Saturday, December 24, 2011

And at Christmas, You Tell the Truth

The Ghost of Christmas Future: never look back and think what could have been
We at SBPDL wish every reader a warm and very Merry Christmas! Especially a Happy Christmas to those who read Stuff Black People Don't Like and deplore what is written here; we don't just celebrate diversity at SBPDL, we have no problem noticing it either!

Apologies to all as time constraints pushed the release of Stuff Black People Don't Like: 365Black Days of Judging of Content of Character to early next year. We want this to be the best possible and we are still waiting on a few endorsements and edits to be finalized. To all those who have donated: your books will be mailed just as soon as this book is ready. It's going to be something special.

And when I write "we," it should really read "me."

Thanks to every reader who has helped turn this site into something more than just a joke, but to push me in other directions that have taken SBPDL down a much different road then it was ever intended.

It's been a strange year. What started as a joke, turned into something that almost derailed my career. Perhaps that should have been the end of Stuff Black People Don't Like, but it wasn't. This site has grown because of a dedication by the readers to help make it something else, and that's the reason I didn't quit. That's the reason I didn't stop.

About two years ago ( about six months into the SBPDL experiment), a reader -- Mencken -- volunteered to edit every piece. It was this generous offer (and investment on his part into a product that would return him no monetary return) that initially made me realize SBPDL was something important.

It was this past summer when I realized how important this site is to a lot of you. You'll never know how thankful I am to those who believed in me then. Each day, as this site continues to grow, please know it's because of that tumultuous month and the outpouring of support from people I'll never meet that SBPDL endured.

There were a few entries I wanted to post before Christmas, but they'll just have to wait. Please, do one thing for yourself this Christmas: sign off of the Internet, and go be with your family; call that old friend you haven't spoken to in years and just say "hello"; if there's some girl you always wanted to tell how you felt, go do it.

Because at Christmas, you tell the truth.

Don't sit in front of the computer on this wonderful day. If you haven't spoken to a family member in years, call them. Reach out to them. Go spend time with your children and your family.

But more importantly, if there's some girl you've always had a crush on or wanted to reconnect with, make it happen. No one else will, but you.

I live by one rule: no regrets. In this life, I've made mistakes and I can only learn from them. Starting SBPDL is not among them. It's something I'm very proud of.

Life passes us by in a hurry, and if we don't stop to blink every now and then, it will be gone. So, do yourself this one thing on Christmas 2011, and sign off your Apple or Dell, and go spend time with your family.

Know this: 2012 will be the year of SBPDL. That's my promise to all of you readers (and those who will soon be reading, joining the ranks of Those Who Can See in the process).

But on this day -- on Christmas Eve -- go spend time with your family. If your a young guy still hoping to chase tail and play the game, stop. Go call that ex-girl friend you still think about and let her know how you feel. There's more important things then just scoring in life; when you start your family, you'll realize what that is.

Years from now, we'll look back upon these times -- and the dark ones ahead -- and smile; courage, truth, and will is all it is going to take to end this madness. And it will happen.

But for now, let me wish you a very Merry Christmas. Now, get off the Internet and spend it with your family. Or reconnect with that old flame or friend you haven't spoken to in years.

The Ghost of Christmas Past is just that; The Ghost of Christmas Present is right now, so make the best of it; The Ghost of Christmas Future, well, what happens next in your life is all up to you.

So thanks again for reading. Merry Christmas.


Thrasymachus said...

Merry freaking Christmas to all.

I'm with my family, and it's kind of freaking me out. But that's what alcohol is for.

I hope you have been good and Santa brings you what you want. If not I hope you get a lump of coal and a switch. You know who you are.

Warren Crocker Herrick said...

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Have you been double-fisting some CC and eggnog and getting sentimental about an ex, Paul?


Enjoy the site and Merry Christmas!

kev said...

have a white christmas.

Jack from OKC said...

Hoping you all had a reverent Ramadan, I wish everyone a happy Hanukkah,a joyous Kwanzaa, and a very merry Holiday. Seriously, a merry Christmas and a happy new year to all!

OneSTDV said...

Very nice post. Glad to see others like you have a more optimistic perspective.

Merry Christmas.

MuayTyson said...

Merry Christmas from Korea.

Anonymous said...

You are a true inspiration, Mr. Kersey.

I'm looking forward to 2012, the year of SBPDL!

Anonymous said...

Buon natale.
Joyeux Noël.
Geseënde Kersfees.
Frohe Weihnachten.

Merry Christmas.

Paleface 6

Charles Martel said...

May your Yule time feasts be hearty and well attended by all your kith and kin. May Odin see your fires burning bright and be honored at the strength shown by Those Who Can See and help us to awaken more of our brothers and sisters.

[For even at this time of year we must never forget what is best in life......................](

Zenster said...

Merry Christmas to all and to all a merry Christmas.

~AV~ said...

Merry Christmas to all the posters, and Paul there is a little something waiting for you under the PayPal tree....

