Friday, May 18, 2012


It's been a quiet week here at SBPDL. When one is preparing for battle, meticulous planning, research, reconnaissance, and a strategy must be in place - hammered down - before the first shot is fired.

Year Four Begins: RISE
In what spare time is available, I've finished off 20+ books on a particular subject matter and scoured over hundreds of articles from newspapers and magazines: it's now time.

Today, May 19, 2012 marks the end of year three of Stuff Black People Don't Like

It was this year we learned the reality of Obama's War on White America: it was just a continuation of policies that have been in place since a fateful day in 1948 ended the Old Republic and enshrined into law Black-Run America (BRA). It was Mein Obama who merely put a Black-face on the occupational government that dares turn every city in America into a Detroit, circa 2012.

Today, we embark on the final year of SBPDL. This was never a project that would endure indefinitely, but something which started as joke (three years ago today) that became, well, something else entirely. Over the next 365 days, I plan to do everything humanly possible here and at other sites to work toward the moment when the phrase "co-exist" is no longer tolerated. When "exist" re-enters the lexicon. Permanently.

 I can't thank the readers of SBPDL enough for that and those who have watched as this site has grown into something very personal and been a major part of this site's success.

Thank you.

At the precise moment - for maximum effect - the I Can See campaign will kick off. Plans are in place as I write this for its genesis. All it takes is the order.

 We could have been on Mars, but instead we find ourselves on May 19, 2012 staring into an uncertain future, seemingly one filled with darkness and devoid of all hope.

An entire nation Detroit-ed.

And thus, year four begins.



Letters from Galt's Gulch said...

The time to rise has been engaged.

MuayTyson said...

Good luck Paul and God's Speed!

I honestly get sick of bitching on the internet, watching my mouth in public, and my business. White people should be able to sing from the roof tops of the pride and joy they feel just being White. Western civilization with few mistakes relative to the success has tamed the World and made it a place of limitless potential for EVERYONE. Knowingly or unknowingly the DWL have destroyed that ability to reach that full potential and for what? So they can feel good about a few dusky pets who would just as soon rape and kill them.

DWLs are just like the owners of vicious dogs or dangerous exotic animals they feel a sense of superiority and uniqueness until the fateful day someone is killed or has their face chewed off then it is time for the deluge of excuses. Somethings are not meant to be tamed or domesticated but appreciated in their own habitat where everyone is happier and safer.

90404 said...

and Thank You!

Anonymous said...

You're quitting? NOW, just as things are going to start getting interesting?

That sucks. I mean, it's not like us white people are ever going to revolt or anything; we NEED websites like this to keep us occupied. And to make us feel like we're making some sort of difference.

formerly no name said...

Unfortunately, USA has become the neo-Bolshevist beast. Nothing good will happen until the American Empire is crippled and/or the USA is broken up.

PC was born in the US and exported to the rest of the world. See, as examples, Paul Gottfried, Conservative Swede or George MacDonald Fraser on this.

Anonymous said...

Paul, the final year? I'm hoping that this site continues its great success and you must continue. I read many sites and this one (meaning YOU) have no equal.

Mr. Rational said...

I suspect that Paul means this is the make-or-break year; either BRA is discredited and the process of dismantling it begins in earnest, or the entire Alternative Right and White racial awareness is tamped down by a new Stasi.

10mm AUTO said...

"We could have been on Mars, but instead we find ourselves on May 19, 2012 staring into an uncertain future, seemingly one filled with darkness and devoid of all hope."

Hold your Ground! Hold your Ground! Men of America, Men of Europe, my Brothers! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the Heart of me. A day may come when the courage of Men Fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not THIS day!

An hour of blacks and shattered cities when the Age of Whites comes crashing down, But it is Not This Day! This Day We Fight!

By all you hold Dear on this good Earth I bid you STAND, Men of the WEST!

Wulfram said...

Be a shame to see this site go. You have done a great thing in the past three years.
Can you give we who do not know of your other work on sites you are writing for links so we can keep up with your work there?
I am assuming you are going to keep writing and spreading your message elsewhere still.
Thanks for the eye-opening articles and news that would not have been exposed without your work (and all the commentors who contributed greatly to the web site with their views).

YIH said...

