Sunday, February 4, 2018

Great Moments in Black History: When Black Filmmakers Plead With Blacks to Stop the Violence at Theaters When They Saw Black Movies

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From the September 2, 1991 issue of Jet magazine, comes a great moment in black history we should be celebrating this Black History Month:
Black Filmmakers Make Public Service Ad To Stop Violence At Theaters 
A forgotten moment in black history... 

In an effort to curb the violence associated with some black movies, a group of filmmakers have made a movie theater public service announcement plea to moviegoers to stop the violence.  
The special public service announcement features filmmakers Mario Van Peebles (New Jack City), John Singleton (Boyz N The Hood), Bill Duke (A Rage in Harlem), and Reginald and Warrington Hudlin (House Party).  
Both New Jack City and Boyz N The Hood were met with violence during openings. 
Just another friendly reminder #WakandaIsntReal.


City Boy in AZ said...

The more I start to see these creatures as a separate sub-species, related to some wild, extinct hominids...their behavior makes more and more sense.

My wife is a foreigner. I remember watching Super Size Me with her and some nogs are interviewed and are shucking and jiving. My wife flat out said, "They act like monkeys." She is right.

Anyone here go to the movies and get that uncontrollable urge to fight others and wreak general havoc? I already know the answer.

D is for depressing said...

The more I start to see these creatures as a separate sub-species, related to some wild, extinct hominids...their behavior makes more and more sense.

They are a completely different species. The early humans that migrated out of Africa turned into the Neanderthals. These Neanderthals are not as dumb as most people make them out to be. They had to be smart to survive the harsh winters of Europe.

The second wave of migrants out of Africa interbred with the Neanderthals and acquired a larger brain in the process. Those who stayed behind in Africa evolved under different evolutionary pressures than those who left.

Not only that, Europeans have been living under some form of justice system for much longer than the others. This justice system, however rudimentary, has a tendency to remove those that are not suited to civilization. Civilization civilizes.

Welcome to SBPDL, please keep coming back and reading some of the old articles as well as their comments.

Original Ex-Detroiter said...

This is just one more reason I will not go to any movies. I absolutely do not want to give one cent to the communist, propagandist Hollywood assholes and I sure don't wan't to subject my wife or myself to any monkeyshines at a theater. I'm not one to sit quietly and allow it to happen around me, so I'll just choose to not put myself or anyone I care about in that situation. What a wonderful example of our enrichment by diversity.

Anonymous said...

stop fighting and stop talking back to the screen. They can’t hear you, but i can. Very annoying!

Anonymous said...

Might make for an interesting anthropological study to observe and record the opening night of the black panther movie in a predominantly black neighborhood (from a safe distance, of course.)

Anonymous said...

I recall an attack on a white kid who was "in the wrong place at the wrong time" (near black people at anytime, really) after the black(s) watched 'Mississippi Burning'.

Try finding it on a search engine: it's as if it never happened. I remember because it was news and I was old enough to know what was going on. This is the bit I found:

"The issue of hate crimes being committed against white people has flared occasionally over the years, and last year the website Broadly explored it in a post. It noted that a black Wisconsin teen’s conviction for assaulting a 14-year-old white boy under a hate-crimes statute had ultimately been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, and endorsed by the American Civil Liberties Union. The black teen had allegedly said “Do you feel all hyped up to move on some white people” after watching the movie “Mississippi Burning.”"

There are no parallels of whites acting with such wanton violence, particularly in this modern age. It's a line of thinking that if emotions get strong enough, one is justified in overriding logic or the rule of law. If this is allowed to stand we all eventually fall.

We are getting there. People are waking up. I no longer feel so pessimistic, and people like Kersey and Taylor are on a roll- as is our president. Don't put your guard down, we have them running scared. Those that choose to resist the changing times are taking a beating.

Anonymous said...

High Yellow Black to Honest English Translation: Please brother, when you sneak into the theatre to enrich yourself with the film of a fellow African, please keep the TNB in check so you don't scare them paying white patrons away!

Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia:
"The genus Canis (Carl Linnaeus, 1758) was published in the 10th edition of Systema Naturae[1] and included the dog-like carnivores: the domestic dog, wolves, coyotes and jackals. All species within Canis are phylogenetically closely related with 78 chromosomes and can potentially interbreed.[10]"

Most humans understand the differences between these various animals and would never think of making a pet out of a jackal or coyote. When it comes to humans why is there not the same understanding? Just as there are inherent differences between a wolf and a domestic dog, differences that make domestication of wolves an impossibility, there exists the same differences between different types of humans. The negro is the jackal of the human realm.

Were it not for the influence of religion we would have embraced these obvious truths centuries ago and kept the wild animals in the wild where they belong.

Detroit Refugee said...

File this under shocking revelation;
All my token IKAGO's @ FoMoCo plan on seeing "Wakandaisntreal".

Any violence @ Southfield, Taylor, Canton cinema's & I'll share it here.
Watch this space....

Westminster Dragoon said...

"Black History" is a code word for a criminal record.

Much the same as Scotland Yard has The Black Museum.

Anonymous said...

Allele frequency differences in Negroids explains all. Look it up.

IQ, impulse control, testosterone levels, future-time orientation, threshold for violence, etc etc.

Many visible differences too.

They are at best a sub-species. In any case, vast majority of them unassimilable.

Segregate now.

Anonymous said...

Those black filmmakers felt they needed to make a statement because back in the 90's, they didn't have SJW groups and gofundme websites that paid for whole theaters worth of movie tickets to get bought out to boost the box office of "black movies". The bad behavior of black moviegoers (who got free tickets even back then) chased away their would-be paying customers, and they had no fall back plan to cover for them. Furthermore, if movie theaters were getting destroyed by the black patrons during the showing of their "black movies", the theaters would just either restrict the showings or pull the movie. Now theaters are under much greater pressure to show these movies on as many screens as possible for as long as possible, no matter the damage that they might incur.

Anonymous said...

Just three or four blacks in a movie theater can completely ruin the viewing experience. They are sure to be loud throughout the movie, yelling at the screen, trying to start up conversations with people around them who are just trying to watch the movie, and laughing obnoxiously. They are also sure to be hyperactive, getting up multiple times, throwing food, switching seats, and running up and down the aisles, if not climbing on the seats. And if someone dares report their behavior to management, that person (or whoever they thought ratted them out) draws their exclusive ire the rest of the film (as management is helpless to take action against blacks).

