Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Facebook deleted SBPDL account

SBPDL decided to start a Facebook account, so that we could better serve the growing community of readers we have attracted.

After only two weeks on Facebook, we had nearly 500 friends. However, this all came to a crashing end today, as for some reason the account was disabled.

Obviously, we are upsetting people with SBPDL, or else this would not have happened.

Stuff Black People Don't Like includes free speech and more importantly their strong allies in disingenuous white liberals work diligently to extirpate any discussion of Black people for fear that HATE FACTS will be brought into the equation.

And once Hate Facts and Black people are brought into the equation, the situation reaches critical mass.

This website was created as a joke, obviously owing much to the impressive work Stuff White People Like (which is a very seditious website itself, which few people recognize).

We are working to educate the world on Stuff Black People Don't Like, and have been overwhelmed with the response and the site continues to grow in popularity (or in complete disgust) daily.

However, our reach has been stymied by Facebook, a once inspiring social networking site that seems to only attract white people to its membership, but now works to openly discriminate against ideas it deems insidious.

Chris Hughes, is a supporter of Mein Obama, the General Zod of the intolerance, and one of Facebook's co-founders.

Fast Company, a progressive, left-wing magazine that chronicles business, ran a glowing article of this individual, who also spearheaded the Obama online campaign:

"Chris Hughes is having a philosophical moment. "I don't really know what 'community' means. And I never use that word."

We are in Washington, D.C., just three days before his most recent boss, Barack Obama, will take office. It is so bone-jarringly cold that even nestled over coffee inside a Starbucks, we can see our breath. I resist the urge to pat his nearly whiskerless cheek, or reach over to tighten his jacket against the frigid air. Such a baby face. But at the age of 25, Hughes has helped create two of the most successful startups in modern history, Facebook and the campaign apparatus that got Barack Obama elected."
One thing is now obvious: the co-creator of Facebook and an ardent supporter of Mein Obama has ensured that free speech regarding his president is not allowed and no discussion that isn't obsequious is allowed on Facebook.

Instead, all that is allowed on Facebook is stuff like this: people praying to Obama.

Free speech is a causality in the new world we live in. Facebook won't allow it, and soon, no online institution will.

Stuff Black People Don't Like has touched a nerve, and it won't stop anytime soon. The world needs to know the truth, and SBPDL will be there to help lead you down the rabbit hole. How far are you willing to go?


Anonymous said...

Those cocksuckers! We shouldn't take this lying down!

DaveC said...

I just dared them to erase my Account to, since FB is so afraid of Free Speech.

Anonymous said...

This site might have been started as a "joke" but it tells so much truths and facts I hardly laugh save for the absurdities of the realities each article contains.
I love this site. I really do. And as often as I can I spread the word of it.

Godffrey said...

500 fans? Not bad. The American Renaissance Facebook page has a little less than 400 fans. I guess it manages to stay on because there is nothing on it (which is probably because it is more of an AR fan group than an official AR Facebook page). Facebook sure is a strange site. They have groups for holocaust deniers yet you aren't allowed to point out less than favorable facts about black people.

Iranian For Aryans said...

Fix your grammar!!!

Robert said...

You still believe in the Holohoax. How quaint!

Anonymous said...

those malevolent bastards!

SBPDL is THE premier site for learning about stuff black people don't like.........................

those son's of bitches can take a flying fuck at a roling donut! they can't hold back the tide!

Anonymous said...

Would someone please shut up the Iranian. Im sick of his endless posts on typos.

Anonymous said...

In the end, Facebook is a private website. They have the right to choose their clientele and are -- and should be -- allowed to kick off their lawn anyone they don't like. It's a shame they did this, but there you are.

That being said, if some hateful minority empowerment group had its Facebook account suspended, the whole company would be lynched by disingenuous white liberals.

Porter said...

Dead on right 6:16 Anon. It's their site and it's their hypocrisy. The one nit I would pick is that not only would Facebook be lynched for kicking off a pro-black page, but they'd be under some absurd civil rights investigation and fined heavily. Then there would be the EEO memorandum of understanding where they promise to hire 95% blacks...etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what can you expect from a pig but a grunt?

Relax. Think of it as a red badge of courage. They wouldn't fight back if you hadn't drawn blood, would they?

Keep up the good work; yours is one of the best websites out there.

--An admirer

Wanderlost said...

"Iranian For Aryans said...
Fix your grammar!!!"

This is a valid point; the blog entries on this site would be exceptionally well written if they were not riddled with grammatical errors. I will soon offer the "blogmaster" free editorial services.

That being said, I'm fairly sure that the use of multiple exclamation points in a row is improper grammar. :)

"Anonymous said...
Would someone please shut up the Iranian."

I certainly hope not! To be displeased at Facebook for killing SBPDL while silencing comments on your own site would be hypocrisy in the truest fashion of leftists, disingenuous and white or otherwise.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


One person (save for a heroic reader who has written an excellent entry and offers great suggestions continually) writes all the material. That person is incredibly busy, travels a lot for work and has studies as well.

Can't always check every piece thoroughly and an infrastructure isn't in place yet to have an editor (working on it).

Anyone is welcome to write an article. Submit it to

Anyone wishing to edit any piece that has been published, please do. Just copy the entry and paste it into MS Word, then send the edited entry to

We'll go back and make the changes.

Thanks! And thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

You may think your site promotes free speech, but your site is stereotypical racist trash. You got banned on Facebook for a reason.

No normal person could read your site and not be ill.

Wanderlost said...

"You may think your site promotes free speech, but your site is stereotypical racist trash."

Yet your speech is allowed here, whereas other speech is banned from Facebook. Do explain.

"You got banned on Facebook for a reason."

Yes - an invalid one.

To the much beleaguered webmaster: I understand. I seek only to help - from the standpoint of a professional writer. Once creative, now technical, but professional nonetheless. It's coming.