he’s a valuable piece of the puzzle,” activist Johnathan Thrower told WCBD. “The intellectualism, the fire, the desire, the motivation, the way he rallied people in the city was just second to none.”

Tell me again, please, how did this young Einstein earn his living?

Anonymous said...

Feel good story of the day

Anonymous said...

If you continue letting women have the vote, and (((tribespeople))) influence our culture and politics, the violent end of our country at the hands of the dusky hordes is inevitable...

Make your choice, White Man...

BastionHarm said...

Reminds me of a story I recently read about Edward Crawford, the well-known Ferguson "protester", who was found dead in his car last year. (Some might remember him as the guy throwing a tear gas cannister back at the police during the, I mean, "uprising").

Funny how, in the story, they mention that 4 other prominent Ferguson "protesters" have met violent deaths in the past year.

And, even funnier, they just can't fathom WHY they happened!!

From the story:

...his death was just the latest in a series of inexplicable deaths of young black men who’d been active in the Ferguson rebellions. In as many as four cases since Brown’s death and the protests began, protesters were found shot dead in cars in St. Louis and Ferguson. In two of those cases the men were found dead in burning cars.

Did you catch that??


Yes, it's so INEXPLICABLE that violent thugs meet violent deaths.

I mean, who would've thought, right???

Of course, I guess when you're part of the lugenpresse and think that all blacks are saints and can do no wrong (note how the story refers to Ferguson as a "rebellion" and also suggests that maybe, just maybe, the police were really behind these deaths), then I guess I could see why your little saintly brown pets' violent deaths at the hands of other saintly brown pets are so "inexplicable."

Anonymous said...

What is amazing is that it was not a white who killed him, but another black. These cases are all the same. It is not the Confederate Flag that is the enemy of blacks, but other blacks!

Antidote said...

RIP up in Wakanda Muyadoon BaHai. We hardly knew ye. I really, really hate to rub it in but your getting shot in the thigh by an American Negro and then having to flee on bicycle because the other American Negroes would have robbed you as you lay dying...clearly shows that Bl@ck Lives Don't Matter to American Negroes.
Where will you be buried? Next to (land whale) Heather Heyer? I will place a small Confederate battle flag on your grave.

Anonymous said...

There's no mention of what he did for a living to support himself.

Anonymous said...

Get the Mini-Tru state propaganda take on the story and it shows the Shanaynay LaQueefa founder of BLM:

Anonymous said...

@ Boy the Way Glenn Miller played,

(((Soros))) funding pays for it all:

Archie Bunker

chattanooga gal said...

I'll consider it poetic justice.

Paintjob Theory said...


The way this con works is the priest knows how to make fire or keep a fire going from some lightning strike that somebody chanced to find and they and their initiates and apprentices keep power by being the Keepers of the Flame or guardians of this secret. Fast forward and you have the priest class who knows when eclipses happen by paying attention to natural cycles. You whip the people up into a frenzy and tell them that they made the sky monster angry and it is going to eat the sun at a certain date and only enough sacrifice (often blood, but of course other gifts) should be delivered to the priests with which to appease the sky gods. Just like clockwork the sky monster does indeed take a few bites out of the sun on the appointed date, but after the proper rituals and sacrifices are made the sun comes back.

A slight variation on the theme is making proper sacrifices to control weather. Good rains, proper corn harvest, or favorable fishing. In this con it really doesn't even matter what happens. If the endeavor is a success the priest class takes credit, if it does not just tell the rubes they need to sacrifice more or believe harder. This translates well into modern political parties (or presidents) taking credit for "the economy". That particular variant is excellent in that it not only accomplishes the same rule and control but it distracts the masses from (((who))) really controls economic cycles through manipulation of money supply. As Yuri would say "they call these people 'useful idiots'".

Still today we have the same con being played. We really have squat for data on weather cycles on this planet. Certainly not anything with any precision, and we really don't understand how dramatic changes (the formation of deserts, Pompei tier volcanic events, etc.) may change current and weather patterns permanently from their past courses! Notice the meme has also morphed from "global warming" now to just climate change so that when inevitably things cool (we know there have been ice ages in the past) our priests can feed the masses the same old shit sandwich. "You have made the gods angry so you must give us more power, belief, and sacrifice". Today's priest class are the descendants (often blood, always spiritual) of the priest class of old. Many of their signs, and symbols remain along with their oaths of initiation and hierarchical and secrets-within-secrets organizational structure.