That being said, imagine what it would be like to be like to sit in a theater jam-packed with blacks trying to watch a "black movie", as will be the case with Black Panther. I did once (as part of a group thankfully) when I was a teenage DWL in the early 90's, an eye-opening experience that I didn't stay to the end of.

Anonymous said...

re Anon at February 4, 2018 at 8:36 PM

Google does hide specific searches, it's no longer a result of only what users does, they changed the results for "three black teens" for example. That said, specific searches still yield the desired result. Searching the quote “Do you feel all hyped up to move on some white people” after watching the movie “Mississippi Burning.”" yield a reference to that incident (but the parties were named) in an article about the four Chicago africans who tortured the mentally disabled Austin Hillborn.

Googling "Mississippi Burning" with "hate crime" on both Google and DuckDuckGo reveals the old article on the case, here is opening paragraphs with the names in case it goes offline later:

The New York Times
April 20, 1993
Test of a 'Hate Crime' Law Reaches Center Stage


ENOSHA, Wis. -- One October night four years ago, Todd Mitchell and some friends, all of them black, returned from a viewing of "Mississippi Burning," incensed over a scene in the movie in which a Klansman had beaten a black boy as he prayed. The group had gathered outside the Rambler apartments, near the defunct American Motors plant here, when they spotted Gregory Reddick, 14 years old and white, across the street.

"Do you all feel hyped up to move on some white people?" the 20-year old Mitchell asked his friends, all younger than he. "There goes a white boy!.; gGo get him!" He pointed at Gregory, then counted to three. Nine of the young men crossed the street and beat the boy into unconsciousness.

Mitchell was convicted and sentenced to two years in prison for his role in the assault, which left Gregory comatose for four days. (He has since recovered.) But then his case took a new but increasingly common twist. Because his crime had been racially motivated, the trial judge doubled his sentence, a step authorized under Wisconsin's 1987 "hate crime" statute.

Unbelievable traitors noted: Both Adelman and Mitchell's trial counsel, Charles Malinsky of Kenosha, contend that the Mitchell prosecution proved one more thing: that the Wisconsin law tends to punish individuals from the very groups it was meant to protect. Of the four people given increased sentences under it since 1987, two -- Mitchell and his brother, also implicated in the attack -- are black.

Yup, hate crime laws were meant to protect the freedom of feral negroes to go feral without pushback from the neighbourhood association.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Blacks are so volatile and easily upset that any gathering of them carries a sizeable risk of a fracas ensuing. Events that attract gatherings of blacks create a favorable environment for their impulsivity to express itself. All that is needed is a catalyst to set it all in motion. Voila, instant brawl.

That catalyst will usually be something very petty: someone looked at someone funny, someone cut in line, someone asked someone to move out of the way, etc.... (all things that are broadly categorized as "disrespect")

They are not conditioned as children to deescalate conflict. It is considered a disgrace to decline a fight in their culture, especially if there is a crowd cheering them on.

Many blacks walk through life gleefully anticipating a slight, vigilantly searching for it in fact. They actually have a saying to describe the state of mind: "I wish a m*therf*cker WOULD!"

Virtually every black stand-up comedian has a routine where they discuss the phenomenon and are met by raucous applause from the black crowds when they discuss the matter.

The average black is not merely prepared to defend themselves, but rather they wish an opportunity to be violent would present itself, so that with the most tenuous of justifications, they can have a "reason" to attack someone.

So imagine several hundred people with this mentality gathering and being enclosed in proximity to one another. <----- This is the laboratory that a movie theatre lobby is when a black film is being shown. It might as well be a cage match.

Yet another public space made unusable by blacks. Here is one from a couple of weeks ago in Memphrica:

Anonymous said...

His name is Kyle Brayer—34 yo White veteran gunned down by 21yo Dindu Hezron Parks

Anonymous said...

Little-known moment in history, in the late '60s and early-to-mid 70s, China attempted to educate large numbers of Africans at some of its top universities.

This was a component of the CPC attempting to compete with the USSR at first, in later days became part of their de facto collaboration with the USA.

Those who read will recall that all of those late independence movements, and intra-commie fights (e.g. Viet overthrow of Khmer Rouge), had separate USSR- and China-backed parties and factions.

The African students behaved in the predictable manner, sexual harassment, rape, etc.

This led to riots in the cities hosting the parasites, from my reading, on a similar scale to the anti-Japan riots of a few years ago.

So, in the end, the CPC stopped the programme.

I notice many commentors here speaking of Baltimore as a hell-hole, I only know it from old movies when it was not yet a hell-hole, but I recommend the site 'Baltimore's Violence Guy', run by James Lafond. I would suspect that many here already know it.

Unknown said...

You are absolutely correct in my opinion. It is confounding to me that liberals hate religious beliefs and extoll science over and above all else except when it comes to human animals, miraculously we all are created equal by what ever god/ creator you believe in.

Janie In Detroit said...

Hey Detroit Refugee,

I'll also share incidents of TNB in Warren, Sterling Heights, Clinton Township, Maccomb, etc.

Anonymous said...

OT, but TNB...

I was trying to find a carjacking joyride story not related to this site, when I spotted this 'gem':

Couple on honeymoon accused of kidnapping, raping Florida woman ...
Jul 17, 2017 - Rashada Hurley, 32, and Timothy Lowe, 37, are jailed in Miami-Dade County on kidnapping, carjacking, robbery and sexual battery charges. (Source: Miami-Dade Police Department). HIALEAH, Fla. (AP/MEREDITH) — Authorities say a Georgia couple honeymooning in south Florida have been charged ...

...and right away I KNEW it had to be negroes, and a quick image google reveals that of course, Always Bet On Black.

Victim was definitely a human woman, and they tried it with another one too:

Late in the afternoon of July 9 — a day before they were arrested and about an hour after their failed attempt to abduct the UM student — police say Lowe and Hurley approached a 28-year-old woman in a Hialeah Publix parking lot. There, Hurley asked for directions. When the woman lowered her window, Hurley smacked her in the head.

The woman told police the next thing she remembered was Hurley holding her down in the car while Lowe drove and smashed her in the face with an open hand. The woman said she was continually threatened with a knife until they got to room 313 at a Motel 6 at 7330 NW 36th St.

