Friday, January 22, 2010

#56. Duke Basketball

It has been stated many times that white men can’t jump. This generally accepted fact has an equally acknowledged truth that everyone knows, but few admit publicly: Black people can jump, which is punctuated by the nearly 80 percent of NBA players being of primary African descent.

However, to admit that white people might be impaired when it comes to leaping abilities is to invite a whole slew of stereotyping that could be detrimental to white basketball players development and instead, turn him into primarily an assist machine, or a mere spectator:

“This is a perfect example of the stereotype threat, a theory postulated by sociologist Claude Steele. This stereotype threat is the fear that one’s behavior will confirm an existing stereotype of the group which one identifies.

The white basketball player, no matter what his particular skill set is, fears that he will be grouped with other white players, because he might exhibit those characteristics commonly associated with them (perhaps a legitimate fear). According to Steele, this may greatly affect his performance. In a basketball sense, a white basketball player with just as much or more athletic ability than his black counterpart will fail to perform in many instances because he is aware of the stereotype that “white men can’t jump.”

Racial divisions in basketball have been brought to the forefront of the national discussion with the recent news of an all-white basketball league potentially forming (All-American Basketball Alliance):

“According to the Chronicle, Lewis said he wants to emphasize "fundamental basketball" instead of "street ball" played by "people of color."

Basketball is played differently by white people and Black people, a fact that any connoisseur of the sport could point out. Darryl Dawkins, a former NBA all-star, pointed this out in an interview back in 2007, validating the point made by Lewis:

“White basketball is pick-and-roll, spot-up, guy got his toes together and he shoots. And white guys will box you out until the ball hits the floor. Black guys will jump over you. They had all kind of shake-n-bake and would do everything to entertain the crowd. Nowadays, people appreciate both styles of ball; but back then, they didn¹t appreciate when a black guy just played white ball. They just said, "Hey, man, ain't you got no flash in your game?"

Black people know this to be true and find the individualist aspect of basketball to be liberating, considering most of the Black mentality centers around group cohesion and collectivism. Strangely, white people perform with unity on the basketball court, executing complex plays and distributing the ball equitably in an attempt to produce the highest percent scoring opportunity. Dawkins again makes a valid point on the difference between the Black and white styles of play in basketball:

"Black basketball is much more individualistic," he told Charlie Rosen of FoxSports. "With so many other opportunities closed to young black kids, … if somebody makes you look bad with a shake-and-bake move, then you've got to come right back at him with something better, something more stylish… It's all about honor, pride, and establishing yourself as a man."

Dawkins, whose showboating Philadelphia 76ers lost to Bill Walton's Portland Trailblazers in an epic 1977 NBA Finals confrontation between the black and white games, now says, "The black game by itself is too chaotic and much too selfish… White culture places more of a premium on winning, and less on self-indulgent preening and chest-beating."

ESPN and its parent company ABC are the main purveyors of basketball on television (outside of the CBS when they broadcast the NCAA Tournament in March), and this method of distribution supplies the nation with one of the few positive images of Black people in America.

The sights of Black people gracefully jumping to execute a towering jump shot over outstretched Black defenders hands is a route visual on ESPN’s Sportscenter. Without the numerous images of Black people dunking a basketball, where would positive images of Black people and their contributions to the world come from? Haiti? The Nightly news? Riotless high school basketball games? Gilbert Arenas?

One venue where Black people find themselves appreciated for their conformity to the notion of white basketball is also a safe-haven for white basketball players: Duke University.

Yes, Duke University, coached by the venerable Mike Krzyzewski, offers a sanctuary for the style of white basketball in the United States that Dawkins referred to above. And white players flock to this shelter in North Carolina to display their particularly skills, with the help of Black players (who have the academic ability to get in to the elite private school) who strive to replicate the white methodology of play on the hard court, acting white in the process.

Duke’s 2009-2010 is almost as lily-white as the one that appeared in the 1980s basketball film Hoosiers, and the past few years have seen teams that reflect Pre-Obama America demographically. Star white players leading those teams include J.J. Redick, Josh McRoberts and Mike Dunleavy, all whom currently play in the NBA.

