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The Black Gold Rush in The Black Mecca Ends; More than 50 percent of Metro Atlanta Mortgages Underwater

Gold rushes end once the resource that attracted people to the area has been exhausted. Infrastructure that was quickly built to accommodate the influx of people instantly loses value once the economy that momentarily was based upon intense speculation collapses.

The Black Gold Rush into the Black Mecca has finally dried up
Once all of the gold has been successfully procured during a “rush,” the once booming town brimming with those hoping to strike it rich dies overnight. The primary engine for driving economic activity has ceased to produce, leaving ghost town where prosperity once seemed endless.

Bodie, California represents one of these ghost towns, a city where all economic activity and growth was connected to mining for gold; once the gold was gone, the city died.

The Black Mecca of Atlanta has represented a Black “gold rush” since 1973, when Maynard Jackson was elected mayor of the city and implemented massive affirmative action policies to enrich Black entrepreneurs who were required – by city law- to get 35 percent of city contracts.

It was Mayor Jackson, who in an article for Ebony published in December 1980 (The Airport that Maynard Built: Blacks reap bonanza at world’s biggest airport, by Bill Berry) bragged that he held a figurative gun to the white business community over the exclusion of Black involvement with the construction of what would become the world’s busiest airport:

So when Mayor Maynard Jackson had the audacity to insist that he would let crab grass grow on the site selected for the airport unless Blacks were given a “fair” share of the mammoth project, some of his critics began to wonder if he were in control of himself.

“You know, I never said anything publicly, but I thought Mayor Jackson was asking for too much,” confesses one Black Atlanta businessman who eventually reaped nearly $1 million from the airport project because of the mayor’s refusal to back down. “I mean, here Maynard was telling these white people – I mean, big industries and financial giants like Hertz and the airlines – that if Blacks didn’t get at least 25 percent of the action, there would be no airport, or they (the big businesses) would not be permitted to be a part of it. Let’s face it, you hear about affirmative action and all that stuff, but whoever heard of it working? Who ever heard of anyone trying to make it work? I was prepared to settle for whatever I could get, to make about $60,000 or $70,000, but thanks to the mayor I ended up with much more.”

(Mayor Jackson. “The word minority should not mean women. Women are an oppressed group, but they are not a minority; they are over 51 percent of the population. Minorities and women, as separate oppressed groups, must have affirmative action. But the word minority, by definition, design and inclination, cannot include White women. When I insisted on minority participation, I meant the inclusion of Afro-Americans. And I wasn’t talking about excluding anyone; my objective was to include everyone because it’s the right thing to do.”

Not exactly free, uninihibted markets? Government manipulation of the bidding process to ensure equality instead favored Black businesses owners and minority-majority owned firms started with the construction of Hartsfield International Airport, but in continued in every facet of contracting with the city of Atlanta (and Fulton County).

More to the point, public jobs in Atlanta (both Fulton County, the city of Atlanta, and MARTA) became almost entirely Black, with every department funded by tax-dollars headed and staffed – from the water board, sanitation, the courts, and voting boards – by Black people.

Whites need not apply for these jobs – or other non-Blacks – as a vice, a stranglehold has been placed upon public employment in the Black Mecca, the surest way to create a semblance of a Black middle class (just look at Prince George’s County for further evidence) in Atlanta.

But it’s all artificial. The wealth of the Black middle class is nothing more than an illusion, manifested by hyper affirmative action in government contracting and a reliance on public employment that the private sector (not even companies like Coca-Cola can employ enough Blacks) can’t replicate.

The Atlanta Paradox, edited by David Sjoquist, reports on p. 204 this about Black reliance on the public sector for employment:

Along with the denial that African Americans exhibit ethnic solidarity, it is popular to deny that the government sector can serve as a valid economic asset for creating business linkages. The public sector is seen as siphoning off black talent that could have gone toward business development or achieved influence in private-sector labor markets. However, first, the public sector clearly has been the source of the greatest accumulation of saving among African Americans which could be invested in business development… African American presence as mayors and significant city administrators was a major factor in increased ability of African American owned businesses to become large enough no longer to be classified as primarily self-employment. The importance oft eh use of municipal political power to engender large-scale stable employment among other American ethnic groups is well documented.
We already know that Black reliance on government jobs to create a middle class is not just relegated to Atlanta, but standard operating procedure by federal, state, and local governments nationwide

As evidenced by the almost non-existent Black entrepreneurship or small business ownership (economic activity of any legitimate kind) in once thriving Rockdale and Clayton Counties, the Visible Black Hand of Economics is beginning to catch up with The City too busy to Hate.

NPR noted in 2011 that the Black middle class in Atlanta was drying up, with government contracting eroding that Blacks had come to rely on so heavily because the odds were stacked in their favor (as opposed to unencumbered free markets that weren’t manipulated by Black-controlled government to favor Blacks):

Atlanta is a city where civil rights leaders are the namesakes of thoroughfares the way presidents and signers of the Declaration of Independence are in most other cities. There are boulevards named not just for Martin Luther King Jr. and former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young, but also for civil rights leaders Joseph Lowery and Ralph David Abernathy. Last year, Raymond Street was renamed SNCC Way, after the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.
But no place in Atlanta embodies the progression from the civil rights movement to political empowerment to economic development quite like the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The airport is named after the city's first African-American mayor, Maynard Jackson, who negotiated a unique deal for its construction.
That airport was constructed with a mandate of having at least 25 percent of all of the subcontracting opportunities going to minorities and women," says Thomas "Danny" Boston, a Georgia Tech economist who studies minority businesses. "First time anything like that happened in the country."
It was a kind of New Deal for blacks in Atlanta, and it grew into many other deals, including mandated set-asides for African-American and other minority contractors and subcontractors.
But the deals also made minority business disproportionately dependent on public sector work. Now, the shrinking of the public sector is having a disastrous effect on many African-American business owners, including electrical subcontractor Melvin Griffin.
Griffin's business depended heavily on public contracts for things like installing stoplights with red-light cameras. Now he gets less work and, in turn, he gives less work.
"Employees are down quite a bit," he says. "Right now, I'm only working about three people. Couple guys, I just told them don't worry about calling me because I really got no work for them."

So what do we mean by Black Gold Rush? Blacks have been flocking to the Black Mecca since Mayor Jackson established unprecedented statues that favored Black people in garnering city contracts. The Wall Street Journal reported that this trend has only increased since the dawn of the new millennium.

USA Today reported that the suburban population of metro Atlanta is exploding, fueled by Black migration to the once pure Whitopia’s surrounding The City too Busy to Hate:

Atlanta itself has actually grown whiter in the past decade while its suburbs have gotten blacker, according to Frey's analysis. Atlanta's population in 1990 was 67% black and 30% white; the suburbs were 71% white and 25% African American. By the end of the decade, non-Hispanic whites made up 39% of the city and 53% of the suburbs while blacks were 51% of the city and 31% of the suburbs.