Well time for the Treeboon update: Witness Told Cops He Saw Trayvon Martin Straddling George Zimmerman And Punching Him "MMA Style".
And here be Treeboon at da sevenleven, he actually done bought da skittles and da waddymelon ice-T.
Yes, it really was watermelon flavored!
[Insert jokes here]

Wulfram said...

Um, sorry, maybe I cannot read right?
I (re-read) your Y4:RISE and I am happy to see you are with us for one more crazy last year. What is left of 2012 WILL be something to (write home about) I am sure!

Mutant Swarm said...

As much as I will miss this site, I agree with your decision to make this the final year for SBPDL. This fight needs to be taken off the internet, and back into the real world.

To everyone who reads this site, this is your warning order. Make sure you are prepared.

Porter said...

I plan to do everything humanely possible

I wouldn’t even be humane about it. Though I like the concept of “exist.” Because that is the inner piece of the left’s Matryoshka doll: White existence. All of the outer layers are costume theater for the underlying tribal war. And tribal warfare will live until man does not. The winners write history books and the losers become museum exhibits. And those that actually fight tend to be those that actually win.

We need to start fighting.

Anonymous said...

i laughed with this site a few years ago, when it was still a funny joke.

now, it's not funny anymore.

this fine SBPDL blog has managed to transcend humor and evolve into a serious discussion of a serious problem facing society.

congratulations to SBPDL.

i am now a regular reader -- i enjoy the articles and come back to each post several times to read the comments.

thank-you for doing the job that is not being done by CNN, MSNBC, the NY Times and the rest of the mainstream media.

and here is a little link, just to annoy and anger my fellow SBPDL readers -- black man has 30 kids he can't support.

Discard said...

Just wanted to say how pleased I am to not read about sports in recent months. I've always read and defended the sports posts, both because it's P.K.'s blog and because I see the point of them. But I suppose we've moved on, and I'm glad of it.

Anonymous said...

It's like when David Bowie and the The Who accounced their "final tours." They kept going for decades after that.

Anonymous said...

I love that there is a timetable instead of simply sitting back and waiting for someone else to shape our future.

I am hopeful and fearless and ready.


Zenster said...

Today, May 19, 2012 marks the end of year three of Stuff Black People Don't Like.

A hearty congratulations is due to you, Paul. Job well done and, please, keep up the good work.

Zenster said...

Excellent comment (@ 11:37), MuayTyson.

Former Seattle Resident said...

Paul, thank you so much for all your amazing work!!!


NEGRO "RANDOMLY" STABS PRETTY WHITE WOMAN AT TARGET STORE IN DALLAS TEXAS! It gets charged only with 'aggravated assault' (not 'attempted murder' & only a $25,000 bond! WTF!

Check out the comments - everyone there can "see". Watch the video and see the photo of the pretty white woman who is the victim.

Man accused of stabbing random Dallas shopper



Posted on May 18, 2012 at 10:41 PM

DALLAS – A Dallas man remains in jail after police say he randomly stabbed a shopper inside a Target store.

Police say Antowann Davis, 30, walked into the Target on Marsh Lane around 9:15 p.m. Thursday and took a butcher knife out of its packaging in the kitchen department.

Martha Jones, 29, said she was browsing inside the store when Davis walked past her and shoved the knife into her lower back.

“I felt something behind me,” said Jones, a Dallas-based lawyer, from her bed at Parkland Memorial Hospital. “He stabbed me in the back and kept walking.”

Jones remained in the hospital in good condition Friday.

She said Davis never spoke to her, or even tried to grab her purse. She said she had never seen him before.

Although court documents say Jones lost a lot of blood, she was able to call for help and provide security a good description of the suspect. Dallas police arrested Davis a block away.

Davis faces an aggravated assault charge, and remains in the Dallas County Jail on a $25,000 bond.

Former Seattle Resident said...

Hi Paul, I'm not sure if I provided the correct link to the story of the white woman stabbed in the Target store in Dallas. This is the one with all the video that has the photo of the victim and all the comments from "those who can see".

Target Shopper Stabbed Inside Store

Man grabs knife, attacks unsuspecting shopper at random, police say

A man took a butcher knife from the housewares section of a Target store on Thursday night and stabbed a female shopper in the back, Dallas police said.