The team is almost universally hated outside of their campus, as many basketball fans live by the acronym ABD - Anybody but Duke - when filling out their NCAA tournament brackets for March Madness. Strangely, opposing teams find their fans chanting homophobic chants -directed primarily at the white players - when Duke is in town for basketball game. Perhaps this is because the fans are less threatened by the white players, who see the Blackness of the Black players threatening?:

As to why Duke suffers so many such jests, Seyward speculates that it "has something to do with race and class." Explains Seyward, "Disparagers of Duke typically frame their opposition to the school, and its basketball team, in terms of anti-elitism," and continues on with, "Duke, according to this view, is a private school plopped in the Carolina Piedmont, where it caters to wealthy, mostly white elites who have zero regard for the local community--in Will Blythe’s words, ’those obnoxious students and that out-of-state arrogance.’" Seyward finds that to be "a defensible sentiment, as far as it goes, even a liberal one in many respects. "But, in the world of sports, being white as well as wealthy often translates into a perceived softness. (And Duke’s white players seem to attract the lion’s share of the homophobia directed at the team.) "For many Duke bashers, expressing anti-gay sentiment seems to be just one more way of delivering the message that Duke players are whiny, wimpy, pampered products of privilege.

“Duke Hating” is a popular pastime among basketball enthusiast, as they see in this asylum for white basketball an evil that must be stamped out completely. Is it a class issue (since Duke is an elite private institution) or is it primarily a racial issue (since the basketball team provides a glimpse into what an all-white professional league would look like)? Obviously, it is racially motivated:

But there’s another element we alluded to earlier, and there’s not too many ways around this: antipathy towards Duke often coalesces around the successful white players.

Whether it’s Danny Ferry, Christian Laettner, Bobby Hurley, Chris Collins, Wojo, Chris Burgess, Taymon Domzalski, Mike Dunleavy, J.J. Redick, or Greg Paulus, being a successful white player at Duke calls forth a peculiar racial response that didn’t happen at Stanford in their glory days under Mike Montgomery, nor at Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, or any other schools which tend to be perceived as elitist white-bread schools.

And Laettner isn’t the only one to have his sexuality impugned, although he managed it brilliantly and often turned it against his critics who were no doubt mortified to get their asses kicked repeatedly by a guy they thought was a bugger.

It’s long forgotten, but Tech’s Tom Hammonds regularly called Danny Ferry “fairy.” The standard taunt against Bobby Hurley “Hur-lee! Hur-lee! always struck us as being more than just his name. And J.J. Redick was taunted around the ACC for any number of things he supposedly was, but unique (thankfully) among Blue Devils, even his sisters were fair game.

Basketball inverts the American social structure which sees whites as the most powerful group and blacks as an oppressed minority. In the hoops world, whites are a distinct minority, and subject to racial taunts which are accepted, but which would be quickly shouted down if they were reversed.”

Consider the problems faced by Tyler Hansbrough – a star white player at the University of North Carolina – it is obvious that Black people find the style of play exhibited by the white minority on the hard court aggravating.

College basketball – as played by teams like Duke – is beginning to see a new crop of white players who are bringing a white style of play to a game dominated by Black people:

"African-Americans are still the dominant racial-cultural force at the high end of the college game, and (Adam) Morrison and Redick don't necessarily represent a new trend. But if nothing else, this season can serve as a reminder that basketball is an inclusive sport. It can be played on a virtuoso level by kids with braids and buzz cuts.”

What has happened to basketball fans that they feel compelled to taunt white players with chants of homosexual; denigrate their athleticism; and generally feel they are less talented and unable to compete (like the Vanderbilt team recently in the NCAA tournament)?

One reason: they fear Black people coming into the stands – like Ron Artest did – and beating the crap out of them.

Not every white player will be the next Larry Bird, but if they play for Duke they will be hated vehemently for their shocking display of whiteness on the court and flagrantly disavowing the Black style of individualistic play on the court.

Whiteness on the court means a complete lack of trust from the fans in athletic ability and any white player daring to play the Black man's game is practicing a heresy against the High Priests of the Court - Black people:

For some college basketball fans, players such as Redick represent what they believe Duke embodies: a rich private school with a privileged student body. From Danny Ferry to Laettner to Bobby Hurley to Wojciechowski, Duke's white players have often received the brunt of fans' bile. Many of Duke's great black players, such as Battier, Johnny Dawkins, Jason Williams and Hill, seemed to be respected by fans of opponents more than they were hated.

The white Duke players "seem to be so every-guy-like," said Peter Roby, director of Northeastern University's Center for Study of Sport in Society. "Guys sitting in the stands might say, 'What gives you the right to play like that when you look so much like us?' "

You want an all-white basketball league? Look no further then Duke, an institution where Black people have assimilated to the white basketball mindset and white players excel – to the dissatisfaction of opposing teams fans (current white stars at Duke include Kyle Singler, Brian Zoubek, Jon Scheyer and Ryan Kelly).

