Saturday, February 10, 2018

The CDC Shot/Vaccination Requirements for Traveling to Haiti Prove Conan O'Brien's Claim of "Haiti Is Great Already" is a Monumental Lie

Previously on SBPDL: Conan O'Brien Went to Haiti to Virtue Signal Against Trump and His White Supporters: He Stayed at a Resort Costing $114 a Night, While the Per Capita Income of a Haitian is $350 per year

Bill Maher tweeted his support for a 3rd world country dubbed a "sh-thole" by President Trump, as he wore a shirt reading 'Haiti Is Great Already.'
A quick look at the CDC website documenting the plethora of shots/vaccinations required for traveling to Haiti dispels the claim this shirt makes

So here's your shot, courtesy of Conan O'Brien. [“Haiti is Great Already” Shirt,]
J/P Haitian Relief Organization & Artists for Peace and Justice 
“Haiti was singled out as a country of people who are unwanted. This great country will not be defined by an earthquake, hurricane or poverty. Instead, Haiti’s difficult history will be overcome by the will of its people and with the attention and support of a compassionate world. Now more than ever, we must stand in solidarity with the people of Haiti.” –J/P Haitian Relief Organization and Artists for Peace and Justice
And here's your chaser (though you might need another shot - pardon the pun - after).  [Do You Need Travel Immunizations for Haiti?,]:

The excitement is building. You were chosen by a humanitarian group to travel to Haiti to work. But now what? How to prepare? Do you need immunizations for Haiti? How will you stay healthy? What about malaria prevention? Is there anything else to consider? 
What you need depends upon how long you will stay and how often you plan return travel to Haiti. 
You will need both routine and travel immunizations. If possible visit your travel medicine provider 4-6 weeks prior to departure to help you prepare for your travel to Haiti. If you don’t have that much time, don’t worry, schedule the visit, partial immunity from vaccines and, more importantly, malaria prevention, self-treatment of common illnesses can be discussed at the visit. 
Typical travel immunizations recommendations for all people traveling Haiti include: 
  • Hepatitis A– this nasty viral infection of the liver is often spread thru food or water.  This is strongly recommended for anyone traveling to Haiti. Full immunity requires 2 vaccines 6 months apart.  Don’t worry if you don’t have time to get both doses prior to travel, 90% of people are protected with the first vaccine.
  • Typhoid- is also spread through food and water. You know you don’t want high fevers, belly pain, and diarrhea so get protected.
  • Tdap– This is the tetanus shot with whooping cough built in.  Now you are protected if you get a cut or scrape as well as from whooping cough.
  • Influenza– Do you really want to be sick with the flu while you are there? Do you really want to spread this around to your fellow humanitarians? Enough said.
  • Malaria vaccine– It isn’t available (yet). I included it as I get asked about this all the time. You will need to discuss malaria prevention with both medication and mosquito bite avoidance with your travel medicine specialist.
Vaccines which are recommended for some people:
  • Hepatitis B – you will want protection from this viral infection of the liver.  It is spread through contact with body fluids; if you cut yourself and need stitches or need any other medical care you could be exposed. If you will be working in health care, returning to Haiti multiple times or travel internationally frequently you should seriously consider protecting yourself against Hepatitis B. It requires 3 doses of vaccine over 6 months. The other ways of contracting Hepatitis B should be avoided while traveling: tattoos, piercing, and new sexual partners.
  • Rabies-Animal bites are serious business, often requiring evacuation for proper care. If it is within your budget and you will be staying a long time or visiting often, protection with vaccination is advised.  Many people choose instead to learn how to provide first aide for a bite and purchase travel health insurance to cover evacuation for treatment with vaccine and HRIG.
  • Yellow Fever is not needed because the disease is not present in Haiti. Caveat: if you are coming from a country with Yellow Fever, you will need to show proof of vaccination prior to entry to Haiti.
Check your routine vaccines. Many people are unaware they need a booster. 
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox)- you will need two doses in your lifetime or have had the disease.
  • MMR (Measles) -requires 2 doses in a lifetime.
  • Pneumonia-People who smoke or have asthma need the pneumonia vaccine too.  Check with your health care provider to see if you are up to date with these.
You need more than vaccines to prepare. 
Vaccines are only the tip of the iceberg when preparing to travel to Haiti.  You will need to prevent Malaria, Dengue, Cholera, and traveler’s diarrhea. The medical system in Haiti is overburdened and was severely impacted by the recent earthquake.  You will want to make plans to receive any needed medical elsewhere. A future post will address these issues. 
Schedule an appointment with your travel medicine specialist for the most up-to-date advice about staying healthy in Haiti.
If, as Maher and O'Brien gratuitously (illogically) tell us 'Haiti Is Great Already', why would the CDC put out a substantial warning as to the horrifying health risks of venturing to the oldest Black republic in the world? [Retired SEAL Erik Prince: ‘Some Places Are S***holes. Literally’, Trump’s Comment ‘Accurate’,, 1-13-2018]:
“I’m happy to have a president that will bluntly speak the truth in negotiations,” said Erik Prince of President Donald Trump’s alleged description of certain impoverished states as “s***hole countries.”
Prince made his remarks on Friday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight, hosted by Breitbart News’s Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour. He is a retired Navy SEAL and founder of Academi (formerly Blackwater USA). 
“If the president says some places are shitholes, he’s accurate,” said Prince, reflecting on time he served in Haiti in 1994 during Operation Uphold Democracy:
I know the president was beaten up even on comments he made about Haiti, and I can speak firsthand about Haiti, because as a young Navy SEAL officer in 1994, Bill Clinton decides to invade Haiti. I was there. My SEAL team ended up sending two platoons, and we actually planned for 100 percent casualties, not from enemy fire, but because of the water quality. We had to swim ashore, and the water was so bad because there were two and a half million people with untreated sewage flowing right into the water that we were going in. We had to get so many shots, so many vaccinations, that none of us could donate blood for six years afterwards. So if the president says some places are shitholes, he’s accurate. Literally.
Sorry, Conan O'Brien and Bill Maher: you cannot say "Haiti Is Great Already" or wear a t-shirt with the same moniker and magically the conditions individual black people have - uniquely - collectively created on an island they conquered via genocide of whites in the Revolution of San Domingo

Haiti is not great already. 

Haiti was never great. 

The quality of life black people have created in Haiti is just another reminder #WakandaIsntReal. 

And, no, you can't drink the water when you visit Haiti, the clearest indicator the oldest black republic in the world is not currently and never was great. 


Anonymous said...