It happened about 6:30 p.m. inside the Target at Loop 12 and Marsh Lane.

Antowann Davis, 30, apparently picked the woman at random and dropped the knife inside the store before fleeing, police said.

Davis was arrested by arriving officers near the store, Lt. James Walton said.

The victim, identified as Dallas attorney Martha Jones, was stabbed in the lower right back, "causing pain and profuse bleeding," according to the police report.

A woman who answered the phone Friday afternoon at Jones' office said she was doing better. Jones is an associate at the prominent law firm Fish & Richardson.

Antowann Davis was jailed on $25,000 bond. He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Shoppers outside the Target said they were surprised at the attack.

"You wouldn't expect it at Target," said one woman. "It's kind of scary."

A Target spokesman did not immediately return a phone call late Friday seeking comment.

Bemused stare said...

This is what we are up against. We are apparently haters just for wanting to survive.

Zenster said...

formerly no name: PC was born in the US and exported to the rest of the world.

Bullsh!t. Get your facts straight.

The History of Political Correctness

~AV~ said...

I will celebrate my whiteness by partying at Sturgis 2012,

I have waited for years to go and party with the best of unapologetic red white and blue Americans....I just don't believe we will be seeing roving hoards of negroids wanting to start shit with bikers!

Anyone else here going?

I'll be staying at Camp Glencoe...

Anonymous said...

Please look at the comments! People are finally starting to come to grasp the situation at hand. Many of the comments I would expect to see on this site, but these are just people visiting a local news website. I'm slowly starting to gain a little hope.

Anonymous said...

I can't blame Paul.

If you want to have a good job, you must toe the multiculti line.

God help him if those who mustn't be named get involved.

Paul's done more than his part, certainly more than I have.

God bless him and thanks for his effort.

Anonymous said...

Crazy looking black randomly stabs white woman at Target store in Dallas TX - check out the comments!

Anonymous said...

Here is the website of the white woman who was stabbed at Target in Dallas:

xthred said...

Excellent vid from Mr L's Tavern

Van said...

Oh the times, they are a' changin'...

back to how they used to be. Back to the right way. Back to freedom of association and speaking obvious truths openly in public.

An article calling black studies programs what they are, and the author refusing to apologize even after being fired. NC states' attorney looking into black studies programs for fraud. O'Reilly calling the police and media out for covering up black on white crime. Maryland politician McDonough stating that roving black thugs are attacking people.

Its happening people. It'll be ugly. When parents finally get a backbone and discipline a spoiled child, the child always rebels. Blacks won't respond well to being called out for what they are and what they do. They've had decades of coddling, pandering, and outright ass-kissing.

Anonymous said...

'Fred On Everything' said he was gonna quit once too... You'll be back.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Who said anything about quitting? This will be the final year of SBPDL. It's going to be a hard-hitting next year, but on May 19, 2013, SBPDL evolves.

That's what the next 365 days leads too.


robins111 said...

I only started reading a short time ago.. its a hysterically funny and pathetically sad site.. not what you've created or posted, the fact that this site is documenting the slow destruction of a once great nation... incidentally, congrats in the start of the new year. A Canadian..

Ray Scissom said...

So you can commit premeditated attempted murder at Target and stab someone in the back and get bail, let alone $25 bond? What. The. Fuck?

This judge should be pelted with rocks and dog shit every time he/she pokes a head outside. I'm absolutely appalled. Not surprised though.

If a white dude walked into a chicken place and stabbed some black woman in the back, we'd never hear the end of it and the perpetrator would never get bail.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the interesting site & enlightening book.Everyone has stories..especially whites who had to flee on several occasions once good neighborhoods who became so dam violent & scary due to black crime. I think whites need to vent about the stress & cost of trying to live in peace only to have SECTION 8 move next door!

Anonymous said...

For what it counts, I didnt see anything about quitting in the post. EVOLUTION. We can see it happening and seeing is the first step.

Simon Jester said...

This is what we are up against. We are apparently haters just for wanting to survive.

Your linkee no workee. Try this one:

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......A couple nights ago I talked to an in-law that lives in Florida. He had just spent nearly two weeks in New Orleans. He told me every night on the news it is nothing but a crime report about all the people being murdered. It is none stop. The good news is that almost all the people being killed are black. Blacks killing blacks. No big deal.