Stuff Black People Don’t Like will include Duke basketball, because this is one of the few instances where a bunch of white boys might actually rape a group of Black people, for the white style of play has chalked up plenty of titles of wins at the school.


Anonymous said...


I don't like Duke basketball not for a racial reason. I don't like them because I'm a sports fan.

As far as the all white basketball league goes I'm going to have to call BS on that one. As much as I want see something like that my BS meter is in overdrive. Something tells me that it is nothing more than a publicity stunt for a potential "reality" TV show. Haven't we seen things like this before?

I hope they learned from their other white "brothers". No more parties with black strippers. It seems to always go bad.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

The Duke lacrosse team asked for strippers, not "black" strippers, and were disappointed by the ghetto trash that arrived.

Don't imagine for a second that you can slur those INNOCENT men by bringing up interracial rape. White men don't want to have sex with black women. Also, white men generally don't rape black women. Blacks rape about 40,000 white women a year. Whites rape fewer than ten black women a year. White men just don't want to go there.

Whites look better than blacks do, smell better, and are better-able to interact with others in a polite society. You know that to be true and so do we. You pushed hard with your rioting and jiggabooing and mau-mauing. Now you're going to see what happens when whites are sick of trying not to hurt your feelings.

Enjoy your first black president. That token black -- courtesy of an African degenerate and a Communist white woman majoring in "primitive cultures" -- proves that America is no longer racist. No one needs to have "white liberal guilt" anymore. You're on your own now.

However, that being done, and seeing how your first black president is essentially an ape dressed in a suit and taught how to read, don't expect us to vote for a second black president.

"I'm lovin' it!"

James O'Meara said...

I've commented on this fascinating post over at my blog, since it hits on two themes I cover there. First, the contrast between white and black styles of basketball exactly parallels the contract between Aryan Man and Non-Aryan Man drawn by the Italian esotericist Julius Evola. I once illustrated this on my blog by contrasting a picture of Capt. Sullenberger with one of a negro football player dancing in the endzone; now I have a whole new sports metaphor to use!

Secondly, there are very precise historical and cultural reasons why white players are taunted as 'fags.' Cultures that value individual male achievement, 'masculinist' if you will, are less troubled by homosexuality than tribal, conformist cultures. Think Athens vs. Africa. In the latter cultures, any male who distinguishes himself will be denounced as a 'fag,' and if you think that just means boys who want to design clothes, think again: it means boys who study, speak clearly [Reid's "no negro dialect"] don't impregnate their girlfriends, don't beat people up for 'dissing' them, and everything else perceived as "acting white."

Ironically, it would appear that the "black style of basketball" is one of the few socially sanctioned areas [singing and dancing being the other] where the negro can perform as an individual without the stigma of 'fag.' Thus, the need to direct the charge to the white players.

Anonymous said...

anon 1/22/10 8:08pm,

I don't believe we've been formally introduced. Let me explain a few things about my world view.

First of all I was being sarcastic about the Duke Lacrosse team and their little legal "problems". Anyone with common sense understood what happened from the beginning. The funny and sad thing is the white "educated" prosecutor couldn't figure it out. They requested an Asian or white stripper(prostitute) and agreed on a price with the Booker. When the two black chicks showed up and since this thing is a suckers game the agreed upon price was no longer applicable. The stripper turned prostitute proceeded to pull a shakedown. They either pay her more money or she screams rape. It happens all the time. Their only crime was being stupid and naive.

As far as the half black dude named Barry I never was a fan. I didn't support him in 2008 and I won't support him in 2012, not that it would make any difference considering how far he has fallen.

So, buddy, in order to a enjoy a black president this nation would have to elect someone who is actually black. The truth is the only real black person in the white house is Michelle Obama.

Despite all of the Hollywood fantasies blacks and whites have been segregated since 1865. I don't associate with whites outside of work or school. So, feel free to try and "hurt "my feelings.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

My question is this: Why aren't there so much black UFC Champions? Is it because niggers don't give a fuck about MMA or is it because if the fight is fair and you don't outnumber your enemy 4 is to 1, you don't use a fucking gun, and your not in your hood, niggers aren't that tough as they are pretending to be. I'm not being sarcastic and not racist. Niggers call other niggers niggers and they laugh about it.

Anonymous said...