An amazingly concise and thorough primer on the topic is Manly P. Hall's book "secret teachings of all ages". As you read, remember that astrology, alchemy, and the like are all metaphor and symbolism, and "magic" is always only the art of illusion. Like all mythology, once you cease trying to take things at their literal meaning and just look at patterns you will find ancient and eternal truths that are very applicable today and develop a much clearer insight into current world events.


Sambo killed by a Sambo?....that's what I regard as:

Being in the right place at the right time.


SC Native said...

They could leave the carcass in NOLA (Zimbabwe by the sea). The good people of SC don’t need it here. Good riddance.

Dixiebleeding said...

Maybe there is hope. The yahoo comments are “woke!” Looks like some of us haha. Invest in red pills boys and girls. Whenever I read something and they mention the COONMUNITY I know it is a groid related article, these people are all about dey po po Community. Come on nigs, keep shooting. Extortion of the white race at its finest. We beez needn mo money to help da coomunity, we needz an empowerment group center. BEYOND OVER THIS CIRCUS. Oh yeah it’s tax time again, time for Uncle Sam to ass rape you so LASTANKA can get her 8k refund from liberty tax even though she hasn’t worked all year. Shut up and write that check CRACKA!

Unknown said...

We need more police chiefs like we had in Charleston,S.C….Reuben Greenberg…our black police chief .The blacks hated Reuben because he called them out in their propensity to commit crimes .

Back in the early 80’s Chaleston was having a rash of burglaries . Reuben announced that anyone shooting a burglar would not be charged. The headline the next day in the paper was ” Police Chief Declares Open Season On Burglars ” .

If police chiefs would do something like this on perpetrators of the knock game etc…it would happen a lot less ( except in gun free places like Illinois and New York )


"W" minus 8 and counting....

I am obsessed with WAKANDA.

I can't stop thinking about all the fun starting February 16. A game changer. Maybe we will cross the Rubicon, since we have already crossed the Event Horizon (1965 Civil Rights Act, or maybe the Shelley -vs - Kraemer Supreme Court Decision...?):

Anon @ 601 PM asked:

"How long do I have to stay away? How long is Wakana going to be in theatres or how long do movies typically run in theatres?"

(Side note, Anon above must be British. Note the spelling of "theatres". That is how I learned to spell it when I was raised overseas in a previous British Colony, many decades ago.....)

Now, to answer the question: From my previous essays on this topic, these movie showing will not run long. Each screening room, in the Muli-Plex, will not be able to handle the turn-over, per day, that most theaters do. They will be so badly trashed that I can see only ONE showing per day, per screen, since it will take hours to clean the rooms OR there will be too much damage. Bullet holes in the screen will take awhile to repair.

The question is how many screens will the Movie-Plex devote? I can see them using ALL of the rooms at once, so as to saturate the market and get the hell over with. It will be impossible for any WHITE person to attend any other movie showing. They will be beaten.

There will be no "Midnight" showing or early release. This only works with White people, such as in Star War releases or Rocky Horror Picture Show. White people behave, have a good time, and enjoy the experience.

The negro is NOT there for what we call entertainment or a good time. EACH NEGRO expects to BE the entertainment and a good time for them is violence, fights, and vandalism. The more destruction, the better.

So, in answer to your question, the showing will be initially MASSIVE, but brief. The movie theater owners will want this event over as fast as possible. Once each negro has used his "free" ticket from block purchases, they won't pay to see it again. They will steal if off their cell phones.

There is also the issue of local Police agencies stopping the showing of the movies due to the amount of violence, and shootings. There may be even National Guard use. I think it can get that bad in all areas in or bordering the high concentrated negro infected areas. They ALL want to go to the movie at the same time, where the action will be, and will swarm the place...each expecting to get in the threater....FUCK DEY TICKET. DAT BE WHITEASS !!!....

There is a bit of poetic justice here. AMC, one of the largest movie chains, is owned by a Chinese company. HA. I'm lovin' it.

WAKANDA is like throwing gasoline on dynamite and lighting the pile with a TESLA flame thrower. Really smart. Either (((Those))) behind this are really stupid, and think the response will be like the original Star Wars, OR, this is a triggering event to start the war, to start the State of Emergency that (((THEY))) must have.