No, the airport Mayor Jackson extorted
What does all of this mean? That the Black Gold Rush is over. Ghost towns are coming to metro Atlanta. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that half of metro Atlanta mortgages are now underwater (worth less than what is owed):
More than half of homeowners with a mortgage in metro Atlanta owe more than the house is worth, a new report says.

Their negative equity will slow a real estate recovery as some homeowners who would like to sell and move are "trapped in their homes," because they cannot afford to sell at a loss, said Zillow's chief economist Stan Humphries. It also makes foreclosure more likely if the mortgagee loses a job or hits other economic shocks, he said.
Zillow, the online real estate data and search firm, analyzed 35 million mortgages, including 778,870 in 22 metro Atlanta counties, to conclude 55 percent of mortgages here were in the negative range. That far exceeds the national average of 31 percent. Humphries pointed out that despite the high numbers, only 8 percent of metro Atlantans were delinquent on paying.
Employed homeowners who plan to stay in their homes long-term are not bothered as much by the "paper losses," he said, which makes the situation less dire.

Property valuations are directly tied to the standard of living created and sustained in a community. As metro Atlanta gets Blacker, each community is negatively affected with higher crime rates, business closings, and a drop in the quality of the schools (directly correlated to the majority race of the students enrolled in the school system).

Black property values are significantly less than white (or other race) in Atlanta – and nationwide.

With metro Atlanta getting Blacker – the allure of the Black Mecca and being part of the Black middle class that was 100 percent a manipulation of the free market by Black elected officials and Black cronyism – and property values falling counties that go majority Black (Clayton and DeKalb County), tax revenue begins to drop dramatically, immediately requiring austerity measures to be implemented:

Fiscal 2011, which starts July 1, is already a rotten apple on the teacher’s desk.
The avalanche began when DeKalb County school officials said last month that the system would be short $88 million in its 2011 budget. Since then, so many other shoes have dropped, it’s starting to look like a Rack Room out there.
On Thursday, Cobb County schools said their shortfall would approach $100 million. On Friday, Gwinnett County schools gave the same report: $100 million short. Clayton County said it will be nearly $63 million in the hole; and Atlanta, $47 million. Fulton County has said its shortfall could reach $120 million.
DeKalb now says its gap could hit $115 million. Those systems alone are facing total cuts of more than a half-billion dollars.

Fayette County, Gwinnett, DeKalb, Clayton… as each metro Atlanta county sees an increase in its Black population, the ability for each county to raise tax revenues to pay for teachers and improve infrastructure declines.

The Black Mecca is Underwater. The manipulation of the free market by Black radicals – and by a compliant Connected Capitalism of the Disingenuous White Liberal establishment in Atlanta – has created an unstable system --- a Black Hole from which no matter will be able to escape.

The Gold Rush is over. Ghost towns will now start popping up all over the metro Atlanta area, with Black people unable to create or sustain any of the local economies they take over as white residents flee the encroaching Black Undertow.

The white citizens of metro Atlanta have two choices, 1. Move to North Fulton (Alpharetta) and secede from Fulton County and immediately become of the richest counties in all of America  - or forever be taxed to support the lecherous South Fulton area of predominately Black residents who reside on tax dollars and public employment to subsist; or, 2. Leave Atlanta and never look back.

Regardless of what choice is made, a substantial part of metro Atlanta will eventually look like Bodie, California (go to Union Station Mall in Union City to see the truth of this statement), a reminder that the free market can’t be manipulated without devastating consequences.

A reminder that the Visible Black Hand of Economics will always appear. 

Because policies were enacted that attracted largely Black people (whose labor couldn't demand the same salaries in city's they left) to the Black Mecca to strike it rich - based solely on their race - the whole region is now in serious financial trouble. Atlanta was overwhelmed. The burden of employment of these Black people fell directly on the sustaining of Affirmative Action policies that run counter the laws of economics. 

Black Mecca Down: The Fall of The City too Busy to Hate is upon us.


Anonymous said...

It will be a long hot summer in the 'Dirty South.' And it all begins with BBW and UBW in Myrtle Beach and Miami Beach. Over/Under homicides commited by black this weekend. 55

get out from amogst them said...

In south africa its the same scenario, so one has to draw the conclusion that it has to be genetic, that this behaviour has its origins in DNA.

The black "middleclass" in south africa is also a miasma, its there, it looks real, but its not sustainable.

They are indepted to their back teeth, and they have learnt nothing about financial responsability, at work we get financial institutions hosting discussions about financial asstuteness and responsability, blacks are like daddy warbucks when they have money, they blow it all.

The public sector is the largest employer of the black middle class, in many households both parents are employed by the public service.

Needless to say they have totally corrupted the public service, bribes and extortion are the order of the day, the police are the the ones that do the raping and robbing and stealing and car jacking.

Doctors in public service hospitals rape patients, one famous episode, the doctor raped a rape victim who was there to do the post rape medicals.

Women who get raped by police, who were supposed to help them.

Teachers who rape students and tell the other students to close their eyes.

The public service is completely ruined, nepotism, corruption, rapings and sex in the office, its they way the black people like it.

Its totally disgusting going into a government department, going to a police stations is disgusting, these fat assed hate filled groids, who aren't literate, muster up enough energy to assist.

Its disgusting having anything to do with such dispicable individuals.

They are arrogant, self entitled, stupid, bad mannered and ill tempered, and they hate it that we as whites hate putting up with them.

South africa is well on its way to becomming another zimshitwe

Anonymous said...

Yep. First chance I get, I'm moving out of the south, up to a place like Vermont. Black folks don't much care for the cold. Must be something left from the good ol' Africa days. My only other hope is that all the rich assholes will stay out before I have a chance to get there. There needs to be at least a few places left in America where you can live a simple life without worrying about some black people or some rich people robbing you. Black people do it the violent way. Rich people do it the underhanded way.

Zenster said...

So, what's Atlanta's excuse? It's not as if they had a vanishing automotive industry like Detroit.

Black Undertow strikes again, and again and again and again and again…

Bogolyubski said...

Good and informative article. I think the comparison with the ghost town of Bodie is not nearly as apt as comparison with Detroit. One could visit Bodie (population 2) without any fear for one's personal safety, for example. Not so in Detroit, which is still populated by savages who would slaughter you with no provocation - and where the crime would simply go unreported even to the police (such as they are).

Anonymous said...

Atlanta was also the site of the public school testing scandal:

Fayette White Guy said...

All too real to me. Less than 30 years ago, the northern Fayette neighborhood I lived in was all-white. Now it's virtually all-black along with most of northern Fayette County. Clayton is even worse. I guess Peachtree City, Senoia, etc. aren't too bad....when are we going to stop running though?

