Monday, May 3, 2010

Birmingham 2010: "The Killing Years" vs. "The Wonder Years" of Days Past

Early in March of 2010 Nelson Mandela’s former bride, Winnie, spoke to a crowd of well-wishers in Birmingham, Alabama. Spewing the normal platitudes about the Civil Rights movement, the former Mrs. Mandela stated:

"Birmingham has always been an extension of our struggle," Mandela said. "I was stunned by the similarities of the methods of oppression . . . The apartheid regime must have come here to take notes."

Birmingham, Alabama is a favorite city of SBPDL. Once the jewel of the South, it is now one of the first major cities on the verge of bankruptcy and insolvency in the United States. All of this – like South Africa now – is thanks to the glories and sound leadership of Black people.

Jefferson County, Alabama was once (like South Africa) a city comprised of visionaries, men and women who worked hard together to build a community and municipality that the entire world envied.

However, white flight – coupled with Fortune 500 companies fleeing – turned Birmingham into a city with far more similarities between what South Africa has become now than what it once was so long ago.

Sadly, South Africa never became the beacon of Democracy so many thought it would when the Black majority was handed power from the white minority who created the nation. In fact South Africa got Democracy good and hard, showcasing how this form of government offers no inspiration when it is implemented, but an ongoing tragedy that is uniformly ignored by the nations of the world.

Birmingham is much the same way. Once, a magnificent train station was in the center of the city acting as a foundation for commerce, business and personal travel: a signifier that the city was a thriving metropolis. The station – Terminal Station - has since been torn down, as it was a horrifying reminder of past discrimination to those Black people in power now that were denied entry into the building when it stood.

Like South Africa, the city of Birmingham is plagued with the pernicious element of Black criminality and this infection strikes politician and commoner alike. Indeed, the governmental buildings in Birmingham have installed a revolving door directly to the state penitentiary where mayors, city councilmen and women and other officials routinely venture during or after their stay in office.

Most notably, ex-Mayor Larry Langford was sentenced to jail for bribery, among other charges. Jail has become a long-running traditional post-mayoral residence for Black mayors in Birmingham. The blame for the sewer crisis that threatens the solvency of the city rests squarely on the shoulders of the Black leadership that turned the so-called “Magic City” into the “Mundane City”.

The Birmingham News has compiled a study entitled “The Killing Years” which helps articulate what Birmingham has become since the advantageous creation of Black Run America signaled the need for white flight from the city:

When people are murdered in Jefferson County, chances are the killer was a male under 25 using a gun.

More than half of the accused killers in the county were 24 or younger, according to a Birmingham News analysis of homicides from 2006 through 2009.

Nine times out of 10, the victims were shot to death.

The percentage of homicides with defendants under age 25 who used guns in Jefferson County substantially exceeds the national average, statistics show.

In Birmingham, where nearly three-quarters of the county's murders occurred, the disparity was even worse from 2006-2009.

Ages 16 through 24 are the killing years here.

The toll was especially harsh on black families. A substantial number of young black men in the city and county wound up in prison or a coffin.

Statistics show:

>> Black males were 80 percent of the homicide defendants in majority-white Jefferson County and 89 percent in majority-black Birmingham. The national average was 57 percent.

>> More than 70 percent of the victims in Birmingham were black males, versus 43 percent nationwide in 2007, the only year a comparison was possible.

>> Guns were used in 86 percent of Birmingham homicides, and 83 percent in the county as a whole, versus 68 percent nationwide. Birmingham's rate is higher among defendants ages 16 through 24.

Some families suffered both ways in Birmingham and Jefferson County. Otis Towns, 18, was gunned down in 2006. In March his brother, Cortez Towns, went to prison for a murder committed when he was 17.

Murder rates are dropping nationally and locally, including a 39 percent decrease in Birmingham 2006 through 2009.

Homicides by white offenders also dropped substantially in Alabama and the nation from 2000 through 2007, according to a study by Northeastern University professors James Allen Fox and Marc L. Swatt.

But the rate of homicides involving both black male offenders and victims under age 25 rose in the nation and state in that period, the study showed.

“The Killing Years” – perhaps the finest piece of journalism published in The Birmingham News ever depicts the morbid world of Black criminality with utter finality. When crime is committed in Birmingham, you don’t even need to turn on the local nightly news to know the offender was a Black male. Strangely, the rate of violence perpetrated by white offenders is dropping everywhere, but Black crime is rising with the rapidity of the oil spill that endangers the gulf area.

The Los Angeles Times also put out a study similar to the one The Birmingham News compiled and the results are similar. Is it wrong to publish the truth when it comes to crime and race?

One study on Chicago crime and media coverage stated that the constant images of Black criminality on TV creates a false reality between white criminals and Black criminals:

Chicago’s television news programs feed racial anxiety and antagonism by giving dramatically different treatment to African-American and white criminal suspects. While white suspects usually appear on the news as individuals, black suspects often appear as the incarnation of a threatening and anonymous underclass, according to a new study by a Northwestern University researcher.