(((THEY, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT))) must speed up the process. Too many Whites are waking up too fast. They MUST shut down the Internet.

OH, stay away from any traffic intersections near the theatres (ha). The negro LOVES intersections where they get 4 stages to chimp out on. They will be stopping cars and beating White drivers. If they can't find us, they will take Mexicans or Asians......

Anonymous said...

D-FENS @ 9:41
And I’m going to have a satisfying bowel movement.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine having any sort of a "purpose" in these black communities elicits a lot of bad will. If you are doing anything besides sitting on the stoop, selling drugs, performing gang business, fornicating and making cracks/making up new slang to call things---it is met with great ridicule, scorn, envy and makes you a target.

What a shitty way to live.

Anonymous said...

If I may interject several people have posted regarding Ferguson and I think something needs to be said here about that... again talking third party from information of a police friend... he blames Ferguson for getting out of hand due to two things number one the police commanders were more concerned about their post law enforcement careers and being labeled racist than to contain the anarchist and to extent somewhat blames the citizens for not coming out exercising their Second Amendment right at that time in the state of Missouri it was open carry only no permit needed and back the police... a fact that was not broadcast on the media was on the night of the no bill decision there was concern on the street that the rioters were going to go into the residential heart of Ferguson and start to burn down Victorian style houses... when the citizenry heard what was being threatened the word went out on the street very quickly that if something like that began to happen it was going to be basically a reenactment of Red Dawn with the Wolverines tearing up some major ass... the citizens in the core of the city was ready for Red Dawn and if you notice the rioters just stayed on the main strip and destroyed businesses while the police in the National Guard stood by like pussies... if Ferguson proves one thing people reading the should know one thing the government will let these individuals run rampid in a disaster situation anybody reading this should at least have a bug out bag with three days of food and water and a decent rifle nothing less than the AR7 survival rifle but preferably something more hard-hitting like the saying goes when your life is on the line it's 762 x 39...

Anonymous said...

Won't be any "Where's bees my check?" over this one.


Bastion Harm quotes this:

"...his death was just the latest in a series of inexplicable deaths of young black men..."

and notices the idiotic use of "inexplicable" as the CAUSE of these deaths.

Well, that explains something I have always wondered about myself. How, one day, I realized I had "a series of inexplicable College degrees".

How the F did that happen? Beats me? I must have been in the wrong place at the wrong time in a College that went Good and I ended up with 3 College Degrees.

Maybe the College was in a good zip code? The streets surrounding the College were paved with the "good asphalt" and not the "bad asphalt". Who knows. Degrees Rang Out?

Anonymous said...


You need to read more, "G.M." as you failed to note that right before the "Good Fund Me" shout out (Hey, it's Black History Mumf, let's celebrate by using terms like "shout out" or is that raciss?) is the answer. He was there with his social justice organization!

Sounds to me like this fine young man was simply more inspired than YOU were by the example of the great superhero Dindu Nuffins!

So lay off the brotha, and instead of asking the Lord for forgiveness I'd suggest you crack a 40 and pour out the first drink in memory of Mujahadin d'Haha!

D is for depressing said...

On Tuesday night, friends and family along with local civil rights activists gathered at a prayer vigil in front of North Charleston City Hall. Chanting 'Black Lives Matter'

No it doesn't. What does City Hall have anything to do with one yours shooting one of yours.

he’s a valuable piece of the puzzle

No he isn't. He's actually a part of the problem. When a protest group justifies attacking the police and not suffering any consequences, what do you think that does?

As of Wednesday afternoon, over $22,000 had been raised.

Most of which Camille will use to buy a new car and new weave.

This is all so unexpected

No it isn't. When you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

Anonymous said...

So sad!

Beautiful black bodies were originally stopped in racist Ferguson for supposed moving violations and ticketed (fined) unfairly because the cops were racist!

Now beautiful black bodies are being gunned down in welfare Cadillacs on ghetto skreets in parked cars! It's a racist conspiracy by YT, now keeping the black man down by forcing him to sit in parked cars, afraid of catching a racist moving violation.

I believe that "crime cloud" has decended upon that bastion of hope known as Ferguson, Misery... I mean Missouri!