I never would of thought that a post about the Duke basketball team would inspire such passion and rage.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Actually, black boy, the white men didn't commit any crime at all. I don't know where you come up with this "their crime was being stupid" silliness. Because if stupidity were indeed a crime, the vast majority of your species would be imprisoned right now, including you for your idiotic commentary regarding the Duke hoax.

The only crime was committed by the physically revolting Crystal Mangum, who slandered innocent white men by claiming they raped her. In a civilized society, she would be hanging from a tree, but unfortunately we live in a sick society where criminal and psychotic negresses are rewarded, not punished, for their chimpouts.

Anonymous said...

anon 1/24/10 12:56AM,

Call it "idiotic commentary" all you like. I take comfort in the fact that I will never be robbed or shaken down by a bunch of strippers/prostitutes regardless of their race or species.

yours truly,
Black boy

Anonymous said...

I am a proud ethnic White. While I have little respect for negroid man. I do have some for this Black Guy fellow.

He is racially aware like myself. He may have contempt for Whites and that may seem insulting to some. I also have contempt for Whites as well. We have become a worthless shell of what we were.

I could bitch endlessly about how the jews are to blame for this misguided worthlessness that White man has become but, alas it is OUR fault for buying this lie. Gay characters are found on every TV show these days. Deviant behavior is sold as the norm. Interracial adoption seems to be all the rage these days.

At least this Black Guy fellow has some pride in what he is. Do you? In the end, the solution isn't the destruction of all nigger 'culture' but the preservation of OUR culture. We cannot blame negroids for OUR obvious failures.


Anonymous said...

Grant Hill was the best NBA player that Duke produced. Laettner sat on the bench when he played professionally, Hurley went nowhere. That's the sort of stuff white racists hate.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

This article is about Duke Basketball, not NBA success.

Anon, you might be correct Grant Hill is the best NBA player Duke helped groom, but he plays the "white" style of ball that this article was all about.

I'm sorry you found this article racist. All I did was point the some unpopular truths about Duke basketball.

The white-style of basketball is played there and Black and white basketball players both adhere to this philosophy.

A lot of white players get a chance to play there as well (The majority of this season, Duke has started 3 white players out of 5), and basketball fans don't like to see whites excel at a Black sport - hence the Anybody but Duke mindset and universal Duke Hate that exists.

BTW - Laettner had a pretty good pro career, via wikipedia:

"He wrapped up his career in 2004–05 as a reserve with the Miami Heat and finished with career averages of 13.3 points per game, 6.9 rebounds, and 2.7 assists. He shot 47.8% from the floor and 82.1% from the free throw line."

Interestingly enough, he also displayed uncharacteristic behavior in HAVING MONEY after he retired - read the Sports Illustrated article about athletes who lose everything - because Laettner SAVED MONEY FOR THE FUTURE.

Duke teaches white-style of basketball and economics to its players.

Anonymous said...

Once again more stupidity from the comments and even more stupidity from the jackass who wrote this article. For one basketball is team about team work. A black man has more talent and more determination to make the drive to the hole which is why basketball is more watched and admired by whites than it was in the 1950's. Pick and roll can only last for so long in a game and shooting from the outside can only last so long in a game. If watch blacks play ball in pros or in college you would see more drive and determination to drive it to the hole and do juke move along way because thats how the game is to be played. Whites pick and roll and shoot from far away because they dont really have to much talent. You listed Duke as an example but it is rare feet that whites will play like that.

Black basketball players execute plays and past the ball all the time, what do you think the nba is just a bunch of black guys shooting and juking the whole game. If you want to look at ball hogging look no futher than JJ Redick because Ive been watching his whole career at Duke and he primary shoots far away jumpers and could have past numerous times but didnt because he is a ball hog. Also the white Duke players you mentioned cant even measure up to black players who went into the pros right after high school. Where as these players have had four years of advanced playing and advanced knowledge of the game. I cant wait for your next post anti black post filled with black hate, myths and lies.

Kenny Johnson

Anonymous said...

Duke has not won a National Championship since 1992 when they had a predominately black starting 5. White people have golf, hockey, and other more high class sports, an all white basketball league is non-sense. Any white man who thinks this country is not his is sadly mistaken.

Whites can walk around pretending that they can beat blacks on whits but if they could they would be the dominate force in the league seeing how basketball requires thinking on your feet.

Now when are whites going to start complaining about the violence in hockey, soccer, and MLB that is caused primarily by whites and even attack fans in some cases.

Kenny Johnson

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Black guy -

Hope all finds you well. I just wanted to point out the obvious reason "Duke Bashing" exists...

As you can see from the articles I cite, it is due to the "whiteness" of team, whether it is the white players or the style of basketball they play.