Haiti was, is and will always be a sh/thole. Anyone with a brain knows this. All these third world dumps have protected areas where you're safe if you decide to visit there. Conan should've taken a walk after dark off of the reservation for a photo op. Now those would've been some interesting pics. Especially his morgue photo. Hollywood has become downright dangerous if you're not aware of the world wide war on YT. Unfortunately that now includes the U.S. too. Never would've believed it 20-30 years ago.


D-FENS said...

If “Haiti is great already”, why are they still coming HERE and why aren’t more going BACK?

Anonymous said...

More evidence of r selection?

Why solve your own problems when you don't see them as problems? That's what white people are for and will always be for.

Neal Joitke said...

I wish never to hear of Haiti again.


Haiti was close to Great ( sugar Cain great that is) when the French kept the negroes in check before they decided to treat those nigg-noggs like fellow human beings. Then what did those Haitians do? Well for starters they killed every Frenchmen they could get their hands around. So when the last Frenchmen died so did Haiti. Haiti is a place where hepatitis C refuses to go.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Instead, Haiti’s difficult history will be overcome"

Wait, I thought Haiti was great already?

"by the will of its people"

I think the last collective effort by its people was the killing and eating of all the White Europeans there. If I'm wrong I'll take a look at all great things they are WORKING on there.

" and with the attention and support of a compassionate world."

Er' buh poda hep. Again, if Haiti is so great why will it take the entire world to fix what isn't broken? And in all seriousness, short of exterminating the current population WTF do these sub-humans think we can do to "fix" that literal open sewer?

"Now more than ever, we must stand in solidarity with the people of Haiti.”

Stand with metaphorically of course as opposed to actually being there and getting killed, raped robbed, eaten or contracting some horrible feces and rat borne illness.

I would actually love to get my hands on one of those shirts and wear it around ironically just to see the incredulous looks I'd get from people.

Don't forget the next time some DWL tries to hit you up for donating time, money, or goods to one of these third world toilets "those countries are great already... totally not shitholes... they really have their acts together....Clearly they no longer need our help, right?" Not like this gets through to the true believers but it's fun watching them squirm.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

"Sorry, Conan O'Brien and Bill Maher: you cannot say "Haiti Is Great Already" or wear a t-shirt with the same moniker and magically the conditions individual black people have - uniquely - collectively created on an island they conquered via genocide of whites in the Revolution of San Domingo. "

Oh, they can say it, and believe me, they do. That's because they are stupid. I assure you that they believe that they are far more intelligent than you or me. Inconguent facts don't bother them. Hypocrisy doesn't shame them. The only effective way of dealing with these self important dopes is to disregard them. They hate that.

Anonymous said...

If Maher clicks his heels together three times his nose will lead him to the glorious utopia known as Haiti.
His white liberal guilt will act as an antibiotic and vaccine so he can swim in the so clean you can dip your cup in it and drink waters.

Czar of Flatulence

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Clinton Crime Family make it great when they rebuilt Haiti 20 years ago?
What do you mean they kept all the money and got their cronies sweet contracts just for them so sit around and do nothing? I thought the wiberals loved all the little people?

Brian in Ohio said...

Claiming that Haiti, someplace synonymous worldwide with filth, disease and violence, is a nice place shows the level of insanity that liberals have had to go to too keep their illusions in place.

It sounds like something you would hear out of the Soviet Union.

Do they think people cant do a google image search?

The left always doubles down on failure, and I hope they keep it up. The more ridiculous their claims become, the more people begin to question them.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Pat Boyle said...

No, I have never actually been to Haiti (You think, I'm nuts?). But I have seen the movie.

Actually I've seen at least four movies about Haiti. And this doesn't count the new one by the director of "Hidden Colors" (black girls save NASA) that is just coming out. This purports to be the hidden history of the Haitian Revolution formerly suppressed. Apparently there is a kinder, gentler way to depict the slaughter of all the whites.

As far as I can tell none of the other Haitian movies that I've seen was actually shot in Haiti. No one seems to want to go to that particular shit hole in the flesh. The two James Bond movies that have action in Haiti mostly use it as a colorful backdrop. But the film "The Comedians" has a lot of Haitian politics and history. "The Serpent and the Rainbow" is about Haitian culture.

The Comedians is one of the eleven films that Burton and Taylor made as a couple. I think that's more than Astaire and Rogers. In this one they cavort on Papa Doc's Haiti with the Tonton Macoute - a police force that terrorizes the half island with Voodoo. The Serpent and the Rainbow is also about Voodoo and now that I think about it, so are the Bond movies.

Zombie Apocalypse movies are now quite fashionable. The only invention that I know of that originated in Haiti are Zombies. Maybe there will more films.

The Comedians was a big budget production with just about the best cast possible. But more recently Haiti seems to be portrayed as a setting for horror rather than for drama. From what I've learned in the theater, I think the term shit hole is just about right.


Anonymous said...

I don’t usually agree with red headed, pasty whites, but this time I’m going to agree with Conan. Haiti is damn near perfect, it’s been near perfect for many years. That’s why ships should be lined up off the coastline of Miami. All Haitian refugees are to immediately return home. Enjoy your perfect homeland. Oh, take Conan with you. He’ll be such an asset. Hear he’s good at emptying latrines.

Anonymous said...

This great country will not be defined by an earthquake, hurricane or poverty.

No, Haiti shall be defined by open sewers, deforested hills, mindless violence, and untreated waste dumped into the Caribbean!

i.e., a great sh*thole.

D-FENS said...

I hate to give the NY Times any extra clicks but they have an article on the relatively high failure rate of facial recognition software with negroes, particularly with negresses. A few years back there was a widely publicized story of a negress identified as a gorilla. The hero of the article is a negress computer scientist at MIT who is pushing a concept called “algorithmic accountability”. She founded an organization called the “Algorithmic Justice League (which made me think of Dindu Nuffinz and tge hoodie of social justice). There is a picture of her standing in front of a whiteboard with just about every SJW cliche imaginable.

My theory is that many negroes in the database used for the software development are probably 25% White. The problem with negresses is probably their high testosterone levels.

Californian said...

I can see it now: Haiti shall be the "go to" place for celebrities.

Conan O'Brien will host the obligatory sipping a coconut drink photoshoot on the beach. Then grab a board with Bill Maher and surf the waves of sewage flowing out of one of Haiti's many rivers. Madonna produces a rock video where she dances with children over an open air latrine doubling as the main drag of Cap-Hatien, adopting an entire village which she moves into her new Malibu home. Bono brings down the house with a benefit concert as medics give out inoculations for a dozen different diseases. Oprah shall announce her Already Great Diet live from Port au Prince, munching down mud cookies.