The Chicago Reporter obtained an advance copy of “The Images of Blacks on Chicago’s Local TV News Programs,” a study by Northwestern University Associate Professor Robert Entman that was commissioned by the Human Relations Foundation of the Chicago Community Trust.

Entman, who specializes in communications and political science, found racial bias in local television’s treatment of criminal suspects; his report suggests that TV stations encourage what researchers have called “modern racism” – the continued, though muted, antagonism between races. In their attempts to overcome “traditional racism,” stations actually sustain racial hostilities, the study concluded.

However, the white crime rate is plummeting (indeed, looking at the photos The Birmingham News published has 11 white people out of a sea of Black faces and these white faces appear to be shielding brains with obvious mental retardations) and Black crime is rising.

Indeed, Black youth have three potential outcomes when they grow up, and two of these are incredibly tragic: jail or dead. The other, thankfully, is a scholarship to play college football or basketball at a Predominately White Institution (PWI).

We at SBPDL think it is time to institute the Michael Oher Act now, before this generation of Black youth makes Birmingham and many other major cities unlivable. Plus, like Michael Oher, major colleges need Black players to sustain their prestige and power in college football. White players aren’t as talented as Black athletes and even though they might not be able to produce sufficient grades to warrant enrollment, Black players sure can run the football with gusto.

After all, without sports, where would Black people be?

This must be stated… Black people have “The Killing Years” and white people have “The Wonder Years”. Pre-Obama America is gone. Welcome to the new America.

The Killing Years can be viewed here at The Birmingham News. We do not live in "The Wonder Years" anymore.

South Africa has rugby. America has college football. South Africa and Birmingham are more alike than the former Mrs. Mandela could ever imagine.


Anonymous said...

I had a friend who is a college professor. I often told him that when a city becomes black-ruled, it sinks to third world level crime and corruption. The professor would have none of it. He insisted that white people are just as corrupt. Facts and figures made no impression on him.

Anonymous said...

Like a lot of professors and teachers in denial, they only accept facts and figures if it fits their idealistic view of the world.

Anonymous said...

Hats off SBPDL, your writing has improved tremendously.

Thank you for proofreading your work before posting.

Anonymous said...

Could be dozens of cities with a large black population. America doesn't have a gun problem, Black America does.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. I thought diversity was our greatest strength (and in this case, diversity means no white people), but the more diverse an area becomes, the more unlivable it becomes. I thought white people were responsible for all the bad things in the world. So it stands to reason an area without white people would be a rainbow nation utopia, free from crime and corruption. That does not seem to be the case.

I suppose we can blame all this on "traditional racism", "modern racism", "psychological genocide" and whatever other Marxist terms we can think of. All that matters is making sure YT is blamed for all the bad things in the world, and we let the beautiful Sun people celebrate their culture of victimhood.

Anonymous said...

Power corrupts, period. If you're not corrupt going in, you soon become corrupted. It doesn't matter if you're black or white. If you think "facts and figures" show that whites aren't as corrupt as blacks, all that means is whites get away with it. Or their corruption is harder to spot, similar to how white collar crime has a lower profile than blue collar crime.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thats right, whites commit just as many, if not more, crimes than negros. The racist police just don't arrest YT. Whitopias are all crime-riddled hellholes, but the right wing media covers it up and tries to fool people into thinking places like the south side of Chicago are crime-infested ghettos, when in reality crime is a rarity in Englewood, and the racist police, combined with the racist media, blow the few crimes out of proportion to continue their compaign of psychological genocide and traditional racism, combined with not spending a penny on inner-city schools, but at the same time spending billions on suburban and rural schools.

Anonymous said...

I must say I was shocked when I read this piece. I've spent two of the last four weekends in Birmingham helping my daughter move into a new house, and was amazed at how friendly the people were. Of course, this was in the Mountain Brook area of Birmingham. I was told that Birmingham is very segregated, and didn't realize how much until now. I guess this proves that segregation is the best route to take.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...,_Alabama

"As of the census[7] of 2003, there were 20,640 people, 7,954 households, and 5,974 families residing in the city. The population density was 1,684 people per square mile (649.9/km²). There were 8,268 housing units at an average density of 675.8/sq mi (260.8/km²). The racial makeup of the city was 98.64% White, 0.31% Black or African American, 0.04% Native American, 0.65% Asian, 0.02% Pacific Islander, 0.12% from other races, and 0.22% from two or more races. 0.58% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race."

Mountain Brook is one of the nicest places to live in America... it represents the best of Birmingham, what the city once was.

Porter said...

I have never been to Mountain Brook, but there are many small-to-midsize Whitopias just like it dotting the South. For those so wretchedly unfortunate as to have known only the large "elite" US cities, it's difficult to overstate how nice these places are to live.

Friendly neighbors, thriving businesses, safe streets full of laughing children, excellent schools, and most importantly: practically zero crime and zero diversity, though I repeat myself here.

Not only are they the nicest places to live in America, but I would submit in the world. And this is precisely why the left wants them destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous---white folks commit as many crimes as negros? What planet you been living on?