She told police she was held at the motel against her will for four hours while she was repeatedly raped by both Lowe and Hurley. She said Lowe even forced her to text her mother to say everything was okay. While Lowe fumbled with the woman’s phone and Hurley was preoccupied, the woman said she fled the room naked and flagged down a passing motorist.

Lowe and Hurley split so quickly, police said, they left behind identification.

They were captured the next day by Miami police, who received a complaint from the operator of a Biscayne Boulevard 7-Eleven who said Lowe and Hurley entered the store naked, poured sodas and left.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...this was when O' Shea Jackson aka Ice Cube of N.W.A. sold out and went Hollywood and before Wesley Snipes thought he didn't have to pay any taxes in BRA.
The soundtrack of Boyz in the Hood was just as awful as you would expect.
Great glorious moments in the storied history of BRA indeed.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1117,

I got up and walked out during the turn the other cheek, everyone is your brother, at the local McReligon gathering and never looked back.
This was sometime back in the 80s and luckily my mom was cool with the decision.
How I hated those starchy spiffy clothes and it always felt like a ceiling beam or lightning bolt was going to strike at any minute.

Anonymous said...

Just as there are inherent differences between a wolf and a domestic dog, differences that make domestication of wolves an impossibility, there exists the same differences between different types of humans. The negro is the jackal of the human realm.

Were it not for the influence of religion we would have embraced these obvious truths centuries ago and kept the wild animals in the wild where they belong.

There are millions of secular liberals that fully grasp the differences between a wolf and a domestic dog. If they raised a wolf from a pup they would not blame the environment if it didn't fetch as well as a domesticated dog. They would not write 1000 word essays on how the wolf is merely the product of his environment and that dog breeds only exist in the minds of hateful people.

These same secular liberals turn their brains off when it comes to humans. In fact they go even further by promoting third worlders over Whites and demanding ever endless amounts tax money to "fix" nature. Christians and Jews at least maintain basic belief in individual moral responsibility and do not believe my money should be forcefully confiscated by the government to fund egalitarian social experiments.

So we have plenty of Whites that were not raised in a religious household and yet they are more zealous about race denial than average Christians. These secular egalitarian Whites see themselves as "science based" and would shut down this website in the name of science. In their minds we are resisting the True Science(tm) even if they can't answer simple questions about race and genetics.

Pointing the finger at religion is unhelpful and undermines recognizing the complexity of the situation. Most Whites seem unwilling to face the facts of race and without religion they just plug in liberalism to give them feel-good answers. The internet can expose to anyone how much liberals have lied to the public about race and yet here we are on the outskirts.

Pat Boyle said...

Things are changing in the movie business and it is possible that we will look at blacks in movie theaters in a much different light in the near future.

I remember seeing one of the early Bruce Lee films with my buddy Don, Donald had been the captain of our college Judo Team. He was much better at judo than I ever was so I figured he might enjoy a little chop-socky at the movie theater.

As it happened the only place the movie was playing was in one of the ghetto black theaters. Inside we were just about the only white guys in attendance. The blacks were acting out during intermission. Some had brought those flails that Lee popularized in his previous films. They were a dangerous looking bunch.

Donald whispered to me - "I'll bet you're the only one in this audience who has season tickets to the opera." The ghetto movie houses had become very colorful ever since the surge in black films that started with "Sweet Sweetback Badass Song" and the original "Shaft".

But black movies may be nearing the end of their "Golden Age".

The movie business is doing poorly especially the movies seen in conventional downtown or suburban mall theaters. In the forties the only way to see a movie was to go to the theater and that's just what everyone did. Many of those theaters had special balconies for blacks but everyone went to the movies every week irrespective as to what was playing. The studios owned the theater chains and they just booked whatever they had made without the need for much advertising. Movie profits were good.

That was before my time. I arrived when TV hit and the movie studios created Cinemascope, Cinerama, 3-D, and Smell-O-Vision. Anything to lure the big audiences back.

In the forties all the proceeds that redounded to the studio coffers were from bix-office sales. Today box office is only one of several revenue streams. Cable TV and DVD sales are now the largest source of money for Hollywood. But that too is changing.

Movie theater attendance is declining. Why is this?

More than ten years ago I stopped going to movie theaters. I bought a projector and watched movies on my bedroom wall. I soon got better projectors, a real nine foot movie screen and filled my den with high quality speakers (Dolby 5.1). A DVD or Blu-Ray movie looked better at home than at the local mall Cineplex.

I'm upgrading again. I'm abandoning projectors because the new generation LED flat screens are better and cheaper than ever. You can build a Home Theater now for peanuts - compared to what it had once cost.

So who will go to all the conventional movie theaters? - black people and poor people. Soon the only people, who like me in the seventies are foolishly brave, will dare to go into a public movie theater. As the theater audience becomes blacker the downward trend will accelerate. Going to a movie theater as opposed to watching a movie at home on your own giant TV set, will gain a racial component. It will become like eating watermelon - something irredeemably associated with being a negro.

It's a form of Gresham's Law. The meek will inherit the earth and the balcks will inherit the movie theaters.


Anonymous said...

They are a completely different species. The early humans that migrated out of Africa turned into the Neanderthals. These Neanderthals are not as dumb as most people make them out to be. They had to be smart to survive the harsh winters of Europe.

I believe Neanderthal genes will eventually deliver a devastating blow to liberalism.

Scientists can study them and play dumb about the racial implications. If they identify a Neanderthal gene related to self-control or planning they can publish their findings without mentioning race.

This would put liberals in an amusing quandary. To claim offense they would have to mention the racial aspect. But by doing this they only bring more attention to their lie of all racial groups having the same gene set (sans exterior features and maybe lactase persistence) from the "out of Africa" moment where nature supposedly paused human evolution for the sake of egalitarians.

I believe liberals in the higher levels are absolutely terrified of what could be lurking in Neanderthal genes. Liberals at those levels know full well that truth is not on their side and that the public must be duped to believe in racial equality. They have successfully kept the full content of Darwin's book out of the high schools (and censored the full title) but the internet continues to rip apart their control.

I think most high-level liberals (profs, politicians, journalists) have already concluded that they have to dilute Whites and bring in as many immigrants as possible. They cannot win with their pretend embrace of "science" and it's only a matter of time before they are revealed as frauds. So they want to overwhelm us with third worlders and crass capitalism while using a White minority to pay the bills. If all Whites learn the truth about race then it won't matter since they won't be a voting majority. But this could lead to a civil war which is why liberals will immediately start taking guns once they achieve a super-majority.