Bare your arm for a needle!
From the oldest black republic in the world: it's the Haiti Virtue Signaling Tour!

Dixiebleeding said...

I fell out of favor with the local Methodist church over a “mission” trip to Haiti. After the hurricane destroyed the magnificent skyline our church got the hair brained idea we needed to do a mission trip to Haiti. I don’t know how familiar you guys are with these mission trips, but they are just a glorified vacation with the white church
Members able to show how in-racist they are. I refused to donate and threatened to divorce my wife if she tried to take our son there. Out of the billions of dollars dumped into that shithole and the tens of thousands of do gooder white people, nothing has changed. Any park you go to has signs declaring not to feed the animals because they become dependent. Please give me a rational explanation of how this is different. For whatever reason, white people are trying to fight natural selection and it will blow up in our faces.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Haiti is literally the turd in the punch bowl that this two man collective brain trust refuses to acknowledge. With today's technology, they could do their show from there as easily as New York. Bring some of that greatness here Conan, and Bill. Bring that cultural enriching greatness into the living rooms of Americans. Let everyone share in that greatness, as you travel with your remote crew through that great already paradise. And we don't want to see you floating like an ice berg above the water with a drink. Go diving with a camera crew, see the ocean floor, swallow that great water. Some men are born to greatness, others achieve it. I'm sure you can reach great greatness. Perhaps the greatest greatness the world has ever seen. Or more likely, diahrea, and parasites.

Anonymous said...

The y-tube video "Sanitation problems persist in Haiti". 'Sanitation problems', lol.
Quelle understatement.

Awakened white said...

Hati WAS kinda good! When Whites ruled it! I.e the French. Now it's hell.

Anonymous said...

Brawl breaks out at toddler's funeral:

(h/t to Boon Mattery)

Anonymous said...

OT but Haiti like nonetheless:

The real "Blackish".


Anonymous said...

Conan O'Brien sickens me. He is staying at a hotel in Haiti that is about half the yearly salary of a Haitian citizen. So that is like saying at a hotel in the US that costs 15 THOUSAND DOLLARS PER NIGHT. if Haiti is so great why didn't he stay at an AVERAGE hotel in Haiti, that includes: cockroaches, silverfish, BEDBUGS, rats,prostitution, diseases, robbers, rapists, etc...

Fuck Conan O'Brien I will never watch that guy again

Anonymous said...

This is all unbelievable and disgusting about Haiti-!!! They actually killed and ate all the white people there?
And now the island is full of zombies who are running around doing voodoo and polluting the pristine blue Caribbean with their shit? And all the other things zombies do? And maybe trying to come here to culturally enrich us? Bringing their HIV/AIDS, Hep-C and other feces and rat diseases with them? Not to mention voodoo totems and macheties for placing curses and chopping heads and limbs. Something needs to be done!

"We need to nuke them from orbit, it's the only way to be sure" (credit to Siguerney Weaver/Lt.Ripley for proposed solution).

But that is not who we are! (credit to Obama?) We don't nuke open sewers. They are just like us! (not true,but asserted by leftists anyway)

Credits and apologies to Paintjob Theory, Pat Boyle, Blue Eyes, and other commentators. TY for the inspiration and what I used.

Excrement to Conan and Bill and other Anti-Trump shithole denying and lying liberals.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Perhaps the single greatest thing about Trump is his uncanny ability to manipulate liberals' need to signal. They literally cannot decline the invitation to sanctimonious displays of indignation. It is not enough to be silently outraged, they HAVE TO do some visible stunt to show off. And they never learn. They take the bait every time.

He got the NFL to destroy itself by bad optics. It doesn't matter what the nuanced explanation was, the average fan just sees a bunch of blacks protesting the flag and anthem and find it so obnoxious that they turn it off.

He got women to run around in knitted vagina caps. He got black congress people to dress up like the delegation of Zamunda from the film Coming to America. He got Conan O'Brien to swim in fecal waste while sipping from a tropical drink. He got the entire mass media to say "shithole" thousands of times for days on end, some calling themselves "proud shitholers." He got Jemelle Hill to tank ESPN and Sportcenter. He basically twitter trolls every day. He got the entire Republican primary field to self-destruct in one asinine stunt after another, trying to appeal to a campy conservatism that no longer exists.

There are so many examples at this point I lose track.

These dumbasses have such a lack of self-awareness and such a disconnect from the average American that they do not realize just how distasteful their stunts come across. The media is so slow to the game that they cannot turn away either. The press just helps cement things the more that they try to hammer home such "points."

There is not a broad fluid middle to appeal to anymore. Like moths drawn to a bug zapper, these idiots cannot help but rush into every provocation to grandstand, thinking that will be the gesture that turns the tide of public opinion. It does turn the tide of public opinion ... against the comically obnoxious and increasingly deranged left.

He makes them do illogical, highly visible things worthy of ridicule that undermine their entire position permanently. God love him!!!!

Apex_Predator said...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

This is Haiti and the Dominican Republic at night via satellite imagery. For our geographically challenged friends, they share the same land mass, the island of Hispaniola which is divided by a nice big working WALL. That super nova bright island on the far right is Puerto Rico. Why is it so bright in comparison? Because---> white people.

I don't think I can adequately describe my level of fatigue with this 1984 level propaganda day AFTER day after day. Maybe the only saving grace is because it is so blatant, it shows the desperation and the fact that it basically doesn't work anymore on anyone who isn't already "converted" to the cause.

Anonymous said...

If you want a white cuck...this is a white cuck. He stays in the fancy resorts and thinks he is roughing it in Haiti.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the time I had to get four rounds of vaccines to go to the United Kin...oh wait.

Auntie Daca said...

Dixiebleeding - you did good not letting your loved ones go to Haiti after the earthquake. A natural disaster is a horrible terrible thing to experience and the aftermath is ten times worse. I'm sure your fellow church members were appalled by what they say. It was extremely dangerous and stupid for untrained people to go there.

The Catholic Church instilled a giant guilt trip in school children by handing out donation boxes for missions in god forsaken places. We were supposed to put change in this cardboard box every day. Each class collected the money to buy a Pagan Baby hailing from a black-centric location like Papua New Guinea, Africa or Asia. This was some scam. We got so called birth certificates but we never had any photos of these Pagan Babies or letters from them, okay maybe one.

If people like Maher and O'Brien want to help people, they can start in NYC close to home. They can assist out of work, disabled and low income Irish Americans. But they don't because their own are not the deserving poor.