I hope the Starbucks and the yoga studio are putting dollars and health back into that community and starting important conversations in addition to dropping knowledge 24/7. And hopefully that white yoga woman realizes that her cultural appropriation of India through her evil YT interpretation of noble Yoga can be forgiven her by the Africans.

Oh, the humanity!

Wide Awake said...

OT: Did anyone see the machine in full force ?

Black Panther scores rare 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes !

Of course it does....

Anonymous said...

Regarding yesterday's post, one of the black US winter olympians, speedskater Shani Davis is at it playing the race card.

He was one of the two finalists to be the flag bearer in the opening ceremonies and the vote was deadlocked 4-4 between himself an a white female athlete. And, horror of horrors, he implies they used a "dishonorable" (aka: RACIST) practice to break the tie (that he lost).

What was that racist practice? A coin flip.

In his whining tweet afterwards, he made sure to include the hashtag #BlackHistoryMonth2018, the not-so-subtle implication being that he was entitled to the honor during "Black History Month" and that his skin being black trumps any vote or impartial way to come to a decision.

You can bet if Obama was in office, this wrong would have been quickly righted with the people who decided on using a coin toss (or even a vote, for that matter) getting fired on the spot.

Anonymous said...

Attention President Trump!!

Improve America's education system with one simple move...

Make the study of the science behind Human BioDiversity MANDATORY at every school in America that receives any public funding.

Done. Simple. Let the TRUTH out!! It will defend itself.

This is real stuff. DNA etc. Instincts are imprinted. Different races, different IQs and instincts.

Deny it? Then prove us wrong in the public domain.

Educate the next generation about genetic differences. Their lives literally depend on it.

Pat Boyle said...

My wife and I had a business together (it was more hers than mine) as information systems recruiters. I was good at it. I made more money placing programmers and network administrators in Silicon Valley companies than I had ever made at any job before.

We had a black employee that we knew from opera (he was a baritone). He also believed in all this Black Athena "We Were Kings" and we blacks flew around Ancient Egypt in jet planes stuff. That was ten or fifteen years ago.

Wakanda is very much like the Ghost Dance craze that swept over the Lakota Sioux in the late nineteenth century. Both crazes were caused by the same thing - conquest by whites.

To the average white reader of this blog it looks like blacks are in the ascendancy in America. We use the terms "BRA" (Black Run America) and we see blacks in every TV commercial being wise and stable. But how do blacks see things? They see themselves as miserable failures and low life criminals.

Our black employee used a term I had never heard, he said "BPT" to explain why blacks were always late to appointments. It means Black People's Time. The black singers we sometimes employed in our singing business all spoke of BPT. It was the widely acknowledged reason you could never trust a black person - even nice middle class Christmas carol singer - to appear when they had promised.

Blacks knew they were unreliable just as they know that they are violent and dangerous. It is hard for them to bear. They look around and see that everywhere and in everything they are inferior. The Amerindians had a similar realization when they had to face the fact that even though they had a warrior culture and worshipped fighting and warfare they couldn't beat the white invaders.

So people who are crushed by the realization that they are losers escape in to fantasy. The Sioux had their Ghost Dance. The negroes have Wakanda.


Sam said...

One of my first thoughts when I first read of this incident was, the bicycle he was riding when he was shot, was it STOLEN?

Anonymous said...

Ooooohhhh...blacks will kill at the slightest provocation. Didn't anyone tell this asshole that?

Anonymous said...

Did Mr Ooga Booga BLM orc disrespect another fellow shit demon's new Air Jordans in NOLA?

Cause dat shit gonna get a goot boy kilt!

Anonymous said...

"Our black employee used a term I had never heard, he said "BPT" to explain why blacks were always late to appointments. It means Black People's Time."

In genetics it's the allele frequency differences that lead to poor-future time orientation - the technical term for BPT. Aka Island Time. Or Mexican Mañana. etc.

They can't see into the future and adjust current actions accordingly. Just live for the moment, let YT take care of you when shit goes bad.

All explained in genetics.

Dixiebleeding said...