Anonymous said...

I think one of your commenters named, Pat, said there is a gene that predisposes blacks to violence. There are other groups that have this gene as well. If violence is in their DNA, isn't it folly on our part to try to change them? That's like telling a lion to become a vegetarian. So...they asked the blacks to please restrain themselves from fighting! HA! Who do they think they are dealing with, white people? Asking them to be nice invites them to do more violence. If they want peace, there is a way to make that happen: put the fear of God in their hearts. In other words, don't ask them, but tell them what to do. If they break the rules, they should get the punishment. Same goes for any rioting white person! When a team wins a Super Bowl, that does not give leave for others to tear the city down. I would use deadly force and mean it. Any form of rioting should be met with deadly force! If we don't nip this in the bud, it will grow. No more compromise for violence!

Anonymous said...

We are getting there. People are waking up. I no longer feel so pessimistic, and people like Kersey and Taylor are on a roll- as is our president. Don't put your guard down, we have them running scared. Those that choose to resist the changing times are taking a beating.

I am pessimistic on some days but I believe both liberalism and race-denial forms of conservatism are losing steam.

NPR has removed their comment section even though ironically they are supposed to be public media. Where is the public part?

Liberals do not want the discussion to exist. In fact most outlets don't seem to want White people to talk about anything. What does this tell you?

Liberals try to maintain a mystique of having all the answers. Open discussions show that this is not the case.

Race-denial conservatives are losing as well. Charter schools did not deliver magic in Black areas and they are having a hard time keeping this a secret. NYC race-denial conservative outlets worked against Trump and a few even endorsed Clinton. They are scared of losing their narrative of high taxes and public schools holding back Blacks.

As someone said in a previous thread we may not have the power but we have truth on our side.

Anonymous said...

"Black History" is a code word for a criminal record.

I think we should declare February to be TV Off Month.

I don't watch much TV but the White guilt garbage is turned up to 11 in February.

Dixiebleeding said...

I grew up on a moderately sized family-farm in Eastern NC in the 80s and 90s. We had plenty of negroe workers and even had an older black lady who sat with us kids while my family worked. She stayed in the house with us and all but lived with us for 20 years. Nothing ever went missing or no problems ever arose from her at all and I love her to this day. The workers on the farm were not dangerous just lazy drunks who would be broke on Monday to buy the newest jodans. Around the mid 90s though the mezitos showed up on the scene and became the dominant labor pool solely off of productivity. Even the women would outwork a stumbling black buck. I guess where I’m going with this is, “ the times are a changing.” Now blacks are to good to do honest work but the attitude is the absolute worst part of it. The entitlement that your average black has now was not present 10 plus years back. We have watched a ln uprising of sorts, back then everyone in our community felt safe, “ ole that’s just ole Leroy he’s drunk but harmless.” Now I’m scared to leave my family alone for fear of the break ins and shots ringing out. Idk what has happened but I feel entitlement is at the root of the problem and maybe a bit of jealousy.

Brian in Ohio said...

Obviously satire, but most blacks prob take it as truth. Look at Hidden Figures.

I was surprised the comments were still up after all these years.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Sam said...

I remember seeing some of the movies pointed out in this post. However, I did not go to a theater, instead rented the movies and watched them at home, thus no violence. And paying a buck (no pun intended, well, sorta) to rent a movie was way less expensive than going to a theater, in addition to being safer, and much more convenient, like putting the movie on hold if I had to go to the john. "Menace to Society" came to mind while reading this post. I have often referred to that movie as "black comedy", which as far as I was concerned, it was. I got the impression we wuz all supposed to feel guilty about all de po' oppressed afreakins, and feel sorry for them, but I actually had some great laughs out of it. Another movie I saw, by recommendation of someone I used to work with, was "Don't Be a Menace in South Central..." The title was longer, but I highly recommend it, although the language gets trashy in spots. It was one put-down after another, and I wondered how the producers/directors/crew got so many black actors to play parts in that movie. I wuz impressed with the lead character, Ashtray.


Some thoughts about the WAKANDA showing:

Would you really want to be there? Think of the lobby of the theater. Think of the line at the window, the smell, the jumpin' and jivin' and gabbin' (especially the "girls").

How many "patrons" will try to get one of their brothas or sistahs to let them in for free? I hope somebody really guards the "EXIT" doors all around these theaters. Once a few monkeys get in, they let their friends in the EXIT doors. These doors will be slamming open and closed all night...

These youts will rush in and grab all the seats before the "paying" youts get in. Then watch the fights. They had better not 'oversell" any tickets.!!!!

GAWD, what a sight that will be. Then, imagine those who buy cokes, candy and popcorn FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE of throwing it at the White actors on the screen....... think of the mess, the GAWD awful mess on the floor, chairs and stage of that theater. Do the owners/managers of the theater(s) have any idea what is coming?

It will take HOURS to sanitize and clean up after each showing.

As soon as ANY white actor appears, cups of cokes and other sticky stuff will hit the screen. Once the first monkey hurls stuff up there..THEY ALL WILL...and the race will be on to see who can do the most damage to the screen. It will be awesome as hell. They will be dancing and prancing on the stage DURING the movie....not like Rocky Horror Picture show.....not at all........

The negro audience will be TALKING, YELLING, climbing over the chairs, standing on the chairs, yelling at their friends in other rows. You will NOT be able to hear a damn thing other than the CONSTANT noise of the negro.

Cell phones, ALL OF THEM, will be on with their lights ruining the illumination. They will ILLEGALLY be filming the movie and sending out all over the internet. Good luck with any residuals, DVD sales or Netflix showing. This will be sent all over the world and nobody over-seas will pay for it.

The lobby will be chaos and the NOISE, before, during, after the movie, will saturate the building so much that NONE of the other movies screen rooms will be able to operate. Then, when the youfs are done destroying their screening room theater, they will invade all the other screening rooms and disrupt them......looking for white people to harass.


I don't see how the Multi-Plex will be able to show any other movie. Hopefully they plan to show this "movie" (written, created, produced, distributed by (((TRIBAL))) Organ Grinders) on all the screens at one time. In that way, they can saturate the market and move on?

Can you imagine the out-cry when the Theater Complex decides to end the run and bring in newer films? DAT BE RAYCISSSSS. I wouldn't be surprised if the Theater Complex was "encouraged" to keep running for months. But, once the free tickets are over, no negro will pay with their own money to see it. They will all have it recorded on their cell phones.