I personally love basketball (playing it) and did for an AAU team and also for my High School team.

However, any basketball fan understands automatically that race does matter in the sport and that white players have been typecast as dominant outsiders shooters and overeager defenders - see Hansbrough from UNC.

As to the last anon, the 1992 Duke team won with 2 of 5 white starters, and Cherokee Parks played quite a bit toward the end of the season.

Violence in hockey soccer and MLB?

Hockey is a sport where violence is part of the game. That will not change (future post by the way).

Soccer should be banned ( future post too!).

MLB? Black people make up less than 7 percent of baseball now, and the "violence" you speak of primarily comes from Latin American players.

Players charging the mound is also a part of the sport, that should not change.

Svigor said...

Your blog doesn't work with FF. Can't copy and paste a quote. Probably lowers your comment count significantly.

Svigor said...

The myth of greater black collectivism is one of the biggest in the race realist and ethnopatriotic circles. If I had to guess, I'd say it is owed largely to two factors; Randian anti-collectivism, and HBDist determinism. Race realists don't seem to want to admit that whites are naturally more cooperative and collectivist than blacks because they're recovering radical libertarians, or because they don't want to admit that nurture matters, or both.

I have some libertarian leanings, and I know nature is enormously important, but that doesn't mean I can't acknowledge that whites are far more collectivist and cooperative than blacks. Katrina: blacks fell upon one another like jackals, whites cooperated. Haiti: blacks fall apart, whites cooperate to rescue the basketcase blacks. Europe: cooperation; Africa: not so much.

The problem is a fundamental error generating code in race realist's heads. This error assumes that whites won't cooperate racially because they're naturally less cooperative than blacks, who seem to cooperate racially. If they'd go one level deeper, they'd see that refusal to cooperate racially is a white tribal identity marker that only proves whites' cooperativeness; they get the marching orders from the elite, and they obey like good little tribesmen. It's the same with white identity; part of white identity is that you don't talk about white identity. Doesn't mean it isn't there, far from it; practically every white person on the planet has their implicit identity shot all through with white tribal identity. The quickest way to alienate a fellow white is to violate his racial tribal norms (don't criticize darkies, don't talk about white club, don't challenge racial egalitarianism, don't criticize Jews, etc.).

Anyone who thinks blacks are less individualistic than whites hasn't been paying much attention to blacks. Sure, they display racial collectivism, but how long would that last in the absence of personal, individual benefits? Blacks know they can browbeat whites by racially angling them, but this breaks down immediately whites leave the room. It took Jews to set up the NAACP. In the absence of whites, blacks have relatively low solidarity, racial or otherwise. The entire history of black politics has been "Ima git mine." Just check out the "blacks in charge" section at Amren.

Whites racially outcooperated and outcollectivized blacks as a matter of course, right up until they got word from their authorities that the rules had changed. They still do outcooperate blacks, outside the racially taboo areas deemed out of bounds by the elite.

I think Semites and east Asians are significantly more collectivist and cooperative than whites. But I just can't buy blacks as falling into that category.

Anonymous said...


The only thing we can do is tell our people the truth. There is nothing wrong with having pride in who you are.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Hey Kenny Johnson, I have a feeling that in your "past" you "passed" on learning anything about English.

Anonymous said...

I think Laettner has the honor of being the last White American NBA All-Star as well (along with Tom Gugliotta).

Honestly, if he didn't appear so damn laid back all the time, people would have taken him more seriously. Bird played with a passion to win, Laettner did not. It was pretty obvious to everyone. Outside of that one time he stomped on a guy. That was pretty bad ass, but he never really showed that much passion in the pros.

I'm a big fan of White basketball, and international competition has shown that all-White teams with mediocre athletes are capable of beating the NBA blacks, but honestly, Laettner was a hard guy to root for.

Anonymous said...

Brian Zoubek fucking sucks, and so does Lance black, one white....

That just proves Coach Krap wont play you and throw you under the bus if you dont live up to his rich elite prep school standards.

Almost all of dooks players are from rich white prep schools funded by their dadys trust funds.

fuk dook.

Anonymous said...

Duke won the national championship!
By beating a WHITE ASS team
John Calipari's team of thugs got outcoached by Coach Thuggins

Anonymous said...

As my husband pointed out...ALL those black boys have to do in "THEY" neighborhood is game. they go out to the local school yard and play "THEY" game. they are out there in "THEY" neighborhoods shooting hoops or SHOOTING EACH OTHER....