They are either have delusions of grandeur to save the Pagan Babies or they want free media attention/free PR.
What they don't realize is that they come off like slave owners to the Haitian. How many natives did they stop from starving or how many shoes did they hand out to the diseased barefoot children?

Anonymous said...

When the Davos group holds their next gathering in Port-au-Prince, you will know that things are great in Haiti.

Anonymous said...

What do all these groups have in common?

Metrosexuals, feminists, LGTBQFKYUTOO, "PoC", Men-children, Muslims, et. al?

The all have been extensively CODDLED.

What was the saying?

Hard times create strong men.
Strong men create good times.
Good times create weak men.
Weak men create hard times.

Who were the most impressive pioneers of this country (throughout its various stages)? Those who rose to the challenge with little to no help, no guidance, no assurance, and definitely no safety net. People who faced adversity, overcame it, and were stronger for it. You don't hear about the 99% who didn't quite make the cut- we are interested and inspired by the best and most ambitious among us. Now we have vast set asides that most non-white minority groups don't even take the time to learn about and have to be hand held every step of the way in order to even enrich themselves at our expense. That don't give back, trust me. I have sadly learned that immigrants from 3rd world countries come here to work jobs that require little to no skill and they aren't particularly appreciative or ready to "give back" in any way that enhances social capital anytime soon.

You can't have/maintain a first world society where everyone cares entirely about themselves. Someone has to care, even to set up the safety nets for the chronic losers or to keep the trash off of the streets. It's not even laziness. Many people just DON'T CARE.

The people of Haiti were and still are being coddled and they won't even get off of their @sses when the cameras are around. Yes, it is a shithole and the black people there made it (their half of the island) that way. Maybe the #Metoo rich white women can shine a light on the constant rape epidemic that has made life for many women in Haiti a constant nightmare. Oh wait, just like BLM, #Metoo only gets involved when blame can easily be pinned on a white male.

The white male ended slavery, established/protected women's rights, protected gays and provided a safe haven for all of these groups- stretched over backwards to create funds and opportunities for "diverse" groups only to earn universal hatred for it.

You give and give and give and all you get is pain, misery, and contempt in return. Aside from white women, what do we have to lose by turning our back on these vindictive and dis-organized squad of "multicultural" hangers on?

I love how a huge chunk of the alt right is made up of former leftists such as myself. It is even funnier how no one is allowed to talk about white male disillusionment so the exodus of white males from formerly white male led movements continues.

They will be back of course when they need actual guidance and funding.

Anonymous said...

So Haiti is great, and the USA "was never great". The world is upside-down.

"Haiti was singled out as a country of people who are unwanted." - and yet Australia is not a shithole. How about them apples?

Interesting link from D-FENS. Very typical female: identify a problem, then whine at the menz to fix it.

Anonymous said...

"A few years back there was a widely publicized story of a negress identified as a gorilla. The hero of the article is a negress computer scientist at MIT who is pushing a concept called “algorithmic accountability”. She founded an organization called the “Algorithmic Justice League..."

So the hero of the Algorithmic Justice League, what exactly is it that they do? Pray tell, do they find these women misidentified as apes and then go practice restorative justice and make recompense to the apes? Egad, man! Don't leave us hanging? Finish your story!

My theory is that many negroes in the database used for the software development are probably 25% White. The problem with negresses is probably their high testosterone levels".

While I respect your thinking, I must disagree with your massive oversimplification... I think the problem with negroes session encompasses a multitude, a veritable cornucopia of problems beyond the high testosterone levels!

11/28 of the way through Black Hist'ry Mumf, 2018! Crack another 40, smoke some kill my chillaxiniggas!

NoWatermelonForYou said...

Upon your visit to Haiti,to avoid infection of Hep B,do not take part in activities such as acquiring new sexual partners. YOU THINK?????

rexfreeway said...

Conan and Mayer will have thousands of these shirts printed up. sell a hundred, and donate the rest to Haiti for a tax right off. The Haitians will use them for toilet paper and throw them down. Trump was right, it is a shithole.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere in the black studies department of a mighty metropolitan campus, a computing machine spits out a punch card. Quickly, it is read by a dedicated doyenne of the African Affirmative Algorithmic Action League, who expostulates:

“Holy Howard University Hustle!”

Quickly, she runs to a device rigged from a facial recognition scanner, throwing a switch to activate the alarm.

And soon speeding over the Caribbean, Hoodie of Social Justice flying faster than the propaganda from a Hollywood movie about an improbable African kingdom...look...up in the's...Dindu Nuffinz!

Alighting on top of an automated coconut beverage dispensing machine at a beachfront resort surrounded by a ten foot high wall topped with razor wire, he confronts the lachrymose late night television celebrities.

Dindu queries: “What is the source of your agitation, oh Molders of Public Opinion?”

“An Enemy of Equality has insulted this fair island known for its innovative plumbing and unique methods of waste disposal,” responds an impresario of ironic innuendo, bending over to receive a triple hepatitis injection.

“Yes,” continues a noble NGO networker, yanking a stomach pump tube out of his mouth, “for reasons which can only be named as inexplicable, the folks back home somehow think that this country is marked by poverty, hunger and disease.”

“Hmmm...,” Dindu rubs his chin, noting out of the corner of his eye a US Navy Seal who just swam ashore being carried away on a stretcher by the local disinfectant squad. Eyes boggle at Dindu as he springs into action with his Super Sound of Solidarity:

“Chill. Just declare that this country is Already Great, then set up a concession to sell T-shirts with that slogan. Thus a two century history of coups, corruption and destruction of infrastructure shall be forgotten, and lo many dollars will flow unto the Vaults of Virtue.”

A sigh of relief settles over the status signalers, along with visions of top drawer cable ratings.

“Thank you for saving us, oh Crusader of Compassion,” a new voice is heard.

All eyes turn to the newcomer, one of the country's citizens who has pushed through a cordon of private security officers to announce:

“We the inhabitants of this vaunted island are so grateful for your visit, that we invite you to our homes to stay with us. Thus you may save yourself the $798 you would spend at this resort every week, which is more than twice our annual average income.”

All eyes turn back to the coconut drink machine, but a gust of wind indicates that the Hero of the 'Hood has flown off, no doubt to combat that insidious conspiracy, the Difficulty of History. But wherever someone blames a people of the African diaspora for wrecking their own country which has been independent for 200 years, there shall go up the cry:

Dindu Nuffinz!