"You can't go home again" is all too real to me.

Anonymous said...

Cultural enrichment at my local supermarket:

Zenster said...

Fayette White Guy: "You can't go home again" is all too real to me.

One is obliged to wonder if Black Undertow was the real inspiration for that quote by Thomas Wolfe.

Californian said...

All goes to show that the civil rights movement was essentially a fraud. For all the blather about judging-content-character, it was about blacks gaining supremacy via AA and every other racket they could get away with. Of course, there is nothing odd about that. Any functional group is going to press for any advantages it can grab, and then gin up an ideology to justify it.

The thing is, many white people have bought into this nonsense, which means they are justifying their own dispossession. White people want to believe that a magic kingdom of equality and harmony is in the future, if only blacks could be given one more program, or if one more mass act of underclass violence could be ignored.

It gets back to whites acting under a civilization-wide Stockholm Syndrome, justifying the actions of the people holding them hostage. What makes this all the more peculiar is that white peoples (at least in North American and Europe) are still in the majority, still hold most of the instruments of violence, still could regain control of their own societies. But they lack the will to do so, instead choosing to keep themselves plugged into The Matrix.

Most peculiar...

Anonymous said...


Bogolyubski said...

Californian: For all the blather about judging-content-character, it was about blacks gaining supremacy via AA and every other racket they could get away with.

Absolutely true. If white America would have had any clue about the actual content of St. Martin the Adulterer's character, it's possible the onslaught of BRA could have been prevented. Instead, the Ministry of Truth and federal judiciary covered up the content of his lying, plagiaristic and adulterous character. Worse, this son of perdition has been made into a type of secular saint - whom even putative "conservatives" (Glenn Beck and WND's Molotov Mitchell to name two) genuflect before. It's all a lie - the whole damned thing.

Anonymous said...

The government will eventually just give these properties to blacks via loan forgiveness programs. How can the banks recover their loans?, and in any case the houses are probably trashed both inside and out, what with blacks living in them. So who would want to actually buy any of the properties?

Every white who now owns a home, and is making a payment on time is pretty much a sucker in BRA.

Big Bear said...

Another flash mob of "teens", except this time, TPTB are refusing to release the video. I wonder if this form of censorship will become the norm?

Since the mob of "youths" was there on FREE Slurpee Day, there really is no need for a video to know who they are.

So CAL Snowman said...

I read an interesting theory the other day on the current state of South Africa and the genocide of the White Afrikaners. (Stop rolling your eyes Zenster you will like this one, it involves the Chinese)

So we are all in agreement that ceding South Africa to black power has been shall we say a "mistake." The Elite that governs and directs Western Civ. KNOWS that blacks cannot maintain a first world, modern civilization. THEY KNOW that handing over South Africa to the dusky hued hordes will completely destroy it and turn it into a facsimile of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Just like in Zimbabwe, killing Whites and stealing their farms and property will result in mass starvation and chaos. (This is where China comes into play)

As noted by Zenster and many others, the Chinese are also under the control of some kind of Cultural Marxist Elite but in a different form. Now according to the plan, the Whites in South Africa will be wiped out in a massive genocide by the Blacks. Within two years most of these Blacks will be starving to death as they are unable to feed themselves and the Western World will be too overwhelmed to intervene. This is already happening in Zimbabwe. Once the Blacks have mostly starved to death in South Africa, the plan is for Millions of Chinese to move in and take over.

It's a bit sad to say, but the modern world really has no use for the black race. It seems to me that they were slated for extinction by natural selection until that dastardly White man intervened with his Rayciss' science and technology. (I don't think this is an accident that the white race saved the black race from extinction.)

Church of Jed said...

PK- please get disqus for comments- make it easier on yourself and foster lively discussions.


Race hustling living legend and civil rights icon who sued Sandy Springs for being "too White" and told the nation that "White must do right" now demands more black judges, even though race is just a social construct, unless you are black, then its blatant and Fed. enforced Diversity privilege.

Groups call for more diversity on Fulton bench

Obviously, White Guv'nuh of Ga. is a racist, because he still has standards, albeit diluted by his Diversity worship-

"The governor celebrates the diversity of our vibrant state and he’s appointed African-Americans and other minorities to the important positions," Robinson said. "Governor Deal takes into consideration the importance of diversity in his appointments, but his first priority is selecting first-rate jurists."

Cheryl said...

Zenster said, in another thread: "Being able to use the word "nigger" is a first and crucial step in overcoming White guilt. It is one of the very few ways of escaping all fears of racism or concerns over accusations of it. Just as significantly, it is also a much needed blowback against Blacks who continue to use the word "nigger" unabashedly even as they screech whenever anyone else does. If Blacks are so opposed to anyone using the word "nigger", then they can damn well be the first ones to drop its usage and, for a major change, lead by example just this once."

No, no and as a liberal who is attempting to wake up my brainwashed brethren, NO.

I'm getting seriously fed up with the current narrative which pretends violent thugs are "victims" even as they go around committing random acts of terror and intimidation against innocent white people -- to be followed of course by legal extortionists like Al Sharpton. Just absolutely sick of it.

Anyway, not sure how I found this website but really appreciate finding that I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Believe me, plenty of liberals also feel the same way, but you folks make it MORE difficult for us to have the kinds of conversations which could actually be effective. So in the interest of my convincing those liberals still responding with a knee-jerk mentality, two things:

1) The n-word has gotta go. You would never convince me that some website was truly non-sexist if using the c-word was magically "understandable"; same thing. Just stop.

2) The other thing is that it's pretty obvious not all black people are alike, some of them are actually decent law-abiding citizens who make fine bosses, employees, neighbors and even son-in-laws etc. Yes really. If people here are going to keep assuming that every single black person is a retarded dope-fiend while every white dood is jesus incarnate, then it's pretty obvious that you're not in touch with reality.

In other words, most of the criticisms I'm seeing on this website are valid -- but only as long as you notice that all black people aren't like that. All white people aren't responsible law-abiding EITHER, some white people are just TRASH and some men in particular are just serial rapists operating under a protection racket -- or has the hypocrisy of the catholic church somehow flown under your radar? Genuinely intelligent people never conflate "some" or "most" with "all".

While liberals are definitely brainwashed and guilt-tripped into protecting and financially supporting a large contingent of resentful crazy black people, liberals still aren't completely stupid. Not all black people are like that. So stop giving liberals an excuse to write your objections off as racist.

Do you want to want to actually improve the situation for everyone in a way that is fair and relies upon personal responsibility OR is your purpose merely to whine your brains out with no limits and no consequences? Choose one because you can't have both -- allowing the frustrated to vent ONLY discredits everything you claim to care about.