And the parking lot(s) after the showing? Trash everywhere and GAWD help any white person. They will be insulted and attacked after these youts have been jacked up with this Anti-White Hate movie. They will have their own fights, as each one tries to out-do the other as the Negro Modelo Panther...drunk, high, stupid........

Wouldn't you just love to listen to the Police Dispatcher on that night and wouldn't you just hate to be a Cop on that night?.......Maybe, if we are lucky the Violence we have been waiting for will finally start that night...Dindu Nuffin will be needed.............

Wait for the CNN Headlines: Movie Gone Wrong...Shots rang out....Theater Complex Violence....Unsafe Lobby......Theater Management Unhelpful..........Speaking of shots, how will they check for GUNS in the movie? You know there will be guns going off at the Screen when ever the evil nasty White guys show up.........I almost want to be there.

Anonymous said...

You don't get it, do you?

Theaters are a symbol of oppression to beautiful black African-Americans.

This goes as far back as the ancient world where the Greeks forced beautiful black African slaves to build the Parthenon where plays were performed for "whites only" audiences.

Later, when slave raiders raided Africa to bring back beautiful black Africans as slaves to America, they also appropriated the rich theater tradition of beautiful black Africa. On the slave plantations in America, whenever slaveowners went to plays, the show would begin with a beautiful black African-American being lynched when they "raised" the "curtain."

This is where we get the phrase meaning an unhappy ending, "it's curtains."

Later, during segregation, segregationists like Bull Connor would stand in front of the screen in movie theaters before the film began and turn police dogs against any beautiful black African-Americans who tried to sneak in.

This is where we get the phrase, "screen out."

So is it any wonder that beautiful black African-Americans today rise up in justifiable uprisings when they attend "theaters" with their "curtains" and "screens?"

I know this is true because I was told so in my university course, "From Minoan Parthenon to Multi-Plexes: 4000 years of oppression."

I. M. Klewless, MFA
Cultural Relativism And Peace Studies

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Anonymous said...
Might make for an interesting anthropological study to observe and record the opening night of the black panther movie in a predominantly black neighborhood (from a safe distance, of course.

Use a trail camera. They are designed to record the movements of wild animals surreptitiously. (wholly appropriate). Just make sure that you hide and recover your camera at the time of day that people normally get up and go to work.


PAT BOYLE discussed George Washington and the ice forming on the Delaware.

It was colder then and even colder in the past.

It was also hotter, than today, during the Middle Ages so I ask him, why? What caused the Middle Ages to be hotter than today, and that being the case, why did it cool for Washington.

Then, why was it even warmer during the Roman Times, than today or the Middle ages, and going further back, it was even still MORE warm during the Minoan Age. All these ages warmer than today. Why? Seems there is some cycle that repeats.....?

And, then, why did they all come to an end and get colder? And they all seemed to get colder really fast, like in a matter of this winter?

(All of us here are Race Realists. I suggest we all become Climate Realists and not worship at the Alter of Equality and Global Warming...both invented by those who wish to rule over us.)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Sick n Tired said...

I have a black uncle (my aunt is a mudshark) who owns a successful painting business in a major city, all because of these types of preferential programs that require a certain amount of minority contractors be hired on any public projects. ///
Ever wonder why so many east indians have 7-11s etc?
The gov has SBA loans, yes?

Anonymous said...

They've been doing this literally my entire life. Here's the "Self-Destruction" farce from 1988.

At 3:18, the fat negress Ms. Melodie talks about the "devil" (whites of course) and the "enemy" (whites again). She passed away a few years ago, probably from obesity.

Anonymous said...

In suburban Detroit we have the cranbrook planetarium. Once when I was in junior high we attended as a class field trip. During the viewing the lights are turned off so you can view the planets, stars etc. well, there was an all black school in attendance that day. All hell broke loose in that auditorium. The lights were immediately turned on and the black group was told to leave the planetarium and to never return. The curator was apoplectic stating that he had never experienced anything like this before. One of my first negative experiences with the blacks, unfortunately not the last.

Anonymous said...

They were captured the next day by Miami police, who received a complaint from the operator of a Biscayne Boulevard 7-Eleven who said Lowe and Hurley entered the store naked, poured sodas and left.

Where there are sh*tholers, there are sh*tholes.

Seriously, this is the sort of behavior which would have any decent Congolese scratching their head. Only in Africa-in-America, eh?

Anonymous said...

Wait for the CNN Headlines: Movie Gone Wrong...

Violence follows youth into lobbies!

Teens fall prey to balcony assaults!

Blacks under-served by concession stands!

Cities set up special agencies to mentor black victims of theater shootings!

BRA, folks, where the enrichment never ends...

Anonymous said...

Black Panther is set to release next Friday, Feb 16th. Hmmmmn, I'll be staying home and listening to the police scanners, but which one?

Chicago Police
7:10pm black male, wearing bandana and hoodie, jeans, trying to rob caller at gun point
7:12pm some kind of jive talk I can't make out 'I've been locked out too'
7:14pm something something chartered school, called the school they say they are closed
7:16pm not white...has an afro...
7:17pm we gotta get down to one thirty one
7:18pm ten-four
7:19pm code four four one
7:20pm nineteen twenty one
7:20 somebody sick at Starbucks, car
7:21pm Illnois plate 731033 Charle 5501...
7:22pm license plate suspended, out of chicago
7:22pm we just got flagged down by...someone having a seizure, you roll an ambulance
7:22pm jive gibberish
7:22pm bringing a gun to the laundrymat, threatening the laundry employee, wearing a black jacket
7:24pm two males hispanic got out of a silver mini fan ... one had a hoody, took off ...subway

Kinda boring, I guess it's too early

D-FENS said...

The Medieval Warm Period that Centurion referred to allowed the European population to rebound between 1000-1300 AD. This allowed greatly increased agricultural productivity. What eventually interrupted population growth was the Black Plague (the medical condition, not to be confused with the moniker for today’s demographic blight) of 1348.

Pat Boyle said...

Centurian asked me about global warming. He seems to have doubts.

I would love to pontificate on this issue. But I won't. I'll limit my remarks for some other blog that deals with such issues.