The producers emphasize that any resemblance between the island land in which this episode takes place and any real country in the Caribbean is unintentional. Information about vaccinations, intestinal flora replacement and bullet fragment removal can be found online. The US Navy advises that all wetsuits worn in these waters be burned after coming ashore.

Anonymous said...

Haiti's dystopian features are a direct result of the genetic differences between Negroids and other races. They are the worst, and create the worst around them.

Segregate, or sink into the shit swamp....

Anonymous said...

You need vaccinations to visit any orc shithole in America too. They spread enormous amounts of disease right here. No trip to Haiti needed.

ot: two dead White cops in Ohio. No mention of race of killer. Makes me think it is likely an orc. (((Media))) coverup would kick in now to protect their pets. If a White killer, face is splashed all over the place next to anti-NRA articles.

Watch it....

Anonymous said...

Imagine a shirt that said:

My vacay to shi÷hole Haiti!

Anonymous said...


The earthquake was about 10 years ago not 20. The claim is that the Clinton Crime Family kept about $600,000-700,000 of the $10 billion raised to make Haiti great again.
Hilly & Billy Clinton claim they fell in love with Haiti while on honeymoon there as comrades and fellow travelers back in the 1970s.
All of their efforts to open up Haiti to corporations and affordable housing for Haitians fell way short of expectations.
Even democrat true believers claim it was a mismanaged debacle.
Discovered a new book about Slick Willie, Superpredator: Bill Clinton’s Use and Abuse of Black America.

Sick n Tired said...

Hahaha! Science fairs are rayciss! OT:

Anonymous said...

ot: Quentin Smith is killer of two Ohio cops. Negroid?

(((media))) doing its job hiding his race.

He on Faceberg? Grab info before they delete.

Anonymous said...

Guy who just shot dead two White cops in Ohio needs a vaccination...on death row.

Here his likely mugshot. This why (((media))) covering it up:

Non PC Infidel said...

Saying that Haiti is already great is like putting lipstick on the dead and rotting corpse of a pig and then parading it around as a beauty queen. Leftists are so delusional and so invested in virtue signaling that even the gaseous stench of the bloated corpse would be declared to be a delightful fragrance rivaling the most expensive and exotic perfume in the world. Disagree and, at best, they'd condescendingly try to convince you how wrong you are while giving you pitying looks and, at worst, they'd have a psychotic fit and start yelling and screaming at you and hurling insults. Their disconnect from and denial of observable reality is indicative of a severe mental illness. Even the "best" of them who do see the reality of the conditions in Haiti will still engage in excuse making and blame the conditions on anything other than those responsible (Haitians) and portray them as "victims."

I recently watched a short video about a poor, sweet, innocent Haitian who lives on a tiny plot of land and engages in subsistence farming and can barely support himself. Even so, the brain dead idiot had SEVEN children, lived in a shack and had no access to clean water or anything else available to civilized people. Somehow, that's the world's fault and not his own according to leftist retards. If you don't want to help and subsidize the Haitian's idiocy so he can have more useless children and make conditions even worse for himself and others, you're a hateful, uncaring,insensitive monster! If you don't want to bring the idiot to America along with his brood of useless offspring and put them on benefits so they can live off the taxpayer and "have a better life," you're a racist!

You can't fix stupid or reason with stupid people and that applies equally to Haitians and to the insane leftist libtards who moan and wail over them.

D-FENS said...

Maybe the facial recognition software fails with negroes because they really do all look alike!

I think AI could well work against Lego Brick Theory. Microsoft had an AI system that was converted into a national socialist through internet interactions. I am assuming that this was not a deliberate attempt to justify internet censorship. Microsoft quickly withdrew the system.

Many of these systems are based on weighted probabilities reinforced by repeated exposure to test cases where the correct answer/response is known. By trying to backfit SJW ideology into the algorithms, there is the risk of previously correct responses will no longer be correct.

Silicon Valley may be faced with a choice of either profits from functional AI systems or keeping their SJW constituency happy.

Anonymous said...

Soviet-style propaganda is the fashion in the USA.

People and history are simply erased. Statues are removed in the dead of night.

Actors accused of making suggestive remarks to women 20 years ago are edited out of movies and series cancelled.

Anonymous said...

For O'Bryan and Mahah to say that Haiti is great is a testament to the stupidity of 2 of the one per centers. If Maha and Bryan had been in Haiti 200 years ago, perhaps later, they would have been eaten for snacks by the wonderful Haitians.
Don't forget it was a Haitian that started the spread of AIDS.

Anonymous said...

Negroids have differing allele sequences in their genome so they behave differently and have lower IQs, on average.

That's why Haiti is a shithole.

And look at this great article. Every high school kid should be doing this project!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

There should be a remake of Weekend at Bernies but this time based in Haiti!
Glorious full screen shots of the pure waters of Haiti and happy but simple Haitians doing the cargo cult dance after a natural disaster.
Maybe Shrubya Big Dummy Bush II is working his hurricane driving machine to add a wayciss element.
To add a plot twist Lil' Jebbie Bush will be distributing taco bowls as an act of love.
The film will star Conon O' Brien, Bill "Schnozz" Maher and esteemed party member comrade chairman Barnie Sandlers!

Herman Finklestein Hollywood Mogul

Unknown said...

From the article: "And here's your chaser (though you might need another shot - pardon the pun - after).

While that may be a bon mot of sorts, it is most definitely NOT a pun.

Pat Boyle said...

Haiti isn't in a particularly active earthquake zone. They had that one 7.0 Richter Scale earthquake a few years ago but Japan has had at least ten comparable size earthquakes in the last few years. But all ten of the last ten major quakes in Japan have killed fewer than fifty people and the single one in Haiti killed over 200,000.

Why the difference?

There are several factors. The major ones are the political situation and the shithole factors. Lets' list them in no particular order. The first would be construction techniques. I live just a few blocks from the Hayward fault. This is the fault that is predicted to be the site of the next big American earthquake (not the San Andreas which is a few miles further west). But I'm not particularly afraid because I live in a wooden frame house. Almost all the really big quake death tolls come from either tsunamis (I live near the ridgeline of the Oakland Hills at 1,000 feet - I don't worry much about big waves) or they were in areas with a lot of unreinforced masonry construction. That masonry falls on your head when the earth moves and kills you.

This is one of the shithole factors. If the Haitians had all lived in my house (or any of the houses around here) they would not have died. Their plaster would be cracked but the houses would have shaken, and been bent a little, but they would have remained standing. But of course the Haitians long ago chopped down all their trees. They had no lumber. They built what solid structures they had out of unreinforced masonry.