Trust me, as someone who is finally beginning a concentrated effort to convince my liberal brethren of the validity of your core position regarding afrocentric behavior, I CANNOT link to the drivel here. NO LIBERAL CAN.

RDG said...

I lived in Roswell '82-'86. It was evident then that things were going to get very bad in Atlanta. I loved the city, but you knew it was a fake. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Paul, excellent article. Thank you.

Letters from Galt's Gulch said...

One of the best things about this site is the way Paul's material constantly grows and builds on what has come before.

Well done, sir.

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." --Benjamin Franklin

R Neville said...

Many of us have the same sentiment. For me, it is East St. Louis, Belleville, and Fairview Heights, Illinois. All are black ruled, or undertow towns now.
I do not know that in my lifetime that whites will ever stop running. We are too disorganized from censorship, brainwashing, and consumerism to put up an effective front against the plague.

Anonymous said...

Black Potemkin Villages on 'roids.

Prince Georges County, Maryland

Zenster said...

Cheryl: 1) The n-word has gotta go. You would never convince me that some website was truly non-sexist if using the c-word was magically "understandable"; same thing. Just stop.

Yes, the word "niqqer" needs to go. No doubt about it. The main difference being that there are not large, much less even relatively small, groups of women running around loudly, routinely and affectionately calling each other "©unt", a term which I thoroughly detest.

That Blacks indulge in the utter hypocrisy of calling each other "niqqer" whilst, simultaneousy, screeching about raycism whenever anyone else does it (no matter how justified), means only one thing; namely that they're acting like niqqers. And they damn well know it, make no f&%king mistake about that.

If only for this one time in the world's entire history, Blacks must lead by example if they want any sort of end to this. It's put up or shut up. Hell, I'd settle for just shut up, if there was any choice in the matter.

So, yes, the word "niqqer" needs to go but I think we all know just how likely it is that Blacks will set the pace and stop calling each other "niqqer". It's equally likely that they will ever stop engaging in TNB. Therefore, there is absolutely no valid reason, as of yet, to even consider putting an end to calling Blacks niqqers. None.

If ever it was the case, this is one situation where Whites are under ZERO obligation to lead by example; as they otherwise usually have throughout most of history.

Stephen said...

To Cheryl:

Do you not think we have heard the "they aren't all like that" excuse before? What I am about to say, no libtarded niggerlover has ever been able to refute, and if you can't handle this truth then by all means please keep your head in the sand.

A negro can only make a good employee or neighbor as long as he is strong-armed into that life by a vast White majority. Here's where the problems start. That magic negro is ethnocentric and will bring his colored brethren to leech off the White enclave. The magic negro has no intention of judging by character, he only says that he does so you will be more accepting toward him. Once these negroes are around each other and are no longer strong-armed by the White man's law or sustained by the White man's money, their true nature as a half-human wild animal incapable of building or sustaining civilization is revealed.

We do not need any negroes to make our lives better. There is absolutely nothing they can offer us that makes the collapse of our cities and infrastructure worth it. I treat all of them equally as a threat to Western Civilization. And if you will allow your daughter to marry a nigger then I treat you as a threat as well.

To get your head on straight start browsing as well as read more articles here.

Bob13!13 said...

Anonymous said...

May 24, 2012 12:57 PM

I'll help ya with an easy URL for that blog, some years back I purchased the domain name, I set it to forward to the race hatred blog several months ago.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Just saw a story on the net called "The rap music conspiracy" Look it up. I saw it on a sight called was about how 20 years ago the "Private Prison" industry was promoting criminal rap music so that the prisons would stay full. People in the music "biz" were investing in the prison "biz" to make even more bucks. I am sure everybody that goes on this sight knows that "fighting crime" is big money maker for a lot of people.

Anonymous said...


1) The n-word has gotta go. You would never convince me that some website was truly non-sexist if using the c-word was magically "understandable"; same thing. Just stop.

Wrong. The word perfectly describes what they are and how most people feel about them.

As for the websites that use that word, who cares about convincing someone who has a problem with that word of anything. Such people are almost certainly DWLs or brainwashed or brain dead people who aren't worth bothering with anyway.

The fact that so many people are starting to use that word again proves that more and more people are fed up with the behavior of the black savage and and are willing to call them what they are, which, again, means that you are wrong, Cheryl.

AnalogMan said...

Cheryl: The n-word has gotta go. You would never convince me that some website was truly non-sexist if using the c-word was magically "understandable"; same thing.

Sorry, does not compute. You're assuming that we would try to convince you that we're truly non-racist. Clearly, we are not. That's the whole point. Racism is the beginning of wisdom.

As for that KAGO-cultism (you "Know A Good One"), that also doesn't wash. Negroes are just generally inferior, because they're negroes (it's genetic). The exceptions among them don't change that.

Discard said...

Cheryl: I am aware that there are some good and decent Black people, but I do not believe that they can be separated from their more numerous undesirable brothers. It seems they've all got a cousin or four who are in and out of jail, a couple half siblings, and are otherwise personally connected to a host of people that have no business with civilized humans.
And having a Black son-on-law? I'd rather a dead daughter that be related to Mr (Black) Right's trash family, or have a bunch of grandkids who fall below average because their father was a statistical outlier and his offspring revert to the mean. I'd much rather mourn the dead than mourn the living.
Unkind and unfair as it may be to some individuals, Black DNA is a genetic pollutant and zero good comes from it.
We've given Blacks every opportunity, and destroyed whole cities in the process, not to mention the erosion of society from carrying on the pretense of equality. Note how you don't even have the freedom to speak your mind on race any more? Thanks, Liberals. Accepting the "good" ones only means that another generation will have to go through the same pointless struggle. "Nigger" is a vulgar word, and your friends may be put off by it, but it's you liberals who supported affirmative action, and illegal immigration and the whole multi-cult agenda, all the while insulating yourselves from the worst of it. I don't think that you hypocrites are in any position to object to redneck language, since you've spent the last 40 years shitting on us with your do-goodism.

Richard Woland said...

Greetings and Felicitations,

BRA reminds me of the Star Trek episode, The Squire of Gothos, where a super empowered child takes the form of an 18th century retired general who abducts Kirk and some of his crew hostage for his juvenile entertainment. Somehow this bored 12 year old managed to run away from his parents and was flying around the universe on a rogue planet dressed like some foppishly outrageous poof. Trelane could replicate the outwardly appearance of country gentleman of wealth and taste but had none of the inward qualities or temperament. Kirk ended up figuring out the fraud and was about to be crushed while trying to escape when this little boys mom and dad show up and send him to his room.

Ostensibly, Trelane’s character was that of a spoiled child but the writers were also subtly drawing a parallel with anyone who possessed more power than wisdom, maturity, or intelligence. Like some African dictator or Panamanian Field Marshal who can only maintain power by plundering his nation’s wealth to buy first world arms, Tralane was totally dependent upon his intellectual betters. Once their support was withdrawn he was sent to bed whimpering without dinner. If Gene Rodenberry were to reproduce the 2012 version of TSOG he could base it on a hypothetical black family that after having their day in the sun has their AA job, EBT card and section 8 housing taken away.