I just finished a book called "The Fate of Rome" by a young academic named Kyle Harper. He traces the decline and fall of the Roman Empire from the time of the Antonines (roughly the period of the movie Gladiator). He focuses on diseases and climate. This idea seems to be pretty solid. In the movie there was mention of the Antonine Plague (probably smallpox). A century or so later there was the Cyprian Plague (maybe influenza) and finally the Justinian Plague (bubonic and pneumonic plague). The Justinian plague may have been more deadly than even that of the 14th century bubonic plague we call the Black Death. These plagues all seem to coincide with cooling periods.

Rome was at its peak during the warm period called - appropriately enough - The Roman Optimum. The Mediterranean basic was warm and moist. Remember there had been lions, antelope and hippos in the Sahara at one time. But then southern Europe got colder and dryer making the lands around the Fertile Crescent into deserts.

Warming is good for people, good for civilization and good for health. The controversy over The Hockey Stick graph was fabricated out of a tissue of lies by Michael Mann. The Roman Optimum and the Little Ice Age were well known and in most of climate textbooks when Mann fudged the date so as to create the myth that all the past was uniformly cool until carbon in the atmosphere gave us this unprecedented recent heat spike. It was all lies of course but fortunately this delusion is now fading.

Don't worry, be happy.


NoWatermelonForYou said...

There's a new movie coming soon,perhaps it'll be on a double bill with Wakanda? Its Death Wish! I just saw a trailer on YT and a few interesting things stood out. The movie is set in...Chicago. The original guys who kill Paul Kersey's wife are working class whites. (Its white men who are terrorizing the citizens of Chicago in real life! ) Well at least one of them is; he is a white mechanic who meets his doom having a car fall on him. And what of the people waiting for their car? The movie is by (((Eli Roth))),a thoroughly vile creature. Not surprisingly,Paul Kersey is portrayed as a protector of young black males. He helps blacks far more than whites,it seems. No white unity against the threat of black savagery. That would be an...unwelcome idea. This guy is from the Democrats are the real racists school. I am not sure why they decided to make this movie. Despite the agitprop,its impossible to deny that its a movie that condones a man getting a gun and defending his own against the scum of society. In Chicago. It doesn't take Albert Einstein to put 2 and 2 together. Tho most public schoo students would get 3,the rest of us get 4.

Anonymous said...


Hey PK, is it possible to incorporate a "thumbs up/thumbs down" click for each comment?

So many other sites offer this and it makes a great comment section that much better.

Do you need someone to do the coding for you?

Lets get onto it!

Pat Boyle said...

Anonymous at 8:48 AM notes that I mentioned that blacks, violence and genetics.

This sounds strange and mysterious to many, so I will explain a little.

The gene is called MAOA (Mono Amine Oxidase - version A). It works in a round about way. The mono amines of interest are epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin. These are all neurotransmitters that are associated with mental states like excitement and depression.

You may have heard of SSRIs (serotonin reuptake inhibitors) which are prescribed to treat depression. The body secretes serotonin constantly but it also destroys the serotonin constantly. So to increase your serotonin level (to cheer you up) you impede the destruction of serotonin. This is called reuptake inhibition. Serotonin is reabsorbed so if you inhibit the reuptake you end up with higher serotonin levels in your brain's synapses - and things don't look so gray and cheerless.

MAOA works in a similar way. MAOA inhibits monoamines like dopamine and adrenalin . Too much dopamine and adrenalin and you are excitable and prone to violence. But all MAOA genes are not alike. Some races have more repeaters (more copies of the gene) so if you have more repeaters, you have less dopamine and adrenalin. If you have three MAOA repeaters like most Europeans or East Asians your dopamine level stay low and you are not violent. But if you have only two repeats you are much more subject to violence. Whites have a very low incidence of the low two repeat alleles (around 1%) black rates are about ten times higher.

I am writing this from memory so check my figures. I have simplified the mechanism also. Finally realize there was some bad info published a few years ago that confused some of the issues. Older studies seemed to indicate that Asians had lower repeater rates but that was wrong. The blacks and Maori have the low repeater/ high violence pattern and the Europeans and East Asians have the high repeater/low violence pattern.

The evolution of MAOA seems pretty straight forward. Early people had fewer repeaters and were thus quite violent. But over time the advanced races raised their repeater counts and became less violent. Africans kept the low repeater counts and remained violent.



Sick n Tired said...

We had 6 wolves as pets growing up. We started with a male and female, then kept some of the offspring, which made up our pack. Wolves mate for life, have a pack structure, are extremely intelligent, and capable problem solvers. When I walked with them, they would always have one behind, one next to me, two in front, and two that trotted ahead and took point. If I stopped walking, they would stop, when I left for school in the morning, they would all howl, which I could hear 2 miles away while waiting for the school bus.

Comparing wolves to groids is offensive, and derogatory. In nature wolves thin the oldest and weakest in the herd, causing only the strongest of the species to survive, regulate the population, and keeping the population at manageable levels. Please show me the facts/stats where blacks have ever done any of that. Maybe they need to start releasing wolves in all these cities and neighborhoods that consistently "Go Wrong"?

Anonymous said...

All of us here are Race Realists. I suggest we all become Climate Realists and not worship at the Alter of Equality and Global Warming...both invented by those who wish to rule over us

Leftists certainly use climate change to push an anti-Western agenda. They always talk about reductions by Western (White) people and never mention the third world since they still cling to the deluded belief that all countries will eventually modernize and the high birth rates of Africa are just temporary. The US has actually reduced CO2 rates per capita but rabid leftists will never mention this as it goes against their narrative.

With that said I'm not convinced that our historically high CO2 levels do not impact the climate. Summers have been getting so hot in Arizona that they have had problems with asphalt melting.

There could be a scenario where:
1. Climate change is for the most part real
2. Liberals are interested in using it as a platform for control

But this doesn't mean that #1 justifies #2.

I'll remain skeptical and somewhere in the middle. It's certainly not analogous to race. Race can be identified via DNA and liberals no longer show up for debate. Climate change is a sticky subject but I'd rather us error on the side of caution. That can be done without accepting the leftist agenda.

Anonymous said...

One aspect of Black Panther that I never heard discussed-

How is anything relating to the film of educational value? What justifies studies going to see this movie if it has relation to U.S. or world history? All that I have heard so far is that it is such an amazing thing for a "child of color" to see someone who looks like them starring in a movie. I guess Will Smith and Jamie Foxx movies never fit the bill. But that brings us to another question- shouldn't we make sure films have enough positive white male role models as well? You know, someone who looks like the white kids, but not only the villain of the movie.