The great Messina quake in Sicily in 1908 had a similar death toll as the Haiti quake because it was built out of stone and concrete without rebar. But today we have building codes almost everywhere. Japan for example has recently had a dozen or so quakes near or greater than 7.0 on the Richter scale. Only two of these had any deaths at all. Japan has a lot of earthquakes but Japan also has a lot of building codes.

Another terrible misfortune that befell Haiti was that their earthquake happened while Hillary was the US Secretary of State and Bill Clinton was the UN representative for Haiti. The Clintons were in charge of the after quake recovery. Dinesh D'Souza has a series of articles where he accuses those two of looting the quake crippled country. I don't know myself as to the truth of the matter, but I do know that Haitian protesters follow Hillary everywhere she appears. The Haitians hate the Clintons.

The old timers in the Bay Area always say - "It wasn't the quake that killed San Francisco in 1906 - it was the fire". Similarly it wasn't the quake that killed Port-Au-Prince so much as it was the corrupt Haitian government and the corrupt relief effort.


Anonymous said...

I don't have to listen to Conan because I already know how he thinks. About that tee shirt he is holding, I have a question: if Haiti is already great, then why are people trying to leave, and why are they fighting not to return? As far as whites helping blacks, I adhere to the spay and neuter program that nips population problems in the bud. Also, the hotel he is staying at is not in Port au Prince. There are many fine hotels within walking distance of the slums. Why didn't Conan stay in one of those? The water I saw him swimming in was clean. Is that indicative of Haiti? Oh well, if he thinks Haiti is great, then our nation is well on its way to becoming one by subsidizing negro birth. However, he is rich, he can afford large walls around his house. Conan is a traitor to the white race! Surely he reads the papers and sees with his eyes what is happening to white people. He might also consider the history of Haiti and what the free negroes did to the white people there. White people who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Didn't the Clinton Crime Family make it great when they rebuilt Haiti 20 years ago?
What do you mean they kept all the money and got their cronies sweet contracts just for them so sit around and do nothing? I thought the wiberals loved all the little people?

I'm sure if you search the island hard enough you'll find a couple of those big buttoned Jitterbug Flip Phones they were kind enough to leave the last go round.


Anonymous said...

Conan is just an elitist, bigot, parochial ignoramus and teller of Big Lies. His father is not only a physician, but also an epidemiologist.'Brien

Conan knows damn well what ails Haiti.

And it ain't AIDS, an imported disease from Africa. - ATR

Unknown said...

Conan and Bill are both very pale, soft, weakly-built men. Not a pectoral or bicep muscle worth mentioning between them. The epitome of white beta males. The Eloi of our times.

Anonymous said...


This picture truly is worth 1000 words. It only proves that the beautiful black bodies that peacefully inhabit the tranquil and tropical paradise known as Haiti are much "greener" planetary citizens than you and your idiot racist friends on this awful site!

This picture proves that vibrant Haitians don't NEED to burn wasteful lights at all hours, toiling under the yoke of white imperialist strictures on the dimension of time itself!. In noble Haiti, the ancient rhythms of the African village are the pace they go by! The old ways and wisdom counts for so much more there than you could possibly understand, you racist brute!

These people, diaspora of the fabled Wakanda, live a life of peace and simplicity and connection to our Mother Earth who sustains us!

If you whites had to switch with them and have to get by with their resources I'll bet you pigs would show how "industrious" you are. If you can't see the simple charms of making your mudpies under the glory of Mother Creator's sun, you obviously aren't smart enough to take the great lessons which stem from Mother Africa herself! Whitey will never learn! Ted Nugent failed the spirit of the Great White Buffalo, and look where he is now!

I'm so outta here!

Libby Cannaught-Noatis

Californian said...

Leftists are so delusional and so invested in virtue signaling that even the gaseous stench of the bloated corpse would be declared to be a delightful fragrance rivaling the most expensive and exotic perfume in the world.

Once again, it is the power of liberal ideology. Liberals can not recognize a rotted corpse even when it is dumped on their front lawn, or an open sewer when it erupts in their backyard.

The utter failure of liberalism to bring about any real change in Haiti or any other black polity is removed from the equation. The degeneration of post-colonial Africa into despotism and failed states does not convince the liberal of the incompetence of black majority rule. The disintegration of once great cities like Detroit does not convince the liberal that the post-civil rights era has been a disaster. Seeing their children cut to pieces by blacks, pace Amy Biehl, does not convince the liberal of the incompatibility of their vision with the reality of race.

There may be some schadenfreude in liberals being consumed by the very races they have nurtured, but they are dragging down the rest of the White race with them.

Perhaps we ought to make it a precondition for any NGO, mission group or celebrity circus which wants to provide aid to the Haitis of the world that they must accept permanent residence in those lands. There they can swim in what they hallucinate to be pristine waters running through the Port au Princes of their dreams.

Anonymous said...

Chanel Lewis, the Black male rapist murderer of the White Karina Vetrano in Queens Borough of NYC last year...The Demon In The Weeds (N Y Post)... is apparently of Haitian extraction.
This made evident when his obese, ugly, heavily island patois accented, extra well provisioned female spawner was making the required ooking and eeking noises for (((Media))), surrounded by her equally extra well provisioned entourage, after the Killer Ape's arraignment hearing...before departing in a convoy of late model SUVs.
Exactly WHO supports these creatures, and HOW is it done ?
Federal grant money dished out by Lutheran Family Services,Catholic Charities and Jewish Immigrant Assistance ???
Underground illegal enterprise revenue capitalized by EBT Card cash back feature ?
Outright predatory criminal activity of all sorts ?
It's embarrassing on a national level that this state of affairs exists.
Time to make it STOP and reverse the effects is long overdue.

A Texan said...

High school science fair project questioning African American intelligence sparks outrage

"She said the student who prepared the report has a history of making racist remarks in class. He is described by peers as a boy of Asian descent and a participant in the accelerated Humanities and International Studies program, or HISP. The Sacramento Bee did not speak to the student and is not identifying the minor."

Anonymous said...

OT: Day Zero coming in Johannesburg, now major questions in regards to the state of the pathetic "subway system" in Baltigroid.

The entire Baltimore Metro Subway system will be temporarily shut down for emergency inspection and repairs Friday through Sunday, the Maryland Transit Administration announced.

Metro riders were shocked to see the subway closed, forcing them to find other ways to get around

"I'm trying to go to school this morning. I go up to the train station and it's closed. I had to take three buses," said Jamal Day, a commuter.