Ileyne said...

@Paul: "Who said anything about quitting?"

What a relief. I've been in a funk all day long thinking the only "I can see" site was about to disappear from our sight.
Your work here is priceless, Paul.
Well done, and keep up the good work. We need you, especially given the bummers to be found at the "Resettlement Watch," link which follows.
As if we don't have enough homegrown groids, 'they,' are importing more.

Click here for "Resettlement Watch"
Website and reportage on even more colorful, vibrant potential criminals being imported.

Anonymous said...

God bless you Paul.

You are a modern day patriot for our people.

YIH said...

From the comments on Vox Day's Blog:
Boris May 19, 2012 10:56 AM

@Dr. J
Perhaps you'd care to enlighten us on all the countervailing evidence that disproves the notion that black america constitutes a brokem culture of violence, dependence and barbarism.

I have on intention to disabuse you of your particular racist beliefs. That seems an impossible task, and one likely to lead to frustration all around.

I will say that these racist views have long been losing their status in society. In the free market of ideas, such opinions are losing, going the way of horse-based transportation. During this decline, society has improved in myriad ways--an explosion of wealth and life expectancy. Sure, this is a mere correlation, but I think it is one that even racists would argue has some merit since they tend to downplay Western society's rise while simultaneously predicting coming race-wars, declines, collapses and holocausts.

To be certain, there are racial issues, but they tend to resolve with greater wealth and with the passage of time from the era of state-sponsored segregation.

I hope that if you think my conclusions are wrong about the abject failure of racism to win adherents, you will continue to espouse your views in public so that you may prove me right or wrong in your own small way.

Italics and bold used for highlighting. But here's what got me, he couldn't argue the point AND HE ADMITS IT:
I have on intention to disabuse you of your particular racist beliefs. That seems an impossible task, and one likely to lead to frustration all around.
This is likely a DWL, he can't say ''You're wrong! And here's why!'' all he can say is ''There's this big pile of money just hidden away somewhere and when we find it everything will be just fine''
There is no ''pot of gold at the end of the rainbow''.
We wanted to belive it was in ''the dot-coms'' in 2000. No pot of gold (and it's not in Failbook either).
We wanted to belive it was in Real Estate in 2005, and found out nope, not there either.
Now we are forced to deal with the reality that there is NO ''winning lottery ticket'' that can make blacks equal to Whites.

AnalogMan said...

Re: the woman stabbed in Target. I followed those links, but the page seems to have been removed, and the NBC comments have been sanitized. Only about a dozen comments left, all of the "gee, ain't it awful, some crazy people out there" type.

Here's hoping all those people whose comments got censored get the message and spread it around.

Anonymous said...

RE: Dallas Butcher Knife Ch*%#out -

The news says Martha Jones is a lawyer ... hmmmm. Any chance she's some kind of 'civil rights attorney'? Some kind of 'crusader for social justice' who represents downtrodden people of color?

Maybe, just maybe, justice was (inadvertantly) served ....

YIH said...

This got me: ''I realized this could power a radio''
An african in africa figured out that a windmill could generate enough electricity to power a radio.
And cobbled together a windmill to power a radio.
And WSHH calls this ''Story Of The Week: 14-Year-Old African Genius Makes Electricity For Village!''.
Africans make 'Gilligan's Island' look like an advanced civilization!
Who knows in 10,000 years africans might even figure out how the whole 'airplane' thing works!

So CAL Snowman said...

"Hold the line. Stay with me. If you find yourself alone, riding in green fields with the sun on your face, do not be troubled; for you are in Elysium, and you're already dead! Brothers, what we do in life, echoes in eternity."

We are all Gladiator now.

Chevelle - Arise

"You either fail or you rise, and reach to other worlds. Right through the needle's eye. Come take your first look inside."

xthred said...

I like the hopefulness here but I don't share it. We'll see.

Anonymous said...


Rise and Rise Again Until Lambs Become Lions...

I hope all realize that it won't be all whites who stand up in fact it won't even be half the whites who do but rise we must.

Anonymous said...