Non PC Infidel said...

A friend of mine was at one time the district manager for a theater chain in the southeastern U.S. As he said, any time there's a "black movie" being shown, stay away from the theater for three basic reasons- one, the blacks will be loud, noisy, obnoxious and make it impossible for anyone to enjoy the movie. Two, the risk of fights breaking out inside the theater, cars being broken into in the parking lot or people being mugged. Three, the theater auditorium will be utterly trashed and there's not enough time between showings of the movie to adequately clean the room. He also pointed out that blacks would create disturbances at the concession stands as they'd throw fits trying to get things for free or be making constant loud complaints about the prices and trying to get things "half price" or get "two fo' de price of one." Lots of disturbances.

In one instance in our city, several blacks were noticed by theater staff to be carrying not so concealed handguns (in the waistbands of their pants) into the theater. The police were called and the thugs were arrested and all of them had warrants of one kind or another.

There were also a number of widespread incidents where blacks had been hired to work in the ticket booths in various cities throughout the region and were stealing money hand over fist thus causing investigations to be launched. Of course, the perps were arrested. It was also quite common for the black employees to be "hookin' up their homies" and letting them in for "reduced price." In other words, the black employee would sell them a ticket for half price or less so naturally the theater income did not match ticket sales/attendance records. This was so common that it resulted in the employees being watched closely and audits being done immediately once the booths closed. The audits were done over several days to gather evidence that this was a standard practice and happened every day and wasn't just some kind of error or "mistake." Numerous negro employees were fired as a result and the poor things couldn't scream racism or that they dindu nuffin since the absolute proof was there.

Mr. Rational said...

Pat Boyle wrote:

Warming is good for people, good for civilization and good for health.

I beg to differ with Pat.  He's the statistician; I'm the physics jock.  And I'm not a medical doctor, but every last one will tell you that there's a dose at which any medicine stops being therapeutic and becomes toxic.

We don't know how these historical optima came about.  However, we know things they did not do.  They did not thaw far-north permafrosts, which had been stable for the last 10,000 years (during which modern humans evolved, we domesticated all our crop plants and civilization arose)... but those permafrosts are thawing today.

The historical climate optima did not disrupt the major Antarctic ice shelves, which had been stable for many tens of thousands of years... but those ice shelves are disappearing today.

It's different this time.  410 ppm CO2 is way higher than the peak concentration of about 300 ppm in the Vostok ice core.  We are literally in terra incognita, with the world changing in ways that neither humanity nor any of the ecosystems we evolved in have ever seen before.

We are in what looks like a historic solar minimum, but the world shows no signs of getting cold as a whole.  Quite the opposite.  California is burning again, and where I am thousands of miles away I just came out of a warm snap which turned knee-deep snow into a hard crust just inches thick and had me working outdoors in shirtsleeves.  Temps are back down in the teens again but that's because the weakening polar vortex can't keep the Arctic air where it used to stay.

We seem to be in a slowing of what was a rapid warming curve, but the heat hasn't gone away.  The trade winds have intensified, and the circulation this drives is mixing the heat down into the oceans.  That heat hasn't gone away, it's just out of sight for a while.  When the oceans have heated up we'll have a heat wave that will stick around at least as long as it took to generate it.  That could be centuries.  Do you want to leave something like THAT to your children and grandchildren?

Now, I know that Greens use climate change to push a Marxist agenda.  But if you look carefully, you'll note 2 things:

1.  The elements of the agenda have little or nothing to do with reducing carbon emissions.  They are all about increasing the authority given to central planners.  This is standard Watermelon (green on the outside, red on the inside) fare regardless of the issue.

2.  Most often they begin with closing down nuclear power, which INCREASES carbon emissions.  If you recall the details of the erstwhile Clean Power Plan, its prescriptions for incentives ENDED at 550 grams of CO2 per kilowatt-hour generated.  Below that you got no further boost.  Why do that?  Because if the plan gave full credit for nuclear power having zero emissions, it wouldn't boost the fortunes of the natural gas interests who were paying for the whole thing (the NRDC pretty much wrote the plan, and the NRDC gets lots of its money from the gas lobby).

What you're seeing in the policy arena is a power struggle between parts of the energy industry, with gas interests winning (for now).  Ignore that.  Listen to the scientists.  I'd link video of James Hansen's congressional testimony but I can't dig it up right now.

Anonymous writes:

The US has actually reduced CO2 rates per capita but rabid leftists will never mention this as it goes against their narrative.

These gains are the consequence of fuel-switching due to natural gas being cheaper than coal.  When the US gets a serious gas export system going, US prices will rise toward world levels and depletion rates will skyrocket.

D-FENS said...

Regarding climate change, ask anyone who accepts the mainstream narrative if there is any potential evidence that would cause them to be skeptical of its validity. For example, would a prolonged divergence between the predictions of the computer models and the future climate record cause them to doubt the current consensus? Would a more detailed modeling of clouds or ocean currents that led to lower projected temperatures change their minds?

I have asked these questions of several highly intelligent people with technical backgrounds and have NEVER received an answer. Apparently, it is impossible to show that the current consensus on climate change is wrong. One of the requirements of a scientific hypothesis is to be able to conceive of a test or experiment that, in principle, could prove the hypothesis false. Science works by rejecting falsehoods. What remains is presumably true but always at risk of being rejected by future experiments, tests or data.

It is acceptable to question quantum mechanics, general relativity and gravity. But climate change is off limits. It is more a religion dressed up as science.

Periphery said...

A few years ago, my pals and I went to a movie theater. This theater is seldom crowded as it is located in a business park, with no mall or any stores with foot traffic within miles. So we used to go there quite frequently.

When we showed up that evening however, our jaws hit the floor as we'd seen something we were completely unprepared for: a line of people-black as the night-wrapping around the building, and a small army of cops standing guard. Theater staff was also outside, working the line. One of them, seeing our utter shock at the scene, explained that the line was for the newest Madea movie, and that all the other films had no line and we could just walk right in if we wanted to see them.

We learned that this theater, while ostensibly in the middle of nowhere, is the closest theater to the black area. I was shocked as the local metropolis is still quite a few miles away, but shortly before this then-newest Madea film opened, all of the theaters in the black area had closed down, forcing the black fanbase to swarm to my "YTopia" in order to get their fix.