The decision to shut down the entire system was made Thursday night after reviewing an inspection.

"During routine inspections of our tracks, we identified some rails on Metro needed to be repaired sooner than expected. Out of an abundance of caution, we made the decision to close our Metro subway for Friday, Saturday and Sunday," MTA Administrator Kevin Quinn said.

MTA crews will be inspecting the entire system over the weekend. MTA officials will reopen Metro stations as soon as possible with updates to be provided by Sunday night.

The section of rail from Owings Mills to West Cold Spring Lane will be closed for several weeks, which is expected to affect some 8,500 people.

"The problem is specific to the elevated part of the subway that's exposed to the elements. The system is 36 years old. We're seeing wear and tear on the rails," Quinn said

Anonymous said...

Best issue of Dindu Nuffins yet. I had no idea how he was going to get out of it this time. I had to pause multiple times to finish a smile or a chuckle and to savor the effort that was obviously necessary in this instant classic. I guess the author is going above and beyond for the month that used to be known as February.

I wonder what kinds of antagonists he will go against next, some possibilities might be Accountability, The Logician, The Merit League, Forward Thinking Man, Asian Armored Plexiglass Alliance, The Egyptologist, Social Capitalist, I could go on and on but I'm pretty sure I couldn't hold a candle to your writing style even as a Johnny Come Lately.

Your alliterations were spot on, but weaving in Wakanda took the cake!

PB said...

"intestinal flora replacement"

Dindu Nuffinz has become a high point of an already sensational comment section. I look forward to each installment.

Author take a bow.

Anonymous said...

Arrogant and entitled article of the day:


"I be black an' I be betta den that whyte btch. Random chance be racist an' sheit."

He wasn't going to participate in the opening ceremonies unless carrying the flag (that's a red flag right there) and after losing the coin toss that he agreed to he throws a pubic sht-fit on Twitter, Faceberg, and all the other Looksatmuh sites. Knowing blacks there is probably a gofundme scam lined up as well. And like astute posters here have noted, his intimidation, whining, and put-downs will be rewarded with exactly what he wanted. Do you think seeing entitled, arrogant, rude, and ungrateful blacks bully white women across the media is going to turn white women off to the grievance/oppression olympics movement?

I do. Keep it up. The end is inevitable, why not speed things up?

Anonymous said...

When can we apply facts to these people?

Louisville's black population faces "aspiration-crushing" pressures in terms of jobs and other opportunities due to decades of policies that have denied them access to wealth, Sadiqa Reynolds, president and CEO of the Urban League, said in a new report released Friday.

"There can be no peace without justice and no justice without truth," Reynolds said in the opening essay of the 2018 State of Black Louisville, which the civil rights organization unveiled at an event with local stakeholders at the Speed Art Museum.

"In fact, Louisville must tell the truth of its history and begin to deal with the real effects of discrimination, redlining, bias and dog whistles," she added.

The 172-page report dives into a number of issues that look at racial disparities surrounding jobs, education, housing and more. It also contains a host of essays by prominent African Americans and others that offer strong and challenging calls to action on how to move policy solutions forward.

Louisville Metro's poverty rates, the report shows, say that 35 percent of blacks are living at or below the poverty line compared to 15 percent of whites.

"Our lack of wealth is not indicative of a lack of creativity, ideas, solutions or effort," Reynolds said.

Um, yes, actually your lack of effort, innovation, teamwork, motivation correlates very strongly with your lack of wealth and why societal wealth is not "shared equally".

Jobs skills are often highly relevant (along with a consistent work track record) for the high-paying jobs/careers people yearn for. Those jobs are full of stress, obligations, strict no-excuse accountability among other things- they suck the lifeblood out of you and starve the one on one relationships that you might have otherwise had if you had led a less stressful lifestyle.

There is no commitment to guaranteeing everyone a job anymore- corporations have abandoned that part of the contract years ago. In a way I can't blame them seeing some of the worthlessness that we are all awash in thanks to the diversity cult.

Unless you can ascribe to some non-white racial group, individuality is all you have. That, when taken to its extreme is selfishness, coldness, indifference and a lack of accountability to others and to society. I don't want to live with people who need to have specific laws in place reminding them NOT to participate in horribly anti-social behavior. I don't want to be playing every man for himself when everyone else has allies.

I don't worry though. Once majority white are gone, the party is over. You can see evidence of it in history to thoroughly back up this very straightforward claim. The kindness, the compassion, the creativity, the curiosity, the altruism- all gone and even money can't fake a version of what white people can collectively create. I'm sure more and more whites will end up moving to such far away places like Antarctica to escape the onslaught and rebuild a better (and more secure) empire where whites can thrive unhindered once again.

Paying for takers is one thing, paying for takers who openly mock you and hate you is something else entirely.

Auntie Daca said...

I love how a huge chunk of the alt right is made up of former leftists such as myself. It is even funnier how no one is allowed to talk about white male disillusionment so the exodus of white males from formerly white male led movements continues. (I would respond but you are Anonymous)

Ditto that. The community organizations, movements, non profits, etc all have been co-opted by blacks or illegals. They've really fucked up civil service jobs, too. No one is allowed to talk about this process, male or female. Have you seen any white women writing or talking about it anywhere? One is nullified and labeled racist.

OT - infuriating. I wanted to scream when I saw this goodie today. A Beacon of Light? For who and for what? A Beacon of Lies more like.

He was on drugs when he attacked Zimmerman. Watch how the media whores and pathetic types in need of free PR will latch on to this as gospel truth. Shut up already.
A jury acquitted Zimmerman. A jury.

Anonymous said...

These “late night entertainers “ are an annoying bunch of idiots. Wear their politics on their sleeves. I think Johnny Carson and Jay Leno were liberal in their politics but didn’t let it creep into their nightly show. No line of decorum anymore. Spoon fed from morning till night.

Antidote said...

A very Merry Bl@ck Hiskree Mumf to one and all
Toussant L'Overture did not "defeat Bonaparte," in fact Naploleon had him thrown in jail where he languished and died. It is true that the French forces fared poorly in Santo Domingo but they were defeated by tropical conditions and disease. Imagine being prepared to fight an XVIIIth Century European pitched battle in mountainous and tropical terrain with no knowledge of modern medicine or science? Guess who's gonna' win?
Do any of you remember 7th grade American History? Did you hear about the Louisiana Purchase? Napoleon did not want any American colonies; he considered them more trouble than they were worth and only wanted to cash out.
It is alleged that in exile on Elba Napoleon was asked about his treatment of L'Overture. It is said he replied, "I am the Emperor of France, what does a worthless coon mean to me?" In twitter talk this could be rendered, "Haiti is a shithole".