Dissident said...

Cheryl said, "Trust me, as someone who is finally beginning a concentrated effort to convince my liberal brethren of the validity of your core position regarding afrocentric behavior, I CANNOT link to the drivel here. NO LIBERAL CAN."

Look your point is taken, but I couldn't give a tinkers damn about liberals and their sensibilities. They are our enemies, they are the enemies of freedom and frankly I despise them with a purple passion.

We don't need them, we just need to activate enough of the conservative white base in this country to sweep the libtards from power. Screw them and the high-horses that they rode in on.

It's the liberal mindet that enables the Negro (is that better?) misbehavior, it's the liberal agitators that wreak untold havoc wherever they spread their sickness of multi-cult PC dogma. I have no sympathy or use for them. Good day.

Anonymous said...


If you have come around to a race realist viewpoint I would submit that you are no longer a "Liberal" Liberalism is predicated on the absolute position that all people are equal. I'm not sure why you are still self-identifying as one, but I hope you can work that out.

As far as using loaded terms, I agree. There are certain words which will short-circuit any conversation. Just like when someone hurls the word "racist". It immediately puts the other person on the defensive and makes any further rational discussion impossible.

When you trot out the tired old argument 'Not all of them are this way, etc...' I could hear the collective groan of all long time readers of this blog. It goes without saying that there are always exceptions to any general argument. But I can tell you from FIRST HAND experience, as I live near and work with many black people that as far as a race of people are concerned they are remarkably monolithic in their behavior, attitudes, and thought patterns. Most of the so called black middle-class makes a good show of parroting white behavior, but given the chance they will revert to black patterns of behavior in a heartbeat. As far as a future 'in-law' is me crazy, but I would find it incredibly sad and disturbing if someone in my family chose to end a genetic progression that took hundreds of thousands of years to fine tune by marrying someone of a different race. This is one of the pillars of the race realist position. It's not just the "behavior" of black people that is in question. Behavior is primarily influenced by genetics. The 'blank slate' theory of human development put forth by Franz Boas that dictates that all human populations have an equal capacity for intelligence and civility is a hallmark of modern Liberal thought and it is primarily that idea which is responsible for most of the social ills that this site addresses. You might want to re-examine that as well as other cherished liberal assumptions in your new found awakening.

Anonymous said...

2) The other thing is that it's pretty obvious not all black people are alike, some of them are actually decent law-abiding citizens who make fine bosses, employees, neighbors and even son-in-laws etc. Yes really. If people here are going to keep assuming that every single black person is a retarded dope-fiend while every white dood is jesus incarnate, then it's pretty obvious that you're not in touch with reality.

No one here or statistically very few here believe that ALL blacks are the problem however the proportion of blacks that are problematic is very large. Either directly or tacitly thru 'solidarity'. It becomes redundant to qualify a statement about blacks every time.

Anonymous said...

Actually Cheryl has a small point. Getting liberals to call them "Blacks" instead of the ridiculous moniker "African-Americans" would be a first big step.

Of course, she's only sucking on the red pill and hasn't swallowed it yet, evidenced by her use of the word "sexist". NAWALT, NABPALT, yeah, whatever. Go read some MRA sites while you're at it.

Anonymous said...

Um, why do we have to convince the liberals of anything, Charyl?

Liberals need blacks, blacks need liberals. This will never change. I used to be liberal, and I changed, but I did it based on my own experience, not because of something my friend Cheryl said to me.

I am just waiting for all of the liberals to be baptized by fire. Liberalism is an evil force. See Deconstructing Leftism for more details. I know liberals who have been mugged/robbed/assaulted/accused by blacks and are still liberals. I think it will take a few more beatings and rapes before they come around.

I have known many decent blacks, but they have affection for the black ghetto, which is a deal breaker for me. If they can get by without my money, then great. But they can't, and I am tired of our government mugging me so that they can exist to beat me. MOST blacks live in a state of victimhood. It is part of their culture to hate evil whitey. I know that MOST blacks think that whites are racist. They call us crackers and honkeys behind our backs when they go back to their black culture after work.

SBPDL is doing fine work here. Maybe you should start your own blog for the hesitant liberal converts.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl, here is why liberals and blacks need each other so despearately - blacks exist as objects of pity for white liberals, and provides them with an opportunity for transcendence through altrusim. People need religion, and liberalism fills the void for a Godless people:

"We don’t want the beautiful people; we want the ugly, so they can be lifted up. We want the poor, so they can be gifted with wealth. We want the foreign, the alien, and the dangerous, so we can extend to them the privilege of our birthright.

The purpose is to make ourselves feel good, not to care about them; they are the means to the end of our happiness, our uplifting moments, and our sense of well-being through altruism. And yet, when morning comes and the hangover passes, we see that even our well-intentioned acts have consequences and that perhaps those are more grave than a transient feeling."

Fayette White Guy said...

I work a second, part-time job in retail and we caught more black shoplifters last night. I live in an area where they are only maybe 10% of the population at the very most, yet the majority of the time they are the culprits. And profiling certainly does go on in these stores, as it should.

Anonymous said...

Fayette said:

"...we caught more black shoplifters last night."

Blacks sell and trade stolen goods in order to supplement their welfare benefits. Since we pay them to live, breathe, and eat, and reproduce, they have lots of spare time to become "entrepreneurs". This underground economy pays for expensive baby clothes, $200 athletic shoes, movie tickets, diamond rings, dinners at Red Lobster, plastic salon nails, import car leases, hair weaves, hip-hop fashions, and spinning rims.

Blacks park in my gentrifying neighborhood all the time, open up their trunks, and it's business time. Black women love to shop from trunks of cars. The hottest items are shoes, cosmetics, phones, detergent, real human hair, baby gear, electronics, designer handbags, designer fragrances, and jeans. I have seen them do their business in a BP parking lot too. (There is no such thing as private property in the ghetto...)

When blacks shoplift, they have no remorse because they are only taking what is rightfully theirs. Looting, to blacks, is a form of reparations for slavery and other past injustices imposed by evil whitey. As the economy tanks, blacks will not be hurt as much as whites, because they are already suckling on the government teat, which transfers 30% of whitey's hard-earned money to them, or they have AA public sector jobs and contracts and taxpayer funded pensions, or they are dealing drugs and stolen goods, or all of the above. I mentioned before that even middle class blacks purchase stolen goods and see nothing wrong with it. This makes a nice Christmas to go along with the free turkey and Holiday Ham they receive each year from the DWLs.