I guess my other comment didn’t make the cut but this is it in a nutshell. I find it hilarious blacks have turned gofundme into a racket also. This website is an excellent idea and is an awesome way for us people who can’t get a government grant for walking, to secure funding. If you truly have a novel idea people can contribute to help make it a reality. I cannot believe they are letting the Po po people’s get on their to beg for money to bury Tyrone! I guess selling air-brushed t-shirts is so last year. Even harder to believe is that they have already generated 22k in “donations.” That is astounding that many liberals believe this money will go to bury the dead spook. This 22k will buy a used Lexus, hair weaves and new Jordan’s. The dead nog will probably be rolled out into the bayou or a ditch within 2miles of the nest. I grew up around country blacks and it still amazes me white people cant figure out their little childish scams. EVERYTHING is a scam with these people and the absolute worst are the “revruns.” Anyway 22k is a crapload of money for your nog sperm donor getting made good, by rewarding this behavior don’t be surprised if she has a ghetto lobster boil to cash her lottery ticket again!

Anonymous said...

Centurion, to answer your question about midnight screenings, in my city they are not doing them. They do have Thursday shows however. The "fan event"--where the most trouble would be expected--is at 6 PM. The movie is only being shown in three theaters in the multiplex, which is a small number compared to the usual Marvel releases (usually 6 or more theaters are devoted to them opening week). All the Thursday showings are in the late afternoon with the latest one starting at 10 PM. Needless to say, I'm not going to venture within a mile of that theater.

Anonymous said...

"No matter how Black Lives Matter leaders believe white supremacy, implicit bias, systemic inequality, Confederate flags, Confederate Statues, or Confederate Monuments present the greatest threat to black bodies, it will always be black people who present the greatest threat to black lives in America."

White people present no threat at all, which is why they are headed for extinction. Sheep don't threaten wolves. It's the other way 'round.

Antidote said...

I address this question to any American Negroes, DWLs, SJWs, Antifas and Pussyhatters who may come to SBPDL. Please search your heart and mind and answer it truthfully:

Mujadin Bahai is now dead. When he was alive from what did he have more cause to fear?

A) A statue of Robert E. Lee?
B) A random Negro his own age?

Anonymous said...

Removing all those racist statues did not stop the violence?

It was just a case of "bike riding gone wrong."

Anonymous said...

Racist USA picks someone who isn't an blackthlete to carry their flag. That's raciss!

Brian in Ohio said...

I`d say this young bucks nationally televised 15sec of fame got him some serious street cred. And in the hood, being a "big man" will get you killed faster than wearing limited edition Jordans.

It was probably simple jealousy. "Dats dat nigga from TV!" Factor in low IQ and low impulse control and you get murder.

Stay alert, stay alive.

countenance said...

They say the best revenge is living well. In this case, the best revenge is just living at all.

Wide Awake said...

Pat, you remind me of Forrest Gump. A vastly more intelligent Gump, but one who's been around enough to see a little bit of everything.

I always enjoy your stories and each small window you open into your life.

Thank you.

D-FENZ said...

Where is that “Dark Kniight for Social Justice” Dindu Nuffinz?

If ever there was a time to don that hoodie of social justice, it’s now!

Anonymous said...

The local news station that is at least tolerable is giving away Wankanda tickets during each newscast.
There is a number to call and you have to be a certain number of caller.
Waiting for the waycism complaints from those who don't understand the rules or don't call in time.

Grumpy Cat

SC Native said...

Pat, in the south it’s called Colored People’s Time. I’ve always heard it used by YT to describe why Negroes are always late by 30 minutes to a couple of hours to everything except something free or devious.

D-FENS said...

Negro Olympian pissed that a coin toss resulted in White woman carrying Olympic team flag:

The White olympian is from near where Ai grew up, making this very satisfying!

Anonymous said...

Chlorine in the gene pool.

- Dixie

Anonymous said...

Look at him jump! You'll think he was in a hurry to get away from positive paternity test results.

Thank you to all for advice. I'm going to hurry home before dark when I can this month, and eh, by March it should be clear weather and a new stock of seeds. Last I went it was still last year's stock, Kale seeds are supposed to be good for 4 years but is it all varieties? Fresher the better.

I don't go out late to downtown anymore, I NEVER go to negrofuxaed areas any time of the day, but well, they travel, and in areas where they are known to travel to, I make and finish my business in the morning where possible (or carry a stiff briefcase). The cheap grocery is actually less fuxated than the luxury grocery because the cheap one doesn't sell hot food!

Well I just found out that in the London Calling song, it was not "London is burning" but "London is drowning", which completely changes the meaning of "I live by the river"

Anonymous said...