Anonymous said...

What planet do I live on? Planet Earth, the most racist planet in the galaxy. The racist right-wing media, in cahoots with the racist police, regularly conspier with the racist federal government, to deny black folk the right to federal employment, the right to compete in profesional sports, and the right to and education, by spending ZERO dollars on inner-city schools. At the same time, they spend billions on rural and suburban school, and routinely cover up the rampant white-on-black crime. They promote racist "white pride" and white unity, and deny non-whites the right to express racial solidarity. They cover up the crimes that plague "whites only" communities, and overstate the few crimes that are commited by blacks. They give hiring preferences to "qualified" white applicants, and discriminate against "unqualified" minorites. They give preference to white-owned contractors, and NEVER use minority-owned contractors. They never fire underperforming whites, yet routinely fire "underperforming" persons of color. Need I go on???????????????

Anonymous said...

There are multiple issues here.

1) Do communities with diversity (mixed races) suffer excessive rates of crime?

2) Do black-majority communities (lacking said diversity) suffer a lower crime rate than diverse communities?

3) Perhaps most importantly, do black-majority communities with moderate-to-higher incomes have a more favorable crime rate than diverse communities? Or black-majority communities?

I admit I haven't studied this, but I'm of the opinion that low-income communities suffer rates of crime that are significantly higher than moderate or moderate-to-high income communities, regardless of skin color.

That said, what is the income type of the black-majority city of Birmingham as a whole? I'd say it's moderate-to-low, so of course you'd expect a higher crime rate.

4) What types of crime are involved? Again, I don't know for sure but I'm of the belief that drugs are at the root of most crimes that involve black Americans. If we had serious and significant drug reform, to include legalization, it's my opinion we'd see a serious drop in the crime rates and an improvement in the perceived quality of life of people in these communities.

Anonymous said...

"1) Do communities with diversity (mixed races) suffer excessive rates of crime?"

Yes, depending on how you define "excessive". And the result is a well-known phenomenon "White Flight". As the non-white population increases, so does crime. Then the whites leave.

"2) Do black-majority communities (lacking said diversity) suffer a lower crime rate than diverse communities?"

No. The crime rate is generally proportional to the percentage of non-whites.

"I admit I haven't studied this, but I'm of the opinion that low-income communities suffer rates of crime that are significantly higher than moderate or moderate-to-high income communities, regardless of skin color."

Poor black neighborhoods have significantly higher crime rates than poor white neighborhoods.

"That said, what is the income type of the black-majority city of Birmingham as a whole? I'd say it's moderate-to-low, so of course you'd expect a higher crime rate."

Anytime you have a majority of households headed by a single, unskilled, uneducated parent, you are going to have low incomes as compared to households with two parents. The black norm of out-of-wedlock birth (70%) is a virtual guarantee of high rates of poverty.

"If we had serious and significant drug reform, to include legalization, it's my opinion we'd see a serious drop in the crime rates and an improvement in the perceived quality of life of people in these communities."

Of course, you're wrong. Black crime is worldwide, in every country, not just the US. Blacks reject every known form of behavior that brings success, and instead embrace the most irresponsible and self-destructive behaviors.

Then, like children, they blame whites. Pathetic.

CWN said...

Reminds me of the song "Coon town" by Johnny Rebel.

Anonymous said...

BIRMINGHAM by Randy Newman (a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the city from the GOOD OLD BOYS album)

Got a wife got a family
Earn my livin' with my hand
I'm a roller in a steel mill
In downtown Birmingham

My daddy was a barber
And a most unsightly man
He was born in Tuscaloosa
But he died right here in Birmingham

Birmingham Birmingham
The greatest city in Alabam'
You can travel 'cross this entire land
But there's no place like Birmingham

Got a wife named Mary
But she's called Marie
We live in a three room house
With a pepper tree
And I work all day in the factory
That's alright with me

Got a big black dog
And his name is Dan
Who lives in my backyard in Birmingham
He is the meanest dog in Alabam'
Get 'em Dan

kristinjeree said...

I grew up in the Hoover area of Birmingham and can honestly say that, although I heard about the crime rate on the news daily, I never witnessed any criminal activity personally. The area in which I resided was predominately white, however.

North Side, on the other hand, is one area of town that I would never dare to frequent at night... or ever, for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that if you have to go to Cooper Green Hospital because you are poor all the fat black ladies treat you like you are insignificant, an annoyance, and less than them?

I thought hospitals were a place with compassion and love for humans and understanding their physical suffering? All they do is give you the run around, make up stupid reasons why you can't get care and send you home after you drive to downtown. And you do it until hopefully one person is nice enough to help you get in.
Also why do the nurses say sexual remakrs while you are going under the knifem, with the anasthesia pumping in your lungs before your surgery? Seriously sexual remakrs about you as you are going asleep. This happened to me and it is so unprofessional.
They treat me less than human and shun me away there.

All of them are fat mean black ladies.
Dont even get me started on the school system!!! Office ladies, also the students are all trained to be thugs by their parents.