Top 10 Blackest parts of the UK

1. East London
2. Ilford
3. South east London
4. Luton
5. Romford
6. Oldham
7. Enfield
8. North London
9. West London
10. Harrow

Top 10 Unhappiest places

1. East London
2. Ilford
3. South east London
4. Luton
5. Romford
6. Oldham
7. Enfield
8. North London
9. West London
10. Harrow

Woulda US listing be similar?

Anonymous said...




formerly no name said...

Bullsh!t. Get your facts straight.
The History of Political Correctness

more on this
America is seen as right-wing in the current political theater, however historically America together with France has been the main force in pushing our civilization to the left.

After WWII European patriotism was seen as the root of the evil, which had to be held down. The only permitted patriotisms where American and Israeli. Britain and France got away with some, but after the Suez crisis in 1956 they were effectively out of the picture too. Now offensive military actions were only accepted from America and Israel.

In the 50s and the 60s America and Israel were celebrated as model countries of progressivism. European conservatism had been rooted out in the cultural revolution imposed upon America in Western Europe. Adorno's The F-Factor describes European conservatism as a psychological pathology related to fascism. But the Europeans learned fast. First they learned to follow the American example and see America as the model country. The Europeans could pick this up fast since the ideas were rooted in the Christian gospels. But soon they learned that America didn't live up to code of moral goodness that they had imposed on the Europeans. And left-wing anti-Americanism was born. And to be precise, even anti-Americans wasn't born in Europe but also imported from the US.

The problem for America was that in their quest to end all "evil" empires, they had effectively become the big empire themselves. E.g. inheriting the role of maintaining the Pax Britannica. Then they had to do all the sort of things they had taught the Europeans were wrong. The Europeans soon learned to beat the Americans in their own game, becoming the leading in progressivism and "holier than thou". And curiously enough, thus America ended up being seen as right-wing. The original right-wing had been rooted out in a collaboration between America and the European socialists in the wake of WWII.


Anonymous said...

I like this music.

RobertB said...

"~AV~ said...

I will celebrate my whiteness by partying at Sturgis 2012,"

Some words of advice from someone who has been there many times. Every cop within 500 miles will be there. You are thrown in jail for minor infractions, must pay a high bond to get out--as no one expects you to come back for a trial. Just cracking the pipes on your Harley can get you jailed. Almost from day one you will see a long line--a block or more, of people waiting to bail their friends out of jail.

The Angels hang out in Spearfish Canyon. They own it during bike week--stay out of there after dark--even if you are with real bikers. If you aren't one of them, you can end up in serious trouble. The founder of the Angels owns a ranch up there. They have no morals--what so ever. Bear that in mind.

The real bikers do not hang out in Sturgis itself--that's mostly for baby boomer want to be's. A few go in, but that's about it. Make sure you bring a hand gun and sleep with your bike tethered to your wrist at night if you are camping. Don't ride anything other than a Harley if you don't want to be ridiculed or punched in the face by a drunk. The hookers all belong to real bikers, so watch yourself.

Make sure you take a ride up to "the Needles"--beautiful area and an excellent restaurant at the top.

Anonymous said...

I am very distressed that you're talking about SBPDL's final year. This blog has extremely helpful to me in terms of letting me know that I'm not alone in my feelings about America' dark demise. It has also allowed me to vent my frutrations to others who feel as I do. PLEASE, PLEASE reconsider about this site's end. Have you considered delegating and having someone else continue it, with you in a purley advisory capacity? Please don't let this site die. THIS SITE IS EXTREMELY VALUABLE AND IS VERY MUCH NEEDED.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Paul. I enjoy your site, although I don't always know how I fit. Like the white female commenter on the last post, I was also born and raised with my eyes firmly shut, in a large city (majority Latino) with very few blacks. I never experienced TNB personally until I was in my twenties.

Like another female commenter, I am also hopeful. Unlike her (she stated she is fearless), I am scared. Scared for my family. Scared for our future.

The purpose of my comment today is simply to inform other commenters of my existence. I don't comment regularly, preferring to defer to the calm brilliance of Zenster, et. al.

Those of us who read this blog are not all the same, not even the color of our skin. I am proudly married to a Beta male. Some readers will sneer at this. I am proud because he is a brilliant mind and a superlative father. He is not a gun-toting he-man, however, like my own father. We are cautiously trying to ease into gun ownership/training. Fortunately for us we live on the outskirts of the closest metro area and are able to avoid dangerous areas for the most part.