Be careful, though. We have a black president now, and black shoplifters are more emboldened than ever, beating up sales clerks who catch them looting. Or they call their friends and family to come and mug you after work and set you on fire. Have a plan.

Mutant Swarm said...

Cheryl, are you still here? You got flamed for a reason.

That reason is this: This is our "house." Figuratively speaking, you came into our "house," looked around, and said, "That painting is ugly. Take it down or I'm leaving."

What would your reaction be if somebody did that to you in real life? Why do you think we reacted the way we did?

I don't know how long you've been reading this site, but this appears to be your first post. If you're going to hang out here, get used to "that word." Most people here don't use it anywhere but here, I'm willing to guess; it's not like you're required to run down the street yelling "it" to be accepted here.

(As a matter of fact, in today's society that would be an act of stupidity, as blacks have been taught that if a White person uses "that word," you can do anything you want to that person and get away with it. It's a green light for some of the most sadistic violence imaginable.)

You're not even required to use it in your posts here. It's a choice to use or not use "that word." Free men and women can choose to use "that word" if they're willing to accept the consequences of their actions. If the price is too high, don't say "it." See how simple that is?

And see how simple it was to get you to at least think "that word" in the safety of your own mind? By using euphemisms like "that word" and "it?" Be honest, if only to yourself; we both knew what word we were talking about, didn't we?

An anonymous poster said, "Of course, she's only sucking on the red pill and hasn't swallowed it yet." If you haven't watched the movie The Matrix, you should. It's very analogous to the situation we're in. (And for the regulars, I know there's a Magic Negro™ in it; remember that Neo does all the heavy lifting.) Well, if you're reading this you've swallowed that red pill. Hang on!

FSR said...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hall a no-show at APS cheating tribunal

By Wayne Washington

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

It was teacher Camille Neely’s tribunal hearing Thursday, but retired Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Beverly Hall was, in many ways, the star of the proceedings.

And Hall wasn’t even there.

The former superintendent, who retired as the standardized test cheating scandal consumed her district, was subpoenaed by Neely’s attorney to testify at Thursday’s hearing.

The attorney, Michael King, said he wanted Hall to testify about whether she knew his client was accused of changing answers on the 2009 Criterion-Referenced Competency Test when Neely taught third grade at Gideons Elementary School.

Thomas Cox, an attorney representing APS, and Richard Dean, Hall’s personal attorney, noted that Hall, who didn't attend the hearing, received King’s subpoena Wednesday afternoon.

“She got it with such short notice, and she could not rearrange her affairs to be here,” Dean said.

King said that’s because he had been unable to locate Hall and APS refused to give him her last known address.

“Her testimony is relevant,” King declared. “There is no way we can get a fair hearing without that.”

Cox said the district had long ago told King it would not “spend taxpayers money” doing his job finding Hall.

The two sides wrangled for 90 minutes over whether Hall would be brought into the hearing and other procedural issues before the tribunal ruled that Hall was not subpoenaed in a timely manner and would not be required to appear Thursday.

The ruling meant that, for now, Hall would not have to answer questions publicly about cheating.

Her successor, Erroll Davis, also was subpoenaed by King, and he did appear -- marking the third time he has testified against employees he is trying to fire.

Davis missed a high school graduation as he was peppered for more than two hours with questions about what he personally knew about Neely’s alleged cheating.

He relied on the investigative work of others in recommending that Neely be fired, he said.

Neely -- who told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in an interview earlier this month that she did not change any test answers -- invoked her 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination some two dozen times when asked whether she had possession of test answers after the CRCT had been administered to her students, and, if so, how and why.

The tribunal adjourned late Thursday for deliberation.

Anonymous said...

A new study by researchers at Tufts University and Harvard Business School shows that whites believe they are victims of racism more often than Blacks.
More and more blacks are getting away with or getting least possible sentence by all black juries when they rape/murder whites. Black teachers and black school boards are turning a blind eye, and in some cases promoting racial attacks on white students.
Sadly most whites are being held down by rich whites who use racial issues and the white liberal traitor has become corrupted by their power in the black government.

Zenster said...

Cheryl, let me put it another way:

If over 68% of women consistently and openly addressed each other publicly, in music, in movies or privately as "©unts", would men referring to them in that same way automatically make them misogynists?

Face the question squarely.

The answer is a resounding "NO!" Women would have no right to object and doing so would be nothing but a supreme hypocrisy. In fact, to do so would fulfill much of what defines the vulgarity of that word.

No one person or group, be it ethnic or gender, can "own" a word for their exclusive use. Attempting to do so is an affront to the Freedom of Expression that is the right of all free people.

By pretending that it is acceptable for them alone to "own" the word "niqqer"―and to simultaneously wreak physical, legal or financial havoc upon anyone who violates such an arbitrary and preposterous demand―reveals every single last Black who defends such abject hypocrisy as nothing more than just another niqqer.

This is what happens when any group is legally allowed to have their cake and eat it too. Much of it is the handiwork of Liberals and this totally biased and unequal application of legal protection highlights the dysfunctionality of what passes for modern Liberal "philosophy".

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker again.....Back in 1960 I had a friend in California that was trying to get his Grandmother to stop using the n-word. He kept telling her the right word to use was "negro." She finally ended up calling them "niggeroes". I myself call them Mau Mau.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl. Now you have seen a few responses. Now you see you are an infil-traitor. I suggest you pick your side because when the SHTF you will get no sympathy...from either side.

Ni123 said...

Trayvon Martin Day declared at DC elementary school.

Listener said...

From The Seattle Times:

"Madrona dad killed by stray bullet as he drove through Central Area"

This is terrible because Madrona is a nice, white area that is essentially only accessible by briefly driving past Seattle's Martin Luther King Blvd. (the Central District). If it somehow became too unsafe to merely drive past this area, that could, in the long term, choke off and blackify Western Madrona, making the city a lot blacker. Madrona is constrained on the other side by Lake Washington.

Poor guy. Probably a hopelessly naive SPWL. First piece of evidence is that he lives in Seattle. Second, he was taking his kids to an Ethiopian restaurant in the Central District (!). Ethiopian food is objectively horrible. It was invented by a starving people. Just don't do it.

Discard said...

I sometimes participate in library book groups. A few years back, while discussing "Huckleberry Finn", a number of women were talking about how very difficult it was to even read the "N-word". They couldn't even say it, so strong was their revulsion. Well, bull fucking shit. They were actually competing to demonstrate who was the most morally developed, like a bunch of Victorian ladies threatening to swoon over the use of the L-word ("Leg". Decent ladies said "limb").
Imagine a group of educated adults, resorting to a childish expression like "The N-word" while discussing a work of literature, as if forming the word with one's mouth could somehow stain your lips. Out-moralizing your peers is a thankless task.

Discard said...