...during another occasion at that same theater, I saw an action movie but I got to the theater late, so it was pretty dark as the previews were already running. I thought the theater was empty, but I quickly learned that it was packed with black patrons, as they were as disruptive as could be. I wasn't sure why they were there, it wasn't a Madea movie, but I later learned that it was because they'd heard that Angelina Jolie's nude derriere was on display...I wonder how they took the news that Jolie used a body double for that? :)

Mr. Rational said...

Regarding climate change, ask anyone who accepts the mainstream narrative if there is any potential evidence that would cause them to be skeptical of its validity.

Sure.  A mismatch between the measured physical properties of various tri-atomic and more complex molecules and how they're modeled would do that.  So far nobody's claiming it.  I see lots of hand-waving but no specifics (because being specific would make it easy to search and debunk false claims).

For example, would a prolonged divergence between the predictions of the computer models and the future climate record cause them to doubt the current consensus?

Only if there wasn't a good explanation for the discrepancy.

One for you, D-FENS:  there is a MEASURED difference between incoming solar radiation and outgoing radiation (both reflected light and emitted heat).  The Earth has a net energy surplus.  Energy is conserved; what effect do you think this is going to have—MUST have?

Would a more detailed modeling of clouds or ocean currents that led to lower projected temperatures change their minds?

One of the problems with the models is that the increasing energy is changing things like ocean circulation in novel ways, which of course is hard to predict.  But the global buoy network which measures ocean temperatures is seeing the effects; heat is being buried in the oceans but this only delays the surface temperature rise, it doesn't eliminate it.

I have asked these questions of several highly intelligent people with technical backgrounds and have NEVER received an answer.

You have received an answer now.

Apparently, it is impossible to show that the current consensus on climate change is wrong.

There are any number of observations which could prove the consensus wrong.  The problem for deniers is that we observe the opposite.  (Kind of like the denial of differences in average psychometric traits by race.)

It's long past time to give up denial and at least provisionally accept the results of the science.  We should have been working on climate policy for at least 30 years now, and the engineering for 25.  As for race, we never should have stopped.

D-FENS said...

I suspect that US CO2 reduction is at least in part due to offshoring manufacturing.

Pat Boyle said...

I refuse to get sucked into a discussion of Global Warming on this blog. I run my life and I set my own agenda. I decided several years ago that I would stop blogging on just any general political topic and focus on race issues. I had been one of the most active bloggers on the iSteve blog commenting on a variety of subjects. But I decided that race was the most important issue on which I knew something and where I might make some impact. So I quit Sailers' blog. I also closed down my own Global Warming website.

I had read everything I could find on Global Warming. I had a blog and I was spending a good deal of time on it. But ultimately I concluded that it wasn't worth my time. Despite all the attempts to panic the public - it wasn't, I concluded, very important. I figured if I just waited it would go away - and it looks like I was right. Trump also refused to get caught up in this dispute and people are beginning to forget about it.

Race however is much more important and more difficult. It takes effort to set the world straight on racial issues.

So I won't argue the climate 'facts' (although Mr. Rational makes a number of very dubious assertions.) There are a couple of sociological type issue on climate that you might want to keep in mind.

Not all scientists are equal. Theoretical physicists garner the most prestige while climatologists had always gotten the least. Climatology also payed the worst. The sharper students in school didn't go in for climatology. It was a career path for the slower and less talented students. Then Michael Mann and his cadre of unindicted co-conspirators got on board the Global Warming choo-choo.

To understand the climate arena you should read the Congress Business Daily. This is where government agencies post RFPs on medical and scientific subjects. The liberals like to contend that the energy companies fund all this anti-warming research. This is untrue. All the money that is available in government money to build a case for the Global Warming panic. The money available on warming issues is about a thousand to one in favor of studies that argue for warming.

The greenhouse effect is real but it is small. We will eventually have to do something about it, but not soon. Look at the numbers. The oceans are indeed rising but to measure that rise you need a micrometer.

Michael Crichton wrote the best analysis of the power government gains when it can panic the public. Don't be a sheep.


tired of liberal fascists said...

Violence is black culture. Just look at africa where they are in charge. Name me 1 peaceful, prosporous country.

Anonymous said...

you cant really expect blacks to act like humans. They are not, they are violent heathen. Dont believe me? Name me 1 country in africa they run that is peaceful and prosperous. If you cant, name 1 city in America where they are the majority and in charge.

Anonymous said...

We learned that this theater, while ostensibly in the middle of nowhere, is the closest theater to the black area

This makes me nostalgic for the time before the automobile, most blacks probably wouldn't know how to keep a horse alive to cross the plains.

Maybe mandate that all cars be manual?

Or just bring back Freedom of Association, and Freedom of Speech as well.

Mr. Rational said...

So I won't argue the climate 'facts' (although Mr. Rational makes a number of very dubious assertions.)

See?  This is what I get when I push out solid references:  hand-waving assertions instead of a solid factual response (although "dubious" is one of the least-critical I've received lately).  Two more things before I end this:

1.  Earth's total greenhouse effect is anything BUT small.  Without any greenhouse effect, Earth would fall from an average temperature of about 61°F (16 C) to about -15 C (5°F).  Needless to say, at 5°F almost the entire globe would be frozen.  (You can calculate this yourself from Earth's albedo and the Stefan-Boltzmann equation, and I recommend you do.  Enter the net solar radiation absorbed per square meter of surface, divide by 5.67 times 10 to the minus 8th power, and take the 4th root to get the absolute temperature in Kelvin.  Subtract 273.15 to get C.)

2.  There are a lot of people claiming that Earth's greenhouse effect is mostly due to water, not CO2 and CH4 and N2O and trace gases like CFCs.  This is a half-truth, and a half-truth is a whole lie.  The influence of water depends on absolute humidity, which tends to rise with temperature.  The poles and the tropopause are where the rubber meets the road, and these places are cold—so cold there is very little water there, even at 100% relative humidity.  With so little water, it contributes almost nothing to the greenhouse effect.  This is why the effects of added GHGs are mostly felt in the polar regions and in a cooling stratosphere.

The oceans are indeed rising but to measure that rise you need a micrometer.

Currently rising about 3.2 mm/yr, or about an inch every 8 years, a foot per century.  All that heat being buried in the oceans isn't doing nothing, it's doing what heat does:  making things expand.

This results in "nuisance flooding" which is not catastrophic, but enough nuisance floods and property must be abandoned because it costs too much to defend or repair.  Sort of like the dark nuisance we talk about here.