We are not DWLs, but we have not cancelled our cable television. My point is, there is a huge chasm between "seeing" and "doing". I pray there is room on the ark for us.

Anonymous said...

Alas, I'm very saddened by the imminent departure of SBPDL. How will I connect with others who also have sever Negro Fatigue? I have already startes searching for comporable sites, and here's what I've found so far: It's called The Field Negro:

Anonymous said...

Must read about the savages terrorizing new orleans ,the next detroilet

Poor jaymalis


Anonymous said...

What does the young buck in this photo resemble?


My city is rife with aspiring rappers like this hoodrat


Zenster said...

None of which changes the fact that Political Correctness originated in Bolshevik Russia. Yes, America trails slightly behind Europe in aggressively implementing PC agendas but it must never be forgotten that PC infections are transmitted through the virus of Cultural Marxism.

After the Cold War there should have been an equivalent of the Nuremberg Trials where top Soviet leaders were tried and executed for crimes committed by Communist Russia. This would have gone a long way towards discrediting Marxism and starting the process of rooting out Communists in America's academic and media institutions.

The damage done to our entire world by Soviet Russia is incalculable.

Anonymous said...

Seems this site will evolve as will our formerly great nation, though hopefully, not in the same way. Our current form of government, as has been shown repeatedly throughout history, is, by its very nature, a temporary or transitional state. Citizens will elect politicians who cater to them, not the responsible candidates who would say "No!" This is not sustainable over an infinite period of time and will, as history has shown, transition to a socialist, communist, fascist or nazi state. Hard to see the forrest for the trees. I don't know anyone who likes to face this reality as they have lived through very prosperous, and decadent, times and can't come to terms with an understandably hard to swallow change. This is especially true for those who have children and want them to have a good life as well.

There are those who always profit from these evolutions and have learned, over time, methods to hasten the transition. This is what we are experiencing at this juncture. Our party system of politics gives us the illusion of having choices. We don't. Whoever is in the position of POTUS is used to further the agenda of the truly powerful. These people are not secured by imaginary borders as we are. The prosperity of this nation serves no purpose to them as it does to those of us who must, realistically, live here.

One effective way to further the demise of a nation is through debt and currency devaluation. The Federal Reserve has escalated this process via fiat currency. Our entire 'Federal Reserve Note' system is a giant pyramid scheme. Debt is being run up at a record pace. Obamacare is an example of this process. We were told that it was to be implemented to 'fix' healthcare, although 85% of those poled at the time reported satisfaction with their current form of insurance or lack thereof. We were also told that this new program would cost only $1 trillion. Well, someone finally did the math on this 2900 page bill and it seems that its true cost will be close to $17 trillion, with no way to pay for it, which will effectively more than double our national debt.

I can't say more emphatically that this is all by design. From the unreported inflation of fiat money to the congressional 'compromises' on budget increases. There is never a decrease in our debt, only an imaginary reduction in the rate at which it increases. This madness is what Teapartiers are trying to remedy and the reason they will continue to be ridiculed and attacked as racist, extreme and maniacal. They don't serve to further the agenda. They are too informed. The powerful don't want citizens to figure it out. They don't want a run on banks... yet.

Like I said, I hope this site is evolving in a different way. A good way. Thanks, P.K.

Anonymous said...

I just happened upon this site and am enjoying it. I think the whole Zimmerman travesty has opened many eyes to the BRA conspiracy.

Another site that is non-PC that folks here would like is Steve Sailer's

Anonymous said...

Zenster said...

Bullsh!t. Get your facts straight.

The History of Political Correctness

Zenster said...

None of which changes the fact that Political Correctness originated in Bolshevik Russia.

Zenster, I don't get your two comments. You second comment contradicts the video you linked in your first comment. The video gives credit to the Frankfurt School, not Bolshevik Russia, for the creation of PC.

Anonymous said...

what happened on that "fateful day in 1948" to usher in the PC era???
"...policies that have been in place since a fateful day in 1948 ended the Old Republic & enshrined into law Black-Run America"
i should know this - thanks! panjoomby
PS - SBPDL: always excellent - you have set the new standard, & helped us know we're not alone. thank you

Anonymous said...