Ex New Yorker: about 50 years ago, the comedian Lenny Bruce had a gag in which Lyndon Johnson was learning how to say "Negro" instead of "Nigger". Just like your friend's grandmother, Bruce had LBJ saying "Niggero".

Anonymous said...

If you know 'a good one', and not all blacks are bad, then why don't you live/shop/entertain in black areas?

Don't feel safe? That's because you don't base your social policy on individuals, and as a group, blacks can't be trusted.

Believe it or not, I have more black friends than most white people, and I'm an eeeeeeevil racist.

It really is amazing, and frusstrating, how everybody has been indoctrinated with that childish 'I know a good one-so they're not all bad' idea.

One good one somehow invalidates every observation of their general nature, somehow.

Zenster said...

Listener: Ethiopian food is objectively horrible.

Quite obviously, you have not had well-prepared Ethiopian food. Their flat bread, called injera, is highly addictive. Think: a sort of airy buckwheat crepe the size of most pizzas but which has a delightful fermented tang. The two principal spices are berberé (chili peppers, garlic, ginger, dried basil, korarima, rue, white and black pepper and fenugreek) and shiro (ground chick peas plus other spices - sort of like falafel). Both are very similar to red and yellow Indian curries, respectively but with much less emphasis on ginger and tumeric.

Some classic dishes are doro wat (chicken stewed in a berberé sauce) and, my favorite, zilzil tibs (tender beef strips sauteed in purified butter, seasoned with onions, green pepper, fresh rosemary). All I know is that whenever I serve my Ethiopian cooking, nobody leaves anything on their plate.

For all of its shortcomings, which are numerous beyond doubt, Ethiopia is one of the world's oldest Christian cultures.

Listener said...


Fair enough. I've actually eaten at the restaurant mentioned in the article. I shall limit my critique to it and its soggy fermented injera.

Stephen said...

"For all of its shortcomings, which are numerous beyond doubt, Ethiopia is one of the world's oldest Christian cultures."

Being a Christian culture is a shortcoming.

Anonymous said...

Re Cheryl, "the n word", and spreading the message....

I first started seeking out and reading sites like this a few years ago. I remember one I came across had a forum section where several of the posters used icons for their ID's that were photos of Nazi SS soldiers from WWII.

Any American using Nazi SS soldiers as some kind of ideal or something to identify themselves as is a total f-ing mental case. What's worse is that promoting that kind of identity to present to the public is going to alienate EVERYONE from race realism except for the couple of dozen psychopaths who love jerking each other off with it.

I have used "the n word" occasionally and have even used it in rants on this board when really angry. However, when you're casually dropping the word "nigger" into conversation or wearing a Nazi armband you are aggressively repelling the very people you should be winning over. In fact, in my opinion, the pseudo-nazis do as much damage to whites with their weird-ass, brain-dead posturing as white liberals do. Maybe even more.

(How dumb do you have to be to identify yourself with a group that was not only a foreign enemy of America that killed many Americans in battle but is also one of the most notoriously hated, vilified groups in human history? Just from a tactical standpoint, it's incredibly stupid.)

We have a chance right now to win over the average white professional to race realism. White people are open to it in a way they haven't been in nearly 100 years. The black flash mobs, the relentless racist black-on-white crime, our openly anti-white media and the Trayvon nonsense - people aren't as willing to let their faces get mashed into lies as they used to be.

Jared Taylor, one of the best minds in the race realism world, doesn't run around screaming about niggers and doing fascist salutes. Why? Because it's dumb, first of all, and because it takes the whole subject out of the realm of rational, honest policy discussion based on facts and into an emotional, ad hominem gutter that is easily dismissed, especially by those in power.

I'm not afraid of words (including "nigger") and I believe in unrestricted speech but if we actually want to get anywhere policy-wise it is critical to make language work for us not against us. That's what the leftist scumbags learned a long time ago and have been using against us to their great advantage for decades.

Zenster said...

Stephen: Being a Christian culture is a shortcoming.

Only recently has that been the case. Whereas, for instance, being an Islamic culture has always been a shortcoming, no matter what era.

Listener, the platter you ordered may have been one where the main course is served on a bed of injera, in which it serves as an edible plate. If the service is slow, the bread really takes a bad hit. Next time, make sure to request that your injera is served separately and then load it up burrito or taco style and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Are we also still not allowed to use the word "niggard"?

Anonymous said...

"Are we also still not allowed to use the word "niggard"?

I guess it should be used niggardly.

Gregory said...

I moved to Cobb County in 1986 and left Cobb County in 2007. Moved out to Cheyenne, Wyoming and have never looked back and never regretted that decision. You can still walk downtown Cheyenne with your cash deposit bag under your arm and feel confident that you will make it safely and soundly to the bank. I heartily encourage all of my white brothers and white sisters to consider Cheyenne if you are of the mind to relocate.

Californian said...


First, thanks for posting. I'm interested in what liberals are thinking these days, how they can be reached and, to be honest, how they can be subverted.

Second, I did want to address a couple issues you raised. One is whether or not all blacks are "like that." As Americans we ought to judge each person on his or her own merits. The thing is, blacks refuse to allow this. Blacks, or at least their leaders/elites, judge all white people collectively, and based not only on what whites do today, but over things which happened centuries ago (slavery, segregation). Similarly, all blacks are to be entitled (pace AG Holder) because someone with the same skin color was supposedly discriminated against in eras long since dead.

Moreover, blacks do in fact act on a collective racial basis when it comes to confrontations with whites. Look at their response to L'affaire Trayvon Martin. Or to the Duke University trio. Or to Bernard Goetz. Look at how blacks in the USA rallied against white rule in South Africa...and now that the ANC is turning SA into another African corrupt human rights fiasco, how that country has slipped off of black America's radar screen. It's not unreasonable for white people to get a little concerned about their future when they see what has happened to white people under "black majority rule."

Look at the contradiction here: on one hand we are told that "race is just a construct;" on the other hand, that race is so real that centuries old grievances must be continually kept burning. But if blacks insist that whites be so judged collectively, then can you blame whites for doing the same in return? If segregation was a "crime" for which all white people are to be found guilty, then what of the collective outcomes of black behavior?

SBPDL has made something of a career of documenting how blacks have managed to wreck every major city for which they have been responsible. Look at Detroit, Atlanta, Newark, Port au Prince, Johannesburg, Kinshasha (or whatever it is they are calling Leopoldville these days), etc. And we can toss in such collective behaviors as flash mobs/wildings, an incredibly high illegitimacy rate (72%!), dismal educational culture, high violent crime rates (committing over half the murders in the USA), a seeming inability to create legitimate businesses in the free market, etc.

Of course there are many decent blacks. I've worked with many of them. A lot of us here have. But the thing is, there are many decent whites. And those whites are being made to pay for the alleged "crimes" of prior generations of whites. That payment may be extracted in the form of a job lost to AA, a child whose education is wrecked by forced busing, or a life lost to a flash mob.