I have one nephew (15) who last year proudly proclaimed at the Christmas dinner he was a "racist"...the older folks were aghast...I smiled proudly and said to him... D_______, you aren't a racist, you are a realist, and it is wonderful to know, that "You have eyes that can see"... someday the others will shed their artifically adopted white guilt, and will have much clearer eyes...

THIS year, I can not wait to speak with him and ask him if anyone has opened their eyes since last year...

Merry Christmas all....

Maple Syrup said...

Merry Christmas to you Paul and to everyone who posts here!

I read you every day while I sip my morning coffee. This site is a BIG HIT & will continue to prosper as it is TOP NOTCH.

Anonymous said...

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas...Merry Christmas to everyone! Great site, great posters. Continued success Paul and I'm looking forward to reading you in 2012!

Anonymous said...

Merry Yule to all who desire a return to values handed down from our forefathers, to the rebirth of Western Civilization and the Republic of the United States of America. Not this shite called theKwa, to the sovereign nations of Europe restoration, all others can go back.

Pvt Spencer keeping an eye on things.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Merry Christmas Paul and thank you for turning funny observations into interesting social and political commentary.

Veronica said...

Merry Christmas Paul and all the other readers! :) Looking very forward to your 2012 posts Paul! Its gonna be an interesting year...I also will be introducing SBPDL to my family- I know they'll love it! Thankyou for what you do- you've been very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Here's a black Christmas tale:

Soldier paralyzed in shooting at homecoming party

Police said Sullivan's brother and a partygoer got into an argument over football.

(Yes, Sullivan is an Irish surname--but this guy sure ain't Irish, not even "black" Irish--see picture on the article for visual clarification)

Suzanne Sullivan holds a photo of her son Christopher Sullivan, an Army soldier, outside her home in San Bernardino, Calif.
Suzanne Sullivan holds a photo of her son Christopher Sullivan, an Army soldier, outside her home in San Bernardino, Calif. (Gabriel Luis Acosta/The San Bernardino Sun)

San Bernardino, Calif.— A decorated Army soldier recovering from injuries suffered in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan has been shot at his homecoming party, and family members say he's paralyzed and in critical condition.

Christopher Sullivan, 22, was shot late Friday while trying to break up a fight between his brother and another man at a San Bernardino, Calif., residence.

"My son didn't deserve this. He served his country," his mother, Suzanne Sullivan, told the San Bernardino Sun.

Suzanne Sullivan said her son suffered two gunshot wounds to his back, which shattered his spine. Family members told the newspaper that the shooting late Friday left Sullivan paralyzed and in critical condition.

Police said Sullivan's brother and a partygoer got into an argument over football. When Sullivan moved to intervene, the man pulled a gun and opened fire.

The gunman fled the scene before police arrived.

Sullivan was wounded in a suicide bombing attack last year in Kandahar while serving with the 101st Infantry Division. He suffered a cracked collar bone and brain damage in the attack and has been recovering in Kentucky where he is stationed. He was awarded a Purple Heart.

Sullivan was home on leave when the shooting occurred.

"To come home to this, it's so unfair," his aunt Theresa Marquez told the newspaper.

His enlistment would be complete in April, after which Sullivan had planned to come home to go to college.

Family members are calling on the shooter to surrender.

Police have not identified the suspect.

Vincent said...

Have a Merry Christmas and may all your dreams come true in the new year.

You have a unique perspective on things as reflected in your writing and not found anywhere else. Don't think about it that will jinx it. Just keep on doing what you do.

Ben N Indiana said...

Merry Christmas.

Here's a bit of information to digest once the holiday cheer has subsided.

Wealth of nations:

Here's a list of nations by per capita GDP.

Note nations at the top vs nations at the bottom.

Then note that the objective of multiculturalism is to remove the economic disparity by way of immigration.

Here's the list

You will see that African nations fair much worse than European nations. Similarly, we note that African communities in the USA fair much worse that White communities.

And sorry about the bah humbug post; just wanted to get this up before I forgot.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Paul. I wish I had read this post this morning, because I did bail on Christmas dinner with my relatives, not wanting to drive two hours round trip to see the same people I saw last month. But you are right, and I should have gone. We never know what may happen tomorrow, or if we'll even be there to see it. We must fight the good fight, and enjoy life while we are able.

YIH said...

It's da shooz! This time from our old friends at World Star Hip Hop.

Anonymous said...

Kaliyah was reported missing on Monday by the father of one of Parker's other children, Fox News reports.

Relatives and friends have told police they haven't seen Kaliyah since she was five in 2006.

Read more: Mother confesses to throwing daughter's corpse in the trash

"a baby, and not a paycheck"

Anonymous said...

Thank You Mr. Author for suffering the slings and arrows from simpletons who can't stand the heat. The - "others do IT too" argument is baseless and confirms the characterizations put forth at SBPDL... "stoopid is as stoopid does...? did...? gonna did...?". BTW - who caught the Tweet from the Steeler linebacker during the SF MNF game? "if I can't play then can't nobody play... Lights Out!" This gem offered by a Kent State graduate. Harrison was serving a suspension for illegally hitting a QB in the face with his helmet - a brutal hit that left the QB out with a concussion. Everybody does that too... Only in America.