Wow! Das teevee on the Communist Broadcast System is saying that Wakanda aka BP is guaranteed to bring in $150 million and it is the greatest film ever in the history of humanity! Keep telling yourself that.

D-FENS said...

“Pat, in the south it’s called Colored People’s Time. I’ve always heard it used by YT to describe why Negroes are always late by 30 minutes to a couple of hours to everything except something free or devious.”

I attended a free dinner at Morton’s sponsored by a firm pitching Fixed Index Annuities. About 20 minutes into the presentation, two large negresses showed up to take their seats. Sometimes even a free steak dinner is insufficient incentive for punctuality.

D-FENS said...

The term “Colored People Time” according to anthropologists arises from negroes coming from polychronic cultures. Whites form monochronic cultures.

Anonymous said...

Good points:

Well, that explains something I have always wondered about myself. How, one day, I realized I had "a series of inexplicable College degrees". ... Maybe the College was in a good zip code? The streets surrounding the College were paved with the "good asphalt" and not the "bad asphalt". Who knows. Degrees Rang Out?

It gets to a fundamental difference between Whites and blacks. Blacks do not appear to have a sense of agency, nor of the relation between cause and effect. Well, I guess when you have that mountain of magic metal, you don't need such silly White people concepts.

Wakanda: Best Zip Code on the Planet!

Ohio Machinist said...

Outstanding . One less Dindu Nuffin to win the Ghetto Lottery .

Anonymous said...

Well homies, the bad news is that another precious brutha has so unfortunately passed from this world to the next (with a little help from a fellow brutha), but the good news is that this allows the community to show their displeasure by piling up teddy bears, Jesus candles, poorly written notes, some stolen flowers, malt liquor bottles/cans and other misc. crap in a wonderful shrine to the deceased. Hey it's what they do best! Oh almost forgot...some kind of "cousin" wailing to the news camera something about never again, we're tired of losing our chillin, blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

Imagine doing something like spreading the rumor that rubbing your hand on the Michael Brown plaque is good luck.  Then fly over it with a drone really early in the morning with a gadget that sprays methyl mercury on it.

Anonymous said...

I have always heard it referred to as “plantation time”.

Anonymous said...

D-FENS: "Where is that "Dark Kniight for Social Justice" Dindu Nuffinz?"
He is mourning the demise of the real-life Dindu upon whom he was modelled.

Listen for the flush; he should reappear soon after.

Anonymous said...

"The report also says the officer was wearing a body camera and it was activated. "

Good! Because the least we can do for the deceased is find some police misconduct in the handling of his black body.

Anonymous said...

All I think of when I see a picture of the lead actor in this bullcrap fantasy is the big black buck Mandingo. Who's running the pool on how many theater shootings there will be?

Anonymous said...

Oh come on now. He dindu nuffin! He was a good boy! He was turnin' his life aroun'! He was aspirin' (pick one: Rapper, Teacher, Preacher)! He was on his way home from church!

Gavin Newsome said...

Shot by nigs on a stolen bike: that's truly the blackest way to die.

Dez said...

Ha! That's how I feel when women pull themselves away from their Fakebook on their government phones to ask me how I've got such well behaved children while theirs is screaming & bouncing off furniture like he's in Chuck e cheese (one place I DON'T take my kids due to the fact that it's s veritable free chimp baby sitting service) I simply look at her like she's retarded, & tell her I expect good behavior, don't allow them to soak to Mr how ever they feel(there's a point behind that statement because her son just told her to shut her bitch mouth)& even they don't do either of those things, I beat their ass! They just can't understand how that results in week behaved

Marc B said...

His imagined external enemies obviously posed much less risk than his real internal ones. His passing doesn't phase me in the slightest....

Anonymous said...

His job title was "agitator". He got paid by a Soros front group.

Anonymous said...

The reason why White people present no threat at all is because other White people will throw them in jail if they do. Blacks don't even factor into that equation. We must deal with White Leftists and their money handlers if we're ever to get a grip on this madness.

ciwarrior1 said...

True, his job was an agitator. I'm thinking that he didn't, or wasn't able, to fulfill his mission and was killed because of it. The black lives matter organization is nothing but a Soros front

Anonymous said...

He was more in this life than you ever will be. You are just jealous of his accomplishments. I hope you burn in hell.