It comes down to this: blacks (or at least their leaders/elites) seem to be demanding a race war against whites. What has allowed them to get away with it has been liberal dominance of government, media, academia. But many white people are waking up. And it just may come down to a war. But it's a war which blacks are demanding, and for which liberals are writing the ideological script.

A lot of people would rather avoid such a war. But they are not about to surrender, either. Since liberals do provide much of the justification and media for the black grievance industry, it is not unreasonable for increasing numbers of whites to look at those liberals as the real villains in this piece.

You might tell us the best way to cause liberals to knock off the race racketeering before the situation gets out of control. Yeah, this is heavy duty stuff, but remember: the terms are being set by the black-liberal alliance.

Anonymous said...

There won't be any race war between blacks and whites. The race war is going to be between DWLs and the other 80% of normal white people.

Anonymous said...

Tech9 said:

You know Cheryl, I really don't care what blacks say or do.

I also don't care how dumbass white liberals think. Your ilk caused this mess.

It's created a society of thug blacks who prey on whitey. Nothing happens to them.

A lone white person defends himself such as Zimmerman and they're about to hang him on the cross.

You know you would NEVER EVER venture into an all black neighborhood at night. You'd either be raped, sodomized and then probably killed. That's after all the little Trayvon's have their way with you before you die.

All blacks are racist, you get over it and tell your stupid anti-white white friends you have. I don't care how long you've known a non-white, when SHTF, he/she will always side with their own tribe and run over you in the process.

Cheryl, blacks don't like you. Get it? They wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.

Google 2007 Knoxville murders to see black savages. How about the 2001 Wichita murders?

Californian said...

If you haven't watched the movie The Matrix, you should. It's very analogous to the situation we're in.

A similar movie is Equilibrium, which has elements of The Matrix, Brave New World, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Metropolis, Fahrenheit 451, et alia in it. Hero is a white guy rebelling against a society which drugs its citizens into compliance, alienating them from their own civilizational heritage. Interesting thing is that there is a Morpheus type character who turns out [SPOILER!] to be one of the bad guys.

Which gets me to my point. Hollywood does turn out movies which are metaphors for the current situation. Look at Dark City, Truman Show, 13th Floor, and especially Fight Club. All have a (white) hero who rebels against a system which has pulled the wool over everyone's eyes. The hero realizes his powers, or forms a warlord band, to rebel. The rebellion is in terms of breaking free of society's delusions and living a true life.

The popularity of these movies indicates that people realize something is wrong out there, and see these movies as explanations for processes which are not otherwise covered in public debate. The question is, how do you convert this awareness into political action?

Zenster said...

Californian: It comes down to this: blacks (or at least their leaders/elites) seem to be demanding a race war against whites. What has allowed them to get away with it has been liberal dominance of government, media, academia. But many white people are waking up. And it just may come down to a war. But it's a war which blacks are demanding, and for which liberals are writing the ideological script.

A lot of people would rather avoid such a war. But they are not about to surrender, either. Since liberals do provide much of the justification and media for the black grievance industry, it is not unreasonable for increasing numbers of whites to look at those liberals as the real villains in this piece.

You might tell us the best way to cause liberals to knock off the race racketeering before the situation gets out of control. Yeah, this is heavy duty stuff, but remember: the terms are being set by the black-liberal alliance.
[emphasis added]

A superb close to an overall excellent comment, Californian. Liberal America (and Blacks, for that matter), may never get a more lucid warning shot across their collective bow than what you have just written.

Stephen said...

"The question is, how do you convert this awareness into political action?"

Sir the first rule of Project Mayhem is you do not ask questions.

Anonymous White Male said...

Cheryl said”

“a liberal who is attempting to wake up my brainwashed brethren”

This is the crux of the biscuit. You still see yourself as a “liberal” You still don’t have the intellectual honesty to admit that you have been an utter fool. You’re still trying to hold on to the self-righteousness of “they want to be called fill-in-the-blank”. An intelligent, honest person wouldn’t care and wouldn’t allow some twat to pose as somehow “morally superior”. Yes, Whites historically called negroes “niggers”. So what? It’s just a word. Why is it that “niggers” are so weak and insecure that a word can cripple them into being incapable of acting civilized? Whites really did want to give “niggers” a chance. They were given federal citizenship, something that Indians weren’t allowed to have at that time. They were freed. Did they create anything that would lead anyone to believe they are equal with other races? Did they move out West where they could build their own societies, free from the repressive malevolence of Whitey? When given control over cities and countries that were created by Whites did they maintain it in a civilized manner?

Over the years, “niggers” were incapable of existing at a White level of civilization. Whites that dealt with “niggers” knew why. It was because they were “niggers” But, Whites were shamed by self-righteous “cunts” to believe that there was some invisible, insidious force that prevented “niggers” from acting civilized. So, some Whites declared war on the word “nigger”, thinking that if we just made them feel “wanted” they would shape up. So, Whites were told to call them “negroes”. But, after awhile, “niggers” didn’t like being called “negroes”, so we had to soothe their injured pride and call them “blacks”. Soon, that too became verboten. So we were required to call them African-American, even though they had nothing to do with Africa and all Africans aren’t black. It seems regardless of what we call “niggers” the word we use becomes an insult. Not because of White intransigence but because “niggers” act like “niggers”, regardless of what you call them. And since they only interpret concessions as signs of weakness, they continue to whine to get more and more concessions. And there is always some liberal “cunt” that will make excuses for them. I tell you what. Let’s give them one more chance. Let’s call them “Chocolate Love Bunnies” this time. Because, women love chocolate, all you need is love, and bunnies are such soft, cuddly creatures that no one is afraid of.

Look, “liberal”. A single good “nigger” is not the issue. The issue is that single individuals belong to a larger group. And you “liberals” have made it impossible to address “niggers”” effectively because we are expected to judge the whole based on single instances. Unless, of course, you can declare us morally reprehensible because 100% of “niggers” aren’t what more than 50% of them are: worthless, or worse than worthless. You have a choice. Your own race, or a race that has thousands of years of history of being “niggers”. Decide for yourself who you wish to be around. Of course, we know the answer to that. Even “niggers” don’t want to be around “niggers”.

Anonymous said...

(North Georgia) Outstanding responses for Cheryl, I was going to respond but, you guys took care of business way better than I could have. I'm just months new to this site. I'm addicted! Great Job Paul, as usual

Anonymous said...

Did they create anything that would lead anyone to believe they are equal with other races? Did they move out West where they could build their own societies, free from the repressive malevolence of Whitey?

An interesting thought experiment: How would post-Civil War history have played out if blacks actually were as intelligent, emotionally regulated, future-oriented, and inventive as whites?