Yeah, fractional reserve banking is key in the conversion from democracy to socialism. Anyone who shops can see that a dollar is worth less every day, but, the propagandists inform us that the rate of inflation is under 2%. By their magical number crunching, the inflation rate is as reported. What is not included in the fairytale statistics is the exponential increase in the amount of fiat money in circulation in cyberland and its relation to the amount of true money. If you are not aware of the implications of fractional reserve banking, fiat money and the way they are manipulated by the fed, you should be. The exponential rate of rise in the percentage of fiat money was truly alarming, that is, the last time the numbers were available to the public. It was around 2006, I believe, when the numbers ceased to be reported. This is the true inflation of today. As long as the Federal Reserve, which is a government agency about as much as Federal Express, can continue to manipulate interest rates and control the amount of paper magically anointed as legal tender by the US Treasury, with nothing (that's nothing!) backing it, the trend proceeds. Mind you, no agency can audit the fed. And they are nothing more than a cartel of bankers. Zero transparency and they are in charge of the largest economy in the world. This ia a truly amazing takeover and we are merely one of a long line of nations to have been infected by these greedy cockroaches. They have been known to fund both sides of some wars and are so globally diversified that failure of any nation in which they are invested merely means they get their share of spoils through the victor in which they are also invested and earning repayment plus interest.

I don't know if there is anything that can be done about this, as it ia a natural progression, but, I do know that blacks are among the most useful of puppets in furthering the cause. Their low IQ combined with their animalistic violence patterns makes them the perfect trainable pitbull while their obnoxious personality and sense of entitlement make them just the right amount of a distraction for human citizens. Throw in the hoards of illegals streaming in, stresses of normal day-to-day life and careers, MSM propaganda and, as Paul has reported, the sweet distraction of sports, who has time to even educate themselves on these issues, much less make any attempt at finding some elusive solution as this would require mass education and cooperation. The more divisive we are as a nation, the less likely we will be to succeed and we have in office the greatest divider in chief of all time. What a coincidence!

Sheila said...

Both Zenster and anonymous - whether one wishes to attribute political correctness to Bolshevik Russia or the Frankfurt School is really irrelevant; both were rife with Scots-Irish influence (for those who don't know, that's a nod to a poster calling himself "whiskey" who claims to be of such ethnicity but is obviously part of "the tribe"). Marxism originated with them, blank slatism originated with them, environment over heredity in regards to minorities originated with them, and they are among today's chief enforcers of PC codes. No need to fight; there is plenty of blame to go around, and America certainly shares in it, due to a portion of its population with undue influence and power.

Wanderlost said...

Site Owner: Don't stop. If I can help in any non-monetary (e.g. nigh-useless) fashion, please let me know. For a while, while my ankle was broken, I offered to help edit. The offer still stands. This site, and what it stands for, is not past its fifteen minutes of fame; it is perhaps in its fifth.

MuayTyson: I subscribe to the George Carlin school of pride... I can't be proud to be White, because I did nothing to attain such status. I was simply born White - I would no sooner be "proud" to have ten fingers and ten toes. That being said, the prospect of a "TGIW" (Thank God I'm White) tattoo does appeal to me; if questioned, err, Thank God It's Wednesday. I can explain that one away. :)

Anonymous said...

Zenster, does the ethnic makeup of the Bolshevik party have anything in common with the SPLC (besides the Communist ideology) and other enforcers of PC?

Zenster said...

Anon (5/20, 2012 5:48 PM): Zenster, does the ethnic makeup of the Bolshevik party have anything in common with the SPLC (besides the Communist ideology) and other enforcers of PC?

Why don't you answer your own question and see if Paul tolerates your sort of thinly disguised inquiry?

Better yet, go ahead and answer your own question without me and see if it makes it into print? I dare you.

MuayTyson said...

MuayTyson: I subscribe to the George Carlin school of pride... I can't be proud to be White, because I did nothing to attain such status. I was simply born White - I would no sooner be "proud" to have ten fingers and ten toes. That being said, the prospect of a "TGIW" (Thank God I'm White) tattoo does appeal to me; if questioned, err, Thank God It's Wednesday. I can explain that one away. :)

Please don't misunderstand me I know that I have no direct involvement. The fact remains for my whole life I was told the European accomplishments were nothing but evil and sadistic and that all the natives of the world were noble. It's a load of horseshit. I am proud to say I was lucky enough to be born with the same genes that link me to the men and women who have shape the world and created works of beauty none have known before.