@ Conan O'Brian: Just wait. You'll be sorry. Very sure you carried home a souvenir; at the very least nonspecific urethritis but maybe some kind of hideous parasite. The chambermaids, waiters, cooks and prostitutes live outside the hotel.

Anonymous said...

But yet they have the nerve to show up in Quebec illegally, the same people they committed genocide on. Pathetic creatures.

Anonymous said...

Good chance he got hep c from that coconut drink

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

By tradition, an african tribe moves into a location, and "stays" until all the low hanging fruit is gone, the water hole is fouled, and the accumulated trash and shit make the flies unbearable. They move on, leaving the mess behind. Haiti, bounded by ocean on three sides and a fiercely defended border on the other, is an unnatural construction to the african. This is why the trash piles up above their woolly heads, and they must wade through sewage. They don't know why it happens. It just happens.

Has anyone there ever been shown how to burn trash in a 55 gallon drum? That may be the only kind of drum that an african doesn't know how to use.

chattanooga gal said...

"The white male ended slavery, established/protected women's rights, protected gays and provided a safe haven for all of these groups- stretched over backwards to create funds and opportunities for "diverse" groups only to earn universal hatred for it.

You give and give and give and all you get is pain, misery, and contempt in return. Aside from white women, what do we have to lose by turning our back on these vindictive and dis-organized squad of "multicultural" hangers on?"
So true. I once pissed off a co-worker by telling her I was no longer in favor of any of the social welfare programs because , after 60 years of giving and giving and seeing no improvement in the " black condition" I now wanted to see a return on my investment or else to quit wasting my hard earned money.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Port-au-Prince should just be renamed Port-au-Potty. Truth in advertising is still important, right?

Anonymous said...

The utter failure of liberalism to bring about any real change in Haiti or any other black polity is removed from the equation. The degeneration of post-colonial Africa into despotism and failed states does not convince the liberal of the incompetence of black majority rule.

Liberalism itself has degenerated along with everything it has touched.

Liberals since the 60s have pushed for Haitian aid on the basis that all their problems are somehow caused by YT.

Now liberals just lie about the state of Haiti. Pathetic. Instead of changing their plans or making even slight adjustments (real adjustments based on reality) they now just lie about the results. So I guess this means that Haiti no longer needs to be fixed by White liberals. It's already great.

Anonymous said...

If people like Maher and O'Brien want to help people, they can start in NYC close to home. They can assist out of work, disabled and low income Irish Americans. But they don't because their own are not the deserving poor.

They don't help Haitians either.

Narcissistic liberals like these two sit on millions but would never build a hospital or school in Haiti. In their minds they are doing enough by standing up against Trump by hiding the truth and duping their audiences.

Hollywood liberals are sick people that want to appear noble and moral but without doing anything significant and certainly not by giving up their riches.

Anonymous said...

I love how a huge chunk of the alt right is made up of former leftists such as myself.

I would say most of it is at least led by former liberals.

Mainstream conservatism is still stuck on stupid. There is too much faith in markets fixing everything. They basically have one foot in race denial while liberalism has two.

I would also bet that a lot of us former liberals did our own research and found that our teachers and professors had been LYING to us the whole time about race and biology. There goes the veneer of "fact based" liberalism. And once you see the truth about race and genetics you then realize how welfare is in fact dysgenic and destructive. Then you realize that liberals have not only destroyed major cities but created a dysgenic time bomb in Western society.

But what truly shocked me about liberalism was how many liberals behind the scenes basically admitted that I wasn't wrong but that I should just let it go. Just let it go that everyone lied to you. Get back in The Matrix and just forget about it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Port-au-Prince should just be renamed Port-au-Potty.

Good one!

Truth in advertising is still important, right?

It's a disturbing thought, but port-o-potties would be a step up for Haiti!

Hiemdall in Africa said...

At last...Dindu Nuffinz...Our Saviour has returned!

These Interludes are my absolute favourites!

Long Live Finding Nuffinz!

Mr. Rational said...

"Our lack of wealth is not indicative of a lack of creativity, ideas, solutions or effort," Reynolds said.

Effort?  Standing on the corner is effort?  Trying to get over on YT is effort?  These are solutions?

Creativity and ideas in hustling are worse than useless.

Useful effort would be learning to read and calculate in school, learning to apply skills to productive pursuits, clamping down on any urge to act out.  Reynolds would no doubt consider my admonishment to be racist.  Well, dumbfuck, if it applies almost exclusively to YOUR race, who's responsible for that?

Narcissistic liberals like these two sit on millions but would never build a hospital or school in Haiti.

The first job at any such hospital should be to sterilize every African who comes through the door.  Haiti is grossly over-populated and the only thing which can stop the catastrophe there is a couple generations of a one-child policy (preferably zero-child for the irremediably stupid).

I forget who on VDARE wrote it, but strip-mining poor countries like Haiti of their few smart people just dooms the rest.  Improving the population might (might) lure them back.

Anonymous said...

I loved the comments on the article blaming the test instead of the idiots taking it.

Anonymous said...

Moving to Haiti: What You Need to Know

There are very few brand-new apartments available for rent in Haiti but you can find houses that have been rebuilt over time and turned into living complexes after the 2010 earthquake Compared to other countries you get low value for money and you also need to consider the need of hiring security personnel. When choosing a place to live, you need to make sure that it has an inside parking space, hot water and a generator for whenever there’s no electricity.

The transportation system in Haiti is not very well developed. They have what they call “Tap Tap” or accommodated trucks with fixed routes around the city. It’s not a very safe way to move around and it’s better to have your own car.

The traditional food is very good but it tends to be very spicy. I recommend to always clarify whether you want your food spicy or not and then increase it little by little to allow your body to get used to it. There are some restaurant options in Haiti with high-quality international food but there are no international fast food chains.

One thing that is limited in Haiti is the entertainment situation. Unlike in many other countries there are no movie theaters, green areas or playgrounds for kids to go to. People usually go and visit local bars and restaurants, or the various beaches and attend activities at home with their friends or family.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, take Conan with you. He’ll be such an asset. Hear he’s good at emptying latrines."

He'll empty his bladder in his pants when they put him in the pot.

Anonymous said...

"if Haiti is so great why didn't he stay at an AVERAGE hotel in Haiti"

Conan O'Brien is a typical liberal hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Some cities and neighbourhoods in the U.K. resemble the third world, so it's better to be safe than sorry.