Anonymous said...

I dared and it didn't.

Discard said...

Muay Tyson: I'm proud to be White. Not that I created any great works of art, not invented anything of note, but without millions of people like myself, those great White creators would be spinning their wheels. How would James Watt have invented the steam engine without blacksmiths to forge the parts? What would he have done with his ideas in Bolivia? Would any such ideas even have occurred to him in such a place?
More broadly, by acting White, I make things possible for my more talented brethren. Yesterday, as I walked my dog, I picked up a couple pieces of trash. Had my dog crapped, I was prepared to pick up his turds. (From the clean end, Zenster) I use my turn indicators, and try to avoid blocking other drivers' paths by staying in my own lane, checking my mirrors, and otherwise driving in a efficient manner. I go to work every day, and make a point of guiding people as they back out in our very crowded parking lot. I don't get welfare, I don't steal, I recycle, I donate old stuff, and I still have my first wife. I have no bastards, no drug or alcohol habits, and when I was a teacher I made a point of being available after school every day.
Well Big Fucking Deal.
But try living someplace where foreign drivers make three point turns in the middle of a major street, blocking a dozen cars. Live where people drop their trash at will and let their dogs shit freely. Where adults steal fruit from your trees and think courtesy is weakness. Every extra dollar spent on street cleaning is a dollar not spent on maintaining the power plant. Every worker who puts in no more than the minimum makes things harder for everyone else. Watch a troop of Negroes dawdle at a food counter, or Mexicans finish a job and not clean up the mess, or Orientals go about their business without any concern for the inconvenience they cause for others, and imagine how those ways play out for a whole community. Just as 3rd World behavior adds up, so does White behavior. By acting White, we make it possible for others to invent lasers and cure diseases.

Fayette White Guy said...

Letter's from Galt,

Great song. :) REM-Finest Worksong

Fayette White Guy said...

"Rise." Not to be confused with "Rise Up," the Atlanta Falcons' ad campaign with Samuel L. Jackson. A prime example of BRA, I might add.

Mr. Rational said...

Thank you, Discard, for writing a concise rebuttal to the nonsensical concept of "white orivilege":  a statement of what we should call "White virtue".

MuayTyson said...

Very good observations Discard. Currently I live in South Korea but have lived all over Asia and have traveled extensively around the world. You are absolutely correct.

No where are people more courteous, polite, and conscientious than White people.

Zenster said...

Sheila: … blank slatism originated with them…

I'm more used to this concept as it arrived from St. Thomas Aquinas through its Aristotelian roots (i.e., tabula rasa). Do you have a link to the Scots/Irish origins that you are mentioning?

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

So tell us my dear friend, how many Blacks had any managerial positions in the City of Atlanta prior to Maynard Jackson getting elected.

If they didn't have any positions,prior to the 1970's please tell us why.

That why for the most of my life, I worked for myself, instead of having to kow tow down to some half witted white person.

Anonymous said...

To be certain, there are racial issues, but they tend to resolve with greater wealth and with the passage of time from the era of state-sponsored segregation.

This is demonstrably untrue across populations and geographic locations.

Take any "middle class" black neighborhood you wish and I'll show you a cultural/moral poverty that obstinately persists.

All black people know this, even if they won't admit to it. Talk to a black person with financial options, and they still don't want to live in a middle class black neighborhood, if they have a choice, due to the propensity of it's inhabitants to "keep it real" either consciously or subconsciously. Of course, some of this behavior is purely cultural; however, much of it is rooted in biological impulse. Hence, it's persistence in middle class black neighborhoods wherever they exist in the world. In any case, culture is ALWAYS partly a product of biologically rooted behavioral impulse.

Hell, the culture persists quite stubbornly even for the few upper class blacks that exist. Middle and upper class blacks still justifiably find themselves in prison at a far higher than their socioeconomic peers. Not only that, but the behavior that leads up to incarceration, even if that is never the result, is fully on display most of the time. Increased aggressiveness, increased sexual promiscuity, status pea-cocking, values and priority differences, etc, etc..

In the parlance of my Homie neighbors: wherever you be, there you be....